Herod the Great’s Death, and the Birth Date of Jesus


There are two possible dates for the death of Herod, not one.

While the 4 BC date is inconsistent with the birth of Jesus, the 1 BC date is consistent.

Note: for birthdate of Jesus see:


Death of Herod


Both Luke and Matthew mention Jesus’ birth as occurring during Herod’s reign (Luke 1:5; Matthew 2:1). Josephus relates Herod’s death to a lunar eclipse. This is generally regarded as a reference to a lunar eclipse in 4 B.C. Therefore it is often said that Jesus was born in 4 B.C.

But physics professor John A. Cramer, in a letter to BAR, has pointed out that there was another lunar eclipse visible in Judea—in fact, two—in 1 B.C., which would place Herod’s death—and Jesus’ birth—at the turn of the era.

Let me add a footnote to Suzanne Singer’s report on the final journey of Herod the Great (Strata, BAR, March/April 2013): She gives the standard date of his death as 4 B.C. [Jesus’ birth is often dated to 4 B.C. based on the fact that both Luke and Matthew associate Jesus’ birth with Herod’s reign—Ed.] Readers may be interested to learn there is reason to reconsider the date of Herod’s death.

This date is based on Josephus’s remark in Antiquities 17.6.4 that there was a lunar eclipse shortly before Herod died. This is traditionally ascribed to the eclipse of March 13, 4 B.C.

Unfortunately, this eclipse was visible only very late that night in Judea and was additionally a minor and only partial eclipse.

There were no lunar eclipses visible in Judea thereafter until two occurred in the year 1 B.C. Of these two, the one on December 29, just two days before the change of eras, gets my vote since it was the one most likely to be seen and remembered. That then dates the death of Herod the Great into the first year of the current era, four years after the usual date.

Perhaps the much-maligned monk who calculated the change of era was not quite so far off as has been supposed.

John A. Cramer
Professor of Physics
Oglethorpe University
Atlanta, Georgia


Herod Antipas, (born 21 bc—died ad 39), son of Herod I the Great {died 1 BC] who became tetrarch of Galilee and ruled throughout Jesus of Nazareth’s ministry.

38 Responses to “Herod the Great’s Death, and the Birth Date of Jesus”

  1. 5~6~2020 In a confined Earth but still Yahweh’s. Psalm 24:1
    Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

    Marianne, Yahshua was born when His parents were taxed under Cyrenius. He was first governor from 11 to 7 B.C. (Footnote for Luke 2:2 Holy Name Bible) If this date is correct, we can know the time span of his birth, death, and return. He lived to be 33 1/2 years dying (for us) on a Passover between the years 22 to 26 A.D. This would mean that He will return on a Yom Kippur between the years 23 – 27 A.D. That is, if Yahweh does NOT cut this time short which He may need to do for our sake!


    • 5~30~2020 Happy Sabbath! Eve of Shavuot, Feast of Weeks, Pentecost
      Yahshua The Prince of Peace, the Son of Yahweh The Creator of Everything Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

      Marianne, these are the most difficult times for FINDING THE TRUTH. We have been lied to about Christianity. Why not everything else? For those believing that Yahshua died (for us) in 31 A.D. there is this. Ellen G. White of Seventh Day Adventist fame also wrote this in her book, “The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan” in 1888. His ministry would then have started in 27 A.D. culminating on Passover, a Wednesday in 31 A.D. However, she never came out of Christianity. She also stated that she did NOT see any future for Israel as a nation which did not exist in her time. However, what really makes me question HER? Her statement that she was given ALL of the light needed until the end of time. Not so, if some of my ancestors believed the truth about Yahweh and His Son Yahshua in the 17th Century!
      Personally, I believe that Yahshua will return years before 2031. For all we know, we could be in the final years NOW. Sure seems like it with this “plague!” By the way, year 2023 is equally divided by 7 as was 2016 (Year Trump took office). 7 X 7 = 49 The Jubilee year is the 50th year.


      • You promised 2017 was the year, then 2018. The astronomy and the numerology didn’t work. But 2023 is also out or else the 2 witnesses would have appeared in Jerusalem this Passover and the 3-½ year tribulation would have started with the rise of the False Prophet (not the Antichrist) but that didn’t happen either. You seem to think that Christ will return out of a blue sky without prophetic fulfillment of any kind.
        While there is no guarantee that He can’t return before 2031, certain thing simply must happen first. You may believe that all prophesy such as the seals have long since been opened, these are end-time events and must happen during the final tribulation. Your impatience is endearing but misplaced. We must wait for the final kingdom (the 8th) to form combining the Vatican and the European Union. Germany is about to take administrative control of the European Union which is part of the prophesy and we must await its new leader, a German to be elected to head the European Union. Also in another prophecy, Queen Elizabeth must die and so must her successor. There is actually a lot of little things that must happen soon and I see them happening all the time. The problem for most people is they have an incorrect view of prophecy and most are waiting for someone like Obama to take over the world and chip everyone, so real prophecy will unfold without them realizing anything significant is happening. These are the unwise virgins and there are many of them.
        So I would expect all things to converge in about 8 years or so, just in time for a 2028 tribulation and a 2031 second coming. God has always worked in millennia, so why stop now, so close to perfection?
        Be patient… We shouldn’t rush God.

        • Jim, I did NOT promise anything! It was my prayerfully studied belief according to dates of prophecy fulfillment, 1948, 1967. Astronomy and numerology were NOT involved. However, I sure wish He had returned THEN! Jim, YAHWEH, The Creator of Everything determines the time of His Son Yahshua’s Return. NOT you or I! WOW! You just keep lying and you are still here like the plague. Jim, you really do not know WHO The two Witnesses are. E. G. White wrote that they were the Old and New Testaments. The False Prophet (Islam) has been here a very long time! 6th Century? It’s in tandem with the beast of Revelation 13:1 which has become The Vatican. That’s WHO began it! Queen Elizabeth? Ha! If alive, she is now very old! There have been Web rumors of several years that a double has replaced her. Jim, if true, what will THIS do to YOUR reckoning? There are also a number of rumors about President Trump.
          Jim, you, an unwise virgin, do NOT have “the oil” (Yahweh’s Name) in YOUR lamp. How can you understand any Scripture at all? Jim, you are also greatly misleading YOURSELF! You now continue to try to mislead readers here. You will see how this works for or against you. lol I know this! The WISE reader here will NOT be deceived! HalleluYah!


          • jayna

            I just read that there is a new king of england, john III, and he has given notice to the royal family. he is the rightful heir and they are germans.

            • 5~31~2020 Happy Shavuot (Feast of Weeks and First Fruits, Pentecost)!
              Yahshua the Prince of Peace, the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

              Marianne, that IS news! HA! He better “watch his back!” I understand that they are a very evil bunch, Nazis at heart. I heard that the English Monarchy (which is always the ruling power there now under The Vatican) was united with Germany before World War II. This is one reason the British heir to the throne had to abdicate. He was a total Nazi. They turned on Hitler and Germany. Princess Dianna supposedly was of real English nobility. She apparently was ordered killed by Prince Phillip for her work against land mines. He probably makes billions from arms sales. Seems to me from what I’ve read, Oliver Cromwell was the only righteous ruler England ever had. My ancestor was his chaplain. When Cromwell died, he had to flee because a Christian King Charles II came to power. He started to kill all the true believers in Yahweh and Yahshua because they were NOT Christians.


          • Jayna,
            Adding numbers to 1948 to determine a return date is by definition a form of numerology. And it was a false prophecy. Basically you believed in a lie, which I warned you about yet you called me a fool and said I didn’t know what I was talking about. As far as Ellen White goes, I haven’t studied her beliefs but clearly she was wrong about many things. The 2 witnesses will be real people. They will come for 3-½ years to complete Yeshua’s 7-year ministry and will die just before His return. And just as yesh was in the tomb for 3-½ days, their bodies will lay dead in the streets of Jerusalem for the same time. Books don’t die nor can they be resurrected. Your prophecy is once again in error.
            Without numerology it seems you are lost as to a second coming date. Do you still think that Bush Sr. will come back to life and team up with the pope to impose Catholicism on the world?
            And Marianne, do you still believe that Obama will get back in power and become the Antichrist or have you finally given up on that nonsense? Seems like quite a stretch at this point.
            In fact neither scenario has a chance in hell of ever happening.
            I’m wondering if you two have come up with something new to believe in.
            Care to fill me in?

            • jim

              Obama never gave up power. He has an office down the street from the white house, and is currently in Europe meeting with some leaders there. which is against the law, including merkel. whether he succeeds or not, he is working to overthrow trump in this country and take his place. he was behind the russia gate hoax to remove trump and replace him. like I told you before, he has an antichrist personality. whether he is the real antichrist or not remains to be seen

            • 6~6~2020 Sabbath in Time of COVID-19 (One of the last plagues?)
              Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Came in HIS Name, John 5:43!
              He’s Returning VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

              Jim, I CARE enough to WARN you (as I always HAVE!) to GET SAVED! Again, Yeshua is NOT the Savior’s Name similarly like the pagan name Jesus Christ is NOT! Seems to me that you keep believing in THESE instead of the SAVING Names of Yahweh and Yahshua. GREAT JOB if you are choosing to be LOST!
              Numerology was never used by me. My calculation was built on the word “generation” in Matthew 24:34. This is in reference to the “budding of the fig tree”, a symbol of Israel. I am one of the fading generation that was ALIVE when Israel was reborn. Yahshua IS returning in MY lifetime. What a precious promise!
              According to Luke 2:2 Yahshua was born in a year between 11 to 7 B.C. (From footnote about first term of Cyrenius as Governor between 11 and 7 B.C. in Holy Name Bible.) This would make His death (for us!) between 23 and 27 A.D. If (IF!) this date is correct, Yahshua will return between the years 2023 and 2027 unless this time is shortened.
              Jim, the Papacy is NOT just imposing Catholicism on the world but the whole of pagan Christianity (also Islam.) IT’S ALL PAGAN AND ALWAYS WAS! Jim, we don’t like how YOU twist our words into YOUR own lost way of thinking! That’s lying and YOU will be accountable for doing this!
              Bush Sr. was a great supporter of the Vatican, very evil and possibly the WORST president in my lifetime. I then posted a possible scenario. I do not believe that Donald J. Trump followed in his footsteps or Obama’s.This is because of his earlier support for Israel and his life long concern for America. I do not know his position now. I have read that he may have been “replaced” with a look alike or is in hiding.
              The U.S. Government is The Two Horned Beast of Revelation 13 turning its power over to the first beast (Verse 1) which has become The Vatican. In Verse 18 it enforces “The Mark of the Beast.” In Greek the #666 translates to the pagan name Jesus Christ containing a CROSS, X as in Xmas. Greek Diaglott, Free on The Web. IT’S CHRISTIANITY!
              Jim, keep choosing to go merrily on your way to destruction if YOU MUST! But, please, STOP deceiving readers by posting your erroneous beliefs here.


              • Whether you admit it or not, your attempt to conjure a second coming date by adding the numbers of so-called “generations” to the numbers of historical dates is a form of number-crunching, which I call numerology. It is the method I object to not the name you call it. You are so hung up on the names we call or savior and even the spelling you actually think we are talking about some other person. To me, a Christian is anyone who believes in Christ, or Yahshua or Jesus or whatever you call the Son of God. Getting the name wrong does not make you a non-believer. There are many Christians who observe pagan practices such as Christmas, Easter and Sunday worship. They will suffer the seven last plagues as God begins to repair His church. The millennium will be a teaching time for the entire world. Eventually all will be set straight.
                Trump replaced by a “double?” Really? If your theory needs such crazy conspiracy theories to work than its too crazy to be valid. The same applies to Marianne’s theories about Obama replacing Trump. There is no way for anyone to “overthrow” a US president. And Obama can’t be reelected so there is absolutely no way for him to become powerful enough to take over the world and chip 8 billion people. It wouldn’t even fly in a crazy sci-fi movie.
                I find it funny the lengths people will resort to in order to try to make their theories fit with reality. Nothing is too impossible or crazy. You both require the U.S. Constitution to be completely eliminated – totally ignored by congress and citizens alike. The world’s greatest democracy must become a dictatorship. Even Trump can’t make that happens – he’s already been impeached once. Our system simply won’t tolerate such a change.
                Both of you thought all of this would happen years ago. And you still cling to the ideas. But then you are not alone. Most people believe in an Antichrist figure that will take over the world, all based on a few sci-fi novels that were not written as real prophecy.
                A lot of people are in for a big surprise!

                • jim
                  I said obama WANTS to replace Trump….Which explains the false impeachment hoax. he was behind it as well as hillary

                  since the democrats are lawless, if they get back as a majority, they would discard t he constitution, as obama recommended

                  • The democrats used the constitution to impeach Trump. There is no way for either party to “discard” the constitution. Just to add to it is a major political task. The only way to eliminate the constitution would be to overthrow the entire government and install a dictatorship. Congress would never allow that to happen because they would all be out of a job. Toppling the U.S. Government would be a monumental task requiring full support of the military. But in case you don’t know it, recruits (I was one) pledge to defend the constitution not the president, commander-in-chief or not. Same is true for senators and representatives.
                    So regardless of what Obama may want, he will never get back into the presidency. And besides, there is no such thing as the end-time Antichrist so the point is moot.

                • 6~7~2020 On Yahweh’s Earth, King David in Psalm 24:1
                  Yahshua Came in His Father’s Name, John 5:43. He’s the Son Of Yahweh, The Creator of Everything AND He Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

                  Jim, WOW it’s taking YOU years of posting here for you NOT to learn anything or is it to NOT “unlearn” what you erroneously believe? lol Numerology is the belief that numbers have inherent meanings. What I write about is Bible chronology, the number of years between events. BIG DIFFERENCE!
                  I mentioned some theories I heard about President Trump. I did not say that they were mine! There YOU go twisting my words again. Maybe this is one BIG reason you do not believe the truth as it is in the Bible.
                  Jim, you also do not seem to understand the Biblical teaching about the coming Millennium. It will not be a time here on earth when things are “set straight.” When Yahshua returns all human life is either saved or lost by then. The righteous dead are resurrected and the living saints are caught up. I personally believe that this Millennium will be spent in Heaven and earth is a desolate waste with the Evil One chained to it. This is what Biblical
                  scholars taught in the 18th Century including Ellen G. White.


                  A coming Anti Messiah? He’s been here for HUNDREDS of years. His name is Jesus Christ (from the Greek Christos Zeus) and he’s the image (idol) of the Beast (Which has become The Vatican). This name is also the Greek translation of the #666 in Revelation 13:18 Greek Diaglott (Free on The Web) These are “The Mark of the Beast”.

                  Americans being confined to homes is very similar to Martial Law and against The U.S. Constitution. The Mark of the Beast could only be heartbeats away!

                  Jim, YOU should NOT be surprised when these things HAPPEN. I have been telling them to you for years!


      • jayna

        I hope to see HIM soon!

  2. The birth of Jesus can be calculated by understanding what year He died and working backwards 33-½ years. it has been shown that Christ died on a Wednesday Passover on the night of a blood moon eclipse. Checking a Jewish calendar and an astronomy program leads you directly to 31AD. Also, John refers to the nth year of a Roman official that refers to 17AD, I just don’t remember the references, but years ago when I was studying this I checked the text and the history books and it too yielded a 31AD date for the resurrection. It turns out that ancient records aren’t always reliable and they can often be contradictory.
    Also, I believe that God wants His time line to be figured out precisely by His followers, and not spread out over a five year span. And 2023/4 are out or else the tribulation would have begun by now, and we’re just not that close to it quite yet.
    I will try to find my articles on John’s time line and get back to you.

  3. OK, I’m back.
    Here is some info from Wikipedia:
    Chronology of Jesus
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Medieval Russian icon depicting the Life of Christ
    A chronology of Jesus aims to establish a timeline for the events of the life of Jesus. Scholars have correlated Jewish and Greco-Roman documents and astronomical calendars with the New Testament accounts to estimate dates for the major events in Jesus’s life.

    Two main approaches have been used to estimate the year of the birth of Jesus: one based on the accounts in the Gospels of his birth with reference to King Herod’s reign, and the other by subtracting his stated age of “about 30 years” when he began preaching. Most scholars, on this basis, assume a date of birth between 6 and 4 BC.[1][2][3][4][5]

    Three details have been used to estimate the year when Jesus began preaching: a mention of his age of “about 30 years” during “the fifteenth year” of the reign of Tiberius Caesar, another relating to the date of the building of the Temple in Jerusalem, and yet another concerning the death of John the Baptist.[6][7][8][9][10][11] Hence, scholars estimate that Jesus began preaching and gathering followers around AD 28–29.
    So according to this article if Jesus began His ministry in 28AD, so when we add His 3-½ year ministry we get 31AD, and it is the only year where Passover falls on a Wednesday (NOT friday) followed by a lunar eclipse visible in Jerusalem as the moon rises. Watch it on an astronomy program and you will be convinced. (Set your location to Jerusalem).

    • jim

      I tried stellarium and it would not go back that far/

      • I used a program that came with my telescope. You can buy it separately but it is expensive. I can go forward and back hundreds of thousands of years. Anyway, I’ve been in Jerusalem throughout the time of Christ and only Wednesday 31AD fits the biblical description. There are of course many other theories out there but they ignore the eclipse and don’t fit the science.

  4. Jayna,
    You told me for years that 2017, then 2018 would be the year(s) of the second coming and I denied it. You were wrong and I was correct. You call it chronology and I call it numerology. Once again you are parsing definitions. Yahshua will return 3-½ years after the tribulation begins. No seals will open until then.
    And haven’t you heard of the second resurrection at the end of the millennium? And the righteous first resurrected will be priests and teachers in the millennium?
    I found nothing close to your interpretation of 666. Did you say it was the word “cross?” and what is the “X” about? A “t” makes a better cross. But then there is this:
    —Revelation 13:18 (ESV)
    This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.
    So who is your man with the number 666? I doubt you have one. I can name another dozen verses that don’t fit your theory. Perhaps I’ll jot them down so you can prove me wrong.
    Send a better link for 666 and I’ll check it out.

    • 6~8~2020 On Yahweh’s Earth in Pandemic time. Psalm 24:1
      Yahshua the Messiah, the Son of Miriam, the Son of Yahweh The Creator of Everything Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

      Jim, I wrote that I thought and hoped it would be from my prayerful study and yes, chronology. My definition is the truth. Yours is something else and NOT to be trusted.
      Yes, the righteous will teach and minister to the SAVED. No one lost will be there!
      Seals NOT open yet?? Jim, you do also live in CA but it seems to me that you are really in “LA LA Land!” At least four of the seals have opened already. The first rider on the white horse (The Papacy) has been riding for centuries! The second can be Communism whose color is red and is another Vatican startup. Also, before that the Cardinal (red) system was a means to conquer nations. The rider on the black horse represents the Jesuits who infiltrate and control world economics. Also can represent the Inquisition, the Vatican’s torture method of control.
      Sure, the resurrection of the wicked is at the end of the Millennium. This is when The New Jerusalem and the saints come down from Heaven to earth. Those resurrected then (not saved) will be convinced by their leader (The Evil One) to attack and take the city. As they do they receive the final judgement from Yahweh and burn up. But FIRST they see why they are lost and that Yahweh is just. The Bible says that the righteous will tread on the ashes of the wicked.
      Jim, why are YOU playing like your ignorant of what I wrote? I’ve only written it here about a zillion times. You better hurry up and get some of that “oil” for your lamp before it goes completely OUT!
      The best thing I can tell you is this. Google “The Emphatic Greek Diaglott (original Greek text) by Benjamin Wilson for Revelation 13:18. The three symbols for the #666 are there! The first is a CROSS, X as in Xmas. (This is the Pope’s symbol a cross with a P on top of it.) It also means Christos, Savior in Greek. Seventh Day Adventists believe that the “man” mentioned is the pope. He has a crown with the title that translates to “Son of God on Earth.” The Roman numerals in this title add up to 666. The last two letters represent Zeus the name of the chief idol of the Greeks. This is where the pagan name Jesus Christ comes from! It’s the meaning of the #666 in Greek. It’s also “The Mark of the Beast.” It’s the name of the image (idol) of the beast (Verse 1) which has become The Vatican. The Two Horned Beast (U.S. Government ) turns it’s power over to it (a long time ago). It enforces the worship of it’s image (idol) ~ CHRISTIANITY! The world is on the verge of THIS RIGHT NOW! Jim, if (IF!) you have the wisdom mentioned in that verse, YOU will understand!
      Gee, Jim, you are waiting for the tribulation to begin and we could be in it right now.YES, IT IS THAT BAD! It’s BEST not to wait when choosing to believe and serve the Father and His Son (YAHWEH and YAHSHUA). You cannot be SEALED when you are in the pagan names.


      • Well Jayna,
        I Googled “The Emphatic Greek Diaglott (original Greek text) by Benjamin Wilson for Revelation 13:18“ and was sent to Amazon where I can buy the book for $288.00. But at least the shipping is free.
        Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I watched an old episode of Jack Van Impe where he used various languages to spell out a dozen of “prophetic” messages including the 911 events. He also taught that Obama was the Antichrist and we all know how that worked out.
        I believe that the pope is thee man whose title (Vicarius Filii Dei) adds to 666 in Roman numerals – a numbering system still in common use in the end times.
        And if you believe that 666 spells out Jesus Christ, then Yahshua must be the Antichrist. That makes no sense, and there is no X in Christmas, you are using a shorthand used by printers in the United States but nowhere else in the world. The bible wasn’t written just for english-speaking peoples. While Roman numerals are universal worldwide, your number scheme is not, and is therefore invalid. It is a bogus manipulation created to advance a bogus interpretation.
        Speaking of the end times, Jesus outlined the 7 seals in His sermon on the mount where He told His disciples what would happen in the “END TIMES.” You seem to think the end times started 500 years ago. Sorry but ALL the seals will occur in the final tribulation – 3-½ years before the second coming.
        The U.S. Government will never promote Catholicism or any other religion. We are a secular nation with a built in separation between state and religion. But in a way you are partially correct. It turns out that there will be ten nations of the European Union who WILL give their religious power to the pope (False Prophet). This event will open the first seal and start the tribulation. The four horsemen represent the False Prophet, war, famine and disease all of which will kill ½ the world’s population. This has never happened therefore the seals have yet to open. Just because you can find some historical events that seem to match the seals doesn’t mean you are right. SEALS ARE END-TIME EVENTS!
        BTW, the mark of the beast is the breaking of a commandment. The following verses refer to those with the mark:
        “So the dragon was enraged with the woman, and went off to make war with the rest of her children, who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus.” (Revelation 12:17)
        “Here is the perseverance of the saints who keep the commandments of God and their faith in Jesus. ” (Revelation 14:12)
        In any case, the mark has nothing to do with the specific English words we use to refer to Yahshua. Heck, I can set my spell catcher app to type the word “Yahshua” every time I type “Jesus” so does that remove the mark for me? Etymology is not a sin and certainly not a commandment. God is not that petty. But the mark is not forced Christianity but forced Sunday worship – for ALL religions, the breaking of the 4th commandment. This will happen in Europe, not the U.S. So we’re not too far apart on the concept, apples and apples so to speak, but I’m a Macintosh and you’re a Pippin.
        And I DO use a Mac!

        • Jim, it’s truly amazing (and SAD!) how WRONG you are! There are a number of references for that Diaglott and some have the actual texts. You always are misleading with your posts. Why do you mention Jack Van Impe? I never mention him at all. At one time he, not like you, was in the True Names. He stopped when his donations started to SLIP. I NOT once ever believed that Obama was the anti Messiah.
          Again, the U.S. Government, however, is The Two Horned Beast of Revelation 13. Europe joins the U.S. in the enforcement of “The Mark of the Beast” followed by the whole world . I believe that it will be kind of like the spread of this current FLU virus. Again, the False Prophet is Mohammad of Islam (another Vatican religion!) Ever hear of HIM?? This false belief professes faith in the first books of the Bible.
          The #666 in Greek TRANSLATES to the pagan name “Christos Zeus” i.e. “Jesus Christ!” This idol name has NOTHING to do with the SAVING Name of Yahshua. AGAIN! Equating the TWO is a great sin! And, Jim, you cannot be sealed in PAGAN NAMES, Revelation 14. However, you CAN have “The Mark of the Beast.”
          By the way, the original Protestants were NEVER Christians! They opposed pagan Christianity and HATED the cross! This is WHY they were called Protestants, Puritans, and Pilgrims. Xmas was most likely used by them for that pagan Holy Day. This is because X means “Christ’ in Greek and is the first number/name in the Greek #666.
          HA! The very FIRST commandment has to do with Yahweh’s Name. Jim, you are either a dis-info agent or willingly stupid. Really, there is no other explanation for YOUR continual great LACK of understanding! It FLOORS me! Sadly, being one or the other will get you LOST, a FREE ticket to “The Lake of Fire!”
          The U.S. Government does NOT endorse Christianity? HA! A very long time ago this Two Horned Beast turned its power over to the first Beast in Revelation 13:1, The Christian Vatican! Every president in my memory concludes their address with: “And G-d bless America!” It seems to me that Christianity has become the NATIONAL religion. Jim, WHY are YOU so spiritually blind? At least, I pray that other readers will be helped by my answers.
          ME an apple? No. I’m a believer in Yahweh the Father The Creator of Everything and in His Son Yahshua the Messiah. THEY are MY testimony! Hopefully, this means I am one of the saints in Revelation 14. If NOT? I have wasted fifty years of my life. Jim, you are FREE to choose to be LOST and an APPLE if you want to be!


        • jim

          I am a prune! 🙂

          • No, Marianne, I HOPE not! By the way, most prunes are too wrinkled and too chewy. I was never very fond of them. However, Aldi Store has a box of delicious ones (Southern Grove), like a dessert right out of the box. They are an excellent survival food. Blessings!

            • Marianne used to be a plum, in her youth but is now a prune. But prunes are still good to eat unlike a dried up apple. ;(

            • ha ha

              I am getting old!

              • Marianne, do you know? You are only as old as you feel? A wrinkle? It’s only where a smile has been! Mark Twain Anyway, you are probably not near as old as me. lol Hint: I was born a few months before Israel was reborn. So, officially, I am old. However, NO ONE can make me act my age! lol


              • Hey, NOBODY is getting younger! 🙂

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