God’s Warriors Are Not Removed

spiritual warrior

For all those with a spiritual battle, that seems to be lost

About 20 years ago, I was given a quatrain from Nostradamus that was supposed to be a prophecy over my life:


Nostradamus , date1558


These people did not know me, but just sent this to me, based on my name and birthdate.

I thought maybe they made a connection between Venus and me on the fact that in astrology, Venus rules Libra, and I am Libra.

But so are many other people born under that sign as well.

How did they attach this verse to me?

Since I had given up astrology, being obedient to God, I could not attach myself to this interpretation. I would just wait and see what would happen.

While I see Nostradamus as not biblical, and also confusing, I found this interesting enough to keep around.

Sometimes, there is a little truth in odd predictions, even if just by coincidence.

It turned out to be true, and a summary of my entire life, not just a prediction of the future.

So, since it has proven true, I will look at it closer, to see if there is a larger truth here for everyone.


I interpret this quatrain on a spiritual level:

Someone beautiful (in spirit at least), talented, and loving (Venus) enters a place of learning (Florence), or any place of what seems to be positive human activity.

Peace and goodness is expected by those who enter innocently, but evil lurks there, waiting for the unprepared.

As a place of oppression, many would leave as mistreated, fired, shamed, used, harmed, or quitting as a result of the harmful conditions.

They leave in secret due to shame, after being falsely discredited, or described negatively to others, or fear of more harm.

They leave sick, disabled, or weak.

Even worse, some die there.

Those that experienced a spiritual/social/career/material death, of themselves, or loved ones, are aware when the Great One (Venus) is also harmed and killed.

News spreads.

People secretly watch to see what would happen to Venus, the Great One, and mourn at the material death / defeat they saw with their eyes as well.

The death is to stop the work of Venus.

But Venus only dies in some aspects, and has victory in others, giving hope to others, who then rejoice.

Because the Great, Great One, God Himself, keeps her/him in the spirit realm, to continue the work of His kingdom, even though her / his work in the worldly realm has been destroyed.


Battle is won, but the soldier dies

We all like to think of spiritual warfare, or military warfare, ending in victory for those who are “right.”

But with every battle and war, good soldiers die.

Does this mean the life was wasted, if they did not seem to make it?

Did the good soldier fail in some way, that caused his death or discontinuation?

The victory cannot be celebrated by the dead. Or can it?

Sometimes our victory is not personal, but is for others, or a common good, like freedom.

When it is for others, or a higher cause, the soldier shares in this victory, whether he made it or not, on a personal level.

So when we see wounded warriors, or gravesites, we should see past their personal demise, and see the higher cause.

This is a physical, or material, level of battle.

The soldier dies, but his country is still free.

The soldier lives on through his country’s freedom.


The same is true on the spiritual level, with other kinds of battles.

There is the employee, for example, or the family member, that had to sacrifice greatly, to help others, but yet is not compensated, nor appreciated, for what they have contributed.

They may fight a personnel battle on the job, against discrimination or abuse, and may win the battle, but gets laid off with bad references, because the abusing parties resent the battle, and get revenge.

He may end up jobless, struggling, but the workplace is now free, and changed for the good, with the evil removed.

So, the work environment is better, or the family is better off, because of that one person’s dedication and sacrifice.

A mother may give up her career to care for her children, or elderly mother.

A father works extra shifts at low pay, but his family is cared for.

He has no time to go to school to get a better job, or to advance himself.

He stays at the bottom of his career his whole life.

His children are a success, while he looks like a failure to the outside world.

There is the prayer warrior, who gives up any social or personal life, to pray for others, either close by, or long distance.

They have little or no material compensation, but someone has been saved, or healed, which is the greater good.

Praying for the deliverance of those bound by demons can be threatening as well, and the unprepared should not get involved.

I am reminded of the old movie, “The Exorcist,” from the 1970s.

The demon was finally cast out, but the priest was killed in the process.

Both the victim and the priest had victory, not defeat.

The hoped for goal is always that the devil is defeated, and the soldier lives.

So the next time you see a homeless person, a disabled person, a poor person, or a jobless person, you may be looking at a spiritual warrior who “died” in battle, or gave up or lost everything, so that others could win, or that God could have a victory.

They are defeated looking on the outside, but inside of them, they may have the spiritual victory we all need.


Prepare for battle.

The devil is not going to let anyone off easy.

He will fight to destroy anyone belonging to God.

Put on your spiritual armor each day. (Ephesians 6:11-17)

Pray, learn, read scripture.

When attacked, submit to God, and resist the devil.

Fight, and keep fighting.

Remember, no matter what happens, or how, you will not be removed….

Always, in some way, you will still be serving the Kingdom of God, and the victory will still be yours.

So, NEVER give up…..NEVER,NEVER, NEVER give up!

If you get knocked down, get back up!

Keep fighting!

Know also, that if it seems you have been cast down in battle, that God will raise you back up from the flames, stronger and better, and a bigger threat to the enemy than you were before.

Armor of God prayer:




61 Responses to “God’s Warriors Are Not Removed”

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  2. I remember the Exorcist as well. It (supposedly) was based on a true story.

    As for Nostradamus, I love watching programs on his work, but, yeah, way confusing, and it is always easy to work a prophecy backwards, AFTER the fact. But, much of his work coincides with some Hopi prophecies, Aztec, and others. It is my belief that God can and does speak through others though their culture may be very different from our own.

    Ephesians 6. on the armor of God, is one of my favorite prayers. I prayed with due diligence while working as a police officer. And, I continue to do so today as I find myself, sometimes, in more serious situations than when I was on patrol. It is like the children of God have a target on our backs.

    I spend a good deal of time in contemplation and prayer. When I am feeling overwhelmed, I drop to one knee, and bow my head. (Metaphorically so when out, like in a grocery store or gas station.) And I repeat that prayer.

    Someone recently reminded me that God does not give us more than we can handle, but, sometimes it sure seems so. I shared with someone last week that I “almost threw in the towel.” They were concerned, “Oh, no, don’t do that.” I smiled and these words came out of my mouth without thinking, “Don’t tell anyone. But, I have lots of towels.”

    I think God was telling me that if I ever throw in the towel, He has another towel to give to me.

    And, yes, God Bless those less fortunate, and forgotten. And sometimes things, people, are not what they appear to be.


    • I have had hundreds of towels…and yes, God gives a replacement each time.


    • Hello Denise. I hope you don’t mind, but I found your words apt in the situations of many, and so I shared them. I think people need to be reminded of God’s never ending supply of towels, as you, or perhaps the Spirit of the Lord, say. Haha. We all get upset, sometimes even with God, wondering what all our efforts are for… Then He shows up to remind us and renew us! God is good. Amen.

      God bless you. ❤

      • Thank you, Sherry, for sharing your words, and for sharing mine. It is rare when this happens to me, but sometimes, especially in stressful or dangerous situations, I swear the words that leave my mouth are not directly mine.

        When I was on patrol as a police officer, and, now retired, as I move about my day, I do my best to “empty” myself to be a vessel for our Lord’s work and words.

        As many times as I felt at the cliff, at the end of my rope, and yes, throwing in the towel – the Lord always gives me more rope or hands me another towel. Our Lord is a merciful One.

        And, yes, I get angry at God at times, or, at the least, frustrated. And, I am always reminded of the poem, “Footprints in the Sand.”

        God bless you, as you move about in your life.

        “The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy.” Psalm 103:8 (KJV)

  3. Marianne, the conclusion of the post is wonderful counsel. That indeed, as spiritual soldiers, our victories are not always for ourselves but rather to the cause of good, at times for our neighbours at our own expense.

    The quatrain of Nostradamus ascribed to you, as others are too is pretty confusing. For one they missed out on your gender.

    That Venus shall enter Florence, is rather too common an occurence, as beautiful persons are predisposed to flower into success. It would refer to a common occurence.

    Secret exiles will abandon the place, is pretty ambiguos as for an exile being secret, also an exile from whence, and an exile always has abandoned a place. If the reference is Florence, many persons abandon the greatness of that which others have been called to.

    That many windows will lament the death of a great one too is a common probability in war and pestilence. That widows are multiplied and they all lament the passage of the prior times of tranquility.

    But the order of life is, that beyond the chaos and misfortunes, the Great great one sustains the realms of men, and does not leave them to completely disintegrate.

    That to me sounds as a general reference that may apply to almost the next person. Nothing in particular can be found to prophesy in the life of Marianne Tioran or HIS person, and not to a general audience.

    I stopped checking out astrological signs when I found that atleast half of them at any one time narrated an experience in my life. They are prognosticators with general terms where the reader then fills in the meaning and applications. And so too have I found out of Nostradamus. Too much subject to interpretations and applications.

    But youve narrated a wonderful philosophical observation in conclusion nevertheless. One of the benefits of ‘loosing’ ones life in the battles over good and evil is the superb experience gained, which turn the loss to a victory. For whosoever shall loose for the sake of the kingdom of God in reality gains immensely not only in the present but mainly in the future.

    • john

      yes, that is the way I took it. sometimes, we can see beyond what is printed and find a truth there that can be applied to anyone….I think the form was preprinted, and they just filled in my name. so that made me a “he” instead of a “she.”

      usually the nostradamus verses refer to some event or person…but in this case it referred to “every man”

  4. 6~15~5998 (out of 6000) in this final “Doomsday Apocalypse”.
    Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! Pray NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

    Marianne, when anything comes to you, please always consider the source! Years ago I read that Nostradamus kissed the hem of the Pope’s robe. That was ENOUGH for me. I once bought a book with his sayings but practically gave it away at a garage sale (years ago). I haven’t missed it. Losing the Bible would be ANOTHER story! When we lose IT we have LOST our roadmap.

    The BIBLE = Best Instructions Before Leaving Earth!


    • 4

      thank you. I do not put that much into nostradamus, but I just happened to find a more general truth in the verse presented….about spiritual warfare.

  5. Although, you believe in G-d the Father, maker of Heaven and earth and have accepted the word made flesh. You still have to stand tall at Judgement day. Your good works will be a reflection of your belief in Christ.

    Only you and G-d know your heart. It appears you are taking the command to love others as Jesus loved us seriously.


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  7. http://francisfrangipanemessages.blogspot.com/2016/06/the-song-of-moses-and-of-lamb.html

  8. Hi Marianne and all ,
    i have two things to discuss, if you have any thoughts ? thanks ,God bless

    1} the Trojan horse, smuggled into western culture a diabolical and hidden army , could this Trojan horse be Islam ?

    2} narcissists
    Is obsessed with fantasies of unlimited success –
    love their own bodily beauty , vanity-a love of mirrors ,
    lover of themselves .

    what is popular in current culture, do you know many sexual perversion people are narcissist.

    What bible teach
    1 Samuel 16:7
    But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”
    While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty, we need to make sure it’s in balance.
    Proverbs 31:30
    Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised
    1 Timothy 4:8
    Physical exercise has some value, but spiritual exercise is much more important, for it promises a reward in both this life and the next.
    What it means: Exercising and staying in shape is a good thing, but God expects us to stay in shape spiritually by reading our Bibles, praying, and going to church on a regular basis

  9. Wow thank you for a great message!

  10. i have a question , recently there were some protestants pastors meeting with pope 2 weeks ago , they are very decent pastors as i know, i felt very sad, but i know sometimes people were deceived ,
    half year ago, i was almost deceived by catholic thing too,
    so i keep praying for them, do you have any point of view from God on this, i heard a lot of criticism on them, i do not come here to criticize them,
    so it mightbe these pastors they did not know that this pope ‘s evil purpose,
    they did not know what is the true purpose of pope’s ecumenical movement .

    as i knew, many authentic prophets already told us that this current pope is The false prophet in the end time, there is no doubt of it ,

    so i keep praying for them, do you have any point of view from God on this,

    start from 1:00:00


  11. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/06/24/brexit-soros-defeated-act-god/

    soros is the head of illuminati society, all the economic collapse come from illuminati (their} hands , do not know , brexit
    if it was act of God or what , do not know .we need to pray !!!!!!!
    do you have any idea?

  12. http://www.charismanews.com/opinion/watchman-on-the-wall/57955-pope-francis-prayer-video-smacks-of-one-world-religion

  13. http://www.openheaven.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=55228&PN=1

  14. Revelation 13:16-17King James Version (KJV)
    16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
    17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
    at that time, you can not buy if you do not sell out your soul to the beast kingdom, that is just a scenario , it got to be worst than that.
    You can see how the financial system (one world order, one world currency ) is gradually being built up , slowly and gradually, and you will not have the basic human right to eat or drink , you will not buy or sell at that time,
    THIS Will be the true test for those who claim themselves are true believers of God , this will be the time you know who you really are !!!
    Who is really on Lord ‘s side ,
    The current law, pro-gay law has already made some prominent preachers remain silent and fear ,
    If you can not stand now ( if you just live for your peace and safety ), you will not able to stand when the final test come,
    At that time, you will totally depend on God , when all the comfort is stripped off from you , at the time, the foundation of your belief system will be shaken ,
    For those who spend hours in the social media to fight others about denomination differences,
    When the global decree (one world order ) is passed,
    your race mean nothing, your denomination title will be irrelevant ,
    IT will be you and God , the bottom line, the relationship between you and God !!!

    only 3 mins from video 1:45:00-1:48:00

  15. http://www.openheaven.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=55154&PN=1

    As British voted to leave the EU .look at the books of Daniel and Revelation, Britain does NOT need to be part of the 10 king structure of the kingdom of the AC/Beast System. If can’t see a connection to these books, look at the occult chaos the EU is rife with.
    this might be a miracle for britain.
    any thoughts on this ? thanks

  16. sorry, please delete this photo and link , i just felt it is funny, to search for a non-obama voting wife , it is not spiritual.

  17. http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/david-hernandez?src=mb_june2016

  18. http://www.openheaven.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=55342&PN=1




  19. start from 01:01:34 – 01:01:50 only a few seconds Pastor Neville Johnson had some comment

  20. how the globalist try to kill , destroy

  21. How beautiful this truly is. I must admit, there have been times being constantly attacked by demons one right after the other, I know God is present and even if I don’t understand it now, my spirit is happy and knows my sacrifices, my serving others before myself , even to the end of my life, I am content spiritually because of these kinds of writings and faith of others I see as above my understanding. But in the 100th week of attack I pray to God to have mercy please let me pass so no one has to see me suffer. But if my passing would be honored but cause one single life of a potential new believer, then I will go on for them. Just please be sure someone has a better day because of it. Let your will be done. I sound tediculous even to me, but this is a very real living event. My spirit is sound, my human condition could use some group prayers of support. I am honestly good.

    • mike

      you are doing better than I have done in the past with attacks. 🙂

      I was NOT happy when they happened.

      maybe you are here to teach marianne!

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