Hebrew and the Star of David


star of david - hebrew letters

Nothing, with God, is a coincidence.

The Star of David serves as a template for the Hebrew alphabet.


No other language does this.

star of david and letters



 PS  there is a difference between the Star of David and a hexagram.  

Star of David is 2 interwoven triangles, to show the relationship of man with God.  

A hexagram is one triangle (man) laying on top of second triangle (God). 

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  3. Rev. 22-16..I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, [and] the bright and morning star. IS THIS NOT THE STAR OF DAVID…

  4. The characters shown above are Aramaic. Hebrew borrowed the characters after one of the Babylonian captivities. David didn’t have a star like that and the symbol that is biblical is the Menorah. Very interesting, but the hexagram is most likely not the “star of David.” If the Messiah is the “star of David” then I’d be sure the hexagram would not be his symbol. It represents a LOT of bad stuff such as the mixing of the seed (spoken against in the whole bible).

    • hi spenser

      Maybe God had these symbols first, for his own people to use.

      Maybe the devil stole the symbol from God to prostitute it, and destroy its proper use.

  5. Maybe for the Magen David, but the alphabet, not so much. Language has devolved over time from its once-clear pictographic forms to its current boxy letters. Letters fitting into symbols are cute. YHWH’s message of salvation being able to be decoded from meanings of the original symbols without a dictionary…. that’s what it’s about.

  6. You might like this from my site !


  7. wow… this awesome and I will never be able to look at the Star of David the same way again… excellent. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I have never thought about the connection, if any, between the Star of David and the Morning Star. Very interesting points have been made in the comments that I will study further and ponder. Thank you and God Bless,

  9. Hi Marianne,

    That is truly amazing!

    Sacred meanings of hebrew letters are infinite, Aleph for example symbolyzes firmanent seperating above waters from below waters.

    • hi gavriel

      could you tell me what each of the other letters mean as well?

      thank you.

      • Marianne,

        I will try to give an answer more in details when I have time.

        I returned to Israel a week ago, with the help of God, and am very busy and have to do all the medical checkings.

  10. interesting post, and even more interesting comments! I too, will like to look into this more!!! Thank you very much!!!

  11. Isn’t this a beautiful verse:

    Numbers 24:17 “I see Him, but not now; I behold Him, but not near; A Star shall come out of Jacob; A Scepter shall rise out of Israel,

    • hi Scotti

      Another nice thought.

      Out of jacob….came the star…..

      out of the star ….came the Word……

      star and word (alphabet) are ONe.

  12. you may find this interesting.


  13. This video which explains very well the Hebrew letters and their meanings is quite good, but the Hebrew letters have many more meaanings than we could ever imagine, for it is only

  14. This video explains very well the Hebrew letters and their meanings is quite good, but the Hebrew letters have many more meanings than we could ever imagine, for it is only through Yeshua( Jesus)that their true meaning can ever be known now. For YHWH only shares His Word through Yeshua.

  15. Most of the time when I see that star I get a wierd, creepy feeling. I dont feel right about it…like its demonic or something.

    • hi Rachel

      God created everything that is good. Nature is full of stars and other beautiful things. It is like Satan to take something wonderful and destroy it with evil. But hits does not change the original meaning. God put the stars, sun and moon in the heavens to give light for mankind, so he could see. A star represents the light of God and his truth as well. So, the true meaning is not demonic, but divine.

      • Stars are solar/celestial bodies that look nothing like what we see in art. The so-called star of David is a representation of the demonic constellations and in no way represents anything from YHWH. It’s actually a pagan symbol Solomon introduced to the children of Israel, which YHWH forbade; yet, he did it anyway. It is directly connected to the Rothschilds, Illuminati, Satanists, Nazis, Khazars, Ashkenazi’s and Masons. Do more research. The only symbol that represents YHWH’s light, word and wisdom is the lampstand/Menorah; which Yahushua is seen holding in the book of Revelation.

  16. Stars are spheres of burning gas, not the main symbol for mixing of the see which is the most spoken against thing in the bible

  17. There is deception in this symbol, as there is deception in our world today. True Israel shall be gathered at the end times.

    Jay Cee

  18. There is deception in this symbol, as there is deception in our world today. True Israel shall be gathered at the end times.


    • You are correct my post is at the bottom under Richard-James.
      This is a MASONIC FLAG representing a GOVERNMENT that was not put there by YaH, true Yisrael was disbanded to the four corners of the earth and would be brought back together by YaH… and this is soon Praise YaH our Mighty One and deliverer.

      All of the oppressed nations are true Yisrael tribes…

      The Black Hebrews
      The Native Americans
      The Hebrews
      Some of The Asian cultures… you get what I mean.

      ANyone who did not fall for the 4th reign prophesied in Daniel 7:18-25 and realizes that this is ROME and its’ books and saviour is on the right track to correcting the original spit in the face to YaH that scattered us in the first place.

      • How can you say which people /races are the scattered Hebrews when these scattered Hebrews don’t even themselves recognize who they are.You have decided who they are.

  19. There is no scriptural evidence of a “Star of David” even being used as a “symbol”.
    While some of you have mentioned that Yahshua/Jesus is referred to as the Bright and Morning Star,
    There is also scriptural evidence that Satan himself is called that as well, so please read this explanation before getting upset.

    The first reference to the morning star as an individual is in Isaiah 14:12: “How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!” (NIV). The KJV and NKJV both translate “morning star” as “Lucifer, son of the morning.” It is clear from the rest of the passage that Isaiah is referring to Satan’s fall from heaven (Luke 10:18). So in this case, the morning star refers to Satan. In Revelation 22:16, Jesus unmistakably identifies Himself as the morning star. Why are both Jesus and Satan described as the “morning star”?

    It is interesting to note that the concept of the “morning star” is not the only concept that is applied to both Jesus and Satan. In Revelation 5:5, Jesus is referred to as the Lion of the tribe of Judah. In 1 Peter 5:8, Satan is compared to a lion, seeking someone to devour. The point is this, both Jesus and Satan, to a certain extent, have similarities to lions. Jesus is similar to a lion in that He is the King, He is royal and majestic. Satan is similar to a lion in that he seeks to devour other creatures. That is where the similarities between Jesus, Satan, and lions end, however. Jesus and Satan are like lions in very different ways.

    The idea of a “bright morning star” is a star that outshines all the others. Satan, as perhaps the most beautiful creation of God, probably the most powerful of all the angels, was a bright morning star. Jesus, as God incarnate, the Lord of the universe, is THE bright and morning star. Jesus is the most holy and powerful “light” in all the universe. So, while both Jesus and Satan can be described as “bright morning stars,” in no sense is this equating Jesus and Satan. Satan is a created being. His light only exists to the extent that God created it. Jesus is the light of the world (John 9:5). Only Jesus’ light is self-existent. Satan may be a bright morning star, but he is only a poor imitation of the one true bright morning star, Jesus Christ, the light of the world.

    • hi lbolm

      Good discussion. Isaiah was originally referring to the king of Babylon, not Satan. Translators decided it was a double reference, which included Satan.

      Jesus is the real thing.

      Satan is the counterfeit.

      I prefer the real thing. 🙂

  20. Thanks for this nice forum.
    how about this:
    Jesus is the higher world, the love and the nice spiritual frequencies we know and unknown.
    Devil is everything what we can see and bellow that frequency.
    The large border between these is astral world.
    Please let me know, how far is my mind away of one truth about this world.
    best regards to all

    • hi Zomi

      I guess if you are just starting to learn, that is a good start.

      You need to do some reading. First read the book of John in the bible. Let me know when you are finished with that.

      Do you have a Bible, or can you get one?

  21. Hi Marianne,
    Currently I´m trying to understand our world from lectures of crop circle makers /not humans ones/ – sacred geometry etc.
    Have you been in Wilthshire /U.K/? Amazing and elevating !
    Anyway since I m 33 this year I know I have to read (and understand) the Holy Bible..so thank you, I may start with the book of John.
    Have a nice day 🙂

    • hi Zomi

      The circles are obviously made by an intelligent entity – either human with a great computer, and holographic technology, or something supernatural.

      If it is human, then the person needs a prize for art.

      If it is supernatural, then we have to ask is it positive or negative.

      The bible predicts a great deception in the last days. Are the circles connected with this? I do not know.

      So, I wait and see what happens next.

      The circles could be positive messages from angels of god.

      Or they could be images made to trick us into accepting messages from fallen angels who will deceive us.

      I do not know. But, for now, I think they are interesting.

    • Zomi, Marianne.

      Circles are obviously supernatural.

      In Jewish oral tradition it is said that beside Holy Ark’s ability to turn everything around into wasteland, it was anti-gravitational device, when properly used it was used for architecture, namely building of Solomon’s Temple with massive hewn stones (that still exist today), especially considering that it was forbidden to use ant kind of metal for building the Temple or hewing the stones.

      BTW, pyramids were created the same way, so it was used for both evil and good purposes.

      I used to see similar images when I used to practice evil art of astral projection, take a look at the snow flakes – they are created by God, marveling at crop circles is nothing but idol-worship;

  22. Hi Gavriel,
    I think we think the same about how they built the ancient buidings.
    What I like bout circles they remind us about all what is forgotten, rather say what is keeped in secret for a reason. /the power on money/.
    Another circles show us warnings from out there /f.e. meteors/, but how do you feel about the emblem of this company!!:
    (evilart) We shall not forget the connection of the penta_on with Venus:
    Venus depicts a pentacle every eight years when viewed from earth, sometimes as the “Morning Star” and sometimes as the “Evening Star”. “Lucifer” is the Latin term originally used by the Romans to refer to the planet Venus. For this reason, it is believed that Venus is what is being referred to as Lucifer in the King James Bible and not Satan. (?!)
    Finally I feel the circlemakers are very friendly, but the same way they can easily confuse us on very high spirual level. I wish I to be there to know..
    ..Marianne: because of this – “Or they could be images made to trick us into accepting messages from fallen angels who will deceive us.”
    Are all the beings fallen angels? Is then everything out of logos fallen angel? If we thing nothing – meditate: we not create any /or wrong/ frequencies: are we in that time fallen angels? -or true nice spirits?
    Are spirits fallen angels? 🙂
    (hope I read from you soon. thx)
    /sorry for my english, I m hungarian born in Slovakia, study and live in Svk, so I m a bit confused of using 3 langauges daily. I hope you get me/

    • hi Zomi

      I think knowing 3 languages makes you smart. 🙂

      There are 2 groups of angels now.

      Long ago, all the angels in heaven were in heaven with God.

      Lucifer (Satan) rebelled against God, and so did about 1/3 of the angels. As punishment, Lucifer and the bad angels were rejected from heaven.

      They came to earth, which is why the devil was already there in the garden of eden, when man was created.

      The rebellious angels are called the fallen angels. According to the book of Enoch, good angels and bad angels walked on the earth in early years of man.

      Some of the bad angels also mated with human women and produced hybrid children who were giants. This made God angry, and they got in more trouble.

      These fallen angels are still around, but usually do not walk on the earth like they used to. Some remain in the air. Some remain under the ground. They want to control mankind. They are still rebellious and evil in their ways. Some are worse than others.

      There are still good angels. They come to give people messages and help from God, and hope in their lives.

      Good angels only serve God, and do not want any attention or worship.

      Bad angels want man to serve them, and want lots of attention and worship from man.

      You can tell which kind of angel they are by their behavior.

      • Hi Marienne, how you meant this?
        “This made God angry, and they got in more trouble.”
        Who is God? Would we call god any OTHERS who are spiritualy on higher level than we are?!?
        The real higher God could not be angry, cos it is the LOVE, the oneness.
        So who or what is the word God in your dictionary?
        Other question is, who made Adam and Eve in eden? Tha bad angels?
        the good angels? does this matter when we know why we are here?!

        • hi zomi

          God is entitled to righteous anger when his holiness is insulted.

          He does not have temper tantrums like man has.

          True, God is LOVE. 🙂

          YHVH is GOD. HE made himself known to man, and is a personal God.

          • Thanks, but this above cant give answer to your sentence “This made God angry, and they got in more trouble.”
            If true (=) God is LOVE, than it cant got angry.
            People ego is angry, does yours god has ego?

            • Zomi

              You do not understand “rigteous anger.”

              It is not an imperfection.

              God goes by his definitions of right and wrong, not ours.

              • dont worry, I understand and I like clear things and ideas.
                thanks for the last reply.
                anyway: God cant get angry! 😀

                • zomi, zomi! if your god can’t get angry, then you’d best know it is not The Deity above all gods. The Deity does have anger, but not for those who disobey Him. He only is angry with their disobedience, which He is bound by Truth to punish. If your father never punished you for disobeying him, then he did not love and respect you, first as a person, and then as his child. This anger is mandatory, and if it is missing, there cannot be true love for the person.

                • Hi there. Can I ask you a question? If you loved someone very much and someone hurt them, would you get angry? Yes of course you would because you love them.
                  If God didn’t get angry at the angels who I assume would be powerful , possibly raping these human women then He would have to go against his own nature of love. There is such a thing as righteous anger. It’s why we have a conscience and react to injustice when we see it. If someone hurts your child and you react in righteous anger it doesn’t counteract your nature of love, it proves it.

            • Zomi you do not understand the Bible. If you would read the Old Testament, you would see that God did get angry all of the time at disobedience. It is only now because of Jesus dying on the cross that God’s anger has been satisfied.and appeased and we now have what we call GRACE

  23. The ‘Star of David’ has absolutely nothing to do with The Most High and his TaNaKh.
    In fact the Star of David is a Free-Masonic symbol for as above so below, and if you look at the symbology of what this article has tried to direct us away from is the most blatant of signs contained right in front of our eye’s is the ‘Double Pyramid’.

    You know like the one on the dollar bill signifying the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT called Bahbel (B’raysheet (Gen) Ch 11)

    Where in Scripture TaNaKh or (OT) does it state this was Yisrael’s flag?
    Where in scripture does it say God? He has a name.
    Where in scripture from TaNaKh or OT does it state any of the facts you proposed above?
    Where did you get these teachings from? Could you show me from TaNaKh (OT) where any of what has been said above is true and correct to the word of the Almighty YaHuUaH ‘Creator’ and Mighty One of Yisrael?
    You are quoting OT in your statements so maybe you could direct me to where I can find anything that you have stated that shows me exactly what YaH said.
    Since we are on the topic and this is supposedly the Star of David.. what name did David call the Creator? YaH
    The only spiritual war going on here is the rebellion of the children from the TaNaKh and the laws of life and right rulings laid down in the TaNaKh.
    Where anywhere in the OT does it state that anyone MADE US DO IT?
    In fact if you want to go real deep we can talk about YaH’s displeasure with the worship of false mighty ones, the rebellion of his people forgetting his Torah andnot living by it and the result is the world we see today.
    Any other EXCUSE for not living by his Right Rulings and living laws is to be making the same mistake that Adawm and Hawwah (Adam/Eve) made in the beginning when they passed the buck for their choices onto this serpent and his slippery words. Period. They were disobedient… WAKE UP and start living right and quit being spiritually lazy and prophesying falsehood under the FLAG of MASONRY
    Here is some scripture to chew on and study if you really love The Most High ‘YaH’.

    1. YeshaYahu (Isa) 1:14-24

    2. YirmeYahu (Jer) 32:2-30

    3. YirmeYahu (Jer) 35:15

    4. YirmeYahu” 29:7=9

    Sh’moat (Exodus) 20:1-17

    ZecharYah (Zechariah) 13:8

    Debarim (Deut) Chapter 8 all of it.
    Debarim (Deut) Chapter 6: 4-20

    Clearly YaH has a name and wants to be called by it.

    Clearly YaH has everlasting LAWS that were never repealed, anyone who says they were is a false prophet and is committing blasphemy. You will be punished for this so guard your words carefully.

    You call this the star of david yet you do not use the sacred name nor teach the right rulings as David did and call upon the name of other mighty ones and refer to demons and angels?

    Did David do these things?


    David was a great Sovereign raised up by YaH to lead the people by the ‘LAW’ he did not use PAGAN MASONIC symbols to represent YaH.

    Do you really think david would use a pyramid after the Exodus account to represent The Most High? Are you smoking crack?

    Where was Yisrael freed from? Mitsrayim (Egypt)…hence..PYRAMIDS

    Prove to me with scripture from OT or TaNaKh where you got your information from please as YaH asks us to prove all things with two witnesses full scripture hebrew transliteration word for word no adding nor taking away from for we are judged by the deeds of our hands and the words of our mouths… we better know our scripture well and YaH before we start prophesying in his name don’t you think?

    Shalom Achi, HalleluYaH


    No New Testament responses count as truth…TaNaKh (OT) only as this is where the LAWS , RIGHT RULINGS, and TEACHINGS of YaH are contained.

    Thank-You in the name of YaHuUaH our Mighty Creator

    • “Thank-You in the name of YaHuUaH our Mighty Creator”
      Are you sure we were created by somebody or something?
      What if you just can feel the oneness when you turn off your mind?
      That oneness is you and me and everybody and everything. Your body and mind is alone without the spirit of world called god.
      Is this god our Mighty Creator? or somebody in higher hierarchy with nice technologies in space and was able to construct (ours) human body which can feel the unity – oneness called god?

  24. Dear RIchard-James

    There are many things in nature that satan has corrupted for his own use. The star and pyramid are 2 of them. but originally, all things belonged to God, so should we stop using them because satan is corrupting them?

    God created the stars for us to admire,, and the beauty and science of of geometry. The star of David is just 2 triangles. Everyone has a right to use these things to remind them of God. I do not think David limited himself in this area either.

    I love flowers. Suppose satan decided to use flowers as his symbol. Would I then be required to stop having flowers in my house, or admiring them in my yard?

    I think roses are beautiful also, yet the Rosicrucians use a rose symbol. So if I have a rose in my house, does that make me a Rosicrucian?

    I agree with you that obedience to Yah’s laws and seeking only His truth should be our main emphasis.

    I only see the star of David as YaH originally created it – it is a star, and reminds us of YaH’s creation.

    The star is a testimony to the glory of the Creator.

    Anyhow, that is how I see it.

    Satan will burn hotter in hell for corrupting God’s creation and symbols.

  25. Do somebody know how old are hungarian runes?

    It could be much older than the hebrew alphabet is.

    • hi zomi

      The letters look like they are from the Paleolithic period.

      Hebrew also went through 3 periods, in which the letters evolved into what we see today.

      1. Ancient
      2. Paleolithic
      3. Modern

      Look at this post. It shows the 10 commandments written in stone in the Paleo script, resembling Phoenician writing, which somewhat matches the script you have shown in your link for the runes.


      History is interesting, isn’t it?

      • one more question /again/. Why israel feels in the role of chosen nation, when we see the that in the past we had one quite same knowledge and scripture around the world! /not just like in the place of todays israel/.
        They are not alone who know what about this world is, and unfortunatelly theirs politics is on the side of agressors than the peacemakers of this world.

        • Zomi

          Israel was chosen to preserve the Word of God (the bible), and produce the Messiah.

          It does not make it better than other countries. It makes mistakes, but it also is treated unfairly.

          Politics is a different issue, because everyone argues about that.

  26. yes:) history is interesting. There is Pyramid of the Sun in Serbia, there are some writings in runes as well. So does it seems like several thousands years ago was one big nation with a huge knowledge on planet Earth. They was able to build pyramids and unbelievable temples and all this happened befor the big flood?
    The surviours of that are the todays humans…just they forget how to build and many other things. What if those “fallen” angels brought all that know how to ours planet?
    Should we thank them? Will they back again, or are they here underground, in the seas and over Us?

    • hi Zomi

      There are pyramids all over the world, even in Mexico.


      Sun worship was fairly common, since everyone knew there was a god, but none had seen him. The sun was the biggest thing they saw in the sky, so it symbolized god for them.

      Unfortunately, this sun worship did not honor the true God, and there was other sin going on, so he sent a flood, and destroyed everything, to start over.

      before the flood, the fallen angels were most likely involved with the bigger pyramids, because they had superhuman strength.

      They wanted the pyramids to be altars of worship for them, not god.

      After the flood, there was only Noah and his family. They did not want to participate in anything that would bring a flood again, so for a long time, there were no pyramids. but eventually generations later, the pyramids started again. These were smaller.

      Fallen angels should not be thanked for any insights they may have brought, because they came with a price. There are tales where they enslaved humans, to serve them.

      They are still around- underground, in the seas and over Us- like you say.

      They will eventually show up again in plain view, to deceive humans into serving them again.

      They want to replace God.

      It is best to seek God in our lives, and serve him, because he is a God of love, and has a beautiful heaven waiting for those who love him back.

      • Ok, there are pyramids around the world, on the ground, undeerground, in the seas. They brought evolution anyway.
        “…other sin going on, so he sent a flood, and destroyed everything, to start over.” I ask, if they deserved flood, then how can todays (ours) world survive?!?
        I believe all the floods and cataclysms are periodical, so we d say we have a long time to find the way back to god, until the next flood comes.. and does not matter how spiritually we are, it will come again to give a chance for new home for others.
        “Fallen angels should not be thanked for any insights they may have brought, because they came with a price. There are tales where they enslaved humans, to serve them.” So is the todays world / with enslaved 90% of people/ because the giants?!? Are the patents for free energies in hands of giants? NOT! So who plays the masters here? Do you know h.a.a.r.p?
        “They want to replace God.” It is always gonna be like that. Sometimes I feel that this is the quest of Earth, If you wanna move higher, you have to choose higher civilisation on higher level of consciousness. Good luck Earth. Anyway, it is nice to be here 🙂

        • hi zomi

          This world will be destroyed again soon. It will not be a flood of water, but there will be a lot of natural disasters, and “fire.” Fire from the sun, natural fires, or warfare.

          Fallen angels cannot protect you. Only Jesus can.

          We were not created to have a higher level of consciousness without God, so we have to look to him for protection and teaching.

          • hello helo Marianne,
            it fallen angels take us to other planet with quite same propositions as Earth has, than we can continue to try to be closer to God again. If we die here, we shall contiunue the thing anyway. Life is gift, If you throw it away, perhaps nothing bad happened, you just missed the chance to spend more time here with your soulmates. So what?!
            Enjoy yorself! You are love, you know. Altogether.
            /what a small difference is between the hell and hello, just the O, the symbol neverending soul./

            • zomi

              you are certainly a unique person.

              be blessed

              • my “trouble” is that I live in small village and perhaps no one d understand my ideas bout everything. You do, so sorry If I cant stop “bothering” you here.
                This is a briliant website, you work here like an administrator? Or what kind of luck is that you keep answering to my “mindcreations”?! How many answers you type daily?
                Should I know yr opinion bout regress therapy? How deep you know yr past? /rather say the lifes of yours other soul pieces/
                ps: Is David´s Star fire and water elements split – man and woman (just for staying in theme 🙂

                • hi zomi

                  I am the writer of the posts that you see, so that makes me my own administrator.

                  I do not have much opinion about regress therapy, but I believe the brain works a certain way for good reasons.

                  If your brain forgets about something, maybe it is good that you forget it, so you can think about your future.

                  I get about 100 emails a day. About 3000 people come here every day. I am glad they do not all write to me, because I would not be able to answer everyone. 🙂

                  remembering too much information is stress to the mind.

  27. Please don’t quote from NIV Bible which is a satanic version owned by Murdoch; that is a well known fact.
    The changes made to the specific verse of the Bible stating Lucifer is the Morning Star is only one of hundreds of changes made to confuse believers and to take some astray.

  28. Regarding the incorrect quote from the NIV Bible, lbolm said this on August 11, 2010 at 1:19 pm
    “The first reference to the morning star as an individual is in Isaiah 14:12: “How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!” (NIV).

    I strongly recommend that you discard any NIV Bibles you may own. The NIV version is a prime example of intentional modification to the Word of God. Murdoch and his group will pay the price stated in the Scriptures.

  29. King James Version
    Isaiah 14:12 KJV ¶ How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

    New International Version (they left out Lucifer’s name)
    Isaiah 14:12: “How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!” (NIV).

    New Living Translation
    Isaiah 14:12“How you are fallen from heaven,
    O shining star, son of the morning!
    You have been thrown down to the earth,
    you who destroyed the nations of the world.

    New American Standard Bible
    Isaiah 14:12“How you have fallen from heaven,
    O star of the morning, son of the dawn!
    You have been cut down to the earth,
    You who have weakened the nations!

    English Revised Version
    Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O day star, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst lay low the nations!

    *the only difference i see is that the other translations have left out the name “lucifer” in the verses-referring to him as the morning star or day star


  30. I never knew this about the alphabet. Cool.

  31. Nonsense, it is a Satanic symbol:


    Watch my uploads.

    Most Christians will be treading fire soon.

    Turn to truth. Cease from fables.

    Yahuah bless you.

    • The star of David is sacred geometry! Sacred geometry is in everything around us and in us and beyond here. Jesus stated that God is in everything! Sacred geometry is knowledge, in understanding sacred geometry it enlightens our soul, our spirit which in return brings us closer to God. It strengthens our silver cord that connects us with God. To say or think that God wants us to be illie stupid and stay that way!? Would be an insult directly to God himself and his Son Jesus Christ and his purpose because Jesus himself was enlightened! A manifestation of God himself fully open and connected with God there was no vail. How is it that this does not make sense to people? As is the same as saying, “God wants us to be stupid”. To me (in my opinion) it makes more sense to say eating fruit from the tree of “Knowledge” took away knowledge that we once had! Which is where we’re at now and have been. It’s also apparent that the more we learn and advance we become the more is put in our path to confuse us! Wouldn’t it make sense that there’s something else like Satan that would keep us from knowledge and keep us confused? Is that his job? Or would it make sense that other entities or beings are doing this for unknown reason to our understanding. Our governments acknowledges their existence. We’re all aware that the government and the elites like to have power as you have mentioned yourself! Symbols and its meanings have been around since the dawn of time what we do with them and how we use them is how it differs and our use of knowledge knowledge itself is not a sin but the use of it. Anyone can put a double-sided meaning behind any symbol!
      Blessings to you and everyone
      PS… Yes I know this is a very old post, lol

  32. Come on and lighten up y’all.

    I think the star of david is kinda pretty like a snowflake, or sweet and nurtuing like the waxy womb of a bee. Which of us does not like honey??

    Would any of you believe it God himself were to tell you, the very structure of the New Jerusalem as well as the stones in the Tanach’s High Priest ephod were(are) literally filled with zillions of tiny Stars of David?

    • world-god is repeating itself everywhere, so we call this fractals. Star of david is a nice fractal, cos of nice geometry. Similar fractal is a snowflake. Star of David is simply the 2D version of of the Metatron..

      That why is the face on Mars ET created. As people do – create nice things based on sacred geometry. Is that created by fallen angels? How could we know? Every civilisation is on some other level, where are we compared to those who built the pyramids on Earth, Mars..etc.

      • Simple when God had the Israelites build things for him they weren’t pyramids & obelisks. If he wanted them too he would have told them in the design plans.

        • design plan is not enough. how to levitate the 2tons blocks? dont tell me, those large bricks were pulled to the top of pyramids so high just with men hands.

          Israelites were lead by ETs, maybe they revenge the egyptians cos their decadence – decline. Setting up the new kings after egyptians..

  33. you never give up 🙂 those infos works on me, finding the truth is quite neverending story.. this movie helped me much: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-lSVlEPuo0 I never give up, too.

  34. You might want to read a new book called “In Search Of The Holy Language” by author Anita Meyer. It shows how the Hebrew alphabet is produced from the “Star of David” as well as the “spiral”.

  35. Snowflakes are six-sided like the Star of David.

  36. A wonderful insight into the truth ! Will look more often now I have found this blog in the future !

  37. Please note that in David’s time they did not use the Hebrew alphabet you post above, which is the Assyrian alphabet. In David’s time the alphabet was more like Greek in some ways. It used the Greek Delta letter, for example. The Assyrian alphabet, like the Aramaic language, was adopted much later.

    At best, you are pointing out an interesting feature of the Assyrian alphabet they adopted long after they wrote the Torah.

  38. […] Hebrew and the Star of David […]

  39. Mariane, you are a False Teacher, you need to Repent and Ask for forgiveness. You are a Jew :” I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan” I have read most of your Blog and what you promote is the Kabballah and not the scriptures. You must be careful. The Messiah will Judge these things.

  40. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth -Exodus Ch. 20 v 4

  41. The Hebrew language is the DNA of creation, it all starts with our alphabet


  42. The so called star of David, is exactly what our Saviour YaHUUaH thru Amos 5: 26, and in Acts 7:43, lets HIS chosen know what that star is all about and HE or us have nothing in common with such…….

  43. Star of David
    6 pointed star
    6 triangles around a
    6 sided shape

    Enough said

  44. Our Saviour YaHUUaH, has that jew star right on target, read Amos 5:26 and Acts 7:43,…….

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