Molasses as a Natural Remedy



Here, I present molasses for discussion.    There is also a link to a list of ailments at the end, along with their folk remedies.

Excerpts from the Earth Clinic:


blackstrap molasses “reported cures”:

restless leg syndrome,

arthritic pain and swelling,

joint pains, and

increased bone density

source of potassium

nails are stronger and my hair is shinier

swelling in ankles and hands

Testimonies about Blackstrap Molasses:

problem with my left ankle giving way and also suffered badly from carpal syndrome. i was not sure if the molasses would work but i read the comments here and thought i would give it a go. I have been taking 3 tsp regularly since 3 weeks ago. I am amazed — it has cured my ankle which i no longer have to strap up. Also my carpal syndrome was incredibly painful especially at night. Thankfully i don’t have pain anymore. Finally i was astonished to notice that i had actually lost 10 lbs in weight. i think it has cured my sugar craving as i don’t feel as hungry anymore. I have been telling my family and friends to take it as it’s like a miracle cure for many things. Also my skin is fresh looking, nails are stronger and my hair is shinier.”

During my 4 day stay at the hospital for hip surgery, I was given 2 potassium pills as my potassium was very low. When i arrived home, i gave blackstrap molasses a try. Never dreaming that in less than a week my ankles and hands didn’t swell anymore, and the heart flutters that i had for many years were gone. Oh , I almost forgot, I now have fingernails. I’m telling everyone i meet about my miracle cure.”

i wanted to take blackstrap molasses and after trying a teaspoon of it in my morning coffee had very bad side effects that included high blood sugar, diaherrea, cramps and dizziness. so i stopped after 2 days. however that month when my period came i noticed that i had no cramping or clots at all. so i realized that the molasses (even taken that 2 times with the bad side effects) had a good effect on my period. so i tried taking it again with similar side effects and had to stop.

some people cannot tolerate Molasses on a empty stomach. Because It has Iron in it which if you will read your suppose to take with food. I get nausea and dizzy & a lot of other symptoms when I eat Iron on empty stomach. Also another reason is there is a lot of sugar in Molasses. So When you don’t eat and you take the molasses it causes your blood sugar to spike very quickly. And this can cause dizziness too, and a feeling of not feeling very well. Just make sure you take it with food (protein) and you won’t have all these symptoms.

been taking bsm now for slightly over two weeks now and it has surely worked great. I started taking it for my hair which had started turning gray around ten years back when i was about 29yrs old. While searching for remedies I landed on this site and decided to give it a trial. I have not seen results on my gray hair since it is only about two weeks now but a lot of other benefits already. My chronic fatigue is now completely gone. I was ever tired morning or evening with my lower back feeling like cut in two with alot of tension. My chest also had occasional sharp pains. I had seen  doctors about it and after several analgesic trial i gave up. All these are fully gone. My wife that had acne is also taking it and says is working well for her.I also give my children one tsp twice daily daily my though with no health issues and they love it.

I’ve been taking a tablespoon of BSM daily for Heart Palpitations (which worked by the way). When cutting my nails yesterday, I noticed that the white, half moons at the base of my nails (I’ve forgotten the name for these) reduced in size by half within one week! I’m completely amazed! I heard these were due to mineral deficiency but I’d been taking supplements and had just given up.

It cured my daily nose bleed. just a tablespoon in cup of hot water daily for a while a few years back. And now I’m wondering for better circulation of blood in feet & up legs.”

there is a cure for restless leg syndrome, and it comes in the form of BLACK STRAP MOLASSES. While using BSM for I discovered that my restless leg syndrome stopped completely, as long as I use it daily. I have suffered for years with this condition, family members, my dad , brother and aunt have it so hereditary I am sure and from what I read there are plenty of pills doctors will prescribe for you, but for me natural is the only way to go. I take 1 tablespoon a day of BSM, I use it to manage my female issues and PMS, and heavy bleeding, that now is cut in half, and the happy side affect to that regimen was the cure for my restless leg syndrome, which caused so much pain, and movement just to fall asleep.

I went to the health food store to ask about what I could give my 15 month-old son for constipation. They suggested 1-2 tsp. of blackstrap molasses in his bottle. I bought the bottle, came home, came to this web site and discovered all different things this stuff is good for. I am 8 months pregnant. I was having a lot of trouble sleeping and developing symptoms of restless leg syndrome (common in pregnancy). I decided to give it a shot. Long story short, my son is pooping like a champ and I started sleeping through the night without any jerking limbs ON THE FIRST DAY! I ran out for one day, and I had a horrible night sleep.

Blackstrap Molasses works for me! After the first fortnight of drinking a cup each morning with the juice of half a lemon, my skin felt really soft and had lost its dryness and my nails are growing stronger and more uniform. This is in addition to having a lot more energy, I have also managed to stop smoking and not experience the side effect of constipation. This remedy is the cheapest but most effective way of taking varied supplementary vitamins.”

Black Strap Molasses has cured my Blood Sugar Levels.

I used to get extremely painful toothaches. I remembered my mom telling me once about Blackstrap Molasses being full of nutrients (calcium and magnesium) in large amounts in general. So I thought I’d try it the next time my tooth ache occurred, and within half an hour, my tooth ache was completely gone. When my young daughters had growing pains, I decided to also try this on them: (1 tbsp) followed by any liquid (water , milk, juice, just to wash it down). Her growing pain had stopped. As I had figured these tooth problems and shin aches may have been from a calcium/magnesium deficiency. The pain had left her in under half an hour. I believe from my own research that if the body does not get enough calcium it will leach it from other areas..thus the pain.”


I would like to tell you for 7 years we have been trying to find a cure for our daughter Natalie with chronic ulcerative colitis, she was just about to have her colon removed when a friend told us about black strap molasses. Within a week of taking 1 teaspoon daily she has been in complete remission and said she has never felt better

am so grateful. I have been taking it too and have found a big improvement in my well being and nervous system.

I have achieved a degree of remission so far with the black strap molasses, and bromelain.

blackstrap molasses. It can be sulphured or unsulphured. The blackstrap designation does not have anything to do with whether it is sulphured or not. Blackstrap just means that it is from the third boiling which means it has more iron. They sulphur molasses if it is being made from young green sugar cane (sulphur is used as a preservative). No sulphuring is needed if they use mature sugar cane, so it is labeled unsulphured. An example of unsulphured blackstrap molasses is Brer Rabbit molasses with the purple label. For complete molasses/suphur explanation:

Sulfur is an antibiotic. Can be used to counter infections.

Nutrition data for molasses:

Organic Dark Unsulfered Blackstrap Molasses

1 Tbs

Calories 60
Sodium 0
Potassium 730mg
Sugars 10g
Calcium 10%
Iron 15%
Magnesium 8%
Vitamin B6 10%


Earth Clinic:

Ailments and natural remedies:

1. Sulfur (a.k.a. brimstone) has been used for thousands of years to cure skin ailments. Find that ancient cultures relied on sulphur to treat a variety of illnesses as well as to make dyes and other useful products. Use sulphur to treat medical conditions today, such as extreme itching and skin pain.

2. Step 2

Treat conditions of the skin, such as candidiasis, eczema and diaper rash with sulphur. Use sulphur to treat medical conditions that are related to digestion: indigestion, vomiting and diarrhea. Remedy related disorders, including redness or itching surrounding the anus, painful hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

3. Step 3

Discover how sulphur soothes premenstrual syndrome or PMS. Use sulphur to treat medical conditions, such as irritability, anxiety, headaches, back pain, insomnia, dizziness, sweating and hot flashes or flushing, caused by PMS and other intense hormone related changes.

4. Step 4

Fight brain fog and other disorders related to the mind and body connection, such as stress, depression, forgetfulness, indecision, nightmares, low energy and migraines. Realize sulphur is even used to fight common cold and flu symptoms like fever, sneezing and coughing.

5. Step 5

Keep in mind that although sulphur is typically found in hot springs and craters near volcanoes, you can easily obtain the mineral from health food and vitamin stores, such as, online or at a local all-natural market like Whole Foods. Purchase sulphur tablets often for under $10 per bottle.

6. Step 6

Restore balance to your immune system and bring peace and harmony to related systems, such as the urinary and respiratory systems. Rectify skin, stomach and rectum disorders; stabilize hormones and mood.

Pure Sulfur to buy

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  2. Hi Marianne,
    A good post … I had forgotten all about molasses.
    I used to know this … but it had slipped my consciousness until now.
    After the feast I will add it to my daily intakes.

  3. You may find this also interesting Copper jewelry.
    a “Fountain of Youth” for its ability to improve the elastic fiber in skin, increase skin flexibility, and act as an anti-wrinkle treatment. It has even been said to be able to return gray hair back to its natural color.

  4. Molasses reminds me of something. Thinking it about it, I do not like the smell of molasses. Though, I was using it for the make of gingerbread man I baked yesterday 🙂 Funny…isn’t it…?

  5. I LOVE the taste of molasses but I have not eaten any in years. Too many calories and I try very hard to keep my weight normal. When I was a kid we always had quart jars of molasses on hand. I would mix real butter with it, have a piece of toast, oh my goodness it is so good.

    As to the healthy aspects, that may be true. Honey has certain good qualities. But with both I’m not sure they outweigh the calorie intake.

  6. Who cares about molasses??
    We have a saying ‘slow as molasses in January.’
    It seems to fit quite nicely here … since everyone prefers to talk about what matters little
    instead of what should be told.

    ‘Let the heathen be wakened’
    Let the heathen be wakened!
    The Lord is near. I Am the One Before you.

    Put ye in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe: come, get you down; for the press is full, the fats overflow; for their wickedness [is] great
    Joe 3:14
    Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD [is] near in the valley of decision.
    Joe 3:15
    The sun and the moon shall be darkened, and the stars shall withdraw their shining.

    • I might be a little thick, but it seems to me that instead of contributing practical and useful information, you choose to imply that ill health is a punishment for not believing strongly enough.

      Kindly remove your head from your posterior. Lead by example and keep your self serving platitudes to yourself..

    • Faith has nothing to do with what you put in your body or remaining healthy…at all..period…go troll somewhere else….

  7. Our health is very important to God; II Thess. 5:23 says that God desires us to be “kept blameless (whole) body, soul and spirit till the end..” (Cindy’s paraphrase) III John 2 – “Beloved I WISH ABOVE ALL THINGS that you may be IN HEALTH and prosper, as your soul prospers.’ We need health to convey our inner man around on this earth, and for strength for spiritual warfare and ministry in general.

    This molasses stuff intrigues me, so I’m going to start using this daily and see what happens (as I type, I’m enjoying a piece of toast w it!). Sometimes, the oldest remedies are the best.

  8. Hey there!
    As a trade qualified baker, I was taught that molasses and brown sugar in comparison to white sugars do not contain any more health benefits, now you have me wondering – at the time I thought that the lecturer was wrong and somehow hoped that the less refined sugars had benefits as I think they taste wonderful.
    I’ll just keep on enjoying the less refined sugars anyway, but I’ll keep the possibilities of these health suggestions in mind.
    Thanks for the article,


  9. Have any of you tried prqying for your ailments combined with whatever your taking? Its just a thought and we are all unique, all differnt, what works for some does not work for others. Perhaps we should all pray for guideance about what we should adn should not be eating?

  10. Very true!!! I always do that with everything!!!!!!! Its always good to follow the prompting and be in tune to the voice of God!!!!! “relationship”

  11. OK.. I’ve been taking 1 tablespoon of molasses – twice a day – since I read this last week, just to see if it did anything. And wow, the first night: NO restless leg syndrome – it works!! (It worked on all but one of the days I’ve taken it) I think it’s helping with regularity; and in other, more subtle ways too so I’m continuing. But I’m having to watch my carbs a bit more, as it adds 15 grams per tablespoon.

    And yes, I pray ALL THE TIME for God to not only heal me, but give me wisdom on what to eat and take. It seems He gives me more helpful clues all the time.

    • hi cindy

      awesome. Glad the molasses worked. I had been putting honey and cinnamon in my morning coffee, so I thought the molasses was too much.

      but what I can do is take it another time of the day.

      you are right about the sugar. that much will kill the appetite, and so maybe I can lose a few pounds. 🙂

  12. guess its worth a try the molasses i mean ,an yes our body is our temple an we should keep it as healthy as we can!!

  13. Im starting tonight on the BSM and I will let you all know how it goes for me so stay in tune

  14. Since I had a very extensive and multiple thromboses over a year ago I have been unable to reduce the swelling in my lower limbs from my upper thigh down. This thrombosis occurred in the main vein feeding up from my legs. Luckily from previous surgery I have a vena carve filter which has never been removed. This became quite blocked but prevented the clots reaching my heart. Years of international air travel have left me very susceptible to DVT’s.
    The swelling some days is so extreme I cannot bend my knees and doctors have advised me that a cure is unlikely. I have to spend at least half the day with my legs completely elevated. If I use compression bandages on my legs they develop large ulcers and so I have had to stop using them. One miserable side effect has been the constant weeping through the skin of my legs of water. Mobility has become severely restricted due to the lack of flexibility in my knees due to the swelling.
    I came across articles on black strap molasses and decided to give this a try as all else has
    Within a week of taking a table spoon twice a day I can see a very definite improvement in my legs. The weep holes which constantly open up in my legs have finally closed up completely. The swelling is way down and I am feeling a lot better mentally and physically. I have also started to notice an improvement in the feeling in my legs which have had no feeling at all since this all happened.
    I am also drinking che and ginger tea which is also indicated for poor circulation and the ginger negates any nauseous effect of the iron in the molasses.
    For me this is an absolute miracle and I am very grateful to you for your website and the comments on there. I will keep you posted as to further improvements.

    Kindest regards,


    • dear Allan

      It is so good to hear of these stories. When modern medicine fails us, there seems to be always something in nature that God put there to help. After reading about the painful condition you have, I was very concerned as I read it. But when I saw that your condition seemed to be improving, I felt a rejoicing inside for you.

      What caused the thrombosis to begin with? extensive sitting? If you take one aspirin a day, it will help “thin” your blood, and make it a little less susceptible to clotting. It will also help slowly dissolve any clots that are trying to form, or are already there.

      Also, make sure you have potassium in your diet. Avoid foods with lots of salt (pizza, cheese, many specialty breads like bagels, etc). A banana a day can help. Also if you add powdered cinnamon and honey to your tea or beverage it helps reduce inflammation.

      Anti-inflammatory foods such as green leafy ones like collards can help a lot also. My legs tend to swell, and when I stay on a diet with fresh green collards daily My legs are much better.

      yes, I would be very interesting in continuing to hear how you are doing. I would like to see you free of pain and this affliction.

  15. Hi Marianne,

    The DVT’s were caused by extensive flying over many years as part of my occupation. I used to spend three weeks out of four flying internationally. Also 6 years ago I had a synovial cyst which grew inside my spinal column at L4 L5 and went undetected for two years. By the time it was found it had squeezed my nerves in the spinal column down to 20% and done extensive damage. I lost most of the feeling in my legs and feet and doctors in the USA had said it was due to arthritis which was not correct. It was operated on twice to remove it and later I had rod and pins inserted as I now have degenerative disc disease. Up until 55 I was extremely fit and healthy so this all came as quite a shock.
    I have been on wafarin for the last six years on and off and now permanently. My INR is checked regularly and kept at about 2.6 to 3. I eat plenty of greens and other healthy foods.
    Thankfully I am now able to reduce my morphine and only take it as and when needed. Its is all a matter of pain management. Basically people don’t realise what a blow it is when you have your health fail you so extensively but you need to remain positive about it and not let it get the better of you. Spending most of my time in a wheelchair is the real killer especially when you have always been so active. So many simple daily chores become so complex and frustrating it can drive you to despair if you are not careful.
    So now you have the full story and if I can help other people in any way please contact me and I will reply accordingly.

    God Bless,


    • Allan,

      Try potassium iodide as soon as possible. It will give you energy and PAIN relief. I take 3 – 4 tablets twice per day and the energy is incredible. But, even more incredible, was the relief of pain from my body. No more unexplained pain in my leg muscles or joints. I still can’t believe it. My wife is thrilled as well. I am 57yrs old but feel 40 yrs old again!!!!

    • Hi Alan,
      Was scrolling through reading the comments and came across your post… Whilst I have heard of BSM I have avoided it believing it was high in sugar, yet perhaps I would benefit from this if I start with a small dose… I am not diabetic but am almost paranoid about sugar…due to side effects…
      Refined is worse..
      I eat lots of fruit and veggies, have fresh fish a couple of times a week and meat the same..
      After surgery, developed multiple ulcers on my left leg extending up to my knee, nearly 3 years ago..
      Went onto Earth Clinic site after having been recommended Silver Colloidal spray which was very expensive from the health food shop but was good.. After 10 days of using it and consuming it, 4 of these ulcers disappeared and never returned.. The original ulcer I still have, only very small and almost gone this past month since using Bactrim DS…
      On my right leg I was bitten by a wolf spider a year ago and although initially healed it now has a pseudomonas A infection in it with biofilm.. Twice a day I wash my legs in tepid to warm water ( I have 2 x 15 litre swing bins without tops) I get tremendous swelling in both legs and doctors have recommended 80% of the day to be elevated… An impossible feat to achieve everyday.. I have found great relief though by using an exercise bike when my legs get very tight with fluid.15-30 mins counting to 300 and having a few minutes break.. After getting the blood flowing again I find In Have less pain and s better sleep.
      However sugar is bad bad!
      So I’m cautious about trying BSM but will give it a go and let you know..
      I have found that sugar gives me massive bone pain in the front of my legs and increased biofilm because sugar feeds the ulcer ..
      Thank you for your input and got reading my post ..

  16. hi, are u living in dubai? from where can I get blackstrap molasses in dubai? plz mail me if u know. my id is will appreciate pain taken to mail me.


  17. This is for Allan Butler, Hi,

    In 2001/2 I had a benign tumor in my spinal column between Th12 and L1/2 which went undetected for a year and a half – at first the doctors diagnosed it as peripheral neuropathy as I was falling down so often. An earlier xray of L3-7 taken by my family doctor showed nothing. And though the tumor had grown to 5.5 x 6 cm, I was able to walk (albeit with a cane) the day after the operation, praise God!

    Since then, I suffered a stroke (right side) in 2009 and am in the process of total recuperation. Meanwhile, I thank God daily as He is using me to evangelize to many Muslim drivers of Arabic origin, disenchanted Catholics, and others, all of whom accept a New Testament in either Arabic, English, French, Spanish – yes, even Chinese or Korean. It’s all about Yeshua haMaschiach (Jesus Christ), Savior of all mankind.

    Meanwhile, I’m just enjoying a cup of honey and cinnamon tea – excellent substitute for black tea, sugar and milk. A friend recently told me that during the Wars, honey was used for any skin infections. Next, I’m going to try unsulphured black strap molasses! Thank you, Marianne.

  18. have a bad anal fissure,will sulphur help it as ive read,if so how do you apply to fissue=re?

    • dear sall

      Is it infected or inflamed?

      If it is infected use bacitracin.

      If it is inflamed, get some Hydrocort AC from your doctor, unless the pharmacist can direct you to an “over the counter” equivalent.

      I am not sure of the amount of sulfur in the molasses, but if you are desperate, you can try it. Molasses is a liquid, so you would have to apply it directly to the site. I would not use the bottle of molasses for anything else after that, since it might be contaminated from use. Mark the bottle as “so not eat or consume.” Since also it is a liquid, it will not “stick” long, and you would have to keep re-applying it.

      the other suggestions I gave you are cremes, and / or suppositories. If you use the suppository, lie down for awhile to keep the medication in place longer.

  19. Hi there,

    I was just wondering if it’s safe for a Diabetic person to take Blackstrapp Molasses? Thanks in advance! I love this site. =)

    • hi Francesca

      Blackstrap Molasses and Diabetes

      People with diabetes wishing to include blakcstrap molasses in their diet need to take into account the carbohydrates it provides.

      The carbohydrates intake should stay within 45g to 60 g per meal, as recommended by the American Diabetes Association, to prevent blood sugar levels from raising above target.

      Adding carbohydrates from blackstrap molasses simply means cutting back on other carbohydrates eaten at the same meal to maintain a consistent carbohydrate intake. In other words, adding 1 tbsp. of blackstrap molasses, 15g worth of carbohydrates, leaves only 30g to 45 g for carbohydrates for other foods at that meal

      Read more:

  20. Thank you so much for your answer, Marianne. This site has given me so much hope.

    God bless you.

  21. i am going to try molasses for my restless leg syndrome but i don’t know how many tea spoons a day i should take, if someone can help me by sending me the answer to my email address below i would really appreciate it, thank you

    • hi viviane

      I am not sure of the dose. You may have to look it up. I would just start out with one tablespoon and see how that goes.

      I found this:

      Calcium, magnesium, and potassium all have an effect on muscle contraction and relaxation. In addition, they help nerve transmission. Experts say that you can help calm your legs and get some rest by making sure that you’re getting enough of all three minerals. Taking a daily dose of between 800 and 1,000 milligrams of calcium, 300 milligrams of potassium, and 500 milligrams of magnesium at bedtime may help reduce RLS symptoms.

      compare to the bottle ingredients and do the math.

  22. Is black strap molassess useful for gray hair? Where should i get black strap molassess?

  23. I’ve been having heart palpitation issues for a few years now. Last year the Lord reminded me of black strap molasses and when I take it the palpitations stop and my heart feels stronger. Praise God for blackstrap molasses! He is good to His children. : )

    Molasses IS a very nutritious thing and not as unhealthy as refined white sugar. It contains iron, copper, potassium, magnesium and manganese. I would pay attention to how your body is feeling as you can take too much of the stuff and anything that contains iron one should be a bit cautious. A good thing to add to your molasses is warm water and a squeeze of lemon or take a vitamin C with it. Vitamin C helps the body absorb the iron better. And don’t take the molasses with calcium as calcium blocks iron absorption. FYI

  24. Yes it does! Good stuff!

  25. Hallo
    can BSM help with high blood pressure

  26. Marriane
    i have a 4.7cmx3.64cm intramural fibroid, i have been unable to get children because of this and also my tubes are blocked. i have just come across this sight and am goint to try the UBSM
    My mum is 70yrs and has HBP, stomach ulcers and some liver cysts. the liver cysts the doctor says are not affecting the function of the liver so she can live with them but she will be monitoring
    she is currently on medication for high blood pressure, stomach ulcers and digestive problems
    Can she also take this UBSM alongside her medication?
    How about my case of fibroids/tubes

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  28. Hi everyone , I seen the ad on utube where it’s showing a girl was suffering from heavy menstral cramp and bleeding she took this 1tablespoon in herbal tea daily or on its own and she claims she has no heavy bleeding or menstral cramps or pain as me been a suffer of heavy periods after seeing ur comments and going to give it a try can anyone tell me if they have used this for heavy periods thanks love and light god bless maria

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  31. […] Molasses as a Natural Remedy – Heaven Awaits – […]

  32. […] Molasses as a Natural Remedy – Heaven Awaits – […]

  33. i use molasses us good for my skin

  34. I have used black strap molasses and I luv it. Tell others what it did for me. Started using it for a digestive problem, pain after eating was the major ailment. After takeing molasses all the pain was gone , I take it daily as a preventive measure of future problems. I had found two small booklets at a second hand store, written by Cyril Scott , crude black molasses, cider vinegar natural ” health – food” Lots of information printed in London 1941

  35. Hi All,

    What a great forum for people to discuss what really works for creating healthy lives and not what the docs say 🙂 So beautiful that something so simple could be such a powerful cure. I like to take my molasses with water that I consume over several hours, I find putting 1-2 tbls in A quart or two of water is a great way to stay hydrated and chock full of delicious minerals all day. Mason jars are great for that cause you can shake the heck out of them and molasses disolves nicely when shaken. I like the taste, diluted that much you can barely taste. Make sure you’re drinking spring water or reverse osmosis water, especially not tap water with added chlorine and flouride. A lot of pure water intake will greatly improve health 1 gal a day at least! Tons of organic veggies and fruits raw milk, raw cheese, whole grains, grass fed meats, bentontie clay, molasses, avoidance of all chemicals and preservatives ticket to health. May spirit bless you on your journeys.

  36. Understanding deeply rooted and repressed emotions is vital for health as well. For those of you wishing for a deeply insightful book about the mind-body connection and how emotions play an intergal part of health. Please read this book. When the body says No. by Gabor Mate MD.

  37. I tried molasses and to my surprise within a week i started noticing the palms of my hands, my nails and gums that they are now well perfused and they no longer look pale.What an amazing supplement!

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  39. Hi, I have been suffering from constant bleeding “after” my last cycle. I say after… But it has yet to stop. I would think that it would be done after a day… But it comes right back….. It was quite scary cause I had been sick and I couldn’t get rid of this cough… One day I coughed really hard and felt a gush….. Turns out that 3 huge (quarter sized) clots came out…. Of course I was nervous and shaky….. So far…. My cycle has been going for about 2 months now…. I cannot stand all of this “natural” “organic” “herbal” and so-called good-for-you stuff that all the trolls in the health food stores try to get you to buy….. But…. I’m desperate…. I need to do asomething about it. And it needs to start now. If this doesn’t work, I will go to the doc….

    Thank you all so much for your encouraging testimonials!!!!

  40. My mom used to give it to my grandmother more than 15 years back. That’s when I started using it. From then I’ve been using it. It works wonders on my empty stomach, I take it in the morning and I can tell you that the relief I get from constipation is wonderful. It’s really a wonder cure.

    • pamela

      thanks for sharing that….I tend to put molasses away unless I have a specific problem….but then there are more uses than i know about……

  41. hey , I started to taking it after reading your review about BSM .it really cured my endometriosis to taking 2 or 1 tsp with water but my blood pressure is lowering since i started taking it.I feel dizziness and lightheadedness .What is happning with me ?can u plz help me should i continue or not.

    • shana

      BSM has a lot of potassium in it….maybe you are taking too much…excess of anything like potassium can affect your heart….discontinue for awhile, and see if it helps

  42. thanks a lot for ur fast response i will follow u .one another question is there that i have suffering from pcos .does it help in dissolving ovarian cyst .if u know something else then let me know how to treat it .

  43. I have a synovial cyst on my l4l5. Will block strap molasses help the cystic pain?

  44. Thank you for the information, I was recently diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia, and I’m taking ferrous sulfate 3x per day, not sure if it’s helping yet. Also I’m drinking raw beet, carrot and apple juice each morning and afternoon, and hoping this will help since I’m in really bad shape, even getting anxiety lately when I’m driving (scared I might loose a control over a vehicle), but I will definitely try molasses, and let you know if I see any difference.

    I had ringing in my ears, still feeling unwell, dizzy, depressed (because of all of this), heavy periods, hart palpitations, just exhausted….

    Thanks again!

  45. Can i take molasses with vitamins like becozinc? I take becozinc with lunch can i take molasses with dinner?

    • fatima

      I see no reason why you cannot take the molasses with your dinner, it is mainly sugar with vitamins

      Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
      Energy 1,213 kJ (290 kcal)
      74.73 g
      Sugars 74.72 g
      Dietary fiber 0 g
      0.1 g
      0 g
      Thiamine (B1) (4%) 0.041 mg
      Riboflavin (B2) (0%) 0.002 mg
      Niacin (B3) (6%) 0.93 mg
      Pantothenic acid (B5)
      (16%) 0.804 mg
      Vitamin B6 (52%) 0.67 mg
      Choline (3%) 13.3 mg
      Calcium (21%) 205 mg
      Iron (36%) 4.72 mg
      Magnesium (68%) 242 mg
      Manganese (73%) 1.53 mg
      Phosphorus (4%) 31 mg
      Potassium (31%) 1464 mg
      Sodium (2%) 37 mg
      Zinc (3%) 0.29 mg

  46. good day

    just wondering if you please can tell me, im suffering from stomac (bad constapation) problems, so i use black strap molasse and must tell it hep for the pain but not realy for constapation, …..i also suffer with severial mussle pains and inflamation in my bones, posible arthiritus, …so i want to know will black strap molasse help with healing or does it makes the mussle more stiff and painfull, im useing a half table spoon morning and half at night,

    please is their hope to be out of pain….

  47. Hi I have really painful superficial thrombosis in my leg will black strap molasses help me please thanks heather nz

    • heather

      it is possible that molasses MAY help the thrombosis. molasses is high in potassium.

      according to this:

      platelet aggregation and arterial thrombosis are inhibited by elevation of potassium

      We propose that elevation of dietary potassium intake increases plasma potassium concentration, thereby inhibiting free radical formation, smooth muscle proliferation, and thrombus formation. As a result, the rate of atherosclerotic lesion formation and thrombosis will be diminished.

    • If you have valve damage your vascular surgeon might suggest ablation.

      If you do not have valve damage, your Dr, and prescribe you meds to get rid of the thromboses.

      Good luck.

  48. Hi Marianne, Just came across your site. Must say it is really different from others in a nice way. Have used BSM for many decades. Not on a regular basis. I follow an inner guidance / feeling that has served me well. Am also a user of herbs, shiatsu. While I do have issues with the bible, have found that as stated in the bible, we are Spirit, Soul and Body. Difficulties with health and relationships can often be a result of ignoring that aspect.
    Do some blogging and talk about life experiences.
    Be Well

  49. I’ve been taking Bsm Since November2015 accidentally picked it up but God had a plan for me accidentally picking it up I needed it to help with my health eating it’s a miracle in a bottle for a small price I love it my hair was thinning in the top family inheritance but thanks to bsm my hair is fulling out my skin I had dark spots in my face bsm is causing them to slowly deminish this stuff is great I to did experience a upset stomach at first by that was because I did not eat first now that I eat my breakfast first I’m doing well on my bsm I would recommend this to every one that have minor aches in there body knees arms legs especially if your still have carttragges in your knees before having knee surgery give bsm a try you will be glad you did God Bless

    • Hi,I started taking bsm(1tsp) in warm water.made me shaky but works for I mix bsm and apple cider with mother in halfs.I take a tsp of the mixture 3times daily.I also do the castor oil packs daily.I backoff sometimes on the packs.helps with my circulation.I eat healthy.and exercise.positive have to be patient with yourself.for some it might take 3months to heal,while some 2years.but all the same consult with you doctor.I pray healing comes to our bodies in Jesus name.Amen.

  50. I just happened upon this website tonight & many thanks. I am endeavoring to lose weight, would 2 tsp daily have an inpact on this but still give me the benefits. My Mum died 3 years ago at 95 and until 93 was living on her own. She took molasses every morning for 50 years, still could say her French verbs up until she died!!!! We all told her molasses was for horses! I am 70 & starting to morph into my Mum! having ‘chook food’ (unprocessed bran, oats, LSA, prunes & kiwi fruit) before I go to bed!! Have loved reading all the comments, all interesting & informative. I could not imagine life without God to talk to and my darling Mum was the same. Although she used to have strong words with him towards the end, told him she had lived long enough. But our minister told her that God didn’t want her yet & even the devil didn’t 😡 she enjoyed his little joke. Keep up this very helpful website.
    Leonie from Australia 😇😇

  51. Hi, I have bought BSM after hearing it was good for constipation. I am very concerned however that it may be damaging for my teeth, because I am high risk with my teeth currently and would not like to cause any extra damage if possible. If it is considered a sugar agent and damaging, then I will drink it through a straw. Thanks,

    • hannah

      if you are concerned about your teeth, do not drink it through a straw.

      just swish your mouth with water after taking BSM, to wash away the sugar.

  52. Hi have low suger is bsm save for me

  53. Hi can a person who had the thyroids. Removed and with a chest mucus,or flu on meds for thyroids for that drink blackstrap mollasses thank u,

  54. hi, can i heal my large leg ulcers with molasses for sure?i take it internally, but do i have to put molasses directly into the holes the ulcers?
    is there any other remedy i can try? I am totally frustrated with the ulcers. thanks for your help.

  55. Blackstrap mollases is working.I was having a problem with my hip joint but after taking it for four days the pain is gone

  56. question!! iron constipates me if in any kind of vitamin/mineral pill..even in small amounts.. however does anyone now that if i take it on a full stomach or in some food will it do the same thing for energy and maybe be more gentle on my system? thank you all.

  57. Do you think I could take the black strap mollases and combine it with low carb to try and lose weight? I had so many benefits from taking it I don’t wanna stop. I need to lose weight. If I take the BSM and don’t eat any other sugars or carbs like bread do you think I could lose weight?

  58. Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for a natural approach to restore my body with the nutrients it needs. Just happened to be listening to talk radio station WAOK out of atlanta ga.The topic was black strap molasses. It’s been a week and a half and I see an improvement all ready. I’m loving this black strap molasses. It work’s for me!!

  59. Chronic leg ulcer for 4 months. Nothing else from the doctor was working. Molasses cured it in 3 weeks.

  60. I am really enjoying your blog Marianne! I am going to try this blackstrap molasses too.

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