Massive Animal Die Offs



Screenshot of the Google Maps Aflockalypse maps of mass bird deaths.

Flocks of birds are falling out of the air.  Fish are dying en masse. 

What is going on?

Hsa 4:1 ¶ Hear the word of the LORD, … for the LORD hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because [there is] no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land.

Hsa 4:2 By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood touches blood.

Hsa 4:3 Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwells therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.

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Summary from news reports so far:

The Birds:


Concern about the apparently coincidental animal deaths started to appear after reports surfaced about some 3,000 red-winged blackbirds falling from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas on New Year’s Eve.

-It is no coincidence that Pine Bluff Chemical Weapons Arsenal is 57 miles southwest of where this flock of 2,000 birds mysteriously dropped from the sky. Surface level winds as well as winds at 3,000 feet were blowing from the southwest to the northeast, precisely in a straight line from Pine Bluff Arsenal to the town of Beebe, AR where this happened. 6 weeks ago, the Army reported to the media that they had completed a 2 year project of burning nerve and mustard gas agents in an open air incinerator, however toxic waste disposal is expected to take until 2013. Until 6 weeks ago, this facility held 12% of all the chemical weapons possessed by the United States.

There has been speculation that fireworks and/or cold weather may have been to blame.

5,000 blackbirds falling dead from the sky in Arkansas;



Further south … hundreds of birds scattered on a rural highway in Louisiana. Photo: AP

Lousiana – 500 dead black birds, tens of thousands of pogies, drum fish, crab and shrimp went belly up last fall in a Louisiana bayou.

200 American Coots dead on a Texas bridge;

50-100 dead birds found strewn in lawns in Sweden;

530 penguins, numerous other seabirds, five dolphins, and three giant sea turtles dead in Brazil;


Authorities are investigating the discovery of around 70 birds found dead in Sweden with no visible injuries.

Germany: Dead birds of prey at the roadside

Japan: Japan on alert after finding dead birds

Caroline: Dead pelican count escalates

Somerset UK: Mystery as scores of starlings found dead in village garden BIRDS

In Sweden about 50 birds called jackdaws were found dead on street in southern part of the country this week.

Experts believe cold weather is a possible cause.

Niger: (2006) – has this spread? – The death of at least 400 chickens, turkeys and geese in Niger – which shares a 1,500-kilometre border with bird-flu-infected Nigeria – has government officials scurrying to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

Cape town – south Africa – September 27 2010- scores of dead pigeons littering the roadside

Somaliland coast – Dead birds reported – 8 November – dead birds had been seen in the coast of Loyaddo, Zeila district, neighbouring Djibouti. Authorities fear that these may be the first cases of bird flu in Africa. dead birds had been seen in the coast of Loyaddo, Zeila district, neighbouring Djibouti. Authorities fear that these may be the first cases of bird flu in Africa.

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) however last week said it would only be a matter of time before the bird flu spreads into Africa from the Middle East – Somaliland thus being a possible point of entry.

Due to the poor situation of public health in Africa and poor hygiene, scientists fear that the continent could become a place where the virus is able to spread from birds to humans – or even mutate into a human flu virus of lethal force.

In Asia, the virus already has caused tens of deaths among humans, but it has yet to mutate into a virus that can spread from person to person.

Pakistan: (2008) Lahore – 80 fancy birds die ‘mysteriously’ at Jallo Park. 80 wild birds including ringneck pheasants, reeves pheasants, black shoulder peacocks, green pheasants, Siler pheasants, tragopan, common pheasants, java green pheasants, pigeons and black and brown partridges died mysteriously in seven months (November 2007-May 2008) in their cages

Russia – September 21, 2010

Unknown virus in Krasnoyarsk lake killed 500 birds
KRASNOYARSK, September 20. On the shore of Lake Tagar in the Krasnoyarsk Territory ornithologists found dead migratory birds.

Among the dead birds – ducks (mallard, Cherokee, shelohvost) and crows. According EMERCOM Russia in Krasnoyarsk region, only found about 500 animals.

From Jan 27, 2007 – Russian say 2 million birds fall from sky- but this includes Russia and other countries at that time

Ukraine – October 25, 2010 – Over 1,500 dead birds found on Azov sea island

Caspian Sea – Lagan district of Kalmykia -Nov 28, 2010 – 33 dead swans were found at coast

200 dead seals washed ashore in Kazakhstan`s Caspian

– 380 swans died from bird flu in Astrakhanskaya oblast – lab tests show avian flu

– More than 700 wild birds died from bird flu in South Russia for 1.5 months

Indonesia – September 21, 2010 – over 70% bird flu infected chickens were condemned.

This is in Italy!

Faenza: The Rain of Death – Turtle Dove Turns Blue

January 5, 2011
GEAPRESS – There are certainly many hundreds, probably thousands, the collared dove who are dying at this moment in Faenza.

They are in heaps in the flower beds, crushed by machinery in the streets, horribly hung from trees like Christmas balls.

A dozen, in fact, have been sent to the Center of Recovery, The Robin of Modena, where those arriving are still alive but died shortly after.

Inside the beak, in some animals, the staining was of a strange blue.
The Collared Dove is practically the only species that will go there, and promptly dies. 

Of course the Doves, to see photos of the Forest in the previous article GeaPress spread, people flocked to, a sign of the wide availability of food and the possible nuisance caused by their droppings.

To be sure, but if you work in those factories seeds or parts thereof for human consumption, should be prevented from contact with animals.






(GeaPress – Reproduction prohibited without citing the source).

Fish and other Sea Life Kills



Northwest Creek

( Courtesy of Maryland Department of the Environment / January 5, 2011 )

Virginia, Maryland2Million Dead Fish Appear in Chesapeake Bay

Some 2 million fish washed ashore at Chesapeake Bay in Maryland this week.

Arkansas: 100,000 drum fish die in Arkansas River, more than 100 miles from site of bizarre blackbird deaths


Arkansas: 100,000 drum fish die in Arkansas River, more than 100 miles from site of bizarre blackbird deaths

Kent Island, MD: MDE: Fish Kill Caused By Cold Stress

Charleston: Thousands of dead fish wash up on Folly Beach

Maryland: 2 million fish found dead in Maryland

Maryland: Unusual Fish Kill Found in Annapolis

Florida: Thousands Of Fish Dead In Spruce Creek

Indiana: Dead fish wash up on Washington Park beach

Viet Nam: Tons of farm fish found dead

Wales UK:  Dead fish discovered in canal marina near Abergavenny

Italy Two miles of beach full of fish, clams and crabs dead in a stretch of coast

Haiti: Authorities probe dead fish in Haitian lake

Australia: Dead fish clog lake at airport

hundreds of dead red snapper, some reportedly missing eyes, washed ashore in New Zealand.

The Department of Conservation there believes the weather may have been a factor.

Peterborough UK: Concern as fish die in beauty spot brook

In England, approximately 40,000 velvet crabs, also called devil crabs, washed up along the Kent shore.

Smaller numbers of whelk, sponges and anemones have also washed up dead in the area.

India – April 6, 2010 – Thousands of dead fish washed ashore in Valsad [Surat] – Poor water quality due to pollution in Arabian Sea has once again led to thousands of dead fish, crabs and lobsters getting washed ashore on the coast of villages in Umbargam taluka of south Gujarat. High tides continued to bring fish to the coasts of Nargol, Tadgam, Saronda and Dandi villages along with a large number of full grown crabs, lobster and Titad fish

Thailand – Nov, 2010 – Phuket- mass die-offs of birds and fish

Argentina, Columbia – dead birds

Last week hundreds of dead gizzard shad fish washed up on the shore of the St. Clair river in Sarnia.

The Ministry of Natural Resources believes the fish died of temperature shock, which is a normal occurrence but usually happens in the spring.

Thousands of dead fish have reportedly also washed up in Brazil.

40,000 dead crabs washed up on England’s shores;

Canada, the massive deaths of thousands of crabs in the UK


Conclusions and thoughts so far:


Pollutants? – methane gases from oil in water, benzenes, waste from chemical plants?


Bacteria and viruses?

Migration of Avian flu from Asia to the rest of the world?

Cold Weather?

Physical trauma?

Weather modification experiments gone wrong?

Rain maker experiments?

Fifty-two unanticipated rain showers in a Middle Eastern desert supposedly occurred because of ionizing devices installed in Abu Dhabi as part of a weather-modification project, a company is claiming. The still-unproven rainmaking effort comes courtesy of Meteo Systems of Switzerland. The company and some of the researchers involved in the project are hoping to gather enough experimental proof to overcome widespread skepticism among scientists toward such weather modification efforts. "We have made progress, but for me it is far from claiming ‘Yes we have done it,’" said Hartmut Grassl, former director of Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Meteorology and a lead researcher who is helping to monitor the project. The ionizers look like poles extending 33 feet (10 meters) into the air, with an ionization grid just a few meters wide. Each uses 500 watts of electrical power, or less than what you use turning on an electric stove. Science Plays Rain God: Seeding and Ions Certain areas of Abu Dhabi experienced a wetter-than-normal summer season, but Grassl cautioned that the jury’s still out as to whether it was the work of the ionizers or merely a quirk of nature.

Biological experimental gone wrong locally, and picked up by currents and atmosphere?

Something from space that affects earth?

Act of God?


Magnetic pole shift?

Moving Magnetic North Pole May be the Cause of Mysterious Bird, Fish & Crab Deaths

It is a commonly accepted notion that the navigation systems of many animals are affected by magnetism.  According to the NewScientist BIRDS that navigate using the Earth’s magnetic field rely more on their eyes than on the magnetic particles in their nostrils, an experiment on robins suggests and careful tests with homing pigeons and other birds displaying the ability to judge direction show that the birds are affected by changing magnetic fields.

Considering southern migration patterns and environmental cues that wildlife take, it would stand to reason that with the Magnetic North Pole losing strength and moving over and across the True North Pole toward Russia, e.g. Away from the Southern United States in distance and strength, it would stand to reason that birds and fish may be confused as to their distance and direction from the locations they instinctively should be heading.

A failure to interpret the location and distance of the Magnetic North Pole could clearly lead to a failure for birds and fish to properly migrate south in time to overt cold spells and eminent death.


HAARP activity?



First some simple reasons seem possible, like the weather, but this is global, and the same thing is happening in different temperatures and climates.

The main one is that there is something in the air and in the water that affects these delicate animal species.

But what is it?

I remember when the bees started to disappear – tiny little creatures.

IF we do not determine what is causing the more delicate creatures to die, and the situation gets worse, it will eventually affect larger animals and humans.

Is any of this leading up to what Revelation predicted?

Rev 6:5 ¶ And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.

Rev 6:6   And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and [see] thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

*** famine

Rev 6:7 ¶ And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.

Rev 6:8   And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. 

*** death by sword, famine, and pestilence


It is only logical that if something is making nature die, that people will eventually die from the same thing, if it gets worse.

Is this a judgment of God?

Are we next?

While we cannot conclude or prove anything yet, I encourage people to see that what can happen to the animals can happen to them.

WE are out of balance in nature. It is man’s fault. God created a perfect world and we have ruined it.

This is global.

God can stop this but he isn’t. He is allowing it.

So learn the lesson.

Repent of your ways. Turn away from sin.

Man cannot help you.

Only God can.

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  1. And you can add to this destruction tens of thousands of Alaskan crabs dying off every week as evidenced on the TV show “Deadliest Catch.”

  2. This is very alarming!!!!!!!…..I just wonder if John Wheeler was murrdered because he knew things about this…I pray his murderers get caught and the cause be exposed…

    If we are causing the deaths of these animals it is easy to understand why there was a flood… I have read that the children of the fallen angels caused animals to be fearful of men because they ate them… and they were also carniverous.. hence the flood…Some are not much better than these were…

  3. James; In view of the extensive and valuable information presented
    above; it looks like you are trying to crab attention with a sideways
    comment like that!

  4. According to the map So many kills in USA and so few in muslim lands..COULD THIS BE TERRORISM….

    • hi ruth

      I noticed that too. The ” middle eastern” countries do not seem to be effected. Only the “west.”

      But not all in the west are affected.

      Neither is most of Africa, unless in some countries it goes unreported.

    • You have to remember that most Muslim countries are primarily desert and the wildlife population there is much lower than elsewhere. Also, there aren’t many people with cell phone cameras to document such events. They probably take the dead animals home and eat them. Food is scarce after all.
      But these types of events are actually fairly common. After all, 99.97% of all species that ever lived on earth are extinct. So if you do the math, every species alive today, including humans, have only a .03% chance of survival. On average we lose one specie every day, so maybe it’s simply that these are ones that are on their way out.
      No big deal as far as mother earth is concerned.
      But then maybe God is thinning the herd, preparing for the new millennium. Only those species deemed worthy will enter that kingdom.
      The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.
      Bye bye, birdies!

  5. From Jonathan Cahn as we begin the New Year:

    Let us commit it to God’s high purposes. In Pslam 90, it says “Teach us to number our days.” The word “number” is the Hebrew “moneh”. “Money” can be translated as “ordain”. So we are not only to number our days, but to ordain them. In other words, we are to consecrate them in advance, dedicate them for the Lord’s high purposes. So before the year even begins to unroll, ordain its days for the purposes of growth, holiness, and breakthrough in your life, for God’s glory!

    The Lord declares, “Heaven is my throne, earth is my footstool.” What does that mean? It means heaven is first. It is the throne of God. It is the primary and beginning reality. On the other hand, earth is not the throne. Earth is the footstool. The fotstool is not primary. A footstool is secondary. The footstool is extra and it is something that is added to a chair. In other words, earth and all the things of earth are secondary.

    If you’re a child of God, then you’re a child of heaven. That means you need to dwell on earth in the same way that the Lord dwells on earth. The Lord doesn’t place His weight on earth. His weight is placed on His throne-heaven. In the same way, you need to place the weight of your life in heaven. Heaven is to be the place where you really live and dwell. Heaven has to be the primary reality of you life. Heaven is the place from which you were ” born again.” Therefore it must be where you place the weight of your heart, your burdens, your trust, your dependence, your assurance, your joy, your delight, and your well being. Heaven is strong that way, just as a throne is neads to support the weight of the kings, so heaven will support the weight of your heart. So dedicate your days to being in more nad more in His presence, in the throne room, and in the heavenly realms.

    On the other hand, you have to start seeing earth differently-even in revolutionary terms. According the the Bible, the earth is simply the footstool of God. Therfore everything about this life is like a footstool-It’s extra. So don’t see life as the primary reality, and every crisis as the end of the world, it is not. It is only a footstool. and you don’t store your tresures on a footstool. You don’t get all upset or depressed or down and discouraged over a footstool nor do you worship a footstool. Everything in this life is secondary. Your earthly life is simply to be the manifestation of the overflow of your heavenly life. Don’t get wrapped up in it, but to bless it. Rather bring to it the blessings of heaven. Approach each day as if you were an angel on assisnment-no longer caught up in your problems-but now ministering to your problems. Don’t live racting to the darkness of the world or its people. From here on, live your life shining the light of heaven into the darkness and the love of God to those in the dark. Any problems you have are only extra to all the blessings and riches you have in heaven. Live your life from heaven and to earth. In God, Heaven is your dwelling, place and earth, is just the palce on which to rest your feet.

    so you’ve got problesm. And you’ve told the Lord, “I didn’t ask for these problems.” But when you were in school, and you wanted to advance to a higher level or graduate, how did you do it? You had tests and you passed them. And on those tests were problems, questions to be solved. The same in you walk. We’re praying “Lord, take away the problems.’ Imagine if we said that to the teacher about our test problems. You see, without the problem, there’s no chice, no right answer, no victory no passing the test, and no advancing. In ife you’ll have problems. Don’t curse, then panic, or complain to God; but realize your problems are part of a test-meaning there’s a solution and a right answer. And if you choose correctly, solve the problem or deal with it rightly, you’ll pass the test, advance move forward and graduate. You’ll be promoted to a higher level in God. Stop running from your problems, stop dreading them and be blessed. See them in a whole new way, as opportunities chances to advance. Face your problem head on, choose rightly, pass the test and you’ll be moved to a higher level. Timothy 2:15

    Amen! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ruth; You must get some of those smiling tangerines!

  7. Too late much too late .What was said in FATIMA IS NOW BEING UNFOLD.


  8. Rosa;
    Do you read anyone else’s posts? Fatima is demonic just like the demons on the back of the dollar bill and folding a $5 and $20 and seeing the World Trade center on it.

  9. Rosa; What’s too late according to Fatima; and who/what on earth is
    Fatimaa? Life will not end on earth; it is evil that will be done away
    with ! Jesus is coming back to reign over the righteous !

  10. No laughing matter:
    Read all the posts/video on:

    • Thanks Kittii. It was only necessary to read the first paragraph to
      see that this certainly is no laughing matter ! There is no excuse
      for succumbing to this degree of deception, since there is not one
      verse in God’s Word to substantiate the idea of Mary having status
      beyond her divine selection as the vessel to bring forth Jesus.
      But we must be patient and understanding towards those who have been
      indoctrinated from birth; and who are never encouraged to validate
      their beliefs from God’s Word.

  11. Kitty, in regards to your comment ending with, “awesome, amen.” I really agree, well said!. ..

  12. this is the magnetic pole shifting more than the expected usual three degrees and the continental plates may shift with great oceanic earthquakes and releases of methane gases , that can kill fish and send birds into confusion. If it connects to the Lunar Eclipse and the coming 2012 alignment, it may herald the portents of a Biblical Catastrophe, something worthy of Revelation.

    • Hi Carmine,
      Just a little note on the so-called galactic alignment of 2012,
      That alignment happens twice every year – always has, always will, just not on the same exact dates. The alignment of 2012 just happens very close to the winter solstice is all. And the actual alignment indicated by the Mayans has been recalculated and already happened in 1998, so if there were any truth to it we would already be dead.
      Like everything else you mentioned, it is just sensationalistic hype.
      Not to worry…

  13. Hi Marianne, another great post, thanks…I get so bogged down w/my situation here that I don’t have time to research & put it all together, excellant job! I was also noticing the areas of the world that are not affected, I don’t think we’ve seen the worst of it yet, their time will come. If it’s being covered up it will surface, eventually. If it’s terrorism it will backfire, eventually….because it’s the beginning of the end, nothing will be spared…blessings!.

  14. I cannot believe that even now seeing that the world is being punished for the exact words that come out of your traps that so falsely and unjustifiable against the Holy Mother of God .you continue to defile the holy name of our God and his blessed Mother instead of going in your knees and beg Mercy from the Lord for such an evil treatment of His holy name and His Mother .Wat makes you so sure that you and not us the Catholic people will be saved? If who have defiled our church values our believes our priests and even the Pope himself no excluding God’s Holy Mother ans all the saints in Heaven .How can you believe that you will be saved .Wake up .You will not be saved! You and all of those who have committed such a despicable acts will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven .For nothing that is unclean will ever enter the kingdom of Heaven .And you souls are as black as sackcloth .Repent!, repent!, repent!. repent!.Time is up!

  15. To everyone.

    Leave Catholics alone.

    This page is dedicated to the fish and birds, not attacking others about Mary.

    As soon as you see Rosa’s name, you automatically attack.

    I will delete your comment, if you keep attacking her.

  16. Marianne,
    This has nothing to do with a person or a name, it is about
    establishing truth. The manner in which it is done, is of course, very
    important and I’m sure if seen objectively, the person who appears to
    be victimized, has been disrespectful in the manner in which her views
    have been presented. As you quite rightly say, this post is about birds
    and fish and not to be used as an opportunity to cast judgment over
    those who hold different views, but we all deviate from the subject in
    question from time to time, but is evident that Rosa is opportunist in
    presenting her views in an antagonistic and judgmental manner, so
    naturally she is going to be challenged.
    This has nothing to do with Rosa being Catholic or Catholicism itself;
    just a genuine reprisal of false teaching which this religion is the
    Mother of; and it just so happens that Rosa propels much of this
    teaching…but nothing personal Rosa….God bless you!
    Sorry Rosa if you are offended by this websites stance on Catholicism,
    but we do in our hearts believe it to be apostate, as a result of
    diligent study of God’s Word, which I do know for sure that Catholics
    are discouraged from doing. It really is a matter of blind acceptance
    in the Catholic Church, so we ask you in love to forgive what may appear to you to be bigotry on our part, and perhaps consider the possibility that what we say about Mary and Catholicism is in fact true.

    God bless

    • Richard,

      I was just discussing this offline with someone.

      I do not see Rosa as antagonistic or judgmental. I have followed her from the beginning with her posts.

      She gets attacked as a catholic, and so she responds. If people would not attack her, she would not get offended to begin with, and respond back in like manner.

      People gang up on her. I cannot permit that.

      Her position is that Fatima’s message is that we repent. If some think that is a disagreeable message, then they have issues with Jesus, and John the Baptist, and the entire new testament.

      Her source, however, is not the Word of God, but Fatima.

      What I want is for people to use the Word of God, not personal comments, videos from you Tube, and destructive comments like someone is “demonic.”

      There is blind acceptance of strange doctrines and ideas in BOTH the Protestant and Catholic churches.

      I want people to

      1. state a position.

      2. defend it with the Word of God.

      I do not want people to

      1. state a position

      2., defend it with name calling and personal opinion and videos from the internet that have all the drama of godless holly wood.

      Videos are ok, if they contain the word of god.

      I have high standards.

      My goal is to make the body of Christ go to the word of God to defend their views.

      only then will they see if their views are right or wrong.

      arguing with generalizations based on traditional thinking, or gossip, or you tube or biased mentalities, or personal comments is not constructive, and as you can see, does not do any good. The person’s mind is not changed.

      That is because people are using the word of man, rather than the word of god.


      I could ask, and I have, where is it in the bible that Mary was a virgin forever, even after her marriage to Joseph?

      Now, it is up to a Catholic to answer the question.

      This is a thought question, and they have to actually use the bible to answer me.

      As long as people operate on the same level ( word of man) they will never have a productive conversation, and the truth will never come out.

      The holy spirit leads.

      He does not push or attack.

      If we have the holy spirit working in us, then we should behave the same way.

      I hope that clarifies my point.

      Thanks for all the participation. (even the jokes )

  17. hello Richard thanks for coming to my defense .and you are right I am not here in your site to attack anyone but to enjoy your company .But if however member of this site think that they are going to attack me or my faith .the you should remember that when going to war .You should be ready to die and not just to kill.You have in many time under estimate your opponents .know that Christ Jesus died for all of us and not just the protestants and therefore he has given me me the strength to fight back .as for the Catholic faith not being based on the word of God .you are so vague .Our faith is only based on the bible and nothing else .as far as we not being able to prove that Mary was a virgin and still remains a virgin.I can only say to you this .your bible is not the right bible .it was written by a mad man who wrote it according to his way of life .He has hidden many passages from it .also remember that even though .you do not want to admit it .our church is the only true church .It is the Peter chair .was found and based on the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ .It is the only true church all other church are man made .Not to offend anyone but you must realize that Luther separated from the church not because the church was wrong but because he was committing fornication with a nun and was not accepted by the Holly Catholic church and so the war began and he then not only separated from the catholic church but robed you all of a lot of good information.Please consider that you could be following the wrong religion and that at ht hour when death comes for you .you will have to face the fact that Heaven for you is no where to be found most special when so much evil has been done by your faith to ours.further the catholic church has other books that are not included in your bible and we can prove that Mary is who we say she is .But will you believe it ? That is a question that cannot be answered .I love my god and because you love Him i am willing to love you because He loves you and has demanded that I do the same.I was asked to post Fatima’s Third Secret by your site manager and with great love i give you the truth only to see it defiled and mocked by everyone .You must remember that God will in no way be mocked nor will He accept any of your mockery towards His Holy Mother who’s flesh he toke and remember that by defiling the Bless virgin Mother .you are unknowingly defiling God himself .When you mention that the Holy spirit guides you .I must say to you that I am not so sure for the Holy Spirit being the Spouse of Mary from whom God’s son took His flesh and whom you insult and deny the right to be Queen of heaven and earth is the one witnessing to you .we are told by Jesus to test our spirits .The devil knows the the bible just as well as any eclesiastic minister and you must never be sure specially when you only have your own assurance for your salvation .To be saved you need much more than believe .No one can save himself but only by communion and confession can one attain grace .if you do not receive the Body and Blood of Christ to mingle with yours .How can you who are just dust save yourself by your beliefs.Trust me you need a lot more than that in order to enter the kingdom of heaven
    God Bless.

  18. A shocking report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the Foreign Military Intelligence Directorate (GRU) states that one of the United States top experts in biological and chemical weapons was brutally murdered after he threatened to expose a US Military test of poison gas that killed hundreds of thousands of animals in Arkansas this past week.

    According to this report, John P. Wheeler III, Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force, Washington, D.C. from 2005-2008, when he became the Special Assistant to the Acting Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Logistics and Environment, was found brutally murdered and dumped in a landfill, and as we can read as reported by Fox News:

    “Delaware Police are investigating the apparent murder of a former Bush official who also championed the fund-raising effort to build the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the Mall in Washington, D.C. Wheeler’s body was found in Wilmington on Friday.

    According to police, somebody initially reported that the body was dumped out of a refuse truck, which would have been coming from Newark, onto the landfill. Newark Police spokesman Lt. Mark Farrall told Fox News that nobody had reported Wheeler missing before he was found.

    The Wilmington News Journal reported that Wheeler was last seen riding an Amtrak train from Washington to Wilmington, Del., last Tuesday.”

    Chemtrail airplane.
    Wheeler’s military career included writing one of the most important manuals on the effectiveness of biological and chemical weapons which led to his being hired in 2009 as a consultant to the Mitre Corporation, whose aviation system development department, the GRU reports, is at the forefront of creating the computer command and control systems used by the US Air Force in their fleet of aerial spraying planes.

    These aerial spraying planes, this report continues, are based at the Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas that over the past few months have been involved with ‘test dispersants’ of poisonous gasses in the Afghanistan War Theater using chemical weapons stocks obtained from Iraq and held at the Pine Bluff Arsenal, also located in Arkansas.

    Important to note about the Pine Bluff Arsenal, which calls itself “America’s Arsenal”, is that it is one of the World’s most specialized munitions and chemical-biological defense products and services bases which Russia had previously accused of not fully reporting the chemical agents removed from Iraq, between 2003 and 2008, and taken to the US for testing and subsequent destruction.

    According to this report, the US relocated from Iraq to the Pine Bluff Arsenal an estimated 63,000 metric tonnes of the poisonous gas Phosgene that is described as one of the most feared chemical weapons ever used due to its ability to literally cause the lungs and respiratory system to explode.

    Nearly immediately after Russia accused the US this past summer of not fully destroying Iraq’s Phosgene poisonous gas stockpile the Pine Bluff Arsenal began an ‘accelerated’ disposal programme injecting it deep into the ground in central Arkansas, but which, unfortunately, since this past September, has caused over 500 minor earthquakes to occur raising the concerns of their local population.

    More frightening, however, is the claim made in this report that the Americans have also begun shipping ‘massive quantities’ of Iraq’s Phosgene poisonous gas stocks to Afghanistan where when used they will be able to say they had nothing to do with it, and believe no one will be able to prove it either.

    Important to note about Iraq’s Phosgene poisonous gas stocks are that they are no longer able to be made by any Western country, including the United States, which makes its value as a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) incalculable, especially in a war situation like Afghanistan where the enemy forces are firmly entrenched in hostile terrain.

    To the direct reason for Wheeler’s murder, this report says, was this past week’s transport of Iraqi Phosgene poisonous gas aboard a US Air Force KC-767 tanker aircraft from Little Rock Air Force Base enroute to Afghanistan that shortly after takeoff had a ‘critical malfunction’ of its aerial spraying computer directed command and control system over central Arkansas causing the deaths of thousands of red-wing blackbirds.

    According to US reports an estimated 4,000 of these birds were killed outright and were quickly removed by US Environmental Services workers wearing hazmat suits and gas masks. Another US report states that cause of death to these thousands of birds was “trauma in the breast tissue, with blood clots in the body cavity and a lot of internal bleeding” which this GRU report states is consistent with Phosgene exposure.

    Even more chilling than this incident is this GRU report stating that it was the second “accidental” release of Phosgene poisonous gas in as many days, as the day before, this same US Air Force KC-767 tanker aircraft also had a “critical malfunction” causing a release over the Arkansas River that killed over 100,000 fish.

    Upon Wheeler discovering what was happening with Iraq’s Phosgene poisonous gas stockpiles, this report continues, he traveled from his home in Delaware to Washington D.C. where he openly confronted and threatened to expose the Pentagon and White House Officials responsible. Being a Vietnam Veteran who was responsible for having the famous memorial to that war erected, Wheeler was more than knowledgeable about the United States massive chemical and biological attacks in that conflict and had vowed to not let happen again.

    Sadly, but all too common in the United States these days, when Wheeler threatened to go public with what was happening he was targeted for death, and as a “sign” to anyone else thinking of going against the regime, had his body dumped in a garbage pit for all the World to see.

    Today, another great American was murdered in an effort to save his country from destruction. Sadly, his death will go barely noticed; the American people seem no longer to care as they continue to seek their solace in their propaganda media lies rather than confronting the brutal truth about the monsters they have let rule over them.

    For hundreds of thousands of other Americans they have become so disassociated with what is happening to, and around them, they have proclaimed May 21, 2011 as the day the World will end and are giving up everything in preparing to meet their God.

    The great American Revolutionary leader Noah Webster once said, “Every child in America should be acquainted with his own country. He should read books that furnish him with ideas that will be useful to him in life and practice. As soon as he opens his lips, he should rehearse the history of his own country.”

    The Americans living today have utterly failed to heed these words and have, instead, become just what their masters have always intended for them to be… imbeciles. May God have mercy on them all.

  19. I’m new here, but I hope it’s ok to jump in here and say that I believe it’s unfair to proclaim ones own denomination as the ONLY true way/church. There are many spirit filled people here and those kinds of comments cause people to feel defensive. It also takes away from the topic at hand– the post to which we’re supposed to be responding. God bless.

  20. Marianne,

    I didn’t see anything mentioned in your article or the comments(other than the bible verse reference-beasts of the field) but you may want to look into the foot and mouth epidemic in cattle recently, I don’t believe there is anything on US soil at this point, only abroad but it definitly fits the verse you qouted.

    • hi cropchick

      I think I know what you mean about that passage. This is the closest I could find.

      This verse refers to God calling the beasts of the field to come at the great battle of Gog and Magog to consume all those God punishes there.

      Eze 39:17 And, thou son of man, thus saith the Lord GOD; Speak unto every feathered fowl, and to every beast of the field, Assemble yourselves, and come; gather yourselves on every side to my sacrifice that I do sacrifice for you, [even] a great sacrifice upon the mountains of Israel, that ye may eat flesh, and drink blood.

      I think there is another passage, but I have not found it yet. It is when the beasts of the field become a pestilence as a punishment for man’s sin.

      • In Hosea Chapter Four God speaks of how the inhabitants of the land shall mourn for their sins and how the beasts of the field, the fowls of the heavens and the fishes of the sea shall be taken away. The Lord is talking to Israel.They are being punished for swearing, lying, killing and committing adultery. So what has changed ? Nothing!!! That is why the fowl of the air are dying.They are nor only dying but acting very strangely. I live in the country and over the last couplee of years the whole neighborhood has made comments on the activities of the birds.Various theories and comments have been made but my view is that it is God’s warning that times are drawing nigh. Esther

  21. ——————————————————————————–


    November 30, 1987


    I am;

    I, Jesus, guarantee to you all that My Church will be one, united; beloved, be faithful to Me; trust Me, and be confident;


  22. Unexpected rains then floods and massive earthslips in SRI LANKA from yesterday.Weather is fully changed in my country,this is just below India in the Map.(Fog until noon on Monday at Colombo)Then Last week, I have seen flood in Australia.Six months before , similar thing in Parkistan.
    Jesus Calls-Dr.Paul Dhinakaran(Christian Paster from South India) says Jesus coming is at hand.
    As a Catholic,I believe ,3rd secret of Fathima that was given on 1917 and what is going to be happened on 2017, starting from now.‘s Time line also match with it.
    Then St.Malachi’s Popes list another evidence.
    Then Muslims here,also talk Mahadi,Dadjal and Isa’s(Jesus) coming.
    But the problem is , we are not repent.I think , USA and $ goes down and China will become powerful in 2011.

    The Living Church of God indicates that the creation was approximately 3983 B.C. Notice some of the math:
    Do Genesis 5:3-29 and 7:11 show that 1,656 years transpired between the creation of Adam and the Flood of Noah’s day? (Note: Genesis 5:3 shows that Adam was 130 when Seth was born. Add up the age of each patriarch at the birth of his son, plus the age of Noah at the time of the Flood)…
    Do Genesis 11:10-32 show that 427 years passed between the Flood and the death of Terah, which was the time that Abram left Haran (cf. Acts 7:4)? Was Abram 75 years of age when he left Haran? Genesis 12:4…
    How old was Abraham when God made the covenant of circumcision with him? Genesis 17:1-10. Had 24 years passed since he left Haran? (Note: A careful comparison of Genesis 12:4 with Genesis 17:1 will reveal Abraham’s age at the time of the covenant)…
    According to Galatians 3:16-17, how many years passed between the time of the covenant with Abraham and the Sinai covenant, which was the year of the Exodus? (cf. Exodus 12:40)…
    How many years were there between the Exodus and the fourth year of King Solomon when the temple was begun? 1 Kings 6:1. (By using secular records most scholars date the fourth year of Solomon to approximately 966 BC)…
    If you add the numbers (1,656 + 427 + 24 + 430 + 480 + 966) what would have been the approximate year bc of Adam’s creation?
    It is now 2008 A.D., so adding that + 3983 adds up to 5991–but because there was no year zero (for the transition between B.C. and A.D.), this make it 5990. Thus, the 6000 years may be up in about 9-10 years (and the tribulation would begin before that).
    So while 2018 may be the end of the 6000 years, it is likely that it may be one or more years earlier. And the Great Tribulation may begin 3 1/2 years before then–thus the Great Tribulation may begin around 2012-2015–though I do not believe that it will be before 2013.
    Still ,Wise people cannot identify 666 ? or will Try ?

    How about REPENT myself & yourself ? Is there any page here for that and any preparation for the second coming of Jesus?

    • hi Sunimal

      True. The earth is in the birth pains for the Messiah. I can almost feel this myself. I look at the world and I am no longer interested in it. I just want Jesus to come and end the evil that is here.

  23. I am no longer interested in this world either Marianne. :/

  24. Marianne,

    This is the latest news information I was able together for the past two days activities and the bird, fish die off.

    Birds and Fish die-off January 10-2011.

    US, thousands of fish found floating off the Florida coast and 40,000 devil crabs washing up in Kent.

    Latest discovery in Manchester England latest of 400-500 fish found dead in a private stock pond. The owner of the Pond said not even a geese or anything living is near.

    In Sullivan Missouri, outside of St. Louis Starling birds found dead and scattered across the road. The dead birds are located by Winsel Creek?

    Gizzard Shad herring fish found dead in Chicago’s harbor floating. The strangest thing of all the Mallard and Geese birds are eating them?

    Dead Birds found in California, they were found on Highway 101.

    The dead doves in Italy were found to be dead due to over eating sunflower seeds. This is odd they say. The birds were also found to have blue beaks, signaling that they had a
    Lack of oxygen.

    No one has yet been able to explain why the fish in New Zealand that are floating up dead are without eyes?

    Would it seem to you that the water has turned to blood? Revelations speaks of the water turning to blood. Does the oxygen source have to do with the cloud uptake of water to let down the rain from God? These little things have died some how no oxygen, it would

    Jan. 10-2011

    Turkey reported dead birds.

    Starlings were found by residents of Karacabey in Bursa a province of Russia. Again they were on the road and it was dozens of dead bird carcasses.

    Does anyone remember anything about the bird flu. Is this maybe related to the bird flu?

    What would cause such lack of oxygen that they being small are dying? Fish that are larger in the canal in Chicago aren’t dying? The fish with no eyes seems to be oxygen related, right? Is it possible that something has destroyed the ozone that is the shield? It this something the HARP project could cause.

    God bless us all in the name of Jesus Christ.


    • hi Pattie

      This certainly is a disturbing trend.

      I wish I had a physical, scientific explanation to all this, that was conclusive and believable.

      My regret is that God is removing our precious creatures of nature from us, because we have been negligent in our duty as protectors of nature.

      I have noticed sea gulls flying around a store here where I am at, and we are 150 miles inland. Why are they flying around the store? They have been doing this since summer. Sea gulls should be on the coast, not inland. Are they confused? I wish I knew.

      • How far has the magnetic pole shifted? 40 miles per year was the last report on the evening news said it is now over Russia. Could it be further then what we’re being told? Could that be the reason for confusion? I would be willing to say “yes” if we’re being lied to. Maybe even another ice age around the corner.

        I like you Marianne just want Jesus to come a do away with evil.

  25. Marianne,

    Got any new posts? I apologize to seem pushy but I have been coming here for news and articles and have not seen anything in 5 days…thanks,

    Byron.. 🙂

  26. Mary: Ever Virgin

    Most Protestants claim that Mary bore children other than Jesus. To support their claim, these Protestants refer to the biblical passages which mention the “brethren of the Lord.” As explained in the Catholic Answers tract Brethren of the Lord, neither the Gospel accounts nor the early Christians attest to the notion that Mary bore other children besides Jesus. The faithful knew, through the witness of Scripture and Tradition, that Jesus was Mary’s only child and that she remained a lifelong virgin.

    An important historical document which supports the teaching of Mary’s perpetual virginity is the Protoevangelium of James, which was written probably less than sixty years after the conclusion of Mary’s earthly life (around A.D. 120), when memories of her life were still vivid in the minds of many.

    According to the world-renowned patristics scholar, Johannes Quasten: “The principal aim of the whole writing [Protoevangelium of James] is to prove the perpetual and inviolate virginity of Mary before, in, and after the birth of Christ” (Patrology, 1:120–1).

    To begin with, the Protoevangelium records that when Mary’s birth was prophesied, her mother, St. Anne, vowed that she would devote the child to the service of the Lord, as Samuel had been by his mother (1 Sam. 1:11). Mary would thus serve the Lord at the Temple, as women had for centuries (1 Sam. 2:22), and as Anna the prophetess did at the time of Jesus’ birth (Luke 2:36–37). A life of continual, devoted service to the Lord at the Temple meant that Mary would not be able to live the ordinary life of a child-rearing mother. Rather, she was vowed to a life of perpetual virginity.

    However, due to considerations of ceremonial cleanliness, it was eventually necessary for Mary, a consecrated “virgin of the Lord,” to have a guardian or protector who would respect her vow of virginity. Thus, according to the Protoevangelium, Joseph, an elderly widower who already had children, was chosen to be her spouse. (This would also explain why Joseph was apparently dead by the time of Jesus’ adult ministry, since he does not appear during it in the gospels, and since Mary is entrusted to John, rather than to her husband Joseph, at the crucifixion).

    According to the Protoevangelium, Joseph was required to regard Mary’s vow of virginity with the utmost respect. The gravity of his responsibility as the guardian of a virgin was indicated by the fact that, when she was discovered to be with child, he had to answer to the Temple authorities, who thought him guilty of defiling a virgin of the Lord. Mary was also accused of having forsaken the Lord by breaking her vow. Keeping this in mind, it is an incredible insult to the Blessed Virgin to say that she broke her vow by bearing children other than her Lord and God, who was conceived through the power of the Holy Spirit.

    The perpetual virginity of Mary has always been reconciled with the biblical references to Christ’s brethren through a proper understanding of the meaning of the term “brethren.” The understanding that the brethren of the Lord were Jesus’ stepbrothers (children of Joseph) rather than half-brothers (children of Mary) was the most common one until the time of Jerome (fourth century). It was Jerome who introduced the possibility that Christ’s brethren were actually his cousins, since in Jewish idiom cousins were also referred to as “brethren.” The Catholic Church allows the faithful to hold either view, since both are compatible with the reality of Mary’s perpetual virginity.

    Today most Protestants are unaware of these early beliefs regarding Mary’s virginity and the proper interpretation of “the brethren of the Lord.” And yet, the Protestant Reformers themselves—Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Ulrich Zwingli—honored the perpetual virginity of Mary and recognized it as the teaching of the Bible, as have other, more modern Protestants.

    The Protoevangelium of James

    “And behold, an angel of the Lord stood by [St. Anne], saying, ‘Anne! Anne! The Lord has heard your prayer, and you shall conceive and shall bring forth, and your seed shall be spoken of in all the world.’ And Anne said, ‘As the Lord my God lives, if I beget either male or female, I will bring it as a gift to the Lord my God, and it shall minister to him in the holy things all the days of its life.’ . . . And [from the time she was three] Mary was in the temple of the Lord as if she were a dove that dwelt there” (Protoevangelium of James 4, 7 [A.D. 120]).

    “And when she was twelve years old there was held a council of priests, saying, ‘Behold, Mary has reached the age of twelve years in the temple of the Lord. What then shall we do with her, lest perchance she defile the sanctuary of the Lord?’ And they said to the high priest, ‘You stand by the altar of the Lord; go in and pray concerning her, and whatever the Lord shall manifest to you, that also will we do.’ . . . [A]nd he prayed concerning her, and behold, an angel of the Lord stood by him saying, ‘Zechariah! Zechariah! Go out and assemble the widowers of the people and let them bring each his rod, and to whomsoever the Lord shall show a sign, his wife shall she be. . . . And Joseph [was chosen]. . . . And the priest said to Joseph, ‘You have been chosen by lot to take into your keeping the Virgin of the Lord.’ But Joseph refused, saying, ‘I have children, and I am an old man, and she is a young girl’” (ibid., 8–9).

    “And Annas the scribe came to him [Joseph] . . . and saw that Mary was with child. And he ran away to the priest and said to him, ‘Joseph, whom you did vouch for, has committed a grievous crime.’ And the priest said, ‘How so?’ And he said, ‘He has defiled the virgin whom he received out of the temple of the Lord and has married her by stealth’” (ibid., 15).

    “And the priest said, ‘Mary, why have you done this? And why have you brought your soul low and forgotten the Lord your God?’ . . . And she wept bitterly saying, ‘As the Lord my God lives, I am pure before him, and know not man’” (ibid.).


    “The Book [the Protoevangelium] of James [records] that the brethren of Jesus were sons of Joseph by a former wife, whom he married before Mary. Now those who say so wish to preserve the honor of Mary in virginity to the end, so that body of hers which was appointed to minister to the Word . . . might not know intercourse with a man after the Holy Spirit came into her and the power from on high overshadowed her. And I think it in harmony with reason that Jesus was the firstfruit among men of the purity which consists in [perpetual] chastity, and Mary was among women. For it were not pious to ascribe to any other than to her the firstfruit of virginity” (Commentary on Matthew 2:17 [A.D. 248]).

    Hilary of Poitiers

    “If they [the brethren of the Lord] had been Mary’s sons and not those taken from Joseph’s former marriage, she would never have been given over in the moment of the passion [crucifixion] to the apostle John as his mother, the Lord saying to each, ‘Woman, behold your son,’ and to John, ‘Behold your mother’ [John 19:26–27), as he bequeathed filial love to a disciple as a consolation to the one desolate” (Commentary on Matthew 1:4 [A.D. 354]).


    “Let those, therefore, who deny that the Son is by nature from the Father and proper to his essence deny also that he took true human flesh from the ever-virgin Mary” (Discourses Against the Arians 2:70 [A.D. 360]).

    Epiphanius of Salamis

    “We believe in one God, the Father almighty, maker of all things, both visible and invisible; and in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God . . . who for us men and for our salvation came down and took flesh, that is, was born perfectly of the holy ever-virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit” (The Man Well-Anchored 120 [A.D. 374]).

    “And to holy Mary, [the title] ‘Virgin’ is invariably added, for that holy woman remains undefiled” (Medicine Chest Against All Heresies 78:6 [A.D. 375]).


    “[Helvidius] produces Tertullian as a witness [to his view] and quotes Victorinus, bishop of Petavium. Of Tertullian, I say no more than that he did not belong to the Church. But as regards Victorinus, I assert what has already been proven from the gospel—that he [Victorinus] spoke of the brethren of the Lord not as being sons of Mary but brethren in the sense I have explained, that is to say, brethren in point of kinship, not by nature. [By discussing such things we] are . . . following the tiny streams of opinion. Might I not array against you the whole series of ancient writers? Ignatius, Polycarp, Irenaeus, Justin Martyr, and many other apostolic and eloquent men, who against [the heretics] Ebion, Theodotus of Byzantium, and Valentinus, held these same views and wrote volumes replete with wisdom. If you had ever read what they wrote, you would be a wiser man” (Against Helvidius: The Perpetual Virginity of Mary 19 [A.D. 383]).

    “We believe that God was born of a virgin, because we read it. We do not believe that Mary was married after she brought forth her Son, because we do not read it. . . . You [Helvidius] say that Mary did not remain a virgin. As for myself, I claim that Joseph himself was a virgin, through Mary, so that a virgin Son might be born of a virginal wedlock” (ibid., 21).

    Didymus the Blind

    “It helps us to understand the terms ‘first-born’ and ‘only-begotten’ when the Evangelist tells that Mary remained a virgin ‘until she brought forth her first-born son’ [Matt. 1:25]; for neither did Mary, who is to be honored and praised above all others, marry anyone else, nor did she ever become the Mother of anyone else, but even after childbirth she remained always and forever an immaculate virgin” (The Trinity 3:4 [A.D. 386]).

    Ambrose of Milan

    “Imitate her [Mary], holy mothers, who in her only dearly beloved Son set forth so great an example of material virtue; for neither have you sweeter children [than Jesus], nor did the Virgin seek the consolation of being able to bear another son” (Letters 63:111 [A.D. 388]).

    Pope Siricius I

    “You had good reason to be horrified at the thought that another birth might issue from the same virginal womb from which Christ was born according to the flesh. For the Lord Jesus would never have chosen to be born of a virgin if he had ever judged that she would be so incontinent as to contaminate with the seed of human intercourse the birthplace of the Lord’s body, that court of the eternal king” (Letter to Bishop Anysius [A.D. 392]).


    “In being born of a Virgin who chose to remain a Virgin even before she knew who was to be born of her, Christ wanted to approve virginity rather than to impose it. And he wanted virginity to be of free choice even in that woman in whom he took upon himself the form of a slave” (Holy Virginity 4:4 [A.D. 401]).

    “It was not the visible sun, but its invisible Creator who consecrated this day for us, when the Virgin Mother, fertile of womb and integral in her virginity, brought him forth, made visible for us, by whom, when he was invisible, she too was created. A Virgin conceiving, a Virgin bearing, a Virgin pregnant, a Virgin bringing forth, a Virgin perpetual. Why do you wonder at this, O man?” (Sermons 186:1 [A.D. 411]).

    “Heretics called Antidicomarites are those who contradict the perpetual virginity of Mary and affirm that after Christ was born she was joined as one with her husband” (Heresies 56 [A.D. 428]).


    “We confess, therefore, that our Lord and God, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, born of the Father before the ages, and in times most recent, made man of the Holy Spirit and the ever-virgin Mary” (Document of Amendment 3 [A.D. 426]).

    Cyril of Alexandria

    “[T]he Word himself, coming into the Blessed Virgin herself, assumed for himself his own temple from the substance of the Virgin and came forth from her a man in all that could be externally discerned, while interiorly he was true God. Therefore he kept his Mother a virgin even after her childbearing” (Against Those Who Do Not Wish to Confess That the Holy Virgin is the Mother of God 4 [A.D. 430]).

    Pope Leo I

    “His [Christ’s] origin is different, but his [human] nature is the same. Human usage and custom were lacking, but by divine power a Virgin conceived, a Virgin bore, and Virgin she remained” (Sermons 22:2 [A.D. 450]).

    NIHIL OBSTAT: I have concluded that the materials
    presented in this work are free of doctrinal or moral errors.
    Bernadeane Carr, STL, Censor Librorum, August 10, 2004

    IMPRIMATUR: In accord with 1983 CIC 827
    permission to publish this work is hereby granted.
    +Robert H. Brom, Bishop of San Diego, August 10, 2004

    Interested in reading more about Mary and the Saints? Check out these wonderful titles from the Mary and the Saints section of our online Catalogue (links open in a new window):


    Refuting the Attack on Mary, Father Mateo

    Mary, the Second Eve, John Henry Newman

    True Devotion To Mary, St. Louis De Montfort

    Mary, Our Jewish Mother – Audio, Rosalind Moss

    Mary, the Mother of God – Video, Stephen Ray

    Mary and The Saints – Video, Marcellino D’Ambrosio


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    • If the Protoevangelism of James is a legitimate book, why isn’t it in the Catholic bible?

      According to the accepted canon, Joseph and Mary were told by angels, not the Jewish temple priests, about their selection.

      This means this book of James is a contradiction to the accepted canon.

  27. Here’s some links on the subject:

    Here’s a video on one of the reasons for some of the birds dying.

  28. I’m just now seeing this article here, and with so many responses already, there’s no way I could read them all! But talk about timing: just this morning (or maybe yesterday) in Dr. Mercola’s newsletter, he had an excellent article on this. Read it here:

    In light of end-times prophecies, I doubt this is going to go ‘global and kill us people too’ – that wouldn’t fit in w/ events in the book of Revelation. But I do think this is a wake up call to investigate, and make changes regarding the amount of chemicals and our farming practices… get back to simple nature as much as possible. And, reject GENETICALLY MODIFIED seeds and foods; I’m convinced that cross-pollination allows these crops to affect the wild plants on which wild animals feed.

  29. Hi Marianne,
    As I recall, the Hebrew Calendar starts the year with the FEAST of TRUMPETS
    The following might be an OMEN on the time we have left!

    As I see it we are in the THIRD Hebrew calendar year as depicted by the THIRD Angel with the trumpet.
    The SEVENTH Trumpet blows and [Rev. 10:7.] But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

    Revelation 8:6. And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound.
    7. The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.
    8. And the second angel sounded, and AS IT WERE a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;
    9. And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.
    10. And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;
    11. And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

    Trumpet ONE: – Trees & Grass BURN USA, Australia, Greece, Russia, Africa.
    Trumpet TWO: – “AS IT WERE” mountain on fire in Gulf of Mexico.
    Trumpet THREE : – STAR falls from Heaven (Satan) see Rev. 12:9-12
    Satan is cast out of Heaven as Lucifer “Light bearer” STAR
    Isa. 14:12 12. How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! [how] art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
    Satan VACATES Heaven for the 144,000 who very soon will LIVE in Heaven!
    Rev.13:6. And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and THEM THAT DWELL IN HEAVEN.
    There is PERSECUTION after the RAPTURE of 144,000 but those NOT ready will GO THROUGH the tribulation of 2,300 Evenings & Mornings or 1,150 Days [Dan. 8:14] …Eve & Morn – [Dan.8:26]
    Those NOT ready at rapture are not SEALED [Rev.7:9 Great Multitude what no man could number]

  30. The countries I mentioned were featured as headline news, and as I recall, reading elsewhere on this site, there are many places not given coverage due to a lack of mobile phone/digital camera usage.
    My question would be, why have you singled out the FIRST trumpet, where I ONLY mentioned the USA [Mexican Gulf] as the SECOND Trumpet?
    Anyone who watches world news and is not so short sighted as to think that THEY experience WORLD-WIDE calamity because they personally experience the event are not looking at the prophecy as seen by the recorder of that prophecy. When we see the FIRST Trumpet, we should logically see that the BURNING of grass and trees, would LOGICALLY preclude places like ANTARCTICA, or the SAHARA desert.
    IF you had been watching the news, you would have noticed that TOOWOOMBA in Queensland, Australia, had a flood a couple of weeks ago. PLEASE note …Toowoomba (Where I live) is on an escarpment of about 2000+ feet above the eastern countryside, and we have NEVER been flooded out before, yet this month we experienced a downpour of some 16 inches per hour, which caught many car owners by surprise, and washed scores of parked cars into the NORMALLY DRY creek, washing out three bridges that NORMALLY cross a DRY creek bed.
    Had we not looked at the INTERNET and believed that this incident was an ISOLATED incident, we would NOT have realized that BRAZIL, Sri Lanka, and places in Europe ALSO experience the SAME sort of calamity! We only [reportedly] lost 21 lives, where Brazil lost 700+ lives, and Sri Lanka over 40 when I last read about it. The Hebrew calendar year is not yet completed till around September, so I am NOT pinning my view on the fact that we are 100% certain that the TRUMPET prophecies are fulfilling themselves. I still have grave doubts that the mention of SHIPS being DESTROYED at the time of the Second Trumpet, but I am not going to be so adamant to say that we ARE seeing Prophcy being fulfilled.

    • hi Olaf

      I did not mean for it to look like I was only interested in the first trumpet. I was interested in all of them. Since they are sequential, I asked about the first one first. I would have then asked you about the second one next.

      I just pray that I and my family are ready when trouble comes our way, and that we respond in the most Christ-like manner.

  31. Hi, I have found this thread very interesting. I was humbled by the Lord about a year ago and then began to learn to seek Him and was blessed with four images in the clouds….I am taking a sort of a night out with a bag of marshmallows and some videos on the internet, my favorite videos about the last days….oh, ok, I just wanted to talk about the four clouds the Lord showed me, but I had seen about the dead birds and had a pretty good look at Revelations videos on YouTube before I got here. Actually I am a bit confused about what I saw but have gone to a lot of enjoyable trouble to find out exactly what they all mean and I have not finished that task after 3 months. You may find it interesting to look at my blog on WordPress, nicholasbiblelife, and if anyone is interested in further notes I made I will post a link to Facebook Notes where I am doing Notes for each cloud the Lord showed me. There is a whole lot of secrets I believe that have driven me to look into the ancient themes in scripture. I really believe the Lord is guiding me almost by the second as I look into what He has shown me. Anyhow if you are interested take a look. The third cloud I saw had seven Hebrew figures and a blank space and was quite a remarkable sight right beside a Moon four phases passed full and the translation of the Hebrew letters each had a relation to the first eight verses of Revelation chapter one verses one to eight. I was amazed to find I had been shown a seemingly neverending source of inspiration to go and seek scripture and in doing so find secrets
    seem to be revealing themselves to me Amen. Interesting people here, great information and so near to the truth if not the absolute truth, is just what a Christian needs Amen.
    You might find my Facebook Notes by searching Facebook there for

  32. The news of animals dying off across the globe is interesting and could be related to end time prophecies. This is some recent news that I find to be somewhat related,….I’ve also read reports of some animals attempting to run away from the Yellowstone park, and of some Bison dying from natural gasses in recent weeks. Could Yellowstone’s super volcano be ready again to erupt? If so, it would totally destroy the USA as we know it and send the entire planet into an ice age. The time for “change” for the USA is now, and the “change” is repenting before the Lord Jesus Christ while we can.

    Yellowstone just took a “deep breath.”

    Ground at Yellowstone Caldera Swells Dramatically

  33. contributed by kittii


  34. New Massive die off in LA California on 4-19-2011

  35. o.O

  36. >:O

  37. 😀

  38. 😛

  39. No, I’m practicing ‘face symbol’ Only 2 face works in this site but facebook support lot of face

  40. I had a dream in 1994 that millions of fish died and washed up on the beach. I also had a dream that there was a tsunami on the west coast. And the Lord spoke to me in an audible voice while I was praying to read Hosea. I won’t give all the details but it lines up with what you’re saying.

  41. I also beleive that when man fell in the beginning of human history, that a biological time clock started ticking in nature.In other words the DNA is dying of in the cells of creatures&plants eventually. We read that within 6 months of the Great Tribulation that a third of everything dies. A third of un-repentant humans, land animals, creatures in the water, a third of plant life. However as time goes on it seems that it catches up to everything. Could this be possible like in the last 6 months of the 7 year tribulation that everything id dying(plant&animal)on the earth, also agraculture. I beleive strongly that plant based foods(grains, seeds, nuts, legumes,fruits&vegetables “go extinct”). Also animals(cattle,goats, sheep, hogs, poultryect go exttinct). Also fish&seafood. Factors is the coming fammines in which farms, silos,storage, warehouses&stores are overrun by angry, hungry desperate people. All farm animals&pets are killed for their meat. Bodies of water are depleated of fish&shellfish, wild game is all killed off by hungry people.Plus the disease plagues hitting nature&the biological clock running out in nature&science not being able to wind it up again. This is one reason why Jesus Christ&His angels&resurrected saints have to come because “no flesh will survive”.

    • hi Ronnie

      The fall of man would not have affected the DNA of animals and plants. Maybe his own.

      Notice that there are catastrophes that affect nature, like falling stars carrying poison, burning heat from the sun, etc.

      There is also man’s abuse of nature, which causes the death of animals.

      However, there is evidence that the telomeres (ends of the DNA) are not what they originally were. The aging process occurs as these unravel, allowing for the degeneration of certain genes. Although it is still to be proven, we have a lot of “junk” DNA which must have had a more better use at some point. Where man was once meant to live at least a 1000 years, he only lives to be about 70 years old now.

      The atmosphere changed twice, which could have affected man’s lifespan.

      Once was in the garden of eden, where his life would “not be equal to a day,” (1000 years) and the other time was after the flood, where the heavens and earth split open. Then there was the permission to eat meat, which seemed to shorten the lifespan also.

  42. Marianne thank you very much for your reply. I learned years ago that there is a gland in the back of the head, the pineal gland that is not active in modern man but fully active man could live 1000 years. I beleive this long life will be re-established in the human race.BTW have you heard of the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose Texas headed by a Dr. Carl Bauch. They have a globe of the pre-flood world, there was more land than water then. They have some type of biosphere there that imitates enviromentl conditions before the flood, also pre-flood artifacts.Also Barry Setterfield who is a Christian Australian geologist plus he knows physics&astronomy. He uses the SeptugentXXL time-line that goes back to 6000B.C. He talks about the first century Jews were so offended that the first century Christians were using their time-line that they held a council(Council of Jamnia) about 100 A.D, to shorten the time-line& the church eventually accepted this shortened time-line. The flood of Noah is 3554 B.C instead of 2348 B.C, the tower of Babel 3184 B.C, Pangea breaking up into the 7 present continents-3006 B.C settling around 2800 B.C, the earth shifting its axis to the preasent 23 degrees 2345 B.C. The geologic ages 3554-2345 B.C.

  43. Just a reminder that the reason man lost his long life was: because man were abusing God’s little children(Women )they respected no one young or old .They would take for themselves as many young women as they pleased.they took no account of those people that they hurt ,they were out of control and so God decided to shorten mans life .And that is why man life was shorten to 100 .But we have the promise of the Lord that soon one hundred years old will still be very young. Soon to happen!

  44. now it is earthworms


  46. whales dying off coast of Scotland

  47. where do the bees go?

  48. star fish … Ireland


  49. lake erie

  50. update summary of deaths for march 13, 2013

  51. massive pollution of water creates death of humans and animals.

  52. hundreds of starving baby sea lions

  53. 65 tonnes of DEAD FISH wash up at Rio de Janeiro Olympic rowing venue after oxygen levels plummet in torrential rain

  54. crustaceans wash up on chile beach

  55. Utah 12,000 birds

  56. east coast of america – dolphins

  57. california….many fish and large 14 ft oarfish wash up

  58. “Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.”

    Hosea 4:3

  59. Dolphins die from measles

  60. more animals off the west coast of america

    It began with the anchovies, miles and miles of them, their silvery blue bodies thick in the waters of Monterey Bay. Then the sea lions came, by the thousands, from up and down the California coast, and the pelicans, arriving in one long V-formation after another.

    Fleets of bottlenose dolphins joined them. But it was the whales that astounded even longtime residents – more than 200 humpbacks lunging, breaching, blowing and tail flapping – and, on a recent weekend, a pod of 19 rowdy orcas that briefly crashed the party, picking off sea lions along the way.

  61. 18 Million Blackbirds Dead on New Year’s Eve in Beebe, Species Likely Extinct

  62. star fish

  63. Dead Sea Life Covers 98% of Ocean Floor After Fukushima –

    See more at:

  64. buffalo not dying, they are escaping Yellowstone


    update for 2014

    221 Known Mass Death Events in 48 Countries

  66. fish….

    In 2014, mass fish die-offs have pretty much become a daily event globally. Individually, each event could perhaps be dismissed as an anomaly, but as you will see below when they are all put together into one list it truly is rather stunning. So is there a reason why so many fish are dying? Is there something that connects these mass fish death events? Has something about our environment changed? The following are just a few examples of the mass fish death reports that have been coming in day after day from all over the globe…

    *In April, 500,000 carp were found “floating belly-up in Kentucky’s Cumberland River“.

    *Over the weekend, thousands upon thousands of fish died just off the southern California coastline…

    California Fish and Wildlife workers are still scooping dead sea life from the surface of the harbor Monday after thousands of dead anchovies, stingrays and even an octopus died and floated up over the weekend.

    So far officials have cleaned up 6 tons of dead fish, and they still have a long way to go.

    *The death of approximately 35,000 fish up in Minnesota is being blamed on a “lack of oxygen“.

    *The recent die off of thousands of fish in the Shark River near Belmar, New Jersey is also being blamed on “oxygen depletion“.

    *Officials in Menifee, California are still trying to figure out what caused the death of thousands of fish in Menifee Lake a few weeks ago…

    Authorities continued testing the water in Menifee Lake Friday after thousands of dead fish have been seen floating since last weekend.

    Menifee city officials first heard reports Saturday of floating fish at the lake, which is located on private property about a half-mile east of the 215 Freeway.

    *In the Gulf of Mexico, dolphins and sea turtles are dying “in record numbers“.

    *Maryland officials are still puzzled by the death of 7,000 Atlantic menhaden last month…

    State environmental scientists are investigating the cause of a fish kill that left about 7,000 dead Atlantic menhaden in waters that include the Inner Harbor and Fells Point.

    Jay Apperson, spokesman for the Maryland Department of the Environment, said that biologists went by boat on Tuesday to the area of Monday’s fish kill. He says the area extended from the mouth of the Patapsco River, up the Baltimore Harbor to Fells Point and Fort McHenry.

    *Mass fish die-offs in Lake Champlain up in Vermont are being called “the new normal” by government officials.

    *Along the coast of northern California, seals and young sea lions are dying “in record numbers“.

    *Three months ago, farmers in Singapore lost 160 tons of fish to a mass die-off event.

    *Back in September, approximately 40 kilometers of the Fuhe River in China “was covered with dead fish“.

    *Also during last September, close to ten tons of dead fish were found floating on a lake near the town of Komotini, Greece.

    The following are some more examples of mass fish death events from just the past several weeks that come from a list compiled on another website…


    17th May 2014 – Masses of fish turn up dead in a marina in Pultneyville, New York, America. Link

    16th May 2014 – Mass die off of fish in a river in Aragatsotn, Armenia. Link

    15th May 2014 – Hundreds of fish dying off ‘due to pollution’ in the wetlands of Rewalsar, India. Link

    14th May 2014 – Thousands of dead fish washing ashore in Cootes Paradise, Hamilton, Canada. Link

    13th May 2014 – Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up along coast of Tasmania, Australia. Link

    12th May 2014 – Mass death of fish in the river Eden ‘is a mystery’ in Cumbria, England. Link

    11th May 2014 – Thousands of dead Puffer Fish, also dead turtles washing up on various beaches in Colombia and Costa Rica. Link and here

    11th May 2014 – Hundreds of dead fish found in a pond is ‘a mystery’ in Southborough, England. Link

    10th May 2014 – Thousands of fish dead due to pollution in spring in Sikkim, India. Link

    9th May 2014 – Die off of Fish ’causes panic’ in the Luda Yana River in Bulgaria. Link

    8th May 2014 – Thousands of dead fish appear in a lake ‘shock residents’ in Mangalore, India. Link

    8th May 2014 – 12 TONS of dead fish removed from lakes in Chisago County, Minnesota, America. Link

    7th May 2014 – Massive die off of fish in reservoirs in Quanzhou, China. Link

    7th May 2014 – Thousands of fish found dead on the shores of Roatan, Honduras. Link

    5th May 2014 – Hundreds of dead fish wash up on a beach ‘a mystery’ in San Antonio Oeste, Argentina. Link

    5th May 2014 – Mass death of fish found in lakes in Almindingen, Denmark. Link

    4th May 2014 – Mass die off of fish in a river in Fujian, China. Link

    3rd May 2014 – 1,000+ dead fish wash ashore along a lake in Ontario, Canada. Link

    2nd May 2014 – 40,000 fish die suddenly in a dam in Piaui, Brazil. Link

    30th April 2014 – Mass fish kill ‘worst I’ve seen in 26 years of working here’ in Iowa, America. Link

    30th April 2014 – Large amount of dead fish found floating along a river in Xiasha District, China. Link

    29th April 2014 – Dozens of sea turtles are washing up dead in South Mississippi, America. Link

    29th April 2014 – Thousands of dead fish washing up along the shores of Lakes in Wisconsin, America. Link

    28th April 2014 – Turtles and other marine life continue to wash up dead in Bari, Italy. Link

    28th April 2014 – Large fish kill found in the Mogi River in Brazil. Link

    25th April 2014 – Large fish kill found in a reservoir in Nanchong, China. Link

    24th April 2014 – Large amount of fish wash up dead along a river in La Chorrera, Panama. Link

    23rd April 2014 – 2 Million fish found dead in a dam in Tehran, Iran. Link

    23rd April 2014 – Mass die off of fish in Island lake in Ontario, Canada. Link

    23rd April 2014 – Thousands of dead fish appear in a lake in Mudanjiang, China. Link

    22nd April 2014 – 1,000 fish found dead in Oona River, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Link

    21st April 2014 – Large amounts of fish washing up dead along the Panchganga River in India. Link

    19th April 2014 – MILLIONS of dead fish found floating in Thondamanaru Lagoon, Sri Lanka. Link


    And remember, this list represents events that have happened in just a little over the past month.

    So what is causing all of these mass fish death events?

  67. […] Massive Animal Die Offs […]

  68. “West Coast Devastation Continues: Seals, Oysters, Pelicans, Fish, Squid- All Sick, Dying Or Failing To Breed”

  69. toll so far for 2014

  70. Thousands of snow geese fall dead from sky in Idaho

  71. Bald Eagles Keep Dying And No One’s Talking About It

    Lead poisoing

  72. Massive Bird Die-Off in Bali Precursor to Messianic Volcanic Eruption as Prophesied in Ezekiel

    “The fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the beasts of the field, all creeping things that move on the ground, and every human being on earth shall quake before Me. Mountains shall be overthrown, cliffs shall topple, and every wall shall crumble to the ground.” Ezekiel 38:20 (The Israel Bible™)

  73. 100 hippos die in Nambia of anthrax

    animals die predicted by Hosea

  74. Millions of snails mysteriously wash up on Florida beach

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