Healing the Male Charismatic Jezebel



This wound usually comes from a sexual contact at an early age, when the child is too immature and innocent to comprehend the nature of sex.

Guilt is usually experienced, so the child keeps the wound a secret.

He then becomes obsessive about his “evil inclination,” and out of control with it.

He cannot handle the adult feelings because he is only a child.

Sexual addictions are almost always connected to early childhood abuse.

They can occur later in life as well (needing a slightly different approach), but the grip on the soul is the greatest when it is done early on.

The innocence of the child is replaced with the feeling on being in hell his whole life, and that there is something inherently wrong with him that can never be healed.

Feeling destroyed, he destroys others. Actually, it is hard for him to feel anything., which makes it easier for him to hurt others.

This is what I would first tell the Male Charismatic Jezebel to do, to get started on the healing process.

First of all, forgive yourself.

You were just a child.

Emotions were strong then, which is why the feelings “stuck.”

It was a good door, however, for a spirit of lust to invade you, which was intensified by the guilt you felt.

1. so first, forgive yourself, and see yourself as a victim, not an evil person.  This lessens the demonic stronghold on you.

2. you have to somehow heal the feminine relationships in your life.  You will not do this with women your age. 

You will replace the negative with the positive…….

You will do this with older women, preferably elderly, who need compassion.  Visit a nursing home. Find ways to volunteer, spend time showing kindness to older women. 

The contact you have with them will give you positive exposure to the feminine element to your life, and you will learn to appreciate women as people, instead of things.

Have nice conversations, learn from them, listen to their problems, help them walk or eat.  Hear about their past, the good and the bad memories.

3. Go to library, and ask for books written by women who have been abused.  Read and  understand.

4. Mother image – nonphysical relationship.

a. either spend time more with your own mother, learn from her, do things for her, appreciate her ….or….

b.  Find an older woman, with high morals, who can be a mother image for you…..spend time with her, do kind things for her…..learn from her.

5. If possible, go back to the place where you were wounded. You will see it from a new perspective. See it as an adult now.

Spend time in reflection, and recall the event. You will see the experience in a new light….as an adult….it will help you release the guilt.

6.   Read your bible like your life depends on it.  Learn what is in there.  That should consume you the rest of your life.

7. Trust the Lord Jesus for deliverance. Give your heart to him and ask him to heal your heart. So you can actually feel love in your life.

8.  Be patient with yourself.  It will take time.

Real Love is a wonderful thing. It puts us in touch with our true divine nature that God breathed into us when he created us.

To know real love is to know God himself.

Know that you will be ok.

Love heals.  Love yourself again.

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23 Responses to “Healing the Male Charismatic Jezebel”

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  2. “Male Charismatic Jezebel” Is this a technical or medical term? I kind of doubt it. Could be the guy just likes getting laid, no?

    • dear Pendel

      No, it is a spiritual term, for someone who has experienced child abuse, and grows up to abuse others.

      I am reading your website now.

  3. Thank you sister. That hit home. I was one of those abused males. My mother spent all of her time with my sisters and the males were thrown to the wolves. She always said my girls need me, but the boy can do for ourselves, which is a lie by the way. I watched her look out of the dining room window while my fathe beat, not paddle, beat us until blood flowed. So it became very easy for me to say women aren’t about much at a young age. I was thinking any mother that will not stand up for her own, well. I think you get the picture. I started hating on my sisters because they were getting the attention we all needed, but weren’t getting.
    As I got older, I lived for sex, but not sex, but to conqueor and control, that way I felt as if I was in control of who loved me. I found it hard to have a relationship with any female. The moment they said they were serious i ran, and started over with another. Sex was like love to me, but it frightened me at the same time.
    Sex occupied my mind 24-7.
    Even after years of serving the Lord I still had these strong thoughts and feelings that had to be dealt with. It was what my mind had become use too this from a very young age. It was my crutch; this was brought on early and would take the Lord to deliver me from. I studied, prayed and fasted, but the thoughts returned. I asked God for help on more than one occasion.

    Now the Lord’s ways are not our ways. He knew what it would take to break this, because though I wanted it to stop and prayed for the feelings to cease, I was somewhat lacksadaisical about it all.
    Well each of us is different, and God knew what would get my attention. One night he allowed the devil that was continually attacking me, planting thoughts to appear before me. I could see it. I felt its evil presence and the evil being was hssing like a snake saying “I’m going to get him.” In the background were other devils just like him. It was not a dream. My wife was there, and we still talk about that night.
    I had never been so frigthened in my life. For lack of better words, I nearly did it on myself. Now everytime my mind drifts away from the things of God, I remember that night and run back to Him with genuine repentance. I hope everyone who reads this will heed the warning. Thjis spirit can be overcome; do it before God does it for you.

    • hi Rev Williams

      I have really never understood how any parent can hurt a young child.

      I can understand dealing with rebellious teenagers, with reasonable discipline, but not beating little children who just have no idea why it is happening.

      Parents take out their anger on their children. Others emotionally abuse or neglect. And others sexually abuse. It is insane.

      The result is a wall that goes up. Because to feel anything, is to feel pain first. Anticipating pain, they reject all feelings as they are suspicious of anything positive. It must be a trick, or cannot be real. People who say they love you are going to hurt you.

      Love hurts.

      There is a split in the soul. Only things they think they can control are allowed. But love is endless, boundless, how can one limit that? So, it is to be feared and avoided.

      Victims need to know that the abuse was not their fault, and that they can heal.

      I hope healing comes to all that read this, and they finally realize they were innocent, and not guilty, as charged.

      May God bless you for your testimony.

      • Marianne, what you said about abused people/ men putting up the wall to avoid any positive feelings as not to allow pain in, makes a lot of sense…. Can I ask if you are a therapist or have you studied Psychology before ?

        • nicole

          psychology does not have the insight or answers it claims to have, and most therapists are secular, not spiritual, which is why they fail so much.

          my impressions come from the word of God, not opinions of man in books.

      • Hello Reverend Williams, Thank you for sharing your testimony. It is an encouragement to know that God does and will heal men who have had these experiences as a result of their childhoods. I wanted to know if I can ask you a few questions that relate to the topic at hand and deal with a few personal experiences of my own ?

    • What a sad story 😦

    • Hello Reverend Williams, Thank you for sharing your testimony. It helps to know that God can and does deliver men who have had these experiences as a result of their childhoods. Do you mind if I ask you your opinion on somethings related to what you just talked about ?

  4. Did you know that King HIZKiyahu (Hezekiah), just as Prophet yiHIZKel (Ezekiel) were of the spiritual root/offspring of Cain the Wicked? Probably, NOT. Why is it that root H-Z-K (STRENGTH) appears in both their names ? Beacuse, without G-D STRENGTHENING them they’d be worth nothing – they gained their merit (to become prophets and kings) through the TEARS they cried – as a RECTIFICATION for the sin of Cain;

    • gavriel

      Why do you think they came from Cain, and not Seth?

      • Hi Marianne,

        Sorry for not answering in time or that my responses are far too spontaneous…my health is slowly coming down to zero…I don’t know why G-d is doing this to me, sorry…

        Because, the higher level soul is in – the more terrible sins they have to pay for…spiritually, Hezekiah and Ezekiel being on loftiest spiritual levels – are SPIRITUALLY (not physically) of the root of Cain and have to correct his sin – this acc. to Kabbalah.

  5. volunteer at a nursing home and prey on the elderly…come on…how about counseling and men’s support group, some one to hold him accountable….they can not do this on their own by just reading a book.

    • dear s. douglas

      The idea is to go back in time, and relate to a feminine figure that has no sexual meaning for him, so he can relate on a personal level, not a sexual one.

      One person who wrote in is going to spend time with his grandmother, and bond with her, and confide in her, and ask for help.

      Being around a group of men, who also think about sex as much as he does, is not going to help at this stage.

  6. Rev Patrick Williams: Man exists of two entities: matter and spirit. To get right with God and Jesus for giving us life, and He has supported us well undeservedly. Watch what happens inside. As soon as one can feel gratitude and love for Jesus and Father emotionally (feelings/energy is like sparks of electricity…
    badly put), but can be felt) we feels the burden lifting and
    disappearing. This way we know God has forgiven us and in turn we feel immense gratitude not to repeat sin, replaced with love and loyalty for both continually. First:”Mat.22:37-39 Love the LORD thy God with all thy heart,/seat of emotion – soul/life-style – and mind/understanding”. Second: love thy neighbour as thyself/ never want to harm nor hurt. (except telling the truth, which pricks) On these two commandments hang all the Law and prophets. Love fulfills all good. One feels free of doubt and fear and we feel how He carries us. — When we love someone, we feel love in all these vitals, so with God.

  7. first of all marianne is Gavriel doing ok she mention her health is going down.I’ve seen her comments on other issues.Maybe,we can talk to her if it’s ok.I’ll get to the point this is good going to the nursing home to do this treatment on there own to heal.There are so many men out there that want believe this that it will work.There are a lot of women that are hurt in similar experiences.Like they choose to be with another women instead of dealing with the problem with counseling.I would like to know your thoughts on this matter from anyone.

  8. Thanks for this article. I thought the idea of relating to older/elderly women would bring healing, so as not to always think of women in sexual ways is an excellent idea. We have a teen coming to live with us that was sexually abused by a father to abuse girls. He has been in counceling for years but it hasn’t helped very much. He hates God for not answering his prayers when he was a boy to remove him from this situation (it took 6 years till eventually his dad went to prison for the sexual abuse and only for 2 years). But he loves our family and he is like a second son to me. I’m praying into this situation that God would reach his heart and bring genuine healing. Thanks for writing this!

    • dear theroccommunitygroup

      I pray that all goes well with your teen, and he gets the help and healing he needs. May god bless you for opening your home to him.

  9. The ‘holy (f’ing) spirit’ as Jezebel is calling ‘herself’ these days (blasphemy) loves to commit spirit sex with people (through bodies or invisibly) supposedly for the purpose of ‘filling the person with the Holy Spirit – or Ghost).

    One of the main goals of the fallen angels (and/or former humans) participating in this agenda is to convert men into homosexuality; even if through deption, abuse or even force. -This they call love.

  10. God bless and forgive the male charismatic jezebels they suffer a life of sadness and confusion.

  11. This is such a good article and it explains a lot about men who may seem difficult at times, hurtful or seem to use people. This article really makes things very clear. Also would you say that men who are pimps fall into this category too ?

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