MLK – Master of a Dream



For the Spirit of the Lord is upon me,

Because He has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor;

He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted,

To preach deliverance to the captives,

And recovering of sight to the blind,

To set at liberty them that are bruised,

To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

(Luke 4:18-19)



Tribute To Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior.

(January 15, 1929-April 4, 1968)


Surreal, consequential, colossal, epic

Undeniable, unbreakable, resilient, prescient



Husbandsonand masterof a dream.


For it all began, and begins—with a dream.


And their spirits walked with his—

And they became one spirit—

In the stalwart pursuit of a justice that is blind

And an integrity that isn’t

Being handed the torch of an infinite dream—

To march forward to the Finish Line

Of freedom and release—

Climbing to the highest heights

Of what one man alone can accomplish

If he lives his life as a man named KING lived his—

Who had absolute faith in his country and his friends,

And even in those of his enemies

Who delved deep into the mountain of the great unknown,

Who found his way toward freedom’s glorious expanse—

Who marched gently yet firmly to the stairway of his destiny—

Who ascended those stairs one modest step at a time—

Who walked in the name of the millions that came before him,

And the millions that would soon come after;

That "content of one’s character" that fears no evil,

Who dreamed the greatest dream that can ever be dreamed

Inside of mortal flesh—

In that marvelous cup called America’s

That now runneth over—

In the unbridled destiny of an unbridled liberty—  

For every race, class, creed and ethnicity,

To be both cleansed and liberated

From that stubbornly scourge called pride and prejudice—

That strange, demonic plague,

That hate-filled heresy—

That torrent of disease,

Of a mindless, merciless bigotry—

Unshackled forever through the vision of a dream,

Of a Doctor named Martin,

The very Author of that dream—

Who dreamed the greatest, sweetest, most transcendent dream

That any man could ever dream.


For that dream still lives on

In spite of all that has ever opposed it.

Not the fear of bombs blasting in a not so solemn night—

Not the fear of being bruised, beaten, stabbed or imprisoned—

In a nation that once appeared as uncivilized as any on earth— 

Who hated the dream and the dreamer thereof.

Yet the dreamer became the master

And the author of that dream—

A dream that lives and conquers—

A dream that loves and sings—

Full of the spirit

Of a man named KING.

And you and I are both its protector and nurturer—

Each a culmination of the expression

Of the substance of that dream.

For the outcome of that dream

Is that we are all here together.

This is that dream for which we stand.

For each of us are partakers in the victory of that dream,

If we conduct ourselves accordingly—

If we are willing to shake the hand of our enemy

In the fervent hope that one day he will no longer be;

To stand in the face of violence

Without firing a single shot, or clenching our fists in anger.

To accept pain without inflicting it in others.

To risk one’s own life without endangering our neighbor’s.

To live our lives as he would have continued to live his—

In the name of the Doctor who came to have that dream—

To live out that dream through his children,

And his children’s children—

Of the Physician who came

To give that dream to the entire world,

Even unto death

The ultimate price

In defense of a dream.


This is the dream of every parent

Who loves their child more than themselves.

This is the dream of every patriot and saint.

This is his dream—

And now it is ours too to share—

If only we will dare.


For it is a dream of liberty that knows no bounds

For it is a dream of freedom that knows no doors

Of liberation without scars—

Of peace without tears—

Of dignity without pain—

Because there were bounds laid before us,

And we overcame them all together;

Because there were doors that were built beyond us

Yet we knew that one sweet day…

We ourselves would exist beyond them

For those who were willing to walk through those doors—

No matter what may have lurked on the other side.

For there once were scars—so many scars—

Yet those scars have now been stripped of their permanence

And the pain is no longer felt

Because of one man and woman at a time

Who dared to dream the dream of a prophet

A dream that drove our ancestors to risk their very own lives

To live out that dream, and to share that dream—

To complete that dream,

And to deliver that dream beyond themselves

Expect for us to complete

And to deliver that dream beyond ourselves.


This unto me

Is the fundamental theme of the entire human race.

For it is the dream of all nations and all peoples

Of all tongues and ages and classes and kindreds.

And the maker of that dream has a name—

And his name ends with that word which defines his very spirit.

For his name is one of royalty, and his spirit lives on.

For that spirit is here—right here among us.

For he was the one who uttered the following four syllables,

One of them beginning simply with the letter "I"

"I—have—a dream."

He did not say "I shall have a dream."

He did not say "I did have a dream."

He did not say "I may have a dream."

He did not say "I might have a dream."

He did not say "I could have a dream…"

Nor did he say "I would have a dream."

No, No.

"I—have—a dream…"

That conquers all fear, death, hate, and violence—

Of a dream that is not limited to one

Of the farmer who plows,

And of the gatherer that reaps.

For it is the dream of an aspiring actor in Hollywood,

A producer in Burbank, or a playwright on Broadway,

Just as much as he who was forced to pick cotton

Until his fingers began to bleed

Or to the wife of that man who did all that she could 

To heal and bandage his wounds

At the end of another dehumanizing day

Only to reopen those wounds all over again

And to never once break or succumb

To the horror and madness

To the torture, or to the nightmare

Because they knew that their dream

Would one day be fulfilled…

Through that of their legacy

Not only of their own flesh

But through the legacy of their deeds,

And the legacy of their labours.

And because they each had faith in the mothers to come,

Who would in turn give birth to those very same heroes,

Who would in turn dream that very same dream—

Who would actually be placed

In a position of divine providence,

To make that dream a reality for every American,

Because of one who dared to dream

Because of one who dreamed to dare.

And dream, and do more than dream—they did.


For some pick cotton before they pick gold

And some are made weak before they are strong

And some say nothing before they say all

And some must rise while others must fall.

Yet all of this occurs inside a single season.

It is like the Invisible Hand made visible

That which was not seen before

Can now be seen forevermore.

And a man named King, he made it to that door—

Because he had the courage to knock, no matter the odds.

Even when no one would answer he never lost faith

In the intrinsic goodness of the human race.

For he knew that although no one would answer,

That someone was nevertheless there.


So he left and returned again

With other masters of that dream

All with the same magnitude of purpose

And stern determination.

Respect the liberty and the integrity that lives within us,

As we have always respected your liberty and your integrity,

So you too should do the same.

For that is what it means to be called a fellow American.

For this gift clearly isn’t free for either one of us—

And the price must be paid by all,

Because all of our lives are at stake.


And they all began to knock together—

Still, no one would answer.

Then a woman named ROSA stood her ground by sitting down,

Yet standing up in the face of the tyrant—

Who always looks down rather than above.

And a man named KING decided that he would camp out

Decided that he would speak out

Decided that he would sit down

Decided that he would sit in

Decided that he would stand up and never sit down again,

Until that very same dream was secured for all of us

One single man and woman at a time.

And the man peered from his window; and hour after hour…

And day after day, and week after week,

And month after month…

Slowly but surely…

You could sense that something had changed…

He began to respect him…

He even began to admire him, and to regard him as his equal…

Because all that he wanted was a place at the table.

Just a place at the table—

Where he could both hear and be heard.

Just a place at the table

Where he could both give and be received.


So there he stood solemnly at the threshold of his destiny,

And the destiny of a nation.

The destiny of a dream

And the dream of a destiny.

And this time without even knocking

Yes, this time the door was opened;

And both he and his supporters went in,

And they feasted and celebrated as One

As One People and One Nation

Both what they had in common,

And those of their differences.

And they came to an understanding

That we all have a place,

That we all have a calling

And that we mustn’t interfere with that calling

And that we must do all that we can

To ensure that our children and grandchildren

Will never have to endure

What a man named KING had to endure,

In order to fulfill his dream

That we can all respect one another

Without being suspicious or circumspect

Of one another’s motives

That it was never about revolution, but revelation.

It wasn’t even about the right to protest peacefully

It was only about, and it was always about YOU, and ME,

Two citizens on the street

Being free to walk together, to talk together

To visit the very same department store or grocery store


To attend the same church, mosque or synagogue


To be accepted by the very same college or university


To work in the very same building

With the very same job,

With the very same job qualifications


And for our mothers to be free

To give birth in the very same ward

Of the very same hospital


To be judged as being equal—

Because we are equal.


And yet—

I still have a dream…

Where there is joy in every heart,

And peace in every mind.

A dream where supper is always on the table—

Where every house in America

Is owned by the ones who inhabit it

With equality of opportunity on every street corner,

In every city, state, province and protectorate of America

Where at least that very hope exists in every nation on earth

When this indeed has finally occurred,

Then we can move on to a brighter world together,

Standing mightily hand-in-hand

Or, we can simply walk side-by-side,

And know that THIS is what that dream is all about;

The simple things,

The so-called "normal" things—

The "everyday" things that so many of us take for granted—

To live and let die—or to surrender and let live

To give what should be given—

Because it is right

Because it is just

Just unto all

Right unto all

Given unto all

Protected by all

Enshrined in the hearts of all

Cherished in the thoughts of all

And yes, secured by law

The law of peace

The law of truth

The law of justice

The law of love.


This is our American Dream.


For it is a dream that feels empathy for all.

For it is the dream of our ancestors

Who lived centuries ago,

And the fulfillment of that dream

Through those they left behind

In what one may call the dream of a legacy,

And the legacy of a dream.

It is a dream that lives on—that shall always live on

Beyond gender, class, and even that of race.

For the dream is here, and the dream is now

Because that dream was brought here on the backs of millions,

And in the hearts of many races, ethnicities and creeds.


For it is a dream that took pain,

Yet not sorrow.

For it is a dream that took pathos,

Yet never consternation

Of a nonetheless brazen, rushing and nauseous sensation

In feeling all too suddenly abandoned

When there were those who were simply too afraid

Who were forced to flee

From the senseless rage of an ignorant mob

Of those that were easily just as fearful,

If not more fearful

Than those they terrified—

For the innocent target who narrowly escaped,

Because they had no other choice but to live another day,

In the hope that things would one day change.

Things indeed have changed.

However, it is for many of us

Far from over.


For all had been given that could be given

Every tear that could be shed had been shed

Every drop of water that one could drink

Had dried in the well long ago

For it all had been consumed

By the infinite cruelty of a merciless drought

Not of the absence of rain,

But of the absence of empathy…

From those beyond the fence at the local plantation

At a time when the harvest had yet to be gathered.

For it was not yet time for the latter rain

For it was not yet time for the dream to be fulfilled.

Yet the harvest shall be gathered…

By they who sowed the seed by the agony of their labours

By the sweat of their brow

By the trail of their tears that have ebbed and flowed

For three hundred and ninety-two years.

And the day of their fulfillment

Surely lieth near.


For there is no greater power on earth given by man unto man,

Than that of sweet liberation and freedom unfeigned

Which defines in principle that of Heaven on earth.

Yet even that power itself is derived from providence.


For we must always be willing to challenge ourselves,

To go beyond our comfort zone—

To DARE ourselves, if DARE we must.


DARE to speak out at your time of testing

By rebuking the spirit of silent indifference

And idle conformity…

To the convenient, the luxurious, the decadent—the typical.

DARE to open one’s mouth—

In defense of the weak, the vulnerable,

And the dangerously overwhelmed.

DARE to open one’s mouth—

When our individual liberties are being challenged from within.

DARE to open one’s mouth—

In defense of one who is precariously outnumbered.

DARE to shine your light in a place

Where no light has ever before existed.


For we were not born into this world to condemn,

But to compel.

For we were not born into this world to curse,

But to cure that which can be cured

If only by the power of words

If only by the power of ideas.


For it is our job to lead

To press on

To look forward

To envision.

It is our job to accept that which is acceptable

In the here and now

Not to backtrack, alienate, abandon or castigate

Not to persecute or to attack

Not to subtract from the content of someone else’s character—

And never, ever to deceive.


For our nation was founded after far too much bloodshed,

And after far too much tyranny

Of millions upon millions

Who were forced to go without their God-given rights

That are meant to be given by man unto man

And equally unto the woman.


For this too is part of that infinite dream

Where everyone’s rights are bestowed equally,

And protected just as equally by everyone,

As if those rights were their own rights

Because in truth they already ARE.


For this is the gift of liberty unshackled—

For this is the gift of the blessings of liberty

A gift, which, outside of love itself,

Is the greatest gift on earth

That anyone can give.


Christopher B. Copas


19 Responses to “MLK – Master of a Dream”

  1. All we need now is for a righteous black man to rise up and condemn the prejudiced of the blacks…And they make the white man pale in comparsion when it comes to prejudiced.

  2. Marianne,

    I see this as a mans vision for life, his quest, a minister direction of the Lord, people who have been oppressed looking to free the downtrodden and to carry on the works left by Jesus and to render a justice of love .

    The word says we perish for lack of vision. Vision is a resource; when it dries up and we can no longer dream. We will have allowed the enemy to snatch the a fluid of energy.

    Vision greases the mind to exsist, it provides pictures of happy things when we are oppressed, it give the body direction to thrive, if brings forth desire, it reminds of necessity.

    Without vision there can be no hope!

    It is a great thing that the Lord has made in a man knowing that all will face moments of sorrow. We all bury love ones, we meet disappointment in work forces, we tackle sadness continually and without vision we would perish.

    One can not be down trodden without renewal, it is satan’s desire to strip a man of vision because God said we perish without it. So I see it as being a thing of demonic attack when our vision is driven to a dry place that we can’t find. This is why it is important to renew our minds daily.


    • To Pattie:

      Many thanks for the wonderful, thoughtful, and insightful message.

      For you took the time to write, when most do not.

      For yours is a faith that is proven.

      May others learn from your tireless and caring example.

  3. For all those who access this post:

    I would greatly appreciate hearing from those of you who care about Doctor King and his legacy, who care enough to express the love that you feel for a man who gave his all, who in so doing changed America forever.

    For where would we be as a People and as a Nation without Doctor King, and all those like him?

    Let us shudder to consider.

    For as I wrote once before in ‘A Christmas Wish: Blessings From The Kingdom’…

    BLESSED are they that endeavour their all: for theirs indeed is the highest height of Heaven.

    And because Doctor King endeavoured his all, to him indeed is the highest height of Heaven.

    For I understand that race is many times a difficult issue. Nevertheless, I will stand with those who stand for mercy, loyalty, justice, and love, just as Doctor King did in his own selfless lifetime––regardless of race, ethnicity, origin, or pedigree.

    May you never be taciturn if you feel compelled to shine.

    For God is always watching, and listening, and waiting.

    And BLESSED are they that faithfully respond: for they shall never be forsaken.

    Thus, for those that have something good to contribute, it would be an absolute joy to hear from you, and to read your marvelous thoughts.

    Many blessings to you and yours.

  4. You asked by opinion so here it is:
    Chicago Media Snub IFI Press Conference

    1/19/2011 8:16:00 AM
    By David E. Smith, IFI Executive Director -Illinois Family Institute

    Pastor Al Cleveland

    Click HERE to watch Pastor Al’s video segment.

    Rev. Isaac Hayes

    Click HERE to read Rev. Hayes’ comments.

    Illinois Family Institute has written a number of columns over the years about the liberal bias of the news media — especially the media in Chicago. This left-wing, anti-Christian bias was never more apparent to me than on Monday as our well-publicized press conference was snubbed by all but one major news outlet. Any doubt about the Chicago media’s lack of journalistic integrity and fairness has been removed.

    More than 40 African-American religious and political leaders gathered on Monday, January 17, 2010, Martin Luther King Day, to decry the misrepresentation of King’s legacy and the noble civil rights cause. With the recent passage of the “civil unions” bill in Springfield, one would think that this was a fairly big story. We do, and that is why IFI hired a videographer to record the entire event.

    Click HERE to watch the video segment of Pastor Al Cleveland of Rehoboth Empowerment Christian Church in Bensenville. Pastor Al also serves on IFI’s Pastoral Advisory Council.

    Sadly, the only major secular news outlet in Chicago that covered this important event was WBBM radio and television (CBS). While Univision and WGN News attended the press conference, apparently the producers decided it didn’t fit their messaging on the issue of so-called “gay rights.”

    None of Chicagoland’s major newspapers covered the event:
    Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Daily Herald, and the Southtown Star
    Neither did the following local television news networks:
    NBC, ABC and Fox Chicago
    We should not be surprised by this mainstream media blackout, after all, most of these same corporations participate in Chicago’s annual “gay pride” parade — as debauched a public event as there is in the city — so it is no secret which side they are on in this contentious issue.

    While their profession exhorts them to journalistic integrity, their political, social and emotional inclinations pull them in the opposite direction, and it is the people of Chicago and Illinois who have suffered from this media irresponsibility. The Chicago media have become part of the homosexual lobby through their servile pandering to this immoral and medically dangerous agenda.

    We’ve known for years how dismissively the Chicago media covers conservatives — especially Christian conservatives — and the moral issues that concern and motivate us. Their bias when covering the issues of abortion, homosexuality, decency, and true Christian faith is painfully clear and consistent. Despite the fact that the state and nation are clearly divided on these controversial issues and that a large percentage of news consumers hold conservative opinions, the media smugly continue to operate as if there is only one credible side to report: the liberal side.

    The lack of objectivity and fairness is oppressive, and we must not allow ourselves to become victims to the media’s leftist agenda. That’s why I’ll be asking for your help to disseminate this wonderful event and the message it proclaims to all corners of the state.

    Even when the media do squeeze in a few seconds or a few sentences that present the conservative, pro-life or pro-family side of a debate, negative adjectives and descriptors are often used to describe our position. Words like “anti-abortion” and “anti-gay” negatively frame our side of the debate while those on the other side are regularly referred to as “pro-choice” and advocates of “gay rights.” A few weeks ago, political reporter Mike Flannery went so far as to call those of us who opposed SB 1716 “foes of civil unions.” (How about proponents of natural marriage, Mike.)

    One of our post-press conference speakers was my good friend Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, who said:
    Monday’s Martin Luther King day press conference — which was more of a pastor’s rally affirming God’s design for marriage and family — was one of the most uplifting and heartwarming events I have ever attended. To hear truth affirmed so passionately by so many pastors — who are sick and tired of politicians bending to the demands of homosexual activists — was good for the soul!

    I heartily commend Dave Smith and Illinois Family Institute for putting together this wonderful event. And I hope and pray that it will bear fruit for years to come. To that end, I’m going to do all I can to make sure as many of my fellow Illinois citizens see the tape of this pastors’ event — because I’ve had it with the secular liberal media deciding for us what is news and what’s not!
    I hope you will join Peter and me in circumventing the media by getting this information out far and wide. Please stay tuned as we finalize the editing of the event.

    • Many thanks for posting this, Kittii.

      Your dedication is inspiring.

      I wish there were more like you.

  5. MLK led an inspiring life. He was close to God and country. I hope more people follow in his example.

  6. Oh goodness, this is why God is so angry !!!
    this is why He is bringing judgment MLK helped set up modern day Babel.

    If you cannot see by now you will not be spared the coming judgments as you are part of the problem, spreading the poison wine.

    Look deep guys, pray and seek out Truth !!
    Time is short !!!


      (A Prayer By Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.)

      O God, our heavenly Father, we thank Thee for this golden privilege to worship Thee, the only true God of the universe. We come to Thee today, grateful that Thou hast kept us through the long night of the past, and ushered us into the challenge of the present and the bright hope of the future.

      We are mindful, O God, that man cannot save himself.

      For man is not the measure of things, and humanity is not God.

      Bound by our chains of sin and finiteness, we know we need a Saviour.

      We thank Thee, O God, for the spiritual nature of man.

      We are in nature, but we live above nature.

      Help us never to let anyone or any condition pull us so low as to cause us to hate.

      Give us the strength to love our enemies, and to do good unto those who despitefully use us and persecute us.

      We thank Thee for Thy Church, founded upon Your Word, that challenges us to do more than sing and pray, but to go out and work as though the very answer to our prayers depended on us and not upon Thee. Then, finally, help us to realize that man was created to shine like the stars and live on through all eternity.

      Keep us, we pray, in perfect peace. Help us to walk together, pray together, sing together, and live together, until that day when all of God’s children — Black, White, Red, and Yellow — will rejoice in one common band of humanity, in the Kingdom of our Lord and of our God, we pray. Amen.

  7. “God” has a dream for each of us, a unique dream. Do we allow Him to make this come true or do we even do our own thing amidst all of our worshiping?

  8. It is because of his efforts you are sitting with Obama as president.

  9. I am a Black Christian woman born at the Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination.

    I have a close REAL relationship with Jesus Christ, in a way that will shock all the American Preachers if they knew…

    I have created “My Passion of The Christ”, which has been stolen from me and renamed “The Passion of The Christ”, but I cannot further talk about it now because this matter is not concluded.

    I am wondering why Christians and other Americans are not trusting, cooperating, taking positive ACTIONS thanks to President Barack Obama, who is REAL IN THE NOW, while giving worship to Martin Luther King Jr; who will probably less understand the today’s problems if he came back to life by miracle.

    I am grateful to God for choosing President Barack Obama as President, That is all I wanted to share for now.

  10. The Prophit JEREMIAS, Ch 23; ver 25

    ” I have heard what the prophets said, that prophesy LIES in my name, and say; I HAVE DREAMED, I HAVE DREAMED.” Nuf Said.

  11. Be carefull with dreams!

    ” All men Dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recessess of their minds wake in the day to find its all vanity; But the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they maay act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible.”

    T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia) in
    The Seven Pillars of Wisdom

  12. ‘I HAVE A DREAM: The 50th Anniversary’

    There is no greater man than one who is willing to give his life for a higher calling and a greater cause than himself.

    Doctor King could have stayed home and played it safe. But he didn’t.

    Doctor King did not have to risk his life for anything or anyone. But he did.

    Doctor King did not have to become a target of venomous hatred, the cowardice of bigotry, and the object of blind contempt. Yet he did.

    Doctor King could have conveniently insulated himself within the familiar confines of his own hometown. Yet he chose to place himself within the heart of harm’s way.

    And even though I come from a much younger generation — without that one solitary life, it is obvious to me — that many scores more would have been compelled to sacrifice their own precious lives — in defense of that very dream.

    This unto me is the embodiment of a hero.

  13. Ministry?

  14. Maybe my last post was not good enough.

  15. MLK is still honored today. I wonder why.

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