jezebel in the workplace..!!


There are many in lifetime ministry, where there is some attempt to follow God’s commandments, who have written on spiritual topics like this. I have been working in the secular world, where there are no rules.

Being unprotected by anything sane, I have definitely seen the worst, and the best, from those who do not believe in God. Behavior can be extreme in the secular world, and no one really repents. The upper class and the most educated have no reason to acknowledge any shortcomings, since that would tarnish their professional image. For those that work in this secular world, and are not under the covering of a church setting, this may sound familiar. Because there are no real rules governing behavior, anything may be permissible, since the ones causing the trouble may be the ones making the rules.

There are good authority figures, and there are bad ones. The goal of anyone is to succeed in their work environment. The first step is to identify the jezebel spirit, and determine how you are related to the person who has the spirit. Are they beneath you, are they co-workers, or are they above you?

1.  If they are above you, you may be in trouble. In this case, you have to be very submissive and agreeable, even if they are totally wrong.

   a.  Document everything you are told to do. Keep records in case you are falsely accused, you may have some defense if there is an HR department where you’re at. If there is a reason to believe you might get fired, you may need documentation for the unemployment office to show that you were dismissed unfairly. Report all abnormalities to the HR department as you experience problems. This way, they are kept up to date. These jezebel supervisors will lie about you to get rid of you , and this might affect your career. You may need the HR department to give you a job reference, if the jezebel won’t do it.

     b.  look for a different workplace with a better situation. Be highly agreeable with the jezebel until you can escape out of there. Use a mild excuse for finding another job, such as “closer to my home.”

2.  Coworker –

    a. follow 1a. above

    b.  determine if the supervisor is an Ahab ( passive person who permits jezebel behavior) – if not, you are in luck. Report concerns to them, as well as HR. If they are an Ahab, you will have to tolerate the jezebel. The only good thing is that if the Ahab supervisor is so indifferent to the jezebel behavior, they will be indifferent to any fights you have with the jezebel as well. stay in close contact with the Ahab supervisor, staying calm and confident, and express “concern” when the jezebel is out of control. This way you make yourself look good, and cover yourself, in case the jezebel slanders you behind your back. Make sure you do a good job, so the jezebel cannot backstab you.

      c.  You can also get your coworker alone, if they are threatening you, and let her/him know they have issues which are being documented, and being prepared for HR evaluation. You have to let them know you have support behind you. Stand up to them, and do not take any abuse.

    3.  If they are beneath you. This is great. You can follow the steps outlined under identifying and removing the jezebel spirit. Click here to see how to identify and remove the Jezebel spirit.

a. document behavior, as described above.

b. if YOU are an Ahab, you’d better get someone else to handle this. If you do not get over your own passivity in the face of the jezebel, you will make it horrible for everyone in your workplace. Your lack of courage and resolve will cause the jezebel to hurt others. Make sure someone competent can, and will, handle the negative behaviors of the jezebel, if you can’t.

c. note the different responses as to whether you are in a secular setting or a church/spiritual setting.

d. make sure you are prepared to defend any disciplinary action you take. Keep records. They are vital, in case the jezebel accuses you of discrimination, or another false charge.

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  1. The jezebel in the workplace has gotten a strong foothold in the management and leadership positions within the U.S. Government. I have had first-hand experience with such mean-spirited and borderline evil jezebels in the workplace. I have managed to escape their vicious attacks, that is often accompanied by an arrogance and total disregard for other people that they appear to be possessed of a demonic spirit, just to satisfy their lust for power; especially power over men. Nevertheless, such jezebels are totally consumed by their own perceived power, and methodically and systematically slash and burn everything in their way that would prevent them from reaching their goal of total power and control. It has been my experience that today’s jezebel is so feared in the workplace that even if one has the documentation of every single event recorded and presented to human resources, and even presented to the jezebel’s own superior, no one takes action. This actually happened to me. In order to save my career I had to leave the organization only to find out a year later that this jezebel ran totally amok throughout the entire organization only to finally be fired and removed from her current position to one in which she was supervised by the only man who could stand up to her. As expected, this evil, self-serving, back-stabbing, sociopath could not stand being “humiliated” by having to be subservient to a man, that she not only left her job, but also left the State. Good riddance. However, for every success story like this, there is another sharp edge to this evil jezebel sword. This sick, demented jezebel left in her wake a multitude of broken dreams and caused the ruin of many good people’s careers who happened to be in this horrible person’s path on her quest for power and lust for greed. Yes, jezebel has come a long way, baby. The U.S.A. had better beware. The jezebel of today is a cruel, cunning, arrogant, self-serving, rule breaking, dynamo of a huge ego that cannot be satisfied until she reaches the zenith of power over everyone, especially men. I see this as a sad commentary of a once very God fearing nation that has turned its face from God and given itself over to that which is ultimately going to be its downfall. God have mercy on us all.

    • Marianne thanks for your website. I have been reading a lot of your articles. I must say they are very interesting. Thanks again.

      @ J.R. I wonder if we worked with the same person. But, all and all it’s like the same that happened to me. Except this person didn’t leave the company she was just transferred to another facility. She could not get along with anyone that was “beneath” her. But she seemed to respect certain people outwardly but when she spoke with me it was a different story. She undermined them and their authority.

    • I agree.

  2. Thank you for what you added. True, documentation does not always work. Especially if she has slandered you so much you do not have a job reference for the next job. You have my complete empathy. I was writing from personal experience. I also had my reputation and a good job ruined by one. It was a long legal battle, but with the grace and help of God, I won at least in the short term. She is no longer there, but the battle left me laid off with ulcers. Women get into these positions because a weak person, usually a male authority figure, since other women would be competitors, somewhere ignores their behavior and lets them take over. We will continue to have Jezebels as long as there are Ahabs to permit them to run wild. This is one thing to look for in a new possible location….if there is a weak make somewhere in charge….the jezebel will show up soon afterwards. Maybe we can avoid situations like this if we look for the obvious (weak men).

    • I’ve been on my job for 9 years now. The last past 5 years the jezebell spirt has invaded my work and home life I was blind and tricked by the thing she was a fr iend but all along she had a different plan she dug in my family life exposing family issues at my job and on the web she has went thru all of my friends coming between us she only wants me to be her friend. She has a lot of pull and has an aunt that’s the manager and uses that to put fear in me that I’m going to lose my job she’s knows everyone and is in evetyons business I nearly came close to losing my job because of the post tramatic stress she has caused all these years because I saw her true colors and didn’t want to have her in my life period . I gained so much weight and lost almost everything due to her she has put moblie spy ware on my phone tracking me abuses the company camera to see what I’m doing . She has even went as fat as to have a male so called friend lie and say I gave him a disease . But she was the one who told me and spread it around my job I can go on and on about this becuz of how many years have passed. Everyone is scared to get involved because she has a father that’s police officer and abuses that channel to tap my house phone a listen to my conversations I don’t know what to do! I’m at my wits end and should have been long ago she has my personal info and hacks in my cable and thru that every time I turn on the tv she’s can view me people who have never been to my home at my job tell me what’s in my home . I’ve moved once and and changed my car becuz I went out of town and thought she was a good friend and she put audio in my car. Like I said I can go on and on if there is a number or website or if u have any suggestions please let me know how to remove the grips of het jezebell sport

      • dear nakia

        she is not that successful. you are still working there.

        since this has gone on for a long time, you have nothing to lose by filing a complaint.

        you would need proof and witnesses. can you get them?

        if you have facts to back you up, then go over the aunts head to someone else, and explain why you had to do that, and what this jezebel has been doing to you…everything you have told me.

        someone needs to complain about her….and it looks like you have been singled out for the job.

        I have been through a jezebel at my work….i had to really fight her…i got beat up in the process but finally won….there were then injuries that occured later because of the influence, but I realized god had put me there to get rid of her.

        the other option is to quit and go elsewhere, getting someone there to give you a good reference.

      • Hi Nakia, please share with me how your story ended. I have experienced this exact thing at my workplace for years. I have decided to leave the job this week. When I say your story is exactly like mine, I mean it, including repeating my conversations by means of tapping my cell phone and telling me what is going on in my home. The sad thing is I work in a church. She’s the pastor’s assistant! Since churches are like family business, there’s no HR to go to. We have one, but you can’t report like a typical HR dept. Please share and I surely hope things got better for you.

        • Wow! Traci 2013 was the same year I was having issues with a Jezebel spirit. It must have hit hard that year.

  3. I currently work under the supervision of what seems clearly to me (and others in the workplace) to be a Jezebel spirit. This woman has launched an all-out battle against me (I am not sure why other than the fact that I did not worship her) and I did not realize how she had attempted to ruin my reputation and career with her diabolical lies and deceitful manipulations. I don’t have the money to fight her in court because she has the advantage of the entire University’s legal team on her side.
    I am suffering from symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrom and feel almost hopeless.
    It was late in the game when the Lord actually revealed her true identity to me and I did a lot of research on these types. Prayer, fasting, and getting closer and closer to God helps. This woman is so evil that she designed a new campus building with a rotunda and at the center of the apex she had a satanic symbol as a light fixture! Not only that, but she also had a perfect 9′ circle surrounding the satanic hexagram. The Lord also revealed this to me.
    Your prayers are appreciated for me as I continue to take the victory in this spiritual battle.

  4. I am so grateful a woman wrote in. They can be victimized as well as men. You have my prayers. I will contact you by email, if available, to discuss this more.

    Prayer is always needed, as well as faith in yourself and God’s plan for you. But you also need a support system to manage this. I will have to find out more about you.

  5. we have an ahab boss at our job & he hired a woman with a Jezebel spirit who proceeded to
    wreak havoc in our job. I got tired of the strife she was creating so I prayed. I was led to take some olive oil, pray over it and anoint all the chairs & doorways in the office while I was there alone. Immediately afterwards God revealed to me what we were dealing with. I managed to show the other workers how we were being routed so we joined forces and stood up to her stripping her of any power over any of us. I expect her to quit soon as she is now in her proper position on the bottom. I know the bottom is not a place she will long endure so I believe she’ll be leaving soon. I’ve learned a valuable lesson from the experience knowing that I work for a passive person, I can empower him by always respecting his authority myself, teaching others to respect him and keeping a watchful eye out for any JeZebel that would disturb our peace. Forgive typos please, writing on cellphone.

  6. Good job !!! I am proud of you. You did exactly the right thing. Working as a group is the best way.

  7. I work with the worst type of Jezebel, she claims to be a spiritual adviser, ordained minister, past life regressionist, life coach, even goes as far as claiming she predicts earthquakes. Im at a loss of what to do, she is not my superior, but the boss is too much a wet noodle to realize her evil ways, she has cost this company tens of thousands on mis-handled claims. She has gone as far as (while I was on vacation) telling the boss I embezzel funds, gone to prison for holding up a 7-eleven and that Im over paid for what I do. This woman has pulled this before on other employee’s she comes off as pleasant and kind to your face, but is quite the opposite. I have confronted her and recorded our confrontation, she dont know it though, Im trying to document all I can, including the fact she has gone into the boss’s personal files in his office and made copies of contracts. She is operating her physic hotline while here at this job, not unusual for her to be on her cell for 2 hours each day. I need to stop this Jezebel cold!! The boss like I said doesn’t have a spine to stand up to her. Help!!

  8. hi Rockadero

    I know exactly what you are talking about. Is there a supervisor above the wimpy one? let me know and then I will tell you more.


  9. Hi all,
    the Lord gave us a powerful tool in scripture. It is called binding and loosing. You say a prayer somewhat like: “I bind the spirits of Jezebel in … in Jesus’ name”
    You can do that for any spirit you encounter like these psychic spirits in the last post. Do this on a daily basis and you will seriously frustrate their plans.

  10. Hi get your own deliverance

    thanks. we have some prayers on our menu also, so I agree we need to bind and loose.

    here is one link


  11. My last two jobs I was directly supervised by women with strong Jezebel spirits. I didn’t know what I was dealing with until God showed me while reading my Bible one day. I am now in a place of employment that is much safer however, I live and work in a small community. These women still try to destroy my (God’s)m professional reputation every chance they get. Anyone reading this blog who has experiences this and is compassionate to my plight, please lift me up in prayer that I can withstand the attacks of Jezebel. I pray for a Jehu to destroy what they bring to the community.

  12. Hi Gwen

    You have my support. I will put you on my prayer list. Satan is busy now, trying to kill God’s bride, so she will be useless in the last days.


  13. Thanks for this site. I recently realized that I have been dealing with an employee with a Jezebel spirit. She constantly volunteers to work extra shifts, but then claims that she is forced to work or complains to others about the extra hours, which makes me look like a bad boss. She is very easy to talk to and often gets people to share things with her, even I have been a victim. Then, she twists words and shares it with other people. I already had one sit down with her about this 2 weeks ago, and plan to do so again this week. I also will not accept her volunteer offers. She’s a very hard worker and one of my best employees, but the undermining and back biting have got to stop. I’ve dealt with Jezebel before and lost. This is my second chance to win.

  14. Hi S Busch

    Document everything she does, both work behavior and personal behavior. Build a case to be your defense, in case she works against you. What she really wants, if she is a true Jezebel, is to show others she is more qualified than you are for your job.

    When you discuss concerns with her, have at least one witness with you. Document what is said in the interaction. If she does anything wrong, bring in and document the warning. Make her realize she is being watched. If she is smart, she will just do her job, and be careful, but if she is a true jezebel, she will continue to undermine you in more subtle ways, so that you might have to let her go. Right now, she could be gathering support from around the workplace in case she gets fired. She would then file a grievance against you for an injustice.

    Remember, that both personal behavior as well as work behavior could be cause for disciplinary action. Document every suspicious move, and date it, and add witnesses when possible. If your policy provides for this, you can issue a warning letter, with another infraction considered as grounds for dismissal. Again, have witnesses with you at any private interaction. Someone above you, or equal to you, is best.

    I am speaking from experience. A true jezebel will drive you out as some unpopular evil person, and then she can apply for your job when you quit, out of frustration and defeat. Do not let her do that to you. If anyone leaves, it should be her.

    I understand that she is a good worker. So, be fair, but also be prepared to replace her if the problem continues.


  15. Your page is amazing, and wonderful, i read it lot and will pass it to many people. I have been a victim of Jezebel spirit (mother), when I was small, and when I converted to Christianity, she was belonging to a pagan religion. Years later, I faced this again and again at work place and everywhere else, until I became sick and weak, but the love of Christians helped, good, honest, righteous Christian men helped me stand up back at my own two feet, I still am struggling to overcome this spirit, but I have asked God to bless me with the same courage of Jehu. I have suffered under it for 18 years, I am 28 years now. Please pray for me.

    From New Zealand

    • Hi Steve,

      DO not feel alone in what you have suffered. Even Jesus addressed this spirit in Revelation 2:20 as destructive.

      The Jezebel can be overcome, and as a young male, you have everything you need inside of you to do this.

      Understand that the Jezebel gets her power from you. She has none of her own. She is a parasite, and draws the energy from the man for her aggression. If you were to oppose her, refuse her, and rebuke and reject her, she would back off.

      Just know that Jesus lives inside of you, and he is all the strength you need to be successful. He is the Jehu inside of you. Learn about your authority because of his presence. You have the power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and to cast out devils.

      The Jezebel can be controlled and destroyed, if you realize your inner strength, and stand up to her.

      You are in my prayers. I have a permanent prayer list, which I keep, and you are being added to it. I only take someone off when they tell me they are fine now.

      Do not worry. You are going to be OK. 🙂


  16. I am currently working under a female who is being controlled by the spirit of jezebel. She is making work a very unpleasent place to be. I need help in binding this spirit. What do I need to do?

    • Hi Katrina

      Since she is your supervisor….then I will tell you what to do at home….and what to do at work.

      home….bind her spirit in Jesus name, cover yourself with the blood of Jesus daily, ask for wisdom and peace in your spirit..keep your self respect……understand it is a spirit….that HATES to be challenged…even with just a “look” or a tone of voice that indicates you are her victim……this will make her angry

      work……smile, cooperate, agree with everything she says (just nod your head, unless she asks your opinion) , do not talk much, stay busy, make her think that you think she is right about everything……be polite….take criticism, even if it is unfair, and thank her too for her “insights” even if they are wrong……do not cross her….stay out of her way if you can… not act intimidated, hurt, or disagreeable…save that for home…….stay calm, keep your mouth shut as much as you can.

  17. Do you think it’s easy when it is your husband than control you all the time and is never happy or thankfull whatever you do ?

  18. All: thank you for your thoughts, this helps me greatly. Did not know I had 2 jezebel spirit filled women, but always remember “He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world”. But have a prayer request. I’m doing research on a particular location in Georgia. The City has a jezebel spirit. When you are in your prayer time, would you pray that God reveals people, websites, contacts that will give me easy access to the information I’m needing? Sorry for being clandestant, but the more you speak in the atmosphere, the more problems arise.

    • Hi RSB

      I just added you. Wishing you victory in your research, and over jezebels. Knowledge is power. I pray that God gives you wisdom.

  19. I think the most important thing to be aware of when working for a Jezebel is not to let this impact your self worth. I worked for one for 6 years and she degraded me constantly to try and ensure that I would never have enough confidence to leave her. She put me in a place where I believed that I would never be good enough to be employed elsewhere so I stayed and endured her abuse for years. Finally through the help of a friend I resigned without another job and put my faith in God to secure my future. I am now totally rid of her influence in my life and am employed in a mayor corporate with responsibilities that far exceeded my own expectations let alone her degridation of my value. God is all powerful and if we let him control our lives, we achieve far more than what we could ever dream in our own strenght.

  20. Thank u very much for the insight of this evil spirit. It has been with me for five years in form of a mistress. She new i was married and a passive men. I even let her get away with having boyfriends that how weak i was. Since i met her my life just went down hill, i even stopped praying & going to church. Only 2 months ago did i manage to move away from this spirit. My wife started to pray all night sessions with other people thats when i manage to break loose and left her. She even accused me of rapping her and trying to provoke me so that i can beat her and she would come across as an abused woman. Thank God my wife didn’t give up on her prayers.

    • hi wellington,

      I am glad you are free of this spirit. Find your Jehu (inner manhood) quickly before it happens again. Jezebels always go after passive men, because they are easy. So you need to find out what makes you so passive, and correct the problem. Then, things will be better.

  21. A frined of mine told me that I had a Jezebel spirit. I just don’t see it, after reading everybody’s replies. I am supervisor but I do all the work because at one time there was no one to do it. I know if I do the work it gets done correctly and now that we have more workers I still work. I am suppose to turn over my duties but I haven’t because I am the only one that the other people in my building wants to do the work. When I do allow someone to do it, I end up re-doing it the way it suppose to look. (I am in the Military) If I am gone, I get phone calls. They really don’t like for me to be out the building too long. I do run things but I never hurt anyone by being on top. I am a hard charger but that’s it. I never lied on anyone, or made someone look bad. I do speak my mind a lot and that is my only crime. Do you see me as a Jezebel?

    • hi Toccara

      You do not sound like one. The military is a different world. Discipline and order are very important, and will seem more strict than a casual business, or social, atmosphere. Hence, whoever is on top will seem “mean.”

      There is more information on the jezebel on the link below. about 21 different studies. take your pick. Read over them, and see if anything sounds familiar. Even if you were a jezebel, there is hope of a change, especially since you are interested.

      best wishes..if you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

  22. I never properly recognized the existence of a Jezebel working behind the scenes in workplaces in the past were I was wrongfully dismissed for no apparent reason, and always out of the blue, with the same result each time of a malicious and at times violent intent behind the firing. Reading other peoples experiences here, and how closely they matched a few of my past workplace dismissal experiences, the characteristics were all the same with this personality using these humans as their agents, manifesting a domineering, meanspirited, stop at nothing to break ones soul, spirt and mind behaviour. It makes me aware of how important it is to be watchful and prayerful especially in a secular workplace environment.
    In the past I used to question myself, thinking maybe there was possibly something wrong with my personality in a given job or job choice. But now I see it is definitely an evil spirit in operation in the lives of believers and unbelievers alike, to oppress people from knowing Christ in a real and deep way through intimidation tactics. I believe that this spirit is also evident in male bosses who are weak and easy prey to this spirit. Praise the Lord for Freedom in Christ and the word, what used to be a string of failed jobs, careers I can see now that it was all along it was the tactics and workings of this spirit to develop a stronghold over my life over time in an attempt to get me to submit to it’s authority.

    • dear A

      I am glad to hear that you have been able to see this now, so you can be better prepared.

      That is the devils’ goal. To make it think it was our fault, so we will feel insecure, and stop trying in life.

      I have other posts on this, if you need more details.

      You can also do a search (at the top of the page) and enter in “Jezebel” and bring up more.

  23. I also work with a person with a jezebel spirit. She seems so nice to everybody runs out for lunch for everyone one, always sharing.but i noticed she always want to have her way. My supervisor is blinded of her ways. Even though I have been at my job 17 years longer than her She wants to be my boss. SHe even found a way to convince my boss to let her give me instructions when it comes to job duties. when i complain i look like the bad person. daily on a number of occasions when her and the boss go on a cigarett breaks she comes back teliing me what to do. When my boss could have told me himself since he was at the work table with the both of us before they went on break. She told me that it also bothered her that he puts her over me. she suggested that we talk to him together about it. I agreed only to find out she went to him a few hours before the meeting to tell him i was starting trouble and i demanded that she sit down with me as we talk to him about the situation. Well he blasted me out saying i blow things out of control. I was so hurt i had to go outside and pray to God to help me to stay calm and not get upset and and say some thing i should not say and ruin my testimony for Christ. You see I am a Christian and she makes it no secret to me and others that she does not believe in God and she makes terrible jokes about God. I notice when someone at works comments about something she changes it all around and then i see co workers who use to talk to one another stop speaking. Its like she wants to be the center of attention all the time I love my job but ever since she came it has been alot of strife. Please pray for me.

    • dear g

      You have an Ahab boss, who will go along with her. Ahab men like the aggressiveness in the jezebel spirit.

      Get your coworkers together and form a team against her.

      Go to personnel, if you have one, and complain as a group.

      Then meet with your boss and present your complaint, that you are not taking orders from someone who knows much less than you, she is misrepresenting you and others, and she needs to mind her own business.

      The more aggressively (aggressive in a positive way) you attack this, the more your boss will actually respect you.

  24. They will not go with me because they dont see a problem. So again I looked like the trouble maker. Everything is fine until I say no to her about something or want to do something a different way from what she suggested.

    • Then you will have to confront her on your own. Tell the boss that you are being misrepresented, and need to discuss the correct information with him. You have to be very confident and assertive, and not emotional. Show him that you are right.

  25. I think that it is also very important to document all the things that are occuring in case it becomes a legal matter that you can bring to court at a later time. I would also research employment law in the area where you live and make very clear notes of how this lady is manipulating them. If you have enough evidence and a clear case you could end up taking her or the company to court.

  26. I worked for a Jezabel for 6 years, eventually got away from her. i now worked for another one who nearly ruined my career. My court case is on Monday. If you could all ask God to bind this
    Spirit if Jesus Name and allow me to win this case of Unfair Labor Practice and Constructive Dismissal

    • dear V

      You have my prayers. May God with with you. and may he give you peace and victory.

      I have been through the same thing. I understand.

  27. Dear Marianne,
    I recently dreamt that I was on a train and I was behind a very ugly snake, trying to crush it’s head with a teaspoon! But this didn’t work at all, it made it worse – it’s repulsively colored head just bulged out either side of the spoon. Then the snake disappeared and I couldn’t find it on the train anywhere. After a while the train stopped and I got off. Recently the small company I work for hired a new P.A. and whenever I have made a reasonable request for this girl to purchase some stationery, she gives me a long story about how she can’t do it and it always ends with “you do it!” Today when this happened, I sent her an encouraging email because I want to practice grace and love (like every Christian should!) – except I also sent the email to everyone too because I’ve seen this person causing strife with everyone in the company. The kind words failed to have the desired effect, this Jezebel person arrived in my office demanding to know why I had sent the email to others when it was a matter between us! This spirit hates being exposed, and always seems to operate in people who seem totally confident and unrepentant. Only later I remembered my dream – being ‘sweet’ only made things worse! (the teaspoon is normally used to put sugar into tea or dessert in the mouth, and it would fail to work in killing the snake!). Please put me on your prayer list – I need to manifest the BOLDNESS that many have prophesied I’ll have, and not be the Gideon in the winepress anymore that turns pale every time someone goes ‘boo’ at me! I really need a revelation of ‘the greater One in me’ and my “AUTHORITY over serpents and scorpions and over ALL the power of the enemy in Jesus’ name!” I need the Holy Spirit to blow over my life and cause every “mountain and hill to be brought low, every valley exalted, till the desert becomes a level plain, a fertile field, and garden of Eden with streams and rivers springing up” as the Lord has promised! Jesus’ love to you and every born-again believer – you are all more than conquerors in Christ and every spirit is subject to us in Jesus’ name! We need to keep our eyes on Jesus, submitting to Him only, and then strongly resisting the devil and he (or she) WILL flee in terror from us!

    • dear A

      You need to nip this in the bud. You need to e very assertive ( positively aggressive) with her. Because if you give her an inch, she will go a mile with it.

      Next i need to know more about the environment. Are there any passive males in the workplace? If so, she will naturally gravitate toward them, win them over, and use them as a support system against you.

      This passive male is called an ahab, or enabling spirit. If one exists there, you have to bet her to him, by discussing her with him, and get him on your side instead.

      You can be nice about it, as in discussing a concern about how to help the new person adapt to the work environment. Discuss behavior problems, and get his input. Do not let her get to him first.

  28. Thanks M, for that advice – I’ll apply it – and thanks for your fervent prayers and ministry too. Blessings, A.

  29. I too work with a Jezabel spirit. Recently a new boss (over mine and her direct line supervisor) has come on board and that is when this spirit manifested itself to us. Before I realized it was a Jezabel Spirit, I too presented Godly love to this woman (A gift with a bible for her desk). I thought she was a true born again soldier for Christ. I was led by God to show her how important she was to me and to Jesus. (After trusting her…and then experiencing her abusive tactics a few times and seeing many others get abused by these same tactics, I defended myself as gently as I could. I asked her to start giving me the benifit of the doubt and to have grace for everyone working where we work. After a while I really felt bad about the rift that was developing between her and I and I wanted to show her that I was commited to my sister in Christ no matter what and that I did not judge her. And I felt led by God to do this with us much humility as I could) I gave her a gift with two verses attached to it. The first and most important verse was 1 Peter 2:9. “9But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. The second was actually a passage John 21:15-17. When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you truly love me more than these?” “Yes, Lord,” he said, “you know that I love you.”Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.”… This passage continues..
    I truly believed that she had that kind of heart.
    A week after presenting this gift to her and going above and beyond in showing her that she was truly important important to me and truly a friend….she stopped me. She handed the whole gift back to me. She stated that on the advice of the new boss, she prayed for a week and felt like God was telling her to give the whole gift back. (Another words, she diguised herself as a lamb seeking his sprititual advice in order to make me look bad.) I told her I was truly perplexed as to why God would lead me to give this gift to her and why God would lead her to reject it.
    I went and touched the cross at my desk (wishing I could lay my head on Christ’s feet for a little comfort), cried a little, and took a deep breath. After the initial hurt, I was truly amazed at the depth that she just sunk to and at her total rejection of the love God led me to show her. Judge them by their fruits.

    I know now why God overwhelmingly convicted me to give her that gift and show her that love. What a powerful lesson. This amazes me far more. And I thank Him with my whole heart for it. He loves her, He loves me, and He loves those around her being hurt by her. For me, I think I am just going to put it in His hands. I will pray hard for her and for everyone getting hurt by her. My directline supervisor is very worried about her and feels pretty powerless to do anything. Others had come to me in the past about her, but at that time, I did not know her true nature and told them that she had a good heart and was only trying to make it better for everyone. I told them to trust her…I am feeling overwhelming horrible for that…and am praying hard for God not to let there be any damage there, but I am not scared of her (most of the time). Jesus suffered for us, so if she is going to be a lesson for me, I am ready to learn what ever He wants me to learn. It’s the least I could do for Him. I will do what ever I can to protect others and help justice prevail. As for my new boss, he will probably eventually see the truth. If not, well I am ready to follow Jesus where ever He takes me. I am also searching my own heart. I know that I am no Jesus!

    I will continue to treat her with all the Christian Love I can muster (I am human), but I am not going to sweat the pain she can possibly inflict on me. There are more important things to think about! To all of you Saints…a Jezabel spirit at our work place in the Grand Scheme of things is pretty rough, but there is a huge list of causes for Christ.

    The lost
    The persecuted Church (177000 martyrs a year)
    The state of the U.S. Church
    The whole body of Christ
    Hunger and Poverty
    Abused Children
    Violence in the world
    Our world leaders
    Spousal abuse
    Matthew 24

    I give this list because it helps me to put me and my personal pains in perspective and listen, we cannot have a spirit of fear. I say this as much to myself as to anyone else.

    Love ya Sisters and Brothers!

    • dear ILYJ

      It was a lack of discernment that led you to give gifts. But that is just a lesson in wisdom. I would not suggest, in general, giving gifts to someone at work anyhow. It looks like you are trying to “buy” their approval.

      If this person is abusive, then discuss the problem behaviors with the boss. If the boss is letting her get away with abuse, then the boss is an ahab, and the jezebel is strengthened by his support. In that case, avoid both of them, except for doing your job.

  30. Hi Marianne,

    Hope you or anyone else on this site can advise me. I’m in a bad situation at work. I work for Ms J – there were 4 of us in the dept. ML was Ms J’s best friend, they had a falling out and she left (ML was brought into the co. by Ms J). Lily my co-worker also couldn’t stand Ms J and asked to be sent to another dept. Dept is now down to 2, me and Ms J. The following is what has been happening :

    1. Ms J announces to all she meets that she is a Christian. Coz she’s a Christian, she’s blessed. She claims to have special touch from the Lord that gives her ability to ‘read’ people. ML and Lily my former colleagues were not Christians and were put off by her statements especially when she blatantly used her working hours to go shopping, meet up with friends, do her hair, facial etc. Her excuse – God knows my contribution to this company. She dissapears from the office on Fridays after 11.00am – prelude to the weekend I guess. However, what they really hated was her unhealthy attitude of butting into their lives and making inappropriate remarks.

    2. Co. issued her a Petrol Card as she’s a Bus Dev Mgr, is now being used for carrying out various errands for her Church and Charity. Her expense account is padded. She tells lies, gossips about everyone in the co.; a lot of politics has arisen coz of this.
    3. She creates ‘camps’ – her followers – if you aren’t, you’re
    doomed. That’s my mistake, perhaps I’m a female AHAB – from the beginning out of fear of losing my job (single with dependants), I allowed her to manipulate me until she tried to interfere in my personal life – her remarks were very hurtful – if I’m a Christian I would be blessed – I’m not blessed coz I have no husband, boyfriend, car or dare I say it – ‘designer handbag’. She said that true christians were always financially blessed although she said (her words) – I dont believe in tithing, why should we pay for the Pastor’s salary. I reported her to HR – BIG MISTAKE! HR said that she was being ‘helpful’to me and just wanted to see me improve in life. I’ve NEVER confided my personal details or problems to her. That year – 2009 – my bonus and increment was cut by 90%. Ms J told me that this is a warning to anyone who goes against her. I was gutted but kept quiet although my relationship with Jesus took a nosedive. I stopped praying and everything else. I was diagnosed early this year with diabetes (my glucose reading is very high according to Doctor) and now suffered an injury in my right leg – I literally limp when i walk.
    4. Yet, Ms J’s part of the ministry in her Church though from various emails I’ve seen, she’s caused much dissension. She is always right, you cant challenge her even if there is black and white to prove. She uses her office time to carry out her ‘Church and Charity’ work.

    5.What I’ve listed is probably 20% of her antics. Can you imagine having to do her Charity Work which she says is dedicated to Jesus Christ? It was like swallowing bile. Ultimately her goal is to get recognition as her famous words to strangers is “We must help the poor, We’re like Angels for them”. Anyone who does not support her charity is committing a big sin and ungodly. Last month it was time for my appraisal and I raised the issue very diplomatically – I asked for an incentive for the Charity Work being handled. She flew into a rage yelling and shouting at me until the next dept. knocked on her wall to remind her to keep the noise down. I was called ungrateful, did I not realise this was GOD’s work? Jesus is going to punish me as she is sincerely doing GOD’s work. She immediately took her tirade down to HR – did I mention that they ‘fear’ her. HR of course backed her up saying that she could ask me ‘to do anything and everything’.
    6. Did I mention that the CEO is ultra Ahab (calls himself a born-again Christian)? He does not want to hear of conflicts in the office and will not deal with problems. There 2 managers caught red-handed with their ‘hands in the till’ but are still around coz CEO didnt’ wanna make a fuss. Ms J reports to him and has him wrapped around her finger – he literally turns a blind eye to her ‘doings’.
    7.I just applied for a week’s leave (aug 2) as I need to see a Doctor, through sources I’ve come to know that Ms J intends to ‘chuck’ me out. I realised something was happening as I have no work to do in the office and i’m being isolated. I’m a hard worker who has tolerated much abuse – I’m not a saint. Most of my co-workers are afraid to talk to me.

    Why does Jesus allow this woman to corrupt his name and his word? My co-workers laugh and mock Jesus coz of Ms J’s behaviour. Doesnt God care?

    I dont make excuses for my backsliding. I just have too many problems to deal with in my life. I’m terrified at having my only source of income taken away. Its not fair as I did not do anything wrong.


    • Dear Sharon

      Since Ms J is your boss, and her boss is an Ahab that enables her, you just need to find a way to leave there. Since there is no one there who will stand up to her, on your behalf, you are stuck with her, unless you leave.

      If she were your equal, I would have an aggressive fight with her, and this would pull the Ahab into my corner, instead of hers. Ahabs always go with whoever is winning.

      What do you do for a living? Try to find a better job. Why support a place that is full of losers?

      I understand about being a single parent, but this is a survival issue.

  31. Where do I begin. I work with a Jezebel. She was promoted to another position and i have her old job. I am doing more with her old job in 3 months than she did in a year. The bottom line is that she is doing her current job and still trying to hold on to her old job which is mine now. She tries to tell me what to do/how to do it. It is very frustrating because she runs amock in the office trying to get in everyone’s business. Our boss is no help because she is a female Ahab when it comes to this woman. Besides prayer, do I just grin and bear it?
    Mz. Stefani

    • dear Mz Stefani

      Unless she is your boss in her new position, tell her to mind her own business. No one wants her opinion. You are doing fine without her. In fact, you are doing better.

      This one needs to learn boundaries, and she is all over the place. So each person needs to send her back to her desk, where she “belongs” now.

  32. I like your style. This is exactly what I was thinking. l just wanted a second opinion. She is not my boss, she is a busy body. She tried to tell me how to do something this morning and I told her “I don’t need your help. I got this!” …and it felt GREAT!! She tucked her tail between her legs and left. Thank you for your wisdom. Great site by the way.

  33. I don’t know if what I’m describing qualifies as Jezebel behaviour or not but I’ve been a supervisor for a company for 4 yrs. The secretary presents herself as this really, really, kind sweet woman who would do anything to help you. She’s the type who when you are upset, will put her hand on your arm and tell you to calm down and that she cares about you. So why am I feeling this nagging sense of irritation when I’m around her?

    I’ve realized over the last year that she is really the company gatekeeper. She is the one who covertly runs everything. Took a long time to see that.

    I’ve caught her in several lies over the last few months. I’ve found out that she has repeated things I’ve said to her in confidence to others. They have told me specifically what she said and it is only information that I’ve told her and noone else. Today, she told me that an employee that I am a supervisor over called her today and told her that I had not trained them adequately and that they did not feel comfortable being let loose on the job. I called the employee and told them that I would be returning tonite to train them some more. The employee was dumbfounded and said that they felt totally confident about being able to perform the job and that I did a great job training so “why do you need to come back to retrain me?” The employee had called the secretary about a totally different matter and said it was the secretary herself who told the employee that I was not training her very well, felt I should have spent more time with her, and was going to tell me to return tonite to help her. The secretary told me that the employee said that! When I confronted our secretary and asked her to clarify the issue she got mad and said I should have never called the employee and that I should have just shown up tonite to help her without calling her.

    I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal but I’ve caught her in several of these lies before. I had been having a conflict with another supervisor over the last 2 wks and found out that she had been directly reporting to this person things that I had said. They were not bad things but what made me mad was that she went and repeated these things all the while pretending to be my confident. When I started to become suspicious, she even called me up one time to tell me how much she cared about me and that she would never purposefully do anything to hurt me.

    This all seem to have started when I started standing up to her about some things a few months ago. I’m usually pretty timid but have started to speak my mind about some things. I’m not ugly or aggressively confrontational and I’ve done it in a tactful way. It’s just that all these petty little lies have been adding up.

    I don’t know why she is doing this? Otherwise she acts great and tells me about her personal life, what she did this weekend with her husband, and all the other things women like to talk to each other about. So, why do I feel this way? And why despite all of her apparent sweetness do I see a real darkness in her eyes. Almost like looking at 2 black holes that just want to suck you in. Maybe I’m just being a little paranoid!

    • hi stacey.

      she is a snitch, a busy body and a back stabber. stay away from her. the smile means nothing. That can be a learned behavior. she sees herself as her boss’s private spy for the workplace. this is what empowers her.

      gather anyone who is a witness and have a meeting with her supervisor. first do this “behind her back.” this is because this is the only way you can even the playing field after what she has already done. tell them that she is interfering with the work place, and oversteps her boundaries. the supervisor can deal with her separately after you file your complaint.

      She is also not qualified to be running the place, and someone needs to keep her under control. She should be instructed to mind her own business and get her own work done. She is not there to supervise you. her behavior is in appropriate.

      Document everything she does with actions and dates. Do this in case this is not resolved, and you have to further up the line to complain more.

  34. Marianne,

    She actually thinks I’m causing the strife in the workplace. I actually don’t like conflict but I will stand up to something if I think it is ethically or morally wrong. I think there is a difference between purposely being malicious and standing up to someone else’s bad behaviour and I can’t stand it when someone lies like that. She’s been with the company over 10 yrs way before I came along and I think nobody has ever called her out on the carpet about it before. She doesn’t like that and considers that “strife.” I do happen to have an Ahab People-pleaser boss and even though he has gotten better, it has enabled the problem over the years.

    • stacey

      You need, then, to be aggressive ( in a positive way) about your position. I sense that others have lost their jobs over her sweet little comments. Any one who backs you up should be aggressive as well.

      I had a jezebel who was backed up by an ahab in my last workplace. Since I knew he was an ahab, I knew he would either (1) go with the most aggressive woman, or (2) not get between 2 fighting women.

      She was insulting me in an open way, so I told her off. She hated me after that. I got laid off for financial reasons, but she quit the workplace when I told her and the ahab boss that everyone in the building hated her.

      So I won. My last good deed before I left was getting rid of her. She had been there a long time also.

      I am not recommending going as far as I did, but you should be very assertive and go straight to the boss. The ahab will do nothing about her, so go above his head.

  35. My name is janet. For 6years now I’ve tried to finish my law degree invain. Am being laughted ‎​@ ‎​@ home and told am ɑ̤̈̊ shame and all because of ɑ̤̈̊ HOD female who is ɑ̤̈̊ jezebel and hates me for no aparent reason. Failing me all the  and refusing to add upp my marks. I recently got accepted into ɑ̤̈̊ UK university and am meant to leave in ɑ̤̈̊ week but she has refused to release my papers forcing me rather to retake the units ɑ̤̈̊ 3rd and fifth time for two and one respectively. My fiance too is concerned becasue he is in the UK and we were to finish our masters and wed. Help. My mum and dad even agree with her that am Lazy and “like to challenge autyhority “. Please prayer for me. I really need to be out of my abusive parents house and done with my degree becasue I can’t even hold ɑ̤̈̊ steady job. Ps. Maryanne do u have an email I can mail u directly ‎​@ ? Please reply. Am supposed to leave in ɑ̤̈̊ week. And this lady has torn me uppp so much my fiance says we need to have ɑ̤̈̊ serious relationship and I need to leave for the UK to be with him my future husband,leave home and finish my masters so we can wed. I need u mary anne. Please get intouch.

    • Dear Janet

      I am trying to understand this. The Jezebel is a staff or faculty member in a school, obstructing your completion of that school. And your parents agree with her?

      But now you are leaving in one week for the university to start the master’s program?

      When you get this message, you will have my email address. Hit the reply button to write back.

  36. I can say I have manytimes experienced the attacks of Jezebel through men and women its not just women, but with them its more noticable, society has been conditioned to accept the attitudes of men in there aggressive and dominant roles as sometimes normal, but it works within and through both, Ihave seen it, but more importantly is the scripture that says a curse without a curse will not be set alight, meaning we need be sure we have pure hearts in dealing with this spirt have no open doors sin unforgivness judgements against anyone these things unrepentented of wll be open doors for it to attack, its main purpose is to take from you your purpose in God to bring you undone to murder your destiny, thats what its after but it will never succeed when we keep a short account with God for our sins and keep a pure heart remember its not the person its whats opperating through them cause deep dowm they have wounds so deep that only God can heal been abused been victims themselves of abuse and control but thats why the bible says we deal not against flesh and blood but against the principalities demons at work through the unhealed wounds within an individual soul, the soul : mind will emotion) where unhealed pain recides they need our prayer and we need to take authority over the works of this spirit in the name of Jesus when we know we may come in contact with it, binding up its works bind that spirit of Jezebel and its work every strongman of control, manipulation and so on over them, but stay in a place of protection our selves keeping ourselves in God love at all times, and we will see him vindicate us, if we do it, we keep his hands bound but if we trust him, just watch what he will do, after all he is the all powerfull one, not this spirit, but to me through experience is the only way to deal with this spirit. God bless Tina

    • hi Tina

      That sounds like good advice. 🙂

      • Thanks Marianne! One thing too that is important when we have entangled ourselves with this spirit as in got our emotions caught up with it, and not stayed in that safe place we need to severe soul ties with the person it has control over example: Father in the name of Jesus I severe every ungodly soul tie of Jezebel antichrist and hell and death, between me and other person (say name) and other person and me, I severe every ungodly tie now in Jesus Name, but one should not bother unless they are willing to keep their heart right or it will just make a laughing stock out of us or cause us to fight it in the flesh and thats not Gods way for we cant beat this spirtt with the flesh, its too powerful, but not for God and he has given us the authority through Jesus. God Bless TIna

  37. Praises to the Most High God! Until I saw this website, I felt so isolated in dealing with this spirit. I have a boss who embodies Jezebel and is intent on destroying those who either 1) do not worship her or 2)that show weakness in any way that might make her look bad in any way.

    In addition, I work in a leadership team that is full of Jezebels, one shows the destuctive nature, all use flattery, self-promotion, narcissism and are self seeking , there is the sacrificial martyr,the trash talk everyone and bully the boss’ victims one, the little miss innocence and light and the manipulative networker. They all fight for a pat on the back from the boss. It feels like the target is to see who can get the most mentions. There is a callousness and hardness in this team that disgusts me. I have worked with this boss for a year. The previous boss was also destructive. Can a place be a kind of seat of Jezebel? I ask because it seems that there is a pattern of this place attracting Jezebels great and small even before I came here.

    I want to get out and get a new job because I can feel the boss wielding her hand against me now that I have no more use to her now that she has been in place long enough to know how the company works.

    I am second in line to her and she has an issue with the fact that I was here before her,was the acting-manager before she came and have a good reputation with the clients and colleagues at all levels of the company. I have watched her and listened to her plan the demise and destruction of co-workers and she preys on their weaknesses and what they don’t want as a way to get rid of them. Each time she has a ‘heart to heart’ with them, she finds out what they want and fear and then works the situation to give them what they don’t want and presents them with their fear. The option usually is leave or be crushed. Unfortunately for me, I think her campaign is to crush me and my reputation so that I can not be promoted to the same level as her elsewhere. She damaged my previous attempt to get the training and qualification I need to do it. I had to have her backing to get on the training programme. The assessors pointed out that my supervisor wrote the bare minimum. I told him of changes I was told to make by her on my application only to be told that my original ideas would have met the criteria.
    Please, pray for me because it has got so bad that I have become ill and I know that the stress of work has contributed to my illness. I have been off work for almost 2 months. I was looking for jobs before this happened and now have a sickness record that she can use in her references to hold me captive.

    I have prayed to God to take me out of this place and to restore me before I get more contaminated than I already am. Pray with me brothers and sisters for a Kingdom restoration in this situation that I am in here on earth.

    I pray God will loose us all from this evil spirit and her ties and that we will all get wiser and stronger in dealin with the work of this enemy. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


    • dear S.F.

      You need to leave.

      Do you have anyone who can give a reference for you? Someone that knows you longer than her? You do not want to use her because she might back stab you.

      I know what you are going through. Same happened to me.

      I put you on my prayer list.

  38. Dear Marianne,
    I am grateful for your prayers.When I get back to work I will be 100% looking for a new job. I suspect that there will be backstabbing like you said. I do have others that could give me a reference that at least will counteract the one she gives as my current manager. In the mean time I will need to develop coping strategies to counter her attacks against me at work. I pray that God will place a mirror-like barrier around me so that her destructive actions and attacks on my reputation will bounce off me, return to sender style.

    • dear S

      You may have to play up to her, and pretend you think she is just wonderful. Ask her advice, act so grateful for her, express appreciation to her, make her feel important to you.

      Then eventually say you need to leave for personal reasons, like a job closer to home, other excuses that would work.

      Tell her how much you will miss her and the job you are in, but you need her help to get something else for you.

      You know her best. Find a way to get on her good side.

  39. I have several co-worker Jezebel spirits, w/ Aafaliyah (sp?) daughters in tow. A peer comes in between 9:30a – 10a; takes 3 15-min smoke breaks/day; then leaves by either 4:20p or 4:30p.

    She’s white and can do no wrong; enlists her minions to talk against me. She has successfully had all duties she felt were beneath her dumped on me.

    So I had my schedule changed around my child’s school schedule (8a – 4p.) Now Jezebel is alone to do my work after I leave @ 4p.


  40. This site is conformation, revelation and enlightenment for me, I have been dealing with this spirit my whole life, however only two days ago it came into my spirit and I started to do the research. I was encouraged to prayer for the spirit of discernment and then all these situation start to surface. To God be the Glory, for he has been giving me the strength to deal with all situation in the best way. All of the scenario I can relate to, from at home to the work place, top and bottom. But saints remember the word of God’s word is powerful and sharper then any two edged sword. The word will dumb any source of evil, read it, remember it, use it.

    • hi Sueann

      It is good to hear you feel strength in dealing with this spirit, instead of defeat. Once we know we can stand up to it, using the word of God and the blood of Jesus, it has to back down. stay strong.

  41. There is a woman with this spirit that works for a christian organization,
    yet she behaves like tryant, totally oblivious to how her actions have
    affected those around her and are affecting the workplace. My question is how to deal with a Jezebel in this kind of environment, she has been abusing her power for years and is ultra sensitive to criticism whereby she is known to fire people on the spot for disagreeing with her.
    She is more of the sneaky victim type, and she seems to attack woman more readily then men, I’m wondering what specific spiritual strategies have worked for other people in a similar situation.

    • dear Pray

      She is there because someone , probably a male figure, is permitting her to .

      Look around for clues as to who empowers her, since you will have that person to battle as well.

      once you know who else to avoid, get support from others.

      If she outranks you, leave.

      If she does not outrank you, then use your support team to confront her.

      you will not change her…..jezebels rarely repent.

  42. Hi please tell me what to do,i worked with people with jezeebel spirit both my boss,supervisor and even some of my co-workers they always accused me of something i didnt do,we have camera in the work place and they always says they see me doing thing in the camera,but whn i ask them to show me they tell the camera delete itself..everyday i go home i cry and as im talking right now i lost my job and i feel hopeless and of no use..please help

  43. all Praise to the Lord.
    today I was led to identify the spirit, at work, gaining strength…….
    I found y’all
    to everyone that has shared their guidance and pain here…thank you!

    • hi lynn

      glad you got clued in. stay strong.

      • Marianne….glad to meet you….I know as this battle gets
        intense…there is a place where there are people who
        will be able to give me their input…2 days ago…i had no idea
        that one of the spirits…was a jezebel…whats funny is that
        even the putting on of the eye makeup, the reasons jeze did,
        was being put forth at work…but without the actual makeup, it
        was the “intent” of the phony smile and “look” of the eyes.
        Anyone know what I mean?

  44. Hi
    just wondering………is there a pattern to jeze’s attitude changing when
    Ahab is or is not in the building?

    • hi Lynn

      Not usually. Since jezebel has already been empowered by ahab, she does not need his presence to create oppression. She already has his permission.

      But she may put on a “sweet” act in front of him, when he is there.

  45. haha…..yeppers….that would be about as much sugar
    as in a pez dispenser
    (in front of him)
    thanks for the input

  46. I have a sister-in-law in whom this Jezebel spirit operates and is causing our families a lot of grief but I know that God is bringing it to an end. She has almost died twice now (the most recent was two months ago) & I have warned her that she needs to repent. She said she would have but she has gone back to her old ways. My brother operates in the Ahab spirit – very passive. The two times she almost died was as a result of pregnancies gone wrong by two different men and the babies died. She is very aggressive and even her two daughters by other men are extremely afraid of her because she is loud and when she is angry she almost seems psychotic. I resigned once from my job because of her but the Managing Director, who is a Christian, gave me a transfer to another dept instead. We still work in the same company and live at the same home (different houses). He got divorce papers drawn up but it went nowhere. I have invited him to the Lord but he says he is not ready yet. She seems to be literally sucking the very life from him. I didn’t know about the Jezebel spirit at the time.

    It is also in operation in my work place. The Lord delivered me from the hands of a manager who also behaves like a Jezebel by giving me a transfer to another dept as they were short staffed. I understand that she is trying to solicit the MD for me to return (she openly asked me to return and I told her I would need to pray about it before I can give her a reply). The thing is, I don’t want to go back to work for her as it is too draining emotionally. I had to stand up to her more than once so as not to be dragged down by her but it has caused me to draw so much closer to God as a result of her drama. The supervisor at the time behaved like an Ahab – very passive (he sides with her). I think he is also afraid of her.

    I prayed about it, spoke to the MD and informed him that I did not want to return to her dept as I believe I can contribute more to where I am and that the only way I will return is if it is beneficial to the company. She seems unrelenting in her pursuit as she has told the HR Manager that I have indicated an interest in returning & the HR Mgr spoke to me about it. I told her that it was a lie and that I had already spoken to the MD as to my stance and she affirmed that he did indicate that to her and should take this into consideration when she is conducting her search to find someone to assist the J in her dept. She didn’t want me to stay in her dept as I understood before my transfer that she was trying to get rid of me but because things are not going so well now, she wants me to return.

    I am praying a lot about it and the Lord has been showing me in dreams the level of spiritual warfare that I am in from home & work. One thing I can say is that the battle is not mine but the Lord’s. They can come against me one way but will flee before me seven ways. I am the head & not the tail. I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus who always causes me to triumph. Please pray for me as I need it much.

    By the way, my mother used to be in a physically and verbally abusive relationship with my father many years ago (they are still married but not cohabiting) and used to have some of the Jezebel characteristics (she gave her life to the Lord and I am seeing changes, praise God). I also used to behave passive-aggressive and my brothers were either bordering on being violent like my father or very passive (this one is married to Mrs. J). Also, now, my father is the less aggressive one (maybe he was like that before) and is so passive that it seems my mother has the upper hand and sometimes reminds him of his behavior. Since being saved the Lord has been taking me through the process so I know what He can do. He can make something out of nothing.

    • hi barbara

      Just hold your ground. Do not go back. You are blessed to be away from her. Her problem is that no one wants to work with her.

      Pray to stay where you are at. It is a pity all these ahab men are around. Be assertive to the MD about not going back. They usually just give into whichever woman is the pushiest.

      I used to work in the medical area. It is a snake pit sometimes. I will put you on my prayer list.

  47. Thank you Marianne and God bless.

  48. Shalom! I just found your site, Marianne, and only managed to read a little bit due to time constraint. I don’t live in the US but to tell you the truth, the jezebel spirit is also very active in our part of the world (Malaysia). And, to make it worse, there more and more “ahabs” coming up. I do need some advice from you and will write again soon. Thanks and God bless….

    • Shalom Dorothy

      Yes, the jezebel is everywhere. And it is the fault of men who do not want to act like real men, but instead allow her to prey on others. I loook forward to discussing it further with you. There are about 20 pages on teh jezebel on my site, if you do a search.

  49. any feedback why jeze would “overnight”
    start showing a few glimpses
    of softness (after 3 months of attitude) toward the you?
    I don’t trust it

  50. Good morning Marianne,
    knew these glimpses, just in the last two days were phony.
    could feel it
    …..have to be on constant guard, not easy, I put ill feelings
    behind quickly, this jeze is not capable of doing that.

  51. can do.
    I’ll have to pop a pez in my mouth!….joking 🙂

    I know the Lord wants nothing less of me but kindness at those times
    because when necessary….he “gears” me up

    are they so lacking discernment that they really think someone
    can’t see through it? apparently so, but it stills makes me shake my head
    in disbelief.

  52. im writting oz im educatiion is a mess and ive flanked out an exam my 3rd time now.the jezebel is the lecturer and the HOD as well..this is my 6th yr in campus and they want me to go a 7th! i dunno what to do…my mum and dad have washed their hands off me …maria toran knos my story……now today…i cud take my life am at wits end,graduation is this not on the cousin just called me to call me stupid and a liar that i make up lies..and that i keep flanking out at whits is my last day in life.

  53. wen i prayed in january,the aha in the jezebel and ahab relationship was moved’. now im here back to square so so drained mum says they will disown me coz am flanking out and the jezebel is purposefully flanking me so so planing to go beg the jezebel to let me just graduate.if that doesnt work.i plan to swallow something and ‘sleep’. am better fiance left me.the guy i want now isnt asking me out.i dunno what to say at the end of the rope. i have no source of strength.spiritually am praying through st jude.i dont know why i keep trying to graduate a 6th yr now and nothing family says am a failure.

  54. i was to leave for my masters. i got a conditional admission.but i need a proper transcript for this lady is asking me to go a 7th so embarrased.and stressed out.everyone is laughing behind my back!

    • luao

      Do not hurt yourself. I am trying to find someone there you can talk to, and who can be there to help you.

      I have sent messages to 2 pastors in Kenya. I hope to hear back from them today.

    • luao,
      Do Not let the things of this world beat you. If God can use people who are imperfect, such as fisherman, and tax collectors to do his will, then he has a plan for you as well. May the Love of God be revealed to you.

  55. even if i stay’ what good is it…we will pray and nothing will happen.we have bneen here marian remember me?
    do u?

    a seventh younger brothwr is already a other cousin who is younger has just graduated.seriously?

    • Janet

      Yes, of course I know you.

      What we do in life now does not matter. It is all coming to an end now. God needs you here on earth to help others when the evil really hits hard. All life and all money and jobs will have no meaning in about 6 months to a year. You understand evil, and God knows you are compassionate, and can help save others. Do not give up.

  56. wowow! Marianne, let me reply to Luao & Janet. First of all, I want to tell you that education with diplomas & degrees are not the only things in life. Luao, if you consider suicide, where do you think your soul is going? Yes, education, money, relationship, properties are all important; but Jesus loves His own creation the most! I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “it’s not the end of the world”. The end is coming and life’s too short to waste. So, do what we can and seek God everyday…..may you be blessed!

  57. I’m fine…but today was bad with two incidents, ahab and jeze both
    had hatred in their eyes towards me, only for a short period of time,
    then it was gone, it was there and then it all softened.

    I’m shaken, but awakened!!

  58. I’ve worked 2 seperate jobs where there was bullying, jezebel behavior going on. The one i’m at now, my boss is a classical Ahab. The other boss at my other job was not. It makes a HUGE difference!

  59. I also stood up to my Ahab boss yesterday regarding an incident where a minority co-worker was being bullied. I’ve discovered that if you confront an Ahab about the truth of their behavior they will explode like a bomb in contrast to their normally overly passive demeanor.

    • stacey

      oh dear. It is a good idea to identify what you are working with first, before deciding to confront the spirit.

      Do not confront bosses. Get them in agreement with you or at least have them think your idea is their idea.

      Also, you need to distinguish between an ahab and a male jezebel.

      Was the boss the bully, or did you confront him about someone else’s behavior?

      • Sorry, I’m replying to this about 5 mos after your reply. I definitely think he has an Ahab spirt. Someone just told me recently that he came from a very well-to-do family w/several successful brothers & sisters(they all became doctors & lawyers). Seems that his father has always considered him the “flunkie” of the family.

        I think that he wants so much for this business to succeed to please his family, that he puts up with alot & doesn’t take a stand on some issues that are going on ’cause he doesn’t want to lose client accounts. I’m talking about things like allowing some of his employees to work in dangerous conditions because if he steps up & demands that his clients provide safe working conditions then he is probably going to lose those accounts. Seems like he puts pleasing his clients over and above the welfare of his employees. Those are the kinds of things I confronted him about.

        We have 1 account run by a female supervisor. She continuously belittles & abuses the employees we put in there. She has done this for years & has run off many of our employees. Many of them leave traumatized & their self-esteem is rock-bottom. You would think he would finally say, “Enough is enough! I’m not going to let any client treat my employees that way!”, but instead, he sends her flowers & gifts to appease her. He then places new employees there & the cycle repeats itself. This is just a small example of what goes on.

        As you can probably figure out, it is our secretary who I believe has the Jezebel spirit. I posted about her several posts back. She is a power-hungry, lying, backstabber who would think nothing of putting a knife in your back. She carefully conceals this, especially to those who don’t know her, behind a syrupy sweet, southern-belle facade. Those who don’t know her often make comments like, “She’s just the sweetest thing i’ve ever met!” It took me 2 yrs to see what she is-that is how convincing her facade is. I just recently caught her in another MAJOR lie about a month ago.

        My boss essentially looks up to her as a mother figure. She is the one that is really running the business. I have never worked for a company where the secretary has so flagrantly over-stepped the bounds of her job description. He thinks she can do no wrong & she knows this. That is why she gets away with so much. I swear, the woman could be embezzling money from the company for all we know & he would still make excuses for her and think she is a wonderful person. The truth is, I think that deep inside he knows how she is, but if he admitted that to himself then he would be forced to have to do something about it & he is so dependent on her that he would be terrified that his business would fall apart if he did anything.

        Another thing that bothers me is that there are only 2 of us supervisors running about 200 of his accounts. He is trying to turn the
        business into a corporation but refuses to transition his management into corporate. He is trying to build an empire but still wants to keep the management-style like a “ma & pa” type business. The other supervisor, besides me, is 71 y/o and she works 12+ hour days, sometimes only getting 2hrs of sleep a day. She sometimes works as late as 3 or 4 in the morning. All of this because his lovely secretary wants “to save” money for the company. We’ve been told, despite being worked to the bone for the past few yrs, that they can’t afford to add management postitions. I think this is abuse.

        He is a self-admitted people pleaser & it is hard not to lose respect for him. It just floors me that people can be so extremely idealistic & out of touch with reality, like he is, that they can’t or won’t see the truth about situations & let so much go on. I’m sorry this post is so long but I am at my wits end. I defintely need my job, but I can only take so much!

      • The secretary, at least in my opinion, has a strong dislike for me because she knows I see through her. Is this common for Jezebels to have a heightened ability to know who is “on” to them? I’ve also worked for a few in the past & they almost seem to have a 6th sense about who can see through them & seek to destroy those people.

        • stacy

          why can’t you get a different job elsewhere?

          what kind of business is this?

        • Regarding the 6th sense, it is very easy for bullies to figure out new victims. Whenever a newbee arrives, he(she) is ‘tested’ via fact finding missions for newbee’s opinion on various matters, especially as to loyalty ethics, attempting first to figure out if the newbee is enough of a shark to be feared -or- will the newbee join in on ganging up activities ‘partners in crime’. If the newbee is not to be feared and is useless for workplace group bullying or unionized insurrection, then the newbee becomes either a scapegoat or generalized dumping ground. As a Christian ‘lamb’ you can throw them off your trail via being decisively vague about personal opinions, but this only postpones the inevitable. Eventually, you will be figured out as an incorruptible nice person. Hopefully by then you will have acquired enough clout to get one or two satisfactory references before departing for yet another job.

          In business Stacey, the ratio “income / expenditure” is what rules. Employee wellbeing is something that is advertised by Human Resources as a means to the end with a monetary bottom line, NOTHING MORE. If an individual employee’s spirit gets crushed, it is only statistical confirmation that some people are a ‘bad fit’ –or- are ‘unfit’ to competitively swim with sharks. Even if an employee committed suicide because of workplace abuse it would only mean, that person was mentally sick and in need of psychiatric care, but definitely not the fault of the employer. There ARE laws which supposedly protect employees from workplace abuse, but seeking legal restitution results in restitution monies going mostly into attorney pockets, while your own strength and occupational reputation both take a nosedive. Its pretty much a no-win situation for a Christian unless there is some unique, highly coveted ability that the Christian has, which others in the workplace cannot do.

          We live in a world where GOATS dominate. Good luck with trying to get goats to behave like sheep.

  60. I am in a Post graduate training programme and have a lady supervisor, used by the Jezebel spirit. She came to be in this position through her cunning ways, there was an acting supervisor who was more qualified for the post before she got the position. The director of the school is an Ahab, whom she has around her fingers and according to others in the school board she is aiming for the directorship.
    Now under these circumstances, the previous acting guy left the school and we are left with the Jezebel spirit lady who is not skilled in my speciality. I believe God placed me in this position for a KIngdom pupose, i dont want to leave my studies. I desire to trust in God and let Him remove this woman so that someone more knowledgeable can come and train us.
    I’m praying that this Ahab be uprooted and I daily bind the Jezebel spirit. Please pray with me and send me pointers on how to go about my prayer. Presently I use Psalm 35 in prayer and fast too.

    • hi reality

      My prayers are with you. I have been in a post graduate program with the same problem.

      It will be hard to uproot the Ahab. Even if he leaves, the Jezebel is still there.

      First, establish your own safety.

      I would act to impress the ahab with your assertiveness and competence. Show him how smart you are. Be friendly to him. Make him an ally of yours.

      then, if the jezebel comes against you, he will be more in a dilemma and will not immediately take her side. He may just ignore the complaint, or even take your side. He will go with the more “aggressive” woman.

      So, one way you can break the jezebel is to take her arab away from her.

      the ahab is the source of her power…..she is still mean, but has less permission to act unless he backs her.

      So become friends with the ahab or impress him with your good points.

      This will make it harder for both of them to do wrong.

      continue to pray.

  61. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. I am encouraged to continue praying, trusting that God will make a way. How did you manage your situation?

    • Hi reality

      I had to just trust God to get me through it. Everyone outranked me.

      I kept good records of all my work, so I could defend myself in an appeal. I was able to show they were unfair, but I had to go all the way to the chancellor to get this done. Department level appeals usually fail because of personal friendships among faculty and money considerations.

      each day, I read psalm 18 and 119, which seemed to address my situation.

      Also, at that time, I was given this prayer which I have published on my site:

      In the end, the Lord moved in a miraculous way, and the situation turned in my favor.

      I have been outranked more than once. There were times I lost, because I did not know how to respond, and then there were times I won, because I finally had understanding.

      Blessings, victory and strength to you in your situation.

      • Thank you, I am so depressed to come to work every day because i feel as though i am fighting a losing battle against a narcissistic boss. She has been described above over and over and i cannot begin to explain how I feel and the dreams i have had.

        I have one concern. It seems as though when the Jezebel is your boss, there is no solution. Or am i misunderstanding your responses above. Shouldn’t prayer and rebukement and binding help no matter where on the Corporate Ladder the perpetrator is?

        In my case, I have tried being the quiet, agreeable type – they say i am not agressive enough, when i speak up – it is even worse because she feels threatened and then finds ways to make me look bad. I am caught between a rock and a hard place and I am seriously considering leaving without a job.

        I make muffins which i sell at a market every saturday. I was actually thinking of leaving and putting my heart and soul into this and leaving the toxic work environment behind. I have cried so much out of fear and helplessness. I have always been a dedicated and good worker and for the first time i have been made to feel inadequate all the time. It is so painful.

        Do you know of anyone who took the plunge and did well anyway? There are drawbacks to working for yourself. A job letter helps get a mortgage, loans, visa, everything!!!

        • Remember this: No one can be controlled by Jezebel, witchcraft unless they allow themselves to be controlled.

          The choice is yours.

          There are “controllers” at work and within your life. Recognize them. Then take action.

          If you allow another person (operating with a Jezebel spirit) to control or manipulate you then your life is a form of idolatry.

          Say this pray quietly at your workplace – like you mean business.

          The Jezebel spirit hears what you speak even in a quiet, firm tone of voice.

          Say it daily. Like you are talking to the Jezebel spirit not to the person. Speak it into the atmosphere of the workplace (from your desk, break room or lobby.

          You don’t need to yell or scream. Just speak it aloud with the authority graciously given you – in His name.

          Snakes and scorpions are under your feet, if you put them there. They will submit, if you apply your faith (spoke word).

          I’ve applied this in the workplace years ago – life at work today is soooo much better than it was December 2011, thank you Lord.

          “In the name of Jesus, I bind and break the spirits of Jezebel and fear.

          I rebuke you spirit of Jezebel in the name of Jesus! You are under my feet.

          (Pause and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any other spirits which should be named.)

          In the name of Jesus, I bind kings, princes, and world rulers for each spirit named (Jezebel, fear and any others).

          I strip each spirit, and his hierarchy, of power, armor and rank, and separate each from the other. I speak confusion to the ranks of the enemy, and declare their assignments against me are hereby rendered null and void.

          In the name of Jesus, I bind and break all evil affecting the sense of sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing; all evil against the emotions; and all evil against the seven points of the body used by witchcraft – the base of the spine, spleen, navel, heart, throat, between the eyes, and top of the head.

          In the name of Jesus, I bind and break the power of all curses spoken, all rituals or sacrifices, all divination, spells, incantations, meditations, and all sorcery or magic.

          I release and call upon the Spirit of the Lord…..the spirit of ……wisdom….understanding….counsel…might…knowledge…and the fear of the Lord ( Isaiah 11:2) upon the persons praying this prayer, and the Believers in this workplace – along with Devine spirits of mercy, grace and peace.

          In the name of Jesus, I place the shield of Faith over the heart and the helmet of hope over the mind of myself and Believers in this workplace.

          Thank you Father, that no weapon the enemy forms against us shall prosper, because we are covered by the blood of Jesus, and You have put all things under His Feet ( Isaiah 54:17, Ephesians 1:22).

          Because Christ and the Kingdom of God dwells within me – I declare that He who is within me is greater than he that is in the world. (1 John 4:4).

          In Jesus name, Amen.”

          You can’t run from Jezebel – it is pervasive and is growing in strength in these last days.

          Did you see the “Blood Moon” the other day?

          Rev. 12:11

        • Delia

          When it is your boss, you have to use reverse psychology and kiss here feet. Actually, this puts you in control, even though it looks like you are just in submission. If you are very obedient, say nice things to them, and act like you appreciate them, it feeds their ego, and you get what you want from them. In the meantime, plan to leave for a good sounding reason, and get their approval and good reference.

          • Oh my gosh, I was so happy to see an actual reply. Thank you so much. Marianne, as a matter of fact I have tried that and it works to a certain extent. Last week I prayed so much before Monday’s meeting, because i get so nervous when i have to go and face those people. I started praying from Sunday night asking God to cover them with his precious light and give them compassion etc. The Monday morning when I saw her, I told her how lovely she looks and she told me i was “mamaguying” her, lol. However, every week I have been going through the same fear of having to go to that office and I know it is not healthy for me at all. I really intend to start my muffin business and I intend for them to know that. I do not need a reference from them. I do not want a reference from anyone without integrity, your position or job title does not matter to me. Right is right. I also plan to write a respectable resignation when the time comes along with detailed letters outlining certain facts, things I have experienced as a Manager here. Since our professional, fair and active 85 year old CEO and Founder of the Company passed away on January 1st this year, the Acting CEO (who actually is the Financial Controller) whom she (deceased CEO ) had just begun investigating for wrongdoing, is now running the company and reporting to the Board of Directors. She is a chronic narcissist and if you are not a part of her clique, you get crushed.

            My doctor told me I either need to talk to someone or write. I intend to have my say, it may not do anything but the truth needs to be told. After I resign I will write everything, keeping my notes in the meanwhile. God is in control once I keep reminding myself that he is steering my life.

            • delia

              actually, telling her how “lovely” she looked really was the wrong thing to say…that was too obvious..sorry if I did not make that clear.

              just show respect for her, obey her, do what she says quickly, be attentive when she speaks, etc

              let what happen slide…be very polite and plan your escape.

          • Marianne, I don’t agree with your advice to kiss the bosses feet mainly for two reasons. Biblically, it goes against what God wants for those who trust him. People who resort to kissing-up to get ahead in life have low expectations of him/herself and lack faith in God to provide what we need to make a living. It also demonstrates a lack of respect for self and the manager. Secondly, it can be perceived as you lacking confidence in your ability to perform your job productively. Once you start “kissing up,” it could snowball into the manager having higher expectations of fake flattery. I say stick to the truth, build goals for your career and have faith in God to bless your life.

  62. This website is really inspiring. I can identify with many of the stories that described female Jezebels and enabling Ahabs. Without going into details, I took some positive words many bloggers described. Help me as I pray to defeat the spirit of Jezebel in my office and the enabling Ahab. “I take authority to bind the spirit of Jezebel and remove it from my path in Jesus’ name. I boldly confess that I am victorious over every satantic power and influence. I claim that the Holy Spirit has brought peace and joy in my office. I take authority over serpants and scorpions that manifests in people. I decree and declare that the Jezebel spirit and the enabling Ahab spirit depart from me in seven (7) ways.”

    Remember that God is testing us and we must declare victory in the name of Jesus. We must stand up and fight. If you do not plead the Blood of Jesus over your body, house, car, job, finances, children, spouse, situations, you will encounter more of these challenges whereever you go. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. Continue to hang in there and remember that God is love. Love is God. God loves you. You did not come to this website as a mere coincidence. The Spirit of the Almighty living God led you here.

    Start to shout for joy because you have already WON the battle. Speak positively. If God is on our side, who can be against us? Amen.


  63. God is really at work; the lady is so friendly these days!! The spirit is trying to deceive me into letting my guard down. But I will continue with prayer until God does the more I can think of!!


  64. I have been so blessed by this sight. My friend had identified the Jezebel spirit in a co-worker of mine who had made my life an absolute misery. I was praying about the situation all the time, not having recognised the spirit, and praise God, His Holy Spirit was guiding me through it all. Now I can pray for that lady and her Ahab that the Lord will release them from that spirit and fill them with His Holy Spirit. But it has been a long, long, battle and without prayer support I wouldn’t have got through it. Those facing the battle, remember, God has the victory. Just trust and obey and realise you are not alone in the battle. He will lead you to victory.

    • hi cathy

      We are glad to have you here. There are many of us who have had similar long battles and understand what you mean. Wishing you continued victory……!

  65. Wow! My husband came across your page while we were conversing about what is transpiring against me at the marketplace. I’ve read the majority of the comments and the Jezebel Spirit is operating through a male who is the lead over me. He has made it appear as though I am not a team player, he accuses me of fishing when I ask other team members for content to projects that require their input, threatens me, whenever I share something that has been asked of us, he goes behind my back and lie his way out of it or downplay the necessity of it. When its time for the rubber to hit the road and work needs to be done he passes it off onto me and then sends it out when its completed and takes credit for it. He discredits every solution I provide. He is trying to isolate and frustrate the plan of God as I know that place is my place of assignment. The Lord kept telling me His plans will not be thwarted for me to set my face like flint. Tomorrow, I will get in real early and annoint the office doors, chairs with an oil the Lord had me to prepare months ago that has ingredients to dispell witchcraft. I am prepared to war in the spirit of Jehu. Please pray with me…

    • hi Latonya

      You also need to pray and seek the wisdom of God, because you will have to do more than anoint objects. You will have to dismantle the jezebel’s support systems, and win each support person to your side, and then go over his head to higher authority to defeat him. As your boss, you have an uphill battle, and you need to mentally prepare yourself.

  66. Thank you Marianne. A meeting is scheduled for a time I do not know as of yet, but I have witnesses to his behavior, and whether he knows it or not, he is being watched by the program manger, other leads, my program manager (I’m a subcontractor) and others have complained. I was informed he has displayed this same behavior with 5 other people. This afternoon, while at work, God told me to “Stand still and know that I AM GOD.” After futher study of Psalm 46, all of my confidence rest in Him. This was after I had updated my resume and activated it on Monster. I have to trust God, and it is His plan that I am where I am, and I can not move until He releases me. So I am seeking our Father for wisdom, because I certainly can not accomplish this on my own. These spirits yes powerful in nature are not more powerful than our God in Heaven. We have been equipped and your site is equipping (I printed your prayer against the Jezebel Spirit 🙂 We have angels who are ready and waiting to be deployed on our behalf to carry out the plans and purposes of our Father.

  67. This is like a rollercoaster hellride…..sometimes it seems fruitless, then the Lord exposes a little here and there, which is enough to get me up and going again. I need to Praise the Lord today and hope everyone on here sees glimmers of hope at His “perfect” times.

  68. what factors have you seen on this journey that
    cause the person with the Jez spirit
    to emit energy complete opposite of what is their usual
    jez energy for the day?

    God’s Blessings to all


    • the jezebel is the infection….it is a spirit.

      the infected person is the host

      so there can be 2 behaviors…..the behavior of the spirit, and the behavior of the host

      the longer and more active the spirit is, the more its behavior will dominate.

  69. thanks Marianne, that helps alot

  70. Marianne….what factors in to the jez spirit not being there for day,
    surely it isn’t taking a day off from being dominate….

  71. if the Jez has been heavy in acting out of the host for, say a month, and for one day
    Jez seems to not be there because the host’s demeaner is quite different,
    being agreeable, putting forth an energy of submission which catches your attention because its not of the norm for the day
    where, why would Jez seem to be absent?
    (Oh, I hope I explained my question, its so hard to write my expressions
    for you to read)

  72. I’m sorry I should have mentioned I am talking about a workplace enviroment

  73. wow….thank you!!

    Have a blessed weekend

  74. Praise God for this site,

    I need prayer for my husband, who has been called for a meeting today with his boss, who has a jezebel spirit. She keeps shouting at him, calling him lazy and promoting the real lazy guy.

  75. =========================================================
    Smiling Faces – Undisputed Truth

    Smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friend
    Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within
    Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
    They don’t tell the truth uh
    Smiling faces, smiling faces
    Tell lies and I got proof
    The truth is in the eyes
    Cause the eyes don’t lie, amen

    Remember a smile is just
    A frown turned upside down
    My friend let me tell you
    Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
    They don’t tell the truth, uh
    Smiling faces, smiling faces
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    Beware, beware of the handshake
    That hides the snake
    I’m telling you beware
    Beware of the pat on the back
    It just might hold you back
    Jealousy (jealousy)
    Misery (misery)
    Envy I tell you, you can’t see behind smiling faces
    Smiling faces sometimes they don’t tell the truth
    Smiling faces, smiling faces
    Tell lies and I got proof
    Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
    They don’t tell the truth
    Smiling faces, smiling faces
    Tell lies and I got proof
    (Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes)
    (Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes)

    I’m telling you beware, beware of the handshake
    That hides the snake
    Listen to me now, beware
    Beware of that pat on the back
    It just might hold you back
    Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
    They don’t tell the truth
    Smiling faces, smiling faces
    Tell lies and I got proof
    Your enemy won’t do you no harm
    Cause you’ll know where he’s coming from
    Don’t let the handshake and the smile fool ya
    Take my advice I’m only try’ to school ya
    One of the abusive things done to victims by Jezebel is to make them feel singled out a abuse targets. This song gave me comfort when I was working with such an all-powerful Jezebel, helping me to KNOW that I was by no means the only person who had ever experience such abuse.

    • Wicked Jezebel at my job told me and another coworker that she just had a missed call on her cell phone from 706-666-6666. 706 is our area code. I told her I wanted to see it…and she showed it to me. Of course when I called that number it is not a valid phone number. She claims to be a Christian but is so very wicked.

      • hi shelby

        the woman sounds brain damaged to me.

        ignore her, but watch her for any other tricks she might do.

        • Hi Marianne, I saw it with my own eyes in her missed calls list on her personal cell phone. It was supernatural. I believe God sent her a sign. I had a conversation with her a couple wks ago as she was talking about Jesus…i told her I pick up a different spirit from her and told her it is not the Holy Spirit. I’ve been praying for God to reveal to her her evilness.

          • I would compare it to the time God spoke through a donkey.

            • On what bases are you claiming she is a wicked Jezebel? Clearly there are many forms of wickedness, some which have no DNA (per se) to reference an individual i.e. witch-craft, evil sorcery. This is an advantage for people who use spiritual wickedness to manipulate and control people. An individual where I work would come to the office early and stay late to control the envirnoment to her favor. There are many who are gifted with descernment and can feel or sense the presence of evil forces.


          • oops. I thought you meant that the phone number was NOT there on the phone, that she just made it up.

            there are strange calls i get on my phone too, and if I call them back, I cannot get anything either..

            some companies use fake numbers so you cannot report them for harassment

            but the 666 thing might be a warning…so I hope she finally understands her situation and gets Jesus in her life.

            • It disturbed her i noticed and it blessed me. it amazes me how she behaves.. so backwards…that twisted leviathon serpent in Job that is king over all the children of pride.

  76. Praise Jesus Marianne. I stumbled on this site yesterday as I was trying to figure out how to deal with the issues at my place of work.
    My case is a little different in that out company is small and we are all under one Managing Director. Everyone is answerable to him so there is no hireachy if you want to confront him. I joined the company about 2 years ago. I found out that he is in the habit of firing people by building up cases against them. He usually uses the accountant and mst recently the receptionist who has taken it upon her self to pick on me for little things. I think my boss is a coward , paranoid and cant confront his employees so he uses the receptionist or accountant to do his dirty work. He also pits people against each other i.e. he will call me in and talk ill of the Salea Manager and the next day he will call the resaerch assisstant in and talk ill of me. Basically its a divide and rule scheme. Of recent he totally undermined the work I had done that everyone had refused to do. He sent the work to a client after approving it but when he client called back questioniing the quality of the output, he blamed it all on me and has started pushing me away fro about 2 weeks now. It hurts because U stepped in when most team key members delibarately refused to step in and now its all my fault. I was so hungry at the start, then it turned to hurt. I am not perfect but my boss has treated me very badly. He is the habit of firing people and justifying it because he is the boss.
    I decided this past week that I would fast and pray regarding the situatuion at work. It has been so hard coz it seems the more I fast, the harsher the atmosphere becomes. I was angry with God on Friday but I am back to prayer. I am sending job applications for other jobs. My prayer is that I am not fired or humiliated but that an opportunuty comes where I will just give him notice and move on to a better job.

    Thank you saints. Pliz keep me in prayer

    • hi judy

      It sounds like an ahab / jezebel set up. He has 2 people who betray others to him, and he is the authority to take action. Notice the 2 people do not get in trouble, they are the jezebels.

      When the ahab/ jezebel is your boss, and there is no one to appeal to, all you can do is appease them, kiss their feet , agree with them, thank them for showing you your weaknesses so you can improve….etc.

      You have to turn it around so that instead of them seeing you as a threat to get rid of, they see you as cooperating with them. Never get defensive with them. It will make it worse.

      But, in the meantime, you are doing the right thing by sending out applications.

  77. I have an employee that has the jezebel spirit. She’s bi-sexual, worships withcraft and controls her baby’s father all the time. I dont want to fire her for her belief…as this would violate the laws of the land. But I want to put God’s law first…and I’m somewhat conflicted. I tried to give her the “word”…but she tells me that she was born worshiping witchcraft…and that’s the only thing she knows. I know the jezebel spirits characteristics are to conquer and destroy…Am I putting my family and business in jeoperdy? Also…at what point do I continue to persuade her by giving her the word of God?


    • dear Yves

      That depends on how open she is to salvation.

      If not, what she does to her baby’s father, she will eventually do to you.

      each deception and control event , gone unopposed, will make her bolder to deceive and control the next event.

      From the description, I do not see her changing.

      Watch her carefully.

      Document any errors. Keep records of her work and personal behavior.

      If you notice ANY negative pattern, you could justify a dismissal.

      So yes, I could see your business and family in jeopardy.

      Pray to cover your business with the blood of Jesus, and to cancel and curse that might come upon it because of her presence or behavior.

      You could also with hold positive comments on work she does, to make her feel more distant from you. Jezebels love attention. If you quietly withdraw this, she might just quit and go elsewhere, where she can be the center of attention.

    • Yves,

      It does not appear that the jezebel is altogether against being enlightened of something different than witchcraft. I would pray that she will seek the knowledge of truth and love which is only found through Christ Jesus. If withcraft is “all she knows,” and is what has kept her in that place of bondage, perhaps you will be the one to gently guide her to consider a new way of thinking and living. Make it a blessed day!

  78. Working with a jezebel in my office helped me learn so much about my frailties as a born-again Christian. When I first began working at this school, I received immediate discernment about this person’s spiritual origin, and it was not good. I begin to see through the physical and spiritual eye witchcraft was an evident part of her force to manipulate and control others to the degree where my colleagues begin to treat me differently. It has been through prayer and supplication that I have managed to endure for as long as I have. Unfortunately, I am constantly pick-out during staff meetings in unpleasant ways. I to as a previous responder brought anointed oil in the office an applied it to my work area along with salt. This upset the jezebel co-worker as she immediately sinced a change in the environment and begin to with more intensity apply more sorcery to the office. One day, the office was filled with flies; it took days to get rid of them altogether. A year later, three people in the office were in car accidents (different occasions), two people fell down a flight of stairs and there were sicknesses that were not explainable. All of which happened from Jan. 18, 2012 to April 16, 2012. My supervisor unfortunately is an Ahab; very passive aggressive and tend to lean more to the helpless and “innocent” jezebel. Since the accidents in the office, there are at least two others who looked at jezebel with suspicion; believing she may have done something to bring the occurrences about. She did.

    • dear deborah

      it sounds like you are handling it well enough. Keep in prayer and your eyes open. Do not ever let her think you are “weak,” or she will come after your. You can bind her, and oppose her in the spirit.

  79. Thank you very much for this site, i have just realised that i work with someone with this spirit and a friend of mine has this and he is also homosexual. i think being tolerant will cost me because he is bossy and everything is about him. I always pray for angels concerning me surround me and i cover myself with the blood of Jesus whenever i leave the house but i didnt know what i was up again, i am going to up my game with God and pray harder because at work people with this spirit are manipulative and they are such a drag because they like to play victims and they lure you to their emotional problems are to win you over . I refuse in THE NAME OF JESUS i am safe

    • dear nomiky

      If there is more than one jezebel there, you are in a snake pit. The homosexual is most likely an ahab personality, and has jezebels around him.

      tread carefully, act like you are cooperating, and admire them, as long as you do not do anything dishonest. Jezebels are full of pride, so play up to it, and let them think you are impressed with them.

      In the meantime, try to find another place to work. Get a good reference and leave if you can.

      If you cannot leave, then continue to pray and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus.

  80. I am in a very serious situation in my workplace where my boss (HR Dir) is the Jezebel. She has been attacking me personally and others in the office as well. I am a good employee as was before she arrived. My department although not perfect, was a close knit department and supportive of each other be she returned. This boss has been with our agency (state employer) for only 2 years now. She had worked for the agency more than 10 years ago and recently returned. I have been with this particular agency for 7 years, 5 when she returned. When she was rehired, staff who had worked with her before were baffled that she was rehired because she had caused havoc when she was there before. Now, I understand why, an ahab man rehired her. I was a lead worker when she was rehired. Since then, she has made ever effort to demote my position and really to get me fired. I am a very good worker, but most important rooted in Christ. She has not succeeded in her attempts to demote or fire me, but has done volumes in assignation to my character. Once, I reported her to her boss, only to learn that she is a Jezebel too. From previous experience and advice from former coworkers, I keep records of mostly everything and I document important facts. She has managed to isolate me from the other employees. They all see and agree that she is evil and wrong in her doings, and some are treated just as badly, but will not stand up for themselves. Some days she pretends to like me, but I know it’s fake. About a year ago she placed me under a former coworker As my supervisor and now makes her do the dirty work for her. This person is passive. She cries about it’s not her, but “she makes me do it.” Some days it is VERY hard to deal with. I constantly pray to be delivered from that place. I put on the whole armor of God daily, as we should, even then, it’s a battle. My issue is maintaining my composure. She wants to break me down so that she will have a reason to fire me and make me out as the villain. I have been searching for another job, even demotion just to get away and keep my sanity. I have experienced illness due to the stress. I KNOW that I am victorious over this demon, it’s just a matter of enduring. As I was studying the Jezebel spirit for my own life to be absolute this demon has no dominion in my life, I finally see the wicked spirit I have been fighting these past 2 years. I wish it was an easier way out of this but like Jesus said on His way to the cross, nevertheless, not my will, but yours be done. I believe that no weapon formed against me shall prosper, but if you have any suggestions you can offer, I am open to all the help available to me.

    • Karen

      When the jezebel is your boss, you have to kiss her feet, and obey as long as it is not immoral.

      Stay prayed up, and look for another job. Gather references from anyone who will support you.

      Continue to document your activities, and what you are ordered to do. You can also check with the employment security commission to see if you can resign, and collect unemployment, as you have been demoted unfairly.

  81. I work in a school with a Jezebel who is the counselor. She has attempted to make me look bad on several occasions and came in and got real close with the boss who is a decent man. Now he has called her his “work wife” so she is gaining ground. She knows I see right through her and will never submit to her so you can imagine. I believe this week that either she or he took something of a personal private nature from my classroom. I have said nothing about it-almost pretended like I didn’t even notice. She continued to unlock my door and leave it unlocked on purpose prior to that. When I put a sign to make sure it is locked, it was taken down. Now that I have been stolen from, there is less activity. I also know it is tied to some Christian connections that I have which Jezebel does not want to see come into the workplace to work with the boss. Five people have keys but due to the time of day, I’m pretty sure that it is the Jezebel spirit mentioned at first that is behind this. Guess she thinks that I will not go forward to get the Christian connection in as I will be angry about the stealing. I think I’ll do the opposite of what that Spirit expects. I’ve changed my demeanor to the foolishness and I think Jezebel is pushing to try and get to me. It’s not easy but, I have the victory! That is a foul, filthy Spirit for anyone to have to deal with in the workplace. They just want power and control and will do anything to get it and will try to mow down anyone they think is in the way in a methodical and slow process by working behind the scenes and manipulating those in authority until they become the authority.

    • Marion

      It sounds like they want to set you up, to show you have broken some rule, to bring disciplinary action.

      cover yourself, document all activity.. check with other teachers who may be on your side, and get their back up.

  82. Marion,

    I too have a similar negative spirit in my workplace who through sorcery
    manipulates management and my collegues to turn against me in some ways, she was successful but I am not one to fall under pressure. It can be difficult especially working with a person who uses dark forces to bring you down. Allow God to guide you to the right people that will pray and rally around you, as Marianne suggested, document everything. Sometimes, things are not as “good” as they appear and time has a way of revealing the truth. She will leave out of there.

    • Thanks for the encouraging words, “she will leave out of there.” The workplace needs a Godly counselor. Please pray for this! Please agree with me that she will move or be moved or get delivered. I am asking God to reveal to me the truth in this situation. I will continue to document but they know that I already do. They know that I don’t trust them. The things this Spirit does is try to attempt to annoy me so that I will lose my cool but I have decreed and declared that I will not. I’m on my knees right now asking God to take away anger that I have because of this Spirit infiltrating my personal business. Again, I don’t show it. There is also a lot of envy and jealousy from the females in the workplace because God has blessed me in many ways. This jealousy is truly amazing. I’d say there’s a cohort of about 6 women who are jealous and 2 women two that copy me in dress or how I do things. They hate my independence as they know if they snub me, I could care less. They hate that I don’t need their approval and don’t care whether they accept me or not. I do not walk around haughty or anything like that. I always try to remember this is a spiritual battle. Any further insight is welcome. Thanks to both of you for responding. God Bless you.

      • hi marion

        Hang in there. I have been through a similar situation, and I know how rough it is. The ungodly behave like this, and the world is filled with them. We just have to endure and fight in the spirit, and continue on.

        Something is going to work out. You have my support and my prayers for victory.

  83. My boss is a full fledge jezebel and her manager ahab is her best friend. You should see what she does to us all. We are all messed up emotionally I just found out yesterday after watching a jonas clark video that i was bamboozeled by the devil.

  84. Marianne , you pass judgement on people that you know nothing about based on one sided input from your readers – whom in many cases sund not too well themselves.. Do you do it to please your readers ?

    I read about this spirit and I am appalled to recognize so many of its traits working through me. Unconscious control of loved ones, criticism, perfectionism, jealousy. My intentions are seemingly gooD – prompting family members to stop smoking, eat healthily, exercise – but the way I communicate it to them is wrong full of anger and contempt when I don’t get them to listen or undrestand.. I ve had a very I’ll mother since birth and lived with sickness around my whole life – I hate it when people take health for granted and destroy it expecting thereafter others to take care of them…I am seeking God s blessing to help me understand why and how to correct my ways. I recognize this Nasty spirit working in me and making me believe I have the right to control family members choices.. My communication style is authoritarian, I despise weakness in people who can chose and have what it takes to be strong but succumb to weakness instead .. I am compassionate for genuine weakness though – love and protect animals and weak people.. However I do not consider myself a good person anymore. I feel something in my soul is displaced and I recognize this nasty spirit instead…

    Unlike ALL of your readers who recognize jezebels left and right doing nothing else then living for the purpose of torturing their innocence – I think Jezebel is in me. Passed on by parents who had no god other than in theory – not in reality…

    I think I allowed this to happen – consciously or not does not matter anymore – it would be just an excuse

    And I will seek God s blessing to restore me to my God given Self.

    It s a war! Not with principalities but with myself and whomever I let myself become!

    I beg people to self reflect instead of whine of jezebels surrounding,

    We attract them. There is only ONE exception – that of innocent children who get jezebels from the start in the figure of a nasty mom or an absent father – who in their turn took it from their nasty mom and absent father and on the story goes… Stop the curse break the bonds heal the family tree by becoming the change . The redeemer of what is good and right.

    I want my eyes to shine and face to smile again, the genuine smile of innocence and god given spontaneity. Our lives are fake – the one who hates the Jezebel but gives her gifts, the one who “f****s” the Jezebel – her own word- and then complains he is Jezebel for not calling back – sick unhealthy immoral “Christians?” ….. The reader pleasers who ya based on two sentences “your boss sounds like crazy jezebeled to me” Hypocrites in sheeps clothes.

    I pray for us. We all need redemption. God bless!

    • Mona

      As you admitted, the spirit is a negative one. The goal is to defeat the spirit, not the person. The person needs deliverance.

      It is rare, but a point of joy, when a jezebel infected person wants help. The majority do not repent, and do not want to change, so others continue to suffer.

      I wish you success in getting rid of this spirit. It takes commitment, and support from others, but you can do it, and regain your joy.

      • Yes Marianne, far from repenting …

        The Jezebel most and foremost would never admit to herself and especially to others to being Jezebel. She would continue manipulate the people according to her whim for her self interest drawing them to madness while enticing and sustaining the evil in them: judge, condemn, pretend, be superior (in a position of giving advice and guidance) , control, look at others instead of looking within and ever admitting even the smallest slight.

        God bless!

  85. One way to gain victory over the jezebel spirit is to take authority over it. The word of God declares that we can bind the spirit by the blood of Jesus and through faith. Also, watch and pray that you do not fall for the seductive spirit of Jezebel yourself. The bible declares “for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers and rulers of darkness.”

    Be encouraged!

  86. I too believed I’m dealing with a Jezebel spirit and it happens to be my co worker and the Administrator. When I first started working there my co worker had to trained me but she went beyond training and started to become bossy and telling you what to do every minute which I became annoyed. And confronting her would’nt did no good because she stubborn and think she’s knows everything. Don’t’ nobody like her on the job. So everytime I’m scheduled to work with her I switched days with my other co workers. So she decided to confront me on why I don’t’ want to work with her anymore so I explained to her how I felt. She still didn’t think she did Nothing wrong. So after that I kept it professional with her only talking to her unless its job related and she didn’t like that. So she gossip to my co workers that I don’t’ longer talk to her anymore. And the co worker told her I came their to work not be her friend. So 8 months have passed no more problems with her until recently she told the Administrator about the disagreement we had 8 months ago. Which I felt confused why would you bring up something 8 months ago just because I don ‘ t socialise with you. And I told the Administrator Im not here to be friends with her that’s it I keep it work related with her that’s it I felt like the Administrator was consigning with her because she was taking up for making me look like I’m in the wrong. Every since that incident happen that co worker been nitpicking with me because she feel like the Admininistrator agreed with her she can used that incident against me to try to get me fired. So I was thinking about quitting because the stress has become to much for me. Everyone telling me to not quit but I can feel those evils spirits out to get me and we don’t’ have a hr department What should I do?

    • reeree

      if the administrator has not fired you, so that is a good sign. you need a group approach with administrator……

      if you and your coworkers go as a group to the administrator, that will outvote the jezebel, and win you more points.

      you always have to have support and outnumber the jezebel to win against them….

      • Thanks for responding to my post but I already know my co workers is not going to get involved even though they say they don’t care for the Jezebel they still socialize with her and they say they already know how to handle her they just pretty much ignore her. But really I’m the one she is targeting is quitting the right thing to do because it gotten to the point I don’t even want to be around her

        • you might have to quit if they gang up on you. start looking now while it is still safe to leave.

        • Ree Ree,
          You don’t have to quit your job unless it is time for you to move forward. God wants to give you courage to know that whatever situation in life you face, you have the victory in Jesus. Listen; there is a way that you can stand in authority against the negative forces on your job. I did it, and through steadfast prayer and believing that what God declares in His word is true, I today walk in victory. However, you cannot do it alone. Seek guidance from a Christian leader; someone who teaches the gospel of Jesus Christ, seek people who will pray with you and most importantly get involved with a Ministry of true believers and study the word of God to apply His truth to your life. Your faith in God must be developed to stand against the forces of negativity. I don’t want to give you too much information at once, but I have a testimony that through God’s grace, through His love and because His word cannot lie, I stand in authority today. Are you saved from your sins? Have you accepted the Lord as your personal Savior? I hear what may be frustration, doubt and fear in your words.
          2 Timothy 1:7 – For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

          Read Psalm 27 and meditate on the words until you begin to feel God’s presence. Walk in peace and love. You are in my prayers my sister. God bless you.


  88. yes, I went for a year and a half being eaten alive by the Jezebel spirit I had to do something, that spirit can destroy your energy..your business, and your life. It works with many other strongmen spirits, Jealousy, and Fear, divination. . I found that Binding all 17 strongmen was the best tactical weapon against that monster..spirit.. because Jesus says you must first bind the strongman in order to plunder your goods back….

  89. glad I found this site. I’ve been battling Jezebel in my workplace from a controlling supervisor, Ahab boss, and another Jezebel co-worker

    I prayed, got sick from all of this and contemplated suicide. However, God’s grace is sustaining me to this day, and I know I have the victory. I begged God to move me, but I believe that He will move me only in his time. He’s showed me not to be afraid of this spirit.

    One day at my desk, I prayed in tongues and recited Psalm 35 and my co-worker walked up with a letter of apology stating that her bullying and treatment towards me has been wrong. She was reprimanded by HR and my Jezebel boss (which is confusing), and she has calmed down a bit

    I apply for new jobs everyday, and I’m ready to leave this place for something new. Please keep me in your prayers

  90. Erica,

    Stay strong, God is with you. I too deal with the spirit of jezebel along with her eunuchs. Family and friends were telling me to leave but God said stand still; don’t leave. So I remained and applied the word of God to the situation. Today, I am still working at the location and God has given me favor among upper management as well as the victory over my adversaries. I praise God that his word is true.

    Stay strong in the Lord.

  91. Thank you both, I did not know it was witchcraft until a brother in Christ called me and said that witchcraft was all around me

    I was still in confused until I heard it again and began doing research and was lead to this site

    Deborah, I can really relate to you because it seems that God does not allow us to back down but instead He gives his children the victory right in front of the adversary. Thank you for sharing your testimony

    Marianne, thank you very much for your kind prayers, and I have also used your prayer against witchcraft and will continue to use it. I thank God that I no longer want to die, so many people have left me this year, and my health is slowly getting better. I don’t cry as much at work but sometimes I still have meltdowns. This year has been horrible, but the Lord has been so faithful to me. I even look forward to applying to grad school this Fall

    I keep trusting in God’s word. I feel so strongly to leave this place, but I have to be patient. It gets hard on some days 😦

  92. quick question, why would the Ahab take sides with Jezebel even in her disrespect towards him versus giving the true victim respect

    Why would he treat the true victim with contempt?

    • erica

      The ahab boss benefits from the jezebel, so he delegates his authority to her, and then she abuses others with it.

      he does not carea about the victim, and lets jezebel do what she wants….

      he is not her victim..

      true victims of jezebels are not ahabs

      if you want to get the fear and respect from the ahab boss, oppose the jezebel with force and fire, and he will see you as the one with the power, and will stay out of your way

  93. Thanks Marianne, I’m trying to leave

    This Jezebel runs the company practically so she isn’t going anywhere

    I believe my breakthrough is near

  94. passive male ahab spirit will be stepping aside from current position, the Jezebel he enabled many years will now -as the rest of us- in the office be under a new boss. Any feedback on how the Jez might respond would be appreciated…..thank you!

    • lyn

      she will go after the new boss, and attempt to regain the same status as she had under the old one. since she was successful the first time, she will be more confidant the second time.

      the rest of you need to approach the boss and inform of the problem before it goes too far, and then keep documentation of her activities.

      also as a group, confront her and tell her she need to stop or you will all report her.

  95. thank you thank you

  96. Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your website. I found your web site looking for information on how to repent and renounce an orphan spirit that an elder in deliverance ministry revealed that I am struggling with, and find out if I am the victim of curses. However, i was led to read on your site about the Jezebel in the workplace and Peter Pan Jezebel. I have spent hours looking through each comment on this page. I appreciate your faith, obedience, and ministry.

    I am home from work due to several health problems (recently a fall and broken ankle) and incidents of potential racial prejudice (but I hate to say this, because I’ve been there for so long and get along with most of my white colleagues) that I’ve suffered in succession since last summer 2013. The timing of these stressful events seemed to start after an incident where I complained about the aggressive behavior of a Christian co-worker, who exhibits some of these Jezebel traits. Now I see that she may have just been mirroring my behavior, but at the same time, just doing her job, holding me accountable, and exposing my weakness. Although I have more knowledge and time at the job, she is older, has two professional degrees, works faster and more efficiently than our Ahab boss and I put together. I was thrilled to help hire her after her interview. During our first few months together, when she started her job, we got along. I am passionate about team spirit and collaboration, and will go to bat for everyone in the office. I delighted in training her and giving her compliments. She deserves them. But then I detected a real critical spirit, elitism, a little misandry and a gossiping nature that made me feel uncomfortable. I kept our conversation to just work related issues. I empathized with my co-workers’ impatience with our Ahab boss, as I feel the same way too, even as I try to encourage him to be more assertive when advocating for our department, and make him look good. In the midst of all this, my boss’ boss was a Jezebel spirit as well, and for years undermined the efforts of my boss and my fellow subordinates who report to him. Once my co-worker became aware of the situation, she allied herself with our boss’ boss for a time. Then, within months, our Ahab boss was switched to report to another senior woman in the office. His former boss no longer has anyone reporting to her.

    In any case, I felt led to write because I am aware of how these spirits are manifesting in my life, but I want to repent! I am a born again Christian as well, but I am feeling very guilty (or convicted ?) right now. As I lay here in physical pain, I see that although I have made some genuine efforts to show my co-worker mercy, respect and honor our Ahab boss and encourage him to “man up”, stop judging my co-worker and others, and mind my own business, my efforts are inconsistent, short-lived, illness abounds, and I fall into a pattern of more striving. This spirit is very present in my family as well, even though I live a few hours away. I want to rid my life of these influences, and took extra time off from work to not only recuperate from my health problems, but also to reflect on my life. For example, I enrolled in a spiritual recovery program that will end in June 2014.

    I am ashamed and have no comfort reading that I am a part of the problem, and part of God’s judgment. I mistakenly thought that I had God’s favor on my life. I am angry and sad that although I work really hard and try to do the right thing by our organization for the patrons we serve, (and have gotten recognition for this) that I am possessed by these spirits and strongmen.

    I had no idea about this evil, and I am just learning more about the spiritual realm. Our workplace, as I see now, is one where the Jezebel spirit thrives in our department, which has a female head and a handful of men. I’ve wanted to leave my job for a long time, to get away from the Jezebel spirits in the leadership, but now that I see this spirit in me, I want to get away and be free from the toxicity. I don’t want to hurt people. I really want to repent, and be patient with God and how He works in both of our lives.. I am not placing blame on others but I can see the effects of my upbringing in a superstitious, dysfunctional, and traumatic family environment, steeped in generational sins and soul ties. I am so overwhelmed, and don’t know where to begin…..I am slowly going through your site and learning to understand the accompanying strongmen that work in concert with this demon.

    • dear Miss MG

      Here is a good explanation of an orphan spirit

      I think you may have some traits of this from what you say, but there is too much love in you to be all of any description of any spirit.

      You try to help others and be fair. you have a jezebel competing with you now i the workplace, who claims to be a christian… naturally you feel that and react with some “spirit” of competition to maintain your position.

      your ahab boss is a failure and he has a jezebel boss also. so you have 2 jezebels and one ahab…

      your co worker is outperforming you as well

      .I would feel stress also in this situation.

      any injury you have had in life makes you vulnerable to these real threats.

      jezebels attack the weak ones…

      in this situation, as long as I am there…I would befriend the coworker, and let her know how much she inspires you…become her ally….if you don’t she will try to replace you…and get you booted out…..jezebels love to be admired.

      if you can, try to find a different workplace to function in, or if your business is large enough, transfer to a better position where you can be free of the jezebels.
      be nice to everyone for the sake of a good reference, and then slip out of there.

      back to you… need to find the emotional support and love that you feel is missing from your life. you sound isolated and you are taking the blame for the behavior of others.

      Seek friendship outside of the workplace…church, other social groups in town….and make friends with normal (non jezebel) people in your business….give yourself a chance to glow a little, so that your manner seems less weak due to shyness, and you have more energy to move quicker in the workplace and show what you are really made of. you have the experience and knowledge so you have the potential to accomplish more as well.

      I will send you a prayer against witchcraft and curses you can print out and say each day. I will be in agreement with you.

      • Thank you very much Marianne for your immediate response. I praise God for the work that He has started in me and will see to completion. Thanks for acknowledging the work that Christ has begun in me. I care about them all and want everyone to do their best. I really believe there is room for all of us to excel, though I acknowledge, I can be wrongfully passionate sometimes towards our authority figures, and how they manage. I acknowledge this error before God and will pray to repent. In expressing my admiration of her, I will pray for the right words and right timing. Thank you for your insight and advice. I prayed with her one time because of pain she has in her foot, but I was a mess for the rest of the day and experienced massive confusion, unproductivity, and disorientation, so I will be careful before I feel led to do that or perform another act of reconciliation with her again.

        I am also in prayer with elders about finding safe Christians to befriend yet who can speak the Truth in Love. You are right that I am somewhat isolated. It is partly because my need to heal and be vigilant spiritually about my life (i.e. guarding eye and ear gates for example) has estranged me from my loved ones and few friends that are unsaved. I am very sorry that you and others have experienced such diabolical distress and heartache. Your testimony and that of others here will benefit the Body of Christ. I have received the prayer you sent to me and thank you very much again! God bless you and yours richly, and beyond measure. God bless everyone who visits your site.
        Thank you.

        • Hi Marianne, Greetings and blessings to you. It is now over a year now since I first posted a message to you about my workplace situation. I returned to work from short term disability and was immediately under a lot of oversight from my boss, which was counter to his usual management style. I welcomed his supervision at first but he seemed very confused and erratic about his decisions because it was obvious that he was following someone’s directive, and not his own about me. We remained in close contact at work as I had originally described, as my Jezebel co-worker’s behavior seemed to irritate and alienate some other folks as well. In any case, she is gone as of March of this year, nearly a year later after I first wrote to you. But, as you advised me to remain vigilant and thorough about my own work and above rapproach in case she backstabs me, I had more instability at the end last year–I had to move twice and experienced more financial upheaval that affected my health and work attendance. My job search was stalled while I looked for housing, and I was distracted from praying about work, for awhile. So, I remained there, but my situation seemed to give her and his new boss more fodder for backstabbing me as you had warned.

          After she left, my Ahab supervisor and I seemed to be working together well, in her absence. He seemed to be even more personally open to me, as we would walk out of the office together at the end of the day, most days. It was a nice way to close the day. I was upfront with him about seeking additional compensation or a title change to reflect the work and responsibilities I was given in my 13 year tenure. Although he was not supportive, I felt good about letting him know.

          Then, unexpectedly, my now former Jezebel co-worker returned to the office for an afternoon office party for another co-worker. Within a couple of weeks, ever since her presence, there’s been an enormous attack on my relationship with my supervisor. In my absence, when I left on vacation, items were taken from my desk without his and my permission by another Jezebel (who is extremely friendly with my former co-worker). I’ve dealt with this Jezebel from another department in our unit in a professional association but have limited contact at work. This was the beginning of exaggerated actions and reactions towards me from my Ahab boss. At the same time, I needed more time off and was admonished for not giving advance notice. He admitted that he was under pressure from his boss to communicate and deal with me in an overreactive way, but this incident has undermined me. I made the mistake of going to HR, and letting them know what is going on to my boss, while trying to prepare a proposal for greater compensation. The HR folks relayed some of my issues to my senior department heads who are seeking to elevate the vacancy left by my co-worker, and make it a position with a greater salary but with a credential requirement (a master’s degree) that I do not have. So I couldn’t apply or re-apply for that revised position, although I have been doing this kind of professional work, without a credential, and with some accolades, for 13 years. My boss won’t advocate for me, as he will have to admit his reliance and dependability on my skills. So, what he has also done, is take away some of the responsibilities that I used to do that would especially support my argument for greater compensation.

          I know its time for me to definitely leave. My Ahab boss is also now experiencing a health problem as of this week. I am on your site to break this recent attack and recommit my life to the Lord. I told you about a recovery program (Living Waters) that I joined for support, when I first wrote to you last year. When I broke my ankle, and couldn’t get there via public transportation, they dismissed me. I was taking a cab there, and they were uncomfortable with me spending money this way, in the midst of my other financial obligations. Yes, i was struggling, but I was participating in a meaningful way every time I was there. I could sense a real connection with the small group of women I was praying with, but that ended. Then, when I sought support from a church I was attending (through phone calls, emails, web site inquiries, etc.) in the midst of recovering from my injury and being out of work, I was completely ignored and no one got back to me. I keep trying though….I reached out to a minister and his wife out of state, for support and teaching, and they have been ministering to me until April when he was diagnosed with early stages of bladder cancer. Thanks again for all you do.

          • I forgot to thank you again for your prayers and standing with me. I have found again the prayer you sent to me. I should also mention I am in prayer about my tongue and heart, being still before the Lord, and allow the Holy Spirit to control my tongue, words, thoughts, emotions. I have been taught a lot by the out of state minister to give God control over everything in my life. I don’t socialize very much at work anymore except when I am spoken to and my supervisor and I, though our cubicles are next to each other, speak very little to each other if at all. If I have a question, I email him, and he seems to prefer that anyway…..

          • michelle

            you have done all you have there. you have really maxed out with your credentials. now to get a raise, you would need a master’s degree to make them accept you.

            there are other places that would give you a better job without the master’s degree, and appreciate the 13 years you have put in.

            I would just be nice to everyone, do not push asking for a raise, and really be nice to the ahab, so he can give you a recommendation for a job elsewhere.

            in the meantime, keep doing your job the best you can.

            the churches in this world are not always supportive… you found, sometimes small groups will pray with you, and give you the prayers and acceptance you need.

            just keep your head up, trust god, and things will change when the time is right.

            • Thank you Marianne for your feedback and support! God bless you and everyone who visits your site!

  97. […] jezebel in the workplace..!! […]

  98. I’m back less than a year later, praising God for His faithfulness. I literally didn’t think I would make it out of this alive. My health took a turn for the worse, but I’m happy to report that I am still standing, healing, and I’ve learned not to fear Jezebel as I once did. Witchcraft is horrible, but I’ve grown from this experience. I learned that Jezebel will go after God’s prophets so if you are being attacked, there could be a prophetic anointing on your life. Also, Jezebels operate in numbers. They will tag team you and literally try to wear you out. I have done so much spiritual warfare. Surprisingly, one of the worst Jezebels I faced was a professing Christian. Very religious spirit. Lord, help us to repent and to turn away from Jezebel!

    I’ve suffered much trauma through this, and humility has taken me a long way. I had bitterness in my heart, but God has healed me of that as well. God will avenge you. Forgive, release, and bless people who have hurt you. You will find much closure and peace. God will step in and you will see His vindication and righteous judgment. I want to say that because He is our protector from this by the blood of Jesus we have the victory!

    Very thankful for your ministry Marianne, you are a blessing! I love your feedback

    • Praise God, who always makes a way!! What you are saying is so true, my previous HOD (now suspended) recruited two other ladies of the same spirit as herself. She was suspended last year while I was in prayer to God about my studies and career. Their intention was revealed to mee soon after she was suspended (to frustrate me so I will abandon my studies). The remaining one is my studies supervisor who is still in communication with the suspended HOD. I’m still looking unto Jesus to see my studies to completion! I too have a prophetic annointing on my life and my supervisor, the second Jezebel is a prophesing Christian!!

      • dear reality

        it is not unusual to have a jezebel posing as a christian esp a prophesying one. jezebel is a false prophetess of baal.

        I hope things are better for you in your department.

  99. Having a problem with my daughters mom and my female manager at work. Please pray for me Isiah 54:17&Psalms 91&Psalms23. Also plead the blood of Jesus over me and pray for my protection and pray for complete deliverance for me. Tired of fighting and getting overwhelmed; growing weary. Thanks for your prayers. God Bless You.

    • john

      I am sending you prayers for deliverance against witchcraft ( jezebel), plus some prayers for strength…..print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

      i understand the fatigue…the enemy is relentless and has its power, but greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world….and we will have victory.

  100. I am back with my testimony for the Glory and Honor of The Father, the Lord and King Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit

    Three + years of harassment, belittlement, corruption, persecution, weariness, fatigue, much humbling, and more took a toll on my health and mental sanity

    The Lord is powerful, mighty, and stronger than any satanic spirits even Jezebel. Through witchcraft, fear can try to manipulate and control us but like Marianne said above, we have the victory because He is greater

    The Lord has delivered me from a workplace of at least three Jezebels and an Ahab boss/CEO. He told me to stand firm, and that I would see the wicked being cut off. I wasn’t allowed to leave until the Lord released me as I knew this assignment was apart of my process. I was deeply hurt, and I dreaded even showing up for work. However, God is faithful, and that intimidating mountain before me has just become a plain by His grace.

    He will vindicate you. He will render justice and come with a recompense to save you.

    I’m still in healing and recovery from this spiritual and physical abuse, but the Lord is a restorer. I want to encourage anyone reading this that it does get better and all of your tears, fears, and pain are not in vain. The Lord will work it for your good. Remain prayerful and obedient to Him.

    The Psalms helped me tremendously during this time

  101. Erica,

    “Amen” – in reply to the reading of Psalms.

    “I love you, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

    I call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised, and I am saved from my enemies.

    The cords of death encompassed me; the torrents of destruction assailed me; the cords of Sheol entangled me; the snares of death confronted me.

    In my distress I called upon the Lord; to my God I cried for help. From his temple he heard my voice, and my cry to him reached his ears” (Psalm 18:1-6, ESV).

    Blessings to you!
    Psalm 27

  102. I have enjoyed reading this website. It has provided relief during a battle with the jezebel spirit in both my personal and professional lives. I wanted to leave a comment because it has been my experience that there are companies that have a spirit of jezebel in operation within its atmosphere or work culture. It can be subtle or blatant in its manifestations. I have experienced seeing people in management or a particular department all acting the same way, or doing things underhanded but in their individual ways. I’d like to know if anyone else has experienced this. The company I currently work for, as well as the previous one, had this spirit embedded in its culture. People appear to be nice, but are always doing stuff behind the scenes. I experienced great torment on both jobs and sought God until he revealed to me that the jezebel spirit dominated the atmosphere. I didn’t win the battle on the last job, but God has been showing me how this spirit works to influence an entire environment. I believe that my current supervisor is affected by a jezebel spirit. She appears to be nice and means well, but she’s very intrusive. She’s suggestive, and tried to get us to see things her way without appearing to come on too strong. She picks on some of us at times. I thought that a co-worker was over exaggerating until it happened to me one day. She’s also a micromanager, and has contributed to a divide between our team because there are members who cater to her. When we’re all together, it feels quite awkward. These people seem to have a sworn allegiance to her that isn’t to be discussed. It’s like the people who don’t cater to my supervisor are enemies. This spirit has caused me much torment over the past six months, even at home, but God has been strengthening me. I have been in agreement with the things she says and does to avoid confrontation. My supervisor has been with the company for thirty years and was once in HR and administration, so she’s not the one whose bad dude you’d want to be on, yet I feel God has given me ways to bypass the effects of this spirit. God taught me many of the things you’ve suggested, but I thought I was just being weak and passive. The advice has encouraged me. Thanks!

    • jacob

      just do what you have to do to please her, unless she is abusive to you. sometimes if they pick on you, if you just agree with them and show respect, they will lose interest and go away. if they are nasty, then you have to be assertive.

      I worked in the university system, and jezebel was there.

      a male friend worked in the pentagon, and had to deal with jezebels there.

      he wrote this post for me:

      jezebels do come in different flavors…some are quiet and sneaky, some are wimpy, and some are more openly masculine and agressive

  103. At my place of employment, my manager seeks the help of a sorcerer to do her bidding. The necromancer is a 65-year old woman who has consistently manipulated management to gain what she wants, often at the expense of others – me particularly in my office. The witch constantly interrupts my relationship with my manager to hinder my success of promotion. I know that God is more powerful than any witchcraft and also know and will exercise other options I have with other potential employers. Yes, the adversary is real – there is quite a bit of sorcery in the office and churches.

    • 1Power

      since she is doing this, you need to anticipate destructive moves and then counteract them with your own data and information… have to assert yourself and go blow by blow, to make sure she does not slander your work further..keep records and have witnesses if possible

      if this does not work, and it gets worse, and manager becomes hostile to you, then you will have to leave…but make efforts to impress manager on what a good worker you are, so you can avoid that .

      • Marianne,

        I continue to document everything, do all I can to impress my manager and keep my options very open for greater employment opportunities. Thank you for the wise advise and blessings to you and your family.

        • Just needed to say; Behind every Goliath (Giant) lies the victory of spoils. When the enemy is defeated, the victory is won by our Lord. He gives us the reward. Therefore, we are more than conquerors. We are Overcomers.

  104. Marianne, how blessed I am to have been led to this topic of jezebel on your site. I am also between a jezebel spirit (the owner and his wife) and the manager who is trying to get rid of me…..a long story. I have been led by the Lord to start praying the binding and loosing prayers from Liberty Savard’s book ”Shattering your strongholds” which I found in a small second hand shop down the road a few weeks ago. I read some interesting info on this site and will follow some of it. I live in a very small town in northern South Africa and have to trust the Lord for another job. Please pray for me! I am so very tired of this battle mentally, spiritually as well as physically as I stand on my feet for 8 – 9 hours almost every day.

    • Saria

      I am so sorry you have this problem.

      I am sending you prayers for deliverance against jezebel and witch spirits..also for blessing, since you need another job

      print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer for a better life..

  105. hello, my employee has a jezebel spirit. and has gain the approval of my boss and my bosses boss. we were both hired at the same time. I was hired as the manager and then before I came on board m title was changed to supervisor but my role was the same. I noticed the immediate favoritism for her thru my boss. So I asked him to define my role, and who does that person report to. at that time, he told me that she reported to him. this was so he can have constant contact with her….so she can come to him for everything. my boss constantly puts me down in front of her. he always allow her to call out decisions I’ve made in the past and he’ll say “on what authority did you make that decision, do not do it again”. In front of the whole staff. anytime I tell her what to do, she goes to them to confirm if she should do it. if she find something I processed and believes I did not process that correctly, she instant messengers my boss and my bosses to tell them what I did….she is pretty much running the department. when I discuss with my boss what the issues are…he covers for her. but when she threw him under the bus….he handled it immediately, but refuse to let me do the same. anything I say to her, she goes to them (my boss and his boss) I had a discussion with my bosses boss and he understood and realized that he was under-minding my authority telling her what to do. He was good for a couple of weeks and went back to his same behavior…”telling her what to do”. and now that we hired an additional staff member…this jezebel spirited person, is consuming them and they are beginning to act just like her, and trying to throw me under the bus with the decisions I make….my boss does not want me making decisions with out his permission, but my employee can do whatever she wants…the Lord revealed to me that this behavior is a “Jezebel Spirit” and I started researching it. The Lord also said that this was a lesson….. please pray with me to bind this spirits works…..and destroy it at the roots… Jesus name….. LLL

    • lisa

      I went through the same thing with an employee. my boss allowing her to go over my head to him, it gave him a sense of significance and would take her side, at least most of the time. she learned she could back stab me.

      nothing was really handled properly and I felt i had to leave. but she ended up leaving also

      Go to the boss’s boss. go over your bosses head.

      give him a written notice as to your position in this:

      if she is allowed to disrespect you as her supervisor, then you wish to withdraw from that relationship with her.

      you do not appreciate being back stabbed by this woman, and you want fair treatment.

      she is given preferential treatment , and you are being mistreated and your work misrepresented.

      your boss does not want me making decisions with out his permission, but my employee can do whatever she wants

      your boss undermines your legitimate authority over this woman, and this is bad for workplace morale.

      your boss humiliates and criticizes you in front of the staff

      this is workplace harassment and discrimination and hostility toward you.

      so you request another supervisor for yourself

      you are going to document everything in case there is a personnel issue or dismissal, and you will present your data to the appropriate persons for wrongful dismissal.

      you do wish to please him, and want a productive environment, but this sort of things usually ends in disrupting productivity.

      ask for his assistance in setting boundaries with your boss and this woman.

      see w hat his response is…make an appointment to see him alone, so you can be free to express yourself.

  106. Thanks Marianne, I’ve tried talking to my boss on several occasions with no change or support. its almost as if I half to wait for something to be a problem for him. Yet, he still refuses me to have a discussion with her. he says I’m to direct…so I have no support. I did go to HR on my bosses boss, but I do not know how to handle my boss. I will try what you mentioned, and yes I am keeping notes….not as consistent and detailed as I should be….but this will change as of today. oh, one more thing i’d like to add…he has scheduled a weekly meeting with me and my team… they can say whatever they want to say..i’m not in agreement with this either. its total disregard for my authority. and I’m like an open target.

    • lisa

      stay in close contact with HR and keep detailed notes.

      also keep notes on what this woman does wrong in the workplace.

      use HR as reference if you need to switch jobs.

  107. Excellent

  108. I am reaching out for help to get rid of jezebel that may have attached to me at my work place. I reconize the person as I grow learning of God. My faith is bigger than ever with the holy spirit. My life has turn so extremely bad and almost homeless and my family as well. Please help I need help.

    • kathy

      I take it you mean the jezebel at work hurt you, and this hurt remains?

      I am not sure what you mean by it “attached to you.”

      it sounds like you need spiritual healing, blessing, and understanding how to fight spiritual battles.

      I am going to send you a set of prayers to help.

      if you have anyone who can pray with you, that would help…

      print out and say each day

      do not give up.

      we all get attacked by the darts of the enemy. we need to fight back, rebuke the devil for what he is, reject his curse, cover ourselves with the blood of jesus, and ask ALL things in jesus name.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

      for financial help seek it out NOW – human services in your area.

      I found some links I will send you to get you started.

      be blessed, healed and encouraged.

  109. My husband is charged at his work place, he differed with his lady boss who used abusive language to him on two occasions concerning work.. Of which he reported to their superiol. Its only last month he was moved to another department on secondment for only six months according to the letter he was given. But surprisingly 2 days ago he received a charge letter to say he used abusive language to the lady boss. So he has been asked to answer to the charge.

  110. Kindly advise.

    • joy

      tell him to deny the charges. if he has any witnesses that would help. otherwise it is his word against hers. they would have to dismiss this unless she can prove her charges…….

      according to law, he is innocent til proven guilty….

      so your husband should simply tell what happened, that his lady boss used the abusive language with him, and he did not respond to her in the same way, as that would be inappropriate. a one sentence reply is good enough.

      also in the future, tell him to keep witnesses around if he can if the lady boss does it again.

    • Joy,

      Two substantive books on the subject of spiritual warfare and prayer introduced in the movie “War Room” that maybe helpful. I suggest purchasing these asap via Amazon.

      “Rules of Engagement: Preparing for Your Role in Spiritual Battle” by Derek Prince.

      “Secrets of a Prayer Warrior” by Derek Prince.

      Saying a prayer at work is most effective. No need to yell or make a fuss. Speak it from the heart with words that express that you are confident the spirit realm hears every word. The powers of darkness (Ephesiasn 6) will hear the words and back down, in the name of Jesus.

      Remember this: No one can be controlled by Jezebel, witchcraft unless they allow themselves to be controlled.

      The choice is yours.

      There are “controllers” at work and within your life. Recognize them. Then take action.

      If you allow another person (operating with a Jezebel spirit) to control or manipulate you then your life is a form of idolatry.

      Say this pray quietly at your workplace – like you mean business.

      The Jezebel spirit hears what you speak even in a quiet, firm tone of voice.
      Say it daily. Like you are talking to the Jezebel spirit not to the person.

      Speak it into the atmosphere of the workplace (from your desk, break room or lobby.

      You don’t need to yell or scream. Just speak it aloud with the authority graciously given you – in His name. Snakes and scorpions are under your feet, if you put them there. They will submit, if you apply your faith (spoke word).

      I’ve applied this in the workplace years ago – life at work today is soooo much better than it was December 2011, thank you Lord.

      “In the name of Jesus, I bind and break the spirits of Jezebel and fear.

      I rebuke you spirit of Jezebel in the name of Jesus!

      You are under my feet. (Pause and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any other spirits which should be named and rebuke them in the name of Jesus).

      In the name of Jesus, I bind kings, princes, and world rulers for each spirit named: Jezebel, fear, anger, unclean language.

      I strip each spirit, and his hierarchy, of power, armor and rank, and separate each from the other. I speak confusion to the ranks of the enemy, and declare their assignments against me are hereby rendered null and void.
      In the name of Jesus,

      In the name of Jesus, I bind and break the power of all curses spoken, all rituals or sacrifices, all divination, spells, incantations, meditations, and all sorcery or magic.

      I release and call upon the Spirit of the Lord…..the spirit of ……wisdom….understanding….counsel…might…knowledge…and the fear of the Lord ( Isaiah 11:2) upon me and my family in agreement with this prayer. I speak, interceding for Believers in this workplace.

      In the name of Jesus, I place the shield of Faith over the heart and the helmet of hope over the mind of myself and Believers in this workplace.

      Thank you Father, that no weapon the enemy forms against us shall prosper, because we are covered by the blood of Jesus, and You have put all things under His Feet ( Isaiah 54:17, Ephesians 1:22).

      Because Christ and the Kingdom of God dwells within me – I declare that He who is within me is greater than he that is in the world. (1 John 4:4).
      In Jesus name, Amen.”

      You can’t run from Jezebel – it is pervasive and is growing in strength in these last days.

      When walking around the workplace as normal part of the day, as you go for coffee, get the mail etc, do two things:

      Proclaim (in a whisper)

      “Jesus is Lord”
      “Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me, bless His holy name” (Psalm 103:1).

      Proclaim any phrase or verse that gives praise to the LORD. No need to make a fuss or draw attention. No one needs to know or hear. A whisper is sufficient.

      Next – rebuke the spirit of Jezebel in the name of Jesus, often. Say any portion of the above prayer often. No need to make a big deal out of this – just be a CIA agent (Christian in Action agent) and speak softly at the desk, by the water fountain, walking to the car.

      Psalm 37


  112. Do you have any wisdom dealing with the Jezebel spirit in your neighborhood and how to deal with them.

  113. This has been a tremendous help,it describes my boss to the core!!!I’m educated n empowered. I’m gonna dish her from the pot of her own cooking. The advice is great and the illustrations are key!

  114. Hi Marianne,
    I don’t know if you’re still replying to posts on this site but I hope you will. I work with at least two people with this spirit operating in them. As a result, there is an atmosphere of strife and contention even though on the surface things already to be functioning. For the past ten years this had been affecting my health. Another co worker has been hospitalized as a result of the repeated psychological abuse and attacks of these people. The worst part is that they claim to be Christians. The situation has been brought to the attention of the supervisor, who does nothing about it. It was brought to the attention of the supervisor’s supervisors. Still nothing was done. They’ve been there since before I got there creating trouble but everyone seems to just put up with it. I have prayed, fasted and cried out to God about this situation and am at the point where I can no longer bear this nonsense. Should I ask God to move them, or to move me?

    • ana

      what you have are two jezebels, who have the favor of the supervisors who are ahabs. a nuclear weapon would not destroy their bonds. they reinforce each other and so retain their power in the workplace.

      they will not change. so you need to decide to either ask god to shield you while at work, or to move on

      people get damaged when they actually expect these demon infested people to be kind and fair, which is the LAST thing they are. They feed off the abuse they give and draw power from their victims. kind of like vampires….

      if you plan to leave, be very nice to them because you will need a job reference.

      • They’re also sisters, so I think that maybe that’s one of the reasons why it’s so bad – as you said, they reinforce each other. I’ve been seeking God about the situation and I feel like it’s time for me to move on. I’m just asking God for direction now as to where to go. Thank you so much for the advice and encouragement, and for sharing your experiences. God bless you!

        • Hi Ana, I feel compelled to share some advise as I recently experience something almost identical to your concern. For me, it felt like a Salem witch hunt, something I never experienced; not such a strong intense level of malevolent behaviors and attitudes. In fact, their malign conduct was so obvious that I begin to notice a negative energy the moment I walked in the office. The receptionist who is a dark witch would come into the office very early before others entered; she used the time to manipulate the space, thus to control and use others to help leverage their agenda. In short, I stayed in prayer for years about this and it frightened the witch because she knew that I recognized her for exactly what she was, but of course she would act as though she refrained or stepped back from her ultimate plan. Of course, she was all along plotting her next move. There is so much I can share but I will do so in the book that I am writing. In the mean time, consider updating your resume, circulate it to people who can help you and have your best interest at heart. Use your time to review employment opportunities with other employers. Believe me, going through the process will help empower you. Remember, our Heavenly Father wants the absolute best for you and will be with you every step of the way if you just believe His promise for your life. May our Heavenly Father protect you and give you favor and victory in this situation. I believe He will! Deborah

  115. […] Zdroj: […]

  116. This was a pretty cowardice article why would I run away

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