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If you wish to receive notice when Heaven Awaits is updated, please feel free to contact me and give me your email address.

You can leave a message on this page.

If you want your email to remain confidential, just leave a text message, and I will pick up your address on my administrative page. When I send out updates, it goes to “undisclosed recipients,” and no one else will see your email address.

I appreciate your interest in my site.

God bless you.


48 Responses to “Mailing list”

  1. I “stumbled” onto your website. I know it was a divine appointment. Therefore, I would like to be placed on your mailing list please!
    Thank you!

  2. Such a thought-provoking website. I just googled praying for unsaved loved ones and your website came up. Please add my name to your mailing list. Thanks.

    Susan Houser

  3. Put me on your mailing list please.

  4. You have been extremely wonderful please add me to your mailing list as I am grateful for such a great peace in my heart to know that someone generally cares w/o seeking material gains for thier own purpose.

    May the lord bless you in all your endeavors

  5. Please add me to your mailing list! This site is a blessing! Thank you. Quick question – What bible passages would you say will be the most important to commit to memory for endtime battle warfare and healing. God Bless You!

  6. Hi Susan,

    you’re added.

    since there are different end time sub topics, it would be best to research out the most appropriate for a particular need. if you have a topical bible, that would help. or go to
    you can put in key words and come up with scriptures.

    Prayer is an all around committment to many things…holiness, faith, santification, peace, protection, healing…etc.

    there are different scriptures for each victory.
    try the pslams also. they are already prayers. in addition:
    Ps 145, 146, 46
    Gen 14:20
    ex 6:6
    Deut 9:3
    Ps 9:9
    Ps 18:1
    Isaiah 54:17
    Ps 91
    2 Chr 20:17


  7. Please send updates!

  8. Dear Marianne .i wouldlove to einyour mailinglist.I like your website.


  9. Dear Marianne
    i would love to be in your mailing list.sorry for the earlier errors.


  10. Hi Cammy,

    I added you. Thanks and welcome.


  11. I found out that all your topics are really interesting. Are you able to email me constantly?

  12. please update me also when you update

    thank you

  13. I was wondering if any were in the bible it talks about the age of the anti-Christ?

  14. Hi Marianne,

    I would like to receive updates. I too am trying to build a Christian blog. Pray that I succeed and complement your. It’s of a different nature, though. I am trying to document my learnings at Chrurch services on my blog for the benefit of those who cannot attend for any reason.

  15. Shalom to you, dear sister Marianne, and all who read this reply:
    I am very grateful that YHWH led my friend to this website and she sent me the link! My spirit definitely bears witness with your spirit in this website! I know who Dimitru Duduman is; I heard of him back in the early 1980s, and read some of his prophecies. They are also in agreement with General Washington’s Vision of 1776; have you heard of it? If not, I can forward you the document, which is awesome. I love Perry Stone’s ministry today as well. I believe that you flow in the same spirit of the prophet that they do. The scriptures declare that the spirits of the prophets are subject unto the prophets, and I thank YHWH for sending me to your website for the great encouragement that I have found here. May YHWH bless and keep you safe always through these last days we are definitely in now! Please add me to your mailing list as I definitely do not want to lose touch with you!

    • Hi Debra

      Thank you for your very kind words. I just consider myself a student of prophecy, and the Word in general. I just spend time uncovering what has already been revealed.

      I added you to my mailing list. You will get something every 1-2 weeks.

      May God bless you.

  16. Hi! I also “stumbled” onto your site and have literally been glued to the computer all day, thank you for all that you’ve written! Please add me to your mailing list, thank you so much!

  17. Would love to be on your mailing list! 🙂 Thanks!

  18. What a wonderful page this is!

  19. please sign me up

  20. could you sign me up thanks ruby

  21. me too! 🙂

  22. I want to be on your mailing list. So much to dig in to for myself to be what God meant me to be.

  23. I can spend hours here ! 🙂

  24. I want to be on your mialing list.

  25. Hello Marianne I’d love to be added to your mailing list. I have been reading alot , things I needed to hear at this time of my life. It’s a great site Thank You Mizzy

  26. awesome blog, thanks so much for all your encouraging words. Please add me to your mailing list !!! thanks so much…..

  27. I have prayed your witchcraft prayer for 2 years and I thank you for making available. I praise almighty God, Saviour and Holy Spirit for my dreams and visions but most of all for loving us enough to take the cross for us. Pray for God to seperate and anoint me for His service. In the name of Jesus, thank you!

    • hi Deborah

      Praise God for your devotion and blessings. I pray that God use you in a wonderful way to reach many people in these last days.

  28. Praise the Lord everybody.. and I pray that you experience God’s Miracles everyday….ONLY BELIEVE.

  29. Praise the Lord everybody!!!!

  30. Dear Marianne,
    I have been writting emails to you and been blessed with all the worries been taken but as the people who don’t know about this I should type it and put in words so they can believe in the word of the lord. I stumbled on this page as I was searching for some prayers to break the witch craft I strongly beleived to be done by my best friend. I wrote on this website and received a letter from Marianne stating she will pray for me all with her prayer warriors. And I trusted her my case was when I cam from India I was paralysed from my hips I am heavy but never was really this bad. Then I felt some negative forces not allowing me to walk. So I prayed Marianne prayers for breaking witchcraft and in few days the negative forces left me. I called this friend and told her that I am praying for the person who did this to me to suffer 10 % percent more then I do as I am praying for that person she said why you have to do it. This confirmed the doubts of her doing worngs to me as she wanted me never to leave India. But Jesus has always been my saviour and always will be. I was healed and now the second inceident was I didn’t have a job I got casual job it kept me going as the prayers prayed by this sister is indeed a prayer heard alongiwth warriors of prayer. I am really blessed by the lord to give me a sister like marianne to pray and let the Good lord keep her in good health and let her trouble be taken care as she is the hope and she is strong pillar who spreads the word of God. I pray for all the prayer warriors to be strong and also us the people who are indeed getting weak at everything we should be strong in our faith. I love jesus and will always be in love with you. Give me the strong backing to be with you and let all the negativity go away from me and my family.
    Thank you Marianne and all the warriors for all the prayers and support given to me when I was the weakest.

  31. I am planning to sell a property but I am not getting a person to buy my property as the market is really bad but I am giving all the thoughts of mine. I am fed up and been worried and been putting on weight got diabetes adn all the worries is getting nowehere close I am 38 and I want to start loving myself and I think god is the greatest giver. Give me peace of mind and Hope and love to love myself.
    Thank you jesus

    • dear lavina

      Thank you so much for writing and letting me know about the improvements with the paralysis. I will put a note by your name on my list.

      You will continue to be in my prayers for healing of the diabetes and weight issue. God can do anything, and bring all things back under control. just rest in him.

  32. […] Mailing list […]

  33. this is two questions one your thoughts on the bleed moons plus I a ten this church totally. Different. Its a vineyard church. A little history. On it please

    • kathy

      the blood moons do not mean anything special. they have happened many times before.

      the bible does not talk about blood moon tetrads

      read revelation 6. 6th seal.

      sun turns dark, moon turns red, earthquake and stars fall from sky.

      look for that instead

  34. Please add me to mailing list

  35. Please add me to your mailing address.

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