Identify and remove the Jezebel spirit


In the Bible, Jezebel was a powerful, wicked queen, and wife of a passive king called Ahab. She was a false prophetess who worshiped the false god, Baal. Baal was the god of prosperity, god of the harvests, god of fertility and sex. (Does this sound like some of the modern day gospels that some people preach?)

Child sacrifices were common. She was killed by several eunuchs at the order of commander Jehu.

Jezebel was a witch, and her spirit of witchcraft is still in operation today in the church, and in the world. It will take both a Jehu and the cooperation of the injured victims (spiritual eunuchs) to kill her again.

The Jezebel spirit is sociopathic. Behaviors you might see (3 or more):

1. They gain power by destroying others. It is like an adrenalin rush when they “win” over someone. They manage to get in positions of authority, and are difficult to displace, once there.

2. They are controlling, manipulative, bossy.

3. they can either be war-like in their personalities, so that they are intimidating,


so “sweet,” “perfect,” deceitful, “timid” and sneaky, they are able to fool and recruit others to join them. Sometimes they can be very charming and charismatic.

4. critical of others, vicious to the point of bloodthristy.

5. they are never wrong.

6. They recruit others in their charges against their victims. They act to persuade recruits, and do not give up this activity until the recruits are won over. If the potential recruits do not cooperate and buy into things, this angers them.

7. they are narcissic. While they can tend to be oversensitive themselves, they have no concern for the feelings of others. They are not sympathetic to their victims, and tend to play the role of victim themselves, in order to gain sympathy. This way the real victim is left stranded, and opposed by others if they ask for help. Being the center of attention really pleases them.

8. they lie, and they believe their own lie. Avoiding the truth, or intentionally acting to withhold truth is part of this. false picture is presented to others.

9. impulsive, failure to plan ahead. chaotic at times

10. lack of remorse after hurting someone. they justify the harm.

11. consistent irresponsibility.

12. irritability, aggressiveness (open , or subtle), can be quick tempered.

13. failure to conform to social norms. person is an “outlier” or non-conformist. has their own ways.

14. psychological counseling will not help, since they deny what they are.

15. claims to religious sentiments, but very superficial in devotion. Born-again status is debatable, and unlikely, but would have to be evaluated on an individual basis.

16. usually women, but can be men. The women tend to control their men with sex. And they pick passive men (Ahabs) so they can dominate them.

17. usually married. If single, could be lesbian, homosexual man, or promiscuous man.

18.  They falsely accuse you, and they do NOT forgive you …..

How to break this spirit:

**since these individuals usually have achieved some level of authority, only someone who outranks them, or a group effort will work. If you are a woman, you need to strong and self confident. If you are a man, you need to be the same, and also not be influenced by threats or tears out of a woman. You also need to have enough male hormone to stand up to her. Also, if you are a man, and this is your wife, be sure the men in your support group can be trusted with her.

1. be sure you are not enabling this person; ie. you are not an “Ahab”

2. gather facts about the person’s activity and behavior, be able to prove it. you have to start by addressing real behavior. you cannot start by telling someone “they have a spirit.” Be prepared to question the person why they behave that way. Make a list of wrongs. Be prepared.

3. gather witnesses, who are also sincere believers (if in a church setting), or other credible authority figures, because the person will attack back, and deny everything. The aggressive types will use their authority to abuse, criticize, & threaten you, and try to have you discredited, or removed. The more sneaky types go into “victim hood” mode, immediately trying to solicit and recruit support, and make you look like you are the abusive one.

4. isolate the person. make sure their own recruits (buddies) are not around. It gets its power from others….so if you get it alone, it is more vulnerable, and more easily defeated. You have to remove the source of its power and “gang up” on it.

5. confront the person with the facts. – expect denial. They will lie through their teeth!!

6. Reject the person’s behavior based on the facts. Tell the person they will not be accepted back into the group unless they repent.

7. If the person repents – showing willingness to change- then

a. Church setting – as a group, bind and cast out the demonic spirit in Jesus name, and persist until it is gone. Expect high resistance, since it is a controlling (witch) spirit. There will be screaming and yelling before it is cast out. It will try to attack you and call you names. Also, expect and ignore plays of “victim hood” during deliverance. Sometimes the spirit cycles between being the attacker, and being a victim. This is to confuse you, so do not give in.

b. secular setting – document records, give warning that future behavior will be monitored. This is because their basic nature has not changed yet, and an eventual repeat of behavior will occur. If it does, the person needs to be fired.

8. Once the spirit is gone, the person needs support and counseling to examine how the spirit entered to begin with, so they can close the door on further attempts by the spirit to enter.

9. If the person does NOT repent, then cut off ties with the person, telling them forgiveness and deliverance is available to them. If you do not cut off ties, they will worry you to death and destroy your peace.

As one commenter stated: The Jezebel needs to learn the meaning of the word “NO!!!!!!!!!

*** So far, what has been explained is how to identify and possibly stop its activity. Understanding the roots of the Jezebel, and Healing for the person who has this spirit requires more insight. See the last link below for how to heal and deliver a fallen Jezebel.

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I would like to hear from you, if you think this has been helpful to you!!

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  1. Well your observations are correct,I tend to agree with most of the observations,You appear to be emotionally hurt ,by the church,by leadership ,by the fact that you were are a single mom.Men are in the same position .The Catholic church prior to Vatican II excommunicated both parties ,there is no innocent party .and
    when I was called to Bible college being an evangelist ,and teacher,and was part of Assemblies of God ,I was told the If I went to southeastern their bible college,They would not ordain or license me as even as the divorce was before being born again ,it was literally the unpardonable sin.I was accepted at Open Bible and explained the situation,Was able to attend had a large ministry to the poor and homeless they ordained me locally and
    with the same hands ,they ordained my associates ‘Open Bible”
    they all fell into sex sin and lost everything the two paid for
    buildings as well as a 50 year old bible college and the property.
    No one gets away with anything. Any way for the past 21 years ,having a prophetic mantle ,I have delivered messages to pastors ,confronting their sin and false doctrine and unobserved the fall of their ministries,In a near death experience, The Holy Spirit
    revealed to me what i should do ,Read and live what Jesus says in the red letters,and do what He did ,healed the sick,cast out demons,and raise the dead spiritually ,by leading them to Christ,and literally if He wills that.I have sent this inner healing prayer to many that request prayer from all over the world .and am trying to let the Holy Spirit reveal to me how to deal effectively with the people that are controlled by and control others with this spirit.In my study of marriage I still see no provision for a Church divorce ,the closest we come to that is the annulment (the sale of indulgences) or the Jewish Get or Ghet.
    both non-biblical .The Church is accepting secular divorces ,as the basis of remarriage .They are literally marrying people into adultery,and polygamy.Jesus Christ removes the Moses provision,in Mark 10 and Luke 16:18,stating that from the beginning it was not so ,what God has joined together let no man ,women ,government put asunder.

    • Hi, this has been sooo helpful! I’m just a little unsure about how to handle my mother in law, she definately carries the spirit of Jezebel. I’m at my ends with her, I’ve thought about just removing her from my life. How would you go about this, she doesn’t have a relationship with God and would probably laugh at me if I tried talking to her.

      • hi Jessica

        the way to control her is through her son. you need him on your side.

        you have to be assertive and stick up for yourself, and make clear to your husband that you will not be bossed around or mistreated.

        then you do the same thing with her. stick up for yourself. Let her know that she is not boss in your life, and you have a mind of your own.

        do not be sweet ….be very firm and authoritative.

      • hi Jessica

        the way to control her is through her son.

        you have to be assertive and stick up for yourself, and make clear to your husband that you will not be bossed around or mistreated.

        You also have to tell her the same thing.

        • why would you say the way to ‘control’ her.. isn’t that a jezebel spirit.. CONTROL…???

          • fiona

            There is good control and bad control.

            Jezebels use bad control and they harm people.

            A stop sign at a corner is good control, since it keeps you from an accident.

            To control the spirit of Jezebel is to PREVENT harm to yourself or others, by stopping the control she has over you to harm you. This is self defense.

            • Marianne Hi I have been here before… I am revisiting again for more advice… My husband was under the spell of a Jezebel spirit, until God reveals to me and then I revealed it to my husband… I am at my witts end Marianne… This is so hard… The jezebel no longer lives here but as I have stated before, my husbands family still has close ties to her… My motherinlaw is even going out of state to visit with her for two weeks (even after I gave my mothernlaw a spirit filled bible study on the Jezebel spirit, how this spirit aims to kill the church, my husband is a preacher) And even though my husband no longer contacts the Jezebel, under advise from our pastor, my husband will still to this very day stick up for the Jezebel… I don’t get it Marianne, this hurts… i have to ask God if he wants me to be married to my husband or not… To make matters worse, someone else who discerned this spirit told me, “Its like your husband is in love with her.” I know that God doesn’t want us to hurt. Im hurting Marianne… I am strong in the gift of Intercessiory Prayer, I know that it takes time. I just know that when my husband mentions her, I just want to be away from him… Dont know if this is normal… My husband was under her spell for 18 years, he just stopped all communication with her 2 months ago… My husband thought that I was crazy, he even called me that, when I told him she was a Jezebel, If it hadn’t been for my pastor, I dont know what may have happened… Only thing I know for sure is God Has Never Failed Me, Ever!

              • chica

                If your husband is THAT drawn to her and his family adores her, then he has an Ahab spirit, and their union is still intact.

                All ties must be cut off from her, and HE has to be the one willing. He is NOT willing, so he is in spiritual adultery with her.

                You need to separate yourself from this. But the reality of doing this may present more problems, like financial, etc.

                As long as you stay with him, he will drain and stress you unfairly.

                Can you find someplace else to live?

                You will heal better if you are not with him, while he continues this spiritual adultery.

                your husband is NOT a preacher for the lord

                as an ahab , he belongs to Lucifer. No one who entertains jezebels is godly.

              • Please pray hard for the situation I find myself in. I believe a Jezebel spirit has infiltrated my life.

                • fred

                  I can agree with you but you must pray also. It is your situation.

                  I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft. print them out and say each day.

                  be aggressive against any jezebel. Say NO. Stand up to her.

                  • I have been through such this year and even said some things that are true about my mother in law, but what ever you say to these guys who are controlled by their own mothers(jezebel)its takes time for it to udjust to them. what has worked for me was to move out with my kids and be on our own and he will come and see us until he is ready to get out of mommies hands but for now im well and not stressed anymore because I pray everyday and I have disowned her out of my life and that is working for me and my husband since I took control that I will never be bossed around by a woman who doesn’t know whats right and whats wrong.

                • N

                  • gracie

                    what kind of help do you need?

                    • My girlfriend has had ALL these characteristics lately. I asked who she was last night and a voice deep within her said “JEZEBEL” … It freaked me out so I googled Jezebel and this site came up. Someone please help me? My girlfriend is scared as well she couldnt believe something inside of her actually spoke. This is crazy but its real and I need help.

            • Perfect analogies!

            • All control is manipulation and manipulation is witchcraft

          • Stopping the mother-in-law’s agenda isn’t the same as control. We don’t have to put up with Jezebel’s manipulation-one of her favorite games is to disparage others, especially in front of an audience, so that she can hold onto her control. Jezebel is abusive. Her son may be a eunuch because he’s afraid of what mom will do-Jezebel certainly issues punishment for anyone who questions her authority-those dirty looks…are witchcraft. Once you see that you don’t NEED her authority, you can gain “control” over your own circumstances. That kind of control is healthy. The Lord will provide cover.

          • Yep. Nothing concerning God, the bible or prayer was just mentioned. That’s a secular solution to a spiritual problem. You go that route you will fan the fire.

            • dawn

              you have to fight jezebel on BOTH the physical level and spiritual level.

              I send out prayers against witchcraft and jezebel spirits all the time…

              prayer is powerful, but this also requires action…or you will be praying for 20-30 years.

              jesus confronted every demon he cast out…and we have to do the same thing.

      • Look to see if it is you who is the Jesebel, a mother is to be loved and respected, she gave you life, you are hurting her and it is you who is the evil spirit not your mother. You need help to get rid of the jesebel evel spirit which does exist and how it enteres a person I dont know. Any mother loves her child but the child becomes nasty and evil to the mother and shall be punished for the pain given to the mother. I am christian but greatly admire the muslim faith who are tought to love their mother! this is correct for anhy thild that hurts their mother shall receive punishment by god.

        • There is a difference from loving your mother and letting her control you. Love and respect is not control or manipulation. Just because you become a mother does not mean that you are right all the time and part of being a good mother is being able to see your wrongs, taking responsibility for your own wrongs and in doing so, your teaching your children to do the same, its called example.
          It really sounds like to me your the one who has the spirit of Jesebel, your trying to be controlling and play the victim, also most likely what I am saying to you is making you angry or even the fact that I would confront you.
          I am a mother myself but I also have a mother. Mothers can not live in denial thinking that their actions do not have negative outcomes. Mothers have to face themselves just as we expect our children do.
          The jesebel spirit does exist and I believe your living prof.
          And as for you being a christian, I can’t believe you. The bible says christian’s will be known by their fruit and honestly I see no fruit from you. you are Judgmental and not loving in your address at all. Christ’s love is what brings people to the kingdom of God not judgment and self-righteousness.
          You are so quick to blame but you don’t like looking in the mirrior and take care of yourself first before even thinking about judging others because thats not your call.
          This might look like i am judging you but I am not, I am only calling you out for what judgment you have made. God is our judge not you and I thank God for that because if it were left up to you, we would all be damned.
          This post is for the person directly above my post, I think its et

          • so true! person above, not the mother was born into sin as well as her child, we were all children once upon a time and no good thing dwells in the flesh so, don’t fuss one other out, pray you all way OUT!!!

            • Sorry all.. Dont know how to begin a fresh post… I have visited before to make a long story short… My husband had been under the spell of a jezebel for a long time, until recently… When it was revealed to me by God and then I revealed it to him… That was back in March of this year… Well I thought okay the Jezebel will leave us alone for a little while, not so… She still has strong control over my husband’s family… This jezebel spirit is so cunning… I decided that I must not get close to my inlaws, or else they will run to jezebel and tell her everything… My mothernlaw adores the jezebel, which doesn’t help me at all… I’m not giving up without a fight, that’s for sure… It doesn’t bother me, for people to misjudge me and dislike me… I know that is jezebel’s goal here, to get my husband’s family to turn against me… She will probably accomplish this… That’s okay, because I live for God!!! And God knows the truth!!! I only ask that anyone who reads this, please pray for me, as I begin once again to go into battle… May The Lord Bless All Of You!

              • keep fighting and sticking up for yourself

                • Hi marianne, just back to give an update… The Lord has worked a true miracle in my life… God revealed the truth to my husband about this lady, that she does indeed carry the jezebel… Since that time, my husband has cut off all communication with her… Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!! Thank you for your advice 🙂 It’s true that she is still in my inlaws lives, but they know the truth about what she is. That is their chose… As far as me and my husband are concerned, we are putting God first.. We have committed to that… I will never be friends with a jezebel spirit… I am so glad to be a child of The King… I live to please God, not people… I pray for everyone here that God will help you all with the jezebel in your life… In Jesus name Amen 🙂

        • By your comment you have never experienced a mother or mother-in-law jezabeel. The hardest part of the problem is you MUST stand up to her but you are concerned that you show honor her as YHVH requires and what others expect. It is very hard but we MUST stand up to the spirit of jezabeel, she MUST know the word NO means NO. She loves to shame you into submission and lie to all those around you that you are to blame not her. She has an uncanny ablity to look totally innocennt and rally the rest of the family to defend her. By prayer and the power of the Most High after many years of abuse by my mother-in-law jezabeel she is now afraid to cause problems, but she still has power but it is contained by HIM,

      • Thank you for the information Im going through the same problem only that my mother in law attend church i just ignore her rebuke the spirit in the name of Jesus Christ because all she wants is attention so i ignore her and i sing/play christian worship song out loud for the living God of srael and anything i hear i drown it out by blessing and sending love mainly because the omega can read my heart and well its best to sooth your soul that way now im dealing with one that puts out the evil eye on the back yard and garden gnomes which are tech. an old false god research so be careful pray to the lord to protect you day and night those spirits are not strong if you dont give them attention be safe and love your enemies as lord jesus christ commanded. love you all jesus christ amen.

      • My mom too she change a lot.she become this evil wicked woman.she become consistently irresponsible i couldnt sleep beside her because i feel my energy bieng drained out

    • Re : ANTHONY’S REPLY –( specifially his comments on re-marriage.

      James spoke a lot of the Law but in 2: 12 ,,,as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty

      and in 2: 23 Abraham believed God , and it was imputed into him for righteousness: and he was called a friend of God

      —–******* Anthony —–take a pill —relax , and trust in God !

    • I just read that verse and in the KJV version Jesus clearly states except for fornication which I believe to mean adultery. If I had stayed with my Jezebel spirited wife. When she made physical attacks on me I would have been jailed if I retaliated in kind. And I know of at least 1 instance where she had committed adultery to the point she threatened me that her boyfriend would kill me if she asked him too. I don’t believe God wanted me or any 1 else to stay in that kind of relationship. I am standing up to my Jezebel from a safe distance. You cannot live in a Christian way in a house with a controlling Jezebel spirit that will resort to violence to keep her the head of the house hold. John Hagee recently said to forgive unchristian behaviour with out change is making the grace of God an accomplice to evil. Jesus did not waste time on the pharisees or Sadducee’s who were power hungry and I suspect ruled by the Jezebel spirit. Yet he told them they were ruled by Satan and left them to their devices. A Jezebel spirit will not get into heaven so how can a man who allows himself to be ruled by 1 against Gods order?

    • i think this is me that this post is talking about it described the way i truly am and i cant believe this but i do i love god now i see why i always have a hard time committing my life to go i want this to leave me

      • dear krystal

        It is a very brave thing for you to realize and acknowledge this. The holy spirit must be moving on you.

        You have my prayers.

        You also need some help.

        healing is possible

        You need to repent, turn away from this, and trust Jesus and the holy spirit to help you.

        You also need to identify and make contact with a “Jehu” in your life who can help you through this.

        Jehu is explained in the link I gave you.

        be blessed, and know that you can be free of this.

        • Hi everyone… I encountered this spirit trying to destroy my marriage… I met my husbands longtime friend before we wed… She came back around to visit, and I felt very uncomfortable around her… I told my husband,” What is wrong with her.”? I noticed that she didn’t treat my husband with respect. And when she spoke to him, she spoke to him like he was a child. My husband just thought I was being extremely jealous… I prayed and prayed for God to reveal to me what was going on… Finally after 7 long months of praying, God showed me through a church friend… I was told to research the jezebel spirit, when I did, the description of a jezebel fit my husbands friend perfectly… I was shocked at first! Once I found out I couldn’t sleep the whole night… My pastor connfirmed my finding… I then went into deep prayers, supplications, and fasting for my husband… Even though the jezebel no longer lives here, she lives thousands of miles away… She still had controll of my husband… After a week of deep prayer, it was time for me to tell my husband, that his best friend was a jezebel… At first he was speechless, my husband then went into deep prayer, and THE LORD showed him the truth… For everyone who is involved in the ministry (my husband is a preacher) this jezebel will especially target you… Stay close to God, as close as possible… And remember God has a special gift He gives to each one of us… I was able to discern this evil spirit quicker than others… I just wanted to share my story to warn others… If God is telling something about someone, or your getting that feeling something just isn’t right, Listen To HIM!

          • hi mia

            good advice. it is also good that your husband was devout enough and open to what you said to avoid her entrapments.

            • Thanks Marianne… Now I have to pray about my mothernlaw… She is very close to the jezebel… My pastor said I can’t tell her who the jezebel is (she probably wouldn’t take it well) 😦 I have however done a bible study with her about the jezebel spirit… I found in God’s word, where the bible tells us not to tolerate evil, and I believe it… I feel like as Christians, as God’s people, we must take a stand… If God tell us we cant speak to someone ( even if its someone we are really close to, like our wife, husband, brother, mother) then we must listen to Him… Through this situation, I have been able to draw closer to God… God will protect us, all of us, if we just Let Go, and Let God…

          • WOW, this post is wonderful. I, through God have detected this jezebel spirit, it has overtaken my dad who is my pastor and bishop. God revealed it to me in a dream and I confronted my dad about it. There is physical proof that this missionary (jezebel) has totally taken over him. He will listen to me to a certain extent behind close doors and I will tell him “daddy she has to sit down meaning silenced” he will agree but then get up in church and totally go to her defense! I think he’s intimidated by her and if he says the wrong thing, she takes off her glasses and makes eye contact with him. She disrespects my mom by flirting with him right in church and she wants to tear up the ministry. I feel being that I am his daughter, I have a right to take a stand against her because she does not intimidate me, she does my mom and everyone else in the church. But God has blessed me to start uniting the members so we can go. Problem is I believe she has evidence my dad and when she comes down, she will expose him who really is a great man of God. Am I on the right path?

            against her through the blood of Jesus I told her, she will not tear up this ministry that God has alowed our family to build up for 39 years.

            • dear Veneice

              Use the authority you have as a memer of the church and the pastor’s daughter.

              tell the witch what she is, and if she does not repent, she has to leave the church.

              you do not need anyone that bad in a church, esp if she intends to control if and tear it down, shaming Christ and your father.

              I can guess from your description that she will not leave, and will act insulted and angry if confronted .

              So call a meeting of elders in the church and explain what has been discerned.

              Make the decision…..and ACTION… boot her out of the church a group effort.

              if she comes back , she is trespassing.

              You have to be very assertive, positively aggressive with her, or she will walk all over you.

              Do not be shy about it. face her down, and tell her what she is, and that she has to go!

              • Thank you Marianne , you are so right! On Sunday she sits on the front roll, after I dismissed the choir from the stand, I went down and sat right next to her. It totally shock the mess out of her. My dad saw me from the pulpit and said nothing to me. She tried to kiss me when I sat down, and I stopped her in front of everyone and said, “don’t even try it, I am not up here to make friends with the enemy” she snicked and rolled her eyes at me. I told her, ” this is no game, you are coming down in the name of Jesus! And she left me alone. This is not easy by no means its very stressful, I feel like I just wanna leave and never come back. Please keep me lifted in prayer.

    • This is very true brother Antony, i beleive there is no dirvoce in spirit, so once one marry and dirvoce, she or he should remarry to his or her ex -partner

    • Hi everyone, I have been hearing lately about the Jezebel spirit and after researching what it was I was kinda saddened. I think I have some of her traits. I’m married and a while ago to avoid confrontation I lied to my husband but truth is I became a pro at lies that I tend to believe my own lies. I do this to avoid confrontations but I feel completely awful afterwards. I am irrisponssible in almost every aspect of my life especially financially. ..I need help what do I do to change this

    • If a person marry thru court not church is divorce Stoll OK? My hubby got divorced buy they were young and dumb, he’s divorced now. We plan on marrying thru the church.. Also please pray for me in removing my daughter from her father who has the Jezebel spirit..

      • relentless

        if your husband to be, or his wife, were unbelievers, then there is no spiritual yoke holding them together.

        be sure on your upcoming marriage that you are both strong in the faith and have a high commitment to each other, for better or for worse. you will have storms in the future, and you have to stick together

        plead the blood of jesus each day over you daughter, and claiming her back in the name of jesus.

        and pray to break the jezebel spririt over her father and the effect on your daughter each day

        I am sending you prayer against witchcraft, which includes jezebels, and one for protection you can say over your daughter

        print out and say each day, get your husband to be to pray with you

        I will agree with you in prayer

        do not give up. it will be a long battle …motivate yourself with the understanding that you are the main one your daughter is depending one to free her….

    • I have no clue what your trying to say are you saying divorce from a Jezebel is bad?

  2. […] Identify and remove the Jezebel spirit […]

    • Marianne, is the Jezebel known to have controlling power even after a person who had it dies? I believe this was my experience with a controlling and vengeful mother. Her words rang in my ears and controlled me fortysome years until my understanding as to what spirit I was dealing with came to my attention. Her words were like curses that now appear to be broken over my life. I don’t feel bitter toward her, but I somehow feel detached. Is this the way it should be? Barbara

      • hi Barbara

        Once the host dies, the spirit infecting her is released. The jezebel spirit could have attached to you to afflict you until it found another host to infect.

        Being afflicted is not the same as being possessed. It means it will attack you from the outside of you, to torment you and weaken you. The spirit has to be invited in to possess someone. Also, your mother spoke word curses over you that had to be broken. the curses carry their own spirit.

        So yes, to your question. feeling detached is ok. I pray that you take authority over any word curses in Jesus name, declaring the curses broken forever, and the peace, protection, provision, and presence of God is now with you.


  4. Tomeka,

    I appreciate the commment.


  5. This is powerful. I appreciated the SECULAR portion. Does anyone have experience or recommendations for dealing with this in a public school setting?

  6. Hi Jonathan,

    Yes, I have had experience in a public university setting. I apparently forgot to put the link on this page. So here is one more (link). Read that and see if that helps. If not, write back and we can talk through email.


  7. Great information and a huge help! I fight the battle daily and glad to see I am not alone!

  8. Hello Rev Booker,

    I pray that God protects you and your ministry, and you go forward with the truth of Gods’ word, shielded by the presence of the Lord, who is greater than any opposing spirit you may be fighting against.

    So, you are not alone in the battle, and you are never alone in support, because the Holy Spirit will give you the weapons you need, and He will fight along side of you!

    May you feel the love and strength of the Holy One over your life, and may victory be ever yours !


  9. Dear Spirit Dr
    I am very happy to wrint you this letter of help and hope ‘ so i hope that it good they .
    Yes this i have meny thing that i want to aks you you but i dun’t know that you are the want’ why i says this because they are meny spirit puwer on the internet that they are not good but mailbe you are the want that i want’ but if yes .
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    That why i look for i look for you i am very sory that i will not have the money to be writhing to the time that you may want but wrint if i see it i will wrint to you
    Sorry i have the prublem of time nor money to bay time card.
    My name is Eugene I need money


  11. This is interesting to read from the standpoint of someone who knows Her far more than I would ever want. I was possessed, not demonized, but possessed by Jezebel… 8 years… 8 years far too long. I beleive these things would apply to the external host when they are demonized, but for me, this is exactly how she acted, exactly who she was, but I, as the external host, was the opposite of these things, and as such other people were able to treat me the way she did, the way described here.

    A demonization, she influences, and as an influence, she influences them to be like her

    A posession, she controls, and by controlling, I play Ahab. This I suppose happens far less though.

    8 years of absolute hell… I’ll teach anyone who will listen about her and her ways to try and save anyone I can.

  12. Dear Emily,

    You are right. The host suffers. I have known possessed people.

    I put demonic influence and possession on the same page to combine them, give an overview, and to highlight all behaviors.

    I hope you can reach many people with your testimony. Thank you for leaving your comment. I pray that you are protected now and under the blood of Jesus.

    God bless you

  13. Dear Marianne,
    Would it be possible for you to contact me personally? I have read over a variety of you Jezebel sites and have a serious problem… I would appreciate your input.

  14. Just found your exceedingly excellent website. Yes, it is very helpful. Having been in battle against jez for decades, I can say that your GODLY insight and perspective is 100% right on. Thank you for hearing and obeying FATHER GOD .

  15. Dear Shelia,

    Thank you for your sweet encouragement. I am glad it helped you.


  16. Why do you have to blame everything on the spirit of Jezebel? Her behavior is very human and doesn’t sound spiritual. At certain point in life, we all behave the same way. Sometimes I also behave like that. There is nothing wrong with it. If you feel hurt, that is too bad.

  17. Hello Rachel

    Thank you for visiting. No, I am not hurt. I am glad you came to my website.

    I am not sure if you are Christian, but in the bible Jezebel was a real person, and she was always evil and killed many people. She worshiped the devil and acted like him too. She was a real witch.

    Many people do have moments that they do something wrong, or they get angry, or be selfish. Yes that is human to be weak and act like that sometimes. But a real jezebel is like that all the time, and has been like that her entire life. She enjoys hurting or killing people. A real Jezebel never is nice to anyone.

    I do not think you are like this all the time. Maybe there are times when you are angry or do something wrong. We all have weak moments, but we usually feel love for others, and want to be nice most of the time. We are sorry for hurting others, and want to be better the next time. Maybe we only hurt them because they hurt us first. That is not the same as wanting to hurt innocent people we do not know.

    I hope I explained this better. Remember, God loves you very much. He wants you to feel this love, and share it with others.


  18. Thanks for the clarification. I think for someone to behave in such a way all the time and enjoys doing it is absolutely evil. There is no logical explanation for that kind of behavior. I was mad when my boyfriend suggests that I have the Jezebel spirit.

    • That’s because your boyfriend was guided by an Angel from heaven who instructed him in rebuking you for worshipping Medusa who has the spirit of Jezzebel.

      Does that answer your question?

  19. Dear Rachel,

    Tell your boyfriend he is crazy. You are a nice person. Maybe he is insecure. Also, Jezebel are liars that destroy others. You do not sound like that kind of person. Tell him to be nice to you, and you won’t get mad at him. 🙂


  20. Not to appear critical, because there is a lot of great information on this site, but I have a few concerns. I do not think this article totally grasps the identity of this spirit entirely. The spirit itself is murderous. It seeks to destroy the prophetic gift not by simply silencing the prophets, but ultimately killing them. The spirit itself seems to have what some call a messanger spirit that follows the victum, and plagues their mind. It is not the innitial encounter with the possessed person that causes the problems, but the torture that occurs after they leave. They become like Elijah fearful, isolated, without identity, and wanting to die. From personal experience, I can tell you the depression is thick, and the only way to fight it is not to listen. In the church she tilts the balance between grace and truth. Either extreme is destructive, and I have seen her do both. She has a form of godliness, is rich and regal, she appears to be good, and is very religious. She does not want to destroy the church, but to twist, contort, and pervert the church to be a church of her choosing. If a prophet rises up to rebuke her, she tries to have him/her murdered spiritually, and removed from the congregation. She is a spirit of this age that is meant to silence the prophetic and destroy generational annointing. She is difficult to remove not only, because she gets power from others, but her roots run VERY deep. If she were a weed in the garden, she would have the entire garden holding onto her roots, holding her in place. To face her, is to face the entire church with the pastor usually the strongest supporter. The only one that can overcome Jezebel is the Lordship of Jesus Christ. In the book of Revolation it was the Lamb that overcame Jezebel, and when she is deeply entrenched only prayer, fasting, and spiritual warfare will remove her. She cannot be argued with, because she won’t fight fair. She is not a minor demon, because she even sent Elijah fleeing for his life. I have found it is better to simply fight in the spirit than face the onslaught of attack that she will loose on all that resist her place of power. We are to arm ourselves in the spirit, resist, do all to stand, and do extreme battle in the spirit. I have yet to see a single rooted Jezebel spirit successfully removed by blunt confrontation and deliverence. She is well equipt to fend off such advances. For some that may work, but the best weapon I have found is to release the Lordship of the King into the assembly. To confront her usually ends with my attempted murder, but to battle in the spirit releases the the Holy Spirit to uproot her. Again, maybe your method works for you, but all it brought me was loss of blood.

    God Bless,


    • I have left my church with so much confusion. I was told about the spirit of Jezebel now I understand because it is there and is very much containing the church. I stood up to it but now I wish I could have called it out by name! Wish I understood that I am in fact an elijah. I have lost my identity, and thought I would be better of dead. How do I overcome this? It was one in the church but I also have one that follows me! It gains knowledge from what I teach. It has a church but feeds off of the knowledge of others!

      • hi holly

        Do not feel alone if you have encountered the jezebel in the church. It is everywhere now. And it always seems to still surprise people.

        If you have lost your identity, that is a good thing not bad. Now, being an empty vessel, God can use you to instruct others of what you have learned. When people cling to who they are, they become self centered. You have lost that self -centered-ness.

        I have about 66 posts on holiness…..take some time and read some of them. I think they may help you.

        best wishes… you are going to be ok!

      • Trisha, Marianne is right, do not feel alone. A lot of us have been in churches that experienced this spirit that came in through women and took over the churches and manipulated them. It is not a new story and you should not take it personally. It is just another ploy of the evil one to frighten the Lords’ children, but, it makes us stronger in HIm and less dependant on ourselves if you know what I mean. These things really do diminish us and He increases instead in us, His people.

    • Dear Trisha,

      I have just read your concerns about the site, thanks for writing them clearly as I too do not agree with confrontation in flesh with people possessed by the jezebellic spirit as it leads to more pain. Knowing the schemes of the enemy will surely put us in a better position in the battle field and in our prayers.
      Regards in Him,

    • Excellent summary Trisha! I would not have changed a word. I am dealing with a Jezebel spirit in our congregation now and have already seen her try and destroy another pastor. What a mess. I would love to talk with you sometime.

    • Trisha, thank you so much for your post… I have been wondering about confronting the jezebel in the flesh… and I kept thinking to myself how exactly would that help?… She doesn’t live here, so that gives me more time to think about it… However she useto attend my church and although she moved away she still had a powerful stronghold over my husband(who is a preacher)… She left our church about 6 years ago and moved out of state… I prayed and fasted and sought God for answers, and finally found out what she was… I then fasted for close to a week before I told my husband what she really was… I believe that you are so right, we must fight the jezebel in spirit… The spirit is willingly, the flesh is weak… I thank God for protecting me against jezebel, not allowing me to become her victim… I prayed this prayer one day about a year ago, “Dear God, Help me Lord to live for you, Keep me Lord away from evil, if it’s not of You then I don’t want it. In JESUS name Amen… I just want to pray this prayer right now, “Dear Heavenly Father, Help us Lord, Strengthen us as we go through these battles, show us Lord how to best fight for You Lord, Keep us Lord from evil, We Thank You God for all You Do, For Your Love and Protection Over Us… Glory To God… In JESUS Name Amen…

      • dear Maria

        we are with you in spirit. Always be aggressive with jezebels, or they take over. When you meet them face to face, assert yourself, and do no back down.

  21. Dear Trisha,

    You have my respect for dealing with this spirit, and my compassion for the wounds you encountered.

    Everything you say is very true. The environment influences the method of spiritual warfare. But like you said, once she is there, she will not leave, because she has entrenched herself like a tick into your skin. ONLY if others see her for what she is, and stand up to her, can she be driven out.

    However, since there is rarely any remorse, she will venture on to the next vulnerable place.

    I did fight several, and yes, there was blood on many levels. I am still recovering. But if I had to do it again, I would, because that was my assignment, and I need to stick it out, to obey God.

    Only those who have been assigned to fight this spirit should do it, because being deceived by one will make a well meaning person turn into a tool for her to use against an innocent person.

    I have had to fight this spirit for 20 years – one situation after another. The first exposure is devastating, since innocent people do not know how to handle her, and others are deceived, and help her. With time, and many beatings, one can develop certain skills to fight with, with God’s help.


    • I really appreciate all of your articles of jezebel spirit. There was one who bewitched my husband during a time when he was greatly distressed due to past & current trauma. I knew something was awry, but could not put my finger on it. I prayed & God revealed it to me. He holds a high position in his father’s oompany & the assistant was a jezebel. I worked there part time, too. When I saw the hard evidence that God revealed, I approached him & then I went after her with absolutely no fear—like jehu. She played victim & lied “through her teeth.” She was afraid to come near the business or anywhere I would be & I gave her no choice in terms of how she retrieved her stuff. My hsuband had been trying to get rid of her for some time. He admits to being in a daze & doing things that is nothing like him, even his mother & siblings noticed it. Only one concern though. She keeps calling my husband. She’ll wait a few weeks or even months & call back when she knows I won’t be around. She tries to “keep in touch” with people in our office or social circle to be close to my husband. He records all of this conversations so I hear her trying to manipulate & seduce him. How do you stop her from calling? I think she is waiting on me to leave my husband so she can “attack” him without me around. I’ve had mysterious medical conditions, of which I have recovered, and one condition just went away through prayer. Any advice would be appreicated.

      • hi Mindy

        Talk to your phone company about call blocking. Put it on any phone that she calls. The people at the company need to be informed of her intentions, and ask them to report any disruptions of the work day.

        A restraining order might be appropriate here. Check with your local magistrate. She is affecting business and morale.

      • Mindy

        I have had very similar experiences lately. I know very little as I have just begun to study this horrific spirit. From the posts, I agree with Tricia and can really relate to you.
        I am beginning to wonder I have been being attacked on various levels all my life. From what I am reading I believe my own mother has been at work against me though over the last couple of years with more and more intensity.
        Would you be willing to speak with me?

    • This information is vital… Thank you for shamelessly perusing your calling…

  22. Hi,

    I want to commend you for the time putting yourself “out there” to Educate, Equip & Empower God’ people.

    I have found your Jezebellic writeups extremely relevant to some situans I am facing with that spirit having attempted to come agains me & the destinay whihc God called me out for…

    Thank you very much & I pray GOD’s POWER over, in & through you for 2009.

  23. Dear Wim,

    Thank you for your kind words. Knowledge is power. So is working in groups that are smart about this, and support you, rather than you working alone. I want to see the saints victorious in these last days.


  24. Praise God, this is an awesome site, very straight to the point, empowering and informative. I have viewed a few other sites on Jezebel and this by far is the best in its explanations and the full understanding of even the AHAB spirit. I understand that these 2 spirit work together in more ways than 1. thanks so much for the availability to being used by God as a beacon in the night in regards to spiritual warfare. Be Blessed and always standing firm as we watch and pray.

  25. Dear Swords of Prayer,

    I thank you for the kind words. God bless you.


  26. Hallo there, I am married to a jezebelic wife such that we are from seperation for a year. I forgave her as she was asking for it but now we are back to square one. I have discovered that she is really jezebelic, now what to do? She opposes everything I come up with and give some false vissions and words from the ‘THE HOLY SPIRIT’. How to deal with this problem?

  27. Dear Vusi,

    First of all, forgiving her will not help. She takes that as permission to do it again. Follow the directions on this page.

    Also, read the other pages where I have written about jezebel.

    You have to stand up to her, take authority and tell her to be quiet. You have to openly reject her falseness. You have to tell her that she is lying when she gives false words to you about the holy spirit.

    You have to find your male hormones inside of you, and be the boss over her. Do NOT be quiet, sweet or cooperative with her. Jezebels are like wild animals that need to be tamed.

    Like I said in the instructions above, get others to support you. You have to outnumber her in support.

    It might be best to break up with her, until this is resolved. Otherwise, she will make life miserable for you.

    Read the jezebel pages (there are 20 of them), and this page well, and then get back to me. Knowledge if power.


  28. I am dealing with that big time in my life. My husband’s family (parents and sister) have it. They have spiritually, emotionally and mentally abused me throughout my four AND 1/2 years of marriage.

    They are in ministry and extremely deceptive. Everything out of their mouth is something spiritual. However they act like demons. This has greatly affected my marriage and my life in general.

    I am at a breaking point. What do I do when this is part of my family? Unfortuantely, I can’t run away from this. I fear having children because my husband is so close with them and sees nothing wrong. I’m afraid to expose myself and children (which I would love to hvae) to them. They always win and they never get caught. I am despirate for a miracle!

  29. HI CJ

    Sorry, I missed your comment earlier. I usually respond the same day.

    You are right. If they are in the family, you are stuck with them. But you do not have to be stuck with their behavior.

    What they do at their house is one thing. What they do at your house is up to you. It sounds like you have an Ahab husband, which is a passive male, which allows the spirits to manifest and do what they want. It is like he is missing some male hormones. The good thing is that if you take charge in your own home, he does not have the desire to oppose you either.

    What I would do is just take charge. You do not care about their silly hypocrisy. Save it for the foolish church who is stuck with them. That is the church’s problem.

    Make ground rules for interaction for any contact they have with you. They have to be polite, they have to tell the truth, they have to show respect, they cannot criticize, they cannot harass, they cannot tell your husband, or you, what to do in your own house, they do not live there, so their opinion has no authority….etc Make a list and go over it with your husband. He has to agree to this. If he doesn’t, then tell him, this is what you will do whether he agrees or not, so he may as well go along, because you are not going to give in to abuse any more.

    Get some family or friends to back you up. Support is crucial.. Jezebel spirits (you got the religious ones) get their power by developing strong support systems, and moving in groups. So, you have to fight fire with fire, and have your own little army. If not, you just have to be a one woman army – one that strikes fear and respect in your enemies.!!!!

    They do not have to win in your own house. They need to stay away until they can behave themselves. Tell them to stay away, and make it official with legal papers if necessary. If your husband wants to go along with them, then he needs to move in with them, and leave you alone. He needs to be reminded that his allegiance is to you, not them. That is what your marriage vows mean.

    No, you cannot run from them, but you can put them on the run from you.

    Your husband needs to grow up, and act like a man. I would suggest counseling to help him see why he is so passive and permissive of this kind of abuse. Someone – friends, counselor, a different pastor from a different church – needs to help him open his eyes, and see that his marriage is being destroyed by his parents. He needs to cut them off until he can develop a healthy relationship with you and them.

    I will put you on my prayer list. I want you to learn to fight for what is yours, and stand on your authority.

    Check these links also:

    Let me know what happens next.


  30. I do want to point out that I found alot of Jezebel spirits especially found on social sites like My Space. One woman called herself HolyHottie on her page and I asked her about what that meant and she snapped at me. I find alot of religious spirits and anger like Jezebel on these sites.

    • Hi Barry,

      That would make sense. Social websites are where people meet, for social networking, and attracting new associations. About 95% of the time, Jezebels will come across as promiscuous, using sex to lure men. This is because they have no other redeeming values.

      If you are young, and looking for companionship, try a Christian singles network, and look for someone who seems to get along with others. Since Jezebels can also pretend to be Christians, be on the look out for the behavior clues, so you will not get trapped.


  31. i have to speak to you i am being attack with more than a jezebel spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I have had many dealings with a Jezebel spirit…I won’t go into many details, but she was or is married to a man that was a preacher. Due to her infidelity and her lies, she has tarnished his ministry and he has now stopped preaching and going to church all together. Within the last year he has discovered that she has had multiple affairs with men, some are even directly related to his family; his ex-brother-in-law, his best friend, their neighbor…she has even been flirtatious with my husband, saying subtle things to him, trying to convince him that he wants her… (he told me about it). I would have confronted her, but honestly, I was worried about how my being confrontational with a “preacher’s wife” would reflect on my Christianity, my family and my home church. I just left it in the Lord’s hands to let her be exposed for what I felt she truly is…and the Lord did just that.
    However, during all of this, her husband and their children are the ones suffering! Right after he found out about her first affair, he was still preaching and was in the middle of a revival. I will never forget how that poor man cried on the alter, telling the whole congregation about her affair…confessing to the Lord his love for her and their family…it was heart breaking — and still is when I think about it. She came only one night to that revival…and after she found out that the whole congregation knew…she told him and several members that she would NEVER be back in ‘that’ church again…
    The whole thing has seemed to spiral downward since then..
    She has told many members of the church he was pastoring that he has been abusive to her and that he was the one having the affairs. The ones of us who have had her Jezebel spirit impact us directly, know the real truth.
    I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” for this website…for the wisdom and knowledge I have gained by educating myself on how to handle this spirit.
    I would like to know which would be the most beneficial scriptures you would suggest for this preacher.
    I feel so sorry for him and their children.
    She has had him arrested and such several time over the last few weeks and it seems that every lie that spurts from her mouth…everyone believes her.

    Please if there is any info that you could give me I would greatly appreciate it!

    • dear blessed24_7,

      Scriptures for victory and knowing one’s authority in Christ Jesus. Knowing that you have the power to tread on snakes and scorpions. You are dealing with a snake, so treat her like one

      to beat this:

      A tough problem requires a tough solution, and a tough attitude..

      her husband is the key. He needs to find his male hormones and use them. This is a woman out of control because he has not asserted his male authority over her. She will go wild until someone stops her. He needs to be first in line.

      He has to be the main one to stand up to her. He is too passive. As for other women, like yourself, tell that witch to get away from your husband, and go back to the kennel where she belongs.

      As far as the false accusations go, face off with her, and call her a liar.

      do not be nice or polite….. you are dealing with a demonic spirit..if you give her one inch, she will take a yard

      go after her, call her a liar and trouble maker, and a whore, which is, unfortunately, what she is, but that is not your fault. That is just the truth, and she needs to be told the truth right in her face. She needs to know what the word “NO” means too.

      form a group effort, and oppose her…….if she is outnumbered, she will back down. Gang up on her, to force her to back down. I bet she has at least 7-8 demons in her. You need to outnumber her. rebuke her in the name of Jesus. Cover yourselves, and her, with the blood of Jesus (she will not like that!! – this will make her mad – but so what?) This will be like dealing with a dog with rabies.

      her husband is too passive. he needs to step up for the sake of his kids and stop this abusive rant she is on, and tell her to shut up….!!!

      Do not talk nice to her…she will see this as you giving in to her…and her gaining control

      the reason that she is out of control is because no one is standing on their authority, and telling her that she is out of line, she is wrong, she is a liar, she is a freak, and she is REJECTED until she learns to behave herself.

      Tell her she needs to repent, and get her life right with God.

      Otherwise, she needs to take her broom and fly away, and leave everyone alone. IF needed, you will help her admit herself for psychiatric care.

      don’t whine or be passive or cry. get tough. You are dealing with a spoiled BRAT.


      PS. This is just a suggested guideline. Use your discretion with this. It seems rough, but I do this because most people will get the idea, but tone it down. What is important is not the tough language, but the tough attitude and the teamwork. You know the circumstances and details better than I do. I truly hope that all wake up, and realize their own authority, and use it properly. This way Jezebel can be dealt with, and healing can start. You have my prayers and best wishes for success in this.

  33. Thank you so much for this information. I new i was in a spiritual attack with my husband and i new it was control and witchcraft but until i found your site through the leading of the holy spirit. I finally new i was not crazy. now i am in the prosses of leaving him and doing an intervention. he is also a pastor people in the church may not believe me but my kids and i know praise the lord for this site. may Jesus contuie to bless you .

    • Hi Lois

      Jezebel is everywhere. Your husband should have more wisdom, but I see this all the time. Pastors who are too “nice” and passive around aggressive personalities also become victims to this spirit.

  34. I seem to attract this spirit into my life and I am trying to figure out why. There was a former good friend in a church I went to who I brought to the Lord. She started out with subtle put downs, then slowly got worse and worse…and would try to make me feel like she didn’t want me around any more. She would run to the Pastor’s and give personal information of me and other church members all while acting like it was out of “concern”. When I confronted her she lied and denied everything until the truth came out…but even then, the pastor’s and other ministry members seemed to believe that she was truly concerned about these people. It was so obvious to me that she was trying to get closer to the pastor’s and using people’s personal struggles as a way to do that, as well as large donations, and pushing to be involved on a ministry level even though she is a fairly new Christian. I ended up leaving, very hurt after she turned the co-pastor against me, who I was very close with and loved dearly before all of this happened. I seem to be unable to stand against this spirit for long. I just ended a relationship with a man who had the Jezebel spirit. When I am around Jezebels or talk to them regularly, I get foggy, forgetful, spacy, and seem to have no will of my own any more. How can I prevent this from happening again? What is wrong with me that I keep attracting this into my life?

    • hi lynne,

      you are a giver…..they are takers…..that is the problem

      you have energy…..they are energy parasites….they feed off whatever information – mental emotional physical you have.

      it is like being attacked by a leach.

      the men who give into them are weak ahabs….when you get the ahab – jezebel combination…..just leave…..

      they are not worth the energy input and you will lose

      It is not just you….they are everywhere bothering everyone……

      they are parasites…energy vampires….stay away from them..

      find some decent people who do not have such issues.

      you are a good person…you deserve better…..raise your standards for behavior from others….expect only godly behavior or go elsewhere.

    • boy do i know this feeling.

    • I wondered why it is I would get foggy, confused and spacey, now I realize that it is the spirit of the Jezebel working in a person to drain my energy. I’m so glad that I have read this today, I have been obviously a target for Jezebel and need to fight against that, by being more discerning and careful of people in all relationship contexts.
      What ways can someone protect themselves from this Jezebel spirit, it seems that it is hard to detect until much later in some situations and people? The list really helps in the initial discernment process, but what is vicious about the Jezebel is that it aims directly at the most sensitive parts of a partner, coworker’s heart. I have encountered this spirit many times and I recognize it in various forms in some of my family line.

      • dear Pray

        You have to be very aggressive with the jezebel. She only understands power and force. Meet force with more than equal force. She walks over people that do not oppose her. Document her wrongdoings, and get support from friends. Make it a team effort and she will back down, because she is outnumbered. Exception- if she is your boss, then kiss her feet , while planning to leave.

        • I understand what you are saying, there are many people who do not like her and want to see her leave because of how outright callous and harmful her words have been at fellow coworkers, she verbally attacks them to the point where it becomes personal to the heart, and it creates emotional wounds .From having to deal with her personally in the past month, I can see how intently crafy, manipulative and her all out lust for power , she is playing the victim now and is trying to get support and have everyone to see things her way, even though the truth and her past behaviour dictate otherwise, that she is not repentant.
          What is more disturbing and confusing, is that she gives a false sense of apology to some coworkers, who have changed their mind about her and sided with her. I have been tempted to believe she has changed several times, only to be met with a spirit of suspicion and hatred, and risked putting myself in harms way through her harmful words and critical spirit. I am debating whether or not to stay in this company, it is possible that she could be removed, she has been reprimanded heavily only recently and this is making her nervous but also more vigilant to find out who the people are that oppose her reckless conduct towards the employees.
          I have encountered this Jezebel spirit several times and have been dismissed as a result of not giving in to the intimidation and fear they use in order to promote self glorification and worship. I am taking it as a sign that I may be a tool the Lord is trying to use to overthrow this spirit in some context, yet I have a long way to go in riding my self of any counter attacks from this spirit. I wish there was more awareness of this topic, spiritual warfare amoung the fellowship of believers in my community, it would really help intensely in this situation and also to strengthen the Christian community as a whole.

          • Pray7, I too believe that, like yourself, God has commissioned me to fight against this evil spirit… When this spirit came against me, she was apologetic too, and made herself look like the victim… Which was quite easy for her to do since she was close to my husband and his whole family… At first people thought I was just extremely jealous… I cried out to God, and said Lord if I am this jealous, take this spirit of jealousy away from me. I don’t want it… I was so hurt, so heartbroken… I just kept praying, and praying, and praying, Just keep praying Pray7… Pray and fast about this evil spirit, Let The Holy Spirit guide you… Since my encounter with the jezebel, I have drawn closer to God… My marriage was on the verge on divorce (which I didn’t want, and couldn’t understand at that time)… , I prayed for God to open up my husband’s spiritual eyes (it also helped that I had the support of my pastor) and God did… Hallelujah! As far working with the jezebel in the workplace, if The Lord does not remove her, and your finding it to unbearable to be around her, than maybe you may have to find different employment… Always seek God for the answers… Also Pray7, just wondering do you have the gift of intercession? I do, and I read somewhere that the jezebel hates intercessory prayer… (You mentioned that you encounter this spirit quite a bit, that’s why I was wondering)

  35. Thanks for your quick reply. I just need to ask…does this mean that I have an Ahab spirit…I read some of what was written about the Ahab, and it doesn’t seem to fully line up with who I am. I do tend to cower to the Jezebel…but I have never teamed up with a Jezebel person to hurt others. I did try to stand up to her, but was crushed, and hurt really badly. If I do have an ahab spirit I want to know so that I can get help with that. Also, what if this person is in your church? I never came out and told the pastor’s that I thought she had a jezebel spirit…i just gave the facts and figured that it was obvious and that they would figure it out on their own. They are very well trained in this spirit, but have a problem seeing it in the past. It seems they are completely blind to it. Since I left she has done this to others….and still they don’t see it? The only people she seems to want to be around are the Pastors, and Co-Pastor’s. It’s so sad because this is the church I was saved in…and had been going there about three years before I invited her there…and I ended up leaving because of her. I still can’t believe the whole thing happened the way it did, I was in such a fog during that time, and it all seems like a bad dream now.

  36. Hello, I have just recently read the jezebel article and it has confirmed what I believe has and is still happening in my church. I have been a worship leader but resigned in Sept last year, because one woman in the team systematically wore me down, plotted behind my back and gained support from others in the band, including her husband who is now the worship leader, but she organises everything for him. I recently went back to the church and spoke to the oversight and three of the team including her and husband, I went to make peace because I felt I had done them wrong. the oversight have asked me to return to the team but this does not feel right at this time because I still feel there is a divisive spirit at work. This woman has seemed to have beguiled the pastor and oversight, dresses and behaviours inappropriatley and appears to be innocent. I am presently seeking the Lord in how to deal with this as my church is very precious to me and I believe I have been called there to minister. It is a very tough time so thank you for shedding light on the root of the problem.

    • Hi Miriam

      As long as she is there, and her husband is there reinforcing her, and the pastor permits it, it is a lost cause. What you have is 2 men with Ahab spirits enabling her. While you may be called to minister, you will be constantly suppressed by her if you try to continue there.

      I know this is hard, but you need to take time off for awhile, collect yourself, and move on to a better place that deserves you, because these people don’t.

  37. Miriam, welcome to suffering the sufferings of Jesus. He was sent to save Israel, His own. But even His ministry was cut off because of the Jezebel spirit in people. He was betrayed and crucified. You have been betrayed and spiritually crucified, your ministry cut off. Rest well in your spiritual death. You will be resurrected. DavWms

  38. Just commenting on Miriam’s post. It seems that with how prevalent this spirit is in the church today…is leaving really the answer? Isn’t that letting this spirit “win” and overcome you. Maybe it is the answer in some cases. I left and wish I had the strength to stand my ground. I may be presumptuous but this spirit most likely lurks in most churches…and giving up church is not an option. I have learned from past mistakes not to be reactive in the flesh, but to pray pray pray for the veil to be lifted. This takes patience and constant covering of yourself so you don’t get too consumed with what’s going on, but keeping your eyes focused on the Lord. Just my opinion and please correct me if I’m wrong. God Bless, and I pray that the Lord will continue to lead and guide you. The experience can be devastating and I am just starting my healing process now….months later!

    • Hi Lynn,

      What you say about staying is always an option. In this case, the pastor is an Ahab, who does not want a change. I stayed once in a situation like this, the church ended up splitting, the pastor and his Jezebel left, took most of the congregation, and there were about 10 people remaining.

  39. Hi my name is melinda,I was at a church that I already left that told me I has the spirit of jezebel,its private and I would like to talk about it with you God Bless

  40. I have found this site very informative. I have been very deeply hurt by a woman that I know who I believe has this spirit. Everything that you have said about it rings true. However the only reason that I knew to look it up was because of the Lords mercy, he revealed to me what was going on two weeks ago.

    For five years I suffered with a difficult relationship with her. Then I became a christian and the intensity of the problem increased. I really thought that I was going mad. I forgave, I prayed for her, I became obsessed. Thoughts of her were in my mind all the time. I thought it had to be me that had the problem. I couldn’t please her, nice one minute hateful the next. I wrote to her to say that I was sorry if I have ever hurt her and thought that as a christian I should love her unconditionally and forgive and forget. To give, give give.

    So I hit rock bottom and on the day that I went to get help from the doctor for depression the Lord gave me revelation. Praise Jesus! I got on my knees and prayed for forgiveness for worshiping her in my mind and prayed against the presence of the spirit. I have got rid of her number, email and blocked her on facebook. I vow to have nothing more to do with her.

    The result is that the obsessive thinking has gone. Every now and then she enters my mind but not in the same way. Will it go totally? I have no desire to go near her. Although occasionally now I worry what might come next. She is not a christian. Sorry to go on but the relief is immense.

    Will there be more to this?

    • Hi Lou,

      Do not feel alone. Jezebels are everywhere now. They will come as friends, co workers, bosses, people at church, leaders, spouses, girlfriends, your doctor, etc.

      The bible says to NOT be unequally yoked with unbelievers, so just do your best to avoid them, and pick good Christians to be with.

      There are some inevitable collisions ahead, just because there is so many of them, so if you run into another one, let me know. At least this time, you will be alert and recognize the spirit quicker than you did the first time.

      God bless you. I thank God you were able to dissociate from her. Do not be surprised if she tries to reconnect with you. They do not like to lose, and will start things all over again.

  41. i thought i should leave my own personal account of jezebel to help your readers. my mother is the jezebel spirit. Alot of the advice you give on here is true. My mum and dad always had a terrible relationship (alot of violence) but i have now realised that is because my dad was never an ahab and always stood up for himself. My dad ended up being viewed as the bad one. she even as you say used sex as a weapon by denying my dad sex. I suffered at the hands of my mum from physical, emotional abuse and neglect. everything, even as a 7yr old child was always my fault. I am now 34 and it has taken me this long to realise how exceedingly manipulative this woman was and still is. My mum is now with an ahab ( a quiet man with alot of money). I have recently told my mum exactly what i think of her and ex communicated her from my life as i realise that is the only way to stop her destruction. she has never accepted any responsibility for the things she did r apologised ever and will not even discuss the issues. i suffered from bad depression and suicidal thoughts all my life and now realise it was her doing. In fact after telling her exactly what i thought of her and i never wanted contact again, she then manipulated my brothers wife to join in her manipulation and tirade which unfortunately she fell for as my mum used the ‘poor me victim mentality’ you speak of, all this going on while i am currently awaiting an operation on my spine and face the possibility of losing my job, but as you say my mum is not interested in that just her ill gotten gains. it is amazing to note having found jesus again i have always read a bit of the bible for some months, due to the medical condition i have etc reading my bible fell by the wayside for a bit, this is exactly when all the trouble happened with my brothers wife etc. since going back to my bible amazingly i have managed to ex communicate this woman from my life (although she has taken family members to her side also) and also god led me to this page on your site, how amazing! i know he is here with me all the time and since i have found him again he is opening my eyes and showing me the truth of alot of situations in my life. heck its hard to adjust mentally when you realise youve been manipulated for 34 years! my only worry is my mum seems now to be trying her trick on my daughter who is only 16, even trying to get her to turn against me and but since reading the bible daily even my daughter seems to have come back to me and the influence seems to be reducing. my mum is still a bitter woman, i dont think she understands the concept of forgiveness, i hope this helps others. my only concern is the bible tells me to have respect for my parents? so what do you do when 1 of them is a jezebel?

  42. Hi Julie,

    I am glad to hear you are gaining insights now about what you have been through. I would suggest teaching your daughter the difference between a real woman of god and a Jezebel. And that only being what God made her will make her happy. Being a Jezebel brings suffering. Teach her about Jezebel. Use my site, if you wish. There are other studies on here too.

    there are several pages in this topic:

    I think you can honor the position of parent, by best praying for her salvation. Include your daughter and ask her to pray for grandma, that grandma has emotional problems that make her mean one minute and sneaky sweet the next.

    You would not be honoring her by encouraging her or tolerating her in her destructive behavior.

    Right now, focus on getting better, and healing, both physically and emotionally.

    I will put you on my prayer list.

    You are on the right path now. just keep going.

  43. Hi,

    I was searching tonight for a way to stop this madness I face everyday! I have lost best friends, family members and even church folk including pastors I was friends with to this jezebel spirit. I read what you described here and it’s all true! And I don’t want to spend the rest of my life running from this murderess spirit so I have decided to fight. That’s how I found your website but I need help with people who are not contaminated because of what I’ve seen this spirit can do. I have seen people change in an instant by one visit by this woman with this jezebel spirit. I am isolated with my kids in a joint custody situation because she was just using them to get money from the Government (social security) and child support; and at the same time neglecting them in such that my two youngest children have developmental delays. Before she left me the second major time my son was nine months old when he babbled mama and dada now he cannot speak at all! I have been setup in so many ways by this spirit through Christians it’s unbelievable. And many have fallen by the way side by their association with her after that just one visitation. And it’s much easier for half walking folk who call the Name of Jesus and live like the devil to be influence by her, like family members. She even curses out loud at times and acts like people in the worldly manner but undercover and not in front of ministry friends. And the adultery, well she just came in early one morning so when I confronted her, she answered me not took a bath and went to bed. When I would stand up to her, she would take the children and leave without me knowing. She’s already done it two major times with numerous threats if she didn’t have it her way. But this last time, I left with my oldest daughter who wanted to leave too, so we left together before she did with the two youngest ones with her because they have no voice. Since it was over six months of being together with this wife in a domicile state, I filed for temporary joint custody and won. I have been studying diligently in the Word of God throughout this matter and the answers the Lord has giving me are like loss of blood. I have also study the Greek and Hebrew on the matter and still the same answer. Not only has she used Christians as well as Lay people to confront me personally but also to pray against me spiritually. I understand now what black water means! Why Balaam problem was considered witchcraft. I see why witchcraft is like the sin of disobedience. Example, this one Prophet confronted me with the “you know what you did” and I said “what did I do? So he stood there for about five minutes or so, checked with the Lord and he said “you know you’re right! Keep doing what your doing and you’ll win”. I did win that time because she came back but I had to face this over again and again. The Lord really wants me to battle this religious lying murderous spirit so that I can go to the next level. But I’m all alone with no one who believes me honestly. And I trust no one who has spoken to her even one time. I’ve been labeled already with these out of touch with God slanderous remarks by her, way before this all began. One time when she left and came back again apologizing for all she had done wrong; she still slandered me and my ministry to others behind my back. I fight this spirit of being a failure in my ministry because all of my family and close friends and ministry friends that have left me. And I feel like just quitting, even talking about God and the Lord Jesus but usually I fight it with a positive confession and I’m back in stride! Now I know you don’t know me but please pray first to know the truth concerning me by the Lord Jesus because it is the just thing to do before him. Then I figure if I had some friends in the Lord who knew the truth by the Lord Jesus then this would help my self esteem again. Because it’s just not enough with my quite time with the Lord and spending time with my kids I need brothers and sisters who really understand!

    • Hi Russell

      1. When you are physically with her, be very positively aggressive. Jezebels respond to displays of power. if you come across as “more powerful” than she is, she will back down

      2. learn to say NO to her… not give in to her

      3. get a christian child psychologist to check the children. Explain the situation with delayed development….get her/him on your side. You should try to get full custody.

      4. you can always hire a PI to follow her an document her behavior. You can use this as evidence to back you up with others – to gain support.

      5. you are the pastor? I am not following your role at the church… you mentioned ministry.

      6. if people are willing to believe lies, then what kind of christians are they? understand we are in the great falling away now, and not everyone with a christian label is going to be good company. you are going to have to pick a more holy, and faithful group of friends. Do not give up, just because you have encountered worthless christians. You are not a failure. THEY ARE.

      7. Do not be shy in confronting her and others about what she is……you actually have to use the words “Jezebel” and “liar”

      8. I have written other posts on this….read them too…to give more insight…there is a series of 20 so far…i have lived though each of these….so I know what i am talking about…

      9. do not be a nice guy…..get tough with her….read about Jehu. in the posts and bible

      you can contact me more after you go over this much… I do not want to flood you with too much to read.

      remember in the last days, Satan will wear out the saints….now you have an idea what that means.

      God bless you.

  44. Russel, know you are not alone in this. Many of us have experienced this same thing in churches. Not always does it include our mates. I suspect you seriously asked God to show you more Spiritual truth. This is how He does it, by letting the devil attack you. You are now seeing how shallow the churches are teaching about spiritual matters.

    You have been set on a Spiritual journey to learning the ways of both God and man. This is usually very emotionally painful, but if you hang in there with God, you will grow beyond what you ever thot was possible. Remember how Job was put thru his horrible trial, and how the devil sent “friends” to antagonize him. But also remember how that trial finished, with Job blessed beyond his previous imagination.

    Let God be your vindicator, and wait on Him to do it. Yes, He may let much time go by, but in the end, you will thank Him for taking you thru this pain and see it was worth it. DavWms

  45. Marianne,

    I would really like to be able to speak with you privately if you would allow. I too do not wish to share my email openly on the web so I do not know if you might be willing to send me a message via my wordpress page at or my website at

    I like your website here. I just really need privacy in order to talk.


  46. How can I cut-off ties with here? It’s my wife! She is unsaved. So does it mean that if she is delivered but not saved, 7 more wicked spirits can come into her? What’s the remedy? SHe meets 13 of the 18 criteria for a Jezebel. Pl pray for her salvation and deliverance. My actual name is different. I don’t want acquaintances to know it’s me who’s writing. Pl reply to my email id also. Keep my contact info confidential. Bless you. Thanks.

    • dear Cayton,

      If you love her, then it is worth it to stay with her. The wife can be sanctified by the husband. I have you and her on my prayer list now. If you need further contact or have questions, hit the reply button to my email.

      Read this also, if you can find the “inner Jehu” in yourself, you can be the greatest help to your wife. You need to find your inner male authority, destroy the spirit, and save the woman you love.

  47. Hello, I need private help with my wife who is a jezebel and making my life hell right now for the past six months. My story might even surprise you.I would need a page to describe what is going on and yes my male hormones are on red alert!!!

  48. I have some questions I need to ask in private. Is this OK?

  49. My husband has a Jezebel. We lived together for 30 years and we recently divorced. How can I free him from afar. He is always right and STRONG…thank you in advance. Deb

    • hi Debra

      Be right and strong back. Learn to use the word “NO.” You do not always have to agree with him, or do what he says. A simple “I don’t want to” will have to work.

      Be direct.

      Tell him he is a Jezebel man, and you do not like his behavior, and you will not support it.

      Tell him you are free of him, and he will have to accept that.

      If he wants to know more about Jezebel, you can either tell him, or send him to me.

  50. Really need to talk to you about this spirit. I think I am married to a woman that is being controlled by it. Please contact me via e-mail.

  51. Hi there

    I would love to discuss things with you further, I looked for the webmail address but cannot locate it.

    I have a major problem with a Jezebel spirit in my family and it is very very serious.

  52. Good summary of traits here:

  53. This information is has been very helpful to me. This spirit has controlled my life for years. It’s on my job and heavily in my home. I have just became aware of it through spiritual warefare. I have confronted it. I find myself exhausted daily. It has literally taken possession of the leader of my home. I am the victim. The spiritual leader is also a man of God and it is embedded itself deeply. It has divided the home while living under the same roof. It has used, abused and neglected me and the children terribly. It jumped up started a church and recruited followers. Only to empower it more! These followers are all weak, vulnerable people who have been hurt by church people. I’ve never seen anything like this before in all my life. I thought there wss something wrong with me for years. Thank God, my eyes have been opened. I walk a lonely road. (married and single) I continue to pray fervently in my daily battle with this destructive spirit.

    • Hi Bee,

      I have put you on my prayer list. You need as much support as you can get. If you can find local friends who will back you, bring them in, and share the problem. Stay in touch.

  54. General comment to anonymous question:

    It is hard sometimes, when those we hope to have for friends disappoint us, or come up as problematic.

    There are many who are deceived right now. This self deception is not usually intentional, but it is still there. You have described her behaviors as jezebel, judgmental, critical, divisive, wanting to be extra “spiritual” or “supernatural.”gossip, passive husband, has to be the leader (control, influence over others), accusatory. She is genuinely not qualified for ministry, so she elevates herself by putting down others. That makes her look better.

    “Supernatural School” will not make her any better, but worse. There is too much nonsense being taught at those schools.

    She will just bring you problems, especially if you oppose anything she does. She may seem mild now, but will become very angry if you expose her or question her, and then she will attack you as she did those at the last church.

    You can be nice about it, and tell her you are going your own way.

    You can try to stay friends with others, and if you think they will understand you, you can explain what you think about her, and say you are putting distance between you and her. You can also predict to them that she will then criticize you, as, after all, you think she is a witch. You may lose your friends because of her. But this is up to your friends, to believe her or not, and to decide to remain friends with you also.

  55. please erase my posting i thought it was private

  56. An former single, widowed, former friend of mine has managed to turn my daughter and son-in-law against me. They have prevented me from seeing my grandson and my former friend is the grandma now. My former friend displays all the characteristics of the Jezebal spirit. She refuses to end the relationships with my 21 year old son also. She has tried tempting my new husband. I was widowed also. My husband has rejected her and I also. She is slandering me in my community.

    • dear Teresa

      This is typical Jezebel behavior…she is taking what is yours……

      you need to gather a group of friends, family, coworkers, or whatever, for support. This group needs to back you up against her, and talk to your daughter….she is the link… your grandson……and also they need to support you to your son……and encourage him to stay away from this woman.

      you need to stop and examine why your daughter and son would favor her over you….what is wrong?

      have your husband talk to your daughter… he needs to come across as strong, masculine…not passive……he needs to get her to see that this woman is divisive, and that her allegiance is to her family, not to this woman.

      you do the same with your son…..

      be a united couple….( with support from friends)…in talks with your children……tell them this woman has bad intentions and is causing trouble… are the ones who raised your kids and loved them, not her.

  57. What about my mother has this spirit for over 30 years or more.
    What should I do. How to protect my father and sisiters from her? How should we operating with her and do the right things in our LORD’s eye.

    • hi alison

      Look again at the post. It gives some things to do to break this spirit.

      You just have to say no to her. Stand your ground, and do not give into her, even if she cries, and starts to make a scene. This is manipulation.

      Stand together as a united front when making decisions. Instruct your family about the jezebel, and explain the damages if they do not confront her. Stopping her is an act of mercy for not just the rest of the family, but for her also.

  58. oI’ve been reading all of your posts on Jezebel and yours are the some of the most informative on the web. I’ve posted about several from my past at work and in church over the past few days. Lo and behold, I was totally blindsided by one at work this past Friday.

    I am presently a supervisor for a company that contracts employees to area and regional businesses. I don’t want to be too specific about my job in order to protect my privacy. Our company has accounts with over 100 businesses and I manage 35 of those accounts. I am responsible for placing and training new employees and maintaining good business relationships with my accounts. We are a Christ-centered company and my boss is a wonderful Christian-the best I’ve ever worked for. My customer-service skills are excellent and my relationships with my accounts are great except for one.

    Our contact person with this one particular company is female and she is the only female employed there. I’ve had some really uneasy feelings about her since I took over this account several months ago. My employees who have worked there, have complained about how she treats them. I know that she has made sexual come-ons to at least one. When he left, because of her actions, she has become hell-on-wheels.

    I had a meeting with her thursday, and she complained that one of our best employees wasn’t doing a good job. I knew that the specifics of what she was saying about him were not true and were total lies. I told her that I would speak to the employee and correct the matter. So I talked to him and told him the nature of the complaint and assured him in private it was not his fault.

    Friday, I had to go in and cover his shift since he left to go out-of-town on a family emergency. He had told this lady the day before he would not be there after I had talked to him. She asked him if he had talked to me and he said he had. I was also training a new employee that day who was also there with me.

    When I arrived in the front lobby, she walked in from the back and totally lambasted me in front of my new employee, customers, and all of the office employees for calling and talking to the other guy who had gone out of town about the problem SHE TOLD ME TO TALK TO HIM about which is what I was supposed to do anyway! She told me I was unprofessional, incompetent, and rude. I have been nothing but kind to her and have bent over backwards to help and accomodate her. To top it all off, she called my boss, went to go see him, and told him that he needed to get rid of me because of my “unprofessionalism.” She tried to get me fired and I barely even know her and have done nothing to give her any reason to do so. In fact, I’ve had several other clients call our office to thank them for the way I’ve handled business with them. My boss says that sometimes i am too kind.

    After talking to my boss and the other employee who she supposedly complained about, we compared notes and realized she had totally set the whole thing up in order to provoke me to react a certain way in order try to get me fired which I did not do. As a matter of fact, when I went over there later to inform her we were no longer going to carry the account, I told her that I was glad to have met her(not really) and that I wished her the best. I then calmly turned around and left.

    I was so hurt and confused that someone would do this for absolutely no reason at all. She even seemed to get pleasure out of this and had this nasty smirk on her face after she publicly humiliated me when she saw that it hurt me. I didn’t react or say anything back to her. I remained kind to her when every bone in my body was wanting to retaliate so bad. Sorry, this is so long and I sound like I’m unloading, but this just happened Friday and it seems no matter how much we think we know about jezebels, it’s still a shock when you get blind-sided by one.

    • hi stacey,

      The first clue is dishonesty. She had lied about your employee. Once this happens, it is all downhill from there.

      Amazing. I had to work with a jezebel with the same behavior. Since I had just come from another area, dealing with 3 of them, I was already sensitized. I worked in the same office, but I did not answer to her, so I told her off, and sent a copy of the email to the ahab boss. I told her her behavior was a problem to the entire department, and we should discuss corrective action further with the boss.

      Since she had advertised her contempt – by email- to everyone in the office, I made sure everyone in the office had a copy of my reply to her. she was a nasty, ill tempered woman, who enjoyed hurting people, and getting people fired.

      I already knew the ahab boss would not do anything to me for telling her off, since that is the nature of ahabs, they go with the woman who is the most dominant.

      This will be a good lesson for you and your company. You do not need to tolerate dishonest people. Tell the company this jezebel worked for that you closed the account because she was lying about your employees. You have to use the word “LIE” to make it a strong statement.

      Also, never make an employee submit to false accusations, just to keep peace. You have to confront them head on, and deny them. You will loose all your workers if you let nasty people abuse them.

      I wish you strength, wisdom, and a strong spirit to handle all these situations in the future.

      • I’ve been dealing with a disproportionate amount of jezebels in my life since I was a child. I know that everyone is going to run into them sooner or later, but I’ve dealt with them constantly throughout my life and the jezebel-train never seems to end. When I was younger and naive, I used to blame myself. I thought there was something wrong with me causing me to keep attracting these folks. When I read your posts and saw you have been through the same situations, it was a relief to know that it was not just me. Why is it that some people, like ourselves, seem to run into them all the time and are constantly doing battle with them and other folks have only had a few run-ins with them? I question that constantly.

        • stacey

          The devil does not attack his friends, or those that do not oppose him. They are not a threat to him.

          He just attacks his enemies.

          That is why true believers are told to wear the “whole armor of God.”

          Eph 6:11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

          Eph 6:13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

          at first, when we were younger, we did not know about the armour. But we need to know about it now, put it on, and keep it on.

      • I forgot to mention that when I called and talked to my employee, that I did question him about the way she was treating him. He had made several offhand commments about her which led me to believe she was discriminating against him and and being rude. He’s not the type to tattle or volunteer info so he will usually let the truth leak out in conversation. I think that is why she got so mad, because she did not want me to find that out. Kind of like the way an abuser isolates their victims. Also, she did not want him to know because everything she said was a lie.

        Anytime a client brings up an issue with an employee, we are required to contact that employee to hear their side. That is part of our protocol. She then turns around and accuses me of causing animosity because I was simply doing my job. She thought if she could verbally ambush me in public, that I would react in kind and give her sick mind a reason to convince my employer that I was unprofessional and incompetent. I did not take the bait. I did not know that she had already gone to my employer on Thurs. afternoon to complain and try to get me fired. When he called and told me Fri. afternoon what she did, he said that his impression of her was that she was very mentally unstable. So her little plan did not work.

        We are very protective of our employees, since many of them are slow and handicapped. All I can say is she or anyone else better not mistreat them!

        • Her company needs to know what a nasty witch she is. Also that it will not be able to get the employees its needs if she stays around.

          • Unfortunately, she is the only woman there and I think most of them are Ahabs anyway. I do think someone needs to warn their wives and families because I do think she is the kind of person who would try to seduce someone to win career “favors.”

            • Write a letter of complaint anyhow. Have a man, not you, from the office sign it, someone who has authority, or will pretend to have it if the ahab calls about the letter.

              Most Ahabs want money. If you affect their finances, they listen better.

  59. We all met today at the office today and everyone was relieved to get rid of that account. She spewed more verbal garbage about me to our employee since today was his last day and she probably felt like she didn’t need to censor her words this time. The employee stated that she always made comments to him that we were mistreating and abusing him. He told me he looked at her and said, “Woman, I don’t know where you got that from. They are some of the nicest, kindest people I’ve ever worked for.” This whole experience has left me feeling ambushed and drained for days. It didn’t help that my eardrum busted from a horrible ear infection right after I left her office Friday. I guess in some ways I had just heard all I was going to take.

  60. Hey my friend and I are experiencing this right now. But it’s a man and his undercover gay male friend. Your site has been very informational. Especially since we are praying on how to confront this issue. Thanks for sharing.

  61. This woman came into my life like a whirlwind. Before I knew what had ahappened she was in control of my life and my marriage. Somehow, we have survived. I almost had her out of my life 2years ago, but my husband thinks we “owe” her so much, as she gives aid to us or our family missionaries. She needs full information to know “how” to pray for others. I am determined to be rid of her for good, and plan to block her phone calls and do all I can even leaving the church we have attended for many years. There she is “tolerated”. But, truly I do not know how to get her out of my life with out moving away from here. And I am willing to do that. I believe the Bible teaches the only one who can effectivley deliver Jezebel is a Jehu..king/ pastor of the church. jezebel is so insiduous that she is almost impossible to describe. I am aware that she is a spirit and not the person, but this woman is single and makes problems for all she encounters. Thanks for your help.

    • hi Elaine

      The Jehu you need in this situation is your husband. He has to understand your views and insights, and comply.

      He can tell her how much you and he appreciates her contributions. But as you are all very busy, and have many responsibilities, you do not have time to offer detailed reports of the missionary efforts.

      If you want her out of your life, do not accept any future contributions.

  62. I never see comments from women whose lives have been devastated by the accusation that they are a Jezebel. I come from a different culture where honesty and being outspoken is valued, but here these qualities are sometimes misunderstood and persecuted. At the same time I love the Lord and would never want to kill his prophets, as they told me. There has never been a hint of sexual misconduct on my part. These accusations happened 20 years ago, and I still haven’t fully recovered. For a woman thus accused, there is no way out, for if she denies it, she is said to be lying. I ended up in a mental hospital, which they took for further evidence of their accusations. So what kind of healing is there for victims of these accusations?

    • dear Nellie

      Most likely, the ones who accused you are the jezebels. Being outspoken is not necessarily a jezebel trait, but false accusations are.

      With so much time that has gone by, you are probably away from the original circumstances. I would focus on accepting yourself as a positive person, with much to offer.

      Try to replace bad memories by generating good ones with nice people who are not false accusers.

      You get healed from lies, by having people see the truth about you. Find those who will accept you for who you are, and who will not pre-judge you.

      What happened to you was tragic, but the past does not have to dictate the future. I am so sorry that happened. I have been falsely accused before, and it hurt me greatly also.


  64. Hello. I don’t know the name of the person who authored this article (and the other articles) on Jezebel. This was very helpful to me. I have gained much information on Jezebel for the past about 12 years; but the article on this site on ministering to a person in agreement with Jezebel was very helpful since I am right now in such a situation. I had asked God whether to ‘war’ or run; He replied that I should ‘love’ with expressly His Love, saying it is the only thing that can liberate a person in agreement with Jezebel and make them willing to repent. I agree with everything I have read about this spirit on this site. In these times, this spirit will make a most headstrong and adamant stand against God’s Kingdom. The saddest thing about being in agreement with Jezebel (because not everyone who has this spirit is in agreement with it and the ‘powers’ it gives them) is that only God’s Power can release such a person; if He doesn’t release them, their destiny in Hell (as far as I can see) is assured. Too bad so many who have this spirit are in agreement with it since it entwines with the soul (ie. its ways are so in sync with the fallen nature that a person with it can’t see the difference nor do they want to change or abandon this spirit), making it seem like a separation from this spirit is the same as abandoning one’s own soul or dying. It reminds me of how many homosexual people feel that their sexuality is their identity; they think this way because our sexuality IS tied to our identity (men like women, women like men). When their sexuality took a turn, it’s still tied to their identity (their sex or gender), so they mistake their homosexuality as who they are and find it hard to ‘forsake homosexuality’ or ‘reject themselves’. It’s the same with those in agreement with Jezebel; it’s entwined smoky tendrils is so fused into their soul that they believe there is nothing wrong with ‘being who they are’. Anyway, thanks again for these teachings. I saved this as a bookmark and favorite on two of my browsers. I will re-read the article on ministering to a person in agreement with Jezebel over and over. Again, thank you.

  65. These teachings on JEzebel certainly HAVE been helpful, and answered lots of questions! I recently printed and shared most of them w/ a friend at my church – who has no computer right now – who’s having to leave a husband of many years over this. His mother’s behavior could be a movie! She runs her sons’ lives, manages to keep them out of relationships, destroy their marriages, pay them off to keep them nearby and dependent. wow. These articles really helped my friend see that all this wasn’t ‘her’, but the family!

    I had a dream in Sept of 2008 about Ahab, Jezebel and a snake. It had social/political overtones. But at the end, it was unity that killed Ahab and Jezebel and their smokescreen ‘power’ and influence. So if I had to deal w/ one of these in my life, I’d find a mature believer(s) to get into prayer unity with, to get myself free!

    • hi cindy,

      It takes a group effort to get rid of a jezebel/ahab team…and many times just a jezebel.

      The reason is, by the time you discover what they are, they have already built their own social support group and network.

      So your network has to be greater and more powerful than theirs.

      It is like an iceberg. It is what is below the surface, that you don’t always see, that you have to watch out for.

  66. Hello Marianne,
    I am blown away by the information I have just read. And praising God fo answering my prayers.Afte reading this I see now that My husband is the Jezebel the charming one. We are currently separated after only 4 years if marriage because he had an affair which looking back I don’t think was his first. I don’t even know where to begin my story is so twisted. He sought deliverance on his own and that is when it was revealed to him that he had a pattern of affairs. All involving a co-worker including me. I was in an unhappy abusive marriage and he went out of his way to befriend me and as the friendship developed it led to me committing adultry. My husband found out and I filed for divorce, convinced that my new guy was madly in love wig me and I with him and that I was the woman that he prayed For the Lord to send to him.
    I now know that it is his pattern to seduce the prettiest girl in the office even if she in a relatioship. I also now know that this is a generational/ familial curse in his instance. I don’t want to go in to too much detail in a public forum but this demon is in so deep he can’t get free even after deliverance and the Lord giving him scripture showing him what it is.
    I need your help. The Lord told me to stand for him because he knows I have a pure heart and that is what is required… He told me this months ago and then I read that is what’s required here on your site. He also told me we would be together after goin through the fire. The inlyreason I am pursuing his is becase of what I believe the Lord told me

    Can you help me? If you need more information
    to do so, is there a way I can respond to you
    Thank you so much for sharing this information with the world

    • dear Sharon

      This may not be the response you were expecting. I have to go by the Word of God, which forbids adultery. I have your best interest in mind.

      Jesus also said that anyone who marries someone who has been married and divorced, also commits adultery, unless the spouse they separated from was committing adultery.

      In this case, you were the adulteress. Your partner had a history of affairs, meaning he was also in adultery, if married, or committing fornication with other women, or both.

      I support your separation from a man who commits adultery, but not your marriage to him. Your relationship started in sin, not purity. There is no justification for this.

      I do not believe that it is God’s will that this relationship, which is against God’s Word, continue. I do not believe that the Lord spoke to you to continue this relationship, since it is adultery. A divorce, followed by a marriage contract, does not make it pure. It was impure from the onset. Convincing yourself otherwise is deceiving yourself.

      Just repent of it, and do not go back to it.

      You can communicate with me privately by responding to the email.

      Spend time reading the Word, and have the Lord speak to you through that. It will give you better directions.

      • adultery/forgiveness
        Just starting to study Jezebel/Ahab today. Your page is very informative.
        My husband and I have been separated 5 weeks now. We had a gigantic argument which I initiated. We were on the property of a woman he has been ministering to for years, who I now recognize as having a Jezebel spirit. I immediately repented and he has refused to consider reconciliation. He is still staying on her property. When I saw him last week, he looked very weak and confused (confirmed by another individual).
        As I look at his past, I see that the Ahab spirit has been most likely at work in him through his life. As I study the Jezebel spirit, my mother is probably a Jezebel. So I am exploring the possibility that I have had some of those qualities too and used them toward my husband.
        In my past I have been involved in many adulterous relationships. I returned to Christ about 5 years ago. Despite that, my relationship with my husband began 3 years ago with sexual immorality. I am his 4th marriage and he is my 3rd.
        Forgiveness – John 8:3-11 the woman caught in adultery – Jesus did not condemn this woman and told her to sin no more.
        I have done wrong, I have repented, and I have been forgiven. If my husband divorces me, I intend to not remarry (my first 2 x husbands are deceased) because that would be committing adultery. I am standing fast in faith that God is healing my marriage – that means that if there is anything in me that needs changing, God is working on that, and the same for my husband.
        My husband also has a past of sexual immorality. Even just shortly before he met me which he admitted to me immediately. And I have recently been told that that woman was manipulating him horribly. All of his x wives are still living.
        Yes adultery is a sin. God has shown me in these past few weeks, that unless I accept his forgiveness, I will never have any joy in my life.
        Sharon and her husband have done wrong. There is nothing they can do to go back and change the past.
        Please pray and ask God for guidance on what I am about to say.
        If we go back to Levitical law, the punishment is death. We are so fortunate to have Jesus Christ who died for us. He took ALL our sins upon him, and died in our place. If Sharon has repented and accepted Gods forgiveness, she is no longer an adulterous. Her husband appears to have yet to repent. He is trapped (a victim??) the only way he can be set free and given an opportunity to repent is through the fervent prayers of others.
        From ‘Praying Effectively for the Lost’ by Lee E. Thomas. ‘The lost will not and indeed cannot be saved unless someone prays for them. This is a shocking statement that sounds unbelievable until we view the Biblical portrayal of the lost as being: children of the devil (John 8:44), under the authority of Satan (Acts 26:18), a strong man’s house (Mark 3:27), prisoners of war (Isaiah 14:17) and blinded to the gospel (II Corinthians 4:3-4).’
        I also believe God is telling me to stand firm for the restoration of my marriage. Part of what I see God working here is in answer to my prayers – for my marriage to be better than it has been, for me to be a better person than I have been, for me to be devoted to God and truly walking in faith. By focusing on Jesus first, and on the good things in my husband God has given me a peace and joy beyond anything I have ever experienced in my 50 years. (It does come and go, and when it goes I am getting more determined in returning to it, which I have been able to do by reading the Word and returning my focus to Jesus and the blessings God has given me in my life.)
        I have called in a great amount of prayer support. Many have reminded me that he does have free will and may not return to me. I know that God’s will is being done, and as long as I keep my focus on Jesus, I will be fine whatever happens. For now, God is using my commitment to my marriage to strengthen my relationship to Jesus.
        God bless everyone who is dealing with this spirit. In Jesus name.

        • hi Linda.

          I put you and your ex on my prayer list. I hope the best for you. You have made huge progress by recognizing the problem. Now you can go forward.

          trust God. some things take time.



  68. I have been governored by ahab and Jesebell my whole life. They are what I have learned famailiar spirits. They are wicked but also familiar to me. I just keep hooking back up with them and dthen oppressed by them. I am praying/repenting/interceeding for my ancestors and blood line to be completely free of being a ahab, or jezebell or one of there little court jesters. I am decreeing an END to this ruling position an authoirty over me and my family and in it place of this principality I am decreeing JESUS and he alone shall governor over us. From generation to generation, be it in marriage, adoption or any other doors. I am closing the door to this wicked agreements and ruling and opening the door to righteous governoring and ruling, none other than Jesus and those who are walking in the Spirit, filled of the spirit and lead of the spirit. Let the mature in Christ lead and rule in my family with strength, confidence and holy boldness. SO BE IT.

  69. Greetings I am Evangelist Debra Pollak,with LIFE IN THE SPIRIT MINISTRIES.I want to encourage you on your Teachings of JEZIBEL!I am a FORMER WITCH, Delivered back in JANUARY 21,1983 an was Very Blessed to read your article. I will Pray for you an your Ministry Continue to keep Yourself COVERED UNDER THE BLOOD OF JESUS.May you walk in Light. Sincerely Evangelist Pollak

    • Hi Debra

      Thanks for your note. I am glad to hear you are free of the witchcraft, and serve the Lord now. Best wishes on your work, and may you win many to the salvation of Jesus.


    • dear Tori

      I am not sure what you mean – that he has a “powerful calling” on his life, when he has a jezebel spirit. God would not call someone like this, unless they went through deliverance first.

      Who told you this? I need to first get your situation clear.

      Is someone giving you prophecies? If yes, who?

  71. Hey Marianne,

    Yes, this is her-My Aunt. I have never cast out a spirit and she would definitely use this against me if I tried…she would say, “see, she is crazy”….I’d rather her just go away and pray for her from a distance! I KNEW something was not right with her….I have also noticed that her son, my cousin, does the same thing she does….”really sweet then STAB YOU”…! I will definitely document everything and will tell her that she is not welcome here anymore.

  72. My husband and I are stuck wtih a daughter-in-law that has a strong jezebel spirit. I beleive it is generational and from her mother’s side. She comes from a family of ministers. She doesn’t like the way we relate to one another as a family. She does not approve of us as grandparents. She doesn’t believe that we would give our lives for our 6 month old grandson. She will not let us watch our grandson without her supervision. She told us that it is not only us, but her parent’s as well. She said she would never forgive us if something happened to him while he was with us. She has accused me of not being a good grandmother because I don’t have alot of toys for him at my home. It infuritates her that we have not responded to her when she has pouted and we ignore her. She is now using our grandson as a pawn. My son is peacemaker at all costs. We had a confrontation as a family this weekend. She got in my face and threatened to go back to her home state. I don’t know what to do. Should we cut off all ties and risk not seeing our grandson or do I allow her to cause constant strife because she throws a fit if we don’t live up to her expectations. We need wisdom.

    • Kate

      just stand up to her, and tell her to behave. The only way she can have peace with you is to show you the respect you deserve. You will babysit your grandson with great care, but you will not put up with infantile behavior out of her.

      I hope she is not staying with you. tell her she is too controlling, and that she is wrong, and has a bad attitude.

      Have a talk with your son, who is enabling her. There is something too passive in him that is allowing this to occur. he needs to find his male hormones, and tell her to behave also.

  73. May I suggest something to all of you dealing w/ Jezebel in your families? It might sound trite, but some of you are really hurting and asking for a lot of advice. Just – simply – PRAY. There is wisdom in good counsel, but honestly God won’t keep us in the dark about how to handle things, if we just spend time w/ Him. He can have us do just the right thing, and it works. He doesn’t want us ‘trying things” – He has a plan – FIND OUT what it is.
    Blessings and heartfelt prayers for all,

  74. Good site:

  75. NEED HELP…My husband has a Jezebel. I am a woman of God and I don’t cower at the sight of the enemy. I have cast spirits out before but this one is a lil tricky. So I am feeding myself with knowledge right now because I just realized this was a Jezebel. My husband is a alcoholic and very much under attack. I am a very strong, grounded person. I hold him accountable for all of his actions. Recently I feel attacked, got knocked down (sick, in bed , depressed, etc.) Now I am aware and rebuke it. I am feeling much better but any insight of how I should get rid of her (Jezebel)? Do I need help from others?

    • hi Mandi

      I need more information. What is your husband doing that makes you think he is a jezebel? It is always harder with a family member, because you cannot just walk away from them and go home.

  76. What a wonderful site to stumble upon. Thank you so much for putting it together!!!

  77. who is that painting by?

    • hi sarah

      It has been awhile since I posted the picture, so I had to go back and look. (I try to use only images that are NOT copyrighted, and if I know the artist, I will ask permission before using the image)

      I thought it was one artist, but when I checked his gallery, the picture was not there. So, I no longer know. If I did, I could refer you with a link. Sorry, I forgot. 😦

  78. Help!!!

    For nearly four years now I have been married to a woman who closely matches
    the description of the Jezebel.

    She was a Pentecostal Minister.

    She authored several books.

    She continually reminds me that she won best dressed in high school.

    She always claims that sooooooo many men want her and that I must have a
    mental problem because I don’t communicate with her, won’t sleep in the same
    room with her, or have sex with her.

    She craves the company of powerful people

    She has 2 children whose fathers are unknown and destroyed a churchman her
    ex-husband/step-father to those daughters “Once the Armor-Bearer of T.D.

    She says that: she is anointed, she has the wisdom of Deborah, she was
    prophesied to be destined for great power and wealth.

    She identifies herself as a great humanitarian and hates men she takes
    pleasure in legal abuse of them in her current capacity as a para-legal

    How do I combat this spirit???

    My desire is to abandon/desert her totally, without speaking a final word or
    advising her of my whereabouts.
    We have a Wonderful Daughter together But….I am afraid if I don’t desert her I may seriously hurt her.


    • dear darryl

      you have several issues:

      1. Tell her she is not qualified to be a minister. getting a fake prophecy from someone does not qualify her. Only a direct call from God is qualification.

      Tell her she is a Jezebel, full of pride, and she has an adulterous spirit (her brain is on other men, past sins of fornication unrepeated of, producing children out of wedlock), totally unfit for ministry.

      Authoring books does not make her an authority on anything, or give her special privileges.

      She is the daughter of Baal, pagan god of prosperity. She is an agent of the devil, a destroyer.

      A true minister of God is very humble, non-materialistic and holy. This is not her.

      A true humanitarian does not hate men. They love all people.

      2. The only type of man who can be married to a Jezebel is an Ahab. You should have never married her to begin with. The bible says that whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery. I would just repent of the mistake, and move on. Be sure your daughter is not contaminated by her mother.

      3. To deal with her, you have to be very aggressive (you can do this in a positive way) and do not let her boss you around. Find your male hormones and use them. This scares Jezebels, because a male with true authority outranks them. A Jezebel will submit to an aggressive man who is acting within his authority. She will walk all over a submissive man.

      Be aware she will try to falsely accuse you in court. So get some witnesses. Get some close friends to back you up. She will probably try to sue for all your money and property.

      I don’t know what financial arrangements you have now with her, but if you have any joint accounts, withdraw the money now, and get it in your name. Same with any property.

      Expect her to play the victim at church, so she can have every one “pray” for her. Expect her to do the same in court. Get a good attorney.

      Expect her to try to turn your daughter against you. So start establishing a groundwork now with her, so that will not happen. Let your daughter know you are a good father, and you love her. And that mommy has problems, so pray for her.

  79. Dear Saint of God, WOW!!!! This is a great article/definition/description of the Jezebel spirit. We need to have a copy of just the article, not the response letters, at this time. We want to share “this” truth with others in our neighborhood. We are not able to copy your assessment article without copying all the response letters. That is a lot of pages. Please help us to obtain just the copy of your initially posted website article. We bless you in Jesus Name. We live to HIS Glory and Purposes. Juan & Melva Rodriguez

  80. “This an awesome very easy to understand teaching on this evil spirit, It has been hidden due to a lack of knowledge, but God through your ministry has reveal it again, May God Continue To Bless Your Ministry……..

  81. I have been with my husband for 10years. He has a son from a previous relationship as well as I have a daughter by a previous relationship. We have a son together. I don’t have to deal with no where near what I’ve had to deal with his Ex. In 2005 I was Saved and dedicated my life to God. I started noticing things that I didn’t really notice before. I also handle things differently now. My problem is this. His Ex goes to church, she is supposed to be a Christian. I’m a Christian and I am not like her nor do I have the spirit she does. Here recently I started reading the Holy Bible more and I’ve been educating myself. His Ex has the Jezebel Spirit and I’m not sure how to deal with her. She kept his son from him in the past, she would say he was sick, she would take him to the doctor etc..whatever she could do and she has continued to do this. When she calls its all MONEY. Holidays he’s not had his son. It is what she says or nothing. She has wanted the control of everything including me. They went to court a month ago and nothing has changed except my husband is consistent with visits and does what he can to not let her interfere. She calls umpteen times “12x in 4 hours.” She came to our house and went off on me, she said she was going to get me for harassment when I’ve only talked to her once. She let their teenage son go to a movie 12am-3am and it was ok, if it had been my husband she would have said no. I was going to take him to a Christian concert and as soon as it was mentioned to her that I wanted to do that she made plans for him to go with someone else. She has said that her son came first so my husbands new family should come 2nd, his first son is first priority. She is sneaky, manipulative, controlling, she never does anything wrong, Everything is my fault etc…We don’t go to the same church, we definitely don’t believe in the same thing. How do I deal with her Jezebel spirit? What would the suggestion be as far as confronting and acknowleding her spirit, Is family members the same or does it have to be a preacher? I’ve gone thru this for 10 years. His son was 3 then and now he is 13. How do I communicate with their son without the mother attacking me?

  82. K Thomas, You just let GOD handle this woman, and stay out of it as much as possible. Keep getting into the Word, and deepen your walk and trust in God; He will handle this stuff if you let Him. He can also tell you what to say and when, if need be; but depend on Him for it all! Pray for wisdom and strength for your husband; might he be under the influence of “Ahab”? It’s very common, an “ahab” married (or fermerly) to a “jezebel”: that’s how Jezebel likes it, and remains in control. There’s some excellent info on here about Ahab too. You’re saved and so have eternal Life; now, get filled with the Holy Spirit, so you also have the power to live that life. Learn to pray spiritual warfare praying for all of you, and this woman too. God loves her too, and she apparently is in need of deliverance and a relationship with Him for herself. Does your family pray together? If not, start: yesterday! All this won’t make it “easy”, just a lot easier on you, and leaves God room to work in this situation. Keep us posted, and hang in there w/ God!!

  83. They were never married. She tricked him into getting pregnant thinking she would be with him forever. That was the first sign of her trying to control and she hates not having it. He has allowed her to get by with a lot and he don’t confront her due to he doesn’t want to deal with her. He’s getting to the point where is says NO MORE, ITS ENOUGH. My husband doesn’t go to church and we don’t pray together as a family. That would be GREAT if we did. Before I forget I want to Thank You for your wonderful words. I do want to ask. You said that I just need to stay out of it as much as possible, If he doesn’t recognize what she is doing and I should I confront her or let it go? It states on here to confront the Jezebel Spirit and make sure you have all the facts.

    • hi K

      Your main problem is not her, but your husband. He is letting her act that way. This pattern probably went on during their relationship also.

      What is the custody arrangement? Your husband has custody? or her? Is it primary custody, and she/ or he just has visitation?

      I need to clear that up before I can answer any more.

      • The custody is Joint Custody and she has the primary meaning he lives with her. For a good while he allowed her to get her ways because he felt it was easier than deal with her. She is a VERY VERY VERY hard person to get along with, she is VERY VERY VERY controlling. I’ve prayed about this for years and he’s finally taking inititive. He took her back to court. He doesn’t see some things that I do due to he has blinders on. I just want to know when and if needed should I confront her with things or leave it alone? I see the womans side and I see the mans side. I have an Ex and due to what I’ve seen with her I do things alot different bc its not good for the child. I want to thank all who have commented to help me with this.

        • K

          Look at the custody agreement. Make a list of violations, with dates and witnesses. Harassment is not one of her privileges.

          Most agreements include:

          reasonable and open communication regarding child

          access to medical and school records

          scheduled visitation

          respect for other parent- no estrangement

          Document any violatons, because this is contempt of court.

          If you can do this, and also show, with evidence, that she is unfit or endangering the child in some way, then you can file a “motion to show cause.”

          if you can do this, your husband can file for primary custody.

          use the legal system to get her to straighten up.

  84. K,

    Well, it looks like you now have some spiritual AND legal wisdom to go on. Hit your knees first in prayer, and then go for it!!

  85. I literally have a knot in my stomach thank you for being obedient to create this site this is truly a revelation that brings inspiration that will bring about change.The word of God says to know the spirit by the spirit thats why it is so important to have a personnel relationship with God.He said he would not leave us blinded to satan’s devices.May God continuously equipt you to expose the traps and plans of the devil in the authority of Jesus Christ.

    • Dear Vonetta

      I am glad that this site is helpful to you. Anything good come from God. So, to Him be the glory. Much also comes from personal experience,which is a painful way to learn about the spiritual realm.

      • It is so interesting how the enemy uses the people who we put our guard down to now with this information I know how to direct my prayer at our small group we have been doing a series called the peace making church and it gives you context on how to resolve conflict God sure has a way of preparing us and giving us the tools to allow us to be prepared fully in this case my mom have been used in such a suttle way and I was submitting seeing her as my mom and not thinking this spirit was attacking me through her she cut me off three weeks ago because she wanted only two of my children to spend thankgiving with her and I have 8 children she constantly divides my family and I believe God ordained family so I told her no and she cut me off and she is telling people that I don’t want my children around her because she is not a christian there is not the case she is getting as much people on her team and she even went as far as to tell people everything she has done for me.This breaks my heart but this spirit calls for some true warfare in the spirit please pray for myself and our family we are both in leadership in our church and we live our life as God’s hands extended……To empower motivate and inspire people to be who god called them to be.I belive that its a test but it will be a testimony and God know what he put in me and sometimes he’s pulling out character and integrity so i am not gonna protest the process.Have a blessed day thanks for your encouragement…

        • hi Vonetta

          I have put you on my prayer list. I agree with you in Jesus name that this spirit be broken off your mom and family. I know it is hardest, when it attacks your own family.

  86. This spirit is definitely dangerous! Not to promote this or anything, but a lot of what was written on this blog is similar to Jonas Clark’s book, Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of War.

    I have personally read and studied this evil force through that book. If anyone wants have more spiritual discernment in detecting this spirit you might want to check it out for yourself. Here’s the link:

    • hi Brian

      I agree. The more we study and understand this spirit, the better.

      • Hi Marianne,
        The spiritual discernment level of Christians today is so low that almost any evil spirit can go on unnoticed or undetected. Thanks for posting your article… I believe we a hunger for truth and the Word of God and as a nation we need to return to the God of the Bible.

        Blessings on you,

  87. Vonetta,

    I noticed your mention of “peacemaking church”… wow! We had a visiting apostle teach at our church recently, on just that. Peacemaking, as opposed to peace-keeping; which is what most believers end up doing, and end up being controlled by fear, or other people. He didn’t teach it as having to do w/ Jezebel, but seeking peace at any and all cost would certainly empower this spirit. Matt 5:9 says “Blessed are the peaceMAKERS…” Sometimes, creating peace requires we fight some battles, and stand up for righteousness even if it costs us some friends. Keep fighting the good fight of faith, my friend!

  88. how do i cast the spirit from my wife if she has isolated me from her life, no contact?

    • dear purextc

      You cannot cast it out if she is unwilling. But you can oppose it, to protect yourself, and pray that she becomes willing to reject it.

      Read the other links on this topic given at the end of the post.

      • Absolutely… we cannot determine the spiritual condition of another; that is between them and God. And we can always intercede, which is way more powerful than many of us realize.

      • thanks mariane for the quick response, i agree with you, we are fasting and praying that she has a “divine revelation” and god to open her spiritual eye. she used to be a sunday school teacher so there is hope. she is the mother of my kids, divorce hasnt started as yet, if i leave it she will manipulate access to my kids, i know her past and history of pain and rejection and believe god is testing my faith to help her. I am positive about it and it could save my marriage and my family and her soul?

  89. thanks guys, what do we pray?

  90. Hi, this really really helped me. I knew the lady I was working with had the jezebel spirit and its tormenting to be around her. I had to work with her for 3 days straight this past week and its always all about her. She spent the whole day talking about herself and she seems to be “perfect” on top of things, always aware, almost like a “god”….she would bad mouth supervisors and say they were on her case, then turn around and tell me they were ok. She constantly bad mouthed her husband to me too. Man she is the total classic case, I should have recorded it. There was nothing she didnt know or didnt do…so strange.

    • hi Robin

      I am glad the post helped you. Yes, Jezebels come in different flavors and styles, and their ego is always way out of reality. They also trash people and lie a lot.

      • I actually called her on a few lies…but you wonder, it seems like she is so consistent with them too…maybe she believes them herself. Also another thing that I noticed, is that after being around her, I am totally depressed because I feel so much less than her, is that something that happens as well?
        On the flip side, I can see some issues in my own life, like low self esteem and the lack of being able to talk to people like I would like to. This lady seemed so comfortable with people and could engage you in a conversation very easily, yet it always went back to her, it was all about her….Lord help us to walk in the Spirit and know how to live in this life!

        • Hi Robin

          Their ego is so big that they have confidence in their lies, that people will believe them.

          I would advice to stay away from her, until your self esteem is higher.

          Right now, she is over powering you, as she is the stronger spirit.

          You have to strengthen your spirit first.

          Just know your authority in Jesus out rules her, and you have more personal power in you than she does. You just have not tapped into it yet.

  91. I had no choice, we had to work together. Another thing I couldnt understand is that all the people around us, in Costco who are the management liked her, she seemed to have everyone under her spell. Why am I the only one who can see it? Oh and another thing is that whenever I was bringing up the subject of the Lord coming back soon, she would ignore it. We were talking to another guy who is retiring and he was mentioning the state of affairs in the US. I mentioned, well the Bible talks about this and that I believe the Lord is coming soon….she blurts out: well I’m going to live like I’m in heaven on earth…and totally ruined my chance for a witness. The good news is that she will not be there when I am tomorrow so I hope to talk to that guy again.

  92. Did I mention? She goes to church and states she’s a Christian.

    • RObin

      Like I said, her ego is so big that she radiates self confidence, which inspires confidence in her by others. But understand, you are in a worldly environment, where everything is secular, not spiritual.

      You can see her spiritually, because you are not spiritually blind, and the others are.

      Naturally, she claims to be a Christian, because that gives her a false presentation of “being right with God, so don’t touch her.”

      If you think you have a chance to witness with her not around, go ahead.

      Explain that your interest is NOT to just live like your in heaven now, but to live like you want to merit heaven, by living according to what Jesus taught.

      We do not merit heaven by what we do here on earth anyhow. That is what grace is about. Jesus is the door to heaven, not us. By accepting him as the door to heaven, and ultimate peace with God, we can hope for protection in troubled times ahead.

      Soon, on earth, there will be no heaven anyhow. Even atheists know there is war and economic problems coming.

  93. Oh I agree. Jesus is coming back soon! We have to keep solid in the faith! Thank God it’s by grace that we receive all that we have.
    This blog has helped so much. I pray for deliverance for her too.

  94. What can you do when the Jezebel spirit is on the Pastor’s wife, when he has no clue? She is born again and I love her dearly. 80 to 90% see there is some type of oppression spirit in the church, but don’t discern what spirit it is. Also, they see that she is very controlling. Many have left over the years due to encounters with her. There is strife, contention, division and heartache. The Lord gave the name of this spirit a year ago and told me to get with the Pastor and another Pastor that attends our church to tell them that, “There was a Jezebel Spirit attached to his and her ministry” and where it gave a stronghold (2 other churches). He said, he definitely agrees that there are spirits there, but he didn’t see the Jezebel spirit. I have prayed and prayed and I continue to pray about this. The Lord did tell me that He would take her out, meaning death. I have prayed for another way. I have asked if I could minister to her and He has said no. I want to see the spirit gone, but not her. I try to keep peace within the body when others get outraged at her and I remind them that this is not flesh and blood that we are dealing with, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. I have backed out of all ministry leadership and only give a word from the Lord when he gives it. I also try to encourage other believers when God shows me what they are going through. I am probably the main prophetic voice there, but I am not afraid of that spirit. I am waiting on the Lord, but am getting weary and my heart aches seeing the pain in others in this body from all of this. Most in our body have never dealt with driving any demons out, let alone one so strong. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Shywolf

      If the pastor’s wife is a jezebel, then the pastor is an enabling ahab, because he is allowing her to be that way.

      Nothing will improve as long as they are there. Jezebels do not repent.

      She is not born again either. She is pretending.

      People will continue to leave the church.

      I am guessing that this is a nondenominational church, where the pastor does not have to answer to anyone, which is typical of an ahab-jezebel team.

      If I am wrong, you can report them to a higher authority.

      If I am right, you are not going to accomplish anything, and only possible punishment from God on these two people might change them.

      But you do not need to be in a dysfunctional church, waiting years for this to happen.

      Neither does anyone else.

      The best wisdom is for you and others who see this to leave and go elsewhere. Maybe form your own group.

      Give them the message of what they are, and you don’t approve.

      pray for them, but let God handle it. You can be relocated and do this. You do not have to stick around, paying their salaries, to pray.

      Jezebels are all in the church now.

  95. Shywolf,

    I’m w/ Marianne here for the most part: mostly, that you’ll likely need to go elsewhere. You can still be praying for them and this church, while being someplace where you can operate w/ the gifts and leading God gives you. Beware of “inordinate affection”, which has people sympathetic and overly-tolerant out of loyalty, in the face of great error. That keeps both parties stuck. Is there a group w/in this church w/whom you can meet regularly to intercede for them AND about possibly moving locations?? (NOT to be a ‘gossip club’, but to seriously seek God about all this.)I just heard of several more folks from my last church that did that recently; since we left, families and entire social groups have left and are now in really good places. Just find out what GOD wants you to do.. all the best!

  96. Jezebel follows and seeks prophetic people. With gifts and flattery andand she uses ? to gain info about what u think or to gain prophetic insight that she can use as her ownI had a Jezebel in 1993 who befriended me and I spilled my guts to then she says I cant be ur friend anymore God told me to cut ties with you this same person to this day no matter how I ignore still seeks friendship. She is CONTROLLING. When she calls she may as well be talking to herself I cant get a word in. She sent me money.

    • dear SMH

      If you don’t want her to control you, why do you accept money from her?

      Tell her you don’t want to be friends with her, you don’t want to talk to her, and….change your phone number.

      Send the money back.

  97. This is mobile email- i will be sending the money back BUT it finally hit me WHAT THIS IS. ALL that your website has exposed about this spirit is true. THIS spirit been hanging around for 15 yrs. withprolonged periods of no communication. THAT spirit tries to come back. The money is a guilt trip. WHEN i met her i was spiritually and biologically young NOW IN MY 40s I SEE IT VERY CLEARLY.

    • hi smh

      I am glad you were able to figure out what she was doing. There are nicer people out there to associate with. Jezebel spirits are tricky and nasty. best wishes to you.

  98. Hi Marianne, Happy New year! Dont know if you remember me, its Sunil. God is working! I’ve been fasting and praying for 2 months straight! And your prayers you provided are great! Seen a lot of revelations, God has really being with me everystep. I was even delivered, apparently she cast the witch on me, had a lot of demons cast out of me… I’m at a crossroad, i want to walk away from her but i have kids, but i feel God wants me to fight this spirit, I also want to fight it as i want to go into this ministry to restore families, so I need her, I cant pursue this ministry if I am divorced and remarried, how will that look. Its only now i realise i’m dealing with a full blown high ranking demon, and its manifesting. Its only now i can see how it operates and uses people to do the dirty work, its true the spirit controls the physical. Both my brothers are married to jezebels and their wives moms too, i’m in a bad situation but my entire family has turned their backs to me. I married my wife in 2002, after she fell pregnant, I broke up with her before i found out she is pregnant. Now i know i am or was an ahab, i dont think i have it any more as i surrendered fully to the Lord. Dont fall her intimidation and tricks anymore, i stand up to her and shut her up, she has been showing me recently that my kids are just bargaining tools for her, example this new year, i’ve been telling her for a month i have plans, on new years even she contacts me while i was with friends, insisting she coming to drop of the kids with me cos she made some plans, i refused and mentioned i’m going to call her dad, cos she lives with him, she backed off but intimidated me, so I learned her weakness is her dad, on Sunday I went to her house, she hid from my and started the water works because I wanted to expose all her tricks. A little about our background, We both from Hindu/Idol worship background, 1 year after we were married we turned to the Lord, She did tell me she was abused by a relative when she was 12 and had a series of hurts including abortions etc. My entire marriage was hell, she never satisfied always arguing and must have the last say, also sex with me was one sided and “bland”. I’ve been suspecting she been unfaithful many times but never any proof because i was too blind, Its only now the holy spirit is bringing these revelations to me. I beleive she has two personalities, hence the two names “Alisha” and “Sarika”, now i think she is aware of it but doesnt care about. I really love her and as easy as it looks to walk away, i feel i need to bring her to repentance for my kids sake, custody etc, I have a lot of “eligible” friends wanting for me to ask them out, but I think lord is saying love her like he loves me, I know shes been a really hurt since childhood, her own mom rejected her, I want to love her like that, but she doesn’t see it. She moved out in March, took the kids away, I also know theres a lot of people involved in witchcraft against our family, esp her abuser, he told me he is gonna kill me, and her mom and one of my jezebel sister in laws. Everytime I think of walking away, I get the feeling like I should just continue praying. She has a new love interest, but still wants to know where I am and where I am going etc. I know Jesus is the mighty rock and no spirit can win over him? What would you suggest? I want to reconcile, not for my kids sake but because I want her to be loved unconditionally, and also so she learns to know what it is to love. I don’t want her soul to burn in hell, what good will heaven be if I cant have my entire family with me??

    • Purextc,

      I sounds like you all well on your way to handling all of this God’s way!! He is very proud of you… keep it up. As for ‘walking away’, you can – and it sounds like you should – do that and still pray. You can pray for her no matter what happens: probably better, away from her. God is giving you insight here: keep following and listening to Him, He will reveal what to do that will benefit everyone involved. Stay in the Word and prayer, and KEEP WORSHIPING HIM and you will soar above all this, and see God’s will unfold for your whole family!!

    • Dear Purextc

      on this, you will have to follow your heart, because in this situation, you are the only one capable of making an intelligent decision.

      It sounds like she just left and took the kids, but did not do this legally.

      If this is true, use the court system to create you as primary custodian over the children, or to at least get equal custody of the children. You can you request this for the good of the children, because the mother is unstable.

      The children also need your presence. If she is with other men, then tell the court that she is neglecting the children, and you want custody.

      If you have friends who are witnesses to her bad behavior, use them in court to help you.

      Stand firm in all your dealings, and let her and the family know that you are doing the right thing before God, and she will have to respect you. Tell her she has demons and needs deliverance. Tell her also that you have the authority as her husband to make decisions about your own family. When she rebels, overrule her.

      Explain to your children, if they are old enough, what is going on. Get them to help you pray for her.

      This will be an ongoing battle until it comes to some sort of conclusion. But either way, continue to assert your position, and do not back down.

      You are still on my prayer list and in my prayers. do not give up.

  99. Thanks Cindy, God Bless! I appreciate it. I also think so too, i’m just concerned for my kids, as i realised she doesnt care about them, but how do i bind these spirits to stop her from running behind her men? I dont want her to catch hiv and stds?

    • Our small church has a family in a similar situation, and we’re simply praying as we’re being led by the Spirit. We pray the blood of Jesus protect their 3 kids (awarded by the courts to a WARLOCK dad and his parents w/ whom he lives).. that God prevents demonic attachments on them for what they’re living around and seeing..that there will be no long-lasting mental/emotional damage..that the courts will finally see what’s going on (neglect and abuse)and get those kids back w/ mommy and her dear parents. God is bigger than ALL of this, no matter how terrible it appears or how bad it gets! Keep holding onto Him w/ all you’ve got and He will bring justice to your family.

      • Hi Ladies! Please continue to pray for us! She started accusing my kids of speaking lies, they are 8 and 4, Also got a restraining order against me. All lies cos I took my pastor and his wife with me. Pray for my family, Sunil, Sarika, Yashme and Armaan. This is definately witchcraft attacks because she seemed like/ told my family she wants to work it out. Everytime we make some positive progress, something comes and hinders, its been like this for the past 2 years. I have decided to move on but continue to trust the Lord, I will never stop praying for her. Thanks Again, God Bless 🙂

        • hi purextc

          God will win this battle. Just stand firm in your position. That is a foolish accusation, that innocent children are lying. She will be exposed for what she is. May Jesus protect your family during this difficult time.

  100. Thanks Girls! I appreciate all the assistance. I have pictures of them also my kids have seen him. My daughter says she dont like this man. Thanks for everything. 🙂

  101. Hi Mariane & Cindy. Trust your’l are doing well. As you know i’m fighting these spirits. God has brought a lot of revelation and vision to me since i surrendered to him. Even thought I have that emotional blanket from God to help me cope with these revelations, i still cant stop wondering why. Like i was blinded, never new about this possession and my wife was the harlot. But some of them have been respected pastors and church leaders, what happens to them? My wife has a very severe case, due to her hindu background, idolworship, childhood rejection, sexual abuse, abortion etc. There have been a lot of respected persons that took advantage of a sick person, now my eyes are open i want to set her free. Any advice to deal with these revelations? Thanks in advance. Lotsa love.

    • hi Purextc

      You have to become a Jehu to her – a spiritually strong male who uses his authority to break the spirit off of her.

      Tell her what she is, and that you are going to take charge of this, and she has to do what you tell her.

      This does not indicate you are to be “mean,” but to assert your position, tell her “no,” and demand respect.

      You will make the decisions, not her.

  102. My couple a cents… Jesus’ atoning work in the garden, at the flogging post and on the cross has already paid for and won deliverance for us all, including her! Rest in that fact by faith, learn to pray spiritual warfare to make this victory a tangible reality. And remember, Jesus is the Hero, not any of us; we are just the soldiers that do battle as He leads. God’s best to you, my brother! Keep us posted how it’s going.

    • hi again ladies, god is working in this matter, i’ve walked away. but i’m struggling with accepting the past. i was blind but now i can recall numerous affairs she had, and they were friends or family, neighbours, and they used to humiliate me in front of her. how do i deal with these? are there any prayers for healing and getting over the past? how do i accept my marriage was a lie. can i blame her or say she was influenced by a “possession”. i’m like haunted of sexual images in my mind of her with these guys. i dont know if its an attack on my mind. please help. god bless

      • Hi purextc

        I am so sorry to hear of this. I know how disappointed and heartbroken you must be. The bible does assure you that youare not obligated to a spouse, in cases of adultery. She is an unbeliever, and you were unequally yoked to her. So, yes, it was her decision to do what she did. And it is not your fault.

        I will keep you on my prayer list for your emotional healing. What you are going through is normal, because you are trying to recover from what she has done, and it is haunting you. I pray that you get relief soon, and you can have the peace of God you are entitled to.

        I have different prayers on the website. Here is one to use as a guide. Change it as you need to make it fit your situation:

        In general, plead the blood of Jesus over your life and mind, and rebuke all demonic spirits in Jesus name.

        God bless you.

        • thanks, i’m stuck in a mental block? any prayer to sort that? like a sluggard, laziness i cant seem to shake off, cant work, cant think, cant dont anything. feel like i am losing my mind. thanks, God Bless

          • purextc

            You need to find a positive activity and get involved with it. Find other people to help, and get your mind off yourself, and what happened. Or use your experience to help others in the same situation.

        • Thanks for these prayers, i’ve been praying this week and already notice a change in my thoughts and starting to become more productive. I appreciate all the help. God has really given me vision. In my mind i still try to justify it, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m reaping what I sown, In another post I confessed about stealing some money from my family over a period of time and the wrong person took the blame. You think its true to think this is Gods way to punish me? I’ve experience the consequnces in deut28, like the army of soldiers came and raped the bride before marriage. Dont know if i’m just been delusional.

  103. Thanks again for encouragement. God is working. We are victorious in every situation 🙂

  104. This has been very helpful. Now that I see the cahracteristics and the fact thats it is usually a WOMAN, this is my mother. Any can verify that she is never wrong and she never wants to hear whats anyone has to say about her. One you start to engage in a critical conversation, she begins to deny and yell, reassuring herself that she is none of the characteristics she portrays. often I tell everyone that she is controllong and bossy, which she is. She has kicked me out several times becasue i am “disrespecting her” even with a level toned voice. This is not to say you can’t disrespect someone with that tone; however when she doesn not have control, she begins to dissolve. My mother controls my older brother and its not in a way of giving orders, but he does not question anything she says, believing she is forever true. I have a mind of my own and i question questions. thsi is the way she ahs taught me to be, yet i see it casues problems. When anyone does not agree with her or feel the same way she does, she gives off a sense of attitude or dissapointment, With her you can’t agree to disagree. It is either agree or be quiet. My mother talks to all of her friends and tells them that im disrespectful and I am the devil and there is a spirit in me. She paints the perfect picture that i casue chaos in her house. most adults believe that children should listen and do as their parents say and when they don’t, there is a sense of disobedience coming. By the time I see any of my moms friends or try to get my point across, they already ahve an enveloped feeling toward me. If you don’t say hi the right way she cathes an attitude. often, she says that “you’re not going to set the tone in the house.” I do not want to set a tone or anything in the house but she says this becasue she thinks that someone, mainly being me, is trying to dominate on her authority. As i said before she has kicked me out several times and yet she always wants me back. well three times ago when she kicked me out she called me crying to come back. Honestly i didnt want to come back, yet i felt the honest need to becasue she needed me. Yet the support I show goes uncharted. This has happened on several occasions. She had said very hurtful things like “i hate you!” and ” you can go I have three other sons.” and “Why did I have to have you?.” Deeply hurtful things. To sum it up, i constantly say that the people close to her need to appoint her on her wrong doings, yet noone has the ability to do so.

    • hi Jamarius

      I am not sure if this is a Jezebel situation or not.

      Parents have a right to expect their children to obey them, and it sounds like you don’t, or that you disagree a lot with your mother.

      Parental discipline and respect for parents is not “control.” It is the natural order of things.

      If your mom was a jezebel, she would lie and manipulate and hurt you. And you would be afraid of her.

      She would not cry and ask you to come back.

      It sounds like you frustrate her, with questioning her so much. The “I hate you” can be due to frustration, not true hatred. She means she hates the way you are toward her.

      The question is, are you a rebellious child?

      If so, you are more likely to become a jezebel, because rebellion against authority is characteristic of Jezebels. Men can be this way too. They end up in gangs and crime.

      Take time to evaluate your own behavior to your mom. Spend time trying to understand her viewpoints, and do your best to obey her. If you obey her, you will find things changing, more pleasant, and in your favor.

  105. Thank you so very much for this article. My whole family seems to be infected by this spirit,my son first he is 14 and this has been going on for years. I see every one of these signs, in him and my nephew. As I was writing this letter three of my children came in and it tryed to start again. I know this starts with me. PRAY and belive with me. What ever advice and scriptual truth to break these chains.

    • HI Christie

      I have put you and your family on my prayer list. I will believe and agree with you in prayer that the spirit of holiness replaces the spirit of jezebel. It is a tough fight, but you can win it.

  106. I hope everyone is being REALLY careful not to paint w/ a broad brush, everyone we could easily perceive as having this spirit. Many times, it is simply a child w/o enough discipline and structure, “going bratty”. Other times, it’s a parent simply overreacting to some bad behavior on our part. May we all be really humble before God, stay in the Word and prayer, and wait for Him to confirm if this spirit is what we’re dealing with. It would also be helpful to find a credible, mature believer to go to for some objective counsel and mentoring; they might be able to discern just what we’re dealing with. 😉

  107. Jezebel has been in my life since birth. My mother, ex mother in law (Pentecostal pastors wife) and my deceased husbands ex wife. I believe these Jezebels have been the death of my Father, Ex Father in law (Pastor) and now my husband. I have always been a peacekeeper and all the men passive with these women. I have stopped all contact with them. It is unreal to believe this is real, but I now believe. I’m very worried for my children, grandchild and myself. In searching God this spirit has been revealed to me. I need powerful prayer because the ex wife isn’t satisfied, she has gone ad far ad placing a letter in husbands casket and I left it there because I was afraid to cause a scene ( again a peacekeeper) but now it was witchcraft because it bothers me to know that letter is there. I’m not strong enough to battle she has now turned the stepchildren and their friends against me and now making me look like I am crazy and hate them because I have refused to continue any contact with her since the funeral of my husband I had no idea what I was up against, now that I do I am terrified and when I try to explain this Jezebel spirit people tell me I need counseling. What I need is God and prayer warriors.

    • Kris

      You do not need to make any concessions, and you do not need the jezebel’s approval. Stand your ground, and say you are living your life the best way possible according to your own beliefs, and you do not want the children confused with conflicting thoughts. The best way to have peace at this time is to remain separate, since their views contradict yours. Tell them you wish them well, but it needs to be this way right now.

      I put you on my prayer list. Be firm with them. I will pray you have victory in this situation.

  108. Hey Kris,

    Best to not talk about “jezebel spirit” to friends and family….however, if you look up Sociopath this is language they will understand. A jezebel has the same characteristics as a sociopath. I have an aunt jezebel that is evidently getting bored and needs to be entertained….the HS gave me this verse “be wise as serpents and innocent as doves”.

    Just maintain the truth and document, document, document everything!!! This has helped me beat her at her games each and every time along with “no weapon formed against me shall prosper” said out loud and you will also need to pray more than you have ever prayed before. Stand your ground… G-d has your back and will protect you! 🙂

    PS everything I learned about the jezebel was from this site. Marianne has other pages that talk about the jezebel and how to defeat her.

  109. Just had this experience at my Church, and by the Grace of God handled it according to the steps above, but not until after a battle and making mistakes the first encounter. “Music Director” at my new church is an elderly woman who has been there 25 years. So many people fearful of here; she was/is mean abusive, controlling, and in fact I was told she really ran the church. This was due to a lazy pastor allowing her to take control over the seven years before I arrived. The music was horrible, she blocked and resisted any attempts to change, and when a new pastor came in she destroyed him. All smiles to his face, but behind his back she turned people against him, sowed discord, and after one year he quit, we lost one-third of our congregation, and even I left for a time, shaking the dust off my sandals. However, the Holy Spirit sent me back, this time for warfare, and to support the new Pastor. She immediately started her ways of blocking the Spirit, but this time I brought witnesses and we overpowered her at a meeting with the new Pastor. It was powerful. We prayed for any spirit of fear or hindrance be removed from our presence. Even her racism was revealed, and the Pastor confronted her about it, basically telling her to stop resisting, and that he would not allow her to prevent people from worshipping as the Holy Spirit called them. It really felt like chains had been lifted after that meeting.
    Even though we have been released from the bondage she created, I am still amazed at how much damage just one Jezebel spirit can do. She was literally leading that church to being closed down. The most important piece for us was to confront her as a group, in the Holy Spirit, rebuking her spirit. She had made several attempts to get me to meet with she and the Pastor alone, but I refused, and I am glad I did.

  110. Bill,

    I’m w/ Marianne: I am so glad you shared your story here. What a heroic and Scriptural way to handle this! There are times to flee, and times to fight and we must be able to hear the Lord’s voice as to which He wants us to do. As for that ‘lazy’ pastor, I’d almost bet he was simply afraid; maybe had an Ahab spirit that just allowed this woman too much room. Our last [mega] church had a young, weak pastor; and w/ a number of very qualified but immature staffers that would do anything he said w/o question, wow what a mess. He came to fear many of us older than himself and sometimes had other staffers shut down lay leaders’ areas of service…for what appeared to be efforts at self-protection. He kept many of us beyond arm’s length so he wouldn’t have to face or deal with us. This church – while still big and prominent here – is living on borrowed time; even some of the original founder couples have left. ! All that to say: if anyone sees weakness in sr. staff, PRAY – hard – and listen to God as to whether to leave, or stick around and be part of the solution. Whatever you do, keep your head and your heart surrendered to God.

  111. I had someone accuse me of having this spirit. Now I am not sweet all the time or good all the time. But last thing I want to do is control people. Most of the time I want people to leave me alone. I love Jesus with all my heart. I had a guy say this to me because he said women can’t preach, but there were women preaching in the bible and no where does it say women can’t preach, there is stuff on speaking in church and teaching all which has to be studied to get the true meaning behind, but the first to preach the good news about Jesus’s resurrection were women. There were women prophetesses, a woman judge. There was phoebe a deacaness. But all positions were appointed by God not the woman.

    Now I do admit I got accused by another lady claiming to be a prophetess of having this too, but she was just trying to get with mentor and needed to push me out of the picture. He believed her too until he thought about it.

    I would be careful calling people Jezebels because it can really hurt especially if the person is really just being a brat and rebellious. Being bratty like a child but not manipulative is different than Jezebel. that is rebellion. I did have rebellion, but I don’t want to control people, I have enough trouble controlling myself. I hate being in charge too. I used to have rebellion because I was hurt a lot as a child by my own parents. I was hurt and rejected. I don’t really like being around people either. Hence being single, I do like guys though, just am very leery of people. I am afraid to go up to ask for prayer sometimes from my pastor. I don’t really form relationships with people really well. But since someone really hurt me calling me a Jezebel I wanted to give this warning. Now I had rebellion. I still am shy at times and don’t always do what God asks me to do. But please don’t accuse people who don’t have Jezebel of being Jezebels.


    • Hi Kristina

      You do not sound like a jezebel to me. Your problem has been with people who are know it alls who really don’t know what they think they know.

      If you were really a jezebel, you would be whipping and tormenting all these people, and winning. Jezebels don’t get hurt and rejected. They do the rejecting. They are sneaky and evil, and enjoy hurting others, and their ego is so huge they think they are god, or close to it.

      I would watch out for the “prophetess” who called you that. Most jezebels in the church think they are prophetesses.

  112. My current pastor, a female, and her mom – both, awesome women of God – were accused of this too, a few years back at another church. Funny thing is, the accuser ended up visiting our church to hear a special speaker, not knowing who was the pastor (let alone, that her mother is there too! haha). She acted really weird, but we all made nice and were sweet to this woman anyway. What goes around has a way of coming around, as they say; and these folks will eventually be faced w/ their judgmental criticism of others. May we pity and pray for them.

    • Yeah, they actually had me believing I might have it, so I tried to break it off me in the name of Jesus, going through self deliverance. I didn’t even have it to break off. It was really hurtful.

  113. I have been reading the posts on here and it just amazes me how this “witch” gets around. She is definitely bold for infiltrating churches.

    On one hand you feel sorry for her and wish you could help her then on the other your instincts tell you to stay away from her.I have chosen the latter.

    However, despite my efforts to stay clear of her, she inevitably comes around and stirs up the drama. Not as often I might add, but it appears she can’t help herself.

    Recalling Jezebel’s history in the scriputres, I need Enoch to give the order for her to be pushed out another window! I have 3 dogs….LOL

  114. i am prety confident in god and in the church i asked the lord if somthing was wrong in my church. Then My jezzer wife set the leaders against me behind my back saying i was hitting her. The leaders belived her and were setting me up and testing me and talking behind my back. I had 5 jezerbels who i thought were my freinds but they were comng round for information and helping get the 20 freinds i had in the church to dislike me. i got rid of them in a nice way. she and the church have tried to destroy me and my buisness at least 400 people have been conned and i live in a small town. The leaders just ignored me week after week and i just loved them and got stronger week after week so the leaders helpped my wife get a court injuntion on me which stopped me going to church now im in a church half a mile away and they are trying to infulence my new church which has a weak leadership but i am staying well quiet and just loving people but boy do i want to teach everyone about this spirit but low profile for now hey !!!!

    • dear Bob

      You are too nice. You need to be bold and defend yourself. Call her a liar and a jezebel.

      It will make her mad, but that is what she and her blind friends need to hear.

      You have the knowledge of what jezebel is.

      I would recommend teaching people what you know.

  115. This is yet ANOTHER indication that the Western Church needs revival + reformation!! There is so much dysfunction in so many churches, they cannot possibly be doing the kingdom of ‘dark’ any damage. The demonic presences allowed there are creating little “mobs” (cliques w/ evil intent) within church bodies whose sole purpose seems to be keeping folks busy putting out fires all the time. geez. Let’s fast and pray for clarity and God’s direction, to get back to why we are here: to continue the ministry of Jesus in this realm. And let’s all be praying for Bro Bob, shall we?

  116. IDIOTS.

  117. If you replace the word “Jezabel” with “Bitchy” Or “Bitch”, maybe you people would understand how HUMAN acting that way is. : )

  118. OH, this jezebel spirit goes way beyond just human misbehavior. It also eclipses character flaws and psychiatric conditions (although it can cause or utilize them). This is demonic, and only the intervention of the love and power of God can change it.

    • Amen to that Cindy!

      Anyone who has ever encountered a Jezebel knows full well this is beyond “human”.

      Jezebel may also claim to be “christian” and even attend church everytime its open but they have no desire whatsoever to hear the word of G-d. Before I knew for sure about my Aunt, there were clues along the way….I would notice her rolling her eyes and laughing every time I brought up scripture and anything I learned about G-d. She didn’t want to hear it. It was annoying her. I also noticed that she was able to insult people to their face and they wouldn’t even realize it until she was gone….she uses southern charm and accent to accomplish this and quite frankly, it was creepy.

      When reading Marianne’s blog which listed the characteristics of a jezebel, it was amazing how she described my aunt thoroughly, as if she knew her. Jezebel is very subtle!!!! Once you know what to look for, then your able to see clearly.

  119. Jezebel in the bible went against the true ministers and prophets of God. It isn’t about just human character flaws or being cranky, I will not repeat the cuss word. Jezebel’s motivations are to bring the ruin of true people of God. It is very demonic. Someone just being cranky has nothing to do with it.

  120. Absolutely, Kristina… And it might require a revelation from the Holy Spirit, to truly discern the problem (meaning we hold our horses and pray before acting). Our enemy specializes not only in deception, but also confusion; so he often inspires behavior that can resemble this. And then, we mislabel someone and assume it’s Jezebel when it isn’t. It’s the pattern and severity, over a long period of time that can tip us off. Another, is “Is there an Ahab in the wings allowing it to operate?” -a spouse, a leader, manager, whoever, that should be dealing with it but is too afraid (or clueless) to do so. Our leaders need to quit being afraid of dealing with demons; even if they don’t destroy a church, they sure can interfere with its unity and effectiveness. We’ve been given everything for Life and Godliness: let’s use it!

  121. “We’ve been given everything for Life and Godliness: let’s use it!

    I totally agree Cindy! What has helped me in dealing with Jezebel is to pray in the spirit-ALOT!. I choose to stay away from her. She has at least 2 Ahabs in her midst, one of which is her husband…a part of me feels sorry for them and the other part says RUN!

    From what I have read, one can only deal with jezebel if they are in a large group and everyone in the group standing firm against her. She has outnumbered me with her 2 Ahabs and other victims. Everything she has thrown at me has been unsuccessful and due only to the power of the G-d! She then takes a break but only to reveal herself once again with another lie, scheme etc…I read in the Bible where Elijah ran from her when she summoned him….he had just called fire from heaven to defeat the worshippers of baal and even ordered them to be killed, but when Jezebel asked to see him, he put 100miles between him and her! LOL

  122. I’ve always found that story fascinating: after God using him that way! It reminds me not to get smug about being used of God in a big way, we still have flesh and the enemy to deal with. And btw, it seems God only used Elijah for maybe one more big assignment, then He replaced him with Elishah. We dare not stand our ground and get victory, only to run in fear the next time; we must be consistent.

  123. I just finished watching prophet Kim Clement, do a teaching on breaking the curse of the “Jezebel of prognosis” – wowow!!! He doesn’t usually teach like this, but it was powerful. He’s currently in Paris and heading to Israel early next week, so they ran a previous live broadcast of his Sat night “The Den” program. What timing, considering this discussion!

  124. I could use some discernment on something. My mom when I was little used to say she was going to have a heart attack and say she was having an anxiety attack when I used to confront her about john’s ,aka my biological father, abusive behavior towards my brother. He use to beat him in front of me. One time she even locked herself in her room and said she was going to commit suicide. I was seventeen and had just recently came to the Lord. I knew we are suppose to obey our parents, but I had enough of being manipulated to keeping secrets by my mom. So I ran away to my cousins house and she didn’t commit suicide. She was freaking out trying to figure out where I went. She always manipulated me into not telling people about John hitting my brother and John’s drug problems. I mean he hit me a few times, but once to the point of my nose bleeding and visible marks. I had it a lot better than my brother. Anyways after we got beat, my mom would always try to manipulate us into thinking it was our fault. She was always manipulating us to keep secrets and feel sorry for her. She finally left John this August, but in the process she manipulated me into keeping secrets about her online boyfriend from John. She lied about money a lot too, she even lies to me to try and manipulate me. Holy Spirit let me know when she was lying a few times. My family tells me Holy Spirit doesn’t’ tell you when people are lying to you and that I am possessed. But what Holy Spirit told me was absolutely right on when I confronted her about it. Do you think my mom has a Jezebel spirit or just is a little manipulating and controlling. I know parents are supposed to be obeyed, be what she asks me to do most of the time is not morally right. She always butts heads with me on things. I told her not to let my cousin play rock and roll in my car because of the spirits and she still did it. God gave me that car to get back and forth to work. She even talks to other family members behind my back to twist things around on me. And because I am not catholic and hear God’s voice, I am the crazy and possessed one to them so they believe her over me. I really don’t know if she is under Jezebel or just hurting or something. I love my mom. I still call her mom. I call my biological father Satan or John and dont’ have anything to do with him. But I really do hope maybe it is something else. Just been thinking since I read this post and my mom’s behavior is kinda fitting to a point. But she isn’t saved either. She is all confused on the God stuff so maybe she… I don’t know. Could anyone help me out. I am too close to the situation to be able to discern properly and nobody wants to admit the things I just admitted about my mom.

    • hi Kristina,,

      It sounds like both your parents were Jezebels. The reason might relate to something in their own childhood, or influences as they grew up. They both need deliverance.

      in the meantime, you can pray for them, but you also have to assert yourself, defend yourself, and not give into the spirits of control and lies. It is always hard when the jezebel is in your family.

      • I would like to apologize about referring to my dad by his first name in the posts I wrote. The youth pastor and another who is a dear friend of mine, confronted me on that and said that though he treated me badly, biologically God still made him my dad and it is not honoring my parent to call him by his first name. Since I did that here too, I would like to apologize. Others read what I wrote making it wrong to set such a bad example. Please forgive me. I truly am sorry. I know it is not an excuse, but I really didn’t think it was that bad of an action at the time. Please forgive everyone.

  125. thank you for this comprehensive information – I have found it most helpful – my many books on spiritual warfare are lacking in insight into this problem. I believe that someone very close to me has a spirit of Jezebel and this information may help me to help this person. thank you again

  126. I have had dealings with this spirit. I have been ‘abandoned’ by the person who I let control my thoughts and actions. I was abandoned when someone else came along. I have been in a fog and have been very distressed.

    Beware if you are a person who is low and looking for a friend and this person.

    Makes you feel like you have found the friend of your dreams.

    Lavishes attention on you.

    Sides with you and encourages your self-pity parties.

    Says how much you help them in finding out info as they have no time to do it.

    Goes on and on about how because they have more experience you should do things thier way, even when your gut and the word of God says different.

    When you are with them you feel like you have cognative dissonane, brain fog.

    When you elevate thier opnions above those of everyone else.

    When you have been ‘hooked’ and you hang out for every invitation and phone call.

    When you start to pass your usefulness or that they are happy that they have control you start to get left out and dropped more. When you agree to meet they are often late and cite thier ‘so busy lives’ as an excuse.

    When you find yourself imitating thier words, tone of voice and attitude, even when you know its biblically wrong.

    When you feel like you are ‘in the club’ and part of the ‘special set’.

    This is a BIG ONE, when you accept thier judgments of people you do not even know because they said so. You then dispise these people who have done absolutly nothing to you.

    You make a mistake infront of someone they are trying to ‘win’ and they cut you off as you endanger thier ‘win’ as the win is needed by them for thier personal needs, and is a better prospect than you.

    You are cut off totally, and are talked about in hushed tones and patronised, made to feel like a leper.

    THEN YOU WAKE UP…and you try to follow God and all hell breaks loose, you see your own sin and thier so clearly. You try to save the relationship by trying to talk honestly but then it rears in your face and spews out all the filth they have in theier heart about you.

    The whole situation makes you physically ill and you decide to ‘cut of contact’ you then lose your whole social circle as its all based around them.

    Much repentance is needed, and God still commands we love our enemies.

    But God allows no further contact, God exposes the lies, but you still feel bereft.

    God gives you permission to know that you were bullied and abused but you must confess your own sin to him and others who you have abused when with this spirit.

    The road to recovery is hard but worth it.

    Humility is the only weapon against this person, they do not expect people to humble themselves, as they expect people to react like them.

    But they mostly do not change, and they lie in your face.

    Pray for them from a distance. While you watch them draw other victims, pray for those victims.

  127. No one,

    Sounds like you pretty much nailed it, describing a ‘jezebel’! I also noted a fairly good description of an ‘ahab’, which often attracts a jezebel: one who seeks their identity and self-worth from others, will do anything to get it (esp. from the jezebel), and finds in the end that they’ve been used/misused and no longer “needed”. You learned a university degree’s-worth of lesson here, which qualifies you to become stronger, and perhaps a help to others dealing w/ a jezebel themselves. “Pray for them from a distance”… what wisdom! I learned from a great man of God years ago, to ‘keep a respectful distance from evil’ – always a good policy. Healing and wholeness to you, Friend in Christ!

  128. Thank you for your kind words Cindy, I would appreciate your prayers greatly. I have had to re-deal with the issue recently as some intimidation came my way. I had put a clear end and tell them not to contact me at all.

    I could kick myself as when I first met this person I was warned in my spirit and even had a dream given to me. I feel led to share the dream as it may help others.

    When I first became a christian I went to help out in a womens center, a place where women could go for help with such things as rape crisis and domestic violence. I went there to help out of love for Jesus but I soon found out that it was just a place filled with women who hated men, all men where painted as bad. I felt that I could not stay there as it was a not a healthy place to be.

    In my dream I was walking along the street and passing the garden of the womens center, I heard the sweetest voice singing Jesus, Jesus from the garden. I was so happy as you very rarely hear anyone singing about Jesus in the open. I stopped and a womans head popped up and she befriended me, she said oh you believe to, why don’t you come to my house and we can be friends. I was so happy in the dream and later went to her house, but the front of her house was a shop, I went in and at her side was what I can describe as the most demonic looking dog I have ever seen, I was so afraid that I would not go in. The lady just kept saying ‘ hes ok he won’t hurt you’. I went inside but was very uncomfortable and I was aware of a dark presence in the back of the shop. Anyway I left as I could not stand the feeling anymore. In next in the dream I saw a news paper and on the front was a picture of this lady and her husband and thier dog, they had been found out for luring people into the shop and killing them. They lured people in with the name Jesus, and alot of the basis of the people who they lured in where those who had had bad dealings with men in the past and where vulnerable. I know this because of the dream connection with the womens centre.

    Avoid flattery at all costs. and remeber that many will say ‘Lord lord’.

    Sit back and watch a while before you make any close friends and be very, very careful in divulging personal information.

    Our enemy is all around us and appears as an angel of light. Half the time I don’t even think they know they are doing it.

    • No one-

      I need to say something in response to something you said above because your comment sounds as though you are warning people to stay away from women who have been hurt by men and this is the worst thing people can do. I am really sick of hearing people cling to the positive thinking, God is love, please don’t bother me with anything negative baloney. What about reality? We live in a world crammed full of suffering and hurting people. WHO cares about these people? It sure isn’t the church. This reminds me of the scriptures in Matthew:

      For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.

      Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?

      Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

      Matthew 25:42-46

      I have been hurt all of my life by men and I am now in my 40s. You think that I like being treated badly by men? It sure was not my life’s dream. The pain from the way I have been treated is unbearable to me. I have struggled with it most of my life but instead of God sending me a man who would treat me good the men in my life have only become worse as I have aged. The last time the man made a public humiliation of me, and after reading so much about jezebel on Marianne’s pages I believe the last man had a jezebel spirit which wreaked devastating havoc in my life.

      Now because of all the destruction the man has caused me- causing me to lose my jobs, my friends, excommunication from the church, my reputation, I am the one left standing alone and alienated. No man or woman will have anything to do with me. The very last thing I have needed is for the whole world to turn their backs on me. I still keep asking what I ever did to deserve this. For four years I have been praying for real Christian friends whom I could actually trust and confide in. I have prayed for healing in the broken relationships. None of my prayers have ever been answered. The worst has happened.

      A whole lot of women are used and abused by men everyday and I think that most men get away with what they do either just because they are men, or because of their “titles.” To have others turn their backs on them is the wrong answer. Turning your back on the broken hearted makes a person cold hearted and bitter. I still have a whole lot of confused thoughts and have deep struggles with the pain, loss and sorrows and there is no one showing me any compassion or love or friendship except for my mother who is also hurting because of the damages caused by jezebels.

      Not a soul who turned on me is remorseful or convicted of anything. One of the biggest things wrong with professing Christian people right now is FAKE concern and love for others. Where is God’s love in people? I have not seen any in many, many years.

  129. Hello everyone, thanks for all the prayers. I agree with no one, humility is the only way. I finally got down and made a confession to my family last night for all the wrongs of my youth. Praise the Lord for his strenght and way he handled the situation. My family forgave me and were pleased that I confessed. I also admitted guilt and cleared all wrongly accused were set free. I have such a relief now and that burden is gone. I can also feel the healing process has begun. God is amazing. Thank you Jesus, Thank you!

  130. Dear Purexix

    I went back and read your story. How wonderful for you to be humble and be set free.

    Remember that you are not responsible for what you cannot control. You are also not responsible for the sins of others, unless you are a stumbling block to them. You are not responsible for the childhood abuse of your wife.

    Youa are responsible for loving as Jesus commands and for your own sin.

    I had a bad childhood and for a long time blamed others for my own sin. On judgement day we will be able to point the finger at anyone else. God is aware of our past and he let it happen to us, for some reason. We must trust that he will work it out while we walk in the spirit.

    Be of good cheer Christ has overcome the world and forgiven your sins. Show the same mercy to others that you have recieved.

  131. Should read ‘not be able to point the finger at anyone else’

  132. Hi No One

    My spirit has been nudging me for while to confess my own wrong doings from my youth, i believe thats the root of all my problems. So yesterday I confessed. It’s been a long journey for me, I discovered was an Ahab, i’ve become quiet strong spiritually, so I also accept blame for my sins. I realised i have my own walk with God so i surrendered my wife to him. “I’m praying for her from a distance now”.

    • hi Purextc

      I am glad to hear you had a spiritual breakthrough.

      When someone asks for prayer, we just do it, not knowing what their part in the situation is, unless they admit it.

      It sounds like the holy spirit has been dealing with you, and helping you. So your prayers were answered.

      I hope you go forth from now on a much stronger person.

      God bless you.

  133. This is a bit off the immediate subject, but the victories we’re seeing in some on this list, are confirming something to me that I thought worth pointing out. God, in these end times, is restoring individuals and families. Through our yielded life and walk, He will move heaven and earth to reconcile us internally, and w/ others, especially family members. And even where another is not willing, at least He has healed US from the damage; and our intercession allows Him to deal w/ them. I always say that when our enemy ‘inspires’ anyone to mess w/ a child of God, he’s shot himself in the foot as we can now be aware, and praying… which opens the window for God to do something. This is a big part of God’s preparing His Bride WITHOUT spot or wrinkle to be one w/ Him!!

  134. Bless the Lord! God has started moving mountains in our lives. I can see my prayers are more powerful, and miracles happening. Lots of healing. thank you Jesus. God Bless

  135. WOW. I KNEW there was something spiritual going on! My husband, I am sure now, has the Male Charismatic Jezebel spirit. I am 39, been with my husband 23 yrs, so I have been with him the majority of my life. My husband has REPEATEDLY cheated on me, when I counted one day, I counted 11 women (that I found out about) and was feeling like such a fool to have dealt with that mess and stayed with him. What people don’t understand is that I would love nothing more than to leave him alone, but in 2009 he left me for a 22 yr old, (I call her a monster), she is the worst person I have ever encountered in my life next to him, it almost killed me. I literally came close to death. My health issues spiraled completely out of control, and I was hospitalied. He ran back and forth between me and the other person 7 different times before whatever happened between them caused it to end. And of course, I took him back. In the meantime, it destroyed our kids because of seeing what I went through, they hate him, and only deal with him because of me. Now my youngest son wants to go. Just the two of us. My plan is to leave him at the end of the year when I graduate from college. But I have this tremendous fear that I won’t be able to do it because I know how the devil works when it comes to my husband. The crazy thing is he has done so much wrong to me over the years and has hurt and broken me down so much, that the average person would have left a long time ago. But when we’re apart I get sick, can’t function–it’s like a drug addict going through withdrawals from crack. I want to die. Not many people know this, but when I was 15 my brother and I played with my mom’s Ouija board, not knowing the spiritual seriousness of it. We asked it who my next boyfriend would be, and it spelled out his name. This was before I met him. 3 or 4 months later, we met. I was immediately attracted to him, his looks, his suaveness, his personality…everything. He introduced me to a fantastic, fulfilling sexual relationship, and his passion is unbelievable. No matter what we go through, our physical relationship is always on point. but I’m tired of that. I’m tired of him. He has progressed to putting me down and belittling me in front of our 13 yr old son. He steals from me, rips me off, he hasn’t cheated in a year and a half, but I don’t trust him. I can’t get over that last affair. I am beginning to hate him. I want to be free!! I want peace, and I know I will never have it with him. I want to save my son before he becomes another him like my oldest son has. I’ll ask you, do you think it is okay to pray for God to allow him to cheat on me again or to do something to make me hate him so much that I’ll have no problem turning away from him for good? I know I sound crazy, but I could write a whole novel with things he’s done. I’m actually scared. I will say that every woman I had the opportunity to talk to that he cheated with fell madly in love with him, totally swept off their feet. Even women that he dated back in middle school and high school are STILL crazy about him. He is flat broke, but they still love him. He manages to get these women to give him money, shop for him, while he does nothing but speak sweet words to them and sex them up. He’s soooooo cunning. He has 100s of friends that are crazy about him, men especially. It’s actually crazy. Okay, I’ll stop. I could go on and on.

    • Ms Andy.. I replied to this right after I saw it, but it disappeared and even Marianne couldn’t find it. So anyway, here’s another. In response to – “ you think it is okay to pray for God to allow him to cheat on me again or to do something to make me hate him so much that I’ll have no problem turning away from him for good?” – wow. Whatever you do, DO NOT PLAY GAMES like this. God is not going to answer such a prayer; nor can He honor hateful beyhavior on your part, no matter how justifiable it may seem. Do not stoop to being Jezebel, along w/ them!! Take heart, dear one… stay close to Daddy in the Word, in prayer, and get support!!! Keep us posted..

      • Hi Cindy-thank you for responding to my post. I though I didn’t get any response. I’m glad to hear someone tell me not to pray for that before I did. That’s why I waited. People just don’t seem to understand my “attachment” to my husband. When I try to get support, it’s like “you need to leave him alone” or “it’s hard, but you just need to do it”. Well, if it were that simple for me, I would have done it a long time ago. People don’t seem to understand the spiritual hold this relationship has on my life. Like I said, it’s like I can’t live without him, yet he drives me insane. To be honest, I’m not even sure that what I have for him is love. Sometimes I wonder is it just an addiction. Maybe there is some love after 23 years, but the things that are said and done to me don’t feel like it. I really would like to have other people’s Christian inputs because people that know me feel like “yeah, yeah, yeah…we’ve been hearing the same thing for years–I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude, and I understand why. Believe me, I have been in so much prayer for deliverance, strength, wisdom, peace—everything. I don’t know what else to do. I feel like I will never be free sometimes. I would appreciate others comments.

        • I applaude you for being so teachable; this gives God plenty to work with! Just know, that as long as you keep seeking Him and His best for you, that you WILL experience the freedom you already have in Christ. And while there is likely some genuine love there, the ‘addiction’ factor has unfortunately become the foundation for what’s left of this marriage. This is typical in abusive marriages, where the wife is so beat down she comes to believe this is all she will ever have, the best she can do, and doesn’t deserve any better. Fact is, NONE of us deserve much of anything, which is why Jesus came; HE took all our “stuff” for us so we could live a life like His.

          Time to get your faith on, girl! Get into the Word and see how crazy in love w/ you, the Lord is!! Study and pray your way thru Song of Solomon: the best example in all the Bible, of His marriage intentions for us. Those who grow to understand who they are in Him, will not end up losing their identity or self respect in human relationships.

          Being in the Word at every opportunity, making worship and prayer daily (hourly, when possible) habits, will help renew your mind and give you confidence. Learn to be content to be “alone” for awhile, if there’s no human support; God provides what we really need. As you grow in Him, others will begin to see a difference in you; and they just may see hope for real change, and come alongside for the support you need. But until then, dig in deep w/ God and T-R-U-S-T Him.

          • @cindy “Time to get your faith on, girl!”

            I love that!!!

            Ms Andy,

            I back up everything that Cindy said! You CAN do this and You CAN do all things through Christ who STRENGTHENS you!!! 🙂 🙂

            Its a supernatural strength Ms Andy….you’ll know it when it happens and you will be amazed!

  136. Jezebel 101?

    Tryin to figure out if there is just 1 jezebel or several….or is it just 1 demon leading the group….I did spot an ahab…she didn’t see much at all…so she is most likely the ahab…LOL

    WARNING: discretion is advised

    • In the above video you will see Alison Dubois who is the infamous psychic that the show “Medium” was created after. She is the red head….”see”/discern anything interesting??

    • Alison Dubois states “lucifer has many faces”….oh yes he does AlISON….

    • lyndsey

      Except for the one at the head of the table, they are all the same thing.

      • wasn’t that somethin!!

        I would’ve thought the one at the head of the table-Camille- was one and the lady to her left-CC was an ahab. But you have more experience so I’ll take your word for it 🙂

        So basically what we have in the above video is the gathering of 8 jezebels at a dinner party which is titled “dinner from hell”. No wonder there was so much fighting! ha!

        But I still think that Alison had a demon-that was the only thing I picked up on. Not just because of her psychic abilities but because of the look on her face, in her eyes and the stuff spewing from her mouth as she provoked everyone…especially Kyle. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and at the end states “lucifer has many faces”…creepy.

  137. Wow, I came here to ask a question and first thing I see is a Rachel saying she acts like that. Well, I have dealt with this spirit once before, in an adulteress that invaded my life and it was 8 mos, of spiritual warfare and I defeated her btw. Now, I am dealing with this spirit in my sons girlfriend, and he has taken on the Ahab spirit. This girl is wicked, meets every specification of the spirit and I am now doing warfare over my son. What I would like is some input on how you advise to deal with the spirit in a situation like this. I dealt with her once, but that was different circumstances and I had a whole lot of scriptural weapons to use. You discuss when it is someone in a group or church, but this girl is not a believer, and we have been having trouble dealing with her on that level as well because she totally controls my son, even when he can sleep or shower. They have a child together, she is extremely abusive to him, emotionally and mentally, rages daily, she has no desire for the children to be around her, he is enslaved to give all the child care, all the cleaning, all the cooking, all the laundry. Literally, he does everything under her command and she lays on the couch watching tv or plays on the computer. If, for some reason, she has to be alone with the two girls, my sons daughter and her daughter from another guy, she immediately starts calling my daughter and screaming for her to come get them out of her hair before she beats them to death, and their bottoms are pretty red already by time my daughter gets there. I could tell you so much, just wicked this girl is, but not what I came for, I know she is Jezebel spirit, been there and done this already, I just want to pick your mind if you have any suggestions on how you would tackle her in this situation. I know that I can pray my son out from under her control, but she controls the children also, and she threatens him with his child, withhold her oldest from her father. Best result would be to pray this spirit out of her, but not so sure that is possible. I did not pray the spirit out of the other woman, I just prayed the man out of her clutches. Which testimony, I fought her spiritually for eight months as I said and I watched him turning from her. The day it broke off of him, that victory came and he was out. He told me that he was at her house and she was ordering him to get a divorce and marry her, and something in him rose up and told her never and he started to walk out the door. She said something that made him turn around to look at her, and he said she literally transformed in front of his eyes, she was no longer a woman but this hideous looking creature and it freaked him out so bad that he ran out the door and never looked back, it was over. By time he got to me he was broken, laying in the floor and screaming for God to help him, so I believe him totally about this transformation he saw.

    • hi kristie

      If your son is an ahab, he will go with whichever female is the most aggressive.

      You don’t have to get nasty, but you will have to act aggressively with her. Be positively aggressive, not negative. But show your opinion and authority. Tell her off.

      What is not clear to me is – does your son live there with her, or does he just come over there?

      that could make a difference also, in what you do.

      your son has to rediscover his male hormones and stand up to her also.

      pray for that.

      she needs to hear the word “NO” coming out of both of you…loud and clear.

  138. Hi Marianne!
    Thanks so much for a very informative web site. I have 2 questions. How is a Jezebel able to come across with so much knowledge of scripture,to the point of making most of us look uninformed? I know that scripture can be twisted,but the Jezebel I am dealing with right now almost seems to have a supernatural ability to quote scripture,which leads others to think that she really is hearing from God.
    My second question,how does a Jezebel seem to gain information that is only privy to a few?

    • hi Mary

      1. quoting scripture and having a good memory of what is there is just due to innate abilities, unique to the person. Just like you have some students in school who can memorize well, and others who cannot.

      Using my self as an example, I do not have much ability to memorize, although I do understand what is there. I have to look things up all the time because my memory just does not hold the content.

      When you encounter this, you have to focus on the true application of the scripture, rather than the quantity of the content.

      2. That is due to familiar spirits. Each person carries has negative spirits around them.

      For those who are saved, hopefully, they do not listen to these spirits, who are there to tempt them.

      For those who are not saved, and listen to the spirits, it is possible for the spirits on the unsaved to communicate with the spirits around the saved person, and gather information.

      So spirit A tells spirit B some information about you, and then the spirit B tells the unsaved person, who is in harmony with Spirit B.

      This is how psychics work.

  139. Hello marianne,
    I have been on here reading about this horribly ugly spirit. And there is NOT one single doubt in my mind that my husband has this spirit and he is definately psychopathic. He is an unbeliver. He does not see any of this on himself and it is draining me Horribly sometimes to the point, where i have had a spirit of suicide consume my thinking. Is it wrong for me to consider divorce?

    • I can’t speak for Marianne here, Marie, but whatever you do, PRAY. I’m sure you already are, but I’m speaking of the fasting-praying- seeking-God’s-face-till-He-gives-you-the-answer type of prayer. God is pretty clear in His Word that He doesn’t want His kids being the one to initiate divorce, except for the obvious: abuse, abandonment, adultery, that kind of thing. If your husband is doing any of these consistently, then you have Biblical grounds to initiate. Are you in a solid Word-based, Christ-centered church, and are there mature leaders you could trust for counsel? And do they engage in healing and deliverance? Start there. Read the other articles on here about Jezebel if you haven’t already, and really pray for discernment. A lot of other behaviors seem like “jezebel” but aren’t. Let us know how you’re doing!

      • Cindy,
        Thank you for your input, but there is a lot that I did not mention in this post and I will not, because I did not want to go into too much detail.. But, the response to 2 of your comments….1) YES, he is VERY abusive 2)The Holy Spirit is the one who has revealed to me what I am dealing with.. I KNOW FOR A FACT IT it Jezebel!!!!!

    • hi Marie

      Technically, the bible allows divorce from an unbeliever, since you are unequally yoked. But like Cindy said, pray about it first, and seek counsel from others.

      Jezebels can also be very vindictive during a divorce. You will be accused of everything imaginable, and he will try to end up with everything, house, kids, money, etc.

      While it is a rare possibility that he will change, most Jezebels do not repent, because they do not consider themselves the problem. They think it is you, and will not listen to reason, and will lie to get out of it.

      The divorce is your decision. It will be heartbreaking, but so is abuse.

      If you decide to do this, make sure you protect yourself first, and get an attorney. Be prepared to prove anything you can. If you have children, make sure he has not manipulated them to be on his side.

  140. Hi Marianne,

    Can I email you privately? If yes, please send me an email. Thank you. Can a person be possessed by an Ahab and Jezebel spirit at the same time? The Lord first revealed to me that my husband is a passive aggressive and when I ask, seek and knock for the past 2yrs, it was only recently about 3weeks ago that He further revealed to me that the demons behind are these 2 spirits. My experience is a struggling 17yrs of marriage and as I looked back, I thank God for His outpouring love to keep me safe and not destroyed by him. I find the Jezebel spirit very “recruiting” in nature. During my years of ignorance, to maintain peace, I have to bring myself to be an “Ahab” but my personality is not the ‘weak” type so the Jezebel spirit was very strong and I believed that I was totally “control” by it but God saved me. I loved the Lord since I received Him at the age of 12. I served Him faithfully, but I was deceived totally by this spirit because he really was so “nice” and “honest” when he courted me. We went through all courses from courtship to marriages because I wanted to be equipped and serve the Lord as a christian family but the day I got married was the beginning of my nightmares. Looking back at how the Holy Spirit guided me in the last 17yrs is a miracle and I came to know Jesus more intimately because I have no one to turned to and no one believed me just because I am very independent & strong by personality. When I sought my pastors for help into my 9th yr of marriage, all I was told is to submit and to love him. My knowledge of a passive aggressive traits all point to Jezebel spirit. I have very personal matters which I would like to share with you in private and I need your prayers. I live in Singapore and hardly any one heard of the characters of passive aggressiveness. I pray for God to reveal its spiritual term and I read many articles and when I asked God how to fight because I am the wife and how can I embrace the Jehu spirit and tonight, the Holy Spirit just won’s allow me to go to sleep till I search and led me to your site. I glanced through the forum and my heart leaped for joy because right here God reserved the people who will know and understand what I am talking about and I am not bad mouthing about my husband or slandering him or accusing him of demon possessed. When I asked God to send me his Jehu, or his Elijah, He asked me to search engine again.
    In my last 17yrs, God has taught me personally using the internet information where I read His servants website just like yours. Singapore marriages are filled with Ahabs and Jezebels and currently I have a handful of women trapped in these marriages. Will share more if I can email you in private.
    Praise the Lord for His Light, though the marriage was a thorn in my flesh and many times, I told the Lord I cannot take it anymore as my emotion goes into a roller coaster but I know that in these recent years, I receive a supernatural strength that I never experience before. His Truths set me free and I am free indeed. Thanks Marianne and I look forward to hear from you.
    Staying in His Presence always,

    • hi breakfree

      It sounds like both of you need help to change.

      The Jezebel is the stronger spirit. the Ahab is the passive one, but has more authority.

      If you have been married 17 years, then there is something here worth saving, so I support that effort.

      when you get this reply, you will have my email address.

  141. Hi. You have provided in-depth information on your website and i have found it useful. It has answered alot of my questions.

    I have been having an affair with a married man for the last 5 years and on two occasions he has told me that he wants to work out his marriage. But he has come back to me everytime after giving him the time and the space he requires. What i am not able to fathom is how can his wife accept him so willingly even after knowing what we have been through. He is so afraid of her that he has told me that he cant leave her. She dominates him in every possible way. She strings him like a puppet eveytime. She is also unable to conceive.

    All these symptoms have so much answered my questions through your website. Please help me find a way to release this man of his bondage with this woman. Help him gain the life that he deserves with me as i know he wants to me with me for the rest of his life.

    Waiting for your quick reply.

    • Acel

      You present a dilemma. Normally, it is the victimized wife that writes about her husband having an affair with a jezebel.

      What you are saying is that his wife is a jezebel, and he is an ahab, but your having an affair with someone’s else’s husband does not make you innocent either.

      Since he said he wants to work out his marriage, it does not seem like this is the right arrangement for you. You cannot make him act against his free will. If he is a passive male, he will be drawn to an aggressive woman.

      You sound too accommodating to be the aggressive match to his wife. How do you know your life will be better with him, or his life will be better with you? Your lack of aggression may not keep him to yourself, even if he does break away and come to you.

      I am not going to judge you, because I think you are mixed up. I normally do not encourage marriage breakups in favor of ongoing affairs. There is a moral issue in that. But if he has had 5 years to make up his mind, and he cannot make a decision, or get his nerve up, I foresee this mess going on for another 5 years.

      Why are you cheating yourself? I assume you are still somewhat young, or at least a good age for marriage. You are wasting your time with this man.

      And he is not that innocent and bonded. He has been getting free irresponsible sex with no commitment for 5 years. He does not need to marry you to get what he wants. He can have the best of 2 worlds. In his marriage, he gets the excitement of an aggressive woman, and with you, he gets to live out his fantasy for an alternative relationship.

      I think he is playing you, but I am not sure. I would have to hear from him.

      If he is an abused husband, as you describe, then he should consult a therapist locally to help him sort out his options, and a lawyer to initiate a divorce. If she is dominant, she will grab everything they got, and leave him with nothing.

      If he loves you more, he will not care, and let her have everything.

      Like I said , he would need to contact me, so I could understand where he is coming from.

      His wife may or may not be a jezebel. That might be just what he tells you. She might be ok, and he might be lying to give an excuse to keep 2 women.

      Or he might be right about her, and in that case he should see a therapist and a lawyer.

      I hope this helps a little bit.

      But the general rule in battling jezebels is to be more aggressive than they are.

      Finally, I want to add that Cindy gave some valuable advice as well.

      You really need to consider your life and your relationship with God. You sound like you are just adrift on the ocean of life, without clear moral guidelines.

      If you would put yourself under the umbrella of God, and obey him, you would find better relationships, and have a more blessed life, instead of living in the shadows, waiting for some weak man to make up his mind and “free” himself.

      Please consider looking into what the bible has to teach. Living the life the way Jesus taught can be the real freedom you have been looking for. This world is turning ugly fast, and you will need the protection of God to make it.

  142. Acel, So… you’re having an affair on someone else’s husband, and you’re hoping for help to get him for yourself. ? ! If he cannot stand up to his wife – let alone, be unfaithful to her – how can this man possibly be a “keeper”? If anyone is willing to have an extended affair on their spouse, they are not marriage material. Nor is someone who is willing to destroy a marriage for their own purposes.

    You did not state where you stand w/ God; do you claim to be a Christian: born again? The Word of God is clear about immorality of all kinds; and God cannot/will not bless adulterous affairs, no matter how long they’ve been going on. End this affair and get right w/ God; He loves and wants to forgive you, and has a fulfilling life for you. And start praying for this man and his wife to rebuild their marriage, and step out of their life so they can do that.

  143. I am so happy I came across this website! I have never really been exposed to the Jezebel spirit until recently. I was familiar with the story of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel but never knew what a modern day Jezebel would look like and how she would act. I write this with great heartache because my pastor, who I know is an annointed man and called by the Lord to lead and pastor a church, has recently married a Jezebel. In a very short period of time, she has managed to completely destroy all relationships in his life including that of his children (from a previous marriage), his closest friends, extended family and now his church family. She has been working tirelessly to dominate, control, manipulate and take over every aspect of his life and as of today, he no longer makes any decisions in his life, she does. He has lost accountability to the Deacons, Elders and Leaders of the church and only answers to her.

    I have been a female ministry leader in the church for 6 years now, she did not like me before she even met me. The mention of my name by the pastor enraged her. Why? I have no idea. Shortly after they met and were dating, I learned of some violent threats she made to a woman the pastor used to date. This behavior consisted of cursing, violent threats against her and shouting. She even advised the woman to move away and never return to this church or she would take matters into her own hands with no regard to the law.

    I have read quite a lot now abourt the characteristics of Jezebel and my jaw dropped to the floor because she fits the description 100%. Before, I just thought she was insanely jealous, insecure and controlling.

    In the church, she refuses to serve alongside anyone and only wants to be “in charge”. Her latest efforts include that of micromanaging ministry leaders. She loves power and authority and does not like when people go against her in any way. I am always on her “bad list” because I see right through her and know that she is always manipulating to get her way. I always stand up to her. When she is praying out loud or “ministering” to someone, she wants everyone to hear her and know what she is doing. She uses prayer as a platform to say things to people. She has to be the center of attention and she openly asks for praise and recognition.

    Also, she refuses to humble heself, repent or apologize for anything. She is extremely prideful and she justifies everything she says or does. She has lashed out at me several times for things she thought I did against her (which I did not) but she was wrong and never applogized. Pastor said she thinks she is justified in her actions. He sweeps everything under the rug.

    I have gone to the Pastor to let him know of her actions and that it is deeply affecting the church body and he has done nothing to protect us. This confirmed to me that he is an Ahab. As of today, many famiies have left the church including mine. My husband and I stepped down from ministry and left the church, not wanting to be associated with her or them anymore. The Pastor is in a daze, almost spellbound. He is paralyzed and cannot make decisions. He cannot control his wife at all. He basically said nothing he says works with her and he just prays for God to speak to her heart. I (we) are all very sad for him but at the same time, he knew who he was marrying. He knew of her controlling and jealous nature before he married her.

    As a member of the church and a ministry leader, I did not feel at all protected against her. I did not see any accountability on her part and she was permitted to hurt other church members with little to no consequence. This however, is about to change. Right now, the Deacons, Elders and Leaders have come together to discuss the situation and the general consensus is that she does carry the Jezebel spirit and both she and the pastor need to be confronted directly, with facts, and all in unity, which may lead to him stepping down or being terminated from his position. Finally, the church is taking action and will not let this continue.

    This is still very raw and fresh for me. I am heartbroken that we had to leave our church family. I love those people and have enjoyed serving them and serving alongside them for so many years and we were forced out because of this. I know God is in control of the situation but it still hurts. I just want to fight this spirit and defend God’s people with righousness and truth. Evil will not prevail and the victory has been won already by our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Well, that’s my experience with Jezebel and it’s not over yet. I would like to get some feed back from anyone. I am very close to the situation so sometimes it’s hard to be objective. I am in constant prayer and I pray I will remain humble yet take a firm stand against evil.

    Thank you,

    Taking a stand

    • dear Taking a stand

      It is good that you are wise enough to leave, and also that the other leaders see this and are going to confront the pastor about this.

      An ahab pastor is not a pastor because he is not a leader. He is being led himself. And there is no church while he and his wife are there. He should step down or be fired, if the elders can do this.

      I understand the heartbreak, after all the work you invested into the church.

      I, myself, have been in a church like this, and the church broke up and split. The ahab and his wife rebelled and left the church, actually taking most of the congregations with them, leaving a handful of people behind.

      However, those that were left worked to restart the church, and it was much nicer in there after that.

      • Thank you Marianne. Thank you for your response. I find comfort knowing I am not alone in this but I tell you what, God sure has grown me through it all and it has opened my eyes to so much more. Praise God that I am not bitter or turned off by God and the church by all of this. I see it for what it is but it just hurts. I know healing will come. I will post an update soon.

        • Well, it’s been about a month since my last update and a lot has happened in a very short period of time. I don’t even now where to start. The church has been divided at this point which is sad because we all love each other. As I mentioned previously, the deacons and ministry leaders got together and we planned to sit with Pastor (all together) and share our hearts with him and confront him with all of our concerns. We came to realize that although his wife (with the Jezebel spirit) cannot be the reason for us asking for his resignation, it is his lack of leadership and that we all have lost confidence in his ability to lead our church. The deacons called the meeting and he refused to attend claiming the meeting was “illegal” and “called out of order” of our by- laws. This was not at all true, we did everything in order. The purpose of the meeting was to talk to him about why so many families were leaving the church and why many of his ministry leaders were resigning.

          Within the last few months, we have seen him turn over completely and now he has started emailing the church body (including former church members and non members) to tell everyone that the deacons and team leaders don’t accept his new wife and have mistreated her. He has misused the pulpit on Sunday mornings to rebuke us and tell us we need to forgive and repent when in fact, he and his wife have never repented for their wrongs to the church body. His wife constantly spreads lies and rumors about church members and tells people God told her to cleanse the church of people. They want to handpick who the church members are and have told some people they cannot join the church. He continually glorifies her, idolizes her and sensationalizes her from the pulpit, in emails and in bible studies. He brings in guest speakers who preach on supporting him as pastor and accepting his poor wife who is mistreated by so many!

          Many more Team Leaders have resigned and more families are leaving, which is what they want. He has told us all if we don’t support him and his wife, then leave! He has said this repeatedly!

          Our attempt to confront this head on has failed. He refuses to meet with the Deacons and Leaders to discuss the pressing issues. Now his mission is to defend and protect his wife at all cost. He literally has lost all important relationships in his life including his sons who are 10 and 18. All of his closest friends and now his church family. All of the new people who have come into the church don’t know what is going on and therefore are defending them because they don’t know anything.

          I didn’t realize just how strong this Jezebel spirit is. It wraps itself in religion and scripture. It has a victim mentality but is very cunning and seems to be at least 5 steps ahead! I read somewhere it has 7 spirits wrapped into it and if I had to guess, I would say it includes the spirit of deception, seduction, manipulation, control, dominance, religiosity, agressivness, criticism and so many more.

          It is so strong that it has ran us all out of the church except the remaining naive, new christians who will soon be turned into Eunichs that she will control. They are so trusting. We tried to protect the people and God’s house but it didn’t work and now the Pastor and his wife have turned everything on us. I’m not saying the enemy won here by all means, but when God says it’s time to go, it’s time to go! The pastor’s heart is now hardened and he is clearly blinded and deceived.
          I pray for everyone involved.

          • hi

            Does this church belong to a denomination, or is it independent? If denominational, you can report the pastor to his headquarters.

            that is not his church. It belongs to Jesus.

            • Believe it or not, it’s a Baptist church. I do believe we will be reporting them to our Baptist Association soon. And yes, it is God’s church, not theirs!

              • Update: Do not underestimate the power of the Jezebel spirit. Almost 3 months have passed since I have posted last and there is still damage being done like a ripple effect. All of the issues at my church were left unresolved. 90% of the Leadership left the church along with key families. My family left and cut all ties with the church but I am told that I am being blamed for many things that the Jezebel herself did. As a reminder, the Jezebel in this case is the Pastor’s wife, and she is very, very, cunning, hateful and deceptive. She has directed all of her hate towards me because I stood up and confronted her ungodly behavior. The good news is that all of the remaining members of the church are now starting to see for themselves, who she really is and more people are leaving the church. I have received “hate” email from a church member accusing me things I did not say or do. I can see some are still deceived and it’s the Pastor’s wife who is doing all of the damage, spreading terrible lies. The Pastor is still trying to do damage control constantly but to no avail. I have come to a place in my life where I have handed it over the the Lord. I forgive all but I will never forget. He has to continue to fight my battle and I will remain in prayer.

                I am heartbroken still about the loss of friendships but I have also grown closer to the ones who left too. God has brought us to a wonderful, new church where we are focusing on the Lord and His Word! The way it’s supposed to be! In church, focus and attention should never be on man but on God Himself. I know God is still at work in this situation. I pray for all who have posted on here who are currently dealing with this. My advice is to stay in prayer and in His Word.


                • hi Gracie

                  I understand completely. When an ahab pastor allows his jezebel to go wild, the church will be destroyed.

                  While hate is to be expected, it still stings. These are the darts of the enemy. Just ask the Lord to help you pull the darts out and keep going. She wants you to shut down and be defeated, so go ahead and start over fresh, and show her you are victorious in Jesus. You have others to console you, and you can console them.

                  The loss is the jezebel’s, not yours.

                  I pray the sting disappears soon. I remember when it happened to me. Time does heal all wounds.

                  • Well, here we are, 8 months after my last posting, and all I have to say is God is good. He truly is good and loving and protects his children. Since August, 2011, my family has moved on and we finally joined the church we were visiiting since leaving our last church. It’s been refreshing and it’s been such a wonderful healing process. Painful but wonderful because at the end of the day, God has everything under control, especially when we allow him to have control. Several months ago, our former church and preschool closed. The owners of the property (another Baptist church) wrote a letter to the Pastor and his Jezebel wife and asked them to vacate the premises. They are unfit for ministry. They had several months to sort their affairs, clean out their items and decide where or what they were going to do. On one hand, it’s good that the old church no longer exists under their pastoralship but I have learned that they decided to move to another location, rent space from another church, and they gave themselves another name. Same leadership, same issues, new location. It is strange to drive by the old church and see all of the signs down. I look back at all of the memories there and the Lord’s work we did there and now……it’s gone. But God’s wlll has been done and I trust God’s will.

                    I do want to share something that has truly allowed me to heal from this heartbreak and devastation. I share this in the hopes that it helps someone else. I came to the point where I realized that talking about the situation and how we were all “wronged” and basically reliving the emotions over and over and doing this kept me from moving forward and healing. For a long time I had an unforgiving heart towards them. This unforgiveness was blocking my communion with the Lord. I was stuck. I was so hurt I couldn’t pray for them. So I started praying to the Lord asking him so show me how to forgive them. Forgiveness is difficult in general but this was a biggie for me. Huge. Slowly, in God’s timing he started showing me specific scripture about compassion, forgiveness and he started presenting situations in my life which showed me how tender, loving and forgiving HE and HIS SON, JESUS is towards me! I don’t deserve grace, mercy and forgiveness but he gives it to me anyways, no matter what sin I have committed. The Lord also showed me that God loves them as much as he loves me. In God’s eyes, we are all his children and he loves us equally. Now, that’s not to say that their behavior, actions, words, attitudes etc… were not hurtful and wrong, but IT’S NOT MY PLACE TO JUDGE THE SITUATION OR JUDGE THEM. Only God has the authority to judge. I do not feel my standing up for righteousness or for the church body was wrong, I feel in my heart, it was right, however, I (we) did all that we felt was appropriate to do and ended up leaving the church. So, if anyone out there is struggling with unforgiveness over a situation, especially with the Jezebel/Ahab couple, just know that God loves you all and He will fight your battle for you. You need to pray about removing the unhealthy, toxic relationship/situation in your life and allow God to fill you with His love, peace and grace.

                    Psalm 121
                    New King James Version (NKJV)
                    God the Help of Those Who Seek Him

                    A Song of Ascents.

                    121 I will lift up my eyes to the hills—
                    From whence comes my help?
                    2 My help comes from the Lord,
                    Who made heaven and earth.
                    3 He will not allow your foot to be moved;
                    He who keeps you will not slumber.
                    4 Behold, He who keeps Israel
                    Shall neither slumber nor sleep.
                    5 The Lord is your keeper;
                    The Lord is your shade at your right hand.
                    6 The sun shall not strike you by day,
                    Nor the moon by night.
                    7 The Lord shall preserve you from all evil;
                    He shall preserve your soul.
                    8 The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in
                    From this time forth, and even forevermore.


                    • thanks for the update.

                      it is sad that this happens, and then continues.

                      but we experience for a reason – to help us see the true world of the spirit, and the dangers there.

                      this way we are wise, and not deceived.

  144. SATURDAY, 16 APRIL 2011

    The Christians are LATE

    Ascension is a process for ‘individuals’ that heal themselves in so doing their light beings arise nothing to do with a date. Also true ascension does not come without taking your light into the darkness to help transform it. Without zealous compassionate action there is no ascension. That means good deeds in action in the outer world. There is no outer journey without the inner journey. The cosmos is not a one way street.

    After I wrote the above, Christ said ‘The Christians are late’.


    Usage: Since late can mean deceased, many people think it is better to avoid using this word to refer to the person who held a post or position before its present holder: the previous (not the late) editor of The Times

    late – Comes from Indo-European lad-, “slow, weary,” which begat Latin lassus, “tired,” before English late, meaning “slow.”[1]



  145. I’ve just dicovered there’s a name for what’s wrong with my daughter-in-law. She fits the description of the Jezabel spirit exactly. If I’d known there was such a thing I could have combatted it before my son was cut off from me. Now what? I have no contact with either of them now as she was so abusive, the last time my son came to my door after one of their many quarrels. She isn’t welcome here and now that he’s back in her grasp, she has total control. He met her on My Space at a time when he was lonely but really on a path to drawing closer and closer to YHWH, temporarily living at my home. From the beginning I sensed something not right but not until 3 years later able to see the pattern. And now they are married. He has all the earmarks of the Ahab person, was sexually molested as a child, in lots of trouble as a teen. But became a Christian and loves YHWH. She is a fake Chrisian and astonishingly enough, that’s her name. My husband and I are Torah Observant Messianic believers and the ridicule, she’s directed at me in a public setting (on FaceBook) is that I’m a fruitcake because I take the Word as complete truth and live in accordance with the commandments to keep the Set Times, honor and delight in the Shabbat and eat clean. Oh yeah, I don’t do man-made holidays. That makes us fruitcakes in her eyes. My son doesn’t agree but I know doesn’t stand up for us. He wants so badly to have us all be friends and spend time together but I can’t be around someone who disrespects me. How does one fight from long distance? If it came to a face to face confrontation with him present, he wouldn’t stand up for me now. He only is strong when he’s away from her after they’ve fought and she’ll use ANYTHING to get him home back in her control. Last time she threatened to show up at our home with all his stuff and dump it in the front yard. He was so worried she would he left. She also appologized tearfully which astounded him as she NEVER does that. So, he’s gone and I miss my son and the close spiritual connection we used to have. How can I fight? What kind of prayers? What Scriptures do I stand on? Help me, please.

    • dear Christine

      I removed your last name from view.

      An ahab-jezebel is a strong combination. Pray for his emotional healing. That he is able to stand up and oppose her behavior. Not that they are actually married, there are obligations between them.

      You also have to stand up for yourself. You are most likely a sweet gentle person but you will have to change your personality some when dealing with jezebel.

      Do not be nice to a jezebel, or they will walk all over you. Oppose and condemn her behavior. Ahabs also tend to go with the more aggressive personality for safety. So you will have to be more aggressive than she is, but be positive instead of negative. Your son might start siding with you, if he sees you as the stronger one. But this will take time.

      Pray also that the holy spirit cover him, and give him wisdom, insight, and strength to take the authority in this marriage, and become the head, and not the tail.

      If he ever returns to your house for anything, and then she shows up, call the police.

      It is a very hard road when all this happens, but do not give up. You are all he has to pray for him.

      While being strong with her, keep the door open for him to return to you, to learn and understand his situation.

      Be positive and strong for him, until he can discover his own strength.

      While I normally do not support divorce, he is yoked to an unbeliever, and is not required to stay with her.

      I will put you on my prayer list. I do not take anyone off unless they write and say everything is ok.

  146. Thank you for your answer and support. I forgot to add there is a possibility that the marriage may not be legal as 11 days after the ceremony my son BURNED the papers in the middle of a fight. Last July when he showed up at the door, once again in a fight with her, he said that he’d signed them but she had not….so not sure of legality of the marriage. You said that I may be sweet and gentle but the sweetness in my comes from the One who lives in me! I’m a strong, dominant personality which was one of the things my son liked about her. All of our confrontations have been in the form of letters PM on FaceBook. I had to finally block both of them as she used any avenue to get to me and bombard me with words, always attempting to get the last word said. I recognize now why she’s so antagonistic to me. I must represent a threat to her hold on him, because he DOES listen to me and his father and all the other people who love him and tried to get him to see her manipulations. You’ve helped me see just how consistently strong I must be. Greater is He who lives in me, than he who is in the world. Thanks again for your support!

  147. Hello Marianne,
    You put me on your prayerlist but you said, when someone wanted to be taken off, to write to you… so please remove me from your prayer list thank you

  148. Hello Marianne,
    You put me on your prayerlist but you said, please remove me from your prayer list thank you

  149. For a riveting look at this spirit I highly recommend the book, A Step Into Deliverance by Toni Pugh. It is an autobiographical account of a young pastor’s battle with and ultimate overthrow of the spirit of Jezebel.

  150. Hi Marianne,
    Just an update to let you know….a tiny door has opened to be able to at least speak directly to my son. It came about as a bad thing in his household. His Jezabell’s oldest son attempted suicide. He’s been diagnosed earlier in the year with depression but no one thought it was that severe. Evidently it was. The teenager is ok but fightened everyone. My son left me a message on my cell and I returned the call. Since then, I’ve called him directly and spoken briefly each time, keeping it brief, but letting him know I care about the boy’s progress and welfare. I also told my son if he ever needed a place to just have as a refuge to think (like when they had a fight) he was welcome here. I told him I didn’t want him to ever think he couldn’t come here, even if there was a fight. He did call me for Mother’s Day and I let him know how much his call delighted me. I’ve been praying the prayers I found on this site for overcoming this Jezabel/Ahab spiritual situation daily. Is there anything else I can be doing? I am purposely not haveing any contact with my son through her…only directly speaking to him so nothing can be twisted. Thank you for your prayers.

  151. Hi Marianne.
    This teaching about the Jezebel spirit has been a revelation in my circumstances and experiences so I have no problem believing it.

    I’ve been a Christian since 1981 and I first heard of the Jezebel spirit in the late 1990s in a pamphlet. I’ve recently been doing research about it across the web, including your site. All the sources I’ve come across are more or less in agreement with one another. So that’s reassuring.

    I have found that these teachings describe so much more than what’s in the Bible. I’ve certainly read the Bible story of Ahab and Jezebel and the parts in Revelation, too, but never associated that with people’s behavior today.

    Again, I am pleased with the info, but it’s easy to accept teachings unconditionally. So my question is, where does your in-depth teachings about Jezebel and Ahab spirits come from? Where/how did you first hear of this?

    Thank you.

    • hi Signed, Sealed & Delivered

      I met my first jezebel in 1982. shock of my life. Took 7 years to get over her. Then repeated experiences.

      • But, at that time where did you get the knowledge that it was a “jezebel spirit”, rather than, say “an overbearing person” or “sociopath”? Was it Holy Spirit revelation or a Christian book, perhaps? Thanks!

        • hi signed

          It came from the bible. Jezebel was known thousands of years ago.

          only modern psychology renamed the spirit when it came to realize that it could not cure it.

  152. Here’s a link to a wonderful author’s site: I just finished reading his book, “Discerning & Defeating the Ahab Spirit”. I’m going to borrow his other one,”Confronting Jezebel..” soon. Wow. This man is/was a pastor, discovered the Ahab spirit influencing him and many to whom he ministered. He covers the subjects thoroughly, with plenty of Scripture and experience (both personal and pastoral counseling), and gives LOTS of how to/what to do about it. -can’t recommend highly enough!

  153. My husbands mother and sister have the Jezebel spirit! My husband is an Ahab…they totally control him and he sees nothing wrong with it at all. They hate my guts and have destroyed me to their family and friends. I have been depressed since the day I married my husband, almost 8 years. I am at the point where I am going to leave my husband. He sees nothing wrong with the way they have treated me and my son. They are careful to say and do things to me behind his back, than change their face and story when he walks in. I no longer do anything with them. I cannot stand them, and I let them know that they are not going to tell me what I can think, say, or do, I am an adult and I do not owe them anything. The sister calls my husband ugly names (“lovingly” of course) and I am not allowed to tell her to stop. I do not want him called stupid, moron, dummy, dog-wad, etc…it makes me sick! She especially loves to do it in front of a crowd…and I sit there not saying a word. He says it doesn’t bother him a bit. It makes me livid! She orders him around as if he were a dog, and he just does everything she says with a smile. They have lied about me and my son, and now the whole extended family treats us like trash. That is NOT the way I was treated before I married this man. I was a business woman, and I was respected and loved, I was free of debt because I worked hard and paid my bills. This family has destroyed me financially due to greed and lies. My name was signed on bank documents and I did not sign them, yet I have been told there is nothing I can do about it. Anyway, I am considering leaving him because of this ugly, hateful spirit, and the spirit he has that allows them to treat me like so much garbage while he sticks up for them. I hate it.

    • dear Bonnie

      Boy are they wrong.

      Listen, you do not take orders from them, or him.

      This business about “you are not allowed to make them stop:”

      Oh yes you are!

      You can make them stop.!

      And that is exactly what you need to do.

      Your husband is a wimp, and will go with the most aggressive woman.

      Stand up for yourself, and tell the witches to shut up in your house.

      Get some friends or family as a support system. It is 2 women and 1/2 man against one (you).

      And tell your wimpy husband he is an idiot, and to just shut up himself.

      Tell him is a loser, and needs to find some male hormones, because right now, he does not have any.

      You have a right to defend yourself and speak your opinion as much as anyone.

      Do not go to their houses.

      Do not allow them to come to yours.

      Tell your husband it is not his decision. It is yours, because this is more your house than his, based on contributions.

      And if he really likes it in the dog house, he can go live outside, or with his mother and sister.

      You need to be more aggressive, more bossy than they are. They need to get the point that you are not going to be a door mat anymore.

      Do not apologize. just attack back. It will feel really good when you do this.

      Jezebels respect power and authority and will back down if someone else is more powerful than they are.

      If you get family and friends together, you can wage a group attack that will put them in their places.

      And tell them they can all get lost. You aren’t going to take this garbage from them, and if they don’t like you, that is just too bad.

      Pray also. There is nothing like the wrath of God hitting a couple of witches with big mouths.

      • Hi Marianne,
        Thank you for your reply. I kicked his mother out of my house quite a while back. She used to come over early every morning while I was getting my son ready for school and myself ready for work. She would sit and smirk at me while she would sit and visit with my husband.
        The final straw was when she had the nerve to come over after a confrontation she and I had. She and her daughter have a birthday party every year for my husband, and I had told her that the wife should be having parties for her husband and I would not be attending theirs. Anyway, I think she was trying to look good for my husband, she came to my house and told my husband she was the there to fix the misunderstanding. There was no misunderstanding! I know exactly what they are about!!!!
        So when she started her spiel, I lost it and told her exactly what I thought of her and her cruel, hateful daughter. She told me she did NOT want to hear that kind of talk, so I told her to leave and go home, she was not going to tell me what I could say, think or do, and especially NOT in MY house! For the first time ever, I made her cry…but it was because she was NOT getting her way! She told me, as her parting shot that she has had my husbands birthday party for 38 years, and she was not stopping now! And that was 7 years ago this took place, and he runs to her every year for his birthday party. I do NOT go, and neither do I have a party for him. It has been totally ruined for me…and if he is so stupid as to allow them to do that even though he knows I hate what they are doing…oh well.
        When I married him, it was with the belief that we were to have a marriage where we loved and cared for each other…I really did not count on mommy and sister having their pointed noses into everything that concerns us.
        His best friend that he has known for 38 years said he had never seen that side of them before until the day of our wedding. He said they were downright vicious to me and my son. It absolutely floors me that people do not stand up for us when they see this garbage happening…

        • hi Bonnie

          It is typical of jezebels to do the “poor little me” routine to win back the ahab. Tears flow, and he gives in.

          I suggest you have your own birthday party, and other parties at your house, and make it clear that mom and sister are not invited.

          And if your husband goes to their house, he can stay there. Send a pack of diapers with him.

          See if your husband’s friend can talk to him. He has lost all his male hormones, and needs to get them back.

          • You are right, I should have a party for him. It would put their knickers in a twist:)
            A man at our church had a word for Paul one night when he went to church with me. At the end of what he was saying, the guy got a dumb founded look on his face and said “hmmm, wow, somehow you have lost your authority. I don’t know where or how, God has not shown me that, but you need to get it back.”
            He was absolutely correct in what he said, and he had never met my husband before.
            His family took his authority and he has allowed it to continue. So now I do what I need to do for me as much as possible…I do not do anything they want me to do unless it is something I can live with…I do not want them in authority over me!

        • 217k6f2b0h197tq2x9kfr48y2tkp1ex4i96tu09dlo80h6ov88u2

  154. Bonnie,

    If it is as you say, then this husband of yours is being both unfaithful to you AND abandoning you. There is something deeply wrong when a husband allows his wife to be treated like that, and sits by doing nothing. Apparently he never cut the apron strings and these family members still hold his power and authority. Get some solid, mature counsel, stick to God like glue and learn to pray spiritual warfare prayers on both of your behalf. Stay in the Word, which is your wisdom; and in joy, which is your strength! Keep us up on how things are going..

    As a response to my last comment here, I’ve just started Steve Sampson’s book on Jezebel. So far, it’s as good, if not better, than his “Ahab” book. The strong tone he starts off with, jarred the reality deeper to me, that this is a despicably stubborn, blinding spirit: perhaps THE worst one of all to deal with! It really does take a lot of spiritual spine to deal with this and still keep oneself intact emotionally and spiritually. But we CAN do all things thru Christ, and ‘Greater is He that’s IN us, that he that is in the world’!

    • Cindy,
      you are right. The apron strings have never been cut. He is wrong to allow this to go on, and it has definitely changed my feelings towards him!
      I believe God wants me to stay with him and be the wife who wins her husband over with a gentle, quiet, godly spirit…I am really having a tough time doing that because I want to smack him for what he has allowed his family to do…I am still stunned at the audacity of it all!
      Somehow the apron strings need to be clipped, and clipped short enough they can’t splice them back together, :))
      I just keep praying, and I know that GOD does not approve of their treatment of me and my son and they will reap what they have sow!

      • Bonnie

        You cannot be gentle with a jezebel spirit. You have to take a strong position. Otherwise she will walk all over you. You do not have to be mean, just assertive.

        • I see what you are saying…I can be assertive. My normal way of being is to be easy going and agreeable, but this has caused me to be shut down, angry, and majorly hurt, so now I am assertive and at times aggressive (with them), and I know it ticks him off that I can’t just go and have fun with his family (go figure!) when he goes over there, I have decided it is better to stay home and alone than be around those cruel, despicable people!

  155. Hmm…. I don’t see anywhere in the Word of God, that we are instructed to call people names, be disrespectful back to them, essentially returning evil for evil. One doesn’t need to stoop to their level, to stand up for oneself and for the truth. This would destroy all credibility, and undermine our confidence in God; not to mention, it aligns us w/ a wrong spirit. Are we not to take a higher road, and remain ‘above reproach’? We are to reflect the Spirit of God on the inside of us – which will have us sticking up for ourselves, but in the right way – and not giving in to the world’s and flesh’s way of doing things. …just sayin…

    • hi cindy

      We do not have to be rude, harmful, or return evil for evil. But we do have to assert our own authority, stand up for ourselves, and put the enemy at bay.

  156. hello,
    I have a question, just recently I found out my husband that has left me for another woman, she and her witch friends put a binding spell on him one that doesnt seem to be removed. She took his free will and has been feeding him drugs through his food and drinks. He has this anger towards me and our son. Is there anyway a prayer from the bible can unbind this binding she has over him. Ive treid everything for him to escape her clutches. Can u help me i dont know if this is an act of jezebel but I would appreiciate some answers on how I would go about this
    Thank you
    Delma Balsamo

    • Hi Delma

      I am so sorry to hear about your husband. I am guessing he is a quiet, agreeable, passive male. He may have an Ahab spirit that causes him to be attracted to aggressive women, which compensates for his own lack of natural aggression.

      Prayer is important, but so is action.

      You have pointed out certain facts:
      1. she is a witch
      2. she has a support group of friends which strengthens her.
      3. he cooperates with her
      4. he has left for her, so he is not around you to receive your influence and hear your views and prayers
      5. his behavior toward you has changed, which limits his willingness to listen to you

      This puts you in a weak position. And this will take a long time, so you have to decide whether it is worth it or not, and if you can endure until you see some changes.

      First thing I recommend is to obtain a support group like she has. You have to put yourself on the same strength level as she is.

      Ask your support group to agree with you in prayer, and maybe meet once a week. Have your son join you if he is old enough. The prayers of a pure child reach right into heaven. It will also include him and help him understand what is wrong with his father.

      There are prayers against witchcraft on this site. Print them out and modify them to fit your situation.

      What chance you have to communicate with your husband, tell him directly you know she is a witch, and you reject her, you do not accept what has happened to him, and you are praying for him.

      You have to come across as the spiritually stronger woman. His ahab spirit will then be drawn more to you than to her.

      I cannot tell you how long this will take. She will fight back.

      If you have any contact with her, tell her you know she is a witch, you reject her, and you are binding her in Jesus name, and covering your husband with the blood of Jesus.

      That is a start, and a lot to do to begin with.

      Keep me posted.

      I have added you to my prayer list for your husband’s deliverance.

  157. WOW!!!! I read the first 8 and am stunned at how they describe my sister to a T!!! She has spent a life-time masacaring me and my life.
    She sucks me in w/nicey nicey behavior only to snatch me in her snare and talk about BLOODTHIRST! She laughs and tells me stories of how she makes grown men cry at her place of employment. She uses the Word of God deceitfully for her own gain. Sucks people we both know in and gets them against me w/bold faced lies! Talks evil evil behind there backs then feigns affection to their face. It’s scary. Makes ppl believe I’m in the wrong and being unforgiving when I have to distance myself from her for my own emotional well-being…how do I STOP her once and for all? And my daughter age 24 exhibits very much these same traits. My sister often came between me and my daughter just to hurt me. dear God

    • dear alma

      Unfortunately she is family. That makes it harder.

      But you will have to disconnect yourself from her, and tell her it is because of her behavior.

      Keep your daughter away from her too, and explain it is because of nasty behavior, and you don’t want her to grow up to be like that.

      If your daughter protests, tell you YOU are the boss, not your sister.

      Also, before you do this, collect a support system around you, that will back you up. Explain what she has been doing. Let them back you up with your sister and daughter. Also, get some prayer partners, and get them to agree with you in prayer that this spirit be broken off your family.

      There are prayers against witchcraft on this site. Print them out and modify them to fit your situation.

      Jezebels respect power. So you have to demonstrate your authority over yourself, and your family. Do not let her rule over you. You rule over her.

      Reject her. Stand up to her and tell her she is a jezebel witch, and you do not bow down to the devil. Be one less victim.

      Plead the blood of Jesus over you and your daughter every day. Have your daughter pray with you if possible.

  158. Thank you very much for this article, please continue to expose the darkness!!!

  159. This article really touched me, because I was recently in a Church for a couple of years were the senior Pastor turned out to be the woman and not the man/husband, he wasnt even ordained though he portrayed himself as a pastor and the head. I found out he wasnt even pastor when I looked on my marriege certificate after they married us, it was just her name on it. One day she attacked my wife and I told her she shouldnt have touched my wife like I would of told my grandmother, she wouldnt hear it, but just began to justify. Everything you desrcibed is her to the T. When I left, most of the church turned on me and my wife, pulling up sins I had confessed in the past and repented of. Her husband even called me and said” YOU WANT TO AIR DIRTY LOUNDRY, YOU WANT TO GO TO WAR’ I said ” Are you threatening me”? and hung up the phone. This was a hardship we went through last year and are still recovering from, but praise God for His word that has drawn us closer to Him through this trial.

    • Dear Santiago

      This great disappointment you experienced is so very common in the church now. Because people, especially leadership allows this spirit into the church, the whole church becomes contaminated.

      People who do not know the Word of God should not present themselves as leaders. They are fakes and destroy the witness for Christ. However, the believers are obligated to be in the Word themselves, and they should recognize a false minister when they see one. So everyone is ignorant of the Word, and becomes deceived.

      The problem is the believers are not taught this, and are taught instead to depend on the pastor, who tells them what they want to tell them.

      Now that you have gone through this experience, you can help others. So, even though the enemy had a plan against you, it will work out for God’s glory.

  160. God is exposing corruption in His Church, whether it’s a leader or other members. Time is short and there is so much to do! Kudos to all of you who are overcoming this horrific spirit in your lives and ministries, and are rising above all that to live for the Lord! May we all remember who our real enemy is: it isn’t the people, it’s satan, who is behind the behavior. He’s just using them to keep them bound, and us, distracted. Those who stick to Him like glue will come out smelling like roses, no matter what the enemy throws at us !

  161. Saint of God,
    I and my wife pastor a ministry in India, and we’re married for 21 years. Well before I go further, I’ve been blessed with your website and have never seen the Spirit of Jezebel exposed radically by any other website, and if there are, materials are highly
    charged. Now I saw how this Jezebelic spirit was imparted to my wife before her joining me, thereafter I was victimized as no one would listen to me, her voice dominated very subtelly. I tried in the flesh [slapping her for the poison that would spew out] to break this stubborn, rebellious spirit, in the process I wounded her emotionally . This affected my zeal for the Lord and the ministry, sadly trapping me emotionally with another woman in our church, affecting my relationship with my wife and the church.
    Eventually this woman left us, after being reconciled with me as I repented and confessed my mental Lust for this woman to my wife. Of course initially there were earthquakes regularly, but amazingly a book The 3 Battlegrounds saved me, educating me how to handle not only my wife, but many others everywhere I went around India & abroad. At some stage I thought this was a spirit following me, and then I understood about the Jehu anointing… Even though I’ve seen 50-60% breakthrough , there are times I get discouraged and I become lonely. I do know the Lord’s grace is sufficient in all situations, but the Body of Christ needs to expose this hidden spirit from the PULPITS of our churches. I’ve seen this spirit has created havoc in marriages all over, and an army of Kingdom Sons and Fathers are arising to destroy this.
    Could you let me know, as I’m asking the Lord to deliver me from Anger, that I/wife will persevere in the Design of God, after all we’re not wrestling against Flesh & Blood………….. I’m asking the Holy Spirit to deliver me from passivity that attacks me, if there are traces of Ahab to be freed from, so that me/wife would enter His Rest and His Works prepared for us. We would like also to learn further about this subject to help others in the Body of Christ in India. So if you have material, or any other resources could you help us with the same…. I’m learning and need to go a Long Way. Blessings and Blessings,
    Pr. Ashley – Sanctuary of Grace

    • Dear Pastor Ashley

      I put you and your wife on my prayer list. Fighting the Jezebel / Ahab spirits is the most common prayer request., so do not feel alone.

      If you do a search on my site, there are other posts on this subject., this link includes about 6 pages of posts. Click on the white links. The orange links are the “advertising posts,” which are just the first sentence of the post.

      Here are links for the Ahab spirit.

      If you feel passive toward an aggressive woman, there must have been some injury or conditioning in your childhood to make you this way. The same is true for your wife, being exposed to something to make her want to be aggressive.

      You both have had many years together, so this is a marriage with much time and love invested in it. It would be good to work together to go back in your pasts, and find the source of injuries. You can help each other.

      Also, find an older couple you trust who can set a good example, and help you through this and support you in prayer.

      I will be in agreement with you and any one else who supports you.

  162. I’m nearly finished reading Steve Sampson’s “Confronting Jezebel” and have learned so much! One of them, being the fact that this spirit often cannot be totally cast out of a person, because it has molded the personality and their whole mentality; it has become ‘who they are’. Often, it must be dealt with one situation at a time, one temptation at a time, until the mind is renewed by the Word of God, the personality is transformed, and the spirit loses its grip. And the “Ahab” on the receiving end must also renew the mind, to step up and not be dominated by it. Hats off to Pr. Ashley Fernandes, for his humility and willingness to work with God on all this! Just a thought here: I’ve studied New Age and occult for many years, and often see certain belief systems to invited certain corresponding demonic influences…. Hinduism is one huge AHAB-oriented religion. Oriental mystical religions major on the deconstruction of the individual personality, for the purpose of oneness with a ‘universal spirit’ (in this case, Brahman). So it would figure that this could be more of an influence on Pr. Ashley than he’d thought. But he’s practically out of the woods already, the way he’s clued in and dealing with it! Prayers for you, Fernandeses, and blessings for a fruitful ministry in a very tough place!

  163. Amazing stuff. It’s all true and I can most definitely confirm that most(if not all) of these characteristics are true. Do not be discouraged. Give us more revelation on spirit types and how to identify and deal with them!

    God bless you!

  164. Hi Marriane, Trust you are well, Hope you remember me. This post has helped me so much in my own life, I will tell you now. I have come far with the Lord, he has blessed me immensely and still faithful. I have been delivered from so much and Jesus has become the centre of my life. I was baptized last week wed at my new church. I have been unemployed for over a year and since then my wife also left with the kids, she moved on with another man, proceeded with divorce etc. Last week Friday she calls me, she was crying and saying sorry for being so nasty to me and hurting me. I told her no need to apologize cos I forgave her long time, it was a command from God for deliverance. Anyways we speak this week, she wants to drop the divorce and reconcile, again she crying on the phone. But my spirit has been weary and uneasy, so i told her only under the condition she make Jesus the centre of her life and Submit to me, thats the condition otherwise nothing. She doesnt want to reconcile now and divorce is back on, she is a hindu now. I realized the crying was just to gain sympathy and get a foothold in my life again. So please put me on your prayer list. God Bless.

    • dear Purextc

      You have been on my prayer list, since you first came to my site.

      I see some concession and emotion on her part. Sarika is still attached to you, but she wants her own way,

      Do not be shaken by this. I think the holy spirit is working on her, but she is resisting. It will take time.

      Many of us have stubborn unsaved loved ones. I feel that there will be a global shaking in the near future that will be survived best by faith in the one true God. Her hindu gods will not help her. Only Jesus saves, if we call upon on his name.

      it is my prayer, since I also have unsaved loved one, that this global shaking will scare the unbelievers, and have them see their own efforts, and the “actions” of their false gods, will not help them.

      I hope this will be a window of opportunity for believers to help loved ones finally “see” the true God, and turn to him in this time of trouble.

      Do not give up. May God bless you, and open special doors for you to help those you love.

  165. Thanks Marianne, I appreciate all the Prayer and it has helped so much. God has Blessed me so much, it feels like he has opened the heavens gates into my life. Immediately after baptism, I got a job offer, in fact more than one, my business has improved, Gods Love and his forgiveness is amazing, I can just praise him, he has even connected me with powerful Men & Women of God. Thanks again for all the prayer and this site, as it has opened my eyes to so much. God Bless.

  166. Marianne, I’ve got a very urgent situation concerning a woman my son is engaged to. Is there anyway to talk with you privately about this?

  167. wow this is me i need it out of me asap!

    • hi teiria

      You are blessed if you can recognize the jezebel spirit affecting you, and want to get rid of it. This shows the holy spirit is working in you.

      here are some other posts on jezebel…learn about it and get educated.

      you can overcome this. Get some people you trust to pray with you, and rebuke the spirit and tell it to leave in Jesus name.

  168. Hello, has anyone had experience with Jezebel Spirit in a teenage girl? also I would like to privately share my story with Marianne to get some insight. Can you please email me? 😦

  169. I feel I have a spirit of something on me, and although I feel that I may have some similar traits, I’m far from being controlling or manipulating. The reason I say that is because I have been feeling very unstable & confused about my life and my, to the point that it’s making me depressed. I go into relationships with good intentions, but when someone gets too close to me, I pull back. Then I start trying to find reasons and ways to sabotage the whole thing in order to end the relationship. As a result, I end up hurting people, which leaves me feeling really bad. I’m beginning to think there is something seriously wrong with me. If you can give me any advice I would appreciate it. I need deliverance and prayer asap. Thank you.

    • hi Sandra

      The Jezebel spirit can enter through an emotional injury, so it is possible that you are being tempted to go in this direction. Please resist it, because it means the loss of your soul.

      But from what you say, you are operating in fear, not control. You are distant from closeness because of a past injury, that destroyed your trust , and/or make you feel rejected. If you were a jezebel, hurting others would not bother you.

      You need to go back to the injury that made you close yourself up, and give it to Jesus. You need emotional healing.

      I put you on my prayer list. You will stay there until you feel better.

      In the meantime, if you can find someone to discuss the injury with, and receive acceptance from them, I think that will help you.

      • Hi Marianne,
        Thank you for your quick response. I would like to take this opportunity to fill you in a few details of my life. From the time I was a little girl, I can remember my dad spoiling me, and I was the apple of his eye. We were very close and he doted on me. He always made me feel special and loved. On the other hand, my mom was distant and the disciplinarian, and rarely showed any emotions. Their marriage was not good, and both end up having affairs on one another. My mom was miserable and blamed my dad for it. However, when I was 16, my dad committed suicide. I don’t remember really grieving or crying, maybe because I was in shock. My mom has since passed as well, and it will be 3 yrs. in Oct.

        When I was 19 I fell in love, or so I think I was, because it may have only been puppy love. That relationship was my first real relationship, and it was the first time that I would be emotionally hurt and devastated. However, about 3 years ago, I was in a relationship that left me the most devastated. He was in love with me but I wasn’t. I continue to pull away until I finally pushed him into the arms of another woman. When that happened, I fought to get him back, but it was too late. He went back and forth between us for about a year By the end, 25lbs had melted off of me. The rejection, was so hurtful and painful that I just wanted to crawl under a rock and die. I still think about him and I still can’t believe he’s still with her. A few weeks ago, I had a dream about him.

        In the past 30 yrs. I’ve been in and out of relationships looking for love but coming out feeling more empty. On at least four separate occasions I have been in a relationships with men have had very serious romantic feelings for me, to the point that they confessed they were falling in love with me, but each time I end up rejecting their affections. I was married once in 1999 (now divorced), and although the relationship was physically and verbally abusive I was not in love when I got married.

        In the past 8 months I’ve been in a friendship with someone who once again has expressed his love for me and wants to take it to the next level, but the other day I told him it wasn’t going to work, and since then we have stopped talking to each other. His life is very unstable which concerns me and I don’t want to be a part of that, but also I didn’t really feel the same way he does about me. Though, there are moments when I feel close to him but it only last for a moment and then it’s gone. I do like him and lately I have been depressed because I miss talking to him. Sometimes I feel there is a potential for me to really fall for him, but something stops me from opening up. For now, I have decided to just leave him alone, and he respects my decision. I don’t want to continue to play games with his emotions. This vicious cycle leaves me feeling lousy, more depressed, more disconnected, and even more empty. I want to get to the root and to the bottom of the thick walls I have built around me.

        Surprisingly, I am a loving, caring person, but can’t seem to feel emotionally connected when it comes to the opposite sex. I am able to socialize well with everyone, but have few friends and no one that I’m close to or is a best friend male or female. I love my children and grand kids dearly, and have no problems telling them so or showing affection. By the way, just want to let you know I did not give my real name due to privacy. I will send you a personal email with my real name, if you need it. Thank you much for your prayers.

        • hi Sandra

          You actually revealed the source of the problem in your description. Remember, you were influenced early on by BOTH your father and mother.

          You have the desire for warmth and love of your father, but you react like your mother, even if you do not mean to.

          There was a lack of bonding with your mother, as she was distant, and you now feel a disconnect with others because of this.

          Bonding with the mother occurs before it does with the father, since the mother is the primary care giver for an infant and very young child. You experienced an unconscious rejection. I am guessing that she did not hold you much or play with you much when you were tiny, and this left you feeling alone, before you were conscious of it. So, being alone was “normal but sad” for you.

          Also, as she seemed to be the “source” of the loss of the father, this alienates you more. You had at least him to begin with but lost him, and now there is no longer a male figure that gives unconditional love.

          Unconsciously, you do not want to lose any more men like him, so you push them away, fearing that you will become too close, and then they will be ripped away from you.

          Going back to “normal but sad” seems to be the only solution to not getting hurt again.

          Even though you saw your mother as distant, a learned response from her would be to push people away that might cause you the pain of loss, or rejection.

          This would make most people withdraw to some extent, and that is what has happened to you.

          You need to connect with older women that are warm and motherly. You need a hug. Actually , you need lots of them.

          Until you feel complete with your “mother side” of your personality, you will not be in balance enough to respond to the “father side” and have a “safe” relationship with someone.

          • Hi Marianne,
            I need to know, how do I get to the point where I can be complete with the “mother side” of me. Are “hugs” going to be enough for a breakthrough or should I be doing other things as well, such as fasting and prayer? I really want to get on the road to healing and becoming whole again. Please continue to pray for my deliverance. Thank you.

            • hi sandra

              I would do whatever God leads you to do. Any act with the right intention is beneficial, whether it works or not on the surface. Of course, you need more than hugs. Try to connect with local or internet women who are strong believers, and are funny, loving and positive. you need affirmation.

              Healing takes time, so be patient. I may take months or years….but the pace is not important. the final result is…..also, pick a man who is sensitive and understanding…explain the past alienation of affection you received, and how you are struggling to work through this……he may be willing to work through it with you.

  170. Hello Marianne,
    I have 3 questions about this spirit..”Do people who are posessed by this spirit EVER repent?” And also,,,, ‘IF the person with this spirit will NOT repent, aren’t we suppose to just leave the person alone?” and also…..Is this a spirit that the children of God will have to overcome in the last days?”
    i have ran into this spirit in 3 different individuals so far and the damage it causes cannot be put into words!!! And this spirit honestly does not see anything wrong with its’ behavior. And has absolutely NO logic at all. You cannot reason with it at all….. And I can certainly see why this spirit is known as ‘satan’s woman.’ IT IS HORRIBLY EVIL AND DECEPTIVE AND SOCIOPATHIC!!! PLEASE DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE DAMAGE THIS SPIRIT CAN DO!!!
    Thank you Marianne for answering my questions

    • hi Eben

      About 99% of the time, jezebels do NOT repent.

      Yes, leave them alone. They are hopeless unless god intervenes.

      yes, we are battling this spirit every day. It wants to control the world and control the church.

      The damages are horrible, like you say.

      It IS sociopathic. That is just a nice term for devil

      It has no moral conscience. The conscience is dead in these people. No human intervention can change them. They are completely given over to doing satan’s work.

      There is no appeal to decency or logic. It is like trying to reason with a snake or a scorpion.

      The best thing you can do is recognize them and protect yourself, and have a good support system of co-workers, friends and family.

      If you have to fight them, be prepared, with a lot of documentation and witnesses. They do not fight fair.

  171. “There is no appeal to decency or logic. It is like trying to reason with a snake or a scorpion.”

    Wow that’s amazing… It was just yesterday I experienced this in my own life.

    I’m still wondering how they become like that?

    • hi purextc

      The spirit either enters through an injury or corrupt childhood experiences, where the spirits already exists in the home, and there is no moral upbringing.

      For example children of criminals, witches, other jezebels, etc. Their conscience is never created to begin with.

      They have no teaching on right vs wrong so they do what feels good to them and puts them in control.

  172. i have a crazy horrible experience from a prostitute’s teen daughter that we took into our family. she went after my husband in the most subtle passive-aggressive manipulation by being a quiet victim. My husband is almost destroyed, he thought of her as a daughter, and tried to protect her, and fill her insatiable appetite for his attention/love. She was so beautiful and cunning, and i saw thru her but it didn’t matter bc my husband was decieved and wanted to protect her… she would twist everything i said, and he would defend her. it was to the point where i almost left him. We finally found another place for her to live. But now it seems as if the spirit came upon him. It is so powerful, and he does things & uses substances he NEVER would have before is suicidal. I thought it was gone, but now its worse than ever. Please pray!!! Any suggestions?

    • dear supershau

      It sounds like your husband fell in love with her, whether he admits it or not.

      He enjoyed being her “hero” and now she is gone, which is why he is depressed.

      You need to tell him exactly what happened to him and that he needs to snap out of it.

      Do you have a pastor?

      Get some counseling from a godly person, and work through why he was so passive and submissive to her advances.

      He has a weak spot in his character that allowed this to happen, and he needs to fix it.

      Pray too. Get some support people around you for agreement. I will agree with you in prayer.

  173. 😦 marianne. yes. we have a good pastor, and i have been completely open with him about this, my husband and him are good friends. my pastor told me i was delusional for months and then finally when my husband was out of town and this girl told me she “decided she will not honor me in her relationship with my husband, and that she doesn’t care if she destroys my marriage, he is her “daddy” ( what she called him to manipulate him) and she will get what she wants from him whatever it takes” then my pastor finally started to see what was happening. he then came under intense demonic attack for the first time in his life, and during that time he counseled her & my husband alone… without me, and she convinced him that it was a healthy daddy-daughter relationship. this was a month ago… my husband has had no contact with her… the problem is she is in another state with MY family, and we are her guardians. i never want to see her again, but we cant dump her on the street bc we love her.
    i will never know if he had feelings for her, but it has almost destroyed us. I have chosen to forgive him (bc i truly believe it was the enemy that caused this) and have explained this Jezebel spirit idea to him and he completely agrees. FINALLY after a year of being decieved..
    but now he is just angry, and allllll these people in our church are coming against him attacking him, even his best friend…. its like Jezebel sucked allll the life out of us, and now she is moving throughout our church… It is a brand new church that my husband helped plant.

    • supershau

      It sounds like your pastor has about as much spiritual discernment as your husband. He must be an ahab also…….so he will not be smart enough to do anything.

      why is the church attacking him.?

      This is a church I would consider leaving. You do not need more jezebels in a church ….wtih an ahab pastor.

      The girl is going to cause new problems where she is….best to get rid of her….send her back to social services…she belongs in juvenile detention.

  174. My heart goes out to you, supershau and your husband! What hit me with your last reply here, was that it appears he is trying to deal with this spiritual thing with his mind and emotions. “.. we do not wrestle with flesh and blood.. and our weapons are not carnal (human)..” Take the initiative and pray with him at least once a day, and be aggressive together dealing with this pernicious spirit! And might I suggest?..and I may be preaching to the choir here: make sure he is YOUR “knight in shining armor” and reaffirm your love for him and commitment to your marriage often. So many husbands really don’t get much honor these days, and they need it! 😉


    • hi Tina

      You do not have a jezebel spirit. The other woman does.

      The jezebel is a vulture, not a shy flower. They also commit slander and gossip, so the churches you are in are not healthy, if jezebels are allowed to wander around like predators.

      This may also indicate the pastor is an ahab spirit, since ahabs allow this behavior. Somehow the other woman is useful to him, so he will not oppose her.

      It is normal for men to be attracted to women.

      You have the presence of the holy spirit on you, and this immediately repels the jezebel, who then sees the man you are attracting, and zooms in to claim him for her own.

      Here is an explanation of what is happening in the spirit.

      You are not inspiring hatred with a flaw on your own.

      the presence of God forces the demonic to manifest, and then, since you are not prepared, it attacks you.

      From now on, be aware of your surroundings and look for these women. They are usually very confident, and the pastor likes them, but there is something hard or superficial about them.

      Also, be aware of any church or pastor where this is going on, and leave. If the pastor supports this, it will never change.

      • I couldn’t help but wonder if there may be a spirit of lust attached to you Tina.. from a family lineage tie perhaps (through NO fault of your own!). Was there perversion or porn in the home where you grew up? It’s common, where the father was into that, or maybe an older brother or other male in the family; and it attaches to the kids. Were you sexually violated as a child?? That is a “for sure” opportunity for such a spirit to attach. But take heart: this can be dealt with! Find a mature woman or older couple for counsel, deliverance and mentoring. To change churches is no solution; that keeps you stuck and gives the enemy yet another opportunity to ruin others and mess with that church. God’s cleaning house, and He’s starting with us!! My prayers and support for you, Tina.

  176. Hi Marianne,

    Thank you so much for your writings on Jezebel they have helped me to recognise one in my life. There was such a cloud of depression and aguish over my life from this controlling Jezebel in the workplace I did’nt know what I was going through but with some spiritual warfare things cleared up a bit. Its so obvious to me now.

    My question is this. I work with someone who shows all the characteristics of a Jezebel, I mean to a t. The only problem is she is not a Christian.

    What are my options here? I cannot cast this out of her first of all if she does’nt want help, second of all if she won’t believe its a demon or principality and third of all that she’s not a Christian.

    Is my only option to cut myself off from her completely and tell her I am sick of her behaviour?
    I can already see her rallying everyone in the job to make me look like a bad person but I literally can’t take anymore of this crazy manipulative behaviour and demonic annointing of opression and depression she transfers to me.

    Please give me some advice?

    • Norm

      She will continue. You need to either stand up to her before she does more damage, or leave, because she will continue to back stab you until you get fired.

      read this. it was written by a man who had to work with a jezebel

      You have to stop her. If you are a nice quiet guy, this will not work. You have to get aggressive with her. (in an assertive way, not negative way).

      Let me know what you think after you read the other page.

      • Hi Marianne,

        I will stand upto her. She is a co-worker so I guess its a bit more managable than a boss but the anguish and mental pain she puts me through is too much I’m just not putting up with it anymore.

        Its like even her voice holds a demonic annointing. Everything has a hidden alterior motive with her. She constantly makes herself out to be a victim and ends up making people apologise for something she’s done wrong!! There’s no remorse or responsibility for her actions.

        I tried to show her Jesus and love it out of her but that did’nt work.
        I will have to stop her once and for all.

        I understand that when I tell her how it is she will instantly try to turn it back around on me but Im just not living with it anymore and make me to look the bad guy but forget my reputation I know the Lord will ultimately vindicate me. I will trust in Him. I pray He will give me the annointing of Jehu.
        I also can relate to the man’s point of view.
        Any other tips and advice would be really appreciated.
        Thanks again for these resources.

        • Where is prayer in all this? Yes, absolutely this must be handled and constantly “put up with”. But properly knowing what’s wrong and then acting in our human efforts only puts a Band Aid on the problem. After years of dealing w/ difficult people, I learned we’d better be hitting our knees before we do ANYTHING. King David always got his strategy from God before acting, and many times God’s way was different from the last time. I’d suspect God may have put you in a job near this woman, to be the one to pray for her. Or at least, to learn to depend on HIM for such things.

          • *I meant NOT “constantly put up with”….

            • Hi Cindy,

              Thank you so much for your advice and I do pray believe me but I just only recently realised what I was dealing with.I prayed for her for 5 months non stop every day for her to come to repentance and salvation but she would not receive it. I also feel God put me near her to pray for her.

              I am fasting this weekend to see what the Lord’s will is in relation to this. Because if I just cut her off completely then maybe I am cutting off a chance to her receiving salvation but I honestly just cant put up with it anymore.

              Now I can target the demon specifically and pray for her but I feel I may still need to cut her off completely and wait for the Lords will in the matter. If she will come to repentance, salvation and deliverance then I feel the Lord will lead her back and I will be so full of joy.
              Please pray the Lord will give me some guidance this weekend as I see in which direction He wishes me to move


              • Are you all seeing a pattern here? It seems that God brings people into our sphere that so desperately need Him. We may be the only true believer they know, the ‘only Bible they will ever read’. Even though what we endure is horrendous, we must pray for these poor entrapped souls. Not to say we become doormats and let them ruin our life, but like Jeremiah -sent to a people God warned him wouldn’t listen – we must do what we can, and for as long as He leads. As Marianne says, you might not see results while you know her; but seeds might be planted and spiritual warfare waged on her behalf. The next ‘target’ might be able to get further in the things of God with her.. you never know. Hang in there, and let God lead you in dealing with this!

                • Amen Cindy. It was funny a student is doing work experience for our job. He was placed next to me and I told him I was a Christian. I told him I read the bible everyday and he said he’d be really curious. So I bought him one and the guy is just devouring it. He turned around and admitted to me his whole life he had a hole in his life and did’nt know what it was. Now he has a hunger for the things of God and I know the Lord has His Hand on him.

                  We can see how easy it can be also when the Lord puts someone in our sphere. If the people are hungry.

                  This ‘Jezebel’ in the workplace is ruining my life though. I mean the withcraft that she uses is very powerful and I am extremely spirituall sensitive as it is. Holy Spirit did show me though for 5 months I was like what is going on with me I know Im not depressed nothing else has changed in my life but my joy is completely gone and I a 6’2 180 pound man feel intimidated! Just then Holy Spirit said Jezebel and I was led here. Everyday I am praying the Lord lead me because I aqm still unsure how to deal or pray for it.

                  Am I to pray for her salvation? Bind the spirit? Pray for deliverance? Pray she realises its a demon? Realises the realities of the spiritual realm? Recognise theres a patten? Its quite confusing really.

                  Truth be told though I do hear the word’s of Jesus saying not to TOLERATE Jezebel and He is Lord.

                  I also then think of passages like 1st Peter 2:23
                  Not to revile in return but to trust in the one who judges justly.

                  Then I am also thinking well amen if it was a person (who it still is) but I believe that this person is SO sold out to this demon its hard to tell where she begins and it ends.

                  It is a hard situation but I have always asked that I mature and I guess the Lord has ways or arranging our circumstances to see this. To recognise we can do nothing in our own power so to trust in His.

                  • norm

                    She sees you as a weak man who can be intimidated.

                    Use your own natural authority as a man and stand up to her.

                    A female jezebel will back down to a male who uses his authority as a man.

                    If you do this, you are doing both of you a favor.

                    • Amen Marianne I know that she did see me as a weak man and that was my own fault I tried to show her Christ with compassion, forgiveness and love but she would not repent. My strategy has now changed. I will stand my ground and not put up with this witchcraft and nonsense anymore. I heard someone say today in a completely unrelated issue.

                      ”We need to be like David running towards Goliath on the field and saying who is this uncircumcised philistine who dares defy the Living God”

                      I will be bold. I know God is training me in all this.
                      This battle is so real

                      Thank you.

                  • Marianne is so right: exercise your male authority! Wherever we as believers go, THERE is the Kingdom of God – our little piece of His realm, over which we have authority. We can’t dominate this authority over another person (as God never violates a human’s will) but we CAN bind its power off and away from us personally…. thereby, keeping us relatively unaffected and free to operate as the Holy Spirit leads us. I’d consider bringing some prayed-over oil to your office and when alone, anoint your desk, area and wherever you can that you have any natural authority at your workplace. Sounds like the Lord has brought this student into your ‘realm’ for a purpose: to be found by Him! Staying near God in regards to this Jezebel, will allow you to do your work and focus some ministry towards the student. Btw, I’d spend some time daily praying for him as well, to not be terribly affected by all this. God can lead you in what to do, if and when he becomes aware or it becomes a problem for him too. This is itself might be a great opportunity to witness!

                    • Thank you for your encouragment Cindy.
                      I do very much appreciate it. I will take your advice.
                      The time for games is up. Everyone is afraid to stand up against her but I know the Lord is with me. He told me ‘ I am with you ‘ I believe He will give the battle into my hand if I stand upon the authority He has given me in Christ Jesus and as a man.

                      My definition of success and His could be quite different but I won’t stand by and let this person damage and manipulate so many people’s lives with absolutely no remorse. I will stand upto her.

                      Thank you for your tips on the oil and amen my young brother in the job has been such a blessing and a support to me. Praise God for arranging our circumstances. One thing I can say is that the Christian Life has never been boring!!

        • hi norm

          Here is a little more about jezebel in the workplace, and how to react:

          If she is the whiny, poor little me type, read this:

          They win support by acting like the victim, while they stab you in the back.

          Cindy is right. Pray before you go to work each day. Bind her spirit in Jesus name, and put yourself under the blood of Jesus.

          There are also prayers against witchcraft in the right column menu to use as a template. You can modify them to fit your situation.

          • Thank you Marianne I can see how she is drawing her powers from those around her also. The moment she falls out with someone she is instantly rallying troops with her woe is me routine. I will pray and fast today and I hope the Lord will give me some direction in how to handle this.
            Thanks alot


            • hi norm

              99.999% of Jezebels don’t repent, so you will be praying a long time. This is because there is no conscience there. She really thinks she is right.

              Have your prayer and fasting time be focused on your own next move and the strength you need to confront her in the meantime.

              you can of course still pray for her, but just understand you may not see any results while you know her.

              • Hey Marianne,

                I had a feeling she would’nt, nothing seems to register just goes in one ear then comes out the mouth with an attack on the person telling her the truth. It would take a move of God to bring her to repentance.

                I will pray for the strength to stand upto her in an assertive but not negative way. For God to show me His strategy in all this and deliver me from the witchcraft.

                God’s will be done. I really tried with everything I had.



                • Norm,
                  I just wanted to encourage you.. Because I am going through the same identical thing on my job with a Jezebel. and I thought the EXACT same way that you did. that I could pray for her and reach her for Christ.. Which is what we want to do as Christians. But please, do NOT underestimate this spirit!!! It is so mean and viscious and constantly lies.. and the minute, you subject yourself to it at all, it WILL stab you in the back.. Just pray for God to lead you in this situation and pray and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus everyday before you go to work and throughout the day.. and ask God to reveal and uncover the traps she sets for you. I will be praying for you.. And this is the 3rd Jezebel that I have ran into in my entire life and Marianne is soooo right, when she says they usually do not repent.
                  I just divorced a Jezebel, after God gave me peace about it and told me that he willl never repent, because this spirit has consumed his whole being and he is a ‘reprobate.’ God told me not to even pray for him anymore. it is a waste of time, because he will not repent or recieve Jesus EVER!!! God told me he is ‘doomed.’
                  Norm, this battle we are in, is sooo real… Keep your head up, and know that God is greater and you have the Holy Spirit living in you and He is also known as the Spirit of Truth and he will lead you and guide you into ALL truth. Especially when your heart is right and leaning toward him.. God bless you, my brother in Christ.

                  • Amen sister Eben thank you so much for your support.
                    Its so great to be able to relate to people who have had to deal with this in their own lives. There are no Christians on my job really so even the mention of a ‘Spirit’ would get them calling up a mental home.

                    Yes, I understand because for the longest time the Lord was saying to me. Pray for her, forgive her, pray for her, forgive her.
                    Now it’s just forgive her, I don’t hear the pray for her anymore in my heart. Then He led me to see it was a Jezebel. I could’nt believe that I had been so blind but the spirit of confusion Jezebel uses is truly tremendously powerful.

                    Amen this is a battle and it is so real.
                    She’s already trying to turn it around and after I cut her off acted like she’s the one cutting me off! Even though I have done absolutely nothing but pull her up over her ridiculous behaviour.

                    I will continue to do spiritual warfare before I go into work and listen to the Lord. I know He is teaching me and I know that He is leading me into understanding how to handle this.

                    This spirit is truly horrifically evil and vicious I see no compromise. Now I see like Jehu said. How can there be peace as long as the harlotries and witchcraft of Jezebel are are so many.

                    Praise the Lord He stands with us always.

  177. Hello Marianne,
    First of all, I just want to say thank you for all of the information that you have provided for us on this website.. May God bless you for sharing this with us.Like the bible says…’My people perish for lack of knowledge.”
    I know that I have ran into 3 jezebels so far in my life and what you say is 100% correct about them!!! And the very sad thing is…. They HONESTLY do NOT see anything wrong with their behavior at all and this spirit can NOT be UNDERESTIMATED!!! It will stab you repeatedly in the back, especially if it cannot control you!!!!!
    Please pray for me.. I am going through the same identical thing as Norm is on MY job, and I thought the same thing, that maybe I could reach her for Christ. But, Marianne, like you said, that will not work with a Jezebel. You just really have to pray and ask God for guidance and what He wants you to do in the situation for yourself and pray over yourself every morning before you are in the presence of this evil, mean, nasty, lying spirit. Just do NOT underestimate this spirits evilness!!!!
    Well, Marianne, I have 3 questions for you: 1) Why is this spirit so non repentant? Is it wrapped up in pride, like satan was/is?? Isn’t it pride that keeps people from repenting and/or seeing their faults? 2) When this spirit overtakes this person, does it get bigger and bigger, as it is fed? And when you are dealing with a person with this spirit, can the human in there, even ‘hear’ you OR is it just the spirit responding? Has the spirit consumed their whole being? 3) Don’t they know something is wrong, if people keep telling them something is wrong with them? I am just really really speechless when it comes to this spirit.

    • hi Eben

      1. the spirit is not repentant because over time, the person has rejected the presence of the holy spirit, who IS our conscience, and tell us the difference between right and wrong. So if this conscience is gone, the person does not thing there is anything wrong with what they are doing.

      2. yes it gets worse over time, the more successful it is.

      3. nothing you say matters to the person……the person is “gone” or is in full cooperation with the spirit because it is benefiting from its presence…..has more money, power, attention, etc.

      4. it would take a major, life threatening experience to possibly move the person into realizing that this thing is a danger to them….example, I knew someone who was possessed and did not care until the demon gave him cancer, and started to kill his children…it took that much to get him to reject the spirit.

      5. the person cannot be delivered from this unless he is willing….if unwilling, nothing will change.

  178. I need to talk with some one with more knowledge that can help me. I am aware of the spirit the past years and often come under attack Many times I do not know how to battle. Is there anyone willing to correspond with me?

    • hi Pieter

      Maybe I can help. I am the one posting the information in this jezebel series.

      Each page is an introductory page….if you “Click here” it leads you to the main page.

      Read what seems appropriate, and let me know what your questions are.

      When you get this email you ca just hit the reply button, and correspond by email, if you want, or you can post here .

  179. Thank God this article, blog and replies are still active. For several years, I have been subjected to the Jezebel spirit where I live. My Jezebel/Ahab landlord and former housemate is very evil and dishinest, claiming to be transgender. He never had surgery and crossdresses, goes out to seduce drunk men for sex, bringing one home before I moved to another floor. The guy sexually abused hum for about three hours, then left, so I was drowsy at work all day. Mt former boss and I were both embarassed at my explanation, since I had never been a problem about demeanor. He refuses to do background checks, although I provided all of this and employment verification as well as vet records when I moved in with our little dogs. My child stays there when she is home from college, and three nights in a row, he brought men home. She had returned to school by the night of the terror wherein I had to whisper when I called 911 and they gave up on my call, because they could not understand me. The guy walked in behind him, and he picked up the doll I gave my daughter for Chirstimas and shook it. I had fallen asleep on the sofa in a darkened living room, as he followed “J” into the bedroom where the action went on. It was so vukgar that a couple downstairs had to have heard it through the vents and smiled slyly when they saw me. I corrected their suspicions by saying that I never entertain anyone there, and that I sleep farther away from the basement apartment near the front of the building. You see, the man called “J” a bitch and more during the ordeal. My bladder almost burst. In my aggravation, I had to find something to urinate in quickly, etc., because any sound from me could have gotten me or my pets killed. Besides, “J” had his dog in the room with this freak, an shortly thereafter “Cookie” went into decline and died. I did get to the foyer by slowly unlocking and opening the front door to urinate. Just as I got back inside, they were getting ready to leave, and I hid with my pets. The Jezebel spirit mushrooms, because the couple downstairs that I mentioned would not clean up often or vet and care for their pet. They were very stealthy, so they fit right in with “J”. Months after they moved out, an older woman moved in that seemed to despise my detachment from her mood swings, which she admitted were why her stay at her last residence and her schedule caused her to move again after the landlady sensed that they would not get along. She too, will not lift a finger to sweep the porch, walkway, etc., even if she littered it! The worst Jezebel moved in during March 2010, and her presence has “J” being both an Ahab and a Jezebel demon. She wants to control everything and everyone to the point of both if them tampering with my mail and as a trio with the second woman, they are illegally evading city staff about code violations. Complaints aboutr my electricity being disabled partially and “J” tampering with my door have fallen on deaf ears. Now they are trying to contrive a false abandonment complaint against me, knowing full well that I am gone often to work in the Tri-State area, do pet rescue, medical appointments and visit my child. I will not be a part of that nonsense. Pet-friendly affordable housing is hard to find. My child was cut to part-time due to the sie budget. I would have to find a F/T job with health benefits to move. The woman NG, who is fueling “J” so hard against me brags that she worked as a legal aide secretary for 15 years. Yet, she did not after a bank sued her for fraud and had her in court for five years before she ended up renting at another property owned by “J”. He had to get her out of there, since it was a windlowless cellar. She slept over a sewer drain willingly! “J” illegally ousted a plumber that live ddownstairs that refused to work for free after hours, provide materials and compromise his license in an illegal conversion. Well, NG is still in one, because the deck on the main floor is just that. She is content to collect a diability check, and she olny uses a rolling walker in public! “J” is dangerous and dirty, picking fights so he can call the police on tenants or nearby property owners to get his way. He had lawyers tro pose as child protection to force a young gay male couple out around 3am that he rented to downstairs their senior year, knowing that they were 17, then took their money for a few months. Even the Jezebels downstairs bombarded me with how he took money from the city’s homeless agency for a woman to move in, then after a day, he lied to her so that she would have to go back to a shelter. His current pet only got baths, vet visits and decent food when he still lived at this address. The last order he let me do, ran out this month, so I do not know what she is getting. Once, eight dogs lived here, and only mine had shots and licenses! I bathed the others, since my child and I donate to rescue and keep extra food and supplies on hand. It gets worse. Thank you for letting me vent. Pray with me, because right now, I need to stay there and as frugal as I am, it will take motnhs to get funds to do so, I have been injured in a bad wet floor fall and eaten up by poison ivy and bed bugs, despite my efforts to mainatin the property as someting of an on-site caretaker, even shoveling all ice and snow, because when he lived there, he rarely rose before noon. I have been robbed twice, and he begrudgedly reimbursed me through rent credits. My child taught him how to pull up voice mails, and he soes not answer my calls, so I put my rent in escrow, left a message, then he began his effort with NG to make it appear as if I abandoned the place. I never moved a thing out, but I found out yesterday that my door has been changed, etc. by the one tenant I have exchanged numbers with and have to check our mail. They intercept mail, and the USPS will not hold mail for me anymore with a claim that only twice a year can it be done. This is the nearby post office, and nothing official has been documented. The former carrier told me that many tenants had similar complaints about their mail over the years disapperaing, so Jezebels and Ahab got to the USPS as well. I have to return next week on the 26th, so I pray that nothing bad takes place. “J” got a shared plan for his sister in another town so that he could control her calls. I stopped letting him have my number after he gave information on me away and due to his roaming the streets. I *67 when I call him, so he knows that I ring a few times, hang up, then call back. He has no reason or excuse to ignore my calls. He is such a fool that he does not realize that NG and the other cohort have a lot to gain by going to the city or media on him, i.e., senior apartments. The older I get, the more I see that dishonesty is allowed to rule. Where has being helpful and having good ethics gotten my child and me? Even my ex-, a CPA, liked fast women, and like “J”, he scared me and I realized that anyone who would exclaim doing anything for a dollar is dangerous. There is something gullible abput me that attracts such opportunists.

  180. Your article has helped & described to a T the traits of a lady at my church. When she could not recruit me in her “click” or should I say when she could not recruit my husband, who is a minister, she turned against me & told some people in the church it was my fault my husband no longer did business with her. We just didn’t have money or need for her business services & my husband told her that was his decision, not me. and, when pastor asked me to lead a very important ministry at church, she really starting verbally attacking & could hardly control herself when I spoke or gave instructions. She would start talking & walking around while I was speaking & would roll her eyes at me, etc. Even though leaders in the church & the pastor have seen this, no one will do anything about it, because they are not a direct target I guess. She goes from anger to praise the Lord in a split second. Now I’m thinking about leaving the ministy & the church. Just like you stated in the article, I’m not in authority to stop her or dismiss her—and she will only deny & go into the victim/charm thing again if I say anything. I’ve been dealing w/ it for almost 2 years now. I feel like there is nothing I can do, but leave.

    • hi Marsha

      Sounds like typical jezebel behavior.

      On your own, you always have authority that Jesus gave you. You can defend yourself, and stand up to the jezebel, thus preserving your own self respect.

      But if you have an ahab pastor, who is allowing this, and will not remove her, then the situation will go on forever.

      Remember too, that church does not belong to the pastor. It belongs to Christ. So it should not actually be his decision.

      You can have a group meeting with the pastor about her and see if there can be a consensus to remove her, so the church will not be destroyed.

      He might go along with a “majority rules” effort.

      If he disagrees, maybe the whole church should walk out on him, because he is allowing a demonic influence in the church.

      I bet she gives a lot of money to the church, “buying” the pastor’s loyalty.

  181. Being Catholic and coming from a family with many Protestants, I am glad to be able to draw from both traditions. I am on a forty-day prayer effort, which has been appealing per the Gospel of St. Mark to bind, rebuke and cast strongmen, powers, principalities, Jezebel and Ahab spirits in this country, the state we live in, our city, community and this building to repel this situation top down. I am also having to fast on occasion, despite my health situation, which has been aggravated by this stress. I have to pray to heal inside out, because spirits tranfer, and I have been cranky and impatient to the point of worrying about a sudden stroke or heart attack. Of course, keep your fast days a secret, whether you go a full 24 hours or from before sunrise to after sunset. I pray first to heal and remove any resentment and hatred (demons) within and around me. Psalms such as 91, 92, 93,94 and 109 are very helpful. Psalm 91 is good to pray by including your name and those of your loved ones. The Most Holy Name of Jesus is also the name of a little booklet recounting miracles received by just saying, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” over and over. Would that we could avoid negative people and situations! This is one of the first forums I found about the Jezebel spirit, and I commend Marianne for her steadfast devotion to informing and counseling others. Now I understand many events in my life and people, both positive and negative better. Prayerfully, I will have a better outcome to share after I return next week to “Bates Motel”. The fourteen stairs leading to my floor are like the “Stations of the Cross” to me. I have prayed going up each stair on my knees a few times before this last Jezebel arrived, although I ached (far less than Christ did) and had to hold onto the railing for safety. Even walking upstairs and saying a prayer are steps in the right direction, because I have to worry about crime and harassment. Each day, I must remember that there are many people much worse off than we are in many ways to appreciate the blessings my child and I have had.

    • dear Maman Jeanne

      I support you in your prayer and fasting.

      I am concerned for your building conditions, and wish you safety.

      Watch your heart condition during a fast, because you can be depleted of potassium, something which has to be restored by diet. Orange juice is good for replenishing potassium quickly.

      May God bless, protect and heal you during this time.

  182. Hello Marianne,
    Thank you for all of your time in answering and reading our questions. But, I have 2 more questions for you…
    I will try to keep this as short as possible for the sake of time, but I work with a ‘true Jezebel’ and I have an Ahab for one of my supervisors but my other supervisor is NOT an Ahab in any way!!!!! and the bold supervisor is the Ahab’s supervisor. So, this girl is giving me pure hell on my job and she constantly tries to get everyone else to turn against me… and the Ahab supervisor is beyond blind to it and siding with her. And he tells me yesterday,…. ‘YOU HAVE GOT TO TALK TO HER, WHILE YOU ARE AT WORK’ AND I told him…..’NO, I do NOT!!!! ” because my job does not require me to talk to her At all!!!!! and the holy spirit told me ,,,,’DO NOT GIVE HER A REACTION, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT SHE WANTS..’ AND BY DOING THIS…… IT truly seems to aggrivate her even MORE!!!!!!!!She constantly lies on me and blames me for wrong things at work, which I had absolutely nothing to do with. But I am a very hard worker and my ‘non-Ahab’ supervisor knows this. He has even said it….. Some of the lies and gossip were brought to my other supervisor yesterday, by way of me and my other co worker. And I have tried everything!!!! Spiritual warfare, prayer, fasting, having others pray for me. This woman is BEYOND EVIL!!!!!!! Question 1) Should I just look for another job, because I was reading where you said, this will go on, if there is an Ahab supervisor. Or, do I just stick it out and just deal with it? Question 2) Howcome God allows this, and there is really no answer, for this nasty evil demon?? THere is no Jehu on my job. How come God allows his servants to be tormented by this wicked spirit, without any answers or deliverance??? Is this God’s way of telling me to find another job and that my time is up at this job??? Please let me know and please pray for me.

    • Hi Eben

      Unless the “other” supervisor shows some ethics, and does something to stop her, he is an ahab also.

      Look at this post so I do not have to repeat a lot of instructions.

      Look under the instructions for a co-worker.

      Also, you and your other friend at work document everything…and if there is a personnel department, go to it and complain.

      You can also confront the jezebel….looks like the men supervisors would not do anything about any fight in the office anyhow. I did that once, and the jezebel hated me and eventually quit the office. I told her everyone hated her and wanted her to leave because she was such a witch. The ahab supervisor did nothing but let us fight. So I was safe for standing up to her. Ahabs will go with the strongest personality.

      Or…you can do this in private...(no witnesses!) you and your friend go against her together …and tell her she is a nasty lying witch, and you are going to oppose her until doomsday…and you are going to give her a taste of her own medicine. Tell her to leave. You and your friend are not afraid of her and will work to get her fired. Tell her you are keeping records of her, and might just sue the workplace to get her fired.

      In the meantime, it would not hurt to look for another position…..but getting a work reference might be hard, since I would not trust either supervisor….use your friend as a reference instead.

      • Eben,

        I agree with Marianne: start looking for another job. In the meantime, see this as a training ground for you, in dealing with difficult people. Realize that you are learning loads about managing others: perhaps the Lord is preparing you for such a position at some point. Stay as near the Lord as possible, so you’re hearing His voice and not following what your flesh would tempt you to do. This will, if nothing else, have you eventually come out smelling like a rose with your dignity and witness intact. People that can endure such difficulty and still walk in love, are the ones God can trust and will use.

        • Cindy,,,,,,I wanted to let you know I really do appreciate your words of encouragement. I had just been feeling soooo alone lately and worn out by this.. IT is the 3rd Jezebel that I have encountered. And I just could not for the life of me figure out… ‘okay God, what is the purpose in all of this if they usually will never repent..’ But you are soooo right when you say He is teaching me how to forgive and love difficult people… The holy spirit told me this, but sometimes this battle can get soooooo heated… Especially when there seems to be no relief from this spirit… Please pray that God move this Jezebel OR move me… What ever His will is!!!! Thank you and God bless you.

  183. Hi guys,

    I would just like to give you all an update.
    And to encourage other brothers and sisters and offer advice as to what helped me.

    This week my attitude has been completely different.

    I stood upto the Jezebel in the workplace and I basically said until you can talk to me with respect and change I want absolutely nothing to do with you. I simply did not even entertain her or her moods anymore.

    I did a solid 30 minutes of spiritual warfare every morning before I went in and I also annointed myself with oil before I went in. I was strong and bold and realised that the intimidation that I felt was absolutely unfounded and made no sense. It was obviously a demonic annointing this Jezebel was sending out which was ruining my life.
    Now I just don’t stand for an ounce of her rubbish and if it rises up again I would stand upto her straight away and confront her.

    I specifically also prayed that angels would come and cut off all the roots and tentacles or whichever way this spirit was drawing power to itself. This really seemed to help with the confusion and intimidation it sent out.

    After praying that other people around her will begin to recognise her actions I found that others were coming to me telling me how they had realised the way she acts and see now what I saw.

    I encourage people to be fierce with this problem and do your spiritual warfare daily. I would also go to the toilets two times during the day to keep up prayers against this spirit. It is a war and we need to be on top of our games. We have to confront the Jezebel and stand upto her. I know its easier because this Jezebel is at the same level as me in the job and I also am a man but I would like to say that my life is so much happier and easier now and that I did not truly realise how horrible it was untill I was freed from its witchcraft.

    Marianne I would also like to ask you in your experience and advise is there any final solution to this? Do we need to stay at it day by day? Do you feel the Lord will lead the person to repentance, salvation and deliverance or is the person generally forever lost. Should we keep up warfare but pray for salvation also?
    I am so relieved and overjoyed to be free from the way this spirit was completely ruining my life but I still feel that the only solution I understand is to be in a state of continual warfare. Probably because the person enjoys the power this spirit give it. Just seems sad that the person will be lost.

    Blessings to all


  184. Hi guys,

    I would just like to give you all an update.
    And to encourage other brothers and sisters and offer advice as to what helped me.

    This week my attitude has been completely different.

    I stood upto the Jezebel in the workplace and I basically said until you can talk to me with respect and change I want absolutely nothing to do with you. I simply did not even entertain her or her moods anymore.

    I did a solid 30 minutes of spiritual warfare every morning before I went in and I also annointed myself with oil before I went in. I was strong and bold and realised that the intimidation that I felt was absolutely unfounded and made no sense. It was obviously a demonic annointing this Jezebel was sending out which was ruining my life.
    Now I just don’t stand for an ounce of her rubbish and if it rises up again I would stand upto her straight away and confront her.

    I specifically also prayed that angels would come and cut off all the roots and tentacles or whichever way this spirit was drawing power to itself. This really seemed to help with the confusion and intimidation it sent out.

    After praying that other people around her will begin to recognise her actions I found that others were coming to me telling me how they had realised the way she acts and see now what I saw.

    I encourage people to be fierce with this problem and do your spiritual warfare daily. I would also go to the toilets two times during the day to keep up prayers against this spirit. It is a war and we need to be on top of our games. We have to confront the Jezebel and stand upto her. I know its easier because this Jezebel is at the same level as me in the job and I also am a man but I would like to say that my life is so much happier and easier now and that I did not truly realise how horrible it was untill I was freed from its witchcraft.

    Marianne I would also like to ask you in your experience and advise is there any final solution to this? Do we need to stay at it day by day? Do you feel the Lord will lead the person to repentance, salvation and deliverance or is the person generally forever lost. Should we keep up warfare but pray for salvation also?
    I am so relieved and overjoyed to be free from the way this spirit was completely ruining my life but I still feel that the only solution I understand is to be in a state of continual warfare. Probably because the person enjoys the power this spirit gives it. Just seems sad that the person will be lost.

    Blessings to all


    • hi Norm

      I am glad you are getting more control over this situation.

      I would say that 99 % of the time, the jezebel will not repent…..

      they are that far gone. and they do not see anything wrong with themselves since they have no internal ethics of right and wrong.

      .so you may pray for her salvation, but do not be discouraged if you do not see results.

      it may be that this situation calms down some as you stand up to her, but it will not disappear.

      So, yes you need to keep your guard up and keep praying.

      Hopefully, she will quit and go elsewhere…and give you some relief.

  185. THank you so much for your encouragement!!!! I just feel so alone and your words are TRULY a CONFIRMATION about God training me to work with and manage and love DIFFICULT people. Please pray for me…

    • My lady pastor and I have discussed several times, this apparent pattern of having to deal with the same difficult kind of people. One thing the Lord showed me and I shared with her, was “I’m showing you what it’s like to be Me…” wow. Those with a calling of any type, will end up suffering a lot of the same things Jesus did while He was here; this serves several purposes. 1) it enables us to see them how God does, 2) should have us interceding with more wisdom and 3) gives them an opportunity to respond to His love. He loves and wants these people, even if they hate Him. God called Jeremiah to a people and told they would not respond; but he went anyway, because God’s character and nature demand He give them a chance. And we’re all He’s got, to accomplish that. This is not ‘doormat, martyr mentality’, but representing Him as ministers of reconciliation.

      We’ve seen Jezebels come to our little church about every 3-4 months, with an agenda. We love on them the best we can, our pastor will deal with them if need be and we trust them to God. One, we had to oust and that family is in a really good place now. Yay, God!! The others, just got annoyed and left. God will protect a life, or a ministry, if we cleave to Him and allow Him to navigate us through dealing with these folks. They’re all worth a shot because of His love for them. We’re known as “the safe church” in our area; they’ll come all beat up from some other church (or a Jezebel not dealt with before), and God’s love transforms the willing if they hang around.

      It takes a lot of self-control to not stoop to their tactics and return evil for evil; but if we’re Spirit-baptized, in the Word and prayer/worship daily, He can do it through us. THIS is just what these people need desperately to see; usually, all they get is non-productive negative from others (what torment!). Hats off to all of you dealing with this on a continuous basis!! Keep the faith.

  186. Click to access The%20Jezebel%20Spirit%20book_Scott%20Boyd.pdf

    Click to access Unmasking+the+Jezebel+Spirit.pdf

    Click to access Rebellious%20Wives%20and%20Slacker%20Husbands.pdf

    These are some great resources from our ministry to help those in bondage to the enemy of Jezebel and Ahab. God bless

  187. I need some help and imput in understanding some things in my family. I NEED to understand how these things effect families. Can one or two people in a family cause horrible suffereing? How can this effect people wo belong to Jesus and never seem to get free of the jezebel and ahab control.

    • hi peggy

      It only takes ONE jezebel in a family to disrupt everything. And yes, it causes great suffering.

      People either belong to Jesus or they don’t.

      If a wrong spirit controls them, they have not given themselves to Jesus yet.

  188. Take control of the spirit of jezelbel through the name of Jesus Christ, not the person being wielded. God has given you power over evil spirits and demons but the vessel belongs to him the almighty. This message delivered in the name of Jesus Christ my savior and master.

  189. What spirits travel with Jerzebel?

    Dr. M.R. Frost

  190. Hi, i am going through a very difficult time in my life. I am in a middle of an ugly divorce and mt wife is Insane. Im not saying this because I am a bitter man, but I am a spiritual man and I believe and understand that we are spiritual Creatures and are not just merely flesh and blood. My wife lies and believes her lies, or says things and then dont remember saying them. She is always the victim, never does anything wrong and she plays like she is the good person and is being done wrong. WHen I married her she had nothing, and when we speaperated I was the one left broke emotionally and emotionally. I believe in spirtual warfare and deliverance. Im in the middle of a custody battle as well of a new born daughter, and my wife uses her as a weapon against me. The courts favor women and I am being dragged and wronged in every way possible. I pray and I pray, and then I pray somemore. I understand that this women is the most important figure in my daughter’s life, and if this Spirit is not dealt with, I know it will effect my daughter. so my question is what can I do and where do I start. ( Also she is from New Orleans and her family is just as Godless and materilistic as her. all they do is enable her not to face any of her problems.) once again, I am a loving father and husband, but I dont know what to do, how can I help someone who already thinks they are perfect, and are not spiritual. PLEASE HELP. iM DESPERATE

    • hi Joseph

      Your wife is a jezebel. and eventually your daughter will be affected.

      Keep documentation on all her behavior. get others to be witnesses, if you know anyone who can do this.

      get a lawyer to request psychiatric evaluation to determine fitness. While she may escape detection, it should make your position more solid for equal rights.

  191. Dear Joseph, Please wait till the word of the Lord proves you true. I am undergoing the same battle as my wife is the exact replica of what you said. In brief I want you to hear what fellow pilgrims like you are going through as strangers on earth: You are a blessing to me as I am waiting for my deliverance from my Lord as I go through the same pain for the last 10 years (not officially divorced but my wife ran away with my daughter for 4 years (my daughter is 8 years old), now six months ago she has come back to live with me and just the other week she abducted my daughter again for a day. When the church pastor requested us to go for marriage counseling session, she stopped attending the church. Every day she stalks at my work place, calls my phone, every night she wakes me up to accuse me of having affairs with other woman. I have started to document the little evidences (since 2005) and keep the Pastor, every other believer in the loop when ever there are social situations that bring others into the picture. Brother, I am praying for you and would like you to hold on to the faith. Many writings are available on people who can identify the spirit of Jezebel and get rid of it, but here is the unique case of the person who lies to herself and do not accept truth. My wife even acts spiritual, attending church, singing, talking about Jesus. I can only say that there is an appointed time and season. Be of good cheer, He will restore you. I thank God for this forum to talk about woman who are consumed by this evil possession and the pain they cause to those around them. I know you must have been going through lot of emotional trauma, having to defend truth (which obviously will not have any documentary evidence). Brother, Jesus loves you so much, the enemy knows how much you are a danger to its kingdom. Hold on, brother, Help is on the way….He is coming soon …..Just keep praising Him as He deserves our praise and read His word (this is my survival for one day at a time which can work for you too….)…Love you brother, Srikanth mail me at

    • hi Srikanth

      I want to thank you for encouraging Joseph. God bless you, and may he deliver both your wives very soon, and restore your families.

    • well am one of the well wisher of Mr. Srikanth Rupavatharam. He is very nice guy, helping natured, intelligent. He really really helped me on several occassions. Very intelligent man and he received an outstanding scholar award from London Queen in 2005 or so. I almost every week remember this gentleman and pray for him eventhough am not in touch with him. Am really happy PRAKATAN and her mom staying with Rupavatharam. RUPAVATHARAM, you may not recognise me thats your GREATNESS, but i have to remember you for your support and help all the time. Goodluck mate.

      • Who ever you are, I want you to know that I am an unworthy servant of Jesus who just did his duty if you have got help through me. Only Jesus loves you. Thanks for your prayers. Love in Jesus’ name.

  192. Hi Marianne,

    Thank you so much for your commitment and encouragement towards others suffering in this world due to this ferocious and dangerous spirit, Jezebel! My friend, had an ex-girlfriend (Jezebel), now 54, who put up a defaming website with his own namesake, and now after 3 years, is embedding his bankruptsy papers all over the internet, including his signature and security numbers, which date all the way back to 2001!! This has been debilitating for him! He has not retaliated in any way. Her jealous /hate campaign apparantly knows no end. And, this happened – all because he refused to marry her!

    Would it be prudent for him to erect a blog simply stating that she and her son are the people behind this vicious attack – with the hopes that they would take down the slanderous material, in efforts to protect their reputations? Is Jezebel that vain, that even the threat of exposure might be enough to force her hand to take down all the offensive materials? Or, would this just fuel the flame, and incite her to do more cruel behaviour? He’s looked into organizations that can help remove this horrific material, but they cost $2500 and Jezebel has reduced him to debt, with not a penny to his name – literally! So, that is not an option. She incidently destroyed all his personal possessions by throwing them into a nin bin and hosing them with water, while the police watched helpless! She then proceeded to lie about him to everyone at his church, so even his beloved Pastor believed the lies she spewed, and was unwilling to help him or even interested in hearing his side of the story!! She cost him a massive dev’t project, which would have provided 1000’s of badly needed jobs in MI, after prospective investors saw the website and were frightened away. Many other employment opportunities as well have been lost due to this website. He has to live in the constant fear & anxiety that he will be ‘discovered’ and then shunned by others!

    Personally, i’ve never seen so much suffering and pain, at the hands of one very evil woman. He’s in desperate need of medical attention, for life-threatening issues, such as a vascular leg problem. It is so painful for me to see this happening to him, as all this could have been preventable. The church she attends has been tainted by her side of the story and refuses to get involved.

    Please pray that despite all of this, God blesses him and uses his extraordinary business gifting to get back on his feet and pay back those loved ones, including his parents, who he now owes money to (just to survive) and that he can be victorious over the wiles of jezebel and be restored once again with the testimony of an overcomer!

    God bless,
    In Christ Alone.

    • dear In Christ alone!

      Your story is familiar to me. Your friend may have come to my site himself. I think I may have talked to him on the phone.

      Normally, the solution is to sue the jezebel for slander. And no, she will not stop if you do. She is driven by evil, control and power.

      She will only back down when someone more powerful than she is comes against her. That is why her church is useless and the pastor there is useless, since all that is enabling her, and gives her even more power.

      Have your friend use his talents to change direction in his life. he does not have to do the same type of work he did before. He also needs to heal.

      Wanting to stay in the same profession after a lifetime is very understandable, because it is what someone knows. It is what has defined oneself for so long.

      But your friend can change directions because of his talents and still succeed. He is a brilliant business man. He could pick a different business venture and start from nothing, and become successful quickly. He is just that smart. He could start selling cookies and be an overnight success, and end up with a national chain in no time. But he has to change direction, and not pursue the past.

      he could also change his legal business name to something else, to avoid further attacks.

      The best way to defeat jezebel is to become a success, where she cannot stop him.

      Your friend, if he is who I think he is, is on my prayer list. If not, he is similar to someone I know, and what I say still applies.

  193. Thank you Marianne for your sage advise & wisdom.
    God bless your richly,

    In Christ alone

  194. I have encountered this spirit in Church leaders, women and pastors too… God has made me perceive it and stand against it inspite of loss of job, money, name, etc… wish to write a book to expose this devious spirit…

    • dear eagledvd

      I think we all would like to write a book, ie those of us who have encountered it personally.

      There are books on the Jezebel, but from what I hear, lack the personal aspect.

      A real book on this topic would not be supported by the church, and you would not have many book sales.

  195. Marianne:

    I am glad to see that your blog is still active after this many years. I have noticed that there is a significant increase in blogs and other sites discussing the topic of sociopaths in the past few years.

    I am concerned that your article generally proposes success at influencing the “Jezebel spirit” out and “Christ likeness” in, yet the main biblical example of Jezebel only refers to the literal death of the person carrying this “demonic spirit”.

    There is a genuine difference between being human and making mistakes and the life of a Jezebel or sociopath; and most people [including myself] cannot even begin to understand how a sociopath actually makes the decisions they do.

    For those humans out there who are experiencing or have journeyed through the unbelievable destruction that the sociopath orchestrates, I have found this idea helpful to put the character of the sociopath into perspective; the divine right of kings. This applies directly in that everything in the kingdom [and beyond] is theirs and comes with the exception that the sociopath does not actually consider God to have authority, but rather God [or the idea of such] can be used to accomplish their personal goals. The sociopath, even when convicted and sentenced, will share that their incarceration was either wrong done to them or a minor delay on their path to success.

    I am hopeful that the effort invested here will make a difference for atleast one persons broken spirit.

    Remember that God works for the good of those who love him and have been called to support his purposes.


    • hi alien (g)

      Trying to distinguish between the spirit of jezebel sometimes can be difficult, since the spirit becomes incorporated into the personality.

      Confronting the person about the jezebel behavior will actually draw out the spirit itself, and then it is necessary to finish the confrontation. At this time, the human element is suppressed by the spirit and we are not really hurting the person, as long as we are not resorting to personal remarks, and keep it objective.

      It is out of concern for the human spirit and its eternal destiny that we need to help the human receive deliverance, if they are willing.

      The effort should always be made for this reason, but there is no guarantee that the effort will work. the person has to be willing and ready. It is sad to say that most will not want the deliverance.

      the rest of the confrontation has to do with responding to the jezebel for the actual destruction it has done. You either win or lose here. Either they continue to destroy you or you fight back.

      I would say, for the most part, defending oneself by confrontation is needed just as much, if not more, than the effort to deliver the person. This is since the jezebel can destroy multiple lives and entire groups, if left to its devices. this is in contrast to the one life that harbors the spirit.

      It is important for any victim of jezebel behavior to stand up to the spirit and assert the authority of jesus over it. this has to be done aggressively, so it knows you mean business. If you don’t stand up to it, it will attack you again and again, without mercy.

      So the confrontation is done for 2 purposes
      1. self defense and battle to stop it
      2. deliverance of the person with the spirit.

      Discretion is needed to determine if both can be done, but one should make an effort at least # 1.

      # 2 is rare, since they usually do not repent. It takes a major trauma to shake them up, and make them realize they need to repent.

  196. Hi Marianne and friends, God is good and keeps his promises, I learnt if things are not going right there must be some sin.

    Please pray for me as my divorce finalisation is on monday. I’m praying Gods will.

    God bless

  197. Jezebel and Ahab spirits are raising my Godson. The envy, control and maniuplation are unbelievable. My Godson is 6 years old, and Jezebel/Ahab are in full force. They do everything they can to stir strife between others and me, my Godson and me, etc. They lie, embellish, embarrass, etc. How do I cover my Godson? My Godson is coming to an age where he will actually start learning how to manipulate…Please help. I pray for him daily. How do I pray for those who have the Jezebel and Ahab spirits, but have no desire to be released? I do spiritual battle when they come against me, but what about my Godson?

    • hi kay

      this is a difficult situation. He is not old enough to leave them.

      Since you have no legal authority over him, I would spend any allowed time with him giving him blessings and love. He will sense the difference.

      If there was any kind of child abuse by them, the family could gather together and take it to court. But you need to prove that…sometimes, witnesses are enough.

  198. This was very helpful!!!! I never did a study about it before and I was wowed..

    • hi Janet

      Glad this helped. I had to learn the hard way, and so I am happy when people are educated ahead of time, so they can be prepared. It is a difficult fight, and takes much patience.

  199. Hi Marriane, so I’m divorced now. It went better than expected, God gave me a lot of peace and strenght at court. It went so well I thanked her lawyer, her lawyer responded “that’s the happiest divorce I’v seen” even though I’m relieved its over I did feel sad. But I’m glad its over. Thanks for all the prayer. God can and will move mountains. Please continue to pray for her, she still mother of my kids. God bless in Jesus name.

    • hi purextc

      I am sad to hear this, but it is finally over.

      We will agree and pray that God reaches her and saves her and the children.

      • Hi Marianne

        It is sad, but i did ask her to not go ahead right up until the judge called her up. I’m happy that she is happy, she has her reasons. But God has given me alot of insight and understanding, we married out of wedlock so it was a cursed marriage. I’m concerned about my kids but I some how believe God is going to heal us all.

        A lot has happen in the past few months, a pastor that was mentoring me made contact with her, he managed to councel her and she accepted Jesus into her life, he believes it was genuine so at least the seed is planted, she confessed Jesus is the Lord of her life.

        We are friends now, and I hope for our kids sake we can remain on those terms.

        I am getting involved in the prison ministry through our church, hopefully to help prisoners. There is still some sin in my life but I’m trusting God to remove it completely from my life.

        Thanks again for all the prayer.

        God Bless

  200. Did you write this????

  201. I must be a Jezebel since I failure to plan ahead. chaotic at times, I am not responsible and sometimes I have my own ways. 😦

    • JDB,

      Don’t be so hard on yourself. True ‘jezebels’ aren’t as common as we think, and few of them can identify themselves; it’s usually a pattern of others seeing that in them and trying to deal with it. You’re describing human nature: flesh; and we all have that. Are you born again?.. baptized with Holy Spirit? the Word, prayer and worship on a regular basis? a life-giving church? Plug into some good biblical teaching, and seek a very mature believer to mentor you. They can help you discern your problem. But most of all, learn to be intimate with Daddy God; His presence can and will root out all kinds of ‘flesh’ from us! Be blessed…

    • hi JDB

      You do not sound like a jezebel to me. A jezebel is a godless person, or someone pretending to be a christian, just to get control over a chruch or group. Being disorganized is not the same as being evil, deceitful, selfish and cruel. I would just ask others to help you get some control over your own habits and life, and get some counseling to help you be more about others, than yourself at times.

      • Thank you cindy and miranne, I am baptized btw just shocked that I was 3 of those.

        I actually had to print it of to give to someone this is very useful

  202. You are not a Jezebel. Jezebel always plans ahead, brings that chaos on others (not herself), and her “own ways” are attempts to drive others her way for her own benefit.

    • Kay… you’re right, a true jezebel will orchestrate chaos and have someone else blamed for it. She/he is a master at getting others to do their dirty work, and it somehow getting off scott free. JDB… just stick to God like glue: every chance you get, go off by yourself with Him; pour out your heart, worship Him and let Him speak to you through His Word. We come to resemble those we hang out with, so eventually His character will emerge in you. Gal 5:16 – “Walk in the Spirit and you won’t fulfill the lust of the flesh.” – one of my favorites!

  203. I’ve been witnessing a Jezebel spirit in the mother of my God Son for almost 6 years. Because I would not play the games, I am on her poo-poo list. I can understand what made Elijah run. However, my God Son deserves to live a spiritually healthy life, and I continue to battle this demonic influence. God will prevail in his life.

  204. Isn’t the spirit of Jezebel in secular terminology a sociopath/psychopath?

  205. In the 2 years of studying the Jezebel spirit, I found nothing that associated it with the python spirit. However, when studying python, it’s clear that there’s an alliance between python and Jezebel. Both are spirits that seek to shut up God’s prophetic word. Jezebel hates God’s truth, and hates those who love it. Python wants to restrain us, and keep us from our God-given gifts and blessings. Both want to see us fall flat on our face and fail.

  206. She’s not a psychopath-she knows the difference between real and imagined-she knows exactly what she’s doing. She is a spiritual sociopath-she doesn’t care how her actions affect anyone, as long as she prevails.

  207. Does anyone know if Jezebel is the reigning spirit over Eastern Star? My husband died suddenly of cardiac arrest (perfectly healthy) and he had been praying for someone dying of an eating disorder- he saw that she had a python spirit wrapped around her. Hours later he was dead. I was told that the python spirit attacked him. We live in a house that was dedicated to Freemasony ( Grandfather 33 degree mason built it) and my Mother is deeply involved in the Eastern Star.

    Pray that the Lord provides a way out of here… I’ve had a VERY bumpy 6 years!

    • I found a site with information and testimonies on Masons and Eastern Star. Maybe this will shed some light; it gave me some chills, as I’ve been suspecting lots of Masonic activity in our small city being behind a lot of the ‘dead and comatose’ churches here..

      While I’m not yet sure ‘which’ overarching spirit is behind Freemasonry (and Eastern Star), virtually everything I’ve heard about how they wield their influence, is Jezebel to the core.

      • this is natasha my motherinlaws family was in this stuff the women and men she told me her mother and grandmother were eastern stars

  208. Jezebel does not have the ability to “kill” in the flesh. Neither does python. They lie, manipulate, stir strife, restrain, depress, etc. You might want to check out a book called Fast Facts on False Teachings by Ron Carlson & Ed Decker. There’s alot of information in this book concerning false doctrines and religions-also covers Freemasonry and the Masonic Lodge.

  209. Jezebel spirit? You’re describing the characteristics of a typical westernized woman…

    • hi rahul

      The jezebel spirit is not confined by location. I get prayer requests from all over the world. It can infect both men and women. Only those who have the spirit of God to protect them can be protected from the infection.

  210. You may be referring to bedroom activities? Jezebel used these tactics in an effort to control-not for comfort or because she was lonely, lost or weak. The seduction wasn’t about sex.

  211. We at our church, in s. central TX, discuss and pray about this a lot. We’re seeing this ‘jezebel’ spirit gaining ground out in the world at large, more than ever. Recall Jesus telling His disciples, “The Gentiles lord it over them, but it shall not be so among you…” ? The Kingdom of heaven is coming to earth, smashing whatever’s in between; meaning, the principalities and rulers of wickedness in high places. It is now using Western governments to control ‘once-Christian’ nations; no wonder we’re seeing more of this everywhere we look.

    Regarding the python spirit, it is a spirit of divination; exerting influence by sqeezing the life out of its host, rendering him/her weak and vulnerable. Whatever folks may think of Todd Bentley, he has THE best teaching I’ve ever seen on this spirit (also that of the spirit of infirmity, btw).

    But informed believers who are Spirit-baptized and have a solid walk with God, can be free of ANY spiritual influence lurking around! Hebrews 12:1 says to “..lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares with endurance the race that is set before us.” We must get/stay free so we can facilitate the freedom of others.

  212. Jonas Clark offers some excellent material on both Jezebel and python.

  213. Pythons were definitely involved there, too. Wow….what a story.

  214. May “GOD” bless you double fold! Right on the head of the serpent!

  215. Where are you guys from? This information was very informative. Do you have a page on what or who you guys are and what you do?


    • hi Jey

      I am from Raleigh, NC. I am a retired Biochemist. I spent 30 years in the university system. It does not sound like a theology background, does it? 🙂

      My writing comes from life experiences and what God has shown me. My scientific side shows when I go into a lot of detail. The 30 years in a university environment shows in my teaching style, and all the students I worked with helps me counsel people.

      I started reading the bible with great interest when I was 17 years old. That is over 45 years ago, so I have been in the Word a long time.

      I wrote a book with my testimony in it:

      So that is me. god bless you.!!

  216. Hello Marianne,
    I have a question for you. Can dealing with a Jezebel spirit make you sick physically? I am asking because I just divorced a true jezebel and he still calls on the phone sometimes with CONSTANT lies and I am DRAINED emotionally and for the past 2 days, I have been sick. Should i not even answer his calls? Please pray for me.

    • hi Eben

      Yes, spirits can make you sick. They can cause all sorts of diseases, especially heart problems, hormone changes, and cancers, due to high stress they put on the body as it responds to to spirit.

      Plead the blood of Jesus over you, and tell the spirit of infirmity to leave, in Jesus name. Be persistent. Spirits are stubborn, and will try to stay. Do this every day, or many times a day, until the spirit is gone.

  217. A Jezebel spirit is influencing my God Son’s mother. Shortly after they adopted him, I became so ill-panic attacks, etc. Even went to the ER more than once. I always knew there was a demonic presence on her, but didn’t know about Jezebel/Ahab/Eunuch spirits at the time. It was so horrible that I actually believed I was dying. Doctors told me it was menopause (hormones), but I know now that it was mostly stress. I always felt the envy, strife, competition and manipulation from Jezebel, but didn’t know the name of the spirit, or even why. The Xanax, hormones, etc. just weren’t working. After FINALLY realizing what the true problem was, I began rebuking this/these spirit(s), and taking their authority from them in the name of Jesus. It really works. I am no longer stressed or afraid. I no longer feel hopeless. Send them on their way with righteous anger (as in Jehu). They have no authority over you. Even if, as in my case, their attacks are more frequent and ugly, I have grown stronger, and the battles no longer scare me. I know that my God is in charge, and He has prepared me, armed me, and covers me. Your God is bigger than Jezebel’s idols.

  218. Hi, from personal experience i can tell you the witchcraft is very powerful. I had to overcome thick depression and I can tell you I only overcame it through prayer and fasting, if you go back and read my posts from one year ago you will see how helpless i felt. You have to overcome it with the blood of Jesus. Even now, sometimes i am attacked, I just rebuke it in Jesus name. After you speak them you will feel mentally, emotionally and physically drained, they will try to come back as its a controlling spirit, you have to break soul ties. Its like when jezebel threatened Elijah, he ran to hide, but God wanted him to stand up and Fight. I agree with Marianne and the others, it affects your hormones, heart, blood sugar etc. Praise the Lord for this site for its wisdom and knowledge, cos at one stage I could have sworn i was going cookoo… Today I have my mind and my health back. Remember we have power to thread on serpents and scorpions and over all power of the enermy. I am divorced 3 weeks now, i did feel a little discouraged, but today at church i had a breakthrough, I realised it was these spirits trying to discourage me, now I prayed in spirit and I am fine. Dont give these spirits a chance, God Bless.

    • Purextc and Kay… your observations are right; I’ve experienced the tenacity of these spirits too. Jesus disarmed them legally – taking their authority, but not their power – and it works on those who allow it. I dealt w the spirit of rejection for many years until by faith I realized I was free; then, on to the spirit of infirmity. Sometimes the initial breakthrough isn’t obvious so we’re still vulnerable to attack, even if we’re technically ‘free’. They might still throw symptoms at us, or ‘inspire’ bad behavior against us thru others trying to get us to think the last prayer didn’t work, that we’re not free.,,and then the cycle of prayer starts all over again. What a handy trick of the enemy, does most of his work for him! I also suspect this ‘works’ easier, the longer we were oppressed; we got so used to it, we thought it was “just how we are”. God is preparing us to minister freedom to others, as the enemy’s on a mission to keep as many people as possible from Him!!

      • And yes, about the health issues of hormones, heart, etc… these are what control a lot of our body’s systems, and that keep us alive. The enemy is out to drain the very life out of us if possible. And since these systems often change their actions, they are vulnerable for attachment; a convenient way of confusing us: ‘is it physical, spiritual, what?’. It is probably very easy to attach to these, so we won’t recognize it’s ‘them’ when things go awry. As for me, I deal w/ the physical and the spiritual aspects at the same time. God made us a three-part being like Himself, and they’re all interrelated.

  219. Does anybody else out there experience alot of “floods” and other weather -related issues? I’ve known several Jezebels over the years. Some were fierce, and others easily dismissed. Since doing battle with the most fierce of all, and the longest battle ever, I’ve experienced floods in my old car, my new car (which I bought because my last one flooded when it rained), 2 floods in my house, and 1 in the garage. The most recent experience being a lightening strike that wiped out half of the appliances…in my house. Am I smelling Ba’al? This has been over the last 3 years. I praise God everytime something like that happens, and thank Him that He’s given me yet another opportunity to trust in Him. They won’t take my faith and trust in my Lord Jesus.

    • hi Kay

      I had not heard of floods as a jezebel tactic before. Anything is possible. Do others in your area have the same problem or are you the only one in your neighborhood that gets flooded?

  220. It almost seems as if they “hide” sometimes. I remember one occasion when I was at a party for my Godson. Normally, I would not “eat at Jezebel’s table”, but I let my guard down because all were acting “normal”. Just as I was about to sit down to eat, Ahab reared his ugly head telling lies specifically designed to embarrass me. After correcting his “bad memory”, my Godson (who turned 5 that day) asked me to sit at his special table. I sat with him, but did not eat. What a wonderful God…..He rescued me, even though I had made a serious error in judgment.

  221. Oh, no. The auto floods were because of rain. The flood in the garage (never had problems before) were rain related. Two of the floods in the house were plumbing related. The lightening-obviously weather-related. Could be my imagination after studying Jezebel/Ahab/Ba’al. Plenty of chaos, though.

  222. Dear Marianne, I looked up this website bc my daughter has been influences by a spirit of baal she told me she had a dream she was swimming in water and he was taking her hand and his name was bel like school bell, she is 4 yrs old she is very sensitive to spirits as i am…she has this blanket that her big mama had given her and i prayed against it one night and she manifested something that i took authority over and cast out, i always felt something witchy about my husband mothers and it has been disturbing and i believe now that its is indeed jezebel.. plz help diagnose me, I come from aplce of rejection by my father-I am sincere about the Lord and have a fear of the Lord…I know God has shown me I have wounds and he has and is healing me… I have had issues with trusting my husband in the past and sometimes manipulate the situations with my emotions- The Holy Spirit reveals to me that I cannot conrtol others with my anger or emotions or let others control me with theirs…I know the Lord is saving me perfectly and I hope i am not operating in jezebel – for example I want to apologize, I exposed my behaviors, my fault to my friends, to tell them that I tried to get God on my side to get Clay to say I could go see my dad, and immedialty I apologized to Clay about that bc I feared God….then I later exposed this behavior by the word The Holy Spirit give me in James 4 to cut that out of me…I dont want to be a jezebel! I want to be kind to my husband he isnt very dominant about everything I love HIm and want to serve God and my husband I want to submit..plz pray for me my name is natasha—also i took notice of how you explained the spirit of elijah gets attacked by jezebel- in the past God has shown me I once was operating in the spirit of elijah….well the spirit of jzebel made elijah afraid–that really spoke ot me because I hear things in my spirit that comes to blaspheme and curse and I used to be sooo afraid and I have been taking authority and claiming the head Jesus crushed on the cross has no lordship… I wonder if this is from this spirit…it has really tried to torment me I now am starting to fight back….I had a dream the other night that this wolf was trying to attack me but i plead the blood of Jesus aND it lost its power than this spirit that looked like my dad who I never see was trying to overpower my head, and wear me out….a black man tried to steal my white jacket and car but I got it back..please feel free to comment love natasha

  223. I want to fight this spirit in my home marianne, i dont want it, i dont want it in our home, i dont want to be similiar to it I want to make the choices of a meek and quiet spirit but I know I have been proud, and sometimes manipulative to my husband, he was the youngest of his siblings and I believe he has wounds too, of just wanting to be accepted no matter what it costs him, a lot of his friends are destructive, but as long as I keep submitting and repenting I know Gods hand isnt too short to save, I want to be submissivive, I have a hard time with agrreing or believeing my husband bc of his lack of good choices in the past- ITS NOT That I have been perfect or anything- I want to bring my husband honor, I am not their yet in most situtation like following his best ideas and he is usually right, i dunno I have failed too I can be proud and I noticed like I said from the previous post I have tried to get my husband to agree with me bc i automatically thought God would be on my side and God showed me this attitude was maipulative and proud- God give me scripture on pride and judging-it scares me that I would i guess you could say threaten him to do what I want bc God would be against him- I again apologized immediatly cause God struck me with fear.. but I think this is a def sign that I could be having it rooted up out of my life…I dunno- but like you said in one post, this can also be left in your home from other people too and our mothers are kind of like this- I just to overcome evil with good and let the Lord deal with me for I am His child and I dont want to be left in any of this mess, my husband or children

    • dear natasha

      I am putting you on my prayer list for deliverance.

      It is rare that a jezebel repents so I can tell that the holy spirit is working in you. I want you to be successful, and free from this.

      First, I want to know more about your husband’s mother and your father.

      In the meantime, read this:

      We will talk more. What you need is an Jeru persoanlity in your life, and a strong male image to rely on to keep you in balance. It sounds like your husband is struggling trying to be like this, because he is wounded himself.

      • are you sure this is not just a problem with my flesh? because the Lord has shown me I am pure in heart

        • I will not fight against the truth I need deliverance I am about to bring my kids to school and this breaks my heart to accept, but i will pray these prayers of deliverance…Yes the Lord has shown me my husband has wounds that heal has to heal before he can be delivered I have been praying for him I love him and want to encourage him and not discourage him I want him to be dominant- sometimes he wants to be too and I am praying healing for our family..My husband drinks everyday his name is clay…my heart will be broken before God because I know he gives grace to the humble but resists the proud… I only seem to frustrated with my husband when it comes to this-

          • plEASE mam dont call me a jezebel because I only told you my worst, I want this to be measure in the hands of Gods perfect scales, only He can judge correctly. I am always quick to repent, I cast down offence done to me, I try to forgive quickly and not be angry or not think evil of my neaighbor in my heart- I am thankful and not offended by your comment but please be careful when rashly harping me quickly as jezebel, it is very scary for someone who doesnt know me to cal me a name.. I am sure we could all identify with sin in some sort of fahion…yes pray for me but please dont label me in the eyes of my measures of sin, thank you natasha

            • hi natasha

              I thought you were identifying yourself as a jezebel trying to heal . Give me an idea of your past and your husbands’ past so I can understand better what is going on.

  224. Hi all,
    The Lord led me to this article while I pray for deliverance for the last 17yrs with a duel Ahab/Jezebel spirit in my husband. Being duel, the Ahab spirit can encourage the wife to be a Jezebel as the 2 go together and we can see this Jezebel spirit is so attractive to women in this modern age where women gain more power. Without knowledge, I fell and I thank God for the revelation and I repented , rejecting the jezebel spirit to take position in me. When confronted with these 2 spirits, the battle is the Lord. Let go and let God. Please read this article with me. Sorry for the length.

    Breaking Free From The Bondage of a Controlling Spirit

    Isaiah 14:3 “And it shall come to pass in the day that the LORD shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from the hard bondage wherein thou wast made to serve.” Every one in any kind of slavery, is in bondage. Any sin or sin habit you cannot get victory over, or haven’t gotten victory over, is a bondage. But there is also a different kind of bondage. It’s a type of spiritual bondage, but instead of one working in you; as in demon possession or obsession, it’s a spirit working through another person, that is effecting you. In this message, we are talking about a controlling spirit. A person who has a controlling spirit, will try to control everyone around them, control their lives, decisions; and will in general do everything to have influence and power. They want to control their lives, and the lives of those around them, to get things their way. Many people are under the influence and power of someone else with a controlling spirit. It can be a parent or it can be a spouse. It can even be a boss at work.
    Let me give you an example. A woman marries a man, but she cannot so anything without the advice and consent of her mother. The mother tells her everything to do and not to do, even controls the raising of the children. The mother is not physically in the house with her daughter, by controls her. The wife is far more under the authority and dominion of her mother, than her husband. It can also be the opposite. A man who gets married, but his mother runs his life, and it’s as if he is more married to his mother than his wife. You know, a mama’s boy. Can’t do anything without mamma. These are in total contradiction to the scriptural admonition and spiritual principle in marriage called “leaving” and “cleaving.” Matthew 19:5. “And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?” Many times in this type of relationship, it is as if the mother, who is a mother in law to the other spouse, is trying to put a wedge between the couple, and cause a separation so as to have their son or daughter back to themselves. The problem is that mother has a controlling spirit. Note that you frequently have heard of mothers trying to control the marriage of their son or daughter after they are married, but not of a father trying to do so.
    Their are many kinds of people with a controlling spirit. It can even be in the church in the form of a man over others, as someone in a overseer position in a denominational structure, as one that is head of foreign missions, or district superintendent, or bishop; depending on the denomination. And they desire to control everyone under them for their own purposes and gain. They want to be in control. But whether it is in a marriage, the ministry, in interpersonal relationships, or work, there are controlling personalities and spirits that seek to bring other people under their power, position, and influence. Many men have tried to do this, even leaders over nations; like Hitler or Stalin. All dictatorships and other such people, like the Pope, seek to control everyone around them. But these spirits are all around us. They are working in businesses, homes and church’s. Men over men or women, women over women or men; constantly working to bring and keep others in bondage to them and their whims. Why do you think there is the term “deacon possessed board.” It’s a board that controls a church and pastor, that nothing can be done outside their say so and approval. Sometimes a deacon that tries to control a church and pastor, is one that is the biggest tithe payer in the church. That’s how he got his position to begin with. Look at what David said in Psalm 54:3 “For strangers are risen up against me, and oppressors seek after my soul: they have not set God before them. Selah.”
    Are you under the bondage or control of one with a controlling spirit. Are you catching the fallout of another being controlled by one with a controlling spirit, and you are being affected by it by no fault of your own. Or you may be recovering from a bondage in your past, that makes it difficult for you to trust other people now, and have wholesome godly interpersonal relationships, as God intended, making it difficult for you to trust your pastor or any person because at one time you were under a controlling spirit. [I know that the things I am speaking about today are real and true for some here, who either were under a controlling spirit at one time, or are under someone or being influenced by someone with a controlling spirit right now.] Apart from Satan himself, and his desire to control the lives of all mankind, to cause them all to end up in hell with him, we have the story in the Bible of a person who has a very powerful controlling spirit. It’s the story of Jezebel, who was a tool of Satan, controlled by Satan, who in term controlled others. Now the term Jezebel also has been used to describe a lady who wears a lot of makeup, she was the origination of this, and it refers to one who dresses up and makes up like a harlot, one who is seductively painted up, a loose woman trying to entice men. Proverbs talks of this woman (Proverbs 7:10-18). But I’m talking about a different aspect or side of this Jezebel. Even when she made herself up to be attractive and appealing in a fleshly way, it was because of the desire to control others and her situation, and cause things to go her way. And let me say this. This Jezebel spirit we are going to look at and talk about, is not limited to women. It is not a female spirit, versus a male spirit, for members of either sex can have this spirit; but today it is far more prevalent in women, as seen in the women’s liberation movement and the New Age movement, and worship of the goddess, etc. Satan is today trying to take over possession of every woman, and then in turn use them to control every man. That is what is going on today. And today’s women are falling for his lives, and seductive ways, and appeal to be in control of their lives and others around them. It is what I have many times referred to as “a spirit of witchcraft.” That’s what a controlling spirit is, that tries to control others, whether man or woman.
    1 Kings.21:1-2 “And it came to pass after these things, that Naboth the Jezreelite had a vineyard, which was in Jezreel, hard by the palace of Ahab king of Samaria. And Ahab spake unto Naboth, saying, Give me thy vineyard, that I may have it for a garden of herbs, because it is near unto my house: and I will give thee for it a better vineyard than it; or, if it seem good to thee, I will give thee the worth of it in money.” Sounds like a good offer and coming from the king, you would in the natural think that this is a very reasonable offer, and there being no reason why he should not have accepted it. But Naboth was a godly man who could not be bought, bribed or baffled. He refuse to see his vineyard because it was against the law of Moses. It was against God’s law for a Israelite to sell his property to a foreigner, a non-Israelite. I think Naboth was a reasonable as well as godly man and who have normally been glad to oblige the king and let him borrow his land, or even to plant something for the king, but he said “I cannot sell it to you because of God’s law.” Naboth politely refused the king and for the right reason, and Ahab knew the reason was the only right thing Naboth could do and still honor God. He was wrong for still wanting it. (v.3) “And Naboth said to Ahab, The LORD forbid it me, that I should give the inheritance of my fathers unto thee.” Would you have the courage to resist the king under such circumstances? The earthly land God gave them, for a possession, was considered as an earnest of the heavenly possession; which it represented in type and shadow. [Remember our study of Joshua and taking the Land]. Naboth was one of the 7000 who did not bow his knee to the “New Age” religion of Baal that was popular in that day, as most had, and was faithful to God. Baal worship then is as the New Age religion today, that most followed after, leaving the serving of the true and living God. Because of Naboth’s godly stand, Ahab gets all bent out of shape. (v.4) There is nothing like the unbending, uncompromising stand of a godly person to arouse the anger of a wicked covetous person. He storms into his palace and even refuses to eat, and pouts like a little spoiled child. Don’t you feel sorry for this poor king who couldn’t have his way, like a child refused a toy he wants. Now to add to it, like most people of power and prestige, king Ahab was full of pride. Such people today, like him, hate to come up against a person of holy convictions who will not bend their knee. They don’t know what to do with them. They can’t control them. You know what I’m talking about. But Jezebel knew what to do. She was a woman waiting for her next victim, ready to strike and show her power and show what she can do. (v.5-7) “But Jezebel his wife came to him, and said unto him, Why is thy spirit so sad, that thou eatest no bread? And he said unto her, Because I spake unto Naboth the Jezreelite, and said unto him, Give me thy vineyard for money; or else, if it please thee, I will give thee another vineyard for it: and he answered, I will not give thee my vineyard. And Jezebel his wife said unto him, Dost thou now govern the kingdom of Israel? arise, and eat bread, and let thine heart be merry: I will give thee the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite.” Hey, aren’t you the king. Aren’t you in charge, aren’t you king over Israel. Stop pouting, I’ll give you what you want. Under the pretense of comforting him, she is feeding his pride and lusts, and blows on the coals of anger in his heart, and takes up his cause. Why? She is saying I have everything under control, I know how to give you what you want. Note the “I will”. Does it remind you of anything? How about when Lucifer seven times said “I will” to God in Isaiah 14:13-15. “For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.” That’s what happens to all with such pride and desire to be in control of their lives and others around them. Jezebel is very confident in herself, as one who has much experience and has been this road before, who knows how to get her way, for she has done it before. This is not the first time she has walked this way of rebellion and power.
    Now, we need to realize that there is a difference between one with a take charge ability and one with a controlling spirit. They are not the same thing. Many godly people are qualified people who know how to motivate others to work, and how to get things done. Those lead and control situations and needs in a godly manner. Jezebel’s was an evil controlling spirit. The spirit of control always wants to dominate and manipulate, and control other people and situations. It’s an oppressive spirit. Hosea 12:7 “He is a merchant, the balances of deceit are in his hand: he loveth to oppress.” It’s a warning. This man loves to control. Isaiah 3:12-14 “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths. The LORD standeth up to plead, and standeth to judge the people. The LORD will enter into judgment with the ancients of his people, and the princes thereof: for ye have eaten up the vineyard; the spoil of the poor is in your houses.” God will stand up in judgment against the oppressor. God is against the one with an oppressive controlling spirit, and supportive of the one that is humble of heart. Psalm 72:4 “He shall judge the poor of the people, he shall save the children of the needy, and shall break in pieces the oppressor.” Proverbs 3:31-32 “Envy thou not the oppressor, and choose none of his ways. For the froward is abomination to the LORD: but his secret is with the righteous.” Proverbs 28:16 “The prince that wanteth understanding is also a great oppressor: but he that hateth covetousness shall prolong his days.” Isaiah 14:4-5 “That thou shalt take up this proverb against the king of Babylon, and say, How hath the oppressor ceased! the golden city ceased!The LORD hath broken the staff of the wicked, and the sceptre of the rulers.” Isaiah 51:11-13 “Therefore the redeemed of the LORD shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; and everlasting joy shall be upon their head: they shall obtain gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away. I, even I, am he that comforteth you: who art thou, that thou shouldest be afraid of a man that shall die, and of the son of man which shall be made as grass; And forgettest the LORD thy maker, that hath stretched forth the heavens, and laid the foundations of the earth; and hast feared continually every day because of the fury of the oppressor, as if he were ready to destroy? and where is the fury of the oppressor?” Jeremiah 22:3 “Thus saith the LORD; Execute ye judgment and righteousness, and deliver the spoiled out of the hand of the oppressor: and do no wrong, do no violence to the stranger, the fatherless, nor the widow, neither shed innocent blood in this place.”
    Oppression is the cruel or unjust use of power or authority. That was Jezebel. She connived and manipulated to get the vineyard of Naboth by this misuse of power. She first chided Ahab for not using his power as king. 1 Kings 21:7 “And Jezebel his wife said unto him, Dost thou now govern the kingdom of Israel? arise, and eat bread, and let thine heart be merry: I will give thee the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite.” What did she do? (v.8) “So she wrote letters in Ahab’s name, and sealed them with his seal, and sent the letters unto the elders and to the nobles that were in his city, dwelling with Naboth.” An oppressive controlling spirit wants power, and they will get it any way the can in order to advance their cause. They enjoy controlling others. Many women today will write letters in the name of their husband or other one in authority in order to manipulate people or events. A wife behind the scenes can have more power through influence and manipulation, that her husband who is the one in authority. Just look at Bill and Hillary Clinton. He is physically the president, who she has the most power and control, because she controls Bill. He does what she wants. He has been know to say “I can’t do that because I have to go home tonight. I don’t dare do anything that will displease Hillary.” Why? She will show her wrath. The lady will get very angry, she has been said to throw things, since being in the white house. She will do what it takes to get her way with Bill. He is afraid of her. She is the same as the Biblical Jezebel.
    In the church, I have seen both men and women in a church that constantly work to control people in the congregation by personal “prophecies.” I remember a few times when I went to lakewood church, someone coming up to me and saying “I have a message for you from the Lord.” Baloney. That’s what it was. Baloney. Yet they influence people and cause them to do what they want them too. I also had that happen to me at Evangelistic Temple. In the home, a man will misuse the Biblical concept of submission in order to control his wife or bring about a harsh slave like relationship. Sometimes that type relationship comes out of their culture before they come to Christianity. They when they come to Christ and hear about the teaching of wives submitting to their husbands, they love it and just add it to their reasons why they should totally control and treat their wives like a slave, like a possession as if they were no more than a piece of furniture. Yet they overlook the Biblical admonition for husbands to “love their wives.” Ephesians 5:22-25 “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing. Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;” 1 Peter 3:5-7 “For after this manner in the old time the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorned themselves, being in subjection unto their own husbands: Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do well, and are not afraid with any amazement. Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.” There is a balance in the Word of God. If the man doesn’t love his wife, then the balance is lost. If a wife doesn’t submit to her husband the balance it lose. What’s worse is what most marriages face, where neither of these principles are practiced in the home. There is no love, and no submission. What a hell hole. The man earns the right of his wives submission by his being in submission to the Lord. However, whether or not he is, does not excuse the wife. For the Bible deal with the situation where the wife is saved, and the husband is not. Simply, we are responsible for obeying God in relation to our part, the role He has given and commanded us, whether or not our spouse or anyone else lives up to their part. We will each be judged by how we fulfill the commandments God has given to us. Men have misused his place in the home, and many women today will look for a passive man to marry, one she knows she can control before marrying him.
    Now Jezebel not only controlled and manipulate to get her way, but she did it under a religious cloak or covering. 1 Kings 21:9 “And she wrote in the letters, saying, Proclaim a fast, and set Naboth on high among the people:” In proclaiming a fast, it was saying that your house, city, or nation were under God’s judgment. She is telling them there is a problem in your city, trouble, and we need to get to the bottom of it, so you must fast and do this. Prayer and fasting was the means of finding out why God was angry and then repenting to stop his anger. It is very dangerous, when people will use scripture and the name of Christ to control others. Their used to be a movement called the “Shepherding movement.” It was a means by which some men controlled the lives of others. Jezebel set Naboth up to be tried and convicted by a court of her peers under the cloak of a religious fast. (v.10) “And set two men, sons of Belial, before him, to bear witness against him, saying, Thou didst blaspheme God and the king. And then carry him out, and stone him, that he may die.” Ultimately this controlling spirit will do anything to get their way. What is so sad here is that she lied and contrived to do it, and she didn’t even want the vineyard. She was not a gardener. That’s not what it was all about. It was like a game to her. She liked to pull strings. Ahab wanted a vineyard. Jezebel wanted power to control others. Let’s look at 20 years later in the lives of Ahab and Jezebel, when God judges them.
    2 Kings 9:1-10 “And Elisha the prophet called one of the children of the prophets, and said unto him, Gird up thy loins, and take this box of oil in thine hand, and go to Ramothgilead: And when thou comest thither, look out there Jehu the son of Jehoshaphat the son of Nimshi, and go in, and make him arise up from among his brethren, and carry him to an inner chamber; Then take the box of oil, and pour it on his head, and say, Thus saith the LORD, I have anointed thee king over Israel. Then open the door, and flee, and tarry not. So the young man, even the young man the prophet, went to Ramothgilead. And when he came, behold, the captains of the host were sitting; and he said, I have an errand to thee, O captain. And Jehu said, Unto which of all us? And he said, To thee, O captain. And he arose, and went into the house; and he poured the oil on his head, and said unto him, Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, I have anointed thee king over the people of the LORD, even over Israel. And thou shalt smite the house of Ahab thy master, that I may avenge the blood of my servants the prophets, and the blood of all the servants of the LORD, at the hand of Jezebel. For the whole house of Ahab shall perish: and I will cut off from Ahab him that pisseth against the wall, and him that is shut up and left in Israel: And I will make the house of Ahab like the house of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, and like the house of Baasha the son of Ahijah: And the dogs shall eat Jezebel in the portion of Jezreel, and there shall be none to bury her. And he opened the door, and fled.” A condition of Jehu taking the throne, was that he had to first do away with Ahab and all his house. (v.18-22) “So there went one on horseback to meet him, and said, Thus saith the king, Is it peace? And Jehu said, What hast thou to do with peace? turn thee behind me. And the watchman told, saying, The messenger came to them, but he cometh not again. Then he sent out a second on horseback, which came to them, and said, Thus saith the king, Is it peace? And Jehu answered, What hast thou to do with peace? turn thee behind me. And the watchman told, saying, He came even unto them, and cometh not again: and the driving is like the driving of Jehu the son of Nimshi; for he driveth furiously. And Joram said, Make ready. And his chariot was made ready. And Joram king of Israel and Ahaziah king of Judah went out, each in his chariot, and they went out against Jehu, and met him in the portion of Naboth the Jezreelite. And it came to pass, when Joram saw Jehu, that he said, Is it peace, Jehu? And he answered, What peace, so long as the whoredoms of thy mother Jezebel and her witchcrafts are so many?” We see here that not only was Ahab (but really Jezebel) ruling in Samaria, but their son was over Israel. (v.24, 27). “And Jehu drew a bow with his full strength, and smote Jehoram between his arms, and the arrow went out at his heart, and he sunk down in his chariot… But when Ahaziah the king of Judah saw this, he fled by the way of the garden house. And Jehu followed after him, and said, Smite him also in the chariot. And they did so at the going up to Gur, which is by Ibleam. And he fled to Megiddo, and died there.” Why was Ahaziah killed also? (1 Kings 8:25, 27) “Therefore now, LORD God of Israel, keep with thy servant David my father that thou promisedst him, saying, There shall not fail thee a man in my sight to sit on the throne of Israel; so that thy children take heed to their way, that they walk before me as thou hast walked before me… But will God indeed dwell on the earth? behold, the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain thee; how much less this house that I have builded?” Jezebel had power over not only Samaria, but Israel and Judah through her son and daughter. Now Jezebel knows that the kingdom is under siege and her time is about over. She tries then to save her own neck. 2 Kings 9:30 “And when Jehu was come to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it; and she painted her face, and tired her head, and looked out at a window.” Here is the painted Jezebel. Tired her head, is dressing up her hair. She is now an older woman, 20 years older, yet thinks she can still control the situation as before, thinking maybe she can seduce Jehu. She has no power of her own anymore, or Ahab’s power, because he is already dead. It’s her against the world and God. Here is a pitiful picture of a woman typing to play the harlot to trap a warrior for the Lord. Men, beware of a painted up Jezebel that will use her physical, personal or fleshly charm to control or mislead you. Jehu, under the anointing of God to rid the nation of Ahab and all those associated with him, was able to see right through her. When we walk with God he will expose the painted up falsely adorned head of a Jezebel and controlling spirit that may look good, and even sound good and religious. Since the physical charms didn’t work, she tries intimidation and threatening. (v.31) “And as Jehu entered in at the gate, she said, Had Zimri peace, who slew his master?” Instead of trembling before Jehu, the instrument of God’s judgment upon her, she tries to make him tremble with a threatening question? Did Zimri have any peace after he slew his master? Referring to the man who killed king Elah in 1 Kings 16:8-10 and then became king in his place. It’s “if you kill me, it will be on your conscious.” It’s the practice of a Jezebel controlling spirit to always divert attention off of themselves and point at another and pick out a mote in their eye, and smooth talk themselves out of trouble. This didn’t work either. (v.32-35) “And he lifted up his face to the window, and said, Who is on my side? who? And there looked out to him two or three eunuchs. And he said, Throw her down. So they threw her down: and some of her blood was sprinkled on the wall, and on the horses: and he trode her under foot. And when he was come in, he did eat and drink, and said, Go, see now this cursed woman, and bury her: for she is a king’s daughter. And they went to bury her: but they found no more of her than the skull, and the feet, and the palms of her hands.” That ought to strike fear into the heart of those with a controlling spirit. God is able to cast them down out of your life so that they no longer control you.
    How do you deal with and rid yourself of a Jezebel spirit. The prophet Elijah tells us, for he knew all to well what it was like to be under a Jezebel. 1 Kings 19:1 “And Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done, and withal how he had slain all the prophets with the sword.” That refers to mount Carmel, when the New Age religion came against the Old Time Religion, and Elijah killed 450 prophets of Baal. He wiped them out. Jezebel is angry because she got her authority and power from these false prophets. (v.2-3) “Then Jezebel sent a messenger unto Elijah, saying, So let the gods do to me, and more also, if I make not thy life as the life of one of them by to morrow about this time. And when he saw that, he arose, and went for his life, and came to Beersheba, which belongeth to Judah, and left his servant there.” So bold before the altar of God facing 450 false prophets, but now that the big contest over, he is drained and tired, and he listens too and gives into the threats of this controlling spirit. Yet what could it have been more than a threat. For if she truly thought she could kill him after what just transpired, she wouldn’t have warned him, but just killed him. But she knew she couldn’t. He just killed all her crew. (v.4) “But he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper tree: and he requested for himself that he might die; and said, It is enough; now, O LORD, take away my life; for I am not better than my fathers.” Here he sits, under this Jezebel spirit, and is giving up, conceding defeat at her hand, and is ready to die. Yet here is where God delivered him from this controlling Jezebel spirit. If you are at this moment sitting under a spiritual juniper tree, under the influence of a Jezebel spirit, defeated, being overcome because of this controlling spirit, you can be set fee from it. The Lord Jesus is able to break you free from her bondage. First of all. You can’t fight a controlling spirit by your own power or authority. The victory over a controlling spirit has to be won in the spiritual realm through spiritual warfare. (v.4) “But he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper tree: and he requested for himself that he might die; and said, It is enough; now, O LORD, take away my life; for I am not better than my fathers.” Notice that Elijah did not try to fight fire with fire, flesh with flesh. He didn’t try to gain control of this controlling spirit in his own strength or ability. He had reached the end of himself, and went to sleep. It’s enough. He is ready to die. He is saying, “God, only you can overcome this Jezebel and get me out of this mess.” Can I say that this is the very position the Lord wants you to come too, if you are under a Jezebel spirit. When you come up against an attack of Satan, especially when he uses a friend, or even a family member; to attack you; it is important that you be aware, for there is a right and a wrong way to fight it To react in an unrighteous way to an unrighteous person, and fight back in the flesh, instead of the spirit, will not bring victory and deliverance. Remember when James and John wanted to call fire down from heaven? Luke 9:51-55 “And it came to pass, when the time was come that he should be received up, he stedfastly set his face to go to Jerusalem, And sent messengers before his face: and they went, and entered into a village of the Samaritans, to make ready for him. And they did not receive him, because his face was as though he would go to Jerusalem. And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did? But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of.” What was this about. They wanted to pass through Samaria to go to Jerusalem, and they said no, we control this territory and you can’t go through it. The disciples wanted to fight them by calling fire from heaven, to gain control and get their way. What did Jesus say? You don’t know the spirit you are of. You can’t fight that controlling spirit of the Samaritans, with the same spirit. It’s not the right way to fight a controlling spirit. The Lord let Elijah go into the wilderness by himself, to come to the end of self. If you are under a controlling or oppressive spirit, either directly or indirectly through another person, God’s word for you is that you must let God fight the battle for you, and fight it by the spirit and not in the flesh. We are not better than our fathers, who had to rely on God to fight their battles for them. We can’t do of ourselves what they could not. Exodus 14:14 “The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.” Deuteronomy 3:22 “Ye shall not fear them: for the LORD your God he shall fight for you.” When you are in a situation like Elijah most will either give into discouragement and despair and try to run and hide; or they will attack their attacker and try to fight flesh with flesh, evil with evil. You cannot stoop to the level of a Jezebel to fight her on her terms or in her territory and win. If you have a heart for God you will never win this way, she will beat you. In the flesh, only one with a stronger controlling spirit can win, like when a new witch rises up and destroys an old witch to take over a coven of witches. You can’t fight them in their territory, or by their spirit.
    Here is the way to come to God if your in a situation you have no control over. Psalm 35:1-4, 22-23. “Plead my cause, O LORD, with them that strive with me: fight against them that fight against me. Take hold of shield and buckler, and stand up for mine help. Draw out also the spear, and stop the way against them that persecute me: say unto my soul, I am thy salvation. Let them be confounded and put to shame that seek after my soul: let them be turned back and brought to confusion that devise my hurt… This thou hast seen, O LORD: keep not silence: O LORD, be not far from me. Stir up thyself, and awake to my judgment, even unto my cause, my God and my Lord.” You have a choice to either stand on the Word and let God fight you battles for you, or try to fight in on your on, in your own strength, in which you will loose, for Jezebel will beat you every time. After Elijah fell to sleep, he got a wake up call from an angel. This is glorious. 1 Kings19:5 “And as he lay and slept under a juniper tree, behold, then an angel touched him, and said unto him, Arise and eat.” Oh the mercy of God, when he sees us lying down in defeat under a juniper tree. (v.6) “And he looked, and, behold, there was a cake baken on the coals, and a cruse of water at his head. And he did eat and drink, and laid him down again.” This second time he went to sleep, he sleep a lot better. The first time he went to sleep, something was eating him up inside, Jezebel. Psalm 53:4 “Have the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread: they have not called upon God.” He went to bed feeling like Jezebel was eating up his soul. But now he had eaten angel food and slept soundly in the Lord, no longer under depression and oppression, being eaten up mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Their is someone here in a similar condition as Elijah was, under a controlling spirit of person, or under a past experience in which you life was greatly effected by the decisions of others over which you had no control or did nothing to deserve. Those people can pass from our lives and yet they can still be a controlling spirit over you if there is bitterness, sorrow or sulking inside, even if they have moved on. Jezebel was no where to be seen in the wilderness, but he was still under her spell. Psalm 127:2 “It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.” The bread of sorrows will leave a bitter taste in your stomach and mind. 1 Kings 19:6 “And he looked, and, behold, there was a cake baken on the coals, and a cruse of water at his head. And he did eat and drink, and laid him down again.” It was at his head. Oh the practically of this. Elijah was under a physical and mental attack. Jezebel was trying to mess up his head. He wasn’t thinking clearly. He has a mental and spiritual lapse and forgot that God could protect him and take care of Jezebel, and he had a heavy heart because of the attack in his mind. So the angel brings Elijah breakfast in bed, something to take care of his headache. An it’s a lot better than aspirin or Rolaids. If the devil has been trying to mess up your mind, know the Lord has an antidote for you. This bread and water is a type and shadow of Christ. To some people bread and water may sound like prison food, for someone in a third world prison; but this is deliverance food. Look at it. Jesus is the bread that comes down from heaven. John 6:50-51, 56-57. “This is the bread which cometh down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof, and not die. I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world… He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him. As the living Father hath sent me, and I live by the Father: so he that eateth me, even he shall live by me.” Christ is also the source of living water. John 4:13-14. “Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again: But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” That water of life will fill you with power to face controlling spirits and anything else. Now the finishing touch. 1 Kings 19:7 “And the angel of the LORD came again the second time, and touched him, and said, Arise and eat; because the journey is too great for thee.” You think you can’t face that controlling spirit. Yes, the journey is too great for you in the power and strength of your flesh, and you need a little heavenly bread and water from the hand of the angel of the Lord. (v.8) “And he arose, and did eat and drink, and went in the strength of that meat forty days and forty nights unto Horeb the mount of God.” That’s some food. That’s some kind of meal that will carry you for 40 days, which is a type of temptation and testing as Christ when through in the wilderness. But when you trust in the Lord, and let Him fight your battles, and take your stand with Him, and feed from Him; then there you will find strength to stand against that controlling spirit in your marriage, at your job, in the church. And there is strength to carry you through your journey for 40 days and carry you to the mountain of God. Out from the control of the controlling Jezebel spirit. God took care of her, not immediately, but he did, and God can take care of your Jezebel. Jesus can break every fetter and set you free. . . “whoever the Son shall set free, is free indeed.”

    • Amen, Josephine, Thank you!

    • Thank you josphine I am fighting, struggling with a jezebel spirit…it is very hard for me to identify with it bc it is so evil I pray that I break loose and stay loose..I believe I have repented a while back ago whenever God shown me manipulation and control with emotions is witchraft I just didnt know it was jezebel, I am learning BUT God the Holy Ghost is my leader and guide he dothe safely lead me..its hard to be honest whith yourself about this nasty thing…God knows my heart I truly want to be like Jesus…sometimes this spirit rises against me and i may not have been able to put a name to it but God is faithful-whenever my husband and I had that argument and I told him he was goingt ogive an accout for that God seriously showed me I hit a boundary line that shouldnt be crossed-its better to expose this than leave it in darkness its just so embarassing especially in the light of this pg…..I want to be humble so God can work..anyways after I repented and repented to my husband I cried a lot that day because I was terribly afraid of my behavior and the Lord started to enlighten me That God is not against my husband or me, we shouldnt fight against each other because God doesnt do that he fights for us, satan is the accuser of the brethren and he loves destruction discord whatever…in light of those words from the Holy Spirit it really helps me… My Pastor said something that is kind of disturbing to me- he said my husband would start coming to church, but that he isnt spiritual, but when he comes he will be an asset to me because i am gifted and he will help the church…that didnt settle to right with me but i ignored it, I love my pastor and I have been growing a lot at church and I believe he is a man of God but what could he have meant by that.. PLease pray for me I want the order of God in our home —oh yes I have to tell you this dream i had a while back ago……I was in this house and my husband, this maried couple, a homosexual in town that i know, and my stepdad was all in this house….my highschool buddy who was the married couple was very promiscuous and domninant acting while my husband and her husband was in the bed together, the homo was in the room, and my step dad in a nother room alone……I was being brought out of this house with help from a man out side taking my bags..I always seen this as deliverance.But god told me this was a covering of gender confusion, when men do not take their place on the home it causes gender confusion in women and in men….now that I am reading about jezebel and its perversion and dominance i can see it operates with gender confused spirit

      Also…I had another dream after that , that my husband was going to listen to his pawapaw who is a preacher to jump into a river of alligators, I told him not to and that was when the alligators were discovered….out of the water came this half reptile and half man it tried to take my moms head I spoke L”leviathan i rebuke you in the name of Jesus” it came against me to intimidate me but men on a boat in my dream safely hid me and bound leviathen with linen cloths- so this part i never understood…I walked down to the bottomw of the boat and it was a packed room of homosexual men partying down there and I was horrified and woke up

    • Natasha,

      I sure learned my lesson with the personal prophecy baloney. I far too easily fell for it. I personally experienced how these false prophets use it to control people. It happened to me. Ahabs and Jezebels calling themselves prophets then mind controlling people. I was fed lies and strung along then put out on my butt and arrested when they thought I might expose them.

      People have the nerve to call themselves “prophets of God” when in fact they are actually prophets of Satan sowing seeds of discord and division among the brethren. When I finally came to my senses my mother reminded me what real Bible prophecy is about and it does not include personal fortune telling.

      People are so sucked into the lies of Satan’s agents. The damage caused in my life has never been repaired.

  225. I dont know if i identify with a jezebel spirt marianne, i know a lot of this is in the classifications of the works of the flesh and I want to walk in the members of the Holy Spirit, not members of flesh- I believe God has delivered me, I think it wants me and i am fighting against it with the help of the Holy Ghost- thank you though……

  226. I dont know if i identify with a jezebel spirt marianne, i know a lot of this is in the classifications of the works of the flesh and I want to walk in the members of the Holy Spirit, not members of flesh- I believe God has delivered me, I think it wants me and i am fighting against it with the help of the Holy Ghost- thank you though……my dad hates the way my husband takes care of me, he is coming around, but we have been married for 6 yrs now, my dad thinks hes dad isnt following God I know, but he seems to srtuggle with a lot, my dad didnt take care of me i never knew him I had him a part of my life hardly never he lives in another state..whenever I got save God started restoring back relationships that i had lost in the past,my dad is very dominant acting but he is overcome by the gentleness of the Holy Spirit most of the time…..He wants me to come see him but not my husband, he want to manuever to get me but not clay…i confronted him about this and he finally stopped, I told him I am a woman and have a family now- he is starting to accept my lifestyle and my beliefs, I share my views from the bible on most problems we face and he is coming around to accept me-this has been hard for him for some reason that I am a small town young mother thats married and has staye dhome with children….he has told me this was no kind of life in the past and tried to covince me to feel bad about it…I have stayed with my husband and God is adding to us our finances our children and giving us more of Him Praise God I am happy with my life in Christ Jesus it may not be the most glamorous but most rewarding and i think my dad is starting to see that……..He is a respecting us more now and appreciating the things i say—-Clays mom used to frustrate me, She used to dominate our whole household…She always tried to bring to my husband and kids better than what i could give so she could keep her glory, now like I said again over the years things have slowly changed, I started making it clear that I was going to make decisions that had to do with our family and I had the place too. My daughter and I have had to bond last yr while my son went into prek bc she had more of a connection with my motherinlaw than me….God really has worked miracle in our relationship we are so close now…my motherin law holds a lot more of her dominance back that she used to and my husband used to cleave to her, now its changing in the past 2 yrs….I have been maturing more in the Lord too bc I had such a horrible past, God really struck with me through my rebellion and hypocrisy and give me space to repent I am 24 now and i became a believer at17, I am not only a believer now but a saved one……I know I have went through some warfare serious warfare, to submit my soul to Jesus, I know there a doors to my soul that has been submitted to the Lord and the Lord fills me and he is taking possession of my soul and exposing darkness and will continue to do so until I die that is why I am so thankful-He doesnt leave me to my self. this used to be a horrible fear, I have grown in my trust in God, bc I have found out he isnt going to leave me, and I am growing in trust with my husband bc he doesnt want to leave me, my husband is very loving and forgiving, but i dont want him to just give and not recieve- He needs to recieve what God has for him and I do too and that is where prayer comes in bc it is God place only he can work salvation….I am sensitive to things God shows me spirits so I can pray against them, I know he doesnt want me to be afraid,but trust HIm and be free and I can rest in Him

    • hi natasha

      It sounds like you father abandoned you when you were a child, making you feel unprotected and out of control some. You therefore needed to protect yourself, and you did this by trying to assert more control over your environment, so that you would not be harmed.

      It sounds like now you father has re-entered your life, and wants too much of your attention to make up for lost time. This, however, tends to excluded your husband, who is “one” with you, and should be included. Telling your dad that he has to include your husband will help establish boundaries and bring things back into balance. your dad has to expect things that may not be on his own terms. I think you have done well in this regard, and shows maturity on your part.

      Your husband needs to do the same with his mom. He needs to learn to tell her “no” and assert himself more with her. The more assertive he is, he better he will feel, and you will see him more as someone re-gaining his spiritual authority in his own life. The eastern star she belongs to is demonic in foundation. While they say they are “spiritual” and do charity, etc, the principles they operate on, if one is advanced enough, is luciferan, and not godly. This eastern star and the masons are satanic, and they practice a lot of “control” in many areas. Control is witchcraft.

      Another way of saying this is that he needs to get in touch with his own male hormones and use them. Once he establishes this with his mom, then he can take charge more in his own home. RIght now, dominating females make him feel emasculated and so the issues with the homos…….weak, feminine men tend to go in the homosexual direction…..and Clay is being challenged with this kind of attack. There are gay men that are interested in him in his vulnerable state. Those are the alligators. They are predators.

      Pray with your husband for him to regain his manhood and to stand up to any dominating person, whether it is his mother or your dad. He needs this confidence restored after it has been torn down for so long. Also pray against all generational curses brought into the family by the masonic – eastern star affiliation.

      You will see your own sense of peace and control come into place once your husband is restored. Work on him first, to strengthen him, and then let him help you get your balance back.

  227. please erase my posts after reading them thank you

  228. Natasha-I read your post, as well, and it read as if you thought you were being influenced by a Jezebel spirit. I believe what Marianne saying is that you don’t have a Jezebel spirit, but is asking questions about your husband and his mother to figure out who does. A Jezebel spirit will use people to go after others. When dealing with a Jezebel, they often try to put the onus of all issues on their targets. There could be a Jezebel targeting you.

    • Thank you Mrs Kay, I dont believe I am a jezebel but my struggle with its influence around me trying to latch on but my wisdom about all this stuff is not there, I can see the wisdom of the Holy Spirit leading me through things I just havent identified it all in this light, I hope you know I am ready to fight I just need to pray and ask God what should i do- I have repented and still work in the members of the Holy Spirit against sin because He intercedes for me Praise Him I just want the liberty in Christ fully recieved by me through obedience repentance prayer whatever it takes. I want to submit and not be decieved

  229. i cant understand any of this my wisdom is nothing the Holy Spirits wisdom can be my only source of truth I pray He shows me what I need I believe He has been

  230. Big “wow” on the alligator dreams, and the Leviathon…I’ve had dreams for years about alligators, pythons, etc. There’s a great website called “MyOnar” that offers dream interpretations. It costs, but so well worth it. Several dreams “revealed” what I felt, but couldn’t get a handle on “why” things were going on, or what the spirit was. I recommend this website, as you may have a gift of discernment of spirits. Would share my dreams, but they are very long, and don’t want to hog the space. By the way-one of my dreams about pythons also involved a white boat where I was protected by a glass partition. You may be a watchman, as well-it’s frustrating when the end of the dream doesn’t seem to be the end of the story. The glory is God’s, and if He is sending you dreams, there’s a reason for it.

  231. The unsuspecting: My friend’s Jezebel ex-wife just remarried (her third marriage & she’s only 33) She married a man supposedly
    well connnected within the church community where we live, as a worship leader Sadly, he is going to be in for a rude awakening once the honeymoon is over, their courtship was only 7 months – she cleverly hid her true self, just as she did for my friend. It seems a shame that my friend couldn’t have warned him, as a brother- in- Christ. But, I guess the question is, would he have listened? What is our responsiblity to warn others of the harm the jezebel spirit brings? My friend is so grateful to God to be free – he escaped with his life, as she had made threats against him & physically abused him.

    • dear in Christ alone

      This is why I spend so much time on this here. The main topics people are searching for when they come here are earthquakes and jezebel spirits.

      A bigger question is why did the pastor allow this.?

      The bible is clear. Unless your friend committed adultery, giving her a legal reason to divorce him, then any marriage she enters into is adultery for her.

      Doesn’t the pastor read the bible? Why would he allow his worship leader to go off with an adulteress and still allow him a position in the church? Did he marry them also? Is he your pastor also?

      The pastor is not doing his job, and the man getting married has no business in a church position, if he does not even obey the bible. You, if you are in the same church, should not be in a church that does not care about violations of the Word of God, and allows sexual sins.

      This is satan entering the church, and the sheep are mindless and let him in.

      Your responsibility is to always stand up for the word of God, and what is right. If others refuse to listen, then that is on them. But if you do not say something, then you will have to answer in some way.

      I would still make an effort to warn others surrounding the both of them that this is a sinful situation and this man and his jezebel should not be allowed back in the church.

      Otherwise they will all suffer, not just the man.

      You never know, he may be an ahab personality, and may be a perfect match for her. This would then empower her, and allow her to create more destruction.

  232. We are not to enable Jezebel’s games and tactics. See Rev 2:18-29. They are deceitful, envious, competitive, and make every attempt to shame those around her into submission to her agenda. Her agenda has nothing to do with serving God. It’s about serving her. Submitting to her is submitting to her idols.

  233. An entire village in Boissiere West Indies is subject to the oppression of a real life Jezebel who is a gambler, prostitute and wicked mother not surprisingly she is a lso a shrewd business woman who is trying to destroy souls in the village- please pray fro us to be delivered.

  234. Ok hi i am very new here and i have read alot this morning to be honest before i talk about my wife i’ll talk about myself and first i’ll say that, well i am ah-shame eh so please dont bash me cause am begging for help like some one to really counsel me and help me my wife and i stop having sex so i masturbate and watch porn alot but i try very hard not to i smoke and i have tried everything to stop i do drink but not to much am addicted to sex but only from my wife but she acts like she dont want me most times i cook clean and do all the chores in the house and everything that is described as a Jezebel spirit in this site my wife does it all and she attacks me if i oppose her she cant beat me but she knows for sure i wont hit her she takes full advantage of this, right now every time she is drunk or had a little to drink she turns into this sexy woman and plays rock music and sex comes like her second language but this morning she told me her name is baal and she want me to leave my wife and come with her and that my wife spirit is tied with hers saying that my mother in law went to some obeah person to get help to make children and the person helped and my wife was born and that my from at that point belongs to baal and my wife had told about the obeah person all ready but i did not know so much untill this morning and my wife is very very controlling and ignorant at times she act’s like if she want to fight and she even reaches so far to hit me knowing that i wont hit her back and after a while she says sorry and sometimes she dont but i dont even know if anyone could even understand how hard it is for me cause i have problems and i love my wife CAN ANYONE REALLY HELP AM ACTUALLY BEGGING FOR HELP

    • dear ken

      Leave her, or stand up to her.

      Staying in submission to her is the worst thing you can do.

      You are married to a dedicated witch. You are not obligated to stay with her, an you need to tell her to change her bad behavior or you will not be her husband.

      Do not be her slave. You may love her but until she repents, it will stay like this.

      tell her “no” when she wants to be your boss. Tell her you will not do her work for her. tell her that she has demons, and until she gets deliverance from them, and gives her heart to Jesus, she will never have a good marriage, and you will never be a real husband to her.

      You may also not be saved. I am not sure. You also have to give your heart to Jesus, and repent of your own sins as well. then you need to assert your male authority in the home.

      finally block all communication with any witches in the family. they need to understand that their evil will not be tolerated in your home.

  235. I need to know how to cover my Godson, Zachary, in his circumstances. He’s being raised by Jezebel and Ahab spirits, along with several eunuchs. He just turned 6 years old. For the first time, I, along with Zack’s Godfather, were not invited to the “private” birthday party–supposed to be “family”, but some were family, and others are those living out of wedlock with family. Among other things, Jezebel has done things like hide cookies in my house from me so that I couldn’t give one to Zack. For 3 years (since his 3rd birthday when he was saying my name in a dream), she instructs him to give everyone hugs and kisses, except for me. The eunuchs surround him at every event, literally getting between him and me, to keep us from talking, etc. It’s creepy. I don’t ask for hugs and kisses anymore because it’s become a competition, and I feel so bad for Zachary because he’s being used as a trophy. Jezebel actually has in her will that Zachary is to live with her brother and live-in girlfriend if anything happens to her and Zachary’s dad (Ahab). Zack is adopted. There are so many stories, and there’s no room for them all. I’ve prayed for so long that Zack’s parents be released, but they’re only getting stronger and more arrogant. How do I cover Zachary in this situation? His parents are just too arrogant and envious to admit or deal with their issues. How do I cover Zachary? What authority do I have over these spirits when they’re influencing others who want to keep them around?

  236. My mother has the Jezebel spirit. It is pure evil. I agonize over living in the Spirit with goodness, gentleness, kindness, joy, mercy. Because of my love for the Lord I continue to forgive my mother but she is so mean and evil. You can not make her see reason, you cannot argue with her, you will never win. When she attacks, I end up in despair and often just want to kill myself to escape her wrath. It’s just evil. I try and take the high road but she will persist and i end up reacting horrible. I was crying today and verbalized I wish she would just die. I verbalized I hated her. The Bible says if you hate someone, you are guilty of murder. How do you tell your mother to stay out of your life, yet honor her.

    I love my mother, but the Jezebel is so strong in her. She turns my children against me, she unrighteously judges me, she is so critical. If you confront her, watch out because she will be out to destroy you! Someone just lift me up in prayer. I stand alone against her.

    Thank you

    • hi Tammy

      It is really hard when the jezebel affects our mother or other family member.

      you are dealing with 2 entities at once….the human and the demon

      try not to let the demon get to you……you can talk back to it.

      you need to tell your mom as long as she behaves the way she does, being so critical, you will have to limit her contact with your children.

      if she backlashes, tell her you do not care….you have made your decision.

      you can stand alone against her…but it is hard..since there is also the human relationship there as well.

      are there any friends or family that can support you against her?

      otherwise, just be firm.

      i have a jezebel in my family too… just have to oppose them, with equal force…and show them you cannot be bullied.

      even if they do not change, they will realize that you have more power than they thought…

      your power comes from jesus..who lives inside of you, if you are saved.

      are you saved?

      if not, make that step…you will be glad you did..any questions…just ask.

      do you both have texting on your phones?…sometimes it is easier to confront them indirectly….rather than face to face..because they get so loud…

      if yes, then tell her in a text that she has a demon called jezebel infecting her, and she needs to repent and get rid of her devil before she can have a good relationship with you

      I am putting you on my prayer list for support.

      • Brilliant !!! I learned in my own life, that you have to oppose them firmly, otherwise they will chew you up, you have to stand your ground. I learned Psalm 91 and Eph 6:10 works very well, that way you dont have to do anything, God will take care of it, just sit back and watch…

  237. Elijah prayed that God would kill him so he wouldn’t have to deal with Jezebel, so it’s no surprise that you want out. I’ve never considered killing myself, but I have cried out to God to just come and get me so I wouldn’t have to go through all of the junk-and it is junk. I deal mostly with an Ahab spirit, who is also Jezebel’s eunuch messenger. Their wrath is very thought-out, and often results in making us look like we’re stupid, overly sensitive or crazy. That’s their plan-they just want their way and for you to shut up. However, when we take their control, they get off course. It’s a fight, but when you realize that God + 1 is a majority, you’re in control. It doesn’t matter what she thinks. It doesn’t matter what games she plays. Don’t allow her games to get into your head, and don’t allow her time with your children unless you are present. Just tell her that these are the rules-you don’t need her permission. I’ve found that confronting, and truly not caring what they think or say, often results in their losing ground. They may still hate you, but God didn’t put you on this earth to be a punching bag, so just make the rules, and stick to them. Take the control away from her. And remember, you are not alone. We understand, and so does God.

    • hi kay

      good advice from someone who obviously has “been there.”

      someone once said that the one who cares the least has the most power. true in this sort of conflict as well. We need to care less about what jezebel thinks, and act to stop her.

  238. Wow, yes that is good advice. Others (even a jezebel) can only take authority over us that we allow. And if we’re easily swayed by ‘Ahab’, then it happens that much quicker; until we’re onto the pattern and are willing to surrender it over to God. But with Him, all things really are possible, even shedding our Ahab influence and standing firm against jezebel. All of you dealing with this, keep up the good work… give yourself the gift of allowing God to transform you into the person He made you to be.

  239. Saying “no” to Jezebel, Ahab and the eunuchs is saying “yes” to God. Do HIS will, not theirs. They will try to keep you from the cross. Expect to be hated, expect the accusations, and expect their anger, but don’t be afraid of it. They hate God’s light because they can’t control it. We are protected by a mighty God and a mighty Savior-we don’t have to allow anyone to deter us from our relationship with our God. He has brought us together for a reason-to lift one another up through the trials and tribulations, all for His glory. I’m in!

  240. Dear Kay, I had an overwhelming attack this last week-since my husband has been back home from work- I had previous posts- I had a dream I was running very in the spirit and I was starting to pass this other person and it became violent and started running after me. I camer into a bedroom and the woman behind me that was chasing me entered the room and I said you cannot have my husband, and when she touched me I was so overwhelmed by this surge and zap of my energy, she said a curse over me for cancer 3 times and I barely had the energy that I said but the stripes of Jesus I am healed. This woman was old with white short hair.I woke up and cried and was so shaken at 4 am and prayed against witchcraft for 2 hrs….My husband was awake at that time and was in another room watching Lord of the Rings I turned it off, my little cousin spent the night 2 and I know she has darkness in her relationships, and have taught her between love and darkness concerning playing around with witchraft….I havent had any dreams which is amazing, bc I am used to having them everynight.I know I have to exercise my spirit, I have been being distracted and tired, today I started over in Gods mercy giving more of my life time to God.Last night I had a dream my husband was in a coffin and His Pastor was preaching and Clay wasnt dead, his legs werent there, then I told him come with me and we left the room and people thought he was dead. Then I was with a now divorced married couple and their child holding it and making him happy and the father said something had been wrong with the child…

  241. sorry for all the typos

    • hi natasha

      How is your husband now? Is he ok?

      It sounds like you think the young cousin is behind all this.

      you need to have a talk with her and her parents, and tell them your concerns.

      if the parents are believers, have them pray with you to stop this influence over their daughter.


    • hi Louis

      You are welcome. Learn to oppose and say no to jezebel. Use support systems against it. Gang up on it, and use God as your authority! Do all in Jesus name! All demons have to bow to him!

  243. Please !! pray for my x-wife that God open her eyes to the effect that her jez spirit is effecting her and our children and family and friends and myself_ Im soooooooooooo tired and want it to stop !!


  244. Hi Marianne,

    A few years back I moved into my parents home to help with my dad who passed away six months later. I was experiencing a terrible reaction from Jezebel through my mom and my sister who lives there as well. I had not been close to my family for many yrs, well never really what I would call close, but in my entire life my dad had never said the words “i love you” to me, not even once, and I wanted to have this time with him, and my family. My mom has always ruled the roost, so to speak, and is a flaming Jezebel, so things became difficult almost immediately and became increasingly worse on a daily basis. I have a nursing degree, but had been called to vocational ministry, and had just started on my Bachelors in Biblical Studies during this time. I found your site one day looking for and reading more material about the Jezebel spirit, and I wrote to you sharing exactly what was going on. In one of your responses to me, you said a few things and then said, “She will probably kick you out of the house, and use your sister to do some of her dirty work”. Honestly Marianne, I didn’t think that would ever happen, but according to your word, it is exactly what happened, just after my dad’s passing. I was more than ready to go though as six months under the authority of her house and having this spirit was completely exhausting.

    Well, here it is more than four yrs later and I have another situation involving what I believe to be Jezebel. This one is the most painful thing that’s ever happened to me as a Christian, and actually began about two yrs. ago. I did continue in Seminary, getting my Biblical Studies degree, and going on to obtain my Masters in Theology, I graduated last year. I don’t know how to shorten this story, but would love to share it with you as I really do feel rather stuck, as in not knowing what to do. Is there a way to share with you more privately? If not, I can just write here with your permission to tell what would have to be pretty long. So, hi again Marianne, and again I would really like to have your advise. Let me know



  245. This is an excellent article on the Jezebel spirit. I finally have a name for the insidious spirit that it is. It is arrogant, combative and is in families and churches today, including my own family. Wow what a blind battle this has been until recently. Your article confirms to me what I have been up against all my life through a family member I was once close to.

    • hi penny

      It took me a lifetime to understand this jezebel, with many wounds on the way. My goal now is to help others understand it too, so they can avoid what I went through.

      I am glad the article helped you. There is a series on this, and you can find it by entering jezebel in the search box, or clicking here:

      the posts are in orange….which are a link to full pages, listed in white

      be blessed and victorious.

  246. This has really opened my eyes today. My son is married to a girl that this describes. I haven’t been able to pinpoint it until now. My father n law stated her characteristics are witchcraft and I thought wow that’s way off so I googled this and came here. We have been cut off from our son due to her behavior and trying to help him. he will reach out and then it’s like when she finds out, she has him doing an about face and he turns on us. I have 2 grandbabies from her and I miss them so much, but decided to remove myself from the situation because no matter how much evidence is there about her, my son doesn’t see it. They’ve been married for 4 1/2 years and this happens at least every six months.

    • gail

      Your husband needs to take charge, and lay the ground rules for everyone.

      She needs to learn what NO means, and that she is not to be the boss for everyone.

      when a man takes charge, the jezebel backs down.

  247. Your situation is so common when a Jezebel spirit is involved. It’s almost like there’s a spell on her eunuchs, and it’s frustrating when they play her game simply because they’re afraid of what will happen if they don’t. I can almost guarantee she is using your grandchildren as weapons to keep your son hostage, and turn him against you. You have more control than you think, though. Recommend getting some reading material from Jonas Clark-it’s helped me alot.

    • Thank you all so much, I thought I was losing my mind. That’s funny u all say that about the man, my husband and my other son are the only ones who always stand up to her. I at one point told my husband he was to hard on her but now I see clearly.. I recently had told her she was manipulative, a liar and a cheater (she had a recent affair with ahab’s best friend. Jezebel in turn told me that I was an unstable grandmother. Ahab becomes defensive, very defensive and he joins along side her as u mention that they do. Unfortunately, jezebel’s uncle is the sheriff in our town. I read on the roots about jezebel and this perfectly describes jezebel’s mother. Her mother has used the phrase “mini me as well as jezebel to my granddaughter. I have changed my number in order to keep her from texting me stuff. They now have to call my husband if they want to talk to us. My husband drove to their house to talk to my son and she stood there grinning and he said there is nothing funny and her reply was “its a nerveous thing I have..

  248. hey I registered for that Jonas Salk recording it is great. won’t work well on dial up tho. And be careful standing up to a jezebel with out help mine was violent and being a man if I had retalliated the cops would have arrested me 1 site I went to tells you to confront the jezebel when she is a lone and you have witnesses. My wife would tell me some thing 1 day and the same day do the or say the opposite and then she would say I am lying or misunderstood or imagined it. Anything but admit the truth.
    You have rights to see your Grandkids you may be able to get the sherrif to escort you there to see them. I am fixing to do that to see my kids.

  249. Yes, both Jezebel and Ahab will lie to others about private conversations that you’ve had. The audience is very important to them. Confronting in a public setting works well, but still you should expect some backlash, especially if the witnesses are the eunuchs. They follow Jezebel and Ahab’s commands, so will hear whatever Jezebel and Ahab want them to hear. They work behind the scenes. However, if we stand our ground, and confront the issues without walking in disobedience ourselves, we win. Everything about Jezebel and Ahab is about image. Many fall for it. Jonas Clark has some good books on the subject.

    • Just my 2c… I’ve been fighting this battle for a while now, it hasnt been easy, BUT if you just trust God, he will unfoil all the enermys plans. My battle prayer is Psalm 91. I’m divorced for 4 months now, i’ve tried to be civil with my ex, friends for my kids sake, but she keeps on biting and lashing out. Jezebels are like serpents, they will only be nice when they want something, once they get it, they will revert to old deaf and dumb behavior. Just keep in prayer and God will expose them, you dont have to do much. My ex has been behaving very weird, around the family and friends, she gives the impression she and I are good, when I’m alone with her, she ignores me and wants me to leave. Everyone believes she wants to reconcile, but I know the truth, and I will not play the game anymore. Let me give you some insight on how God is in control of my situation. Few weeks back, i went to visit my kids, my kids live with their mom and grandparents, grandparents are staunch hindu, so on Sunday morning I go to fetch my kids before church, the grand dad comes and says they are sleeping, so I go to church, I come back later to fetch them. While I’m waiting for my kids, the grand dad speaks to me, he says as long as the kids are in his house they will not go to church, I respected that, but then he had the cheek to tell me, if I want to take them to church I must take them to stay with me somewhere else… So i got angry and I told him, pack them up now, i will take them, dont ever think that my kids are here because of my decision they have their own home and school… My kids were there, they said they want to go live with their dad. It got heated up, I also did some exposing, how his daughters behave like harlots in his home. He was stunned as he didnt expect that as he believes his daughters are angels. Eventually, he said i must take them and go, but i must take the “whole package” kids and ex too, i said I will take my kids, i dont want the ex. He says I made the package I must take it. In the end he apologised to me and said he pushed my wrong buttons and his door is open for me whenever i want to visit my kids.

  250. You have the authority to stand up to her, but she’s more contentious of women than men. She doesn’t like “equals”. You still have that authority, and you don’t have to hide behind anyone to exercise it. Just saying “no” will send her into a tail-spin-you don’t even have to be mean about it-just make sure she knows that her games are exposed, and you have no intention of allowing her to control you! Take that power back.

  251. Anything I say, she twists and turns it around so that my son turns on me even more. I choose to have no contact with her at this point for right now. She started texting me some pretty ugly stuff and when I did respond and stand up, my son then tells me to back off his wife so.. But I’m getting stronger by praying and studying on this.

  252. You don’t have a write up jazebel as wife. How to handle her as a wife – for men. I will real like to read it. Thanks. Great site! I just came across it.

  253. You don’t have a write up jezebel as a wife. How to handle her as a wife – for men. I will real like to read it. Thanks. Great site! I just came across it.

  254. My Dad has all those behaviors except 13 (superficially anyway – he seems to actually love and obsess with social norms and dominate, oppress those who seem to be out of like with his idea of a ‘norm’) Although I’d be more worried about my mom… perhaps he was influenced by her. They severely attack me for standing strong and against their treatment of me. Its really tough, and many times they manipulate, dominate and etc.. on a mental/consciousness/woolovertheeyes level…

  255. we have been having a reacurring problem with a jezebel spirit in our church. i have copied the articals to give to my pastor because she doesnt know how to deal with this spirit.
    Thank you

  256. Wow! I am speechless and yet exploding to share what I have learned at the same time. My mother is the Jezebel here. Dealing with her is how I ended up here on this site. I feel so violated that this has went on so long. I have been standing up to her for a lot of years now though, so that makes me feel better. The information here has put into language exactly the problem I have faced. I am now 40 and have dealt with this destructive spirit all my life. I believe this spirit has been the cause of my problem with depression. It is hard to believe a mother would treat her daughter the way she has me, and for so many years. I am now thankful for this last unusually nasty episode from her because it made no sense and was such an assault on me for absolutely no reason that I can identify the problem and learn to heal and protect myself from further damage. It was nasty, too. I have bore such needless pain under fear, intimidation, and believing it was the scriptural way to treat others. “It was for freedom Christ set us free,” and I find myself learning a lot about freedom through the bondage I have been in. I purposed in my heart two weeks ago I would never be controlled by anyone again. Jesus said to never again bring yourself into bondage. How could this be so hidden in plain sight? Just a few hours ago I was wondering “why” about some of her manipulating ways and now I Know that I know. My husband has controllled me for a long time also, and I became more and more submissive, to keep peace. Submission was also Biblical, though this kind was not to my surprise. Please pray. I am confident there is a force now in motion to make me free Like I have only dreamed of and pretended.
    My entire family has the Jezebel spirit. My Dad was a large man who terrified anyone he came across. People would cower to him everytime. He never had to lift a finger. I knew he wasn’t so tough, but he sure pulled off the bluff. My sister was beyond my words. I say was because she almost died in all her manipulating, and now is like someone home with the lights out. She was the petted one and she let everyone know. She was a compulsive liar and always had to be the center of attention. If you picture Cinderella’s evil sisters you get a pretty good picture of her. My mother forever played us against each other and wasn’t happy if we were getting along-something I began to notice. I admit the Jezebel spirit had its way in my own life, but not anymore, and never to the extent that they have lived. Have you ever seen a family of three Jezebel’s?
    I have been studying a lot about boundaries, something I didn’t think existed between especially married couples or for the most part parents- scripturally. I could not have been more wrong. Thank you.

  257. Oh and please help me understand how to love my mother. She is the one who wants to destroy me.

  258. Most likely, there is only 1 Jezebel. Jezebel will compete for the top position in any relationship. However, all Jezebels have eunuchs, and most likely an Ahab to back up her abuse. There’s always a promise of protection to them for taking her side. Also, check out the python spirit. Pythons run with Jezebel, and are given the responsibility to “restrict” you from your spiritual escape. Example: At my company, we had a Jezebel. She was an envious woman, and did her best work behind the scenes. She gathered those who had low self-esteem, and were looking for recognition (unhealthy recognition), who were her eunuchs. She also engaged those who were self-righteous, and believed themselves to be superior, to restrict those who were in her way. Because the python believes it’s above being manipulated, these people get on board for their own gain-not to serve Jezebel, but to serve themselves. Even a couple of supervisors served as Jezebel’s Ahabs by hiding what Jezebel was saying and doing. Anyone who would not allow Jezebel to control them, even giving them permission to be happy, were targeted. It was all very covert. They ended up running off their competition, who was a great employee. I was not aware of any of this until after the excellent employee quit, and she told me everything that was going on. By then, she had found another and better job. We got rid of Jezebel, and it was not a pretty scene for the Ahabs, eunuchs and pythons by the time I was done, and their authority is now more limited. Ironically, the employee who left shared some observations that couldn’t be known without the gift of discernment of spirits, so it makes sense that she would be targeted. Satan knows what spirits to use to attack those with gifts given by God. It’s standard practice. I was also in Jezebel’s way because of my position of authority, but when you have positional authority, it’s not too tough to squash the games-at least those that are in the open. She was the least of Jezebels I’ve had to deal with over the years, and I wasn’t always in an authoritative position with the others. I’ve learned, however, that exposing and saying “no” is the best way to fight it. With God, you are in control. They want to control your mind, heart and soul. Those things belong to God. God’s Word will lift you out of that bondage. Recommend reading some materials from Jonas Clark, and studying up on the python spirit. You will overcome. When you do, become an authority that pleases and serves God instead of becoming like them. God has shown you this to show you that you are not alone in the battle. You are armed. Blessiings.

  259. Hello Marianne,
    I have a question for you: I was married to a jezebel but finally divorced him. But I was still dealing with him. Well, recently I turned him into his parole officer for a lot of illegal activities he did, after I found out . Some of these things could possibly get him life in prison. Well, he go t picked up,,,,,,But why am I feeling so guilty for doing so? Did I do the right thing? Please help me understand this. And now, he is trying to call me from jail and I want nothing to do with him. but, why the guilt?

    • Eben… If you were the enemy, wouldn’t you make sure to try and make people feel guilty, at every opportunity? The motives behind why you turned him in is between you and God, and may likely have been the right thing to do! But even if some ‘self’ and flesh crept in there, be transparent with God about it and keep moving forward. He can and will even cover our mistakes! But whichever it is, don’t ever let the enemy slam you with guilt: it’s all under the blood of Jesus.

    • Eben

      If he was guilty of a crime or crimes, then he should be punished, or held accountable.

      Your sense of guilt comes from your compassionate nature. You do not want to see anyone hurt.

      You need to console yourself by considering all the innocent people you are protecting by reporting him.

  260. Marianne, please pray for my complete healing from this horrible spirit Thank you so much for your time.

    • hi Eben

      I put you on my prayer list for emotional healing. You will be ok. Getting hit by a jezebel feels like being stung by a scorpion. It takes a while to get it out of your system, but it will eventually happen. Take care, and just trust jesus.

  261. I am battling a Jezebel Spirit in my own church. I am the Youth Pastor and 2 individuals were explained 100% in the above blog. One is my assistant and the other is my assistants friend. I sense in my spirit that they are trying to discourage and discredit me so that I step down. I really don’t know how to move forward since I feel I am battling this completely on my own!

    • hi amy

      You are in position of authority, through the church you are in, and through Jesus himself, to take authority over your subordinates.

      tell them to shape up or they will get the boot.

      Document what they do, (date, time of day, and actions), and discuss the negative behavior with the senior pastor. tell them about the spirit of rebellion you are dealing with and ask for his support.

      tell him they will have to go elsewhere if they continue, because they are intentionally disrupting the group, and this is unchristian and a spirit that is over them to create strife in the group, and to usurp your authority.

      do not let this go on, or they will drive you crazy.

      you are under no obligation to tolerate negative behavior.

      you are not alone. you have the whole church you can use for support.

      if they continue, dismiss them as trouble makers.

      • Thank you! I am going to start documenting. I am going to have a talk with the pastor, he knows some of what has been going on but I haven’t told him everything because I was afraid of being labeled a trouble maker for telling on 2 members of the church. Thank you!

  262. Hello Marianne,
    I have a question for you.. I emailed you about 2 weeks ago and I told you about my ex husband who is a TRUE Jezebel and I had to turn him in for some crimes that he committed and he is now facing a lot of time. Well, like I said he keeps calling, and I am not taking any of his phone calls and I have no plans on taking any!!! so lastnight, i got my phone number changed. Because even hearing his voice mails, was draining for me and would send me back into a state of confusion.
    Well, Marianne, I am his payee for his SSI and he will get ONE more check and I feel like it is mine because he took so much from me with the promise to always pay it back. Should I keep it to go towards what he owes me or is that just wrong or go to the jail and put it on his account

    • hi Eben

      That is a legal question. If he owes you money, there should be a way to present your claim for money, and then have it awarded to you for payment.

      I would check with someone more knowledgeable about this.

      Since he will be in jail, he will not actually need the money, and you still might stay on as payee as long as he agrees, or it is court ordered, in order to pay the debt. Have receipts or proof.

  263. Marianne,
    Please pray for me… as I am healing from being married, now divorced to a jezebel spirit. And the Lord has told me that he is ‘doomed’ and that he will never repent or be saved.. I feel like I have been hit by a semi truck, knowing that the last 3 years of my life were wasted with this person. It is really hard for me to even get out of bed every morning. Please pray for my strength and healing. I also am still trying to wrap my brain around how any human being can be so posessed by this spirit and hurt so many people… I was led to your websight and it is truly eyeopening to say the least. I have had 2 other run ins with 2 other jezebels, but not on this level of evil… Please, please pray for me.. your websight has brought alot of comfort in knowing that I am not alone in this battle with this spirit..

    • hi eben

      You have my prayers. Male jezebels are the worst kind. It will take a lot of time to heal, but understanding what happened got you off to a good start.

  264. Hi Marianne,

    I commented on here over a month ago. Eevryone’s comments were very helpful. We have not heard from our son in over a month now. Standing up to his wife Jezebel seemed right and felt right. I have not seen my grandchildren since then either. Once I changed my phone number, my husbnand explained to my son that if they want contact with us, to call him. My son told me that until I accept his wife and the fact that he is with her, to stay out of their lives. Every day is different some days I wanna just drive over to their house and beg for forgiveness, but for what? Setting up boundaries, protecting the rest of my family? I miss my son and grandchildren terribly, and I’m still waiting, studying and praying about this whole thing. Saying NO to Jezebel my daughter n law, seems to have costs me.. what is your input? prayers to those who are fighting this battle..