How I would introduce it, so I could explain further.

In the beginning, YAHWEH GOD created the heavens and the earth.

Yahweh God is holy and perfect, and nothing unholy or imperfect can stand before him. Yahweh God is a king and has a kingdom.

Before physical creation, his kingdom was in the heavens. And after creation, it was also on earth.

His kingdom is one of love and harmony with his perfect, holy will.


Then Satan rebelled, sinned against Yahweh God, and was cast out of the kingdom of heaven.

Hell would be his destiny, a place of punishment for sin and torment, and where one feels despair and the absence of Yahweh God.

When earth was created, it was also part of the kingdom but Satan was outside of it.

He roamed the earth as a temporary dwelling, looking for a way to have his own kingdom.

Then Adam and Eve were created, who lived inside Yahweh God’s kingdom on earth.

Satan knew that if he could have them to sin and rebel against Yahweh God, then they would lose access to Yahweh God’s kingdom.

And Satan would be king over them, thus having his own kingdom of sin.

So Satan was successful, and Adam and Eve sinned, and lost eternal life with Yahweh God.

The first humans traded their strength and glory for a fallen, sinful, weakened nature.

In Satan’s kingdom, there is death, disease, curses, hardship, and eventual punishment and torment.

So how could man get back into Yahweh God’s kingdom of holiness, love, perfection and eternal life?

Since man had obeyed Satan instead of Yahweh God, man had already distanced himself through his own fault.

Man was flawed and could not come before Yahweh God on his own.

At this point, man was destined for hell with Satan, to face the wrath of Yahweh God and be punished for every sin man was ever going to commit.

If he was sorry, any animal sacrifice was only sufficient for a particular sin, and the blood of an animal would only cover him until he sinned again. Then another sacrifice was needed.

So forgiveness could only be temporary.

This was an endless cycle of sacrifice, sin, sacrifice, sin. Etc.

It seemed like receiving forgiveness was an expensive activity, and most could not “afford” to sin because they did not have the animals to sacrifice.


Man needed someone who was One with Yahweh God, who was still in the kingdom of Yahweh God, to be a bridge between Yahweh God and man.

This person would bring forgiveness, and salvation from a dismal future in hell.

There had to be a flawless, holy, perfect sacrifice, where the blood spilled granted eternal forgiveness, not just temporary forgiveness.


The Son of Yahweh God, Yahshua / Jesus volunteered and stepped forward to assume this tremendous, painful unto death, act of self sacrifice.

The agony HE went through was for us, to spare us from the eternal agony due to sin.

He would suffer and die, suffering the wrath of Yahweh God for us, so we could escape this eternal punishment for our sins.

He had no sin, but took on our sins, paying the price (redemption) for our freedom from Satan.

He saved us from hell torment (salvation),and broke the bonds of Satan, freeing us from the slavery of Satan’s kingdom of darkness and sin (deliverance).

From every curse and disease also He brought healing as well.

His sacrifice granted us eternal forgiveness for all our sins, past, present and future.

This restored us back into the kingdom of Yahweh God. He brought us from darkness into light.


This is gift that Jesus offers us.

Since nothing is forced, all we have to do is accept Jesus / Yahshua for who he is (Redeemer, Deliverer, Savior, Lord), repent of our sins (meaning we need to first know what sin is and reject it), and ask for forgiveness.

If we continue in sin voluntarily, then we are not saved.

If we are ignorant of the word as to what sin is, and we continue in it, then we will be at a disadvantage until we educate ourselves.

Sin will continue to keep the door open for Satan to afflict us.


Gospel means “good news.”

The bad news for sinners is that they will suffer the wrath of Yahweh God in hell.

The good news is that we do not have to go there, if we repent, turn away from choosing sin, and accept Jesus sacrifice for our sins.


The entire bible is a love story.

It is a saga of Yahweh God trying to bring his children home, back into His kingdom.

It is a battle between good and evil for our souls.

It is also an invitation to come home.

AS a parent I can relate to this: waiting years, even decades, for children to accept salvation.

The parable of the father with the prodigal son also reflects this parent’s yearning for the lost child.

Do you understand that the Father Yahweh God has been waiting 6000 years for His children, including you, to return to Him?

He gave His only begotten Son as a sacrifice to make a way for all of us.

This is something as a parent that I could never do, to offer my child’s life for someone else.

Yet Father Yahweh did this.

And Yahshua / Jesus was in agreement with the Father also.


This love is beyond human understanding. This is the kind of love humans can only dream of.

And it is there for you.

Just receive it: the love, the forgiveness, the salvation, the deliverance.

The Father says yes.

Can you say yes back to Him?

The Father and His kingdom are waiting for you to say yes.

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  2. Very good M.
    It would be a good study to go down the list and add scripture references for each item.

  3. 4~19~2020 From Windy Southern CA on Yahweh’s Earth Psalm 24:1
    Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!

    Greetings Marianne! I was a little shocked and sad to read this post. However, maybe I should not be. If you ask me to stop posting on your threads I will. Honestly, I hope that you do! Just do not forward them to me anymore. I believe that it is my blessed duty to “give an answer for my faith.”
    When I became “born again” at the age of 20 I naively THOUGHT that everyone I witnessed to would eagerly accept it as I did. No, not at all. Accepting the message of the TRUE NAMES of Yahweh and His Son Yahshua came a couple of years later. This was after much study trying to prove this message wrong. I could NOT! Learning that ALL of Christianity is pagan came years later with the help of finding out about some of my ancestors who believed as I do. In history they are known as Puritans and Pilgrims. Most important, they were NOT Christians!
    “Come out of HER My people!” Yahshua the Messiah in Revelation 18:4 (Emphasis Mine.)
    I have always tried to share the TRUE faith in the most compassionate way I know how but also in a meaningful way. Because of the last times we are in now and the fact that this FLU (COVID-19) seems to be a judgement by plague, I will share my thoughts on what you post here. The Bible says that only “a remnant” will be saved. Indeed, it seems to be a very small number who are SEALED, Revelation 14.
    We are ALL still free to believe what we choose!
    Again, the Name Yahweh should NOT ever be posted as the SAME as “God” and “Lord”. They are NOT! The latter two are from ancient pagan Babylonian worship. Doing so is a great sin! It’s disobeying Yahweh’s FIRST commandment to NOT have other deities besides Him. It is also breaking the THIRD commandment to NOT use His Name in vain or take It away.
    The Name Yahshua is NOT a definition or the same as the pagan name “Jesus Christ”. The first is a SEALING Name. The latter is included in “The Mark of the Beast” (specifically in the #666 in Greek) as I have explained many times. So is a CROSS (X as in Xmas). The heart symbol was the pagan idol Baal’s special emblem. It is everywhere and on everything in today’s LOST world. Using it brings a curse as does ANY cross: Egyptian cross, Christian cross, Pirate Skull and Crossbones (They worked for The Vatican!), Nazi Swastika (A crooked cross!), Communist Hammer & Sickle, and even the peace symbol! An ex-Jesuit priest once wrote that the CROSS is a magnet for evil.
    Christianity teaches “an ever burning hell.” No. The REALITY from the Hebrew is that it will be “A Lake of Fire” that will eventually be only the ashes of the wicked. “And you shall trod down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet.” Malachi 4:3
    Yes, Yahweh The Creator of Everything has been patiently waiting for ALL of us to turn to HIM and His Only Son, Yahshua the Messiah for SALVATION. THEY can’t wait to reward us and take us to Heavenly places we cannot even imagine! Sadly, it now seems that for most people on Planet Earth, THEIR waiting is in vain! Are you NOW in THIS lost group? Please turn to YAHWEH and His Son YAHSHUA NOW while THEY may be found!

    SHALOM (PEACE) through faith In the Father and Son!


    • I stopped using the word “Gospel” years ago. For me it sounds too much like the words “God’s Spell”. I say “HalleluYah!” at the end of my prayers instead of “Amen.” The latter sounds too much like the name of an Egyptian idol. Yes, there IS idolatry all around us!


    • jayna

      you are welcome as much as anyone else to post your views.

      I post mine too, not requiring others to agree. I just leave it open to discussion.

      as i have explained in the past, one goal i have is to make sure people understand me, so I will use terminology that most would understand.

      ELohim is translated as God. I could have said yahweh elohim. but this would have sounded too foreign to most english speaking readers.

  4. Salvation is not a creed to simply believe it is something to LIVE!

    For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds. 
    Heb 12:4  Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin. 
    Heb 12:5  And ye have forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto children, My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of him: 
    Heb 12:6  For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth. 
    Heb 12:7  If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not? 
    Heb 12:8  But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons. 
    Heb 12:9  Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live? 
    Heb 12:10  For they verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure; but he for our profit, that we might be partakers of his holiness. 

    Heb 12:11  Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless AFTERWARD it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby. 

    Chastisement comes in many forms. Yeshua Jesus asks us to be conformed to His image.

    Many of those who prosper in this life and appear to be the have everything they need -because they do not suffer-will be very surprised when they do not make it into God’s kingdom because they did not submit to God’s chastisement and His plan for their salvation.

  5. FYI for further reverance.“And our hope of you is stedfast, knowing, that as ye are partakers of the sufferings, so shall ye be also of the consolation.”
    ‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    I suggest you read “Prosperity and the Coming Holocaust” by Dave Hunt. Those who dont suffer know will never truly know Christ. To bear the cross is to wear the crown. We are living in a world where those who preach prosperity are glorified and those who suffer counted are as worthless.

  6. Satan wasn’t successful, but he did do exactly what Father God had created him to do. Why do you think that Father God had placed the tree of knowledge and of good and evil there in the first place?
    Do you think that Satan somehow outsmarted Father God? I think not.

    • 4~16~2020 Happy Sabbath Day!
      Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
      HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah”

      I call him the Evil One. (I don’t honor him with a name because his name has never been removed or changed, just MULTIPLIED!) Actually he did MORE than what he was created to do. After probably many years and at the time earth was created the Evil One rebelled against Yahweh Who made him. He and fully 1/3 of the angels, those he had deceived, were cast out of Heaven on to earth. Yahweh The Creator of Everything wanted that tree where it is. It is still growing there today in The Garden of Eden in The New Yahrushalom in Heaven. Someday this glorious city will be on a restored Earth.


    • What I meant by the above comment is this;
      If God is Omnipotent, Omniscience and Omnipresent (which He is) then there is no possible way for Satan to plan and then attempt to execute that plan, without God being totally aware of it before it even occurred.

      And if God has “called and chosen” some of us to be in Yeshua “before the foundation of the world” (Ephesians 1:4.) then logic would dictate that Satan deceiving the woman was all a part of the Divines orchestrated plan.
      This means that Satan was created to become the adversary, and that it had been Divinely determined that Yeshua was always going to be the Saviour before the universe was even created.

      • Mike, it seems to me that you are trying to use your own human reasoning to define Yahweh. Yahweh created Lucifer to be the brightest of angels, The Morning Star. He did NOT create him to be the great deceiver. Lucifer did THAT all by himself, with also 1/3 of the angels lost with him. Yahweh sent His Son Yahshua to save ALL of mankind. Will they be? No, sadly, so very few. Human beings choose themselves to be lost.


  7. See the comment that I left for you already on the “Law is for the Flesh” page, for it would be applicable here as well.

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