Humor: Has Revival broke out in your church- like this?


We need a break from the stress of the elections. Take a look and laugh. Rejoice !!!! God is still in control.

15 Responses to “Humor: Has Revival broke out in your church- like this?”

  1. […] of the elections. Take a look at ourselves and laugh. Rejoice !!!! God is still in control. Click here for […]

  2. Good one Marriane!!

  3. Funny stuff Marianne,…Hey I noticed that the republican character on the top far right still appears to be feeling a little blue! But God will change all that!

  4. Hi Mr T

    Notice they do not allow donkeys in the muppets. 🙂

    Maybe they don’t have a sense of humor.


  5. True Marianne. Democrats don’t have a sense of humor and they definately hate the muppets. But I do think that they have a lot of “puppets” in their ranks. lol

  6. Hi Mr T

    You mean like Obama boy and Miss Piggy?


  7. I don’t want to name names, but mostly the nasty spin machine liberals I guess. All in the pic including Miss Piggy above look pretty conservative, don’t you think?

  8. Hey Mr T

    Well…..the democrats don’t know anything about government, except how to eat pork !!



  9. Hey give them their due!!! They also are very good at buracrazy and spending tax dollars!

  10. Hope this works…Heres one for you!

  11. darn it didn’t work! well here’s the link anyway!!! lol…

  12. Hi Catrina,

    Funny ! Makes me want to get my own hula hoop.


  13. yes the holy ghost laughter did visit us in our church 15 years ago and i am due for a refreshing again it was wonderful it all started in our church 15 years ago when the church staff called a meeting to pray because the finances were not good at the time and our pastor vicki felt something in side her bubbling up for the longest time during the meeting and all of the sudden she belched and they had such gut renching laughter for hours and then it continued randomly in church for a year what a refreshing it was since then the money has always been their to pay staff etc. Praise the Lord !!!!!!

  14. Heres a funny one….on the youtube video titled “the obama deception” it was stated that the government was planning on taxing the flatulence of cows! Yes, you read that correctly, the government wants to start taxing outdoor fireplaces and FLATULENCE of COWS! I thought to myself, hmmmm, my golden retriever would clear up the deficit real quick with hers! LOL

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    All churches have come into existence through religious fornication.
    People have mixed God’s word with false doctrines of evil spirits,
    and so new churches appear.

    Revival is the releasing of all Christians from all churches and
    denominations, the exodus of all God’s people from the great Babylon.
    Rev. 18:4. The worst obstacle to revival is Satan’s false assembly
    doctrine, which says that churches and denominations are God’s
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    is now much worse than in the assemblies
    in Ephesus, Sardis and Laodicea

    Restoration of the Assembly of God
    after the great falling away

    God is the Love
    But God’s love does not hinder us to study God’s word

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