Jihad in America – while the nation sleeps


Because we have experienced peace on our soil since 9-11, we think all is well. Some think the threat is gone. It isn’t. This is not a fear tactic. This is visual proof that the war on terror is only going to get worse.

Presented are two videos. One is hosted by a former PLO terrorist, who converted to Christianity.

The other one is actually hosted by a devout  Muslim, who still practices his faith, but is dismayed at the Jihadist element of his religion.

Both describe and present documentation of the jihad which will take place soon in America.

Americans need to wake up, and get out of denial, and prepare to defend themselves.

These videos are not a hoax. No Muslims posed for or pretended for these live shots.


The Jihadists are in America already.

America and the world (by former PLO terrorist):  Notice that some of the terrorists are speaking in English to Americans. This is not overseas.  It is here.

part 1 of 10. see series on same page

They are here (by current, devout, practicing Muslim):

Notice that some of the terrorists are speaking in English to Americans. This is not overseas.  It is here.

They do not need to be in a majority

to do the damage they are going to

do. Remember what 19 men did to

New York City.

Both east and west coastlines are in

danger of being attacked by

offshore missiles, or from afar.

How close do you live to the target



41 Responses to “Jihad in America – while the nation sleeps”

  1. […] is not a fear tactic. This is visual proof that the war on terror is only going to get worse. Click here for more Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)reflection for february 12, 2008: I think […]

  2. Marianne, I’d guess you feel like I do about this…it’s flogging a dead horse. So few are concerned enough to think about the future. When I had grown enuf to consider details of WW2, I was surprised to find out our top military leaders rushed toward victory because they knew that Americans would soon tire of war and want it to stop short instead. What a feat, to defeat enemies on two fronts, and so swiftly.

    Likewise, today people tire of war talk and let their guard down. Our enemy does not mind if it takes years between attacks. They are in it for the long run victory. Meanwhile, we have gone from being patriots after 9-11 back to worshiping idols of all types.

    To me, this is a sweet and sour thing. Sour, in that our country is likely to come into very hard times. Sweet in that hard times increases our seeking God. This may be the reason for revival in the USA. We may never rise again to financial heights of the past, but perhaps we will rise toward Heaven’s purposes. DavWms

    • Marianne
      As the Baron says at his blog, gatesofvienna.blogspot.com,
      we are in a phase of a very long war. He calls it gatesofvienna because it’s historically significant. Di you know why 9/11 was chosen? Because on Sept 11, 1683, the king of Poland and the Christian armies, drove back the Muslim armies at the Gates of Vienna and drove them out of Europe, else it would have been Islamic since then. So if they still smart from defeats 325 years ago, and are motivated to “win eventually” it seems logical that they would count on “war fatigue” in the West – after all most would rather pursue hedonism.

      • Hi Paul

        We know the last war is to be fought in the East in Israel. So that means the West is already missing by then – either due to war fatigue, defeat in a war, or natural destruction, or economic collapse.

  3. Hi David,

    If I say nothing, then I am wrong too, so I say something. This is for the few left that will listen.

    I think the chance for a great revival is over. People have made their choices, and left God out of the equation.

    I am only one person, and what I can do is limited. But His strength of made perfect in my weakness.


  4. Hi again, Marianne….yes, I keep talking too. And now and then I find someone who will listen. I want so much for a revival to come, that I will still hope for it. Even if it may come under dire circumstances. I don’t think we have yet seen how low our country can go, where the only hope left would be in God. DavWms

  5. Hi David,

    I think if we have a revival at all, it will be a small crowd, from what I can see.

    The attendees will be those that don’t need reviving, and the rest will be elsewhere.

    The church has little to offer. After 9-11, people filled the churches, and got filled with nonsense sermons. So they left, and did not return.

    Unless the spirit of God is in the service, it is dead, and the people can get revived better at home.


  6. Hi Dav and Marianne,

    I too want revival, but it only comes when we are in the deepest pit. This is just what is needed to cause men and women to cry out to the one true God. Although sad, it is the truth. Revival came in the bible when men cried out due to their suffering.

  7. Wow! Wake up America!
    I believe the rapture and the terrible Day Of The Lord are two separate events. These terrorists can strike at any time. I believe God will deliver true believers via a rapture before or during an end-time war. We should stop ignoring the possibility of WW III and ready our hearts for the rapture that can happen at any time. Are you ready?

    • He that Hath an Ear—–.This type of escapist theology is very appealing, I mean of Americans getting raptured before all this breaks open. This does sell books and movies, and people are making a lot of money on this. The chinese Christians in 1949 were told that the catching away of the saints would happen before the Chinese communists took over. Well you know history and what happened. Christians were slaughtered for their faith while multitudes defected and renounced Christ because the false prophets that Jesus warned about decieved them. Tell the people of 9/11 this. The Word of God is specifically clear concerning the timing of this glorious event of the ressurection of the saints and the dead in Christ. (Matt. 24:29-31). This is plain to see. Now lets dispense with all this eat drink and be merry for tomarrow we will get raptured, and lets get with the business of spreading the Kingdom of God on earth. The Jihadist have no problem spreading their false and demonic poison to the masses, and we have more power in Christ than they do. (“You are of God little children because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world I John 4:4). The catching away of the saints before the tribulation begins is mainly a predominate American theology, advocated by a women named Margaret MacDonald in 1830, then propagated by Darby, then Scofield. Remember America was at the height of revivals at that time thru Charles Finney and others. so their was even at that time much demonic activity thru doctrines of devils occuring. This happens when the Holy Spirit is moving in Holy Fire awakening and reviving His people. The presence of demonic activity when revivals are taking place shows the validity and authenticity of these revivals. The pre-Trib rapture teaching was borne out or in response to the true move of God taking place. The forefathers before this time never adhered to this teaching but rightly divided the Word. The rest of the world is suffering under much persecution now, and Christians are converting jihadists in other countries by the example of them laying their lives down, while jihadists take lives. The example of love shown to these islamic extremists by the overcoming Christians is totally Divine. Rev 12:11 is being fulfilled in them now. Remember the tribulation and the glory of God will be concurrent to each other, not seperate events please see Isaiah 60:1-2, and Matthew 13:37-43. I wouldn’t go to the countries that are under severe Christian persecution and tell them to cheer up, the trumpet will sound before all this tribulation comes;, What? Tribulation hasn’t come? Only in America can the Laodicean Church make a stupid claim like this. These Christians cannot suffer anymore tribulation than they are experiencing. They would accuse us in America of preaching another Gospel. For as you know we were appointed for this, Jesus being our example that we should walk in His steps ( I Peter 2:20-21) Osama Bin Laden made a comment that shakes the church in the U.S. to its foundation, nevertheless it seems to be true. Yes If God has to, He will speak to us thru our enemies. We Christians must know His voice. Osama remarked “We are not threatened by Christians in the west, because they live contrary to what they believe, so they boast of power they do not possess by their opulent and materialistic lifestyle. We love Death more than the Christians in America love life, so they are no threat, but their materialism is more of a threat to us than their faith”. He remarks that the Christians that are dying for their faith in Muslum countries scares Al Queda to its core. Not our bombs, or threat of nuclear retaliation etc. WOW, did you all get that. Jesus Christ is rising within His people in signs and wonders and gifts of the Holy Ghost thru His people who love not their lives unto death, but have overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of their testimony (Rev.12:11). This radical faith is scarring these terrorist organizations to their core, and masses of them are coming to Christ. The News will not tell you this. Osama Bin Laden is terrified of those people of God who walk in the Spirit and power of Elijah. This Holy fire is now descending on the sold out for Jesus Christians here right now to prepare this country for the awesome harvest that will take place as a result of men’s hearts failing them for fear, for the power of the Heavens will be shaken (Luke 21:25-27). Ladies and Gentlemen, 9/11 was just a warning from Heaven of what we as Christians must prepare for. The enemiy is serious for he knows he has little time left. We as christians must be just as diligent and persuasive in our testimony for God,but in the demonstration of the Spirit and power. Remember God delivered the three Hebrew children in the fire, not from the fire. (Isaiah 43:2. Yes the rapture will happen but at the last day as Jesus said it would ( John 6:39-40). So gear up, keep the full armor of God on, for the last battle is taking place, and our Lord needs you, healthy, with fire white hot passion for His glory. Do not fear, surely He will come and not tarry.

      • I second you Mark with a resounding “amen”

      • You overlooked several important scriptures about the Lord’s Bride being gathered to Him, (the rapture). He has not appointed His true followers to His wrath. Does it make sence that He would allow His Bride to get beat up on, and then say to her, ” Come now, lets go to our wedding feast celebration that I have prepared for you”? The gathering you are referring to is when He gathers the jewish people in the end. Dead and alive. Remember their eyes were closed until they were to say, ” Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord”.

      • You overlooked several important scriptures about the Lord’s Bride being gathered to Him, (the rapture). He has not appointed His true followers to His wrath. Does it make sence that He would allow His Bride to get beat up on, and then say to her, ” Come now, lets go to our wedding feast celebration that I have prepared for you”? The gathering you are referring to is when He gathers the jewish people in the end. Dead and alive. Remember their eyes were closed until they were to say, ” Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord”.
        Read the 7 letters to the 7 Churches in the beginning of Revelation. Jesus is speaking also in those letters to us the Church as well in these modern days. Revelation 4 speaks of the Rapture in John’s vision. Read it carefully. Your eyes will be opened. Saying that Jesus gathers His true followers to Him at the end of tribulation simply takes away the iminence of his coming in clouds to gather us to him. The blessed hope which Paul spoke of.This is why Jesus told us to watch for all these signs we are seeing so we would be ready and not be like the 5 unwise virgins.

      • Concerning the rapture; Jesus commanded us to watch for the signs of the times. To be ready for us to be gathered to Him. Why would He tell us to lift up our heads, for our redemption was near when we saw all these signs if we were going to be in the tribulation all the way to the end? People will not have to look for signs in the tribulation, trust me. There are many people who say rapture of the Church happens in the middle, or at the end of tribulation. There are two reason for them saying this. 1. They misunderstand the scripture concerning the gathering of the Jewish people ( whom I love ) to Him in the end. 2. Out of heresy to lead God’ s people astray from the truth. I don’t want to be left behind because Im asleep and not looking for Him to come for us like He told us to do. I want to have oil in my lamp so to speak.

  8. Hi Mr T

    Since I am in a red zone, I will be on my knees at the first bomb blast. In fact, that is where I am now.

    I hope others get the point too.


    • God richly bless you Marianne for your stand for the Gospel and contending for the faith once delivered unto the saints (Jude 1:3). Surely the fire of the Holy Spirit is upon you, and you will see Jesus in His glory while praying and interceding for this nation.

      • thank you, mark. I have always hoped I could leave this earth by dying peacefully in my sleep. I am not sure how possible that is, but I am also aware I may die other ways, including death for my faith. If that is the case, they will hear the gospel and the need for repentance and salvation, whether they like it or not, before they swing the sword over me.

        • Thank you Marianne for your note. I pray that it doesn’t come down to this as others, but it is good to be prepared. Remember when Stephen was martyred for his faith in Christ, he could pray for his persecutors because the presense and anointing of God was so strong on him, he couldn’t even feel the stones that were hurled at him. Remember the scripture? Death where is your sting (pain), O grave where is your victory? The sting (pain) of death is sin, and the strength of sin is the law. (ICorinthians 15:55-56). If, and I pray not but if it comes to that with us, we will be translated right at the time and second that sword swings. We will say, Wow! thats it, that was easy, for the Lord will deliver us. We won’t feel a thing, that is why we can pray and sing thru all of it. It will be a testimony. Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t have a martyrs complex, but I just want to be ready if this should come. God bless you

  9. I say my prayers every day. I clean my weapons once a week.


  10. Hi Marianne,
    I am ready too. It will be a sad time for many, including some christians. Yesterday, a young liberal woman who claims she is a christian, asked me “What is the rapture? I’ve never heard of that.”
    I think of all the innocent children who are totally unaware of the present dangers that face us.
    Let us pray for revival for america and for the few who will have open ears to hear the truth of the gospel”

    Blessings, Mr. T

  11. Hi Mr. T

    I just had an interesting phone call from a man who discussed prophecy with me.

    He recalled the comment, all we would get is the sign of Jonah for the last days……

    Jonah was in the belly of the fish for 3 days…and then preached repentance for 40 days to Nineveh

    Jesus was in the earth for 3 days…and then rose, to preach for 40 days before going to heaven

    The first 3 days of Passover ends in Feast of first fruits, and then 50 days later is pentocost

    maybe…..the dead in CHirst rise first on first fruits,….and then there are 40 days to preach repentance…and then the rapture happens on the feast of the Ascension….10 days before pentecost.

    this year? next? this year this day is on May 19, 2009..let us see what happens.


  12. [[maybe…..the dead in CHirst rise first on first fruits,….and then there are 40 days to preach repentance…and then the rapture happens on the feast of the Ascension….10 days before pentecost. ]]

    Or both the resurrected and the raptured can preach for 40 days.

    The following is interesting.

    Daniel’s timeline

    Last seven years with dates

  13. interesting stuff here http://www.endtimepublisher.faithweb.com/

  14. I was thinking just now about 1 Thess 5:3 and Isa 47:11

  15. I would just like to point out that regardless of whether attacks occur or not, our government has currently passed several corrupt and unconstitutional bills that are in the “police state” direction (they make the Patriot Act pale by comparison). These are HR 45 (essentially outlaws gun ownership) and HR 1388 (creates “Youth Brigades”, “Civilian National Security Force” and basically destroys freedom of religion and speech). So, I think that, for the moment, we should be watching what both parties are doing to our rights, since martial law and dictatorship or civil war are more immediately likely as a result. I really think civil war will happen; there are already movements by several states that essentially declare they won’t enforce these laws if the government tries to apply them. These states also have constitutionally based militias (that is, NOT, repeat, NOT white supremacist Timothy McVeigh style) that have driven ammo and gun prices up because of all their stock piling. These groups will do protests and peaceful stuff first, but when it comes down to it, they will fight a guerrilla style war. Now, the big question (although to me it has a relatively obvious answer) is who would the military, back from Iraq/Afghanistan, support? I would say most would side with militias to protect the Constitution, which they swear an oath to defend and uphold, and which so many of us are too ignorant to read. So, as a result, Obama, if he tries to enforce these and other laws, will need an SS/KGB style “Civilian National Security Force” and “Youth Brigades” to prevent himself from being quickly beaten in battle and publicly executed. In such a fight, he would still probably lose and the majority of Congress and possibly Obama himself would be thrown in jail or executed. If Ron Paul or another third party candidate were to win in 2012, then these laws could be reversed peacefully, but this is not a likely scenario. It seems to me that, with few exceptions, members of both parties are equally drunk on clinging to power and money at our expense, so this will probably lead to civil war. And if we had a Civil War, I think terrorists would probably attack overseas locations, since we would be essentially doing some of their work for them in the event of a civil war. Such a war seems unavoidable to me, especially since companies keep on developing more unethical listening technologies to profit of the Terror in the War on Terror and Congress keeps on rushing and not reading legislation that approves the use of such technology. If attacks occur, then it would just reinforce Congress’s ability to rationalize trampling our Constitution. I realize this post is about terrorist attacks, but thoughts, anyone?

    • Hi Will

      This is one of those situations where you hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. At least you are well informed. I wish most people were. I think most military would defend the constitution, especially after risking their lives for it overseas. FEMA and other civilian based groups would be less likely to do so.

  16. Marianne;

    A video on this subject for those who visit this web site:

    Kuwatti Professor


  17. From Homeland Security

    Taliban Threatens to Launch Terror Attacks in US and Europe

    September 3, 2010 by Homeland Security NTARC News


  18. Is not satan saying, Fall down and worship me as (the god of Abraham and I will give you the world, (in jihad).
    Is not satan saying If you are really son of god Take the stony verse of koran 61-1 and turn it into bread by incorporating it into the words of Jesus of John 14-16 and declare mohammed the holy ghost comforter….
    Is not satan saying cast thyself down as children of god and read the stone dead koran..God’s angels will bear thee up lest thou dash thy foot against these stony lies…
    Christian armour… our feet our clad with the gospel… accepting the stone dead lies of koran will destroy our biblical armour of our feet…

    Islam is the last temptation of the world of Rev 3-9, 10..

    • I don’t think Islam is the last temptation of the world, as it is an on going problem for 1400 years. Is it of Lucifer? Yes.

      Is Islam being used to divide, and help destroy American culture along with millions of illegal aliens? Yes. We can thank the CFR controled State Department for the above two attacks on America.

      With MS-13 types, and moon god worshipers dealing in death inside America, folks might want to arm themselves.


  19. submitted by Luisa – posted by Marianne

    ..you see I’m from Spain and if you know spanish history, we fight musulman for 800 years…….last time I went to Spain could not walk by myself like I use to, have tons of arabs men follow me on the streets harrassing me, sexual harrasing and more, ther are trying to make women pregnang raping them and have their babys, and this babys will be musulmans.In order to country to sucess they have to have 2.1 children per couples, arabs have 4.2 children!, that is the reason why they encourage adultery so one man can have as many wives he can support according to the Coran so one man can easy make 20 children, so from those children all the male can make again tons of children as well, so that how they multiply and conquer the world! Spain stop the Europe invasion of Musulmans, we fight it for 800 years, that make Spanish peoples very tought and good soldiers.In yet 20 years Europe would be Musulman! is growing fast God is raising again the children of Amalec, is the new treat yet like comunist use to be a treat to western civilization, democracy and freedom…………But god have the last word……..praise God……

  20. I live in a small town in the middle of Tennessee. It is like living in a Norman Rockwell painting. We couldn’t have found a more idyllic place to raise our family. Friendly, lovely people live here. However, a few weeks ago, coming home from a T-ball game, we drove past the courthouse and there was a gathering. I saw one sign that said “Love your neighbor” and thought it was a “Christian” gathering but the next sign I saw said, “Islam is welcome here”. I wasn’t sure I read the second sign correctly. (could I possibly have read this sign correctly?) So, when we got home I called the police station to see what they could tell me about the gathering at the courthouse. The officer put me on hold and then came back to tell me “he didn’t know who had pulled a permit” (coward). Well, I live five blocks from the courthouse so, I needed to know. We went back and discovered that the Unitarian Universalist Church was holding a pro islam rally! This “church” has about 25 people in it. You’re right Marianne, It doesn’t take a majority it just takes mindless, foolish people willing to be used. If only the people of God would be so willing! So, my point is: if my little town has been infiltrated, the U.S. has been entirely permeated.

  21. Considering 9/11 was faked I would be more scared of your government

  22. To All- Who Islam is and what they want:


  23. http://redalertpolitics.com/2016/07/16/blacklivesmatter-activist-need-military-coup-trump-wins-potus/

    The Police are targets in a larger agenda I think. Racial division is a tool to help destroy. Could over seas terror groups be helping the domestic terror groups? I think so.

    Thoughts anyone?

    • leatherneck

      I think the same group is behind all uprisings. however the individual groups used have their own agenda as well. for example, the BLM was angry because the muslims stole their “day of rage” by driving a truck into a crowd, killing 80+ people. it stole their thunder. I guess they wished they had thought of that. sadly, most manipulated groups are guilty of the hate they project onto others. this hate, to them, compensates for the failures they are or the worthless religion they represent.

      of course the traitor in chief encourages and rewards all hate groups. that is his preference…god forbid a real american get into office and improve the country….if it were me, I would export BLM to saudi arabia and let them experience real hate and slavery, then only then, maybe they will really appreciate the freedom they actually have. BLM is comprised of people who live off the government, and have nothing else to do but fall for lies from the demorats, and muslims, who profit from their stupidity, and act up like idiots to show how stupid they are

    • Yes!

      Racial tension is a tool and ISIS is a tool of the Beast.

      We live in the belly of The Beast.

      Psalm 34


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