Joshua Draining the Swamp in Canaan


The migration of the Israel nation and conquest of Jericho would have taken from sometime in January to mid-April.

An attempt at an estimated timeline using the 2020-2021 calendar.


Joshua 2:1

Joshua Sends Spies From Acacia Grove / Abel-Shittim (east of Jordan river)

Jericho is about 43 miles from the Jordan river (Wikipedia) so Abel-Shittim would be about 3x further or 129 miles. Total trip one way is 172 miles on foot. Round trip is 344 miles.


Mile: A mile is 1.61 kilometers or 5280 feet. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to walk 1 mile at a moderate pace.

Marathon: 26.2 miles or 42 kilometers. It can 6.5 to 8 hours or more to walk a marathon at a moderate pace, depending on your pace and how often you stop.

If it takes about 8 hours (1 day) to walk 26 miles, then it would take about 13-14 days to walk 344 miles.

Also, this is at a marathon pace. Men, women and children were traveling into the promised land.

They were therefore walking slower and resting more  as a group.

The men spies could move a little quicker.


Joshua 2:2-21

Spies Hide in Rahab’s Home in Jericho

Joshua 2:16 also indicates they hid from the pursuers for 3 days before returning home. We can assume the spies stayed at least one day with Rahab (Josh 2:1)

So the mission would have taken about 18 days at the least, most likely 21 days.

January 25 (marathon pace) – February 16

So, more realistically, sometime in January to February 16th


Joshua 3:2-17

Joshua and Israel Cross the River Jordan

6 days , maybe longer, 10 days, for entire Israel nation (men, women children) to walk 129 miles from Acacia Grove / Abel-Shittim to and cross over Jordan river. Extra time given for stopping and resting, feeding children.

February 17 – February 26

Joshua 4:1-9

Twelve Memorial Stones Placed at Gilgal

1 day

February 27

They take lodging there at Gilgal that night

Here they prepare for war

February 28

Joshua 5:1

Time for Amorites to witness and report back that the Jordan was split for Israel.

43 miles or 2 days travel, one way, so 4 days round trip

March 1 – March 4


Joshua 5: 2 Circumcision – renewal of covenant

The area will be bruised and swollen for several weeks, and urination may be painful for a few days or weeks.

Recovery from adult circumcision typically takes two to three weeks.

Will estimate 3 weeks for recovery

March 5 – March 26


Joshua 5: 10 They celebrate Passover

1 week, 7-8 days

March 27 – April 4

Joshua 5: 12 Manna ceases as they now have the produce of the land


Joshua 5: 13-15 Joshua talks with Angel of the Lord, gets instructions

1 day

April 5

The Battle of Jericho | Walls of jericho, Ancient israelites, Biblical

Joshua 6 March around Jericho for 7 days

Jericho fall on day 7

April 12


The rest of Canaan conquered

Joshua 7

Achan’s Sin –Defeat at battle of Ai

Israel suffers defeat because of disobedience to Yahweh’s instructions to destroy EVERYTHING at Jericho.

11 They have taken some of the devoted things; they have stolen, they have lied, they have put them with their own possessions.

12 That is why the Israelites cannot stand against their enemies; they turn their backs and run because they have been made liable to destruction. I will not be with you anymore unless you destroy whatever among you is devoted to destruction.

Joshua 8:3-29

Israel Attacks and Destroys City of Ai


Joshua 9

Gibeonite deception – trick Israel into sparing them

Joshua 10:12-14

Sun Stands Still Allowing Defeat of Amorites

Joshua 10:22-26

Joshua Opens Cave and Kills Five Amorite Kings

Joshua 10:40-42

Central and Southern Canaan Conquest Completed

Joshua 10:43

Israel Returns to Camp at Gilgal for Winter

Joshua 11:6

Joshua Gets Instructions for Northern Canaanite Battle

Joshua 11:3, 12

Joshua Defeats Kings of Jebusites and Hivites

Joshua 11:16-23

Canaan Rests From War After Almost Five Years

Joshua 13:8-14

Joshua Divides Land East of the Jordon River

This is the estimated DFC date in Biblical history when Joshua begins dividing the land of Canaan among the Tribes of Israel.

This research assumes that the battle for Canaan to this point took about five years.

Other commentaries use seven or more years.

Joshua 11:18 simply says, “Joshua made war for a long time with all those kings”.

Battles started in the south, then west, and finally north.


Important Lessons

Obey Yahweh and you will succeed.

Disobey Yahweh, and you will be defeated.

Be lenient to enemy, let them trick you, not destroying them completely, and they will be around later to be a thorn in your side.

Never show mercy to evil ones that Yahweh wants destroyed completely.

25 Responses to “Joshua Draining the Swamp in Canaan”

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    Marianne, THANK YOU for remembering this early Bible story. THANK YOU for not printing even one pagan name of deity. Very beautiful pictures, too!
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    • Funny. The newest announcement Is that Virus testing is best done with An anal swab . People right now are driving up in their cars and getting jabbed in the nose without getting out of the car . I cannot see people driving up in their car and sticking their butt out the window . Hahaha

      • Marianne! THAT is VERY FUNNY!
        Edward R. Murrow (A long ago famous broadcaster. I remember him.) said this: “A nation of sheep will soon have wolves ruling over them.”
        Yesterday I just happened to watch Wendy Williams on “Dr. Oz.” I rarely watch both of those shows. Wendy was telling Dr. Oz that she won’t take the COVID-19 vaccine. She does not trust it! But he kept badgering her about it. She KEPT saying, “No.” I was so surprised this was on the air. Because Oz “pushes” the vaccine too much. Did they “vet” her before hand? Maybe she pretended otherwise before the show went on. Black people are being killed by the virus much more than white people.
        After Wendy was on, Dr. Oz was shown getting the COVID-19 vaccine. However, it was hard to see the needle. Many are FAKING their own vaccinations including doctors. It’s been said that Nancy Pelosi’s vaccination needle still had it’s cover on! lol
        IMHO, anyone with at least half a brain will refuse these Nazi poisons!


        • At one point , It was reported the Doctor Oz Said he would take the vaccine but he would not let his children take it

          • Marianne, I doubt if he took it. Or even took any flu vaccines ever! Doctors have a right to take them if they want to. However, to pretend that they do but don’t? This is a crime against humanity!
            The video of that Dr. Oz show is now on YouTube. Commercials are put in when she talks about the vaccine. But keep watching! See Wendy saying “NO” to the COVID-19 vaccine, a couple of times. Also shows Oz getting the vaccine. The needle has something near the end of it. ??? Like a small white square. I do not know much about needles and shots.
            SHAME ON DOCTORS FAKING THE VACCINATIONS! IMHO, they are right down there with Dr. Mengele, “The Nazi Angel of Death.”


          • Marianne, this is my third try at making this post. Maybe it will be “the charm.” lol The video of Wendy on Dr. Oz is now on YouTube. Commercials are put in when she is talking about COVID-19. I just click “SKIP” or you can just keep watching the video.
            When Oz is getting the vaccine? There is a small white square near the end of the needle. ??? I do not really know anything about shots and needles.
            I do not believe that he was shot with the vaccine. I believe that he has not taken any vaccinations at all. Doctors have a right to take the vaccinations if they choose to. However, it is totally wrong to say they do and FAKE them! IMHO, it’s a crime against humanity. SHAME ON THEM!
            It’s right down there with Dr. Josef Mengele, known as “The Nazi Angel of Death!” Sigh.


          • Marianne, WHY won’t my comment POST? Four tries! I’ll just say this. That Dr. Oz show is now on YouTube. I believe Dr. Oz (and many others) FAKE their own vaccinations.


            • I do not know I do not see you in spam Folder . Did you post any links ?

              • Hi Marianne. I don’t send email. I just answer here. I did not post any links. Maybe “they” are now doing more censoring. I used the word Nazi but my earlier post with it published. I did mention a name. I’ll try it again now. And see what happens!
                The doctors that FAKE their own vaccinations are some of the great “deplorables” of today. SHAME ON THEM!
                They are reminding me of one Dr. Josef Mengele known as “The Nazi Angel of Death.” VERY SAD!


                • Okay I was just letting you know that I could not find any trace of your comment As being lost on my website

                  • Thank You Marianne! My earlier comment(s) went into more detail about Wendy William’s saying “No.” to COVID-19 vaccine and the strangeness of Oz’s vaccination. The needle had a small white square attached near its end. I do not know anything about shots and needles. For which I am very thankful.


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