Meat From Diseased Animals Approved For Consumers


Maybe we should only get Kosher meats, or meat from a slaughterhouse where we can see if the meat is ok.


Meat From Diseased Animals

Approved For Consumers

By Lance Gay <gayl(at)>

Scripps Howard News Service


WASHINGTON – The federal agency overseeing food inspection is imposing new rules reclassifying as safe for human consumption animal carcasses with cancers, tumors and open sores.

Federal meat inspectors and consumer groups are protesting the move to classify tumors and open sores as aesthetic problems, which permits the meat to get the government’s purple seal of approval as a wholesome food product.

"I don’t want to eat pus from a chicken that has pneumonia. I think it’s gross," said Wenonah Hauter, director of Public Citizen’s Critical Mass Energy Project. "Most Americans don’t want to eat this sort of contamination in their meals."

Delmer Jones, a federal food inspector for 41 years who lives in Renlap, Ala., said he’s so revolted by the lowering of food wholesomeness standards that he doesn’t buy meat at the supermarket anymore because he doesn’t trust that it is safe to eat.

"I eat very little to no meat, but sardines and fish," said Jones, president of the National Joint Council of Meat Inspection Locals, a union of 7,000 meat inspectors nationwide affiliated with the American Federation of Government Employees. He said he’s trying to get his wife to stop eating meat. "I’ve told her what she’s eating."

The union is battling related Agriculture Department plans to rely on scientific testing of samples of butchered meats to determine the wholesomeness of meat, rather than traditional item-by-item scrutiny by federal inspectors. A 1959 federal law requires inspectors from the Agriculture Department’s Food Inspection and Safety System to inspect all slaughtered animals before they can be sold for human consumption.

The Agriculture Department began implementing the new policy as part of a pilot project in 24 slaughter houses last October, and plans to expand the system nationwide covering poultry, beef and pork. The agency this month extended until Aug. 29 the time for the public to comment on the regulations, and won’t issue final rules until after the comments are received.

In 1998, the inspections and safety system reclassified an array of animal diseases as being "defects that rarely or never present a direct public health risk" and said "unaffected carcass portions" could be passed on to consumers by cutting out lesions.

Among animal diseases the agency said don’t present a health danger are:

– Cancer;

– A pneumonia of poultry called air sacculitis;

– Glandular swellings or lymphomas;

– Sores;

– Infectious arthritis;

– Diseases caused by intestinal worms.

In the case of tumors, the guidelines state: "remove localized lesion(s) and pass unaffected carcass portions."

"They just cut off the areas,” said Carol Blake, spokeswoman for the Agriculture Department’s inspection and safety system.

But Jones and consumer groups say production lines are moving so fast that they can’t catch all the diseased carcasses, and some are ending up on supermarket shelves.

"When I started inspecting, inspectors were looking at 13 birds a minute, then 40, and now it’s 91 birds a minute with three inspectors. You cannot do your job with 91 birds a minute," Jones said.

The Agriculture Department is also experimenting with proposed rules that would require federal food inspectors to monitor what the plant employees are doing, rather than inspecting each carcass individually. They are aimed at bringing a new scientific approach to federal meat inspection to cut down on E. coli bacteria and other contamination.

The inspection and safety agency says a survey of pilot plants using the new system concluded that less than 1 percent of the poultry examined at the end of the production line and released for public consumption was unwholesome.

At a public hearing on the findings this year, Karen Henderson of Agriculture’s division of field operations admitted that defective carcasses are being approved for human use under the pilot program.

"Absolutely. There’s no system that we are aware of that is capable of removing every defect from the process," she said.

Felicia Nestor, director of the Government Accountability Project, a Washington watchdog group, said the pilot project found chickens with higher levels of fecal and other contamination than in traditional methods of inspecting.

"A lot of diseased animals are going out," she said.

A. Raymond Randolph, a federal appeals court judge, this month said federal food safety laws require meat and poultry inspectors to examine every carcass that moves through slaughterhouses and processing plants.

"The laws clearly contemplate that when inspections are done, it will be federal inspectors, rather than private employees, who will make the critical determination whether a product is adulterated or unadulterated," he said. "Under the proposed plan, federal inspectors would be inspecting people, not carcasses."


31 Responses to “Meat From Diseased Animals Approved For Consumers”

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  2. ugh, that is disgusting. I was eating my breakfast.
    What is that pudding or puss, I presume puss?

  3. Yup, they are trying to kill us…

  4. I’ve never heard of anything so incredibly ignorant; serve people diseased meat? It’s enough that without passing this law, we already get meats that are not up to standard; now, they are passing a law that says to feed us cancerous, tumorous, and arthritic meats. A society will accept anything as long as it is put on them slowly enough. I was surprised to read that ‘most Americans’ have an issue with eating diseased meats. Most Americans? Practically ALL people in the poorest sections of third world countries don’t exactly like eating diseased meats. I hate McDonald’s and Burger King meats and all restaurant burger meats that are not real; but I’m still always disturbed and put off that so many people just eat these horrible things without a second thought. Apparently, some don’t care what goes in their stomach as long as professionals (McDonald’s being one of the professionals) tell them that it’s not harmful for them… ‘Not harmful for them’, not ‘good for them’. Caveman thinking: “As long as it won’t kill me, get in my belly!” Yep; we’re coming to a slow boil.

  5. Maybe it is a set up to lead people into hebrew roots cult…Satan always preplans.
    .i do no eat anything that had a face, so I don’t hav to worry abou it..

  6. Wow. Just when Americans are the sickest people in the industrialized world, we’re being offered MORE sick meat. We get virtually all our beef from, a clean-meat ranch in w. TX (they deliver to most of the state, every other month…check out their site, fellow Texans). Also get clean gr beef at Costco.

    Matt 24:7 says, “..there will be famines, PESTILENCES,…” Some places in the Bible says some of these diseases will originate w/ animals. Follow the $$$!! Big Beef and Big Dairy are in bed w/ the Feds to prosper at OUR expense. I’m sure they don’t realize it, but these decision-makers are following satan’s suggestions, that will sicken and kill off more people. Sheeple will go for anything that’s cheaper and readily available. I’m seeing a widening of the class division, to include a nutritional division…the globalists I’m aware of, eat an organic, nonGMO diet; but they’ll foist crap on a population who either don’t care, or don’t have the finances to make wiser choices. This as a protracted “population control” method; along w/ vaccines, abortion, etc ad nauseum. Rev 18 describes how God will deal w/ the merchants of the world system.

    Over half of America is now totally dependent on the gov’t for their food and meds. I’ve lost at least one extended family member to the “Food Stamp” diet, and their nearer relatives are sick, overweight and aging 20 yrs early. But on a more positive note, a LOT of young adults, esp. Christians, are really cleaning up their diets, gardening if they can, and are feeding their kiddoes really good stuff. God’s preparing a remnant that is healthy in body as well as spirit, to carry His people through these end times!

  7. How about just Praying over your meals. And blessing it. Cause the way I see it. All kinds of food is probably giving us all young and the older a slow death. At old age immune system is weaker.
    Ask the Lord to speak to you in your heart and let you know its ok and has been blessed. We are all going to have to depend on Jesus for everything sooner or later. We need not drive ourselves insane with it. We have to trust in the Lord. The worst that could happen is you would die and in 2 or 3 seconds be standing with the Heavenly Host of the Saints and Jesus Christ.
    Death comes to all of us. Jesus did not tell us to be full of fear. And yea that is a hard thing when we see whats all around us.

    But the Lord said BE Humble, and those that Tremble at my Word. He will take care of. I have found out in my 66 years of being here. That no matter the way we think it just does not happen that way alot of times. We got to put it in the hands of Jesus Christ. He knows whats best for us all.

    Fear thou not for I am with thee, be not dismayed for I am thy God. I will strengthen thee , I will help thee. I will uphold thee in the right hand of my righteousness

    God said I will bless thy Water and thy Bread. But we got to believe it.
    Lets just agree with Him He will perform it.


    • I agree with you, lighthouse; this won’t be something that we need to worry about. It’s certainly good to know it, but everything can be sanctified by prayer. Thanks for reminding us to keep things simple.

      • If everything can be sanctified by prayer why the long list of unclean foods in Lev 11? Why the differentiation given Noah about entering 7 pairs of clean animals but only one pair of each unclean ones in the arc? Why does Isa 66 talks about those who eat pork and other unclean animals? I am not saying not to pray, specially if you are on a bind but let us not tempt Yah particularly if we taunt the teachings He gave His people through the hand of Yeshua at Mount Sion.

          acts 11.
          I was in the city of Joppa praying: and in a trance I saw a vision, A certain vessel descend, as it had been a great sheet, let down from heaven by four corners; and it came even to me:
          6 Upon the which when I had fastened mine eyes, I considered, and saw fourfooted beasts of the earth, and wild beasts, and creeping things, and fowls of the air.
          7 And I heard a voice saying unto me, Arise, Peter; slay and eat.
          8 But I said, Not so, Lord: for nothing common or unclean hath at any time entered into my mouth.
          9 But the voice answered me again from heaven, What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common.
          10 And this was done three times: and all were drawn up again into heaven

          I guess God must not have cleansed the meat in the old covenant..

          • god was referring to the gentiles as unclean being made clean

            • I am sure the vision of Acts was about not discriminating but was it not also about diet??
              Acts 11-2, 3..And when Peter was come up to Jerusalem, they that were of the circumcision contended with him, ..Saying, Thou wentest in to men uncircumcised, and DIDST EAT WITH THEM…..

              Just think, if the hebrew rots doctrines were true and of God it essentally means the entire Christian church for the last 2000 years is fradulent..I really do not think Glod failed all except Moses…

        • true, we need wisdom in evaluating our food and praying over it.

          praying over obviously rotten food is a bit foolish, when we can select something else.

          and we should not ask for trouble by selecting something that is forbidden

          however, sometimes it looks ok, and we eat it, so it is best to pray over any unseen problems.

  8. I remember a time when God gave His children manna, angels food and they got all the nutrition they needed at the time from that. Time to pray for provision from Him whatever form it comes in. If He chooses to send Manna I’ll be the first in line to get it. The Lord Jesus will never forsake the righteous or His seed.

    He’s training us now to pray for ALL our needs so when the time comes that food is not there, we know we have a God who will provide in supernatural ways.

  9. The old covenant laws will pass when heaven and earth pass away… And Rvelation 21 shows the heaven and earth passing
    Peter said in 2 Peter 3-But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.
    Is the passing of the heavens and earth the end of Satan’s reign and the perdition and judgement of ungodly men…
    .We are in that day now…

    So don’t get too comfortable with the law and punishments..

  10. Thank you for the comments listed above I too believe we are to prepare. Our trust is to be in our Heavenly Father as the world continues to rot before our eyes.
    Mankind is very blind and un grate full; the manna, a perfect food was sent from above and the Father only hears mans’ continual complaints, it must have broken HIS heart, again.
    Father, please give us your heart.
    This life is but a vapor…
    We are just passing through, prepare us for your return with thankfulness daily as we await your coming.

  11. OF course choosing wisely with discernment what we out in our mouths; the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Blessing and sanctifying our dally bread with thanksgiving.

  12. :)) Correction: Of course choosing wisely with discernment what we put into our mouth; the body IS the temple of the Holy Spirit.

    The Father will sanctify, as we bless our daily bread with humble thanksgiving.

  13. We really need to be very discerning in these last days! Prayerfully question EVERYTHING! See the falseness of this circulating untruth

    • deborah

      I heed your advice, but also be aware that SNOPES is run by a liberal mom and pop operation out of their kitchen, and they BOTH voted for BHO. They typically deflect anything that makes the government look bad.

  14. Some good comments here… I know believers who will eat “just anything” and say grace over it. While I appreciate the intent, I don’t exactly see God blessing stuff that we know is crummy..full of chemicals and disease. And God promised to bless our FOOD, not chemicals..ha. For most of us, what we eat is our choice and w/ all the info available, we are without excuse. A lot of those same dear hearts will also claim affinity w/ Israel during the exodus: “God provided for them..”, so they passively eat whatever’s handy. But that’s comparing apples to oranges; God Himself led them there, it was “His fault” they were there without resources; and it’s why He miraculously provided for them. Proverbs has a lot to say about laziness, and how God cannot bless a life lived that way. So….without getting crazy or legalistic about it, we are responsible to feed this temple and keep it a healthy for our Occupant.

    • Yes, staying away from fast food and be weary of food prepared in a restaurant is an issue for me. GMO’s are a HUGE concern and in many states “organic” is not, even when stamped.
      Personally, I have not eaten red meats in over 40 yrs. For my health concerns now, I have to eat more white meat protein then I like, so this causes more frustration personally.
      The world is rotting and full of greed, therefore discernment and trusting HIM to bless and sanctify what I eat, is my only assurance.
      ( yuck, what a horrid picture, but it speaks volumes. )

  15. Mark 16-18…They shall take up SERPENTS; and if they DRINK any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; … I am pretty sure this verse applies to the doctrines of the pharisees/serpents but could it also apply to what foods/drinks we take in??

    Living waters versus bitter waters…
    I think this deadly drink of the pharisees serpents stems to Moses
    Numbers 5-23., 24…And the priest shall write these curses in a book, and he shall blot them (the adulters) out with the bitter water:..
    V.24..And he shall cause the woman to drink the bitter water that causeth the curse: and the water that causeth the curse shall enter into her, and become bitter.
    .If the woman was guilty her belly became bitter..If innocent she was unharmed….
    This was about the unfaithfulness of a woman and also about hypocrites unfaithfulness to God today
    And also Revelation 10…9, 10. Today…….whereas John eats a book that looks like God’s words, aka SWEET AS HONEY,,, but it makes his belly bitter as does the book of curses in Numbers 5..Sure looks like the cursed book that appears to be from God is actually a curse and it blots men’s name’s out…Very cunning cause the hypocrites among us will think the sweet and bitter doctrine books are from God..

    We should always keep in mind Eve was deceived by words, just words … The serpent used God’s words but twisted them and lied about them.. As did the Adams lose God’s spirit and the Israelites’s names were written out of God’s books when they worshipped the golden calf so will our names be written out of God’s book of life by believing lying doctrines..
    It is very simple… God is truth… God indwells us…If we believe lies, we forfeit truths and consequently lose God’s spirit…Blotted tout of God’s book!!!!!

  16. That is why i buy all my meat at a amish meat store, they raise it, slaughter it and take such good care of their animals. Wont buy from a grocery store ever again!

    • Carol,
      You are fortunate you have that option. The Amish are a great community to be neighbors with.

      My blessing, I live in a town that is known for it’s pure drinking mineral springs. I take full advantage of this free gift.

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