I am guilty.   Are you?

Too many people take God’s grace for granted.

The other day I was complaining to God how horrible my life had been – how disappointing.

I thought of all the evil I had endured, and wondered what I had done wrong to bring it all on me.

Then I thought of all the evil people I had encountered, and also all the good or neutral people, and everyone seemed to be doing better than me.

I saw the world, and did not want to be part of it. It had grown so dark and evil.

Then I saw this photo.

How could I complain now?

I felt so ashamed when I saw this.

Our concepts of a good vs. a hard life are based on our cultures.

We have no idea what it is like in another culture.

Poverty, to us, is not being able to pay the light bill, or having to eat beans instead of steak.

We don’t have a car, or gas for our car.

Many claim they are too poor to help the poor, so they don’t give to others.

But they live in comfortable homes, have 2 cars and other comforts.

And they cannot spare an extra dollar, so a child like this does not have to starve?

God will hold us accountable for every penny we spend.

Money is a gift from god, just like other things in this life.

He will also hold us accountable for every word we speak, and every action we do or refuse to do.

The world has become too selfish.

People are concerned too much about their own happiness and comforts, and success.

Someday, all that will disappear, and we will stand before God, and have to explain why millions of children died, because we were too selfish to help.

Please consider helping the poor.

If it has no earthly benefit to you, so what?

This is our spiritual obligation to feel the pain of God over his precious ones.

If we refuse to feel His pain over the poor, then we can expect to have Him ignore our pain when hard times come.

We may not be as righteous as we think we are.

We think we are on a fast track to heaven, yet many are dying, and it is our fault.

The bible says that people guilty of murder do not go to heaven.

There is no shame in having a hard life, filled with afflictions.

There is shame in allowing this to happen to others, when we could have done something to help.

There is much suffering in the world.


18 Responses to “Guilty”

  1. Very very true! I am happy for what I have! I know many people around me who all want success, nice house, big career, this and that and are NEVER satisfied! Yet I somehow find it easy to be where I am with really nothing at all! I’ve lost everything I’ve had many of times and in the end you begin to not care, because you realize you don’t need it! I know there are many people in the world who have it worse than me! And I can do nothing but show thanks for what little I have!

    I wish I could show a few people that they should be happy for what they have and not wanting more and more!

    God gives you what you need, not what you want!

  2. hi Marianne,
    Yes we are all guilty of complaining while we still have a white bread under the arm. It truly hurts to see scenes like this specially were children are involved, because they are guilty of nothing yet. But allow me to paint the following picture.
    All these countries was very prosperous not so many years ago, the people were not rich but they had more than sufficient means to live from, and the few that actually tried, was very well of..
    Then they in their wisdom decided that they do not want the colonial rulers there any more and kicked them out, in a lot of cases just murdered them, men, woman, children, and they really did it in the most brutal way they could possibly find. They were worst than animals. The one country after the other followed the same road, the last to go South Africa. Look at its neighbor Zimbabwe as a good example, they are flocking in their millions illegally into South Africa and I am not exaggerating, How long is S.A going to last? cant be to long the rate this government is handling things. So who’s fault is it really now that they are in the predicament that they are in? I may sound very harsh, but facts are facts and don’t any body that haven’t done their homework come and take me on calling me a racist and all that type of things, you also will suffer at the hands of those you want to exclude from blame sooner or later, mark my words, write it in your dairy that I said it. I could write a encyclopedia given the time and space on this topic. But saying all that, It still break my heart to see scenes like this, what is worst is the fact, you poor Americans out of the goodness of your bleeding hearts send them money to help and all you do is to actually line the pockets of the unscrupulous government officials in those countries. What is the solution? Only G_d can change those situations, it is beyond us mere mortals, it’s in need of a serious miracle.

    • First hand…many in India wish the British were still there. I think the real tipping point was British snobbery…they really have a talent for it!

      Communism promoted the end of colonies by exaggerating the injustices and denying the mutual benefits…like the Arab spring today, which will end up with banks stealing all the resources and Sharia law enslaving the citizens.

      The world has been swimming in lies and propaganda for so long we hardly know which way is up. One this for sure, “freedom fighters” seldom are authentic.

      Johan, may God help your country, rich and poor, black and white. Many black citizens are starting to wise up. Who ended up owning the resources of your country? None of you.

      About this blog: remember God asks for the first fruits of everything…not the leftovers. If we act in faith this way, our Father will act too.

    • You are so right about big charities. When the 1994 earthquake devastated southern Italy…already so poor…an Italian friend told me the mafia was confiscating ALL the money coming it. She collected money and clothing and took it in person, handing it out to grandmothers in the churches. She said that was the only way to help.

      This is true about eastern Europe and other places. There are charity overseers online; but they rely on the book keeping of organizations themselves…and we all know how cleverly THAT can be cooked.

      There are imaginative ways to give…local food banks, buying clothes on sale and giving them to shelters…there are so many Americans in need now we don’t have to look far.

      If you want to give $$ for overseas, be very very careful. Even if parcels of food and clothes get to the site some will sell it on the black market immediately. The best charities have ‘boots on the ground’ actually giving help to women, especially grandmothers. The Mexicans here send half their income to grandmothers for school uniforms and food!! They know the deal!!

  3. You know what the LORD God says to complainers? Schlep.

  4. see if you people in USA can find this book “You Don’t Have To Apologize”
    It was written by a black pastor there in your neck of the woods, I cant remember his name but what a eye opener, surly worth reading it. Explain a lot of the things that is happening with the blacks specially in the Africa context. All explained from the Bible’s point of view. All because of their idol worship.

  5. While it is sad to see the situation, I’ve no doubts in my mind God has spoken inthe bible about doing ungodly things and what not and the consequences that follow!

    Like the city of Sodom! Then look it was torn to pieces!

    While all in Africa are not bad people it is sad to see the good suffer because of the bad!

    Quick question.. To everyone here! Every member who has signed up! What provokes some of you to change the way you write the word God in a sentence!? Some G-d some G_d! May I ask why?! Surely friends we are all here for one purpose and have no reason to be ashamed to write Gods name out in a sentence!

  6. The Hebrew name of their God isn’t “God”!!

  7. Marianne, good post. Compassionate! And while there are many reasons why the poor will always be with us…we are commanded to visit the widows and orphans in their affliction, to love the unlovely, and to prefer others before self. It is in the realm of compassion that Christ discusses giving and servitude…the least is the greatest.

    Good post.

  8. Marianne, I forgot to say, ‘I am guilty!’ Holy Spirit has been jumping up and down on my head about the nature of agape giving, sharing, and serving….the God way.

  9. Sorry to see the fate of starving children. This is the result when the world was dominated by those who only worship the Antichrist.

    • hi alexander

      yes, it is a sad commentary on the lack of charity for the past 2000 years.

      When Jesus said, the poor will always be with us, it was prophetic in nature.

      He knew that Christianity, in general, would fail at charity.

      May God bless those who do help the poor.

  10. ALL the FREE FOOD, MONEY & MEDICAL CARE lavished upon the 3rd world, since the inception of the NWO (United Nations 1945) is directly responsible for the world population EXPLOSION ( from 3 billion in 1950 to current 7 + billion in 60 years!) Basiccally creating more POVERTY and wont get anyone a TICKET to HEAVEN. SPITTIN in the WIND, all FOLLY.

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