Human gestation and the Feasts of the Lord

This is an interesting study I received – on the relationship between the human gestation period and the Feasts of the Lord. As usual, God is amazing.


Word From Yerushalaim

The 7 Feasts of the Lord

The Making of a Baby

By J. R. Church

Zola Levitt discovered an amazing correlation between the Seven Feasts of the Lord and the gestation of a human baby, from conception to birth.

“On the fourteenth day of the first month, the egg appears.”

This is the date of Passover

“The egg must be fertilized within 24 hours, or it will pass on.”

This is the Feast of Unleavened Bread, which happens on the day after Passover.

“Within two to six days, the fertilized egg attaches itself to the wall of the womb and begins to grow.”

The Feast of First fruits is observed anywhere from two to six days after Passover! The seed or grain that “falls into the ground and dies,”  produces a harvest, the first fruits of which are presented to God

At 50 days, the embryo shows arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes, a head, eyes, etc. Around the fiftieth day, the embryo takes on the form of a human being.

That is Pentecost! That is the day the Israelites confirmed their covenant as the people of God. So with us, we are not complete in Christ, until we receive His Holy Spirit.

The embryo at seven months: On the first day of the seventh month, the baby’s hearing is developed. For the first time, it can hear and distinguish sounds outside the womb.

That is the date for the Jewish Festival of Trumpets.

“On the tenth day of the seventh month, the hemoglobin of the blood changes from that of the mother, to a self-sustaining baby.”

That’s the Day of Atonement, when the blood was taken into the Holy of Holies!

“On the fifteenth day of the seventh month, the lungs become fully developed. If born before then, the baby would have had very difficult time breathing.”

That’s the festival of Tabernacles, a time of celebrating the Temple, home of the Shekinah glory or Spirit of God.” In the New Testament, the Greek term pneuma, normally translated as “breath,” is applied to the “Holy Spirit.

Birth takes place on the tenth day of the ninth month. Eight days after birth, in Jewish families, a son is circumcised.

The eight days of Hanukkah are celebrated, nine months and ten days after Passover.

There is a remarkable correlation between gestation period and the Seven Feasts of the Lord, as was given to Moses by the Lord Himself.

Nothing designed by our Creator is an accident. Everything fits into a design or pattern.

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  2. Awesome! Never having seen this before, I am anxious to share it with my youngest daughter, who recently learned she is expecting her first child.

  3. Dear Lifeonloan,

    Congratulations on your upcoming grandchild!!

    Much joy to you!


  4. wow amazing =] i am so happy i visited your site =]

  5. Hi FireOcherry,

    Welcome to Heaven awaits. Yes, God is full of neat stuff. Every time we think we have Him figured out, He amazes us with something we did not know.


  6. Waooooo!!!!! This is awesome!

  7. Even more amazing for my wife and I! We were looking at this info again tonight and realized that our son, David Isaac, is due on December 21st 2008, the eve of Hanukkah! We realized that we were in perfect sync with the festivals because today, September 28th, 2008 is the beginning of our 7th month of pregnancy… and the eve of The Feast of Trumpets… We are so far right on time… as God always is!

  8. Dear Colin,

    Congratulations (Mazel Tov) on your baby boy. Yes, it sounds like you could not be more in line with the feasts with David Isaac.


  9. Marianne; Intelligent Design

    I believe these two subjects are related and why the Jews and Israel should survivie. Have you seen this Video?


    • HI Kitti

      Darwin can never explain what God has done. Intelligent Design is the truth. Darwin is a lie.

    • The Catholic Church supports and encourages Darwinism.
      So does the Church of England.
      Many think that the Church is no longer in control.
      Actually the Roman Catholic is the mother of all of all harlots.
      That includes Islam with its’ branches,
      Of course All Christian Churches,
      (not to include the TRUE Christian)
      The Catholic Church runs the show,
      The U.N. and all its’ members.
      I know this is a broad statement but a true statement.
      The jesuits are in charge of sciences and control what is taught and revealed.
      Cern is a good example of the hatred displayed at God and the Jewish people.
      This forum is really too small to address the network involved in ALL
      the domains that the R.C.C. controls.
      Do not be surprised!

      Only The Lord Himself can destroy this beast!!

  10. This is a beautiful picture of God’s perfect timing. However, please note that Hanukkah was not given by Moses, but was a holiday that originated at the time of the Maccabees.

  11. The Amazing Laminin Molecule
    Proof Of God At The Molecular Level

  12. Amazing!!!

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  14. I just heard about this last week. Amazing. Check out my book at

  15. Yes, this is our Creator’s fingerprint on all humanity. These are “The Feasts of the Lord” not exclusively “Jewish Feasts”, the Feasts belong to all humanity via the Children of Israel. G_d established the celebrations in His Torah, written down in Hebrew scrolls for all to follow, for all time.

  16. Only a fallen angel would equate human gestation with food.

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  18. Amaizing


  20. This is amazing! How and who got this revelation. We serve an Awesome GOD.

  21. I did extensive research on this and was able to add more to the understanding of this and show that some of the things were missed. If you are interested in the written documentation of what I found, contact me through facebook.

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