Maitreya – Lucifer is back already?


– picture of Maitreya in Kenya in 1988

Many now expect the return of their awaited Teacher, whether they call him the Christ, Messiah, the fifth Buddha, Krishna, or the Imam Mahdi. Millions believe the Teacher who fulfills all these expectations is already living among us. Buyer beware!

According to reports, and his website, Maitreya, the World Teacher, has not come alone, but with a group of wise Teachers who have long guided humanity from behind the scenes.

They are returning to the everyday world to help us solve our most critical global problems.

Maitreya is not a religious leader, but an educator in the broadest sense.  He is a New Age Leader, who represents all religions.

He is here to inspire us to create a new era based on sharing and justice, so that all may have the basic necessities of life: food, shelter, health care, and education.

His open mission in the world is about to begin. As Maitreya himself has said:

“Soon, now very soon, you will see my face and hear my words.”

“In the very near future, people everywhere will have the opportunity to witness an extraordinary and significant sign, the like of which has been manifested only once before, at the birth of Jesus….

Soon, once again, a star-like luminary of brilliant power will be seen around the world.”

Maitreya’s first interview:

Maitreya answering question about Lucifer:

Do you accept the interpretation of Lucifer as the Fallen Angel of evil?

No, I do not. I think this is a complete misunderstanding of Lucifer by Christian teaching. The name Lucifer means, literally, light. The word comes from the Latin root: lux, lucis light; and fer, ferre to bring. It means, therefore, light-bringing and is the name of the planet Venus as the morning star.

Far from being evil, it is pure light. In the esoteric teaching, Lucifer is the name for the great angelic Entity who embodies the human kingdom on the soul plane. As souls, we are each an individualized part of this great Oversoul. Difficult as it is for us to grasp, there is really no such thing as a separate soul. It does not exist.

The Christian teaching holds that Lucifer the chief rebel angel, Satan was thrown out of heaven for getting too big-headed and arguing with God. This is simplistic and shows a complete misunderstanding of the reality. It is also, of course, symbolic. It is symbolic of a very significant point in our human evolution which took place 18 1/2 million years ago.

Star Sign
In the very near future a large, bright star will appear in the sky visible to all throughout the world, updated 19 Feb 2009:

This link describes the similarity between Maitreya and Obama, as well as common connections:

There is also a link in this book to a page from Benjamin Creme who teaches about Maitreya, and about a sign/star that will soon emerge.

Nibiru is said to appear visible at about June, 2009. Is this the star referred to?

And 2012 plays also a role again!

Here is a video that someone sent to me…Maitreya is just another false Christ figure.  We should be on the lookout for false Christs now, as when the world turns to these figures, they will turn against God and Jesus, the true Christ.

See also:

About Maitreya, genealogy (somehow he is related to both King David and Mohammed!!! ),

Below is the Maitreya logo…..symbolizing the union of all religions. Notice carefully the satanic star at the very top and the Islamic moon below it. This shows his priorities:


Marianne’s Thoughts on all this.

This is a bunch of NEW AGE deception. I do not care how many fancy tricks this guy performs, how much money he has, how many people swoon over him. Satan is behind him. He is another false Christ, just as Jesus predicted.

There is only one Jesus/ Yeshua. He will come as He promised, and as outlined by the Prophets Isaiah, Micah, Daniel, and John (Revelation).

The real Messiah will not arrive on an airplane, and sit in London in a New Age Meeting, who. He will be seen arriving directly from heaven, as this is His throne.

He will NOT come as an angel of light, or an Ascended Master, that denies his virgin birth, divinity and redemption through the blood of his crucifixion.

Maitreya is an impostor. He denies the Word of God as true, and upholds Lucifer as someone to be adored. How much power he will receive is to be seen. So far, he is full of hot air. If Lucifer empowers him, he will get worse. Avoid him.

There is only one Jesus, and this guy is not Him. Follow Jesus. His sheep know who he is. Stay close to your true Shepherd.

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    • According to Frank Marzullo there are false ministers of light and spirits that call themselves lucifer one of them maybe in my apt pretending to be a woman but the G-d that created him knows everything about the situation. Tried to trap a soul while in a stateof unconsciousness should be forgivable even posthumously if G-d knows it was unintentional. Anything is forgivable in this life & the future except theact of blashphamy done on purpose according the Jesus. Please beg the G-d of the Universe to forgive this. Need Jesus to intercede. Keep this lifted in prayer continuosuly until resolved.

      • Tracy

        When any spirits bother you , you tell them to go away in Jesus name. Tell them you are covered by the blood of Jesus and they have no authority to hurt you.

  2. Too many people think they are God now. This guy is whacked.

  3. Amen! Marianne,I agree with you, I have been studying this ,and if you believe the Bible,It goes right along with what Jesus was teaching,about False “teachers: and he said He will come in the clouds and that everyone would see and know him.. Not another star, I just wonder how many will end up following this man,, Pray for everyone that they seek the truth,and not follow these Anit-christ..

    • Hi Deb,

      True, we should not chase “stars.” That is idolatry. Also, this man thinks Lucifer is a nice angel.

      • Had a false minister of light pose as lucifer spirit G-d try to trap soul while in in a unconscious state of mind but believe G-d will forgive this as it was not intentioal to give lucifer access to soul. Pray Jesus intercedes for soul.

        • Hi Tracy,

          I hope this is ok for me to ask. Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? We are here for you if you need help.


    • jesus was cruicified over being a false profit/teacher

  4. Your thoughts on this are spot on. But you know many folks will fall for this guy. Just as their are false prophets and anti-christs in Christianity, I assume other religions have their false prophets also.

    Ahmadinejad will be disappointed if this is true, ha.

  5. Hey I love this blog. I can see the time and effort put into this.. Thanks!

  6. I saw this before the share internation site before election! There was also a video on Fox’s Bill O’Reilly feturing Louis Farrakhan speaking about the return of the Messiah. He did *NOT* refer to Obama explicitly in the clip.

  7. I do remember very well, when in 1982 a whole page ad was placed in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung announcing hi arrival. I would have suspected him to be quicker. As long as he does not significantly increase his visibility, I count him as just another wannabe christ!

    • hi GYOD

      I am not sure how old he is in the photo, but maybe in his 30’s or 40s? Anyhow he is 20 years older now. He is getting older. Sometimes the publicity makes someone more popular than he really is.


  8. Lol, this guy should be hung, drawn, and quartered, he has no right to live

  9. No, not until you accept Islam as your true faith, we will never agree

  10. One God in three persons, Father, Son, Holy Spirit. My point? We have one true God and with his grace we are forgiven, He loves us all. With his strength, he will protect us. We must be Strong, open minded and aware of these false prophets, false teachings. Thanks for sharing. God bless

  11. Wow times are really around the corner the only thing I could tell you guys is to keep your faith in our God. It doesn’t matter how bad stuff gets He will always look after us. Whenever you don’t look at Jesus next to you is because He is caring you.

  12. In the Qur’an and Hadiths, there is over 1,000,000 signs of the end of the world, day of judgement, (Kiyamah)
    Almost all the signs have been met, main ones are that the Al-Aqsa mosque in palestine will be infiltrated and rebuilt as the temple of soloman, this is happening right now, they claim to be digging underneath for gold
    And the second, the population of Islam will rapidly increase, this is happening right now

    • Hi Asfar,

      I agree with you about the mosque, the rebuilding of the Temple, and population of Islam. The Muslims were digging under the temple mount, but it was not for gold. I think they wanted to expand their mosque, and they were trying to make more room.

  13. Which direction does the moon god worshipers worship? Toward Mecca, and Medina where the black Kabba stone is. Zero point.

    Not Al-Aqsa Mosque. Did Mohamed really assend into heaven on a winged horse from Al-Aqsa? No. Horses can not fly.

    The Muslims only take what is their half-brothers out of hate. The Temple Mount belongs to the Jews. The black Kabba stone pagan worship belongs to Islam.

    • Hi Leatherneck,

      I think you are right that the Quran does not even mention this mosque. How it fits into more modern tradition, or writings, I am not sure.

      The Temple Mount has always been the center of worship for the Jews. I heard one story that the mosque was actually a Jewish place of worship at one point, and then the Muslims took it over later.


  14. Marianne,
    I heard a leader in Syria wanted noteriety and built the mosque and then tried to attach the belief that “Mohammad ascended from a far away mosque from the Quran” to his mosque. It is said one of Mohammad’s relatives outright rejected his claims as a lie.

    • The more I think about it. The mosque was originally of Jewish worship but the “contract work” was done by a Muslim. It was then immediately taken over by the Muslims after it was built. Maybe I am thinking of a different spot. I cannot seem to remember where I heard, or read, that story.

  15. Inside the Temple Mount mosque is the peak of the mountain, rising slightly above the rest of the surrounding surface. You can see chiseled grooves on this blunt rock peak. Perhaps to let the sacrificed blood drain away. DavWms

  16. I have read where the Mosque sits on the Temple Mount was at first a Roman pagan Temple. The first, and second Temple of the Jews was located some distance away from this pagan shrine.


    • Leatherneck

      I think I have also seen where they plan to build a new temple next to the mosque, saying that the original temple was about 50yards away. there is a small structure now where the holy of holies sat, and that would be where the new temple would go. So to be side by side with the mosque, instead of where it sits, is ok.

    • Oops…I was looking at other sites…..maybe the mosque is in the way after all.

  17. Dalai lama is a huge supporter of the Maitreya project. He personally travels all the world asking for money and supporters. Dalai Lama is in the center of attention in the Artistic Class, and media. They all scream for tibetan freedom.

  18. There is a very offensive comedy series on youtube called “God Loves Me Best.” I checked it out, it is not funny at all it is completely and utterly blasphemous. The premise is that a there is a reality television show in which they put 6 people of different religions in one house. One of the members is an atheist, a lack of religion is called lawlessness not a religion. In one episode God (the producers and not the God that we know and love) decides to kick one of the people out of the house. They have to make room for a new cast member the Hindu. So there has to be a fight between the Muslim and the Christian. The Christian gets the boot. In the scenes with the producers they make all kinds of subtle jokes about about being Lucifer. At the end of the webshow really quickly in the credits it says the piece is of Merkaba Productions. I googled Merkaba Productions and there webpage is It is a sign the end must be near. The devil knows he’s going to lose and he wants to deceive and destroy many in the process. Christ is the only means to eternal life and salvation. To truely love the lord is to not want to offend him and hold his ord true. There are other Merkaba websites that talk about a whole lot of new-age malarchy. Satan and his allies aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. I wish the world would wake up.

    • I apologize for some of my capitolization errors on my comment. Christ is the only Lord whose name should be capitolized.

    • hi victoria

      Thank you for sharing that. I did not know about this show or the group Merkaba. Knowledge is power. We do not have to submit to anything deceptive.

  19. I can’t wait for ole J.H. Christ to come back. I also hope christians and muslims alike get raptured and then maybe there can be some semblance of peace on this planet. P.S…I love the above comments about drawing and quartering Maitreya as well as all the other hateful blather. They just go to show what a great and loving religion christianity is. Christ would hang his head in shame.

  20. I came to this web sight and all I see is dellusional religeous intolerances and spiritual bigotry. War mongering from the most spiritually bigoted non peacefull enemys of their own leader who turns his back on all of you out of love of his God which means he worships us collectively and even the most vile of creatures amongst us the so called christians that have no business giving themselves that Logos and self proclaiming themselves the body of christ when they can’t see it in their fellow Moslem and jewish brethen also many others for who does the Christian Religeon recognise? No one but themselves because of the following of perpetuated spiitually arrogant and bigoted prison within that does not allow them to have eyes to see or ears to hear the song of God proceeding out of EVERYONES Being and especially the False religeon that was invented as the myth of christ that has served its purpose and completely confused the true message of the son of man (all of mankind being his father “The Collective Consciousness”) and him being the son and focusii of that “Kingdom within” containing the multitudes of all sentient beings, past present and future in all dimensions and myriad physical, metaphysical onmnipotent and omnipresent all encompassing Beings). He turns his back on you all in shame of the misinterpretations and completely intolerant unpacifying of the beast in all men to war and feel against other servants of what I have had to suffer viewing these comments in this cyber realm that trys to mimic the Above version of the Collective in the below version of which makes us all sons of man. “God created the universe(s) as to live in it as us” and that means to use your superior love in the active principle or Logos within to love guide and accept those in fellowship no matter what their dellusional religeous belief to prepare and ready the extended family of Humanity for the kingdom of heaven is soon to manifest in the meditative synthesis of god on the material plane the Collective Conciousness of God that “is” the Kingdom of Heaven soon to manifest in every living receptor including the lowest of atheists as they will be first having no preconceived judgement of anyone else therefor not part of the machinations of the most severe sin of all in the eyes of the all loving collective Father as witnessed by the Christ of this website and it therefor easy to fathom the greatest of all mysteries why “those who are consdered first will be last and those considered last will be first.” Peace be with you when you quiet that war cry raging inside you….

    • hi Shane

      Yes, there is a battle for truth here.

      No one enters the kingdom of heaven except through Christ. No one else died for our salvation except Him. No one comes to the Father except through Jesus.

      Collective Consciousness will not save you. You will just end up enslaved in a Borg mentality with a lot of other lost souls.

      The time of great tribulation is near. There is only one name that will save you, and that is Jesus.

      I wish you the peace and love that you seek.

      • Hey Marianne don’t you think it would be in the best interests of revealing yourself and being transparant and showing my side for people to witness just where our friendly little conversation actually evolved? If anyone is interested just ask Marianne. I’m sure she would show you unabridged then narconeski could also be enlightened then adding to the need to admonish her own ego and complete lack of respect by trying to shrink me into a box of her own convenience and again need to be a spiritual bigot and saying I’m just a stock standard Sophist argument that has what value ?? None? So you can continue aiding and abetting the True Evil on this planet of which you think you are not attached?? Don’t think so. Why do I feel as if I’m in the devils Abyss protected by a impenetrable armour gifted to me by the Holy Hosts and even coming back here to find that the Host of this web site through non revealing of all and sundry we talked about. This is in fact a form of LIEING Marianne and I thought you were much too nice and kind to just show a one sided conversation and add to the Evil that I thought you were naively attached to. Now I know that you are premeditated in your quest to suppressing the true Good and Caring of the whole Human race still including you but because of the nialistic attitude so prevelant in the so called self proclaimed that you represent (for I do not have reputation and face to have to protect as obviously as you do Marianne. What a great pity and I actually gave of the Goodness and manifest heart of Christ that was becoming crystallized between us for as he said “where two or more come together in my name(debatable in the english as to what was in aramaic but holding the name in the language of the Angels) I will be there.” You mean I was standing with christ on my own Marianne??? Come on where the rest of the conversations. You have my permission to publish them here on you web site. You and I have nothing to lose, I know I don’t…

    • Well , Shane. You are right about false Christians . But you´re just a sophist. You confounds the difference between having liberty and being libertine. A sophist argument that one you wrote above.

    • You can seem smart and live well in this world through the Vision of Jung. But in Spiritual eternity only by Jesus , enjoying you it , or not. And the peace of Christ is not just an absence of War . Is peace among the war time . And you just can understand it living through the spirit. Out of the Spirit , you will only have smart words to say and nothing more than that.

  21. Oh but Narconeski you are so very wrong in your ussumptions. For you seem to talk as if you have the authority to do so, and, I claim not that you say I am, but it is you who is maifesting these parameters on me in a feeble attempt to prove what??? and for what??? That you are the one with the ultimate or pen-ultimate arguement?? Surely this is not what it is about. A forum of debate and lets see who can come out on top??? Where has the love and caring for each other gone to with you people??? I thought as much…. How dissappointing that you have only proved that, what, I started out with originally, is still intact.That my real ulterior motive was to be hopefully mistaken. For I really do love all and care even for you narconeski. I am an Australian and I have been blessed to be born in a country that has had its eye on the world a lot longer historically speaking than vice versa. Born in 1958 into the television era, having witnessed the marvels of mankind and always seeing good. Again my circumstances and upbringing was a Catholic mother and a Prodestant Father and oh dear I know you’ll make somthing up of that but I was also baptised “Born Again” in the Nambucca River (aboriginal for where two rivers meet at the “Father water” or “pacific Ocean”). I have witnessed enough to know just where you good but completely confused people “get off”! Good bye and may the spirit of God again being the “Collective” (I know your feelings and misinterpretation of that problem you have with that concept of truth) bring you protection as it has me by the “Heavenly Hosts” protecting you from each other, others from you, you from me and the last consideration, Me from You. Peace for all Mankind….

  22. I think that narconeski is rather confused with smart words and coming from the spirit and placing that pardigm of thought upon me when it is her that suffers this malady. She bamboozles herself and I’m gald it is there in black and white for any intelligent spiritually discerning person who is not being held to ransom of being robbed of salvation or eternal being labled in her psuedo-intellectual gobbiddygook that is actually quite self defeating and weak in being able to stand on its own two feet with Marianne on the side lines and her comical “well said” showing them both up for the bullies using common school yard tactics and evil spin and the reason I am now attacking is because EVERYONE WHO READS THIS I was having quite a friendly recoarse via e-mail with Marianne as I stated before and if Narconeski was also privy to them as I don’t know what there status is so far as link ups and shared information then I would have to say that they are as guilty of spiritual deception and therefore evil as this Maitreya mentioned above. For this is the first time that I have even commented on the heading of this particular site yet! I notice on the side links that I am Headlined as Shane Peninton on “maitreya-Lucifer is back. What a lot of misleading “cods-wallop” LoL that is a colloquial Aussie term for fish defecation. Maybe a more appropriate deffinition than how I have been misrepresented with big chunks of my dialogue missing hey Marianne? What type of an example are you to do this to a fellow soul-spirit Jesus follower, notice I didn’t say Christian… I wonder why??? I actually did somthing when I was 12 years old on my 12th birthday on December 12th (12-12) 6 days after my grandfathers birthday (6-12) and 6 days before my fathers birthday (18-12) 1970, and that was to copy all the direct quotes of Jesus from the New Testament and also his direct actions e.g the shortest sentence (in the english) i.e Jesus Wept. I also took particular note of the tantrum he threw when he overturned the money exchangers tables and actually picked up a whip (stole it) and started whipping people indiscriminately saying “How dare you defile my fathers house”. Today the law would have to be called and he would have been brought up before the judicial system and found guilty of a whole range of various charges and found guilty. I started to see the human being and all his frailties and weeknesses. “I thirst” “Father!! Why have you forsaken Me?? ‘Forgive them father for they do not know what they are doing” (I refained from using the King James English) e.g “Why hast though forsaken etc.” I realised at a very early age a number of inconsistances and wondered did the christianns of this world and all the various sects and docterines etc ever even see eye to eye on any of this variation of a cannonised book that even varies in cannon from the catholic version to the prodestant to the Penticostle to the Jehova Witness to the Latter day saints (Book of Morman) the Baptists, not to mention the Greek orthodoc Church and so on and so on. As a kid their was no unity or unification in the Christian works and they also seem to argue an awfull lot and not come to agreement.They didn’t agree. However things come to pass and through some kind of miracle I found myself in church on the 25th Dec 1984 with two frinds of mine who were reborn again who felt it was their duty to get me back from the clutches of darkness just after my 1st wife left me taking my son to get together with her old flame who apparently took her virginity years before me that she had resumed a relationship with 3 or more months before she left the domacile and leaving me a dear John that paints me in a perfect morral light as I was the innocent 3rd party in a love triangle that I had no idea was going on. I was on the verge of a complete emotional, mental and physical breakdown. In my reeling mental state I found myself in front of the church Pastear singing glory halleluah and excepting the holy ghost into my heart but it was more than that… it was a multitude of many I could perhaps say google of beings like the sound of a million behives filling every cell of the container that was brimming over, my cup runneth over was an understatment…. I will stop here. the upshot is 4 years after digesting or drinking in everything I could and having been privy to much that showed me the light and having a one on one with the unifying and ever loving protective “collective of consciousness ii ” I became unborn when the spirit within was aghast at the most horrible bigotries against my beloved fellow humans and realised the twisted and even hatefull intollerances of the very same people that were supposed to make up the earthly body of Yeshua. No unity among them as the 12 year old boy reminded me of the magic of loving all mankind.. and seeing the Earth that it was good. I can’t help it. I see your iniquities Marianne and Naconeski and how you have misrepresented me and also left out the major guts of my conversation with you today on our e-mail direct to each other i.e with you Marianne, has just fortified my purpose to expose the injust for their own good and also love the dickens out of them and you all … my God that is all of you including Maitreya and all the fakes and all the lowlies of lowlies for the spirit is the only true platform from which any human form can communicate his plea to the rest… Please stop waging war on one another even amidst your own ranks… love each other and especially your enemys, (sound familiar??) Socrates must have had quite an influense on Yeshua as well as Plato and others in the “Collective”… excuse me for my sophist argument but their is also alot of theoist their as well…. peace be with us all… no wishes of peace (wish is redundant to truth) Be It….SO? BE IT!

  23. dear Shane

    You are welcome to copy emails and post them here. Responses to emails do not automatically post here. They are just emails. I will leave it up to you what you want to post.

    If you want everything to show, do not hit the reply button on the web email. Just return to this site, and post what you want to say here.

  24. AT Shane’s request….email conversations- newest is posted on top:


    Look at the present “Body of Christ” and you tell me Marianne… Honestly! The method of proposing a supposition or parameter i.e “the battle refers to good vs evil” is manifest in your mind as you stand alone in the creation of it, and, all who put faith in YOU, as you have already predisposed yourself to; i.e the answer you will give, before pre posing the question. The same formula is found in the “Watchtower” or “Kingdom News” publication and many other delusional religious orders e.g The Krishna movement literature and many others.. Evil and Good are part of the Human Experience only in this “end of time” period that we find ourselves in. Can you honestly ignore the dichotomy of what collectively makes up YOU alone? i.e Good and Evil. WE all are miniature versions “below” of the VERSION “Above” and it saddens me that you can’t see the “collective consciousness” in the already existent “Body of Christ” YOU ANSWER ME NOW AND NOT WITH ANOTHER QUESTION. WE ARE NOT WITHOUT SIN YET WE MAKE UP COLLECTIVELY THE ONE BODY OF CHRIST DO WE NOT?
    You have a preconceived notion or tic in your mind about the concept of “Collective Consciousness” and therefore lies YOUR EVIL and YOUR GOOD not supposing to be one… Being ONE. So if you view this as an inherent disunity, then no wonder you come across to my perceptions as scattered and disillusioned and incapable of creating a Unity therefore of no use to yourself let alone anyone else, most of all, to God, the ultimate collective and Unifying field of the Universe….consciousness ii (Plural for consciousness) included… Peace be with please!


    the battle refers to good vs evil. How can there be a collective consciousness when the evil and good are supposed to be “ONE?” There is an inherent disunity. Only if all choose “good,” can there be unity.


    Marianne, the dearest love to you, the child and innocence that is the “god” in the being within you-us-we “God”. Your previous letter started:- “Yes there is a battle for truth here.” I took that in the present tense at the exact time those words were conceived in you literally meaning i.e the battle for truth is in where you call here, in You, yes, at that point of your “now” literally ensnaring yourself with your own words instantly, setting off a deep seated loving concern for your spiritual safety in me and that of the others that you lovingly minister to “unbridled.” Does the organic death of a single physical body constitute salvation? For the true self-Christ never died, for it was never created and therefore will never ceased to be. That is what makes us all equal god in the eye of God. There is no distinction. The spiritual body of Christ manifest has to be a collective or you would have no congregation. To say that the Collective Consciousness “will not save you is saying to me that the “Body” or Collective Christian Soul i.e Christ will not save you and is the antithesis of the message that vibrates so harmoniously in the song of God that is in ate and unstoppable in you-me-us. There is no mistaking or delusion in what is being stated “Here”. How can you come to something that is you, that has neither been created or never ever cease to be? The confusion is not “Here”
    We were never lost to be saved. That is the self imposed prison of the delusional religious programming that also professes “An eye for an eye” that only blinded the world in word that was the mission of the Christ to Change. But his mission was cut short, last time Marianne. Father “Beamed him up” (reference to your Star Trek metaphor). Again you “wish” (a redundant word and not truth) I immediately come to your “salvation” only in respect to this point (and not your souls salvation,”heaven forbid”) and benefit you with the word “pray” for there is a confusing message “there”. In what you call “HERE”.
    I truly pray peace for you and that you will truly attain it and not turn your back on your Self and the myriad unrestful souls that live in naivety of “TRUTH” in SELF, just like the helpless child that does not know it is endangering its world by playing on the road of good intentions leading it into Tragedy and Tribulation and all that follow in its steps looking forward to a future not seeing the solution (but playing peacefully in its own endangerment), before its own eyes here-now!
    Concerned caring love in you, without you, the future of you.
    Warmth in friendship, Peace Love and Harmony, “now yours”.
    Eyes to see, ears to listen
    Mouth to tell,


    Dear Shane

    I am already at peace, and look forward to the future. I wish you peace and love as well.

    You certainly won’t win the Nobel Peace Prize for you only assume Borg mentality to be the result, nor do I have the passion for arrogance to profess the authority that you most certainly think you posses to think you can use your cunning and misguided bigotry to comment on something that is way out of your intellectual scope of comprehension but I forgive you for your lack of eyes to see as Jesus is only a modern utterance of an earthly dialogue and not of the true language of the angels. That will be delivered only by the multitudes within. I had to look up Borg as I am not into star trek so I could reply with knowledge and I’m afraid that you are very lost in your naive world of fiction and therefore lack of factual The Christ is the only portal to the Collective of us truly saved souls, it is true what you say Marianne Tioran. But you it is you and others borged out like yourself that has lost the god given gift of individuality and the freedom and peace that I enjoy as I click at my computer. Your kind praise Gods wisdom will be last with your obvious intolerance, bigoted and viperous comments that are designed to segregate and not congregate. The tribulation is what YOU project. There is no need to wish (for that word is redundant in truth) that which is already embodied within but only a wish in your mind for it was you who uttered it in your manifest-written communication to me therefore I pray peace be upon you, be quiet within that peace and not cause anymore further damage to the adept mind that is reaching out to you in true peace-filled spirit. If you feel the need to argue further on this then that is all the evidence you’ll need to know that you have been fooled all along by a false doctrine that has imprisoned mankind for over two thousand years and in fact already made a “Borg”(your word so you truly understand) of you i.e the stereotype and small minded intellectual that is handicapped by the machinations of the Mindset that has obviously been stamped and programmed into you that makes you appear so mindless and stereotyped like the many YOU represent. Please don’t reply to wage war Marrianne swallow that pride and let peace reign….

  25. The above comments and replys are chronologically out of synch and to get a real overview of the feelings expressed and exchange of comment and reply, one would have to have the transmitted times and reshuffle all the above would and be implemented. However I would like to publicly say that I owe an apology to Marianne for I am new to visit this web site and her actions at least corrected the ommitted comments for I was not aware of the protocol of how all works. If I had the skill to put the above comments and replys into the proper semblance of chronological order instead of the comments and statements appearing out of context, therefore still giving a false impression of where I stand on matters, then I most certainly would. So a plea I kindly make to the controler of this web site, and I assume it be you Marianne; Please show with either transmission times and chronological order so that other visitors to this web site have the complete truthful overview, for, I have that before me in hard copy and it does not resemble what is posted here. Again I seek forgiveness for shooting from the hip but under the duress of feeling short changed, that I made the statement of “now I attack etc” I would also like to further submit comment and expand my apology as soon as I see the correction of chronological order implemented, for I feel that I have further to contribute for what drew me to this particular site,i.e the simple statement “Where the word of God is free.” i.e no financial gain (cheap) but the ongoing eternal dialogue and the evolution of Gods word(VALUABLE)can be perpetuated as the living bible (US) is evolving (or thats how I would like to think) and it doesn’t require a rocket scientist to know that with the coming of the new heaven and earth (that could simply mean the time period cosmic clock of zero point 21-12-12 (D-M-Y I Australians put the day first-month- Year)which I put no special attachment to other than that of an amateur astronomer (not astrologist) but the new period of the new heavens changing from the pieces period to the Age of aquarius period may be what is noted among prophets of bible and others. I feel I can contribute much having had an incredible life and also my share of tragedies. I have died or cardiac arrested 3 times in my 51 years 3yrs, 26yrs, 47yrs , and they all have a most incredible story attached. My mother and father (Dad my best friend died in ’94) was a genius in his own right and his legacy certainly gave me my libertine view point but my mother was the wise one with always bringing me back to earth and because of my love and respect of her, I always had to summarise and bring to simple form (shes not dumb) by asking me profound but simple questions and me seeking and drinking in all the profound and returning to answer her in the simple form that was in the question. This trained me over my life time to be able to communicate much in the way that Christ communicated in parable and simple form the mysteries and awesome concepts so concisely (e.g “All the mysterys of the universe and God can be found in a mustard seed”) and in simple form so that he could reach out to everyone. My mother is still with me in my life 77yrs old. Again I would like to extend my respect and seek forgiveness from those I may have offended with my misinterpretation of protocol and again would like to add that if the order of the above can be altered then maybe naconeski may feel a little more informed to make a more accurate assesment of my overall Theosophistic phillosophic view points that can only add balance to the extreme biases of bigotry that I still see and don’t profess to be completely free of myself but by Gods’ and gods’ grace, I keep an eye out and shield myself with that grace and that is the love of ALL MANKIND and the good EARTH.

    • Hi Shane

      Your communication style is fine with me. I treat everyone’s opinion with respect. We may not agree on everything, but that is ok. You have a right to express what you think and feel here. The idea here is a free exchange of ideas. I also have Muslims and atheists come to my site, and tell their views.

      If you get a response from me with a link at the bottom, you are getting a direct response to what you have said. I do not always do this. There may not be a need for me to respond.

      If you then click on the link after my name, it will bring you back to the exact spot where our comments were, so you can reply, or say something else.

      If you hit the reply button instead, you will end up in a private communication with me, which is ok with me. I do not mean for this to be confusing.

      I do not post those direct emails because the web visitor sometimes wants certain comments private, rather than posted. Also, those comments would show your email and location, and I keep that confidential.

      I have had people first respond in a private email, and then later post the same comment on the page. You can do that too.

      Anyhow, you are welcome here.


    • Well Shane I still keep my opinion about only Jesus being the way to eternal life.But sorry for in some way being rude. Maybe I´ve kept myself focused just on refuting your last arguments and gave an explanation and you took me as if I was a rude debater. I don´t like debating . Well I don´t Know Marianne and even sharing almost the same thoughts as her , if you search in other posts you will see that i´ve disagreed many times with her. In my culture , disagreements are not taken as just a matter of offensive rejection , but a way to prove our own conviction or reject it. If you have insurance that your son are walking in the border of a skycraper , how would be you action ? Talk with education and polite way , or scream ?? I prefer you mad with me , and then we discuss in heaven about my reasons , than Just be taken as a good guy here , and see people going to perdition because I have neglected a warning that burns inside of me . And by quoting , my country has no official religion.
      So if I have disqualified you as person, I apologize. But not for telling you that happiness can be found in all religions an behavior . Even a killer or a pedophile
      ( sorry for the therm ) or any other . All of them can be happy at the extreme in this life. But Salvation in the other life , is just through and exclusively through the name of Jesus. Remembering that most of the obvious things in this world only make sense in this cage in which we are . But to explain the life after death , only the One who came from there. Our own knowledge are just an action of a rat , that tries to develop philosophies about the hand which sometimes appears in a cage to feed and change the rotten newspaper under our feet and tail , with our dirties and fallen water around . He became rat to tell everything about that Hand we used to see.

  26. You are so kind and understandind.

  27. Maitreya is here and has already spoken on T.V. and on the internet.

  28. But the interview of Maitreya … ‘The prince to come’ occurred on January 12/10
    the same day as the quake of Port au Prince. Strange? I think not!

    • Thank you Abigail for this. (I posted about a lecture of Benjamin Creme I attended, see below, before seeing the videos).

      That lecture was a long time ago, and I was rather hoping Mr. Creme would kick the bucket disillusioned, but alas I was wrong.

      However, still somewhat exciting to see what he had in mind, and how this will play out!


  29. Narconeski, you are a gem. I am quite taken back at your conviction even if I don’t agree whole heartedly with your zeal at least you have the courage to answer for it, stand up and be counted. I don’t apologise half measuredly like your’ “sorry (IN SOME WAY?) being rude” but with full conviction of the active principle of the universe i.e I am very sorry to you dear lady and child of God. To be not convicted in an apology is like wagging the dog and using rhetoric. You are speaking rhetorically or not! To then saying with half conviction “Maybe I’ve kept myself focused just on refuting your last argument..MAYBE??? Maybe you were or maybe you weren’t. Which is it Narconeski? I’m sorry child I really am.. The point I’m making from reading your reply is that when it comes to your conviction you “pussy foot” when it comes to that of your own desency of trying to do the christian “seeking of forgiveness” but hit me with a double barrell shot gun “and you took me as if I was a rude debater!” And for a person who says “I don’t like debating”, your “come back” is that of the consumate 3rd spraker in a debating finale’. But really Narconeski I can see through the hardened exterior and realise that your culture and mine isn’t that different for; is it not the same rats cage that we are sharing? Of your analogy and overall message that you got through to me I am infact in awe of you. But I don’t let you off the hook quite yet. You do have conviction to stand alone in Cyber space on a very serious subject of this Maitreya Entity. If he is the predicted one then you are revealing yourself, like me, to the Evil of this world wide forum.. GO GIRL! I am no longer sorta.. oh gosh.. umm mad at you..(sorry just a friendly tease to break the tension.) I was annoyed and really not that mad, (you should see me when I really “spit the dummy” LoL) NO YOU INFURIATED ME!! LoL But I survived and you believe me when I say; you acted as a catylist that helped purge somthing from my weary old soul.. and for that I LOVE YOU SISTER. You are a good woman and also blessed with the heavenly armour gifted to you by the heavenly hosts to be brave enough to expose yourself to the Antichrist and refute any notion that does not ring true, with that warning that burns inside of you. You are a brave woman and following in the steps of Joan of Arc. Spirited and tempered by the anvil of the great artificer of God. To me , tried and proven. But you say to me “If I have disquallified you (shane) as a person. Well with conviction is that what you tried to do? OR Do you mean with alittle pride stuck in your throat- I really did not mean to disquallify you?? Wheres that conviction Narconeski? Child… I know you mean well and I forgive you of any eniquity in your heart toward me if indeed there is any at all really..I say this with conviction.. I DISQUALIFIED MYSELF! OUT OF ORDER in the humanity of it all and I’m hoping that spies for Maitreya are searching the w.w.w and seeing the likes of you and me all over the place for it is in this time that all followeres of Christ put their varied docterines aside and form the one body collectively or in unity for a better word (for you and Marianne I say that ) and BE THE SECOND COMING, and if I have come to Earth as a rat as you have Narconeski and you Marianne that let that decree echo all over Chistendom for if Christ became a rat then if we Collectively unify then we can become the hand.. the other hand, the arms, the legs, the torso and most of all the Head and GOD as a COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS and a powerfilled vessel to conquer the common foe but I do make a very important plea!! We must also join our brothers and sisters of other faiths and religeous docterines for as christians if we can forgive the differences amongst ourselves we have the power to accept and love the whole Earth and everyone in it when we rid the scales of our eyes and see the beauty in the common denominaters of all of Gods children and there will be no gnashing of teath and Tribulation if we all believe and just see that the holy prophets were speaking metaphor for things they seen in the future of which they had no cognisance of, to re-cognise them to put into the words of the languages of the day.. I promise you.. Just to finish off for you Narconeski.. the parable of the little boy walking on the skyscraper roof and the decision to talk in a educated way to him with soft words or SCREAM GET BACK AWAY!! You’ll notice that on one of the above posts that I mentioned that I actually died and come back three times in my life. I also said that there was an incredible story attached to each time that happened to me. Does the heart stopping constitute death? Some say so some say maybe some say no.. not right away? I don’t know. You be the judge.
    When I was 3 yrs 3 mnths old I was playing on the side of the road outside the house I was born in.. 12 Doors St, Little Bay in Sydney Australia.. I was waiting for my two older brothers to come home from school and I had escaped my mothers attention who was busy making curtains as she was a professional seamstress and was very engrossed in her work. My second eldest brother made it home 1st and he noticed that I was playing with some pebbles on the far side of the usually very quiet road. There was a very small rise in the road and therefore a slight little hill and without warning a car with a motorist looking sideways for a street number and not on the road ahead was approaching me and my brother seeing me on the other side of the road notice me look up and see him for the first time. Seeing that I may have been in immediate danger he instantly assessed the situation and he screamed at the top of his lungs, “STAY THERE!! DON”T COME!!! STAY!!” And all that little boy, that was me, knew, was that by the tone in his voice I was in danger so I ran to him.. The car bumper bar struck me first pushing me in front of the car and rolling me over and over.. then the 1st drivers side wheal in full view of my then 8 1/2 yr old brother, as he watched the wheel roll over my lower abdomen and pelvis, as I was facing up, the wheel flipping me under the car as I was dragged a little in the gravel, then, face down the rear drivers wheel rolled over my lower back and buttocks spining me out and my small baby boy body roled over and over to the side of the road almost to the feet of my completely gob-smacked brother..
    He said to me later in life that he couldn’t scream at that point frozen in shock.. couldn’t breath and he just looked down on my lifeless body. The lady next door was in her front yard and had looked up at the point my brother sreamed at me to stay on the other side. She came out and also started sceaming and then pulling herself together she leaned over me looking for a pulse in my wrist then my corrotid artery in my neck and signs of breathing even putting her ear on my tiny chest and she wept ‘oh my god he’s dead NOOO… My brother gathered himself and would not believe that… he leaned down at my twisted and flattened body and right up against my ear he yelled BREEAATTHHEE !!! BREATH!!! At that point I coffed out sone vomit and blood and let out a little cry just as my mother arrived who was now hysterical and the driver who just happened to look in his mirror a minute or two previously had reversed up and had also joined the scene. He took me and my mother, lady next door and my brother to the nearest hospital… My brother told me in later years.. if only I hadn’t of screamed at you, or spoke softer, or said nothing at all, the result may have been different.. I don’t know Narconeski … I really don’t know… Do you ??? By the way I have not got any evidence of that accident on my body.. I was in hospital for nearly 2 months and a specialist Doctor an astute asian man Dr Yoe treated me and with skill and management bound me up tight especially around the mid rift and the tight bandage was taken of then bound tight every twenty minutes and for nearly three days the nurses did this at his supervision… I am now just 51 and believe me Narconeski.. You won’t make me mad at you… I have had a miraculous healing.. but you never scream at the child… YOU EDUCATE…. Peace be with you..

    • Well I repeat , I respect your experiences, and thank God ,for he has given you 3 chances to be alive.I Had just one at about 2 years old, and another was when I was 18. But we are not making a battle of miracles here , so i will not tell all the details, because I think your history are beautiful enough to show God´s love for us. But there is not a Gospel called Lazarus Gospel , so even if I have a great experience in my life , it will not make me able to change Jesus´s words. I could talk to you about my Brother piercing his left eye with a fork , and my mother taking it off with hands , and his eye becoming empty , loosing all liquid and becoming blind. My mother prayed in the name of Jesus and he became healed in the exact moment . Or when a Girl called Ana Paula was paraplegic , my mother said : ” When I back , in the name of Jesus , she will be healed ” and it happened. What can I tell? My mother is special for doing that? No. It was through Jesus name . Receiving a miracle don´t gives us more authority or less. It just shows how God is good.
      And I would be more intelligent if I was a girl, as you may think. But I´m a man.
      And Maitreya is just one of many Devil´s faces. There is no way out of Jesus , no Salvation , nothing without him. Even if an angel comes from heaven he can´t change it.
      I´m not apologizing for WHAT, but for HOW.
      Nice to meet you

  30. Woe to those who call evil good
    and good evil,
    who put darkness for light
    and light for darkness,
    who put bitter for sweet
    and sweet for bitter.

    Isaiah 5:20

    LIGHT has no communion and NOTHING in common with darkness.

    Many people think, there is no absolute truth in this world, they think: “in truth there are many shades of grey in between, and white lights in dark places…”
    I also believed this all my life… UNTIL this day..
    that day, were i MET HIM: T H E Truth –
    TRUTH without darkness or stains –
    PURE TRUTH and shining LIGHT brighter than the sun –
    HE is beloved Messiah !
    I am the TRUTH – says Yeshua Christ.
    Get to know him

  31. Narconeski you sound like a woman.. But the miracle is that your everything you say you’re not. Reading your posts I gave you too much benefit of the Doubt. I was right in my assesmaent of you to begin with with your holier than though and using the name of Jesus to justify your Christian ARROGANCE! Look at the complete misinterpretations you have screwed up in your little pea mind. Mayby I take your example and be like you but I will not soil the name of Christ to back up a holier than though attitude and never once did the name of our Lord ever become a such a self contrived non- thinking (at least God gave one of us a brain) Oh and low and behold it is you who wins the prize with what is called, in my country, a spoilt little pip-squeak who must hide behind the name of jesus to make up for his complete lack of decorum and rat like instincts and is it any wonder that I thought you were a woman my friend… You lack testicals… stick that in your confused and completely screwed up twisted and completely insidious excuse for a christ like human soul if you infact are apart of the Human Genome. Back into your cage you rat.. I’ll come back and change your paper in the bottom where you have been living in your own excretement of your godless mind but I’ll make sure I have leather gloves on so I don’t catch your kind of Jesus Desease…. Yuk what a most horrible example of a CHRISTIAN???? don’t make me laugh…. Oh Nice to make your aquaintance to…he hE HE HE HA HA I heard everything now OH! how enlightened become stepping backwards in evolution having been comunicating with a complete NUT ho hO HO He HE HE ha hA HA is that how you like to play NARSTIESKI??? @@@@@@@666 T T T + + + The greater evil I see here is me mimicking YOU… WE have made Maitreya look like a Saint and compared to you Narconeski what a pleasure to make war in JESUS Name, But that isn’t a new revelation though is it. Onward Christian soldiers marching off to WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR I came I saw and I gets out of hear with exactly the same opinion that I came with. Sorry to you Marianne to have to put up with ME and NARCONESKI so I will now close and unsubscibe so I don’t have to put up with the likes of this IDIOT and completely intellctualess Moran ever again… A spade is a spade but a rat in Jesus clothing……too much for me.. exit.. stage right even…

    • Try to be nice to each other. 🙂

      Patience is a virtue.

    • This is your first sentence in february 1**I came to this web sight and all I see is dellusional religeous intolerances and spiritual bigotry. ***

      Your change today **I will now close and unsubscibe so I don’t have to put up with the likes of this IDIOT and completely intellctualess Moran **
      If my arrogance provoked in you this answer . In which of those sentences I have written you condemned me ,I ask. At least you have shown your real face hidden behind this self commiserative mask.

      Well Jesus was called arrogant also.Because he has spoken the truth . And nothing is more provocative to Devil than testify the power and Salvation only by Jesus~s name.The Devil likes to say that god is a force of nature or an impersonal God. Or Just the Conscience.And also he likes to say that men are divine .Because he ( the Devil) wants to make us give the Glory to ourselves. Or tempting us to make his creation bigger that Himself. Christ saves and not Carl Gustav Jung.

      • naconeski

        try to show a little love and patience here.

        Remember, Jesus said. “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.”

        • The bad language above is not mine .
          This phrase :”I will now close and unsubscibe so I don’t have to put up with the likes of this IDIOT and completely intellctualess Moran “”
          is from Shane .
          I´ve just quoted to show how far is her first arguments from the lasts . If you follow my thread you will not see me saying anything without respect . Well Jesus knew the time to be quiet and the time to put sellers to run out of the temple . Please, read all my observations and compare with the answer i got from this person.

          • Naconeski

            Do not take all remarks personally here. There are some who are spiritually well, and some who aren’t. See the source. We are here to not just discuss issues, but to offer relief and deliverance to those that need it, healing to those who are sick, assurance to the insecure, and friendship to lonely people who need someone to talk to. But above all, love to those who feel unloved, and salvation through grace. Words are just words. We have to look behind them to see what the person is really saying. Much is a wall of pretense. We look to see what the soul is reaching out for, and try to help that soul come back in balance with his creator.

  32. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold.
    Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.
    And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.
    Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. Ephesians 4

    • Which unwholesome talk come out of my mouth? Please tell me and I will see if there is some thing wrong . Blessings!

  33. Resurection… I”mm Backk!! Thankyou Silvan, your prayers were not placed upon deaf ears.. I look at my own utterings and remind myself of Jesus and the money exchanges in the temple. In his earthly form he was not perfect either.. or is there a doctorite in Theology that can explain this imperfection and spin it to perfection and the other times of human weekness.. that Yeshua Ben Joseph had as the Christ spirit while in human clothing? WE are sometimes and maybe all the time blind to the errors of our ways. The beauty of what is happening here is once it is in black and white you are immortalised in print for all to see and it is that that can remind you of your own inequities.. Yea I see my own hipocracies. Without doubt, and would express them again if I could get a point across. And it is in the love that was expressed by silvan that has prompted me to return to seek that forgiveness and therfore reciprocate that Love of my brothers and sisters in Christ. But don’t let your assumptions think for a moment that my insults upon Narconeski weren’t justified for i did just what he suggested and it wasn’t the unwholesome talk that he was guilty of. I AM GUILTY OF THAT. It was his desire for entrapment and complete blindness of himself thinking that he could in the end say that he could provoke the devil and bring the real me out I’m afraid he is having himself on. To me it was taking where he was trying to lead me and not just let him,, speed the process up a little. Narconeski , when you were giving the modern parable about the son and the top of the skycraper you asked ({ “do you talk with education and polite or scream? I prefer you mad with me and then we discuss in heaven my reasons, than just be taken as a good guy here”,etc})Well my friend(and I mean friend) I was just obliging your wish for “what is good for the goose is good for the gander.” I was not coming to this web site to be a good guy parse’ albeit with very good intentions. Much the same way that Yeshua physically assaulted people indiscriminately with whip in hand while he destroyed other peoples property and generally made a public nuisanse and spectacle of himself. We as the people of the future compared to his earthly time frame that he was committed to address in his human form under the same laws in phyisics and also those of the quantumn laws including that of the phenomenal universe and that of the pure consciousness or what has been described as that of the noumenal him being the noumen. Now this might be written off as high falluting talk but in my intellectual voyage that God has blessed me with and reason for keeping me alive and also allowing me a sneek preview or look around the corner so to speak by allowing me to die or “flatline” while still being in the consciouse state which is the stories of the other 2 death or near death experiences of which allowed me to be privy to blessings that not too many people get to experience. No I am not trying to out do you and your miracles Narconeski for I found solice in the miracles of your mother and know that we are capable of bigger miracles or the manifesting of them through the higher self of christ (that is the same aspect that was Jesus or Yeshua) but it then becomes personalised or “ordained” for need of another word embodied in we as individuals and as a congregation. Jesus-Yeshua was just the organic representation at that time and the most recorded but their are many biblical scholars of many other denominations to your own or mine that are completely in agreeance that the eternal body-brain-mind-I-soul-spirit-christ-GOD is the natural ascention through the different levels. All Adepts recognise this and the same model is found in every religeon and accessable to everyone even an Atheist or evil doer or devil. But what makes me cringe in fear when I hear of an Anti-christ or the return of Lucifer or Alien landing or interdimensional being Angels cheribrum sepherrim etc is that all of these states of being or Beings in the real sense of the word are infact reality in one level or state dimension and are either benevolent or dark-negative-evil. Why do we lean toward good? Well its because we have the god programing in our genes and that all encompassing universe also in cludes the predisposition of evil. But also the instict to LIVE(GOOD) well being(CHRIST) death(EVIL). Why? Because the universe that we have been brought into is full of dichotomies like creation-distruction. No pain-pain Light-dark things that seem on the antithesis of each other. I’ve even discovered wisdom in the parradox. Now I know there will be people wondering where I am taking all of this and saying “It doesent matter how fancy you talk or how learned or how many thousands of books (remember the original sin and the tree of knowledge etc?) we will only listen to the words of Jesus and he is the only way to eternal life etc. Well Personally that paradigm is begining to fall apart and is indeed flawed and you can throw as many quotes and premeditated arguments that have fueled also the myths surrounding Christ and even that of the Trinity. Oh boy is there going to be some praying for my soul. Not Neccessary but thankyou for the kindness and loving thought for it eddifies me to think of all that God given altruistic humanly, psychicly sent, power of prayer, that I love my fellow man and that of the words of Jesus that manifest in the GOODCHRIST that allow forgiveness’ (I am truly sorry Narconeski for the mud slinging names and yes you are still good in my books even if you are forced to view me sideways or see an inherent evil based on your understandings as well as others who may have a similiar view but verily I say unto you.. their are alot of people on this planet like me in fact many more than even the power of christendom could muster even if they were able to put all their individualistic docterines aside and form a collective sheild thinking that they are the only ones in heaven…sorry. You don’t take into account all the races of man and all the other main religeons and goodness knows many others that have been perpetually evolving side by side in parrallel universes, if you will, that have been formed at the begining of time and will continue everlasting whether your docterine ia able to digest it or not. What happens to a christian born academic that has been blessed with an enormous Intelligence quotant and why would God make so many of them of which Jesus-Yeshua was also included? Do you exclude him and say “You come from an unknown quantity and we are afraid of you.” Great then you better be “damn” sure for how do you know when you are in the presence of benevolance? Good? Angels, CHRIST, GOD. I made it simple foy myself and see it in enerything and stopped questioning it. And I am quite aware of all the automated bible quotes etc but I’ve got to be real to you. The swapping from one language to another and the chinese whispers we have as holy writ today is flawed and has been ingested by many of varying educations and the slights at work bending the meanings and using them out of context with each other forming any meaning they want to make for the control of congregations and the forming of sheep(BORGS)has gone on long enough for I say unto you that will never allow world peace and the next thing you know another holy war “Oh it was prophesised and the word of God is constant. Well that is absolutely true. If I was a Devil I wouldn’t be saying that. If I was an antichrist I wouldn’t feel the deep seated need to preserve the Goodness and the moral instruction of fidelity and most of all the 10 commandments. No I am not a confused soul, and I have much peace to be able to come back and offer the love of friendship to a great soul that I sparred (Boxing term) with in Narconeski.! Wow I’ve learned to spell a foreign name just as Peninton would be for Narconeski. I have placed my head on the chopping block. Who wants to be the first to to chop? I have made myself transparent and an open book. I do not Hide. I had no intention of staying away even though at the time it was tempting because I really did have a human weekness trauma. As soon as I logged off I wanted to come back on line again and say Please Forgive me but I knew that my absence would also bring out the others worst side in what appears a triumphant win.. that too is a human frailty Narconeski and therefore we are no better than one another in the human experience and viewed equally in the eyes of God and at least from where I stand in my own eyes. But our unique view points are unmeasurable and our I.Q are different. Cultures different. The way we express ourselves and the uniqiue miracles we have all savoured and all we have experienced in education freedom, governments and so on and so on makes us in REALITY not equal and that is what makes me sad and lonely knowing that to be TRUE TRUE TRUE. Yes there will be some that will get there bibles out (Which one?) and filter it through their interpretation experience and even the BORGS will say Nay we all agree on this but there will be another paddock of sheep saying NAY we dont agree with the BORGS docterinly and that will eponentially carry on giving no resolution for as long as that bigotry and arrogance that I’m also guilt of continues from one generation to the next and so on. How are WE WE WE not ME ME ME going to address it??? Are we going to let an Anti-christal figure or one that does not have that gift of the good and moral commands of the Christ embodied in the word Of Jesus-Yeshua.!? I thirst and hunger at the moment and my brother Laurie has just arrived and I promised I would have dinner on the table for us, thank God I prepared it earlier.. Spagetti Bolognais.. Bon Appertite Mate! I am in peace and eternally saved and again I thankyou for your prayers “for my soul” Bye for now..

    • hi Shane

      I am glad you are feeling better.

      • I am so sorry for being so rude to you Marianne…nearly 10 years has gone by…I am nearly 61…I have changed. I ask for forgiveness and never take for granted the forgiveness of the Lord. I hope you get to read this…
        Much love and light to you all!

        • hi shane

          nice to hear from you. I understand. sometimes a person has to let off a little steam and get things off their chest. lots of love and light to you also!

    • Well as you can see above, my attempts at an English speaking softly and connected to the ironic and sympathetic observations failed. Perhaps, the difficulty in articulating irony and objectivity in a language that really learned four years ago.
      Maybe talking and seeing your mime, and take your coffee while you forth on your convictions, give me the exact impression of your attempt just to be understood. I do not have these nuances in a language that can fill the gaps that are dialectical, and some burrs left over from verbs chosen poorly. I can not print in this forum, the excitement of writing taking a good Brazilian coffee. Some phrases that could be linked with a few laughs and quotes from movies and art works by Matisse or Rembrandt, boil down to an attempt to not exceed the limits, and make me less than what I say, not to become more important than what really matters.
      What I said is exactly what I meant, but as far my inability to expound with charm and elegance took me to a strange dimension of feelings that I could have more substance to what I said, I come back.
      The temptation to show me articles and unexpectedly knowledgeable of things, is great. But i will make some mistakes of youth, of which ran over me with words that were more a show of peacock display, than actually trying to put an objective idea of playing a bleeding bull in a tank of piranhas.
      The world is already too polished. Too polite! On behalf of an education friendly and a good rapport, we are devoting ourselves to be subjective, just because we think that “Mankind needs peace, not to become like the Taliban. Love has nuances, but also has deep wounds. A good relationship is great. But it can lend itself to simply stroking our egos in the name of good neighborliness.
      We sometimes, as we say in our country , must have “blood in the eyes” not to be simply trying to be warms to only have good compliments and warm words back. This anesthetic we live today that, in the name of a secular society, we allow ourselves to permeate with a neutral and living without color, for just not wanting to cause a third world war. Where counter-arguments are seen as a direct affront. It was exactly this kind of society without identity, which allowed men like Mao and Hitler, simply enter in their minds and not only suck their essences, but put in place, an absinthe that was eagerly absorbed by heads who had nothing.
      Hold on! We are not in the movie Demolition Man with Stallone! Where they say” Increase the calm. ” Instead of saying: “”Do not get mad.!!!”
      This ecumenical lethargy, That makes us drunk of and impressionist kindness hearing Debussy and looking at Monet´s paintings , thinking in get far , to have
      the impression that those points on the pictures are really forming an incredible bridge surrounded by a river ,trees and flowers .
      Anyway, first time would only put a few words, but I decided to write this amount to dignify their time spent with me.
      Well, to finish, is not NARCONESKI but NACONESKI, is a surname. It has no importance but I don´t want it to sound NARCONESKI , NARCOTIC , NARCOTRAFFICANT… , and the only drug around here is my bad English, and this Brazilian coffee i´m taking . Well, have a good life and hope that you find people who may be kind to you but do not induce the impersonality of a plastic life of kindness and numbing.
      You are intelligent and do not need me to tell you gently “ I´m praying to your soul” as if you were a retarded . This i´m really doing in my limitations , but you are not a baby to just understand me as a good neighbor searching for sympathy and a cup of sugar . Nor that red haired guy throwing a stone on your window.
      I´m just someone like you ( this phrase is really cliché, but cliché is what I sound here, without guilty ).
      May Jesus do in your life what I and no one else can do!

    • *Please Correct the text I have written before ,with : “But i will NOT( i have forgotten the NOT) make some mistakes of my youth in which I ran over me with words that were more a show of peacock display, than actually trying to put an objective idea of playing a bleeding bull in a tank of piranhas…”

  34. Dear Naconeski

    We want to assure you that all is well with us and you. Keep the faith, and let your love shine.

  35. Hi Marianne, you must somtimes feel you are the referee in the middle of a boxing match. You know what? The one thing that we all can learn from you, is good old fashioned manners. The manners that slipped away from me, and, if my Mum found out what I said in anger to my new friend Narconeski, she would have “my guts for garters” even now, and, would remind me of “thats not how I raised you Shane, I’m ashamed of you..” Yes I am 51 but when does your mother stop being your mum (Aussie)mom(Yankee)? Well thats what an U.S citizen is called here(and effectionately). I notice that you guys are almost 11 hours behind us perhaps 11 1/2 hours and that puts you almost on the antipodal point to where I am on the globe. I would also like to extend the hand of friendship to Narconeski when he awakes to the new day. All’s good! What an incredible website.. there are some way out there subject matter here..interesting. hmmm??
    Peace always,
    Shane Peninton

  36. No exactly 11 hours.

  37. I can’t say I’m into Maitreya and I don’t think he is a threat to our world. But that doesn’t mean we become complacent either.. and if I am without faith in the eyes of many then I want you all to know that your faith is my insurance policy even if I go down with the ship.. (seeing it from my friends point of view) but I don’t think God is that fickle as to let that happen nor can we ever begin to think that we can comprehend the “Above Mind of the collective” (please excuse me ma’am) and others but we do all see things from different perspectives and thats what I’ve got to remind myself to respect the beliefs and thoughts of other GOOD people and feel sorrow and concern for those less fortunate and thats where I shrink Maitreya to.

  38. My dear friend Naconeski, I truly lay prostate at your feet seeking forgiveness… no words can say that which I am feeling at the moment. In my country and in Mariannes, in which we speak and play with our language, I need you to understand that I feel like a heal.. that is the rear part of the bottom of a shoe.. Also, I love Henri Mattise as I studied art and history. I love my very short black cup (roszetta??) and honey, of freshly ground and expressed coffee in the morning, and this is not just a good neighborly thing to say, for I realise now and hopefully not too late that I am speaking to a man of great passion, intellect, taste, and, your command of the english language is awesome for a man who has only been with it for only 4 years.. Well done. No I never connected narcotic in my mind even once for even though we were in a completely misunderstood disagreement; for I realise completely (hopefully),that your command of the english language is the most exceptional I think I have witnessed and borders on genius for only 4 years. Never before have I ever made such an idiot of myself and been so rude, forgetting the decency of good manners, and not realising the greatness of a person like yourself. I love the art of Rembrandt, I am an artist myself, painting for enjoyment but my true vocation is that I am a professional musician and my classical training (11 years) started when I was 6 years old and being a student of the Pianoforte was delighted to have encompassed the beautifully composed works of Debussy. I played the complete “Childrens Three cornered Suite” and “Clare de lune” “Good old claude bashed out a good tune or two”- That is my Aussie (Australian) humour); but at the moment the last thing I want to do is laugh out loud (LoL). I studied composition and completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Composition and arranging music and worked 15 years of my life as a teacher at the Regional Conservatoir while also working over half my land as a performer of Piano, guitar and vocal covering as much period and style including pop and rock music but also many other styles. I still make my living doing this. AS far as appreciating audio – visual arts and the history I am not typical of my countrymen. I also follow completely in the footsteps of my father for he too was so gifted. I am still very much cultured as European. Mate!(Aussie for friend) Brazilian Coffee Naconeski? Sounds delicious, I’ve never had. What can I say about my completely unforgivable shooting off from my mouth. But do you know what my new friend.? I would rather stand side by side in a spiritual war both fighting for a common cause together, than, for what has been a tragic loss of love of friends who haven’t really met, is the miracle of seeing you for the truly dedicated man with a heart that thinks of his fellow man and the miracle that “I” was humbled, to see my tragic mistake, for which I do not feel at peace with myself, and, do not think I am just saying words.. I feel deep sorrow and have a tear in my eye that I could be so stupid and unkind in a most unbridled and mindless manner to my fellow man and brother across the world. I hope the spies of this Maitreya entity or his so called teachers discover what they are up against if they step out of line and transgress the love and unity that I have completely stumbled across here on Mariannes web site. For me such realisations make gold worthless. With the exception of Dutch Rembrandt, your tastes lean toward the french, but, that is understandable. Talking of Dutch. I had the pleasure of attending an Andre’ Reiur Concert in Sydney early last year and was delighted to see such a magnificant production and the best rendition of Strauses Blue Danube Suite, complete from begining to end and I wore the traditional Tucseudo dinner-jacket-tails white wing collored shirt and black bow-tie and my fiance’ wore a beautiful white ball gown with a black choker and had my dream of dancing that most famous waltze. This is culture that not a lot of my typical countrymen can appreciate let alone understand. But I know you will my friend. Love Monet and the different periods of color and style of his impressionism(or post?)especially the famous garden bridge he painted over and over as his eye sight failed, as is recorded, in his life time of works..brilliant. I know your name does not reflect French but Aurevoir’my friend(excuse the Aussie acsent mate) and believe me you are now much more understood’
    your brother,

    • Ok, Shane!
      Well, just to give you a riddle, my country is 12 hours away from your country. André Rieu usually finish his presentation, playing a song from here. Well, and also the geography of my country is very similar to your country. And the population has the same ethnic mix. Puisque tu crois que je suis français, aurevoir à vous aussi. God bless!

  39. YOU are just across the English Channel from 0 meridian. France! Naconeski, you live in France. So are you in Paris? And what is your christian name? If you want to keep private I understand. Monsieur Naconeski. Pardon moi francais? Parle`? Petit monsier Noh! Non existant, and then I don’t know if I have said that correctly i.e My speaking the french language? I wish. The only french I know are words or phrases that have been adopted into Engish or common phrases. Merci (thankyou)Bon soir (good evening) Bon apertite, Bon voyage, rendezvous, Parle vous Francaise?, Conservatoire,etcetera, I could never master the french language as well as you have in 4 years
    Scusa moi francaise Monseiur Naconeski,
    Aurevoir a vous frenchman

    • Hmmm …. not …! LoL, No,I’m not French! if I were you can be sure that I did not bother to learn English. And if I did so, I´d carry the same accent writing, just to prove you were talking with an authentic “most important citizen of the world” Mr. Frenchman . They are very “nationalistic” in this regard. And I’m not so humorous, sympathetic, loving, caring and willing to help any foreigner as they are well-known hheheh. ( just kidding , they are nice).
      Well anyway, it is interesting to play the Carmen Sandiego with you. Let´s go!
      How can I see you like André Rieu. So, I say that ,his 1667 Stradivarius always when playing a song from my country, usually is bathed in much confetti, streamers and whistles. And an icon here is a girl who used to wear fruits on the head (come on, is easy!). Well, about my first name ,it is the same as one of the most famous Italian actors,( after Rodolfo Valentino),now deceased . Good clue I gave you huh? You´re entire life depends on solving this charade, Lol.

    • * change How can I see for: As I can see, you like André rieu.

      • It looks like we have some puzzles here. Enjoy.

        Il semble que nous ayons des casse-tête ici. Apprécier.

        Parece que temos aqui alguns enigmas. Divirta-se.

  40. Hi and salaams
    I saw Benjamin Creme lecture in mid-90s in London. He said the Matreiya was responsible for the ‘peace talks’ in Ireland; that he was living with the Pakistani community in London; that he was the ‘Christ-consciousness’ – Christ for the Christians, Mahdi for the Muslims, Buddha for the Buddhists and Krishna for the Hindus. Later I read a letter in Share Int’l magazine or newsletter – someone saying they’d seen a Buddha like man sitting on a garden wall, laughing and asked if that was the Matreiya and the magazine replied: “Yes, that was the Matreiya!”

    The only picture I’ve seen of him is is “mysterious” “appearance” in Nigeria – studied his eyes to see if he’s one-eyed and his peculiar headgear which looks like it’s got room for horns hehe!


  41. Hi chemical ali, how are you?

    You speak of muslimic prophecy, do you?
    Is it correct that the Dajjal (islamic Antichrist) shall have
    a blind right eye and a wounded arm?

    In the bible, there is a very similar prophecy:
    Zecharaiah 11:
    Then I cut asunder mine other staff, even Bands, that I might break the brotherhood between Judah and Israel.

    15And the LORD said unto me, Take unto thee yet the instruments of a foolish shepherd.

    16For, lo, I will raise up a shepherd in the land, which shall not visit those that be cut off, neither shall seek the young one, nor heal that that is broken, nor feed that that standeth still: but he shall eat the flesh of the fat, and tear their claws in pieces.

    17Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.
    What do you make of it?
    Is it right, that in the Muslim view, the Christ of the christians will be the Dajjal?
    I think, it could actually be so, because the great majority of the socalled christians will sadly fall away from faith and worship the false christ, the antichrist!
    Who do you think was, or will be the true christ?
    Peace be with you.

  42. Hi and aalaam Silvan
    Well, I’m certainly no expert on Islamic eschatology or indeed any endtime prophecies – just a fellow student-traveller like everyone else. By definition there is only one Jesus Christ, and I hope and pray that all believers in the one Abrahamic God will be able to recognise him when he returns (God willing, insha’Allah).

    Thank you for the biblical references which I wasn’t aware of. There are several traditions (easily googled) or hadeeths referring to the ‘one-eyed’ ‘dajjal’ (literally ‘the deceiver’ but can also mean ‘one travelling very fast’). The Muslim equivalent of the Antichrist. I’m not sure of a wounded arm, but some hadeeths say he’ll be blind in the right eye, others the left.

    Incidentally, I have never seen Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of the Christ’ but I today saw some clips within a Youtube documentary that I found very interesting. It is called ‘The Antichrist/Dajjal will be a Reptilian Shapeshifter’ (don’t let that put you off!!) – The ‘Passion of the Christ’ analysis begins around 9 minutes into episode 4 [ ] and episode 5 [ ]

    I’m sorry but I can’t find the codes for embedding so I’ve just typed the links which you’d need to copy and paste into your browser. I think the whole film should be seen (I haven’t finished watching all of it, but is the best contemporary overview of the Islamic perspective on the Antichrist/Dajjal I’ve seen so far – well, as an introduction anyway)

    I personally think that the Dajjal is the New World/Secular Order system but am open to it being a man (or monster as the case may be).
    As for the true Christ I believe that he definitely does not reside anywhere within the Vatican and I will leave you to interpret that how you will.


    • hi Ali
      thank you for the links to the videos, but they arent working in my country due to copyright (sony music).

      However, we will see who the anti Christ is.
      What a wonderful blessing it is to already know personally the true Christ, Jesus, so that we are not deceived by the false one!!
      God bless

  43. Aussie calling Naconeski, I know this is not set up as a chat site but it is the only way I can communicate and in that respect I apologise to all and you too Marianne. It is interesting to see the above comments of cemical ali and silvan and obviously there is an amalgamation of varius denominations or even faiths but deffinately nationalities. Before adding my two cents worth it is with much of Gods love in my heart that I am so overjoyed to see that the riff between Naconeski and myself has dissapeared and an aliance of friendship is the result. Yes mate you are an enigma and the carmen sandiego and your liking for Brazilian coffee would have to deffinately put you in South America and I throw myself at the torture of looking like an Idiot when I say that you are perhaps Brazilian Naconeski. Maybe Italian descent (forgive me if I’m wrong) Spanish would be the national language and the lady with the fruit on her head is a famous icon and found in many late 40s 50s movies and I think I saw Carmen on Disneyland with a parrot and Donald Duck and it was the first time I see her in colour. So Naconeski mi amigo hey? Amigo-mate-friend and (for Mariannes perspective)..pal. though us Aussies use the word pal too,and many other Americanised phrases e.g O.K (that is now becoming universal) bucks (dollars) guys(blokes aussie + english which us Aussies call wingeing (crying) Pommies or Poms for short. Like we call Americans, Yanks (Yankees) and some times Yank Tanks..LoL or if you don’t mind the new accronym,L.m.a.o. But that is using “too” colorful a language but refers to laughing my … off. Excuse me animal lovers especially lovers of Asses.. LoL Lmao!! We also refer to the U.S as our colonial cousins and we have a very shared culture especially IF you are a Baby Boomer generation person, like myself, albiet the younger of them. It was interesting to see that Mel Gibson came up in the conversation with regards to the movie “The Passion of Christ” Is Mel Aussie or is he Yankee. Born in the U.S came to Australia when he was a child and naturaly speaks with an Aussie acsent but because his parents had the U.S acsent in the home it is easy for him to adapt to either though I can still hear the Aussie acsent coming through. He directed the Movie and I have a proper Copy of the movie and it is spoken in the original language of Jesus (Aramaic latin and Roman-Italian) and is called Yeshua. I cried for days after I got over the shock from the cruelty that many say is what the true torture of the sourging whip, actually ripped and taw little pieces of flesh of with each whip! The total disrespect, the kicking, spitting, the crowning of thorns, the nailing was too real for me. I wept and tears rolled on and on when I first saw it at the cinema or “Movies” with my brother Laurie and my Fiance` Denise. I’m glad I always carry a handkerchief, as a genleman should, as I needed it to hide the fact; the fact I had been crying.. I looked around and I wasn’t the only one. The scene and the cinematography in the birds eye view of the crucifiction is that of a fish eye lens of 120 degrees and then you realise it is increasing as you fall toward christ in what is now realised as a tear drop from the Father and you-we collectively(had to slip that one in) are in the falling teardrop as represented as a single raindrop falling toward the Christ figure on the cross. I was also interested in the other ethnic cultures at that particular Cinema. My doctor and very good friend Dr Bashaar Abdulrazak (moslem born in Iraq) educated at Med-school in London renal specialist and Diabetes expert was there, and, he was clearly moved as was his Christian wife and their christian children. He has married the two religeons literally and I know this to be a fact for he is a very close friend and he has told me that he still practises that of Islam, but, many would view him as an infidel;NOW.. And could possibly lose his life if he ever returned to his motherland for he never returned after he left that country on a scholarship and was meant to return until he fell in love with his wife. So you see just in that example why I came on to this website complaining about Christian fundamentalism and bigotry as seen through the pages of history. Remember the crusades and the streets of Mecca running with the blood of children old people and the innocent at the maniacle christian hoards of so called Knights of Chistendom. The tortures and the many variations ( the church of Rome has invented more tortures than any other institute on the planet) Christian. The same people that brought you the big production “New Testament” and made a Myth out of the very REAL life of Yeshua Ben Joseph. The JEWISH man, the Gentile saviour and great continuing line of the prophetic line and that of the Davidic (House of David) and one of the “Greatest” prophets quoted in that very sacred writ called “The Koran” of which I have delved into to see the love of God and mankind there as well. So what is so unexceptable with a continuing line of prophets to Mahummed?? And don’t give me your Gentile interpretive from a book of cannon which can be proved dubius at the least? Did you know that Mecca was a melting pot af Jews, moslems, cristians, Greek orthodocs some sihks and hindus, all sharing the liberal arts and sciences under the banner of the sons and daughters of Abraham and had already taken that quantam step into the future where individual beliefs and cultures had already been reconciled… Magis together..Magi c I mean MAGIG the end result of the Godspell I mean Gospel. “Love each other” the words are imortalised by Jesus-Yeshua. Lets not forget the gnostic Christians (The Cathars) and the slaughter of 40’000 in southern france by the Vaticans army of maniac warrior priests in a single day, and the Words of the general who asked the Pope of the Time “Father, how will we tell the innocent from the guilty?; refering to the babies and children. ‘Kill them all” he said.. “God will know his own..” Yes thats right Folks.. the same people that brought you the “NEW TESTAMENT” GLORY HALLELLUUUAAA!! Hell-looer-yah all, me thinks! And lets not forget Pope Leo Vth who was quoted by one of his monsignors ‘This myth of Christ has served us well..! Time for my dinner now my for my brother Laurie has just brought with him some offerings and he is an excellent Thai cook, And I need an early night for my gorgeous Denise is coming round tomorrow,
    Peace be with you in the Real Christ and not be fooled by the Mythilogical One including Maitreya
    Bro SHANE.

    • The chat site for heaven awaits is here, if you are interested:

      That way, you can contact each other directly, and have chat sessions, without having to post comments here on this page.

      All you have to do is join the site, and communicate with others there.

  44. Isn’t this what ancient Babylon was all about?

    • Yapp
      the old old dream … the “Evolution” to the perfect man,
      man becoming Gods, immortal..

      it is the old old LIE !
      “Thou shalt not surely die, you will be like God”
      It is again brought unto mankind..

  45. hi abbi thought this could be interesting
    watch from 0:42

  46. That “Maitreya” certainly is an evil man isn’t he? Still, he will be crushed eventually. Down with the NWO, down with Maitreya and our evil world leaders. Worship should be given to God alone. The first commandement is to Love your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your might, Jesus then said: the second is to love your neighbour as yourself.

  47. This website explains all about loving God this is what we have to adhere to:

  48. so here is the Maitreya post….LOL

  49. No Christian as the right to judge or they will be judged. However, if you have attained the state of being a Saint then you are giving authority by God to pass on his judgments. So best the Christians start healing. Maitreya the anti-christ?
    This post is to address the concerns of the orthodox Christians about the one called Maitreya; and their accusation that Maitreya is the anti-christ. Little do they know that accusers of loving kindness are actually anti-christs themselves. Here is an example of what they judge.

    • Eliakim

      The bible distinguishes between

      1. hypocritical judgment, when one criticizes another for the same faults he has, and

      2. Righteous judgment, when one evaluates a situation or behavior, compares it to the Word of God, and then makes a determination whether or not it agrees with the Word.

      By biblical standards, Maitreya presents himself as a Christ figure, which would be an anti-christ like behavior. But whether or not he is the one predicted in the bible remains to be seen. But he is still wrong.

    • I judge actions all the time. What you should have wrote, is Christians do not have the right to judge a persons heart. Only G-d can do that.

      Anyone claiming to be the Christ, yet did not come in the clouds for all the world to see, is of Anti-Christ. It does not matter if they are doing good, because as you should already know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

      This puke is nothing more than a New Age example of a man calling himself an ascended Master. One who transcends into the Christ consciousness. A higher plane all humans can achieve.

      Once again, you can be as G-d. Just like Lucifer said to Eve. There is no such thing as a Christ consciousness. There is only Christ who died for your sins.

      He is not the Anti-Christ, he is of the Anti-Christ spirit. So is all the New Age crap!

  50. Only the righteous are permitted and have the authority By God to pass on his judgement Mariane. As the Christ told you ‘Judge not or you will be judged, condemn not or you will be condemned”. When you can truly live that then you ascend to the next level of state of being. Even Christ did not judge unless the word was given to him by God In Judaism there are only 36 righteous souls in every generation. Are you the Teacher of Righteousness Marianne? Have you become a Saint?

    The person that is called the Maitreya that you are speaking of has never been proven to exist. It is one man’s claim, Benjamin Creme based upon his own belief system. If Christians took the time to investigate the Buddhist prophecies about Maitreya then they would know that Maitreya does not come until Buddhism is dying out. Well it is dying out in Japan but it is growing in the USA. Based upon that it is not the timeline for the Maitreya. So then one might ask why are Christians spending so much time on speculating about it, instead of doing the will of God?

    • Eliakim

      I am saved by the blood of Jesus. I do not need to “ascend” to be saved. The work was done for me by Jesus, I only have to accept, in love and repentance, what he did for me.

      No works of man can make him righteous. This includes the work of / or toward ascension, as you call it.

      Only the blood of Jesus can cleanse us from sin.

      So, yes, I am righteous, because of the grace and work of Jesus.

      Jesus is the Teacher of Righteousness, and I belong to Him.

      And so, being covered by his righteousness, which he shares with me, I do have the right to decide righteous judgment regarding the behavior of others.

      I can exercise righteous judgment of behavior. Only God judges the heart that produced the behavior.

      1Cr 2:15 But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man

  51. As Christ said ‘The Church gives Christians a false sense of security’ Marianne. He also said ‘Christianity was never born, it is still in the womb’. It also said ‘Those that are not lost do not need to be saved’. All true prophets taught ascension Marianne. The word translated as repentance from the hebrew actually means to “RETURN”. Do you know about the spiritual law of return Marianne? Do you know the difference between spiritual and religious?

    Before righteousness comes divine love in manifestation on the earth plane. Its all part of ascension of the being through the heavens within. Only when you have reached the Holy of Holies are you ready for righteousness because you have purified your soul and united with the Spirit within you.

    I am the teacher of righteousness Marianne.

    Divine intervention – Teacher of Righteousness

    Wicked Priest -v- Teacher of Righteousness.

    Jer 33:16 In those days shall Judah be saved, and Jerusalem shall dwell safely: and this is the name wherewith she shall be called, The LORD our righteousness.

    You all worship Jesus but yet, he led his true followers to the Father.

    • As Jesus taught, we all worship G-d the Father in Christ’s name.

    • hi Eliakim

      You asked about the law of return. In the bible it is teshuvah, or repentance, which is returning from where you came. Sin is away from God. In teshuvah, we return to God, as one with Him.

  52. All false Hindu, Buddist, and New Age prophets taught ascension. I fixed it for you.

    Are you a follower of Lucis Trust?

  53. BRAVO! Your work is awesome. I do the same research and continue to spend the majority of my time doing this to awaken the people of GOD just as you and Augusto do.
    I pray we awaken many, many people. This is my duty as a SOLDIER of GOD.
    Please continue to BLESS us with your work.
    Peace & Blessings-ENDTIMESWATCHER

  54. this guy’s trying specifically to get people to think that he’s the anti-Christ. The 666 thing I think is what Walid Shoebat (though his credibility is at question) has shown, in the name of Allah and twin swords, which Hamas members already wear on their foreheads, we’ll see if they’ll start on their arms too. However, I noticed he has a pretty weird name and thought maybe he purposely gave himself that to be 666 in gematria. His name could be spelled several different ways, but the first way I tried was מאיתריה. I knew that the תר would be 600, but I was amazed when I added up the smaller letters/numbers that it came out perfectly to 666 on my first try. I don’t think this guy is THE anti-christ, though anyone who denied our savior or considers muhammad a prophet is certainly AN anti-christ. And this guy in particular wants Christians to think he’s the anti-christ, because he went out of the way to fulfill a false understanding of him, that 666 is the gematria of the name of the beast, which I don’t think is a proper interpretation of revelations.
    creepy- be strong my fellow Godfearers!

  55. as jesus said many will come in my name…here is a perfect example of this statement….However the liberator is already here…a great churning is about in the whole…humanity will suffer…and soon he will reveal himself to the world…For all true seekers dnt leave the feet of god…time for a gret change is not far …bless u

    Experience is far far more better than mere knowledge…

    We may have an ocean of knowledge…but until it doesnt dawn in us as experience its of no avail

  56. he is here as an enlightened master..obviously this world is full of imposters…but to recognise the true one,,,its comes from personal and spiritual experience..He is not a moralist or a philosopher ….he is a Master who teaches us the way to find our inner self…the way to godliness…

    And who says that the this time the Lord can not come in the form of a master…
    welll there too much to add… mayB you could read more

    do not hesitate to ask further questions



  59. the liberator is here..go to the links above to know more

    dont let urselfs be misguided…

    experiment to know…dont be blind followers

    god bless

  60. Well said Marianne.

  61. Marianne,

    The Maitreya logo picture, called ‘The Greatest Sign’, would make more sense if you rotated it 90 degrees to the right so that the 9-point sunburst is in the upper right hand corner.

    Just a thought.


    • ???????

    • Hoped that would evoke a response. I was being serious of course. The logo details a specific date, a few years from now. Too much to explain. Will send email later…

      • send link with picture

      • I do not see a date, just symbols

      • =======================================================
        This site has the sign, but it will get you no where.
        However, the Bible gives us a clue in the form of a Hebrew Bible Code:

        Rather than the foolishness of using Codes to set dates, this is epitome of an excellent Bible Code. The bible surface text underneath the code about Maitreya lands squarely on Jeremiah 13 where the LORD is rebuking Israel, comparing their pride to a moldy piece of underwear.

        The following intercept phrase; “satanic enemy of (the) lamb” perfectly overlays the below capitalized text “PLACE WHERE I HAD HID IT.”

        Jer 13:7 Then I went to Euphrates, and dug, and took the girdle from the PLACE WHERE I HAD HID IT: and, behold, the girdle was marred (mildewed rotting), it was profitable for nothing.
        Read the whole chapter for yourself.

        Jer 13:8-11 Then the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, v9 Thus says the LORD, After this manner will I mar the pride of Judah, and the great pride of Jerusalem. v10 This evil people, which refuse to hear my words, which walk in the imagination of their heart, and walk after other gods, to serve them, and to worship them, shall even be as this girdle, which is good for nothing. v11 For as the girdle cleaves to the loins of a man, so have I caused to cleave unto me the whole house of Israel and the whole house of Judah, says the LORD; that they might be unto me for a people, and for a name, and for a praise, and for a glory: but they would not hear.

  62. I was kicked off school because I was never allowed to give an answer in the context I saw. I thought there was actually no context at all, this is my concern if I look at the world, it has become worse than secondary school. The trends alarm me, I prepare myself for the future, a future life, if we may call this a life here. I don’t invest that much in the present anymore. That opportunity is gone.

  63. We speak about sharing, and nobody knows what it is. The greatest fascism today is in exactly the need of the people to belong to a group, this perhaps is a compulsive expression of the seventh ray, or Aquarius, but we have read from DK that the lowest manifestation of the incoming seventh ray of organisation was in (Nazi?) Germany as a subray to the first ray of power. We have to be more careful with that. Fascism was a natural emanation of the spirit of the bourgeoisie gradually developing in a conspiracy, that although has never been as strong as today, not even in Germany, closing the ranks.

  64. Perhaps the most evident impact on the masses of the seventh ray, the incoming energy of Aquarius, that expresses not only at the crown chakra for those few who are enlightened out of a billion, but at the root chakra, is in the global preoccupation with sex in very childish ways as if it were something spiritual on the one hand and porn on the other hand as a concept even for politics and business in which people seek a kind of authenticity. In a country like the Netherlands the seventh ray is a subray to the fifth ray of concrete science, also called by Djwhal Khul the energy of ignorance, also psychology, projected together as the binding element of a multicural society.

    • Djwhal is a fallen Angel communicating with Lucis Trust, and other individuals in the New Age religion.

      You can be as G-d. That’s all Old Knob has. A tired ancient lie fools believe in.

  65. Please read ‘Behold A Pale Horse’ by William Cooper. In that book lay the answers to alot of your questions regarding “Lord” Maitreya.

    • Lord Maitreya my butt.

      What’s he doing today? Levitating? Tell him I said to get off his arse and bring peace to the world. Better yet, he can use his third eye to see me typing this message to him.

      The Bible states Christ will return as he was seen leaving. Not, look he is over here, or come see him here. Your boy makes me want to puke.

      Now, get down and give me 50 for being a fool!

  66. I come back here like a thief in the night. I am almost 61 years old…Nearly 10 years have just whizzed by. I am a little embarrassed at the outpouring of such mega long posts…I have come to peace and wish all much love and peace in Christ. The world is no wiser…infact it has devolved even more. But I have lightened up considerably… I wish you much spirit divinity in your beingness and the spark of God be your consciousness…
    Shane Peninton

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