Jezebel – Poor little me



This is a cross between the sneaky, charming Jezebel, and the Peter Pan jezebel.

The Jezebel always misrepresents herself as something she is not.  Look around her, and find the Ahab that is supporting her.

General characteristics:

The underlying need is for attention and control, driven by self pity, and a need to blame others for their mistakes, to maintain their reputation as a sweet and innocent person.

The main behavior is victimhood, and denial of responsibility for wrongdoing.

They are irresponsible. They do not accept responsibility for their own behavior. It is always someone else’s fault.

Behavior may be “normal” until they make a mistake of some sort.

Then the blame is passed to someone else, and the jezebel becomes the false victim of the true victim.

This way she gets the positive attention, the comfort, and rescue efforts of others, while the true victim gets branded as evil.

False victimhood should be distinguished from a true victim of any abuse, before deciding someone is a jezebel.

This personality creates the abuse.

Notes about self pity as a general behavior, in otherwise normal people. It has some positive, self healing aspects:

Self pity exists as a real emotion. All real emotions have both a positive and a negative side. The (tiny!) positive side of pity lies with its powers of anesthesia.

Self pity numbs the pain. It puts you to sleep. It wraps you in a cocoon of mush – and keeps you ‘safe’ from intrusion.

Self-pity is the psychological state of mind of an individual in perceived adverse situations who has not accepted the situation and does not have the confidence nor ability to cope with it.

It is characterized by a person’s belief that he or she is the victim of events and is therefore deserving of condolence.

Self-pity is generally regarded as a negative emotion in that it does not generally help deal with adverse situations.

However, in a social context, it may result in either the offering of sympathy or advice.

Self-pity may be considered normal, and in certain circumstances healthy, so long as it is transitory and leads to either acceptance or a determination to change the situation.


Self Pity in Jezebels:

1. They are constantly offended at the behavior of others, and display passive aggressive attacks in sometimes subtle retaliations.

2. cannot forgive.

3. perceives injury where there isn’t any, then attacks

4. gets the true victim in trouble, and then takes credit for being the victim.

5. They are careful to misrepresent the actions of others as abusive, when there is no intent to be that way.

6. Irresponsible. Do not accept responsibility for their actions.

7. They are immature, have no true authority, but want others to see them as experts, or so gifted, that they are worthy special attention. They are unqualified to be in the position they want, so they fake it, and create a delusion.

8. “I didn’t create the problem so I can’t end it!”

9. Helplessness is a manipulative tactic.

10. They always need someone to rescue them.

11. Even if they do not generate the misunderstanding, they will foster it, or encourage a lie, if it benefits them.

12. Life is a melodrama.

13. They will not admit when they are wrong. Even if it is obvious.

14. Defensive pride.

15. Can disrupt families, workplaces, churches, etc. by fostering misunderstandings.

16. Women are the “damsels in distress,” and can get men fighting over them.

17. Men can be the “sweet, hurt guy,” and turn women into fighting dogs.

18. No remorse over the damage they have caused to others.

19. They are usually the most “holy, anointed” person in church, since they are so perfect.

20.  Their “sadness” at their mistreatment is used to solicit sympathy from others.  Notice how quickly they can become “sad” over something.  People will run to their rescue.

21. This can occur individually, or within a group, that has been brainwashed into believing that it is a victim, when it is actually the perpetrator of crimes.


Either individually, or as a group, these people are dangerous. There can be legal losses, broken relationships, job loss, child care custody disputes, mental illness, medical damages, loss of life, etc.

In a large social context, imagine an entire country creating chaos, violence, and murders over blaming true victims for criminal behaviors of others.

True victims can die, or suffer permanent damage, while “poor, little me” goes free.

The Jezebel spirit in a culture draws its authority from other supporting (Ahab) cultures, which permit its behavior, because it benefits them.

It is our responsibility to seek out the truth at any time, and not allow innocent victims to be blamed and persecuted as the guilty ones.

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97 Responses to “Jezebel – Poor little me”

  1. And here I was beginning to think Obama is a peter pan jezebel..Sounds just like him..

  2. Interesting.. Here’s my real good questions…

    My husband says I am aggressive.. I said in truth as hurt and frustration…
    He says I twists words… I said ” I try find right words that you can understand my language ”
    He says I do not listen… I said ” I listened to you for 8 years.. I tried all with you.. yet it seems not getting through you what I truly want in family by working ALL together ”

    As a victim.. real kind is a person who had to protect who and what they are and NOT allowing ANYONE ELSE tell them how to dress, how to think, how to speak, and etc… Yet, I get stomped and stabbed and bitten head off because I kept saying so many times so firmly… ” NO ONE WILL CHANGE ME but ALMIGHTY GOD ALONE.. KEEP THAT BETWEEN HIM AND I ”

    That is ONE thing I still do NOT understand is… WHY is it so hard to understand that I was born with personality and who and what I truly am which everyone else WANTS me to be SOMEONE ELSE that I can never be ???? IS that Jezebel, Poor little me ????
    I do not think so. I STICK TO MY WORDS.

    POOR LITTLE ME is like someone who would manipulation others into do things for them that they do not want to do…

    I have that fair share with my second daughter who would use the manipulation.. I seen that so many times.. I told her truthfully..” Whatever you try to use.. is NOT working on me.. I have seen that kind of manpulation in my very own mother some times ”

    *sigh* Yes, I do lose my terrible temper.. and leash out at others who try to tell me that I should be like that perrson or someone else… or.. they wants me to do things THEIR ways.. I cannot do that.. If I do that, then I am not true to myself nor true to Almighty God.

    I hope that makes sense ??? That is part of something that I stubbornly hold true to myself and to Almighty God … but that does not mean I am prideful or being cold person.. I just do not tolerate very well with others if they attempt to change who and what I am…

    Does that makes me Jezebel ?? I need good verfication. lol..

  3. Marianne,

    As you already know, I worked for one of these Jezebels. It was pure hell on earth with her. She took all of the praise of other people’s work and threw all of the employees under the bus. She finally got hers, though. Her boss relieved her of duty and sent her packing to another job in which she was now the worker bee instead of the boss. I know she hates that, but what goes around… you know the rest. Blessings

  4. Marianne,

    Thank you!!.. I agree about jezebel relating to deceitful and try to manipulate.. Believe me, my second daughter is doing excatly this with me and everyone else … and I am trying to show her that it is NOT working under this roof of mine nor will she be able to get anywhere with me.. LOL.. it is more like head locks here.. I do love her dearly.. she do have very good heart and soul.. but she just use wrong tools.. need to learn how to use proper tools.. ugh.. being teenager can be a pain sometimes.. 🙂

    Thanks for vertifying.

    • Tamera

      Teenagers learn rebellion from their friends. This is the best time for a child to learn how to be a Jezebel. It is a lot of work for the parents to oppose this. It can make you feel old, fighting this spirit.

  5. *smile * That is what I thought actually.. Because I was a little rebellion myself when I was in high school.. but…once I went out on my own, I end up helping others LOL..
    My daughter is beginning to learn the difference.. and she is also asking me a couple of questions.. and.. shhhh.. When I went to her bedroom to pick up her clothes for washing.. I found several books on her bed that belongs to me.. about bible and some other books of help to understand clearly..
    Which is a good sign she is beginning to see things.. slowly.. So naw, God and I aint giving up on her 😉

  6. Hi Marianne,

    I’d agree with you – but, only on condition that Jezebel spirit, in this case “whining Jezebel” – is identified through means of Holy Spirit, and not through means of psychology;

    Jews are often blamed by anti-semites for using victimhood for promoting their agenda, achieving their goals and even many say that State of Israel was created by Jews exploiting Holocaust;

    Muslims and homosexuals are also accused of the same thing…

    Job’s friends accused Job of being “whining Jezebel”, and later they were condemned for this by G-d…so we should be careful, drawing the line of where psychology ends and Holy Spirit lets us to hear its voice…

  7. There could also be other criteria:
    In case of real “whining Jezebel” victim is always (or almost always) present, while in case if the dark spirit is absent there are no other (real) victims…


  8. Marianne, can you make this plainer, clearer?
    “Jezebel gets the true victim in trouble, and then takes credit for being the victim.”

    • dear warrior

      The Jezebel creates the trouble, and victimizes people, either directly, or indirectly, through the trouble it causes.

      The true victim suffers emotional, physical or other injury.

      The Jezebel is fine. No problems.

      But the Jezebel will pretend like the trouble caused them so much grief that it deserves all the attention and help.

      This demand for attention cause the true victim to be ignored.

      Sometimes the Jezebel will blame the true victim for the trouble, and this doubles the suffering of the true victim.


      a jezebel steals someone’s husband…..disrupts the family. and cause the wife to suffer.

      she the turns the children against the wife/mother…she exerts a strong influence over the children, encouraging them to rebel against their mother

      when the wife complains, the jezebel contacts the police, and issues a legal complaint against the wife, trying to put her in jail, and get the kids to report their mom for child abuse.

      this way:
      the wife is the true victim, but she is being falsely accused as the evil one

      the jezebel pretends to be the victim, to get sympathy and get revenge against the wife.

  9. Hi there. very encouraging reading the responses. The divorce is almost through-in the end I had to make a and his partner pay for it as they work full-time and now suddenly he’s feeling sorry for himself because he cant get a new car!. Sickening and unbeliavble.. I praise God I have escaped from this unrelenting abusive and manipulative situation and for others who’s eye have been opened. Talking about loss-being free of this man. Now I hae encountered a couple of situations with someone with this behaviour. One is a woman who has followed me for months-I believe is a spirit of perverion over her and her relationships and has nothing better to to than try and get my attention. Its the same tactics and unofortunately for her-the police will become involved if it continues. I am grateful for a merciful God but I am sickened by the people satan uses to try and corrupt other people of God. It is a spiritual battle and one this woman is too deluded to see she’s heading for trouble. She has no freinds, no job and is clearly “disturbed”. She needs prayer because she is truly being torn apart from this spirit inside her.
    She behaves as if “she needs sympathy” its no coincidence to get this timely e-mail marrianne

  10. Jezebel has literally tried to destroy me, my life, my reputation, my spiritual walk, my friendships, etc.

  11. The Jezebel that I came across is very intelligent. She is able to manipulate and gather people to her cause. As my colleague in the same dept I was inevitably linked to all her actions. It is not easy being linked to the actions of Jezebel. I became the bad guy and the only way to escape is leaving the job.

    • you were linked because she allowed others to think you were the cause of the trouble. Losing a job is traumatic, but you are better off out of there. Next time, look for trouble, and be on your toes.

  12. I don’t know if this would qualify as jezebel-type behavior but I am a manager for a company and I recently had to transfer an employee to another area due to her constant slacking off on the job. We gave her so many chances to improve and she was capable of doing the work when she wanted to but would constantly slack off again a few weeks after being reprimanded. She presented herself as being very fragile and wearing her feelings on her sleeve. When I would confront her, she would play victim and start crying. According to her, She tried real, real hard and we just weren’t seeing that. I would always feel like I had just killed a puppy after these conversations and would start to feel guilty. The last straw was when she called in sick for a week and my senior manager saw her out shopping. He said she was be-bopping around like there was nothing wrong. Then she showed up at work one day, left most of her assignment undone, then left without telling me. Again, when I confronted her, her lip would start quivering and the tears would start flowing. I always felt guilty. Does this sound like a victim mentality or at the least, manipulative behavior?

  13. Manipulative behavior is the real answer, Stacey.. I have seen that too often enough in my own kids who loves to manipulate me in every turn until I finally learned to stay silent and skirt around and observe… once observing is done and decisions to be made take a huge requirement on honest and considerate decision… and STAY WITH IT… It is like if walking with God who never change his laws nor HIS ways.. We all are suppose to follow his ways.. His laws by STICK TO THE WORDS..

    🙂 Just helping out a wee bit.. Believe me, I have been played many times over by so many different people in my life by being manipulatived by them… but does that stop me from loving them ? No… I still love all.. it is THEIR actions I disapprove and will require to provide conquesences.. Just an example expression…

    If I do not make sense.. then maybe Marianne or Abigail can explain far better than I am able.. since I have my limits of explainations.. because I do not like talk lol.. I am a person who likes action.. not a talker.. Forgive me for being honest and at least I tried to lend some support for thee.

    May God be with you always… Blessings.

  14. Does jezebel every lose? I mean does she ever pay for the destruction she causes from seducing men from their wives & destroying the wife, making people her victim by costing them their jobs, marriages, churches, ministries, etc. & just shrug her shoulders & continue to move on to her next victim? What are some examplyes of her “reaping what she sowed”? Does she get “eaten up by dogs”. Do the victims ever recover? Do jezebels ever turn their lives around. Do you pray that the Lord release the hounds of heaven on her, or pray for her salvation or both? The jezebels I have encountered, I really have a hard time praying the right prayer, especially when I see no signs of remorese or repentence whatsoever. It just seems liek jezebel almost always win!

    • Hi Mandy,
      There will be second encounter between Prophet Elijah and Priests of Baal ~ and this time around the accepting consuming fire will come down upon the sacrifice of the Priests of Baal, not the sacrifice of Elijah ! …and this is the GREAT TEST FOR ALL OF US! ~ to endure, though everything will SEEM against us!

    • hi Mandy

      She will eventually get eaten up by dogs….called demons.

      In the meantime, she will not be destroyed until people gang up on her, and fight her.

      It takes more than prayer. It takes action.

      • Thanks….it just seems like when you get rid of one, here comes another. Some are “stronger” than others & I noticed that they can “sense” when a person is on to them. While others, including myself, just have some jezeblic tendencies. When God revealed it to me, I was embarassed & changed. I’ve seeom some jezebels so far gone, I don’t know if they will ever change or ever stop destroying people. That’s what frustrates me. They go from one church to another or one group/job to another causing so much havoc. They whore & destroy their own children. When I stood up to one years ago, she turned over 95% of the employees against me. Had a party & gave an invite to everyone but me. And, I didn’t care & that bothered her. I did leave that office & the company went out of business. (I wonder why.) She was married, but slept with married men in higher positions to keep her position of power & influence & appeared proud of it. She didn’t care what she did to the wives/children. It was like they didn’t exist & she was entitled. That’s a lot of evil!!

        When jezebels were after my husband who is in church leadership I had a strange medical condition that 2 doctors couldn’t explain, but it’s gone. My husband was acting like he was on drugs or something. He said he felt like he was “outside” his body, another person. Thats how she was trying to trap/control/seduce him I think. He said things to his mother, sister & brother that he doesn’t remember saying. He’s fine now. Another one told a friend she was going to beat me up & I told her to come on. She never did it. I know one has suffered serious medical conditions. It’s like her health gets worse & worse. That must be the dogs or her bed of suffering. I don’t think they understand they have innocent people’s blood on their hands.

        • Men need to start acting like men also. They let these Jezebels get away with all sorts of stuff, instead of taking authority themselves, and putting an end to it.

          Once upon a time, men would go to the rescue of others in distress. Now, they are weak, and allow the distress to occur all around them, and they do nothing. This is why woman are forced to take the aggressive part, and put a stop to things.


  15. Is it possible for a jezebel to fly under the radar for a long time before you realize they are one. I’ve posted about some of my experiences with jezebels at work and church. The one that still haunts me is the lady I was friends with for several years at my last church. She did not have any overtly, aggressive ways about her but did present herself as being very “spiritual” and “highly gifted” of the Lord. I thought it was very strange she had only been a Chrtistian for about 3 years and all-of-the-sudden she is this highly gifted “prophet.” During our friendship, she did seem to be genuinely concerned about wanting to help me and be my friend. Looking back now, I realize that even then I sinced a darkness in her I could not explain. You could see it in her eyes–very dark. She did seem to be really dedicated to God and was very involved in church. It wasn’t until after some time that I started to detect a very well-concealed arrogance underneath her outer persona that would come out in her conversations. It was very confusing! I guess what I’m saying is that she did not have any of the very overt jezebel-like behaviour that was immediately noticeable. Only when she abruptly turned on me and began to shun me did I start to see the truth. Other people at our church meetings also began to mention seperately that they picked up on the same vibe. It was as if a darkness would overcome the meeting when she was there–made others very uncomfortable. I know she also tends to church-hop for some reason. I was experiencing a real cognitive dissonance with her. I could not understand why I and others were sensing this darkness yet at the same time she did seem to have a genuine, and real desire for God or so it seemed. She presented herself as very spiritually gifted and mature yet over time, I noticed that some of her thinking was very delusional and childlike. Why would it take the Holy Spirit that long to reveal to me the truth instead of early on in our friendship? I’m still very confused and haunted by this. Do you any insight as to why I am feeling these mixed feelings about her?

    • Hi stacey,

      Welcome to the ever growing club of the bewildered.

      We like evil to be obvious, so we can avoid it. But evil does not always work that way.

      Many times, it is subtle, and sneaky, and comes across as sincere and sweet. This is to deceive us.

      I have been through the same thing.

      The one you describe is similar to this jezebel type:

      Satan is always changing colors. We have to look at the spirit, not the “works,” which is one reason we are saved by faith, and not works.

      Anyone who claims to get to the top fast, and have many talents and gifts, should be suspected as fake. Learning humility can be a life long process.

      They learn to read their surroundings, like good psychologists, and they pass this off as prophecy. They are always “doing” something, but only to gain status and recognition.

      General Rule #1: Anyone who claims to be a prophet is not one.

      If you look at the real prophets from the OT, most were humble, overcome by God during prophecy, and went and hid from others when they were done.

      They needed to be away from people to avoid them fussing over them, or the opposite, being persecuted for telling the truth. They did not walk around telling others how gifted they were.

      General Rule #2: God does not need a multitude of prophets in any nation or church. Usually God assigned ONE or TWO prophets for ONE nation at a time. Jesus warned that false prophets would arise in the end times, so look around and be discerning.

      General Rule # 3: if they go to school to become one, they are fake. No matter how much they claim the holy spirit is speaking to them, it is not true. True prophecy does not need an introduction.

      They are speaking from their flesh and human imagination, and egotistically assume that every thought that enters their mind must be a direct message from God.

      General Rule # 4: Comments are generic. “God loves you.” He wants to do something in your life. To parents: God will help you with your children. I see a vision of blah, blah, blah. A real vision would floor you, and knock you out. You would not be left standing, and would be left in fear and trembling.

      General Rule # 5: Just because others believe them, does not make it true. People believed Hitler, and they will believe the Antichrist an the false prophet also.

      General Rule # 6: True prophets will not ask for an offering. They are interested more in you and God, and not themselves. They speak because they are compelled by God, not because they need to make some money, or get attention from others.

      The Word of God is free. Look at 2 Kings 5:16. Elisha refused to take an offering from Naaman. His servant Gehazl ended up with leprosy because he went behind Elisha’s back and got an offering after Elisa had refused it. God will provide the daily bread for a true servant.

      General Rule # 7: 99.9% of modern prophets are fake.
      This follows from rule #2. The holy spirit is within each of us. We do not need an external “word” from someone. People should look within, not to the outside, to communicate with God.

      This all I learned the hard way too. But I was also privileged to meet, and be with, a true prophet for a season. Once you meet the real thing, you will know a fake one when you meet them.

  16. That explains so much! Thanks for the insights. Your right, humility is a very, very long process. So much of what I saw with her and others in my church was attention-seeking behavior. People want spiritual gifts handed to them on a spiritual platter but they don’t want to go through the refining process that I think is necessary in order to use those gifts wisely. Kind of like giving the car keys to a 4 year old–there’s eventually gonna be a wreck.

    • hi stacey

      That is probably one reason why God allowed prophets to be persecuted so much. It kept their flesh (ego) dead, while the Word went forth in a pure fashion. Prophecy did not make them popular, but it had to be done.

  17. Hi marriane. well, things are slowly coming together and kids doing well at school. I just started work for youth ministry to lead a girls group and my daughter comes along and has started really well. There is an outreaach worker who had consistent problems with a centre venue manager where the group is held. Well communication has broken down and the manager simply could’nt speak to her anymore, and we were shocked at the outrgae, accusations and slander she is now accusing us with. I knew something was up with her when she called the pastor and everytone had to stop what they were doing to listen to her complaints(including my ten year old gilr). She has taken no responsibility for her actions in things breaking down. The pastor investigated it and seeked reconicliation. Bceuase she was’nt supoorted in her accusations, she has gone against pastoral authority despite much time and help being put in to helping her resolve her “so called pain”
    It sounds bad on my part but I’m out of sympathy. Praise God I was able to warn the pastor of this kind of spirit as she has never had to deal with this before, now she is bringing everyone, the police and racial equality into it. I was a witness and spoke truth in what happened. Now the very ministry she sought to work, she is now attempting to destroy and with the girls group(she has never once mentioned those she wants to reach) and it started sucessfully but time and time again, she sends discouraging e-mails about the same situation and how “she has been wronged” trying to take the attention to herself. It is amazing marriane how quickly the volcanoe erupts wants jezebel is humiliated by her faults and actions. I feel sorry for the others as I dont think they understand until now ive explained, how serious this spirit is and how it will stop at nothing to get “vengence” Well, for now anywaym she’s had to step down from her position and the church have taken legal stance(they have my support) and the poor unbeliever who has been framed for false allegations, we have faults but he DID NOT deserve this.
    All this woman keeps saying is “I want to know what my position is” its all about her, her fear her mess.
    The devil is a liar.
    God bless

  18. Pray for my friend (name withheld) whose life has been ravished through a so called Christian leader, who personally destroyed his property, stole his money, (cost him half million +) went about destroying his reputation however she could, erected a slanderous website to make it impossible for him to work and refuses to listen to any pastoral counsel to take it down, but continues to damage him with its existence. He hasn’t been able to work in 2 years because of the website, but is living off of charity. She sounds like the Jezebel above- utterly destructive!
    Please pray he gets a hugh breakthrough and soon, he is literally starving and has nothing, not even money for medicine. I mean nothing because of her. Please pray too, that spiritual leaders with courage confront her en masse & she is brought down This madness must stop!

    • dear John

      I added your friend to my prayer list. If she is truly slandering him, he can sue her for damages. Can he prove she is lying?

      Since you want spiritual leaders to confront her in masse, maybe you can tell me her name offline, when you get this message. I do not quite understand how she could have done all this without some details.

      Maybe you can share more in a private email.

  19. Dear John, I am so sorry to have read your comment about your freinds situation. It sounds really serious-this leader should go to jail for this. I will be praying your freind becomes surrounded with protection and a courageous person of Elijah and a good lawyer comes to his defence.
    God bless

  20. I have just learned of this spirit of jezebel. As i was reading the description and characteristics, all i could think about was my ex’s wife. It fit her EXACTLY. I always felt like she had some type of spirit but i didnt know what. She’s VERY controlling. She has her husband under very tight reign. He is very submissive to her and what she says goes. Everything about him changes when shes around. She just has this presence about her. She is making him take me to court for our son we have together. She wanted to be in control of the whole situation and i wouldnt let her so know she is retaliating. Is there anything I can do since I am up against this spirit? I am a believer and they are not, so it worrys me that she is trying to get ahold of my son. She has made her husband tell the courts many lies against me and is attacking me like Im the bad one and trying to have everyone believe she and her husband are the victims.

    • dear Holly

      She will only understand power in the natural realm, even though she is under a negative influence from the spiritual realm.

      Use the court system.

      Get a good lawyer. I do not know all the details, but try to assemble witnesses in your favor, and against her if possible.

      Gather proof in your favor, to show they are lying.

      Usually a false accuser has things to hide. Do a background check on her.

      If you are the type that is just too honest about every mistake you make, and can be tricked into admitting guilt to things that you are not guilty of, then stay off the witness stand, and let the lawyer do the defense for you.

      I am seeing this same situation going on now with a young friend, so I know what you are talking about.

    • Dear holly, i am really sad to read about your encounter. You know though you being a believer is a threat to that couple and the kingdom of darkness they are operating in. You just dont know it yet and God will prevail. You are absolutely right not to “give in” to any demands or let her have her way because you’re not feeding her. Jezebels always go ONE STEP TOO FAR and set themselves up for trouble. Like marrianne said , Taking you to court is a smoke screen for something else. Ther are things you will be unaware of that will probabbly come to light when it does go to court so “let them to it”
      I have two amazing Godly children and faught my ex husband and his partner against something a little similar and you know what. In the end, he never enforced the court action. God made damn sure he couldnt do it. Dont be afraid. Its more a barking dog thats scared. SO WALK UP TO IT, LOOK IT IN THE EYES AND SAY “YOU DONT SCARE ME” They are setting themselves up for total disatser.
      God has your back and Im praying for you.
      God bless. my email is if you want to ask me anything more about my encounter.

  21. Hi Marianne,

    I tried posting but not sure if you got it. I am the man that John wrote about above. I need help! May I please speak with you privately. My life is hell because of this evil spirit.

    God bless & thank you,

  22. Yesterday I left a reply and then I printed 33 pages of information and other people’s replies – I am amazed at how many people are victims of this insidious jezebel spirit and I feel great compassion for them. My husband and I also are victims – a 40 year nightmare with our daughter who has accused her father of sexual molestation and claims I knew of the abuse and did nothing to help her!! – not to our face but to anyone else who will listen. So our reputation has been permanently damaged. She has been married 5 times and is currently preparing to marry again, and has had more ‘affairs’ than anyone could number. It is never her fault – nothing ever is! She is charming and sweet when she wants something and vicious and manipulative at other times. We are committed Christians – she claims to be! She ‘dabbles’ in the occult. She is materialistic and loves jewellery and gets men to buy it for her – it is easily transportable and easy to keep whereas real estate or larger items are not!
    It is no good confronting her – she will not listen to any kind of criticism or attempts to help her as she doesn’t believe she has a problem – it is always someone else’s fault and she is the poor little victim of other people’s viciousness!
    She loves attention and wants to be centre stage and be complimented all the time and ‘pouts’ when she is not.
    Don’t ask me how we deal with it! None of her children will have anything to do with her having been hurt too many times – and having been abandoned when small. All we can do is pray for wisdom and for healing for ourselves and pray that the Lord will open her eyes to what she is.
    There are so called friends of ours who no longer speak to us or who treat us differently becsuse of what she has said about us, but they could not have been real friends if they believe her and not us. But she can be VERY convincing!!
    I have to continually remind myself that it is the jezebel spirit that is operating in her and controlling her that is responsible for all this – ‘for we struggle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities’ Eph 6.
    I have posted these comments in the hope that they may be of help to someone else who is suffering under this evil spirit as we are.

    • hi meg

      You are not alone. It was prophesied that children would turn against their parents in the last days. Many parents have suffered heartaches. Including me. All we can do is put our children in His hands. He knows our prayers. He will hear us.

  23. I need to understand the jezebel spirit. Can a father and daughter both have it? I know it is in this family but the 2 people both seem to have it at the same time.. Theses 2 act like they hate each other but when one or the other has a brain storm or a plan to attack one of us in the family–they will visit each other for hours and then and annouce their decision or their mean words about someone. The rest of us will cling to each other and one of them will back off. They will act like and appear that they hate each other untill the next attack.. It started out when the dad groomed my daughter at 12 to be a weapon against us. She liked the power and things she got.. When I was pregnant with my last child who is 14 I was ill and needed help. She went to her dad and said I want mom out so he did it. If she wants to harm us he is willing. Sometimes she comes to us pretending to be against him. This is so crazy and it ruined the marriage. This never stops. They accuse each other behind their back of using witchcraft. Something is so evil and crazy in all this and I need to understand it. She married a man that she abuses severely but he will join forces with her against us. Tell me what I am to pray for?

  24. My estranged husband had molested my oldest child who was 12 while I was giving birth. Because she waited too late to get the DNA they couldnt arrest him and it was not sure who did it just that someone did. She was taken away. He attacked me and others in the family with accusasions like we are the abusers. I guess it is called muddying the water. He admitted years later in family court that he did not sexually assault hre–he just molested her. Even though most people know he is a molester he tries to make people think we are what he is. The daughter does too. I believe she has a sex related demon too. All the things they did through the years if we didnt see it they try to make us believe it was others. I pray all the time but I wish I know how this works and how to pray. I have a grand daughter who is 3 . He has a fascination with her. Some in the family are watching this. My daughter is jealous because her dad makes over this one and not her 2 even knowing he sexually assaulted her half sister. Does this make sense?

    • dear peggy

      Your husband seduced your daughter and so they share the same spirit. However, she also does hate him for what he did to her.

      It is all evil and it started with him.

      You will have to stand your ground and defend yourself. Do not show fear.

      If the grand daughter is a result of the sex molestation, have her DNA tested. It will show who the father is.

      You should not be living with this man.

      If you are, file charges and separate away from him.

  25. I believe my pastor’s wife has a Jezebel spirit and I believe he has the Ahab spirit. She portrays herself as quiet and innocent, but deep down I know she is controlling, Anytime prophecy is spoken concerning her is unfavorable, She looks at my pastor as if she’s asking him to come rescue or protect her and stop people from saying anything to her. She sees this as they are rebuking her. He has recently made statements to the effect of “She’s the pastor’s wife and mother of the church and no one should chastise her or rebuke her” She does nothing in the church at all and she doesn’t support anything we do for the ministry. They ride in seperate cars, and she only smiles when she sees her daughter and grandkids walk in. My thing is that if God doesn’t have respect of persons, and if calls the prophet of the Church to warn you, that no one is exempt. This is very frustrating and have been going on for years, She and her daughter has put our church in debt and nothing has been said about, no forgiveness, no nothing. Please tell me what are we to do?

    • dear MRS

      You have 4 issues:

      1. Someone has decided they are a prophet, when that is debatable. speaking generalities does not make one a prophet. Also constantly speaking unfavorable decrees over someone is most likely not of God. Usually, correction is accompanied by encouragement. You do not indicate that has happened. Calling oneself a prophet of the church is arrogant, and would shed doubt in my mind that they are called of God, but instead have ordained themselves into this position.

      2. You are describing her as a jezebel, when you have not indicated she has any of the characteristics. Riding in a separate car at times does not mean anything. Not smiling may mean she is sad. I do not see the evidence that she is solely responsible for the church being in debt.

      3. You see yourself as the one doing more than her for the church. What ministry are you describing that is valuable to the church, and why are you still there?

      4. The pastor needs to handle this, in cooperation with the church members, if there is a debt, or someone is out of order.

      • In my opinion, this is very excellent advice.

        There are so many warnings in the Bible about false prophets and false christ’s during the end times. At what point will people wake up and realize “Hey, thousands of people here are calling themselves ‘prophets’ and parading themselves on television. Maybe this is what the Lord was talking about?”

        At what point will people ever wake up and realize the Bible prophecy coming to pass?

        People have to be completely DEAD to the words of the Bible to not see this. And when we find ourselves that dead to the Word of God it seems to me that it is time to repent of our ignorance.

        I am quite aware of my own mistake with a false prophet. I received what I asked for and in so doing this I learned the lesson to stay away from self-proclaimed prophets.

        Anyone who starts falsely targeting someone as a jezebel will wind up looking like a jezebel themselves. Then, such is my own scenario with a false prophet that while they are accusing you of being the jezebel they gain ignorant followers with no spiritual discernment because everybody thinks that anyone who calls out a prophet as false has got to be the real jezebel. Satan is really having a hayday playing with the minds of foolish, biblically ignorant people.

  26. Hi Marianne,

    I just love your comments especially as I have been an enrolled member of the ‘bewildered club.’ I like to have a laugh about the situation now as it helps me to deal with the intense pain that I have previously felt. You are so right that no one can boast about being a prophet. Who in their right mind would want to be a prophet?, given the abuse that this gifting naturally attracts. I believe, in the world today that everyone who has the Spirit of God reigning in their lives has a natural prophetic voice. Many of us though, recognizing our own imperfections tend to dampen that voice as others are likely to see prophesy as arrogance. But we do need to please God in preference to man and believe that prophesy will stand for itself and that we can’t choose to opt out of the war we have been placed in.

    Blessings, Adrian

    • hi adrian

      I guess what all this means is that, with the Spirit of God, in in place properly in our lives, that we should seek God’s wisdom before opening our mouths, and saying things.

      We need to discern between spirit and flesh, and keep our own flesh out of it.

      But, yes, we need to share what god has given us to share, but giving God the glory, not ourselves. If we glorify ourselves, then what came out of our mouths was not from Him.

  27. Marianne,
    I have one more question… When you are communicating with a Jezebel Spirit in another person, is the person there at all? OR are you 100% communicating with the Jezebel??? Because this all just seems like a BAD DREAM… Please pray for my emotional healing… I have been replaying the last 3 years with this Jezebel in my mind, before the Holy Spirit showed me what it was……………… And there were so many signs that I seen that was not right. Please pray for my emotional healing as well. But can you please tell me…… is the Jezebel doing all the thinking and talking for this person?? And doesn’t this person being controlled by Jezebel know that they are demon possessed and NOT normal???

    • hi Eben

      A person can be either influenced or possessed. It is a matter of degree, depending on how much the person has opened the door and cooperated with the spirit. If he is headed for jail, he is more toward the possessed condition.

      The host person is still in there, but suppressed. A person may or may not hear you while you speak to the spirit. From what you say, I am guessing he could hear you the whole time, but was dominated by the spirit, who took control

  28. HELP! My stepdaughter houses a Jezebel spirit. She’s the quiet, shy type of spirit. We had her evaluated by a Christian Couselor and was told that she is Narcisistic, a pathalogical liar, manipulator, with no remorse or concience. She took my son that could not swim out into a deep area of a lake and were it not for someone nearby, he would have drowned when she let go of him. The woman that saved him said “this little girl was just watching as he kept going down, and I got to him as he went down for what I believe was the last time.” My stepdaughters reason was, she didn’t want to share any of the attention. She has lied on me numerous times, caused many problems between my husband and myself using the “pity me and I’m so confused” cards. The counselor asked her what her problem with me is, and she told him, I don’t have a problem with her. So he asked why she directs so much of her abuse toward me, and she told him that I am the only one that ever saw her lies. This has been going on for 4 years, she is 14 now. Her Dad sees the truth, but, says it’s just easier to let her have her way. I hate this spirit feeling freedom to live in this house. She has been “saved” 4 times, and says she knows it’s a lie that I would want to believe. She has started over SO many times, even seasons of daily start overs. I forgive her, and she takes those times to plot and plan a new attack. I tell her there can be no relationship between the two of us with no repentance, but, she uses that to gain pity from her Dad as well. I’m the bad guy for longer periods than not. My son has taken the back burner in this family and showing behavior signs of this. I have prayed over her when she asked, but, she always used those moments to spend literally HOURS talking about God…which always accomplishes no change, just more individual attention for herself. I’ve even thought of leaving for the sake of my son, and myself, but, torn between “for better or worse”, and peace. She has recently hurt my 2 month old grandson, and my 5 yr old grandson deliberately by her own admission. Child Services says she is a danger (the counselor also told us she is a danger to the rest of us) and should be placed somewhere for help. Her Dad, however, is now trying to protect her from that. She says she believes her Dad will keep her from going.

    • dear donna

      You are married to an unbeliever, and are not obligated to stay with him.

      He is an Ahab personality which is enabling the girl.

      It will not change.

      While things could change, it is most unlikely, as a Ahab-jezebel duo empowers itself continually by the forgiveness of others, and so it continues on, knowing it receives forgiveness without repentance.

      You need to leave, or see your own children destroyed.

      You are all in danger.

      • Marianne,
        thank you so much for sending a reply so quick! You said that my husband is not a believer, but, he says he accepted Jesus July a year ago. I don’t understand this hold, though, along with knowing that behavior is coming before the two of us and the rest of the family. I see him struggling with this, but, it seems to be more out of the flesh trying to be “good” than repentance. I hope and pray that’s not a judgement, but rather an observation.

        • donna

          If he is saved, then he needs to act like it.

          he may not even have a good definition of born again, and could be a false convert.

          this is a dangerous situation.

          get him counseling….if he refuses…then he is still enabling her….

  29. Thank you again Marianne, so much. This has truly been the most trying situation in my life. It has at times made me feel things that made me feel ashamed for even thinking. I’ve had so much anger at times that I even questioned my own salvation at that moment. These trials have strengthened my relationship with Jesus and built my trust in Him. I know it’s been Him that has been my only strength and peace even when it felt like everything was going to fall apart completely. I thank Him for doing the very thing I had prayed for so hard….although I have been saved since my teens…I never really “crumpled at the foot of His cross…until several years ago. I finally realized that no matter what happens on this earth, no matter the pain this life brings…He IS my GOD above and beyond all relationships. I want that for my husband and my stepdaughter, but, I do realize if they come to that, it will have to happen with her outside this home. Just this evening, he had her fill out the forms for a christian home in Nashville that believes in God’s deliverance. I’m so thankful, and know God has answered my prayers yet again. We can work on our situation safely, and without her influence and interference. My son loved my husband so much before his daughter had to come live with us. I’m praying, that both of them will find healing through Jesus during this time, and that she will find deliverance. Thank you again, your teaching on this site has helped more than you can imagine, and by sharing this with my husband, he was able to see enough of God’s truth to make this decision this evening.

    God Bless you! Marianne

  30. Dear frustrated, I am always concerned when we turn to peers to find out if there is any truth to these types of explanatiions of evil spirits and their works in our lives. First, I take this in the name of jesus to the Father and renounce any involvement or attachments to soul ties with such spirits. I ask the Father in Jesus name to break them off me. I speak out to any evil spirits effecting my life,( real or not) that they have no rights to me due to the blood of jesus and renounce all and any affiations with them. I ask father to forgive me if I have ever acted within this realm. I ask him to cleanse me and heal by Jesus blood and stripes. ( put all this in your own words- it is not an exact thing at all we under Grace abounding if we have been sucked into such behaviors). Then I see a prophetic counsellor that can see and tell if there is anything we may need to deal with.

    Please understand that if you have an anger issue there is something that does need to dealt with. First with you. You must admit and take responsibilty for your actions. Take it to Father. Ask for His help and guidance. Do not just think dealing with demons is the answer.

    It is written we must take care of the natural in order to recieve the supernatural. ( Proverbs)

    The reason most CHRISTIANS have these types of issues is because they refuse to deal with their own behaviors and attitudes. We must transform our minds to agreeing with and acting on the very WORD OF GOD not our own efforts.

    I have struggled over three marriages, alcoholism recovery, identity recovery and anger and many other issues since I was born again to gain freedom. At times i win and wow!! it is so great! Then some other thing attaches or atttacks. The enemy of our souls can only get us if we do not get transformed.

    I have suffered massive trials. My wife is currently dieing. My son was born with a terrible illness. I have suffered depression. I keep moving forward to the prize.

    I cannot afford denial!! NOn of can. It will take us out every time. I also cant afford guilt, shame, or self pity as it wil surely cut me off of my responsibility. However, I have al these feelings and at times I need a close friend to be accountable too with these. One such frined is a counsellor who i go to whenever I need a check up to see if i am okay or not.

    I have a ministry, I minister overseas and know Gods calling on my life. I am not some person anyone would know. Just a normal human being who has suffered at the hands of witchcraft and jezebel as a child. As a beaten child I must be aware of how I react, what triggers me and how to deal with it so the enemy can’t take advantage.

    God has given us the leaders with spiritual gifts to be our hospital. Our agents to help us see where we are blind. I encourage any and all that have personality issues to seek healing. It is always deeply rooted stuff in our owunded hearts that weakens us and Satan knows how to touch our hot buttons.

    I hope this is encouraging and helpful. Sincerely, brother Brian

  31. Hi Marianne,

    I’ve also have dealt with a Jezebel at work. She in fact hired me, used me to “climb to the top” and when it was time to “destroy” me for her benefit she lied about, caused chaos among my subordinates, using my subordinates to make false accusations against me and my boss nearly ruined my reputation. My boss couldn’t handle it. I refused to leave or resigne as I did nothing wrong; my employer never wrote me up because the accusations were unfounded -the best they could do was transfer me to another department. Unfortunately we still work in same office. During this time I prayed, had my family and church family praying against this jezebel because I knew what I was dealing with and refused to be defeated. This transfer has been a blessing thus far but I still have to watch my back with her. I have more time with my family, flexible work hours, and can work from home when I want to and my new manager sees and values all of my hard work. The Lord continues to slowly restore my reputation, revealing the jezebel and her eunichs. Although I no longer deal with this jezebel, I still have to be cautious because her eunichs are also still around. Not too long ago (December)she was overheard telling a collegue that what I did was horriblie; I’m an auditor and the manager was complaining to this jezebel about my audit score on her staff, the jezebel “stirred the pot” telling the manager her team does a good job and how dare I do such a thing and that she was going to “tell me” off. Jezebell never came by my office to “tell me” off and I contemplated confronting her but am tired of all of the drama and chose not to. She has since come by my office to tell me “happy birthday” and has tried to make conversation with me in the break room. I ignore her and keep my distance as I’m on to her tactics. Did I do the right thing in not confronting her? If not, is it too late to do it? Also with her recent attempt to “test the friend” waters with me, i suspect she is up to no good again. Do you have any suggestions?

    More than a Conqueror through Christ

    • hi Pam

      I have had a similar situation happen. I was transferred to a different office, but her influence was still there. She then used gossip to continue to destroy me, since she could not do it directly.

      When I got laid off, instead of a good reference, I had a tainted one, even though I had done an excellent job. I had to provide more than one reference, and it was then I had a problem. My main supervisor was highly complimentary, but the other person had been influenced by the gossip.

      So learn one thing. They do not give up just because you are not under them anymore. They HAVE to win.

      Meet with your current supervisor, and anyone else you would ever need for support, and make sure they understand her behavior and history with you.

      Continue to be alert and pick up on any clues , and make sure you address the gossip head on. first with the person told, to remove the influence, and then with “gossip girl.” Tell your supervisor about any meetings with her and that sometimes confrontation with a sneaky person is necessary.

  32. Thanks I will do that.

    I just told my current supervisor about what this jezebel did back in December and she was very supportive of me and conveyed to me to never feel like I have to endure that poor behavior alone (she at one time had also had this jezebel as her boss). I did share some of the abuse I experience with this jezebel and my boss commended me on always being so professional when she’s asked me to work with her on things and that my effort to work with her without every saying a word about my past history said a lot about my professionalism. The sad thing is our department has just been told we are now getting a new supervisor; so I will plan on meeting with her too so she has advanced knowledge of this jezebel.

  33. Also thank you very much for the great suggestions!

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  35. Hello.. I heard about the Jezebel Spirit not long ago. And I need a confirmation if this is what I am dealing with.

    I believe in God, I believe in Angels and Demons and I don’t blame the “flesh” of a person. So here is my story….

    I have two children. My husband of 8 years left for schooling almost a year ago and I found out a few months ago that he was having an affair with one of his female classmates. I know this woman by name, she is friends with a few of my friends and the stories I have heard about her are all the same. She is a married woman with 4 children and has a history of marital “affairs”, inclduing with one of my friend’s husband whom fathered one of her children. Her husband keeps her 4 children and he does not care what she does.

    Anyways, I have noitced a BIG difference in my husband. Of all the 11 years I have known him, he was always loving, caring, very supportive of his family and always putting people first. We have had little fights here and there but always manged to worked them out. So, one little fight, it lead him to say he stopped loving me. That was almost a year ago. I truly believe that he has been with this woman ever since then, but he denies it. He lies all the time, he doesn’t call his children, he drinks all the time because of her, she buys him alcohol (but he denies it. I know this because he says he does’t have any money to send any to his children). He has manipulated me for the past few months by threating me to pay for his car payments or he takes my car away, he always finds ways to argue with me, saying he regrets meeting me, he doesn’t want to be married to me anymore, It was a mistake, etc.. I have never heard or see this side of him ever! I have apologized to him numerous times for my wrong doings as a wife, and I continue to help him financially but according to him, it’s too late. So I have decided to back away, since he refuses to forgive me, refuses to admit his wrong doings (too personal to mention) and refused to apologize for everything he has put me through (I have lost ALOT since then) because I am to blame for everyhing, well according to him. I have tried to tell the other woman off, but he protects her. He believes that she hasn’t done anything wrong, and doesn’t believe the stories of her past affairs, except the child of the different father. He believes she had left him because the man wasn’t treating her right. According to my husband, she is very innocent. She writes little prayers on her posts, but comm’on, she’s committing adultry. Just looks too awkard and not right!

    So anyway, it has been an emotional rollarcoaster ride. I have prayed and asked God to show me what was wrong here. Spoken to a few people and some mentioned to me that I might be dealing with the Jezebel/Ahab Spirit. From what I read, maybe this is the case. What do you think?

    • nbosum

      your husband and his sweetie are sinners and have hurt you.

      they live in adultery.

      You are not guilty of anything.

      do not give him anything. he deserves nothing but jail time!

      She is not innocent…what a bunch of bull…..

      she is the jezebel…..your husband is an ahab.

      dump him and get child support.

  36. My mother is a jezebel….she has a great career in an executive position but she has affairs with so many married man, and tells us, her children that it is our fault that she is in that life and she regrets having us and that also it is her work that makes her so stressed so we should not question her life decisions.Funny thing is that she is still with my father. My father knows all this but he is so strong in his faith in God,that he just leaves her, and says nothing.That i cant seem to understand,since she treats him like crap, asks for money off him, while she lives in another city working and only comes home when she needs something from my father. Once she took my sister to one of her social functions, and didnt even budge when a man started harrasing my sister.She actually encouraged my sister to go along with that man and talk to him. When her own mother confronted her about her affairs and the new man she was seeing and the embarrasment she was causing the family, she got so angry that we her daughters told her mother about the things we had seen about her affairs, that she actually got the hot water kettle and threw the water in the kettle at me. I am lucky that it wasnt boiling water. She go the golf club and went after my sister who was lucky that our grandmother was in the house,so my mother couldnt touch her. Her eyes looked like she wanted to kill someone, and she was shouting anfd going into a rage when my grandmother confronted her.She was supposed to drive us that day and said, she would kill all of us if she drove us back to our house , so my brother drove us. She told us her daughters , never to call her mother again, and 2 days later,she was back at our house being nice to our father,and once again we played nice families. What a weird situation we are in..I am glad that i have my own life to go back to, but i feel sad for my siblings especially my sister. I dont know why but she has a deep hatred for females, and treats my sister like crap, always shouting at her and manipulating her, since she knows my sister depends on her.She is at the height of her career and i never expected her to become like this. I am never going to look at her the same again after she threw hot water at me, and i definetly keep her away from my family. I feel nothing but bad vibes from her, and never a good comment, unless the conversation is centred on her. I see her as a stranger now, its such a weird life, so i stay away in another country to keep away from her.Thank God i leave again in 4 weeks. 🙂

  37. Dear Marinne,
    I am troubled beyond belief. My marriage is over because my ex husband is an agressive Jezebel. He’s controlling, always right and has damaged me emotionally and spiritually. He plays the victim and has hurt so many people.any confrontation he flips out denies it and WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY RESPOSIBILITY.I saw him at church the other day and he rounded up his troops against me. he’s in a new relationship and church and is going downthe same road all over again! his ex before me tried to commit suicide as did i when we were together.He’s dangerous.and now we keep crossing paths.People have started to notice his self righteousness.What can be done about this?? he wants recognition for his preaching and constantly demands ppl cal him REVEREND.He is prideful boasting about himself and puts others down all the time. people are getting hurt and damaged constantly.I have been damaged through this wicked spirit in a deep and catasphroic way surely this has got to come to a end??
    Also the Holy spirit has revealed to me that i have tendencies of a Peter pan jezebel spirit with such things as self pity losses of things escapism fantasy etcI am devasted and i dont know what to do. I’ve been getting demonic dreams and feel constantly trapped and tarnished. I don’t want this in me is there anything i can do to get rid of this evil spirit in me and on behalf of my ex before anymore damage is done? i don’t want to hurt anyone and want to be set free. Thankyou for this sight it has brought darkness into light. Naomi

    • dear naomi

      I always hate to hear that a jezebel has taken over a church.

      with all his support there, he will not change.

      I hope you are not going to the same one….that is crazy….leave there.

      any church who allows this is already infected….and it means Christ is not the leader there, the devil is….which is why everyone supports him,

      if the church belongs to any denomination at all, it is accountable….report the appointed pastor and the church…indicate a jezebel has taken over and demand a spiritual cleansing.

      if it is non denominational, then brush them off, and keep going….you do not have to tolerate their abuse.

      you are feeling abused, for legitimate reasons, and yes, I guess that could tempt you into something.

      you need to change your environment to something positive and uplifting and nurturing….once you do that, you will feel better.

      I do not know anyone in your immediate location. I can recommend someone to you who might know your area better

      billy may be able to advise you on a local church that will be more supportive of you. his email is given there on the webpage. contact him and tell him I referred you. maybe he can help. let me know what he says.

  38. Thanks for posting this material for free of charge for lay persons to access. Unfortunately there is not enough of this type of information available to church leaders. Nor is there attention to intercession against this foul spirit (at least in my church experience).

    Sometime earlier this year the Holy Spirit led me to research this ‘disorder’ if I can call it that….I have been married to a man who represents himself as a Christian Pastor who has all the symptoms of Jezebel Spirit. To make a long story short, we have been married less than 2 years and I am pretty much out of options for what to do. I’ve tried help at the countless churches we have attended….once He is exposed, he just leaves the church and/or people eventually distance themselves from us, since they are not sure how to help. I also sense the disbelief from the few people I have confided in since my husband has a very charming/innocent public persona.
    The toughest challenge is the isolation and the fact that this personality type sucks the ife out of you. I suffered another attack over the weekend from him and it took me days to get back into functioning. I continue to use the weapon of prayer, the Word, and praise to come back to life. I could use some resources or assistance for what more I can do (if anything)…at this point I have absolutely no local support and this isolation is not healthy for me, nor my spouse. After over a year of reaching out and getting no results I am to the point where I am ready to just get out of this toxic situation. Thanks for your time.

    • vonn

      You need some reinforcement. For a male jezebel, you need a group approach where you all confront him, using a strong godly male leader….

      try to find a local older pastor who has influence, and get him to first counsel you as to what to do, then have him join you with a men’s group to confront your husband and get his issues out in the open.

      then ask all of them to pray with you for his deliverance.

      I am sending you some prayers for deliverance…print out and say each day…..I will be in agreement with you. have others join you also in prayer.

  39. Thanks Marianne for the material. I will use it daily….I must say that I have tried this approach countless times and he just refuses ANY accoutability at all. We no longer attend any local church in recent weeks……we had about 3 older seasoned pastors offer to pray in our home. One couple tried to invite us over for dinner to pray, but his radar sensed something was up & he cancelled. I even reached out to a local deliverance ministry and he went to the workshops, but would not join the actual deliverance sessions.

    I have been through countless seasons of fasting, but my strength is waning. And so is others who tire of hearing about the abuse, neglect, and chaos. The prayers are very important and I am asking for clarity about where else to turn.

    • vonn

      You may just have to be honest and tell him he is a jezebel and awful to live with and he needs to repent and get over his issues. and that you will not put up with him acting like a little demon that is stuck on himself.

      • Done this as well and even offered for us to get counseling/prayer with someone he chooses. It just opens the door for more blame/hours of tormenting accusations..will just continue to tune into Holy Spirit for guidance. I trust God will either open a new door for me or close the door on this chapter in my life.

  40. One of the ways a person becomes condemned by people, and (fallen?) angels is verbally, (through their continual ‘watching’ (presumably for the purpose of helping/ministering), and evidently also accusation… However they also condemn a person by manipulation; such as abuse, subtle (or unsubtle) persecution, or oppression, emotional wounds, spiritual battle, physical damage (which can take its toll emotionally and psychologically, spiritually), etc… -even over vastly extended periods of time.

    • @markdybee- You have hit the nail on the head!!! People gang up with the jezebel leader spreading false accusations and they continue to build upon those false accusations.

      @Marianne- I previously told you that I believe that jezebel preachers have told people that I am a jezebel and they have spread these lies to people all over the world via the internet convincing people to GANG UP against me.

      My question to you is this. For the person who has honestly suffered through continuous situations due to harassment and (abuse of different types) which caused job loss, loss of friends, deep emotional wounds continuously, physical injury, persecution, oppression– all of which is demonic spiritual harassment, and the real jezebel has convinced people everywhere that this person is just playing the “poor little me” scenario, then what?

      Once jezebel has spread its’ poison it is impossible to overcome unless the Lord steps in at some point and does something.

      This is at least part of the reason, if not the entire reason, why I see the church today just like some of the seven churches spoken of in the book of Revelation – NO LOVE, NO COMPASSION. People are fake and cold as ice.

      If any of these church goers who profess to be Christian were genuinely Christian then they would hear the Lord speak to them about who the real jezebel is, and instead of burying me they would be standing up to the real jezebel.

      • devotional

        that is when you have to totally walk away from all of it…..and find a completely new sphere, where no one knows you, so you can start over.

        do not even try to fix any of it….leave this up to God.

        it may be your natural tendency to fix things, but this cannot be fixed by human means. these people are too far gone.

        • I feel for the people here who have posted comments about being harassed by jezebels in the workplace. My mother and I both have been through that horror and the Lord delivered both of us from those jezebels. In both of our situations the Lord removed the jezebel, but I expect there are many situations where people have to leave their jobs in order to get away.

          Moving away from this helltown is not an option. Believe me, if my mother and I believed that the Lord was providing the way to do that then we would be out of here!

          There were some people who recently and anonymously gave us money saying that the Lord spoke to them to give it to us and it came to us just at the right time. We do not know who these people were. We have prayed that the Lord would bless these people for obeying the Lord but we wish very much that they would have revealed themselves because we need friends.

          It is such a relief when we travel away from home because there is no one spying on me or staring at me. There is such a weight on me being stuck in this town. I do not understand the Lord’s reasoning for this at all because being here causes me to constantly battle with my emotions. I keep wondering “Why me?”

          When I was a young girl in primary school I befriended some of the unwanted kids. I was not popular at all. Now that I am old and the church has kicked me to the curb I am now the unwanted but there is no one befriending me.

  41. this is exactly what I am enduring at my current job, please pray for me, I’m getting weary, the slandering and witchcraft has gotten worse

    Poor little Jezebel pretended to be ok with me but the claws were hidden behind her back, she’s back publicly gossiping about me to others and harassing me, she even stomps past my desk. I’ve cried all of my tears, I’m praying that I will be moved from here soon

    I work with Three Jezebels but there’s one that gives me the most trouble

    • erica

      I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft, and prayers for strength.

      print them out and say them each day…..also evaluate your job situation and see if you can transfer out to somewhere else.

  42. Wow! This was a great post. I just recently got married to my husband almost a year ago but we’ve been together for about 9 years total. We were broken up as bf/gf for about 2 years. During that time he dated a young lady and two kids came of this. She immediately hated me and we’ve never seen eye to eye. The young lady’s mother left her when she was a toddler and her dad was sort of hard on her…not really there for her so to say. She has a history of bad relationships but she feels she ALWAYS has to be with someone. She would be abused in these relationships but in some strange way, she liked the physical abuse (she would beg them to hit her).

    During the time her and my husband were together, she came after my job, she would call Child Protective Services on me, etc but she would tell everyone that I was doing all these things to her when I never did. She would use social media to create this image of me and have her family and friends think i was after her. she lies about literally everything. She wants to always keep this image of innocence and greatness. She believes she’s a free spirit and that she’s different. she has piercings on her face and wears loud colored hair for attention. One day we got into a physical fight and she actually used a weapon on me and gave me serious injury. She immediately lied and said I hurt her and the whole nine yards.

    She was punished for that. But she also tried several times to retaliate on me and my husband once they split (my husband was arrested on this lie). Now that we’re married, she uses the kids to control my husband. She always says that she was mistreated and never receives the help she deserves. she cries and says her and the kids are on the back burner. She wants him to jump whenever she says jump. She has other kids but she has abandoned them (like her mom did her) and she wants to do the same with these two. She gets mad and its like my husband starts to reason with her. I feel he shouldnt give her any opportunity to control and manipulate. We never know if shes going to come back and get her kids when shes suppose to…its horrible. He’d rather say “i’ll see if i can assist you” or consider what she’s asking (which is always something over the top) instead of just saying NO!!!!! He rather not put up with the backlash so to say.

    I want this spirit GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dannie

      she is a perect sociopath / jezebel

      understand you will not change her.

      1. make sure your husband has no contact with her. is she knows his phone number, have him change it

      2. if anyone picks up the kids or drops them off, it is you, not him

      3. apply for child custody …..that she is mentally unstable, and better off with father….report her to social services and get a case started….mention she drops off the kids and does not come back when she should to get them….report they are being neglected at her house

      4. do not help her in any way….

      5. or… if any contact her with her….do not be alone..always have a witness with you

      I am sending some prayers for deliverance against witchcraft and demonic attacks…along with prayers for the family….print out and say each day…I will be in agreement with you.

      • Just want to say Im really happy i spoke with you! So far i’ve been the middle man for the children. She’s tried to be a tad bit combative (to cause confusion of course) when discussing visitation arrangements but she’ll get over it. My husband hasn’t been an Ahab since the communication has stopped. Still praying and seeking God on this. thanks once again!

  43. I’m gone to convey my little brother, that he should also pay a quick
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  45. I have asked to be delivered from the Jezebel spirit, my husband let me know that he has seen this Jezebel spirit in me and I am ready to be delivered from this evil spirit. I am so glad I came across this page so that I can learn what is wrong with me and that I need to be delivered and I need to forever change. Any prayers I thank in advance.

  46. Any advice I thank you in advance!

    • samara

      first, what do you think of what your husband says?

      do you feel this description is true of you?

      do you understand what a jezebel is, and how they act?

      many times, I see the spouse blaming their mate as being a jezebel, when it is THEM that is guilty.

      so I am asking this first, before I proceed

      this message will come to you by email.

      you can email me back….and we can continue this discussion…

      if you really are a jezebel, then it is so good that you want to change…and I will try to help

      if you are not really a jezebel, then we need to discuss your husband.

  47. I noticed the thread of false accusation. Please watch Little House on the Prairie Season 4 Episode 15 titled “Whisper Country” If you have been accused, you will just LOVE this episode. Please watch it and comment.
    Blessings Axx

  48. All i can say is what I have learned so far. Do not brush off rebellion as ok. Jezebel pairs up with the religious spirit and witchcraft…………..Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. (book of Samuel) We must always be watchful of what we say. God Bless you.

  49. […] Source […]

  50. Whoa that guideline is astonishing it truly helped me and my family, thanks a lot!

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  52. Very thankful for your different articles on different Jezebels. I know one just like this “poor little me” right now. I saw that she was operating in a witchcraft spirit, but it took me a while to discern Jezebel. When it began to cross my mind that Jezebel might be present (afterall, she has a twin who is a Jezebel), I looked at your “sneaky, charming Jezebel”–
    mistaking that article for this one– because her Jezebel is so subtle… but it didn’t match. That’s because this kind, which she has, might be the subtlest of them all.

    You’ve written about several different types of Jezebels (eg. sneaky, poor me, romantic, chaotic/warring, Peter Pan, minister, etc.); I wonder if you have found any other versions because I’d be surprise if there aren’t others. If you have more, please share. This spirit is a cancer that’s destroying lives and that’s very widespread, and I know it can change how it manifests with each individual. The more we know the better.

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