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  1. I am a fairly new Christian and I have a deep desire to have a relationship with the Lord. I come from a very broken family, and neither of my parents has ever lived for God. I left home at a very young age and met my husband shortly after who was raised in the church, and I gave my life to God when we married. My husband and I now have two children and now more than ever I’ve had a burning desire to really know the Lord, I just don’t really know how. My husband is in the military and we just relocated to or current location. We have joined a church but I don’t feel like we are being properly feed and I feel like the women at the church are not really connected like we should be as women of God, we’re all just consumed with our own lives. My pastor’s wife told me that I just need to focus on God and not the women of the church, and I think she misunderstood my concern. Anyway, I was just doing some research online about tithing because, my husband and I just bought a house. I was actually working fulltime for a bit and felt like was I losing my mind and could no longer stand my children going to the sitter for 10 hours a day, I was in agony and asked the Lord for guidance. The Lord told me to resign from my job and raise my two young children and also be more of a support to my husband, and my husband also felt the same in his spirit. So I left my job and I’m at peace with it, but now money is tight, especially with a mortgage now. We can’t really afford to tithe right now and I’ve been feeling such guilt about it, they’ve been times when I didn’t go to church out of shame because we weren’t able to tithe. Just tonight after coming home from church I thought to myself “there must be a better way, this is not of God, this is not right”. So I ran into your site while researching the origins of the tithe, and I am so sad right now, I am still confused in some aspects because our pastor just told us that we need to be tithing off of our gross income because I’ve always thought that it was the reasonable thing to tithe off of the net. So I calculated how much 10% of our gross income is and it’s not doable right now, and I’m just torn about this issue.
    So as I’m typing this message to you with a heavy heart I want to ask you how can I become that mature Christian that you mention again and again? Because I’m not gaining the same knowledge about the original purposes of the tithe and the purpose of the pastor to the church just from reading my bible. Where do I go and what do I read to find out about those things that aren’t necessarily in the bible, but have so much to do with it?

    Last question, as I mentioned before my family members are not Christians and I tend to receive lots of ridicule for me choosing to go to church and live for the Lord. My mother really told me off the other day and laughed at me for giving money to the church. I don’t have found memories of my childhood but I want to be a reflection of Christ to my family. I love my parents and I really want my kids to know who there grandparents are, but at the same time I feel like I need to protect them from the negativity and the coldness that has been a family plague. I believe that there has been a curse on my family that the Lord has broken off of me and the generations to come, but I do believe that the environment in still so unhealthy. So my question is to what extent does “honor thy mother and thy father” apply to these situations? Am I obligated to withstand certain treatment and be in certain environments because they are my parents or can I love them from a distance? What is your take? Thanks in advance for your time.

    • Dear Naseeka,

      I just come across this page.
      May I suggest that you try to get to know the religion of Islam. Who know you will find some peace in there.

      • A few personal thoughts on Islam:
        I’ve read the Koran and there’s not a lot of peace to be found there.
        Compare the life of Jesus versus that of Mohammed and you will see what I mean. (Read history books for the latter).
        Islamic women are considered second-class people and are relegated to the sides and back of the mosques when praying. You won’t like that.
        Most of all, if you accept Islam you must by default reject the divinity of Jesus. Since believing that Jesus died for your sins is the one thing required for eternal life, you will lose it if you accept Islam. And you can’t get it back by martyring yourself either.
        Sorry Sheriff. He’s my God and I’m sticking with him.

      • Sheriff– james is right, if you want to have God turn his back on yopu and cause you to loose eternal life than islam is the lie for you. but obviously you seem very sensible and godly and want to live for the LORD. i 1st of all agree that you want to disregard the women of your church for now, b/c they seem more carnal than anything. focus on God and showing yourself friendly(he who has friends must first show themselves friendly) get close to God through the WORD of God, attend church faithfully and the God will send you a good and godly woman in his timing that you can be accountable to. my wife also didn’t have any friends when we 1st met do to they were all so petty and “catty” as she says. but years later he hass put good women in her life that she is close to. with you mother, you must respect her do to the 5th commandment, but at the same time you must be firm in explaining you are doing it the LORD’s way, not hers. the tithe is important to show the LORD where your heart is.(where your heart is, there also lays your treasure.” do your best now with a committment to the LORD you will give your first fruits of 10% or more. me and my wife also went to one income as she also homeschools and teaches them a godly objective in learning daily. kep fighting the good fight and never give up-Christ is with you.

      • never its of the devil..that religion will not save you when you die,,,only jesus is the way,,no other way

      • Jesus is the only way.. No one goes to the father god but through the blood of his son Jesus Christ !!

        Jesus is the only way to the kindom of god !!

    • Dear Naseeka,
      You are not alone but there are many like you including me with a heart for Jesus(Yeshua Messiah)that have experienced unfriendliness,superiority and so on but we must move on and not let these things come in between the Lord and us. It is a trial and endurance and Jesus will not give us more than we are capable to bear. He said “come to me all who are heavily burdened and I will give you rest, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light”. He meant it. He is a living GOD and not like other gods. You just focus on the Lord and pray, for there is nothing greater than the power of prayer. I will keep you on my prayer list.

      I want to mention that because of all the problems politically, financially, and with the earth itself, people are under a lot of stress. Besides that, Christian churches are falling away and as Jesus said there will be many wolves in sheep’s clothing who will come in HIS name and deceive people, so we have to be vigilant..because Jesus said remain alert. Check this out on Christian churches: http://www.thewatchmanwakes.com/
      It is difficult to find a truly good church nowadays or trust a good pastor or preacher particularly in these difficult times. I didn’t have a church for a long time when I left mine but I never gave up studying the Bible and praying and scanning the internet for a good Ministry and this is what I found and I am extremely joyful. http://www.bethgoyim.org Though it may not be the same as being physically in a church with people, yet the service, the message and the Bible study is satisfying and I have access to verbal communication and email whenever I have questions on the Bible. You can check it out for yourself, all the info you need is in there.

      Lastly, just a bit of Godly advice, please do not turn away from Jesus the true Savior and break His heart. He loves you and He will help you – Hang on to Him and stick to His Word for He is the Word.

      May the Lord bless you, may the Lord make His face to shine upon you, and He be gracious unto you, May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and may He give you peace – and also your family. Numbers 6:23-26

    • Ms. Naseeka
      I’m replying to your request as I definitely have had the same issues. Tithing is undoubtely important. However tithing comes in other forms than money. I remember a day at church that when the tithing plate came around I had no money to give. I told the Lord all I have to give is ME! In my minds eye I crawled into the tithing plate. God is not as interested in our money as most everyone purports…”As He owns the cattle on a 1000 hills” God wants 100% of us…Remember when Jesus said, “Thy honor Me with their lips but their hearts are far from Me”? You are either all His or not all His! Giving your heart, your time, your love is exactly what He desires!
      Matthew 19:29 And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands for My name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and inherit eternal life.” Yes, you should honor your father and mother…but they are not “Believers” !!!!! My wife of 31 years left me for this very reason…she was not a believer! You must still “Live” Christ in front of every believer or un-believer…and it is often a very difficult walk. God “Knows” your heart…rely on that, have Faith in that!
      Let me ask you a question: If you were going out to sea , wouldn’t you want the best sailor you can find? And how do sailors become better sailors? They become better by all the trials and tribulations that comes with the weather. God allows trials and tribulations to strengthen us, refine us, and if He is not bending, molding, and shaping you on His anvil…then you are not His and He knows what He is doing!
      Last but not least: Jesus said, “If I was persucuted, you will be persecuted. If I suffered then you will suffer as well. God put the Holy Spirit within to defeat “even death” “Death is swallowed up in Victory”! 1 Cor 15:54-55. Never give up… if you take 1 second at a time, or 1 step at a time. No weapon formed against us can prosper. If I can help…I would love the opportunity!

    • No need to tithe anymore in the new testament. Just give a offering with a cheerful heart to the Lord, for needy brethren. Tithing is used to control the sheep now.

    • I wan,t to encourage you to give what ever you can afford. Tithing is a old test. law and it means 10% so look in new test. for giving principles. It will help if you know the gift God gave you to operate in [ serving giving etc].May God bless you in your journey.

    • I am a christen and beleave in the lord . i have two kids and would like to share with u my time an understanding . please give me a call . 586-722-3023 .

    • Ihave been told by a pastor who tells me that if I want to be blessed financially I must sow to a certain ministry Im on a fix income and the pastor tells me that I am missing out on Gods bllessings because I need to learn to sow I contribute to my church in many different areas am I responsible to sow into other ministries?

    • Hi, I just read your hearts intentions to God…. If you allow me, I would recommend this book: “The Final Quest” by Rick Joyner. No, I am NOT a Rick Joyner fan, but I am a Jesus Fan from Southern Africa. You do have a desire to look for deeper things and God did give us the Bible, that is our vegetables, vitamins and essential necessity to be saved. And then God give us some “pudding”… to His children that craves to be nearer to Him. You can read this book thats inspired by the Holy Spirit to prepare the ‘Bride of Christ’. The sequel to this book is: “The Call” by Rick Joyner and then “The Torch and the Sword” by Rick Joyner. A new book by Rick Joyner that was published in 2013: Fire on the Mountain Series: The Path #1, is published and we are waiting for the publication of “The Path book 2” thats still in the process to be published. Rick Joyner did write a lot of books. But its just ordinary books like other Christian books. But this specific books that I am mentioning here, is something out of the ordinary books, inspired by the Holy Spirit to prepare the Bride of Christ.

      I do understand your urgency for deeper things and some of the people are ‘superficial Christians’ that have no depth in their souls. When I did read your letter, I reconized my own longing for deeper things in Christ….. If you are scared to read this books, go on your knees and ask the Lord Jesus Christ, if you can read it. And ask the Holy Spirit to be your guide. Do not listen to the reason of men, that I found in their response to your need. Humans cannot
      ‘save’ but there is depth and salvation in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.
      May the Lord Jesus Christ protect you, and fill your needs.
      Your sister in Chirst
      Maureen Jacobs
      From South Africa.

  2. Dear Naseeka,

    From your letter, you are already more mature than you think. Tithing today is an abused law that is twisted by the church in order to stay in business. Not even the Jews tithe now, because there is no temple in Jerusalem. Only the temple tax is used for synagogue support, which is about $500 – 800 a year per household. The rest is voluntary offerings.

    1. purpose of the tithe – It originally was for the poor. The law did not collect tithes from the poor, or the needy (low income), but GAVE to the poor from what was brought in. It was only collected once a year, not every week. It did not go to a pastor’s salary, personal car, a building program, or to pay a mortgage on the temple. There are 2 posts on tithing. Be sure you read both of them. one is more extensive. The tithe was old testament law, when there was a theocracy, and no other taxes. We are now under grace. We just give from our hearts as we are able. The “10% of gross salary” is a lie. It is not in the bible anywhere.


    Click to access tithing-for-jews-and-christians-for-internet-pdf-conversion.pdf

    2. maturity – this comes with a full commitment to Christ and a knowledge of the scriptures that is sufficient to support one’s faith. You do not have to memorize the bible first. You just have to be able to search out topics you need to get the correct information. Remember the early apostles were most likely in their 20’s, and they were ready to go out and preach. It only took a few years to train them. Remember bible schools are only 2 years long.

    3. original purpose of a pastor – this was to train the new converts, who were usually gentiles, since the Jews already had religious education since they were young. once the new converts were trained, they went out and preached also. The pastor afterward was just a support system and friend. The pastor was never paid a salary. The bible said that everyone had to work and contribute. Staying in one church one’s entire life, listening to, and paying, one man to teach you things you already knew after a while, was unheard of. new converts became mature in a short time, and they went out on their own ministries. “gifts” were not for the chosen few, but for everyone to use to bring in new converts.

    4. how to resolve your Christianity with your family. I would first stay home from the church you are with. I am sure it has some good points, but the pastor is out of line, and is typical of the materialistic orientation of today’s churches. Read the bible carefully, starting with the new testament, and study it carefully. Take notes. You can visit other churches, but do not settle in until you find the one that matches what you read.

    Let your family know that you are looking for the REAL Jesus, and the REAL Christian faith, and not just something people see on Tv. I think your honest search, and your avoidance of any false teachings, will send the signal to the family that you are REAL too.

    Most unbelievers are turned off by what they see on TV, and they should be turned off. Everything on TV is about money. In time, they will appreciate the wisdom that you are collecting. This is because you will be about Jesus, and not money. They will see it in your life.

    They may never go to a church, but they may eventually start listening to what you have to say, because they will know you are going to the original source, and coming up with a pure knowledge of the faith.

    5. you are always welcome to contact me. I was in the church for 50 years, and then I left. I realized I was more mature and bible knowledgeable than the pastors. I needed fresh bread, not stale bread.


  3. Good morning. Am enjoying your posts. I added your link to my blogroll. Can I assume you are Texan? I’ve been adding where the authors are from as a point of interest to my readers.

  4. Hi Archie,

    Thanks for the blogroll. I will add you too. NOPE !! I am not a Texan. I have visited there, but I have never lived there. I was born in Virginia. I now live in North Carolina.


  5. hey mama!

  6. I SO relate with Naseeka on so many issues she was talking about. My pastor has been telling me the whole “tithe on your gross” and “not on your net” as well… and well…we were tithing nearly 20%… firstly, i felt irritated with feeling like they were asking for money more often than usual during the “economic times” we are in, when I just wanted to hear something encouraging from the Word…Then, I felt guilty for being irritated with them asking for money cuz I don’t ever want to hold grudges or get irritated like that (God is not OK with that) Now I am torn on whether to attend at all because it was always a good message but now that we have come into these “Economic times” it seems all the pastor talks about for the first 20-30 minutes lately in the beginning is tithing and planting a seed… And now, maybe because he has noticed his attendance and congregation is shrinking, he has chilled out considerably. But EVERYTIME he mentions tithing or “seeds” I’ve noticed I get defensive internally RIGHT away and look over at my husband with an amused smirk… But I’m not badtalking him and I have love for the pastor. Its just not what I need to hear because we’re already givers and don’t need to be “coaxed” into giving… I just feel like this place is family after going there for a year or so and being very involved, making close friends, etc… am now drawing back…It feels a lil awkward cuz I’m not tryin to leave on bad terms but do I just stick it out n pray for our Pastor? Left feeling somewhere between confused & guilty if I don’t keep going here…We would have talked to Pastor but he has his own TV show and it is next to impossible to get ahold of him…all his emails get filtered through an office assistant & an associate pastor. I feel guilty even telling you about this! What would God want me to do?

    Theres another church my husband and I had went & visited just recently. we were impressed that the service went on for 4 hours. I guess they’ve been having an outpouring of the Spirit since May 2,2008…I don’t really want to make an evaluation of this ‘other’ place based on my little knowledge of them… But it did make me feel special that the pastor sent some people out to visit from 30 minutes or so away, and called my cell phone the day after we visited the second time…Maybe we should be going to a smaller church?

    Anyhow, I really do appreciate your page and advice. I will be prayin for you tonight. I really am happy to have your friendship. Feel like you are so cocerned for others but hope you have someone there to talk to when YOU need to as well. 🙂 I can always lend an ear. God bless you Marianne.

  7. One more question for ya, Marianne…? 😀 Do you believe that speaking in tongues is for EVERYONE? God Bless! catrina

  8. Dear Catrina

    You are not obligated to any pastor or church. It is possible to stay somewhere for a season, or for a certain purpose. once that is up, you are free to fellowship any way you want. That is the liberty we have in Christ. You may be meant to visit many places and have many experiences.

    Your pastor has pros and cons. He gives good messages. But then he is not accessible to you, and he is too concerned with expecting money. Remember Jesus did not collect tithes from his followers. You can keep your friends there and move on if you wish.

    A true minister is more concerned about YOU than money. If you can find one like that, then I would advise switching, so you can have fellowship without the guilt, and demands for money. If the prosperity message really worked, and were biblically true, the pastor would be benefiting from his own tithing, and would not need to ask for money.

    Speaking in tongues is for anyone who wants it. It is not required for salvation, but it helps the prayer life. Look at the side menu for for information on that.



    • Marianne, I have the gifts of tongues but cannot interpret it. I do feel such PEACE afterwards. If I can’t interpret it what does that mean? Is that ok?

      • andrea

        I have tongues also but cannot interpret.

        sometimes I recognize a word or two.

        interpretation is mainly for prophecy

        yours is a private prayer between you and god.

        not being able to interpret is ok

        you can ask and see if god will let you catch on a little

  9. Marianne,
    I stumbled across your website while Googling “Euphrates River”.
    You have an interesting website. I notice that you also have an Islamic Antichrist belief. There is an increasing trend for belief in this concept. About 1 year ago I read Joel Richardson’s book “Antichrist: Islam’s awaited Messiah” and was absolutely amazed about the parallels between Mahdi and Antichrist. I am now reading Walid Shoebat & Joel Richardson’s new book: “God’s War on Terror”. This shows even more parallels between Mahdi and Antichrist. In case you are interested here are a few websites that I view on a regular basis: (some religious others about Islam)



    NHEL O.

  11. Hey Marianne,

    This is David…..Catrina’s hubby..Anyhow I need help. I recently went to the local zoo and was shocked to see several Buddha statues. I made a complaint and they are currently taking a vote from KMBC News and the local papper whether or not it should be removed. To my understanding God does not like Idols of any sort especially of Eastern religions. Anyhow can you please vote on both sites and send this to whoever else you know will vote a Godly vote…Here are the 2 links

    God said not to make any idols over and over again in the Bible. He said to make No images of heaven above or earth below. Vote to remove the Buddha statues from the KCMO ZOO and maybe you can leave a comment in my defense. THANKS David Engle



    Please get everyone you can to vote to remove the Buddha statues at the Kansas City Zoo.. The anti-Christ is in full effect as you can see in most of the comments left on these pages slander me..help me out…We need all the Godly votes we can get before this goes to the board for a vote..


    • Just so you know, the “Buddha” or “The Enlightened One” was a man by the name of Siddhartha Gautama. Like Confucius, he was a wise man but not a god. Buddhists have no God. So don’t fret. You wouldn’t want the Buddhists to make us take down all our statues of George Washington would you?

  12. How do I intercede in breaking a soul tie between my husband and his children’s mother.

  13. Hi Jae,

    Try the prayers on these pages. They are not written in stone. You can modify them to fit what is unique for you. It will take patience on your part. Also watch carefully, to be sure they are not getting back together, so you will not be hurt. Print them out and use them, with whatever changes you make to them to personalize them.



    Some of these have to do with witchcraft to some degree. So, if that does not apply, then just skip it. If your husband seems like the weaker, passive type, and the ex wife is somewhat controlling or dominant, then keep the prayers on witchcraft. Witchcraft is based on control.

    Let me know how or if this helps any. You also need a support system of friends and family. Make sure they are with you, in case there is any kind of confrontation or argument over this issue. You need people on your side.


  14. Dear Will,

    I am so deeply sorry. I think I missed your comment when you first wrote it and I did not respond. It had gone into the spam folder first, because of the links you provided, and I had taken it out. But then I did not respond.

    Walid Shoebat is very insightful. I would follow whatever he says, since he is speaking from personal experience. I agree about the Mahdi being Islamic.

    I have posted some on this too:





    I want to thank you for all the links you provided for the readers here. It is good to be informed and alert, for our own safety, and to avoid deception.


  15. Marianne, you are a little one, and G-d LOVES YOU SO MUCH. I see this, it is reflected in EVERY post. 🙂

  16. Not really sure where to ask this question but I had a simple dream last night and I cannot understand it. ALthough I know it means something….

    I was in my bedroom that I had as a child ( i am married and live else where of course ) And apparently there was a problem that needed to be fixed in the room. So a man came and showed up at my house and begin to move all of my furniture out of the room. Well as he proceded to moved boxes upstairs for temporary storage. I began to start helping and I moved 3 boxes to another room seperate from where he was storing his items. Well he assured me that he had it and so I said ok. Well he once all the furniture was moved out of the room. He fixed what ever problem there was ( i think it was something with the wall behind the dresser, not really sure ) but once he had fixed the problem. He moved all of the furniture back and left. And the dream was over.I know this is so simple and probably not worth asking. But i know it means something.. help please..thanks for your time in advance

    • hi Mel

      I can only give an impression. The room represents your spirit. There is something difficult in your current relationships that is related to an emotional injury from your childhood. What is fortunate is that it is being “fixed.”

      Subconsciously, we all have lifetime hurts and issues that affect us, because we are a product of all our life experiences.

      The hardest way to deal with them is in real life, where these issues continue to come up, and we suffer again and again. The easiest way to heal is for our minds to work on it while we are sleeping, and repair the injury that way.

      This is something that God provides, to gently heal things that are too painful to deal with in the conscious state.

      Maybe this helps?

    • Look for anything that may be putting too much energy into that room. May be an appliance that is on the other side of the wall. Move it. Move all electrical equipment so that the electrical current is going towards an outside wall.

      Mobile homes are tough. Do the best that you can including your computer tower if you have one……put the tower in another room and get an extention so your key board and mouse are in a separate area!!!!! My refrigerator was putting so much extra energy into my bedroom. I put a large sheet of plexi-glass behind it. My walls and ceiling in my bedroom were showing the extra energy by the “smoke” look. Look for signs of this with a wet cloth and then you must Repaint them. Glass works well as an energy barrier as well. We are in a phase of the EARTHS SHIFTING. The shifting is almost over. The prediction for this shifting was 2012…..that was wrong.

      This should answer a lot of questions regarding the strange things that have been happening to everyone as well as everything that is on this planet.

      Pass on the word to open up our rivers as well as our underground springs. The hot core of our planet needs to remain cool!!! This is why the earth has springs which travel through veins towards the center of our planet. They need to be left alone!!!!

  17. China Takes Aim at Dollar, Urges New Global Currency!

    We are getting closer to a cashless society!

    • Hi Chris

      I think we are already at a cashless society. Between credit cards, and electronic transfers of money, all we see is numbers on a page.

  18. I pray I can stand as strong as thy will when the time comes must read


  19. Who are you? http://www.soldieringodsarmy.com Why did Jesus say fast and pray?

  20. Hi Marianne,

    I LOVE THIS SITE! You are so wise in the word of the lord. I have yet to go through every subject posted though. I first came across your site b/c I was googling info about possible curse that could make people dislike or despise you. The issue with me is that I’m not quite sure what my issue with people in general may be.

    First of all I am a black, young adult female who feels despised almost crusified by society. I am married, I have 2 small kids but I still feel lonely and I feel emotionally wounded, depressed, and stressed. When I talk to people they wont look at me in my face, people do not seem to want to be around me at work etc, and I try over and over, year after year to make friends but the friendships seem short lived. I have had people who yelled at me for saying hello to them and one girl on my job started crying one day and said she didnt care if I died tomorrow b/c she hated me! I never did anything to her. I simply asked her to help me do some work while at work! She seemed to never like being in the office with me. I do not smell, I dont act weird, many say that I’m pretty, I’m not a backstabber, I generally care so much about others but I never seem to get the same, general treatment. God says treat others as you want to be treated, but it seems to not be working for me. I feel like 1 in a billion. All the rejection has hurt me emotionally as well as physically. I feel extremely tired and forgetful. Marianne what could be wrong with me?

    • I see this was posted back in May and I’m just now seeing this. Do I have a book for you! It changed my life, and helped me understand the spirit of rejection – where it comes from and what to do about it: “Waking The Dead” by John Eldredge. His main theme, is identifying the lie that satan puts on each person (the opposite of God’s call or gifting on each of us). Then, the devil will ‘inspire’ others throughout our life to confirm that lie over and over again.. scenario after scenario, relationship after relationship. I began to notice a pattern by my 20s and finally came to realize it wasn’t “all me”. My quest and seeking for God’s answer came from this awesome book. Get it! Study and pray your way through it. It even contains ‘therapy’ in the form of prayers and steps to take, to get free. -all, Biblicly based and very balanced.

      • hi cindy

        thanks for the book reference. I can find her email and send this comment to her.

        I guess the lie could go either way……”you are gifted in something (you aren’t)”…..or “you have no value.”

        there are a lot of false ministries now because satan has convinced them that they are “special” and “gifted” when they are not, in that particular way …this is to produce pride, and harm to others.

      • Hello Cindy,

        Thank you very much for reading my post and offering me some literature to read to help fight this oppression. God must have heard my prayer b/c I just prayed about this again minutes ago.

        I will definately look into finding that book and reading it.

        Thanks again!

  21. Dear Hungryforchange,

    There is nothing wrong with you. It is them.

    Social and psychological:

    You are young, pretty and with children.

    Being decent makes women, unhappy with their husbands, hate you, because they see you as a threat to them, someone their husbands might be attracted to. They want to be free, but need the money and the social status of being married. They may also resent you because they may have had abortions, and you have children. So you have something they don’t, and they are jealous.

    For men, you are an attractive target, to exploit. This is a general lack of respect by men for women in today’s world.

    General – once people start beating you down, this affects you emotionally, and people see you as wounded, insecure, incomplete, and not whole. Since they have no love or compassion for anyone except themselves, you being there is irritating -since you need compassion, and they do not want to give it, and be friends. This requires some virtue from them that they lack. And since you bring out this psychological inadequacy of theirs, they resent you. You remind them that they are not what they should be inside, and make them feel guilty. So they need to attack or avoid you as an enemy.


    We are not alone. Although we cannot see them with our natural eyes, we are surrounded by spirits. Some are angels, there to protect us, if we call upon God. Some are demonic, nasty creatures who bring curses upon us, even if we are innocent. We can be innocent, but also ignorant victims of what they can do.

    Since we are ignorant about protecting ourselves from them, they can get away with causing problems for us.

    The key is knowledge, and knowing how to take authority, rebuke them, and reject what they are trying to do. It is possible to “reverse a curse.”

    See this post:

    Prayers against witchcraft and demonic oppression can help. People may be putting word curses on you.

    • Hello Marianne,
      I found your website just over a year ago when my pastor identified the spirit of Jezebel in my exhusbands girlfriend. I let her into my life because my husband and I were in very bad shape. This was the biggest mistake of my life. She took over my husband, from whom I am now divorced after costly courtbattles. However, he has quite bit access, which by himself is not a problem. The kids like it and are happy when alone with him. But his girlfriend is always there, no her daughter is there with her as well (mom’s copy) and I have nothing in my hands to take her to court and out of my children’s life. My son is 6 years old and understands very well. But my daughter is just under 4 years old and when she has been to see dad, I can tell the influence Jezebel has on her. I am praying my socks off to get them out of my children’s life. I live by myself, kept adamantly peace with my husband even though I am tough and inflexible over contact. I have told him the truth about how I feel about her, but this is just ammunition for them to feel good. Yesterday I took an act of forgiveness and told her in a card that she is forgiven for what she has done the last three years. I only did that because I believe God commanded me to do that. I also gave her a very special book from Nancy Goudie, which I won “miraculously” in Nancy Goudie’s Spiritual Health Weekend. I believe that God commanded me to give her the book because I know hundreds of women I’d rather given this book to.

      I have been on my knees praying for change for two years now. I have changed, no doubt, but my happy couple is still messing about. I just want her poison to be rendered ineffective in my kids, her power broken everytime she tries something on on my daughter, who is the real next target here. You said on your pages to pray for a Jehu. I don’t see anybody really standing up to her. It is just me, in a quiet, steadfast way.

      Can you please advise? Jesus is my Lord, if this is important to know.

      God bless you Marianne and all the readers on this page and all the Jezebel fighters!


      • Dear Katrin

        Tell your exhusband that he can visit the children, but she cannot be present. You can also do this legally. Just have it so that it is required that she is not around during visits. have it recorded that she has a bad personal influence on the children, and you are protecting them.

        You are the one who stands up to her, in this case. Tell her she is not allowed around.

        Do not allow visits to his house, only yours., and YOU control who comes in the house. She is not their mother, and has no legal right to see them.

  22. Hallelujah! God bless America!

  23. Hi…I came across ur website searching for the functioning and the working of jezebel spirit…God is speaking to me through visions but im alone …i need ur prayer support… im suffering since years and i need a breakthrough…can u guide me how to move ahead????

    • Hi Samna,

      yes, I will support you with prayer. I will help you any way I can. Just write to me and tell me more about your circumstances, and I will reply to you.

  24. Hello and God bless you. Add me to the email list please.
    In Him,

  25. I’m a jewish Christian and I’m having problems being friends with this group its a spiritual drain on me. lol Here is the site and I know this person personally http://www.myspace.com/mariaisalolita Check it out and tell me what you think of her music? My other physical problems could be spiritual of trying to be nice to non-Christians.

  26. I ran across this website in search of how to fight the jezebel spirit. A man stalked my daughter and took over her and my 4 grandchildren – he has isolated them and nothing we or any authorities have done has helped to release them. His exwives said he was evil and a detective who followed him for 5 years said he was a threat to our family – but nothing seems to be able to be done to stop him – he has turned my daughter in to this lying, profaning person and somehow convinced her to turn on her husband and us. I knew it was an evil spirit but had no knowledge about these things After much study and research I found out about the Jezebel spirit and need holy spirit filled believers to stand in agreement with me for her release and the release of my 4 grandchildren.

    Her name is Heather and his name is Kenneth.

    Please pray for the release of my family.


    • Hi Sue,

      I will put Heather on my prayer list for deliverance. She is under his influence. Poison breeds poison, and the weaker vessel will give into the stronger personality. So she is with this man, instead of her husband?

      I took the last name off for confidentiality.

  27. Hello Marianne, I would like to be placed on your prayer list…for breakthrough. Ever since I accepted Christ it’s been one battle after another(like most of us) However, I am feeling very weary. I had a situation with a Jezebel Spirit in my last church and left, and feel exhausted emotionally and spiritually. I am seeking a good church now. I also need a job as I was laid off months ago. Numerous health issues and no insurance. Anxiety attacks, weight gain….And I am trying to maintain hope in Gods promise to send me a wonderful husband. I’m in my late thirties, and feeling like I’ve got so much to overcome. I know God doesn’t lie and His promises remain, but sometimes you just need someone to believe with you….and I don’t have my church family any more. I just need to believe again that I’m going to be ok, and the dreams that God placed in my heart will happen.
    Thank you and God Bless!!!!

    • Hi Lynne

      You have a lot going for you. Do not give up. I added you to my prayer list. I am in agreement with you for restoration.

  28. Please pray for a final decree of Primary Joint Managing Custody for my children. One day when I got home from work my spouse was gone with the children. Gone for about 7 months then when she couldn’t get any money (from the welfare system in another state or child support) she came back with two of my children with delays. They were not taken care of properly with my son who can’t talk any more. When I approached my wife at the time she would dismiss it. So I left her, filed for temporary custody, got it, then I took them to a doctor where she confirmed their delays and neglect. She’s had five older children before the marriage none of which finished high school (3 with delays also) she constantly makes me out the lie to my friends and family, I’ve been betrayed at every hand, she has even separated me from my closest friends in ministry. I am trying to fulfill my call of God but found myself in a Jezebel situation. Please pray against the spirit of witchcraft working through her.

    • dear Russell.

      The children are the top priority here, so yes, I will put you on my prayer list, to get the help you need with them.

      But now I am going to counsel you a little bit. I see this too much.

      This is a situation you should have anticipated.

      She has been married before, and produced problems. Marrying her was an act of adultery, and you should not have been with her, producing children, to begin with.

      I know this is a common practice now in the church, but it is still sin, according to the bible, and pastors/ministers are not only ignoring it, but engaging in it themselves. The church has gotten away from obeying the Word of God, so it will have to expect the consequences.

      Divorce and remarriage is sin. SO when you married her, you enabled her to continue the same pattern of delayed, neglected children, as well as allow her to commit adultery. Now the children suffer for the mistakes of the parents.

      Right now, you should not be in ministry, because you have disqualified yourself. There are too many “ministers” in sin now in the church, and it is a mockery of Christ, as unbelievers are not won by you, and believers deserve better.

      You should spend time reflecting on the Word of God, and what it says about marriage, repent, and DO NOT get married again.

      The call of God on your life now is to repent of the marriage, and to live for those children, provide for them, and spend time with them, so they are not neglected further. The church can do without you, but your children can’t.

      I apologize if this sounded hard, but the “church” now permits too many people to continue in sin without repentance, or corrective action.

      This is why we now have legalized sin in this country, because the church has become liberal, rather than remaining the pure Bride of Christ. It does not oppose sin like it should.

      Now our country is in moral decay, and ministers -especially on TV – with their divorced, remarried lifestyle, and their exploitative prosperity preaching – have been the reason for so much anti-Christian hatred.

      Unbelievers do not reject Christians for loving Jesus, they reject us for being frauds.

      Jesus is coming soon. Spend the time with your kids, and help them heal.

      • the church is also softening, not longer proporly teaching people or equiping them. In the case of my mom and dad’s divorce though… God released her from him. When God releases a person, He has released them and that is the final word. That alone is as good as a divorce.

  29. Dear Marianne,

    I thank the Lord for your website. I stumbled on it while researching about the end times. However, my question has nothing to do with the end times. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with an incurable disease. I went through a period of depression, however it was then that I gave my life to the Lord. I also started learning about divine healing. I began believing God for my complete and miraculous healing. It has been many years and the Lord has kept me in good health. Sometimes, I get discouraged because I want the complete healing. I have got to the point where now I am comfortable with being the way I am because I feel as though God has decided not to do it. I have been prayed for healing many times. I sometimes feel bitter towards God and I don’t want to feel this way. What is your take on healing? What reasons are there for not receiving healing? Any wisdom that you can impart to me will be appreciated. I feel like I am loosing my fire for the Lord. I want to change.

    • dear Miraclebeliever,

      Your story reminds me of a Katheryn Khulman meeting I heard of once. They were praying for healing for people.

      One lady had some sort of arthritis, or crippling disease. Her body, legs, hands, were all twisted from the disease.

      She was healed…..all over, and she rejoiced…then she noticed that God forgot one of her fingers, which was still bent.

      She complained to Katheryn that God did not do a complete healing, that he overlooked her little finger.

      Katheryn replied, “He left that, so you would not forget how you were before he healed you.”

      Sometimes, with a complete healing, we rejoice and then go on our way. We are now healthy, and turn our minds to other things, now that we are able. The healing becomes a past event.

      I have had complete healings and incomplete ones. I have also had healings that were lost, and I went back to the way I was before.

      So why?

      For me, it seems that as long as I am incomplete in some way, I still look to Him to complete me. I am reminded constantly that any healing comes from Him, and I cannot achieve what he did for me myself.

      So I dwell on past miracles he did for me, and this reminds me of how good he is. Healing me is optional for him. Any healing he has EVER done for me was a gift, and I am grateful. I should not take anything he gives me for granted, and one healing I lost, because I turned my eyes back on the world, and put him second again.

      We need to learn patience as well. and that can be a reason for delays in healing or answers to prayers. We also need to be humble about our healings. Some people, if completely healed, would rush back into the world, and get lost in it.

      So do not worry about something you do not have. Be grateful for what he has done for you so far.

      you will be ok.

  30. Dear Marianne,

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Your email brought so much conviction as I began thinking about how ungrateful I had become. He has done so much for me and I would not be here today if it was not for him. He has restored my life and continues to bless me with good health regardless of the doctor’s report. Wow, that in my book should have been bolded in RED ink. He has been so good to me and I have been so blinded to see it. I feel so sad for how I have treated the Lord. I know I should continue to have the faith that I used to when I gave my life to the Lord. The faith to believe that whatever happens, my life is in his hands and he will take care of me. I thank the Lord for using you to help me see how blind I have been. I also thank you too.

    Please pray for me that I will begin to draw close to him and have the fire I had when I got saved. A few month’s ago, I had a dream that I was alone in a room sitting on a chair. I looked down on my lap and my bible was open to Jeremiah 33:3 and I began to read that verse alone in my heart. However, there was a loud voice in the room that read that verse with me. I knew that the voice was God in my dream but I just sat there quietly. After that all I remember is waking up, saying Jeremiah 33:3 and reciting the verse. The funny part is that I had never read that verse before and I woke up knowing the verse and having memorised it. I believe that the Lord spoke to me in a dream. Since then, I have done nothing. My question is, how do I begin to seek him and where do I start if I have to start in the bible? Thank you once again for taking the time to answer.

    • hi Miraclebeliever

      how nice a verse:

      Jer 33:3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

      I happen to have that same verse taped above my phone.

      Sometimes we have to get past our pain before our mind can clear. I am nothing special. I have just been through the same thing.

      I would start with Jeremiah, since that book was given to you. Read the other prophets, since they have special messages too.

      Then read other places, as you feel led.

  31. talofa…

    I’m happy to read your message that you have been send out to the people.Which I’m grateful for your spiritual words of advice giving out to our nation.

    • Talofa!

      Thank you so much for visiting and reading. It is such a blessing to hear from you and your island nation, which has been through so much danger and difficulty. May the Yahweh God protect you, and keep you safe, and bless you with what you need, and give you much happiness.

  32. Just Commenting…
    Actually, God blesses those who tithe. Tithes were always used to support those who worked in the church (temple) i.e. the priests, levites, and poor/widows. my mom has tithed even when she didnt have the money and somehow had enough. Money has even just appeared in her bank account and no one knows where it came from. But yes, tithes are also supposed to be willing, conviction is from God, guilt is not. If it is conviction (an urge in the other direction) then it is God telling you to. I think churches should just announce the offering baskets are going around and leave it at that so people don’t feel pressured but are reminded that tithes are appreciated.
    When you tithe, you give some money back to God in recongition of His owning “your” money. What the church does with it is on their head, not yours. The woman who had little but gave all she had in the coin worth less that a penny was more revered than the rich who loudly gave much more than her ( the wodows mmite- Luke 21:2- NEW Testament). It is the sacrifice for God that counts. He gave us everything, so give a little back.
    Divorce is legal in the law if it is to someone who is not a believer (& Jesus says not to be unequaly yoked).
    Believe in total healing and better-than-before restoration. Jesus did. Healing is only held back by doubt. Ive had parts of my teeth chip & grow back when i verbally demended it, telling demons they had no right to take it and God that they should not have taken it, so i wanted it back. One break that i’ve had for a while is growing back now, but i’ve only recently asked for it.
    This is very interesting blog. I thought I’d be one of the only people who would want to talk about the spiritual aspect of things. This has really offered me a lot of encouragement.

  33. my self and my family suffering from devil actvities and witch crafts past 8 years, I left home on 24-7-2009,my wife children,jyothi,tina,yashwanth also under the controll of devil working on my wife, lost property,wealth, departed from family. especially on full moondays,eclipse days the problems are high on my wife it is spreading on daughter and minor son. legal problems also intiated each other. kidly pray for relief .PRABHAKAR

  34. In reference to speaking in tongues, God gives us the gift of speaking in tongues. Not everyone can do it. This is why it is not a requirement to enter the Kingdom.

    • hi shayne

      true what you say. Tongues is a gift to those who have already entered the kingdom, for prayer and witnessing. People receive different gifts from God, according to His purpose for them. Tongues is just one gift of several.

  35. I read you posted the following on another blog about Haitians,
    “I think they should learn to be grateful that anyone would help them.

    After all, when disasters struck elsewhere in the world, were they there to send aid??


    If a quake struck my area, I would be happy for any help I could get, and not complain.

    No one owes me a living.

    No one owes them anything either.

    People are trying to be nice, and they are giving up their time and money.

    They need to get out of this dependency mentality.”

    Is that really the best thing you can think of about an earthquake that killed so many? Seriously??? I see all these Christian posts, yet I smell Limbaugh and phoniness. You should be “lucky” to be American, stop this fake “proud” nonsense. Doesn’t your god preach humility and grace? How ugly your personality is.

    • Dear Tim

      I was responding to the report that the victims were complaining about the help people were trying to send. It is not like we had advance notice, and could be there quicker.

      I believe they should get help.

      I am looking at the attitudes toward this help that they are receiving. They could be better. There is nothing phoney about me. I am the first in line when a true victim needs help.

    • Tim,

      I can understand your viewpts about ppl who have less “seeming” ungrateful when they get more. I dont think theyre ungrateful, I believe they have lost faith in the meaning of “life”. Many of them born into poverty, destitution w/ a corrupt govt & then WHAM! here comes an deadly earthquake. Theyre wondering if they can get a REAL break in life. Experiencing one problem after another often leads many 2become angry. Americans, we complain about our problems as well as our president & govt…well…we got it GOOD..I can give Haitians a pass on this one. Least in America there are non-profit agencies, govt programs & more to help you out of poverty……….. NO excuses Americans!

      Also, Many were angred by Pat Robertsons comments, but I believe there has 2be some truth to it. Why it is that the Haitian as well as the country of Africa are destitute? There is much evidence backed by confimation from many missionaries that thoes people or (ancestors) did make pacts will Satan.Why else cant they get ahead? It has to be spiritual! Many christians have been attacked physically & emotionally by Satan who wanted to keep them out of thoes areas….trying to set the captives free!

      • Haiti seems to have a cursed history, whether or not you have a religious perspective. Slavery, disease, war, revolution, voodoo (vodou), poverty, different foreign occupations, ….constant upheaval there….and any success depends on cursing their enemies….the entire population is in its own bondage due to a violent and tragic history….

  36. Tim,

    I can understand your viewpts about ppl who have less “seeming” ungrateful when they get more. I dont think theyre ungrateful, I believe they have lost faith in the meaning of “life”. Many of them born into poverty, destitution w/ a corrupt govt & then WHAM! here comes an deadly earthquake. Theyre wondering if they can get a REAL break in life. Experiencing one problem after another often leads many 2become angry. Americans, we complain about our problems as well as our president & govt…well…we got it GOOD..I can give Haitians a pass on this one. Least in America there are non-profit agencies, govt programs & more to help you out of poverty……….. NO excuses Americans!

    Also, Many were angred by Pat Robertsons comments, but I believe there has 2be some truth to it. Why it is that the Haitian as well as the country of Africa are destitute? There is much evidence backed by confimation from many missionaries that thoes people or (ancestors) did make pacts will Satan.Why else cant they get ahead? It has to be spiritual! Many christians have been attacked physically & emotionally by Satan who wanted to keep them out of thoes areas….trying to set the captives free!

  37. Pat Robertson has made a callous and twisted world wide comment. About as twisted as the devil itself and especially so at such a time of devastating calamity experienced by Haitians.
    And for everyone here know that Haiti is 95% ‘Christian.’
    80 to 85% are Roman Catholic and 15% are Protestant.
    So if that is the way we are supposed to treat our brothers and sisters in time of need then I must say that Christianity has indeed fallen to hell.
    How can a professed ‘Christian preacher’ be so stupid is beyond my comprehension.
    Or perhaps it is just simply ‘RACISM’ and its ugly monstrous head.
    And even the Whitehouse called his comments ‘stupid’.
    What were you all before knowing Christ if indeed you know Him?
    You were all children of the devil and I suspect that many still are.

    • I dont believe that Pat is Racist…and yes he has said many things over the years that were far fetched….but like Marian said and I believe many have practiced Vodoo and other satanic rituals that will bring curses upon yourself. I do not believe that the Hurrican happened to them just b/c of that so I dont agree with Pat on that. I still believe their unrest as well as many may be spiritual.

      • Excuse me, I meant Earthquake. Also, I am not naive and I know that many of the people are Cathlic or Christain. I believe that the govt is the center of the countries problems; when people from Haiti or Africa who were poor leave their & come here, they then become successful/and or productive. Every situation is not b/c of the devil; of course; some are due to poor decisions.

        • Robertson is a joke and a shame to those of us who are called by the Name of God.
          And if a country with 95% Christians succumbs to Earthquakes I wonder what would happen to America.
          What % does America have who are Christians?
          And out of that what percentage commits adultery?
          Or anything else which might displease God.

          The wrath of God will be known one day and I wonder what the rest of the world will say of you when disaster comes to your door.
          Hopefully some of us still have some compassion and some mercy left within our bones to pity America …
          A nation sitting under freemasons and much witchcraft.

  38. Hungryforchange,

    Hi hope you are well.

    If you want to know the real reason why Haiti or Africa, can’t get ahead I suggest you take a long, hard look at the history of the nations. And while taking this examination research different avenues of learning. That is don’t read just one’s sides book. I think if you did this you would come up with the correct conclusion.



    • Yes, I know much about the history of Africa. I am not one-sided. I know they have an extremely corrupt govt that started centuries ago when they sold THEIR OWN people into slavery for goods and services from the europeans and others. Many will not agree with b/c they think everything must have a logical explanation. But many things in this world are of a spiritual nature and b/c man cannot see it, they do not believe. If you visit sidroth.org there is a true story of a young woman who went to Africa. God told her that she would be attacked by Satan b/c a tribe there that she was trying to minister to, had made a “blood pact” with Satan. She was almost killed, but in the end she was spared and many became Christians and turned their lives over to Christ.

  39. Hungryforchange,

    Hi hope you are well.

    Here is a link to start your research.




  40. For all those who suffers today.

  41. Hungryforchange,

    Hi hope you are well.

    Africa is very complex. Look at Egypt for example. Rose to great power but clearly not a Godly nation. Nor was Greece, Rome, Babylon, Persia etc. Yet they enjoyed worldly blessings for a while.

    This idea is very Biblical. Read the story how Ahab stole Naboth’s vineyard through Jezebel. He got what he wanted for a while. The scriputre promises us physical blessings. God will provide what we need. God promises us riches but they are not the materialistic ones.

    We cannot say because one is impoverished they are of the devil. Sure I believe there is Satanic forces at work in Haiti but I believe there are Satanic forces at work in the United States as well. Take Wall Street for example. They serve the God of Mammon. Ever wonder why its called a ‘Bull’ market when the prices go up? Goes back to Exodus and the worship of idols.



  42. And let me just add here , I find this situation in Haiti so sorrowful, words cannot adequately describe.
    To watch via photos men and women and children pleading for the vitals of life such as WATER and FOOD is heart wrenching.
    I do not understand why these vitals cannot be dropped to these survivors via choppers. (helicopters)
    Nations have donated and citizens of Nations hAVE DONATED ENOUGH TO DROP THESE PEOPLE WATER!!!

    • abigail

      most likely the same story that was going on before the earthquake. corrupt officials keep money for themselves.

      but on the physical side

      all blocked or closed

      Neighbor – Dominican Republic- has only airport – but roads to Haiti are not good – the limitations on (and inflated cost of) transportation vehicles- trucks and helicopters- from the DR to Haiti will be the main limiting factor.

      community officials – many dead, so not there to distribute the goods.

      • I watch yesterday as thousands were LINED up to receive 2 small bottles of water. In the heat of the day some in line were fainting. This type of rescue scenario is heart wrenching.
        That is not the way you distribute water to calamity survivors.
        Seems to me that no one has a brain.
        I know about the obstacles at the airport and so forth …
        I know the ground roads are full of debris, unsurpassable and so forth …
        But Helicopters can drop WATER and FOOD.
        They do not even have to land!!

        You don’t have to make people lined up hours in the sun to receive a few drops of water!!!
        This whole thing stinks!

        • It turns out there is a problem with dropping water and supplies by helicopter. Turns out there are people so desperate for them they will resort to violence to get their share. When the supplies are dropped a mob mentality immediately develops and fights erupt. And then there are the gangs and looters who would try to steal the entire shipment at gunpoint so they can sell them at high prices to the desperate masses. Turns out even mothers will kill each other to get the food they need to save their families. It is human nature at its worst. So they must use armed workers to distribute the food fairly to keep all hell from breaking loose.
          And it won’t be any better here in the US when the Big One hits southern California. Authorities are recommending keeping a handgun with your emergency supplies. There will be no water for 2 years as they fix the aqueducts and food production will all but cease. Its coming soon and lets see if Haiti sends some workers over here to pull me out of the rubble. It will make Haiti look like a picnic so I’m armed and ready.

  43. 1 1/2 mile from airport. Think !!
    PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – The old lady crawls in the dirt, wailing for her pills. The elderly man lies motionless as rats pick at his overflowing diaper. There is no food, water or medicine for the 85 surviving residents of the Port-au-Prince Municipal Nursing Home, just a mile (1 1/2 kilometers) from the airport where a massive international aid effort is taking shape.
    “Help us, help us,” 69-year-old Mari-Ange Levee begged Sunday, lying on the ground with a broken leg and ribs. A cluster of flies swarmed the open fracture in her skull.
    One man has already died, and administrator Jean Emmanuel said more would follow soon unless water and food arrive immediately.
    “I appeal to anybody to bring us anything, or others won’t live until tonight,” he said, motioning toward five men and women who were having trouble breathing, a sign that the end was near.

  44. For all those who suffers today … especially those of Haiti … in your despair …
    you are not alone.

  45. Not sure where to post this breaking news.?

    • OK, this is right up my alley.
      First of all, the small objects are probably just bright stars. You can’t just assume they are space ships piloted by alien creatures. And why would they fly so dangerously close to the sun. Nothin’ special about the sun.
      But check out the last two objects. They show up as spheres – like planets (or death stars?). But here is the problem – both of them are lit as crescents with the dark side at the top.and the lit side being illuminated from below and behind. (Time code 1:23) Whatever was lighting these objects when they were photographed, it was not the sun in this photo. Something is obviously fishy here.
      Photoshop anyone?

      • You say ‘And why would they fly so dangerously close to the sun.’ What makes you think The Sun is dangerous?
        Is the sun hot? Maybe the sun has no heat whatsoever. Have you thought of that?
        Seriously what makes you think the sun is hot?? or dangerous?
        They once thought the earth was flat you know. They were wrong.

        And besides why would nasa use photoshop?
        How can this be up your alley?
        Without further investigation you simply assume ‘the small objects are probably just bright stars.’ No one was assuming anything but questioning.

        Something is fishy ? Something is rather unknown. We can speculate and imagine but if those photos are real then maybe we should be concerned.
        And maybe again we should not be concerned at all. There isn’t much we can do about it anyways.

        • And now tell me why 2 of the links I have provided from nasa are NOW not found??
          They will most likely remove them all and tell us a nice little lie.

        • I have been studying astronomy for the last 55 years. I actually went to college as an astronomy major but changed to engineering. We know exactly how hot the surface of the sun is – 5,500 degrees Kelvin. It is the basis for the color temperature of the film used in every film camera ever made. The center of the sun is over 35 million degrees. The chromosphere (the region above the surface or photosphere) is over 20,000 degrees. Hot enough to melt just about anything. At that distance from the sun any small object would be vaporized and would have to be traveling at an incredibly fast speed to stay in orbit, else it would be pulled into the sun itself.
          Maybe those two objects are spaceships which the ancient Atlantians built to escape the destruction of their island. And maybe they are planning to return and take the earth hostage and turn us into slaves and tasty meals. Maybe NASA figured all this out and didn’t want to panic the world so they took the photos down. It wouldn’t pat to ask NASA why the photos were removed since they are nothing but liars and conspirators. They probably made a deal with the Atlantians to become overlords of the rest of us slaves.
          I’ll bet they plan to return on Dec. 21st, 2012 – the end of the Mayan calendar when the galactic alignment affords them the perfect opportunity to sneak up on the earth undetected.
          Darn, yet another thing to put on my worry list.

          • Studies only goes as far as theory and the teacher permits. Consider this …
            In 1543, a great comet came closer to the Sun than any previous comet had and this was repeated by another comet in 1882. They actually entered the Sun’s corona, which supposedly has a temperature of one million degrees absolute. These comets traveled over one million kilometers through this blazing corona and emerged unscathed with no change in velocity or direction. If the Sun is radiating heat, why didn’t these comets instantly disintegrate on entering a tremendous heat of one million absolute degrees? Surely nothing could survive such a treatment!

            • Well now you’ve got me confused. First you suggested that the sun may not give off any heat and now you have it over a million degrees. (As I mentioned before it only gets to 20,000). As for the comets, they were quite large and no doubt lost much outer material thru ablation, just as any comet does to create the classic tail. It was moving quite fast as it neared the sun so the time it was near the sun was relatively limited. And there were no beings trying to survive the encounter inside the comet (or were there?)
              And by the way, every object speeds up when it nears the sun (or any other massive object) and its trajectory is ultimately altered to some extent. This is the physics of space travel and we use it to get astronauts to and from the moon and space probes to all the planets. Just because you say these comets broke the laws of physics doesn’t make it true.
              Have Marianne ask her astronomer friend about it and see if this story doesn’t go the same way as the planet Nubiri.

              • The Sun is neither hot nor cold.
                The prominences supply us with some more proof of the above conclusion. These prominences are said to be hydrogen gas explosions and first appear in the Sun’s photosphere. There are many theories, but as yet astronomers have been puzzled over their origin. The behavior of these so-called hydrogen clouds of gas contradicts one of the oldest and supposedly, most stable law of physics …, Newton’s law of gravity.

                Some prominences travel at the unbelievable speed of 450 miles per second and reach an altitude of one million miles; that’s one hundred ninety-one thousand miles more that the Sun’s diameter. To add to the oddity of this phenomenon is the fact that these prominences rise to fantastic heights, and then just “hang” in midair, unsupported, in complete defiance of Newton’s law of gravity! Others appear to “materialize” from nowhere, and hang motionless. Surely the Sun with all its tremendous mass and “pulling” power could bring these prominences down again if they were composed of hydrogen gas. Astronomers said they are composed of such gas because the spectroscope has labeled them such. But the spectroscope is very inaccurate because between the Sun’s atmosphere and this instrument, the atmosphere of the Earth intervenes, and the upper atmosphere of our planet contains almost pure hydrogen. This could be the hydrogen that astronomers say is on the Sun.

                Sunspots and prominences have puzzled scientists for years, yet they are part of the same phenomenon. Sunspots and prominences are manifestations of the Sun’s auroral activity as viewed from different angles. They have never photographed the solar prominences except at the edge of the Sun. Prominences take the form of, or appear as, sunspots when seen on the face of the Sun. The shape and particulars of the prominences cannot be observed unless the light of the Sun is blotted out. These prominences are not superheated hydrogen gas because their very behavior proves otherwise! They behave as forces, not as elements (gas, etc.)

                • And actually the heat we experience on this planet comes from its core, ‘inner sun’ and not from the solar sol which in fact is ‘blue’ not red.
                  We think it is hot because we think that hot iron is red so therefore we relate the sun to heat in our minds.

                  • And besides, just because you are used to associate light with heat or fire with burning it is not necessarily so.
                    Gen 1:17 And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth,
                    It does not say to give heat but it does say to give Light.
                    A light bulb may be hot but … the sun is neither hot nor cold.

                  • Sorry, that is just plain NUTS!

                • i didnt really understand what u stated about the sun but u sure did make that jamesgiordano guy angry ,,nice come back by u he didnt have much to say after that but that u were nuts ,,lol,,are u a scientist??? your arguement sounded great.

  46. I am sorry for not pasting the full links associated with the above video …
    Here they are nasa photos … and great photos at that.

    Wonder if these are metallic UFO’s or other?
    Could they be Nibiru? Or are they in fact Ships?
    And if they are ships WOW! look at the size of these = the size of the earth.

    • Considering the closeness to the sun, and how hot the sun is, these might be particles, or debris coming, off with the solar flares.

      • Considering the gravitational pull of the sun … if it were particles or debris or asteroids or comets I think these would have been pulled in.
        I think we live in exciting times, don’t you?
        Men’s hearts will fail this time. They will fail because of fear!
        Think of the third temple being built since July 2009 and then think of the 500ft. statue of Maitreya being built in India. The tallest of its kind… the theme of the surrounding area will be the shape of Atlantis.
        Reminds me of the ancient fallen angels ‘Zeus and Apollo’ …
        Better stay real close to Yahwey, for the time is nigh!!
        And keep your eyes open!

        • Hi Abigail,

          I asked an astronomer friend about nibiru, and sent the pictures. This is what he had to say, so I guess I am neutral on this point:

          Hi Marianne,

          The best thing you can do with this stuff is delete it.

          It is nothing more than Psuedo Science!

          Nibiru does not exist!

          • Nasa nascom ‘s photos are worth nothing more than deletion?
            Well I guess he may be right.
            So go ahead and delete it. It’s garbage. 🙂

  47. Well I am not the only one speaking out concerning these UFO’s around the sun.

  48. here is a very interesting story …

  49. To continue Abigail’s blog on:
    “The Sun is neither hot nor cold.”
    Once again you are using pseudo-science to make your point. How can anything be neither hot nor cold? Technically there is no such thing as cold, only the absence of heat so the only question is how much heat does a body radiate. Now we know you are not stupid and you must know that the sun is the source of almost all heat on the earth. Just go outside during the day and look toward where that heat is coming from and you will figure it out. Even a cave man could do that.
    As for the “magical” prominences, consider a cloud. Why does the heavier drops of rain fall from it while the cloud, much more susceptible to the earth’s gravity continues to float up there? It’s physics, not unexplainable magic.
    As for the hydrogen in the exosphere affecting spectroscopic readings that is total BS. The hydrogen molecules are so thinly dispersed they are often miles apart and would have virtually no effect on readings. We know that the sun is converting hydrogen to helium thru nuclear reactions and we know how hot one tiny Hiroshima bomb once got. We also use thermocouples to measure the temperature of the sun and distant stars and we know the intrinsic temperature of any black body radiator (all stars for example) by their color. The Hubble telescope and other instruments in orbit outside the earths atmosphere have confirmed previous results so your theory is full of hot air. Literally!
    By the way, while in the past prominences could only be photographed on the sun’s edges by using a special telescope that blocks the light from the main solar disk, using radio telescopes we can now photograph at various wavelengths and by comparing them and computer enhancing them we can now see them on the front surface as well.
    And while not all aspects of their nature is fully understood, we know one thing for certain, they are not defying the laws of physics. It almost sounds like you are saying that there is no gravity where they exist, yet if the sun lost even a little of its gravity the earth would fly off into space, so lets all pray that you are wrong about that.
    Oh, by the way, the prominences are so hot they are actually not a gas but plasma, which does have different characteristics than plain old gas, but it is not supernatural in nature.

  50. What you call pseudo-science for whatever reasons, I call experimental rationalism to which Newton and Boyle aspired to.
    In all of your studies you must be familiar with Sir William Herschel or his son?
    In case you are not acquainted with his genius you should look him up … he certainly was not a nut case. And he had not much to do with pseudo-science
    being an astronomer/philosopher/composer of 24 symphonies/ director of the Bath orchestra/ musician/ discoverer of the planet Uranus/technical expert/cataloguing of the Universe/’on the construction of the Heavens’ paper he catalogued 2500 new ‘nebula’ and star clusters/ drew a model map
    of the milky way/ responsible for discovery of the infrared spectrum radiation/ discovered satellites of Saturn etc.etc.
    Well this brain also thought the sun is cool!!
    Scientists today state that the Sun is a gigantic atomic furnace radiating a tremendous amount of heat to the satellite planets each second.  The temperature at its surface is said to be thousands of degrees, and the internal temperature is supposedly in the millions of degrees.  However, it is unexplainable how superheated gases can act magnetically.  For it is an elementary fact of physics that a substance loses its magnetism when heated!  Since astronomers have definitely recorded magnetic effects upon the Sun, we have a direct conflict between the Sun’s true nature and the suggested temperature.  This conflict only indicates that the Sun is not the superheated mass of gases that scientists think it is, but rather a cool body as Herschel said it was.
    There is much evidence to prove that the Sun is, indeed, a cool body.  The process of determining the Sun’s temperature is very complex and involves the radiation laws of physics.  Fundamentally, here is how such temperatures are determined: the radiation of the body per square centimeter per second times the body’s effective temperature quadrupled equals the rate of radiation quadrupled times the body’s luminosity divided by its diameter squared.  In solving for the Sun, ones comes up with an average of fifty-nine hundred absolute degrees.  The mathematics involved is agreeable, but astronomers base their calculations on two assumptions:
    First, they assume the Sun is a perfect radiating body; second, and most important, they assume that the Sun is radiating ‘heat’!  This is because they believe that heat on Earth, as well as heat on other planetary bodies, comes directly from the Sun.  People feel the heat when they stand in sunlight, so they say the Sun must be a burning mass radiating that heat.  That is like saying a radio transmitter radiates sound waves because when we turn on our radios, we hear sound.  But we know that such a transmitter radiates radio waves, and that these waves are turned into sound inside the radio!
    Is water wet/ ?? or is it just clingy??
    Oh! and by the way we still use Herschel’s telescope.
    Oh! and if we can photograph anything we owe it to Sir William Herschel’s son.
    Thank you!

    • Abigail, I’m quite familiar with William Herschel. He also discovered Uranus and I used to show it to my friends thru my telescope when I was in high school.
      It sounds like you’ve been to abovetopsecret.com. They have a big blog on the topic. It is interesting that Herschel discovered infrared radiation, a primary source of heat from the sun. The whole concept of “hot” is complex as there is no such thing as heat per se, only what radiation does to a body that it strikes. This is why the air is “cooler” the higher you go, only because there are fewer air molecules around you to warm you up by transferring their energy to your body. Visible light is virtually the same as infrared or radio waves but it doesn’t have the heating effect of infrared. So the suns radiation in the vacuum of space does not produce much heat, but land on Venus and you will burn to a crisp. But take away the sun and all the planets would be around absolute zero.
      Now it must be mentioned that Herschel also believed that there were beings living inside the sun which he thought was hollow and that the dark areas on Mars were seas of water and that martians built canals and had a great civilization on the planet. As smart as he was, he was simply wrong on these matters. He had no clue as to the thermonuclear reactions that produce the radiation (including infrared) from the sun.
      I will give you this – the space around the sun, being a vacuum, contains no “heat” since heat is a measure of excitation of molecules and with no molecules there is no appearance of heat.
      But put a real object there (like a ship) and believe me, anyone inside would feel quite hot – if the other types of radiation didn’t kill them first.
      As for the blue sun, that is nonsense. Have you ever looked at the sun? What color do you see? Is it blue on the inside? No wait, on the inside it is dark.
      I don’t get the point, its just silly.
      Please show me an actual practicing scientist that believes that the sun is cold. Conspiracy websites don’t count.

  51. I have one more point to make on the cold sun. While it is true that much of the electromagnetic radiation from the sun does not seem “hot” especially wavelengths like radio waves, as you mentioned.
    But consider this: Put a cup of water into a microwave oven and hit it with radio waves it will soon start to boil. Stick your hand in it sometime and see if it is hot.

  52. Well you ought to know that without commercial/military value to a product scientists are not granted much in ways of research. Just take a look at the pharmaceutical society as an example … so it is hard to get excited about dead end pursuits and discoveries. Experiments are usually focused within the general funding system.
    And then there’s always the ridicule by colleagues and the mainstream should one think outside the box. Try to publish a paper without being the recipient and object of insults, ridicule and rejection from science reviews should a group or an individual dare venture and progress without the approval of all other cavemen.
    Maybe cavemen is a term too advanced for most … why not call all men mice. Yes, mice under the sharp eye of the great eagle and since science is not knowledge, nor is it wise, boxed into the confines and coffers of political agendas we’ll simply call it common knowledge. Remember just a few years ago the great domestic microwave and now plasma T.V.’s …
    Should be enough to keep us busy and satisfied for the next few centuries.
    Yes, you are right … who cares the true color of the sun or whether its nature is hot or cold or neither. It’s all silly. Philosophy today is limited to knowing a bit of history and a bit of the names of great thinkers… But it certainly is not the domain of great modern thought. Hollywood does the thinking for all the slaves and mice. And you better experience your world through your five senses and no more then just that! Water is wet! Sun is hot! Fire burns! The moon is black and white. There are no UFO’s. Ahhh … the great computer and data age will be quickly forgotten once we have to fight the 4th. world war with sticks and stones .. and in the dark. We’ll truly have to call that one ‘the cold war’, since the sun will turn to darkness.
    End of story. 😦

    • Abigail,
      You are one strange puppy.
      I do enjoy your blogs as it gives me plenty of chances to use my storehouse of knowledge I’ve accumulated over my lifetime.
      I think you are like chicken little – always believing the sky is falling and that we are all in great danger from all sorts of things both natural and supernatural. And not to mention millions of evil politicians and government officials and scientists through all sorts of conspiracies and cover-ups.
      If I believed all of them I would never leave my house, trust my V.A. Doctors or even connect to the internet.
      Someone has to try to ease the minds of all those folks who are frightened by these things. So it looks like I will have to be the great debunker here. Well, what else do I have to do now that I’m retired?

  53. Congratulation Marianne,
    Your website is now well over a million hits!
    A significant landmark … 🙂

  54. Marianne could u please erase my post I thought i was putting it in private guess i dont no how

  55. In what country do you all stay. Siener van Rensburg? Read what Deut. 13 says about visioneries and that we should not go after them. Also a wake up call should be given to all those who want to go to heaven…there is no heaven! The Bible says so. Jer 23″:5 say Kind david will rule on earth…so where does they heaven come from? Heb 11:13 says all the great men died not having received the promises…so nobody is in heaven. I dont understand all the hoo ha made by so called christians…maybe they are not true christians….Christ spoke of a little flock and little is definitely not the hordes of Christian which cannot agree on the basics. So what is the truth? Here is 1% of it:
    1. Sataurday is the sabbath and not the day of he sun or 1st day of week.
    2. God has 7 annual festivals and not xmas and Easter which are in actual fact pagen…yes I know you hide behind thamm as merely family days…Our God is a jealous God.
    3. Don’t eat pig…why cause God said so.
    4. Dont wear makeup ….cuase God said so.
    The list goes beyond a thousand wwhich will prove that we are on the wrong path.
    Dont believe me, go to http://www.realtruth.org and see for yourself

    • You’re right Max, there are all too few of us who understand and reject the paganism that has polluted most of today’s churches. We must reject the traditions of men and get back to the teachings of God. This will all be fixed when Christ returns but many will unfortunately perish by their pagan traditions which they will refuse to give up.
      See you in the new millennium.

  56. Unsubscribe me!

  57. Hi, Marianne,

    Just linked into your site a couple days ago and have been here much of the time or linking from your pages ever since. Just want to thank you for this blog. It is so great to have found a place on the net that discusses these types of issues in a manner consistent with what I believe and most of the world does not. Please keep up the good work.


  58. Wow Marianne, I found your website and started at the beginning of the blogs. After a half hour of reading, I scrolled to the bottom to see what the latest comments are. I was shocked, to put it mildly. Your being attacked. (Atleast in the month of March) I will pray for you and your strength to keep going in God’s name and his word.

    To the rest of you who use science or fear tactics to make a point on MARIANNE’S website, God said he will baffle man’s knowledge. Personnally, I look forward to that day.

    Just a thought worth sharing: Everybody has a different kind of relationship with God. No two people have the same kind of relationship. Correct me if I am wrong Marianne! If science is your thing, I think you will be amazed. It seems God has left his signature in science for us to find. I love that. If you knock, he will answer. I have found that out but it has to be serious attempts not just passive searches.

    Marianne, your an inspiration and a breath of fresh air. I’ve had issues with our church; heard tithe mentioned and abused at other churches; I have been ridden with guilt for not volunteering; outcasted for attending other churches; the list goes on. I even know of a minister who claims Revelations is just a love poem to God. I am appauld as well. But I will let God correct these people his own way. I am just one single person without a degree in Theology. I refuse to waste my time argueing with someone who feels they know more than me. I just pray for the congregation of that church.

    You go girl!

    • hi Julie

      Thanks for your comment. Getting attacked just comes with the territory,although I do not always regard disagreement with me as an attack.

      I let people hash it out here. But, hopefully, seeds are sown, so that we will see some fruit, and people will have a better defined faith, than a blind faith.

      I want people well informed, and ready to defend their views.

      A degree the theology is not a substitute for the truth. I know a theologian who does not even believe in the divinity of Christ, so what good is he?

  59. Marianne YOU must PAY ATTENTION!!!
    Please my FRIEND wake up!!
    Take a look at this video and then look at its’ comments.
    If you do not understand what you see then look at it again and again until you do understand!
    This is HUGE!

    • abigail

      While the conclusion may, or may not be correct, this is not the video to present. It is concocted by an amateur, and the conclusions are his, not NASA’s.

      What you are showing me is a bunch of stars on a screen. There is no way to distinguish a UFO from a star on this. It would be different if you showed a moving object against a still sky.

      For example, a video like this is more credible, an interview with an astronaut:

      • Surely you are joking.
        The conclusions are drawn from eye sight.
        As long as my eyes are sharp … I need no one to interpret what I can clearly see.
        This is not theory and this is not faith … this is what anyone with a bit of eye sight can truly see.
        There is a ship out there near our sun at least twice the size of the sun.
        Who would have thought that planet x or whatever you wish to call it is in fact a ship.
        Although from the beginning I knew it housed ‘the fallen sons of God.’

        And what I have presented to this forum (though it is not appreciated…
        and I know for the Christ in me told me before passover saying :
        ‘Disengage.’ I did not listen because I was still concerned for you and others.) is my best as a clarion of The Lord.

        I heard the captain of this ship when I heard the first thunder.
        He does not have a pleasant voice … sounds metallic.
        I then posted what I heard and that he is not small and does have power given to Him to do what he will do.

        They are dismantling!
        And this is not a theory nor is it a belief.
        The time for playing games is long pass.
        I can only pray that God Himself opens your eyes.
        Other than that farewell.

        • dear abigail

          While I, and others, do believe that something may or is coming from space, that is not the video to prove this.

          I have had 2 astronomers look at the video now, and they say what you see is artifacts. There may be a better quality video that would present this coming event better.

          Think for a moment, if there was something in space that was twice the size of the sun, then we would see it in broad daylight. I also saw nothing 2x the size of the sun on the video. There was a bright spot with a streak coming out of it, but it was much smaller than the sun.

    • laughing…..does anyone else miss abigail! I miss abigail…:) lol

      Where is that Cow abduction video!!!!!???

  60. Have studied the “NASA” video and the jpgs repeatedly but can in no way say I even begin to see anything unusual. In fact, I don’t even know what it is that I’m supposed to be looking at in the first place. The blue and white masses could be anything. I would think if it;s as of much import as is being stressed, the poster would just tell us all what we’re supposed to be seeing.

    • hi Dara

      I think James explained it best. Self appointed, amateur scientists just imagine what they want to be there, and post a video. I am with James on this one. I see nothing unusual, and nothing 2x the size of the sun. If it was there, it would take up the entire screen.

  61. This is another fanciful story based on a series of unrelated photos. You can tell it is bogus by the following fact. The star photos are long time exposures, probably many hours. The author claims that one or more of the “stars” are NASA satellites, but since they are moving objects at best they would show up as a streak in a short exposure and not at all in a long exposure. Obviously, the storyteller either was too dumb to know this or else he figures his readers are too dumb to see through his ruse.
    I always marvel at how smart these you-tube videographers are and how stupid NASA scientists are.
    And how blind are we all that we can’t see a space ship twice as large as the sun? Not a single person on earth ever saw it, not even the people who took the pictures. With all the thousands of telescopes and observatories around the world, no-one else saw it. Why is it always NASA that gets these pictures? And why is it that only you-tube “scientists” can ever figure them out?
    There is actually a simple explanation for that. In our country, NASA is a government agency and as such cannot hold any patents or copyrights on anything it does. Everything except military secrets are public domain. You owe a thank you to NASA for inventing the microchips that run your computer, for one thing.
    In addition, all of it’s vast library of photos are free to the public, and now with the Internet they are easier than ever to obtain. All the free photos you could ever want, or need – to do whatever you want with. Originally used by science teachers and astronomy clubs, but NASA never imagined how their images would someday be used.
    I also noticed that these images now have copyright notices on them. “WarriorKinging” 2010. Apparently the author has taken copyright-free NASA images and copyrighted them for himself. Is that even legal? Perhaps we should turn him in. He’ll get a $50,000 fine is all, but it would no doubt be worth it if the world can be warned in time!
    Frankly, I wish this guy would turn his enthusiasm and great insight in finding Osama Bin Laden and not monsters from outer space. I guess he just has way too much free time on his hands.

  62. Thanks Marianne,
    I home I can finally get thru to some people about the danger in simply believing everything you see on the Internet. There are a lot of nuts and goofballs out there.
    You’ve got to take it all in with a grain of salt. A lot of it is just yuksters having fun messing with peoples minds. Just because you can afford a computer and a video camera does not make you a scientist.
    Personally, I like to watch some of them as I consider it a challenge to find the mistakes they make in their assumptions or explanations. I’m always looking for that one video that will completely blow me away and totally amaze me.
    I’m still waiting.
    I’m STILL waiting….

  63. My humanity drives me forward … and so do not miss this …

  64. Abigail,
    Thanks for the link to the NASA page above. I went there and being an amateur astronomer for over 50 years I took the time to study the site and many of its links.
    I downloaded a few hundred of the images used in the above video in order to determine what the bright “star” in the middle was. It came into view on the right side on March 29, 2010 and slowly moved across to the current position a little past center left. In another week or so it will have moved out of the picture area towards the left side. I knew it wasn’t a slow moving spacecraft so I went to the “Artifacts” page and read the followinig:
    Welcome to the STEREO Learning Center


    Not everything visible in STEREO images is related to the Sun or the solar atmosphere. Some features are caused by the telescope optics, the cameras used to capture the images, or how the STEREO spacecraft are operated. These features can be quite confusing, and require some explanation. Below we outline some of the common non-solar features which appear in the images.

    Beacon data
    Stars, planets, and comets
    Background subtraction
    Cosmic rays
    Spacecraft rolls
    Internal reflections
    Corrupted and blank images


    Suspecting the object might be a planet I went to the “Stars, planets, and comet” page:
    and discovered that NASA has determined that it is just the planet Mercury, the closest planet to the sun. And believe me, NASA pretty much knows where all the planets are at any given time.
    The author of the video clearly never took the time to find out what the object was or worse he knew and flat-out lied to make up his story. He also made it seem like the time-lapse images were actually a real-time video thus speeding up the motion of the object.
    And the rest of his story is just as bogus.

    Take a look at all the list of what can cause all sorts of artifacts. In fact, go to the various pages an check out some samples. They remind me of many images I’ve seen in similar youtube videos. It has become a popular pastime to take some of these images and make up doom and gloom stories about them.

    I hope everyone takes the time I did to research the NASA website to see what’s really happening out there. If you’re looking for space invaders, buy the video game, don’t mess around with NASA photos and especially don’t make crap up.

    So there.

    • hi James

      Thanks for explaining that. I had gone to the NASA page, but could not figure out how to navigate around and find what I needed.

    • I hope with ALL of your 50 YEARS of experience you took the time to examine the prominence!!!
      I find you much TOO quick to put someone down!
      Whoever you are … you are insulting and crude!
      I don’t make anything up! … especially NOT CRAP.

      You think yourself smart??
      I think you are simply an egotistical idiot!
      Now go figure that OUT!!

    • ‘OMG! HUGE PROMINENCE: One of the biggest prominences in years erupted from the sun’s northwestern limb yesterday’ … from space weather.
      That is for the babbling idiot who could not recognize what I was offering this forum with ALL of his 50 YEARS Experience!!
      Your ego is blinding your reason!

      • at the moment, I do not see how your language is much different than his.

      • at the moment, I do not see how your language or attitude
        is much different than his.

        • Time of my expression has come!
          I have taken all the insults I am willing to accept.
          Even a dog has the right to bark!
          His was always a personal disrespect!
          I have swallowed the last bite!

          • I think James’ 50 years of experience should be respected.

            If you have scientific proof that he is wrong, then fine.

            But amateur videos and amateur interpretations from you tube are not proof.

            Get someone from NASA to back you up on your interpretation. That would be proof.

            Like I said, there may be very well an object, or a UFO, on its way here, but true scientific proof is more supporting evidence than videos posted by non scientists on you tube.

            • Whether you acknowledge truth or not it matters little.
              If you haven’t noticed people are being prepared …
              Nasa’s space program is closing down (so much for 50 years!)
              Alien’s are at the doorstep.
              The Solar Cycle is in progress.
              etc. etc…
              It matters little because you will see it.
              Then if you wish YOU can try to find a nasa scientist to confirm to you what you see.
              *As if they know everything …*

            • ya know i gotta say if someone constantly tried to make me look stupid i would react too an maybe he;s getting his facts from the history channel and your so quick to believe he has 50yrs experience when in fact you dont know for sure abigail doesnt seem to put ppl down when she blogs he does sounds like his james G. opinion is his way or the high way

  65. Thanks for the support Marianne. I hope I’m able to get thru to other folks out there trying to make up their minds.
    As for my attitude, I have nothing against Abigail personally, only the idiots posting false teachings on YouTube. If these people were making up wild interpretations of the bible, Abigail would be on their butts in a heartbeat, as would we all. When we know God’s word we don’t let anyone get away with twisting it and turning it into something evil.
    These YouTubers are like the Muslims or Mormons of science. They base their ideas on stuff they saw on the SyFy channel (I recognize a lot of it in fact).
    If you don’t believe the Koran, you shouldn’t believe these videos at face value.
    YouTube has no requirements that the person posting a video must be a credible source nor do they require any proof of what is being posted. In the news business they are what is referred to as “an unreliable source” and would never be trusted. Believe me, if this guy knew what he was talking about, this would be the biggest news story of the last 100 years and at least the tabloid stations would be all over it.
    Marianne is completely correct when she suggests that you get confirmation from a NASA spokesperson or even an independent scientist who is willing to stake his professional reputation on his opinions. Even a high-school science teacher would do.
    Well we all know that won’t happen, but if I ever do see one of these stories on the national news, I will change my tune.
    As for the solar prominences, they are real and can cause problems on earth by interfering with communications and they are increasing in size and intensity and will peak in 2012, then begin to subside. They have been going through this 22.4 year cycle for billions of years. We just never noticed anything until we invented radio. They are not harmful to life forms and they actually help regenerate the ozone layer, so they are not all bad. Or unusual.
    I don’t see what they have to do with the crazy YouTube video though – they won’t convince me that the guy is right so I’m not sure why you brought them up.
    It does show that there are some possible dangers from space we need to be aware of, including rogue comets and asteroids which we know have hit us before. I’m completely on board with stuff like that, and NASA will back me up on it.
    As for the YouTube videos, I will always be suspicious and check them out for accuracy and I will report any errors of outright lies I discover.
    And by the way, I’m not trying to put down Abigail personally and I apologize for my sarcastic sense of humor, if you don’t get it. Think of me as the Don Rickles of science.
    I will put down frauds and hucksters but not the people who may be fooled by them. I actually pray that God will give everyone the wisdom to see the truth. Only it is to be found in science books rather than the bible. If you’d read as much about science as you have in scripture you would have no problem with what I am saying.

    To put it all in biblical terms: Beware of false teachers lest they lead you astray.

    I love you all and don’t want to see that happen.

    God bless.

    • You are a hypocrite!
      ‘Only it is to be found in science books rather than the bible.’
      Truth is to be found in SCIENCE BOOKS????
      I do have a LOT of PROBLEMS with what you are saying!
      You are a hypocrite!

      • Abigail, please….get help and maybe some medication, k? You are scaring me. I am concerned for your mental health.

  66. Hey, while I’m at it I’d like to put in a word for the NASA scientists out there since they’re not here to speak for themselves. I actually almost became one, so I can sympathize. When I was graduating from Cal Poly Pomona I had a chance to apply for the Galileo Spacecraft project to Jupiter. If I had more reliable transportation to commute to JPL in Pasadena I might be a rocket scientist today. Instead I ended up working on ship based missile systems, so I did help bomb Saddam Hussein anyway.
    The fine folks at NASA have dedicated their lives to knowledge and truth. They have designed and built all sorts of incredible equipment and launched them into space in order to understand how the universe works. This is truly a noble profession.
    It irritates me to no end when people with no such dedication or educations continue to take the fruits of their efforts and use them for their own personal gain.
    Not only that but they totally ignore what NASA has discovered and simply make up wild stories based on their photos. When confronted with NASA explanations they claim that the NASA scientists don’t understand their own findings. They claim to be smarter than all the NASA people combined.
    Either that or they claim NASA does know the “truth” but there is a government-wide coverup going on. Well you can’t have it both ways folks.
    I’m sorry but NASA scientists are neither totally incompetent nor are they conspirators. They are intelligent hard working and honest and they deserve the respect due to them.
    As for space aliens, you may forget that one of NASA’s biggest projects is looking for extraterrestrial life. The two mars rovers are looking for it right now. The SETI project (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) has been looking for life signs for years. They are even utilizing everyday people with home computers to analyze their data in their spare time. They would like nothing more than to be the ones to discover such life. Believe me, they wouldn’t spend their whole lives looking for something then totally clam up once they find it.
    Think of that the next time you need to put them down in order to make a story more believable.
    So hats off to you at NASA – thanks for all your hard work.

    And while I’m ranting here I would like to address something biblical for a change – prophecy.
    I don’t know about you but I believe Jesus Christ will be returning in the next 25 tears to rule and reign over the earth for 1000 years.
    I believe in the battle of Gog, the wars of the kings of the north, south and east. I believe in Armageddon and the rule of the Antichrist. I believe in the 7 seals, trumpets and bowls and the disasters of the tribulation. I believe it because God said it.
    I do not therefore believe that the earth will be taken over by alien beings from outer space (except maybe Jesus) and that the antichrist will be a little green martian or a serpent being from a wormhole. If the earth were to be invaded by aliens shortly before the return of Christ we should read it in Matthew 24, not YouTube.
    Believe the YouTube videos or believe the bible. Take your pick. As I said before, you can’t have it both ways.

  67. Well there are surely a lot of ‘I’ and ‘ME’ in your comments.
    O Great ‘I’ what know you of Warrior King??
    Absolutely nothing!

    For one he surely knows weapons!

    • This response is only to those of you who are interested in knowing the truth about this new video.
      First of all, the first “laser ship” is the planet Mercury. Go to the NASA web site and they will confirm it.
      You can even watch it slowly orbiting the sun over the time frame of the photos. It is moving very slowly in a relatively straight light line. Not like a ship on maneuvers. The white lines streaming sideways are video artifacts from the digital image sensor. We have all seen the same effect at the movies when they turn the camera towards a bright light. I get them on my home camcorder too.
      As for being laser beams, that is not possible, for several reasons.
      First, if it was a ship, it would be too small to reflect enough light to show up in these photos.
      Second, if they are shooting a laser at the sun, why does it shoot out in both direction? And why does it always shoot horizontally with respect to the telescope?
      And how can they actually miss the sun after they have moved below it from our reference point?
      And here is the real catch; a laser beam is created by amplifying a single wavelength of light by reflecting it back and forth in a chamber with the use of mirrors. By adjusting the distance between the mirrors they can make it so the wavelengths bouncing back into the beam “line up” with the incoming beam. The two waves are in synch and they add together to make a larger wave. After many reflections and amplification the beam becomes intensely powerful.
      But here’s the rub, you must use only one pure wavelength of light – one pure color.
      A laser beam can never appear white, which is a combination of all visible colors.
      And another thing, the light from a good laser is collated, meaning it comes out in a parallel beam in one direction. The beam if not blocked by an object or dispersed by dust or air molecules etc., should continue in the vacuum of space just about forever without dimming.
      In theory, the beam should be invisible from the side since all the light is traveling bundled together. Even a bright flashlight beam is hard to see from the side if the air is clear,
      So, we could only see a laser beam if it were aimed right at us at it would be a pure color, most likely red.
      Therefore all of those white lines in the video can not possibly be laser beams. What they really are I mentioned above. Visit the NASA page on explaining the various types of artifacts that commonly appear in these photos.


      There are all sorts of lens flare visible here. They are optical effects, not real objects. He claims on is a very large comet, but doesn’t he know that comets glow for months as they approach and recede from the sun. Why were there no reports of a new comet on the news? Why did no one else on earth see it?
      Then he says he sees a real live worm-hole. A theoretical object never seen except in sci-fi movies and TV shows, which he obviously watches a lot of. But it looks a lot like the worm hole from Star Trek: Deep Space 9 so he’s sure that’s what it is. I almost expect him to claim that the ship is from the Klingon home world.

      It is clear to me that the author knows nothing about how lasers work and has no knowledge of digital astrophotography. Other than knowing how to make a slick iMovie presentation using photos that are not his to use, the only thing he knows how to do is make up cool sounding names for imaginary outer-space weaponry. If he really knows what he’s talking about why doesn’t he present us with his credentials? Where is his scientific method? How does he arrive at his conclusions?

      I hope none of you are sucked in by this nonsense. If you don’t believe what I’ve said and you don’t believe NASA, why would you believe some kid calling himself “Warrior King”?
      Check it out for yourself and if you don’t want to take the time to study the science stuff, then please, simply ignore these idiot YouTubers until such time as their discoveries show up on the nightly news, backed up by creditable reporters.

      You can put your tin-foil hats back in the closet folks, there is no danger here.

  68. Hi Miriam

    Is meditation a bad thing, I am a Christian who has been struggling with obesity for a number of years and have now tried meditation, I just need to know if this is the right thing, as they say obesity is also caused from emotional issues that trigger the brain to hold onto the weight.

    • hi Janine

      I think it depends on the type of meditation you use. For example, transcendental meditation may not be advisable, but just relaxation exercises would be ok.

      You do not want anything with a different spiritual focus than Christianity. No “higher consciousness” or “going toward the light” focus. No surrender of your body to a “higher power.”

      You do not want astral projection, or an exercise where you loose contact with your surroundings.

      Reading the bible, and deep breathing, getting quiet, and clearing your mind is ok.

      I hope you feel better, and I wish you success.

  69. God promised 10 times 10 return for the tithe…That is a pretty good investment…10 times 10 is 100 times.. So if you give 100 dollars God gives you back 10,000…Can’t beat that..



  70. Dear George and Abigail,

    Have you seen this?

    I have seen one big fireball in my life time – during the day – great to see!

    I would like to know if anyone knows if there is a web site that explains the impact of underground explosions on tectonic plate movement, volcanic eruptions, earth quakes etc other than http://www.iris.edu/seismon/

    • hi can’t wait

      Maybe this google search will help you.


      I would assume any powerful explosion underground would affect the tectonic plates.

      best wishes

    • Contrary to so many movie plots, underground nuclear explosions have no real effect on tectonic plates. When you consider the size and mass of these plates, the relatively small amount of energy produced from a nuclear bomb is like a fly landing on the Empire State building. The Tunguska meteor strike in Russia in 1908 was equivalent to 100 Hiroshima bombs and while it destroyed a ton of trees and did a lot of surface damage it had no effect on tectonic activity.
      As an example, the current Icelandic eruption has released the energy of many dozens of nuclear bombs, and it is actually right on a plate boundary (it is pushing North America to the west and Europe towards the east) we haven’t seen any related tectonic activity from it yet. These things take many many years to move enough to create a major earthquake, often in the order of 100 years or more. Here in southern California we have been waiting for well over 100 years for our next “big one” and we aren’t worried that a Nevada nuclear test will trigger it.
      If you are looking for a possible trigger, look at the moon and its powerful gravitational / tidal forces to kick off the event – but only when it is about to go on its own anyway.
      So maybe we should all be afraid of a full moon. We might want to lock ourselves in a sturdy room during that time. This will also help prevent werewolf attacks as well so maybe we should consider it.
      Something to think about anyway.

  71. Hail Yeshua. Prophet of kindness, tolerance & mercy.

    Hail Lucifer. Angelic Bearer of Enlightenment.

    Hail LaVey. Liberator of Men.

    May “God” & his evil be obliterated for all eternity by the people like you, who spread lies and fallacies.
    I find it satisfying that you will cause the decay & eventual fall of the oppressive religion that you seek to support.

    • You cannot have it both ways. 🙂

      You hail Yeshua, and then condemn God as evil.

      This is inconsistent.

      Lucifer is evil and so was LaVey. You need to get your facts straight.

      I am not here to support anything oppressive, only Jesus. Man corrupts what God has done, so that is the difference between religion (man), and a relationship with God (Yeshua).

      Seek the truth and you will find it.

      • Looks like this box of sound bites has just condemned himself to the lake of fire. And ironically he rejects the people who are trying their best to keep him out of it. Oh well, you can’t save them all.

    • The 12th. May/10 I witnessed in my skies the strangest looking helicopter ever seen.
      As it passed by over my head it dropped thousands maybe more transparent white looking birds. I observed these birds flying in multiple directions and VANISHED!
      Simply just disappeared in thin air!
      I expect an invasion is at the door!
      They have a plan in all of this and it is NOT for our amusement!
      Since Wednesday my camera is strapped to my waist.

      • that definitely is a strange sight to see.

      • So where exactly are your skies? I hope nowhere near me. And who are “They” who have the plan? The military? Space aliens wouldn’t be using helicopters so it must be someone local. Bin Laden maybe?
        And what’s with the magician’s birds – the ones that disappear? How dangerous are they? Will they peck our eyes out or just poop on us? Should I start wearing a hat?
        Inquiring minds want to know.

        • My skies are in my native country Canada.
          In the province of Alberta to be more precise.
          It was a strange looking chopper. And I know choppers quite well for I have flown many a time in these crafts.
          And this is why I said ‘STRANGE’.
          What tells you that aliens cannot appear in the semblance of their choice?
          I doubt very much that our military are involved in releasing transparent white birds.

        • The US government, and most likely others, have been involved in alien technology for a long time. I would not be surprised at anything flying around right now.

    • Wow, what is that bright object with the six giant spikes coming out of it? Must be an alien space craft. Fer shure!
      Am I missing something here?

    • Well Abigail, after all the silly YouTube posts you’ve put up I finally got your number and I know what is going on.
      I traced this video back to YouTube and discovered that YOU shot and posted it. (As cometodoyourwill).
      Now while I have a hard time realizing how some people can fall for some of the most ridiculous YouTube videos, I simply chalk it up to chronic gullibility. However, since I know you actually took this video, I am now in on the joke. We all know we are simply looking at the sun shining thru the clouds – we have seen it a million times in real life. The lens flare adds a dramatic effect and I even have several filters that intentionally create this effect, mostly for night shots and concerts etc.
      So we know after you shot this video you probably watched the sun slowly set and disappear below the horizon just like it does every day. No big deal.
      I could use forensic photography to prove we are looking at the sun, but why bother?
      So my dear, you are busted! You are just another hoaxter having fun with YouTube to see if you can get a rise out of truly gullible morons.
      Now THAT I can understand! I like a good joke and who knows, maybe someday I will try it myself. So here’s to you fellow yukster.
      You go girl!

      • Busted? You are a nut in a nutshell my dear James. I’ve never made it a secret that I master a you tube channel. And for your info I do not lie. And I do not use any special filters except for a 58mm UV (c) to reduce glare.
        I certainly am not a ‘hoaxter’ and am not out to deceive anyone nor am I having fun … just yet.
        Those I exchange communication with are not morons …
        Why are you set to put everyone down?
        A demonic problem perhaps?
        And since you have found my channel why not view my most recent videos?

        • I will ask you the same question I ask all the other YouTubers who think they have photographed something extraordinary… why were you the only person on the planet to see it?
          Where are the news reports? When a meteor streaks across the sky there is usually a dash-cam or surveillance video of it and numerous witnesses. Anyone can go outside and take a picture of the sun and claim they took it at midnight so it must be a UFO. But in every case the photos are not useful in proving the case.
          About ten years ago I wrote a book titled “Close encounters of the video kind.” In it I instruct the reader on how to take proper photos and videos of UFO’s – so that they could be analyzed by scientists in such a way so they could extract useful information about the object being photographed. I started with the knowledge of what to look for in a photo or video that could identify features, dimensions, speed and direction of the object. My concept was to teach a UFO hunter to take a definitive, irrefutable video of an extraterrestrial craft.
          So when I study a supposed UFO video, I know what I’m talking about.
          If you wanted to prove that your video was not the sun you should have turned the time code on and placed the camera on a tripod and left it on for a couple of hours. If it were not the sun we would expect it to speed off or disappear in some manner other than slowly dipping below the horizon and causing the sky to turn all red etc.
          Show this video to any credible scientific investigator and they will say the same thing. You have nothing here but a common image and your story, which means nothing if the video doesn’t back it up.
          You’ve got to do a much better job with your camera if you expect any intelligent person to believe you. Maybe I should send you a copy of my book but I’m afraid you might use it to do just the opposite.
          So now you know why I get bent out of shape every time I see a lousy video of a UFO. I’ve been watching them on TV for many years and have been yelling instructions at the screen on what to do with the camera but they never listen. Now I do it on the Internet. Sorry you are one of my victims but from my standpoint you deserve it.
          Oh, by the way, a U.V. filter does not decrease glare, it only increases it. It was designed for black and white film to correct the spectral (color) response of the emulsion on a clear day. Nowadays sellers recommend it to protect the lens surface from dirt and scratches. Not a bad idea but a serious photographer would remove it for the pictures. (Yes, my book gets that nit-picky).
          So as you can see, I’m actually on the side of serious UFO photographers. I’ve been hoping to see and photograph one for most of my life and I hope maybe you will run into one someday and perhaps get the first definitive proof of an extraterrestrial craft ever.
          Then I will do all I can to prove you are right.
          Until then I will continue to point out spoofs and fakers and not just because I’m mean and an unbeliever. I want to believe, but I’m not going to simply believe something just because someone on the web says it.
          To put it in your terms, if you believe the government(s) are lying to us and don’t believe anything they are telling us, why should you believe people you don’t know at all hiding somewhere in cyberspace with all sorts of hidden agendas?
          Beware of false prophets, and don’t become one yourself.

          • NASA has thousand of photographs of ET crafts.
            Where can one buy your book?

            • I’ve never offered my book for sale. I wrote it at my old office in my spare time to keep busy. I may someday update it to include new digital camera technology and try to sell it as an e-book, but for now I only have one printed copy and one I sent to a friend ten years ago.
              Maybe there is a real need for it out there and it might be worth my effort to get it ready to sell.
              I’ll keep you posted.

              • A none published work is useless and nothing to brag about.
                I also have many written grocery lists!

            • Hey Abigail,
              In case you were wondering if I actually wrote this book, just go to the site below. It will explain it in more detail and tell you how to get a copy when it is available.


              • I see your comment posted as May 27 …
                The very date 2 years ago that I died!!!
                Have no time to read YOUR book!!

                • My book would not do you any good. You are not photographing real UFO’s, you are faking stuff, in which case my techniques would only serve to prove your work to be fake.

          • And here is the filter I use and here is what is said about it!
            Reduce Glare and Reflections with the CIRCULAR PL
            Using the CIRCULAR PL filter, reflections and glare can be reduced significantly from non-metallic surfaces. A camera angle of 30 degrees from the reflecting surface (glass, water, etc.) is ideal for maximum effect.

            • OK, A polarizing filter is a lot different from a UV. I use them all the time in my nature photography. I have one for each of my lenses. That eliminate polarized light which includes reflections (glare) from some surfaces, like water. They can also darken a clear blue sky at angles around 90 degrees from the sun. Shooting directly into (or away from) the sun does nothing.
              Also, a circular polarizer is not nearly as effective as a “straight” polarizer. The circular design was invented because the original design caused metering errors in modern cameras. When this first affected my equipment I started using a light meter and manual camera settings whenever shooting with a polarizer.Too complicated for most folks so now the straight polarizers are almost impossible to find.
              While these filters can eliminate glare from external surfaces, they can actually increase FLARE which is due to internal reflection from inside the lens elements and the filter surfaces. The more glass elements, the more flare. With modern lens coatings the reflections are minimized except with very bright objects such as the sun. It is the reason some cameras appear to show two suns in some photos. In old cheap lenses you could see four or five suns sometimes. Photographers know this problem and usually try to avoid it by using sun shades or tilting the camera away from the sun. Now I find people who actually think the reflection is a second sun, even though they can’t see it without the camera. This tends to tell me that either these people are totally confused by the phenomenon and think the camera is seeing a real object not visible to the human eye, or they know what’s going on and are just seeing if they can fool some gullible people into seeing something that’s not really there.
              (That’s my moron/yukster hypothesis). Ask any professional photographer in your town and he will tell you exactly the same thing.
              When I was a photography teacher I had a whole night (3 hours) just for filters. Never talked about UFO’s though.

          • I miss abigail…..I miss the cow! 🙂

  72. Dear Gentle Person,

    The Goat is here.

  73. love the web site

  74. Benzene will kill you! Fema is planning to evacuate millions from Florida!
    You will want to read this! Now.

    • I am always intrigued by sightings like these from multiple witnesses. Right now I’m watching a UFO investigation on the History channel about sighting from a US Navy Aircraft Carrier and her crew. Unfortunately the only photos were two fuzzy white circles at the edge of some clouds. Very disappointing from a professional Navy photographer. I was hoping there would be some irrefutable photos in this vid but all we get is a glowing light behind thick clouds. It is no wonder these types of sightings don’t get investigated. There is no usable data on the video that a scientist could use to identify the source.
      I find these incidents fascinating, but the photos always appear to be quite useless.

  75. Now notice the dogs barking!
    Something strange on the west coast of Canada!

    • Hey, this is pretty clever. The guy used Adobe Premiere / After Effects to create or should I say re-create the Russian missile event over Norway earlier this year. Of course anyone familiar with CGI / special effects will recognize the digital footprint on the video. Not as good as Spielberg could do, but creative nonetheless.
      You know, at this point in time almost anyone can create realistic digital effects so we can no longer believe anything we see. We can’t believe this video any more than we can believe that the movie Avatar was a true documentary.
      Nowadays, the photographer must be able to verify that the images were captured in one sitting through an actual camera. If they were to supply a scientist or a news crew with nothing more than a DVD with the minute and a half of video on it they would be very skeptical. If however it was on a 2 hour family vacation video and could be determined not to be edited into it, then there would be interest in such a video.
      I’m certain this video would never stand up to such scrutiny.

      • There are thousands of witnesses. You are a moron! And I’m now convinced you are retarded. Your science/religion sucks big time!
        First you say you are a X soldier, then you say you are a geologist, then you are an oceanographer, then you are here to keep Marianne straight, then you are an astronomer, then you are a teacher, then you are a writer, then you are a photographer, then you are a seventh day adventist, then you are whatever your fancy suits you! Your expertise are all valueless. Keep on writing just to see your name appear here … I am not answering you further. You copy and paste your answers and are not honest enough to say so!
        Whosoever the h** you are I have no respect for you.

        • Other than oceanographer, I have been at some time in my life, all of the things you mentioned. Not all professionally, but I have studied many area of science and engineering, especially astronomy and geology.
          I was in the US Navy where I did electronic technician work and taught photography on the side. Then I went to Jr. college as a photo major and switched to computer engineering at Cal Poly Pomona in which I have my degree. I opened my own photo lab business from home in college and taught high school and adult Ed. photography part time. I worked as an engineer until my company moved out of state then started a computer typesetting / desktop publishing company (Lighthouse Publications). That’s where I wrote my UFO book by the way. I am also into horse racing and have written several books and computer programs which I sell on line at (www.bettorsolutions.net).
          As you can see I have had many interests during my life. I know stuff. In fact I know so much stuff that some people can’t believe it. They actually think I have to go visit some web site and steal their information to paste into my blogs. They think that no one could ever learn all the things that I know. They can’t believe anyone would take all the time to learn these things. They are from today’s lazy generation of couch potato kids who can only learn something if they watch it on TV or the internet. That’s too bad. You won‘t find the moronic crap you see on the internet in textbooks. But no one wants to read anything today except text messages and blogs.
          They are so uneducated they don’t recognize real science when they are told it. And they refuse to pick up a textbook to prove it.
          I feel like Jay Leno doing Jay Walking here.
          But I shouldn’t judge. Everyone has the God given right to be stupid. They can believe whatever they want, including that Allah is God, the world is flat or that PC’s are better than Macs.
          So have your fun, post your silly videos, think whatever you want.
          Keep trying to scare us about all sorts of imagined dangers. When you finally hit on one that is real, I will let you know and back you up.

    • here is a similar one…..but I have questions about both…..the camera was conveniently set up to capture what happened…in the first video..then in this next one, it is supposed to be an airplane, but the airplane is not moving while it takes the video. It also happens to catch the same event at the same time. The airplane is also too high off the ground. You can see the curvature of the earth….it looks more like a space view. Strange coincidence, if not staged. It was also “ready” to tape the event ahead of time.

  76. Same object from an airliner.

    • Well, this is clearly not the same event as the one above. It was shot later in the evening, the spiral part of the event is missing and the event is over ten seconds sooner than the first one. Also, no one on the plane including the shooter ever yells out “Hey look at this crap out the window!”
      Send these to the CSI crime lab and see what they say. They can pick it apart even better than I can.
      Also suspicious that they end up on the exact same web site.
      Nice try, but no cigar.

  77. ok everyone….

    watch the language you use!

    be polite!

  78. FYI here is a the link for the above videos …

  79. A third video has surfaced after talked on coast to coast a.m.

    • Good special effect but the person who created it needs a better video card or perhaps more RAM. His program (probably Adobe After Effects) was unable to properly render the effect smoothly. If the computer doesn’t have the processing power it will lower the number of levels of colors being generated so you get a banding effect. This was common with older computers but almost eliminated with modern fast processors.
      Once again, to prove this were real it would have to include much more footage both before and after the event. That would establish where and when the footage was shot. No scientific investigator would be able to extract any useful photographic information from this clip.
      Another guy that really need my book…

  80. O hi i read a few of the posts concerning the niece couple who are searching for God ,and have this advice for you .If you really want to talk to Jesus Christ.You can find Him alive in the blessed sacrament at the Holy catholic church and yes he is there both in Body blood and spirit and yes you can talk to him just like you talk to a very good friend but at the same time remembering that he is your Lord and Savior .Unlike other churches the Holy Catholic Church offers you a chance to be part of the body and blood of Christ by communion and further Jesus is there waiting for you day and night waiting for you in the Holy Sacrament of the altar.The rest is up to you .You may listen to me or you may listen to Satan ,But it really depends on how hard you want to find the TRUTH.

    • If I listen to you, does that mean the communion waffer turns into Christ’s body again, and the wine turns into his blood again?

      When you look at the communion waffer, is it held within a Sun disk?

      Just asking two questions. Don’t send me to hell for it.

      • be nice

        • Hi Lyndsey,
          Just wondering if you discovered something prophetic happening yesterday (July 11th) the day of the solar eclipse. I know you were expecting something biblical to happen but if it did I can’t find it in the news.
          Guess we will have to wait till 2014 and see what happens then.

          • If you are getting this auto response it is because I was raptured and no longer here…laughing..

            • did your heart skip a beat James! LOL

              I think the Eclipse being 3 years in a row on the same Jewish date-Av 1-was significant. Not exactly sure what it means but I am still learning…:)

              “Av 1 – August 1, 2008 – partial eclipse
              Av 1 – July 22, 2008 – partial eclipse
              Av 1 – July 11, 2010 – partial eclipse

              In the Jewish calendar, they are all on the first of Av, the day when Jews lament the destruction of their temples. As the story goes, Moses caught the people worshiping the Golden Calf on Tammuz 17. Therefore, the three weeks from Tammuz 17 to Av 9 are called “the dark time” and “between the straits.” It is the most sorrowful time of the year for Jews. From Av 1-9, no bathing is allowed; no comforts; no clean clothes; the Jew takes his shoes off; sits on an overturned chair and reads the book of Lamentations.

              However, there will come a time when God will reverse the fast days and turn them into feast days.”

  81. Are you on youtube?
    If so please apply for friendship with me – aussiesongbird
    Have read some of your posts here and been blessed by them. Thank you.

    • Hi Jan

      I am on you tube but I only have 2 videos. I am not very talented in this video category. I do better at writing.

      I love your reading of Psalm 19, and I love that psalm.

      I subscribed to your youtube site. 🙂

  82. The enemy has conspired against this great God fearing nation and the nations:
    There is none to stand in the gap and intercede for the people of the Lord. All seek their own gain. People roam over the mountains like sheep without a Sheppard. But the Lord God of Hosts will not allow the mischief of the evil one.
    The people relied on Corporate America for an unfailing check and have not prepared for these times. Corporate America became greedy, therefore transferring all the work the people had to places where they can profit not a 100% but over a 1000% if possible. They used the people to extract the sketches of what it took to build this great nation. Your children engineered the trains, the factories, the mining machines. Yet all has been taken, and the people are left to be slaves to greed and be consumed.
    The Government needs complimentary support we can provide. Governance is countered by selfish interests, legal manipulation and corruption. Blindly and unwilling they have been used in the exodus of Jobs, manufacturing and wealth to greener pastures.
    Where there is no vision the people perish. The country suffers for lack of knowledge to decipher the times. Where is the Church, the Body of Christ, and the Leadership of the Church?
    Church arise encourage the people. The state does not want to stand with you but you can stand for the People. Provide Manufacturing skills, help reopen factories, restore trade with developing countries. Quit criticizing the Government; use the little support they provide grow the country. “Occupy till I come” said the Lord Jesus Christ, engage for God’s sake.
    Watch what you listen in the News-media; Despite our advanced education, there has never been a people so misinformed as ours. Distortion of facts and control of knowledge as this is worst than Communism propaganda in the Cold War era.
    Help the people with raw material procurement, import and exporting. The world still buys and sells, or else China would not still be in business, we alone willow in politics and speculative financial demagogies. You can still afford homes, if only there were jobs and home values were not manipulated. China prizes our products, Africa, Asia and Mediterranea still need what we make, and Europe wants a competitor.
    Gather your strength, resources and knowledge. For the sake of the body of Christ, the Land and the People we will provide engineers, researchers and developers in any field there is. Engage for sake of the people. Contact us: vpinc@mail.com

  83. […] 1 Comment » This is not my first blog post but definitely my first blog site of which I am the author…I started blogging on the infamous blog site, Heaven Awaits, author is Marianne Tioran, who has over 1.3 million hits! I strongly urge everyone to visit her site @ https://heavenawaits.wordpress.com/home-page/ […]

  84. I respectfully ask that you not send me any more updates or messages by e-mail. Somehow your updates are getting through despite my having them blocked. I know of no other way to tell you this. Thanks.

  85. Hi Marianne,
    I’m not receiving your subscription, as usual, and I’m not sure what happened. I miss them dearly. Can you help me out? Thanks…. Carla

    • Hi Carla,

      I checked, and somehow your address came back as “not deliverable.” Sometimes, your email carrier does this to me. Unless I am in your address book, or whatever their rules are, I get identified as spam and rejected.

      I will put you back on the list.

      Another thing you can do is subscribe directly to my post with the RSS feed button, which is on my site. It is the big orange button right below the map in the right column.

  86. Do you believe in the 3 world ages?

  87. […] our Info Page, may be well aware that earlier this week sparks flew between author of the Christian Heaven Awaits Blog Page, hosted by the mysterious Christian persona Marianne and Warlock Asylum based on the […]

  88. Love the snow marianne!! Let it snow, let it snow…….Happy Chanukah!!


    OLIVEA said this on February 19, 2011 at 11:48 pm | Reply

  90. 2/23/11 I have not received your mail because I had to change my
    email, due to non-function of Earthlink for me. I changed my email
    in this program. Thank you and bless you. Mariel

  91. Thank you. Mariel

  92. I have read a few of the threads here. . . I love this place!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to join in the discussions as soon as I get more time. I have a question right off the bat. I just came to the website and it already has my name and email–how did that happen?
    I thought it was fascinating that a lot of the new posts start out with “I was looking something up and I found this site.” Well that’s what happened to me. I was looking up threshing barley because I was trying to correlate it to the raptures and, you guessed it, I found this site.
    I am born again, spirit filled, spirit baptized with the evidence of tongues, taken out of the formal “church”, pro Israel, and I was ready to be raptured several years ago!
    I go to Rapture Ready and Five Doves and I hope to really enjoy this site except I wonder/hope that we are not here much longer!
    It’s late. . . can’t wait to join in.

    • hi linda

      I am not sure how the system got your name already if this is your first time here. Perhaps you were on other “wordpress” blogs and it “remembered” you from there.

      I have an email list and can put you on it. Also, if you want something quicker you can subscribe to the blog by clicking the orange RSS button on the right hand column.

      As you described yourself, spiritually, that is what we are here.

      I have some posts on the barley harvest. There is a search button so you can look around.


  93. I ask & seek healing & deliverance on behalf of my brother who is afflicted with stage 4 of GBM brain tumour. May God have mercy on him & all my family members, pardon him and bring about transformation & miracle like we saw in Lazarus. May his good deeds be seen and may God pardon him & release him from all his bondages. Thank you LA 030511

    • dear Francis

      I have put your brother on my prayer list, and will keep him there until I hear he is better. I agree with you in prayer for his healing, in Jesus name, and I cover him with the blood of Jesus for complete deliverance from all afflictions.

    • dear Francis

      I have put your brother on my prayer list, and will keep him there until I hear he is better. I agree with you in prayer for his healing, in Jesus name, and I cover him with the blood of Jesus for complete deliverance from all afflictions.

  94. How do I personally contact some of these people or email them? I relate so much to someone on here and need to speak with them.

    • hi Dianne

      You have to write (you get my email with my response), and tell me who it is, and why you want to contact them.

      I then write them and see if they will give their email address to you.

  95. Hello, Marianne – I see on your website where there are titles for subjects about pray for China, pray for Israel, but I couldn’t find a subject with a title for – pray for the United States. I would not like to think the US is beyond being helped by prayer. All I know, as many of your readers do as well, is that the US needs all the help it can get, especially these days.

    I just saw a news report on a Federal Judge in Texas that has barred a high school from any public prayer at graduation. But it isn’t just “public” prayer. This ruling also means they must remove “invocation” and “benediction” from the graduation program and replace them with “opening” and “closing” remarks. No one may say “Amen”; “bow heads” or “prayer” in any manner, or in (any particular deity’s) name, we pray.

    What is happening to this country? Apparently someone sued stating if such things happened at the graduation they would suffer great harm. Whatever happened to free speech (especially for the invited speakers)??? This ruling has been interpreted by some to mean that the person speaking can’t even thank “God” for their achievements.

    Soon, someone will sue again to remove the “under God” portion, and win, from our Pledge of Allegiance, and perhaps soon an order for the US Treasury to remove from our money, “In God We Trust.” I could just cry. I know I am “preaching to the choir” so to speak, but I had to cry out loud! Somewhere.

    The news was on FOX and can be found on their website at: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/06/02/prayer-prohibited-at-graduation-ceremony/

    I am just sick. I understand the school district is appealing.

    God, help us all.

  96. Religious freedom, freedom of speech. Our “inalienable right” to honor, worship, acknowledge, and SPEAK of and to the One who has blessed us. Though God’s plan will unfold as He intends, we who rely upon Him and pray to abide by His will sometimes pray for what we would prefer, believing it is what He wants . . .

    . . . and perhaps sometimes it is. I just read in my small newspaper that just arrived in the wee hours this morning, the headline: “Texas court allows prayer at graduation.” “The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted an emergency appeal filed by the Medina Valley Independent School Distrct.” The article doesn’t clarify if the appellate court has reversed the lower federal court’s ruling earlier this week barring any sort of reference to God or prayer, or that the Circuit Court of Appeals has granted a hearing. The headline sounds like the lower court was reversed.

    It just makes me wonder, if one person is offended, then all the rest of us must yield to that one person? If this Washington based group, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, (who backed the original lawsuit in Texas) is so concerned about an athiest being offended, they would bar someone from attending a graduation, or even a hearing in a court room, in fact – someone wearing a cross, or any other symbol of Jewish, or Muslim, or Native American symbol or any sybol religious nature?

    Doesn’t the Supreme Court open with prayer? Ugh, I don’t want to get started . . . I am just grateful a higher court appears to have allowed, “granted”, a graduation to go forward that includes prayer.

    (When will they understand that we all answer to an even Higher Power? Yes, Marianne. It is scary that so much of what this country was founded on can be so easily challenged.)

    Perhaps, though, maybe there is hope.

    • hi Denise

      True. a few say they are offended by prayer. Well, maybe WE are offended by the LACK of it.

      But the few make more noise than the rest of us, which is how they get their way. That is why we are called the silent majority. Christians need to make noise too.

      Imagine the response if ALL the graduates protested and refused to come to the ceremony if prayer was banned.

  97. OK, Marianne, I am leaving a reply here and hoping to get back on the list again. Somehow I am not receiving.


  98. Hallo Marianne,
    I stumbled across your Blog by chance , and obviously the input about South Africa and Mandela got my attention.
    That person answering about the atrocities of Mandela, was not wrong in anyway.
    I for one, do not advocate death and destruction on anything created. Live and let live, is the way of GOD !
    I do not agree with the perceptions of uplifting any human being into a position of a God or someone we need to or must revere for his or her input into societies well being ! This position only belongs to the Creator.
    That there is a World blight of darkness crawling at a rapid pace from country to country is a fact. We have far to long crawled and curtsied to the Creator and all was in vain because no creation has the right to patronize the Creator in its daily requirements.
    ( Here is an example..Oh dearly beloved, and great God of Love and what ever and more of this and that.. and then we say .. give us our daily bread and so forth.. What utter trash to spew out of our minds, and we regard ourselves privy to be special for presenting our thoughts about God and the future as if we are Gods !
    Our lives are nothing more than a Patronizing worship of the Creator, when we were never ever asked or told or instructed by who ever we perceive God to be, to do just what we do.
    That is, tell others what God suggested we should teach and instruct them, and all just to gain, that so called personal thought of I told them this and that, and now like many other teachers of the Faith, I have a seat in the front rows of Gods Government !
    We have utterly and totally moved away from Gods way ! We advocate the teachings of our Churches and their beliefs, as to what they regarded as the truth regarding old manuscripts and trash they found. It was after all just a method to continue to hold fast on societies, with a fist of fear and death and destruction, which is the teachings of these faiths. Where is God ? I can assure all those who go to Church everyday, and live by this method, that they are lost and will never gain any purity of mind, and they will return to this domain over and over till they get it right !
    I do not care what was done by Bush, Mandela or P.W.Botha or Hitler, or all those War and Power Mongers, the fact remains it was done by those who were in power, and they used their so called teachings of their countries faiths and beliefs, which was fear death and destruction to those who do not follow to gain the upper hand in their Wars and atrocities.

    God was not involved ! I have to say it again “God was not involved, and still is not involved, for God lets us get on with our lives by hook or by crook, and only if we ask, will there by guidance, and most of all
    “We may not patronize a living God for our needs”

    That creeping blight of darkness will continue to move across this World, and only if we turn around, face it as Godly beings, and by the power of the Creator banish these ways of life we have created, then and only then will we face the many many years of peace and good will to all of creation.

    GOD indeed, must be a patient Creator !

    Never ever forget the story of the “Patronizing Worshiping ” method for it is the fall of mankind !
    I trust you and all those who read this, will spend a few minutes on this last part and work out what I am actually referring to, when I said Patronizing ways !

    Peace and goodwill to you and all your endeavors.
    From Andrew and Southern Africa

    • hi AHBotha

      I agree. The holy spirit is the only teacher worthy sitting in the front row of God’s government, and God should be the only leader.

      Man has a lot of pride, and is foolish enough to think he can rule with his limited mind, a world that is too vast for him.

  99. dear marianne, I am a newie at this internet stuff this is the first for me, I just want to share what I percieve from reading many of your posts and the many replies from the many of Gods wonderful children, the fruits are what are evident to me, I can sense in your words love and patience and the yearning to share our Lord Jesus’ wondeful message of salvation. Be encouraged, I appreciate your hard work and thank you for your dilegence.

    • dear asheepieofthesheperd

      thank you for such a sweet note.

      I appreciate every person that comes here. It is a blessing to me to share what is here, and also to receive more ideas from visitors.

      May god bless you and keep you safe.

  100. Where do you get all the great graphics and permission to use them?
    Thanks for your blog.

    • hi john

      I just search the public domain for images, and pick out something that fits the topic. I try to avoid copyrighted ones…..since it is hard sometimes to locate the author and get permission.

  101. I need warfare prayers for my friend, who is 21 years old. He met this girl about 3 months ago who is 29 years with 2 children and has decided to marry her in the next 2 months. Within the time they are together they have had up and downs even broken up. Both she and his mother has cast a spell on him, his mother wants to control his life and she wants him for herself. He had a precious previous girlfriend within his age range and they were getting along very well with no problems. Whilst he was with the other girl he came back in his girlfriend life several times telling her I want to be with you. They were together for 2 1/2 years, but the mother did not like her because she did not like to gossip with her. Recently he just got up and walked out of her life and went to meet the 29 year lady whom he is about to marry. He really needs powerful prayers to get out of there. This is exactly what the mother did to his father and he is in a bad condition right now. So Please pray for my friend and his father for the spells to be broken before it is too late and he goes to live with the girl and they get married. Neither of them believe that anybody could do them anything in Jesus name amen. His precious girlfriend is craving to have him back in her life.

    • dear Anonymous

      You have my prayers. Your friend needs to make up his mind. Right now he seems too influenced by what the women think. Try to get some friends together, and use a group approach to appeal to him to think this over better.

  102. I was born in a Christian family.

    Being brought up as a Christian I started studying bible believing Jesus is the Christ and son of God. I happened to believe that Jews lost their kingdom and they were scattered all over the world and was subjected to indescribable sufferings and persecutions because they rejected Jesus and crucified him. When I studied Bible and Jewish history I found they are not a lot to be hated and to be ignored. The hatred, reproach, persecutions, killings and sufferings they met in this world annoyed my mind very much.

    Being a Christian I believed that If Jews can accept Jesus as Christ and son of God they can overcome all their problems and find out everlasting peace in their life. I intended to write a book to convince them undoubtedly that Jesus is the Christ and son of God. With this intention in mind I again began to study Bible and history to collect materials for my book. I spent whole my life for this venture, I can say about 45 years I spent to study Bible and history. .

    To my great astonishment and against to all my expectations and wishes I found Christian Religion is not built upon the teachings of Jesus. In fact Jesus never claimed he is the messiah or son of god. Christian belief and preaching from A to Z is wrong. Christian religion is the culmination of wrong interpretation of Bible. Hence I found A new and different interpretation is necessary to reveal the hidden truth in the New Testament. Why?

    St.Paul, known as the master builder of Christianity says “We know in part and we prophecy in part” (1.Cori.13:9) If knowledge of Paul and other apostles are not full and perfect, how can their interpretation or teaching be perfect? Paul continues, “But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away” (13:10) It is evident from the words of Paul that he expects that which is perfect will come. So He advises us, “ Leaving the discussion of the elementary principles of Christ, let us go to perfection, not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and faith towards God, of the doctrine of baptisms, or laying on hands, of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment.” (Hebr.6: 1-2) Do Christians have any thing new to say other than what Paul mentions as the elementary principles of Christ?

    Paul is certain that the things they taught the Christians are not perfect. That is why Paul says, “I could not speak to you as to spiritual people but as to carnal, as to babes in Christ. I fed you with milk and not with solid food; for until now you were not able to receive it.”(Cori.3:1,2) Paul said it at the childhood of Christianity. 2000 years have passed and still Christians are drinking the milk provided by Paul. Are not the Christians now able to take solid food?

    Paul says, “ When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” (Cori.13:11) Paul wants the Christian religion to do away with childish things when it will attain maturity. Can any one always remain a child? Has not Christian religion grown up enough to understand the hidden truth in New Testament? A new and different interpretation is necessary to reveal the hidden truth in the New Testament..

    Jesus said “ Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword “. (Mt.10:34) Main function of Messiah is to bring peace, but stating I have come to bring a sword Jesus clearly says he is not the messiah. But What the world think about Jesus ? Even the persons who do not believe Jesus is Christ and son of God think that Jesus was the prince of peace. And the world celebrates the birth day of Jesus exchanging wishes for peace. It is interesting we don’t know the exact date of birth of Jesus. Do you think that Jesus was a liar to tell “I did not come to bring peace but a sword”?

    Jesus Said “ I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel”
    Mt. 15:24. Jesus didn’t went out side of Israel for preaching, not only that He instructed his followers “ Do not go into the way of the Gentiles and do not enter a city of Gentiles , but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel “. But what the world think about Jesus ? Christians all over the world believe that Jesus came to save human beings all over the world from their sins. Again Was Jesus a liar to tell “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel“?

    Before his death Jesus prayed to God “ Father I have glorified you on the earth.
    I have finished the work which you have given me to do. John 15:7. I have manifested your name to the men whom you have given me out of the world.
    They were yours, they have kept your word. I have given to them the words which you have given me. I pray for them, I do not pray for the world but for those whom you have given me, for they are yours. Now I am no longer in this world but they are in the world. I do not pray that you should not to take them out of the world, but that you should keep them from the evil one” (John.15:6,9,11,15). Remember Jesus preached only in the synagogues of Jews and nowhere else. So Jesus gave the word of God only to the Jews and he prayed for Jews only and Jesus said “ I do not pray for the world” . Why Jesus the person who came to save the world pray for Jews only ? And who is this evil one in the world?

    Jesus commanded his disciples ( not merely instructed ) that they should tell no one that He was Jesus the Christ. Mt.16:20. Then why Peter and apostles preached Jesus was the Christ?

    Jesus Said ,” Not every one who says to me. Lord, :Lord “ shall enter the kingdom of heave, but he who does the will of my father in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have not prophesied in your name, cast out demons in your names, and many wonders in your name ? And then I will declare to them I never knew you, depart from me, you who practice lawlessness.” Mt. 7:21-23. Will anybody other than a Christian will call Jesus “Lord ,Lord”. Will anybody other than a Christian can do miracles in the name of Jesus ? Will anybody other than a Christian prophecy in the name of Jesus ? Then why Jesus will tell them I never knew you? Is Jesus a Cheat to say like that to his disciples ?

    My book will give accurate answer for unanswered questions like this. My book will prove very systematically that Christian religion is the result of wrong interpretation of Bible. Then was the apostles of Jesus misleading the world or cheating the world ? Why all these things happened? Answer for this question is in the words of Jesus “ Do not think that I came to destroy the law or the prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill”. How Jesus fulfilled the Law ? My book will reveal the astonishing unbelievable mystery.

    Would you examine my work and if you are convinced that my work is worth to be published, would you please help me to publish my work.

    • dear Daniel

      the answer is , “No I won’t.”

      You are a confused man who has obviously never read and understood the bible.

      Your “45 years of study” is not believable.

      I am not going to spend time trying to untangle this confusion.

      You write like a Muslim.

      Sell your book elsewhere.

      Try opening the bible for the first time, and read it and see what you say is wrong.

  103. Idiots! get me off of your email list or else!!

  104. i am meik of the levi tribe, and i have studied much of the scripture, not just our basic.instruction.before.leaveing.earth but open minded to see all half truth. i know i am spiritually advance, and i know i am on a different level than alot of my family and friends. i know who my heavenly father is and no doubt do i have his name written on my 4head. yet i feel so lost not praying but singing for my true israel who contends with images of God, men, and woman and prevail to manifest Christ in all, and all in a song, i sing to God everyday, that i shall be his most low that shall cut down all images, who believe themselves higher than my God and make known the most high, for no image is God only like God. Who is like unto God? who is a greater merciful friend, and greater adversary like unto my Love? the heavenly host talk to meik, and say sing a betterr song for you to find ur people…. i know who i am, i know my God, and i know the enemy… yet i feel that it was the levi tribe that have been since the beginning and it was thummim the staff of moses that was the serpent to eden..and not breastplates. So we levi in fact was us who created our adversary, for it was only the adversary that made Israel strong! i know this world is not my home, yet to ascend to my true home i must first conquer this world with the only true army of 1 God that i am in search for. i just turn 24, and i feel that i even helped alexander the great conquer the known world when he was 24! and i feel in my heart that i am Michael? the arch who holds a covenant in my heart that i am a ark that never parts from the true God for i am legion for i am many…. i am the son of jacob, for i am the heal catcher of the first borns right. to manifest all as ChristIsrael ,and savior of nations in a song.

    even so i know and see the nakedness of God, that i know and made a riddle for the paradox of God! solve meik’s riddles than you will know God’s reason why it plays a fiddle

    riddle # 1 the paradox of God

    How can a perfectionist prove itself, if there is no imperfection to correct?
    God needed it’s fix, so it created ________ out of ___________ : and Man needed someone to blame so he created _______ out of his ____________

    riddle # 2 the 3 universal languages of the universe

    what are the 3 languages all speak? 2 were created unconditionally by God. and 1 conditionaly created by man. and they all start with the letter M? yet 1 controls and is the master of all….

    riddle # 3 what 2 brothers that always rival each other, once they give to each other O and I! 1 will gloat I God, for he would finally make his brother a reflection of Love

    702-771-3735 call meik,
    who is like unto God? who seems to know that the true heavenly host of 1 conquers all wars with song and dance. i am well with my tongue and i seem to see how the bible taught meik that everything outside my 10th heaven is all half true. even the bible is half true. for 1 and 0 are the true numbers, the rest of the nurmbers are virtual. its like i have been to the past and seen it myself and i am moses apprintice who knows that urim is a sword of truth, and thummim is the staff and snake we use to manipulate virtual reality, and new jerusalem is the only virtue reality. i have so much more to speak of, yet it is funnerr when i do it in song, truly i sing you can u help meik with a better song i am nothing without my host of 1. for i do know the secret name of God… for we add on to the name of God when ever the host saves another 1 like God. true Christ is Harmony.

  105. Serious question: The Bible was written a couple of thousand years ago, first in what language – Hebrew? Then translated to, Greek? Then somewhere in there,to German? Then at some point translated into English, then English again, and again? How does one know that the Bible, one picks up today, is actually the Word of God, when man has rewritten it over and over and over through translations, however revered those individuals were? I have had a personal relationship with God since age 3 (if not before.) I won’t go into how I know, I just do. It is real, though some is faith and trust, it is also a “knowing.” But, I have difficulty reading “words” and even more difficulty hearing or believing someone from a pulpit delivering their personal interpretation. This web site is the closest I have ever found to any real “church” as I also “believe” and “know” that God’s house does not need nor have walls. For this, I thank you, Marianne.

    • denise

      the language the bible is written in should not matter. If in doubt, one could take different translations and compare the verses side by side, to see if the content changed. remember, the words used can vary a little but still have the same MEANING….

      for example, the word clothing could be used instead of the word garment…..it would not matter which word was used….the meaning of the verse would remain unchanged.

      the word will be true if it changes you.

      like anything, it takes time in the Word for the Word to become part of you, so that it does mean something. we read first on a superficial level, but with time, we see more and more about what is really there, and then it really “speaks” to us.

      do not give up on the “words” you read…..read them for the truth they hold…let that determine what you believe more than what man tells you.

  106. Hi Denise,

    If I may add that God has the power to ensure the integrity and infallibility of
    His Word, despite human involvement, and any attempts to corrupt it; this you
    can be sure of. Anything God does or purposes cannot be undermined or thwarted.

  107. Thank you, Marianne and Richard. Sometimes we (I) forget who is in charge! 🙂 Of course God would not let his Word be mangled. And yes, I let what “speaks” to me, and more importantly, what changes me, be my guide.

  108. When I was 3 years old, that I got up from bed and started walking, I was guided, to the front door, when I got to the front door the door was opened, it is always closed during the night. When I looked out the front door,I saw a Lady with the Sun on her back, then my Mom came and asked what I was doing there, I just pointed outside where the Lady with the Sun on her back was. My Mom also saw the Lady with the Sun on her back, my Mom said it was the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mom said she had a crown of twelve stars, the Sun on her back and the moon under her feet, my Mom said it was 3 am when this happended. My Mom said when she saw the Virgin of Guadalupe, she then disappeared. My last name is Nino, which means child. 2008 was a very active year, I recieved the Tree of Life, how that happened, it was the middle of the night when I heard a knock on the front door, I went to check and when I opened the door, I didn’t see anybody there, then I felt a Spirit penetrating my body, then I closed the door and went back to bed, I had a dream/vision of the Tree of Life, when I got up in the morning I kept repeating Tree of Life over and over again, I recieved the Tree of Life in my mouth, then on the day of Pentecost of 2008, which was May 11, I was healing people, it is that I passed through death several times in my life and the last time I saw a bright light and it was God, and God told me that I could heal people but not charge them, them God said to me that He was goin to send me on a mission back to earth, this happened in the 1980’s. As I was saying I was healing people on the day of Pentecost of 2008, it was about noon when I felt Fire on my hands, the more I healed people with God’s Grace, the hotter my hands got, this was at noon, in the evening I was using my computer in my room when all of a sudden I stood up. I thought to myself, why did I stand up, then I started walking towards the front door, and I thought to myself where am I going, then I ended in the front lawn facing North. The Holy Spirit was in control of my body, the a prayer came from the Holy Spirit out of my mouth, “I pray to you Almighty God to send a sign to the people who have no faith.” Then the Holy Spirit raised my right arm and my hand was pointing to the universe, then energy and rays came out of my right hand into the universe. When I got up the next day, I heard on the news that China had a big earthquake, then weeks past and my brother came to visit, we were sitting in the front of the house when I started to tell my brother what had happened, I said the prayer that came out of my mouth, and raised my right arm and pointed to the North, and energy and rays came out of my right hands. Then in the news I heard that there was a big earthquake in Pakistan, then I went to speak with a Catholic priest about what was happening, I told the priest if I repeat what the Holy Spirit said, there will be an earthquake, but I said to the priest, I will say it so that you can here it. The next day there was an earthquake in Italy.
    About the end of the month of October of 2008, I was in bed asleep, when I heard, “This is the Word of God,” then I got a paper and wrote the time and date when it happened, days later the Word of God spoke to me again and said:”Have Faith and Believe in the Word of God.” Then in the beginning days of November of 2008, during the early morning hours when I was asleep, I heard,:”I am the LORD thy God, minutes later I heard, “I am the Word of God,” minutes later, I heard, “I am the Just Judge,” days later in the early morning hours when I was asleep, I heard, “Never loose faith in the Word of God.” I was having a dream/vision, I saw that the Spirit of Christ came into my spirit and my spirit into the Spirit of Christ and we became One in Spirit. There was a time when the Word of God spoke to me again, George W. Bush was president at the time, and the Word of God told me to tell the government that the earthquake that happened in Washington D.C. was a warning, I thought to myself how can I tell the government that, so I didn’t say anything, the second day came when the Word of God told me to tell the government that the earthquake in Washington D.C. was a warning, so I didn’t say anything, the third day the Word of God spoke to me and said to tell the government that the earthuake in Washington D.C. was a warning, so on the third day I told the government that earthquake wa a warning. Many Blessings and Graces to all.

  109. Mariane have you heard of United Nations Agenda 21? I myself vaguely knew of it til I really looked into it in the recent 2 months. It started with the Rio Summit back in 1992&things have been happening since. This is their plan for the USA by 2050. 75% of the land returned back to nature& no human access. the end of private property& single family homes&they want 2/3 of all home owners&property owners off their land by 2020. No more living in the wilderness,country/rural areas, small town, suburbs&many small cities. Eventual only 11 mega-cities with “stack&pack” barracks/dormitory/communal style housing with no privacy. There will be no elevators in this housing. No more appliances,no electronics,no ac, no heating, no hot water, no private food-ohh a vegetarian diet for all,cafeteria style communal eating for all no travel&no pets, private cars will be phased out, no ownership of gold/silver/platinum metals or precious stones including jewelry. Electricity only by solar panelss&wind turbines, all other power plants dismantled. These depopulated towns,cities&rural areas willbe dismantled&disposed of the wrecked buildings&houses A one child policy in which the state will take the baby to raise it. Yes they plan to destroy marriage, the nuclear&extended family. Education will be “dumbed down to illiteracy since the new world order there will no longer be any colleges, universities&trade schools or high,middle or elementary schools. Because it is a post industrial/manufactureing/consumer world with a no growth serfdom/peasant/dark age/stone age economy. A post commercial agraculture with no more green revolution. Farming will be done with only human&animal labor(most likely-human labor). Agenda 21 calls for a 90% reduction of population. Agenda 21 calls for elimination of most of the worlds religions(monotheism,bhuddism,zorasterism) but first&formost Judeo/Christianity is at the front of the list to be eliminated from the world. A satanic trinity of new world order philosophies-a secular/atheist/humanist new world order society in the mega-cities,a polytheistic/animistic-folk&new age religious society amoung indigenous peoples-only ones allowed in wilderness areas a occultic/satanic/luciferian society-the elites that will rule over the other two.All 3 will be separated&there will be no prostelizing. There is a shadow regional government since 1992 tied into the UN that will eventually absorb the federal, state, county&local governments. Those behind agenda 21 mean business&will kill anyone who tries to fight them when they really come out of the shadows. Marianne check this out online&on youtube, agenda 21 is the new world order rising up here&all over the world.

    • hi ronnie

      yes, I have heard of this. that may be the plan of the UN, but it will never happen. God is still in control. those that destroy others will be destroyed by God, so the plan will fail. however, it is wise to know their intentions.

  110. Yes, all this is true. And I’ve also heard that very soon, in order to stop the population explosion, every person on earth will be euthanized on their 25th birthday. And to help stem the food shortages, the dead people will be processed into food for the living, called soylent.
    it’s true… trust me. I have a YouTube site.

  111. Really? Sounds like the bad 1970’s movie, “Soylent Green.” Sometimes really wierd rumors are spread just to keep people in fear, and thereby controlled. Trust in your Lord your God and what His plan holds for you.

  112. Yup Denise,
    Also the movie “Ryan’s Run.”
    My point is that often people read books or see movies and think they are based on fact. Case in point, the “Left Behind” series of books and movies.
    While the author has admitted it is mostly made up, more Sci-fi than bible prophecy. Yet the majority of today’s Christians actually believe almost all of it.
    The 7-year tribulation, the antichrist, the New World Order, One-World religion, One world Currency, and the chip in the hand/forehead are all pure screenwriters fancy. Just as the case above, none of it is even possible with today’s political situation and level of technology. It is pure Sci-fi.
    But people believe what they want to believe. They get an idea in their head and they run with it forever. Not such a good idea when it comes to the tribulation and mark of the beast.
    So little time, so much false prophecy.
    Oh well.

  113. God rejects idolatry! Mecca is a huge black box with a meteorite/rock inside that Islamic pilgrims circle in counterclockwise fashion and kiss the black rock/meteorite. That is idolatry worship. Let NOTHING come between you and God! The only way to be saved is to understand that God came to all mankind in the the form of a Divine man to set an example for mankind. Not to mention the sacrifice of the blood he shed for our ALL mankind’s sins. He suffered in hell for 3 days to shed OUR sins so he could return immaculate for US and rise again. Only when you understand his grace and mercy through His blood will you proudly don the armour of God on earth and be changed and made immaculate after death for eternity.

  114. Please pray for my mother as she is tempted to go an see the witchcraft doctor for deliverance from witchcraft done to her. She is torturing the family to take her to see the witchcraft doctor. Her christian faith is sinking and she is unable to be healed from osteoarthritis after a fall she had recently as a result of witchcratf done to her. As christians it is an abomination to the lord to see witchcrraft doctor for deliverance. Pls pray for my mother and her deliverance and her faith is Jesus. Pls pray God will perform a miracle.

    God bless you
    Maggie (bpmaggie2001@yahoo.com) – pls reply to this email address

    • dear maggie

      Your mother needs 2 things:

      1. prayer against witchcraft where others join her in agreement,



      2. a visit to the doctor to be evaluated for surgery to correct the injury. It sounds like she needs either a hip replacement or a knee replacement.

      Tell her another visit to a witch doctor will bring more curses on her, and we know she does not want that.

      you and she have my prayers for healing and deliverance. May the blood of Jesus cover her, and may the holy spirit open her eyes to a foolish decision she is making, and guide her to get good medical advice and help.

  115. I wonder if you have ever read the book by Hal Lindsay’s daughter “The Beautiful Side of Evil”?

  116. Pray for me and my children. January 6th my son went to the hospital and died jan 9th. He was saved but i miss him so much-the tears just keep coming. I am heartbroken. My children and I need inner healing and peace

  117. interesting msmedia has been intrigued by election of new pope st malachia prophesy says next pope willbe known as peter the roman

    • Turns out “Peter the Roman” is a generic title for the papacy.
      So Malachy really didn’t give us any real clues. 😦

  118. Dear Marianne

    I am impressed to see your materiel on your website. I liked this life changing material. I have observed here in our area of Pakistan the hopeless people need such teachings to empower their faith and beliefs. So it is my request and suggestion to you to get these teachings translated into Urdu and Punjabi by our expert translation team. We will distribute the translated material freely among the people here. The translations will also be posted in your web-link for the regular readers to study. I will wait to know your thoughts about it. Thank you and God bless you.

    In Christ,
    Zeeshan Javed.

    • dear Zeeshan

      I would be happy to help you. you are free to distribute the material in your language.

      If you want to translate a post, and have the translation on my website, I can add a page where they just click and get to the new page.

      you will have to tell me which topics will be translated.

      I can also give you a Word document with the topic,which might be easier to read.

  119. Dear Brother,

    Greetings from LIC Ministries,

    Thank you for your email and for all the help you will do for us to translate the material and posts. To translate and publish this all material we need your prayers, love and some financial help too. For this we will ask you to contribute in the translations cost as much as you can easily do. before proceeding on this I will wait to know what can you do in this. Thank you and God bless you.

    In Christ,
    Zeeshan Javed.

  120. Sorry for the mistake on the top of the massage I wrote brother.

  121. I now understand why i have been going through what i have been going throug. People would just hate me for no reason at all. But i thank God for the revelation.

  122. Israel closes it’s embassies worldwide!!

  123. p.s…please ignore the second video….the url did not display the intended video.

  124. Take refuge in the Lord now, and trust in Him with all your heart…..we are so close!

  125. Please pray for me I am demon possessed and it is very controlling and tormenting and ive tried surrendering to Christ but its stopping me. People have fasted n prayed it keeps putting itself behind Gods names and its own meaning behind the scriptures / words. I have not slept in over two years I now cant really work or have my kuds becayse of how controlling it is with my body n tormenting. Does anyone have any answers ive tried renouncing any rights I gave to the demons I think its been with me since childhood

    • Pauline

      I am far from you in the USA. I can understand sleep problems because I have them myself, but for different reasons.

      It sounds like you are doing the right things. You need support. Do a review of conscience and make sure you repent of any sins, since sin will keep the door open.

      I am sending you some prayers for deliverance. Print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

  126. Pauline – I am not experienced in these matters, but I do trust in our Lord, and I will pray for you. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or over run by energy or an entity I do not wish to have around me or in me, I simply recite the Lord’s Prayer. I cast out with full confidence and authority this energy / entity in our Lord’s name, Jesus Christ.

  127. Pauline,

    The best advise I can give, having delt with what you are experiencing for many months, is to watch and listen to Dererk Prince. He was (passed away several years ago), a subject expert. His teachings are on YouTube.

    You should purchase his book, “Thou Shall Expel Denons” on Amazon.com
    And then – apply what he teaches.

    This is an excellent lesson and practical message.


    This video explains generational curses.

    Also – read the Psalms aloud. Read them often. Psalm 5, 18, 34, 84 and others. Simply read them aloud and often.

    You can also listen to them in many different languages. The link below is English Standard. Play the audio and listen.


    The “enemy” is Satan and his minions. The enemy hates the blood of Jesus, the Light of Heaven and the Word of God.

    The enemy wants to separate you form Agape Love, given by Farther God thought Jesus Christ His son, our Savior and strong deliverer. Put on the armor by reading the following aloud and often, believing every word you speak is heard by Almighty God, Jesus and the enemy.


    Psalm 25

  128. I am so heart broken and I still weep over the lost of this baby’s life. Please stop the finger pointing and start praying. it hurts so bad to see this. President Obama did not do this wicked act so stop the blame game and get real with God.
    I know there is nothing any of us could have did except pray and interceed.
    I don’t know her name, all I know right now is that I grieve so heavily for her. She’s my baby and the many others being touched by evil in every place in this wicked world. Jesus allowed her to be taken to a better place and I find comfort in that but still my heart is so broken.

  129. We must tell the truth that the politicians trying to hide it. and it’s like this:
    what said in the bible about the Israel land means at that time for the people whom were living at that time before muses and jesses born when fern in Egypt and the other tribes kicked the Jewish out and they moved to the surrounding lands the Arabs countries now, Yemen and Oman and Saudi and the glove and…. he was talking to the people at that time and what god will do to them make land for them at that time and it happened. When muses came and god made him win on frown then the Jewish returned to Palestine and Jordon and Lebanon and Egypt, and at that time it was the best country for the Jewish from Egypt to Jordon. So the bible doesn’t mean now and you have to find the information from its root and the roots are with the land of the Jewish people the Arab’s and this is what the Arabs saying and it’s the truth. So what the Arabs says it’s the truth it’s their history not the European or African or the American history…
    Allot of people round the world convert to Judaism but that doesn’t mean that they are Jewish race and Israel is their land. Its political issue and a lot of people in Israel even they were not Jewish at all not even converters the politicians in Europe brought them to Israel because the people who are the European Jewish were few so they want Israel to be big in its population they brought them to Israeli after that they convert to lewdest.
    The only race Jewish are the Arabs Jewish. And the land is theirs and they were living in peace with their cousins the Arabs because the Arab’s are sons of Ishmael the son of Ibrahim from his other wife, they were living in peace for thousands of years.
    The leaders there who are making the political decisions are converters not real Jewish. So it’s not their land they are occupiers, they occupy the Arab’s Jewish and Palestinians land and they say why the Palestinian fight, they don’t understand what they are doing and they are occupiers.

    Those converters the bible said about them as the following:
    in revelation 2:9 ESV/% helpful vote ( I know your tribulation and your poverty and theselander of those who say that they are Jews and are not but are synagogue of Satan.
    And don’t forgot that a lot of the Arabs Muslims and Christian now that include the Palestinians before Christianity and Islam were Jewish and convert to Christianity and then when the Islam comes convert to Islam, so the land is the Arabs land

    • dear balq

      About 90% of jews were dispersed in the Diaspora after the Assyrian and Babylonian invasions of Israel….one invasion was in 722 BC and the other one in 625 BC……

      both groups were still jewish and their descedents are sill jewish….

      the first group may look different because they have mixed some with europeans, and have lighter skin after being in cooler temperatures for over a thousand years….but they are still jewish….

      the second dispersed group may look more like the Iranians, since those jews were taken to persia…

      the 10% that remained in Israel still look like arabs.

      how to identify a real jew is they keep the covenant….they have circumcision of newborn boys, they pray 2 times a day, and they keep the sabbath …..

      a fake jew will be too lazy to pray 2 times a day, and keep sabbath….

      only real jews do that.

      they have DNA testing now to prove who is jew.

  130. marianne, I am Tom Gambill and my website is below. I noticed that you wrote in your amazing blog here, that we as a “country” was founded on Christian values etc. I have been studying the methods, agenda, and conspiracy of Satan for many years now. I have my own radio program five days per week and have for about 5 years. I discovered that this conspiracy of Satan has encompassed the World including the USA from the beginning. We as Americans have been deceived by our history, education, financial system, Science, Arts, use of philosophy, all religions, and every political endeavor has been under the control of Satan in varying disclosed degrees. I expose this agenda and have found that the initial roots or foot soldiers have been the secret societies or Freemasons, Knights of Columbus, Knights of Malta, working for the Vatican on both sides; jesuits, all presidents and high level military leaders since this colony called USA, Inc; was created. I have the details and my website has a timeline, but virtually every conspiracy you can name is in fact connected with the conspiracy of Satan. Every one of our presidents except for Van Buren in fact are in the same, “blue bloodline family” of Queen Elizabeth, HYBRIDS of the fallen angels going back to the Pharaohs of Egypt. This conspiracy of Satan is vast and all encompassing however, Jesus I know is the ONLY way of salvation or even to extend this current conspiracy until the last human has accepted Jesus then we will be thrust into the 7 years tribulations or Daniel’s 70th week. God has over the years revealed to me the details and secrets of this conspiracy so that I can expose it and teach others about it. Demon possession is a big part and its increasing in intensity. I work on this virtually every day for hours and hours, broadcasting twice a day, which includes a broadcast and Bible study daily. I do this for FREE and have no commercial endeavor or agenda or aspirations as I depend on God to supply my needs. This is all volunteer. ……I am also in North Carolina, Mt Airy to be exact and if you want to know more about this let me know.

    • dear Thomas

      I agree with you. about satan.

      Satan’s agenda has been around since the garden of Eden…so it is no surprise that he snuck into our country, like he has snuck into all countries, to corrupt them, if he could.

      He has always gotten into governments because that way he as access to true believers, and can wage war against them.

      This country WAS founded by christians, seeking religious freedom from the tryranny of England…..however, it appears that satan followed the christians here.

      the USA and britian has been the largest proclaimers of the gospel in history, so naturally satan had to come in to destroy them first.

      the other countries were already compromised.

      there is wheat and there are tares in every generation.

      this country grew and was blessed because of the gospel being shared around the world…..but at the same time, satan was also sowing tares, which naturally gravitated toward leadership positions to do the most damage, at the same time the gospel was growing…..

      now the tares have over run the wheat, and we see more tares than wheat.

      the majority of this country is now godless……which means we are doomed as a nation….unless there is some dramatic event to turn them around.

      and that event will come when america is destroyed.

      that will be people’s last chance…but most will not repent and turn to god….they will turn to their government and the government will kill them, as they are considered nothing but useless eaters.

      a remnant will be left in the country…as the same will occur all over the world as it experiences tribulation.

      regarding tribulation, i have my own views…yes, there is a last week according to daniel, but also , according to daniel, the time of jacob’s trouble is only 3 1/2 years…and this is repeated in chapter 12 of revelation.

      there are other events building up in the other 3 1/2 years…and we are in them now….parts of the christian world are already in tribulation…look at syria and Iraq with ISIS…..the believers are being slaughtered….and they are coming for america next…with a muslim president, they will walk right into our country, and do the same thing..they already reportedly have passports.

      we can talk sometime if you like….I type all day to respond to comments…. I am in Raleigh.

      • Thank you for your reply you are right on track. I have to add that there are 7 seals, 7 trumpets and from the 7th trumpet starts the 7 bowls that goes over a 7 years period. The 7 Seals are the first 3.5 years as scripture shows and leads to the Abomination of Desolation, two witnesses and 144,000. Then, the 7th Seal begins the first trumpet or the start of the wrath of God. The first seal will open once the real anti-christ has appeared and Disclosure has started the falling away. Then begins the first seal for a short time, of peace and safety, in not far off will be the WWIII or second seal and from then on for the 3.5 years will be the real Jacob’s trouble. Right now they are trying to fake it; to announce and bring in Sananda Immaneul, yeshua or the fake Jesus who is really the False Prophet of the end times.

        “This country WAS founded by christians, seeking religious freedom from the tryranny of England…..however, it appears that satan followed the christians here.”

        I can add to this. The North American Continent was always planned as far back as the 10th century to be the New Atlantis for the fallen angels. In 1200 AD the Vatican started the massacre of Europeans that extended itself to 1800 AD and the murder of 50 to 68 Million people by the Vatican. In order to facilitate the move from Europe to the North American Continent bondage in the form of religious persecution was the vehicle they used. So by 1492, the Illuminati member Columbus opened the routes and the first wave of immigrates left Europe to escape “tyranny”. However the fabian society had other plans and that was later in the 1600’s to bring into the North American continent the third race of people but put them in bondage by the whites until they can be set free. And so the story goes with evidence that The north American continent has always been the target to make it a melting pot of cultures to combine into one culture of a mixed race and to exterminate the pure races. I have this documented concerning this agenda. The real conspiracy is so monstrous it boggles the mind. Tonight I will speak on this i a radio show from 9 PM EST to 1;00 AM EST. I have a regular SHow from 4 to 6:00 PM EST Monday to Friday and also a Bible study on my site, 8 to 9:00 PM EST. Work is never done.

        its on my site…www.watchmanforjesus.com The one tonight 9 to 1:00 AM I’m on as a guest.

        • thomas

          I do not see how you could prove Columbus was Illuminati…..unless you had official documents, and they did not have all that back then

  131. all holidays are pagan; including Columbus Day. The Holiday’s, days of the week, months, times are for human sacrifice; Satan is Prince of this World for now. Everything is set up by his leading the Monarchy and Royal Families.

    Just more about the truth as God is revealing more and more.

  132. Hello Marianne, my husband’s family seem to have a curse. Even as I write this post I am struggling with understanding this. My husband has four siblings and out of the five of them only one out of the five have their family together. All the rest including my husband and I are separated leaving all the children having one parent. My mother in law and father in law are still married but living separate in the same house. This really disturbs me, is this even possible? I pray against it because I know God can break this curse but I don’t even know what to call this, can you help me?

    • natalie

      the damage has already been done…. people are either married or not, or together or not.

      instead of trying to fit a curse interpretation into this, pray for blessings and the presence of god to infuse relationships.

      your family needs god in their lives…..they need to be born again….once that happens, the right relationships will form, or re-form

      I am sending you a prayer for the salvation of loved ones….print or download and say each day for them….and I will also send a prayer for strength…you need to be thinking different, so god can act.

  133. http://noahidenews.com/2015/08/30/jewish-fables-talmudic-prophetic-sorcery-and-satans-temporary-little-orchestra/



    Thanks Marianne for standing fast.

    Robert Pickle

  134. Thank you so much for all of this very interesting information and view points. Pls include me in your distribution of any further info. I couldnt access the link emtitled “heaven awaits” is there another way?

    Many thanks and God bless those who speak the truth in love for all of our sakes

    • alecia

      you must have clicked the link because you are here.

      home page is here:


      there is a follow button at the top of the page.

      just click it to subscribe.

      • Hello Marianne,
        Thank you for this website I have to say again. I just watched Derek Prince’s video. I left it on half and will finish tomorrow.
        I still have to ask What do you mean witches can’t hurt you?And I have bad luck – Billy Bolitho didn’t answer me and the other pastor who promised to call back- whom I asked to do my deliverance-He is gone too. I’m on my own again in square one.
        I will go to local church and ask to christen and/ or baptise me again. And seem to me I have to lie… about my stalker. I think the main reason was I told the truth about the situation.
        Hopefully I find local pastor to christen me… I hope he or she agrees to do it very private, like in my home…Then if possible I take Alfa course again and then I want to believe I can find the place to have deliverance.
        Tomorrow I have to work with Boss and Kelly. This week I had trouble to find work this week,what I was promised. half of that got cancelled, but I think this week Kelly got the Boss back. Because I at the moment got more work for next week. And I even Can go back to work with Boss for a day.I’m really nervous about going to work there again.
        First I really like the Boss, then maybe it just a show-off. Second I lost to the witches again. I really don’t want him to think bad about me…
        Last night I was attacked again, but seems I got some helpers, because I’m at present. Needed just a little more sleep.
        Thank you everybody who helped me!
        God bless you good people!

        • Ly

          I already answered the question. witches cannot hurt me because I fight back in jesus name

          you do not mention saying the prayer i sent.

          do not rely on others to do all the praying.

          it is good for them to agree with you in prayer, but you have to be praying also

  135. Its about my husband at his place of work. All along he s been working hard going around the country doing internal monitoring in banks at Barclays. Now recently he differed with her boss over work. And he was transferred to another department again to be going around training people in banking. Just because of that difference he had. been denied salary increment and profit sharing bonus. But the Jobs he does are stressful and he is diabetic. Is this fair cos even me as a wife I feel for him. After working tirelessily then at the end nothing is beneficial. Help

    • joy

      I understand that your husband still has a job, so we should be grateful, but it pays less, and has more stress than the first job.

      life is stressful, and people are not always fair.

      does this mean he has a new boss?

      if yes, then tell your husband to talk to the new boss about the stress, and explain his diabetes. see if he can ask for assistant to get work done, or arrange his work hours so he can get everything done in a more comfortable way. he can tell new boss he wants to do the best job possible.

      let us also pray for his health, that god will heal him or make the health at least stronger and better

      this new assignment may bring blessings the other one did not, so let us pray for his success. then maybe he will get a better bonus in the near future.

      attached is prayer for blessings.

  136. My prayer is my daughter to be selected for a Chinese Government Scholarship to study medicine through our country. May my God show his wonders. Pls help me in prayer.

    • joy

      I will agree with you in prayer that God gives you the best opportunities in her school and scholarships. May she be blessed greatly.

  137. Please pray for our friend Greg he is having his 8th back surgury

  138. Need help finding a church that is preaching the truth in Las Vegas NV and casting out demons

  139. I think I have a Christmas curse over me. Every Christmas is an absolute disaster, where things go horribly wrong, beyond belief. It’s bizarre. This has nothing to do with high expectations, as I’ve learnt through the years to have none.
    Things happen, like people invite you for dinner and then change their plans without telling me, so I end missing out on Christmas entirely. And much worse things happen than that but it happens every single year. And I hate it.
    Could you pray for me ? Could you also tell me how to break this curse? I dread Christmas every year which is such a shame because I dearly love Christmas.
    I’ve gotten to the point where I now refuse all invites and spend Christmas all alone to avoid all this happening to me.

    • I forgot to add, that when I invite people, they don’t turn up! I have all this beautiful food sitting there, going to waste.

    • rose

      It sounds like you are associating with people who do not deserve you

      this may come from low self esteem on your part.

      on their part, they are just plain rude and low class.

      raise your standards… you are worth much more than this people

    • Rose –

      When I read your post yesterday, my heart ached, and the words that came up inside of me were, “You are not alone.”

      Years ago I had to detach myself from the Christmas season, the decorations, the parties, the buying frenzies and commercial hoopla. Fortunately my family and friends all agreed that we would not exchange gifts. Instead we would each take the amount of money we would have spent on each other and donate it to a local charity in our respective communities.

      Christmas (Christ Mass) I spend with our Lord in prayer, reading the Bible, and accounting for all the reasons I have to be grateful for. There was an article in today’s local paper that had a quote from a young boy when asking about Christmas: “If this is Jesus’ birthday, then shouldn’t He get the best of gifts?” Amen, and, Amen!

      When you say how much others have disappointed you and so you spend Christmas alone – know that you are not alone and that you have something far more precious, a relationship with Christ.

  140. We know your a known false prophet with 0 followers, your worthless like your father

  141. Marianne May God Bless You for your service!! I was wondering if you would be so kind to email me all your prayers!! I have been using the witchcraft one and very helpful but I wanted to share with friends and I know you have others so I want to get them now because of the way things are going!
    The prayers work Sister!! Thank you and love your site!!

  142. Hi. I’m looking for individuals or ministries that involve real miracles (supernatural healing, casting our demons, prophecy, interpreting dreams, speaking in tongues, etc ) and I’d like to ask you if you are or know any person or ministry that you can refer me to.

    For thing I’m looking for healing and deliverance.

    For one things, there are alot of phonies out there (I’d say 99% of ministries claiming miracles are fake)

    • RG

      I will have to think about that, and check around. I wish you the healing and deliverance you are seeking. you have my prayers. do not give up.

      • Hi, Marianne.

        Thank your very much, I would appreciate your help in my pursuit including your prayers.

        You can ask me questions if you need to in order to help me find what I am looking for.

        May your own prayers be answered,

        • RG

          The only person I can think of is Benny hinn. He is somewhat controversial, but the healing aspect of his ministry is legitimate.

          He is in Florida now. I have been in his meetings, and know personally people who have been healed and delivered. I am one of them.

          he has meetings on zoom now and seen on facebook.

          besides him, do a google search.

          general rule….look for small humble churches

  143. Marianne

    Thank you. Your effort in searching to help me is appreciated.

    Be well,

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