Grid Failure–Would you be ready?


When will it finally happen?

Above is a map of the USA.

Here is a map of Europe:


Middle east:


Far east (China, etc):


Some live without electricity already:


Prediction raises preparedness issues

I have heard a prediction of an “imminent” level 10 event, from Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, in which life would change as we know it,  due to a great disaster.

I would expect something of this magnitude would result in, or include, a power grid failure.


Would we be ready to go without power for weeks, or months, or years?

Role of Faith and Action

While most will go into denial, refuse to prepare, and wait for God to rescue them, it is wisdom to heed warnings.

God will even use the unbelievers to deliver a message to us.

“Believers” back in the time of Jeremiah and Ezekiel would not heed the warnings, and were overcome with invasions from the Babylonians.


“Unbelievers” back in the time of Joseph in Egypt, and Jonah in Nineveh, did heed the warnings and spared themselves.

Revelation 6 describes the death of many during the Tribulation.

While much may be due to martyrdom in horrible circumstances, other deaths may be due to not heeding warnings.

Jesus told us to “endure to the end,” which indicates it is possible to survive bad times.

Ancient vs. Modern Times

A grid failure in the time of Jesus would have no meaning…but in this modern society, electricity is crucial to life for many.

This is because we are not prepared to live without it.

Before modern times, people had wood and coal for heat, and for cooking.

They had water wells for water, and had to walk to get it.

Most people now do not have this type of preparation.

It is wisdom to be prepared…..

Here is just one scenario due to a geomagnetic disturbance over North America:




The government is preparing.

Should we not do the same?

Do you have an alternative heat source?

Do you have blankets?

Do you have a kerosene heater? And fuel for it?

Do you have wood, or a make shift fireplace or wood stove?


Do you have extra food and water?

Remember, the water will not be pumped if the electrical grid goes down.

The stores will be closed or looted.

Do you have flashlights, and other sources for light?

Remember, during blackouts, the crime is high, murders and looting.

Do you have first aid supplies?

Do you have a way to protect yourself and family from home invasion?

Do you have an emergency plan in place with your loved ones?



America, and other nations, are being judged.

God is kind enough to do this in a gradual way, but please understand the judgments are increasing, not decreasing.

Believers need to wake up.

The Word says that it rains on the just and unjust.

This means believers can be caught up in the judgment against the wicked, if they are not spiritually and physically prepared.

Tragic deaths can be avoided if one seeks God with all their heart, and asks the Lord to inspire them, guide and teach them what to do.

Take time to think about a grid shut down, and what an extended loss of power would mean to you.

Then prepare.

Most of all, repent of any wrongdoing, and ask God to protect and provide for you.

22 Responses to “Grid Failure–Would you be ready?”

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  2. On the list of things that will stop working are gas station pumps. You will not be able to fill your tank AFTER any outage. Computers will be down at pharmacies. At some point the area water plant and individual gas stations may have back up generators, and systems such as those at pharmacies may have back up plans for such an event. However, they may not have these back up systems working for several days.

    If and when they are working, the lines will be long. It is estimated that in the event of any emergency, including a power grid failure, most stores (grocery, hardware, etc.) will be emptied out in 3 days if there is no restocking.

    There have been several major breakdowns of the US power grid in the last 50 years, increasing in number of breakdowns over time. The grid could breakdown due to cyber attack, natural disaster, weather, or the grid simply fails from lack of infrastructure upkeep.

    From 1965 through 2009, there were 57 major grid failures in the United States and Canada. Of those, 41 were in the U.S. and 14 in Canada and two were shared. Each failure affected at least 30,000 people. The report concludes that “incidents of major power outages have been increasing everywhere, especially over the last 20 years.”

    From 1965 – 1988 (a 24 year period) there were 3 major breakdowns. 40 years later from 2006 – 2009 (in a 4 year period) there were 33.

    Thousands of cyber attacks hit power grids in the United States every day.
    Most of the above failures were weather related.

  3. would the failure be temporary or permenant? temporary failures (I think) have happened already (but probably on small scale)… North korea’s power goes in and out all the time

    • or would a malevelent force turn them off and keep them off? “I don’t think they are coming back on”… not necessicarly a weather phenomenon but a person or group who gets control of the grid and decides to do that

      • I think they plan on keeping the power off. I do not know how well they will succeed.

        • @ Marianne, I don’t see them having the power grid down for a long period of time (like right now) because that would really put a damper in their NWO plans and they still have too much to do before Beastie Man shows up on the world scene here in the next couple of years or so. if the grid was down for a long time, that would mess up everything they already have in place and their future plans so i can’t see how a long duration grid being down would benefit them right now.

          BUT, I CAN see a short duration grid being down to create more chaos for them…..they need to chaos to bring in Beastie Man. He is gonna be looked at as “saving” the economic, world power problems, and they wouldn’t want to mess things up for him too much, ya know?

          • That’s IF the NWO are involved in taking down the grid. It could still be a solar flare, terror related, weather related, or just plain grid fall out due to being so old and failing on its own.

            EMP (electro magnetic pulse) is the “current” scuttle as to what to be aware of (afraid of.) EMP’s can be caused by a solar flare, they basically “fry” the grid, (not just a shut down) and that means power out for months.

            A “dirty” bomb could also cause one, and if detonated in the atmosphere (versus on the surface) it could take out a large area.

            But whether it is for 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months, the area affected will have no water or sewer, no refilling of fuel, no ATMs working, possible shortages in stores, hospitals may have shortages of supplies and medicine, (possibly no refills for any personal medicines people are taking), and emergency services would be stretched thin for that period of time.

            I know, I know, many people think, “It will never happen HERE” because it always happens to someone else. But, if you have thought ahead, have medications, water, food, whatever and your family might need for 3 days / 3 weeks (however long you decide to be prepared for) to live without any outside support – then it doesn’t have to constantly be thought about. You check your supplies every 6 months, maybe rotating some things. Then, hey, if it never happens . . . . . . . . But, all government agencies are saying it isn’t an IF, it is a WHEN – from some sort of disaster.

  4. I foresee that there very well could be some sort of grid failure for a period of time. For how long the grid would be down, THAT is the question.

    From my intuition, and from logical research, I do not see the grid being down for a long period of time in the very present. Maybe a few weeks at best, to a few months at worst. I could be wrong. However, the “longer’ duration of the grid being down would, IMO could be towards the mid to end part of the tribulation timeframe.If it does, that will be part of the first “deadly wound’ we get as the head of the beast nation (the USA) Other countries would affected too I think.But they will have the country up and running from this, as they have a lot of suff planned for the new organization of different areas, and they want to consolidate North America, if i’m not mistaken, into one world region, where are joined with Mexico, and Canada.Nafta is what I’m referring to here.

    They got that super highway in the middle of the country in place. I can’t see as how, if they’ve built it, that they won’t use it. But that’s after the new madrid faultline goes.

    My personal belief is that a longer duration time period of the grid going down would be when wormwood passes by and that happens at the mid-trib. corresponding to when the Antichrist is revealed to the world. My opinion is, that would be 2016 onward sometime thereabouts.Rev 6 is the scripture reference discussing wormwood, or whateveryone else is calling Nibiru, the dark star, planet x etc.

    Still, we could have a grid going down situation in the “now” due to weather, solar flares or what have you.

    • truth

      I see it that way too.

      the first grid down may be only about 3 months…that is enough to damage most people, and get control of the country…..

      then God comes along and total destruction happens.

      • Marianne,

        Yeah, that could be…..I wonder how long “they” need to get the chaos they so badly want? Lol, they are so predictible. Not stupid, but predictable.

        Not sure what you meant by ” then God comes along and total destrction happens”…are you refering to the battle of armageddon which is at the end of tribulation?

        Just thinkin out loud….it could be a scenario that they do a little grid thing for a short time now…then, they get taken by surprise around mid trib when the REAL wormwood shows up and having them crying

        in their “so called ” safe bunkers…which will be their tombs …it sucks to be them at that point….

        I really hope some of them wise up and get on the right of TRUTH who is Christ and then they may get protection from the Most High instead of trying to figure it out from the father of lies that ole devil, who is going to sell them down the river anyway when their usefulness is up…I think many know their days are numbered…

        Armegeddon is gonna be real bad for them

        • total destruction starts at 6th seal.

          pole shift, sun turns dark, moon turns red, stars fall from sky, and a global earthquake.

          leaders run for their DUMBS and get eaten by demons.

          • oh right…thanks for reminding me.. the 6th seal…when, in your opinion, do you think the 6th seal is going to happen…roughly? I am think 2016-2017 maybe..

            • in 1- 4 years, maybe…..

              • I know you threw in a maybe, I think maybe just a bit longer than that from now.

                I’ll explain in a moment.

                But I want to note about the grid failure thing. Is it possible to happen now or in some short time? Sure, but I don’t think anything major for now, because I’ve been keeping an eye on a guy named Jonathan errmmm… Caan? McCain? It has slipped my mind, but he talked about the US and the Isaiah verses, and what has caught my attention is he talks about the forgiveness thing of every seven years.

                He spoke about it happening in 2008 with the money and markets, 2001, 1994.. etc.

                He was making a point to keep an eye for 9/15/15 on Elul 29 when something else major may happen with the stock market or some type of money crash, so, that in terms makes me think we won’t have some sort of massive major grid problems until that time or later.

                Of course always be prepared no doubts, but if whoever has their plans laid out for some type of mass panic/problem/anything on a huge scale, I see it happening after 9/15

                As for the one to four years, of course no one knows so it is all in the air at the moment, but the reason I think it may be a bit farther than that, and I know I may be wrong, but I’ve been curious about the whole 7 years of Israelis burning weapons and such, and the time of peace when they take their walls downand then the antichrist makes his move, and aabout enduring to the end of the whole tribulation.

                Unless the 6th eal happens but Christ doesnt return immediately.

                Just trying to get thoughts sorted and hear some opinions, so yours is well appreciated 🙂

                • Foreign troops and homeland security troops are already assembled and ready for something to happen.

                  GOV expects something to happen soon, and would not have to pay so many, which are in the hundreds of thousands, unless the “imminent” was going to be years from now.
                  FEMA region 3 has been activated for now.

                  each year gets worse, so it is hard to say what will happen in each year. I cannot comment on the “every 7 years” concept….not sure.

                  I do see nothing but more trouble before 2016 because a downward spiral has been the trend since 2008.

                  Ezekiel 38 describes one Gog war, which will happen by the 6th seal…in fact the 6th seal will stop the war…….

                  Ezekiel 9 describes a second war, similar to the first, which appears to happen after the millennium reign of Christ.

                  look at the 2 chapters….there are other nations involved and the weapons are different in the first war.

                  Christ describes his return at the 6th seal in matthew 24

                  • I remember now, Jonathan Cahn. He talked about Isaiah 9:10, when it was spoken about on 9/11 and such.

                    Sorry I couldn’t give much info earlier, I was traveling to work and didn’t have much time.

                    But to go back onto the 7 year thing, as it is known as the shemittah, maybe I spelled it wrong, but you can google the information about shemittah and elul 29 and money problems with the US, and also here is a bit of info I was talking about.


                    Quite interesting, I would say. If any of it will come true in 2015, lets say for example here, and between all the female camps, troops, foreigners etc. I really wonder when the grid problem will take place e on such a massive scale, if it happens.

                    I will take a look at the verses you sent me, thank you 😀

  5. Grid failure will happen imminently. Prepare yourself ASAP. It matters not if it happens 4 years from now or tomorrow.

    It will happen

  6. One view regarding the grid going down is that this “group” – be it the NWO, or shadow government, or whomever – the people who meet at the Bohemian Grove each year – want to install a “new” “better” “improved” grid. One that “speaks” two ways, giving electricity and reporting back electricity used, with the ability to control how much and when that electricity is used. That has actually started in some ways with PG&E’s “Smart Meter” program in California. They can charge me not only how much electricity I use, but WHEN I use it. Many towns have fought PG&E, sued, refused, did everything possible to keep these meters (versus the old analogue meters) out of their cities and towns. So far they have lost, or, PG&E has just gone ahead and installed the new ones, exchanging the old ones, even while litigation was pending.

    I don’t understand why are we having to continue to get our electricity the same way, whether the old grid or a new one. Back in the late 1890’s / early 1900’s, Tesla created a box that “harvested” electricity from the air, literally.
    It has apparently been around in various forms with people experimenting with them. I wonder why nothing has come of these boxes for people to have in their homes. (Aside from the fact that the energy companies would be quite upset.) I think Tesla even ran a car off of one of these boxes.

    And, if the Lord comes sooner than later, none of this will matter anyway. 🙂

  7. Get a battery radio and a portable water filter. Then just watch TV.

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