Israel’s time of purification and the 80 days


The rebirth of Israel occurs on 5 Iyar.   The Torah reading is about purification on that date. A clue as to the time before it’s Messiah?



The Torah readings have been set for approximately 2500 years, since the time of the Babylonian captivity.

The Babylonian captivity (or Babylonian exile) was the period in Jewish history during which the Jews of the ancient Kingdom of Judah were captives in Babylon—conventionally 587–538 BCE.

Moses established the custom to publicly read from the Torah scroll every Shabbat—although the entire Torah was not necessarily completed in a yearly cycle.

The custom to complete the weekly public reading of the Torah every year (on the holiday of Simchat Torah) finds its root in Babylon of the Talmudic Era.

The Torah was then divided into fifty-four sections (Parshiyot) to allow for the completion of a yearly cycle with the reading of one Parshah per week.

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40 days vs 80 days

PARSHAS TAZRIA-METZORA – Torah reading for 5/6 Iyar, date Israel was reborn as a nation.

Leviticus 12:1-15:33

Male child:

2. Speak to the children of Israel, saying: If a woman conceives and gives birth to a male, she shall be unclean for seven days; as [in] the days of her menstrual flow, she shall be unclean.

3. And on the eighth day, the flesh of his foreskin shall be circumcised.

4. And for thirty three days, she shall remain in the blood of purity; she shall not touch anything holy, nor may she enter the Sanctuary, until the days of her purification have been completed.

***Note: 7 days + 33 days = 40 days

Female child:

5. And if she gives birth to a female, she shall be unclean for two weeks, like her menstruation [period]. And for sixty six days, she shall remain in the blood of purity.

*** Note: 14 days + 66 days = 80 days


Birth of Yeshua and Israel

1. I am not sure of the Torah portion for the date Yeshua was born. However, he was a male child, and the 40 days of purification would have applied to his birth.

This would not only apply to his mother Mary, but to the nation of Israel as well, seeing Israel, in a larger sense, gave birth to him.

This meant that Israel would be considered ritually impure for a period of 40 years (days= years). If it had allowed the ministry of Yeshua to extend to the end of his 40th year, the nation would have

been pure and clean before God.

However, as Yeshua was “cut off” in his 33rd year, this left a deficit

period of 7 years remaining for the purification of Israel. This is also the remaining “week” of Daniel’s 70 weeks.

2. Israel was reborn as a nation ( female child) on 5 Iyar, 1948. Now, it had a waiting period of 80 years before it to achieve purification.

In a literal sense, it has been for the most part, a bloody period of time, with all the wars and terrorism facing it over the decades.

The male child was not going to be born again, as that opportunity was missed, and so the waiting period increased from 40 years to 80 years.


End time predictions – the uncertainty

There are many indications now that the time of the end is close, or even “now.”

Most speculation assumes 1948 + 70 = 2018 as an end date, or maybe it is just a beginning date.

But, if this assumption above about the purification time is correct, then

1948 + 80 = 2028

This is a difference of 10 years.

I always wondered why Yeshua told his disciples that they would have tribulation 10 days.

You will have Tribulation 10 Days

Daniel also mentions a 2300 day period, 6.5 years,

The Goat and the 2300 Days

and if Jacob’s trouble is also in addition to that time, and not part of it, this would bring the total time to 10 years.

If the 80 years, then is to be used, and not the 70 years, since the birth of Israel, this would mean that the final week, and Jacob’s trouble, would not even begin until the year 2018.

The “10 days” would end in 2028.

Which is true?

I do not know.

Let us focus on the Lord, repent, and come before Him in humility.

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  1. Greetings Marianne,

    I read your posts with interest as we have similar views. I have just published a book you may find interesting and I talk about the Levitical law of childbirth relating also to Israel’s purification in the last days. You can take a look at the book on my author weblog if you like at:, or under ‘Biblical Studies – Prophecy’ on the publisher’s website – It is titled: ‘Unveiling the Mystery of the Last Days – Part 1 – Sealed Till the Time of the End Series’ and is a huge Hebrew and Israel-centered study on Rev 13 & 17, Daniel 2, 7 & 9, and 666.

    I believe that Yeshua is due to return much sooner than we all dare to imagine and I present many valid proofs for this in the book, especially in Part 2 which I am almost finished writing.

    Regards, Deborah.

    • hi Deborah

      Thanks for your interest, and the reference to your book. I wish you the best, and many readers for your work.

      I tend to look at all views, since so there is so much to interpret correctly. I believe he is coming soon also.

  2. Luke 21:8

    Many will come in my name. Many will say look there is the Christ. But, do not believe them.

  3. Excellent post, thank you.

    I have been thinking over this “10 days of tribulation” message the past few days. It came to mind that there are 10 days between Feasts of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) ending and the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur).

    This is a significant period of time – the call to repentance is made with the blowing of the trumpet then there are 10 days of awe before the Atonement day.

    Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets) is the Biblical Feast of which no-one knows the day or the hour. It is also called: “The Hidden Day”, The Day of the Great Shout”, and “The Day of Trumpets.”

    There are 40 days between the first day of Rosh Hashanah (Feasts of Trumpets) and the last day of the Feast of Sukkots, right?

    Feast of Sukkot (Tabernacles) that is referred to as “the time of our joy”, this occurs 40 days from the beginning or start of the Fall Feasts.

    There seems to be a correlation between these 40 days and the days within what is posted here (“nor may she enter the Sanctuary, until the days of her purification have been completed”).

    Let’s put Pentecost into this forecast. Pentecost is known as the first trump. Rosh Hashanah (Yom Teruah) is known as the “Last Trump” (because it involves 100 blasts of the shofar), then comes the 10 days of awe. Next, Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) is known as the GREAT TRUMP (Isaiah).

    Could this be the time at the end of the age when, on the Day of Trumpets, the 2 witness are raised from the dead…then, 10 days later Christ comes (waiting 10 days) and on the GREAT TRUMP (#7 of Revelation) and the dead in Christ are raised and we who are alive are gathered with Him in the air – as He returns as King of kings and Lord of lords?

    As for the fig tree timeline – I agree with Daniel’s timeline presentation: November 1947 when the announcement “goes forth” from the UN and not the day of Independence, 1948.

    Also, the generational timeline of Psalms 90:10 is 70 years. This equals 2017. Forget 80 years because pride is associated with 80 years (Ps 90:10).

    We need to consider Hebrew calendar (360 days) and also the Feasts to establish either 2017 or it may well be the end of the age is during the Fall of 2016. Now, take away 7 years from the end of the age and that brings us to Fall 2009 or Fall 2010 as the beginning of Daniel’s timeline (two 3.5 year periods) – a 360 day Hebrew year.

    Christ was born on a Feast day (Tabernacles), died on a Feast day (Passover) and the Holy Spirit came on a Feast day (Pentecost) – He will return on a Feast day too.

    The question is – which one? Will it be Trumpets, waiting 10 days for Atonement or “return” at the end of the fall Feasts during the Feast of Tabernacles (the Feast of His birth)?

    Thank you for this posting and I’ll consider/pray and study it more over the coming days. Leviticus 12:1-15:33 – very interesting!


    • hi DJ

      thanks for that.

      It would be nice to see the 70 years fit and still fulfill the purification requirement.

    • Dj
      Marianne is right, the end is 2026,2027. One is the Day of the Lord, his coming in wrath and to judge the other is his coronation as king. I am currently working on 7 timelines of sevens, each point to specific events, some point to 1948, others to 2018, others to 2026,and 2027, while others place Jesus right square where Israel cannot deny that he is the Messiah. This will hopefully clarify your thoughts, and why we are not there yet. I am sending the outline to marianne shortly,

      Marianne, If you start a ten count with the year 2018 inclusive, you will come to 2027.

      There are three weeks Tishri 1-21, from the feast of trumpets to the end of the feast of booths. This is essential, as this is the final count of three, which i have not shared with you yet, which point to Jesus.

      Each of the seven counts, has an abomination in the midst of them. For one of these, Constantine making Christianity a state religion is one of them. This is reflected in the creation seven days, with the fourth day being when “day and night” were created. This should become obvious.

      It is truly amazing that this thousands of year Old book is this accurate!! It will put Mayan prophecy, and all else to shame!! Many will have their eyes opened then, or their mouths shut, as the case may be.
      God bless all.

  4. Android
    I know who you are, and why you are here. The time has come for you to be gone. It is quite obvious that you are one of the deceivers, and your intent is to lead people astray from the true Gospel. You say you are from the apostolic church, well let me tell you, you are exactly what they warned believers about. You are not fooling anyone here. The Lord Jesus, Kyrios Yeshua rebuke you, Go do what you are planning, and do it quickly. The Lord has Opened my eyes to your strategy, and he will not tolerate it. Your Judgement is coming shortly. You will not fool the elect, and we who are raised as servants will bring Many sheep into Jesus’ pastures, by our testimonies. There will be no more confusion soon, as the lord will reveal His servants, “Those who serve him, and those who do not”.

  5. Latest messages from Pedro Regis: What is the actual suffering of the Church that the Virgin Mary is stating?

    3,643-Message of Our Lady Queen of Peace Candangolândia / DF broadcast on 23/04/2012 & 24/04/2012

    “A painful fact arrive in Italy and will be great suffering for the Church. I suffer for what is coming for you.”

    “A painful fact happen in Europe. Death will pass through several countries and My poor children will weep and lament. I suffer for what is coming for you.”
    Reference : 1)–0000-mess-de-notre-dame-a-pedro-regis-.html


    ???? Pestilence ????? or WAR ???? or ?
    Most of you do not believe Jesus mother Mary, but
    1)1917-Fatima(Portugal) 3rd secret, 2)1961 Garbandal(Spain), 3)1981-Medjugorje(former Yougoslavia)

    • hi sunimal

      the 3rd reference makes me wonder. It says there is several hundred years before the warning / chastisement and the tribulation. that does not seem to agree with scripture.

      as for the immediate future, I would expect economic collapse, followed by Islamic invasion.( war), which would then be followed by pestilence and disease, which is a consequence of war.

      • Armada of international naval power massing in the Gulf as Israel prepares an Iran strike
        An armada of US and British naval power is massing in the Persian Gulf in the belief that Israel is considering a pre-emptive strike against Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons programme.
        Armada of British naval power massing in the Gulf as Israel prepares an Iran strike

  6. android

    dru is not a false prophet. He just does not understand your unusual thinking. If you are using the NT, then you need to show where Jesus will return with 4 wives.

  7. Yes,
    Many of your signs and wonders will be fulfilled, as half of the false prophet of revelation. But the seven thunders will smite these false signs when the time comes to be revealed. You are looking for a reincarnated man, a wizard, a created being, a Fallen angel. I am waiting for the LIVING GOD, the existant one, the I AM, El Shaddai. He is my master (kyrios), I am his servant. Jesus and the Father are one, the seven thunders are the seven spirits of the Lord joined as One, the body. “so that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes. Rather speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ, from whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly, make the body grow, so that it builds itself up in love.” Eph. 4:14-16

    When Jesus comes he will not be hiding in the wilderness, but every eye will see him. Both the righteous and the wicked. He will not come in secret to a select few. He is not reincarnated he is risen. Who is worthy to sit at the right hand of God? Even the cherubs cover their eyes in the prescence of God. No created being can do so. This should prove to you that Jesus is Lord. This word Kyrios, is Master. Man cannot serve two masters. The Apostles were not serving God, if Jesus is not God. The Master you are serving with your lies and deceit is not God. He only wants to be seen as God, and worshipped as God. But in the end, EVERY knee shall bow, and EVERY tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. When Jesus comes he will not be born of woman, he will descend from heaven with a shout. He need not be rincarnated for his body was raised as testified by the apostles, And Thomas who touched that glorified Body, saying my Lord and my God.

    I believe, though I have not seen. I testify though I have not witnessed. I will suffer, because he has suffered in my stead. I have surrendered all to my Master, Yeshua. He is Lord, he is God. In the end we shall see who is right. Go assemble the “church” which follows your jesus, Let us Assemble ours.

  8. your jesus is not the same one that is in the bible.

  9. Android,
    There are three that testify to the truth in what I say, the water the blood and the Spirit. And these three Agree. Yes Jesus is God’s Son, yes he served God the Father, But they are One, along with the Spirit. Jesus did not make any mistakes otherwise his blood would not testify, meaning his death cannot forgive sins. Even the Passover sheep had to be without blemish, and Jesus was without blemish. You are Blaspheming the Son of God. Jesus position, does not reflect his status, only his duty. The brain thinks, the mouth speaks and the Body acts. God the father is the mind, Jesus is the Spoken Word, The Holy Spirit is the Body Spoken of in the Ephhesians passage I quoted above. All are One God.

  10. Yikes! Way too many comic books I think.

  11. James you are putting it very mildly my friend.

  12. Muslims will never say Jesus is God. You are one with them, not me.

    Jesus submitted his will to the father, by dying on the cross.= Perfect Love.

    Perfection is espoused in Love. Perfect Love fears nothing even death on the cross, and God IS Love. Therefore Jesus is God incarnate. Simple logic.

    I am a Christian, a follower of Christ, I am not a catholic, or a protestent, or an orthodox, or a lutheran, or a baptist……Jesus saves, not church affiliation.

    Many a Jew will be deceived into believing this false Messiah, but he is an antichrist. Of which there will be many, claiming they are him in the end times. And they will lead many astray, and you are one of them.

    Even when we see nibiru, I will not sway from this belief. You cannot deceive the elect.

  13. 4android4 – What Bible are you reading my friend.
    1-JOHN 5:7- For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: AND THESE THREE ARE ONE.
    JOHN 13:3 Jesus knowing that the Father had given all things into his hands, and that he was COME FROM GOD, and WENT BACK to God;
    Jesus resurrected and went back to God. No man ever resurrected before. HE WAS FROM ABOVE TO BEGIN WITH AND JUST PUT ON FLESH
    If Jesus would have sinned – then He would not have Been God either.
    God = Jesus could be tempted in all things just like us – But He learned Obedience by the things HE suffered
    HEB 4:15 For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, YET WITHOUT SIN = Sin is unbelief
    HEB. 12:22- But ye are come unto mount Zion, and unto the CITY OF THE LIVING GOD , the HEAVENLY JERUSALEM, and to an innumerable company of angels,=The Elected Bride Body -Not just one in the future but right now God is married to His bride. God has a right to choose His bride just like all humans have a right to choose their bride. He built her a Heavenly House Jerusalem that is from ABOVE – raptured Her by the Spirit of the NEW BIRTH -out of all the misconceptions, false prophets, doctrines of devils, false brethren, the anti-christ has been here every since mankind fell and produced a Cain. Judas was anti-christ – Most all Pharisee’s were anti-christ = false prophets that were blinded to their present day message. The biggest Man of Sin you will ever fight is the “Flesh Body and Mind” that is in you right NOW> Carnality is DEATH – SPIRIT Filled is Eternal Life –
    Gods Bride is perfect in His sight always. He knows the future of all.
    HEB.12:23 -To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect = What is going to Judge you – THE WORD — What are the SPIRITS of JUST men made Perfect – The chosen of God put His Spirit in them to annihilate the old Human spirit that use to rule them and their flesh.
    Jesus the WORD is the White Throne – Read Rev. 1 the whole chapter. Jesus has the Keys to death, hell and the Grave. How is He gonna Judge – He is the Word – You believe it or you don’t believe it. We all carry this judgment NOW not in the future, – When you die it’s over – You are a written Epistle read of all men. If man can read you – what about God – Help us Lord.
    God Head has many different attributes- yet is just ONE SPIRIT
    SAVIOR = Son of God or Son of Man – Lamb of God – You cannot crucify a Spirit = God had to became a man Rev. 5 – so you could annihilate that Human Spirit and ole flesh man by the WORD =
    The Real Spirit of God is YOUR GUIDE to the “MARK OF GOD” and is the only thing that can annihilate the old lustful spirit that was created in you by the Sin and Fall of the 1st. Adam. – So CHRIST RAPTURED you back up to your Position that He always wanted you to possess. He’s calling out to the confused right NOW saying “Come up Hither”. Means “Step Up” climb your mountain, Conquer all your doubts and confusion, Move that Mountian out of the way.
    HOLY SPIRIT is your Eternal Life – Your Ark, He is our Sabbath everyday in our Millennium MATT. 11:28-29 , He is the Tree of Life, where we “Eat the Marriage supper of the Lamb. NOW- He is are great Fortress = New Jerusalem from Above Gal. 4:25-26 –

  14. Jesus never had sex with anyone. It is not in the bible.

  15. how do you know?

    were you there?????

  16. I am sorry to say, 4ondroid4, but you are talking a lot of bunk. You need to seek out proper Hebrew/Israel-centric teachings, ie Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum from Ariel Ministries, and Jacob Prasch from Moriel Ministries; and study yourself approved.

  17. You most certainly are not a Christian! You do not know Jesus, the Son of God, You follow a different Jesus than the Jesus of the Bible. The Lord Jesus will Judge you harshely, as you are a shepherd that is leading the sheep to slaghter. Repent, that is the only chance for You. While he still shows his steadfast Love. What you see as my pride, is the Anger of the Lord spoken through me. Just as God was angry with Israel, and spoke through the prophets of Old. Jesus Hates the Nicolaitan church. You rule over the Laity, invoking the authority of the church. I invoke the Authority of God, over his people, and the authority of his Spoken Word.

  18. Android
    You are bringing confusion=Babel
    You are bringing accusations=satan
    you are being adversarial=satan=adversary

    These are the characteristics of the Spirit in you. that is who this “jesus” is that you are serving. Man Can only serve one master, and you are not serving Jesus who is LORD, and GOD. As the Apostles testified by their Martyrdom. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MARTIN LUTHER. You made it about him. Martin Luther is not my master, Jesus is. The Jesus which is revealed in the Bible.
    Your “jesus” is NOT the same Jesus as that in the Bible. (emphasis on the period)

  19. Oh really, where do you get your bizarre understanding about Yeshua, the Son of Yahweh? If Yeshua is the Seed of Yahweh, which He is, then He is perfect – He never sinned. He is and was the perfect expression of the Torah and because He was sinless, He was the perfect for-planned chosen-one to pay for the sins of of man. He did not have 4 wives and never will. He will be married to believing Israel, spiritually, when He returns, that is what the marriage supper is all about.

    I’m not interested in arguments, only pure truth.

  20. My Jesus accepts All. All who repent, and believe by faith that he is Lord. I confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord. We serve a risen saviour, not a man of sin. I have submitted my will to him, and not to a church, which is an institution of Man. The “Assembly” as spoken of in the Bible is where two or three are gathered in his name. This church cannot and will not be infiltrated by Satan and his wolves. This is the Apostolic church, not the church of rome, or the orthodox church, or the Lutheran for that matter. We assemble in the Spirit. You assemble in a building made by man. Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship. If you have that relationship with God, by the blood of the lamb, then you are his servant, and he is your master. If you do not, he does not know you! This is true irregardless of what church you are a member of. This is the TRUE CHURCH. This is the church which Jesus will come to Save, To the rest he will say “I knew you not”. So go ahead, keep believing that Jesus will only save your church. But this is the delusion that will lead to destruction. This is the wide road that leads to destruction.

    When Christians assemble in the Spirit, we form the Body of Christ. This is how he is manifested here and now. Soon, we will not be allowed to assemble, and will be persecuted at the hands of the sanhedrin, and Pharisees of our times, which is the institutional church. You will be so filled with deception, that you will think that you are doing the work of God, when you kill us. John 16:1-4 Talks about this. This is historical, and end times. The synogogues of the Apostolic age are merely replaced by institutional churches of modern days. My family was kicked out of the state run Lutheran church, I was led out of the baptist church, which began to be corrupted, and was corrupting me. When departing, I was filled with God’s love, and for the first time, I knew I was his, and totally submitted to him. Discovering my freedom as a youth, I fell into sin, and disillusionment, but the whole time he was there for me, and he Loved me. He sanctified me Through the holy Spirit, so that I no longer crave any of the sins of the flesh. By his rebuke, and discipline, he has revealed his love, and by his revelation he has showed me the truth. This is what “walking with God” is like. The only thing I can boast about is that he by his grace has loved me, a wretch, which deserves only death and eternal punishment. This is the “good News” of the Gospel, not church membership. This is a relationship, not a religion. This is what prayer is, walking and talking with the master, daily, hourly, always, not some institutionalized rosaries, or church led masses.
    Jesus came for all, and he did it all on the cross, and he is my all in all. I follow him, where he leads. not some church.

  21. Jesus has offered a gift. We must choose to repent, and receive that gift, by faith, which we do not deserve. So yes we choose initially, but then we surrender our will to his in our life. Just as in marriage, we become one with him. This is the assurance and comfort, which he has gifted us through his Spirit. Sprinkle in our faith as of a mustard seed, and mountains will move, and the earth will quake at his coming. That is who you are being an adversary to by denying the Jesus of the Bible. Jesus most certainly chooses his bride, and the dowry has been paid in full!!! No “church” can choose for him.

    He lives, he lives,
    Christ Jesus lives today.
    He walks with me, he talks with me
    along lifes narrow way,
    He lives he lives,
    Salvation to impart.
    And if you ask me how I know?
    he lives within my heart.

  22. lol now your making me laugh,
    does anyone see where this is coming from i.e this is not Jesus parts of it sounds like someone else?

  23. You and your church are wrong. Get some proper teaching and stop talking waffle. I’m sure Marianne doesn’t want your deceptions posted on her site to waste other people’ time.

  24. There is a terrible amount of blasphemy in some of the above comments. Jesus is my Lord and Saviour, He is literaly the Son Of G-D, via His mother Mary. He was the Pascal Lamb, his blood was shed and he died on the cross, so that he could take upon himself punishment for REPENTANT sinners. Those who follow Him, take upon themselves His name and do His will, and keep all the commandments, will rise with him on the last day of this epoch. Thus to rule and reign with him on this earth for a thousand years ( a millenium ) until the final battle and the final judgement. At this time all those who have been washed clean in his blood will enter into His rest for etrnity, those who have been, and are still wicked, will receive their just reward.

  25. Marianne
    This will be Part 1 of my timelines and the introduction of them.

    When the word sealed, or shut up isused in conjunction with prophecy, most times the seal is asssociated with times, and particularly end times, and is a mark that proves we are his. The focus of this is the timelines which are sealed, or shut up, by the prophets. In The Old testament, the word CHATHAM in Hebrew is used for this. We find this in Isaiah 8:16, referring to Israel’s blindness to the Messiah, In Ezekial 28:12, talking of the King Of Tyre, who is Satan, and most prominently in Daniel 9:24,12:4, and 12:10. The latter three deal exclusively with timelines.

    In The New testament, we have the word SPHRAGIZO used for the sealing up. The meaning of this greek word adds a whole new dimension to the word, That of security from Satan, as in a mark that protects, and proves one’s testimony, beyond doubt. John 3:33-36, Has John the baptist testifying that Jesus bore this seal. All who are Prophets bear this mark, or seal which places beyond doubt that the testimony is true. In Paul’s letters we see that believers are sealed with the Holy Spirit (Eph1:13), which is a gurantee of our inheritance with him. The assurance we receive from the Holy Spirit is the seal that protects us from Satan.

    Revalation 10:4 Speaks of the vision of the seven Thunders, and the sealing up of this prophecy. The Question is, what are the seven thunders? Why would John write this vision, and then not reveal what was said therein?, Especially in a book which he was commanded Not to seal up (22:10), and that none should add or take away anything from It (22:19)? Are supposed to ignore the seven Thunders? Would that not take away from it?

    My Hypothesis.
    What is sealed, does not mean that it is not there, Just as we are sealed by the Holy Spirit, and protected from Satan, So too are these prophesies sealed within the text, and protected from Satan, and his comprehension there of. Just as the Spirit of the Lord was separated amongst the seven churches, So too is the mystery of the prophets separated amongst seven timelines, which point to the end times. These timelines will make clear the entire plan of God, not only as it pertains to us living on the verge of his second coming, but also All of history, and the future. This is the “wisdom” from which the prophets were able to scribe their visions with such accuracy. When these thunders are made known, not just to believers, but to the World, at the seventh trumpet, then the fulness of the “mystery of God will be fulfilled”. The timelines that I am going to write, are a glimpse of this event which occurs at the seventh trumpet. When we as believers are transformed, in the twinkling of an eye, And the Body of Christ is assembled. (1 Cor. 15:50-58) (Eph. 4)

    Seven timelines which encompass all creation. Seven which are eight.
    1. Seven day creation of Genesis 1. The blueprint for the building.
    2. Seven thousand year days. God The builder at work. A day is as a thousand years.
    3. The seventy sevens of Daniel 9:24
    4. The Inverse of Daniel 9:24, seven seventies.
    5. The 49 seventies, a place for Daniels seven seventies
    6. Seven day years in Days 1260+1290
    7. Seven years in days 1260,1290
    8. so that none say 3&4 are the same, One more…

    Seven abominations, which are only six.
    1. Fourth day, day and night created.
    2. Fourth millenial day, destruction of the temple, reconstruction of the “Temple”.
    3. The thirty fifth seven, Antiochus Epiphanes abomination, the Festival of lights.
    4. The fourth 70, Antiochus Epiphanes, and the Festival of lights
    5. 7 weeks of 70 year days, Church and state together (constantine), Fall of Rome.
    6. 1290/1260, The dome of the Rock, A house divided.
    7. seven years, Man of Lawlessness declares himself god, God builds his house.

    In Part 2 I will explain the timelines in detail. (within the next week)

    Part three; The three’s are still in progress. Jesus is the Messiah of Israel.!

    • Hey Dru — Just wanted to say its good to see people really into the Word. I know you have spent some time on your post above. But I do read them. The Lord see’s your efforts and will reward you. Bro. Tom

      • Thank you Tom,
        I know many just skim over them, but it is there for the church. Perhaps a chord will be struck at some future time, and then they will read the comments more carefully. As I have told others, I am not looking for followers, Only for the believers, myself included, to get it right.
        Unfortunately, there is not much time left, and the world is full of deception.

  26. Dear Marianne and readers, I just like to post here a message from the
    House Of The Prophets, which I read today. Be all blessed, in the wonderfull love and Name of Yeshua our Messiah!

  27. Here it comes:

  28. Oh sorry
    here again

  29. Well said David.

  30. a
    warm rain

  31. Pray everyone.
    Not out of fear, but out of strength as children of the Living God, and sheep of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, (Yeshua).
    (I’ll take some those prayers right now. Just for Their will to be done.)

    I will be taken shortly, (so it can finally be accomplished).

    Oh, the last post or so of John’s is quite interesting and on topic here.
    Here’s the link.


    • bless you, alienated……

    • Alienated
      You believe without seeing: I shall join you shortly, when the time comes. I know I sent it in an Email to you, But the Aaronic blessing is in Order. “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face (prescence) to shine upon you and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up his countenence upon you and give you Peace.” Numbers 6:24-26, read verse 27.

  32. Bless you as well Marianne. (Thank You.)

    Love for others is the most prevalent sign of the Spirit`!

    Dru – Dave.

    Well I believed in Yeshua without necessarily seeing Him face to face, and received the Spirit because of that.
    And I did see the Visions. But I see so much now. The gift of Discernment is back full force, and Tares are everywhere. 2 Timothy 3:1-9.

    As well David, you and I may have discussed aspects of “suffering” in the past?
    Romans 8:17., for example……

    When we finally meet, I’ll have to fill you in.

    Praise Yeshua.
    20 Days and counting.

    • are you waiting for Shavu’ot?

      • Hello.

        I started having these visions and revelations in mid March to early April. That would be in what is the Jewish or Hebraic month of Nissan. The First Month.
        Look at Joel 2:23

        (23) Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your God: for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month.

        Verse 28.,

        28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy , your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

        Back to verses 15, and 16.

        15 Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly:
        16 Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the elders, gather the children, and those that suck the breasts: let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, and the bride out of her closet.

        Take that, and what is written in Leviticus 23 about “Firstfruits” How come everyone else can’t see this?

        • Also as I had told Dru/Dave,

          I am living Romans 8:17. as I write this. I am under persecution!
          Subliminal suggestion is an amazing thing.

          • Ask the Spirit to show you. Nothing can be accomplished without the Father, Son, and Spirit.
            It is all Yeshua’s Blood.

            Pray for all of those that you love.

            • I’m still not sure how it will be for me when my time comes to be persecuted. I do not have a problem with evil men being stopped with force if needed.

              Do you have a wife, and child like I do?

              • No, no family left at all, man.
                That is one of the reasons that I think God had predestined me for this. I have far less distractions in my life to deal with.
                I lived solely to seek Him out through His word.

                As I look back over life, it was all a process my brother. But my role is no more important than yours.
                We all witness and are obedient to the Lord Yeshua our God and King.
                Fingers or Toes, makes no difference. We all are one Temple, one Body of His.

                I have no wepons. (Canada remember) But even if I did, so would they.
                And there are way more of them than there are true Christians, or followers of the Lords teachings.
                Ask God for the Gift of Discernment my brother. So that your eyes might be opened to them. They are literally everywhere.

                I have the Lord. His Grace is Sufficient.
                But to tell you truth, I wouldn’t mind if you were by my side as well,
                maybe with your wepon of choice too.

                Be Blessed.
                Praise Yeshua the King.

                • There are thousands like me. I do not know why, when it is written we will die by the sword if we live by it, that some Christians like me still have no problem with shipping evil men who come to harm women, and children. I ask to be a better person, but G-d makes me stronger physically, and economicly. Sometimes, I think my active duty time was to learn how to win. A Romantic?

                  In the New World Order Christianty is hate speech. Canada is part of that more than us, because we will not give up our weapons. So, I can see where you are going to run into trouble.

                  G-d speed alienated, I will be watching.

          • Where do you live? Israel?

            • No Canada, my brother.
              But this is world wide.
              The mark of the Beast won’t just be for those in Israel, it will be a world wide event. Major economic centers first.

              Pray in the Spirit Leatherneck.
              You can believe me or not, but the Spirit will inform you of the truth if you seek it.

              Praise Yeshua the King.

            • Ln
              Take a Gander at Zechariah 10. I think I see you in there somewhere, doing what your always doing.

    PRAY FOR THE RAINS OF JOEL 2: 23 & 28 AND 29.




  34. Would somebody show me where there is a 7 year tribulation period with a anti-christ setting in Gods house on His throne decieving the whole world- I’m very familiar with Daniels prophecy of 70 weeks = 490 years. This might make for good conversation. Most all Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist, and most TBN’ers agree with this and deceiving the whole world with it. Saying Christ cannot comeback yet. They put the rapture in all this and say its pre, mid, post – This is what has got the whole church in a sleeping condition and not ready for the rapture if there was one coming tomorrow. Sincerely Bro. Tom –

    • “T”

      What do you mean you don’t understand what the majority of Spirit filled believers understand?
      Why would the majority of believers try to deceive their own Brothers and Sisters?
      What does this scripture mean?

      22 Then was brought unto him one possessed with a devil , blind, and dumb: and he healed him, insomuch that the blind and dumb both spake and saw .
      23 And all the people were amazed , and said , Is not this the son of David?
      24 But when the Pharisees heard it, they said , This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils.
      25 And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation ; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand :
      26 And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand ?
      27 And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out ? therefore they shall be your judges.
      28 But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you.

      Matthew 12: 22-28. KJV.

      If the majority believe something, and the SPIRIT is the SPIRIT of TRUTH, well I would suspect that majority is correct!

      • The difference between me and you Alienated. When Jesus walked the Planet was He in the majority. The Bible says only 120 people were in the upper room. After the 3-1/2 year ministry of Jesus Christ. My goodness ALL the religions of that day Killed the ONLY Son of God on a tree. Was he in the majority. When He said this day this scripture is fulfilled in me. They wanted to kill him. Is that right. On and on. We are in the fulness of times today just like in Jesus day. I do not follow the majority or any thing but the Word of God. And Jesus said “Fear not Little flock” and Few they be that find it. Find what – salvation. Remember Matt. 7 there are 2 houses that look just alike is that right. Yet one was built on sand and the other on Rock. That Rock is the ONE that stood the test not the one that stood on the SANDS millions of little pieces of rock. The Rock is Jesus which is the Word. I keep saying it on here. Faith is a SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING not just quoting scripture. Matt. 13;11 Jesus was talking to the 12 and said. it is given to you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven but unto them = majority – it is not given. If you read on over to ver. 23 you will see it is a clear understanding that brings forth fruit. And only 1 out of 4 made it to a clear understanding. The disciples were all messed up till The Holy Spirit “Came INTO them. They walked with him for 3 years. Yet did not have any understanding till Acts 2. Jesus COME right into them. Then they understood Plan of Salvation and Power of Love. Changed them completely. They were absolutely not in the majority. The whole world is the Believers foe. God bless ya and stay strong in the Lord.

    • Tom

      Daniel said the time of Jacob’s trouble was 42 months, or 3 1/2 years. He also mentioned a final week of 70 weeks, which seemed to indicate 7 years. He also mentioned a time of 2300 days. How it all ties together is an academic debate in itself.

      • Thank you Marianne – I will get back with you on that. And give you my view as well. Hope we can meet in the middle. (smile)

  35. Tom
    I will try to answer that with my timelines later this week.

  36. To all,
    “Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD GOD almighty,
    who was, and is, and is to come!”
    “And whenever the living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to him who is seated on the throne, who lives forever and ever, the twenty four elders fall down before him who is seated on the throne and worship him who lives forever and ever. They cast their crowns before the throne, saying;”
    “Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and Honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.” Rev. 4:8-11
    “Worthy are you to take the scroll and to open its seals, for you were slain, and by your blood you ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation, And you have made them a kingdom and priests to our God, and they shall reign on the earth.” Rev. 5:9-10

    Though I do not fully understand, I believe that what we are witnessing is this moment. I am praying for understanding. God is choosing his servants and gathering them. His army and his priests. We are either being played the fool, or witnessing a momentous event. Come Lord Jesus come!! The harvest is ripe.

    • amen

    • Wondrous and Glorious times.

      PRAISE the LAMB for HE alone is WORTHY and EXALTED.
      (2 Timothy 3:1.)

      FAST, and rest in the HOLY SPIRIT that indwells your HEART.
      Become weak, so that HE may become STRONG IN YOU.
      Be humble. Surrender all of yourself and submit to HIS GLORY and you will be in HIS SHALOM.

      Be Blessed all of my brothers and sisters.

  37. GETTING RID OF THE TRADITIONS AND THE TIME TABLES and LIFTING the VEIL of the MYSTERY OF JESUS CHRIST IN HIS CHURCH — REV 22:16- REVELATION 22:16 – I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you THESE THINGS IN THE CHURCH’S. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.
    What church’s is Jesus talking about here
    Answer – The 7 churches of Rev. 2 and 3. Each had a Enemy to “Overcome” the Great Tribulation of their age. Read each one and you will see what they had to Overcome. No different than our age today. We just the last of the Seven the “fullness of time” goes into a Eternal day Rev. 10:6 the whole Mystery of the 7 trumpets, Seals, plagues, vials, Thunders, etc. etc. has been revealed in this last age because we are looking back at the Church’s.
    St. John already knew the mystery of anti-christ. 1 Jh. And Now Jesus is showing him the whole vision even up to our day in the book of Revelation.
    Which is the Mystery of Christ in the Church’s. Remember that Hindsight is 20/20.
    Jesus came in a “fullness” of times just like we today. Then the church of His Day was shaken so bad by His Message they Killed Him thinking it would kill His Message. But Christ had His chosen few to carry it on over.
    There were 120 people in the upper room after Jesus 3-½ yr. ministry with all the signs and wonders and the great teachings they heard. Think about it dear people before you judge me to harshly if you read this whole post.
    Each Church age Jesus said – Hear what the Spirit saith unto the church of every age being 7 in all. Hearing in the bible means to “Understand”. On the day of Pentecost those few 120 listened to the “Voice of God and the Message “ for their day and went and waited in the upper room.
    Why 120 – Because there was a Brand New Kingdom of God to “Come” at Pentecost. A clear understanding of the Mystery of the Plan of Salvation.
    The natural Temple of Israel had 120 pillars around it. Now the Temple was destroyed by Jesus Christ Prophecy to that age. WHY?
    Because God was molding a Brand New Temple to use. With People being the Pillars thereof. Jesus Christ the Corner stone and Head stone. And all the “Overcomers” = in the Church’s made up this Temple and it is called “New Jerusalem from Above” Gal. 4:26.
    Rev. 21 PLAINLY explains in simplicity the “New Jerusalem” a Good place to start is Rev. 21:9 on. It says “come hither” and I will show thee the Bride, the Lambs wife. Ver. 10 And He carried me away – goes with Rev. 12 – into a High Mountain, and showed me the Great City, the Holy Jerusalem descending out of heaven. Question – Was John Raptured in this Vision – Yes indeedy. But John died on the Ground just like the rest of the Apostles and millions of Saints did.
    Where does Apostle Paul say we are sitting in Ephesians. IN HEAVENLY places — that is the 7 Church’s – Church is a Heavenly Place. If the Holy Spirit is there and the truth is being taught on a regular basis. Praise God that’s the TRUTH. The whole church made up of the “12 tribes of Israel” and the 12 Apostles just like in Rev. 5. The whole church Old and New.
    Every body worrying about Natural Israel – God has already done to natural Israel what he promised. Made her a nation again and she got back Natural Jerusalem. To know the rest of the story just keep reading.
    Spiritual Israel is doing just fine. She is part of the Church’s that come in the 7 age‘s. Apostle Paul’s age was both Jew and Gentile, putting the Message of the Kingdom of God in Motion. Don’t we understand that the Old testament was Jew and Gentile as well. What made a Jew different in O.T. – HE HAD TO BE CIRCUMCISED . Amen. Remember in Acts where Jewish brethren were leading Peter astray saying you still had to be circumcised. Did not Paul say in Galations that they had been bewitched already in the very 1st age. Talking to Jew converts. Yes just like today you cannot hardly leave your old traditions of Lutherans, Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist, Adventists, on and on. Do you know that Luther did not believe in a Millennium. He was right on that one. Remember he was a Catholic priest. It was the Catholic church that put that into doctrine form like most believe it today. Putting Jesus in the future in everything. So they could rule without being bothered by the truth in the present day. And Killed anybody that taught the truth. That was the greatest Miracle of Luther. God had to have his hand on him or he would have been burnt on the cross. That’s a true saying.
    What is Circumcision in the N.T. It is cutting off the flesh of the Beastly heart of man and getting circumcised in Heart by the Holy Spirit. So you can have the Love of God ruling you. Instead of the Beastly fallen man.
    God is gathering people from Every Nation and tribe the Bible says in REV. 7:9 – The Coming of the Lord is in Rev. 10. And not Rev. 1:7 it is Gr. # 2064 but in Rev. 10 it is Gr. # 2597 – I have a message on that if any wants to hear it.
    Now Rev.10:1- I saw another Mighty Angel “come down” from Heaven. Clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon His head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire. And he had in his hand a little book open: Then 7 thunders were ready to sound and he heard a “Voice” say to Seal up those things which the 7 thunders had uttered.
    Now hold on to your hats. Read Rev. 22:8-11- a prophet comes on the scene which is the 7th. Angels message Rev. 10:7 and his time is at hand. It tells you plain as DAY in Rev. 22:8 this messenger was a FELLOWSERVANT – that’s a brother a man filled with Jesus.
    Now lets read Rev. 22:10 And he saith unto me, SEAL NOT the sayings of the prophecy of this book. For the time is at hand.
    DEAR Brothers and Sisters. We in the last chapter of Revelation . Judgment is coming upon the Earth but do not Look and get lost in that. Find yourself in the CHURCH’S of Rev. 22:16 and you will know that you are safe from all harm, Death cannot even touch you. You are sealed away in Christ. Let them blow up the world. In 2 or 3 seconds you will be with Christ. Eternal life is a promise and it lives in you NOW.
    But if you a dog =beast a unbeliever it will be a “Great Dreadful Day” But for the Bride we are ver. 14 blessed are they that keep the commandments that they may have the right to eat of the “TREE OF LIFE” , and may enter in through the gates of the CITY.
    The “Tree of Life” was the Promise of the ’Overcomer in the Very 1st. Church age.
    The 7 thunders are 7 message’s given to each age in the 7 ages. Receiving and believing the truth breaks “The Seal” that the Adamic fall had on you. You was lost and did not know it till you heard the “thundering Voice of God whispering to you the Mystery of Himself. Then you except Him and Receive the Holy Spirit and according to Eph. 4:30 you are then Sealed By the Holy Ghost till the day of Redemption Praise God.
    The Adamic fall had you bound to – the first 4 seals that ended in DEATH,HELL and the GRAVE. These are the true sayings and doctrines of the Mystery of Christ Revealed. The veil has been torn down. I can see clearly now as the song says. I understand who I am. I cannot never, never die. I have had the “Coming of the Lord” already come into me. Just like in Acts 2. That was the Start of the Brand New Nation that was built in 1 day. Called the Israel of God. God Bless each one of you that read this and may this Word not let you Go until you have seen the Understanding that the Early church had as well as the few that see it today. The book of Revelation is not all future dear Brothers and sisters. New Jerusalem believes the same Gospel preached in Acts.2. Natural Jerusalem is just another nation that has some Jewish people that Know Jesus Christ. But its not going to be the whole nation. That was Acts. 2 – The Spiritual Nation of Israel. I hope you see it. You will never understand the Book of Revelation looking at the Worldly side of plagues etc. Look on Your side in Heavenly places already. Shalom Bro. Tom

    • hi Tom

      I think if you look at Revelation, you will see that Israel is preserved in the wilderness during the great tribulation to come. It is first described as the woman who gave birth to the child, but later is described as believing in Christ. this indicates some sort of conversion experience.

      Also, the 2 Jewish witnesses are there in Jerusalem for 42 months to preach the gospel to the Jews. This shows God’s plan to give them another chance at salvation.

      There may not be 100% conversion, but the group that flees to the wilderness is the group that gets saved. They would be aware of the prophecy of Jesus, that, when you see the abomination, flee to the hills of Judea.

      There are other old testament scriptures, which I will have to search for, that indicate when the Jews come back to the land the last time, that they will come with renewed hearts, and God will protect them and make sure they never lose the land again.

  38. Tom
    One word which your theories miss, and as a whole they miss. VINDICATION. Israel MUST come to see Jesus as their Messiah, or there will be utter destruction. Quite frankly this theme is throughout ALL of prophecy, yet you are trying to subvert it by saying that israel has already received its promise by restoration of the Land, and that the rest of prophecy refers to “Spiritual Israel”. This is an outright deception, and I am quite shocked to hear it from you. In The covenent with David, he was told that he shall see that rest. which is the seventh millenial day. God will rescue Israel, not for Israels belief, but for his own vindication. Isaiah says that the nations of the earth will come and serve the Nation of Israel. Who are the “Nations”, and who is “Israel”? Do not deny God’s mercy and Love for Israel.! We as Christians are to share this love for them.

    To All, Take the time to read Romans 11. Please!

  39. Dear Saint Dru
    Apostle Peter and all Apostles along with Apostle Paul should be all the vindication you need. Along with the Bride in the beginning of the Church in Book of Acts. But the answer to your questions are below. God bless.
    REV. 21:3 And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the TABERNACLE OF GOD IS WITH MEN, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. = God dwells with MEN – Christ died for ALL MEN, to have Eternal life
    Why do you think 90% of Americans and Most of the world today think they are going to heaven. And the Catholic and Protestant church’s are included as well. I do not believe in ultimate reconciliation.
    Millions of Christians today believe it is “Ultimate Reconciliation” that is going to happen with the Whole Nation of Israel. The ALL of any Nation is the one’s that believe and Except Jesus Christ as Lord and God and follow Him wheresoever He goeth.

    REV 21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for THE FORMER THINGS HAVE PASSED AWAY – When you received Jesus Christ did your former life pass away – If not you did not receive Christ – do you still love the World and the things of the World – Then John says the Love of God is not in you. Jesus promised us REST, PEACE IN THE MIDST of THE STORM- Romans SAYS death where is thy sting and grave where is thy victory – A real believer can cry but still have the Victory when it is over. No body can take your “Victory” Your Crown – satan cannot even take your life unless God approves it.
    We live in the “Kingdom of God” Matt. 5:14 -Ye are the LIGHT OF THE WORLD “A CITY” SET ON A HILL CANNOT BE HID.
    So if the Former things have passed away lets read next verse.

    REV 21:5 And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW.
    And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.
    The above verses should make us all shout Praises to God for we are MORE than Conquers in Him. And we are brand New Creations

    Rev. 21:22 And I saw NO TEMPLE therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it. Do you actually think that a great big STONE TEMPLE 1500 mile pyramid is going to fly down from the sky for the bride to live in. We need to get out of the carnal natural thinking and start thinking Spiritually like our Fathers of Pentecost and the prophets. Jesus being the Founder of the City and or Temple which ever you want to call it. It is also called a Mountain in Rev. 21:10 –
    But in reality it is the CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST —- Natural Israel is not saved dear Brother – You have to RECEIVE the HOLY SPIRIT just like the JEW’S did on Pentecost. That should be simple to understand. it’s a New birth. Natural means adamic nature is fallen.

    REV. 21:23 And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof.
    So remember we started out with the Tabernacle of God is with MEN – REV. 21:3 it is called a Tabernacle of God and its made up of Jew and Gentiles out of every nation that will except him. In Rev.14 Most think that is Only Israel being sealed the 144,00 but go to verse 12 it calls them “THE SAINTS” that is all of the bride of Christ.
    As the Number 144 is only a symbol for the 12 tribes of Israel and 12 Apostles – 12 x 12 is 144. 12 is also a Godly number of completeness. In Acts the Jewish Apostle’s preached and brought their “Message” to the Gentiles. And remember that David’s army was made of both Gentile and Jew. Only because the Jew was circumcised making the difference. Do you not think that Davids mighty men went to Heaven as did their King. That is a shadow of the type of Christ and Jew and Gentile. Jesus healed Gentile people as well. amen. But His Call was for the Jew First. The Lost house of Israel.

    REV. 21:24 And the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it: and the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honour into it.
    My dear precious brother – This is talking about us being KINGS and PRIEST of GOD out of every NATION bringing in our fruit to the CITY of GOD – Where the LAMB IS THE LIGHT. it’s the Bride of Christ bringing in their gifts of sacrifice, Love, and Joy, and converts etc. etc. Symbolized of a FEAST day in O.T. – The feast of Tabernacles. Amen.
    The NATIONS of the Earth include all Nations. Remember Abraham was a Gentile and He was our father of Faith and it was his seed that became Israel as well.
    NATIONS are individual’s that have families some huge in the O.T and in our Day not so huge. Joshua said as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.
    Families is what makes up NATIONS. When Israel left Egypt they was families to somebody that was related to Abraham. That was a “Shadow and Type” of what Christ was to ALL the WORLD – Yet they were still not all believers. Neither was all of Abraham’s so called seed. Esau have I hated but Jacob have I chosen. Did God really hate Esau – Absolutely not – But he knew his destiny – God knew Esau would sell out for a meal ticket.
    NOW LETS DEAL WITH THE COVENANT OF DAVID you think I really messed up on that.
    That is a easy one – The covenant of David was exactly being done on the day of Pentecost. There were 2 David’s so to say. David the Natural King – and Jesus the Spiritual King. Again David’s heart was right with God even though a great sinner at times. But God Loved him because of HIS HEART. We are to have the Heart of David today and it was Jesus that Died of a BROKEN HEART ON THE CROSS FOR HIS WHOLE NATION – that is all of the World. When they pierced Christ side – water and blood came forth. The scholars and doctors will tell you that was from a Broken heart when Water and Blood both come out together.
    Peter is Preaching Joel 2 about the Great but dreadful day. Most believers today do not even think along the lines that the Book of Revelation was being read over the shoulders of the 1 Century Saints of God as well. We Need to understand some of these simple facts. To understand the “Mystery of Christ in His Church”s”
    NOW LAST BUT NOT LEAST – READ ROMANS 11 you said – Well I have many times. And I’ve studied it over the years.
    Here is the main theme to what Paul was saying. The Jewish Church had to be “Blinded in order to graph in the Gentile church” That happened because the MAJORITY of Jews could not leave their OLD TRADITIONS and go with the NEW MESSAGE OF THEIR HOUR. They could not GIVE UP THEIR DRINKING HABITS. They loved the Old wine better than the NEW WINE. Just like today they was LOOKING in the SKY for MESSIAH to COME DOWN AND SAVE THEM – KILL ALL THEIR ENEMIES and set the Nation of ISRAEL up over the whole World again as in Solomon’s day.
    DON,T THIS MESSAGE OF TODAY’S CHURCH’S sound exactly like that. They had it all figured out until Messiah come.
    Even when it was brought to them by GOD himself in FLESH. The REAL MESSAGE of GOD was a STUMBLING block to them Apostle Paul said in Rom. 11:9 David said let their table be made a snare and a trap, and a stumbling block and a recompence unto them. But God already knew that. Rom. 11:4 Paul referred to “Elijah” the prophet when Israel was at their worst. Believing Pagan myth’s, and serving Jezebel the Queen of Ahab that ruled the 10 Northern Tribes of Israel = Rev. 18:7-8 – Is symbolic of Her. Please read that dear saints. But God Told Elijah He had 7,000 believers in the country. Now for others that believe a majority had to be right that is a lie and millions believe that today. The Word is right. Listen 7,000 believers out of all of Israel’s millions at that time is not many. Just like Matt 7:14 Jesus says “few” there be that find it. Find what – the Gate to “understanding” Gods mysteries. Many says they see Matt. 7:21-22. But they do not.

    Rom. 11:11 – I say then, have they stumbled that they should fall? God forbid: but rather through their fall salvation is come unto the Gentiles, for to provoke them to jealousy. He goes on to say the “fall of them was the Riches of the World.
    What was the Stumblingblock message in the Church ages. Rev. 2:14-15 Balaam taught stumbling block anti-christ message and the People went after it like Jeremiah said a “Camel in Heat”. You cannot turn them back.

    Check this out now – Israel had to be blinded for the Gentiles sake to be drafted in to complete the whole Bride called the Israel of God = the complete church out of every nation – Gal. 6 – Now the same thing has happened to the Gentile church being blind and fallen because of the same snare of the “Riches of the world”. And Like I have said Heb. 13:8 Jesus the same yesterday, today, and forever. Now it’s the Gentiles time of Blindness so God can bring in Israel again.
    Have you ever heard of Rabbi Johnathan Cahn – He has a huge church in New jersey that is full of Jews, and Gentiles if you want to separate them up. Jews are being “Born again” just like the Gentiles came so is Israel’s coming in a individual at a time till all the “Elected” are in the Ark with the Few Gentiles that still believe. And then its Over. You cannot tell me or anybody else cannot tell me when it will be over. It could already be over. Or it could be tomorrow when the Last Convert comes into the “Israel of God”
    Hope this has helped some Dru. I want to be edifying to all and not so dogmatic. But you got to be dogmatic if you know it is “thus saith the Lord”.
    I love all the saints of God and try my best to make this as clear as I can. But I am no great writer that is for sure. English was one of my worst subjects in School and you probably see that in my writings and teachings. But I do it out of Love for the saints of God. Lord bless you all. Bro. Tom
    Sister Marie I will get with you on the reply soon. I am wore out right now and to tired to write anymore. God bless you.

    • Tom
      I am no saint. I am merely reading the bible, and the prophecy which pertains to Israel. To say that all that prophecy pertains to Spiritual Israel is what is known as replacement theology. Israel being replaced by the church. This is the error of Luther that led to Antisemitism, which we must eliminate in the church.

      Quite frankly i am disgusted that on this site, with so many supposed pro Israel supporters that not one person has spoken up or recognized this. It is almost like you want to see this antisemitism grow again in the church.

      • He may not consider this view antisemitic.

        Notice I pointed out god preserving Israel in Revelation.

        Just like the “natural ” gentiles, god will be saving those in natural israel, even through the tribulation.

  40. Dear Dru – Brother why would you think I’m against Israel the Nation. I always stick up for her. I pray about every night for Natural Israel and Spiritual Israel = the Bride. I’m absolutely not antisemitic toward Israel. I thought I explained it pretty good. Did you read my post slowly and think about what I said.
    Thank you Marianne for your comment – Amen — I will be getting that 70 weeks together soon. Ok — Lord bless you all.

  41. Ever bit of Scriptures must be understood by the discerning of the Holy Spirit. Understanding comes thru wisdom and knowledge. When studying the “Numbers” …and numbers are very important because one of the Books of the Bible is called Numbers. 7=Perfection and Completion and 8= New Beginnings ie (Noah). Meditate on these things!

  42. So True gate 02316

  43. Sister Marianne – Here is my thoughts on the 70 weeks of Daniels Prophecy. I see that you know a lot more about it than you said – (smile). But I hope that I can sway you to really take to heart what I say on this subject along with others on this forum.
    The 70 weeks of Daniel revealed in simplicity
    Daniel 9:24-27 Seventy weeks are determined upon thy People and upon thy Holy CITY, to FINISH THE TRANSGRESSION, and to make an END of sins, and to make RECONCILIATION for INIQUITY, and to BRING IN EVERLASTING RIGHTEOUSNESS, and to SEAL UP the VISION and PROPHECY, and to anoint the most Holy.
    Matt. 18:21-22 Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? TILL SEVEN TIMES ? this was according to the Law
    22. Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, until seven times: but, UNTIL SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN = 490 times –
    The number “7” is not meant to be a literal number, but an understanding of the perfection of God that is surrounded with unconditional love, Mercy, and forgiveness. The Book of Revelations foundation is the number 7.

    VER 24 – Holds the “KEY” to the Understanding of the 70 weeks of years. Blows away and annihilates mans concepts of the simplicity that is in Christ. The 70 weeks including the last week =7 years is for the RECONCILIATION of ALL the ISRAEL of GOD. Apostle Paul said the gentiles were grafted into the same tree as the Jewish church.
    RECONCILIATION in Hebrew means – to atone for sins – make atonement for by legal rights, Propitiates all iniquity – Iniquity is something perverted, twisted, doing things you know is wrong. Of persons and not just Jewish sinners but ALL sinners. That is what the Death, burial, and Resurrection was for. To bring in ALL of mankind to repentance that will come to Christ.
    Please NOTICE – But it was SEALED UP until the proper time to bring back in the Jewish believers and all Nations that will believe the GOSPEL Message and then its Over The END will come in that age. That unsealing started with Jesus Christ in the very 1st. Coming. The Bible Proves it so.
    Revelation 22:10 says SEAL not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand. Jesus was the fulfillment of the O.T Sealed myteries – He is also the fulfillment of the Seals in the Omega day. Jesus told John to seal it up till a certain day. Well we know the Apostles “KNEW ALL THINGS” Jesus told them that in. Matt. 24.
    Apostle Paul got ALL of HIS REVELATION to convert the Gentile and Jewish bride straight from Jesus Christ. Amen – He had to Forget all he learned to understand Christ’s true revelation.
    But after the Apostles and Paul died the truth got lost during the Dark Ages by myths and perverted truths of the Universal Church. So it had to be restored again in the Last Omega age. Those seals were open in March of 1963 by a Prophet named William Branham.
    And it always comes by a Prophet just like in Jesus Day and the whole O.T. John the Baptist a Prophet revealed Jesus to the church and was the only one that could introduce the Christ to that generation of Alpha.
    Mal. 4 and Rev. 10:7 another mighty Elijah Prophet reveals it to the Omega Bride. This Prophecy is to the WHOLE CHURCH just like it says in Book of Revelation. 12 Tribes of Israel and 12 Apostles made up of Jew and Gentiles of all Nations came together under the same “Message of Christ”.
    That O.T church started with the Seed of Abraham and was RAPTURED out of Egypt into a Nation in ONE Day by the Prophet Moses –
    In Acts 2 also the New Church was formed in ONE DAY and RAPTURED by a Prophet called Peter.
    In 1948 the nation of Israel was born again in ONE DAY. And thee Elijah prophet of Mal. 4 and Rev. 10:7. Was here when this happened and he was my main mentor that taught me these great mysteries along with others in the Message for the hour.
    Dear brother and sisters you have been dubbed by the theologians of our last 100 years and more. People today don’t even know what a Prophet is. And that is the truth and that is a major problem. Prophets are the VINDICATION that God is moving among the Church. O.T and N.T – Prophets have never been done away with as most think even in our Pentecostal, Baptist, and all fundamental church denominations.

    Now lets get started with the 70 weeks.
    VER. 24- EXPLANED – The 70 weeks ENDs sin = unbelief – End in Hebrew means SEAL – to AFFIX A Seal – To be stopped – what is going to be stopped – SIN and Unbelief.
    It’s either serve the beast within or Serve the God man that is within you. Which one are you going to serve. You are a “SEALED” Slave to SIN or RIGHTEOUSNESS. And Only Jesus can set you free from the Seal of Sin to His Righteousness. Rom. 6
    SO WE KNOW FOR SURE WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT THE 70 WEEKS IS FOR THE RECONCILIATION OF THE COMPLETE BRIDE OF Jew and Gentile. Just like in Book of Acts the Start of it all. Not to build a temple for anti-christ to rule or be revealed.
    The 70 weeks is for the Forgiveness, reconciliation, Mercy, and Grace of God to get people ready to leave this world. When you die that is your FINAL RAPTURE as well. It’s the END OF the WORLD for you.
    Your TEMPLE right now is housing a Satanic Spirit or a Heavenly Spirit. A “man of Sin” or a “man of God” is RIGHT NOW in you. The only way you can detect your sin is by having the “Seal of the Holy Spirit in your TEMPLE” – this is the message for the Hour. EPH. 4:30 You are a SEAL walking around in DEATH or LIFE.
    But the whole of the Church has got us looking out in some future day for some kind of Salvation after Anti-christ is revealed. Don’t you understand that you are born in a “Anti-christ” fallen condition. By the Sex birth. That is what started the whole thing. It defiled the Life that was in the blood mixing it with Beastly life. Does a snake shed his skin. Then Brother you going to have to “shed yours” for Newness of life to come in. We were all “snake bitten” from birth. The 70 Weeks is for our New Creation to take over and kill that snake that lived in your Temple for all those years. The Man of Sin is the Worlds friends. I tell you the truth. Gods friends are the ones that do the Will of the Father – So simple yet complexing also. Its to simple for the learned.
    1Cor. 1:26-27 Not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, and not many noble men, are called . But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. This is why it says in Ver. 25. below

    VER. 25. Know therefore and UNDERSTAND , that from the going forth of the commandment to RESTORE and to build Jerusalem unto the MESSIAH THE PRINCE shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times. If 62 plus 7 are not 69 I’ll eat my hat ok.
    This makes Messiah coming in the beginning of the 70th. Week. Plain as day to me. We also know why he came. For Reconciliation of Sins to all the human race that will except him.
    7 Weeks = 49 years — 62 Weeks = 434 years — 1 Week = 7 years — Add up = 490 years
    Now take the last week of 7 years off of 490 and you got 483 years = 69 weeks. Ver. 25 says its already been 69 weeks – I believe what it says.
    On the day of Pentecost their “Understanding was quickened=raptured by the Seal of the Holy Ghost coming “IN TO THEM” Christ Left and then COME BACK in them. This is the start of the 2nd. Coming of Christ. You have to have the 2nd. Coming birth. Judas never got it. Millions of Jews never got it because of unbelief. Jesus Message was to “Unusual”. And he was just a no-body to the church world of that day. Yet like Moses, Had all the signs, and wonders, miracles, raised the dead. Now you see why in Matt. 23 they received 7 or 8 Woes to them that brought on the desolation of abomination. As we will get into. Read Matt. 23 — If Jesus preached that in most church’s today they would want to kill him again. Tell me if I’m lying after you read Matt. 23.

    VER. 26. And – AFTER – THREESCORE AND TWO WEEKS shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the END OF THE WAR DESOLATIONS ARE DETERMINED.
    Now here is where the confusion comes in for millions. But It plainly tells us it was AFTER, AFTER, AFTER the 69 weeks that Messiah came and started the Last Week. That must take a revelation that is to deep for millions. The Next Scriptures tell you plainly Messiah was cut off in the MIDST of the WEEK. Well it couldn’t have been in the 69th. Week. It was the 70th. Week. Only ½ week left. = 3-½ years
    What prince was it that destroyed the City of Jerusalem after Christ was CUT OFF at the Cross of Calvary. It was Titus the Roman Emperor in 70 A.D. It was 37 years after the Resurrection. Israel was left in Desolation. Matt. 23:37-38 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!
    38. Behold, YOUR HOUSE IS LEFT UNTO YOU — DESOLATE. How much plainer can it be.

    VER. 27. And HE SHALL confirm the covenant with many for ONE WEEK: and in the MIDST of the week he shall cause the SACRIFICE and the OBLATION to CEASE, and for the overspreading of abominations HE SHALL MAKE IT DESOLATE, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the DESOLATE.
    The He shall -is the Messiah – NOT NO ANTI-CHRIST . Christ revealed the anti-christ which was the church of that day and Rome just like today. The Beast and the False Prophet – this should be plain to all Serious bible studiers. But they have been dubbed by the false prophets of this day. Wanting to build big church’s to compete with Catholicism in the ONE WORLD CHURCH that now exists. And thereby lowering their standards to the Worlds standard.
    Anybody that is in the know knows that. I think it is 28 times in the Book of Revelation alone is says GREAT – means Mega in Greek. Who can tell me what day we living in now. it’s the MEGA age.
    Yes the anti-christ has always been here. But has always been revealed to the People that really know their God. Abel was of Gods seed – Cain was an anti-christ. But people today do not even know the difference between the two anymore. Look for their Character.
    Did not Jesus cause the Law and its oblations, and sacrifices to cease. Did Not Israel become desolate for almost 2,000 years unto 1948. IT’S HISTORY DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS. False prophets today got the whole church still looking in the future.
    I could not even make this us dear friends. It’s the Word of God. As long as you look in the future you will miss Christ Coming today. Is that right – Cannot live in the Past either. You will crash looking in the review mirror all the time. Get into HIS PRESENT COMING and you will not have to be looking anymore for the coming of the Lord. Jesus said He has already come and you did not know it.
    Jesus also prayed JOHN 17:15 I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil. Where do you find a rapture in that.
    In Jesus day the church SOLD OUT and TOOK THE MARK OF THE BEAST by keeping their dead traditions and killed the “Lamb of God”. THEY HAD A TEMPLE THEY WENT TO WORSHIP IN. And it was destroyed as well. WHY? Their great beautiful TEMPLE became an IDOL to them along with their great Sanhedrin. When Fresh Manna comes you got to eat it and forget yesterdays manna cause it got rotten. Is that what the bible says. Along with Israel and Jerusalem being destroyed and DESOLATE and scattered all over the world.
    Messiah revealed who was in the “Temple” ruling things in His day. They were the Sanhedrin. There is one of the “Man of Sin” Caiaphas the Leader of the Church that got the theologians, scribes, and lawyers to rule the people to deny Christ in the darkness and Kill him and Crucify him and made fun of him while dying.
    Caiaphas even prophesied one must die. A true prophecy that He could not even Understand. That is the same confusion that is in our day. Run to God , get into the Word of God before its to late. Ask God for some understanding and wisdom.
    IMPORTANT NOTE – Israel never lost a major battle while they was under the Judges. The Judges were Prophets called by God to lead Israel out of the hands of the Enemy. What a SAD day when Israel voted to PUT IN A KING over them that God told them plainly NOT TO DO. They had Moses writings, God gave them great Prophets like Joshua, Gideon, Samson, and Samuel wept like a baby when they rejected Him and God told Samuel what are you crying for. They have Rejected me. That government of men started out good with David – David was a Prophet as well. But the battle started right their to split up their kingdom which was done after Solomon’s reign. The Evil Kings took the down and they ended up captives in Babylon.
    Where do you think the False Universal church got their “Idea’s” of having a HIGH PRIEST to govern all things. They used the Nico-laitan anti-christ system again in the Church Ages. And anti-christ Universal church got a “Seat” of authority in Rev. 2:13-15. Read it please – Antipas – is anti fathers – pas comes from the word Pater meaning father in great. And Martyrdom was a common thing for the “Elect” of God by the Papal and his Sanhedrin. All the way up into the 18 Century. Now they have changed their strategy in the 1961 Meetings to become friendly with Protestants. They couldn’t kill them off so they joined them. And look at the Protestants today. Look at the Lutherans cold dead formal church now. Methodist use to be like Pentecost and shout and sing and get loud. Look at them today. Dead as Lutheran. On and On and On every Organization.
    We today are doing exactly the same thing Israel did in Balaams day. Joining in with paganism. That brought them the plagues of death. Its in the bible plainly. The Black plague has been in the church ages from the beginning because they could not “discern” the Body of Christ. I have all the stats of the millions of people that died of the black plague. It went right up to 20 century even in America it killed about ½ million people. Then Revival brought out in 1906. And God healed the land. Now look at her today. Worse than ever.

    Now if we ever needed “Thus saith the Lord” it is NOW or never. Because the End is so near. Jesus said your end is ALWAYS. My poor ole dad use to say. When the rapture comes everything will be alright then. Or when I get to heaven everything will be alright then. Along with millions just like that today. Do not we understand that Jesus Model prayer says in MAT 6:10 Thy kingdom come. Thy WILL BE DONE IN EARTH, as it is in heaven. That is GODS WILL for us NOW> Do you have the Sabbath Rest living in you NOW. Do you Have HEAVEN living in you NOW – its called the HOLY GHOST and it is a SEAL for the rest of your life.
    Matt. 6:33 Jesus said – seek ye first the “Kingdom of God” and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and He will supply all your needs. The Kingdom of God is the HOLY GHOST . Where does it DWELL – IN YOU –

    The last 3-½ yrs is Over as well. But I’ve already made this to long. To go on. But I will say we are absolutely in the Post era of time. Time is disappearing into Eternity.
    Remember also that Moses and Elijah where both with Jesus on Mt. Transfiguration. When Jesus was on the planet with His Message. Anywhere Christ is – then also is Moses and Elijah. From the Garden to the Rev. 12 and on. They guarded Christ Word from the beginning to the End. That is another teaching in itself. God bless all who has read this. May the Lord Bless you with Revelation and Knowledge of a NOW Message.
    We must have “thus saith the Lord” today as Noah had it, Moses had it, Elijah had it – on and on and on. Bro. tom

    • wow, thank you tom, for all that work you put into your comment.

      I agree that we have had the antichrist system all this time, and the tribulation experience, and the holy spirit is meant to be a personal one, as well as being manifested in the world.

      daniel said jacob’s trouble would be 3 1/2 years, not 7.

      so that lines up with your reasons.

  44. DANIEL 7:25
    25 And he shall speak [great] words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: Times = Set times and seasons
    Laws = decree, law, edict, regulation, usage
    America lives under Roman time and laws and seasons.
    Notice – Remember “Lateinos” means Latin man = 666
    Months in honor of Roman gods – Latin men worshipped as gods

    Roman Months
    1.     January – Roman god Janus. The Keeper of the gates- 2 faces able to see the past and future.
    2.     February – Roman goddess Februa – Mother of Mars – Patroness of the passion of love
    3.     March – Roman god of War, named Mars
    4.     April – Greek goddess of love – Aphrodite
    5.     May – From the Roman goddess of grow – Maia
    6.     June – From the goddess of women, marriages and childbirth, Juno wife of Jupiter.
    7.     July – From Latin word meaning “fifth”. But renamed to honor the Roman Emperor, “Julius Caesar”.
    8.     August – From Julius Caesar successor “Augustus Caesar”.
    9.     September – From the Latin word “seven” Since it was the 7th. month of the original Roman year.
    10.      October – From the Latin word for “Eighth”. – since it was the eighth month of the original Roman year.
    11.      November – From the Latin Word for “ninth” –since it was the ninth month of the original Roman year.
    12.      December – From the Latin word “tenth” – since it was the tenth month of the original Roman year

  45. John Parson writes in : “…the Season of Teshuah runs forty days from the first day of Hebrew month of Elul to Yom Kippur. During this time we make every effort to repent, or ‘turn [shuv] toward God.’ …some have likened these 40 days to the number of days for the human fetus to be formed with in the womb…”

    • Hi DJ

      John is a very dear friend of mine and I love him, and his writing.

      He is a true believer in the Lord Yeshua and a wonderful witness.

      He is not on page with what I believe in at the moment, but I trust in God the Father that He is in Control and has His reasons for how He works within each of us.

      Pray for John our brother. Amen.

      May all be Blessed in Yeshua our KING of kings and LORD of lords.
      Love to all,

  46. LUKE 17:20 ¶ And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should COME,2064 he answered them and said, The kingdom of God COMETH-2064 NOT WITH OBSERVATION :
    21. Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU .
    22. And he said unto the disciples, The days will come, when ye shall desire to see one of the days of the Son of man, and ye shall not see it. – you will seek God but cannot find him – your heart is to hard and full of traditions, Rev. 22:11

    15. Behold, I COME -2064 as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.

    » 3 † Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will COME-2240 on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.

    REV. 16:15 – Come is “2064” erchomai Also in Rev. 1:7 Cometh same word.
    1) to come
    1a) of persons; to come from one place to another, make one’s appearance, FROM EVIL TO RIGHTOUS
    2) to come, metaphorically
    2a) to come into being, arise, come forth, show itself, find place or influence; be established; become known; to come (fall) into or unto

    REV. 3:3 – Come “2240” a primary verb;
    1) to have COME, have arrived, be present; metaphorically to come to one, i.e. to seek an intimacy with one, become his follower: to come upon one (unexpectedly); metaphorically, – Other words HE HAS ALREADY COME TO YOU – IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH by the HOLY GHOST – That is a COMING and have you received HIM=CHRIST or turned it away. IT’S A SPIRITUAL COMING JUST LIKE IN
    ACTS 2

    REV. 10:1- And I saw another mighty angel COME down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire: ACTS 2

    2597 – COME – katabaino — come down — descend– go down– fall down — step down — get down
    to go down, come down, descend
    1a) the place from which one HAS COME DOWN from
    1b) to come down; as from the temple at Jerusalem, from the city of Jerusalem; also of celestial beings COMING DOWN to earth; to be cast down – THIS IS THE COMING OF CHRIST IN A “SON OF MAN” MINISTRY.
    2) of things, to come (i.e. be sent) down; to come (i.e. fall) down: from the upper regions of the air
    3) to (go i.e.) be CAST DOWN to the LOWEST STATE of WRETCHEDNESS and SHAME = EARTH

    Rev. 10:1 is a done work. it’s the Sounding of the LAST 7th. TRUMPET – and also the other 6 with it. Rev. 10:8-11 is the Bride that eats the “Word” for the New Temple being measured in Rev. 11

    The First coming was in Flesh = Son of Man to die — The Second Coming was Spiritual to change you like the above says. Just like in Book of Acts 2 -receiving CHRIST SPIRIT IS RECEIVING THE 2nd. COMING OF CHRIST – THEN YOU GO ON INTO THE SON OF DAVID MINISTRY AS KINGS AND PRIESTS OF GOD – Then it’s the Endtime for world empires and the whole world to be renewed. God starting over again with a brand new World ?.

  47. THE VISIBLE COMING OF CHRIST IN A “SON OF MAN” MINISTRY is the VISIBLE seeing of GOD IN A FLESH Body. Rev. 10:8-11 is the Body of Christ “eating the little book” the marriage supper of the Lamb. NOW on the planet in flesh bodies just like Disciples were in the early church. You can see a body with your natural eye without seeing what kind of man or woman they are. Did the Disciples get real hungry for the Word after they was “illuminated by the Spirit of God in Acts 2. Yes indeedy.
    But like in Jesus 1st. coming in Flesh – many could not get the “Mystery” of God in flesh. When He said the “Father and I are ONE” why did the Jews pick up stones and ready to kill him. He was claiming to be God in Flesh and bone body.
    And that was the mystery of that day – He came as a “thief” as well. Even while in a flesh body they still did not know Him in SPIRIT.
    But its all the same Spirit that justified us, sanctified us, resurrected us, raptured us, quickened us, or translated us into another place and or form. That is the 2nd. coming of Christ. An ” Illumination, Revelation, Caught up in the Spirit, the air.
    We all going to shed this flesh when we die and Go back into the Bosom of the Father = Spirit where we came from. How can you be a SON WITHOUT A BEGINNING – You came from God and you go back to God and in Sonship you Prove yourself to God just like Jesus did through the trials, temptations etc.= wilderness journey in the desert places. Jesus showed us how to “OVERCOME’.
    The Prophets were called “Son of Man”. The True Prophets were like Gods to the true believers but hated by unbievers. Jesus said so plainly in the Gospels when they wanted to kill him. He took them to Moses calling him a God to the people.
    In Mal. 2:15 the GODLY SEED in Heb. is Eloyhim the plurality for Gods or gods. Because there are Evil gods – and Righteous Gods – Are we called
    “Sons of God”. YES BECAUSE WE POSSESS THE “SPIRIT OF GOD IN US RIGHT NOW” and we have the Kingdom of God IN US NOW – We have already Seen Gods 2nd. Coming – just like in Acts 2.
    Our Spirit, soul, and body has been quickened by the Spirit of God and has transformed us from a worm to a butterfly. Or we could say from an evil god to a Righteous God and made likened into a King and Priest we are called. Praise God
    If you will study sincerely the scriptures -” coming like a thief in the night”. That is what happened at the 2nd. coming that starting the Book of Acts. They Got filled with GOD = the COMFORTER. And before that they was only potentials. Judas was not there because he “sold out” and never recieved the Infilling of God. He never got to know the true meaning of the “illumination” that Paul talked about. The “Illumination” of your mind, soul, and Spirit is the 2nd. Coming the Rapture but not like the whole of the church teaches it.
    The “Rapture” and or “2nd. coming” = is the same thing. It’s taking you out of the Mind, Heart, Passions of Egypt and into Cannan land. It’s taking you over to another dimension of life like in Noah’s day. These are great, great TRUE Mysteries Sister Marianne. Jesus said to His disciples. You will not see me again until we partake of the Wine and food in the “Kingdom of God”.
    Well He came to them by the sea shore cooked them some fishes etc. and the Kingdom of God was right then on this planet. This is all in the bible. Not some wild story tale. You have to be taught these things and it takes a while to get your mind out of all the traditions. There are only two types of believers The Futurists or the Preterists. I found out after being a futurists for many, many years I was wrong. The Book of Revelation is a “Summary” of the Gospel according to Jesus through the 7 church ages. And what He has done for you. Amen and Shalom to you is my prayer.

  48. The day or the rebirth of Israel is as much as the day of initiation of the latter treatment to save Israel. So we could expect changes in Israel more often than ever before as the time goes on.. The 80 days of purification has begun in 1948, if it”s applied by God. I think that the mainstream of events will endure as much as God willingness about them. Just consider the diverse quantity of thoughts about the next coming day of Jesus. The real value of it is the realization of the awaited Jesus not only looking at Israel as the sole cause or the eventual arrival of the messiah, but giving place to the hope to the church that is praying and expecting Him every moment of the day. My belief is that not 40 nor 80 years but the precise time that depends wholly on God willingness. Not to forget that everything is filthy before Gods eyes. Thanks to Jesus and his blood that make us cleansed and covers all the pecks, spot and spills that comes continually upon us. Marianne thanks for letting me express it.



    • Jon,

      You are correct, God counts by 7s.  Creation was completed in 6 “days” and He rested on 7th “day”.

      God set a commandment to “count the omer”, which is  the forty-nine days between the holidays of Passover and Shavuot (7 Sabbaths x 7 =49). We enter into His rest on Pentecost (the 50th day). 

      There is a counting of Jubilee years, marking 49 years – then entering into the Jubilee year (50th year). 

      God’s counting of years is by Jubilee years (7×7, then “rest”).  See Genesis 6:3 for reference to this insight.  120 x 50 = 6,000 years. 

      But, we know that a 1,000 years is but a day and a day is but a thousands years (2 Peter 3:8, Psalm 90:4). 

      Well then, after the 6th day (6,000 years), His children enter into God’s rest (7th day or 1,000 years). This just could very well be “The  Millennium”, then Satan is loosed for a little season (Rev. 20:2-3).   

      The world (creation of man with dominion there of), is approximately 6,000 years old. This is according to the Hebrew calendar. We are in the year 2012 (Pope Gregory’s calendar, which changed God’s calendar of times/seasons). The Hebrew calendar (not quite pure), sets our 2012 as the year 5773. Wow, that is really close to 6,000 years! (Please know that Hebrew scholars realize they are off a few years too.)

      Let’s consider the Jubilee years of the 1900’s, which are:  1917 (Balfour Declaration), and 50 years later, 1967 when Jerusalem was reclaimed as Israel’s capital. With this bit of significant Hebrew history we can calculate the next Jubilee year. 

      1967 + 49 years equals 2016. The year that follows would be a Jubilee year (2017), which is to enter into God’s rest.

      Considering that the next Jubilee year after 2017 would be 2067, I think 2017 maybe a very significant year in God’s calendar of human events.

      Why is 1917 so significant?  The Balfour Declaration offered these elements: (1) the reconstruction of Palestine as a whole as the Jewish national home; (2) unrestricted Jewish immigration rights; (3) internal Jewish autonomy. 

      There are a few who think (educated in these matters), that 2017 will be begin the Great Jubilee.

      It gets real interesting when you realize that proclamation/command went forth (by the UN), to establish the nation of Israel in 1947. A generation is defined as 70 years (Psalm 90:10). 1947+70=2017. This matches the fig tree parable in Matthew 24.

      Wow! 2017 fits both Jubilee year calends, the fig tree parable (Matthew 24), and gets really close to the 6,000 years that opens into “God’s rest”. Really close!

      All three of these (Jubilee, fig tree and 6,000 years) are so close to lining up in agreement that some folks actually believe some seriously intense events will happen really soon (within the next 20 weeks). Right now, the virgins are sleeping, so lets not disturb them, just yet.

      Please – comprehend and apply: the Armor of Light, the Blood of the Lamb, your testimony (1st John) and the Armor of God (Ephs 6). Do not count on a “pre-tribulation rapture”. 

      We “overcome” (Rev. 12:11) and “if we endure, we shall also reign with Him” (2 Timothy 2:12).


  49. 2026,2027 (2017,1018) is the end of tribulation or start of tribulation ?

  50. Dear quesi,

    I reason that we are the “fig tree generation.”

    November 1947, the command goes forth from the UN to establish Israel + 70 years (a generation per Psalms 90:10) = 2017 and the end of the age (Matthew 24). Jesus said, all these things I tell you will come to pass within this generation.

    Jubilee year: 
    October 14, 1967 (Yom Kippur) + 49 years  = Oct 12, 2016 (Yom   Kippur,  10th of Tishrei, 5777).

    The 50th year of Jubilee (God’s rest) begins after Yom Kippur 2016 and most  likely starts during the Feasts of Tabernacles 2016. (hebrew4christians is an excellent website to read about God’s Feast days (all 6). 

    Now, consider these dates.

    Oct 2016 – 7 “weeks” of Daniel = Oct 2009.

    On October 9, 2009 (Feasts of Tabernacles), a “crown” (prize) was given to the rider of white horse, while he “confirmed peace with many” that day. (Seal 1).

    Oct 9, 2009  (Feast of Tabernacles) + 7 years (Daniel’s 7 weeks)  = October 10, 2016 (Yom Kippur).

    Please, Google this date October 9, 2009. 

    With this timeline (2009 to 2016), the Tribulation Mid-point is March 22,2013,which just happens to be the day after winter and before Sabbath (Matthew 24).

    If this brief summary captures your attention, please read my post for more details.

    The 10 virgins are sleeping. 

    Soon, they will awake to a “cry”,
    which is not a shout or a trumpet. It is a “cry” that gets them awake! It must be very alarming.

    Think mid-Trib, 3.5 years into the 7 “weeks” of Daniel time line and this “cry” is heard by all 10 virgins. (Estimated date: Feb – March 2013).

    This cry is heard (in my opinion)at the time “he” is revealed with a mortal head wound, rising from a coffin, after 3 days – but now filled with Satan. Such an event and the foolish virgins will realize, “The Lord is coming soon!” 

    Seal one opened October 9, 2009 with a crown (prize) given    for confirming peace with the world. Key word is “confirmed” peace. It is not “makes peace”.

    Seal two opened with “Arab Spring” (Dec 2010). Key word is
    “terrain” or “region” not earth.

    Seal three will be fully open later this year (major economic crisis).

    Early next year, when we see The Antichrist in the flesh, the foolish virgins turn to the wise virgins asking for oil. But, the wise do not sell or give their oil (Proverbs 23:23),which is the Kingdom (as in the Pearl and Treasure).

    The wise virgins remain in the house, (Isaiah 26:20-21).

    We overcome (Rev 12:11) and those that overcome and endure, reign with Him (Psalm 118, 2 Tim 2:12).

    I believe and think that His reign (God’s rest), begins on the last Feast of the last year (49) as we enter into Jubilee (50) or 2017. I could be off by a month or so. We don’t know the day or hour, but we should know within 12 months.

    Study Hebrew Feast days at hebrew4christians for insights.



  51. With this timeline (2009 to 2016), ??

    but who is the anti-christ ? if we arelady in the 7 years, we should know who is anti christ . do we

  52. again,

    “He” is not revealed until the Midpoint of the 7 years. During the first 3.5 there are some indicators of who the AC will be when we assess the rider of the “white”, “red” and “black” horses.

    “He” who rides is a man seated in a very powerful position (“going out conquering and to conquer”), which is Seal 1.

    The rider on the white horse need to be given a “crown” (translation is  accurately, “prize”).

    Now, “he” is just a man,  seated in this position for a reason.

    The rider of the white horse, is the same rider of the red horse as “he” supports the events of the second seal.  

    He has influence with economic/currency matters around the world too (third seal). 

    He is the same rider of all four horses (including “pale” – Greek translation is green), influencing events on a large scale in an office or position (conquering and to conquer). 

    The objectives of seals 2-4 are very important to the overall strategic plan of The AntiChrist, when “he” is revealed. Satan can only do so much in human form and Satan is not a “spirit”. The AC will have a bunch of demons/spirits (principalities and powers) working  everywhere 24/7.

    So, the same man who road out on the white horse in 2009  (receiving a “crown” (prize) on October 9, 2009), then supported “Arab Spring” beginning in 2010, sending a cool billion to the “brotherhood” in Egypt, and supports the Fed Reserve monetary policy (the US dollar is the currency standard for all currency not gold), and we are awaiting his spiritual makeover, (Jan-Feb 2013).

    Google, October 9, 2009.

    It is the date (just happens to be Feast of Tabernacles), which began the 7 “weeks” of Daniel. 

    It fits perfectly, 2009-2016.

    Now for one more bit of a confirmation – read my post “Signs in the Heavens”and “How do the Sheep Prepare”.

    I know nothing, but what Jesus led me to find, read and the Holy Spirit opened my eyes and ears. 

    The 10 virgins are sleeping and do not wake up until there is a “cry” (Matthew 25). The man in the field is alarmed so abruptly that he should not return home
    for anything. It’s like no one is paying attention (eye that can not see, ears can’t hear), for a reason. Some are getting a clue, heads up while millioms of virgins are sleeping. Now, you maybe rubbing your eyes.

    Consider this warning from our Lord: “Woe to those who are pregnant (the infant Christian who is not mature) and those who are nursing babies (Pastors giving milk for sermons/teaching to infant Christians)” (Matthew 24:19). My reading of this verse goes like this – “Good luck on a milk diet until the Lord returns. You need to know the Word – Jesus as Savoir and Lord (trust in, obey, and faith in).

    Remember, we are to seek first the Kingdom (righteousness, peace and joy in the Spirit) and His righteousness (the Light, Ephesians 5:5-21). 

    Be a wise virgin (Matthew 25).

    Starting today — Invest more time reading, meditating, studying the Word than TV, books, checkers or anything else that can not satisfy your eternal soul and your spirit’s appetite for solid food (Ephesians, Hebrews, 1st John, 1,2 Peter,  James and onward).

    Invest in the Word. Then, six months from now – you’ll have invested wisely (Proverbs 23:23 / Matthew 25:1-13) and you will be better prepared for the following 1,335 days (Daniel 12:12).

    “Let there be a courageous people of God coming forth at this time who are free from “the terror by night” as well as “the arrow that flies by day” (Ps.91:5). 

    Psalm 71

  53. ‘El ‘elohey Yisra’el

    Father God accept this prayer on behalf of the nation of Israel.

    You are known by the name “Mighty God of Israel”, Yet you have turned your face from them, Lord.

    You have called them your sons and daughters, Yet they have rebelled and gone their own way.

    You have called them your wife, yet you have divorced them for their infidelities. May they return (shuva) to You.

    They were your chosen ones, your servent, and you have called them your friend. Yet they betrayed this friendship with gods made with human hands. You sent them into captivity, Now receive them back and turn their heart of stone into a heart of flesh.

    May your name, “Mighty God of Israel” be glorified through your mercy on this nation.

    Isaac and Rebekah had two sons, Israel and Esau. Israel received the birthright, Esau despised his birthright and departed, The prodigal son. Esau Then realized that it was better to be a servant in his fathers house, than to eat with the pigs. We returned to you, received you, and you killed the fattened calf which belonged to Israel, and by your mercy we were returned as sons, and heirs to your blessing. Israel, the owner of this birthright despised your mercy, Just as Jonah despised your mercy. Their hearts were hardened and they in turn rejected joining in the celebration and partaking in the slaughtered calf. It was this rejection by Jacob that we the children of Esau received your mercy. All have now been disobedient and prodigal, both Jacob and Esau. Now may you once again extend your mercy to Jacob when He returns to you.

    Let us all then celebrate together as the family of God. Let us not despise your mercy but rejoice. Esau is your servant Jacob. We have returned home. We will serve you, and celebrate with you for we were once rebellious and received God’s mercy. We partook in the birthright which belonged to you, and now by the work of his grace and mercy we extend and hope to share this birthright with you as you return, and are re-grafted into the olive tree on which you you were meant to dwell. For that fattened calf is Jesus himself. He is the Messiah of Israel. As with your father David, he was annointed king as a child, only to suffer on behalf of the people of Israel. Your nation is sitting and sleeping under the shade of the plant which God gave as a sign to Jonah. Very soon, the Lord God will send a worm to destroy that plant. This will be your sign to return to him, to say “blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord”, Then you will see “him whom they have pierced, and Mourn for him”. And as with Hosea, The Lord will redeem his wife, For you Israel are the bride of Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all.

    Then your name, Oh Lord, shall once again be upon Israel, and you will bless them by your countenence shining upon them. Then Lord your glory will shine throughout the earth, For your mercy endures forever. Amen.

  54. The Amazing Correlation Between Jesus’ Prophecy About Israel and the Year 2017

    (Part of the following information is not new. But the full SEVEN correlations are hot off the press!)

    Let’s first look at Matthew 24 and Luke 21 where Jesus told us the signs to look for before his return.

    Matthew 24:32-34 to begin with.
    Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: “So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.”

    This is end time prophecy, referring to Israel being re-established as a nation in recent times. To understand this you need to know that people in Israel are called figs in the Bible, Eg. Jeremiah 24:5 –or read the whole chapter in which the good figs are returned to Israel and the bad are destroyed. Also Hosea 9:10,

    Based on the premise that Israel is like a fig tree it seems reasonable to link Jesus’ fig tree reference to modern day Israel. It seems that the “times of the gentiles” (see Luke 21:24) ended in June 1967 when Jerusalem was restored to the Jews.

    In Luke 21:32 Jesus /Yeshua appears to say that a generation will not pass away from the specific time or date that Jerusalem ceases to be trodden down by the gentiles (referring back to Luke 21:24), until he returns! See also Matt. 24:34 and Matt.24:3.

    What is the length of a Biblical generation?

    It’s hard to pin down the length of a generation in the Bible.

    1) According to Gen. 6:3 it may be as long as 120 years.
    2) Genesis 15:13, coupled with Gen. 15:16 indicates 100 years.
    3) Psalms 90:10 indicates a possible 80 years.
    4) Psalms 90:10 indicates a more likely 70 years.
    5) Matthew 1:17 may indicate around 50 years
    6) Psalms 95:10 indicates 40 years.
    7) Deut. 2:14 indicates 38 years.

    So there are SEVEN possibilities open for calculation.
    However there is ONE year that calculates out to the SAME YEAR using ALL these 7 time periods!

    2017 – Using ALL the generation possibilities, based on the premise of ISRAEL being the fig tree Jesus spoke about in the end times:

    1) 2017 counting back a 120 year generation = 1897. Significant event: The first ever Zionist congress was held in Basel, Switzerland in 1897. (See )
    2) 2017 counting back a 100 year generation = 1917. Significant event: The first official political act paving the way for Jews to return to their land was the Balfour Declaration of November 1917.
    3) 2017 counting back a 80 year generation = 1937. Significant event: The Peel Commission published a report that for the first time recommended partition of Palestine, and the land under it’s authority be apportioned between an Arab and Jewish state. The plan was declared unimplementable. (See )
    4) 2017 counting back a 70 year generation = 1947. Significant event: The United Nations general assembly voted in favour of the Partition Plan that actually created… the State of Israel!
    5) 2017 counting back a 50 year generation = 1967. Significant event: The Jews regained Jerusalem, fulfilling “when the fig tree putteth forth leaves.”
    Choosing a 50 year generation requires some explanation. There are at least two ways to calculate it from the Bible. Some people have reckoned on a 50 year generation, starting with 70 using Psalm 90:10 for an average age, and then taking away 20, because those under 20 years old who came out of Egypt were not counted, as mentioned fifteen times in the book of Numbers, Chapter 1.
    There is another way to estimate it. That’s by dividing the length of time between the 40 generations between Abraham and Christ using Matthew 1:17, and making sure you don’t count David twice and Jesus once, which is an easy trap to fall into! There are several estimates for the length of time of those 40 generations, however I’ve used 2018 years, which I got from . 2018 divided by 40 = 50.45. Allowing for a few years adjustment either way still gives an answer of around 50 on average.
    6) 2017 counting back a 40 year generation = 1977. Significant event: The State of Israel reaches the Jewish “age of maturity.” In the Old Testament Bible, priests could not work in the tabernacle until age 30. See Numbers 4:3. This was when they were considered mature. Modern Israel was born in 1947. Now do the calculation: 1947 + 30 = 1977. “When the fig tree putteth forth leaves” could be considered as another way of saying “when Israel becomes mature.”
    7) 2017 counting back a 38 year generation = 1979. Significant event: Israel signs a peace treaty with Egypt. Other than the events already mentioned I’m thinking this would be considered the other most positive historical step towards modern Israel’s expansion, showing “the fig tree putting forth leaves”. It led to many long term benefits, such as providing for the free passage of Israeli ships through the Suez Canal.


    More information at

    • Nicetiming,

      Nice work!

      Now, add in the Jubilee count (49 years and into a Jubilee year) into the mix of years you’ve developed above.

      Begin with 1917 and the Balfour Declaration:

      “His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

      “The initial draft of the declaration, contained in a letter sent by Rothschild to Balfour, referred to the principle ‘that Palestine should be reconstituted as the National Home of the Jewish people’ (Stein, Leonard (1961). The Balfour Declaration. New York: Simon and Schuster. p. 470.)

      1917 is a Jubilee year.

      50 years later = 1967 and another Jubilee year.

      “The liberation of Jerusalem in 1967 marked the first time in thousands of years that the entire city of Jerusalem, the holiest city in Judaism, was under Jewish sovereignty. The destruction of Jerusalem was a watershed event in Jewish history that began thousands of years of mourning for Jerusalem, so, it follows, that the reunification of Jerusalem should be a joyous celebration that begins the process of reversing thousands of years of destruction and exile. Jerusalem is central to the Jewish tradition. Jews face in the direction of Jerusalem and all of the prayer services are filled with references to Jerusalem.

      The observance of Yom Yerushalayim outside of the city cannot compare to its celebration in reunited Jerusalem. In Jerusalem, thousands of people march around the city and walk through the liberated Old City, where Jews were denied access from 1948 to 1967 while it was under Jordanian control”.

      1967 + 49 years = 2016 and 2017 becomes a Jubilee year.

      So, do we enter into JUBILEE after the Day of Atonement, 2016 or after Day of Atonement 2017?

      By applying all 7 of these definitions of a generation and the Jubilee count – the end of the age and His soon coming (Matthew 24) would seem to be no later than the Fall Feasts of 2017 or as early as a Fall Feast day in 2016.

      Hummm? Those “Blood Moons” on Hebrew Feast days begin Passover 2014 and into 2016.

      Thank you!

      Psalm 28

      • Yes, Jubilees are a huge study and very interesting. Does anybody know what are the most convincing proof URL’s to research when they are? I have read so much conflicting info., so I don’t like to be dogmatic about which years they fall on. Also on heavenawaits, are there any really good posts about them?

        • Nicetiming,

          This Jubilee chart maybe helpful. At least the graphic puts all the information on a timeline.

          Click to access Jubilees.pdf

          We all can make some comments/changes/refinements.

          For example, I would apply the date of 1947 – when the proclamation went forth to establish the nation and not apply 1948.

          1947 + 20 = 1967
          1947 + 70 (Psalm 90:10 generation) = 2017

          But, your reply/comment regarding generations – all ending in 2017 does fit within the Jubilee timeframe.

          This link provides a graphic of the lunar and solar events.

          Click to access Solar%20Eclipses.pdf


      • sounds good to me too

      • DJ,

        How can Jesus second coming be 2017 if their is no seven year treaty yet? No Temple, No anti-Christ causing all to worship the image…

        Is it a taking of the innocent out of the way, or rapture you are writing about?

        • Leatherneck,

          The seven years confirming of the covenant in Daniel 9:27 is talking about Jesus so far as I can make out. The word confirm also means strengthen. It is nothing to do with a treaty with anyone in recent times – I could be wrong, but that’s the way I see it.

          The temple is symbolic of all Christians according to 1 Cor. 3:16. There is no need for a physical temple to be built at all.

          Anti-Christ is everywhere around us right now, but I’m not saying more can’t happen in the future. I do not know for sure if 2014 or 2017 will be the beginning of a three and a half year tribulation, or either of them, but, although 7 year tribulation lengths are possible in theory, the Bible only states 1260 days, for example, in one breath. So if you see more 3 and a half year periods mentioned, they may all refer to the same time.

          I can guarantee you a rapture WON’T happen before the tribulation. As I’ve said on nicetiming, the Song of Solomon in the Bible contains hidden end time prophecy about Christ and His Church… You can easily see how this matches with some New Testament parables given by Jesus.

          For example, read Song of Solomon 1:6, where the Woman is a type of the Church, and she is depicted as being sunburned (or black) because she has born the heat of the day.

          Now read Matthew 20:12 and see how most of the laborers in the vineyard, who are also a type of the church, also bear the heat of the day.

          In end time prophecy, Jesus marries the church just after the Great Tribulation (see Rev. 19:7) and just after a nuclear, financial, and volcanic WINTER that’s spoken about in both Song 2:11 and Mark 13:18.

          Now read Song 2:10 and 2:13. In time sequence, this is when the church is told to arise or “rise up.”

          Although protected “in the clefts of the rock” (Song of Solomon 2:14) these verses strongly indicate that the church will NOT be raptured to heaven before this time.

          • P.S. Please especially note verse 13 of Song Of Solomon – “the fig tree has ripened its figs” (NAS version) as it especially pertains to the above post about the 7 generations.

        • Leatherneck,

          Thank you for your reply. Seriously – thank you.

          In order to get to 2017 there must be a lot of “ground work” established, yes?

          It is not as obvious as we were led to think. I just figured it out, confirming the long term planning required by the enemy to set up the final conflict at the end of the age.

          We are blind to what is going on right before our eyes. It takes years to prepare for a leader (AntiChrist) to rule the world. Such preparation takes decades for systems (economic, military, religion, media, etc) to be in place. It took years to get to where we are today and not many see.

          Treaty: he confirms peace with many. I don’t think this means a grand signing ceremony – he confirms what already exists. So many agreements have been signed over the years. He confirms peace (can be a process or roadmap) with many without signing a “new agreement”. On 09/09/09 (flip those numbers), he confirmed peace with many (UN) for the first time. Every year there is a “confirming” speech.

          UN Resolution 242 (1967) is one of the most widely affirmed resolutions on the Arab–Israeli conflict and formed the basis for later negotiations between the parties. These led to Peace Treaties between Israel and Egypt (1979) and Jordan (1994), as well as the 1993 and 1995 agreements with the Palestinians.


          In September 2010 there was a meeting between all parties with an agreement (framework), leading to peace (confirming what already was agreed to over the years). The public meeting was before the press in Washington DC during September 2010. Then, they all agreed to pursue peace. Nothing new. Same old story: “Peace, peace when there is no peace” (missiles fired across borders and bombs blowing up in busses). There will be war when Israel strikes Iran or Iran strikes Israel. Barry is doing a great job of isolating Israel.

          Temple: the Temple Mount leaders have everything prepared, waiting for the Dome to come down (God directed). It will not take very long to construct the Temple so that the Lord enters through the East Gate. As posted within HA, the Temple Mount leaders are aware of the Ark of the Covenant.

          Anti-Christ and False Prophet – these two characters can “manifest” in seconds. The bodies are walking around but just need significant demonic assistance to achieve their purpose.

          Satan entered Judas during the last supper and ran off in a body. Judas didn’t raise from the dead, did he? No.

          Judas was over flowing with Satan. Judas probably also had few demons going along for the ride.

          Judas was so filed with “darkness” that his guts spilled open while hanging from a tree. Weak abdominal mussels? No.

          This time, the AntiChrist is filled with Satan and lives in that condition until the he is destroyed by the Lord. The False Prophet becomes filled with seriously powerful demons too. At the right moment these men become the instruments of “darkness”.

          I see seals 1-3 active without needing/requiring the False Prophet or the Antichrist manifested before the world. Therefore, these 2 men are not known to anyone. But, certainly after seal 4 is opened and onward those men of “darkness” will be known to everybody.

          What would causes the virgins to wake up? A peace treaty signed by a bunch of diplomats? The foolish virgins freak out, waking up when seeing a peace treaty signed? Not likely. They are distracted by ESPN, ET Tonight and other forms of worldwide entertainment and what’s for dinner or where is my Starbucks.

          It must be obvious to even the foolish Christians for them to wake up. The signing of another peace treaty (as if this is the beginning of the 7 years) is not significant to wake up drowsy, clueless virgins. It must be shocking to the emotions.

          Did you realize that a jet fuel fire can not bend or destroy steal beams? Did you know that twin towers were designed to withstand jet airline impact? Did you know that architectural engineers have proved the towers came down by explosives just like taking down the Astrodome or other large structures?

          It began many many years ago and we were clueless.

          2017 is very reasonable. 2016 is possible. The date / calendar information posted above and what I posted on this page line up.

          I’ve posted this video, asking that you please watch. Then, I post another to back it up. Then, I’ll post another video from another source.

          Psalm 28

          • DJ, It may or may not require more time. However please read my comment to Leatherneck as well.

            • Revelation 13:16 can not be escaped. Regardless of what the song of Solomon reads. Revelation 13:15 is no small matter.

              I have never heard, or read a Dr. level Thesis that Jesus conformed the covenant with the many. Jesus, as you might know, was rejected, murdered, and some believe he rose from the grave being the price for human sin.

              Daniel 9:27. He will confirm the covenant with the many for one week.
              If Christ was cut off after 62 weeks how does he confirm a one week covenant?

              With the above Bible verses posted, I don’t see, or understand anything that you have written nicetimingcom.


              I understand where you are coming from, and I would love to see Christ return sooner, rather than later. However, a giant lie must show itself to humanity, and the two witnesses must preach causing no rain in parts of the world, and causing their enemies to be devoured by fire making the Beast wrathful because he can’t murder them.

              • Leatherneck, I’m not trying to escape Rev 3. I expect it to be fulfilled also.

                Jesus was cut off in the midst of a week. If it was a 3 and half year ministry, then that makes perfect sense. There are many ideas about this – take your pick:

                What else can’t you understand?

                • I believe I posted what I think about your understanding about the end times, and I will stick with the Bible quotes I have listed as proof.

                  Those are just a few examples of why these blood moon thoughts are just misleading thoughts. They don’t have any real Biblical foundation for a return of Christ. It may very well be the time for the lie, and the Beast who rules with peace for 3.5 years shows himself.

                  The Bible is very clear on what must happen before Christ places his feet on the mount of olives. It appears to me, the New Age will be thrown a bone by G-d to gain for one hour a world ruled by man without G-d.

                  That is how I see your blood moon BS. Did I make that so you can understand me clearly? I gave you Revelation, and Daniel Bible quotes to back up my belief. Would you also like Ezekiel, and Thessalonians?

                  • I have never mentioned blood moons, where did you get that from? – you are mistaking me for other people.

                    I think you may be right about more time being needed. I was not dogmatic about that either, but just find the 2017 correlations very interesting and feel they are highly likely to be significant.

                    • I have not noticed you saying anything about the blood moons either. there is separate page about that, with some that believe in them, and some that don’t. maybe leatherneck is thinking of someone on that page.

                    • Sorry,

                      I did mix the blood moon with you. My mistake.

      • Greetings DJ,

        I see you’re fascinated with numbers, patterns, and Jubilee years as with nicetimingcom. Have you ever considered that Satan also has his Jubilee years? According to my credible research, 2017 is Satan’s jubilee year, as Jerusalem will be forcibly returned to Him immediately following the Abomination of Desolation during Passover week. Let me explain:

        2017 also happens to be Israel’s 70th prophetic year since her rebirth in 1948 – which is connected to Psalm 90:10/12 and believed by Jewish sages to be a clue to the arrival of their messiah.

        The number 70 corresponds to the Hebrew letter Ayin, which in the Hebrew Word Pictures means ‘to see, know and understand’ – hence in Israel’s 70th year (2017) believing Jews in Judea will ‘see and understand’ the Abomination of Desolation and ‘know’ to flee to the mountains – Matthew 24:15-16. ‘Flee’ translates in Aramaic to ‘Nisan’ which is the month when Passover occurs.

        The clues are all in the scriptures for the timing of these things.

        The tetrad blood red moons due 2014/2015 are patterned after those of 1949/1950 and 1967/1968 and are EXTREMELY significant re Daniel’s 70th week, but not only that, there are 2 sun eclipses as well, one falling on 1 Nisan a very significant date in Jewish history, there was only 1 sun eclipse for the previous tetrads.

        One last point that no one else to my knowledge has researched, Yom Kippur 2014/2015 are dual feasts with the Islamic Feast of Sacrifice, that doesn’t occur again until 2046/2047, and the time of Jacob’s trouble officially begins and ends on Yom Kippur.

        I have presented 17 pieces of evidence for 2020/2021 being the year of Yeshua’s return and the timings for all the significant prophetic events of Daniel 9 and Revelation 13 – three of which are scientific. They all fit perfectly with number and year patterns concerning 666, 70, 50, 120, 1,260, 2520, 3.5 and 7 years that you will be truly amazed. This research is in my 2-part series “Sealed Till the Time of the End” recently released and found at and

        Part 1 has recently been endorsed by Joel Richardson, co-author with Walid Shoebat of “God’s War on Terror”.

        Sincerely, Deborah Jean Stearn

  55. Greetings Nicetiming!

    Since you are a number and pattern person pertaining to prophecy, as I am, I recommend you check out my 2-Part series ‘Sealed Till the Time of the End’ – I have performed detailed prophetic research with the Hebrew Word Pictures and number patterns on 666, Revelation 13 and the year 6000 with astounding results.

    Sincerely, Deborah Jean Stearn

  56. Nicetiming,

    Nice summary! I agree with the application of Song of Solomon as a representation of The Bride. She takes a while before comprehending who she is and what she is to do.

    Psalm 28

  57. Hi,

    Well, I’m pretty sure it’s all over by 2017 but still leaning towards the end of the age and His return during the Fall Feasts of 2016.


    Because all must be accomplished by the 70 year generation (Psalm 90:10) added to the proclamation going forth by the UN, November 1947.

    The years/events posted by Nicetiming confirms no later than 2017.

    The Jubilee year of 1967 + 49 = 2016, which leads into the Jubilee year of 2017.

    Then there was the “sign in the heavens” that occurred on Feast
    of Trumpets, 2011.

    Since that sign was above us on Feast of Trumpets 2011 – it’s definitely all over by 2018.

    I’m waiting for the 4th Seal to open and He returns as He said in Matthew 24.

    Psalm 28

  58. DJ,

    Did you read my message to you posted today?

    Regards, Deborah Jean Stearn

  59. I did read your links quickly. When you went past 2017/2018, I passed on diving into the details based on what I just shared with you.

    I’ll read your linkscarefully and give a thoughtful reply tomorrow.

    There is a very good college football game on now and I’m interested in Bowling Green winning this game.

    The score is tied with 4 minutes to go in the game.


  60. DJ,

    One must keep an open mind, as I have found that a lot of things have been predicted that are not based on solid evidence, or on out-of-context verses, as you will find in my book, Part 2 – Unveiling the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. If anyone’s findings are not based on all of these:

    * Jubilee years
    * the creation days
    * the 7-day week
    * the Hebrew calendar
    * the Jewish reckoning of time
    * prophetic years of 360 days, as well as the solar year of 365.25 years
    * the 8 feasts – 7 biblical + Hanuakah
    * the constellation patterns
    * the scheduled sun and moon eclipses
    * Islamic feasts
    * the pattern of 666 years in history in relation to Islam
    * the Hebrew word pictures
    * typology and midrash
    * Israel-centered mindset of prophecy and fulfillment
    * Levitical laws to do with childbirth
    * Islamic and Orthodox Judaism expectations in their prophecies
    * the multiple meanings of biblical Hebrew words

    then that person’s findings are not accurate.

    My research includes all of the above.


    Deborah Jean Stearn

    • Deborah, that list is not enough!

      I’m joking.

      Well, sort of…

      There’s you saying that, and then there’s my wife telling me I should take no notice of anyone who doesn’t have a good understanding of the Sanctuary service and all that pertains to it….

      So I’ve just decided that I WILL purchase Part 2 of your book, but not yet, thanks. I’ll wait for it to be available in ebook form first, as that better suits my budget right now.

      • Nicetime,

        I’ll let you know when my publisher responds to my request about the availability of the ebook format for Part 2, but as I said, Part 1 needs to be read first., otherwise you will not get how I came to the conclusions.

        Many blessings,


  61. Deborah,

    I know where your coming from. There are multiple topics to consider in order to gain understanding in this subject matter.

    Honestly, I’ve studied out most of the outline you listed above beginning with this question to the Lord, “Please explain what you told the disciples in Matthew 24-25. I want to know the truth.”

    He led me to comprehend Hebrew Feast days from lessons taught by Mark Blitz.

    I came to understood creation week, Jubilee and God’s calendar from Dewy Burton’s work.

    He led me to understand the signs in the heavens – Hebrew meaning of the zodiac. The heavenly sign of Revelation 12:1-5 was above us on Feast of a Trumpets, 2011. This sign (Rev. 12:1-5) was as clear to see as “The Star of Bethlehem” was to the wise men – writing this out in the following link.

    He led me to understand Islam (Arab Revolt – Arab Spring) in the context of the 4 seals. The four color horses in Revelation match (in order) the 4 Islamic Caliphate (white, red, black and “pale”) in the same order. This page could have been written better, but you should see the evidence.

    Sorry, but I don’t need to buy a book on this subject. I just ordered several books to replace ones that I’ve given away. I need more books on subjects to edify and build me up in The Lord, suggesting any book written by Derek Prince.

    I appreciate your enthusiasm and the outline is great!

    The other question I asked the Lord (at the same time – during the same prayer in January 2010), was to please explain Mark 16:17-18. By experience, I have come to understand that Paul’s suggestion to Timothy is beneficial and a blessing (2 Timothy 2:7).

    Evidence of Him teaching me and answering my sincere questions is experiencing deliverance from demonic spirits, ministering deliverance to 3 others, teaching/sharing what I learned others and two of those men experiencing deliverance themselves then ministering deliverance to others. Jezebel was evident/expelled in two of those situations. Thank you Lord.

    He led me to experience expelling demons and calling down angles to clear out “powers of darkness” within an elementary school, the workplace and a church filled with the work of a voodoo queen. Thank you Lord.

    He led me to understand that “Wormwood” is a demonic spirit of bitterness. How would I know? Because I know Jezebel up close and personally. I know Leviathan and other “powers of darkness”. I’ve experienced the arrows of voodoo and other such curses, warfare on the front lines, thank you Lord. This is expressed within this link.

    He led me to comprehend “The Lamb of God” connecting with the blood of a lamb and The Ark of the Covenant. The Ark, which I thought would be brought out by now, will be brought forth.

    Very soon, God will soon call forth His witness (the Ark), presenting His testament (physical evidence) of both the Old Covenant (the Word/His Law), and the New Covenant (the Word/His Blood), for His people (Hebrews and Gentiles) to realize that all are welcome to receive His mercy and grace. Check this out.

    When someone wants to teach me from Scriptures – I want to know there position on Mark 16:17-18. If they guess at an answer, or pull out a Bible Dictionary and Greek Lexicon with an academic answer, or don’t know how to respond by experience – Oh well. Maybe I can help them learn, if they are willing and open to instruction based on Scripture and experience. If I don’t know or have confidence in what I think I know – I’ll shut up, ask questions of fellow believers in a bible study forum, then go to my room, privately open the Word and seek Him (2 Timothy 2:7), waiting for an answer (Psalm 25:4-5).

    In my opinion – based on all the above, the end of the age is no later than Feasts of Tabernacles 2017 but could be as soon as the Fall Feasts of 2016. Why? Because the sign of Revelation 12:1-5 occurred on September 29, 2011, Feasts of Tabernacles.

    Seal one opened one day between 09/09/09 (confirming peace at the UN) and Feast of a Tabernacles 2010, when he accepted a crown (prize) for talking peace (bow). Maybe “he” is “the chosen one”? I think so.

    Seal two opened with Arab Spring (Tunisia 12/2010) and spread throughout the region (King James “earth”).

    Seal three is the inflation and economic mess in the same region (Greece to Spain and Libya to Syria).

    So, I’m waiting for the 4th Seal to open and Babylon to fall in “one hour” (Revelation 17-18). NYC represents that great city and the USA is going to receive the judgment for its abominations, which includes millions of abortions, legalized gay marriage and other “lawlessness”. Then, the serious work of revival occurs when the virgins wake up, while others walk, stumble in “darkness”.

    Psalm 40

    • Truthjuice,

      Thanks for including me in your comment! DJ – it is Sept 2020 to be a little more precise, as we said.


      You are wrong about your interpretation on Rev 12:1-5. It is the constellation, sun and moon pattern – Mazzaroth – at the time of Yeshua’s birth – read the context which is in verse 2. And that pattern reveals His birth date – 1 Tishri or the Feast of Trumpets – and the year is 3 – 4 BC.
      For those of you who still believe He was born in winter and 25th Dec – it was Sept/Oct which is when Tishri falls.

      Also, that Great city, Babylon, has nothing to do with the US, the prophecies concerning the end times are Israel and the Middle-East centric.

      Deborah Jean Stearn

      • Debora Jean, no problem:)

        btw, did you get my last e-mail response to you? It confirms what you said here…so cool 🙂

        • truthjuice,

          Do you work with or for Deborah? Do you attend the same church?

          Do you accept what someone says without investigation? Oh – you just accept what Deborah presents but not DJ (which does contradicts her statement) without any further investigation?

          Nicetiming presented an excellent review of generation years, which all end at 2017. Amazing!

          7 sets of years with significant historical events tied to each one and they all point to 2017. Amazing!

          I added a Jubilee count (49 years then enter Jubilee) and the count ends 2017. Amazing!

          Barry receives a crown (prize) for peace only because he simply talked peace (bow) and he repressed a world leader embodying “hope”.

          Barry receives this crown (prize) on October 10, 2010 – during Feasts of Tabernacles. Amazing! Could Seal 1 then be open?!

          7 years added to Feasts of Tabernacles 2010 (Barry’s crown) = Feasts of Tabernacles 2017. Amazing!

          The Virgo sign was above us on September 29, 2011, Feasts of Trumpets.

          This statement is based on evidence that you can see and with supporting Scriptures.

          The proof is within the attached link. You can also see for yourself with an astronomy software – free downloading and then investigate.

          A picture is worth a 1000 words and there is a snapshot from the software in the attached link.

          Since the sign of Revelation 12:1-5 was above us on 10/29/11, then we would be within the timeframe set forth in the writings of Revelation.

          Since Deborah is wrong (or missed) the Rev. 12:1-5 sign then, maybe her hypothesis that the end of the age is years beyond 2017 is faulty or wrong. I think so and the above is information to support the statement.

          If you need another sign – it will not be much longer. The virgins are still asleep, waking up when the situation becomes really obvious.

          Psalm 40

          • DJ,
            No I do not know Deborah J Stearn. I just happened to read her comments here and what she said lines up and confirms with what the Most High God showed me from revelation from Him.From the Holy Spirit. Even down to the month.

            So I sent her an e-mail telling her how I recieved the same revelation from God. It is a blessing.

            God gives confirmation when things are from Him.

            If you can recieve this, you will be blessed. It should encourage you.God does speak to His children and we don’t have to guess. If you don’t want to recieve it, well, at least you were told.

            Deborah and I are not wrong, but believe what you want.

            Sorry if God put a monkey wrench in your own ideas about the trib.

      • Deborah right….Very true. Jesus was born in Sept. not Dec. I agree with that too. Dec 25th is a pagan holiday originally devoted to the god Tamuz if i recall from my studies. Anyone wonder why “Santa “is associated with Christmas?

        Satan will try and get his ‘worship” any way he can, the loser!

        “Santa’ is an anagram for “Satan”…just an FYI

      • Deborah,

        Just saying you are right and I am wrong is – just wrong.

        A good teacher provides the tools for anyone to investigate and discover the answer.

        With the assistance of the astronomy software Stellarium (which you can download at no cost at, you can see the “Bethlehem Star” formed by the conjunction (coming together) of Jupiter (King planet) with Regulus (King star) in the constellation Leo (lion – King of Judah) during the week of Feasts of Tabernacles between September 10 -17, 3 BC.

        Life begins at conception – not at birth. Agree? You should say yes.

        The star” formed on Feasts of Tabernacles was the sign of the beginning of His life on earth.

        There were two signs in the heavens.

        Nine months after conception, Mary gave birth to Jesus (Yeshua – “Salvation”) during the month of June 2 BC. The star on this day was the conjunction (coming together) of Venus (Mother planet) and Jupiter (King plant) just below the constellation Leo.

        This occurred during the Hebrew month of Tamuz (June/July) and on the 17th day of that month, which marks the beginning of the three-week mourning period leading up to Tisha B’Av.

        This time of fasting commemorates the destruction of both the First Temple and Second Temple in Jerusalem; the day has been called the “saddest day in Jewish history”. On this day, Moses descended from Sinai with the 10 commandments, and then broke them when seeing the wickedness of the people.

        But, according to according to Hebrew tradition, as recorded in Zechariah 8, the 17th of Tamuz will be transformed in the messianic era in a day that “shall be joy to the House of Judah” full of “gladness and cheerful feasts”. We know the birth of our Lord and Savior transformed this day of sorrows to a day of joy!

        Luke 2:10-12 records the news.

        “Then the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be the sign to you: You will find a Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger” (NKJV).

        Again, Stellarium presents this evidence, which brought the Magi (wise men) to the rulers and scholars of Jerusalem seeking the King of the Jews.

        The Magi saw Jupiter/Regulus in Leo, and then followed this heavenly presentation knowing a King was conceived in Judah.

        Then, nine months later – they watched Jupiter/Venus connect beneath Leo, the child was born. This was “The Star of Bethlehem” as a sign of his birth. This is when the angels came to the shepherds in the field on that warm, late spring season night.

        In the Revelation 12 configuration, Saturn (dragon of Rev 12) is so very close to Venus and Mercury (angelic messenger of Daniel 12:1) is nearby.

        All of this was displayed in the heavens during an important Hebrew Feast day – Feasts of Trumpets on September 29, 2011.

        On this day – the moon was at her feet. On September 27, 28 and on the 30th the moon was not at her feet. The day of this heavenly sign – Feasts of Trumpets make this extremely important.

        A few days later, Venus and Mercury moved away from Virgo, while Saturn (the dragon) remained within Virgo until 11/11/11. Then on that day, the dragon moved out of Virgo.

        This is no coincidence because the heavenly sign of September 29, 2011 is as special and unique (never occurred before or again) as the heavenly signs that occurred with His conception and birth. These heavenly signs occurred on a Hebrew Feast day or a special day of fasting (a day of sorrows turned to joy) for God’s chosen people.

        The heavenly sign of Revelation 12 occurred on September 29, 2011. Therefore, we are within the 7 years of Tribulation and the Great Tribulation begins in the very near future as we read Matthew 24:15-22 (Amplified Bible).

        Psalm 40

        • DJ,

          The 2017 evidences from nicetime are pretty convincing and compelling, and the year definitely points to something very significant, I can’t deny. However, the conclusion that that is the year Yeshua returns may not be the correct conclusion, something else could be happening instead….

          I also have mathematical number patterns, including years associated with 666, that are equally convincing and compelling that point to 2017 as the beginning of the Great Tribulation, and 2020 for the Second Coming.

          Just one evidence is that 2017 is also when Israel turns 70 prophetic years [see Psalm 90:9-12, which the Jewish sages believe is a clue to the approximate climate of the arrival of their messiah – the false one that is (‘beast’ of Rev 19)]. ’70’ corresponds to the Hebrew letter Ayin, which means in the word pictures, ‘to see, understand, know, and experience’, and is when the remnant will ‘see’ the abomination of desolation and ‘knows’ to flee.

          ‘Nisan’ is an Aramaic month-word and means ‘to flee’, hence the abom. of desol. and fleeing will occur in Passover week (Feast of Unleavened Bread – which is a fleeing feast in Jewish history, eg. Exodus, and Lot) Nisan, 2017.

          3.5 years later – 1,260 days – is the end of the GT, on 10 Tishri, 2020. But Daniel 12:11-12 says there is a total of 1,290 days for the abom. of desol to remain and 1,335 days to be endured, which is 75 days in total beyond the 1,260. From 10 Tishri to 25 Kislev, the beginning of Hanukah, is 75 days exactly, inclusive of both dates. Hence, Hanuakh 2020 could well be the marriage feast of the lamb.

          Anyway, I have said my peace and revealed some of the 17 compelling evidences from the research in my ‘Sealed Till the Time of the End’ series. I’m not really interested in to-ing and fro-ing with further debates, as it wastes an awful lot of my precious time.

          If you haven’t looked into Hebrew word pictures before, which is what a lot of my research is based on, you might be interested in taking a look at my Foundational Hebrew Course which teaches the spiritual side of Hebrew proving beyond a doubt that it is divine and each of the Hebrew letters points to Yeshua – He IS the letters! The course can be found at,

          In His love and service,

          Deborah Jean Stearn.

        • DJ,

          you accept what God told the apostles and what they wrote right? God still speaks the same way to His present day servants and He tells us His secrets. And we don’t have to guess.

          He has a plan and wants His children who are His to know it and He will go as far as using blogs to get the truth out so His children can prepare accordly…spiritually speaking.

          I could share a lot more things but God has restrained me from sharing some of them because He tells me many of His children can’t handle the truth right now.They still want their OWN understanding of things. I’m not the only one.
          But He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying.

          No need to get all upset.

  62. Leatherneck,

    To see the evidence of the systematic destruction of the Twin Towers, you’ll need to look into this link. Near the bottom of the page – you can view various video links.

    They (whoever) took down the Twin Towers was accomplished n order to build The One World building 12 years later with all the representation / imagery of “The Tower of Babel”.

    The following link is easily accessible, presenting media coverage (BBC and CBC) when building #7 collapses later in the day on 9/11.

    We were told Building #7 collapses because fragments of the Twin Towers fell upon that structure, causing a fire, weakening this large building like it was a made of wood and glue.

    Watch this video of the building collapsing and what Dan Rather says as it goes down. Such a dummy, telling us what is occurring but we don’t give it another thought.

    If they (whoever) can pull this off – they (whoever) are running the show we call media, politics, military and economic systems. See the 9/11 video posted above again to know who “they” are and who is now leading this world.

    Have you heard JFK’s speech on “Secret Societies”?

    JFK clearly recognized them (secret societies) and addressed the problem directly. But, he left out the religion segment. Maybe he left out “religion” because he was Catholic and did not want to upset the Jesuits. This is a great speech and the graphics add clarity.

    The destruction of the Twin Towers did not require the Antichrist seated in a chair somewhere did it?

    Bush was in the White House, Kissinger was giving lectures and Barry was smoking something in Chicago. Oh, and da Polish Pope was eating a nice cookie with his tea no doubt.

    The “enemy” is made up of “powers of darkness” led by Satan. These “powers of darkness” work through people, destroying systems and manipulating our simple, easy constructs (notions) in order to build a system necessary for “The Antichrist” to operate in last days of this age. He does not just show up one day and flip a switch. Over the years and today, we are watching the construction of the Beast.

    I’ll post more video productions to support the hypothesis.

    Psalm 20

    • To me, the WTO’s seven regions, and ten kings is the Beast’s empire. Ruled by the Central Banks within each region. We are watching region 4 be born. It is called the Arab spring, or the Caliphate.

      Region one is a problem for the CFR globalists types as the Constitution, and Bill of Rights keeps getting in the way. So, I agree with you on just about everything.

      I do not agree one of the two witnesses is the Ark of the Covenant. I believe we will see two men indwelled by G-d to cause the world to fear G-d’s coming wrath. The lie that misleads the elect will soon be here, and the Beast will mislead many with peace for 3.5 years.

      • Leatherneck, I’m not disagreeing on all you say either, however I will disagree with almost everyone on SOMETHING or other.

        I’ve also written extensively on the two witnesses, starting with my miracle involving them here:

        I’m also quite open to listening to other ideas, as my ideas are not yet fixed in concrete.


          You just may be one of the two witnesses because the two witnesses are the two olive trees, two candlesticks, which make two groups of people: One group or “stick” from the “house of Joseph” ( the “church”)and the other group or stick from the “house of Judah”(the jews)

          These two groups are what make up the “two witnesses”….it’s not just “two’ people which most commonly believe.

          You can read about the two “sticks” in Ezekiel 37. They will joined together by the Lord when He returns. There is a reason the Lord calls the two witnesses two candle STICKS.

          These two groups are these that “witness’ to the church AND to the jews in the end times.

          God told me I was one of the 144,000 so there ya go….

          • Rev. 11:10, and Zac. 4:14 prove you wrong on the two witnesses.

            • @ Leatherneck, you don’t know if the “two prophets” are two groups (the two “houses” of Israel”) OR two individuals do you? You don’t know 100%.

              Did you read Ezekiel 37?

              Plus, I bet you only think the 144,000 are male virgins lol…most think that unless they have a revelation personally from the Holy Spirit.

        • Hey nicetiming, I read what you wrote on your webpage:

          “NOBODY is one of the two witnesses YET, because they haven’t started prophesying for the last three and a half years of this age yet.”

          I agree with that. The party hasn’t start yet cuz it’s not the GREAT part of the tribulation…YET…meaning the last 3.5 yrs of the trib.

        • Nicetiming, right now it appears the Holy Spirit is getting all those called for His purposes in these last days- He’s getting their doctrines straight and their understandings right teaching us by divine revelation FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT AND THE WITNESS OF HIS WORD. HE DOES GIVE US SIGNS. BUT MOST FOLKS ARE USING THIER OLE CARNAL “HEAD KNOWLEDGE” THINKING THESE THINGS OUT INSTEAD OF GOING TO GOD FIRST TO GET THESE TRUTHS. THEY ARE GUESSING INSTEAD OF GETTING IT BY REVELATION FROM THE MOUTH OF THE LORD HIMSELF.TO US AS INDIVIDUALS CALLED BY HIM FOR HIS PURPOSES.

          Opps accidentally hit the caps lock and don’t want to re-type so anyway…God will make ALL these things perfectly clear to us before the time comes. That’s what He said to me.

          Legalists I’m saying. Well God DOES talk to His kids. And if He has something for you to do in these end times, well, He’s gonna tell ya. Simple. He’s good like that. He’s not gonna leave us in the dark,So your testimony on your webpage makes perfect sense to me cuz He talks to me the same way too!

  63. btw, Deborah Stearns is right on her timeline …just an FYI 🙂

  64. truthjuice,

    I agree with you regarding the 2 witnesses and the 144,000 (for what it’s worth).

    Glad to know your one of the congregation of wise virgins (144,000) in the last days. You do realize there are more than 144,000 in that blessed congregation (house with wise virgins)?

    The witnesses will have assistance in preaching Truth.

    God will call forth His witness (the Ark), presenting His testament (physical evidence) of both the Old Covenant (the Word/His Law), and the New Covenant (the Word/His Blood), for His people (Hebrews and Gentiles) to realize that all are welcome to receive His mercy and grace. Check this out.

    But, you missed the sign in the heaven on Feast of Trumpets, 2011. All things should be fulfilled by no later than 2017.

    Psalm 40

    • Hi DJ,

      It’s a pleasant surprise to know that someone agrees with me regarding the two witnesses. Thanks.

      About the 144,000….I will have to disagree with what you said there. Why? Because of this phrase:

      “And I HEARD THE NUMBER of them which were sealed” ….Revelation 7:4

      Scripture is specific here about the specific “number” of the 144,000

      God has a reason for that I believe.

      However, when scripture describes the “multitude” it says:

      ” After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, WHICH NO MAN COULD NUMBER”….Rev 7:9

      I agree with you that many things will be fulfilled by 2017 but I disagree with you about the “timing” of the tribe. God told me the timeframe …..Jesus will return in 2020 sometime …so i trust His direct revelation to me….but you arre entitled to your opinion as well.
      As Deborah Jean Stearn wrote, 2017 is going to be a pivotal year for Satan’s gang….that is when the last 3.5 years of the tribulation…aka “great tribulation, starts.

      Best wishes in the New Year…

      • Matthew 24-36. No man knows the hour of Christ’s return, but G-d the Father only.

        Are you G-d the Father? 2020?

        • I don’t think anyone here is claiming to know the future to that degree of detail. What if it is 2020?… That would add new meaning to the saying that “hindsight is always 2020.”

        • Leatherneck,

          If you read that verse IN CONTEXT, and it’s parallel in Mark 13:32, you will see ‘that no one knows the day or hour’ of the passing of the earth and heavens – which is AFTER the millennial rule of Yeshua! Part 2 – Unveiling the Time of Jacob’s Trouble – Chapter 4.

          • When the disciples ask Jesus when he would return, Didn’t Christ tell them no man knows, not even the Angels in Heaven? Isn’t that the CONTEXT of the START of the millennial rule?

            I support your right to understand the Bible differently, but your statement above is the first time I have ever read Matthew 24-36 is referring to the end of Christ’s millennial rule.

            • Matthew 24:36 is referring to the previous verse – “Heaven and erath will pass away…” which is when ? ….at the end of the millennium.

              • But, my words will never pass away. Is what you left off.

                Anyway, Matthew 24: 36-44 is telling everyone in the word only G-d the Father knows when Christ will return. However, we can tell when it is close. It will be as it was during the time of Noah.

                I don’t understand why you are defending someone who claims to have been told by G-d 2020 is when Christ will return. Maybe, he will get lucky, and hit the exact time.

  65. truthjuice,

    Juice? We are to drink the living water, not juice. Truth is found in the river of life.

    What are you drinking?

    Who guessing?

    You make me laugh. Discernment can be funny sometimes. I’d try to help comprehend that spirit but you probably wouldn’t accept.

    Here is evidence of what I’m referencing above.

    I just provided a clear, easy to see (visual evidence) of the heavenly sign presented in Rev 12:1-5 and you disregard – suggesting I’m guessing and not to get all upset (marginalize and trying to put into an emotional corner).

    Instead of addressing the evidence you are addressing spiritual enlightenment and receiving/sharing it. This ploy by a spirit makes me smile.

    So then, I will repeat that was written so that your left eye, fully open, can see it again.

    The Virgo sign (Revelation 12:1-5) was above us on September 29, 2011, Feasts of Trumpets.

    This statement is based on evidence that you can see and Scriptures.

    The proof is within the attached link. You can also see for yourself with an astronomy software – free download and investigate.

    A picture is worth a 1000 words and there is a snapshot from the software in the attached link.

    The sign of Revelation 12:1-5 was above us on 10/29/11, therefore we are within the timeframe set forth within the writings of Revelation.

    The astronomy facts are presented for you to see, not guess or rely on a word. Test the spirits. Test them by the Word.

    A good teacher provides the tools to investigate and find the answer. The ability to see Revelation 12:1-5 requires (today) astronomy software and understanding the Hebrew zodiac.

    If you care to test the spirits – open the link and see the evidence the Lord led me with me see. Then, please comment on the evidence.

    God bless you
    Colossians 1:9-12

    • DJ,

      I trust the direct revelation of God who spoke to me about it, over so called human reasoning. Many are like you. They trust their own wisdom rather than hearing from God Himself about it. But the apostles and men and women of God thruout scripture heard from God.

      If God said it to them, they believed it and spoke it forth. God said it to me and I believe Him and spoke it forth.

      They were not always believed either but still they trusted God’s understanding over their own.

      If you can recieve it, you can recieve it…not gonna discuss this further because you are entrenched in your “own” understanding rather than recieving the truth of God. You will find out soon enough.

      God bless

      Truth and juice rhyme..therefore i am “truthjuice” fyi

      • Some caution is need to evaluate those who claim to hear directly from God which makes their doctrinal views superior to others.

        the “since god told me directly” approach immediately assumes others are wrong….

        the question is did that person really hear directly from God, or are they using this claim to win an argument?

        • Amen!

        • Look, I’m not going to apologise for what God told me. Yes, God did show me directly. By signs. And He tells me a lot of things. I don’t have the whole picture. And no, I don’t think I am superior to anyone else and nor am I trying to win an argument.If you can recieve it, great, but if you have an issue with it, that is your own problem.

          But you have been told. As have the anonymous saints who read the posts on here. Maybe me saying it was for them because maybe they DO recieve it. Now it’s up to you and others to pray about it if you so choose.

          Either way, you will find out whether this is true or not in a few years.

          God Bless,

          • It may be that Jesus will not return until 2020 sometime. I do not expect anyone to apologize for really hearing from God.

            But there are also many who say they hear from God when they dont. So I put out a general note of caution, to be on the safe side.

            I wish Jesus would come today, but I can see there is too much to happen first before he comes, no matter how bad things are now. We have at least 3.5 years.

            • I wish He would come like right now! But, He says wait because He knows there are many more that are going to come into His kingdom after the disasters hit. Meaning, they will repent afterwards. A lot of folks are going to get a very big wakeup call….and unfortunately a lot of folks are going to die. But at least, if you know the Lord, your spirit will go to be with Him and that’s a good thing.It’s gotta be this way because Father knows how stubborn we are. We learn the hard way most of the time.

              Many are mistakenly thinking they are going to be raptured soon when really, they will probably die in a natural disaster. But either way, if you go now, or you go later, or if you are still alive when He returns, you WIN if you know Yeshua (Jesus)

              The heavenly kingdom is a WHOLE LOT BETTER than what this corrupted earth is right now.

              I hope people can repent now so that they don’t gamble with their soul. Jesus is giving us a little more time. Don’t know how much longer but if today you hear His voice, harden not your heart as scripture says.

              He’s merciful. The titanic is going down. We better be ready spiritually.

            • By the way, I said He was going to return in 2020. But I know some are going to be raptured before that time. At least that is also what He showed me.

    • Oh what have I been drinkin’ DJ?

      Just holy wine 🙂

      On another note, in the words of cudmugeonly “Leatherneck” (at least that’s how I am “seeing” him)

      Here’s a “bone” about the Antichrist/Beast/Man of sin whatever you wanna call this fallen one…

      He comes in by INTRIGUE

      “And in his place shall arise a vile person, to whom they will not give the
      honor of royalty; but he shall come in peaceably, and seize the kingdom by intrigue. ”

      Yes, yes I know, the KJ says “flatteries” but basically it’s about the same thing…The Beast comes in by smooth word, and craftiness.

      Not many talk about this…people think he is gonna just waltz in with a big ole fat sign saying “hi guys, I am the Antichrist”…

      Not gonna happen…cuz he’s a smooth operator and he has friends helping him who are also smooth operators of the elite kind. And his entrance on the world scene are going to catch a lot of folks off guard cuz they are going to think that what he says sounds really good: like solutions to the world’s valuable resources and how we can all be better at using fuel sources that don’t harm the earth,- THAT kind of emphasis is what is gonna give him kudos on the world stage.

      And here’s another thing that a lot miss about this guy and overlook in scripture…

      This guy is STOUT.

      a dictionary definition of stout is :”

      1. bulky in figure; heavily built; corpulent; thickset; fat: She is getting too stout for her dresses. Synonyms: big, rotund, stocky, portly, fleshy. Antonyms: thin, lean, slender, slim; skinny, scrawny.
      2. bold, brave, or dauntless: a stout heart; stout fellows. Synonyms: valiant, gallant, intrepid, fearless, indomitable, courageous, stouthearted. Antonyms: cowardly, timid, fearful, timorous, craven.
      3. firm; stubborn; resolute: stout resistance. Synonyms: obstinate, indomitable, steadfast, staunch, unwavering.

      All these definitions actually describe WHO the beast will be like …physically (he’s not fat tho) AND “spiritually”, meaning his EGO and his character.

      Ill let you meditate upon that for a bit.

      • oh forgot…here’s some scriptural references:

        “whose LOCK is more STOUT than his fellows”…(bolded for emphasis)

        Dan 7:20 And of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows.

        “seize the kingdom by INTRIGUE”

        Dan 11:21 “And in his place shall arise a vile person, to whom they will not give the honor of royalty; but he shall come in peaceably, and seize the kingdom by intrigue.

        • I’ve recently been reading this link:

          It seems to make a good argument that all the Daniel 11 verses you refer to have already been fulfilled in history.

          Care to comment? Do you think it’s a duel prophecy?

          • Nicetimingcom,

            You asking me bro?

            Do I think they have all been fulfilled in history?

            Well, yes AND no.

            Prophesy OFTEN has a duel purpose. Things that happened in the past ALSO happen in the future.

            We get types and shadows from PAST events that will also happen in the future. Are you following me?

            For example, Nero who put a pig on the altar back in whatever date that was (help me out peeps who are good with dates) Nero was a TYPE of the Antichrist that we are going to see real soon on the world stage.

            Hitler was also a “type’ of “antichrist” with a little “a” because he wasn’t the final Antichrist/Beast. But he WAS an antichrist like John says in the book of John. So we got a lot of “antichrists” in the past but there will be one FINAL Antichrist with a capital A.

            And there are a lot of antichrists running around today…If you are against Christ, you are an antichrist.
            So that was a long answer to your question….But I agree with what you said.
            . Lots of things DID happen in the past. BUT they will also be fulfilled in the very near future.

            • Nicetiming,
              Gotta correct myself here…it wasn’t Nero but the roman ruler Atiochus Epiphanes who killed a pig on the altar in the temple-but my point is still the same…he was a type of “antichrist”. And there are many antichrists today running around.

      • where did you get “stout?”

        • See the scripture reference I posted- I’ll repost it again:

          “whose LOCK is more STOUT than his fellows”…(bolded for emphasis)

          Dan 7:20 And of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows.

      • Sticks, and stones he who G-d has told when Christ will return. Even though, no man knows, or Angel, but the Father only.

        I’ve been called a lot worse here by those I have shown the Bible does not support with their false, and misleading lies. Do you understand G-d’s written word does not support your statement of when Christ will return? If not, then you are truly lost.

        Have a great Marine Corp day.

  66. I’ve been ‘accused’ of posting info about blood moons, but so far as I remember I never have. So this is a first for me, but it’s more about “super moons” – I’m not saying this means anything either, and I have different views than the author of the video, but I think the super moons are interesting – for those who are interested, anyhow!

    • The Drama is so thick with you even after an apology was given for mistaking your posts for another’s. Do you need a hug from your Mother?

  67. Leatherneck, you are right, I need not have mentioned that. My apologies to you!

  68. […] Israel’s time of purification and the 80 days […]

  69. I’m the early morning hours of 9/18 I heard the voice of the Lord speak to me 80 days then I saw a clock that said 8a.m. Do you have any suggestions what it may mean ? I found your site by my daughter searching for a meaning.
    Thanks for any help.

    • kathy

      I can only speculate, but will try….

      a day could be a real day or represent a year.

      80 years ago was 1936. the only relevant thing that occurred was a hurricane along the east coast.

      80 years from now, I have no clue

      80 days from 9/18 is approx dec 8th, i have heard that 2015 was our last christmas…not sure if some event before christmas will cancel the holiday

      it is also the feast of the Immaculate conception, on the catholic calendar, possibly indicating a word or event on that day

      it is also the 75th anniversary date of America declaring war on Japan, after Pearl harbor, possibly signaling another invasion or attack on america

      otherwise, I am not sure.

      the way things are going in this country, I suspect there may be a negative event of some sort.

      I had a word about October 28th, just the date, with no event attached.

      i then got a confirmation from another that it would be a world changing event….whether subtle or obvious, so if it is subtle, we may not know until later on….

      I also had a word about March 3rd and the banks….deposits no longer guaranteed.

      the coming months just look like trouble so I would just be on guard, be watchful, and prepare for emergencies….food water self defense, cash at home, and prayer.

      the government is also watching an asteroid that they expect to fall and hit near the east coast soon as well….NASA won’t admit it but it has been prophesied, and NASA alerted., plus there are videos on internet showing something in space that appears inbound.

      all this has to happen before the Lord’s return…the exact dates and sequence of events, I am not sure, but thank you for bringing this up…that way we can all be watchful about that day as well.

    • It’s possible, you have been watching the news and it concerns you greatly. Then, you watch a movie, or read a book. later, in the night, your brain tries to reboot so to speak and you dream. Also, it could be G-d telling one of his own what is about to happen.

      We should see a false peace first. Perhaps, a new Caliphate controlled by Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood. It may take a great event with blood to get there. Then, the two witnesses.

      I agree, we are close. But, we are told not to worry and say our prayers to G-d in Christ name. I think, we are in the little season. the time G-d tells the those beheaded for their faith in Christ to wait just a little longer.


  70. 2017 will be a historically important year ?
    In Historic Announcement, President Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Eternal Capital. 250 Rabbis Bless Trump With Biblical Joshua’s Strength in Letter of Support.

    • yes this is an historic move. god bless Trump. but we know trouble will follow, but it has to happen

    • Good morning Ma’am,I hope you are well. So much is happening in the world. I hope G-d’s puts an end to the mess soon.Take care,Mark

      Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

      • mark

        I am so relieved to hear from you. I had sent a note and not gotten a reply, and was concerned something had happened to you, like another website friend. I had not heard from denise kreps for a long time, and found out she passed away in june . I am glad to see you are ok. the Lord needs men like you for the last days

  71. I very much enjoyed reading this. I agree with you in how God chooses to do things.

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