About “the Lions and the Bride” and the Author

“A Novel Reading experience- for those seeking more of God”

The Lions and the Bride is a true story, which is funny and adventurous, but passionately serious. It is a testimony of how the Lord wants to dramatically invade the life of every person, and draw them into a greater devotion of Himself. He desires to transform His bride from an ordinary, earthly creature into an extraordinary vessel of worship and supernatural vision, that will pour out His love to the world.The story demonstrates the intensely intimate, overpowering, passionate, and interactive nature of God toward His beloved, precious children. The bride in this story starts out “clueless” and naive about who she is in Christ. With God’s help, she matures into her divine calling to serve the heart of God, and to receive what He has for her. This is the rewarding path of seeking holiness, denial of self, and total surrender to God.

About the Author


Marianne Tioran is not professional clergy. She, like many sincerely devout people, had thought only the religious leaders were specially picked to be the recipients of supernatural revelation and anointing from God. She had worked in the secular world as a scientist for 30 years, and never expected that the God she loved so much would ever speak to her in this life. Only in death, she thought, would she see God, feel His wonder, and get to speak to Him. But God chose this lady, who felt so unqualified, to give a beautiful message of intimacy, joy, and encouragement to all that truly seek His face. Marianne welcomes speaking invitations and private contacts.

“A Spiritual Romance – a must read!”

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