Jezebel in Children

I have noticed that some are searching for issues related to family, including dealing with children.

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Jezebel in children will show up as rebellion and lying. They are influenced by other children they meet at school. This is serious and must be dealt with.

It will take both parents, or a male and female parent figure, to effectively deal with it. The child will need consistent discipline, and moral training. This is a daily and weekly thing, not just when the child acts up.

Question the child about what they have heard and answer the issues. You need to know what someone else is indoctrinating them with. Remember public schools are very pro-abortion, sex rules in school, even in the lower grades. Schools are godless now. You cannot even trust the teachers, at times. We have reports now of teachers raping or having sex with children, so you have to be on your toes.

If you are a single parent with no one to help, you are going to have a long, uphill battle, and you will lose it. You need to find someone to help you – even if it is just a friend – to back you up. Anyone is better than no help at all.

Make sure whoever helps you has good morals, and is self-disciplined. Do not pick someone who will make things worse, because they have self-control issues themselves.

A pastor can be involved to reinforce what the parents are doing.

A psychologist is a last resort, but only if it is a Christian counselor. Most psychologists are humanists, and may actually encourage the behavior since humanism is based on individual choice, rather than submission to divine authority.

Pray blessings over your child. Let your child hear this. They need to know, even during their rebellion, that there is a better way to be, than the way they are. Be patient. It might take years, because whatever you do at home could be reversed at school. Changing schools may not help, but you can try.

Each day, try to inspire the child with a desire toward higher moral and behavioral standards. Tell them how Jesus loves them, how you love them, and how they will do wonderful things someday to help others find Jesus, and his love.

Continue to bless them. Pay attention to them daily. What they are looking for is love. Maybe you are too busy for them. Make time for them on a consistent basis. Use discipline, be firm, but loving.

Best wishes. Do not give up – ever!! This is your child. If you give up, then who can they depend on to help them?

Also, remember that we are in the end times. It was predicted that we would have this kind of problem. Prayer and unity in the family is important. You are fighting a spiritual enemy for the welfare of your child.

2Ti 3:1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

2Ti 3:2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

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17 Responses to “Jezebel in Children”

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  2. This is a interesting article. Can you point me to more information on this. I believe I have a child(17yrs old) that may have the Jezebel spirit. She displays many traits of the Jezebel, I was just watching a series of videos about the Jezebel and I’m like wow, this really describes my daughter. I knew while I was pregnant with her that she would be very different. She has been diagnosed with various mental health issues; Bi-polar, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder. She may have these issues but I believe its something more. I tried counseling with my previous pastor but she hates him because he can see right through her. If she’s not confronted then she’s fine with you. I have been battling with her since she was 2 yrs old. If it wasn’t for people praying for me and her, and my strength from the Lord, I wouldn’t of made it this far. Plenty of times I wanted to kill myself because it was a daily battle and was very draining. I had other children to protect and take care of also. Right now she isn’t living with me, and we have a much better relationship. We can talk and spend time together without constant conflict. When she starts being manipulative/controlling/ect, I just leave her or hang up the phone. She has a boyfriend and I feel sorry for him because she is really running all over him, treating him really bad. I haven’t given up on her and I know that she has a high calling on her life. She will become a mighty woman of God.

  3. Hi LaWanda,

    You definitely have a Jezebel spirit to deal with. Much is the fault of this culture, which teaches girls (and boys) to rebel against authority, and do what they want concerning the opposite sex. They go to school and unlearn everything the parents teach them. Sin is all around them. Sin and rebellion is “normal.”

    It definitely is hell to deal with, because these girls (boys too) do not return the love and respect you need, so you feel like you are wasting your time.

    She needs to be in a controlled environment where she is constantly confronted with her behavior, until she breaks.

    Where is she? Everyone that cares for her needs to be involved. You will get an email with this response. Please write back, and tell me more. The emails are confidential, and do not show up on the website. She is already 17, and this needs to be dealt with in the next year. Once she reaches 18, she will be totally wild and it will be her legal right.


  4. Need help, prayer, & guidance. This is a very complicated matter. My husband had a previous marriage. The gal’s mother he married ended up marrying his father. So, my husband’s step mother (and my step-mother-in-law) is also my husbands x-wife’s mother. BOTH of them have a Jezebel. Can’t go into details. My step daughter is now 14. We attempted to get custody 4 years ago & they all but destroyed her in gaining control of her. She is wanting to live with us again & the papers were almost signed by the judge when they bullied, guilted, her manipulated her, & threatened her. She has backed down again & is reverting back to old behavior we thought we were helping her get through. I can tendencies of Jezebel in my step-daughter too but when she gets away from mom & grandma….she grows & blossoms. BUT, they refuse, to allow her wishes to come lives with us. Long long story. Very frustrated. And I’m looking for someone who has encountered this spirit closely and for some godly counsel I am seeking!!

    • Linds,

      You are right. You certainly have a complex situation. It sounds like the girl still would like to live with you? I guess I have too many questions.

      Has a social worker investigated the case yet?

      Maybe at 14, she is old enough to make the decision to stay with you, where she is safer, then the others can petition to get her back. I am not sure of the rules. Check with social services.

      She has to leave the house to go to school. Maybe she could just come to your house afterwards. You can then arrange for a social worker consult, once she is with you.

      Is this petition for custody filed by you, or the girl? The girl could sign a statement for the court that she withdrew under duress the first time, and that they are threatening her, and she wants immediate removal from their premises.

      Can you get her alone and encourage her to file again, with the addition of a complaint of endangerment?

      let me know. you will get this response in email form. You can write back to me, and we can take it from there.


  5. Boy, Life for some can be complicated!

  6. I too believe my 5 and a half year old daughter has a Jezebel spirit. It was also found that I had the Ahab spirit as the two generally go hand in hand. It’s like they are co-dependent. We were delivered of said spirits, but it seems like they are still with us. As I am fairly new to Spiritual Warfare I cannot tell if it’s my daughters strong personality, (her Motivation *Rom 12:6* is an Insight and she’s second highest in Teacher I believe), or the spirits still speaking through us. How can I tell the difference? And what is the point of deliverance if the spirits can still speak through us? Are there anymore reputable sites to have a look at or any good reading material to read? Thanks.

    • hi Tara

      It sounds like whatever “deliverance” you went through did not work. If the behavior is still there, then you still have the problem.

      It is important that you personally reject the spirits yourself.

      Do not depend on others to do this.

      If you are just passive, and expect others to do all the effort, then the deliverance will fail.

      I know one person who was actually possessed, and delivered himself by rejecting the demon.

      First, you have to accept salvation through Jesus, and reject all sin which caused the problem to begin with .

      Then, you have to realize that no demon can stay with you, if you are covered by the blood of Jesus. And you just have to take authority over the demon and tell it to “go.”

      As an adult, you can deliver yourself.

      If your child has a Jezebel spirit, this requires discipline to correct her, because she is too young to understand what is wrong, and so her will has to be changed to choose positive behavior.

      For her, reward good behavior, and punish bad behavior.

  7. I ordered a book on the Jezebel Spirit three months ago and read it. I wept through it because it perfectly described my 14 year old adoptive daughter who had been in Residential Treatment (with Christian influence) the last two years after she made our life hell at home. I prayed and asked God to help me know what to do for her. Less than 24 hours later she called me (rarely calls me but calls my wife). The discussion started to go south when God prompted me to pray as I had learned in the book the day before. God put on my heart over a year ago Luke 10:18-22 so I started praying this, reminding the spirit of Jezebel (I named it out loud) that I had authority and it had to submit to me. I prayed repetitively THE BLOOD OF CHRIST over her while praising God for the authority to do so. I wasn’t even sure if she was still on the other end, but kept fervantly praying for over 25 minutes.

    I stopped long enough to ask if she was still there and how she was doing. Yes, and she had a headache. I continued to pray against the headache also (ALL new to me as God has been revealing Himself to me thus far this year). Ten minutes later, I asked again how she was doing. She replied that she had a terrible stomachache (which was interesting since one of the books I read stated that the Jezebel spirit will try to cling to a woman’s stomach or private parts causing pain so that the deliverance experience would stop by choice of the deliver-ee). I continued to pray the Blood of Christ over her, reminding the spirit that it had to go in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. After 45 minutes total I again asked her how she was doing to which she responded “Daddy, I feel…..NICE”. Wow. We continued talking and I encouraged her to give her life to Jesus and to get into His word (I suggested Proverbs since she needed a lot of help in knowing how to live life).

    Long story short, she came back to live with us two weeks ago. She made such progress in her facility they recommended she come home. People made comments about how different she looked. God opened up doors for me to tell this story to others. Her DHS worker gave her life to Christ after I related this story to her.

    We have had some rough days since she got back, but we keep praying for her. Her behaviors are nowhere close to where they were prior to her leaving on Labor Day 2010 after life became so unbearable for us with her here (my wife had Crohn’s and stress made it MAJORLY worse so she was very sick as a result of daughter’s behaviors/attitude). We continue to trust God for our daughter’s salvation as He desires that none should perish. Daughter has, though, been reading Proverbs and snuggles with me as she shows me what she has been reading and learning. The Spirit is working indeed.

    By the way, on a different note, I wrote above that my wife “had” Crohns Disease. Through God’s unfailing mercy and grace, she was healed of it in June, one week after I prayed the evil out of our daughter. God is good, all the time. We are learning SOOOO much.

    End times are upon us and He desires to show those of us who want to follow Him how to do the battle as it intensifies world wide. Let us open our hearts so as to learn more about overcoming the evil one. The gates of hell will not prevail and we are MORE THAN conquerors in Him who loves us. COME LORD JESUS.

    • dear Mr Combes

      beautiful testimony. thank you.

    • Mr Combes,

      God bless you and your family. 

      What is the name of the author and book title?

      Your fervent  prayer was heard and the Jezebel spirit
      hates/fears the prayers of a righteous (covered by the Blood of Jesus) man. This is how James describes the prayers of Elijah: furvent prayers of a righteous man (James 5).

      A man of God – praying with the authority of Jesus, covered by the Blood, proclaiming his love for his daughter and rebuking Jezebel (rebellion and control spirit). Amen!

      I believe you prayed as James described – as Elijah prayed – and you prayed against/defeated the same spirit that oppressed Elijah (Jezebel) to the Glory of God and His Son.

      So it is written in Malachi 4:5-6 (Amplified Bible); “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes. And he shall turn and reconcile the hearts of the [estranged] fathers to the [ungodly] children, and the hearts of the [rebellious] children to [the piety of] their fathers [a reconciliation produced by repentance of the ungodly], lest I come and smite the land with a curse and a ban of utter destruction.”

      While you are not Elijah, ya got that Jezebel to flee. Now there is one case to hold up as a testimony so that God does not smite the land with a curse and a band of
      utter destruction. Thank you Father God.

  8. I love this passage, it really helped me with my child…..

    • To Mr Combes, Thank you so much for that powerful
      testimony. God has done a miracle for your family.
      The fact that when you called out the spirit of Jezebel,
      your daughter started to improve, just goes to show
      you were spot on! God knows what’s going on, even
      things we cannot see. We must remember a child who
      is showing signs of this has to be miserable inside.
      They don’t understand what is going on. That’s why
      it takes an extra measure of patience to love them
      unconditionally until they are free. God bless you. You
      are a true prayer warrior. As long as we rely on God
      we will be more than conquerors. And anyone reading
      this in October remember this is the month of Halloween.
      This is a so-called “sacred” month to those in the
      dark world. Let’s remember to pray and intercede for
      the safety of our families and the people of our
      communities. We are in a spiritual battle.
      Also, in early November we have the most important
      election ever. Please go out and vote. If someone chooses
      not to vote he/she has NO right to complain about
      the outcome. If more Christian and conservative people
      had voted in past elections we would not be in the
      condition we are in right now. Think about it!

  9. The (heterosexual), man-hating feminist spirit is also an abuser of children; and of male adult victims of abuse. However it is also an abuser and perverter of men in general; although it causes perversion in women as well. Although, since this spirit causes them to essentially have all of the power (relationally, sexually, emotionally, politically, legally, spiritually), enabling them to be both masculine AND feminine; they often do not appear to notice the damage they are inflicting on themselves until it is too late. -Nor do they care about that inflicted upon others, since 1. They really don’t care, and 2. They believe whole-heartedly (or rather, ‘whole-mindedly’?) that they are completely justified in what they do. They truly believe humanity is, and needs to ‘evolve’ in becomming an ‘angel of light’, they truly believe men are not only unnecessary, but essentially are the root of all evil.

  10. I have two boys 12 and 15 that their mother Is 100% a Jezebel. I divorced her back in 2015 because I found out after 9 yrs of marriage that my little one was not my biological son. Since then we had our custody arranged and since then she has been trying to usurp my authority as a Jezebel must do specially when I have a call from God. Now after searching why my kids have develop this anger and rebellion against me It makes sense. My older son has been very very angry and disrespectful towards me and I had to discipline him and he walked away from the house with the little one. My older one makes it seem like is abusive and is not, they don’t even know of what real abuse is, never the less this is what they get from their mom (obviously) The queen Jezebel because before I divorced her I was the most wonderful man alive but then again after the findings and after divorcing her I was the biggest monster ever. Now the little one will follow his older brother of course. I’m praying and rebuking this spirit in my family and I will not stop t until I see the freedom in my kids and their mother as well even thou I’m not looking to get back with her is just that she’s the root of the problem and needs deliverance. There’s more to the story but is too much. If anyone has or had a similar situation than mines please feel free to email me at: I will love to share some more in details with you. God Bless

    • jay

      this is a very familiar story to me. and very sad and concerning…

      jezebel does not want the children’s affections split between mom and dad, so she poisons them against the dad to have all the love . another way she usurps the authority of the male (this can also work the same way for the male jezebel against the mom).

      I am sending you a prayer against witchcraft to print and say daily if you are interested. always plead the blood over you and the boys and claim victory in Jesus / Yahshua’s name

      I will agree with you in prayer. feel free to contact me as much as needed

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