Human Interjects and Astral Projection


Astral projection is dangerous, both for the soul, and where /who it ends up in.

Astral projection is very similar to sleep, except one is awake and consciously trying to leave their body.

In sleep, one can seem to “leave” and go into the dream state, where one is elsewhere.

Astral projection has the same goal:  to leave, and go elsewhere.


Some people live in a fantasy world, where they seek the supernatural in an ungodly way.

They try the occult, meditation, etc.

Astral projection is an adventure to them, where they think they are traveling around visiting the world or universe.

For others, it is done with evil intent, to visit and harass victims.


Astral projection

Since it is already explained in this link, I will just present a portion of the information. To know more, read the entire link:

In astral projection the conscious mind (the soul nature) leaves the physical body (the body nature) and moves into the astral body (a spiritual body).

When one participates in this supernatural phenomenon, the person remains attached to their physical body by a silver “umbilical type” like cord.

The problem of astral projection is it opens one’s body to demonic possession.

When one participates in soul travel you allow your body to be unprotected as your soul, which consist of the mind, emotions, and will, leaves your body. It is the mind (part of the soul nature), which wards off evil.

It is our free will that lends us the ability to resist the devil and his demons. When you permit your soul to leave your body, essentially you’re leaving a door open for demons to enter your body at any point.


When one participates in soul travel, it is entirely possible for the souls (not the spirit nature) to enter within the soul nature of another human being, hence the term human interject.

We have come across many cases of demonization where a actual human soul part will communicate to me via the victim’s mouth or the victim will describe seeing the person from within or hearing the person (now sometimes it’s an demon masquerading as a actual human).


Now, be mindful there is a distinction between a human interject and a dissociative identity.

1. Human interjects are parts of human souls that are stemming from an external source (usually witches, occultists, Satanists, etc. who seek to torment)

2. Dissociative identities are internal fragmented parts of one’s soul. They are present to assist in their survival not for their destruction.

3. Human interjects can, if there are demonic rights present, invade (with the aid of a demon) a person’s soul nature and afflict dissociative identities and even enter the fragmented part.

4. Human interjects are NOT part of one’s soul nature created by God. They are invaders and need to be treated as such (one has authority in Christ to force out these human interjects)

End of excerpt



If one wants a positive supernatural experience, they need to seek God, pray, and read the Word in the bible.

Trying to experiment using one’s own “power” or the power of demons is dangerous, and there are no advantages to it.

No “thrill” one could experience in doing the bizarre is worth losing your human soul.

While many who practice astral projection deny this possibility of demon possession or personality dissociation, their opinion is not reliable.

They may not be aware of the subtle changes in their personality.

And since they are not saved, they may not recognize a demon present in their soul nature.

For the most part, for demons to physically act in a physical world, they need a physical body to use.

Do not be stupid, and offer them your body, which would be available while your body is “traveling” and “not home.”

If you are doing this, repent – stop.

Life is a precious gift, and we should use our energy to glorify the One who gave us life.

Experiencing the supernatural will come soon enough when we die.

And the supernatural is available to us, as well, during our lifetime, through the daily miracles, and sometimes bigger miracles, when we have a close relationship with God, we trust the Lord Jesus for our salvation, and we yield to the Holy Spirit for guidance in our lives.

Spend time with the Lord, and forget the bizarre thrill ride with the devil.

It is a deception and a trap.

It is better to have a positive, holy, inspiring experience with God that we have to WAIT for, than to have a QUICK trip into the demonic, which will end us up in bondage and damnation.

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    • Do you know who or what the Annunaki are? keep reading lately that there is coming a big “alien” Invasion/deception by them & how they have been coming to earth since beginning of time & teaching humans their high technology,skills,etc…

      • emily

        yes I know who they are….predicted in Isaiah 24….the windows of heaven open up v 18.. and there is a noise that creates fear….in chapter 25 it says the noise is due to the aliens, the terrible ones.

        but the lord also also says 24: 21 that these host of exalted ones on high will be punished, along with the kings of the earth…

        • Oh,so they are the Watchers or fallen angels actually? so maybe thats what all the strange noises in the sky all over the world is from,that Iv’e seen on Youtube.& nobody knows what they are,but sound really eirie

        • Well answered.

          Please also refer to Genesis 6 which gives an indication of their origin. You could also refer to the books of Enoch.

      • I believe what the author wrote. That astro projecting is not of god, that the occult, witch’s, ex…are the ones doing it. You read in the book of Jeremiah, God talks how his people have turned away from him commenting abomination to him threw the people worshiping Baal!
        God is not happy at the occult and the witch’s and the sorcerers. He says it’s an abomination into him.
        Some of you might think I sound crazy, but I have had an individual astro project then entering into my husband body. Now that is something I never thought possible. And after witnessing this on more that one account, I am deathly afraid!
        I can tell the difference between my husband and that other person.
        I am searching for real christian’s who have understanding about the devil and his trickery. I am so sick of satin. This person as violated my privacy! They have turned my world up side down.
        I have prayed over and over for god to protect my husband’s, mind, body and soul. But this other person keeps entering his body.
        I no longer know how to live with this kind of terror.Does anyone have any advice they can give me. Has anyone else experience someone else astro projecting robbing there loved one vessel?
        I honestly never knew this could happen. And I am tired of being stalked my this other person. My husband is no longer the man I married. And all my family and so called friends have all turned their backs on me.
        Jesus says to love as I have loved you, not to astro project then stalking another person. what can I do. please I am willing to listen to advice at this point…
        n I believe if the satanist can stand up for each other us christian’s need to stand up for each other.When one or more are gathered in Jesus name their he is in the mist.
        If you read the book of Jeremiah,God himself is so disgusted at the people for turning their backs on him and for worshiping BAAL! God says it is an abomination unto him.
        People need to wake up, open their eyes to the truth. I met a man once at a so called praying group, he bragged of astro projection then being able to go into his son’s room to spy on him. That is not from god. Anyway if some one reads this and has compassion, please email me at,
        I am desperate for other Christian’s support. thanks

        • elizabeth

          It sounds like you are saved, but is your husband saved?

          somehow there is an open door to possession that should not be there. this can happen to unsaved people.

          he has something wrong in him where this is possible…secret sin, open sin, or unrepented sin of some sort.

          so that is one issue.

          second issue…and I was like this too….you have the authority to get victory over this

          I am sending you prayers for deliverance from witchcraft and for strength… print them out and say them each day, or multiple times a day….I will be in agreement with you.

          you need to learn the authority that jesus gave you to tread on snakes and scorpions, earned by the blood of the cross, to take charge of this situation….you will find that you have more power in you than the freak doing the astro projection….you just have to use it….

          third, as long as your husband is cooperating with this…separate yourself from him….get family and friend support….maybe from church also if you have one, but be careful….there are MANY spirits in the churches as well…like the man in the prayer group… use your discernment. if the old friends are useless, make some new ones.

          fourth, if possible, consult the witch and tell them you are praying against them…let them know the blood of jesus is being declared over this situation and you will continue to battle in prayer until they are defeated….so get tough!

          you do not have to be a victim…..!

          • I just read your comment. My husband is not aware that this is happening to him.

          • praise the Lord. it could also be sins from your parents on both sides and also from ancestors. please do seek deliverance. I know of deliverance via pastor nate on Skype.

        • Conrinthians 12 talks about a man who was caught up in heaven 14 years ago and paul said he wasnt sure if he was out of body and in body! He did not condemn it, he boasted about it!
          Some christians are just to close minded i myself am a christian and accidentally experienced astral projection 2 nights ago though a lucid dream, I was immediately scared and prayed to God and i was sucked back to my body! Im looking foward to my next experience and would like to travel even further to see if i also can talk to angels even Jesus if possible!

          • dan

            astral projection does not get you an experience with god as a rule. it projects you into the 1st or 2nd heaven where satan and his demons are.

      • Dear author and readers
        I would really like to understand something about interjects and invaders etc.
        – i have never intentionally tried any of this
        – if this happens how can it be dealt with after repentance
        – at times it has been as if in the forehead, back of the neck and behind the navel as if there is demonic access or something goes out from there
        It feels extremely dangerous. I would appreciate immediate help if it is treated as urgent. God bless u in jesus name.
        Kindly email

    • To all who have been dealing with Human Interjectors – Dan Duval of Bride Movement Ministries deals with this level of Satanic witchcraft and can help people get set free. Please see this prayer resource here and a link to Bride Movement:

  2. The main point is that supernatural experiences should come from God’s volition, not ours. That is, we can ask God for a supernatural experience, but we cannot make it happen ourselves, without His aid and guidance, without risking severe complications. I had severe complications from doing advanced yoga breathing and meditation. That was many years ago, nearly forty years ago. It was hard working my way out of that, but I did ask God’s help. Some meditation teachers may tell you NOT to ask for God’s help, as that interferes with a process they think is good. I believe they are wrong. I did learn some practical mind-body exercises to work against the condition I was in, which some call a “kundalini crisis.” I knew a number of occultists writing about kundalini crisis as if it were a step on the road to enlightenment. I disagreed with them, so my work (and writing) was ostracized and prevented from publication. I am aware of what happened to some of these people–pathetic old people.

    My experience was not specifically with “soul travel”. I was not trying to do that, as I was aware that it was risky, even though I was doing meditation and yoga breathing and thought that part was good. My point is that there are other events which can occur when one tries to manipulate the life forces–or whatever one wants to call them–apart from actual astral travel.
    I certainly agree that trying to do astral travel is a mistake.

    Some of the words used in the article you quote from are not too clear to me in practical application. “Interjects” and dissociation are not very clear to me. But I believe such things could occur.

    I am sorry God allows these things to happen, but if He guides us back to sanity, all is not lost.

    This is one reason I pray Maranatha, as I realize we do not know enough, even if we know a lot, to adequately guard against these things happening. We are like sheep ready to be picked off, in the state of this world. We need to be in His world to be completely rid of these things.

    • I understand.

      I tried “meditation” 40 years ago my self.

      I did not do it long, after one disturbing vision I had.

      I thought at first it was from God, about sin in the world, but now I am not sure….because of the rest of the context….it could have appealed to my sense of doctrine to lure me in…..I gave it up.

      My friend did astral projection, and thought it elevated her spirit. I did not go that far, because she mentioned meeting “elementals” on her way back in……I now know they were demons.

      • yet some have met angels. if God has made all things why should we be afraid. astral projection is just dreaming and remembering where you have been. we meet a lot of demons in our waking state.

      • Hi marianne thank you for writing back! The last couple days have been a spiritual battle for me! Thankfully my late mother instilled a strong christian foundation in me. Ive come to the conclusion that yes it is witchcraft/necromancy ect, and your comment i recieved yesterday helped reinforce it! I have experienced sleep paralysis probalbly 10 times and have seen the demons in that realm surronding my bed, its truly horrifying! Anyways thank you

    • I do not see too much difference between interjects and dissociation either.

      interjects are human souls that intentionally impose themselves on the soul or personality of another person.

      dissociation can be due to this, but also to other causes.

    • I want to see if my comment will me left

    • Yoga is demonic in nature No Christian should be involved.Kundalin is a snake demon that possesses the base of the spinal cord.

    • We are not slaves, God created us to be free. Who are you to tell us to avoid something like this. There are pretenders out there who would mislead us and make us believe a closer connection to the heavenly spirit isn’t good for us and convince us it’s demonic. There’s a potential for anything through life especially when dealing with the spiritual realm and the human spirit.

      • matt

        yes god created us to be free….to choose between good and evil… choose between being smart and doing something stupid.

        but along with our choices come consequences..not everything “spiritual” is heavenly….there is the divine and there is the demonic…both forces are out there

        choose wisely

      • No. The kundalini awakening is NOT enlightenment nor from God of the Holy bible. It is demon manifestation. I allowed someone to do reiki ( this person called it ” energy healing”) to my chakras. This person said they were healing me but over time i started having all kinds of demonic spiritual experiences.
        I became born again and recieved the Holy spirit and was growing in my faith and thought all the odd demonic experiences was the normal christian walk. But over time the manufestations grew worse, i researched them and found them to be ” kundalini awakening” symptoms. ( just google search ” kundalini deliverence ” and youll see all kinds of web sites with peoples testimonies of trying to get rid of them).
        You cant get help at a doctor, there is NO ONE who can help but God the father in Jesus Christ name. DONT go to a guru or shaman. It will worsen!
        Its only through the power of Jesus Christ with repentence of sins, breaking curses , breaking curses from ancestors,worship , fasting, and most of all prayer and time with him and his word.
        I learned in time that it came from the reiki. Demons being transfered to me from this person. Also this person opened my chakras and left them this way and all kinds of demons came into me when i was in public places.
        DONT EVER let anyone do energy work on you!! Its not of God and its dangerous. !!
        I have found healing of my physical body and emotional wounds of my past from God in Jesus name.!!! He is a God who saves, heals, delivers, redeems, and loves us! I have had to experience many deliverences and they all came seeking God, in Jesus name they leave. But much forgiveness and repentence on my part has had to occur for this freedom to take place.
        God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, Jesus Christ of Nazarath, and the one true Holy Spirit are the ONLY way to spiritual freedom. Its accepting Christ as the Lord and Savior over your life, reading his word, coming to know who he is and how he died for your sins and mine, and that through the resurrection power we can be made free and have everlasting life by him. And he is good and right and compassionate and full of grace!
        He has been everything for me personaly that the bible says he is.
        There are so many spiritual dangers in this world, i say turn and run away from anything occult and seek the only one true God!!

      • My question to this is if God allowed it why then did Jesus the SON of GOD NEVER practiced it! I think one has to be a true Saint or Holy to do this or else your body which is the TEMPLE of GOD will be invaded by those evil demons who only came to steal, kill, and destroy.

  3. I have read about some people who have done astral projection where they or their soul, left their physical body and were not able to get back in! How scary is that ?!

    I have also read about something called “soul scalping” where people have had their souls taken out of them somehow by alien (we know as demonic beings) and put in boxes- I guess meaning their souls were put in boxes so their souls were trapped permanently outside of their bodies- I wonder, this may tie into the astral projection stuff. Either way, it is not a practice we as human beings, made in the image and likeness of God, should do. Father God warned us about this for our protection.

    There is some old testament scriptural reference for this somewhere but can’t remember it right off hand.

  4. Hi Marianne and all,

    My personal belief is that this so-called astral Projection is not actually taking place, but is a deception by demonic beings to give the impression that the person involved is actually traveling outside of their bodies via soul travel. Since Scriptures states that there is nothing in all creation that is hidden from God, that all things are laid bare and open before him, that the very hairs of our heads are all numbered and not one sparrow falls to the ground without him, I would have to say that God does not allow a person to soul travel. That being said, I believe that any entities that are being encountered in that dream or meditative state such interjects, as you call them, are the same entities that call themselves spirit guides and are responsible for the deception of astral projection, which are demons.

    In the same way that people are deceived into believing that there are human spirits wandering the earth and are responsible for hauntings and such, demons do the same thing with those who are practicing meditation, channeling and astral projection. Demonic beings have the ability to make the individual believe that they are traveling or have had past lives. Remember, if a demonic being possesses an individual, it is possible for the demonic beings memories of where he has been and so forth to be deposited to the individuals memory, which makes him or her think that she has had a past life.

    In any case, channeling/meditation, attempting astral projection, tarot cards, Ouija boards, practicing Wicca, reading tea leaves or anything to attempt to contact other spirits or to attempt to gain information regarding the future, is an invitation for the powers of darkness to interact in ones life. Simply put, if one is doing anything else other than praying to God, then they are inviting demonic powers into their lives. I truly believe that this recent explosion in the interest of ghost hunting has been initiated by the powers of darkness. People who are involved in this don’t understand that God does not allow the souls of dead people, whether in Christ or not, to wander around the earth after death. So, just by being involved in this and seeking after these spirits, even out of ignorance, the only beings that are going to respond are demonic ones. By being engaged in these practices, those involved are continuing in sin, which separates them from God and that because we are not to seek after mediums or spiritist’s, nor are we to be engaged in those practices ourselves, which is what a person is doing by practicing ghost hunting.

    Furthermore, Mediums, clairvoyant’s, physic’s and the like are themselves deceived, believing that they have some type of personal spiritual abilities, when what is actually happening is that, because they are open to channeling and seeking after spirits, the demonic beings know this and it is the demonic being that is projecting the information to them making them believe that they have some spiritual power. It still amazes me when I watch these shows like “A haunting” and the people in the house are experiencing paranormal activity and what do they do? They call in a local paranormal team, including mediums and physic’s, a priest, then they sage the house and sprinkle salt around and then they pray to God. They’re defeating their purpose from the get-go and that because they are mixing pagan rituals with the power of God. Believe me, if the powers of darkness were not restricted by God in what they are allowed to do regarding humans, all of those people would be killed or possessed on the spot!

    To make a long story short (too late) the demonic being(s) can tell a person whatever they want them to believe, I’m a spirit guide, I’m your long lost uncle, I’m your grandfather, I’m your mother who just died, I’m the man who died in this house that you are now living in. The truth of the matter is that, this is all being perpetrated by demonic beings. If anyone is involved in these things, you need to repent and call upon the name of Jesus, for he is the One who defeated the powers of darkness on the cross. It is the power and authority of God in the name that is above every name, YESHUA HaMASHIACH (Jesus Christ) that created these fallen angels/demonic beings, and who has power over them.

    • Good post Don!

    • amen to that….maybe I should have had you write the post…. 🙂

    • dmcal,

      What would you say to a man who said the following:

      “I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven. Whether it was in the body or out of the body I do now know – God knows. And I know that this man -… was caught up to paradise. He heard inexpressible things, things that man is not permitted to tell.” [2 Corinthians 12:2-4]

      Are you saying this man must have been WRONG ??? Or is he “the exception?”

      • matthew

        there is a difference between a god given vision, and a man created technique.

        • So when Paul said “this man… was caught up to paradise” he was wrong- he really was not caught up to paradise, it was just a vision?

          • it is what he said….and what I said….in the vision, he was caught up….

            ezechiel also was caught up and saw the lord sitting on the throne.

            a vision is something you see……

            • I have wondered about the “trance” Peter experienced. The one concerning food. Way too freaked out to ever open myself up like that…..but I do wonder.

        • What exactly is the difference? Didn’t god create everything? Including the technique? I have also learned recently that most of the people in my family have been astral projecting and not realizing it. We do it accidentally. Would that be god given? I’ve never had any control of it. Waking up in a twilight world isn’t something I asked for. But now that I know what it is, why wouldn’t I see where it leads?

    • Amen. Well said, Don.

    • amen! well said

    • Dear author and readers
      I would really like to understand something about interjects and invaders etc.
      – i have never intentionally tried any of this
      – if this happens how can it be dealt with after repentance
      – at times it has been as if in the forehead, back of the neck and behind the navel as if there is demonic access or something goes out from there
      It feels extremely dangerous. I would appreciate immediate help if it is treated as urgent. God bless u in jesus name.
      Kindly email

    • How did you overcome this can i email u my email is

  5. Marianne,
    We’ve been praying for you, for a speedy recovery & that God would bless you and give you discernment. And I appreciate you work with this website. But come on. You are putting words in Paul’s mouth here. Paul was talking about himself and his personal experience, and he said what he said. Maybe he was wrong. This is a personal letter. It’s Scripture, but it isn’t God’s Commandments or the word of God anyway. It isn’t the words of Jesus, the Law or the Prophets. Let’s not make this another one of the dozens of places where Paul said or wrote something and we rationalize: “Paul said this, but what Paul really meant was….”

    • you are making too much more of this than what is there.

      if I said something happened to me, you would have the choice of believing me or not.

      so do you believe paul, or disbelieve him?

      • Paul wrote a letter, and I quoted him describing his own experience of something like “astral projection.” This was in response to dmcal52’s post stating his belief that “so-called astral Projection is not actually taking place.” So either dmcal52 is wrong, or Paul was wrong.

        As for me? I don’t know. Maybe dmcal52 is right. I have not thought it through or searched the Scriptures. I know Paul was wrong about a number of other, very important things, including what is the most important commandment, and his claim to be “an apostle.”

        But this quote above is Paul’s personal testimony anyway, in a personal letter. It’s Scripture, but not the word of God. It’s the just the word of Paul about himself and his experience, unsupported. It isn’t that important, so whether I believe Paul or not on this particular issue of his personal testimony about astral projection is not an issue.

        When Solomon wrote that “everything is meaningless” and “there is nothing new under the sun”, that is also “Scripture”, but it isn’t the word of God either. It isn’t true in an absolute sense. It simply reflects Solomon’s sinful feelings based on his sinful experience.

        • since Paul’s vision is meaningless to you, so then must be the visions of Peter and John…..

          maybe what you say is scripture, but not the Word of God also

          • Marianne,
            Paul didn’t say what he saw or what he heard. There is nothing clear or specific, so there is nothing for me to give meaning to.

            The most clear thing seems to be that Paul claimed he had an experience either in the body or out of the body, as opposed to an actual vision, but you refer to it as “Paul’s vision.” I don’t see any point in insisting that it clearly was not a vision, but it’s still just Paul talking about a spiritual experience without being specific.

            I think the point of a vision is the content of the vision- not boasting that you had one, but you can’t reveal what you saw or heard. Paul is putting the focus on himself, not on what he saw or heard.

            Did I miss something in the text, where Paul said he saw or heard something that has meaning, and he is communicating that to his readers?

            Peter and John clearly communicated the content of their visions.

    • Matthew P

      Raw Shaul gave prophecy. A prophecy that is fullfilled means it comes from Hashem. If someone gives prophecy then we must call him a prophet and that means we must listen to him. Rav Shaul said when he was on the sea and they had a storm that they will get rid of the boat but none of the 276 will be killed or injured and all people will end up on a Island and he will stand in a trial in Rome infront of the emperor. All this was fullfilled exactly as he said. Most people 2000 years ago could not swim. This is fullfilled prophecy. You are not allowed to reject a prophet because Hashem stands behind a prophet. Stop with your satanic words about Rav Shaul.

  6. All I can do is share my personal experience with you. I have never, ever attempted any of these occultic practices but have been involved in deliverance, where we had to get rid of demons that possessed a human body. On two occasions we found that the persons were involved in satanism and that they were linked to their coven leaders in some way or another. In one instance it was a rubber like implant that miraculously came out when we anointed the person with oil, and in the other it seems to have been a watcher sign that have been imprinted (not visible to the human eye) on the forehead. In any case in both instances we were put off track for a while because the responding entity inside the person’s body would not respond to the normal instructions that we gave it, such as to be bound or to be silent in the name of Jesus.

    Eventually we gathered that this was not a demonic entity, but the spirit or soul (not sure) of the coven leader who was connected to this person, who by the way could not even remember (in the one instance) that she offered one of her children to Satan. This coven leader used the person to speak to us and laughed and ridiculed us until we realised that this was not a human demonic spirit but a human spirit (soul).

    We changed the strategy and in place of trying to tell this entity to leave in the name of Jesus, we told this person that Jesus loves him and that he was busy with something that would eventually destroy his live. We also suggested that he goes to a local church, see a spiritual leader and repent. He immediately went quiet and just stared at us through the person’s (victim’s) eyes. We then requested the Lord to send his Angels to remove the human spirit from the room and we anointed the room with oil, thus sealing the room off.

    After this the demons that possessed the person started manifesting, and we had a very successful deliverance session. I lost track of the one person, but the other, the one who offered her child to satan, I know has been wonderfully delivered and is committed to serving the Lord Jesus even today.
    The implants in the one occasion and the watcher on the forehead in the second occasion seem to have been that which triggered the coven leader to respond and intervene in derailing the deliverance of the person.

    In both instances the persons could not even remember that they have been involved in satansim, but as we prayed for them and anointed them with oil, the “blockage” that was put on their minds was removed, and immediately they started to remember and recall their experiences. Both women were married and not even their spouses knew that they were involved in satanism. Both however had serious personality disorders until delivered.

    When we first encountered this, it took us literally weeks to figure out that we are not dealing with a demon but a human spirit. In this time the person went through agonising pain and torture, especially each time that she came into the presence of believers or when they started worshipping God. It is clear that between the coven leader and the demons they tried to keep them from being delivered and giving their lives to Jesus.

    As all of you, I am trying to make sense out of all of this, and I do trust that my experience will help you to understand.

  7. All occults are subjective in nature and have no real actual power. The reason they are forbidden is because it removes you from God. It must be remembered that the mind is very powerful. The type of Meditation is of importance, the prophets would meditate before prophecy was given to them, so meditation can be misleading if it is not properly used. Also the spirit can not separate from the body except at death. To believe your soul has separated from the body is in all probability an illusion. Believe it or not the soul does not want to leave the body upon death or even before death, but it is forced to separate after a period of time after death.

    • Jay sorry you are completly wrong, the soul can indeed leave the body, you are right in saying it does not want to. I had an accidental
      Projection a few nights ago and prayed to God to be put back in my body! When the spirit leaves the body(not in death but oobe)we are bound by a silver chord check ecclesiastes 12:6 . I know its hard to accept espescially if you never had a spiritual experience on that level.

  8. Hi Everyone,
    I am extremely interested in this post.
    I have had unusual experiences that all seem similar in nature to each other over many years. I have been given advice by many which has been helpful for the most part but the reality is I have learned to manage but not fully alleviate these experiences. I will describe the most common in hopes someone here may have or have known someone else that has dealt with this….
    on more occasions than i can count..i have had visitors between the hours of about 1:30-4:00ish in the mornings..what happens is first there is a crack or opening sensation in the spirit realm which wakes me up…I immediately see what is a holographic or weird symbols that try to mask my vision . I always am shown a vision of something like a ship blown up or some frightful scene also. then what happens is i see aliens? or demons? in a space ship in route. One starts to free fall from the sky to the ground like a highjacks my vision as it is falling and it is as tho i am the one falling…i /it see myself coming down through trees or neighbor hoods and then all of a sudden i am aware it is in my home or someone elses home using my spiritual eye? I feel kind of sick to my stomach or get a slight headache during this. It used to scare me so bad i would sweat and feel i was imprisoned by it. no matter how tight i closed my eyes i would be able to see what it was looking at. it would follow the floor lines of the house like it was mapping or exploring. It has a wierd focusing ability that seems mechanical in it is a robot or something.
    After I got saved i began to have experiences where i could see in the spirit realm, mostly while sleeping..had lots of confusion about weather this was of God or not..I have asked God to close doors that should not be open…although I am still having these experiences on occasion i no longer have fear. I rebuke them, plead the blood of Jesus over my mind, body, spirit, family, home etc. , i have learned to ignore them and go back to sleep. i do not entertain them by falling into fear or seeking after there intentions.
    Please do not judge me … I love God/Jesus/Holy Spirit with all my heart and trust God that there is an answer that will bring understanding. I have been through alot of deliverance, healing, counseling just incase this is about sin/demonic influence. I don’t think this is that! I kind of feel like it is has something to do with how God may want to use me…the problem is i have become confused and been told to close all doors. when i spiritual life seems void. when i close the dark parts…the good parts dreams and visions that are of God also go away…i am just at a loss on who I can talk to. I am an intercessor/watchman and dreams and visions have been very awesome. Seems when God is most moving in my life is when these interruptions start happening.

    • hi penny

      it seems you are very open to the spirit world around you. I would continue to seek God for any insights that might help you. God shows us things so we can be informed and make better decisions.

      Continue to pray before you go to sleep, and ask God to keep you safe. You have my agreement in prayer that nothing formed against you shall prosper.

      I have also had some very vivid dreams in the middle of the night about the dark forces that are here now to harm people. I ponder about them, and also ask God to help prepare me for what He wants me to do about them.

    • not sure if you know that god is giving you signs of the future.
      your one of us++**++

    • Dear Penny,
      I’ve read some online article from Paul Cox regarding of closing all of demonic doors of us( I think : body, soul, and spirit); while opening up all of righteous doors! That should help U now! * to repentance according the guide of Holy Ghost( the spirit of Truth, comforter, counselor…) and keep praying tongue for hrs/day, worship G-d all time as you can! That keep filling with holy Ghost for U and worship with anointing songs and music; such “Benny Hinn Worship Collection with Lyrics – Atmosphere for Miracles ” For I’m warfare with those demonic workers for yrs. and I worship and praying in tongue as much as I can. G-d have delivered even evil spirits from those witches and warlocks to protect me.; praying tongue: sending out(release) words(work,powers) into spiritual realm ; and you will notice there’s/ re immediately changes on both spiritual realm and physical realm! For the Lord work with His Word! Demons cannot block praying in tongue since that is communication with Heavenly G-d only; demons don’t understand it!
      There’s guest speaker on Sid Roth “It’s supernatural” program, who used to astral projection and more and you may watch it and see his book or something will help you?

  9. Thanks Marianne,
    I appreciate your prayers and agreement! You helped me long ago when I first started having these encounters and it was then that I was able to overcome the fear…You spoke to me about knowing my authority and i stopped letting unbelief/doubt rule. I rebuke them once and remind them they must deal with Jesus if I sense they are still near.
    I have been asking God about what i should be sharing…It is hard to know stuff and still keep living life as we should. There is always this looming sense that time is very short and i tend to park there alot. It is hard to understand why majority don’t sense it also.

  10. Penny, I know a Godly man who sees the spirit realm on a daily basis. I can sense when demons are present….. Sometimes I think God shows us these things so we know better how to pray. To show us a reality that a lot of Christians would like to deny. I also agree with Marrianne. Pray for protection.

  11. Hi Penny, It is so easy to sit here, far away from where you are (in my case South Africa) and try to be clever, not really knowing what you are going through. Once again, I will gladly share some of my experiences and trust that it will be helpful. Please accept this in the spirit of humility that it is intended.

    I do come across some of people from the traditionally African cultures from time to time that have similar experiences. In their case the solution seems to be quite easy as they (traditionally) worship forefather spirits through their appointed spiritual leaders called sangoma’s. In their tradition it is often found that the abilities of the sangoma’s are carried over automatically to their children. These children would often leave the place where they grew up to go and find work in the cities at a very young age, and at some stage and time (I suggest it is when the Sangoma passes away or maybe “retires” – I do not know if they do), the forefather spirits would start appearing to these people in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways, normally summoning them to go home to become sangoma;s themselves. This by the way involves all kinds of different rituals whereby they have to drink blood of a goat etc., but also, believe it or not, they have to stay underwater for a prolonged period of time. I have had accounts of anything from 2 weeks to 6 months (whether this is in the spirit or by their physical human bodies – I do not know. – They claim that it is in their physical human bodies). Weird, but this is a reality.

    One very good friend of mine, who I will approach to respond on this to give you his personal account, came to me when he had a similar problem after having received Jesus as his Lord and saviour. He would wake up at night and these “forefathers” of him would stand in the room and invite him to come along with them in a very friendly way. He also experienced a lot of fear etc., and was sometimes completely paralysed so as to not being able to move or talk at all. I suggested that he do exactly what you have indicated above, namely to use the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus, and it definitely did help, as they would react, go away but their demeanour changed radically. In place of being kind and friendly, they actually started to even attack him.

    Because of the bloodline connection that he had with his ancestors, they had the lawful (spiritual) right to harass him, and they kept on coming back. This is something that we would like to refer to as familiar or family spirits.

    If I recollect correctly Johanna Michaelsen in her book “The beautiful side of evil” had a similar experience as she was lured so to speak into the practices of demonic healing.

    My friend decided to break with his family ties and traditions and prayed for the breaking of the “spiritual umbilical cord” with his ancestors, and also repented for the sins of his ancestors.

    The visions and appearances stopped and he is a devoted Christian today who does not entertain any of his traditional ancestor worship traditions. This by the way is something very difficult to achieve in Africa as they get rejected by their families. It also has a political connotation because they are seen as adapting “the white man’s traditions”.

    On another occasion I dealt with a person who was a church leader who claimed that he had no choice but to believe in re-incarnation because he had these visions and reflections of him being a prisoner in the 500 year old castle in Cape Town that was build when the settlers first came to the south of Africa. He could actually recollect exactly how he supposedly died etc. etc. After breaking the family ties and blood lines as explained above, the experiences stopped.

    Your experiences seems very similar, and do not misunderstand me, I also know people who have these magnificent spiritual experiences that I personally would love to have. It is also a clear and known fact that in these “latter days” many people have these wonderful experiences and visions of heaven and even hell. See also

    I do not know your background and history. All I know is that demonic spirits, fallen angels (Aliens) etc. are completely powerless against the name, blood and power of Jesus Christ, and the only way that they do seem to have some sort of power is be lying and deceiving, unfortunately millions of people all over the world. They can only do this kind of thing if they have an open door. We need to determine what the open door is. What I suggest may be one solution.

    On the other hand it may have nothing to do with you as a person, but it may be the room or building that you stay in. RA Marzuli reported that people who stayed close to the serpent mounts (a burial ground for the Nephilim who fled from the middle east after Moses started destroying them in obedience to God’s commands) reported similar experiences to that which you have.

    Evil spirits from the demonic realm are territorially bound. If for example they have been worshipped before in that area or place, (or any other activity that may have granted them access) they will stick to that place until such time that the original sin that was committed has been confessed, and I find that anointing the area with oil which represents the Holy Spirit sealing the area off to any demonic access and/or wine/grape juice which represents the blood of Jesus keeps them away. Also check relics or artefacts of demonic origin, and remove them.

    I have had similar experiences in the presence of traditional African art object for example.

    I am convinced that if the Lord is involved, you will know it, and there will be some kind of learning or message coming from it.

    I say again. Not trying to be clever. Just hoping and trusting that this may be of help to you.

  12. Hi Johan,
    Wow…all I can say is wow! There is so much I would like to share…but as a courtesy to Marianne and this website I would like permission to share some of my generational testimony. I am happy to have private share if that is more preferred. I am on my way to work now..west coast time…but can offer a post later if that is ok.
    thank you so much for taking time to share.

  13. Hi Marianne,
    You are welcome to share my email with Johan.

  14. Hi Penny,

    Thank you for sharing some specific details about your dreams, visions, and spiritual experiences. I’m not judging you or judging what you have expressed. I can’t say it’s all from God, or none of it is from God. Probably it’s a mixture, in my opinion, but I’m no expert. It seems sort of over my head.

    But you are following the good examples of two Apostles that Jesus personally appointed, Peter and John, in giving specific details about what you saw and heard in visions and spiritual experiences, so other people can consider the content.

    I appreciate that you are not just elevating yourself as a “spiritual person” and saying “I heard inexpressible things, things that I am not permitted to tell” but then not giving any details.

    At the moment, the only input I have for you as you seek the truth is this:
    Jesus is The Way and The Truth and The Life. Listen to His voice from the pages of the Bible FIRST. Yes, the whole Bible is useful in various ways, but the voice of Jesus should be first.

    Blessings from the southland of fruits and nuts.

  15. Jesus the Good Shepherd spoke about Himself at length in John chapter 10.
    Jesus said:
    “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand. I and the Father are one.”

    I have put forth the simple idea that the words of Jesus (recorded by the 4 Gospel writers) are above all other voices in the Bible (and elsewhere.) I’m saying that the testimony of Jesus, hanging on the Law and the Prophets, is the standard for what is right and true.

    We need to overcome our Evangelical mindset, based on the traditions of man handed down to us through the centuries. In error, we have made the voices of other men in Scripture equal to the voice of Jesus, particularly Paul, and this is wrong.

    The words of Paul the Pharisee, and “All Scripture”, are NOT equal to the words of Jesus. None of the writers in the pages of Scripture itself ever said all Scripture is equal, and neither did Jesus. The Bible was never given to us by God as “one book.” It is a collection of writings. The testimony of Jesus is the most important part, and is the standard to measure everything else by. (No Paul is not somehow “the exception” and “above the law.”)

    Jesus never told us to “harmonize” His words with the words of Paul or any other New Testament writer. Rather, we need to compare and contrast, and where Paul was wrong (and he frequently was) we need to say clearly without dodging the issue “Paul was wrong.” That is the “trigger word” for this demonic stronghold of the cult of Paul worship. But it’s time to face it, and tear down this stronghold. It’s remained hidden far too long.

    It’s time to listen to the voice of Jesus the Good Shepherd.

    • matthew

      you are getting ridiculous now…

      .so the voice of the Father in heaven, who spoke through the prophets, is now inferior to the voice of Jesus.??????

      the prophets were not the “voice of men” expressing personal opinions, like you do, but spoke as directed by God himself.

      if you have such a disrespect for the voice of God, then you do not belong on this site.

  16. Jesus said:
    “I have testimony weightier than that of John (the Baptist).” [John 5]
    and Jesus said:
    “I tell you, among those born of women there is no one greater than John (the Baptist.) [Luke 7]

    This is in agreement with the beginning of Hebrews chapter 1, which I typed out for your before. I said above: “the testimony of Jesus, hanging on the Law and the Prophets, is the standard for what is right and true.”

    Jesus didn’t abolish the 10 commandments in the Law of Moses, but he summarized them into the FIrst and Greatest Commandment, and Second- not Paul’s “one rule.” I’m saying that the testimony of Jesus, hanging on the Law and the Prophets, our measure for truth – not “all Scripture.”

    The teaching of Jesus is in harmony with the Law of Moses, but it’s superior. Why would it be strange if the voice of God the Father speaking through Jesus the Son is superior to the voice of God the Father speaking through the Prophets?

    Your voice here doesn’t sound like the person I’ve been corresponding with for the past half a year. And I don’t think that “the prophets” is really the issue. The heart of the matter is, are you willing to compare & contrast the words of Jesus with the words of Paul, rather than assuming “Paul must be right since it’s in the Bible” and then trying to “harmonize” the voice of Jesus with Paul.

    We don’t need Paul to reinterpret the words of Jesus for us, we can listen to Jesus directly, from the text of the Gospel writers.

    • matthew

      the voice of God is the voice of God,,,,it does not matter whose mouth is used by God….

      Jesus came to give a deeper insight into what the Father had been saying for 2000 years….and made it so that temporal physical sacrifices were superseded by a divine, eternal sacrifice.

  17. Marianne,
    I agree that “Jesus came to give a deeper insight into what the Father had been saying.” So since Jesus IS God, then the mouth of Jesus is the mouth of God. Therefore it appears to me that the voice of God in the mouth of God should be top priority over the voice of God in the mouth of the Prophets. The voice of Jesus certainly is higher in authority than anyone else in New Testament times or since. Jesus said “I have testimony weightier than that of John (the Baptist)” [John 5] so I think Jesus would agree.

    • I realize that the topic that I am posting this link to is not relevant to the topic of discussion here on this page, but I just thought that those that don’t truly believe that “Paul had been given total authority as an Apostle of Yeshua’s” might wish to reconsider that train of thought after reading the following.

      The Word of God is not a salad bar where you pick and choose what you wish to believe or not.

      • B.J.

        Jesus is The Word of God made flesh. The written word of God was never given to us as “one book”, which is all “the word of God,” the 66 books of the Bible. It’s a collection of writings, with different levels of authority.

        I’ve made the case that the written word of God is the testimony of Jesus recorded by the 4 Gospel writers, backed up with the Law of Moses and the Prophets. (Not “All Scripture” and not “the 66 Books of the Bible.”)

        As I have documented previously with quotes from the Bible, Jesus saw the Scripture in 3 parts, in order of priority, just as Jews still do today.
        .1) Law of Moses
        .2) Prophets
        .3) Writings (beginning with Psalms)

        It was absolutely clear which books were in the top category, the Torah (5 Books of Moses).
        There was a little fuzziness between parts 2 & 3. Some of the Psalms about Jesus seem to have been Prophecy (according to Jesus) and the Book of Daniel was placed among the Writings, not the Prophets.

        The Word of God is not a salad bar where you pick and choose your own “Topping” from your favorite author in the Writings or Letters in Scripture, (such as Paul) and make his feelings, experience, and teachings equal to the words of Jesus, saying “All Scripture is God-breathed, so it’s all the word of God because Paul the Pharisee said so.”

        As I have already documented extensively here on HeavenAwaits, according to the text of the Bible, neither Jesus nor any of the Original Apostles ever appointed or recognized Paul as an apostle in any way shape or form. And other than Paul’s claims about himself, no one anywhere in the Bible ever recognized Paul individually as an apostle. These are facts about the text of the Bible that no one in the world has refuted.

        It’s time to open your Bible and think for yourself, not just give a link to some other rabbi’s teaching like the Pharisees used to do. The New Testament isn’t that big. If you can’t articulate what you believe in your own words and back it up, then you really are not thinking. You seem intelligent. You don’t need some other rabbi to think for you.

        I hope we can engage in dialogue, to learn more of the ways of Jesus.

        • Matthew,

          I will simply respond with this….
          If during the confrontation between Paul and Peter which is recorded in Galatians 2:11-21. was not without foundation, then where are all the epistle’s from the other Apostle’s and Disciple’s denouncing Paul as a heretic and false teacher?

          They don’t exist.

          Instead we have Peter commending Paul in 2 Peter 3:15,16.
          And Luke obviously holding Paul in high regard as he wrote of his ministry while accompanying him in within the Book of Acts.

          If indeed there were any foundation to dismiss Paul as a heretic and not a specifically chosen vessel of the Lord Yeshua, (Acts 9:15,16.), then where are all of the denunciations that should have been written to express this concern?

          Therefore if one has a difficulty with what it is that Paul has to say, (no matter what it is that he has to say), then the problem does not exist with God the Fathers word, but rather exists within the individual themselves, their ego, and their theological understanding.

          Praise be unto Yeshua the KING.

    • God does not contradict himself….so the voice of God IS the voice of God

      all messages from God are equal

      • Jesus is God, Paul is not. You are right that “God does not contradict himself.” But Paul DID contradict Jesus, as I’ve pointed out on numerous posts, backed up with relevant Scripture.

        The voice of Paul is not the voice of God. The voice of Paul is not equal to the voice of Jesus.

        Outside of Paul’s writings, neither Jesus nor any other writer ever said or implied anything about all Scripture being equal in authority. No one but Paul ever said “All Scripture is God-breathed.” And even Paul didn’t claim that all Scripture was equal. These are facts about the Bible text, which no one in the world has even tried to refute, because they can’t. This is objectively absolutely true.

        Jesus said “I have testimony weightier than that of John (the Baptist)” [John 5]. Jesus didn’t say he had a message that was equal to John the Baptist, Jesus said WEIGHTIER. That means the message of Jesus was superior. John the Baptist agreed, and said:
        “He (Jesus) must become greater; I must become less.” [John 3:30]

        • you are hopeless

          • Marianne,

            Muslims have a high view of Jesus- but not the HIGHEST view. They say Jesus was a prophet. But they would also say that the words of Jesus are not uniquely ABOVE the words of all other prophets.

            You are not trying to bring Jesus down to the level of other prophets, are you?

            • no I am defending the Word of god as valid, no matter whose voice is used…

              you apparently have reinvented the bible

            • Luke, author of the gospel of Luke, and the book of acts, holds Paul in high regard, and his teachings as the word of god.

              Luke even mentions that demons are afraid of both Jesus and Paul….

              Peter also sees Paul as a beloved brother.

              You basically trash paul….and show no respect for the fruit of his works and message given him by the Lord.

              Even John the baptist words, you twist, john did not say his message was less than Jesus, but that he himself, as a person, was less than Jesus.

              you have a horrible understanding of the spirit of the word

        • Matthew

          You must understand that Yehoshua could not teach against Torah Before the crucifixion. Pauls teaching is after the Crucifixion. The Crucifixion made Christians free from the Torah. Instead of Torah we Christians have the Catechism. You are lost regarding Rav Shaul. He is a prophet and he probably went to far but he is still a prophet.

          • you make a good point about before and after the crucifixion,

          • ibible

            Other than the writings of Paul the Pharisee, what Biblical basis do you have for this Lawless Replacement Theology? (Please don’t start quoting Paul- quote some other author of Scripture, or Jesus.)

            • matthew

              this is a lie.

              paul taught against replacement theology…you are intentionally misquoting the bible for some negative reason…..

              The majority of Christians today and through the years see Gentile believers as grafted in to the vine of Israel. (Rom 11:17-21) There is no replacement.

              Romans 11:17-32 If some of the branches have been broken off, and you, though a wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing sap from the olive root, 18 do not consider yourself to be superior to those other branches. If you do, consider this: You do not support the root, but the root supports you. 19 You will say then, “Branches were broken off so that I could be grafted in.” 20 Granted. But they were broken off because of unbelief, and you stand by faith. Do not be arrogant, but tremble. 21 For if God did not spare the natural branches, he will not spare you either.

              I think you need to take a break from this website and learn the bible.

              • Marianne,

                Trying to figure out why this discussion goes on with basically only one man’s opinion is hard to understand. There has to be something underlying all of this that is not being said, and that for whatever reason. I have asked previously if Matthew was just following Eastern Orthodox doctrine and theology; no response. He seems absolute and resolute with only his understanding and interpretation of translated words. I came across this the other day and it seems to explain a lot. Maybe not, but I do believe it sheds some light on WHY.

                But I do have to say, I hold to the understanding that Paul is misunderstood and mistranslated by the Gentile Christian Church. All of this makes it almost impossible to use Paul’s writings when speaking to my Christian brothers and sisters. It is just the way it is. But I have seen and understood enough to know better than to trash the man. I don’t believe that is wise. I believe that what is happening here is all for a reason. But that’s just me.

                Here is the link;


                • it is just like with anyone.

                  there is WHAT you said….

                  and then

                  there is what other people say you said..

                  and then the fight begins!

                  • Just for clarification on what I said above;

                    ” But I have seen and understood enough to know better than to trash the man. I don’t believe that is wise. I believe that what is happening here is all for a reason. But that’s just me”.

                    To put it more clearly should read like this;

                    But I have seen and understand enough to know better than to trash the man (“Paul”). I don’t believe that is wise. I believe that what is happening here (“the misunderstanding of Paul’s writings”) is all for a reason. But that’s just me.

                • I agree .

                  I think if the devils knew Paul and feared him, then maybe we should all have some respect for him

            • Matthew
              You did not want stuff from Rav Shaul so I can give you a verse from shimon Kefas alias Peter. 1st Peter 1:18-19. Theese verses tells us that Christians are free from the Torah because of the Crucifixtion.

  18. I notice you do not use the term ‘fallen angel’ in regards to those who can ‘posess’ a person. Nor do you acknowledge that they can, and do FEED on people via their energy; through many, and manipulative means. Including, direct means, but also through emotional manipulation.

    • I use the term demon

    • Who can help me out if this? As I write,a crowd of such people’s spirits are here and call me their soup,meat,meat ball(for the Astra sex they do) . The worst of it is that they have programmed my death. Experiments are conducted on me. They constantly,I mean,constantly try to control my mind negatively,fake negative feelings and thoughts in me like am the one thinking,speaking,and feeling. I even know some of them and breaking the bond remains one of my biggest challenges because the level the evil has reached.

      This has made me to back slide many times but still remain the person I am. I love good and dislike evil even if I am human. I believe I can find light that can disperse them. The pain they inflict on me is unbearable and my reaction to it does not stop them but raise physical barriers as they expect me to ignore the torture.

      This is a matter of life and death and I need urgent help. If some people choose to call a human being soup/meat, that person is not just being used but his/her life is at stake for cannibalism is secretly practiced.

      Help if you can and shame the devil!

      • dear seeking

        how did this all start?

        do you have soul ties with anyone.? do you know witches?

        I can send prayers against witchcraft, curses,, etc but do you have anyone there who can pray with you?

  19. After watching this video:

    I am so horrified of astral projection. I would never want to do this. It opens door to the enemy, definitely. I also heard from that video how the spirit and body once separated, there will be little pieces of us missing. I recommend you watching the video. I remember as I have heard how it said that people can die from astral projection….

  20. I genuinely feel really sorry for all you people 😦 Fear of God has closed your minds to an experience that has been far beyond any I ever had growing up within the Christian faith. I believe you do have to be careful with your spirit, in a broader sense than you believe maybe, but what this article proposes and indeed states… truly the words of complete and total ignorance of a subject (and of a moron!). This is a FACT, as I am certain if you had actually experienced such a level of consciousness you would not spout such total crap, therefore you can’t possibly know what you are talking about!

    I have worked hard to attain reach this state of consciousness on occasion over the last couple of years (I am still at a fleeting state!), and it has without a doubt given my soul much peace. Words cannot describe what it feels like to move around outside of your body! The level of raw joy – which was an unexpected surprise – I felt the first time I lifted out of my body and found myself suspended in the centre of the universe was unlike any other. I truly wept. I wouldn’t imagine it to be far off what you think you will feel at the pearly white gates!! I believe I have had so much success so quickly because I have chosen to be open minded, from the very offset I accepted it may very well be hippy nonsense but I thought if it were possible I would like to give it a bloody good go! You may want to take something from that? 😉 I am sure if you met me you would think I desperately needed saving, yet I cannot imagine being so insecure about my spiritual security that I needed to hatemonger against other people’s paths to spiritual enlightenment. It is quite sad really but you are the only ones missing out in the end.

    I am sure very few of you care for what I have to say, but as you have been so heinously deceived by the author of this article I thought I would let you hear from someone who actually knows what they are talking about.

    • katie

      have your experience..but if you want true peace you have to get it from God himself…not a euphoric experience floating outside your body….if you stay out too long you could come back and find someone else there.

      calling me a moron indicates you have not gotten to the level you think you have….

      I cannot change your mind, since your experience gave you a positive feeling…but this is not what your soul ultmately needs…it needs connection with God himself and the Messiah Jesus / Yeshua.

      I hope you will search out what I say and give it consideration.

      • This is exactly my point… these experiences have been utterly sacred to me and I mean that in the fullest extent of it’s meaning. Like I said before this is something I had not expected to the extent that was bestowed upon me. It is hugely insulting to prescribe how people should be reaching God. As far as I am concerned this is how I connect with God; I believe in a collective consciousness and that millennias of human error and mistrust have sent us all off on not-too-dissimilar religious tangents. Perhaps if I say that the element of “a euphoric experience floating outside your body” is not me ‘touching God’ so to speak but the medium which which try to do it, in the same way that you might pray. Does that make sense?

        I am actually quite sheepish about the curtness of my comment yesterday as I think it was quite hypocritical of me to be so spiteful towards Christians in general, especially as I put the more amiable elements of my character to the upbringing I had inside that faith. I don’t really think that you are a moron, and am sorry for calling you one, but you have to understand that you are genuinely spreading unfounded lies about other people’s religious practices, which I think is actually quite a dangerous thing to do in itself, maybe even more dangerous than leaving your soul open to festering energies (which I totally believe is possible by the way but not in the way that you put it).

        Thank you for being polite to me despite my rudeness.

    • If you get victimize by people involved in this kind of thing,you will not be comment like this. You might be one of them going about tormenting,using and destroy human beings because you gain from doing it. But remember that encouraging people to engage in this evil practice makes you evil naturally.

  21. I think i can astral project, don’t know how to really tell, other than having some theoretical proof, meaning the proof is solid, but explanations are theories. Sometimes when it happens i am in a rush to go outside and start flying cause its exciting. Other times, im in a rush to run back into my body because I start thinking it will be terrible if something else got inside instead of me. Any help or advice… I’ve been very tuned to the spiritual world as i was pronounced dead upon birth. Had a close relationship with God growing up, but it fell off due to me allowing the fleshly desires to take over. Anywho when i do it its not willingly. Its usually a result of me being drunk the night before (one of my fleshly desires) and fighting sleep. For some reason my body wakes up after 3-4 hours of sleep regardless what kind of state its in.
    The feeling first started of as sleep paralysis – that’s when your consciousness wakes up before your brain toggles the nervous system’s input and feedback via medulla. Lasts only a few seconds but is extremely uncomfortable. Eventually it did not bother me as much till i noticed it was happening with the same uneasy paralyzed body feeling but with a bonus of moving around. Hard to explain but i’ll give it a shot – the paralyzed feeling of one’s body not weighing a billion pounds, but rather, no amount of strength one possesses is capable of even moving a toe. Mixed with the freedom of moving or even flying in a 0 gravity experience. Did it to the extent that sometimes i wake up and immediately jump in a conversation that was happening two rooms away. And my family or friends look at me like its childish to feign sleep only to eaves drop. Another example was after my cousin and i got back from a get together that involved heavy drinking, he was comatose (usually when that happens there is absolutely no movement displayed by him while he is deep sleeping). I was fighting sleep laying in the couch adjacent to the one he was sleeping in when it happened. At first i didnt think i was projecting because the alcohol was robbing me of my clarity. Then as the saying goes dont get drunk and fall asleep around anyone, but being cousins we only limit it to messing with one anothers sleep i.e. poking them, or rocking them back and fort until they try to wake then you stop and repeat until they wake up and run you out the house. As i proceeded to do unto him what i know he would have done to me the television caught may eye. A favorite part of a movie i’ve watched so many times came on. So i stopped activities and watched that part then proceeded to mess with him. He started writhing left and right and eventually woke up laughing. Me thinking he was going to be mad was literally about to fly out the glass door (keep in mind i was projecting). But decided to return to my body, as soon as i woke up, i looked over and saw him tossing and turning in his sleep. Remember that this is a person who when drunk and sleeping, there is almost no movement the whole time he is sleep. And also the movie that was playing continuing from after my favorite spot. My theory is i was agitating his soul in the astral form or spiritual world and that resulted in a physical output. I would have debunked the theory myself but the tv was on mute leaving no audible manipulation of the movie to my sleep state, hence i was not sleeping.

    Now to address more on the post, i dont think my ability to astral project was formed by any coercing of the enemy, or me dealing with witch craft, spiritual mediums, or things of that nature, but rather being spiritually in tuned as i had visions (Biblically themed) when i was younger. And around said ages i saw things that make all these paranormal, exorcist, possession, demon movies seem like child’s plays.


    • dear Isaac

      You have had some unusual experiences.

      Since you are prone to do this, I would suggest laying off the alcohol, it might make it worse.

      Also say a prayer before bedtime, and ask God to protect you.

      I pray the Lord keeps you safe.

  22. I have coworkers I use I use to work with who are harassing, stalking, monitoring and taking from me and my son physically, mentally and spiritually!! They’ve been in my place for months now!! They won’t leave nor, give me and my son things back they’ve taken ftom us!! They’ve taken our beauty, changed our faces, changed our skin, messing with our intelligence, making us tired and look drained, trying to make us sick spiritually and physically, trying to kill us, took our weight, and took my curves and our health, they made our hair fall out and our nails very unhealthy!! They keep blowing in me and my son face to take from us and keeo our things spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally!! Me and my 6 year old son are under heavy attacks by them and they won’t stop nor, leave they want to keep all of our things!! Thomas Levan, his mom, his girlfriend Tasha and the employees at Sutherland Global Services AT&T MSS department at 1180 Jefferson rd Rochester, Ny!! I need them out ASAP and all of the things they’ve taken from us my email is: and my number is: (585) 287-3269!! Please help us ASAP!!♥♡

    • joy

      i have some questions:

      how do you know it is them?

      are you born again, saved by the blood of Jesus?

      are you a Christian, or are you of another faith, or have no faith ?

      for those not born again, the door is open for demonic attack…

      for those born again, there are things that can be done to stop this.

  23. I’m helpless..I started experiencing sleep paralysis at a tender age, I ‘ve been suffering for 17 years..I ‘ve been tortured all my life..when it first i started, I was 6, I could only get paralyzed and feel disturbing sounds and the vibrations…I knew it wasn’t okay so I did talk about it with my folks and they always told me its your brain or you probably don’t get enough air to your brain, nevertheless, as I grew older my sleep paralysis episodes started getting worse because way back I never used to feel people touching me, strangling me, breathing in my ear, I could only feel the vibrations then. They are now tormenting me every time I experience sleep there was a time when I was in a sleeping paralysis state and no one came to torment me, it was quiet and couldn’t feel some ones presence, so I really wanted to wake up and I force myself with might and their my astral was floating I could see through my eye lids and I tried to do the same thing. With my leg and up it floated whilst the other was laying down..I was so scared and got them back, it felt so heavy when lifting my astral then I never heard of astral projection. So I started thinking aloud is that possible? Omg! I was so scared I was like what’s happening to me. I ve’ always thought sleep paralysis is a way in which evil people torment people, because I always prayed and God came to my rescue every time the evil people tormented me whilst I’m paralyzed. Well I’m a Christian and I ve been prayed for because of this. I love God so much.I don’t do evil things I’m not perfect but I love God. I’m not involved in any occult. So what’s really wrong with me. Please pray for me. People say its hallucinations but they are not! Its real!

    • dear mumu

      I do not see why the prayer did not work. this sounds like a curse of some sort, or you are just sick.

      1. see a doctor and make sure you do not have a neurological problem.

      2. since it does sound like spirits afflicting you, and this is a life long thing, look around you and see if any of your family deals with the occult……someone or something is wrong……identify who it is and avoid them, telling them first that you are praying against what they are doing to you

      3. I am sending you prayers for deliverance against witchcraft and spirits and curses, some for strength, and some for healing. print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

      4. if you know anyone who will pray with you, that would be a big help to you.

    • It’s real dear, all we can do is fight thru a life of fasting & praying, don’t give up thinking Noone cares, we will always face negative people, but God leads us to th he right ones to help us win the battle, read the bible fasting everyday, if u have never fasted, just start by reading without eating any solid food till after u read, read 10 chapters of Psalm everyday morning and night, so God may help u see a better day, things will change for u if u do this…

      don’t be dismay & try to force ur self ok.

  24. This is highly edifying! God bless you all.

  25. Please i need prayers against interjects and astral projection

  26. vanita

    Are you doing these things or are they being done to you?

    I am sending you prayers for deliverance against witchcraft and other spirits….there are places where you can name other spirits or problems you mention astrals…..

    print out and say each day

    I will be in agreement with you in prayer

    • I cannot thank u enough for your quick response i have never wilfully practiced the occult. Its being done to me. I repented. Forehead base of the hip and behind the navel its as of something leaves the body…also it has been as if someone astrals into me and hooks into something in me its as if they hook to somwthing inside me and it really gets very difficukt…struggled for years

      • vanita

        I am sending you a prayer against witchcraft and the occult.

        print it out and say each day

        I will agree with you in prayer

        you are not alone in this

  27. How can you stop a soul traveler,a witch from coming to you?

    • pat

      rebuke them in the name of Jesus.

      they are not invited to be with you, and so you tell them they have no permission to come or stay with you

      i am sending you prayers against witchcraft and other spirits.

      print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

  28. If I understand this correctly, you are dealing with human spirits that harasses you through astral projection. I can share with you a bit of my experience. Hope this will help.

    I had to deal with this especially when we did deliverance and the person being delivered was involved in Satanism. They seem to have this special link with their coven leader, with some sort of tracking mechanism that notifies him/her whenever we attempt deliverance. (Identifying this “tracking device is yet another story)

    They then astral project to the person we try to deliver and speak through them, obviously giving us a hard time in setting this person free from demon possession, laughing at us, mocking us and even threatening us with our lives). Initially we really did not know what this was and what to do, because where demons normally react immediately to being rebuked, or binded in the name of Jesus, these human spirits do not react to this.

    As the Holy Spirit lead us we eventually found out what this was all about, and what we did was to speak to this human spirit (Now manifesting itself through the person being delivered) and basically tell them to commit their life to Jesus and stop doing what they do as this will end them up in hell. knowing their name helps a lot. Now that we know a bit better how this works, we normally question the person being delivered and get the name of this person from them. The moment we address the name of the person, they grow quit, stare at us in a sombre kind of way realising that their “cover” has been blown and thereafter a simple prayer asking the Lord to send his angels to remove this human spirit from the room and then simply sealing the room off by “anointing” the walls windows and doors with oil seemed to have taken care of the problem. After this we could then proceed with the deliverance and emotional healing of the person that we initially started with, without the interjection of this human spirit.

    Remember this is just another person just like you and me who have mastered this evil art of astral projection, and because they live in fear all the time (They have to because they deal with demons and devils who’s main tactic is to use fear to manipulate people and get what they want), they respond to love. (Loves drives out fear according to the Bible).

    One thing that you need to know however is that no one circumstance or situation is the same as another. Each encounter differs, and therefore it is not a single recipe that helps, but rather commitment and obedience to the Holy Spirit that guides one through this.

    If you still find it difficult in hearing the voice of the Lord (Holy Spirit) then it may be a good thing to make contact with a mature Christian who can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and who had some previous exposure to deliverance or the supernatural in some sort of way to assist.

    As mentioned before, I do not know everything, but this has been my experience, and 100% of the time it is the Holy Spirit that guides me through situations like this.

  29. Johan,

    Sending you some blessings in your work.

    “May God be gracious to you and bless you and make his face to shine upon you”

    Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!

  30. CV

    Thank you so much. It is much appreciated.

  31. […] night for witches and Satanists. They do many rituals and in these rituals they do astral travel or astral projection with their human spirits. These human spirits leave their physical bodies and travel to set […]

  32. Maybe you all can help me.

  33. I have always had the gift of dreaming things and they come true. Or I just know things about people. I can astral project. I saw aliens, now I feel they were demons. They told me many great things. Mostly things that helped me. Now here is my question. Is this signs of being demonically possessed. I have a strong faith and believe God gave me these gifts to help others. I never charge people who I help. I tell people if I have a dream of them and feel they need help. I am a very giving person. I do not tell many people of my gift, bc I am not boastful and never use it for wrong. It was a gift. My maternal grandfather had this gift and told me about it. There are people in my family who all have some gifts. I would like to know if this is not from God?

    • elizabeth

      you are describing something normally associated with the occult

      but you do not sound demonically possessed

      the astral projection is a new age practice, but it goes back thousands of years, and has similarities to open visions prophets would have of the future…hence, it seems legitimate, but the source of this gift is negative, not positive, even if you use it for a good purpose… is called white witchcraft, but it is still witchcraft

      I suggest you stop this activity, and pray and seek the Lord about how you can best help others, without transgressing against god, and possibly getting yourself bound or trapped by demonic deception.

      there are gifts of the holy spirit that is available to believers that want to serve god and others… these are holy gifts, and safe to use.

      read here:

      you sound like a good person, but you did not mention a relationship with the Lord.

      i suggest you get saved , be born again, repent (be sorry and stop) of the wrong way of doing things, and seek the right way.

      then ask the Lord for one or more of the gifts, so you can help others in a safer way for you and the others.

      I am attaching a prayer for salvation. read it and consider accepting it, as a way to change your life for the better

    • test the spirits: 1 John 4:2-3 they must confess Jesus. If you have a voice that you can hear speak to you, always and without exception, apply the test in 1 John 4:2-3 and make the spirit confess that Jesus Christ came in the flesh. Even if the voice says that it is God the Father, the Son or that it is the Holy Spirit, you must apply the biblical test because God will never contradict the bible, which is authored by God.

      If the voice says:

      “Jesus Christ came in the spirit.”
      “Yeshua came in the flesh.”
      “I am the Father, you do not test God.”
      “I am the Holy Trinity”
      Or disappears or does not answer or provides any response other than “Jesus Christ came in the flesh” then you need deliverance.

      You can here a word from a Prophet ask God is this name their name a prophet ask for a yes or no answer then say according to 1 John 4:2-3 whos spirit is speaking or said yes or no. Only accept that Prophet if it lined up with scripture above. Most new bibles have removed this scripture from the bible. Dark forces of this world dont want us to confirm false teachers and prophetic words heard as voice of God or from others.

  34. Hi everyone, I also want you to I know, I did not mention a relationship with God, But I am a devout Catholic. I went to church every Sunday with my Grandpa and went through communion. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. 🙂

  35. Thanks much for the knowledge. I read some of this long page for the sake of looking for help for my dear friend, who has been stolen a lot or everyday from some people who use Astral Projection . I wonder if there’s way to stop this demonic activities?

    • clara

      this is witchcraft, and must be prayed against. also fighting back requires more than a technique or prayer.

      the oppressed person needs to seek god in their life, and call upon the name of the son of god to save them. if they have committed sins against god, they must repent or turn away from the sins. once they have their heart and spirit in the right place, then prayers for deliverance will go much better.

      if they stay in their sins, then the devil has a legitimate right to oppress them.

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and for strength. also a prayer of salvation.

      print out and say as often as needed.

      I will agree with you in prayer

      • Thanks Marianne much for my friend.

        I’m war faring to witchcraft for yrs. according to the calling of the Lord. By His greatest authority, power, wisdom, strategies, prayers, even angels, whom He sent to me I have overcome those evil workers. Here’s something that I so far haven’t fully understand for some situation, such like I call “Electricity Webs” that they throw into my apt. With that they attack me all of time. Though I destroy their webs; and I strike them with the web , which they throw in and do they get hurt and stumbled. I pray that the Lord destroy their machine, which generate electricity webs and stopping their webs into my home. However, it sounds like that the Lord doesn’t stop them about this.

        • clara

          the electricity webs are new to me, at least by their name. do you have more information on them? maybe we can learn ….what the Lord does is based on his sovereign decision….there must be a reason we do not understand if he does not personally stop something…

          • Marianna

            The “Electricity Webs”( I call) are like levels of spider webs with some sounds when they are broken so that users may notice it.
            I have never seen it but suffer from them. Enemies use their webs to
            trace me wherever I go. They strike their vertical lines down or up to strike/ oppress me. With the webs they find me and lying down under wherever I’m lying to attack or wherever I sit… I feel their body.
            In Psalm David mention a lot about “Pit” that enemies trap us. Nowadays, we heard of Spider Man with hands holding of electricity wires. Witches hold sweepers.. That the Spirit has made me noticed
            with these things. The Spirit always makes me awake before my enemies start their attack toward me. When I felt attack started I called “Help” from Jesus and pray in tongue if I was given at that time. Then I got protection though I suffer some of them. For example, they tried to pull me out of my bed with their “webs”. I only feel their pulling, but my body did not move. My another friend of intercessor suffered it some too before. And she got my help for removing those “web” at a certain spot of her bed.

  36. There are Astro projecting to my house to steal for 5 years. I’m Born Again please help

    • jean

      if you are having this problem as a born again christian, then no one taught you your authority in Jesus and how to cover yourself with his blood for protection.

      do not feel alone. I think most christians are like this

      you have the authority, as long as no sin has taken over in your life, to rebuke any presence in jesus name and have them leave.

      also be sure you do not have any cursed objects in your house, like tarot cards, statues, occult jewerlry, etc

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft, and for strength…print out and say every day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

  37. Demons are from the schism produced when one deals with choices of in or out.

  38. So, I started doing binaural beats and astral projection, meditation videos. I had read that the fluoride in water and crappy diets, calcify our pineal gland, in our brains, which many consider to be our “third eye”. I believed it and felt this was nefarious, like the powers that be do not want us to operate at our full potential and that was my reasoning for trying it out.

    I used what was a self proclaimed “very powerful, third eye opening, binaural beat”. I used it for a couple of months about an hour a day everyday.

    At the peak of my using it, I got very sick. I am/was a healthy 30 year old man. I did not consider any kind of a connection, with the astral projection and the virus.

    This virus had me bed ridden for a month. By the time three months went by, I was losing all my finger and toenails. Around the same time, I lost my job and started to get really depressed. Since I needed to find work, I stopped smoking pot, drinking etc. and I started to have these really freaked out, psychedelic, intense, dreams/nightmares. I assumed these dreams were happening, because I stopped smoking pot.

    Then I started having these weird psychic occurrences. I brought up a guy I used to work with at a really old job, to my girlfriend. 3 days later he calls me and says he was just going through his phone, throwing out old numbers and came across mine and wanted to know how I was doing.

    Then I get a temp job doing data entry and I figure once the data is entered, they’re going to lay me off. I come in one morning and I just felt sick to my stomach and I don’t know how to explain this, but the whole world looked almost yellow, like a faded photograph and I assumed I was getting weird vibes, because I was about to be laid off. The boss calls me into his office and implies, that he’s interested in keeping me around… Shortly after my phone rings and it’s my grandfather telling me frantically, that my grandmother just had a stroke.

    In between getting laid off and hired at the temp job, I got really depressed. I wanted to kill myself. I wanted to go hike up a mountain, find a spot where I would never be found and jump off. Just disappear, like an old cat that wanders off, never to be seen again. I mean, I have absolutely no history of depression what so ever. I’m like the happy, hippy, man. This was totally out of left field.

    After all this happened, I started thinking about it and all this bad shit started happening to me, at the same time I was experimenting with astral projection. Before I read this, or visited this site (first timer) I on my own, convinced myself that some dark shit attached itself to me through the astral projection. I was telling my father I want to see a priest and he laughed, he doesn’t know how serious I am.

    Now what do I do? I haven’t done it in months and I’m afraid I’m legitimately being haunted by demons. I wake up every single night, with nightmares, that make me afraid to go back to sleep.

    P.S. Since I directly blame the astral projection, meditation audios for my depression, I am no longer depressed, or have any thoughts of suicide. I understand those friggin’ audio videos messed with my brain patterns and I have a handle on it. Still any and all advice would be welcomed and appreciated.

    • clarke

      you are right, the astral did some damage…when you leave your body, it is open for other spirits besides yours to come in, and do whatever they want….when you return they are either still there, or left a mess behind.

      the same thing would happen if you abandoned your home for while, and left the doors unlocked…anyone could come in and do and take what they please.

      it sounds like spirits of depression, illness, suicide, fear and doubt showed up…they are real spirits… you also could have done some physical damage to your brain by forcing abnormal brain waves on it….

      but good news, you are young and recover from all this….just don’t do it again…

      it does not sound like you are saved, born again, through jesus christ and his death on the cross for your sins…..sin also can open the door to similar oppressive spirits…

      being born again also gives us authority to keep demons under our feet, and we get the protection of god……and can be free of the things you went through.

      this entails understanding what sin is, rejecting it, repenting of all wrong doing, and trusting and obeying God

      if you are interested, let me know and I can maybe advise further….

      • I used to work in a hospital, back around 2007. I was saved by a brother David and he gave me a really nice bible. I worry though, David told me if I don’t take in the word daily the seeds won’t grow, or something to that extent. Please pray for me and my grandmother who is in the hospital with a bad stroke and my family. We all need prayers and strength.

        Thank you Marianne.

        • clarke

          I encourage you to read the bible, and learn and grow spiritually.

          I will keep your grandmother and family, and you, in prayer.

          I am sending you a prayer for strength….you can print it out and say it as often as you need to.

          I am also sending some prayers for healing, and I will agree with you in prayer for all your needs.

        • Hi Clarke, it’s good to hear you got some sort of a handle on what you were experiencing. I’d like to suggest maybe watching these videos by johnathon Shuttlesworth.

          There are other videos on YouTube by him if you haven’t watched any I think they could really help you.

          In Christ you are a new creation, let God open your eyes to who you are, so that you can stand by faith.

  39. Could I please get a copy of the above mentioned prayers against human interjects and astral projection…witchcraft, psychic intrusion….Thanks in advance.

  40. Great one! I am a victim of this and the people responsible are spiritually here, as I write, to kill steal and destroy. They have been living with,using,tormenting and destroying me for many years. They make me very crazy,fake feelings,cloud my mind with too much negativity. I have been set up by them to die and now just calling me their soup. Call a person like me soup fit real. I am highly tortured,my joy and peace is snatched by them.

    Any good person that can guide,and help me in my struggle to be delivered should get in touch,please. I have tried many things,prayed with Churches but still detect them trying to control my mind,fake negative feelings and comments in my brain,spiritual rape ,attack me,destroy my stuff,and cause so many problems. How can I really get to be connected to God and not just being religious person or being deceive one has been?

    • What are you doing in your day? If you are doing things you are not suppose to do, this might cause G-d to wait until you are serious in searching for him.

      It took 3 years for me. I don’t know anything about you. If you know yourself well and their is a problem that you are ware can be fixed. It is up to you to do so.

      There are a lot of non-for profits that have counseling. Check one out.


      • Don’t come with judgemental replies, people are hurting thru this, this man spirits are coward spirits that know voluntarily if u met them u would now encounter to lay with them, so what do they do? They come out of they’re bodies & control u in all sinful acts because u r defensless!
        Have u while being raped called out to the blood or name of Jesus & no answer has been set for u to be free?
        I’m not saying God will not or cannot answer, this Man are stubborn that have no fear of GOD & regardless to what we may be living or length time, they will come to the time where GOD will end they’re existing because they don’t stop nor repent from they’re sinful ways…

    • Seeking Deliverance – were you able to check out RCJC Ministries online? Prophet Lovy Longomba is highly anointed in deliverance and spiritual warfare. I am being delivered of this as well!!

    • Hello,

      First of all, I am a strong believer in God and his son Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I also believe that the churches now are corrupted and no longer have the strength of God because many pastors, preachers, and attendees are not practicing faithfully as they did many decades ago. As a matter of fact, people go to church to feel good and then go home and never do the rituals at home such as prayer and preaching to their family and reading the bible. That is why if you turn to the church for help, the faith and strength is not there.
      Instead, what I suggest for you to do is find someone you can trust to help you. A psychic/medium/ healer would be very helpful. When you reach out to one, make sure this person only works with angels and do not give them any of your pictures. They don’t need anything person of yours, they just need to talk to you on the phone and are able to help. Interview them first to make sure they are legitimate and also do some research on reviews about them.

      • sowndoweed

        you have a mix of faith and unbelief in your comment, so I need to point that out.

        I understand the disappointment in the churches, as I have had the same disappointment. but this does not mean you go in the wrong direction and seek out a psychic/medium/ healer….

        consulting such people is the same as witchcraft, which is forbidden, even if the psychic seems to be a nice person. the psychic is an unbeliever and is deceived by demons, and passes this deception to those who consult him/her.

        seek God instead on your own. read the bible, pray and listen in your heart for an answer.

        also there is still a remnant who is close to god, if you can find one, consult with them and ask for prayer

      • Hi.

        I think so too. Great advice.Thanks. I have been to many to no avail. People doing these bad stuff to me are eating me spiritually and abusing…As a result,they persuade even those experts not to help me. I am really in a terrible situation. If you know someone who can kindly help cut off the people’s spirits and powers from my life,let me know,please. I have even visited many places just to solve the problem but never met anyone.

        Thank you.

        • seeking

          I know I have responded to you many times, and so have others with information.

          do you keep copies of these messages? they have a lot of information

          do you still have the prayers i sent you?

          did you contact the places I referred you to?

  41. Hello! Thank u for the message. The issue is that the people’s spirits are stubbornly living with,using,killing ,tormenting,manipulating,raping,and hurting me. What matters is their withdrawal because they not good and have no right to do what they do to me.Did you encounter God for real? If so. What was your experience,please?

    • dear seeking

      please answer my questions sent in email.

      how did this start? have you been around any witches? do you practice the occult ( astrology, psychics, tarot, etc)?

      have you committed any sins? do you know what activities are sins?

      yes I have encountered god for real.

  42. How can one get rid of a Man Spirit attacking one sexually, I’m being attacked & I’m tired of it, I have fasted read the bible alot, & this Man spirit doesn’t leave me, & I smell the odors they bring so I know it’s not just one but a few that come to my dwelling place & serially harass me at night so I can’t slerp, this may sound crazy but I kick, hit, punch everywhere to fight it off & not just lay there, but this witches keep adding more people of there I we to come and do me more evil can u help me…

    • Be happy that, atleast, u are aware of it. Start seeking protection. If a whole system, coven of them are following u, it is more than you think. Start the struggle now before it is late like my case. They don’t just rape, they do a lot more than that. Just as the Bible describes, they are really evil and destructive.. Those of a system(bigger coven) killed and ate me spiritually but I am just walking to die in few months if Holy Spirit’s does nothing. I discovered it almost like you. I had a vision of their women’s spirits hustling rape.,
      I later found out how deadly the devils are (call me their soup, meat, etc, eating me with Pastors) and have tried everything to stop them from following me to know avail. God bless.

  43. Boi

  44. I know someone who is a minister who had a friend/sister relationship with someone who claimed to be saved, preaches the word but was found to be heavily involved in astral projection. She said she walks through walls, and yet would always talk about Jesus. The friend let this person stay in her house and was very close to this lady who was wicked, and unknowingly trying to destroy her. When this person stayed in her house, the minister who has a very close relationship with the Lord, saw the woman who astral projects, on her ceilimg, hovering over and staring at her with evil eyes and evil look. God woke her up and she saw her on her ceiling, in her soul body, while her real physical body was in her bedroom. Clearly it was demonic. When the minister who has a very close relationship with God was led by the Holy Spirit to cut the person off, meaning separate from her completely, the woman who astral projects was angry, very angry and would continue not only astral project to torment the minister, but also uses occuly practices and witchcraft to destroy the ministers relationships, happiness, marriage, and still astral projects and finds the minister to try to destroy her life, love and happiness, tormenting through astral projection, occult practices and witchcraft spells. This has been going on in the ministers life for years, since she separated from this person. What can she do to break these powers of darkness from.accessing her life, and torment when she sleeps. She sees them come into her house, even when she moves to different places, they seem to locate her again. Are there prayers she can pray, as she fasts?? Specific word based targeted prayers. The bible assures us that we have power through Jesus and his shed blood to be Free….and whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

    • dear servant

      this sounds a lot like another person I know…but they were not a minister.

      I can send you some prayers against witchcraft, soul ties, spirits and curses, and a prayer for strength.

      you can print out these prayers, and modify them to fit your situation, for example, you can add on things to mention, and remove things that do not apply.

      also, the victim should not accept this situation as a helpless victim, where they think the demonic is too powerful to fight, and they keep giving up…..they must believe that they are the victor, the one with the power of god, and the demonic has to GO…..and stay gone.

      it will also help to get a support group to pray together over this, until it is gone

      I will agree with you in prayer for this situation.

    • Wow. Please help me follow up their case as God leads you and let me know when the victim is set free so that it may help me too. Thank you.

  45. Could I please get a copy of the above mentioned prayers against human interjects and astral projection…witchcraft, psychic intrusion….Thanks in advance.
    Blessings Diane

  46. Hi how do u get rid of the human interject. Can u please explain. It would be really helpful if u did. Can u email me on

    • vanita

      you get rid of the interject just like you would any demon who is possessing someone

      I am sending you prayer against witchcraft and other spirits

      print it out and say each day, and get some people to pray with you

      also learn to praise god each day, read the psalms, especially those that talk about praising god, and those that speak about being attacked by enemies.

      I will also send you a prayer for strength.

      this will work if you are saved by the blood of jesus and have turned away from sin

      if you are not saved yet, I am sending you prayer for salvation. you need to say it and mean it

      I will agree with you in prayer.

  47. I am still looking for help. Millions of these demonic kind of creatures from human agents of the devil are still in my life,kill and eat what they claim is meat/soup. As I write this message. They are inside this room and claiming that I am soup/meat,etc.abusing,harassing,tormenting. No prayer has pushed their spirits back to their witchery bodies. I am just tired of the whole wickedness. Kindly help me if you can.

    • seeking

      in a case like yours, I would suggest to seek out a church or group that will pray with you and for you.

      sometimes it takes a group effort to get rid of demons.

      look for a church of god, a church of deliverance, or a Pentecostal church

      • I have tried and a Church full of the same people doing this shit to others has been unable to help. Getting rid of devils, people doing the deliverance need Holy power to overcome
        Satanic powers on them.

    • Seeking,

      I suggest watching this video and others by Derek Prince.

      Also, see this page.

      You need to read passages from the Bible aloud. You need to rebuke the spirits in the name of Jesus. You need to take the Sword – which is the word of God – and apply that Sword.

      Psalm 18

  48. Consider what the witches do to people they target when they do this abominable thing. They hurt people,rape them,bully,assault,cause many many problems for other humans. So,it is not just their problem with God for being witches but a serious business to be dealt with by the rest of mankind.

  49. I am a Christian… for the last several years around several people I felt like something very acidic and demonic is hovering on my breasts and private intimate parts of my body. When certain people are around me I get very nauseous and weighted into exhaustion. My many parts of my body feels like it’s on fire and I get very sick. I tried to rationalize this but I can’t. Could this be dead things? Witch craft and/or astral travel rape? this has been a challenge for me to talk about because it’s bizarre nature. It feels like e a burning bubble suctioning cup which is so painful and exhausting.

    • kim

      it sounds like demonic harassment to me. you need to identify the source.

      other people? or a mistake you have made.?

      make corrections in relationships, get rid of suspicious people. check your house for cursed objects placed there…..etc

      You need to pray against all this in Jesus name. bind and rebuke spirits and cast them out….

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft, spirits, curses,.. there are spaces where you can add in specific problems or spirits

      best to print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer.

  50. I go through this and aware that witches are doing it. You might be targeted and subjected to the same thing. Do you feel and think abnormally?

  51. Dear Kim, so sorry for the demonic attacked you. I’m facing spiritual warfare everyday. I believe that what I’ve been learning will help you some way. Two things that you need to do: ask the Spirit to reveal you if there’s anything in your past that you’ve got sexually attacked. If yes you give those people to Jesus Christ; forgive whatever they’ve done to you! Then pray the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanse your body and cover you. The best thing you do is following with pray in tongue a lot. I pray in tongue while I’m attacked. And I saw those evil spirits disappeared in visions! Applying Blood of Jesus Christ when you don’t know how to pray in tongue to where you get attacked including physically spots by put your hand on. That is very powerful! God bless you, Kim! Hope this help you!

  52. How do you get rid of interject or Astral invasion.

    • vanita

      you have to repent of your sins, belong to jesus, be born again, and pray prayers of deliverance, in faith.

      i do not know what your personal spiritual situation is….you could be saved or not saved, or saved but ignorant of dark forces

  53. I am also violated by the God damned spiritual folks,abused,called soup/meat,meat ball(astral rape),etc,and murdered slowly. Have you found help for your husband yet? Any Holy source of help should contact me please. I pray to remove the foul power s an spirits but nothing is working.
    Thank you.

    • seeking

      have you written in before? i recognize the ‘soup/meat’ comment

      I can send you prayers for deliverance that you can print out and modify to fit your situation.

      also, you need prayer support where you are, family , church, something.

      i will agree with you in prayer that this curse be broken

  54. Greetings,Marianne! Right. We talked before and prayed. Thank you for everything. The stubborn folks are not giving up the evil practices and are very stubborn to prayers. Every effort I have made,Churches,etc, haven’t removed them. I keep hearing, feeling their false stuff and they even said that I am delicious soup that everyone want to eat.They assign their women to conduct astral rape with witchcraft and call me cheap because I am human and cannot knock out a witch’s Spirit abusing me. Holy Spirit of one that created all things will surely punish them if they don’t repent from this evil.

    • seeking

      I thought so…..

      if prayer does not seem to “work” then all I can think of is that you are going through a fiery trial, to be used by God later…which may be soon

      I have someone else like you, except the affliction is with a python spirit that will not leave during deliverance…..I am still working on understanding how to get rid of it

      those that want to see you as “soup” or food are going to die soon…millions of them…..

      .there is a judgement coming and only the righteous will be able to claim divine protection…..

      keep the faith, keep praying and rebuking all this binding it in jesus name…

      do not give up….which is what they want…

      I am with you in spirit and more importantly, so is the Lord…

      • Thank you,Marianne! That is right. It only an agent of the devil that sees me as soup/meat and shall surely face divine judgment. Thanks for you encouragement. The lord needs good people like you. I will not stop worshiping and praising the Lord ,Most High YAHWEH,God,even if the going is tough. I rebuke the evil spirits and some of the owners don’t think they disrespect themselves,and I,are not nice by doing these demonic things and claim that I am the one tha is wrong for rebuking and asking them to stay away from me. To practice a demonic skill,locating,using my body without my permission,murdering me slowly that I am soup/meat,astral rape assignment given to their women,blackmails,bully,assault,impoverishment,destruction of property ,one of the worst,mind control that comes with false feelings/thoughts,very evil and uncomfortable. No one out there deserve any of these evil things. People sold to devil doing things are supposed to run away from their victims who catch them but these ones are very stubborn. Yahweh sees and shall surely deal with them accordingly.

        Sent from my Boost Mobile Phone.

      • Hello Marianne! I wonder if you know where intense deliverance is done. I have always sought deliverance and will keep trying until The Lord help and break the demonic powers.

        Sent from my Boost Mobile Phone.

      • Im.being harasssed by an astral person whose physical may have been posessed by a demon while projected. Their. Image is of small. Children who turn into snakes. That are eating my flesh,can you please educate me

        • demons

          please tell me first, what is your relationship with Jesus?

          • It is unfortunate. I am in a situation worst than that and have never given up trying to find help. The people astral projecting and feeding on me are im their millions for real,not exageration. Kindly let me know when I find help and I will do the same.

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            • dear seeking

              I am not sure why you deliverance is so delayed. we have had many discussions about it. All i can say is to keep saying the prayers i gave you, and do not give up

  55. U r an ignorant fuck. God knows as your dog knows bog blast all of u! The universe is made to manipulate to your advantage by magic crafts ect. Voodoo. God is dead it’s a brave new world. Only the strong will crush the weak’s more fun to be a sinner than a winner.

    • nice to meet you

    • Nick, from the why you sound, I think I know you a little. The blood of Jesus Christ Adonai Yahushua of Nazareth is against your demonic system group and you. Just wait, complete your enjoyably wicked years on Earth. You will understand this when our innocent blood your devil, living outside your body, kill us to drink will start to speaks against ur evil
      spirit on the judgment day. Jesus is Lord. Stop comparing your demonic self to a natural human being and talking about winner /sinner. May be people’s blood you secretly follow them to drink as your devil’s soup makes you more dumb. Perhaps, ya Astral rape orgasm confused you to write this nonsense. Jesus Christ Adonai Yahushua of Nazareth is Lord,whether He’s the master of the Universe and knows why things would end up one day the way the will as far as the final winner or sinner will be assessed and rewarded accordingly. Blood of Jesus!!!

  56. I have a satanic sorcerer that has interjected a piece of his soul into my body. I thought it was demonic possession and telepathy the whole time but now I know that it is human interjection. How do I get delivered from this? I am in Christ and have been going through deliverance for 3 years. This is the end of it and this is the topic I need information about. Thank you and God bless you.

    • ronit

      it is all witchcraft, just a different form.

      use the authority you have in jesus to remove this.. most christians do not understand this concept….that satan is under our feet, that we have the same power that jesus had, since he transferred it to us…we do not need others to deliver us, since jesus IN us does that, but prayers of agreement can be very powerful…but it is important for you to know, if you had to, that you can do this alone.

      the bible says to submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee

      if you can contact the witch, do so, and tell him you are praying against him, show you are not afraid, and you and Jesus are in control, not him, tell him to repent or he will go to hell, and he won’t like it there

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses and some for strength

      there is a place in the prayer against witchcraft where you can name anything not mentioned, so put in there “satanic interjects”

      print out and say each day

      if you are able, find others to pray with you.

      I will agree with you in prayer

      • thank you Marianne. I will pray the prayers you send me, please email – the witch can hear me as a piece of his soul is in my body. He knows his time is short as the Lord has spoken through one of his prophets saying that he must take his hand off of me and repent or He is going to take his life. Praise the Lord. He is full of mercy and grace that He is even allowing this witch to live another day. This man only lives to find women on the internet and steal their souls for the devil through New Age deception and romantic spells. I am only living because I called upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray that God shuts down this mans entire operation and that no more women will be snared in his traps of deception. I please the blood of Jesus against all of his works and release technological angels of the Lord Jesus Christ to war against these evil websites that offer false hope of help, which is how they found me. I pray that that be shut down, that the eyes of the unsuspecting and unsaved would be turned away from these snares. Praise Jesus for His saving grace.

      • Hi Marianne I’ve been searching last few days and it seems this is what I’m dealing with as well.

  57. It is unfortunate this is happening to you. I am in the same situation but have too many people at the same time,doing it to us,slowly kill,torment me with artificial feelings,mental process,etc. Anybody who find help removing th people’s spirits and stopping their illegal Invasion to contact me asap. Thanks

  58. It is unfortunate this is happening to you. I am in the same situation but have too many people at the same time,doing it to us,slowly kill,torment me with artificial feelings,mental process,etc. Anybody who find help removing th people’s spirits and stopping their illegal Invasion to contact me asap.+13479864159. Thanks

    • Seeking Deliverance I am working with a deliverance ministry in Los Angeles that is highly anointed. Prophet Lovy Longomba is in front of the Lord regularly and he knows of my situation and God is delivering me from the hands of these workers of evil. Not sure where you live, if you are in California you can come on Thursday nights: RCJC Ministries 14545 Victory Blvd Van Nuys CA or you can watch livestream via Facebook RCJC Ministries / Prophet Lovy Longomba. God bless you

  59. I have a humaninterject my sister talk in she everywhere I go my job is he’ll I cannot keep money she is controlling my it needs to know more about humaninterject she is in to witchcraft l need more on and how to be delivered from it

  60. No one can just wake up one dau,yawn and his or her spiritleaves his/her body. Humans sold to the devil(knowin6ly or not)doing it are agents of Satan and use such ppowers

  61. I myself have gone through some crazy stuff. If it wasn’t for Gods grace at times I would have fainted. One VERY important thing I’ve learned is to be free from any form of Sin, so as to not give Satan any new ground while fighting to take back your lost territory. One book if you have not read it yet will help 100% guaranteed is “WAR ON THE SAINTS” BY: JESSIE PENN LEWIS. Just remember that there is nothing new under the sun, just only that which is forgotten. I need to go and re-read that book myself, I believe it was written during the Welsh Revival of 1904-1905. One of the best book of it’s kind, any spiritual warfare book after that was just a copy or an abridgement of its content. 18 years ago, I remember asking God how am I supposed to deal with my situation and I literally saw the book glowing a bright white light colour. So I read and re-read it many times.

  62. Here is a link I’ve found, this book is available free online.

  63. For anyone interested here is a nice free edition of War on the Saints.

  64. @Seeking Deliverance – this is high level witchcraft . Dan Duval of Bride Ministries and Fireplace Church is highly anointed in this level of warfare :

  65. @Seeking Deliverance I believe that Bride Ministries can help you. They deal with this level of warfare and witchcraft.

  66. @seeking deliverance here is the contact info:

    Sally Schuman
    Administrative Assistant
    BRIDE Ministries

    God bless you!

  67. Prayers to remove interjects? I pray to bind and expel them or burn. Any other prayers?

    • vanita

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft, other spirits, and curses.

      also some for protection.

      print out and say daily

      I will agree with you in prayer

  68. ~Seeking Deliverance~

    First of all, I just want to encourage you in the Lord. Jesus loves you, knows what you are going through and wants to walk you through it. If you have not accepted HIM as your personal savior you should do so. You should find a good deliverance ministry to join and let the pastor know what you are going through. The church will be your spiritual backing and can agree with you in prayer regularly.
    I am going through what you are and am coming out of it victoriously through the grace of God through his son JESUS CHRIST only. He is the only one who can do it. No minister has been able to deliver me completely. God himself has shown up as I have gone through self-deliverance. I have gotten lots of deliverance prayer, and though it is crucial, this is a fight you will have to finish through faith in Jesus. You are at war and will have to fight the good fight of FAITH. You are already victorious with Jesus having already won the battle for you by defeating Satan on the cross and through His resurrection. Walk in that victory until your situation changes.
    It sounds like you have been or are being astrally attacked by Satanists and are being sent witchcraft/occult programming spirits and possibly a marine spirit. If there is an open door, they can come into your life especially through dreams and can send marine spirits to seduce you during sleep. If there is anyone in your life who may be involved with the occult cut all ties with them and ask God to forgive you for having anything to do with them.

    Leviticus 19:31 “Do not defile yourselves by turning to mediums or to those who consult the spirits of the dead. I am the LORD your God.

    Renounce any and ALL (including horoscopes, psychics, 8-ball, iching, yoga , meditation, crystals, anything new age!) involvement with the occult and ALL known sins if you haven’t already. Ask God to forgive you and he will. Ask God to forgive all ancestral sins and curses on both sides of your family. Renounce Satan and anything demonic.

    Deuteronomy 18:10-14 Let no one be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD; because of these same detestable practices the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you.

    1 John 1:9New International Version (NIV)
    9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

    Forgive everyone who has ever harmed you in any way. Ask God to help you if you have trouble and to reveal any areas that may be hidden. Forgiveness is done the moment you tell God you forgive others. The feelings that go along with it might take time to manifest if you have deep hurt, but will come later as Jesus begins to heal you. Ask Him to show you the depth of His love for you. Forgive yourself of any mistakes. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and a beloved, chosen, child of the God of all creation. He has great things in store for you. He wants to prosper you and bless you beyond anything you can imagine. Jesus died for you so that you could live abundantly. Stand on the word of God. Don’t allow guilt, shame or condemnation to hold you back from your blessings. The Holy Spirit convicts, the devil condemns. Remember that. Pray for God to help you understand who you are in HIM and to heal and deliver any area of weakness or sin.

    Jesus will help you and has already given you all you need to get through this victoriously. Know that through him all things are possible. You are an overcomer and are more than a conqueror through Jesus and have been given the authority to trample the heads of serpents and scorpions and over all the powers of satan if you have given your life to Jesus. He cannot harm you!

    To win this battle you must walk in authority and though it will be hard, at first, know that you are destined for victory. Its already done. You must believe and God will give you the faith to if you ask him. With this kind of battle you need a strategy and to be very, very aggressive with the enemy. Speak loudly and fierce and command that satan and demons obey the authority of Jesus. Speak the word all day, every day. The enemy has been busy telling you all kinds of lies. Fight him back with the truth of God’s word. That is your greatest weapon.

    Scriptures to Confess:
    • I am the bride of Christ Jesus.
    • I am a co-heir to the throne of God through Christ Jesus.
    • I am the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus.
    • Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world.
    • I am the head and not the tail.
    • I am blessed and not cursed.
    • I have a sound mind.
    • I am more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ.
    • I am redeemed from the curse of the law, poverty, sin, and death by the blood of Jesus.
    • No weapon of evil formed against me shall prosper, for my righteousness is of the Lord. (Isaiah 54:17) and every tongue that rises against me in judgment I condemn.
    • Satan you are a liar.
    • The thief comes only but to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came so that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
    • I shall live and not die. I shall proclaim the glory of the Lord.
    • I am a new creation in Christ. I am His workmanship created in Christ Jesus. Therefore, I have the mind of Christ and the wisdom of God is formed within me. (II Corinthians 5:17, Ephesians 2:10, I Corinthians 2:16)

    1. Soak yourself in the word daily – morning and night. I started with Ephesians and the Psalms. The more you read the more God will speak to you through his word and supernaturally. The Holy Spirit will guide you on what to read. Ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit and for HIM to be in your thoughts, dreams, words, emotions, and will. Totally surrender ALL of yourself to HIM.

    2. Cast down all vain imaginations:
    “I cast down all vain imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself above the will of God and bring every thought in captivity in perfect obedience to Jesus Christ.”

    2 Corinthians 10:5 I Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

    3. Go on youtube and look up John Eckhart’s Prayers that route Demons. Listen to this and to his mass deliverance service daily if it helps. Also, find Dr. Otukola’s video on Astral attack warfare. He has a lot of experience with very aggressive spiritual warfare and this particular type of warfare. His prayers have REALLY helped me. I pray them at midnight. They are targeted and aggressive. When you pray against the enemy you must pray aggressively and with authority. You are a warrior of the Lord and must be as bold as a lion and as wise as a serpent. The devil only knows force. Force him and his minions to obey the authority of Jesus (the Word)! Both Eckhart and Otukola have books with prayers on spiritual warfare. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Otukola’s Passport to Prayer Crush Oppression book. Try searching online for it.

    4. For Dream Attacks:
    If they have attacked your dreams, renounce everything evil deposited into you through them every time you wake up. Ask God to forgive you even if you were manipulated sexually and be sure to put on the full armor of the Lord at night before you go to bed. It is from Ephesians 6. Confess it out loud and speak it from first person. Ex. I gird my loins in peace. Keep doing it even if you don’t feel anything. God is working in the spiritual realm for you. Walk by faith and not by sight, and after the spirit, not after the flesh. You can always plead the BLOOD of JESUS if you feel overwhelmed and at any time. In fact, if you can’t do anything else just plead the BLOOD of JESUS. It is powerful and nothing can withstand it. Just keep pressing on.

    Spend the first couple of minutes of everyday thanking God for protecting you and for all He has done for you thus far and will do. Read a few scriptures. I like to read psalms 91, 23, 103:1-5, 27, and 31.

    6. Renounce, break and destroy by fire all ungodly soul-ties, and any spirit marriages.

    7. You can bind and cast out your demons however you feel led.
    Matthew 16:19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

    Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what spirits are at work and talk to a pastor who has discernment who can also advise you. From what it sounds like you might need to bind and rebuke spirits of : rejection, rebellion, spirit of error, occult programming, sorcery, divination, schizophrenia, witchcraft, mind-control, mind-binding, mind-reading, telepathy, witchcraft projection, familiar spirits, astral attacks. Do this once you have confessed all sin to God, renounced, and truly repented. Announce that all legal contracts giving demons access to you are destroyed by the blood of Jesus…that you were set free when Jesus died on the cross and rose again and stole the keys of death from satan. Remind satan he is a defeated foe. Bind demons with the three-fold cord of Ecclesiastes and cast them into the fires of hell. Command them to come out and die by fire aggressively!

    8. Call some well-known Christian ministries like World Harvest Church, Benny Hinn, CBN/700 Club (The 700 Club : 1-800-759-0700) prayer lines everyday if you need to. It’s good to have other people agreeing with you in prayer. If one can set 1,000 to flight two can set 10,000!

    24 Hour Confidential Prayer lines:

    Ask them to pray with you for God to fill you with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues and pray in the spirit as much as is possible.

    9. Remember:
    • Jesus is with you and sees all you’re going through. He wants to walk you through to victory.

    • God requires faith. Even if it is the size of a mustard seed that’s enough. What the enemy meant for evil, God will use for your good.

    • No weapon of evil formed against you shall prosper – form but not prosper!

    • You are the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. Do not fear. For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind. The devil is a liar! Don’t believe the lies or false emotions. Rebuke all demonic thought/emotion projections in the name of Jesus.

    • NEVER give up. This is a fight you must and can and already have won. Don’t let the enemy trick you out of your salvation benefits. You are saved and can have life more abundantly, you are redeemed from poverty, sickness, curses, and evil spirits! You have a right to deliverance!

    • Proclaim everyday that you are victorious through Jesus Christ.

    10. Fasting and praying is powerful and will break yokes. I recommend a Daniel fast for at least 21 days.

    11. Last but definitely not least, thank Jesus and give God the glory without ceasing. He is worthy. Praise and worship anytime you have the chance. God is in the midst of those who give him the praise, honor, and glory. When praises go up, blessings come down. Have praise and worship music playing around you as much as possible. Deliverance happens often during praise and worship.

    12. GOD LOVES YOU!

    Prayers from Dr. Otukola’s book:
    O Lord, cover me in the blood of Jesus as I go into spiritual warfare.
    O Lord, empower me to stand firm against all the schemes and techniques of the devil in Jesus name.
    I divorce and renounce any marriage to spirit wives/spirit husbands.
    I hearby confess and declare that the Lord Jesus Christ is my Husband for eternity, in Jesus name.
    I break all covenants, oaths, vows, initiations with hell in Jesus name.
    Lord turn every curse against my life into a blessing by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.

    Lord send Holy Ghost fire into my root and burn out all unclean things deposited in it by spirit spouses, dream attackers, witches and occultist priests in Jesus name.
    I render all incantations and satanic prayers over me and my family null and void.
    Fire of the Holy Spirit purge my spirit from any evil mark put upon me.
    O Lord, give me power to be faithful to you in Jesus name.
    O Lord, create in me a clean heart and renew in me a right spirit. Renew my mind. In Jesus name.

    Every Judas in my salvation fall into your own trap.
    Every dedication of ancestral demons on my life break by the blood of Jesus.
    Every demonic doorkeeper locking out good things from me be paralyzed by fire, in the name of Jesus.
    Blood of Jesus close and seal every doorway of demonic invasion into my life in Jesus name.
    I bring the blood of Jesus upon the spirits that do not want to leave easily in the name of Jesus. I bring the blood of Jesus on every evidence that the enemy may use against me in Jesus name.
    I receive my breakthroughs in the name of Jesus.
    Encircle me Lord with a wall of fire and a hedge of protection in Jesus name.

    Evil strangers in my body come all the way out of your hiding places and die by fire in Jesus name.
    Every agenda of astral attack on my life die by fire in Jesus name.
    Program of the enemy for my body, mind, and spirit I disapprove and destroy you by fire in Jesus name.
    Every power assigned to possess me die by fire in Jesus name.
    Every stronghold of withcraft powers against my life be destroyed by Holy Ghost fire in Jesus name.
    I cancel every, spell, incantation, and divination against me in Jesus name.
    Every astral projection into my mind, stomach, back, chest, head, womb, muscles, joints and any other part of my I bind you and cast you out in Jesus name.
    Every unwelcome visitor in the habitation of my life get out now and never return in Jesus name.
    Every interject power in my life die by fire in the name of Jesus.
    O Lord, send your heavenly angels to remove every interject spirit from my life in Jesus name.
    You warring angels and spirit of God, arise and scatter every evil gathering sponsored against me in Jesus name.
    Witchcraft projection into my life die by fire in the name of Jesus.
    The God who answereth by fire , answer whenever any spiritual attacker comes against me in Jesus name.
    Dark strangers release my life in the name of Jesus.
    Every evil power going on spiritual journey for my sake fall down and die by fire in Jesus name.
    All curses and demons programmed against me, I neutralize by the blood of Jesus.
    Thou power of dream criminals over my life die by fire in Jesus name.
    Everything stolen or destroyed in my life by astral attacks be restored by the power of the blood of Jesus.
    Every witchcraft plantation, pollution, deposit and material in my body, melt by the fire of God’s altar and be flushed out by the blood of Jesus.

    Every evil covenant binding me with marine spirits die by fire in Jesus name.
    I reject and renounce every satanic gift given to me by the marine kingdom in Jesus name.
    I bind and cast out every spirit of leviathan witchcraft out of my life.
    Henceforth, let no power from the marine kingdom trouble me for I bear in my body the mark of the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.
    Thank you heavenly father for answering my prayers in Jesus name!

  69. I think you should be scared. Astral projection is not a Christian experience. Thing about Paul’s experience is this ….whether in the body or out of the body he did not know. But in your case you know what you are doing. The FRUITS of Paul’s experience are for a specific timing The Preaching of the gospel to the gentiles. The end of the old Levitical life of sacrifices and special covenant with Israel. I believe astral projection is a direct disobedience to God whether you know it or not. It boils down to the Genesis 3 deception. Where the serpent deceives Eve into eating from the tree of knowledge of Good and evil. Knowledge of the unknown. There is only one thing left for us as it states in scripture that the secret things belong to the Lord but that which has been revealed belongs to us…and we have this revelation from scripture. Hebrews 1:1-2. Numbers 12:6

  70. Good point Marianne, explains why Paul didn’t know if he was there in body or in spirit. He was taken to the 3rd heavens instantly by an act of Gods will.

  71. Plus why would anyone want to talk to an angel. Angels in many biblical cases are doorway protectors and block paths and any encounter with them could result in death. And anyone who wants to meet Jesus just needs to look at revelation 1:17

  72. The problem with astral projection is that it’s also not a spiritual experience. It’s a soulish experience, so it’s greatest danger lies in how it can affect the mind. The bible tells us to have the mind of Christ, astral projection blocks us from that cause it accentuates the soul and not the spirit. Which leads to darkness and an inability to stand in Faith. It also cause a splitting of the personality and derailment of identity, and this is the worst part because it makes you worse then earthly(without the knowledge of God), it wrecks all natural abilities of the soul to function as is common amongst humans.

    • Great. However I don’t believe. Most people write what they were either told, read for a kind of shaky sources but people who have been victimized may have more concrete ideas. Some people too think that a person can just pray and cast demons or break their powers. I have been attacked for a while now, testing different things and still fighting. This, a former wizard also confirmed in a documented church testimony that their something you claim,leave their bodies with the help of demonic powers. The people disturbing me have theirs permanently troubling me. It is not mere Astral protection shit. Their shit makes their something permanently living outside everytime and acting independently of their physical bodies. So, my finding confirms what the repented wizard stated. The demonic powers keep them outside their bodies and also support their physical bodies, quite different from the Astral projection described on this site that the folks sleep to do. People targeting me have a strong Alliances with the devil. That is why they don’t even sleep like it is described on this website.

  73. Hypnagogiac hallucinations there is a medical term for people who may need help.

  74. If that is what you think,what then is this scarier one that some people have their spirits permanently roaming about targeting other ignorant humans? Don’t be deceived. It is a devilsh alliance with Satan and the rest of his demons. Holy Spirit shall shall deal with them someday and our bloodshed for meal shall mix with Jesus Christ’s blood shed on the cross of Calvary and be against them .

  75. I love this site and I need it as in yesterday. Please come to my aid. I get raped in between prayers. The devil is a lair.

  76. I know an Apostle that does this traveling. I saw him in the spirit walk through my apt and we almost bumped into one another (how close we were) & I asked him “what are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here!” Not long after in a group setting, he began to discuss how he (being led by GOD he’s say’s) is able to travel and visit most of our homes. For the longest I have been trying to find where this is a godly & spiritual attribute, but just found your page in my quest to know truth… How should I view this concept coming from him as if this is a benefit in CHRIST?

    • shirley

      this is not a godly attribute, and he is not an apostle of christ

      there is no need for any apostle to do this

      he is not an apostle anyhow unless he plants churches and oversees them.

      this is a new age, demonic behavior, it is invasive witchcraft to establish dominance in your home

      get away from him, and pray to cleanse your house of his presence

      • Hahahaha I think so too. A devil invading you, Violating your privacy cannot be sent by any Holy God.

        • I don’t believe the Apostle. Holy God cannot support a person with demonic skills to violate anyone’s privacy like that. Additionally people doing this go very far to prove that they are true devils by drinking others blood, call it soup, eat, call them meat, have sex, bully their so-called blind victims. A gang of people doing this call us blind because we cannot see them but they forget to know that Jesus Christ Adonai Yahushua of Nazareth is seeing them hurting us and few of us notice it. We were never made to turn into devil’s. So, we are not blind as the demonic people call us because they cross to Satan’s side, acquired his powers for this while still alive. Let us stay away from joining such things and struggle to be our true, pure humans until the judgment day.

          If God sends an Apostle help someone or stop an evil going on, which I doubt can happen, it may make sense.

          • Many of them having their spirits out of their bodies living with slowly killing, eating , scolding, judging, ect,, allow others bully, securely abuse me. As I write this, their spirits are here with me. I have been praying, visiting some of their Churches, burning incense to cleanse myself but I still sense them through different means. I caught them in 2012 but they came into my life before then, manifested but I didn’t know. Now, they have devil’s plan to finish the murder in few months from now. I just try to be calm but I have a lot to worry about. If anyone can just assist me to only remove them and even if I die, I should enjoy some freedom from their Spirits, harassing voices, harsh emotions and pains of their bullying all over my chest. What ever the case the blood of Jesus Christ Adonai Yahushua of Nazareth, mix with my blood they call soup, is against and will speak against their spirits and physical bodies.

            • seeking

              you can fight back…

              I am sending you prayers against spirits, witchcraft, and curses

              also for strength

              say daily

              also contact a local “church of god” and ask the pastor to support and pray with you

              I will also agree with you in prayer.

              “greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world”

  77. Hi guys, I’m reading your comments and I’m quite disturbed. Satan has no power over a Christian. It’s true a Christian might become confused or hindered and even fall into grave sin and feel separated from God, but he has the “Anointing of God”. The evil one cannot touch him. Satan just places lies around you “just lies”. Read war on the saints by Jessie penn-Lewis, if you can, it should help you stand and resist the devil and his lies. But the best is if you can find some sort of church that has a prayer meeting. Maybe an African church in the area because they have a witchcraft background.

  78. Seeking Deliverance – please check out Dan Duval and his ministry His ministry is all about deliverance from high level witchcraft and satanic ritual abuse. Its true, the witches find victims to steal, kill and destroy – using our bodies as demon food and to rape. Its high level bondage and general prayers of deliverance won’t work. The Lord has raised up Dan Duval and his ministry Bride Movement for this exact level of bondage/deliverance.

  79. You should never really magnify the devil. The devil is a loser. Everything he does works against him. He digs pits for his own feet. His best warrior is defeated by a little boy with a sling. He can steal but God can restore. He can duplicate a miracle like turning a staff into a serpent but Gods staff swallows his up. He can throw you in the fire and those that throw you in catch fire and die, but the Son of God is with the one in the fire. The best satan can ever be is second best. What shall we say against these things? If God be for you, who can be against you?

  80. sir iam kakkerla pramod from india sir iam suffering with severe evil spirits problem and severe demonic powers problem in head sir since 2 years iam suffering sir my parents taken me to many doctors and astrolagers sir they spend 3 lacs on me sir but there is no use sir with my problem my father got heart surgery sir my wife leaved me sir with all this problems i did asuasaid attempt sir one unknow person saw me and saved me and said few words about jesus and said this webadderess sir doctors did all the tests and said there is no power in total nerves and they are completly week and they are in disorder sir if my father knows this his heart will stop sir i will catch your legs sir plz pray for me sir i didnt have energy to send message also sir may be it is my last prayer reqest sir in stomach also there is unknow flesh is apperaing in endoscopy sir from 2 monts iam not eating food only on selines sir they given powerful injection to come out sair but it is not coming sir plz save me sir may be it is my last prayer reqest sir

    • kakkerla

      thank you for writing.

      talk to your doctors. there are different ways to get food in body. liquid foods by mouth , or with a tube into stomach.

      saline is NOT enough. you are starving to death

      there are a lot of evil spirits in this world. but jesus overcame the world, and now evil spirits must go, in jesus name.

      I pray that all evil spirits are bound, broken, and destroyed in jesus name, and to leave you forever. I plead the blood of jesus over you, to break every curse and every illness , and to give you healing in the name of jesus.

      I pray that your nerves are healed totally

      I pray the problems in your head are healed totally

      I also come against the flesh tumor in your digestive tract and esophagus, declare it destroyed in jesus name, and I declare the plans of god for you to be established in jesus name.

      if you are able, or get someone to call these pastors for you

      +91 11 2953 2775

      +91 89300 88977

      +91 11 2336 6125

      you need someone to come and pray with you

      I pray you feel the healing presence of the holy spirit of God over you, and that he stays with you until you are totally healed

      I pray all this in the name of Yahweh, the Father Creator, and in the name of Jesus, son of Yahweh, that the heavens move on your behalf, and that your testimony will be shared to bring more to Yahweh in heaven. amen

  81. I need a time for discuss with you pls .important

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