Leviticus and Fish Worms


This is only about fish, as the topic of clean / unclean foods is more than I want to cover here.


Why does God identify some animals as suitable for human consumption and others as unsuitable?

God didn’t give laws to arbitrarily assert control over people.

He gave His laws (including those of which meats are clean or unclean) "that it might be well" with those who seek to obey Him (Deuteronomy:5:29).

In listing the animals that should not be eaten, God forbids the consumption of scavengers and carrion eaters, which devour other animals for their food.


He tells us that salt and freshwater fish with fins and scales may be eaten (Leviticus:11:9-12), but water creatures without those characteristics (catfish, lobsters, crabs, shrimp, mussels, clams, oysters, squid, octopi, etc.) should not be eaten.

Fish With Fins and Scales

Anchovy, Barracuda, Bass, Black pomfret (or monchong), Bluefish, Bluegill, Carp, Cod, Crappie, Drum, Flounder, Grouper, Grunt, Haddock, Hake, Halibut, Hardhead, Herring (or alewife), Kingfish, Mackerel (or corbia), Mahimahi (or dorado, dolphinfish [not to be confused with the mammal dolphin]), Minnow, Mullet, Perch (or bream), Pike (or pickerel or jack), Pollack (or pollock or Boston bluefish), Rockfish, Salmon, Sardine (or pilchard), Shad, Silver hake (or whiting), Smelt (or frost fish or ice fish), Snapper (or ebu, jobfish, lehi, onaga, opakapaka or uku), Sole, Steelhead, Sucker, Sunfish, Tarpon, Trout (or weakfish), Tuna (or ahi, aku, albacore, bonito, or tombo), Turbot (except European turbot), Whitefish

For thousands of years, this guideline has preserved the health of many people.

But now things are different. What was then considered clean, may not be clean anymore.

From the above passage in Leviticus, one would assume that white fish such as cod and perch are clean and good to eat.

But we need to look again.

Are these still clean in today’s world?


What if the clean has been infested with the unclean?

My Answer: they become unclean.

29 “‘Of the animals that move along the ground, these are unclean for you

While worms were not listed, they are unclean

We have worms and insects in our fish and meat. The presence of insects in leafy greens, fruits, grains, and flour is nothing new also.


Here is a link where the orthodox Jews are discussing worms in their fish:


I do not particularly agree with their conclusions, that , if the worm is swallowed then it is unclean, but if it is generated in the fish through a life cycle, then it is unclean.

To me, a worm is still a worm, and if you swallow it, it will infest you.

While cooking can kill it, it may not kill what is in the worm, chemicals, waste, etc.


Here are some videos showing worms in fish.

I talked to a seafood manager, and he said all fish , mainly white fish, have worms. They just pick out what they see and sell the rest. They expect the customer to cook the fish / meat well to kill the worms, and then eat the end result.

This is crazy.

I hope everyone who buys fish or meat considers this information well. If they buy it, then be sure to cook it well and pray over it before they eat it.




Body builders intestines emptied of worms during surgery – 25 year old on high protein diet – bloating and hunger were symptoms


Threat to every person



This link is to reassure us that all is well, and not to worry, but I still cannot accept this



This is just my opinion.

The thought of swallowing parasites and worms makes me lose my appetite.

I am presenting this view, so people can consider the information and make up their own minds.

27 Responses to “Leviticus and Fish Worms”

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  2. Great info!!!!

  3. i am sure you are aware of the basket that was hung down by god in a vision of the night that contained unclean animals,fish, and god said; what i have called clean thou shalt not call it unclean. no; i do not intend to eat worms unless i was in a position that i would die from starvation. so i am wondering why you are refuring to unclean foods?

    • because what was normally considered as clean seems to be unclean now, presenting less food options, and more health risks.

      the bible never mentioned fish worms, so I assume that worms in fish were not a problem back then.

      this means our environment is more polluted than we thought

    • That vision of the basket had nothing to do with food. It was all about Petr sitting at the table with a Gentile, something observant Jews did not do. To them Gentiles were “dogs” with whom you did not sat to eat.

      • shofar; i half to disagree with you on this, the basket was full of all the animals that,at that time man was forbiden by god to eat from, this is why in the vision god said; what i have called clean ,do not thou call unclean. now; if you wish to think it was something else? thats ok with me. it is not something god would want us to get into a debate over. it has nothing to do with salvation.

  4. were those worms in the body builder video from the whey protein or from eating cooked meats? raw eggs? ugh.

  5. I had to exclude all fish from my diet about 15 years ago. I assumed the exclusion was due to the mercury in the fish. But indeed it could have been from other causes! I just never eat fish now. I may be more sensitive to mercury than most people, and therefore can’t have flu vaccinations. But the flu vaccines have other adjuvants than mercury, I found out when looking at the labels.

  6. Genesis 9:3 3 Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.
    At that time there was no difference.

  7. Most of us may be unaware but we also have parasites within are gut. Unless you have done a parasite cleanse lately most of us and other living things have one “on them” or “in them”…humans, animals, plants and even insects. This has been found to be causes of many unexplained illnesses along with the build up of toxic chemicals in our bodies which help these parasites thrive. In other situations these worms or larvae must have a host to complete it’s life cycle. Not much research has been done to see if these critters are beneficial to use or a detriment to us.

    We live in a fallen world therefore let the Holy Spirit guide you in what should be done.

  8. Apart from the plain meaning of the text for the food laws in Leviticus, there is the deeper spiritual meaning, as is true for all Scripture. The following information is my own research as a result of pray for clarification on the return of Yeshua and the 6000th year.

    Chapter 6 – The Divine Hebrew Calendar – Prophetic History in the Week

    The Fifth Day Parallels the Fifth and Sixth Thousand Years –
    with Respect to the Sea Animals and Birds – הו

    On the fifth and sixth days of creation all living creatures were made – on Day Five the sea animals and birds, and on Day Six, the land animals and man. The symbolism for all these – the fish, birds, land animals and man – pertain to both the fifth and sixth thousand years, as we shall see. The fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is ה (Hey), it doubles as the number five, and in HWP means: behold, spirit (what is heavenly), and breath. The sixth Hebrew letter is ו (Vav), it doubles as the number six, and in HWP means: “nail, join and bound (like to the earth). “Together the fifth and sixth letters make הו (hav) which is the root of הוה (havah) meaning: to breathe or exist (when we add the י [Yood] to the beginning, it makes יהוה [Yahweh]). Hence the meanings for the fifth and sixth letters reflect the creation of all living things that have breath, and precisely Whom it was that gave them the breath of life.

    We will study the meanings behind the symbolism of the fish, birds and animals using the food laws in Leviticus 11 as a foundation, and certain Old and New Testament passages that provide the deeper insights to them. But before this we need to take a closer look at passages that speak of things that are eaten to ascertain the context of the fish, birds and land animals in the food laws, and we will see how amazingly the symbols for these match the main events of the fifth and sixth millenniums.

    Things Eaten

    Throughout the Bible, there are many passages that speak of ‘eating’ things, both foods and things that are usually considered inedible. Below are five examples of ‘inedible’ verses:

    • Genesis 3:6 – “So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food (one of those in the midst of the garden – the tree of the knowledge of good and evil from Genesis 2:9)
    …she took of its fruit and ate. ”
    • Psalm 119:103 – “How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”
    • Jeremiah 15:16 – “Your words were found and I ate them, and Your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart;”
    • Ezekiel 3:1 – “…’Son of man, eat what you find; eat this scroll, and go, speak to the house of Israel.”
    • John 6:51, 55-56 – “I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever…(v.55) For My flesh is food indeed, and My blood is drink indeed. (v.56) He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him.”

    It can be seen from the context of the above verses that the things eaten are associated with believing upon the subject, such as: the false teaching that Eve can be as wise as Yahweh in Genesis; the Word of God in the Psalms, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel; and the Living Word, which is Yeshua, in John; and the believing is to do with spiritual teachings that are either true or false.

    Leviticus 11 – Foods Permitted and Forbidden

    The food laws of Leviticus 11 are not just a list of permitted and forbidden foods for the nation of Israel, they also teach that what is permitted to be ‘eaten’ (believed) is acceptable to Yahweh and so is good or ‘clean,’ and those that were forbidden were an abomination, were unclean and not to be ‘eaten’ (believed), and are to be avoided at all costs. According to Jacob Prasch, clean (also ‘kosher’) creatures represent the Messiah, good angels or believers; and unclean ones are pictures of the demonic realm and false or Pagan beliefs [44]. We will see startling evidence of these as we relate the food laws to certain scriptures.

    A. Sea Animals = Believers/Non-Believers

    Leviticus 11:9-10 speaks about the fish species that are permitted to be eaten – only those with fins and scales. The Gospels record that some of the disciples of Yeshua were fishermen by trade. Matthew 4:19, Mark 1:17 and Luke 5:10 all record Yeshua’s subsequent analogy of fish being believers in the Gospel message, as the disciples were commanded to become “fishers of men.” Hence, fish with scales and fins are believers, so the rest of the sea animals are considered to represent unbelievers.

    B. Birds = Holy Spirit/Demons

    Leviticus 11:13-19 lists all the bird species that are ‘an abomination,’ such as the birds of prey: the raven, vulture, hawk and eagle. These birds eat carrion (dead animals), so they feed on death, and they are used in the context of death and judgment in the end times (Isaiah 34, Matthew 24, and Revelation 18:2); and because they dwell in the sky (heavens), they represent the demonic realm and false doctrines that bring spiritual death.
    Examples of clean birds are the dove/turtle dove, pigeon, and the hen or poultry birds [45], the turtle dove and pigeon are used in the blood sacrifice system for atonement. All four Gospels record that the Holy Spirit descended upon Yeshua like a dove, and He likened Himself to a hen who gathers her chicks under her wings in love (Matthew 23:37). These kosher birds eat grain or seed, and seed/grain are types of the living Word (Yeshua is the Seed of Yahweh), so they feed on life. Hence permitted birds are a type of Yeshua and the Holy Spirit which provide us with the Truth and eternal life.

    Be Fruitful and Multiply

    In Genesis 1:22 the fish and birds were commanded to, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let the birds multiply on the earth.” We have learnt that ‘water’ and ‘seas’ are a symbol for nations, particularly the Gentile nations; and ‘earth’ is (narrowly) the land of Israel and (broadly) the surrounding Is…. nations of the Middle East (see Part One, Chapters Four and Seven). It is important to note that when the fish and birds multiplied, they were not restricted to a specific time period to multiply (such as the fifth or sixth day only), because all living things, including animals and man, have continued to multiply since creation. This, and the creation of the land animals and man on Day Six, are examples of days overlapping in the biblical reckoning of time, as discussed in Chapter Six. Hence the symbolism behind the fish and birds being fruitful and multiplying pertains to the multiplying of believers or disciples in the remaining time before the thousand-year reign of Yeshua – which is for two thousand years (Days Five and Six).

    The Symbolism of the Fish and Birds for the Fifth and Sixth Millenniums

    The fifth and sixth thousand year period on the Hebrew calendar is 4000-5999 AC, which is from around the crucifixion of Yeshua to just before His return [46], and encompasses the last two thousand years of history. The two most significant events, from Yahweh’s perspective, in this time period as recorded in the New Testament and history, is the death of His Son and the spreading of the Gospel – initially in Israel and the surrounding Arab lands, and later to the rest of the Pagan world – resulting in millions of Holy Spirit (birds), indwelt believers (fish) in Yeshua. Coupled with this, was the rise of satanically inspired belief systems – doctrines of demons (birds) – in the East and West that caused the multiple massacres of both Jewish and Gentile believers.

    Particular to the Middle East (earth), was the rise of Is…. from 622 AD (about 4600 AC in the fifth millennium) – which was the iron legs and feet in Nebuchadnezzar’s statue, the fourth beast of Daniel 7, and the seventh and eighth beast of Revelation 17 – as revealed in Part One. This final beast empire – based on doctrines of demons – will be used by A…./S…., the arch-demonic being (unclean bird of prey), in his bid to fulfill Isaiah 14 and ‘be like the Most High,’ right up until the return of King Yeshua in the year 6000 AC.

    The rest of my ground-breaking research on 666, Rev 13 – the whole scenario for the Great Tribulation, and the timing of these things is in my 2-Part series found at http;//www.deborahjeanstearn.com

    • i am not trying to say god could not have created the entire universe and of course the earth included in 6 of our 24 hr. days. i do not limit gods abilities. i simply read throughout the word and combine what the holy spirit reveals to me. again; the first thing god said was; let there be light. this was the beginning of the creation of the universe that we are aware of. when it says; the earth was without form and void, i think those two words have great meaning in considering (time). when it says our sun and our moon were not created untill the forth day, that should make you sit back and think of why is this. as i have stated prior these things have nothing to do with salvation, and salvation is the only thing in the end that matters. i was not indroctinaded by anyone about how the earth and heavens were formed. i simply have read the scriptures over and over and have found that some teachings by man do not add up in what the scriptures say. this is not to be a point of contention between christians speaking in this website, i simply see the different time between gods time and mans time.

  9. Thank you for your reply. It has been some time ( more like years) that I have had such an engaging response about the word of God. I do understand the spirtual significance of his word and appreciate the deeper meanings which the modern day church does not teach .

    It reminds me of the time when the Holy Spirit told me to buy chickens and bees. I obeyed and then it told me to go outside and observe them. Not knowing why but after a couple of days it was showing me that the church (believers) was to function like the beehive; working together for the good of the queen (Yeshua) and hive (kingdom) driving out anything unclean and anything that could destroy it’s unity. But in reality they were acting like chickens; pecking at each other, holding each other down and allowing unclean things inside the church as compared to the hive.

    I, along with a couple of other believers, sharpen each other because we are not able to find such teaching out there. I will be pariticipating and reading more of these teaching on this site.

    • dear wish

      welcome here…..we discuss things daily…and new topics are added all the time…funny you ended up on a page about fish…when fish symbolizes those that need to be brought in…here we just love jesus, and love to discuss, and sometimes argue, about the word.

  10. Chickens also are at present scavengers by quite a long shot. First, those reared as boilers are fed with undetermined proteins from death (of unclean animal sources) and they naturally dig out worms and eat them.

    To the spiritually awake, we all realize that it was promised that the spirit of God shall lead us into all truth, referring to the dynamism of the relation between believers and the He that is the truth. Many meats once allowed as clean certainly can be observed not to be so any longer. In fact, the comments above from Iwish on the observation of chickens tells much. In the past, people fed on what they raised on their farms or of neighbours they knew and thus could vouch for the cleanliness of the end product. But it is not so any longer in our urbanised lives.

    What was the major lesson of the Quiale that was sent to the Israelites in the desert and that thereafter caused many to perish? The bird was certainly a clean species and godsend but the manner of asking made everything to be defiled. The similar is in modern times in which the gluttonous appetite for flesh meats render everything to become defiled even of the categories once termed as clean.

    Thus the word of God in the present in as many words advises us to safeguard from all manner of the defiled, in both the spiritual as well as the physical plane. Abstain from as much as you are not certain of in regard to flesh diets.

    It’s possible to live on a strict vegetarian diet, and in fact much more healthy, as well as affordable in most places of the world. Why eat from the table of death when the dainties of life are within our grasp?

    • true

      I think I will be eating more broccoli now

    • Ever heard of the “blood-type diets”? My mother was a vegan & came down with several types of cancer & died !According to blood-type(- B) she should have never been a vegan! Only A bloods can go totally vegan! BTW U.N. agenda 21 has planned a neo-vegan diet with insects as the only animal protein! All other animal proteins will be eliminated Also all frozen & refrigerated foods! Fresh produce only in season & all food grown around the future mega-cities by 2050! All eating in communal dining halls & all gmo franken-food! All kept in a permanent state of hunger malnutrition!

  11. I think today, as far as fish is concerned, we have even bigger problems on our hands than worms and their residue…

  12. An interesting discussion, so here’s my three cents. God didn’t change the dietary list after the cross (He didn’t change the nature of those animals and their eating habits), although it could be argued that things are (supposedly) safer in our modern times w/ refrigeration, etc. The dietary law is more of a guideline now, and is still simply healthier.

    The trend of eating sushi and other raw fish is causing alarming rates of parasites; and, what with “factory farming” (where most of this hemisphere’s meats come from..oy), polluted waters, and just sloppy agri-business, I’m thinking the dietary law is almost a necessity. Our family only eats “clean” /organic beef and bacon, and “clean” chicken when we can. I used to get stomach aches EVERY time I ate pork from Wal Mart back where we were still buying that….learned later, they often rinse it in ammonia and/or bleach to kill the bacteria and germs..eeww. For 4 yrs now, we’ve eat cage-free eggs (sometimes raw in our smoothies), and raw cows milk (thru a co-op) from reputable sources, and we feel better. It’s sad that we have to go to so much trouble and expense to get food safe enough to eat, but either we invest in our health NOW or pay $$$,.$$ later to the doctors…

  13. We all have parasites and normally our bodies can generally fight them if we stay really healthy and avoid eating what feeds parasites, mainly sugars and carbohydrates. The problem is from the food we eat and the water we drink to the very air we breath are all contaminated. As if that wasn’t enough we inject the junk in our bodies as the powers that be deem them necessary for us to combat the junk we receive.
    The end result is many happy parasite communities living inside us, whoopee.

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