Halloween – Fast and Prayer request

This is a request for all that are able. Since Halloween is upon us, and it is a time dedicated to evil forces, please pray for this nation, and the rest of the world. Fast from Sundown Friday, to Sundown Saturday.

We Agree:

That the spirit of witchcraft and violence over this country be broken, and destroyed, in the name of Jesus.

That God restore righteousness, and holiness, to a fallen nation.

That Christians repent of their sins, setting good examples for unbelievers.

That people will hear the voice of God, and allow Him to direct their thinking.

That truth, not lies, prevail.

That other countries will follow in prayer. That we will pray for each other to be strong, in a bad time for everyone.

That love will overcome, and hate will stop.

That God forgive us for the abortions, the sexual sins, the pride, the lies, and the general rebellion against Him.

That God will remove any curses off this nation, and other nations, who wish to follow Him.

That God saves our children, friends and family members, and delivers us from evil.

That men will look to God, not man, as their provider and source of good.

That Yahweh, Creator of all things, is God, and not the god of this world, which is money.

That God have mercy on his people, and restore their economies, for the sake of the righteous, and the kingdom of God.

That the righteous use their funds to meet normal needs only, then minister to others, and not spend them selfishly on themselves.

Thank you


***Let us do this every year !!

14 Responses to “Halloween – Fast and Prayer request”

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  2. Amen!

  3. Marianne and the concerned others:

    May our Gracious Lord have mercy on us.

    The problem of evil along with theodicy is a big subject in theology. This is a summary from my current thought. Thanks to the Unbelief State of Union (aka USA) in these critical times and rise of satanic damned-craptic power to be ready to take over the White Horse in D.C. of Damn-Agog of Magog (‘demagogue’ > democrats), now I am able see and observe the whole of modern (i.e. end time) history from much better and enlightened perspective, though I can not be a seer like the Pastor Steve Foss.

    Satan may be more than personification of all the evil ones and evilness. In practical level, evil is something in and with human being. Tsunami is not evil. earthquake is not evil, meteor hitting the earth burning up the whole of Siberia is not evil. The nature, of course, has actually nothing to do ‘evil’. It’s all in human, each of us, and among human, us and them. Stan has worked on long term plans to exert his control over us, to bring those revered atheists – moronic scientific play-writer Darwin, sex-obsessed Freud, educator par excellence John Dewey bent on liberalism, and the hedonic philosopher Bertrand Russell. Thanks these stars, our education is now totally infiltrated by evil without being recognized as evil by the population with wools pulled over eyes. Satan has been working steadily on another front – economy for last several hundred years keeping his pace with technological and industrial development. Even capitalism, the only viable system for human society, has become ineffectual as Satan has poisoned it with the evil trio (greed, speculation, manipulation). Economy going down (after running up boom) is the impetus and appetite for the mass of people to clamor for coming of a satanic angel. If there were no hardship of economy coupled with group psychology of greed for power, there would not be possible to see the rise of the terrible ones, like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Kim-il-sung. The promise of ‘turning stone to bread’ (Satan’s famous lie) is all Satan needs to seduce, entice and trap every one. Does He bring evil? Nay, he just let the people fall on his lie and the human personalities take over from there and unleash all the horrible things on earth. Here this economy of USA, which Oxama confessed on his campaign tour negative GDP or GNP this year is so good to hear and good for his lying slogan. This economy on roller coaster ride is the very thing Satan is playing right now all out for this poor Unbelieving State of Union. Remember, the world, this courtry, all the systems and organizations of human, by human, and for human are poisoned utterly by Satan. So don’t chant, sing or dream ‘God bless me’ ‘God bless USA’ ‘God bless damncrat’ ‘God bless publican’. Just put on sackcloth and ashes and say ‘May God have mercy on us’.

    I am thinking: What would happen in the middle East? When everybody is carried away with noise of economy and God-awful election here and the real Osama staying quiet somewhere in Park-ee-Satan. January come with O-bummer get enthroned on the white horse making many happy to let get wet underwear (with hidden expression of dismay and disappointment on Hillary’s face). Then, some might find it a very best and right time to bomb Iranian nuclear plant all off-guarded. What a haavaard snob can do, off-guarded? With the twin great alumni (Un-abomber and Oh-bummer), there is a hot line ready to all old Puchin in Russia, Zin in China, and couple of others he can call for help, just like GM is begging Toyota to help them out. (For that matter, why not Toyota buy up GM at close-out sale price? Like Mercedes once bought out Chrysler, to cough it up later. But this time, all Toyata has to do is to make sure they can scoop the cream of it and throw the rest in garbage.

    I’m in a little of hypomania (with a symptom of flight of fancy) during this winter depression. I don’t have to make a self destruct message like you have seen Mission Impossible, simply because there is a universal button ‘DEL’ every where, which should be the first thing anyone to learn.

    In summary, evil is where we stop loving, when we stop living in the light, and when we stop learning. Look at those clamoring in the campaign show business. They have learn from failure (that’s definition of ‘success’) and they fail to learn from history. They are all doomed. No, God does not. He does not curse; he does not damn. We all bring doom on ourselves by our own ignorance, laziness, and disobedience. We all bring our the curse, we all have ourselves get damned. We all go to hell, if we go, because we choose to go and we want to go. There is no need for the phrase ‘go to hell’; people just go. There are heated controversy whether there is eternal torment after death. What a silly question and debate. What it matters is not that there is or not, but that whether everyone chooses to have one’s own doomed or not; and sadly most people says ‘who care when i don’t believe’.

    Folks, pardon my rambling. May God be merciful to all of use. Just thank Him in all things. Things good, things bad. Goodness in people; evil rising. Always rejoice. Like walking on the field in a balmy spring day which makes our heart so joyous, looking at our Lord’s smile which makes us rejoice. Keep the communication line open to God – that’s what it means ‘continuous prayer’. It’ is not same as having a long prayer session, morning prayers, midnight prayers, prayers in special place or building, prayers with hands up or bow down to the ground, many times a day to the direction of a city or East or West, etc. These are things which don’t matter. Get unplugged from religion and get plug to God, plugging in the Scripture so that the gentle spirit of God will flow down like powerful electric current from an outlet. No, it won’t make you babble, rolling tongues, like shamans do. Get away from those clamoring for outward signs; instead look for the fruitage of the spirit.

  4. Oun

    You make some very good points. I agree we should change our ways, and ask God to forgive us and have mercy.


  5. http://www.new-life.net/halowen1.htm

    Not scared to use this name here. All I will say is that a Christian created the above-mentioned site.

  6. Hey KT

    Thanks for the link.


  7. halloween is like anyother night. kids just want candy. and loving parents take there kids trick or treating. even thou the holiday doesnt have a good past. we shouldnt fear the day. i pass out christain litertare or go to a nearby church. about america and the hearts of men. peoples hearts are so blind that god no matter how hard he tries cant get americas attetion. 9/11 got out attetion for a couple months it seemed like.

    snd now there is increasing number of devasting fires in califonia. what will it take. who knows. but christians even rebellious ones shouldnt fear.

    in revelation it talks about 1/3 of the world dieingfrom a war from the euprates river. which is mostly in iraq (iraq war) so as iraq war continues we will close in on the end of the last generation.

  8. Hi Kyle,

    You are very wise for your age. You made good comments. This was the fast before the 2008 elections.


  9. i guess i am wise, i just have low self esteem, and feel never do anything right. i just watch the news everyday. and everyday it gets more serious

  10. Hi kyle

    You had a bad day. Things will get better for you. Yes, we are in serious times, but you can still pray and love God, and He still loves you back.


  11. i need good job,good wife,favour,blessing,guideance,protection,good heath and long life,till ihear from you .thanks
    its me

  12. Very sincere prayer. Im with you on this!

  13. Amen

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