Jesus Had no Electricity


And he had no running water either.

As Americans, and other nations, face the possibility of destruction of their country by war or natural disaster, they will also face conditions where there is no electricity, or water (indoor plumbing), or other comforts.

Americans, with very civilized, high standards of living, have been blessed with these comforts for a long time.

Even the poorest have these comforts in America.

But our civilization has become corrupt and defiled in God’s eyes.

Our blessings will be removed soon, and we will be returned to a way of life where these comforts do not exist…..that is, if we survive.

Some cultures, individuals, and groups have already explored how to live during more simple conditions.


The Amish in America already live this way.


In case of “disaster,” people will expect the government to come in and comfort them, and feed them, and provide a place for them to live, if their own houses are destroyed.


But what I see coming, either there will be no government help, or the help they get will betray them.

No government is prepared to support its entire population with food, shelter, electricity and running water for free.

They will be removed from their home area and brought elsewhere, to detention centers.

The government will see its citizens that come to it for help as burdens, not responsibilities.

The end result will be that most will have to be eliminated, or ignored.


It is time for all of us who are blessed now to give thanks for what we have. Soon, we may not have these things anymore.

World War 3 is looming, and there is potential world wide disaster at our doorsteps.

We have to prepare to go back to simpler times.

We have been on this planet for a long time.

For thousands of years, man has had to live without electricity or running water in the house……or indoor toilets.

And they survived and did well, because they were prepared and were accustomed to this way of life.


Jesus Himself did not have electricity.

He did not have a bathtub or sink to wash in.

There was no toilet in his house, or septic system to take away waste.

He did not have a furnace to heat his house, or air conditioning to cool it.

He had no refrigerator.

He also did not have a car.

He walked everywhere, without a GPS.

If he wanted light, he lit a candle or oil lamp.

If he wanted water, he went to a well or river.

If he needed to use the bathroom, he went outside the camp, unless there was some other provision for collection, and storage, which was disposed of later.


Yet Jesus, having “nothing,” accomplished much, and changed the world with his teachings and life and death.


When this time of “going back to a simple life” comes for us, we must learn to adapt, and not be swayed to jump on the first truck, to be taken to some camp that promises to take care of us forever.

If we get on that truck, we will never come home again.

And eventually, we will become a burden and be eliminated, because the changes that are coming to this earth are permanent, and any relief is very temporary.


We need to learn from other cultures who already live without these comforts, and find out their simple secrets for survival.

We need to learn to barter for what we want, learn about natural medicines, farming, making oil for lamps, defend ourselves, make our own clothes and bread, hunt for food, read books instead of having electronic entertainment, have friends instead of computers, and basically learn to live like the pioneers did, when they founded this country.

We should not fear it, but be realistic, and meet the challenges ahead of us. Otherwise we will not make it, and fall prey to other options presented to us.

20 Responses to “Jesus Had no Electricity”

  1. Yes Marianne I sure believe you on this.
    Yes – its a good time to get out of debt if you owe. Our Fathers in Acts
    sold all they had and laid it at the disciples feet. They were warned by Jesus to be ready to flee when they seen the armies of Rome around the Temple and Jerusalem. The believers seen it and fled and had enough funds for to buy other property and or land or animals etc. to live and start over in other nations and or country sides.

    Notice all men had things in common. In Acts – No big me’s and little you’s they shared what they had with brethren. I know that seems impossible today. But in are local area’s it is not. I already told my little town we gonna have to come together in near future and use all our different skills like Israel did in the Promise land.

    The Bible says to “Owe no man nothing” but love. That is a very good principal and does not keep you up at nights, –

    Jesus said to “Watch” meaning to get your “mental faculties together”. Get your mind equipped, and let Christ transform our minds to His. Be prepared for the unexpected. The Bible says “sudden destruction will come”. I believe it could be any day. The World has been crying peace for 40 years are better. To me all the signs are over. That’s just my opinion. I do store up food and water and my son as well.

    We see the Babylon’s – the Wars – Perversions just like in Rom. 1 that lead people into “reprobate minds” meaning they have no discernment what so ever. They left God and started believing in the beast within. And you can read the whole list right after that what it did to the people.

    We see the Mega church’s taking over the multitudes of all churches. Its discriminating to local Pastor’s that have watched their flocks leave in droves over the last 20 years. They are big business now. Owning stocks in wall street and oil wells and banks and many other things having no mercy on the sovereign little church’s. We have many popular TV Mega Evangelists, and Teachers, and Pastors right now that is begging constantly for money but what about their local church’s they are robbing and harming.

    Have you noticed that Laodicea age is RICH, Has need of nothing yet Jesus says they are poor, blind, and naked and need some eye salve for their eyes. This is the multitude that Jesus was speaking of in Matt. 7 they call Him Lord, Lord but He said He NEVER ever knew them. They were hirelings like Balaam their whole life time.

    They got beautiful church’s , perfect Speakers, Perfect singers, Perfect Choirs, perfect educations, everything is perfect and the multitudes love it that way. But they lack the leading of the Holy Spirit Living in them.

    I tried my best to get my children to listen to me years ago. And lets buy some land and do like the Amish etc. do. They all make better money than I do but always borrowing from me. (smiling). But they don’t get it. Serve God with All your heart and put Him first He is the only one that can protect us.
    But having common sense is a virtue in this day.

    Bro. Ty

    • we will either be ready for emergencies, or we won’t. it is up to us. I understand people in New Jersey are still suffering from hurricane sandy…..they are disappointed in the federal government for not helping them….personally, if disaster strikes here where I am at, I do not expect them to help much…

  2. Very well said; the time is near.

  3. as late as 1960, we had no electricity and water we get from a well in south eastern Turkey. It was only 50 years ago.

  4. So true M and the warning is timely. Obama is using all his power to cause division and strife not only in the US but also around the world. He is a Moslem and a gay, his aim is like any Moslem, Islam becoming the world religion. The experts say financial collapse towards the end of this year, out of chaos the NWO will arise with Islam the only acceptable religion. For true believers, hold on to and trust Jesus only. Never trust man in anything. If you trust Jesus He will provide for you. For the past 3 Years this has been the main message Jesus has been telling me, Trust HIM only and not man. God bless you all and pray with intensity of love for Jesus.

    • I agree.

      I tried to use the “common sense” approach here about going to FEMA camps. People assume the government will take care of them. This is a common expectation.

      The government is bankrupt and cannot take care of anyone, so the best thing to do is remove the population that requires it to care for them.

      Many ignore the martial law warning, but they might listen if they think they are not going to get fed and taken care of.

  5. From my understanding there was a lot of olive oil for lamps, and wine to drink. Water from a well was not contaminated like it might be today from pesticides. Fish, and working together would have been the norm up until WW2 here in these United States as it was a more agriculturally based life.

    Don’t get me wrong, Jesus came at a time on earth that was more simple in it’s ways to live. We can learn lessons from that time.

    It is just we do not have the infrastructure to live like the Amish as a nation anymore. It is up to the individual, and it takes money.

    I know, I have been trying for years to transform 40 acres to support a small family.

  6. I just don’t know about the beards… I like the hats though!

    Humor aside, one thing I do know is that brother will betray brother at this time. The water and the oil are seperating even now.

    It is already well known with the latest news of government surveillance (really an eloquent word for spying) that everyone has a file somewhere, that we are all rated on probability of rebellion and whether or not we represent a threat to whatever ruling party has already taken over. They seem to pay particular attention to everyone’s (literally) cell phones, which can be hacked easily enough by those who know how, they do this to celebrities phones all the time.

    This may seem “conspiracy theory” but really that doesn’t matter now does it? We aren’t talking about ufo’s here, and enough data is available to connect the dots. The current admin is talking about disarming another 80,000 troops here in the U.S. Who gave them that right? All the other countries are arming to the teeth, and we should disarm? It is also apparant that they wish to start a new government and to throw out our constitution-I believe that is a very real perception.

    Anyway, not trying to sound disparaging.

    There will be those that betray:

    Those that betray will be viewed by G-d’s eyes, if they follow man then they follow their master, if they follow G-d then they follow Him. Betrayal is a very bad thing.

    I had a (sorry here) “frenamie” email me a few years back and say “get out of California! G-d is going to destroy that terrible sinful place!” Then, within months a tornado plowed through his state and it just missed his house-I believe it jumped up in the air somehow-a very rare occurance in this particular state. Then, all sorts of foul things started to be revealed about the pastors in that area, gay issues, etc. He ended up leaving that state. One thing I had told him that he never did seem to get, he would always evade me when I mentioned it-never betray.

  7. Actually Jesus did have running water? When Judge Simson took the gates of the city and carried them to the mountain he constructed the first running water system (acquaduct) as a marriage gift for his fiance.

    Josephus tells in his book: Jewish war about other running water system that was built in Israel.

  8. The oil based civilization has long crossed the bounds and now is a curse to the earth and the universe in general. If you may, it is the baptism by fire, for all the oil based civilization has managed to accomplish is to destroy all that is original, true and simple. Now that the Lord is waging battle against this civilization, the earlier we simpletons realize the truth, that most of modern amenities never were sustainable for general support of life upon the planet, the sooner we should see the light and seek the will of God.

    Consider the automobile for instance, and all its presumed advantages over the earlier modes of transport, the horse/mule. This later subsists on a non-renewable form of energy, and releases to the environment great excesses of pollutant waste. A horse on the other hand, may not have been as fast, but accomplished so much on grass, and released little waste that was all again reintegrated to the natural system. Whichever way you look at it, the advantages of the former mode of subsistence which was in balance with nature, by far outweigh any advantages of the modern way of life, which leads to decline and death. And that is in all aspects.

    Jesus may not have had modern plumbing, but likewise they did not have modern waste disposal methods all gone wrong. In fact the moving up and down the earth that was foretold in Daniel is more of a curse to earth than a blessing, for when we travel to and fro, without due regard or reason for our haste and travel, are we meet and create is more pollution and death, and little in the way of life. We daily are feasting on the forbidden fruit, seeking to firsthand experience (know) both good and evil, as though the ancient warnings that were told was never sufficient deterrent to our course of error and death.

    Lets not blame Iran and North Korea therefore, when they also seek to obtain the fire of the atom destruction, for that is what we all have been up to. In fact, we should encourage them too, or else we all should awake to reality and begin to steer away from the fire based civilization. We need to remember the balance of the four elements that has long been upset, ere the balance prove irretrievable.

    As for electricity, the water cycle is the true source of sustainable electricity, as we witness even in lightening storms and strikes and in hydroelectricity generation. In fact, the more forests we plant, and the more dams we hold on our river courses, the less trees we will need to cut down for power generation and we indeed can just about steal off oil dependency, else the world faces doom at its own hands.

    Anyway, what must come to pass ere we collectively come to this realization must first come to pass. Just wish there was genuine love around the world, for then much would be salvaged in the nick of time as is the will of God. For indeed the month of August soon approaches and that is the sixth hour of certain prophetic accounting. The last bus leaves at the 7th hour on the same basis. Incidentally, the end of the 5th hour ends with the month of Rama-dhani….. and will anybody tell me what Rama dhani has to do with Rama-(sabaki)-dhani? Lots of secrets all around the earth now begin to be unveiled. Please all remember to observe the next new moon, even if it ties with a holiday of Islam.

    I had a vivid dream a week or so ago, in which I was watching a movie of the downfall of Obama. The time frame was October, and the Presidents downfall had something to do with Nancy Pelosi. I do not know if the dream was influenced by the movie ‘white house down’ which I have been hoping to watch when I get a copy, but I do not think so. I was not also able to know what the manner of downfall was. I likewise do not know whether it was a fictional movie, but I wonder if such a movie can be made and released by October unless it was a narration of real occurrence of the USA government.

    One more thing, I’m having so much interesting revelations of truth, and the other day, I visited the ‘nose’, which I now believe is in regard to the missing nose of the Egyptian Sphinx. For the hall of records soon will be identified, but it will not be in Egypt, but rather in the land from whence the source of Egypt, and the true source of humanity, always were, and which hitherto remains as the natural created alter of God on Earth, instituted by God Himself to last to eternity.

    Incidentally, the devil is not letting me easy on the errands appointed to me. In fact, I find barriers and hindrances all around, especially to do with the mammon of unrighteousness, whenever I hope and plan to accomplish the errands. Out of the five or so locations I need to visit and observe, I have only manged one, but God has witnessed to me in a confirmation that His will will stand.

    This happened in a manner I may not really confirm. I switched on the gas cooker and apparently there was no gas remaining in the cylinder. In fact, I did it twice, and even shook the 13kg cylinder and there was a witness to these effect. The cylinder was empty of gas. But apparently, three days thereafter, the witness in the matter found that I had ‘misjudged’ in the matter and the gas is once again running, although the cylinder really feels empty. Only today have I found out that truly this is a miracle for my part to realize. God refilled the gas in the cylinder. Or else, there had been a blockage in the valve, that has now just vanished. Whatever the case, and i choose to witness that it is a miracle, as unverifiable as it may seem, I now have confirmation that all is in God’s hands. That everything as promised is in progress although we may not openly ascertain as so, but when the time comes, the whole universe will witness the glory of God, when He openly battles evil earth, and re-institutes the Supremacy of His ways, routing death and the destruction we currently are prisoners of and in that, setting us free in His eternal liberty.

    May you all be blessed and experience the wonders of our Lord

    • The hebrew civil calendar starts in September / October with the Fall feasts. I have always noticed that whatever was going on during this time was a preview for the following year. So, we should be watchful. thanks.

  9. When we moved to this country in 1993 I suffered a lot because of the lack of faith in reborn children of God here – very few. Then He gave me Jer. 29 on 22.11.93.
    I immediately understood that if we stay under His cover we will be OK if not it will be a disaster and I told my ex: watch out, we have to live very carefully here in Europe. “Ah, no, the EU is giving a lot of subsidies” and I said beware it is a bluff. People joked with me in the churches.
    And now, we are right in the middle of it. When the Lord speaks to you, keep quiet, for others won’t understand. But I am thankful because I see with my own eyes how true to His word the Lord is.
    Even so with all the obvious difficulties and tribulation they still don’t turn to the way of the Lord and keep on buying and wasting money. When I say in America the people are preparing, they say “Oh the Americans are paranoic!”
    The Lord will protect His chosen!

    • noah prepared…… for the flood….and joseph prepared for the famine…

      in one case, people laughed and died,…..the other case, people obeyed and lived.

  10. Thanks for this Marianne. I know you are right and this is truth.
    I remember twenty years ago after reading a series of books by Corrie ten Boom , I distinctly heard in my spirit” learn how to live like someone in the middle ages”. When I shared this with a few trusted Christians they look amazed and told me. ” why are you so worried and fearful, we will be raptured ” i was uneasy then,but just still believed what i sensed. i had very young children then and asked the lord when I would have time to go do all this.
    This was before the internet, but somehow I knew I could wait as I felt it would not be necessary for about twenty years.
    Now the time has come. I have survival books but not about natural herbal medicines. Any advice as my energy reserves low, for simple study about this if it exists ?!
    Sadly my husband and family do not believe me, but then they rarely do. So i have to go it alone. I have also been told in the spirit more recently, to ” go into the churches and tell them the time is now to abandon cosy church sermons with jokes, the best clothes, the coffee and kneel down praying for mercy and protection and wisdom for the coming times. ”
    Then i got ill ! Seriously. I have survived the unsurvivable Praise God, doctors say , but still chronically ill.
    This message came a few years back. ( I dont get many )So,please pray for me if you would be so kind.I am grateful for your prayer against witchcraft too as a friend in missions told me she was awoken to pray for us against witchcraft which spooked me and happy to find this site !!
    I don’t know if I have the nerve to go into the churches if i am not a little crazy after all. But it was so strong. ???
    Many many thanks. I wish you all wisdom and strength for the coming times
    And blessings !!

    • smk

      I don’t think churches will believe you, even if they listen. I have had no luck talking to local churches myself. but you can try. at least, they are warned.

      there are books on herbal medicines, and natural remedies at local bookstores.

      try to store up food and water also for emergencies. look at what england is having with large waves coming in and flooding the country.

      collect sources of light like candles and oil lamps. if you can use wood in a fireplace or stove, collect more wood. collect extra blankets and first aid supplies.

      but do not advertise this, since people could steal from you. do the best you can, and trust god for what you cannot do.

      this is not doomsday thinking…it is reality….currencies will crash, money problems will increase, nations are on the brink of war again, and natural disasters are increasing.

      america might be the first to fall, I do not know, but if it does, take this as an alert for any final preparations.

      I will add you to my prayer list for the provision of God and for your safety in the dark times ahead.

      • Many thanks Marianne, and the same prayers for you .

        No i also don’t think many churches anyway will listen sadly.
        Sorry you had little success. But yes being warned is at least sowing a seed. Maybe that is why, fruit can take longer than we may hope for and you have been obedient which is always a good thing !
        A friend in the US told me more have this sense they are to visit churches and tell them the same. I have not heard this from any European voices though as yet. I have always had more in common with Americans though strangely.
        Thanks also for the tips. I am searching for info. Herbal medicine is a profession in itself as is the recognition and identification of plants etc.
        There is also a great site in the event if a nuclear strike, an even worse crisis :

        I am in the” EUSSR ” born and raised in GB but through marriage living now in Europe. Some prophetic voices say the US will fall first, others say Europe will. Both are in precarious positions though, both economically, politically and spiritually.
        Voices here prophesy a great revival. A harvest of souls before hard times hit. I pray for one but fear a falling away more predictable and hope they are right though.there is always hope !

        • smk

          The revival people are predicting is not the happy party they think. It will come after great tragedy, and people fall on their knees and seek god

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