House on Fire


Imagine a house on fire. All the rooms have fire and smoke. The goal is to get out of the house.

When destruction is predicted, we need to remove ourselves from the danger, no matter where the danger is.

Babylon is predicted to burn, due to sin. 

So wherever there is sin, we need to remove ourselves from there.


Who is Babylon – now?

Some people are too narrow in their view of Babylon.

I have been guilty of this too.

The Lord says to come out of her. So it is important to know who “she” is.

Some say it is the Catholic Church.

Some say it is the fallen away Protestants.

Some say it is Islam.

Some say it is the New World Order.

Some say it is America.

Some say it is Europe.

Some say it is the original Babylon territory, still occupied by evil inclinations in modern times.

Babylon is the “Wordly System,” full of evil, self, flesh, and error.

So we must come out of her.

House on Fire Analogy

If we have a house on fire, we do not leave one room full of smoke and fire, and go into another room.

One room is as bad as the other.

They all have smoke and fire.

We need to get out of the house all together.

Babylon is like the house on fire.

We do not escape one room, and go into another room, and expect safety.

We need to get out of anything that is Babylon….we need to completely get out of the worldly system.

It does not matter if it is the Catholic Church, America, Europe, the New World Order, fallen away Protestantism, an evil workplace, or our families.

If it is evil, and not of God, we need to get out.


Escape options

Leaving a country is harder than leaving a church. It may not be possible.

In the case of leaving Islam, it actually is dangerous to leave it.

Leaving a workplace, or general social environment, may be necessary.

But we can find pockets of righteousness still where we live, and avoid the evil around us.

After leaving the “world” behind, which could include our own “church,” or spiritual mindset, or everything we have always known, and been a part of, the only option left may be to go into our homes, and just shut the door.

Isaiah 26-20,21..Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast…..

For, behold, the LORD cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.

Isaiah 26-19 shows all men who ever lived on earth will be here…and God’s people will be hid from the wrath…

If we leave Babylon, the house on fire, we may be hid from the wrath to come.

If we stay in Babylon, we will be burned when Babylon is burned.


Sound the trumpet

Get out of Babylon.

It does not matter which room you are in.

If there is sin there, you need to get out.

28 Responses to “House on Fire”

  1. The past 10 years I have been living at home, alone with the Lord, listening to Him and praying, being led to websites on the Internet. It has been the most blessed time of my life. I hope to continue living like this till the Lord takes me home.

    I can recommend it to anyone!


    • Hi Dorien

      Very true. I have experienced the same thing.

      I used to think I had to hold down a full time job, to meet all my needs.

      It is amazing how when we spend time with God, all other needs seem to work out, and be satisfied.

  2. Isaiah 14-4 shows that Lucifer is the king of Babylon…He is the messiah….Babylon is his queen Rev. 18-7…She is his bride…This scenario is satan’s counterfeit version of Jesus and his bride…
    As I see it Lucifer in flesh is none other than Mohammed…
    Isaiah 14-20, 21 shows Lucifers’children..These are born again of satan…
    Isaiah 14-22..For I will rise up against them, saith the LORD of hosts, and cut off from Babylon the name, and remnant, and son, and nephew, saith the LORD. I think the name is the name of ALLAH, the remnant would be the muslims, the son would be Ishamel and the nephew,,not sure maybe Esau or his descendants..

  3. Babylon becomes a hold of demons and foul spirits… Is it any wonder Islam is terrorizing the entire world

  4. You are all speculating. and it does not take that much to see that it is a city This city sits on 7 mountains .That city is where all the filthy and corruption as well evil comes from and I have told you before .wake up people that city is:Hollywood California .From her comes all the filthy movies and corruption such as drugs sex prostitution pedophile sodomy homosexuality lesbianism vanity arrogance greed godlessness and so on .Need I show you more? Stop your speculation you have the answer.

    • Hollywood? Really?
      I disagree,
      First of all Hollywood is not a city. It is an unincorporated area, part of the city of Los Angeles. It does not sit on any mountains, in fact it is in a valley, similar to Simi valley or the San Fernando valley which are nearby.
      Also, due to high taxation most films are being made in Canada or overseas and the screen writers live all over the world.
      The porn industry is not located in Hollywood. Never has been so you would have to extend your theory to all of southern California or all of California for that matter. Gut CA is no worse than many other states when it comes to say, gay marriage, which we here voted down last year while the rest of the US called us insensitive to the rights of others.
      You could fit all the perverted film makers from Hollywood into a single auditorium, so I have to ask you why God would dictate such a long and detailed Book of Revelation just to let the world know that he will knock off a few hundred bad dudes when he returns to marry his bride. Seems a little trivial to me.
      No, Babylon is not a city in the Book of Revelation – it is a religion – the Babylon Mystery religion.
      Rev 17:5 And upon her forehead [was] a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.
      The woman is an apostate church, not a city and she has “daughter” churches – also apostate. Hollywood has no daughters but the catholic church has many protestant spin-offs all of which advocate the breaking of God’s commandments by moving the sabbath to Sunday and celebrating pagan (Babylonian) festivals which have been adopted into the false Christian churches, such as Christmas and Easter. These are the abominations, and Jesus will never marry such churches when he returns.
      Oh don’t worry, the wicked will be reaped with the sickle of the angel and the nations will be smiled, but these events are not the destruction of Babylon. Islam will get theirs at the battle of Gog – personally by God himself, but they are not Mystery Babylon either.
      The Babylon of Revelation is paganism which is still alive throughout Christianity. It is a cancer that must be cut out to purify the church before the wedding to Christ.
      No, in the vast scheme of things, in God’s eyes, the small chunk of L.A. called Hollywood does not amount to a hill of beans as far as He is concerned.
      Now Salt Lake City is another story!

  5. James,

    Good to hear you again. I know we disagree about certain points, but you have addressed a major problem which has been in the church since its inception. The church is over their heads in paganism, but claim the moral high ground. I am not saying that YHWH has cast off His people, but gentile paganism will not be allowed into His Kingdom nor those that practice such things. These are the days of the Fall Feasts and a time of judgement and restoration. He will purify those who will be purified and cast off those who are not of His flock. During the days of the Apostles, gentiles who became believers were called Elohim Fearers. We need to understand and realize that YHWH is not the sugar-daddy that many christian churches portray Him to be. What He has said in what is erroneously termed “The Old Testament” still applies. God is bringing the Jews back to Him and He will do the same with the Gentile church. But it will be on His terms, not ours. But not all Jews and not all Christians will be restored. He knows those who are His and they will be converted to Him in Truth and righteousness (right doing). Not according to our misguided understanding.

  6. Hi Marianne,
    This is how I view your analogy of the house burning. The story in the Bible of the disciples being in a boat in the middle of ths storm and Yashua coming towrads them walking on the water, is a good example of this and bascially a way for us to approach all of this. If you see the storm and the waves and wind as the chaos that has been unleashed on the world and the boat the worlds system, a few things come to mind. There was only one thing in the storm that day which was in danger of perishing. It was the boat and those depending on it. Peter got out of the boat and momentarily was safe, until fear gripped his heart. All of this goes back to what Yashua said, to be in the world, but not of the world. The world being fear based is what holds us back. Satan has made us slaves through the fear of consequences. Peter’s consequence being that he was going to drown. Those who followed YHWH in the scriptures were up to their necks in chaos because they chose His way. Many times it cost them their lives or some other loss. But in the course of daily events, breaking from the fear of not doing things the worlds way and placing the Father’s way in a place of preemminence will put us in a place of His keeping. Regardless if the choas contiunes or not. We have to come to a place of accepting the fact, that walking in this world according to His word, will put us at odds with the world, and their will always be the threat of disaster. That is not to deter us. This is in finances or anything else. According to Yashua, we are to render unto ceaser those things which are ceaser’s, and to God those things that belong to God. If we do choose the world’s way, out of fear, we will be subject to the corresponding consequences and there is nothing God will do about it. Most of us will do this and then cry out to God for help. There is usually a very hard lesson to learn at this point. Regardless if there is a place of saftey to go to, or not, we obey and yield to YHWY rather than the world. Then are we in a place of satety, regardless of the the outcome.

  7. Listen all of you .The word is that “You see but yet you do not. You perceive but yet you do not understand ” From our Lord Jesus Christ I have the assurance that Hollywood is the City and city is an example foe a place .You can speculate as much as you want but the fact remain that HOLLYWOOD IS THE HARLOT OF THE BIBLE WHO SEDUCES MAN WITH ALL ITS EVIL MOVIE PICTURES AN IT IS A PLACE O LUST, FORNICATION AN SO ON.I too know the scriptures perhaps not like you do but the difference is :I was given the gift of interpretation.

    • Hollywood has sinned, that is for sure, but it is a part of the problem, not THE problem.

      The world system, ruled by Lucifer, but taken back by Christ, is the problem for sure. It is pagan, and lacking in morality. It is the reason the world hates Jews, and Christians. As we only bow down to one G-d, maker of Heaven and earth. Who came to live in a human body without sin, was murdered for mankind’s sin, rose from the dead, and sits at the right hand of G-d the Father.

      The desire for money, and worshiping yourself, is the world system in a nut shell. We are to repent, and give thanks for what we are given by G-d. We are not to wish for more, and more money, which leads us away from that which died for us.

      I was alway taught to be in the world, but not of the world. It is hard to do sometimes when the pressures of life get to us. However, prayer is our bridge to G-d, and if we pray sincerely, G-d will watch over us.

      His will be done, not ours.

  8. Leatherneck I agree with what you said .However the time of God’s Mercy is over .Look around you .We are at the end of time .So prepare accordingly .From now one aspect only bad things to happen not just in the United Sates or Canada but all over the world .I believe that the sixth seal is about to be broken .The 3 days of darkness is upon on us .So stop being a stubborn mule and do as the message suggests, it will be the only way to your and others salvation .If you do not follow what it is offered to you by God by the way of His ambassador his Holy Mother message .You and others like you ,will parish and then it will be too late and no way to say to me .You were right .Even though we do not agree ,we are still God’s children and we have something very much in common we all love the same God and are trying very hard to change one another ways of thinking .On my part I take no pleasure in seeing my brothers in Christ or any other on the highway to Hell.I know from the Lord that you and others will not believe what I am saying and that you will appose both message and me as well ,but that is your right to do so .So i will say this .May the best man win.
    God bless you all

    • You’re funny.

      G-d’s mercy, and that which restrains is still on going. G-d has offered his love to me, and I have accepted. It is called the word, or Christ who died for us.

      I will not parish, as it is written whoever believes in me shall not parish. That is in G-d’s word called the Bible. There is nothing in the Bible on a Holy Mother message except all have sinned, and all deserve death.

      I do not oppose you, just the crazy stuff you write that was written by men, not inspired by G-d the Father.

    • Rosa,
      Your assertion that Hollywood is modern-day Babylon is on the right track but a little out of date.
      It all began a long time ago, culminating in the wild sexual orgies of pagan Rome. In modern times it began at the turn of the last century with Vaudeville featuring scantily clothed women and sexual innuendos. After that Hollywood picked up the ball and ran with it until recently.
      However, now the seat of pornography is without question the internet. There are more porn sites on the www than all other sites combined. Not to mention all sorts of online gambling sites and e-mail rip-off schemes. It is pervasive and fills the entire world – all nations and tongues. Hollywood has been relegated to relatively tame television shows and the like.
      So where is the city of Babylon? It is wherever the world-wide-web can reach.
      And who are its inhabitants? You and I and all of us who use the internet.
      May God have mercy on our souls.

  9. Holy mother message is in the Bible, Ezekiel 8:14 telling about the son and women weeping for him. It is part of Babylonian “mystery religions” which has been incorporated into Christianity. Mother with a child was a common statue in Babylon.
    In today’s churches majority goes to pray Virgin Mary which is imitation of ancient praying for the Queen of Heaven (If Mary is still virgin as is claimed, my question is: who was the mother of Jesus’ brothers?)
    Details of Babylon in link
    Today’s mother and child paintings are pretty much copies of statues of ancient Babylon as shown in the link
    Jesus is no more a child but the King of Kings and He should be described as such.
    Besides, there is no command in the Bible to celebrate birth dates, all of it is old pagan habit. Jesus was born during biblical fall festivals but nobody cares about that.

  10. The mother of Jesus brothers was st.Joseph first wife .Or did you not know that st. Joseph was a widower when he married The mother of Jesus? well now you know .The marriage between Mary and St. Joseph was only in paper .He was just her legal husband .he was to take care of her as his mistress only not his wife that was commanded by the holy spirit to St. Joseph .further the mother of Jesus remained virgin and is still virgin today .Jesus birth was not a normal human birth but it was a celestial birth .Is there anything impossible to God .You hard heads stop insulting God by reducing him to your level .God did not stop talking to His servants with the bible on the contrary Jesus warned the apostles that He had to go so that he would send the Holy spirit from whom they would learn all things .Who on earth has taught the word of God .How selfish can you be.God does not need your permission to send H is Holy Mother who was without sin and is alive to the world to warn us Remember that God’s ways are not your ways .Perhaps you all see God in your own image .No! He is immense and eternal and does not need your approval or advice .So stop listening to your small mind who cannot pass your nose and accept that what the catholic church teaches is the write religion and your is false .

  11. Rosa,
    My husband’s family is Roman Catholic. He was a Roman Catholic (supporter of the RC church instead of the Bible) before he accepted Jesus as his own Lord and Savior. I was also a supporter of my denomination’s take on Christianity (Anglican) until I resolved I wanted 100% of the truth. I found that the Bible is the key, that God has been faithful to preserve His word and that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. There was never one “pope” or one church ruling over the other churches but 12 apostles and many churches under their supervision and teaching. The Bible contains the message Jesus and they taught. The earliest church writings also verify the Bible’s message. Mary was not considered sinless in the early church or prayed to after she left this earth. You should read the chapter of Jeremiah 44 and see what God has to say about “The Queen of Heaven.”

  12. Know that what you are saying is TREASON and will no go unpunished .Mary was conceived without sin,and it is sinless .you said that both you and your husband were Catholics at least your husband was a catholic and you being a servant of the evil one mainly because you faith as an Anglican you were excommunicated by the Roman catholic Church and are a viper who did not rested until like Eve seduced your husband into abandoning the TRUE MOTHER CHURCH. The bible that you follow was written by a deceiver King James an it was written to accomodate his filthy lifestyle in order to be able to murder his innocent wives so as to satisfy his lust for sex and power.Know that all sects other than the Catholic religion is FALSE FAKE RELIGION MAN MADE. Many passages were left out of your bible in order to elude you.Your husband left the truth for a lie and you are guilty of persuading him just like the serpent in the garden of Eden you persuade him to believe in your lies.How can you aspect to be saved ,if you yourself are following Satan’s lies .Life can only be attained in the Body and Blood of Christ .Only by eating His Blessed Body and drinking His Precious Blood can man attain holiness and not by any other means .The rest is all evil.

  13. Rosa, If Hollywood is Babylon for the reasons you say, then how is it that cities all over the world that are actually much worse don’t get the same destiny?? If you do some research you will find that prostitution, women & child sex trafficking/slavery, transgenders, homosexuality, etc. were going on long before Hollywood! Even in films, as in France, Italy, Sweden, Japan, Thailand & on & on…..I pray you will open your mind to find truth…..

  14. Rosa, Elle and Susan

    According to the bible, Mary was a virgin at the time of the conception of Jesus.

    It does not say she remiained a virgin afterwards. This is not discussed, but the fact that Jesus had brothers and sisters implies she had a normal marriage later.

    There is no indication in scripture that Joseph was married before his marriage to Mary.

    I agree that any place of sin is a Babylon (example Hollywood), so I do not think Babylon is confined to a small city in a small geographical area.

    Most of the world now is “Babylon” because most of the world is in sin.

    Also, sex lust and prostitution were in existence before America was established. This is an age old problem.

  15. Dare I even add my two cents to all of this? ha.. I am alarmed by the first response here. While we ARE to “hole up w/ God” in devotion and grow in Him from the inside out, we are not to disappear from life. Jesus didn’t come to save us so we could go home and hide from the world; He didn’t start a church to cloister themselves in: that’s “bomb-shelter Christianity” (us four and no more). Hiding in fear until the Rapture!? He came to REESTABLISH GOD’S KINGDOM and we – the Chruch – are His Bride and His army to accomplish that, the Great Commission. I’ve heard it taught, “Holy Spirit comes into me for me; but He comes upon me for others.” Let us not grieve God by selfishly and fearfully robbing the world outside our door, or our church walls, of the gospel message.

  16. I think, I may be wrong, but I think that Babylon is the churches in the world today, the world is in the church and the church is in the world….

    • hi Deb

      I think you are right on the issue. If the church is Babylon, what hope does the world have? We all have to repent, and show a good witness to the world, or we have failed.

  17. Time is so short , why are you arguing over opinions and he said she said ? My friends you are wasting precious time . Simply stated , concern yourself not with the things of this world but focus instead on what will get you to heaven . I am a Roman Catholic I am faithful to my God and the church . I respect that there are many roads [ churches & beliefs ] that all lead us to one God . One True God . Know and understand when you sit down to read the Holy Bible The Living Word of God The Sacred Scriptures pray first in The Spirit and understanding will be yours . The answers you seek are all contained in The Sacred Scriptures . Seek and you shall find . Clean your own house [ the state of your soul ] and stop busying yourselves with what others are doing and saying . Be a quiet example of Gods Grace and He will fill you with the Light of His LOve. This is your protection . Much Love Kelly Stronach

    • hi Kelly

      I agree. The bible says, if we would just judge ourselves, we would not have to be judged. This is not a time to judge others, but a time to look at our own lives.

      Many churches have errors in them, and this is the work of the holy spirit to make corrections, in order to prepare the Bride for her Bridegroom.

      The goal is to love God and obey him, and trust Jesus for salvation.

  18. Kelly and Marianne – I so appreciate your ‘voice of reason’ replies. Regardless of ‘what’ Babylon is, time is short and there is a lot of Kingdom expansion to do! I pray that those in ‘bomb shelter’ churches will either motivate their fellow members to venture outside the four walls and impact their communities, or find one that does and GET BUSY. Jesus “WENT about doing good..” and we are called to “GO and take His love to the lost and hurting.

    • hi cindy

      What you say is true. Sometimes I wonder how Jesus will judge me on my works.

      What I dread the most is Him showing me all the people he expected me to help, and I did nothing. How painful that moment will be!

      Let us all get busy and “go about doing good.”

  19. Wow! now my friends you finally got the message .And we can all say that you have join the Cause of Jesus Christ to save human race and not criticize , despise, defame, slander accuse of wrong doing , judge, and put down the children of the ALL MIGHTY GOD..But instead you went in your knees and said:Lord forgive me for I am a big sinner.
    Welcome to the human race.

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