Have you ever seen an angel?


How the presence of God can save someone.  True story.

I received a missionary report that was so powerful that I needed to share it.

A young missionary flees a foreign nation , after having some of her family arrested.

See what happens to her at the airport. Miraculous.

I am withholding her name and pictures, and the country’s name, for her protection. But, she has a beautiful smile.


“Life on the Edge”

At one o’clock in the morning, the street was pitch dark… and rather unnerving. However, darkness is our friend during times like these. The ministry times had been well received.

We had just spent hours traveling, and I was exhausted.

But with spies, police, and private detectives on our trail – we dare not let down our guard. Our team got out of the vehicle, and we quickly slipped into the shadows. Staying close to the walls, we quietly made our way down an alley.

A siren went off in the distance. We walked faster.

Coming to a 6 foot gate, we threw our luggage and bags one by one over onto the other side, while I worried on how I was going to get myself over. Yes, I did make it over the gate (with a lot of help I might add, and the heel of my favorite shoes getting notched).
We snuck into the building, unlocked the door of where we were going to stay the night.

After being shown to a room, I collapsed on the bed made up for me on the floor. A tear ran down my cheek. I don’t like being persecuted for my faith and ministry.

I will be going back and forth to my assigned land, continuing my work. I’m in now Canada. Due to my Dad being on the WANTED list for preaching the Gospel, and an organized plot to get rid of him, we had to take quick and immediate action to come to Canada for now.

Now that I’m back, invitations have come in for me to speak about "Enjoying Life and Living on the Edge for Jesus" in the States and Canada, as I also continue my work in my missionary field.

On my way back to Canada, at the country’s airport passport control, it was my turn to stand there and have all my paperwork scanned. I was so nervous.

Been there, done that – with the police arresting Dad in the airport, and then all of us. The police typed my name into the computer. He looked at me, then looked at the computer, then looked at me.

I leaned on the counter so he wouldn’t be able to notice my knees shaking.

He scowled. I managed a scared smile. The police called over his supervisor.

They both looked at the computer screen, then looked at me.

More questions. Because my Dad is on the WANTED list, this has caused much trouble for me too because of my last name.

Again, they looked at the screen, then looked at me.

The police supervisor asked the other police, "Have you ever seen an angel?"


"Well, here’s one right now".

They stamped my passport. And I ran…

When I got to my gate, I just sat down and sobbed.



41 Responses to “Have you ever seen an angel?”

  1. Beautiful put… Just remember that you are never been forsaken nor alone for Almighty God watches you over and keeps you closer than ever. 🙂 Bless ye heart for this ye ain’t walking alone.. invisible yet presence to be felt by Jesus to walk at your side. Amen…

    • hi Tamera

      True. We do not walk alone, and the closer we are to Him, the more like angels we may seem to others.

      • Not sure if i’m a good angel or a bad one but i’ve been apart of key historical events the wall coming down in east germany like hurricane katrina. i know that doesn’t prove anything but i know i’ve earned wings. If anyone knows any angels they can identify me-i physically dwell in Tampa, FL. i’ve been told i’m the antichrist, the beast, mystery bablyon, etc. if anyone can identify me email me. I go by the name of Tracy Hodge Powell-born a female human but if i’m a lost christian am i fallen man or a fallen angel?

        • Stick to Jesus and get your identity from him, and then all other modes of identification are moot. Folk sometimes chase those rabbitholes that are theories of being angels born in human bodies and all that.. but when I ask God about it, the scripture keeps coming back to my mind ‘it is appointed but once for man to die, and then judgement’ – and the assurance that I am a unique and much-loved creation. In the knowledge of being that and enjoying a holy-spirit relationship with my creator, there is no better name! (identity)

      • Marianne dispatch angels to this location 4003 S. Westshore apt. 1915 & to 107 S. Edison Tampa, FL

      • Marianne keep pleading the blood of Jesus over the URL for Agape Harvest Chuch website for salvation/deliverance of many.

        • Dispatch the angels of Daniel to the community of Tampa where the church could really get the help beeded.
          Send them also to Shirley Everett.

  2. Marianne, That is an amazing story. I wish we could know in what part of the world this took place, but I certainly understand the need for protection. What a beautiful thought you have that in being closer to Him we may seem like angels to others…!

  3. Yes I have, I also worked with Archangel Michael for over three years.

  4. Yes Michael mentioned in the book of Daniel died on the 26th of June 2010. The Prince of Greece and Prince of Persia are human too Marianne.

    When I speak of Archangel Michael it means when I was working with Archangel Michael not Michael mentioned in the book of Daniel.

    The work with Archangel Michael was published internationally. You will find us mentioned together in Rev 12.

  5. Eliakim,
    You say in one of your posts, “The beliefs of orthodoxy creates disease, fixed minds create all sorts of diseases with their fixidity.”
    If this is the case, how would you explain your skin condition, and the fact that you have to see a Doctor like any other human being?
    (By the way, I noticed that you have a whole 16 people that follow you world wide, and that none of your posts seem to have any comments, or responses from anyone. No wonder you come here so much, you are just lonely.)

    Oh, and I just want you to know, that I am okay with not being in YOUR book of life. Though I am sure that it is very pretty. It’s difficult, even if you practice really hard to try to keep within the lines using a crayon.

  6. What is posted on the blog is distributed around the world by email to an international database, some is also selected by a news agency internationally as well. So most of the people that know me and the work have no requirement to go to the blog because they receive the news daily.

    In addition there have been over 24,000 visitors to the blog from over 80 countries.

    People tend to email me rather then post on the blog. Many people like to be in communication with me directly.

    The skin condition is God’s will to fulfill the prophecies and no I don’t see any doctor about it.

    • For deliverance prayers go to Agape Harvest Church website-share this. Plead the blood of Jesus over the keyboard & their URL

  7. However, be aware that the Angels of Elohim, Saints and Masters are extremely busy because of the global crisis. I pop in here now and again, not very often. Only when Marianne emails me.

    • What in heavens name are you talking about? You just posted the above, and so I searched through as quickly as I could, what I could find that you have posted in just the last 3 days, and counted up a total of 45 posts that you have made.
      Where you say, “I pop in here now and again, not very often.”
      Who are you kidding? This is like your full time job.

      And just in those few minutes, you have posted more below already.

  8. Buck the post that you read explains what causes skin conditions. I have a Jewish heritage, of mutated genetics due to circumcision. If we wish to eradicate skin conditions then the religionists must stop circumcising children and cutting them in childhood. The words in Exodus is correct that the deeds of the fathers impacts on the next 3-4 generations.

    God sent humanity a healer that understands the root causes of diseases. God also blessed me with the gift of remote viewing.

  9. Last but not least if my blog was like this one, I would never get any work done. And I have to fulfill the will of God on a daily basis.

  10. Wait a second….”circumcision”? I, as well as many people here, thought that you were a “woman”. With all of your talk about a “woman shall encompass a man” (taking Jeremiah 31:22 out of context.) Now I am totally confused??? Almost as much as you are.

  11. Nope she is a 56 year old female. I just went to her blog, and checked out her profile info. So it appears that she believes that somehow, her skin condition was the result of some type of mutated genetics related to the act of circumcision?

    I believe from the other sites that she also blogs on, that the individual that she refers to as the Archangel Michael, is definitely someone by the name of Michael M. Mauldin.
    (Not the same Michael Mauldin who was the former President of Columbia Records.)
    I think that I may have hit the nail on the head above, when I said that she was lonely. If you re-read her posts after I made that comment, you can see that her countenance has changed. Her sense of power has been diminished. I think that she has lost someone that she had deeply loved.
    Don’t get me wrong here, her hermeneutics are completely off the wall. There is no denying that. However, I think that I will try to respond to her out of love now instead. No matter how hard she might make that to do.
    “Sigh” I know that I’m going to miss out on some great,one liners.

  12. Yep, I did my own detective work till the wee hours of the morning last night. Actually…. just went to “good old google” after finding his name on one of her sites. lol
    Once I confirmed the date of death, I knew it was this guy. And it didn’t take too long to realize that she had made many posts on a variety of sites to honour his memory.
    Yes I think that she has a broken heart. (sad)
    But it does all look like a so-called conspiracy thing. She talks about a major construction firm that was always harassing him for a property that he inherited from his aunt somewhere in a place called Cobb Hill. There are accusations that the firm Merrill Lynch was involved somehow, especially an individual named Adrienne, in not providing funds to him that from their point of view, should have been paid.
    Yet, the passing of Mr. Mauldin wasn’t the event that sent her off of the deep end theology wise. She has had her belief in her specific calling as this promised prophet, for at least the last 4 or 5 years. We’ll have to see what develops down the road.

    • My anointed calling was teaching ministry with my Ed.D degree from University of South Florida in 2003. Need angelic witnesses

      • To free my mind of baggage i asked for yrs therapist Kim Vaz & Christine Swenson for help & MacDill AFB even for daughter too.
        Also Patricia Fierstein-child therapy

  13. Interesting but give me a second to explain why.

    I have never been to the mission field in my life. I’m 47 yrs old & have been feeling the call for the past 2 years but am only now looking into doing something about it. (I know; I know….delayed obedience is still disobedience.)

    Only 2 weeks ago I began actively seeking out potential short term missions trips as a way of easing into this possibly new direction for my life.

    I found a website that lists multiple positions on the mission field seeking filling, so I responded to a few that grabbed my attention. While I heard back from all of them, the one that responded back with more detailed information including the country turns out to be in a Muslim nation. Furthermore, when I clicked on the sending agency’s home page, the first thing that you see is a photo of modern martyrs.

    Why do I share all this? Because…based on the title of this blog post “Have you ever seen an angel?”; I fully expected to read something about angelic activity. I did not expect to find something pertaining to persecuted missionaries….but I believe the L-RD is using this article to speak to me & let me know what lies ahead.

    Funny….years ago (probably 20 years now), the L-RD showed me how I would die. If you doubt this is Scriptural, go read Luke 2 & the story of Shimon/Simeon who was promised to not taste death until he had seen the Promised Messiah.

    I will die for my faith while actively serving the L-rd. It will be ugly & it will happen in the Middle East. So, my thoughts are….do I run from my destiny or do I move forward, knowing the greatest outpouring of G-d on my life may be just around the corner?

    I, too, choose to live life on the edge. And in the meantime, Marianne? Keep posting stories like this. G-d moves through us sometimes in the most unusual ways.

    • hi pisgah,

      I pray that you have courage to do what you must do, and that Gd protects you.

      As believers, we all face such a possible future, especially in these end times.

      We are really in His hands, not the hands of he enemy.

    • Why are divine angels not manifesting in Tampa where they are needed. They can be dispatched please dispatch. They need to see G-d

  14. When we are asleep, we are experiencing out of body projection unconsciously in unintentional cases, and our body will become vulnerable, due to we are not consciously guiding our body. How do I know if there are Angels protecting my body from invaders? I am very frightened of astral projection because I had learned something I think I shouldn’t have necessarily learned since it causes extreme nervousness when I am sleeping. God said those who fear leaving out their body will not leave. I had been baptized most recently, although I have so many worries now.

    • astral projection is a voluntary activity and requires conscious effort.

      during sleep, this does not happen because we are not making decisions to do this.

      you should not be in danger of going anywhere during your sleep

      but to calm your fears, repent of the astral projection, and ask God to assign angels around you to protect your spirit while you sleep.

      You have to trust God that he will protect you when you ask for protection.

      • I have a problem becuase i am too very concious when i am nervous especially at sleep which one time caused me sleep paralyzed. I agree with your point of conciousn effort. But it is sinful to know something we shouldnt have known if we go into someones room without consent by spirit only, right? I don’t think there’s no danger because there’s something called a silver cord where if we had fly too far to somewhere else, the magnet level will be decreased and soon be an irreversible death experience.

        I am an incredibly guilty person to God I guess, I don’t feel like praying to God, asking for favor of angels protecting me. So I do sound kind of dumb even I have the ability to do so.

        • what you have been doing is dangerous. there is no guarantee of a silver cord. that is a made up concept.

          just abandon this experimentation. and trust in the Lord. You will have plenty of good spiritual experiences when you get to heaven. you do not need cheap negative counterfeits here on earth

          • What are the cheap negative counterfeits? I don’t you understood, I wasn’t wishful in trying to astral project and never attempted once. I am frightened because I have such knowledge, and afraid of thinking about it, you know what I mean, yeah?

  15. Perfectionist Gal…the only knowledge & belief you need is that Jesus is your savior. You can’t get to God without accepting Jesus died on the cross & was raised from the dead to give you eternal lfe. You need nothing else. Marianne is right, what you are doing is counterfit & dangerous. There is a spirit realm that is not of God, you are involved with that realm, these practices are considered idolitry to say the least. Please read what I wrote above…God is a jealous God, He has given you His only begotton son, all that you could ever want spiritually & yet you choose to spend your time w/astral planning?? You will NEVER have peace in this realm….I am praying for you…The Bible is full of teachings on idolitry,etc..please research that. There are great theological commentaries to read for every verse you might want/need clarification. Turn to Lord, He is calling you to come to Him. He doesn’t want YOU or anyone to perish. Repent & turn your focus on Jesus, He is waiting for you….

    • You don’t know me, most things you have said are “wrong”.
      1) I have complete faith in God, and accept Jesus as savior
      2) I did NOT involved into such realm “intentionally”, I was AFRAID, not INTENTIONAL.

      I understand you that you meant in your words with kindness, but I did turn to Lord everyday with every attempts of little affords day by day. So I was just trying to clarify something, no offense. I am thankful for your prayer, and I believe it is not enough with obeying God, but anyway, thank you for misunderstanding me several times from a few of people. I don’t know, don’t want to discuss on this article anymore.

  16. I’m sorry you feel misunderstood.. It’s important for believers to understand the authoriity we have in Jesus to live a peaceful life w/no fear. The enemy comes invited or not, intentional or not. Your RESPONSE is KEY..it is the test. You have the power & authority to resist the devil, satan, enemy, that which creates fear, whatever you want to call it..Here are 2 scriptures; James 4:7, Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil & he will flee from you. Luke 10:18-19, And He said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightening from the heaven. Behold, I give YOU the AUTHORITY to trample on serpents & scorpions, & over all the power of the enemy, & nothing shall by any means hurt you”…this IS God speaking! Repeat these verses & others, out loud often. Command the enemy/fear to leave by the power & authority GIVEN to YOU in the name of JESUS. I know about these things, I’ve had some frightening times in the past. GOD showed me how to master these attacks. IF God is w/you no one (nothing) can stand against you!

    • I agree that God does not afraid the devils and have complete positive power over them. I am scared to pray because I am not perfect and a guilt person. Maybe you arnt the same, because you have been praying for others and perhaps to yourself, but I can’t. I find it so hard to communicate in purified thoughts with God or Jesus. I always have polluted mind from the society that lives life out of my/our bound of imagination. Daily news have shocking news everyday, and most often it reflected humankind had gone into a world of evil, in which they were being controlled with sinful acts especially pride, greediness and lust. I was polluted by them, but I know in my heart that it is not who I am supposed to be and how God wanted me to live like, because I may have something to show during this short earthly life…anyway, back to against the evil, I will try my best in knowing God’s words, at times when I meet danger. Thank you for your versus, you must have been reading the bible at a thorough level. I hope I could do this one day as I crawl through in baby steps, and that would mean one step closer to God and the holy spirit gradually. God bless, Elle.

  17. I believe in angel my encounter with angel was. This week I didn’t believe it until today I just had this feeling that I never had it was a good feeling. I can tell you this I never felt like this before and it was a wonderful feeling I don’t feel like I felt yesterday

  18. The great, courageous archangels favor living at Laurel Canyon, California. They are ill from being on earth with us disgusting humans. They are gorgeous, mean cat types.

    I know who three are, but cannot divulge it to you.

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