Jezebel – A Man’s View


To all Jezebel Ladies out there – is this really the reputation you want with men at work?

This is a man’s testimony, and the text is written by him for this web site.

Jezebel # 1 – The Jezebel Boss

To begin, I will use my own personal experience of having both worked for, and under a jezebel. Both experiences were by far the most traumatic times of my entire life. I will start by telling you my experiences working for a jezebel. This was a period of 2 1/2 years. She was the Director, and I was the Assistant Director. Here is exactly what happened from day one with this sick, demented woman. I was not given a separate office, but was put out on the floor with all of the employees of the department. This was her way of telling me that I was absolutely and totally subordinate to her, and I would never be much more than a working Contracting Officer. I had NO supervisory duties. In fact, I had to have all my work reviewed by her before it went out. My hours were usually from 7:00 am until whenever. During my first month until the day I left, that miserable soul called in sick every single morning and told me she would be in around 9:00 or 10:00, if at all. She was always “sick”.

As bad as the workplace was with her in there, she had her allies in different departments. She found the most evil women in the entire organization that she could count on to do things for her. Things that would help her look good at everyone else’s expense. She was able to take business trips to any place she wanted to go for whatever reason, but usually they were up to Delaware where her mom and dad lived. So she was getting paid her salary plus travel pay for free, but no one else could do the same.

Once when she was on one of these “business trips” she called me from her parents home and was giving me orders over the phone like she was still at work. When I reminded her that I was in charge while she was gone, she went totally out of control, yelling and screaming that she was in charge ALWAYS. That’s when I started looking for a way out of there. So, I had documented every single event that happened every day and kept it handy just in case I would have to use it. The day finally came when I had had enough. I went into her office in full view of all of the employees and slammed the door behind me and from what I have been told, I could be heard, word for word, for the entire time I was in there. All the employees were in absolute shock, but the kind of shock that someone would actually take on this demon. I gave her the worst verbal spanking she had ever had. She shriveled up behind her desk into the corner of the wall like a trapped animal with total fear in her eyes. I almost started feeling sorry for her, but I felt so justified in telling her to “stick it where the sun don’t shine”.

After that, I went straight into the General Manager’s office and had a talk with him. He was, and is, a very strong alpha male. I told him that I was not getting along with jezebel, and I thought he should know why. I gave him all of my accounts of what was going on in the office and all I got back from him was, “well, I know that working for jezebel is not easy, but…”. Then, I knew that it was over with that organization after that. He was protecting one of his department heads. When I came back, jezebel had left for the day… she was sick… again!

The employees told me they heard every single word and they wanted to know how I felt after it was over. I said, better… much better. The employees said they wish that they could have said the same things that I did, but they were so afraid of her they didn’t say a word to her. I was the only one who did. My mistake. She made my life so miserable, I could not get out of there fast enough. She told me that I could NEVER leave the workplace for any reason at any time unless she gave me permission. She would call me at MIDNIGHT and tell me to come over to the office and do some work that she felt was so important that I had to get it done immediately. This went on until I finally left there.

This was about 3 years ago now, and I heard that after I had left, she totally went wild and was pushing her weight around the entire organization as though she were the boss. It got so bad that when the GM had enough emails from the employees from all departments about her, he finally removed her from the position and put her directly under him. It didn’t last long. She was gone within 6 months. Thank God! If I was of any help, then great. If not, then I feel bad for the employees who were still stuck there after I left.

Now, I need to explain what tactics she used when all this was going on. She lied to me. She lied to management. She lied to her employees. She felt no sense of remorse after hurting someone’s feelings. She had virtually all the women crying at one time or another, and the men so mad that one of them actually took the piece of paper that she gave him with a ONE PERCENT pay raise, and tore it up and dropped it on the floor in front of her. All she did was just laugh some kind of hideous laugh that sounded so sick, so evil, and so demented that it made my stomach turn. She always acted like she was the injured party and that everyone should feel sorry for HER. She took 100% of the credit of all the employees hard work, and she never gave them anything but grief, strife, and stress.

The more I think about it, I have to come to the conclusion that she was either 1) mentally ill, or 2) demonic. I am serious. I am having a hard time to this day when I think about all that we went through with that jezebel. Like I said before, I have forgiven her, but my flesh still harbors some deep hatred of her that only God can remove from my heart.

Conclusion- Jezebel “Boss” traits:

jezebel over me: Obsessed with Power. Takes all of the credit. Has no feelings of remorse or empathy. Always right, everyone else is stupid. Arrogant. Withholds vital information from subordinates and then springs a surprise on them by telling them they should have know it too. Never can tell anyone they are appreciated. They do the opposite of whatever is suggested just because they can. Demands absolute control. Leaks untruths to others. Likes chaos. Cannot keep her own workload managed. Is messy, disorganized, and blames subordinates for all her shortcomings. Slanders and/or defames one’s character. Tells lies ALWAYS. Incapable of telling the COMPLETE truth. Looks for sympathy because she is always “sick”. Expects people to cater to her. Has secretive phone calls to other conspirators. Looks and acts more masculine then feminine. Is threatened by any female who has the normal characteristics of honesty, brains, and other traits that are associated with those in the mainstream. Not happy unless she has made others miserable. Constantly goes to her boss literally crying because she is so swamped with work, and everyone else in the department is to blame. She sets everyone up for failure, and they do.

Jezebel #2 – The “Subordinate” Jezebel

Now for the jezebel that worked for me. This particular jezebel was a sneaky one. She worked her little evil deeds behind my back. What she did not know was, I knew what she was doing. I pretended that I wasn’t aware of certain things just to see how far she would try to push me before I would do something. Well, that didn’t take too long. I told her to write a “white paper” to the General Director with HER name on it as the author so that she could get some credit for doing some good work. This particular jezebel was bright, charming, intelligent, and wanted to always be the one who could have “face time” with the bosses. So, I thought, what the heck. I think she can handle anything that comes her way, so why not. So, I told her to get me a copy of the “white paper” on a certain day.

When that day came, the paper had not shown up on my desk, so as I was leaving, I saw her going into my office and came right back out within seconds. So, I pretended I did not see her, and I came in the next morning, and on my desk was a hand-written note from her that she didn’t think there was anything of importance to tell the general director.

So, I ended up doing the paper myself, then after I came back from the meeting, I called her into my office. (I called my boss, a male, to come into my office at the same time.) I did not want to ever be alone with anyone of the opposite sex without someone else being in there at the same time. So, I asked her why she did not do the paper like I asked her. She told me she didn’t think there was anything important enough to tell the general director. I told her that the paper was not my idea, but the general director’s idea, and I wanted her to have a chance to excel and write a paper with her name on the byline.

She just stared at me, with my boss sitting off to the side. Then there was an uncomfortable silence, and I told her I would talk to her later. She left my office. My boss said that I had no choice. I had to write her up. I knew it, but he was right. I could not let this go. So, my boss and I called her into the office again a little later and handed her a written reprimand. She read it, looked at me, smiled and signed it. She said she would be going to HR. I said okay. She went. She lost. HR told her that she had been asking for that for a very long time (she apparently had a history before I got there).

From that time on, she never spoke to me again. And from that time on, I kept giving her a “satisfactory” rating rather than an outstanding rating. She would never admit that she was wrong, and I never bothered her about it again. She retired because of me. I felt very bad about that until I found out that she was having an affair with another guy in our office, and she dumped her husband and took everything, and the poor ex husband died 3 months later. The new guy got everything. A new house to live in, a new car, and a slightly used new wife.

Conclusion – Subordinate Jezebel traits

Her characteristics were these: She was sneaky. She loved to start rumors. She liked attention. She rebelled against higher authority, especially male authority. She lost no sleep when her ex died a terrible and lonely death. She was tall, slim, attractive, and liked to gain the attention of men by being very warm and charming around those who were in a position to help her. I was told that she had used her sexual attraction to her advantage to get what she wanted, but I really never saw any proof of it, but it sounded like something she would do. Other traits: Secretive. Tries to sabotage the boss. Can be unusually manipulative for her own gain. Complains about others. Always tries to defy authority. Hates a male boss. Hates males, but uses them; sometimes by enticing them with sexual favors. Use ANY method to stay ahead of her competition. Has one agenda: to become the alpha female.

Jezebel 1 and 2 common traits

These common traits are their ability to use either their female charm, or ability to intimidate those around them to get what they want. They respect no man. They respect no inferior female. They ALWAYS are combative, pushy, bossy, mean spirited, conspiring with other jezebels. They always take, but never give. They think of no one but themselves. They probably have been hurt by some man, and now they are eager to “get back” at the enemy.



Final Thoughts – a message for women

From a male’s perspective, I must admit something that may be hard for a female to quite understand, but I will try to explain it like this. First, I absolutely love women. I love the differences between us. I love the way they think, and everything about them. To me, women are soft, tender, loving, and a joy to be around. I love the way they look. I love the way they smell. I love everything about them, but there is a catch to all of this. I usually walk head first into something and don’t see it coming when it comes to jezebels.

I usually just see all women as my friend and are comforted by their presence. But the bad thing about that is, I sometimes get used and don’t catch on until it is too late. There are degrees of evil in some jezebels. Some jezebels are out there and I would never know it, but if I run into one as evil as the one I did 3 years ago, I can usually figure that out right away. So, my point is, men are in a very tenuous situation when it comes to women. We love them, but we are also very cautious these days. Especially in the workplace where one single word spoken and is taken the wrong way can ruin a man’s career in a New York Second.

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  1. Hi~
    I’ve been really blessed by many of the articles here on your site, but need to share something with you that’s been heavy on my heart sinse I first visited here.
    I tried to find a way to write to you privately, but couldn’t see one, so I’m sorry if this is the wrong way to go about this, but I must tell you, the pictures you post (like the one at the top of this page) at the top of numerous articles here, are PORNOGRAPHIC AND occultic! WHich can be esepcially troublesome for a spiritually weak (or not saved yet!) man to come & have hit them head on, they ARE basically naked women, with an element of darkness, (seductive evil…hmmm…) whether you think they convey the point you make or not, some of them all but their nipples are showing of their breasts, one has her buttock clearly uncovered…surely you’re aware men are visually oriented, & this is undoubtedly causing people to stumble, & lust!

    It totally contradicts the purpose & spirit of the writings here, & it grieves me deeply, as a Christian woman wanting to keep what I look upon pure! (I would also never allow my child to read here, or send the link to brothers in the Lord! I’m suprized no-one seems to have addressed this before…I hope they haven’t, & the issue hasn’t been ignored!)

    Please, find other graphics! Or at least ask the male visitors how they feel about it…& whether it affects them, & their thoughts, etc., keeping in mind not all may be honest about it.

    The writings speak for themselves, you don’t need to have these on here to convey the messages the Lord puts on your heart~
    Please, at least pray about it!
    In Christ,

    • I am writing in response to the reply by Anastazia concerning the choice of graphics used to illustrate these articles on the jezebel spirit. I am in full support about the written material, but I agree with her assessment that the pictures used will in fact invoke the very spirit of lust that you want to deliver people from who have fallen victim to this spirit. Men are visual, to the point that they can recall images that they have seen years ago very vividly. Please consider the request that the above reader has given and remove the pictures from this site. It undermines the message, and creates doubt in the minds of the reader who may be seeking help from this Jezebel spirit, whether or note you truly have there best interest at heart. I would recommend reading the research findings discovered in a book called “For Men Only” by Shaunti Feldhahn if you are unaware of the physical and psychological effect that seductive images have on the male mind. We are called to love one another in the Lord, and being mindful of this temptation in men is how we can insure that our brothers in the Lord will not fall. Thank you for your otherwise wonderful insights into this caustic spirit of jezebel.

      • dear Keishunda

        I do appreciate and respect your input.

        The images were selected because it is important to associate an image with a concept.

        Without the correct image, men could meet women that are like this and never think, “oh, she must be a jezebel. This is a trap.”

        If I put a milder image, they would continue to be deceived.

        It is up to everyone to grow up, and take responsibility for their thoughts and responses.

        There are much worse images I could have put, but I didn’t.

        These images show the evil I wanted them to show.

        Evil is offensive, and should not be covered up with a nicer image.

        If men are looking for porn, they are certainly on the wrong website, if they come here.

        And my site is not going to “satisfy” any man that comes, because

        (1) the message explains the image, for the man seeking help, or

        (2) he can find better sites, if he is really looking for porn.

        • It’s interesting that I came back to this site which I visited a year ago. I never noticed the comments. In reply to Marianne on March 28, 2011, I can emphatically AGREE with Anastazia! I am an older Christian male who at times battles lust in my heart. The very reason I was “surfing” about Jezebel websites is because of this tendency toward porn and how the spirit of Jezebel contributes to this “lust”. I almost moved from your website the moment I noticed your “graphics”…I’d seen them before and had the same reaction that Anastazia describes! Even while writing this reply (having read your entire article), I can honestly say that I’m more “tempted” now to search out a porn site than I would have been WITHOUT your graphic images! The reason I’m writing now is you obviously haven’t taken Anastazia’s insight to heart! I pray you will! In God’s grace, Tim.

          • Tim

            I did not give you this spirit, you already had it.

            My job is to make the spirit manifest so you can deal with it, instead of denying its presence.

            I suggest seeking the Lord for deliverance instead of suppressing the spirit.

            As long as you avoid this, you will always have a problem.

        • That’s the point the pictures portray the spirit I think your missing the point but if it’s stumbling people then the still need to deal with lustful spirit it’s not offended to me as a woman at all as I know at the reason they have the pic you will be on this site to get insight or help!

    • Okay -Here is a womans perspective….. Ladies and the few gentleman and to all the ones that have a problem with that anyone’s perspective(anyones use of material, information..blah blah….. Get a life. Grow up… 9/10 the reason why you’re uncomfortable with material said or shown by others is because you can’t handle the sensations that it gives you …so you just autmatically shut down and s”Must be the devils work…because there is no way you’re organic brain woudl betray your sense of morality (PFFT) WHAT!…lol …Folks I hate to tell you this..but we are beings that are spiritual and matter. Men are driven by instinct as much as women are. Natural chemicals, horomones ect…NOw if your freak and you can’t handle the visuals/written that’s your problem…You need to realize that the information isn’t evil. Its what is done with it that bears the mark of judegment. Go ahead throw the first stone, bet it comes right back and hits you in your third eye. I’m very scientific. I’m very logical. I don’t rule with my emotions which is why I believe most women do not get along with men… (Example – If I thought I looked fat in an outfit and I asked a guy to tell me the truth….I don’t get mad if he tells me “Yeah looks like crap” Women wake up. How is that using logic?

      I use Logic like fictional Spock uses logic. 2000 AD years in an you would think some of you would have got the clue. I’ve studied religions (all types) most of my youth. (I’m 34) I know about as much as most scholars and you know it isn’t much. Life is mystery it doesn’t needed to be overcomplicated by all of you religious zelots. “Oh your content offends my eyes I’m going to remove you from my favorites and I’m going to tell all of my friends about how NON christian you are!) You know why milk is given to babes, because they can’t handle solid food. What you think God’s going to give you the college version? No the book is peice meeled together by a whole lot of different persepective..but the information is valuable. YOu who still want to condemn people. LOOK AT THE GOD BLESSED REAL Universe does it fit your …Pink Unicorns, Baby faced Angels smiling at you adorned in White robes..sinless perfect life ) NO..becasue the Universe/ses are violent and beautiful and ever never rests it doens’t stop it spins moving through dimensions…but one day a LARGE Black hole may swollow up our entire Universe..Why? Becuase your neighbor got his jollies off of nudity!) NO becasue its a black hole and not even light escapes…YOU BLOCK HEADS… You don’t live on FAITH by one book. Just as you don’t get a degree in anything using one textbook!..Now I like the BIBLE I like what Jesus says and I do wish that most people could stop judging people on preconceptions..(Pretty much what I’m dong now but I justify with the point I”m trying to make) IF you don’t like it don’t read it . This is just one persons view on life out of 7 billion or so.. Life if anything is duality. ..Male/Female, Electric/Magnetic…North/South…Matter/Anti get it…One grand wonderful Torus of beauiful ballanced energy. The problem is peopel have figured out that you can’t have one without the other. Even God had a war in heaven so it states to kick out the usupers. Makes sense to me.. Whatever….Power begets Power and ultmate power will eventually corrupt.(LOOK AT Collapsing Star) which is why everything fractals… Ever remember the part in the Bible where God himself declares to you “I am all things Good and Evil?” You who want to condemn someone because they don’t fit with your idea of what you think “Jesus saves” Physician Heal thyself. I do believe that somone had a good understanding of the way things were going to go and Revelations seems to be right on the money..but is it then end? Today?…Tomorrow?…2 years from now or thousands …can any of you really say? NO. None of us can. Except to say that “One day you will die, and there might very well be an afterlife just as I believe their are other dimensions, and the Earth unless it was a hologram wasn’t created in 6 days – 6 thousand years whatever people believe… Science has been wrong but carbon dating usually isn’t. ALL I’M TRYING TO SAY IS USE THE BRAIN THAT YOU WERE GIVEN AND THINK FOR YOURSELVES. If something doesn’t add up…check it out for yourselves. Draw on what the Bible says. looke at other cultures…. You all who swear up and down that you’re religion is right and others are wrong. …are you so Blind. becasue you won’t extend yourself to learn other things. becasue of FEAR. (HOW much do you think you could get done in a day if you only used one hemisphere of your brain?) Right you need both to function just as you can’t back up and entire life on faith and love and light/and goodness by one book! Judged by what you say…but CONDEMED by what you do. Going back to what I was referencing (If you can’t handle nudity…maby you need to ask yourself why)Instead of laying blame on someone else because you can’t handle then natural chemical reactions in your own body…GOD ARE YOU SO IGNORANT that your goign to go on a Witch hunt because you can’t handle your own weaknesses) That’s why you all get lied to..becasue you deem everything to be inappropropriate and like all the Churches you judge what is best for others. EVOLVE … You want to know why GOD such a damn mystery locked up for so many years by the Churches, Governments Kings/Queens/ Zelots because you whinning..whimpy,,cowardly people can’t get it through your heads to make judgements for yourselves. OH I certainly believe people have the worst time directing their foot steps..that’s why we have rules, and books and history to learn from…however stop sensoring information becuse you can’t handle the truth…that it is YOU who has the problem not others. To others its nothing but I spend hours looking at porn..hell no I have better things to I care if you do …I could careless..but you freaks (men/women) that have a problem and you can’t control yourselves. and you act upon it…don’t blame others because you can’t keep it under your skirt or in your own pants.Just know that reaction begets reaction….Darkness is a lack of information.and acting upon that lack of information or disinformation. Its going through the world blind without a light to guide you. Gropping through the endless maze of insantiy that you witch hunters have created) If all the world ends tomorrow and all the books are burned..all the computers blown to hell, and human’s are left with one thought. Let it be KNOW THYSELF…Know yourself so you can know others. Study what your ticks, problems, weaknesses are) Craft the universal man inside you. Be kind … be logical..but do not act like mindless mechanical droids..The true image of God (THE MIND) The mental universe. Learn to decide for yourself not dictated by your so called Holy mentors. Don’t be a JIM JONEs .. If you want to condemn or attack or even kill (depending on what you believe in) by all that is holy start with yourself so we don’t have to live in your ignorance ..To everyone else who can use this beautiful mind that we have been given to seek outside the box we placed ourselves in …Cheers.. Be strong! This 3 dimenstion prison built by the religious devils is crumbling and so is their ideas. . The real SATAN that being you zelots are so FEARFUL OF is the one that stares back at you every day. Look in the mirror. you want to judge us. you want to condemn people because their ideas don’t fit with your ideas of heaven or hell.. Just wait the universe will show you what real truth is. Do I care if anyone responds to this..not really..LIke I said its just one other persons perspective..

    • Anastazia, get a life. If my discernment tells me correctly, you’re a Jezebel trying to aid and abet the Jezebel spirit and distract from the truths of this article by subtly attacking Marianne and trying to stir up contentions against her. I’m male and let me tell you right now: all men are not dogs. Don’t disrespect men (the way you subtly disrespect people and hope they don’t catch on enough to confront you about it) as if men are idiots who see a cartoon and lose their minds. As if you aren’t happy that men have any weaknesses that women can take advantage of. If this had been my site, I would have blocked you after your first comment. I don’t suffer Jezebels at all.

  2. Hi Anastazia

    All comments are ok here. They help me decide about changes and improvements.

    The pictures were carefully selected to avoid certain things showing. they were meant to visually represent the darkness of the jezebel spirit. she is a seductress and a liar, and she is demonic….the pictures show a spirit more than a human. Jezebels initially attract people, which is how they get into power. Children should not have to worry about these issues, unless they are being affected by a jezebel in their lives. The idea was to show, as accurately as possible, the evil behind the attractive front.

    thanks and blessings

  3. Hi again~
    Thanks for recieving my comments with grace, & I respect your right to discern & decide for yourself what you place here on your site…
    …I still believe these graphics could very easily be used by the enemy of our souls to stir up the flesh, & I’ll pray against this for those brothers (& sisters…ya neer know…) who see them…
    …the Bible does say, “No vile thing will my eyes look upon”, & though these may represent spiritual seduction, there is really no way to know what a spirit looks like…
    …these are clearly physically beautiful, scantily clad {costumed…reminds me of the darkness of goth styles, in some ways…} women & I still fear they will do as they are intended to do…



  4. every time I do too many …’s, it turns into a smiley face!…it was ok on my last comments, but totally not appropriate for this one!
    & right before it, I forgot the ‘v’, it’s “Ya NEVER know…”
    I was thinking of a sister in the Lord who got saved out of the gay lifestyle, & has asked for prayer regarding women’s immodesty affecting her…

    ..My daughter wasn’t interested in these particular articles, by the way, where the graphics are, but she was wanting to read some others, & I wasn’t comfrotable leaving her for even a minute alone in the room in case she clicked on them…some Christian kids/teens may find this site on their own & go there…just didn’t want it to be a mixed message for them…

    …actually, I’d still like to know where the men reading here on this Jezebel series stand with all the graphics…

    …I’m totally willing to be wrong about this….but knowing men, & the way God made them visually oriented (which is a big part of WHY we’re called to dress modestly, so as to not cause anyone to stumble) I somehow don’t believe I am.

    {Please don’t take that as a challenge, or as disregarding your position, Marianne! That’s not my intention at all! I’d just really like to hear from them on it, too…)

  5. Anastazia,

    I guess I am trying to show what the woman is like on the INSIDE…that she is immoral and dark, instead of what she pretends to be. These women just look evil to me.

    Usually adults are looking for information about Jezebel, and then the visual message is appropriate.


  6. Anastazia,

    If people read the article, and not just look at the picture, they will soon realize that what they only think they like, is a big source of trouble for them. They might be initially attracted by the picture, but they should be turned off by the time they finish reading. That way, they can associate the good appearance with the bad description.


  7. Anastazia,

    The visual message portrays a dual purpose. First, that Jezebel is repulsive on the inside, but secondly the outward manifestation shown by the picture gives a visual impact that is not half as evil looking as what is inside the heart and soul of the Jezebel. Bless you. JR

  8. HI JRA

    I guess my idealistic way of displaying things is not understood. When I look at Jezebel, I just see the evil spirit in her, and I do not concern myself with the exterior. Not everyone thinks like me, I guess. But at a least she does create a reaction. Hopefully, when people met a Jezebel in real life, they will remember this page, and realize the picture was close to accurate.


  9. Hi Marianne,

    The visual impact of the picture, to me as a man, is probably more a very quick assessment of the person on the outside looking very provocative, which then leads me to the next step. That would be that I make a direct correlation from the visual to the most probable internal aspect of the woman as being as evil or possibly more evil a person on the inside. I am only speaking from my own personal observations of what I see and how quickly I make assessments based on outward looks. Sad to say, I wish it were not that way, but if I were to see someone dressed like that and looking so provitively, I would come to a quick conclusion the person is someone I would not want to be around. But again, I got off message. The message is what is being conveyed, and the picture portrays that message visually. May all be blessed. JRA

  10. Hi JR

    To me, she looks mean. like she would hurt you, if you got close.


  11. Hi Marianne,
    You’re right. She would hurt me: again and again. That’s her nature, and it shows externally as well as the poison she holds within her should you cross her. JR

  12. Hi Marianne
    I read with interest the comments about the graphics and I would agree with them. Although from an artistic and technical point of view they are very good, they come across with a kind of evil and dark sensuality that I think is unhealthy and perhaps makes the mistake of thinking only from a female perspective ” as long as the important bits aren’t showing”. However , as a pastor explained during a lecture , although the sight of a naked female body is alluring, so is the sense of seductive mystery created by sensual draping over strategic areas. There’s more to it than merely what is showing. For instance, to me, although I find these images gross and evil looking, it doesn’t do anything for me otherwise, probbably because I am a straight woman. However, I can think of several groups of people who could find these images triggering:
    A man in bondage to deviant sex, especially if it involves pain or torture
    A woman who has a combination of issues like lesbianism, goddess worship, witchcraft
    A survivor of cultic or ritual abuse
    Those who have experienced serious abuse from parents, again especially if sadistic cruelty or torment was involved

    Your site addresses a level of spiritual bondage most of the church won’t touch with a ten foot pole, making it hard for someone trying to get free to find any real help and ironically, the kinds of people I’ve described are the ones most often ensnared by this evil thing and who need this information.

    Just thought I would add my thoughts, thank you for your openness to comments.

  13. Hi Patricia,

    Thanks for your insights. True, I picked the photos because the women looked evil and seductive. That was to show how something can be attractive, and be evil at the same time. I want people to “connect the dots.”

    It is hard to discuss bondage when one has no experience with it. However, I had to work with this dark, spiritual element for many years in my job, so, unfortunately, I have a good insight into it.


  14. […] she was getting paid her salary plus travel pay for free, but no one else could do the same…….More…….. . Thomas Jefferson once said “It takes time to persuade men to do even what is for their own […]

  15. Hi I’m a male,
    and evil never attracts to me even if packaged in a seductive exteriour. And I really would like to make a great compliment to Marianne. All the time I am examining this page this is one of my silently always present thought: Where did she merely get all those perfectly matching graphics and images from? Really amazing! It perfectly fits to the contents. I personally did not have any problem with the jezebel picture – concerning the fears of Anastazia, but this is just my single feedback. Can’t tell for others…

  16. Hi Harold,

    Thank you for the kind words. Jezebel attracts and repels. That is what the pictures do, so that is why I used them. I spend a long time looking for pictures to match my posts. I have to acknowledge the greatness of the internet for having so much available. With the sites I use, I do try to keep the Jezebel covered with clothing as much as possible. There are also images, as you would imagine, that this is not so. So I am selective. I just want to get the message across, without starting too much of a riot over the pictures.


  17. The fact is we live in Satan’s world and he will continue to bombard us with everything ungodly, imagery in particular,until the day he can no longer. God knows this so He will protect our minds and hearts as He promised, if we but ask Him. If God were to give us graphic representations of every image described in the book of Revelation, I’m sure nothing would be left to the imagination. Imaging how the harlot riding the beast would be portrayed. Would God not expect us to use our imaginations to consolidate an image He describes to us. Are we to imagine,in this case,a harlot as a woman moderately dressed. If we do, we are not getting the picture !!–and we are not sinning if we do get the picture !! It really is a matter of spiritual maturity–
    knowing that God will protect our minds and hearts if our intentions and motives are pure. If a person wishes to use an
    “accurate” image to emphasize a particular point for God’s glory, then that person is doing nothing different to what God Himself does.

    • Hi Richard,

      Unfortunately, images are everywhere. WE have to be able to deal with them, interpret them for what they are, and train ourselves to respond properly. For me, I do not turn the Tv on much anymore…there is too much negative stuff there.

  18. Hi Marianne,

    I am a male with a strong love for what God created perfect. Wo-man, or Fe-male was His finishing touch to the passionately perfect Garden of Eden. Anastazia, your words reveal a heart of purity and holiness before your Beloved Saviour, and glory to God for that! I am VERY HAPPY to know there are still sensitive and tender daughters of the Living God still around, and you give me great hope and joy. Please stay that way for ever. We need you, this world needs you to stay that way because you give the warriors on the battle field someone to come home to, something to fight for. We men are commanded by our Commanding Officer Jesus to love our woman as He loved His bride and gave up His LIFE for her… even in her EVIL or EVE’s ILL state. Women were never commanded to do this. Only men are commanded to be circum-cised (cut all the way around in the heart). Thankyou Marianne, for joining us on this battlefield, we need you and are grateful more than you know. This requires warfare. This requires WEAPONS OF TRUTH, for only the Truth can set menkine truly free. Warfare is a bloody mess. Jesus was covered with blood. To give a severing love, Jesus has to SEVERE the heart of Jezabel from her lord Ba’al. Jesus’ Love is severe, in that it even severed His own heart and blood. Oh, what Divine Love, what Heavenly Bone-fire Sacrifice! He, the Giver of Life, has to break her heart in a way that will strip her of all other loves and bind her within a place of bottomless pit experience, where Jesus becomes the ONLY way out. He makes her life a living hell. He puts her into a lake of unfullfilled desires, because she desired to burn His Man-child on a pole of fire. The pole is a male symbol, and the lake is a female symbol. God KNOWS how to deliver justice, so that He might then execute His judgement of Grace. If she does not understand His power to NOT favor and esteem her, then she will NEVER understand or trust His grace, but rather demand grace. Demanding grace is like saying, “I’m going to force you to be a volunteer.” It just doesn’t work that way. A Judge can only be a merciful Judge if at first HE IS A JUDGE. Jesus explained this AUTHORITY to EXECUTE in John Chptr 5. Some people call this process of stripping ‘the seduced woman.’ But prophet Hosea called it the ‘lured’ woman in Hosea chptr 2. That is how Eternal God removes the names of Ba’al (lording controller husband) out of the abundance of her heart, and puts Ish (Loving Protector Husband, or House-band) back in there. Love requires Trust. Trust requires Truth. Without a love for truth, she has nothing, never will! It all remains a fantasy, lie, and illusion for her, no matter how hard she tries to make her happiness come true. She got this from Ba’al, but forgot that it doublecrosses and betrays ALL those who serve it, including her. She forgot that it loves itself more than her and is just feeding off of her to keep itself alive. She thought it would share it’s kingdom with her. She was wrong! She hits a wall. Only Jesus can save her now… IF, ONLY IF she can trust Him and see His love for what it really is, and not the lies that Ba’al told her about Jesus.


    To fight a soul-sucking vampire you will need a mirror and a wooden stake. The mirror is the Eternal Law of Eternal God, and the wooden stake is Yashua Jesus of Nazarath, the same One that Moses held out over Egypt. Guess where the stake goes? That’s right, straight through the middle of her heart. He will crack her stone-cold rock of heart with His Wooden Rod and His Crystal Clear Water. His Word strikes and pierces her heart, and that’s why she wants to shut Him up or rip His voice box out. She cries out, “We have no king but Ceaser! He’s got a firey rod of iron! You’re a disappointment!” So Jesus lets Ceaser break her by destruction and fire in 70 A.D. Jesus loves her so much, that He gives her what she demands, even though it literally breaks His Heart. He knows what love is, and WHAT IT ISN’T. She is released by Jesus into the hands of her false lover Ba’al, and Ba’al breaks her and causes her to NOT be in love with Ba’al anymore, and to go back to God for all her love. She wanted to remain supreme, because she’s been corrupted by her own beauty, thought she was hotter (more ele-mental) than she was, and took her eye off the LIGHT SOURCE, rendering her eyeball into outer darkness. She thought she was the light source. She thought she had the ‘something’ to fill the hole in her heart and desires with. She is the lake (hole), the mother vessel (hold or hole-ed), the earth that the seed goes INTO. She thought she was MORE important than her seed, the man-child caring within her vessel. And Father God MUST remain SUPREME over His beloved woman, so that life will continue. Sometimes God has to make Royaly Severe choices. Some things make Him VERY PASSIONATE and FURYFULL, because HE IS LOVE, in fact MOST LOVING. GOD FATHER WILL DEFEND HIS ONLY BELOVED SON WITH HIS OWN LIFE… AND FATHER GOD CANNOT DIE, SO SATAN HAS A PROBLEM THERE. God knows how to handle and subdue all what is His. EVERY knee shall bow, but not through force, rather through the power of Winning Love, Eternal Love, Conquering Love that NEVER lets go of her or replaces her or stops loving her. He is VERY JEALOUS and you can trust that. Even Satan will confess that not only was God just and fair, He was beyond just and fair…HE WAS MERCIFUL. This is why the Eternal Hellfire will eventually go out and become only smoke and ashes, just a memory in God’s Eternal Eyes of Love. (Rev.20-21) God will help Satan find her eternal rest in the fullness of time. God’s Love shall never fail.

    Vampires and Jeze-Belles are really skilled at avoiding their own reflection in the Mirror of Truth, and they want to warp it or break it or shatter it or banish it.

    The pictures that Marianne has chosen by Living God’s Spirit show a truth about jezebel that needs to be shown. We are in a real war here, and we need to see the enemy into the eyeballs, because the eyes have “it”, that is access into the heart. The enemy is not the victim/vessel host here. The spirit of Eve’s illness has taken over forceful control in direct violation to the Redemption’s Price Paid of Jesus’ Blood for man-kine. But Satan has an enemy greater than it, called death. Satan is dying. But death also has a greater Enemy, because Jesus of Nazarath killed death. Jesus is the MEAN-EST, so that He might deliver all who come to Him in trust.


    Abba Father is the Sovereign God of love over the living AND THE DEAD. He will not let her win this one. He shows His love in the way that HE CHOOSES, not she demands. My heart is very grateful for that! My heart leaps within me because of that! He knows how to put her out of her own misery, because His Good Shepherd kine of love for her NEVER STOPS… HE’S ETERNAL.

    May God be TRUE and His WORD alone remain. He is everything to me. I will be silent now and go to Him. More grace and compassion to you Marianne, and to all the warriors of faith in Truth out there, we have a MIGHTY LEADER and we can trust Him with our lives because He trusted us with His.

  19. How do Jezebel’s react to extremely ferocious males ? What if the male is a strong fighter, and won’t take nonsense ? What is the reaction then ? What is the way to defeat the Jezebel spirit ? For example in Islamic countries, women are not given much rights, some of the Muslim men can be very ferocious towards arrogant women, so how does a Jezebel woman operate in an Islamic nation such as Saudi Arabia, Iran or Afghanistan or even in a communist nation like North korea, where men have tremendous power? Where men have the power ? It would be curious to know your thoughts in this.

    Secondly, why are white women more prone to be Jezebels? I noticed Asian women are more quieter and gentler, please don’t misunderstand me or take it wrong, there are jezebels there too but seem to be much more less compared to the amount of jezebels found in Idol worshiping nation such as India or in western nations ? Why is that?

    Finally, what happens when we “bind” the jezebel spirit before we meet such a woman and how long does it remain “bound” ? and what is the way to deal with a jezebel woman in a secular enviornment ? what is the long term solution ?

    • Hi Eternity,

      You are mixing female Jezebels with male Jezebels. Jezebel can infect both males and females. Each one would need a passive partner to enable them. You would rarely find a male (ferocious) Jezebel married to a Jezebel wife.

      But to answer your first question, if a female (aggressive) Jezebel met a male Jezebel, there would be a conflict for power, because each one wants it, but the male will win. The Jezebel female needs the male approval to be strong, so if he disapproves of her, she has no power.

      The only way she could operate in this kind of environment is to win the approval of the man. She would have to be the sneaky, charming type. in other words, she pretends to submit to the man, but she is deceptive, and is really manipulating him through charm, flattery, and sex.

      White women are in cultures which are more liberal, and so they have more freedom to act out and be selfish. But this is still the fault of the men. Women can only do this if they are enabled by the men, who allow it. The women get their power from the status and the approval of the men.

      The Jezebel spirit remains bound as long as we indicate we will not submit to it, and say “no” to it.

      In a secular environment, we cannot openly bind it, or people will think we are crazy. In this case, we just have to be highly confident with them, but still assertive if they attack. If they insult you, tell them they are rude. If they want what you have, tell them no, you are not going to to that. You can still disagree with them, and be firm in your position, and not give into them. Also, keep your eyes and ears open for betrayal, and be prepared to counteract what they do, in a professional way.

  20. Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. Do you believe that childhood hurts and wounds caused to women can open the doors to this spirit to enter? Perhaps in western countries, some of the men have been treating the women shabbily, this combined with the liberal culture allows this to grow ?

    Countries such as the Philippines or some latin american countries are also liberal and westernized, but the instances of jezebels seem much less there, compared to North American or anglo saxon nations, just my observation. I also found Indian women to also have this, may be tied in with the idol worship? However such women can be found everywhere I guess.

    My question to you is this, do you believe that one day God will wipe out the Jezebel spirit from the face of the earth before Christ returns? Would this event take place before the second coming or after the second coming ?

    What should be done about the sudden panic feeling that we feel in our soul and heart, when suddenly faced with a jezebel infested woman ? I have heard several men suddenly freezing and shaking when such a woman shows up, even the very presence of such a woman and her stare /glare at our eyes, and fast talking and constant interruption and undermining.

    What can be done to control that kind of freezing/fear/shock feeling ? Should any form of painkillers-numbing medication be taken before facing such a person ?

    Why can’t a worldwide prayer begin in wiping this particular and horrifying spirit out ? A coordinated war by Christians throughout the world targeting this spirit, imagine if this spirit is defeated, so many families, workplaces, individuals can find freedom.


    • Hi Eternity,

      The spirit seems to enter either when

      1. the woman learns it from someone else (transfer of spirits) – this is why we should be careful who we associate with.
      2. the childhood wound – in which the child is abandoned, put in a situation where they feel out of control, or not loved. As they grow, they have a need to control the environment and people around them, so that they will not get hurt again.

      In some societies, the father ( sometimes mother) seems quicker to abandon his family than in other societies. There is a high divorce rate in America, with many men not paying attention to their children… This creates the drive and desperation to fill an empty spot in the child’s spirit. The Jezebel spirit comes in to fill the empty spot.

      We will have Jezebel spirits as long as satan is loose on the earth. So Jesus would have to come first and bind him, breaking his authority..

      Being attacked by a Jezebel spirit feels like an encounter with a scorpion. There is an initial sting, and then you can feel the poison after effects. The first time you get hurt, it will be by surprise. But after that you are prepared, and know what to expect.

      This happened to me recently. The comment made by the Jezebel came quickly, so I was not prepared. I kept waking up thinking about it, realizing this is part of the poison to the spirit. My thoughts were angry. But God woke me up and had me read about forgiveness. I had to ask God to help me forgive the person in my heart. This does not mean that she is free to do this again. She is still responsible for her behavior and will be punished by God eventually. For me, the next time I see her, if she says something again, I will tell her that I do not approve of her rude behavior, and I do not care about her opinion.

      Men can use their gender to their advantage. The women are secretly trying to control the man to get his approval and attention. He has to use very strong language and attitude and tell her very forcefully, that he is wrong and that he does not approve of her behavior.
      This message is the opposite of what she need to stay powerful. So the man can express rejection of her, and tell her “NO!”

      A world wide prayer – interesting thought, but I think most Christians do not understand this well enough to pray about it. Use the prayers on my website as a guide, and change them to fit your situation.

      • Hello Marianne,

        Thanks for your reply and wonderful guidance, I wish to discuss this further if you don’t mind. You are quiet gifted with this knowledge, and this can truly help save lives, save families, save careers, save many people. This is from God Himself.

        Continuing on the above discussion.

        1. Some women are very officious, or put it this way very interrogative, basically what happens is, when one faces a woman young or old, whatever ethnic group, in a office or in a government department or even the simple post shop, they suddenly give you strange looks, rolling their eyes, frowning, and asking question after question, as if they are interrogating us, undermining our character or integrity, this sudden barrage of questions, quick talk combined with the Spiritual sting, suddenly freezes a man into shock and silence, its as if something is choking the man’s throat, the man is also finding it hard to talk back, as its like facing a rushing rage of water.

        When bombarded with interrogative questions, then suddenly the jezebel takes our own answers saying “but you said this,” “but you said that”, and suddenly starts to tie us up with our own words.

        My question to you is, under such a situation

        a) is it possible to remain silent, take a deep breath, mutter under the breath a prayer to bind that spirit or demon in that woman + use human combination such as saying loudly back and firmly “SLOW DOWN, AND PLEASE LET ME COMPLETE MY SENTENCE”, at the woman ? do you think it can help?

        b) When she goes on an attack asking “why why why” constantly, and bombarding us with interrogative and probing questions, can we do the same as above and reply to her “WHY do you ask ?”.

        2. Some women I notice, go around teasing/joking/unwelcome talking constantly, They go around loudly teasing teasing teasing, even they are strangers, some men don’t like this, is that a jezebel spirit ? how do we deal with such kind of people ?

        d) if a Jezebel corners a man suddenly and goes on a rampage, is it possible, if no one is looking, for a man to loudly look at her face and say “I BIND the JEzebel spirit in you, and command it to remain silent in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ”.

        What happens then? IF we say it loudly at the woman’s face i.e no one is noticing it, and it is a very dangerous situation ? Will it work?

        3. When a man takes authority or may be acts more like a man (in a positive way), the woman then says “oh you are being a macho, you are being anti feminist, you are a male chauvanist, you don’t treat women with respect”

        how does a man respond to such dirty accusations from the Jezebel or her cronnies ?

        4. Is it possible for a Gentle woman, who has no jezebel spirit, to get infected with it from a Jezebel friend who then turns her against her husband or her boyfriend ? How does a man deal with this and protect their wives/gfs from jezebel women friends who undermine men constantly and sow doubt and distrust into their innocent female friends?

        I know lots of questions, but your wisdom/experience supersedes the number of questions here. I hope you can help

        • hi eternity.

          1. Like I said, the first encounter is a surprise. So, you are off guard. She will attack again, but this time you are ready.

          2. how you respond to her in the workplace is based on her relationship to you there.

          If she is your boss, you are in for a stressful time.

          If she is a coworker, then you are on level playing field.

          The words “shut up, witch” usually works. To the “why, why, why?” the response “It’s none of your business,” can work too.

          Courtesy is off. She is being rude. So tell her she is rude and nosey, and you cannot waste your time with her. You do not have to say “please.” You need to be a little rough for her to get the point. She is attracted to power, so if you come across as powerful and confident, she will actually respect you more.

          To the macho remark, just tell her she is a rude witch, and she needs to get her act together, and learn some manners.

          It is possible for a non-infected woman to catch the spirit. The best way to prevent this, is to educate your gf about Jezebels, and tell her if she ends up as one, that your relationship is over.

  21. i must confess that after reading all these stories about Jezebel i see myself . i may not be a boss or work under anyone but i am taking the time right now to see that so many of the characteristics given are reflective of my life for a long time. this is not a self righteous attempt for approval or praise but this is a serious confession. i could feel my heart tightening when all of these characteristics were being listed. this is sad because i confess to be a christian and it is sad when we see others wrongs but we block ourselves out of the picture. it is clear that many of us has this spirit. i pray that as you read this you will show godly compassion and pray not only for me but the church and all who possess this spirit. i look way back in my childhood and can see that this spirit laid silent and grew as i grew which made me feel and think that i did not possess this spirit. PLEASE PRAY!!!!!!! this world needs to be freed from every familiar spirit and all other spirits over the world. God is angered by our “Christian” role to stand in the gap for the world. Confession and acknowledgement is only the beginning, we must repent and work on keeping this and all spirits away.

    • hi Davia,

      I think this entire current older and younger generation has a lot of abuse in their childhood history, which is why we are seeing so much of this. One feels out of control during abuse, and the only way to protect ourselves is to try to control our environment and the people in it.

      The good news is that a person with a Jezebel can be delivered and healed. Understanding the root causes, and finding the right support will help bring someone out of it – when they realize the problem and are ready to get better.

    • Like ur comment Davia

  22. As I was reading this, it was as if someone had been a fly on the wall when I was working for this particular company and that this fly recorded everything that had been going on between me and my female boss.
    It all started because I caught her in a huge lie and she was using this lie to manipulate the employees that worked in this place. She was a manager and the company headquarters was in Maine, and hardly anyone in the corporate office knew what was really going on down in Delaware.
    I had contacted the main headquarters and questioned them about what was told to the employees, and I had a right since I was one of the assistant managers at this place of employment.
    My manager went ballistic with me, and this is when she made my life at work into a living hell. She spread all sorts of lies against me, and even lied to the CEO that it was I who had made up the lie, and that she was the innocent party.
    Talk about a person with a Jezebel spirit, this Manager had it. Yet, she went to church, and stated over and over in front of employees that God answered her prayers.
    I use to wonder where God was for me. This woman was evil, very self centered, and callus. And yet, God was answering her prayers?
    I was devestated and I become very ill emotionally.
    I still question how this woman was able to get the CEO and the Upper Management to side with her, even after they had received many reports of this Managers CAllus treatment of the employees by these employees. Yet, she was never removed from her position, and probably is there at the same place of employment receiving her bonuses and raises as a manager.
    As for me, I became so ill emotionally that I ended up having anxiety attacks and ended up on medication, even after I left that company.
    I know about a Jezebel spirit, for I had confronted one and I lost.

    • dear Olga

      Do not feel defeated forever. My first experience, I was “defeated” also, at least partly. I was also extremely depressed and disillusioned. I could not understand or believe what had happened to me. I had been completely, and consistently slandered.

      I had other experiences after that, and with each one I got smarter. Now, I am a threat to them.

      Do not stay down. You were defeated so that you could experience the true nature and power of evil when it is unleashed. We have to know the enemy before we can fight it. So now, you know more than you did.

      Spend time researching and studying, and observing your environment. Take this time as a learning time. Polish your spiritual weapons of warfare. Make yourself smarter and stronger. There will be a day when you fight like crazy, and you will win. Make that your goal.

      But, in the meantime, spend time in healing, and forgiving yourself, because you were innocent and did nothing wrong.

  23. How do i pray for my ex husband and his wife. He married her five yrs ago after cheating on me with her. I am since remarried to a real Godly man but a part of me stills thinks of these two because i know they both are evil and fit the profile of male and female version of jezebel. And i have a daughter with my ex who they have both tryed to hurt ThankGod they moved away but i want to know how i should pray for them I think i have forgiven but i harbor hatred from what happened also she has 3 kids from another man that my husband takes care of and i know i shouldnt care but i am concerned how they are affected after all they are children they didnt ask for these two as parents Just the fact they could come bk into my daighters life one day makes me want to pray for them also so they could actually change andbe a blessing to her Faith believed in the seeminly impossible rite? lol Any advice on how i should pray and can these spirits be loosed just through my prayers? Please advise me Thankyou so much for these article!

    • hi april

      You can pray that their spiritually blind eyes be opened to the spirit, so that they can repent.

      but dealing with them personally, you will have to be very assertive, and not let them get away with behaviors that are wrong….ie aggressive, but in a positive way.

    • wow thank you for this insight! I have been involved with a Jezebell spirit for rthe last two years and didnt even know it until this week. I adored this woman to the point that nothing else mattered. It reaked havoc in my life and destroyed my marriage and family. Although my wife tried to tell me that something was up with the woman ,i refused to listen. This relationship produced 2 children that were both aborted against my better judgemeent but was convinced that this was best for both of us. Neither of us wanted to explain that to our spouses.Im still immensely distraught by it all. I am praying for you, your ex and your daughter. i am praying that the spirit your ex has succombed to is exposed and called out. Your ex is intoxicated by the suduction of that spirit and can’t understand for the life of him why it has continued. Just remember that God’s grace is sufficient. Keep Praying!!!!!

  24. Hi everyone,

    I know a Jezebel in my church and the leaders know about it, a few of them got taken in by her, others saw her for what she is.Every week during service, normally the very powerful service, she sits on the stage in front of the whole church trying to get attention, jumping up and down, total attention seeking.
    When Ive spoken to her she is very persuasive, tells lies, deceiving.
    She obviously needs deliverance and counseling, but this sprit is very common, we must be on our guard and protect our sprits our lives don’t let he/she drain you.
    If you suspect someone displaying this sprit, tell the church, they may be aware of it. Don’t confront her on your own its a high demon, it will transfer or drain off you.
    I think when she doesn’t get what she eventually wants, she leaves.

    • hi kduo

      In a church environment, you need a group approach to confront her.

      So, the question is why hasn’t a group gotten together and kicked her out, or pushed her into backing down?

      What is your pastor doing? Is he enabling her, letting her be on the stage?

      If yes, then you will never get rid of her, unless the pastor goes also.

      • Our resposibility is to pray without ceasing. Especially if the Pastor won’t/ doesn’t deal with the issue. Maybe it is something that he himself is not able to handle for fear that he may fall prey to that same spirit.
        Believe me, as a person that has been releaased from the bondage and sudductive allure of Jezebel within the last 40 days, you don’t want to take this spirit lightly. Percieved control and attention are its main fuel for its deceitful behavior. The spirit has to be exposed!!!!! PUBLICLY!!!!!

        • dear Still hurting

          Good insights. Sorry you had to go through this. I think God allows this in a way to burn into us what evil is, so that we will not fall into its trap and be like that.

          Also, the last days are full of Jezebels, and we are alerted to this spirit, and cannot be deceived by it anymore, since we are educated in it. Now, we need to tell others.

  25. Hi everyone. I am the original writer of the “Jezebel – a man’s view”. Since the writing of this very sad chapter in my life, I have never yet run into a Jezebel as mean as that one was. Since that time, I have worked for several very kind and Christian women. I have also worked for some equally kind and gentle Christian men. I have learned one thing about this whole matter. I was exposed to the Jezebel spirit once in my life, and I learned much from it. In the long run though you feel much pain and anguish, there is a time when it subsides from being so painful. In fact, it has helped me to be more understanding of people who are afflicted with the Jezebel spirit. I have long since learned to stay away from them and pray. I thank Jesus for the whole experience. It helped build my character in ways she will never know.

    • dear JRA

      I am so glad to hear from you. You have been through much, but I am happy to hear there were some positive environments that followed. I have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  26. The thing is using that picture to depict the Jezebel spirit is only targeting women. This is in fact a spirit were talking about and not the person herself. the rfeason saying this is because men too can exude this spirit amongst those around them it doesn’t necessarily make them a female now does it.

    • No it doesn’t, and I doubt the evil spirit looks like that beautiful pic.

    • hi Davia

      I have pages on the male version of the jezebel, and there, I use males images.

      • Thank you for the link. Just was responding based on the comment that came through had I not I would have never known about the male one. Is it possible though that you can get one where someone is being addressed by the spirit from both views please. Lol God bless and thanks.

  27. Leatherneck, the evil spirit doesn’t look that appealing but deception surely allows them too. If the vessel containing the evil spirit didn’t look appealing it may not have gotten away with “seducing” or trying to control so many people; but thank God there are Christians able to discern it.

    • Hi Davia. I am the original writer of this testimony on “Jezebel a Man’s view”. I can see from this and your previous posting to this article, you have come a long way in understanding both the male’s point of view, as well as, the female’s point of view about the Jezebel spirit. I did pray for you as you had asked us to do when you first wrote in. Don’t worry. HE is with you. I am very honored to call you my “sister”.

  28. Relevant to this discussion:

  29. Some excellent thoughts on the jezebel spirit. I would say that the witchcraft spirit is very closely related to the jezebel spirit. Someone who has a spirit of witchcraft is a control freak.

    I was raised in an idolatrous Irish Catholic family. My dad was very overbearing, seemed like he was on a personal power trip and he was a control freak. His mom was a jezebel and she doted on him. So you can see that his mom’s demons fed and strengthened his demons.

    At the age of 22, I became a Christian and I experienced a lot of emotional abuse from my dad because I was a Christian. To make long story short, my parents put me in four mental hospitals and I had to pay $5000.00 in hospital bills (which wiped out my hard-earned life savings). My dad is considered to be a wealthy man. He later told me that he paid for all of those hospital bills (nothing like kicking a man when he is down).

    Years later, the Lord told me to rebuke him to his face in the power of the Holy Ghost. I don’t think anyone ever did that to him in his life. I later forgave my dad and that was very powerful. The Lord told me to severe all ties with that family.

    My dad sounds like a jezebel, but he is a man. I would say that he definitely had a spirit of witchcraft and he was heavily influenced by his jezebel mom. I am so grateful for what the Lord has done in my life to free me from that satanic prison.

    • hi tim

      It sounds like your father had an ahab spirit, which is one kind of male jezebel. Males can definitely have the jezebel spirit, and when they do, they are more dangerous than women. Males naturally carry more authority and power than females.

  30. I am a 44 female living in Jamaica. I have a 58 year old female boss. The experience stated above by that man is exactly what I experience everyday in my office. People tell me to report her to the HR Manager. Well, SHE is the HR Manager. See the jam I am in?

  31. Hi Marianne:
    Because of the world-wide recession we are in, jobs are extremely difficult to get in Jamaica. So as you said, I stay prayed up; I ask the Lord wisdom in how to deal with her. It so happens that her supervisor is the CEO and he is no different. The best thing to do is leave but I cant until I find another job. It’s very unwise to leave your job, go home and cant pick up another job. In the mean time I will let her abuse cause me to become stronger in character.

    Due to fear a lot of persons do not want to deal with Jezebel in the workplace. Some even believe this spirit operates in the church only – not true. As Christians we need to wake up with what is happening around us. When we do many of us will stop blaming ourselves for things that happen in our lives – when we realise there is a Jezebel that may be causing the problems.

  32. to be honest i don’t understand the whole concept of a jezebel spirit, sometimes she is portrayed as omni present or something! it is easy to blame evil spirits for our own evil nature! because we get to paint ourselves blameless, self righteous! “it’s the evils spirit fault”. if someone has an evil spirit it is because god commanded and sent the evil spirit! god is the one to be feared not evil spirits! the human race is an atrocity! when i die i am going to jump out of this skin like someone jumps off of a scary show ground ride, and say please don’t ever, ever make me do that again, ever! interesting scriptures-

    Judges 9:23-Then God sent an evil spirit between Abimelech and the men of Shechem; and the men of Shechem dealt treacherously with Abimelech:

    1 Samuel 16:14-But the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the LORD troubled him.

    Mark 1:27-And they were all amazed, insomuch that they questioned among themselves, saying, What thing is this? what new doctrine is this? for with authority commandeth he even the unclean spirits, and they do obey him.

    Job 1:8-Then the LORD said to Satan, “Have you considered My servant Job? No one else on earth is like him, a man of perfect integrity, who fears God and turns away from evil.”

    Luke 22:32-And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat:But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.

    2 Thessalonians 2:11-And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

    yes god is master and what his will desires, sits!

  33. Also I want to really state my reason why I think Jezebel is a woman not a spirit in revelation 2:20Nevertheless I have a few things against you, because you allow that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.
    21And I gave her time to repent of her fornication; and she repented not.
    22Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds.

    -First of all 20 states “woman Jezebel, not spirit!
    -second it states if Jezebel and those whom commit adultery with her will be forgiven if they repent! If this is the same spirit from the old testament Jezebel, how can she be forgiven?

    If someone can explain this to me clearly, then perhaps I would consider its talking about an evil spirit.

    • david

      I guess you could say the woman has the spirit….. 🙂

      jezebel is not a jewish name , unless it is Greek

      Jezebel was a prophetess of Baal in the OT

  34. I would not even reveal the darkness of Jezebel done to me in a public forum.

    It is far too wicked to imagine.

    I thank God for being there and pulling me out.

  35. If the graphics “bother” you then the issue of a probable “spirit of lust” is still at work in you. First things first…deal with the unclean spirits in your life or you will NEVER get total deliverance and help if you are indeed seeking help. It is absolutely true that Believers/Christians can and do have demons inhabiting them. As long as you believe otherwise you will NEVER obtain complete deliverance! If you don’t believe you have a “disease” you never look for the right “medicine” to make you whole. A good book to read concerning this is, “Pigs in the Parlor”.
    Yah bless those who love Truth and seek it!

  36. David,
    Practically all the Book of the Revelation (the Revelation) uses types and hidden meanings of those things described. It is my contention that Yah had the Revelation written in such a way as to make it past the Jesuit priests who would later translate what we know as the New Testament. Had it been more plainly we never would have received it. One thing I have learned in studying prophecy (with a Hebraic mindset) is that not only can a particular prophecy have more than one fulfillment (at different times many years apart) it can also have more than one interpretation and both be correct! This is one of those times. The fact that many people have the attributes of “Jezebel” at the same can ONLY occur if we’re dealing with a spirit. Jezebel was very influential in the religion of Baal. Pagan religions have (in the Scriptures) been given the feminine attribute, hence we understand that when, in prophecy, it refers to a woman (in a religious context) it’s referring to some pagan religion. Therefore, “Jezebel” refers to that wicked, seductive spirit which seduces carnal Believers into committing spiritual adultery/fornication. The allure has to do with stirring up the sensual/soulish desires in people making them vulnerable to accepting the false doctrine which follows. Case in point is this damnable “Prosperity Doctrine” which is running rampant in the christian church today! It appeals to the flesh and not to the spirit. The flesh (ego) has to (must) die! This above mentioned doctrine appeals to the flesh, not the spirit!

  37. Hi, i am a man..

    I want to ask the mistress or woman how if we change the pictures to half nude man..i believe it will be the same happening, since the evil nowadays playing in any way to bring the follower of Jesus falling..
    The deep issue with lust is because we are made from it. and it is not easy to sweep this out. many mega pastors is falling because of this, and this things is happened no matter who you are and which level of life you are living…simple thing..when you go to church because of you want to see/ listen the pastors preach rather than listening the Word of God then you already trapped inside.

    this article is good anyway, because I believe people who write this article is already in the real war zone, they are aware of it and for people who read this could be in the war zone too or still play around or still watching.

    Please be focus and don’t get tempted or disturbed of something outside of the Word of God, fill your mind and soul with Word of God and all positive thing. be clear of what we have and what is the goal, test all thing, check the fruit, find the peace in God and then walk. Jesus blessed you all..


    • hi ronald

      The picture is of a woman since , in this post, she (female jezebel) is a problem for the man

      but you have good advice.

      I hope many read your comment

  38. I agree with anastasia – The first thing I thought was that it was unnecessary to post these photos – If you cause someone to trip up then that is on your head.. What you wrote is spot on! You do need to change the pictures as to cause a brother to stumble is not what you want to have on your conscience..

    • I disagree with Anastazia. christians have to grow up eventually. We can’t be snowflakes forever, melted and oppressed and hurt by every little thing that isn’t perfect as if we’re perfect ourselves. If we are to tip-toe around, afraid of causing others to stumble, then we better stay indoors and never leave the house because everything we do has the capacity to cause someone somewhere to stumble. In our ignorance of the enemy’s schemes, let’s not allow Anastazia– or anyone who pops into a comment section– to distract us from the topic of a serious article by pointing to lesser issues. Let’s become aware of satan’s schemes and stop judging people simply by how they look and what they say but by their hearts and by the motives and intentions of their hearts.

  39. […] Spracované podľa: […]

  40. Good article. I agree with the author about men’s love for women making us vulnerable to Jezebel charms. Women who are in agreement with the Jezebel spirit or with the fallen nature in them to which Jezebel attaches hate articles like these for giving people a heads-up on Jezebel and for bringing attention to the vulnerabilities that men have that can make us easy targets for Jezebel women.

    I have encountered many women like this everywhere, especially in church settings. (I have also encountered many men like this.) But just like the Ahab issue, the Jezebel issue is also not limited to ‘a spirit’ but is attached to the fallen feminine nature just like the Ahab issue is really about the fallen masculine nature.

    From a man’s perspective, there is nothing as ugly and repulsive as a woman with Jezebel qualities (and I’m sure it’s the same from a woman’s perspective on men with Ahab qualities). I look at women who own or cherish or agree with those fallen qualities and shake my head thinking, “That isn’t even you. That’s a parasite merged with your soul. Why would you cherish something so ugly and disgusting?”

    I hope this article has helped many people, especially men. Most men have this sense that because they are naturally stronger than women, then women cannot harm them. Jezebels and women in general who don’t respect men as human beings (ie. women who wear revealing clothing, etc.) recognize this errant thinking in men and can capitalize on it with or without bad intentions. Samson had this mindset. He was literally physically stronger than 100 (one hundred) MEN, not just physically stronger than 10 (ten) WOMEN like the average healthy man is. So, Samson betrayed himself to Delilah, because he forgot that physical strength isn’t moral strength. Hopefully, this article will remind men when it comes to women that physical strength (like Samson had) has nothing to do with moral strength (like Joseph had).

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