How to reduce oil and gas prices

Congressional Democrats have opposed lifting the prohibitions on energy development on nearly all federal Outer Continental Shelf waters for more than a quarter-century, including waters along both the East and West coasts….so…common sense…is to start offshore drilling in an environmentally friendly way…..the high oil prices is the fault of the democrats for forbidding oil drilling to get our own oil…it is time to reverse this mistake.

Also, the government should pay for conversion kits for people to change out their fuel systems in their cars, instead of wasting our tax money on “pork projects.”

Also, they should equip each household with solar and wind generators for the home, to save on energy.

. This situation really is NOT funny.

Hydrogen Generators for Cars and Trucks

Hydrogen generators for cars and trucks are becoming increasingly popular. And, why not, since these units can increase gas mileage, increase engine performance and decrease emissions all at the same time.

Hydrogen generators for cars and trucks are sometimes called hydrogen boosting technology or hydrogen injection or even hydrogen additive technology.

But, no matter what you can it, they all work in a similar fashion.

The idea behind onboard hydrogen generators for cars and trucks is that they use electricity provided by the car to electrolyze a small amount of water and inject the resulting hydrogen and oxygen gases into the vehicle’s intake system. The hydrogen and oxygen displace some of the fossil fuels in the cylinders, help the gasoline or diesel fuel to burn more efficiently, increase power and decrease pollutants coming out the tailpipe.

Below is a list of some of the more popular hydrogen generator kits and DIY systems that are currently on the market.

Hydrogen Generator Kits for Cars and Light Trucks

Hydrogen Boost is a complete system including hose, wiring kit, electronic control circuit and manuals. Sells for between $1,000 – $4,000 depending upon type of vehicle.

Hydro Assist Fuel Cell is actually made up of three components that help to achieve high fuel efficiency from any car. The three components are an hydrogen fuel cell (generator), an vaporizer and an optimizer. Prices are not published, so you have to request a quote.

Green Future Technology offers a hydrogen generator kit for gasoline and diesel powered cars and trucks. Prices start at $1,095.

Hydrorunner G3 – manufactured by the owners of Check Engine Service Center, this device can be installed and serviced by this company for those in the Tampa, Florida area. The price is between $3,500 and $10,000 depending upon type of vehicle.

National Vapor Industries – offers several different types of units and currently has an application pending with the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Hydrogen DIY Systems

Water 4 Gas is an inexpensive do-it-yourself project for those with mild to moderate mechanical ability. Two books will show car owners how to use water, transform it into hydrogen and oxygen and inject the gases into the intake manifold of their vehicles for increased gas mileage and decrease emissions.

Fuel Trips offers plans to let consumers easily convert their cars to use water as an additive to any internal combustion engine. One trip to the hardware store is all it takes.

Drive with Water Fuel – Geared towards novices who barely know how to tinker with an automobile, this step-by-step guide is short and to the point.

Smack’s Booster is a DIY system that shows garage inventors how to build the electrolysis unit step-by-step.

Hydrogen Generator Kits for Light Trucks Only

Get Hydro Power is a system for light trucks that mounts in the toolbox or bed of the vehicle. The systems start at $2,095 and go up to $11,490.

Hydrogen Generator Kits for Large Trucks

Mileage Maker is a system for large diesel trucks to increase performance and gas mileage while decreasing emissions. Will increase gas mileage 20 to 30-percent depending upon driving habits. Prices start at $299.

Hydro Power Pak is a retrofit system for semi-tractor trailer rigs that will electrolyze water and inject hydrogen and oxygen into the intake manifold. This will increase engine performance and decrease emissions.

Hy-Drive – hydrogen generation system (HGS) for the mining and trucking industry.

Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company – Offers hydrogen fuel injection (HFI) technology for class 7 and 8 diesel trucks.

Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies – Offers HFI LX and SX series units for larger and smaller trucks.

Go Green Fuel Systems uses electrolysis of water to increase gas mileage in diesel trucks. The offer a free flow system that has been field-tested around the Dallas area.

As you can see, there are quite a few choices of hydrogen generators for cars and trucks and more are being developed all the time. With gasoline prices at all-time highs and global warming a worldwide threat, many people are looking for a way to use less fuel now. The devices listed on this page are a step in the right direction. For other hydrogen generator types please check out the page listed as many different systems exist in today’s marketplace.

Here is a link to a “Do it Yourself” for only $150

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    This was originally sent by Phillip Hollsworth, a retired Coca Cola executive.

    If you are tired of the petrol prices going up and up, AND they will continue to rise, Please take time to read this. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

    Phillip offered this simple and workable idea. It is worth your consideration and immediate action.

    We are going to hit S$ 3.00 a liter and it might go higher! If you don’t do anything about it.

    We need to take some intelligent, united action. The oil companies just laughed at us, consumers, because they knew we would continue to buy petrol at higher and higher prices.

    Please read on and join us in this campaign!

    By now, you’re probably thinking petrol priced at about S$2.00 is cheap. It is currently S$2.07 for regular unleaded.

    Now that the oil companies and the OPEC nations have conditioned us to think that the cost of oil is
    CHEAP at USD100-150, we need to take aggressive action to teach them that BUYERS control the marketplace…not sellers.

    The only way we are going to see the price of petrol comedown is if we hit someone among the oil companies in the pocketbook by not purchasing their petrol at all for at least 1 year. And, we can do that WITHOUT hurting and inconveniencing ourselves. Yes, we boycott one of them totally for one year.

    How? Since we all rely on our cars, we cannot just stop buying petrol.

    But we CAN have an impact on petrol prices if we all act together to force a price war among the oil companies.

    Here’s the idea: AT least for the rest of this year, DON’T purchase ANY petrol from ESSO MOBIL. (Most profitable of all oil companies in the world) Yes ESSO MOBIL. Remember it and put a sticker in your car

    If they are not selling any petrol at all, they will be forced to reduce their prices. If they reduce their prices, the other oil companies will have to follow suit.

    But to have an impact, we need to reach literally thousands and millions of drivers. With the power of the internet, It’s SO simple!

    I am sending this note to 20 people.

    If each of you sends it on to at least another twenty more
    That’s (20 x 20 = 400)…

    And those 400 send it to at least twenty more (400 x 20 =
    8000 … and so on,

    By the time the message reaches the fifth group of people,
    We will have reached over SIXTY FOUR MILLION consumers!!!!!
    20×20 = 400

    400×20 = 8,000

    8,000×20 = 160,000

    160,000×20 = 3,200,000

    3,200,000×20 = 64,000,000

    64,000,000×20 = 12,800,000,000

    That’s 12.80 Billion people drivers, who will have been contacted!

    Unbelievable?? Do the math and see for yourself!

    Again, all you have to do is send this to 20 people. That’s all!
    I’ll bet you didn’t think we had a way to stop this oil madness.

    Acting together and with the power of internet, blog, printers, sticker manufacturers, advertisers also etc we can make a difference to the oil companies and to OPEC. And of the course, the word of mouth.

    If this message makes sense to you, then please pass it on. Pass it on for your family sake. Do your part. Bring the oil price down.



    PS Please adjust the currencies to your local prices. This circulation is going round the world.

  3. Thanks Charles,

    I will pass this along in emails. I also think that the government could pass a law putting a ceiling on prices, if they wanted to. However, since they get paid well, they do no appreciate what others go through. Oil prices need to be regulated.

  4. An oil company boycott would never work in the US. The fact that you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Wal-Mart demonstrates that people’s number one priority is price. They have no regard for the human rights violations that take place in China or in the “free trade zones” throughout the world that provide the bulk of the goods that Wal-Mart peddles.

    AT BEST, you might be able to get 25% buy-in for a boycott. If there was an Exxon across the street from a BP and you chose to boycott the Exxon, they might temporarily lower their prices by a penny or two per gallon. As soon as the price dropped, the 75% of the people who did not buy into the boycott would drive their vehicles over to Exxon to take advantage of the nominally cheaper gas. In order for people to change any behavior pattern, they must have a motive. Casual observation tells us that in the US the self-centered motive of saving a bit of money on an equivalent product without expending additional effort consistently trumps “higher” motives, such as attempting to affect societal change.

    • Hi William,

      Since I wrote this the prices have come down. I have also discovered in the meantime, that USA has plenty of oil reserves, but the environmental people will not allow the drilling of oil on the land, for the sake of nature and the animals in those locations. I think the regions are in the north- middle of the country somewhere. So we continue to depend on OPAC.

  5. Also, I have tried to find some legitimate scientific research on the hydrogen boost systems mentioned in the article. I have not been able to locate any. By legitimate, I mean peer-reviewed information from a respected scientific publication, not anecdotes from some unknown person posted on a website that is hawking these things. Can you provide a link to some legitimate research on these things that demonstrates their efficiency?

    They appear to be automotive snake oil to me.

    • Hi William,

      I would have to research into this, and find out, just as you have attempted to do.

      I do not have an engineering background, so I am not sure I would be best qualified to recognize a useless remedy.

  6. Fantastic writing=D Will definitely visit soon.

  7. William, Peer reviewed means politically approved. I don’t think our government wants us to be independent. I don’t trust our government to have the best interest of our people in mind. I don’t know about hydrogen fuel sytems, but I only saw one statement about decreasing your fuel use by 20-30%. That seems Ok, but You didn’t mention anything about methanol.
    From the research that I have done methanol seems to be the best option. It can be mixed with gasoline in a 85/15 ratio. You have to use about twice as much to go the same distance, so you would have to fill your tank more often. You would cut your petro use by about 70%. Methanol can be made from coal or garbage. Cows also produce an abundance of it and are being blamed for global warming, because of their flatulence. A fistula can be created in a cow to capture the methanol and dairy farmers could have another source of income. One downfall is that methanol is more corrosive than petroleum based fuel, so it has to be used in a flex fuel car.

    Here are some links with more onfo –

  8. Here are some more links


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