Living With a Snake


It was a whole week.

This past week I discovered there were both mice and a snake in my house.

I had noticed the mice a few weeks ago, and worked to remove them from a spare storage room.

Then, just recently, I just walked into the same room and saw the snake.

I did not know if it was poisonous or not.

There was huge cleaning and wildlife control came in, but could not find the snake.

They did find a hole in the air handler area that serves the air conditioning and heating for the house. The hole was plugged.

They left glue traps and left.

I closed the door to the room, and waited.

I was also concerned it had traveled to another part of the house.

Or maybe it left, and went outside before the hole was plugged?

I slept in the living room with the lights on.

I kept checking the traps and nothing….

I then resolved myself that maybe the snake had left the room, so I started to move things back in there, because my house was cluttered with stuff from that room, which had been cleared out, except for the bed, and bureau.

I felt I needed to remove the clutter from the other rooms, to give him less places to hide.

Weary, I prayed before bed, asking God to please resolve this snake problem. Otherwise, I could spend months living with a snake before it was apprehended.

It was the uncertainty of not knowing if it was poisonous or not, and if I could suddenly come upon and startle the snake, which would then possibly bite me.

Very stressful time for me.

Yesterday, I started moving some things back into the room. I thought about taking up the glue traps.

Then I took a 10 minute break.

When I returned, the snake was on a glue trap.

God had answered my prayer!

Thank you Jesus /Yahshua, Father God Yahweh, and Holy Spirit!

AS I was told it would take several hours for the snake to die on the glue trap, I had a neighbor help me bag it up, remove it from my home and put it into the garbage can outside.

I still do not know what kind of snake it was, after comparing it with pictures on the internet. But I am glad it is gone.

I now have peace again.


Spiritual Lesson

I did not create the hole that let the mice and pests in, but I still suffered for it.

This was created by the builder of the house.

Sometimes, there are holes created by others that let demons into our lives.

We have to be vigilant, and look for these holes, and close them.

And sometimes we create our own holes, and suffer.

Either way, the closing of the holes is our job, because we are the ones affected, and if others created the holes, they may be long gone, or just don’t care.

Our world is getting darker, and we need to stay strong, and be free of snakes and other pests that do harm.

Look for holes in your spirit world, and close them.

Get rid of your mice and snakes.

Ask God to help you.

14 Responses to “Living With a Snake”

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  2. The same thing happened to me this past week or so. I live in a very old farm house which I love, but these things happen from time to time. It always seems like a spiritual warning of some kind. I always ask Jesus to escort it out the same way it came in…just get it out of here, please. I slept with the lights on too! God bless you and I hope it doesn’t happen again for either of us!

    • nancy

      thank you!

      • somebody is doing witchcraft over me and loved ones and I can see the change after they came back from Jamaica.behaviors,attitude,talking to them is like a shell with a voice no soul,selling pills,drinking acholol,the person they went with to jamica was his ex an other kids mother she was always jealous of me and him our friendship our family dynamic.he never spoke highly of her to anyone and it showed as soon as he came back I tell you he was not the same towards our son or me and my sons behavior would change so much when his dad was around he would be so aggressive towards me and mean as soon as he would leave or hasnt been around my son was himself.what am I suppose to pray for anymore I know God is protecting me by removing me..right..but I know prayer is very powerful and we are to fight other sports because it’s a spiritual warfare but I am lost on what to do .I really know this isn’t him

        • lauren

          I am sending you some prayers to print out and say daily.

          I hope this helps

          I will agree with you in prayer against this witchcraft and for deliverance of your family.

  3. Thanks God, i am so happy for you Marianne, i can imagine how you were feeling, a similar thing happened to me to with the snake, i was afraid a lot to sleep in the night, i was so scared, but God helped me to heal from this big fear, i would always think that maybe some new snake would come, to say the truth, i still do fear a little

  4. Marianne, the snake was probably after the mice. Most snakes are not poisonous and are actually helpful. The snake hunters on TV (Australia) catch them then release them in the wild. I am glad that you are not still being bothered by that one. And I am thankful I have not seen any snakes here in 28 years. However, a lady in a town not far from here bumped into a rattle snake in her garden. There are a lot of dogs around here that might scare off snakes. There are roof rats. Their name should be Einstein rats as they are more clever than most people. We had only three in our garage but they chewed up the wiring in our car. We were able to trap them with the old fashioned wood snap traps one at a time. However, I had to use plastic gloves to bait the traps with melted cheese so they could not detect me. They will just eat off regular cheese or peanut butter on the traps. These rats looked very healthy and stream lined. Neighbor has trees that harbor these rats Just another affliction that we get tested with!

    • 4 ayhweh

      I did not know about the plastic gloves. we have water moccasins here as I live near a creek. wasn’t sure what it was.

      • Hi Marianne! Yes, you have to be very careful around poisonous snakes. The program I mentioned was called “Snake City” on cable. They are continually removing interesting programs and leaving all the others!

        • Marianne, I hear that North Carolina may have flooding. I pray that you and yours are safe! We here know NOTHING about flooding as we have not had more than an inch this past year. Too many wild fires are in the western half of the U.S., many in CA. Flooding can bring snakes in, too. Blessings!

  5. Thanks for this reaching I know it has already helped me close all the holes in my spiritual, those opened by others and those opened by my self in Jesus Name. Amen!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for this teaching I know it has already helped me close all the holes in my spiritual Life, those opened by others and those opened by my self in Jesus Name. Amen!!!!!!

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