A “new planet” that is 4x the size of earth appears to be in the news. I will just report what is said. You decide how to interpret its meaning and effect.

Looking at it, it seems more like a star than a planet. It shines.

I tried to pick the best videos for this.

Bible verses:

Punishment for sin:

Jer 9:15 Therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel; Behold, I will feed them, [even] this people, with wormwood, and give them water of gall to drink.

The 3 rd trumpet of judgment:

Rev 8:10 ¶ And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;

Rev 8:11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

In light of Bible prophecy:

If Nibiru really was Wormwood, then its arrival close to, or crash onto earth, would occur at the 3rd

trumpet of judgment.

This would mean that the 3 ½ years of Jacob’s trouble is over, and the wrath of God has begun. 2012 – 2009 = 3.

This then means that Jacob’s trouble started in June, 2009, and I do not see that as reality. June 2009 is gone.

I would think that Wormwood would be a different event than this. If Nibiru really is an object that will come near earth in 2012, then it is still not Wormwood. Wormwood has limited damage – 1/3 the earth.

If Nibiru crashes on earth, it will destroy the entire earth, since it is 4x the size of earth, and it is speeding in.

If Nibiru is an object that passes by the earth, but does not damage it, then it could cause a gravitational disturbance on earth, since it is so large.


winged Nibiru near sun

I like to give opposing views of something like this. Here is both the official NASA positions, and opinions of others, on the interpretation of the shiny object in the sky:


(-) Against:


For Official Position of NASA on Nibiru and 2012:

Nibiru and Doomsday 2012: Questions and Answers

The bottom line is that Nibiru is a myth, with no basis in fact.

IRAS (the NASA Infrared Astronomy Satellite, which carried out a sky survey for 10 months in 1983) discovered many infrared sources, but none of them was Nibiru or Planet X or any other objects in the outer solar system.

Answers good questions on the science of what they have seen, or not seen.


The IRAS Incident

Many people claim that NASA actually sighted Planet X in 1983, and it was reported in the Washington Post!

The article claims that two scientists named Neugebauer and Houck used the Infrared Astronomy Satellite (called IRAS) and found a Jupiter-sized object a few billion kilometers out from the Sun.

In the press conference, the two scientists said that these objects could be almost anything, from a tenth planet in our solar system to distant galaxies.

Guess which it turned out to be? Sure enough, much deeper images were taken, and some of the objects were found to be dense gas clouds in our own Galaxy, while others turned out to be very distant galaxies. I

In fact, these observations heralded the discovery of a new type of object: Ultra-luminous Infrared Galaxies (ULIRGs).

These are galaxies in which there is a burst of stars being born. The cocoons of dust in which the stars are enshrouded generates copious infrared, which is what was detected by IRAS. They published these results in the prestigious Astrophysical Journal, and you can even read it yourself.


Iras 1983?


(+) For Nibiru:

These are the references that believe in the planet Nibiru, and that it is coming our way:


This is in Italian. But the pictures speak for themselves, if you cannot translate.
Report from I
talian Tv News Italia1, about the vision of Nibiru or Planet X as you want in Padova city. Its arriving something for sure!!!


One exception here….there is no evidence that I have seen that this has anything to do with a Fatima prediction.

Planet X… A to Z: Includes IRAS finding Planet X in 1983; the geologic evidence of its 3,600 year orbital period; ancient Sumerian knowledge; the Winged Globe Glyphs from all around the world; The Kolbrin; the Third Secret of Fatima; How the public is aware that the establishment is LYING to them; the Second Sun sightings; SOHO; the Breach in Earth’s Magnetosphere; the Cover-Up; its pending flyby and the upcoming Pole Shift.

The four Native American audio tracks are: Iroquois Celebration Drums, Apache Indian Drums (Sedona), Indian Dancing Drums and Cherokee Indian Drumming. Enjoy!


nice music. Pictures


Fox News interview


Mayan calendar.

Both creation 5000 years ago? and end dates.


“scientific” look – NASA and 2012

solar system with planet entering at top of picture:




page closed because it is too long…continue here….

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  1. Buon Giorno, can someone speak italian? Iam since days so curious about what this News Speaker on Italia1 is actually saying, and i did not find other sources on the internet where it is translated.

    If Nibiru is real, the governments surely try to cover it up with help of the chemtrails.
    I see these strange Asperatus clouds now sometimes in mid-germany.
    I bet they are also a result of the Barium etc spraying, because it seems, these clouds are full of water – they look like a see top down. It wants to rain, but it cant, due to the waterabsorbing chemicals.
    The purpose is creating droughts and famine, for
    1) easier control
    2) bringing up the false saviour from trouble
    The elite never has just one goal with such huge events like chemtrails.

  2. Maybe wormwood is a satelite/trabant or debris from the trail of Nibiru…

  3. Note that all (or many) of the ancient cultures “predicted” (resp. their gods aka fallen angels) the end for 12/12 . Thats huge.

    I remember to have read, that the effects of Nibiru are said to be impacting a few months after December 2012.

    So, when we see whats happening NOW in the world, we see that Jacobs Trouble stands right before us.
    There are rumors in the christian community about a possible dirty bomb in October.
    Could fit with the 3,5 year period.

  4. Hi Marianne
    yes, like i understood it, Nibiru passes between earth and sun in December, but the real impacting effects are supposed to be a few months later. I could imagine that Wormwood (perhaps a trabant/debris of Nibiru) needs until March 2013 arriving the earth. Could be all wrong.
    This is the third angel.

    The 6th angel is the drying out of Euphrates (correct?), which heralds the movement of the military of the Kings of the East and Armageddon.
    The NY Times reported the low-level of water of the Euphrates due to the dam, they even cited prophetic implications!

    The devastating effects of Wormwood are explaining why the armies are battling and riding on horses.

    • Silvanus

      I would expect by this time in the wrath that there is very little electricity….hence the horses…..they do not need gasoline….and there are no electrical parts……

      the solar flares may knock out the electrical grids.

      nibiru has an orbit time around the earth…in its approach, as it circles, and as it leaves, it can have an effect…this broadens the time period in which it can spin off debris or other material……any time between now and 2017

  5. Expand. The earth is expanding … thus earthquakes and “holes’ appearing suddenly here and there.
    As when a metal is heated it expands. The earth is metallic. And its’ core is heating up.
    Due to the approaching ‘horned disc’ …I also suspect that the recent afflictions of
    Jupiter is an effect.
    The ‘horned disc’ is to my little knowledge HOT STUFF.
    We must not be narrow in our acknowledgment of this brown star.
    It will affect the entire Solar System.
    Amazing that 3,500 years ago it appeared during the exodus.
    Amazing that it was present when the fountains of the deep burst opened as the fountains of heaven did likewise.
    And this 7,000 years ago (approximately).
    When we remember that a thousand years is as a day unto The Lord and
    likewise a day as a thousand years … we can clearly see the 3.5 years of Jacob’s trouble as well of the 7 years of Noah.
    All things in the glorious heavens proclaim the truth of our Creator.
    Nibiru as well.
    But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.
    Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?

    But you rarely hear of this kind of preaching.
    The words of The Spirit of The Lord are muffled …
    within a society geared towards ‘real estates’.
    How often have I seen in areas of beautiful large lakes the price of real estate as
    highly valuable and I know that drilling underneath and actually knowing!!! …
    what lies just below the surface … one would ruuuunnnn from it,
    never mind slaving all the days of their lives so to retire on such a property.
    And how many more secrets have they all kept from you??

    Again looking beneath the horizon we see prophecy galloping towards us to fulfill
    His Word.
    Another expansion we should look at is this …
    Maybe some are applying the ‘wrong’ verse of scripture to the ‘horned disc’???
    Who WHO WHOO says that Nibiru is ‘wormwood’????
    Assume little and listen well and question all.

    • hi abigail

      maybe all the stars that appear are angels.

      Rev 8:10 And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;

      Rev 9:1 And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.

      • I suspect here that the verse ‘and there fell a Great star from heaven’ …
        signifies a GREAT TERROR’.

    • If the Earth were appreciably changing in size, it would have been reported in a journal of geoscience or geophysics. The Earth is being constantly monitored by a variety of scientists doing a variety of different sorts of experiments. If even one person had any kind of credible evidence for what you claim, dozens of other groups would have seen and retested it by now and there would be plenty of published papers.

      • hi bryan

        I am not sure about the size changing, but the shape may change somewhat, if a larger planet passes by, and exerts a gravitational pull on the earth. This would distort the shape, and alter the magnetic poles. The scientists are concerned about nibiru passing, and the earthquakes and floods that could result from it.

        • There is no such object in our solar system. If it existed, it would perturb the orbits of other objects in the solar system in measurable ways. This is, after all, how the last few Jovian planets were originally discovered.

  6. well….as everything comes to pass, as prophesied.

    There is someone else who is getting closer as well!

  7. And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.
    Just an simple example of earth expanding.

    • abigail

      that was great…I had been looking for a perfect pangea model to show how the continents fits together in the beginning.

      • And I loved the song presented by you marianne.

      • The expanding Earth model is nonsensical. If the Earth is growing more massive, where is the additional material coming from? By what mechanism is it being produced? Why are we not able to detect it? Why does the Earth not seem to be measurably growing at present?

        Eratosthenes determined a value for the circumference of the Earth about 2200 years ago using some pretty straight-forward geometry. The value he found was pretty close to the currently accepted value. How do you account for that?

        • bryan

          From what I understand as to different views, the earth is already “expanded.” A new earth would be a contraction of the existing planet. There would be no sea left, just land. The plates would slide over on top of the seas, trapping the sea under the mantle.

          look here:

          BTW…. NASA knows about Nibiru…they call it planet X.

          • What do you mean, “the earth[sic] is already ‘expanded'”?

            When do you propose this expansion took place?

            If you contracted the existing planet, where would all of that extra matter go?

            If you contracted the existing planet, the plates would probably buckle and form tremendous mountain ranges like the Himalayas. I don’t see what mechanism would remove the water from Earth’s surface, though. If anything, with a smaller surface area, we’d have more oceans.

            Continental plates override oceanic plates all the time. As I understand it, any water that goes down into the mantle comes back up in volcanic eruptions because of its low relative density.

            Finally, astronomers have discovered several candidate “Planet X”s over the years, but nothing much more massive than Pluto. There are plenty of objects in the asteroid belt and in the Kuiper belt, but the only object that’s known that’s predicted to come close to us is 2004 MN4, also known as 99942 Apophis. Apophis is supposed to make a pretty close approach (but no collision) in 2029. Apophis has a mass roughly 0.000000000001% that of Earth, so is no planet killer.

            • Bryan

              This expansion theory is not mine. I just present what people say for discussion. The expansion took place during the flood of Noah, once the flood waters broke loose from beneath the mantle and shot upwards to cover the earth. Nothing is expanding or shrinking right now, although things are moving around, causing earthquakes.

              I guess the logic is that if the waters/seas were originally under the mantle, that the earth could accommodate this, then the plates could slide back over the sea, and cover it up again.

              If you look here, you will read about Eris, or Xena, which is about 27% bigger than Pluto.


              True, most asteroids are small objects. The bible never says a large planet will crash into us. It describes a “star” falling from heaven, and making the waters bitter. This is reasonable, and more in line with what could happen.

    • Oh, hey, a second line of argument just occurred to me.

      While this neatly explains Pangaea and any divergent plate boundaries, it completely fails to account for convergent plate boundaries and the trenches, volcanic chains, and mountain ranges they produce. You need to invoke plate tectonics to do that, and plate tectonics explains both convergent and divergent boundaries at the same time, rendering the expanding Earth idea completely unnecessary.

    • im thinking that the center of earth is hell ,because the bible says lucy is gona be cast into a bottomless pit ,hummm now im thinking bottomless pit ?? how could that work ,,,the center of the earth would not have a bottom cause every way you could go would be out, now im thinking the center is hell an its filling up with people no more room so the earth gets bigger to accomendate all the people in hell causing the continents to split, YA YA THATS THE TICKET?!IM NOT A PARTY TO THAT IMA REPENTING ,GOD B HELP ME CAUSE IM A HABITUAL SINNER IM WEAK IN THE FLESH , BUT IMA BELIEVER A WHOSOEVER

      • Now is not the time for foolishness Karl.

      • karl

        the depths of the earth would seem “bottomless” to most people, as it is many miles down. I would not be able to say if hell filling up would actually cause the earth to split, as there are others factors involved in earthquakes and earth disruptions. But signs like that are signs to repent, so that is what we should be doing now.

  8. What about the other stars that fell from heaven as described in Rev 6:13 after the sixth seal is broken? Vs 14 says that “every mountain an island were moved out of there places” hows that for continental drift!

    • hi Ian

      True. I think God is going to do some interior and exterior decorating for the kingdom of God. He is going to rearrange the heavens and earth
      and make all things new.


  9. Interesting Post! I just discovered another webpage that tells of a planet unlike any other known planet revolves backwards in it’s orbit! I guess it’s a planet of “change”.
    I say let’s ship Obama there!

    Blessings, Mr. T

  10. This is the backwards rotating planet page.

    • hi Mr T

      I think this is something God did to keep the scientists confused a little.

    • If this person is an astrophysicist her comment most certainly lacks intelligence.
      She should have used the proper terminology.
      First of all a celestial body which ‘appears to go backwards’ does not imply that it does.
      In astro science it is called ‘retrograde’ and this phenomenon occurs frequently.
      In our solar system as well!
      Seems to me this article provided by Yahoo news was just there to fill up space.
      Maybe after all the restrictions on what to report, where, and when affected
      this story??

  11. Careful of 2012, there is much going on that makes me think that 2012 is a decoy. The Mayan end date is november 2011.
    I’ve also seen credible reports that suggest 2015-2017 is a more realistic expectation for “the end times”. It all revolves around the START DATES, which are murky.
    However, wormwood IS mentioned in the bible, and Nnibiru in the old babylonian texts, so something is out there, and yes, we should be expecting it.

  12. Thats a great pic you found btw 😉

    • hi abraxas

      I never could figure out how anyone could look at the Mayan calendar and figure out what it even was, not to mention what it said. It looks like a piece of South American pottery to me.

      My sense is that the 2015-2017 makes more sense.

      Right now, the sun is shining, the grass is green, and the birds are singing. I do not see much happening right now, to make 2012 an end date.

      2012 sounds like a good time for a rapture, though, IF there is one that PRECEDES the “tribulation.” That seems to be a debated concept.

      • You are right marianne …
        The Mayan symbols have never been interpreted!
        I’ve visited that part of Mexico, often
        and no one knows ‘yet’ how to make sense of these

      • “Right now, the sun is shining, the grass is green, and the birds are singing. I do not see much happening right now, to make 2012 an end date”…..whatcha think now…:)

        • hi lyndsey

          I think things are starting to heat up now. We might make 2012 after all, at this rate.

          • Ive been thinking about the 2nd trumpet and how incredible the gulf oil crisis fits! But I don’t know what could be or have been the 1st trumpet…any thoughts on what the 1st trumpet could or could have been? And also thinking that the 1st seal was the night OBama was elected…

            • Lyndsey

              I do not think we are there yet.

              First trumpet – hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

              I have not seen that yet

              second trumpet – a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;

              This great mountain was cast into the sea, which means it was not there to begin with. This oil volcano was already there in the sea. But it is a good preview of what comes later.

              Maybe the night Obama was elected, was the rider on the white horse ( first seal, not first trumpet)

              I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

              This person comes in peace but intends to take over control.

  13. I had a dream back in 1997 about a year after receiving Jesus as my saviour. I currently live in Michigan but the dream focused on somewhere down south (Southern State). I have had other dreams that have came true about my church but that will be for another time.
    Like I said this takes place down south. In the dream I was in a new home and the only one with me was my daughter (Kaitlin). I was setting on a couch which was facing east and to my south were slidding doors to a deck that overhung a side of a mountain with a valley between it an another mountain. I was on the couch reading the Bible when my daughter went by onto the deck. The next thing I know she is calling to me to come out on the deck and look ate the moon. There was a urgency in her voice so I got up and went outside. She pointed to the moon which was was full and high in the night sky. As I looked I couldn’t believe what I saw! Something had hit the moon and a crack was running down the middle of it and it was completey red. Then in a matter of seconds the sky became full of meteors entering into the earths orbit. I grabed my daughters hand and we ran to the front door of the house. As I opened the door I could see these angles standing in a line on my sidewalk. They said, “Peace be with you and follow the path before you.” Then I awoke from my dream. The question is this: Has this something to do with “Nibiru” and the end-times? Please leave me a comment on your thoughts or by the Holy Spirit if he reveils truth of this to you. Thank you, Dave

    • Hi David,

      You raised some interesting scientific questions for me. My first thought was of the prediction that the sun would turn dark and the moon red. For a long time, people assumed that these events were solar and lunar eclipses. But maybe not.

      The sun can be darkened if it becomes a nova…at first it would brighten, causing the intense burning of man, which was described in Revelation. After this short bright period, it then darkens. Revelation predicts that the new earth would be lit by the light of Christ, not the sun, so maybe there is something to this theory.

      The moon becoming red. Recall that Mars is already red. What makes it red? it is mainly the iron that is on the surface of the planet.

      Now assume a meteor, or some debris from planet/star/comet X, possibly having an iron composition to it, were to collide with the moon, the explosion would cast iron ore fragment dust over the surface of the moon, and it would turn red. The crack you saw in the dream may have represented the collision. There is nothing in prophecy saying the earth or moon is totally destroyed, so that is a relief.

      But the nibiru path is due to be close enough by March 2010 to cause some effect. The strange “wings” the planet/star/comet seems to have may be moons or gases emanating from the main planet/star/comet. These gases could also affect the surface of the moon, interacting with elements there, and cause a red color as well.

      I guess we will see.

  14. Thank you Marianne for you prompt reply. I’m sorry that I was unable to reply sooner due to my daughter having a baby shower today. If Nibiru and its red dwarf sun were to be in a position where earth were to pass through its comet like tail. We may be bombarded by debre field with comets (ice balls), astroids and other planet size objects. Plus the heat from this close encounter may be what burns the earth with fire in “Revelations” also the skin of man. It’s a known fact that man will try to hide himself from God in caves and underground shelters from the wraft of God. Don’t we see that happen now! The building of the “Seed Vault” and the Norwegines building underground facilities for its elect people. Do they know something we don’t? I believe the Bible one hundred percent! It’s the enterpred understanding of Revelations that I’m still praying that God will lift the blinders off my eyes that I may see the truth. I have many visions and dreams not all of them future events but things that I have seen in those dreams/visions that take place in my life. Some have taken place and some have yet to be fulfilled. I know that some day I will be before the Lord as he appears in the sky with his hands extended out and calling his children home. I know this for I have seen it of myself many times. I even had a visitation of an angle at the age of eight years old that set my path in the direction of what is going to happen to us all…very soon! The “Mayanians” have it right as well as the “Sumerians”. Take heed! The Lord our God is soon to return with a shout, with might and with power from high. Please! Who ever reads this, now is the time to except Jesus as your saviour and King! Before it’s too late!!!

    • ACTS 2:17“‘In the last days, God says,

      I will pour out my Spirit on all people.

      Your sons and daughters will prophesy,

      your young men will see visions,

      your old men will dream dreams.

      18Even on my servants, both men and women,

      I will pour out my Spirit in those days,

      and they will prophesy.

      19I will show wonders in the heaven above

      and signs on the earth below,

      blood and fire and billows of smoke.

      20The sun will be turned to darkness

      and the moon to blood

      before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.

      21And everyone who calls

      on the name of the Lord will be saved.’c

  15. Here is how the Mayan calendar works …

  16. Here is another one.

  17. Here is an interesting website.
    Wonder why the picture of Obama resembles a vampire?
    P.S. I do not agree with a lot of this site … but the fact of
    the earth and its alignment with sun and milkyway is noteable.

  18. Back to subject …

  19. Nibiru..Now I know its name. That red planet has been on my mind for more than three years.. very troubling. I only remember in dream was.. flying through space and sees so many galaxies.. then I saw red planet that I got very curious.. came closer to it ( more likely half way ) but I was stopped by stunning humanlike man .. but I was startled by his sudden movement … He moves like a blur.. but when he slows.. his silver hair sparkles and similar to stars in it.. his eyes was pure swirling silver with many stars stands out in it. He shaked his head at me .. telling me that red planet is unsafe and no place for me to touch. So i respected that. *shrug * I do not know what it meants.. except a warning not to touch that planet…. but yes.. it is coming…. Also, I was standing on the cliff.. overseeing the ocean.. but man!! Ocean is so pure clear and you can see every living creatures in it.. so different from earth ocean.. and I sees one moon… and jupiter.. and one other planet I can’t remember which… was scaring me the most.. three of them swirl each other too closely and drunkenly way of their movements almost like if they are gonna to crash into each other. Boy, they sure did move very rapidly.. almost like if the invisible belt that holds all planets in motion is loose and let the planets move around without belts … Hard to explain 😦 I have my limits on explaination. 😦
    All that is what I have seen in dream.. that was all I can remember… not sure if it is any related. But at least I tried and shared. 🙂

    Many blessings and much love to you all..

  20. Thanks Tamera for your dream that you have given to us all. Just imagine for one moment that you are called from this earth by Jesus into heaven before the great day of judgement befalls you. Your dream could accually be that taking away (Rapture) that we know isn’t mention in the Bible except for (Catching away). God could letting you know that you are his child and that your home is in heaven. I hope and pray that you know and have received Christ Jesus as your saviour! If not you your dream may not come to be real, physically real to you. So consider him now while you have him on your heart. I can’t force you too but I can pray that you will. May God richly bless you with more dreams and visions of his love for you. Dave

  21. Thank you, David. I simply do not know if I am saved or not.. but that’s okay.. I am not that kind person to worry about self.. only for others. 🙂 Yea, I know a bit about God and Jesus Christ.. I hope He will conutine it with me someday when He considers me ready.. I have not had any for a year since surgery.. So, I guess things changed… Feels like I am against up the wall by everyone within my own family.. but again.. that’s okay.. I simply love them. No matter what. I love everyone.. no matter what anyone says or thinks or do against me.. despite of my fiery temper..

    I am still learning… 😉

    Blessed be.

  22. Just keep hoping Tamera and learning of him for he is faithful to those that put forth an effort to sek him. One of my favorite scriptures is: Hbr 11:6 But without faith [it is] impossible to please [him]: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and [that] he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Notice that how easy it is if only we will believe, have faith and seek him diligently that he will reward us. The word “diligently” means to require, seek after, diligently, seek carefully, enquire. This isn’t a hard thing for us to do is it? If we consider that once we believe we have a relationship with him were he becomes your family member as well as mine. I have always believed that family is first and formost the most important thing in mans life. This requires much love and a heart to go with it. So that is why God has told us that Christ is the head, husband second and wife second when it comes to the order of family. But above all this is God where his son is under him in authority. Once we understand and follow these commands God will richly reward us all. Sure there will be trials and testing in our lives! God never said it would be easy did he. As I look back at my life at the misfortunes, surgeries, lost of love ones and failures I can’t help to just say thank you Lord for bringing me through even in times of great sorrow. For I can honestly say, “1Jo 4:4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” May this encourage you to step out by your faith and really experience God that is waiting to take you into his arms by Jesus his son with pure undeniable love. God Bless you! (P.S.: Purchase one book called: “The Shack” and read it! You will be blessed by it. I fully recommend this to you and your family.)

  23. “Wormwood has limited damage – 1/3 the earth. If Nibiru crashes on earth, it will destroy the entire earth, since it is 4x the size of earth, and it is speeding in. If Nibiru is an object that passes by the earth, but does not damage it, then it could cause a gravitational disturbance on earth, since it is so large.”

    I highly recommend Tim McHyde’s book “Know the Future” on this topic. It’s actually a compilation of 3 books, one of which is “Planet X in Bible Prophecy.” It’s one of the best prophecy books I’ve ever read. He basically says that from the 6th seal thru 4th trumpet is all caused by the passing of Niburu (not direct impact) with impacts from meteorites from its tail/debris field. Here are a couple of his articles on Planet X/Niburu.

    I highly recommend these articles, his website and his book.

  24. I know Tim McHyde’s books… since I have one too .. Very good … and thanks for the recommend those links.. Blessed be, Jimmy .. 🙂

  25. I have read Tim McHyde’s book and it should be read by all that believe in the word of God. Also I don’t believe we will accully be hit by Nibiru. I’m sure its going to be a close encounter which will cause earthquakes, volcano eruptions, possible polar shift and go through a debre field that will make it look like the stars of heaven are falling to earth. The Bible tells us that the earth will rock to and fro as a drunkard. This is either caused by something large slamming into earth or a polar shift. I’m certain in the next few months to an year we shall all witness what is coming! Let us just pray that we are spiritually ready for no one can change what will be except God has mercy on us all.

  26. Nibiru definately will not crash the earth.. Just passing by almost too close enough to cause chaos in earth by its layer and its pole.. possibly by its belt as well. That can cause shaking…
    Only two thing that can happen that can target earth by destorying to its extinction is.. gramma ray staring down the earth from milky way galaxy that have one active dying star.. huge type. And another possiblity is Sun’s solar flare which is very similiar to the movie called.. ” The Knowing ” which just came out first week last month… I watched that movie.. However, something about it bothered me is missing link… was the stones!!!
    The stones in that movie shows the black smooth type… It was suppose to be WHITE STONES. 🙂 Just in that case if you plan to see that movie.. just keep that in mind firmly.. not black stones.. but white stones.. however.. it is very true at the end.. it kinda got my attention and sent invisible alarm to my senses.
    Is there any more things I might look into ? Suggestions would be appreicated 🙂

    Blessed be.

  27. I think some do not realize that Nibiru has a tail.
    It is known as the ‘dragons’ tail.
    And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.
    So please understand THAT IT HAS ITS POWER IN ITS TAIL!!!

  28. Thank you, Abigail.. Can’t put in better words. 🙂 That’s correct.

  29. Hi Agigail,

    All heavenly objects serve God’s purpose, not agains it, you can read how Nibiru could serve as God’s tool for judgment:

    • Well Gavriel, it seems to me that this rebellious renegade, ‘the destroyer’, the home
      of the ‘Annunaki’ /Reptilians/sons of god/ etc., the one planet/star/brown dwarf star/etc. with several names … Nibiru/ planet X/ Nemesis/Orcus/ HR 8791 etc. is an enemy of man and The Lord!
      Nothing friendly about it at all!
      God does not need the devil to accomplish His Word.
      Although He does give them what they rebelliously asked for.

      And besides The Son of God hung on a tree (a pole) and His Head was not
      lifted to the heavens but hung over man and His torso was bent over the
      earth as His forehead dripped in blood and water and salt over the dirt.

      The planet of ‘the crossing’ does nothing else but insult The Living God!

  30. I don’t see how Niburu can be a home for fallen angels, from what I learned fallen spirits abide in other demonic dimensions over our own very planet, their target is a Man created in God’s image, so their interest is here and not on other stars.

    ‘The LORD hath made every things for His own purpose, yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.’ (Prov 16:4)

    • Gavriel,
      They are here too!
      Reptilians are on earth and have mingled with the daughters of man.
      From Eden these serpents have hated man.
      They have descended before and some have remained and a whole host of these
      will also come.
      The Lord did create everything and did appoint an end as well.
      He does declare the end from the beginning.
      ‘And her seed shall crush his head’

    • Gavriel
      I just can’t leave you hanging.
      2012 is the year of the dragon.
      dragon/serpent always associated in relation to
      DNA/ floods/ cataclysm etc. in most cultures.
      If you search for the earliest depiction of the
      Cadeuceus 4,000 B.C.
      you will find 2 serpents entwined on a pole symbolic of the Helix.
      This depiction is flanked by two dragons in leopard type bodies/wings etc.
      It is also thought that the rod represents ‘Axis Mundi’.

      Dragons have mystified civilization from the beginning.
      These have mingled with woman and I suspect it was in defiance
      to God because these beast thought that this would ensure their
      God… they thought would not destroy the man He had created in HIS IMAGE.
      Just a thought.
      I think … that the tares who look like wheat are in the field.
      But soon is culture time!

      Anyways in relation to the orbit of this ‘horned dragon and its tail’ …
      It does not belong in the solar system.
      It is an intruder.
      “When the dragon saw that he had been hurled to the earth, he pursued the woman who had given birth to the male child.”
      “Then from his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman and sweep her away with the torrent. But the earth helped the woman by opening its mouth and swallowing the river that the dragon had spewed out of his mouth.”

      Now notice he was HURLED to the earth.
      Hope this gives you some room for thought.
      And here is an ancient poem.

      Far off, unknown, beyond the range of thought,
      scarce reached by gods, the years’ rough haggard mother,
      stands a primeval Cave in whose vast breast,
      is Time’s cradle and womb. A Serpent encloses,
      the Cave, consuming all things with slow power,
      and green scales always glinting. Its mouth devours,
      the backbent tail as with mute motion it traces,
      its beginning. At the entrance Nature sits,
      the threshold-guardian, aged and yet lovely,
      and round her gather and flit on every side Spirits.
      A Venerable Man writes down immutable laws.
      He fixes the number of stars in every constellation,
      makes some of them move and others hang at rest.
      So all things live or die by predetermined laws…
      When the Sun rested on the cave’s wide threshold,
      Nature ran in her might to meet him; the Old Man bent
      grey hairs to the proud rays.

      • hi abigail

        That was a very interesting contribution. Thanks. It looks like there is ONE woman I know who has Satan under her heel. 🙂

      • Abigail, I base my theory in the book of Zohar, Jewish Sages 2000 years ago long before Mayans knew that the year 2012 will be begining of the times of darkness, but explained how it will serve God’s purpose and that God’s people shouldn’t fear:

        In the year seventy-three of the sixth millenium (=5773/2012/3) all the kings of the world will assemble in the great city of Rome, and the Holy One will shower on them fire and hail and meteoric stones until they are all destroyed, with the exception of those who will not yet have arrived there. These will commence anew to make other wars. From that time the Mashiach will begin to declare himself, and round him there will be gathered many nations and many hosts from the uttermost ends of the earth. And all the children of Israel will assemble in their various places until the completion of the century. The VAV will then join the He, and then “they shall bring all your brethren out of all the nations for an offering unto the Lord” (Is. 56, 20). The Sons of Ishmael will at the same time rouse all the peoples of the world to come up to war against Jerusalem, as it is written, “For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle, etc.” (Zech. 14, 2), also, “The kings of the earth stand up, and the rulers take counsel together, against Hashem, and against his Mashiach” (Ps. 2, 2); and further, “He that sits in heaven laughs, Hashem has them in derision” (Ibid. Ii, 4). Then the lesser VAV will rouse itself to unite (with the He) and renew the souls that had become old, so as to rejuvenate the world, as it is written, “May the glory of Hashem endure for ever, let Hashem rejoice in his works” (Ps. 115, 31). The first part of this verse signifies that Hashem’s glory will attach itself to the world, and the latter half that He will cause souls to descend into the world and make them into new beings, so as to join the world into one. Happy are those who will be left alive at the end of the sixth millennium to enter on the Shabbat. For that is the day set apart by the Holy One on which to effect the union of souls and to cull new souls to join those that are still on earth, as it is written, “And it shall come to pass, that he that is left in Zion, and he that remains in Jerusalem, shall be called holy, even every one that is written unto life in Jerusalem” (Isaiah 15:3).’

  31. *blinking eyes * Eh… First of all, Garviel.. in that case if you have missed what I have posted of the dream related to this. Glittering star silver haired with swirling star and pure silver eyes warned not to touch THAT Nibiar… That is pretty obvious message is ” That planet is a danger and not to be touched by blessed ones “… So, I agree with Abigail on that score tho because I was there near by that planet x twice and was told not to be near it.. So I stick to the truth. 🙂

    Just pray for this world… not just the earth.. but for everyone and animals too.. for the mercy.

    Love and light.

  32. Oops.. forgot to add ” man ” after the pure silver eyes 😦 Pardon me. 🙂

  33. Look what I have found on the net …
    Copy and paste …
    This is why the number 33 and the compass and square are such important symbols of the illumined elite. 33.33 degrees of the great circle of the earth represents 2012 nautical miles. Mount Hermon in Phoenicia, the first location of extraterrestrial influence with man, lies precisely at 33.33 degrees north 33.33 degrees east … 2,012 miles from the equator and 2,012 miles from the prime meridian. To be completely accurate, the number of nautical miles in 33.33 degrees of the earth is 2012 “.9” This corresponds to the year and date that the ancient Mayans of middle America believed their calendar will end, December 21st, 2012. This is also the year their serpent god and founder of civilization, Quetzalcoatle, will return from heaven.

  34. Eeewww!!!! Sorry, Abigail… It sound rather interesting but… I do not like that numbers… 33.33 or any of those 3’s.. lol.. Because the bottom truth I have learned long ago.. beware of time 3:33 at night.. that is the demons prowling hours.. I learned that part.. so understandable why I had to cringed at that number. 🙂
    What you explained.. makes senses..except… there is no link to the net.. lol 🙂 If you can get one.. maybe I can take a seek.

  35. Here is a brother, who writes that the red-glowing winged globe (Nibiru) is a sign of Yeshua and the saving cross.
    Its the direct opposite of the afaik New-Age based theory of the home of Aliens/Annunaki.
    However, scripture does indicate that demons/evil angels will go over the earth and torture mankind, does it?
    But do they really come from Nibiru, or rather out of the abyss?

    Btw, all conspiracy sites have come to the conclusion that the HR8791 video is spoof.
    I for mine tend to believe it is real, though.

    Whats been striking for me the last days is that the chemtrails are just being sprayed in front of the sun !! Not elsewhere!

    • I forgot to mention that he elaborates that Isaiah 63 is translated wrong- acc. to the strongs concordance Vers 6 reads:

      6 “And I will tread down the people in mine anger, and make them drunk in my fury, and I will bring, from afar, my glittering, blood-red object to its goal, which is Planet Earth.”

    • Media deliberately spreads propaganda that UFO comes from other planets, when in reality they are demons that abide in other dimensions of our atmosphere – their target is humanity, because they don’t possess Divine Soul and try to use humans as source of energy. Annunaki are Annakim (hebrew for giants) – product of our own planet earth, created by sorcery of fallen angels, hybrids of humans and angels. BTW, pyramids and other structures for devil-worship were made via sorcery, there was no need in super extra-terrestrial technology. Devil-worshippers of Egypt, Cntral-America, india etc simply called demons responsible for dematerilizing stones through antigravity, so that stones became weightless and could be cut in any shapes and forms and carried from one place to another.

      • Yes. I think demons feed from negative spiritual energy, like fear or hate.
        Genesis 6 tells us, that after the flood where also Nephilim.
        Where do they live now? In the earth? Or do they look like normal humans? There are freaking videos about Bush sen. showing shapeshifting eyes.
        Do you think Demons and fallen Angels are the same?

        • It says that last of the giants lived in Canaan and were annihilated by Israelites, including King Sichon and King Og of Bashan.

    • hi Silvanus

      After some thought, I decided the video was real. I am aware of the spoof comments on the internet, but that is because the name of the man is wrong.

      I think Onion Media overlayed a false name over the real name to make a spoof, but the original content is still correct.

      That background is really the congressional seat in Washington, and that older man does NOT look like he is joking, or would be the kind to make a joke.

      He is really saying those words, and reading that document.

      Congress does not allow just anyone to stand in front of them and speak, or allow spoof media to come in and video tape in their chambers.

      I do not know the real identity of the man speaking, but he is very serious about what is being said. It also matches what we all suspect anyhow.

      • I have found a picture of the Congressman of the 12th District of Pennsylvania -John Murtha.
        Is this the man speaking?

        When you watch the video, in the closeup view there is a chair right to him, and suddenly the chair is gone in the broadview.
        This old man is either a really great actor, recorded and than cut into the video or there has to be an other explanation for the disappearing chair.

        “It also matches what we all suspect anyhow.”
        I fully agree. The issues of this video are real nontheless.

        • hi silvanus,

          The 2 men are very similar in age, and facial appearance, which could explain a mistaken ID.

          But I think they are different. Murtha has more hair than this man, who has a receding hair line. The man speaking has a longer face, and Murtha has a rounder face.

          If I am wrong about Murtha being the real speaker, then a contact with his office might clarify things…

          I think the chair which seemed empty to the right of the speaker was finally occupied a few moments later during the speech. The chair now has a woman seated in it. The woman in the chair may have been standing up for a moment to do something and then sat down when she was finished.

          this is not uncommon.

          You can see another woman in red moving about, and temporarily out of her chair as well.

          • Hmm, i examined it again. There is no way, that in a half second the woman sits down on the chair. The chair is also not anymore behind him, its just gone. Spoof.

  36. Hi marianne,

    Searching for the meaning of the word ‘Wormwood’ I came across this …The distinctions between words that describe dragons and snakes are often blurred, and are to some degree interchangeable. The old German word for dragon, “lindwurm”, literally means “snake-worm” The ancient Anglo-Saxon word “wyrm” has been translated as meaning any of “dragon,” “serpent,” or “worm”. An English folktale which dates back to the early fifteenth century tells of Sir John Lambton battling “the Worm.” The original story makes no mention of this “worm” having legs. Early pictorial representations of dragons were almost always shown as large snakes, but from the sixteenth century onward images associated with the Lambton story are of four-legged dragons. We must consider ancient dragons to be more like giant serpents, and less like the more modern fantasy images that we know so well from role-playing games and books like The Hobbit.
    ‘ Snake worm’ … ‘lindwurm’ … dragon … worm … snake…???

    When plowing new grounds … especially today after so many false teachers
    and some claiming ‘spiritual’ meanings to what is so evidently ‘no nonsense’
    scriptures … and especially at this late hour … is difficult work.
    What has been so fixed and embedded has roots that are difficult to

    Anyways the bitterness of this worm/serpent has for sure already turned
    the water of the Word into gull.

    • So maybe serpents have found a way to ‘walk’ so not to bite the dust!!

      • abigail

        Genesis seems to indicate that the snake there had legs, because then he was cursed to crawl on his belly forever. However, this does not mean his demon buddies lost their legs, only him.

        So it is possible that the GREAT SNAKE, satan, has no legs, but the other demons still have theirs, which is why he has them do most of his work for him.

        I have recently read the book of Enoch. There was a comment that there was an angel assigned to watch the reptiles – snakes. Guess God couldn’t trust them anymore.

        20.7 Gabriel, one of the Holy Angels, who is in charge of the Serpents, and the Garden, and the Cherubim.

        Enoch describes the fallen angels, and they appear to be walking around.

    • Very interesting Abigail!
      Found this:
      Strongs Concordance
      Hebrew for Wormwood:
      3939 la`anah lah-an-aw’ from an unused root supposed to mean to CURSE; wormwood (regarded as poisonous, and therefore accursed):–hemlock, wormwood.
      Result of search for “wormwood”:

      894. apsinthos ap’-sin-thos of uncertain derivation; wormwood (as a type of bitterness, i.e. (figuratively) calamity):–wormwood.

      5521. chole khol-ay’ feminine of an equivalent perhaps akin to the same as 5514 (from the greenish hue); “gall” or bile, i.e. (by analogy) poison or an anodyne (wormwood, poppy, etc.):–gall.

      The greek dictionary tells:
      ἄψινθος [i took this from a greek bible]
      in the New Testament

      1) wormwood
      2) the name of a star which fell into the waters and made them bitter
      Part of Speech: noun feminine


      My Conclusion: Planet X is the bitter drink in the cup of hemlock, drunken by mankind, cursed from the evil snakes/worms

      • Well the bite of Serpent is poisonous!
        But we see many depictions of the Serpent eating man.
        Death in its multi forms.
        From the vaccine to ??
        The fangs of poisons.

        • ABigail. The vaccines are the real danger.
          The side-effects from the squalene and thiomersal etc are very dangerous.
          Also many fear that the elite releases the real bioweapon through them (just think of Baxter).
          Some even say they will put nanobots into them.

          • Their fear is well grounded.
            In Canada they are offering doctors $518.00/ hr. to administer
            the swine untested vaccine.
            WHO has ever heard of such a thing??

      • In german the word for “drop of bitterness” is
        The english name “wormwood” is a folks-etymolgical reinterpretation of the old english name “wermod”, which suggests that the wormwood/absinth herbs were suggested to be ANTI-PARASITICAL

  37. I really enjoy the contribution of each and everyone to this subject. I come to find out that there are different views, beliefs and ideas that are worth study and understanding. Though some will not cause my faith to waver but it will allow me grow in understanding of what facts and information that everyone has to share with each other. I feel that God is bringing us into the light of understanding that will transend us all to asking repentance of our sins. As we do we will cross over to his loving arms of mercy and love. May God richly bless each and everyone of you on your jounery of life ever lasting. I pray that everyone has his name recorded in the Lambs Book of Life. God be with you all.

  38. That’s a lovely song you introduced into the discussion,
    Marianne. Was this intentional in order to keep the
    reader sane. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but is this
    “new” planet likely to be attacked by woodworm, causing it to crumble in to many pieces which will fall to earth
    as food for a breed of sub-prime amphibians whose purpose
    is to take over the world in pin-stipe suits, or have I
    over-simplified it ? Anyway, thanks.

  39. Marianne: You quote from the book of Enoch above. The readers here should be advised that this book is one of the “apocryphal books” which is not included in the Bible.

    • Enoch is mention in the Bible 12 times and he is a prophet and he walked with God.
      Jud 1:14 And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints,
      To execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard [speeches] which ungodly sinners have spoken against him.

      Yes the readers should be advised HERE that SOME EVIL thought that the book
      of Enoch should NOT be part of THE KNOWN BOOKS and accepted books of
      the the biblios.
      Maybe that same EVIL thought themselves above the prophet who walked with God and seen the heavenly visions of the times.
      Ah!! the pride and self justification of man!!

      • Oh yes Ian and the preceding verse too of Jude 1 … before I forget.
        ‘wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.’

        Sometimes I think too fast and just simply assume that everyone knows
        what to me is so obvious.

  40. Ohhh. Enoch happens to be my favorite.. I do have a whole book of Enoch… Oh my oh my… it is a MUST read.. Abousately beautiful how he desrcibe everything in heaven as God allowed him to.. to show how everything works under God.. Oh my.. Hard to tell you from my heart.. It is simply beautiful.. scary yes… 😡 I’ll leave at that.. And Elijah is my favorite too.. I love it when he pointed out to others in the bible.. 🙂

  41. The book of Enoch was not included in the Bible for good reason. Not, as you suggest, Abigail, because of EVIL thought, but rather because it did not measure up to the criteria of “inspired Scripture” of the early church. In fact, none of the apocryphal books were recognized until the Council of Trent (A.D. 1546) These writings contained numerous historical and geographical inaccuracies and anachronisms, therefore deemed as “not inspired Word” by Protestantism.

    • Hello Ian, my 2 cents, Abigail already gave you a lot of arguments why Enoch is inspired scripture. Please research these, instead of dismissing the righteous man Enoch, who was loved by god so that he did not have to taste death.
      Please think of the fact, why has the canonical book of Jude, for example, cited this god-fearing man? Because, if you’d research further, Enoch’s book was common literature in Yeshuas Times.

      I could adress now the questionable system of the pagan RCC, but that would go beyond the scope….

  42. Another note: As I had written in previous blogs, we are told in scripture not to add or take away any words contained in Holy Scripture. Any of the apocryphal books, or those loosely connected, like the Book of Enoch, would fall into “adding to Scripture”. It does not mean that there is no good in it, but it does mean that you cannot rely on it as being absolute truth or doctrine.
    Enoch, the prophet was indeed a real person and is mentioned nine times in Genesis and three times in the New Testament.
    Jude’s epistle is a reminder that God will deal with those who teach false doctrine and who are apostate concerning the faith.

  43. Ian,

    You do not think the Council of Trent added or took away from scriptures?

    Even though Christ died once for our sins, he dies repeatedly in the sacrifice of the mass.

    the pope is “our holy Lord” on earth

    all holy feast days commanded by God continue to be rejected, and new holy days consistent with pagan holidays upheld.

    purgatory was created, and the living can pray the afflicted out of there

    indulgences could be earned for purgatory, to escape it and go straight to heaven

    people who do not pay tithes are excommunicated

    From what I see from the proceedings, there was no discussion about the Book of Enoch, as being canon, or not being canon.

  44. this is such a great seen that I’m learning here with U guys and THANKS SO MUCH for explaining this by little details on what will or MAY happend….. again THANKS……

  45. Lets clarify a few things:
    1) Enoch was indeed a prophet who was “translated” or taken up to heaven without seeing death. So Silvanus, we agree on this. Where we don’t agree is on the “Book” of Enoch. The problem is that the authorship of the Book of Enoch cannot be authenticated. For 1500 years the Book of Enoch was never recognized as authentic. It was not until the tabled changes in 1546, when it was agreed to include Apocryphal books into the Bible.
    2)Pagan Church: In the early 1500’s the Roman Catholic church decided to meet to rewrite church doctrine in response to Martin Luther’s 95 theses of 1517. This meeting is known as the Council of Trent which began a series of 25 sessions beginning in 1545 and reaching completion in 1563. Amongst a host of tabled changes, it was agreed in 1546 to include Apocryphal books into the Bible. Many people believed this was the turning point for the Roman Catholic church (when it became apostate) but history shows that the R.C. church began it’s apostate downfall as early as A.D, 607 when Boniface III instituted the first Pope.

    Marianne: To answer your question – yes the Council of Trent did indeed commit this horrific sin of taking away and adding to the scripture. And that goes hand in hand with the other things you mentioned above.

  46. Have to post this news…. should be in the “Mark of the beast”-blog, pardon me Marianne 🙂

    WND Esclusive
    Next step in H1N1 scare: Microchip implants
    Company developing under-the-skin devices to detect ‘bio-threats’

    So we see, the luciferian/antichristian Elite does indeed use the Pandemic, an obvious new this time global “false-flag”, for many reasons:
    First, the coming major breakdown of the economy can be blamed on the pandemic.
    Second, the next goal- nearly global control, through the elite-controlled WHO/UN, is being achieved through Martial Law/emergency laws/pandemic regulations, existing in every major country.
    The UN is co-founded and advised by the founder of the new-age-based Theosophical Society -Alice Ann Bailey- and her publishing house is “Lucifers Trust”, whichs main seat was on the UN’s Plaza for years.
    Bailey was a disciple of Helena Blavatsky, self-admitted Satanist. ( )
    Interesting found: The company “Lucent Technologies” resides in 666 5TH AVE NEW YORK, and produces communication systems.

    (To say is, that the movie “Zeitgeist” is part of the NWO-new-age-Propaganda..and many people fall for it, i mean MANY! Basically those who know about the NWO, but dont know the true Messiah, our Lord and God Yeshua haMaschiach)

    Third, long-planned population reduction (see Obama Advisor John Holdrens book Ecoscience, the Georgia Guidestones, and a official new british-study which says that half of the 60 million britons have to go)

    Fourth, a reason for abandoning of paper-money as an alleged carrier of viruses, paving the way for the cashless society and the mark.

    Iam thinking since weeks about the word “hear” in Matthew 24:
    “You will HEAR of wars, etc….” I think, Yeshua said “hear”, beacuse these described events are no normal wars, no normal rumors of wars, no normal pestilences, no normal famines etc… instead they are all set up by the Elite!

    Come, Jesus, come!

  47. Also Marianne: The things you mentioned above with regard to the current practices of the R.C. church are indeed very disturbing. Unfortunately those who claim to be “Christians” and yet adhere to these practices are in very dangerous waters. To try to mix Christ with these pagan practices is exactly what the Apostle Paul warned the early church of. I believe that Christ’s message written to the angel of the church in Thyatira (Rev.2:18-29) is in fact the Roman Catholic Church of today.

  48. Okay, I got some interesting message that I woke up with today… What was shown to me is extremely hard for me to explain but I will try my best…
    I was shown that planet Nibaru is moving closer that can be seen at night.. bigger star than anywhere at distance.. but day and night… everyone will be able to see many comets everywhere in the sky that falls upon the earth.. big and small sizes… even if those people have the clouds.. they will be able to see comets through it..
    and then the earthquake strikes hard and so unexpected that send everyone running for covers… and noticing the earth is tilting and acting like drunkard … and things in space that all nations sent into space for data or for research or weapons… Satielle ?? will be destroyed… and worthless.
    That’s as far as I can explain 🙂 Just had to share this because I was asked to pass that message.

    Blessings all.

  49. Was this a dream or vision you had, Tamera? By 2010 we shall all see Nibiru in the day and night time hours as it steadly moves closer to earth. As you know and realize that Nibiru will not actually hit but will come close to earth to effect us totally. Even some of its debre will collide with earth bring forth “Revelations sopken in the the Bible. Rememeber the BIBLE stands for (B)basic_(I)instructions_(B)before_(L)leaving_(E)earth. Live by them and you can’t go wrong.

  50. Hi David…

    It is more like both.. Because I was there physically in dream.. and saw everything…. I cannot explain to anyone about myself. Personally, I have seen so many visions and dreams over years since I was 3 years old. I tried to warn everyone to be ready or what will happen.. You already know how most people would consider me as ” fantasty world ” or lunatic person..
    I never knew Revelation until I was 13 when I first time had a bible study and at that same day I have received the vision of Jesus Christ revealed himself to me.. and there are whole lot more details in my memories from all visions…
    Sometimes, I can pass the messages.. but at the same time I had to stay silent because I always end up made fun by others. Or look down at… So, in a small way I had to tread things carefully… in past..
    What can I say? I have seen a lot of visions.. even in dreams I am more than what I seem to others.. So in a way, I stay mystery for good reasons unless God direct me otherwise.

    I hope that covers in a way for you, David. 🙂

  51. Hi Tamera,
    These “visions” you experience: how do you know these come from God?
    When you say:”I have received the vision of Jesus Christ revealed himself to me.” the day you received your first bible at the age of 13. What happened to you at that time?

  52. Hi Ian,

    I just know.. It is simply hard for me to explain of ” knowing “. I do just know through heart and soul that those visions are from God..
    Well, my mom set up a bible study for me with the pastor’s wife who babysat me sometimes… because no one wanted to deal with a deaf child. Pastor’s wife and I was only ones in one private room after the church for studying.. I was sitting at the table facing east toward the wall.. and pastor’s wife was sitting at her desk busy with her stuff on facing north ( at my left side ). I remember looking at words to memorizing as the pastor’s wife requested… and I looked up at the wall just to practice memorizing without looking at the bible. Behold there stood Jesus Christ as clear as the day except if look at him closely, you can see through him but all clear and details of his looks and his outfitting is definately Jesus Christ.. facing me.. simply stood there and gave me a smile.

    I never knew what all those means nor did I know why he appeared to me that day either.. I almost asked my old pastor’s wife to verifty but felt the strong no to get her attention for it. It was more like between him and I alone.

    I hope that helps for your question.

  53. Only one thing I can only reveal a bit… I grew up having visions since 3 years old was heaven wars between Archangel Michael and the rest against with Lucifier who is now called Satan… It did not stopped until before my surgery in Sept 2007.. I believed it stopped during summer… I was there.. among. That is all I can say.. No more or less. 🙂

  54. Tamera, I myself have been called “friutcake” & “lunatic” but they are quiet by my dreams when they come true. I also don’t tell everything that has happen to me: when it comes to the Lord revealing himself to me. He has came to me when I didn’t even know him. I was but a child at the time. I know without a shadow of a doubt that Christ Jesus has a purpose for me. Just maybe I’m here to make those aware that Jesus is returning and what we are seeing coming down from the Heavens is judgement in its pure self and purpose of cleansing the world. Rev 21:1 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. This earth will be distroyed by fire from above…could it be Nibiru, Planet X or even Nemesis? Question is this! Are we ready and prepared for what is coming? This could be a spiritual question as well as a physical one. You will all have to choose one or the other if when this event accurs. It also tells us in the Bible…Act 2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: Act 2:18 And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy: Act 2:19 And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke: Act 2:20 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come: Act 2:21 And it shall come to pass, [that] whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Isn’t this what we are witnessing today between believers and non-believers of Jesus Christ? We could all be witnessing these actual verses in our lives! Right now as we speak. Think on the words of God and pray that he reveals more to us all and that we will be able share more with each other. God Bless you all.

  55. 🙂 David, I agree and amen to that.. No one really taught me anything nor do I am able to memorize any verse bible..Only God can walk me through daily. Personally, I do read it and remember words for words.. but not all. Due to after surgery, the doctor have done something that caused me to lose some memories.. but thankfully not the visions nor dreams that God have shown.
    Honestly, I would say in a small way that whoever believes in God and have visions shall be shared with believers.. even non-believers in that case if they choose. It comes from my heart.
    I am not worried for myself.. but I do worry for others.. only God knows that I do have soft heart underneath.. and trying my best. That is all it counts. 🙂
    Big hug to you, David and thank you for letting me know that I ain’t alone in this situation.

    Blessings to all.

  56. Thank you for the hug and I’m returning one back right to you. It’s wonderful to be able speak freely and enjoy those that share common interest, even if they are off or right on. We shouldn’t be critical on one another but should exam these claims and views with a little bid of salt. I have always heard that “we should chew up the meat but spit out the bones” if you know what I mean. There just may be something important that is said that we need to take heed too, a specially in these trying times. God bless you Tamera and pour out his spirit upon you. Always pray for wisdom and direction in all things in heaven and earth.

  57. Hi at all… I had a dream too, this night, first time i would say a dream gets meaningful to me.. it was a nightmaredream…(had all windows open in my flat tonight, dont know if thats of importance)
    all i want to say is, beware of “Belial”, in my dream a redfaced evil angel/demon and dont take anything nor presents from shady people, even though they first seem to be nice and cheap!
    Be all protected from the precious blood of Messiah!

    • Over the day this occured to me:
      As this “Belial” caught me and tried to bind me, i screamed : Yeshua please protect me with your blood, than i immediately woke up.
      I then wanted to switch the light of my nightstand on, but it burst and blowed the fuse…
      This was definitely the first and last time i will sleep with wide opened windows (or is this exxagerated?).
      I would really appreciate your comments, dear brethren

      • hi Silvanus

        I think sleep is a good time for the enemy to plant his seeds of deception. Our defenses can be down then. It sounds like your defenses are up, even in the dream state. So I think you will be fine.

        But imagine others, who are being approached right now, in their dreams, and they are being influenced and misled. They are NOT covered by the blood, or do not declare it to the enemy.

        This is going on around the world now. It is Satan’s final time to get his victims. We must be aware at all times.

        God bless you.

  58. Must always stay alert humanly and spirit, Silvanus… 24/7.. Simply because we are closer to God the intense spiritual war becomes between evil and people… Because demons even Satan does not want us to win nor blessed by God.. so they are depersately stealing our souls and we lose…
    Stay in faith and stay strong… I would not be surprised if they keep trying to attack us in sleep which is our most vunerable hours…
    You did right thing.. and it tells me that your spirit does know what it is needed when call upon Yeshua when your in trouble even in sleeping or awake moment. Big hug to you…
    Been there and done that all too often and I am no stranger to those. At least you would feel comforted to know you are not alone in this. 🙂 Blessings and a kind hug.

    • Thanks Tamera..for encouraging and for your hugs 🙂
      Iam being materially pretty lonely at moment, but i guess many of us are

  59. 😉 Gotcha, David.. and amen!

  60. There is something of interest that I should share with you all also concerning the Bible. Most of us believe the infalliable word of God but there is also another side to its understanding. That is of Biblical numerology and how it also relates to Planet X/Nibiru. Let me explain! god through the Bible has used many specific numbers through the Old and New Testament for his benifit and ours. For example: the number 7 means Resurrection; Spiritual completeness; Fathers perfection and the number 12 which means: Governmental perfection. If you are interested in Biblical Numerology I would recommend googling it and studying it with your Bible. The Bible will open up new ways of showing Gods complete control and creation of all things. But lets return to one special number, the number 12. Why is the number twelve so important you ask? The number 12 means: Governmental perfection and that makes it one of the Holiest numbers in the Bible. Twelve is a perfect number and it represents Isreal, there were twelve PATRIARCHS, the Twelve SONS OF ISRAEL, the twelve Apostles, the twelve foundations in the heavenly Jerusalem, the twelve gates, the twelve pearls, the twelve angels, THE MEASUREMENT OF THE NEW JERUSALEM will be 12,000 furlongs square, while the wall will be 144 (12 x 12) cubits, Revelation 21:16,17, The number of the sealed in Revelation 7:4 will be 144,000, and all that has to do with the Twelve Tribes is necessarily pervaded by this number, such as the stones in the High Priest’s breastplate, the stones taken out of the Jordan, the number of the spies, etc. etc., and therefore we have not referred to all such reference in these pages. Why have I shared this with you? Have you studied Sumerian culture where they have inscribed in detail of 12 heavenly bodies (this includes the our Sun) and one planet was destroyed by colliding with Nibiru and creating the astroid belt as we know it now. Doe’s the Bible give us a clue to the astroid belt? I believe it doe’s in the New Testment. Where? While Jesus was upon this earth going about teaching, healing and preaching the word of God. Who did he have with him teaching and witnessing him? None other than the twelve disciples! What happen to one of them? He hung himself and when he had died his body fell upon the ground and his insides where spilled out. Don’t you see the relationship with Judus and the collision of a planet by Nibiru. I may be totally wrong here and if I am please forgive me but it was something that was revealed to me in a dream just recently. Please share you thoughts and comments about this. God Bless you all.

    • hi david

      you are saying that nibiru was destroyed because Judas died? nibiru would be the 10th planet, not the 11th…..?

      • The planet would have beeen Temiat, I believe that is how you spell it, it is now the ramins of the steroid belt. Sorry to took so long to respond had computer issues.

  61. No I am not saying that. What I am saying is the relationship of 12 planets compared to to the 12 disciples. First in the Sumerian text or carvings you see the number of planets. If you go online to here it will be explained of the 12 planet theory. As you will see that there where 12 planets at one time. These are: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Tiamat, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and now 2003 UB 313. As you have noticed “Tiamat” which became the astroid belt and now even Nasa has named a big body in the astroid belt as “Ceres” because of its size. You have to ask your self “What created the astroid belt?” anyone can see that something collided together to form this heavenly body. Scientist have always said that these where the left overs of the building blocks of our Galaxy. But now they are considering or have been considering that it use to be a planet. But this is still in theory and debate. I hope this clears up on what I was trying to show of the relationship with Judas and Tiamat being destroyed. Give me your comments on this subject and if you disagree thats fine with me. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m wrong with evidence presented. So God Bless you all.

    • The standing theory for the origins of the asteroid belt are that it was a body of dust and debris, like the rest of our solar system, but it failed to condense into a planet because of the tidal forces of the planets nearest it. I haven’t heard any serious support of the idea that the asteroid belt is some destroyed planet.

  62. Why is so much time spent on discussing ancient Babylonian mythology, like the planet Nibiru? Is there not enough in the scriptures alone? I think Christians are wrong to get so involved in meaningless conjecture and ignore God’s written truth. The Jews were often condemned for always seeking “a sign”. I think it also takes us away from where our focus should be. Albeit it can be fun to see who can guess right, but, just like an addicted gambler, he will lose more than he wins.

    • hi Ian

      I am looking at Nibiru from scientific interest. I also like to explore whether or not the science is consistent with any kind of bible prophecy. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. 🙂

  63. Hi marianne ,
    This is for Bryan if he chooses to research this material further on the hypothesis of the
    expanding earth. There are also theories of contraction of the earth. But we will leave this alone for now.
    Some scientists claims that by ‘pair production’ within the core of the earth creates new mass.
    Here is a series of 14 videos presented by Dr. Maxlow in a seminar explaining the theory or the expansion of the earth’s crust.
    Now this must be of some value because it is also somewhat tied to the Hollow earth theory.
    Nasa is sending a bomb to the moon to check out this theory of hollow spheres.

    • First, this guy is positing a 4.6 billion year old Earth, which means the Earth should be growing presently, which has not been detected.

      Second, oceanic crust in the Atlantic is, at its oldest, around 200 million years old. Did the Earth wait until 200 M.Y.A. to start expanding? Why did it wait?

      If the force of expansion is strong enough that it accounts for the separation of the continents, it should tend to move landmasses away from each other – we shouldn’t see any collisions or mountain-building events like the formation of the Himalayas, which is on-going.

      If we reject plate tectonics as a method for orogeny, what do we put in its place? What in his theory accounts for the apparent features of convergent plate boundaries, when the observed features of these boundaries perfectly match the theory of plate tectonics?

  64. Aren’t mountains created as a result of plate movements and volcanoes? If they can appear as a result of volcanic eruption, in the same way they can dissapear…

    • Not all mountains are formed by volcanoes. Where two continental plates come together, because of the relatively low density of continental crust, neither one sinks below the other to melt – they just sort of crumple up. This is what’s happening in present-day Asia to form the Himalayas, as the Indian plate collides with the Eurasian plate.

      The processes that remove mountains and volcanoes is drastically different from that which creates them. Mountains are torn down by erosional processes, chief among them erosion caused by running water. While orogeny is driven ultimately by the cooling of Earth’s interior, erosion is caused by the hydrological cycle which is driven ultimately by the Sun.

  65. Maybe everything you have been taught needs to be revalued?

    • Abigail,

      That is interesting, because the bible says:

      He stretcheth out the north over the empty space, and hangeth the earth over nothing. (Job 26:7)

      God left the north part of the world unfinished, because if anyone claims to be like God, He will say to him: then let him finish building of the north. Only God can do it.

      • Yes gavriel and maybe when the scriptures say
        ‘the earth was void’ The Lord means it.
        The Hollow earth is interesting.

        • Gavriel, The Earth is mine says The Lord.
          I like this scripture
          Exd 15:12 Thou stretchedst out thy right hand, the earth swallowed them

          • Yes, the land belongs to The Lord, and we are strangers before Him.
            Before the Russian soldiers shot the priest in northern caucasus (Abkhazia, that previously belonged to Georgia), they went into the church and asked the priests – to whom this land belongs? (expecting to hear the answer that this land belongs to the russians), but the priests said – that the land belongs to GOD, and when soldiers heard such an answer they shot the priests dead! …this is the nature of the wicked nations of Gog and Magog – and my heart feels that the same is going ti happen in Jerusalem, may God forbid!

          • Ex. ch 12. “You inclined Your right hand; the earth swallowed them up.” – : When the Holy One, blessed be He, inclines His hand, the wicked perish and fall, because all are placed in His hand, and they fall when He inclines it. Similarly, it [Scripture] says: “and the Lord shall turn His hand, and the helper shall stumble, and the helped one shall fall” (Isa. 31:3).

            • Previous is deduced from Rashi’s commentaries (Exd 15:12)

              • True.
                The earth and all there is therein is His.
                I like this as well.
                Deu 10:14
                Behold, the heaven and the heaven of heavens [is] the LORD’S thy God, the earth [also], with all that therein [is].

                The wicked do not know Him and so they do not fear Him.
                But soon …

  66. Hi marianne,
    I’ve found this site which might be of interest.

  67. Hello Ian,

    It normally takes a simple statement to put things in perspective,
    and you said it. This is not surprising as you come across as a
    man sound in mind with the spirit of understanding, if you don’t mind me saying so. That is not to say others are not, but Jesus
    did say that if we were to keep our eye simple, then our “whole
    body” will be bright. You and the like could be the saving grace for those coming to this website in search of a simple shred of truth and hope to hang on to, admidst all this irrelevent, pointless, wearisome, amd not least, confounding conjecture.
    These discussions may have some value in private, but publicly
    they are more likely to do more harm than good to the uninitiated,
    due to the extremity and diversity of opinions, which, will prove
    to be completely unpalletable to those seeking plain truth and
    consistency. The Spirit always speaks in all who
    have spoken here do not collectively have the Spirit..but you do
    for sure Ian, so keep it going !!

    • Richard
      i love this site and was blessed many times by Marianne’s blog.
      I also can meet here lovable brethren, and other people and friends.
      There are also other helping topics on this page, i remember now “Prayers for unsaved loved ones”, which could be a really good help to many.

      I think you are exaggerating, when you say: “The Spirit always speaks in all who have spoken here do not collectively have the Spirit.” – you would say with this exegese, that one cannot be wrong about anything, but you would KNOW everything when you have his spirit, feeling his character.. or you would on the other side suggest, that one is just not able to write wrong things. This faith i would like to have to, maybe it is possible, what do you think?
      What do you suggest to do now? I must admit iam a littlebit addicted to daily news, and i have excellent sources i must say. This sourcces i did find shortly after i got to know our Messiah, he helped me to find the truth of the world, because he is pure Truth, for every knowledge. He led me in 1 year now to all i know about history, present and future…more than in 28 years before in my life.
      I believe when people read this about the star Wormwood, how he is approaching NOW, they are blessed to see bibleprophecy come true and realize god is living and real, and repent to him and from sin,
      not just that, Yeshua said in Rev.1
      3Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.
      Peace and love

  68. Hi Marianne,

    Thank you for making such an important and relevant comment with
    regards to the “rapture of the Church”. It appears to have gone
    unnoticed, which is unfortunate because so many are not going to
    be prepared for what is to come. Perhaps we should all get a sense
    of reality while there is still time, and accept that there was
    never going to be an easy way out of this world for those who
    are prepared to follow and suffer for Christ. The “rapture” is
    a cop out for those who have not bothered to, or do not want to understand the magnitude of our Lord’s suffering and sacrifice, and who are not prepared to suffer with him, also.
    There is not going to be a rapture of the church, but there most certainly is going to be a rupture of of the mind for many
    when persecution comes just as Jesus said it would.
    If we are not experiencing persecution, in it’s many forms, in our
    everyday lives, then we are not walking with the true God,
    Yahweh. Walking with Yahweh/Jehovah and persecution are inseparable, as are the blessings that come with knowing Him.
    Thanks again for making this point Marianne. Can anyone here
    offer convincing evidence from scripture, that we, who are to
    endure to the end and suffer for Christ, will not have to after all ?!!

    • hi richard

      that is a good thought for a post….

      rapture or rupture


    • Hi Richard
      regarding rupture… i personally dont believe in a rapture neither… Revelation has just too many scripture which speaks against it.
      I recently was struck by this scripture:
      1 Corinthians 15 51 Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed—
      52in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet .

      Is this the 7th trumpet of Rev. 11, whats your opinion ?

      14The second woe is past; and, behold, the third woe cometh quickly
      15And the seventh angel sounded (…”his trumpet” in german bible); and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.
      16And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God,

      17Saying, We give thee thanks, O LORD God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned.

      18And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. …

      7But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets

  69. Hi Marianne,

    Such a discussion would be inappropriate here, but let’s be sure
    that we have our feet firmly on the ground, here on earth, before
    we send our eyeballs into orbit. I think Jesus put it another way
    in Matt 6:34. That is, of course, if we are in a situation where
    we have no choice but to keep our footing firm for the sake of
    our salvation.
    Those who hold to the “rapture of the Church”, have allowed
    themselves to be lulled into a deadly sense of security and
    complacency. Look forward to this post God bless.

  70. Silvanus,
    Reading from Scriptures, there are a few things that I would like to point out.
    And the reason I am doing this is to strengthened your argument on the ‘reapture’ theory.
    Matthew 13:24
    “The kingdom of Heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds (tares) among the wheat, and went away. When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds (tares) also appeared. The owners servants came to him and said, Sir, didn’t you sow good seed in your field? Where then did the weeds (tares) come from? An enemy did this , he replied. The servants asked him, Do you want us to go and pull them up? No, he answered, because while you are pulling the weeds (tares), you may root up the wheat with them. Let both grow together UNTIL THE HARVEST. At that time I will tell the harvesters: FIRST COLLECT THE WEEDS (TARES) AND TIE THEM IN BUNDLES TO BE BURNED, THEN GATHER THE WHEAT AND BRING IT INTO MY BARN.”

    Notice that the weeds (tares) are TAKEN FIRST to be burned, and then the wheat that was LEFT BEHIND was saved in the barn.

    Now consider:

    Luke 17:34-37
    “I tell you, on that night two people will be in one bed; one will BE TAKEN and the other LEFT (behind). Two women will be grinding grain together; one will BE TAKEN and the other LEFT (behind). Where, Lord? they asked. Where there is a dead body, there the vultures will gather.”

    Notice that when the disciples asked Jesus about where the ‘ONE TAKEN’ was taken to, He DID NOT SAY that they were saved, but rather He said they were taken to where the dead bodies are being eaten by vultures. In other words, they are ‘TAKEN’ to destruction.

    This is also confirmed by:

    Matthew 24:28
    “Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather.”

    • Great! Thank you Abigail
      So that means that the saints are being protected against the woe, wrath and death, and brought home at the end?
      However, some saints will be martyred. Should we familiarize with this prediction?

  71. Hi Silvanus,

    Pleased to meet you and thank you for your comments.
    First and foremost, I love the truth above all things.
    This includes personalities, churches, websites, the approval of people, etc. The only approval I seek is from my God and your God, Jehovah, or Yahweh if you prefer.
    It is this love for the truth which should be the unifying factor for those who claim to love God and His self-sacrificing son, Jesus Christ. Those who worship God, must do so in spirit and in truth. John 4:24 If we do this as a “brotherhood”, then we can say that we are in agreement in the Spirit. We may have differences over minor details, but we will be in unanimous agreement
    over scripture and doctrine, because the Spirit has
    convicted us individually. If we have not been convicted by the Spirit, it is because the love of the truth is not in us. We can have a command of the scriptures, but never come to know the truth…always studying, but never understanding. It is this truth which sets us free from
    error and unites those whose hearts are toward God.
    Salvation starts in the Gospels and is sealed in the
    Epistles. Unfortunately for most, the Bible need not
    exist, as salvation can be secured for eternity, on the
    pretext of a “sinners prayer” which has no scriptural
    substance whatsoever. This is Satan’s no.1 deception,
    and most have swallowed it, because the LOVE OF THE TRUTH
    is not in them, and so they succumb to his lies.
    Yes, it is true that we can be at different stages of
    growth and understanding and appear to be in disagreement
    but this is different from not having the Spirt of
    understanding and never having it, which of course, will
    result in the truth being opposed.
    It is wonderful that the Spirit has convicted us both of
    the falseness of the “rapture” teaching, which I’m sure
    you will agree will cause many to forfeit their lives for
    eternity. It will be interesting to see, when Marianne
    produces her writings on this subject, just how many who
    come to this website,will be in agreement with the Spirit
    God bless.

  72. Hi Abigail and Silvanus,

    You’ve got it !! And the Martyrs will be Jews.

  73. At work i did listen to a new song in the mainstream radio today, “Jesus did die for you”, i thought WOW, awsome, can it be true this blessing is happening, in these times? ..
    Well, at the end of the song, this “idol” (R.Williams – note the last name btw) sings “Jesus didn’t die for you-what are you on”..

    The satanic controlled massmedia-brainwashing is not so subtle anymore, a new level. Expect more from that.

    This video below is very important and interesting, i recommend it strongly.

    Constance Cumbey disrupted in Jesus’ name a big luciferian event – the channeling of a demon by New-Age-Leader Benjamin Creme. She said the holy Jesus’ Prayer and frightened away this evil spirit 😀

    In the early 1980’s she wrote book about New-Age, researched it thoroughly for decades and has much to tell about, very revealing and sometimes even funny.
    Must see.

  74. There are other worlds in Gods universe that are inhabited with unfallen beings. We were the last planet created and we are the only in sin. Our planet is the one lost sheep that Jesus came to save. read it all here

  75. Imssdarm,

    Are you saying that God forgot to put something in the Bible
    that we should know about ? What are your reasons for coming to
    a Christian website, where I’m sure you must know that the “Word of God” will always be the only authoritative means of
    establishing truth ? Do you not feel that you are likely to
    end up wasting your time and possibly others ?
    However, I do encourage you, in love, not to look beyond the
    “written word” as this has caused so many to stray from
    “the faith”, which is exactly what Satan wants.
    Satan is doing everything possible in these very last days, to
    distract us from taking in life saving ,faith building knowledge from “God’s Word” You will find that the understanding you gain
    from this vital study, will decrease your desire to seek answers
    elsewhere, from sources that are not guided by Godly wisdom.
    I wish you well.
    God bless.

  76. Hello Richard, Thank you for your kind remarks earlier.
    I find myself in agreement with you as “God’s Word” is the source for discovering truth. Psalm 119:105 “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path.”
    We do differ on our understanding of the rapture, however.
    Those that teach a “post-tribulation” run into many problems trying to explain it in certain terms. Taking all the Scriptures into consideration, and especially the graphic nature of the Great Tribulation provided in the Book of Revelation, it seems that the population of the world will be decimated and only a fraction of those that enter the period will still survive at the end. Jesus said in fact, that if He did not stop the period by His second coming, there would be no human beings left on earth (Matt. 24:22). The idea of posttribulationists that survival through this time is “a blessed hope” is not tenable.
    There will also be deceitful signs and reports that Christ has already appeared – we are warned not to believe it! (Matt. 24:23-24, Mark 13:21-23)
    The point is that the second coming of Christ will be a very visible event. Jesus described it as recorded in Matthew, “For as lightning comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of man” (V.27) The Second Coming will be preceded by many supernatural events in the skies which are described in the Book of Revelation.
    Jesus,according to Matthew’s Gospel, said, “Immediately after the distress of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give it’s light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken” (Matt.24:29; Mark 13:24-25; Luke 21:25-26).
    The final sign will be the appearance of Christ Himself in the sky in His return from heaven to the earth. As recorded by Matthew, Jesus said, “At that time the sign of the Son of man will appear in the sky, and all nations of the earth will mourn. They will see the Son of man coming in the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory” (Matt. 24:30, cf. Mark 13:26; Luke21:27) Revelation 19:11-16 described the scene in greater detail.
    It should be noted that Matthew was not talking about the Rapture of the church, which is described in totally different language (cf. 1 Thes. 4:16) The final sign is the glory of Christ Himself in the skies in return to earth. The nations will grieve because it is the time of judgment for rejection of Jesus as Savior and Lord.

  77. Hi friends, do you know when Venus will go out of sight? According to Creme at that time the coming star will be in public discussion!

    “Behind the scenes, Maitreya watches carefully these happenings, and gives succour wherever the Law allows. He waits, patiently, for the build-up of response to the sign of His Emergence, the “star-like luminary of brilliant power” on which many now gaze in wonder and even love.

    What is desired is some measure of public debate about the significance or meaning of the Star, thus signifying the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher. The greater and more public the discussion, the greater does it prepare the way for Maitreya’s entry. Soon there will be no gainsaying.
    Very soon, Venus will move beyond the sight of men and so leave the platform of the heavens open to the Star. Then there will be no doubt that the Star is there for all to see.

    If sufficient discussion can be fostered on the various media and internet it will not be long until men see and hear Maitreya speak. He will not be so called, that men can judge His ideas rather than His status.”

  78. Hi Ian, Good to hear you again !

    Firstly, the scriptural arguments with regards to the
    timing of what is now labeled “the rapture of the church”
    will continue forever,if permitted. It really comes down
    to how the spirit has convicted one of the understsanding
    of those scriptures. So, for now I will give my reasons
    as to why I believe this event is to occur on the last day.

    1). PRE-TRIB, MID-TRIB, ANY-TRIB. I do not believe God
    would make it possible for us to know the timing of the
    rapture before the last day. This would seriously
    compromise the necessity to put our total trust in Him.
    These teachings originate from the “comfort zones” of
    the U.S.A., where persecution and suffering for the sake
    of the Lord are unthinkable. This easy going, the
    “Lord will make my yoke light” brand of Christianity is
    exactly what people want to hear !! And why not,
    discomfort is to be avoided at every opportunity, isn’t
    it? Not so, many are suffering, right now, for the Lord,
    in various parts of the world, in ways, as yet, we can’t
    comprehend. This is tribulation time for them !!
    If God allows Christians to be tested in this way now,
    what gives us the right to think that we can be wafted
    off into space, whilst walking down the road eating an
    ice-cream, on a bright and sunny day, for example.
    Reality check:..”Those who ENDURE to the END are the
    ones that will saved”…Math 24:13
    This is not to mean that one must slog it out to the end,
    rather, it will be a test of faith to the end, and what
    is wrong with that, if God is WITH YOU.

    2). As salvation is only possible through Christ, then
    there can be no other opportunity to be saved after the
    RC. If the RC occurs before enforcement of “the mark”,
    then salvation is impossible thereafter. There would be
    no need for the mark to be enforced as redemption is now

    3). It follows then, that believers will have to go
    through this test, for enforcement of the mark to have
    any significance. After having successfully overcome
    this test, believers will be safely delivered through
    to the end, where they will be safely gathered up before the final destruction.** At this point there will be
    people on the earth who refused the mark, but also did
    not except Christ at that point.I believe these people to be Jews,”and the days will have to be cut short” in order for some Jews to be saved. I believe these Jews will be the survivors of the final battle in ISRAEL, and will be the first to reside in the “pormised land”. They would of
    course have accepted their Messiah at this stage.
    I believe that the days were cut short to save some Jews
    from the beheading campaign which was Satan’s last ditch
    effort to spite God. Those who were beheaded are the
    Martyrs for Christ.

    Those who were “raptured” will be deposited in Israel,
    along with the resurrected righteous. This is what is
    known as the post-trib rapture…1 TH 4:16,17
    These are my views, but I stand to be corrected, as this
    is far from a clear-cut issue.

    **Matt 24:30

    God bless.

  79. The Australian Government has a
    “Project WORMWOOD” at Learmonth Solar Observatory –
    Studies in Planetary Defence and Space DEBRIS !!

    When i look at the barium-chemclouds here, everyday, and all over the heaven, (the most where the sun is located), i would bet Wormwood is not so far away anymore…

  80. Hi Richard,

    You bring up some very interesting points:

    To start: You say “it comes down to how the spirit has convicted one of the understanding of those scriptures”.
    That seems to suggest that personal conviction supplants truth. How can that be possible? If I am “convicted” one way and you another, how can both of us be correct? Truth cannot be divided.

    1) NO ONE knows the day or hour of the Lord’s return. The Pre-Trib view holds that the Rapture is imminent, therefore it could happen at any time. THIS TEACHING DID NOT ORIGINATE FROM THE “COMFORT ZONES” OF U.S.A. In fact the teaching dates back to the early church and Apostle Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians. Look at I Thess. 5:1-11, then read II Thess. 2:1-12 Paul lays out the facts only to later correct false teachers that “taught” that the “Day of the Lord” had already come. The teaching of the “Blessed Hope” is consistent with the “hope” we have in Christ. We are not in darkness, but “sons of light” and (I Thess.5:9) “God has not destined us for wrath”
    Jesus said: Come on to me, you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest!(Matt. 11:28) SALVATION is an absolute gift. I am not propagating cheap grace, but I am saying that NOW is the time to receive that gift! It has nothing to do with avoiding discomfort, we all, who belong to Him, suffer in various ways. But that in no way EARNS any special affection, because He loves unconditionally. All he asks us is to COME TO HIM.

    2) & 3) The Rapture of the Church has nothing to do with salvation during the Tribulation. In Fact many will come to Christ during this period. Even though the work of the Holy Spirit will not be the same as it was after Pentecost until now. (To indwell the Church and to baptize it into one body) but, like before Pentecost, people were being saved as the Holy Spirit worked in the world. In this dreadful time, those that REFUSE to take the mark of the beast, will in many cases be put to death (beheaded)for their choice. (Rev. 7:13-14)

    All believers, the Bride, along with the martyred dead will reign with Christ for a thousand years. (Rev. 20:4)

  81. Silvanus:
    I would caution you about Maitreya and false teachings of Benjamin Creme. The ONLY authority is God’s Word!

    • Hi Ian, i have exactly the same opinion, thank you my friend 🙂
      But dont you think its interesting to know what the enemy’s plan is and when he is carrying it out?
      What do you know about New-Age/Theosophy, Hinduism and Freemasonry (which all is basically Luciferianism)?
      It was Hitlers theology.

      • I should rather write “..and when he is allowed according to gods will carrying it out”.. OUR god is in control!

  82. Hi Silvanus,
    All of the “ism’s” seem to be the work of Satan. Those coupled with with paganism will somehow be unified, during Antichrist’s rule in the Tribulation into a one world religion, is baffling. Albeit, he will eventually have all their “worship” directed to him in due time.

  83. Hi Ian,

    Sorry for this late stuck on a merry-go-round !!!

    Firstly, I did not say that I was convicted of my understanding, as I made clear at the end of my comment:.”I stand to be corrected.”

    The point I was trying to make is,this is not a clear-cut issue,for if it were, there would not be such widespread disagreement as to the timing of the rapture and the sequence of events throughout the tribulation period.

    It therefore follows that the scriptures themselves, have proved to be insufficient so as to provide universal understanding of this matter, so therefore
    something is missing.

    As only one view can be correct, I believe
    this correct understanding has been planted by the Spirit.

    The spirit doesn’t supplant truth, it plants it in the heart.

    It is important to remember that scripture is all too often interpreted with a pre-conceived desired view in mind,and I believe this is where the problem lies.

    So to answer your question…if there are two incongruous views,and one is correct, only the correct one is convicted (or reasoned) as there can be no division in truth.

    After a great deal of study, deliberation and prayer, I feel extremely comfortable with the view I hold, but I could not say with conviction that I am right.

    2).”NO ONE KNOWS THE DAY OR THE HOUR” This of course is correct, but I said that “the event” would occur on the last day …..and we don’t know when the last day is to be !!!

    3). The teaching of the pre-trib rapture is a recent development, even though this view could have been adopted as according to your data. I believe it is propagated by people who really do not grasp
    what being persecuted for Christ really means.

    It is true believers and unbelievers alike all face trials, but we are talking about spiritual warfare here.

    The “comfort zones” and the “light yoke” are indicative of a mind set that seeks to find an easy way out of this world, when so many have, and are suffering severely for the Lord,right now.

    The Lord will indeed make your yoke light, but your yoke will only become light if you are prepared to go the distance in the first place !!

    If you are not prepared, your yoke will prove to be a great burden when you stand still in one place.

    In other words be prepared to go the distance for Christ, and he will make the journey possible. It is about; are we prepared go the distance for him.

    The pre-trib rapture is impossible, because there would no longer be provision for salvation in order to save those at the very end, when the days are cut short.

    Salvation is only possible through Christ,so there can be no way of being saved after the rapture, therefore the rapture has to take place at the end, in order for those to gain salvation.

    This of course applies to any-trib rapture, before the last day.

    The gift of salvation is available to all through Christ’s
    redeeming sacrifice…This “gift” embodies all the requirements necessary for it to be redemptive.

    This is why Jesus will not know many, when the day comes. (A debate for another day).

    God bless.

  84. Jesus said nothing about walking around with eggs on ones
    shoulders. Where’s my editor, is she going to let me down again !!

  85. This post is about the destroyer. My research has uncovered some important and urgent knowledge. What you do with this information is totally up to you. Some of the text here comes from the Kolbrin bible and as far as I can discover the leaders of the countrie have been taking this text very seriously and spending ?millions and millions if not trillions of $$ on shelters.

    When blood drops upon the Earth, the Destroyer will appear, and mountains will open up and belch forth fire and ashes. Trees will be destroyed and all living things engulfed. Waters will be swallowed up by the land, and seas will boil.
    The Heavens will burn brightly and redly; there will be a copper hue over the face of the land, ‘followed by a day of darkness. A new moon will appear and break up and fall.
    The people will scatter in madness. They will hear the trumpet and battlecry of the Destroyer and will seek refuge within dens in the Earth. Terror will eat away their hearts, and their courage will flow from them like water from a broken pitcher. They will be eaten u in the flames of wrath and consumed by the breath of the Destroyer
    In those days, men will have the Great Book before them; wisdom will be revealed; the few will be gathered for the stand; it is the hour of trial. The dauntless ones will survive; the stouthearted will not go down to destruction.
    The ancients record that it sounds exactly like a trumpet and that the sound is so loud that it frightens people half to death.  Over and over and over again, the heavens resound with the sound of the great trumpet.
    Planet X, or Nibiru, is fast approaching its fly-by past Earth which will cause the pole shift God speaks of in Isaiah 24.  This rogue planet is loaded with fallen angels and is the Great Red Dragon of Revelation 12.  (the devil has come down to you and he knows his time is short)

    The seas will boil!

  86. Abigail…I believe the Kolbrin Bible (that was written by Egyptians) has merit and unity with the Holy Bible. In this reference that you have given there is proof that something similar also happened in the Bible. In Isa 24:1 Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof. This could very well be in reference to Nibiru or the Destroyer having a near fly by or encounter with earth much earlier than Noah’s flood. This something that may requirer further investigation to the probability of cause and effect.

  87. David … according to the Kolbrin Bible, the destroyer was present as well at the exodus of the slaves. It’s account of those events are blood chilling and very descriptive …
    more so even than in the books of Moses. It is worth the read.
    Humanities had to keep some records of such catastrophic occurrences.
    The destroyer is already in sight and on path.
    This time it will burn the elements. The Chinese associate the mark of the beast with
    this celestial body. There are a lot of excellent reads on this subject if you enter in through the Kolbrin Bible on the net.

  88. And David I would like to add here that in the news yesterday they have finally admitted that there is water on the moon and with the same breath they also admitted that the moon will receive a bomb shortly. (a couple of weeks)
    Now with the armageddon like sky over Sydney yesterday I wonder tying all this together with the verse from the Kolbrin Bible …
    ‘The Heavens will burn brightly and redly; there will be a copper hue over the face of the land, ‘followed by a day of darkness. A new moon will appear and break up and fall.’ … what will happen to OUR MOON here shortly?
    And also why is it THAT NO ONE has objected to this planed bombing of the moon??
    What kind of sleeping church are we??
    Well soon there will be a rude awakening. A watered moon, a living moon to be

  89. ….And God will “catch” every falling piece that could possibly harm His beloved !!….Matt 18:2-4

  90. Armageddon monster dust storm is schedule again for Saturnday in Sydney …
    It is now currently in ‘Broken Hill’.
    Here is a link to some amazing photography…

  91. Hi Marianne
    Here is an article which may interest you much!!

  92. Absolutely awesome!

    • that might be the moon for the night time, already showing as the sun sets in the evening.

      • It looks like a full moon to me ….
        the problem with this is ….
        the full moon was on passover which is now 9 days ago!

  93. In a nut shell … they have always known …

  94. Hi marianne,
    The ‘Lucifer’ object is HERE!!

  95. Bible code study:

    discovered by Rabbi Glazerson: “The Star Nibiru in 2013.”

    2013 = Jewish year 5774…..which starts in September / October the previous calendar year (2012) in the solar calendar.

    So Nibiru due sometime between the Fall of 2012 and the Fall of 2013, according to this calculation.

  96. Marianne, Nibiru or “The Destroyer” is about to cross the elliptic plain of our solar system. It will cross on March 4, 2011 then slowly move closer to the the Sun/Earth/Mars. This is one of the mysteries of God that will bring his judgment upon this world. My our hearts, mines, soul and spirit be prepared for what awaits us in the next year and half. God Bless everyone.

    • hi david

      I am getting different dates from different sources.

      Do you have any scientific references?

      Amateurs on you tube don’t qualify, unless they cite professional sources.

  97. Position of NASA on Nibiru:

  98. Has anyone ever just sat back and looked at the earth as a whole? I mean if you were to put the continents back in conjunction as one land mass and taken all the water away what would you see? I would see a planet that had been struck by something catastrophic. Could earth be Timat knocked into an orbit closer to the Sun by Nibiru. Also could it have been an ice planet? What are your thoughts on this. Thanks God Bless.

    • hi David

      Perhaps the flood of Noah caused the continents to break apart? The foundations of the deep were to have burst open.

      • Just happened to be reading this thread and thought that I’d comment.

        The flood happened perhaps thousands of years before the continents divided. (though genealogies are recorded in Genesis chapters 10 and 11, which appear to be relatively accurate, we still have to take into consideration that it has always been common practice for Hebrews in recording their lineage to “telescope” them.)
        However, Genesis 10:25 addresses that the continents were divided in the time of Peleg.

        “And unto Eber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg; for in his days was the earth divided; and his brother’s name was Joktan.” Genesis 10:25 KJV.

        Just thought that I’d clear up the speculation aspect.


    • David,
      The orbit of the earth fits perfectly with Bode’s law. This is a formula that can predict the orbits of all the planets in our solar system.–Bode_law
      It appears to be related to the way that stellar debris tend to get distributed around a star before condensing into planets.
      Anyway, the earth is in exactly the orbit we would expect it to be in from the formation of the solar system. For your theory to be true, the earth would have had to be formed in opposition to Bode’s law, then accidentally knocked into the correct (and empty) orbit by a chance collision.
      Sorry, but it is too much of a stretch to be factual.

  99. Marianne and others
    I saw yesterday, or was it the day before that the airforce launched a top secret space craft into space on an eight month mission. Not much else was given in the way of information. It seems like an awful long mission time for something that is supposed to be for orbital flights to the space station. I am wondering if anyone has heard anything more about it?

    • maybe it is for watching incoming comets and meteors……

      • I thought that was NASA’s job? Smells fishy.

        • Air force are the ones who would have access to alien technology and would be able to build aircraft from that technology.

          In hindsight, wish I had joined the air force instead of the navy….maybe then I would know all this secret stuff and wouldn’t be able to tell you unless I killed you afterwards! LOL

          Where did you find that info?

    • Today NASA astronomers are carrying out a survey called the Spaceguard Survey to find any large near-Earth asteroids long before they hit. We have already determined that there are no threatening asteroids as large as the one that killed the dinosaurs. All this work is done openly with the discoveries posted every day on the NASA NEO Program Office website, so you can see for yourself that nothing is predicted to hit in 2012.

      • I saw the launch on my charter homepage. Its hard to cover up a rocket launch, so they have to announce something. They said it was the new version of the shuttle, the small one that is supposed to transport people to and from the space station. But it also said the mission would last 8-9 months. With that kind of time frame, assuming the ship is faster than the old ones, you could go to like mars and back?

      • Lindsey
        Do you really believe in aliens? If evolution is not true, then God would have had to create them. for what purpose?

        • I believe something or someone is flying these aircrafts that exceed our level of technology.

          I have never seen one. However, I have a close friend who swears by what she saw and she is very conservative and very sane. She told me that when she was in elementary school while living in New York that while they were outside playing everyone saw the underbelly of a round disk. Before she could even speak the craft was gone. She never forgot it. She remembered the lights underneath and everything.

          We have retired astronauts putting their reputations on the line by coming forward and telling us of what they have seen not only while in space but on a local airforce runway.

          We have other nations disclosing their documents on UFO sightings and investigations.

          The only thing that kept me from taking these accounts seriously was the word of G-d….until I read the book of Joel! What the book of Joel describes is definitely what we are seeing these days and interesting enough, UFO sightings all increased in 1948!! hmmmm

          Joel 2:5 Like the noise of chariots on the tops of mountains shall they leap, like the noise of a flame of fire that devoureth the stubble, as a strong people set in battle array.
          6: Before their face the people shall be much pained: all faces shall gather blackness.
          7: They shall run like mighty men; they shall climb the wall like men of war; and they shall march every one on his ways, and they shall not break their ranks:
          8: Neither shall one thrust another; they shall walk every one in his path: and when they fall upon the sword, they shall not be wounded.
          9: They shall run to and fro in the city; they shall run upon the wall, they shall climb up upon the houses; they shall enter in at the windows like a thief.
          10: The earth shall quake before them; the heavens shall tremble: the sun and the moon shall be dark, and the stars shall withdraw their shining:
          11: And the LORD shall utter his voice before his army: for his camp is very great: for he is strong that executeth his word: for the day of the LORD is great and very terrible; and who can abide it?
          12: Therefore also now, saith the LORD, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning:

          Did you see the video I posted of the ufo hovering over the temple mount? This airspace is restricted of course and yet it hovered there for several minutes and then you see and hear a flash and then it is gone. It is the best video I have seen and it was taken from at least 3 angles along with Jerusalem’s cameras? that they have doing surveillance I suppose..

          • Long ago, I would have thought this “army” was a bunch of locusts. But now, I think it is possible it is made up of UFOs.

          • Lindsey
            I believe the verses you are talking about are refering to the locusts. The question is are the locusts really locusts or did they not have another word to describe what they saw. For example, in revalation their is a description of something that in modern terms can be seen as a tank, with “tails that wound” being the machine gun mounts. I don’t have the reference for that at hand. I believe what is being described here is also some sort of weaponry as well. Probably some sort of robotic weapon? it has yet to be revealed. As for the ufo sightings, many have been faked, or misinterpreted natural events, or even secret military aircraft etc.
            There is also one other possibility, that these are manifestations of the demonic, and Satans army. etc.
            I have a hard time believing that God would create life on other planets (extra-terrestrials) and I do not believe in evolution, therefore I doubt that these are beings from another planet. You are delving into Mysticism/Urancha lore when you jump into the E.T. band wagon.
            In other words look first to the terrestrial, then to the supernatural (demonic or angelic) and then to the mythical. I think the answers will be revealed in the first two eventually.
            Revalation 9:16-19 is the passage where tanks are described. (Of note to this, did you see the tanks in egypt that were spewing tear gas?)

            • I love jets and jets that go very very fast-and so I am fascinated with anything that could exceed our knowledge of the law of physics! G-d is behind everything so my thought is this: if the nephilim are riding around in these super sonic “ufos” then so can G-d’s angels…the question is, who is driving what I guess? LOL

              I honestly don’t know-just putting that out there…for laughs mostly.

              When I was viewing the video of the “ufo” in Jerusalem, I was thinking more along the lines of “chariot of fire”…what was it that took Elijah?

              In the bible, G-d’s presence was often described as a cloud…In exodus, the israelites were following what they described as a pillar of smoke by day… like you said, are they describing to us what we would know as a UFO? What I saw on the Jerusalem tape didn’t look like a disk or anything…just more of white light with wings—unidentified yes and flying, yes…so I guess we will call it a “ufo”

              I didn’t see the tanks in egypt spewing tear gas…is that in revelations you say?

            • And life on other planets?? well sure, why not…G-d made us and our little planet in the corner of the milky way which is in the corner of an immense, beyond our imagination and comprehension universe….He doesn’t have to tell us all of His secrets 🙂 LOL

              We will know soon enough…

              There are 2 verses in the Bible that caught my attention and one of which my mom would always respond with when talking about “aliens” and that is:

              John 14:22In my Father’s house are many mansions:

              Matthew 24:3131And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from ONE END OF THE HEAVEN TO THE OTHER. (does He mean earth’s heaven or the universe “heaven”)

              27And then shall he send his angels, and shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from the uttermost part of the earth to the UTTERMOST PART OF HEAVEN.

              Just a thought…I am not committed to this…I just know that with G-d anything is possible 🙂

        • Purpose? For His end of days battle I suppose…

          • All I know is if I get beamed up into one of these things Jesus better be driving it!!

  100. Here you go dru..

    • Looks more an angel then a ufo… hovering over the dome of the rock instead of the temple mount-right when there is a flash pause the vidoe…pretty cool

      • Lindsey
        I have also heard of orbs of light like the one above are signs of pending earthquakes, caused by the static of plates rubbing together. Just another explanation beyond the E.T. explanations that everybody wants to dive into.

        When I was a kid UFO’s were a joke and heaven forbid if you saw an alien. It amazes me to this day as to how far these E.T. beliefs have gone, even so far as to deny natural explanations for them. If only the churches had so much faith in God, as they do in E.T.’s.

      • Lindsey
        If you go to you tube, there is a set of videos there called “the UFO conspiracy” Part six of seven is particularly relavent to the discussions at hand
        Sorry I do not know how to post links or Vids on this sight.? I would really like to post that one here.

        • This one dru?

          • lindsey
            How do you pull up a video, that wasn’t the one I saw. the one i saw had Dave Hunt in it and was more from a religious perspective.

            • Below the you tube video you will see “share”…click on that and it pulls up the link address…right click on mouse and click copy then you can paste it on here 🙂

      • Lindsey
        Tear gas on tanks is a method of crowd control. I thought you were in the military? I know the revalation thing is kind of speculative with regard to being tank, but seeing egyptian tanks doing this struck a chord with this passage in revalation. The other thing that struck me was the color of the “breastplate”, Saphire and sulfer? I know EU has these colors as does vatican and France??

        As you say we will find out truth about E.T.’s in heaven, That video tends to point to the demonic however. Just be careful what you wish for!!!

        I just watched “I Robot” last week so forgive me if I’m seeing robots in the account of the locusts. Sounds somewhat plausible though?

        • Navy doesn’t do tanks with tear gas….that’s leatherneck’s expertise.

          Which video points to the demonic…the one you mentioned or the one in Jerusalem?

          And have no idea about locusts and robots…Marianne elaborates further on Joel somewhere on this site…

  101. from Lyndsey

    From the article “Planet X will continue to appear larger and brighter in the night sky until it will take on the appearance of a “second moon” in the sky at night.”

    Remember my dream?? I have never read this article until now, 3/12/2011 (in my dream, notice we were “raptured” soon after I saw the X and the 2nd moon….what bothered me was that I couldn’t find ashton…)
    My dream was on Feb 17, 2011
    Hey Marianne,

    I had the most bizarre dream last night and I couldn’t wait to tell you about it after work….I came home early from work due to a sore throat and then when I log onto yahoo, I see this article :

    I haven’t read the entire article yet, but I did notice the X…here is my dream:

    I was in the midst of a crowd of people spread out over a large area….it was dark and there was chaos…..I “knew” that we had to get to the top of a mountain-highest point-and that Jesus was returning. I was excited and could barely contain my excitement and strong desire to reach the top and then I realized I had to go back for my sons. I hesitated because I didnt’ want to miss what was about to happen (didn’t know what was going to happen but knew something was going to happen that was exciting and of course now I feel guilty for having hesitated)…I ran back down to get the boys and found william in a bed wrapped in a blanket. He was thinner then he is now and I remember thinking that was odd….he is now 105 lbs and he looked like he did when he was younger in the dream. There were 4 female adults in the room with 3 of them sitting on the bed beside William. One of them was very hostile towards me and refused to let me take him…I was intimidated at first and then got angry and told her to get away from my son and I went past them to get to him. I grabbed him and carried him outside where it was still dark and the people were running around. I looked up to the sky and saw a gigantic RED X in the sky…then I saw what I thought was a second moon only larger behind the X to the right…I thought WOW! we now have 2 moons? It was HUGE HUGE I tell you, as if you could reach out and touch it. Then I saw a black man in front of me-he was facing me as he tilted his head upwards with a smile on his face and then he began to be lifted off the ground….then I felt myself and william being lifted off the ground (I was still holding him in my arms and he was still wrapped in his blanket). I then remembered Ashton and while in the air I managed to turn myself around to see if he was behind me…I saw others being lifted off the ground and did not see ashton….my heart paniced…I remember thinking “where is ashton” and then I woke up.

    Now after I woke up this morning from this dream, I couldn’t move my legs…I was still feeling the panic over not having Ashton…it took about a minute to get my legs moving and to remind myself that it was only a dream. That was the most bizarre dream yet…and then I noticed the above article and something about an X, solar flares and another planet? I am going to read it now…

    • This is an email I received from Sarah (thank you Sarah!) who sent to you-marianne- the article that I read AFTER my dream…and notice at the bottom she mentions Scott and what G-d told him….WOW!!!


      Hi Lyndsey,

      Your dream definitely has many symbols in it. Obviously the big red X represents Planet X which has been said to be red in color.

      Below are some other impressions I get from your dream after I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to guide me.
      Pray about these, I am not saying this is a for sure interpretation, but you will know in your spirit if this resonates with you.

      Dark and chaos- Sounds like the tribulation or just before the great tribulation. (Remember Paul said about the coming of the Lord and our gathering unto him that the son of perdition and the falling away will happen FIRST- 2 Thes 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for [that day shall not come], except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

      The mountain- could be Mt Zion- This is God’s spiritual kingdom. Read this-
      The scripture says this about mount Zion: (KJV)
      Isa 2:2 And it shall come to pass in the last days, [that] the mountain of the LORD’S house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it.
      Isa 2:3 And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

      Joel 2:32 And it shall come to pass, [that] whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call

      Isa 24:23 Then the moon shall be confounded, and the sun ashamed, when the LORD of hosts shall reign in mount Zion, and in Jerusalem, and before his ancients gloriously.

      Psalm 99:2 The LORD [is] great in Zion; and he [is] high above all the people.

      Getting to the top of the mountain symbolizes going up higher in your walk with the Lord before He comes back. In order to make it we must climb the mountain. (Read Mat 25. wise and foolish virgins)

      Trying to reach your children and fighting for them: I believe that could represent the battle as the days get darker, you will need to protect them from false teaching and influences (the women). Your hesitation might represent that when the time comes only the Lord Jesus decides who goes. (I don’t know their ages but with your prayers and warfare over your children you have the opportunity to make an impact in their lives to insure they do go with you.)

      The giant second moon sounds like the moon may move closer to the earth. Jesus said there will signs in the heavens, and Planet X is the “sign of the son of man.” Mat 24:30.

      What is very interesting about this dream is it sounds like a confirmation of what Scott told me. (The man who had the Micah visitation.) I spoke to him last night and this is what he told me.
      Scott was outside with his dog a couple nights ago and he heard “LOOK UP” Scott did. Then Scott heard ” DO YOU SEE THE MOON?” Scott said yes. Then Scott asked “when are you coming?” He heard ” WHEN THE MOON IS BIG AND IN THEIR FACES I WILL BE COMING SHORTLY AFTER THAT.”

      Very interesting.

      In Christ, Sarah Beveridge

      • @sarah and marianne,


        The “moon” ( it was white and I could the see the craters on it, so I am assuming it was a moon) was very much in my face!! I was in shock when I came outside from getting William. It wasn’t there before I went to get him-referencing my dream for clarification.

        I have thought about these 3 women that were sitting on my sons’ bed. There were 4 women, 1 was standing but the other 3 were sitting on the bed and the closest one to me was giving me hostility.

        When thinking of them today, I am reminded of some issues at my sons school which involve at least 3 women. One is definitely giving me opposition regarding my son and as of a recent email, I pretty much told her to “back off” and that I would be consulting with a special needs advocate. My son William has Autism and there are some “battles” going on regarding the school system.

        Regarding planet x, I have heard of it this past year but never gave it much thought, until my dream!! The appearance of two moons I have never heard of before.

        The emotions that were happening in the dream were that everyone around me were terrified. They were running around to get away from “something”. I thought it was odd that I wasn’t terrified. I was so excited and HAPPY and was trying to run towards what they were running away from! lol

        The black man who approached me (facing me) was soooo calm. After looking at me, he then looked up with his hands at his side and with his palms facing upwards as he was then lifted off the ground! I then felt myself being lifted (as in the 1st dream I had of the rapture). I never made it up the mountain in my dream but definitely was being lifted up.

        The first dream of the rapture was in March 2010; this second one was Feb 2011. I “sense” in my spirit-most likely the Holy Spirit-that we very close and this is being confirmed by what Scott was told and the article that Marianne sent to me from you:

        *the man in my dream was LOOKING UP…..Luke 21:28 When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

        • Lindsey
          was this the dream you mentioned in your response to mine in “signs in the sun”?
          Seems to me like God is revealing to each of us what our outcome will be. I believe that my calling is to be sacrificed among the saints before the rapture, where as you will make it to the rapture. “Where he leads, I will follow”.

          • I don’t remember your dream “signs in the sun”…is it on here? Would like to read that.

            And your making me cry Dru! I hope that is not your calling!

            I have had 2 dreams of the rapture. The first one was during the day and at a gas station…my kids were not with me….I saw the hand of G-d come out of a cloud and point! I jumped out of a moving truck and ran over to where he was pointing so as not to be left out…LOL I then saw an older lady across the street wearing green shorts being lifted…(dream was in color and all vehicles were trucks)

            I thought about that dream when we had the gulf oil spill and now with all the gas prices going up again. Dream was in 3/2010

            The one in Feb 2011 was the one above…I am hoping for a 3rd dream where all my kids are with me! 😉

  102. About comet elenin due this years and “nemesis” ( nibiru?) due in 2012

    [audio src="" /]

  103. “YouTuber Von Helton (has his own channel) has received a letter from a government South Pole Astronomer who helps NASA track Planet X. NASA and the governments (plural) have renamed Planet X as D23K9.

    The astronomer says that Planet X (D23K9) is visible from the south pole with the naked eye and in the southwestern and western coastal regions of the United States. The astronomer sent Von Helton a photograph of both the Sun and Planet X (D23K9) that was taken on a military base in the western U.S. (California?).

  104. I’m here.
    Sorry I’m late.


    Watch this let me know your thoughts. God Bless and watch for Jesus return…soon!

  106. In my dream, 5 or so years ago, I was looking to the East(Im in northern California). I saw a very bright full moon high in the sky. Suddenly it appeared as a window. I saw Jesus (not necessarily the same pic of Jesus we see in churches, but it was him), and I heard his voice and I knew it was Him. He said” The time of the Church has come to an end” then I awoke.
    I pay attention to prophesy. My Grandfather escaped Armenia a few months before the massacre. We were warned in prophesy at a Christian tent meeting at the base of mount Ararat. Thats where My people lived

    • Dear Phil

      You are blessed to have such a dream.

      I pray that God continue to guide and inspire you.

      Yes, it is almost time to go home to our heavenly home.

  107. The Hopi Red Katchina And Blue Katchina Prophecy

  108. O hi Marianne
    The name of the asteroid is EUROS.
    all this information can be found in a book called Apparitions and Messages from Escorial I have this book for 25 years and all that it is happening now is in this book and a lot more that no one can,t even imagine .It is terrible it is 10 times worst than the message of Fatima .It talks about thunder, lightning , houses flying in the air man flying in the air and their skin being separate from their bodies many nations disappearing civil war starting in Spain and world war 3 atomic bomb and much much more.I am afraid that it will soon come do to the fact that we are now experiencing some of its contents .So my little ones pray !pray! amend your lives .Stop criticizing and wanting to be right just love , love, love. That is the only commandment that God gives us .Anything else it is from the devil .And he is laughing out loud at our expenses. Poor souls.We are just poppets in his hands.So smarten up and fight the battle together with the Archangels and perhaps the Lord in His mercy will spare some of us .Because from what we hear from the Lord .There is not even one just person on Earth do not elude yourself.You are not saved! none of us are .We are all sinners in the eyes of God.

    • Hi Rosa

      We only need to remember the faith expressed in Psalm 91, and we will have no reason to fear. God is with us.

    • Rosa said “There is not even one just person on Earth do not elude yourself.You are not saved! none of us are .We are all sinners in the eyes of God.”

      This is not what G-d says to us. G-d is not a man that he would lie. Those who are redeemed; those who believe in Jesus Christ as their L-rd and Saviour are SAVED.

      John 3:16 ¶ For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should NOT PERISH, but have everlasting life.
      17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.
      18 HE THAT BELIEVETH on him is NOT CONDEMNED: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

      The Bible has the FINAL Authority Rosa. You are preaching to everyone that everyone is not saved and that we are to be AFRAID. G-d did not give us a spirit of FEAR.

      2 Timothy 1:7For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

      The ONLY ones who need to be afraid are those who are NOT SAVED-have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. You can preach to them all day long 🙂

  109. Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

    “Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come”.

    “Let your cry come to me, and I will give you an answer, and let you see great things and secret things of which you had no knowledge.”

    “pray before me, and I will receive thy prayer:”

    and show thee great and mighty things; or, “fortified ones” (p); which are like fortified cities, that cannot easily be come at, unless the gates are opened to enter into; and designs such as are difficult of understanding, which exceed human belief, and which reason cannot comprehend and take in; and such are the great things of the Gospel.

  110. That is correct


    great pictures from southern hemisphere…and scientist opinion.

  112. Marianne,
    Why would it only be visible in the southern hemisphere, if it is by the sun? in other words, we see the same sunset the southern hemisphere sees. The difference in viewing angle is negligible, assuming it is by the sun, and if it is closer, it would still show up when viewing the sun through welders visor, as a dark spot on the sun. Believe me, I have tried, with no luck.

    • hi dru

      It is just the angle at which it is approaching. It could be said that it is coming in from “under” the earth, and will leave “over” the earth. Right now, those in the southern hemisphere can see it when we can’t. Once it crosses into the northern hemisphere, those that live there will be able to see it. It is much smaller than the sun, which can be viewed from both hemispheres.

      Another way of saying this is that the south pole is “pointed” at the path of nibiru for now, and later the north pole will be pointed at it. Remember, the earth is tilted on its axis, and not completely vertical.

      • Marianne
        all the pictures on that other sight showed Nibiru supposedly right next to the sun. Earth in relation to the sun is a point in space. A couple of thousand miles should not alter our view of the sun so as to limit northern hemisphere sightings. (I am sitting here drawing diagrams to figure it out). Now if Nibiru is in the direction of the southern cross right now, then it would be invisible to us, but that would mean it is nowhere near the sun. Also, as we approach the solstice, our the north pole is pointing toward the sun, so that argument seems to be moot.

      • Marianne
        Here is the visual for you to draw in your head. If you draw the earth as a one sixteenth inch circle, Then the sun would be approximately 7 inches in diameter. Now put that sun about 62.3 feet away from the Earths dot, and draw one line from the north pole, and one from the south pole to either edge of the sun. That earth size sliver can in no way account for the lack of visibility in the northern hemisphere. Especially considering how far from the sun some of those pictures show that planet being.

        I guess what I am saying, is that this is one of those things that I will believe when I see it. and not in some video someone made, but with my own eyes.

        • hi dru

          I am not the best person to explain something like this. The government is taking this seriously, so it must be around earth somewhere.

      • Hi Marianne,
        Care to predict exactly when we will be able to see it in the northern hemisphere? In 3 months the earth will have moved thru ¼ of it’s orbit – almost 100 million miles from where it is today. Surely we will be able to see it from the new viewpoint, right?
        I guess what I’m looking for here is a firm commitment to it’s existence so that after a given date you will have to admit it was all a fake.
        Time to step up to the plate here…

        • James,

          I can only report what others say about this. I see nothing. I have no computer software, and no hubble telescope in my house.

          I only consider its possibility, since I do not know. Maybe it is true, maybe it is not.

          But, I would be wrong to ignore the possibility and not warn people, then they get hurt.

          I would rather err on the side of caution, than be negligent in not saying anything.

  113. Site with information on Planet X, Herculobus, or Nibiru

    includes science

  114. Hi Marianne,
    I’m surprised I haven’t found this page sooner since it’s right up my alley, but stand back, the voice of reason is here.

    First of all, I just want to note something in your original article. The “against Nibiru” references were government and scientific sources with billions of dollars of research and instrumentation at their disposal. But every “for Nibiru” reference was a YouTube site with some idiot and a camcorder and undocumented theories. We can’t let the crackpots run the scientific community.

    Now, I studied the references just above and I found them also to be completely bogus.
    One site shows a photo of Nibiru close to the sun (actually lens flare) but in the text below he claims it is directly below the south pole and can only be seen from Antarctica. It can’t be in both places.
    But here is the clincher. If it is near the sun or the earth, then it would have to have an orbital speed as great or greater than the earth. Every object must speed up as it approaches the sun. So since the earth goes halfway around the sun in 6 months, an object at a similar distance would reach the sun and back in the same amount of time, then continue to head out into deep space. It could only stay hidden for a few weeks.
    Also , one idiot claims the planet is 850,000 Km (528,165 miles) in diameter. Are you kidding me? An object over a half a million miles across and no-one can find it? Not to mention the fact that an object that massive would begin thermonuclear reactions in its core and would become a star, not a planet. Guess the moron never realized that.
    But the massive amount of time he wasted on his pseudoscience was not wasted. He managed to accomplish his goal – to fool uninformed gullible citizens to believe that their lives are soon to come to and end. Quit your jobs, sell your goods, go on an indefinite vacation till the end comes.
    Go ahead – I dare you!

    • hi James.

      An indefinite vacation sounds nice.

      Well, the government says it is not true, but they are building underground cities and bases for some reason, all at taxpayers expense.

      Rev 7:15 describes the kings of the earth hiding themselves in caves after an earthquake and the sun and moon turn dark. So they have prepared a place to hide.

      There are other ex-government sources say there really is something coming. most of the government now has moved off the coasts and are prepared to bunker down in places like the mountains of colorado.

  115. Hey, if anyone out there has a Mac computer there is a widget which shows all the near-earth-orbit objects at a glance. It is from JPL labs and is called “Asteroid Watch”. I assume PC versions are also available, if your system uses widgets. Anyway, there is a bus-sized object that will pass closer to us than the moon on June 2nd. Close, but no cigar.
    It is interesting just how many such objects are out there. It’s amazing we aren’t hit more often.

  116. Just saw this on Steve Quayles website. Might not be liget. I really don’t know that much about all of this. Just thought I would pass it along.

  117. Seems like it should have been here by now. What is it doing? About 5 miles an hour? If these scientists are trully hiding this from us, they are in danger just as soon as we find out. Even as a Christian, I have a bad temper about that kind of dishonesty. If the populace discovers that our government and scientists are lying about there being no Nibiru, there will be violence all over this planet aimed directly at them. Their lives wont be worth a hill of beans, and someone will send them right to hell.Sorry for venting. It makes me angry to think we may be being mislead intentionally. No excuse will do.

  118. hi Capnbadboy

    Well, I think it may not be as bad as they say….someone just sent me this video (above)….if that is nibiru at the south pole, then all it does is give a light show. No earthquake, no fires, no tsunamis.


  120. Marianne .A final triumph !

    From the mouth of our Lord as to where in the word :You can find the truth about our Holy Mother being the Queen of Heaven and earth as well as the Mother of The world .

    Take a look!



    October 8, 1987


    I am;

    Jesus, I wish to repair for every offence said about our Blessed Mother. I cannot bear to hear offences said from Your creature about Her, especially from ministers. I would see my head roll and defend Her.

    Vassula, I will let you understand how Love suffers hearing those offences;

    Vassula, let it be known that I the Lord honour My Mother; let it be known to those who offend Her that She is the Queen of Heaven and that on Her Head I the Lord placed a crown, a crown of twelve stars; She reigns beloved and this is written in My Word; I honour My Mother and as I honour Her you should honour Her;

    I love you, both My Mother and I, bless you;

    Lord, the pastor denied Her as our Holy Mother, that we should venerate Her, and when I told him that You said it from the Cross, he said that You meant it only for John, and that nowhere in the Bible is written that She is our Mother too, and that we are Her children.

    but again I tell you daughter, that My Mother is your Mother too, you are Her children, it is written in My Word and I am telling it again for those who do not know, Scripture says,

    Where, Lord?

    in the book of Revelation, that when Satan failed in his pursuit of My Mother, he was enraged with Her and went away to make war on the rest of Her children, that is, all who obey the Commandments and bear witness for Me;

    Thank You, Lord Jesus, for helping me.

    Vassula, I have told you, before you I always am; stay small so that I may accomplish My Works; I love you;

    I love You, Lord, and bless You.

    us, we?

    Yes, Lord.



  121. planet x updates and notes, crop circles

    Click to access PXNewsLetterIssue18.pdf

  122. more photos

  123. NASA station

  124. more photos

  125. pictures taken 2/4/12

  126. God word’s never fails thz r happenin ppls 🙂

  127. Hmmmm our lord is reall god luv yo jesus

  128. Happay Resurrection Day. Our risen Lord was murdered, and rose from the dead for ALL human sin.

  129. updates…24639.26587.0.28155.

  130. Neumayer station

  131. I have heard that.

  132. 4,
    You heard wrong. Any shelters are to survive a nuclear war, which the bible says is coming (2nd horse of the apocalypse), but not a make-believe planet. The only people who claim that Nibiru is real are the idiots on YouTube who take whatever NASA photos they can find and then claim that Nibiru is in the photo, even though NASA clearly indicates on every photo just what the objects are, and they firmly deny that any of their photos are pictures of Nibiru.
    Believe who you want to – the scientists who took the actual photos or some kid messing around on YouTube making up nonsense just as a joke.
    The YouTube idiots are just out to yank our chains so they can say later, “Wow, you actually fell for all that Nibiru shit – I’m just a kid and even I don’t believe what I’m saying!”
    You mark my words, that day will soon come, unless of course they come up with some clever reason why Nibiru is taking so long to show up, just to prolong their fun.
    So show me the proof… where is it? I have a telescope, I just need the coordinates.
    Good luck. 🙂

  133. How can you call anyone an idiot without first bother to do a search on the planet .Not only does it exist but
    I also have seen it a few times around the sun I have pictures to prove it .a scientist also posted a live video on youtube I believe it was in Alaska .it was visible at the time for anyone who cared to see .so does Nibiru exist yes and it is close to the sun!

  134. So the rapture occurs when Jesus arrives in a spaceship to collect us? Wow what a disapointment. He has to wait til Nibiru is close enough that his space ship can make it here. Ok Im being an ass LOL Im sorry. The God I know created all the planets plus things unknown, why would he be riding on one of them to get here?

  135. nibiru ? photo taken from an airplane over Australia

  136. I think the Video speaks for itself!

  137. James
    Look at this picture! What do you see? Mein fuhrer got a good picture!

    • it does not look like lens flare to me!

      • This is a planet for us but for James It´s a lens flare or the moon 🙂
        One thing that I wonder is why your Government has deleted Nibiru from Google Earth but not from Google Sky! Confusing!

      • Marianne,
        Are you still on this ridiculous Nibiru kick?
        First of all, in the video above, it was taken five years ago, so If it were a planet speeding toward earth it would definitely not be at exactly the same coordinates as it was 5 years ago. So If the blocked out area is actually hiding Nibiru, then we are all quite safe as it is simply not going anywhere.
        Also, not the declination – minus 6 degrees. That is just barely below the celestial equator, and should have been clearly visible from everywhere on earth except the north pole, maybe.
        So the ruse that it was taken from the south pole makes no sense. In fact it would have appeared just above or below the horizon from down there, and would appear nearly overhead for anyone on the earth’s equator, where there are lots of telescopes.

        As for the photo, the object is no technically lens flare but a reflection from internal lens elements, just like the earlier picture above it. Anyone anywhere can get similar ghost images every time they take a picture of the sun. If the object were a planet, that close to the sun, it would not be visible in the daytime – same as Venus and Mercury. But this “object” appears as bright as the sun and planets don’t glow as bright as stars.
        And then there is the fact that If it were really there, billions of people would have noticed it including thousands of news crews with decent cameras, and yet nobody ever saw it. Have any of you ever seen a second sun in real life? Of course not. This phenomenon only happens inside cameras. Hmm. Maybe Satan is blinding us all from seeing it but he hasn’t figured out how to work a camera.
        Sure, that’s the story. That makes way more sense than camera artifacts!
        Please do yourself a big favor and take a photography course and read an astronomy book for dummies.
        Then pehaps you won’t be fooled by these YouTube idiots who are having a big laugh at your expense.
        And that goes for you too Adam!
        Geez guys…

  138. history channel

  139. Thank you for your time in putting together this information, I pray that more see this and more truths come to light.

  140. picture of nibiru in sky

  141. […] Vedi anche: […]

  142. Still hooked on any sun flare images you can find, eh Marianne? Funny how a planet in orbit around the sun seems to always appear right next to it for years and years now.
    But according to your other Nibiru page, Nibiru is supposed to be on the other side of the sun right now and will be directly behind the sun on Sept 3rd. So this photo and the other prediction can’t both be right.
    And what happened to the idea that you had to be in Antarctica to see Nibiru? Everyone can see the sun, so everyone should be able to see it any day of the week, including today.
    Lets all go outside today and look for it shall we? And someone call the newspapers and tell them to look for it too – what a story that would be – surely they will go for it.
    Yeah, lets all do that and get back to each other tomorrow.
    I can’t wait to see what happens…

    • pictures taken from south hemisphere.

      as the world turns, the images may be from different angles

      “Wormwood” will happen

  143. It is clear you don’t understand enough about astronomy to understand what I’m saying. But what seems all too obvious to me can be a total mystery to most untrained people so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.
    If there was such an object next to the sun I would have seen and photographed it last June when I took hundreds of photos of the solar eclipse and then the transit of Venus. Nothing was visible from the naked eye, nor in any of my photos, and I know for a fact you have never seen it either, nor has anyone other than a few people on YouTube. As a scientist,doesn’ty that raise a few red flags for you? Something that is supposed to tear the earth apart on Sept 27 – one month from now, has never been seen by any astronomer or NASA but only unknown (kids) on YouTube who have no credentials or knowledge of astrophysics.
    Then you look at an endless stream of lens flare pictures of the sun while claiming Nibiru is at the same time directly over the south pole, which is 90 degrees from the direction of the sun. That’s like trying to find your shoes by looking out your living room window.
    At this point, Nibiru promoters are falling left and right. On this blog you had 6 links – 4 for Nibiru and two to Mayan sites. All four Nibiru links have been taken down. Guess the kids got tired of fooling people and moved on to making skateboarding videos instead.
    I’m sure the Mayan sites will disappear in a few months as well, and then the bottom will drop out of this blog for good.
    Then we can all get past this nonsense and move on to real prophecy.

    • James
      You could take pictures of Nibiru near the sun a time and a half time ago but now Nibiru is outside Antarctic so you can not take pictures of it from Us or Europe anymore.

      • It is clear you know even less about astronomy than Marianne, so I won’t even try to explain it to you. You two are so obsessed with this imaginary planet that you will continue to believe in it far as long as you can, and you will continue to buy into all the BS that YouTube has to offer on the topic and pretend that you understand it all.
        But it won’t be long before you will both feel quite foolish. Maybe after that you will be more reluctant to believe everything you read on the internet.

        Maybe not…

        • James
          I´m not a fan Youtube and Internet. I use it very often but regarding Nibiru it´s part of my Ortodox faith and our little brother the Catholic Church they even have the faith that Nibiru is here. So i haven´t got my info from www but from my faith. And Jesus was sitting on his Fathers right side on the planet Nibiru until 1974.

          • Well, this proves one of my points, that the Catholic church and its cousins are practicing pagan beliefs. In this case it goes even beyond Babylon to ancient Egypt, but the effect is the same.
            The bottom line is that if Nibiru is not in the bible then we can not use it as a sign from God – -even if it actually did exist – which it doesn’t.
            So it won’t be long before your religion is shown to be a fraud. Better pray the damn thing shows up soon or you might be vaporized on Dec 22nd!

            • James
              You only have the Bibel as a source because you are thieves. We have more sources because we are Christians. The protestant Church is an apostate church. In dec 22 you will have the tail between your legs and i will drink red wine.

  144. this video is for James. 🙂

    CNN reports

  145. Are you claiming this is Nibiru?
    If so, it will never come anywhere near the earth, at least not for a few hundred years if as the reporter says, it is well beyond the orbit of Pluto.
    It is also way larger than Nibiru is supposed to be and if it is a dwarf star, then it doesn’t belong in our solar system as double stars revolve around each other, not one around the other like a planet. Also, a brown dwarf is an old burned-out star at the end of its life cycle, yet the sun is only ⅓ the way thru its cycle, so the two objects could not have been formed at the same time and are therefore unrelated. This scenario makes no sense so it is highly unlikely.
    So call it Nibiru if you wish, but then all your other posts need to be refuted and apologized for. Of course you will have to do that eventually anyway, it just depends on how terribly desperate you are for Nibiru to be Wormwood and how long you want to cling to the idea.
    Either Nibiru is going to be directly between us and the sun in a week and blot it out or it is over 5 billion miles away. Make up your mind.

    • James
      If there is no sign of Nibiru in the end of this year I will start to doubt by faith bbut until then, Nibiru is here now. Capise!

  146. Check this out if you dare:

    • hi jim

      just curious. it is 6:30 am here. it would be 3:30 am there.

      I was just outside, and see a huge star in the north east sky.

      it is the same one I saw last year, but now what seems like 12 hours earlier.

      what is it?

      it is the biggest one also, and shows when no other star is visible due to cloud cover.

  147. That would be Jupiter. I was just looking at it last night. It is brighter than any star and it is steady rather than twinkles. It appears in a similar location every year but it does move a bit in its own orbit during the year so it appears at a different time of night on successive dates. If you can get a pair of binoculars you can see the four major moons discovered by Galileo.
    Now that’s a real planet…

    • James
      It´s so sad you understand so much about science but not anything about Nibiru. It´s the opposite here. I know a lot about Nibiru but not much about science. I don´t need a telescope to feel that Nibiru is here.

      • Well Adam, it appears that you know a lot about nothing since Nibiru is a myth, but you are about to learn something new when Nibiru fails to show up.

    • why is it in the northeastern sky instead of the southeastern sky?

      • For the same reason the sun is in the northern skies in summer – it is on the same plane of the ecliptic. Or it is possible you are looking at something else. About what time does it rise above the horizon? And is it brighter than any other object you can see? And does it shine steady or does it twinkle? Does it fly in a circle and then land at your local airport?
        These things will help me identify it for you.
        P.S. It’s not Nibiru

        • dear wise guy

          I saw it about 6 am before the sun came up. it was the brightest thing up there and it was huge. it did not twinkle…but hard to say, cloud cover in the way at times…. but was irregular in shape.

          I have not visited my local airport to check new arrivals.

          • dear not-so-wise-when-it-comes-to-astronomy lady,
            You were looking at Venus, which is a morning star right now. It is in its waxing gibbous phase right now, so if you could see it up close it would be sort of football shaped – like the moon gets before and after the full moon.
            I was viewing Jupiter slightly north of overhead at around midnight and it is brighter than Venus is right now only it is gone by the time Venus rises so you can’t compare them.
            I don’t have a view of the rising sun from my place so I don’t catch morning events to the east.
            So anyway, that’s the story on that.

  148. Why are you people wasting your time with planets that do not concern you ? Live it to God .He alone knows the best for humanity .Why have you not joined the fight in the Holy Army of God instead .Regardless of our differences :We are all part of the Body of Christ and it is your duty as much as it is ours.(Catholic’s ) to defend God’s sovereignty over the Earth

  149. Here is niburu anyone can see it in fact i have pictures of it in my phone .

    • Rosa,
      First of all, why are you on this silly blog if you are not concerned with planets?
      And the link you gave has nothing to do with Nibiru but it was interesting nonetheless. Of course the prophecy was totally bogus, but the page you linked to shows fulfillment of the prophecy that the whole world shall follow the beast, the beast being the Vatican. Most of the protestant churches will soon come back to the Vatican until the “whole” Christian world is catholic, so to speak, or at least they will follow the pope who will be the False Prophet. Unlike an antichrist coming to power in a New World Order, this interpretation is actually happening so I appreciate that link despite the fact that there is no sign of Nibiru anywhere on the page, just as there is no sign of it anywhere in the sky either.
      I would like to see your cell phone images if you can post them or send them to Marianne who could forward them to me so I can verify that they are simply lens flare. What would you expect when you point a cheap-ass tiny camera at the brightest object in the sky – a perfect image?
      Well maybe you can prove me wrong, it’s worth a shot.
      But please double check your link and see if you can find the right one.

  150. Yes Jim .Somehow the link did end up being the warning message but believe you me I had no intention of placing it here .So as mestrious as it looks for you it does the same for me .But I guess that whatever god wants he gets .as i said I had no intention of placing this link the link that i post was the link from Nasa about the planet Nibiru but we got God’s messages instead oh well the better .Now about your filthy accusations nothing new .i have heard it over and over again and yes we do have the truth from the Lord God and are very much aware that the evil one is underground in the Vatican and yes again nothing new. But if you think that you are going to put your feet in heaven before we do .Think again .For the only way to Salvation is through the Holy Catholic Church the true Bride of Christ and not any man made church ,Sorry to disappoint you but Remember this Our lord said this words.THE FIRES HELL SHALL NOT TRIUMPH OVER HER. As much as you would like to see her destroyed .it will not happen .the church is being clean by God .He is exposing all the rats that are about her .But she will rise more brilliant than before .before your very eyes before you can say HU!and those that false accuse her and are happy about her fall will soon be much lower than the demons in hell.You had your call .Now you must choose .either you will fight for God or you will side with the evil ones .Remember that between last year and this year alone 11 millions of demons have left hell and are around you to take you with them .Oh but wait apparently they are all going to leave hell and come to earth to lead you all to your resting place unless you repent.

    • So are you saying you don’t actually have a link to proof that Nibiru is real? Shocking!
      Well anyway, I looked over the site you sent me to by mistake and I found an interesting statement in it:
      Many changes will be introduced which will contradict the word of My Eternal Father. These changes, My sacred servants, wont be of divine origin and you must reject these untruths if you want to remain loyal to Me.
      Hey, I agree with this statement 100%. This is why I left the Catholic church long ago. The church is literally filled with beliefs and practices that were introduced by the Romans (pagans) and “sanctified” by popes and church councils. The church even admits that the pope has the power to override God’s word if he feels it is in the best interest of the church. This is how the second commandment got deleted from the catholic bible.
      So give me a break, please, this is pure hypocrisy plain and simple. The Catholic church follows the Babylonian Mystery religion (Baal worship) and the Book of Revelation states clearly that Babylon will be destroyed.
      I understand why most Catholics are true to what they’ve learned and refuse to look any further than the catechism, but I am an engineer and curious to know how things work, including the bible, so I took a closer look at it as well as the history of the church and I came to the conclusion that I needed to come out of her, so I did.
      If you stay in her, it will eventually be destroyed around you and you will suffer the 7 last plagues. (Mark of the beast). But you will be given the chance to learn the truth and accept it and still receive eternal life.
      That sure beats the Catholic church’s concept that all non-catholics will burn in hell for eternity for not being in the “right” church.
      God is merciful, not cruel. The whole idea of hell came from the Greeks and was adopted by the church to keep people in the pews. Read your church history and find out all this garbage came from. It’s not in the bible.
      Sorry to be so blunt, but I have to be if I’m ever going to save a soul or two here. Actually, you need to save yourself. Give up all you ever learned and start over. Read articles for and against different church beliefs and see which ones make the most sense. True sense, not “feel-good” sense.
      Only if you are willing to do that will you ever see scripture in true light.
      Otherwise wait. Wait to see if your version of prophecy ever comes to pass. But don’t wait too long… if you see my version unfolding you might want to jump ship and “come out of her” as I did.
      I will pray that this happens for you as I do every day for my entire Italian-Catholic family.
      May the Holy Spirit bless us all in this regard.

      • James
        Like I said before. Jesus is in the Vatican and he told us that he lives on the planet Nibiru when he is not on earth. He sits on his fathers right side thier.
        The Apostate churches are the churches that is not a Ortodox or Catholic church. That means your church
        And hell is mentioned in the Bible several times.

        • Adam,

          By your constant insistence that Yeshua is in the Vatican now, you are demonstrating to me and to others 2 things.

          1) That you have fallen under the Grand delusion…..

          “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:” 2 Thessalonians 2:11.
          (and you may wish to read the totality of that chapter as well.)

          And 2) That because of your naivety, you are unable to discern Yeshua`s warnings in Matthew 24:23-26.

          “Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here [is] Christ, or there; believe [it] not. For there shall arise false Christ’s, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect. `
          Behold, I have told you before.
          Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, [he is] in the secret chambers; believe [it] not.”

          I would add “Or in the Vatican” to the above as well.

          All Praise and Glory to the Father and the Son.

    • Rosa,

      You say above that the only way to Salvation is through the Holy Catholic Church.
      Gee, I guess that would mean that none of the Apostles or believers received Salvation through Yeshua then, (the One that happened to say that HE was the Way the Truth and the Life.) Funny why He didn’t mention anything about the Catholic Church at all while here? Funny that none of the Apostles did either?

      Praise be unto Yeshua HaMashiach Melech Malchei Hamelachim

  151. Ha! This is funny. Clearly PhotoShopped. The object was way out of proportion with respect to the buildings, and note the crescent lighting on it – that would mean that the sun would be below and to the right of the Object, most likely below the horizon as it is when we look a the crescent moon. But it was clearly the middle of the day, and a foggy day at that, too cloudy to see anything in the sky.
    The aholes who made this video clearly knew nothing about astronomy or photography, but it was good enough to fool many gullible people like yourself and probably Marianne as well.
    Oh yeah – Adam too.
    Besides, if that thing was really there, half the world would have seen it – it was HUGE! No way it could have escaped the press for the last 8 months.
    Well anyway it was short at least and worth a laugh, but I’m not impressed nor fooled by it.
    Bah, humbug!

  152. Marianne
    For James it´s a sun flare 🙂

  153. No Adam, it is sun flare for EVERYONE!
    This is a photo of the recent solar eclipse, probably taken from California as the sun is setting during the eclipse. I took hundreds of similar photos from my front yard only I used seven filters to dim the light enough so I didn’t get the flare effect you see here.
    Now just look at this picture… the bright object is obviously the sun, which is still super bright even when being partially covered by the moon, so it is severely overexposed. What we see on the right is an internal reflection where a small portion of the images’ light is visible and because the amount of reflected light is low, it acts sort of like a type of filter, dimming down the suns’ image to a point where it can easily be seen. It is commonly known as a “ghost image”
    In any case, the reflection is clearly not a planet, it is a glowing object partially covered by a dark object and is obviously the sun and the moon.
    The YouTube idiot claims it is a “2 suns phenomenon” whatever the hell that means. I watched the same eclipse from beginning to sunset and there were never two suns in the sky. I also tracked it on the internet and nobody anywhere ever saw two suns. So that is simply asinine. So where is Nibiru supposed to be? Not the bright image – it can’t be brighter than the sun, that would be stupid, and it can’t be the dark object because we know that is the moon. And think about it, if it were really that visible, billions of people would have seen it and it would be seen every day by everybody, so where is it today?
    I’ll tell you where it is.
    It is in the minds of gullible people all around the world who watch this crap and actually believe they are seeing two suns and a mythical planet.
    And Adam, if your God says he is from a mythical planet that doesn’t exist, then your God does not exist either. If Jesus were here today he would slap you upside the head and tell you to get your act together and stop talking total nonsense about stuff you know nothing about.
    So there…

    • I just checked the very large sky object. 6 am

      No it is not twinkling, but neither are any of the other stars.

      It is shaped like a christmas tree.

      • Then you must be looking at the Pleadies – a famous cluster of stars also called “The Seven Sisters” although there are actually more than just 7 stars – there are many smaller and dimmer stars in the cluster. These are newly forming – young stars and have clouds of gas and dust around them that may eventually form into solar systems with planets. Maybe you could get one of them named Nibiru, just for fun.

        • the star I see is isolated by itself, with no other stars around it.

          • Well, then it might be Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. It is easily visible at 6:00 in the morning in the NE sky.
            If it is to the left of Orion’s belt, then that is probably it.

            • This star is NOT part of a constellation.

              Go outside about 5:30 – 6 am and look to the northeast, and you will see it just sitting there by itself.

              • OK then,
                If it is bright, it MUST be part of a constellation, if it is a star. If it’s a planet, it must be IN a constellation since the entire sky is filled with constellations wall-to-wall, so tell me which constellation it is in and I can identify it.
                Now, if you are convinced it is Nibiru, I suggest you call your local newspaper and you may get credit for its discovery. Don’t call NASA because they are part of the worldwide Nibiru conspiracy and you might find yourself in a dungeon below the White House for the next ten years.

                • Sorry…it is just out there by itself.

                  Go look for it, and you will see it.

                  before dawn in the northeast.

                  • Sirius, the Dog Star, is in the constellation Canis Major – the Big Dog. It is Orion’s hunting dog, which is why it is to the left of Orion in the sky. In fact, the stars in Orion’s belt point to the Dog Star. But the rest of the stars in Canis Major are not particularly bright, so to you, Sirius may look like it is out there all alone, but not so to the ancient Greeks.
                    However, if you can’t identify Orion in the night sky, then you are lost. I suggest you buy a kids star guide from a book store and spend some time outside at night trying to identify as many constellations as you can. I did that when I was six and never forgot them, so if you are getting this late of a start then you should get cracking.
                    Once you become a spiritual being and can visit anyplace you want in the universe, how will you ever know how to get there if you haven’t learned your star maps?
                    But don’t waste eternity looking for Nibiru… you just aren’t going to find it anywhere.

                    • James
                      Nibiru is here. I can feel it inside my whole Ortodox body. We don´t need teelscopes, we can feel it.

                    • why don’t you go outside and look, instead of arguing?

                      there are no other stars near this one.

                    • Marianne,
                      As I said, I don’t have a clear view of the NE from my apartment. I would have to attach my prosthetic leg and walk quite a distance for the chance of seeing what you are talking about. I might find an upstairs neighbor I could wake up to use their balcony, but then, I don’t do stairs well any more either.
                      I will however try to get over to the pool area and see what I can see from there. Trees and apts block the view but I will give it a shot. Even at that I may still not be looking at what you are looking at. If I can, I will try to take a photo, but that will mean lugging around a tripod along with the camera which may require two trips. Depends on how tired I am at that time. That is close to my bed time and I’m not normally dressed or assembled to go outside at that time of day.
                      So what is easy for you can be virtually impossible for the disabled, so don’t count on any miracles.
                      You may have to learn your constellations after all if you ever want to figure out what you are looking at. Your mental pain will be far less than my physical discomfort and you might actually learn something in the process.
                      I’ll keep you posted.

    • this is a picture of venus and jupiter in the sky

      what I am looking at is NOT that round.

    • James
      I´m impressed about your astronomy knowledge but you are totaly wrong about Nibiru. If Nibiru doesn´t show up with in one year then our Jesus is not Jesus but timw will tell.

  154. Adam,
    What happened to Dec 21st? I thought that was the big day?
    Now you are giving it a year? And does that apply to Jesus’ return too?
    After that you will give another year and another and so on.
    Look, if you have irrefutable proof of a biblical event on a certain date, you can’t just claim that God was wrong or He changed his mind or whatever.
    So grab a pair and make a claim and stick with it.
    I think you are starting to get scared as December gets near and you are trying to back out of your claim. But it is all useless, the end is near for Nibiru. The longer you insist it is real the bigger a fool you will appear to be when you finally have to admit that iit is all a fake and you actually believed the YouTube idiots.
    I’m waiting patiently for that day.

    • James
      ´First of all, only God know times. Jesus said in in Matt 24 that he will come back and fire up what satan has planted in the end times. The only date we have about end times is 21 dec 2012 from the Mayans.
      We have Nibiru in our faith and we know that Jesus time will start when it is visible for everone but we don´t know when it will be visible. Jesus that is in the Vatican now said he thinks his time starts when the Mayan says the world will end or 13 baktun ends. Youtube can´t my opinion only my faith can give me info and you are so wrong about Nibiru.

      • Adam, Whatever you are feeling, it is not Nibiru. Maybe you just need a good antacid.

        • James
          It is Nibiru I feel.I can only feel me filled with power when Millwall beats West ham and when Nibiru is giving me power.

  155. Ive got a feeling,
    A feeling deep inside,
    Oh Yeah!

    If Jesus is at the Vatican, just march over there and ask him When his planet is gonna arrive. What is Jesus doing at the Vatican? Sitting on a hoard of gold and money, while people suffer throughout the world? He always hung out with some undesirables, prostitutes and tax collectors and the likes. Maybe he is at the Vatican……. :). In Heaven, the streets are pure gold, just like Nibiru, except Nibiru is coming to kill us.
    Ok joking aside, we do know something in the last days in the skys causes men to be terrified. They try to pull mountains over themselves. Forget the Mayan calander, look to your own calander. Scripture. The nearing tribulation may have more to do with the intentional collapse of the Dollar then something from outer space. That is what is in our face. The whole planet will be affected overnight. The US gov will declare marshall law, and the many gun owners will confront this rogue government head on. 30,000 drones bombing American homes. People sent to FEMA prison camps. Christians tried as terrorists for declaring the truth of Christ

    • That’s telling Adam off! Sometimes he gets quite silly.
      But then you went into your own little story of Marshall law, Gov’t drones and FEMA prison camps. That sounds like a movie screenplay more than biblical events to me. Where did you get this information? YouTube conspiracy videos? Sounds like everyone has a vivid imagination when it comes to bible prophecy.

    • SP
      I thougt Us was the country that made poor countries poorer. Why should Jesus sitt on a hoard of Gold? He Just sitting and wating for his time to start.

  156. Adam,
    Check the facts Dude, the U.S. gives more money to poor countries than the rest of the world combined. Do you know how many people would die if the US stooped all foreign aid? We even give billions to countries who hate us like Pakistan and Egypt. No, we don’t make poor countries poorer, but we could overnight if we could vote to end all the foreign aid that is bleeding the US dry.
    And if Jesus is in the Vatican, then why the hell isn’t he getting to work? What, is He waiting for the pope to die so he can hopefully be voted in? What a slacker. What does He do all day, play video games? Bet he gets high score every time.
    Maybe he figures the world doesn’t need him so he’s taking some well-deserved time off. I guess he will get around to ruling the world with a rod of iron eventually, so I suppose we will have to count on you to give us updates as to whether or not he is ready to show himself and get down to work.
    So you suppose he might show his face soon – maybe on his birthday – Saturnalia?
    Keep us posted, please.

  157. I can feel in my veins and in my blood that Nibiru is here. My whole body is filled with strength. Please if there is someone who has more picturesor info then please share it with me.

  158. Yeah dude, bring on the bogus photos and videos. I love to tear them to pieces. I get to use my astronomy and photography knowledge at the same time. And the more YouTube idiots I can debunk the more I can prove that the planet doesn’t really exist, because to this date, nobody has ever taken a definitive photo of anything new in our solar system other than a few stray asteroids. I love exposing liars and just plain stupidity, so bring ‘em on!
    Remember, if you can convince ME, then you will really have your proof!
    Good luck with that…

    • Jim
      my hair on my body has lifted up and are pointing to the south. So Nibiru is outside the south pole. When Nibiru is visible for everyone then you will have the tail between your legs and my Ortodox body will feel fine.

      • OK Adam, here is how you can convince me of that:
        Have someone video you while you rotate your body in a circle. I will expect your hair to act like a compass needle and always point south no matter which direction you body is facing.
        If you can’t do that then you are just making it up.
        Plain and simple.
        Oh yeah, Nibiru is supposed to come between the earth and the sun causing a world-wide eclipse this Thursday, so it can’t be south of the earth. That story has been around for well over a year, and since then the earth has gone all the way around the sun and back and still Nibiru has never been sighted. So I’m afraid your hair must be pointing to something else. Maybe it is just messing with your mind. Maybe it is being controlled remotely by someone on YouTube. I suggest you shave it all off before it causes you to do or say something irrational or stupid.
        Never mind, too late for that.

        • Jim
          You say “Oh yeah, Nibiru is supposed to come between the earth and the sun causing a world-wide eclipse this Thursday”
          Where do you get that info from?
          If I am standing against north then the hair is down but when I am looking at south the hair is lifting it up and pointing to south.

  159. Adam,
    This prediction is from Mariannes other Nibiru blog:\’spath-from-2011-2018/
    You have been blogging on this page for a while, but you never took the time to read the article. According to the author (who I now claim to be a liar and a YouTube idiot) Nibiru is supposed to eclipse the sun on Thursday. It is also supposed to flip the earth upside down which ought to be fun.
    Go back and read the article if you don’t believe me, but with all those orbital charts and diagrams and all that astronomical techno-talk you would think this guy is a real expert on Nibiru and you could count on his theory to be correct, with all that research he must have put into it.
    How could he possibly be wrong?
    I’ll tell you how…
    He is a liar and an idiot, that’s how!
    And anyone who believed him is an even bigger idiot. Why? Because it is so simple to prove him wrong. Just a little studying and his whole article falls apart. But most people are too lazy to study something new, so they just decide to believe him because of all the slick graphics and fancy words. So those people deserve to be called gullible fools. That’s the price of stupidity. God gave us all a brain and he expects us to use it, especially when it comes to proving His word.
    If you’re dumb enough to let some YouTube idiot hand you a big line of BS and convince you he’s telling you the God’s honest truth, then you deserve all the ridicule I can muster and I think God will be on my side.
    I’m here to expose false prophets wherever I can. And any prophet of Nibiru’s coming is false, so I am here to set the story straight.
    THERE IS NO PLANET NIBIRU!!! Never was, never will be.
    Hear me now and believe me later… no matter how hard you wish for it or how much you believe in it, hair or no hair, IT AIN‘T GONNA COME!
    So there…

    • Jim
      Accoridng to my faith Nibiru will be visible for everyone when Jesus next mission starts. That is all in my faith about Nibiru. I don´t know anything about turning Earth upside down only maybe change angle a few degrees.
      If Nibiru will not be visible for people in future then my faith is not true. But I trust in my faith. But my faith doesn´t say when it will be visible. I understand that you don´t beleive in Nibiru because you are a protestant which means thief. To open an own church and read the Bible doesn´t make you a Christian. We have in our faith that when Jesus/Jacob starts his next mission WW3 will start.

      • Adam,
        I don’t believe in Nibiru because I DO believe in science and have studied astronomy since I was 6 years old. So I simply know it does not exist. It has nothing to do with being a protestant – just ask Marianne. It‘s not a catholic thing, it‘s an ignorance thing. Those who do not understand God’s laws of nature tend to believe a lot of BS fed them thru YouTube. Those who know better see thru the hoax. That’s just the way it is.
        There is a lot in the bible that I do take on faith alone such as acts of God, but to date I have not seen anything that can only be attributed to an act of God. Earthquakes and storms are still natural phenomenon as are eclipses and many other events.
        Now when God sends brimstone and hail down from a clear sky to destroy the enemies of Israel, I will believe that to be a genuine act of God. But not an eclipse on a Jewish holiday for example.
        Anyway, I can say with absolute certainty that there is no mysterious planet the supposed size of Nibiru anywhere near our solar system and if it were discovered today it would take hundreds of years to reach the earth. This is simply the laws of physics.
        So unless you want to use the magic card and claim it will appear out of nowhere or that it is invisible (which wouldn’t matter because several outer planets were discovered before they were ever seen, so invisibility would not keep scientists from discovering it), there is no way your claim that Nibiru will soon be here could possibly be true.
        So tell me, is it a magical planet or not?
        Inquiring minds want to know…

        • The Father God created then sun, 12 planets and the stars in 6 years so moving Nibiru close to us will not be a big deal for God.
          Yes this is a protestantic and Catholic thing. We in the Ortodox/Catholic church have it in our faith that Nibiru will soon be visible and close to earth and you protestants don´t have it in your faith beacuase you just have the Bibel as a source.

  160. good picture from australia

  161. Why do you keep putting up photos of the sun with flare or reflections? If there were really two planets (Nibiru and Nibiru Jr?) then surely there would be hundreds of amazed witnesses on the plane and the pilot would have reported the phenomenon to the tower and everyone on earth would have see these objects.
    In this photo you are looking at two reflections from the double-pane airplane windows. One is flat and the other is curved so the two reflections appear in different locations and slightly different sizes.
    Now, if these items were actual objects, they could not be Nibiru. They are far too bright to be a planet – they, like the sun, are luminescent, not reflective.
    Also look at the size. Since they are fully lit and not in silhouette they would have to be on the other side of the sun, Since they appear to be about half the size of the sun and they would have to be farther from us than the sun they would have to be over half a million miles in diameter. Way to big to be a planet.
    Also, if Nibiru is supposed to be hiding beneath the south pole, how could it appear right on the other side of the sun? You see, each YouTube idiot contradicts all the other, and none of them has ever offered on bit of proof that Nibiru exists. Ancient Egyptian legends and bogus photos plus an unconvincing story line is all they’ve got. And its all they ever will have.
    And as long as they have ignorant gullible people to prey on they will continue to enjoy their little game of seeing how popular their videos can become on YouTube. It is just a popularity contest and you all are their unknowing pawns.
    I posted a video that completely debunks all the YouTube Nibiru claims. Take an hour to watch it and stop being ignorant pawns in an idiot’s game of fools.
    Or not… 😦

    • Jim
      that is Nibiru for us!

      • Adam,
        At least you are consistent. It seems everything you believe in – Nibiru, Jesus was born human again and lives in the Vatican etc,) is imaginary. I think maybe you are imaginary too. You are nothing more than evil spirits floating thru the ether of the internet. Maybe you are one of those YouTube idiots I’ve been complaining about – you are just pulling our legs to see what happens. But that won’t work on me because my leg is fake – just like you. I am your kryptonite and I will defeat you!
        Actually your ridiculous statements will eventually defeat you, so all I have to do is wait patiently.
        And I got plenty of time…

        • Jim/James

          When you say Nibiru is fake then you say that my Ortodox faith is false. Even the Vatican has Nibiru in their faith. You are acusing us for false faith. I know that your protestant faith is false and not accepted by Jesus or the Vatican. Time will tell us whos right and whos not.

          • My faith is based on the bible – the word of God. Yours is based on the catechism and the doctrines of men who have even changed the word of God and even His commandments. How do you know that it is O.K. For a pope or a committee to change the bible? You obviously believe it because some human told you that it is O.K. The same men that made the changes told his church that he had God’s authority to do so. And you believe those men, just because they say so. It is the same reason you are so quick to believe all those YouTube idiots, just because they sound like they know what they are talking about.
            So yes, your faith is false and if you understood the Book of Revelation you could read it for yourself. But of course your mind is already made up and by the time you figure out it will be too late. Perhaps when Nibiru proves to be false you will reevaluate your other beliefs and maybe you can be taught the truth in time.
            I sure hope so brother.
            I sure hope so.

            • James
              Jesus return will be a surprise. The bibel tells us that people will marry each other etc when jesus returns so the book Revelation is not going to happenpeople will not live a normal life and marry each other during the rev or after. My source is also the Bible but we know little more. The New testament is written to Jesus now this second coming. The book Rev. Is just a reference material to Jesus.
              the second Peter book tells us that God has saved the earth to huge fire in the end times. jesus said he will return in end times and then it will rain fire and brimstones from heaven. This is from new testament and it doesn’t fit with the book rev. According to the finest church the syrianic church Nibiru is here soon but thet don’t tell me when. All i know is that 3 planets was in line when Jesus was born the first time he was baptized and that on 21 dec 3 planets will be in line again.

              • Dude,
                3 planets are in line about once every few years, depending on which planets you use, not including Nibiru which doesn’t exist. But on Dec 21, 2012 there will be no planetary alignments, according to NASA and my astronomy program. Once again your information is faulty.I don’t know what you’re reading but you should burn it now before God burns you later.
                God is going to burn the paganism out of your church and many protestant churches as well. All churches that don’t follow the commandments will not be the bride of Christ. Your church is so apostate it can’t be fixed. God will tie a millstone around it and toss it into the sea. Say goodbye to most everything you’ve been taught. Enjoy your traditions of man while you can because they will soon be wiped out.
                Keep your faith in Nibiru. Use it as your canary in the mine. When you see it die, get the hell out of there! When Nibiru is proved a hoax, get out of your apostate church and find the church of Philadelphia – the one true church.
                Until then… stay crazy!

                • Jim
                  From the other Nibiru subject
                  21 December 2012:
                  the infamous date sees the Earth approaching an alignment
                  between the Sun and Elenin, and Nibiru also aligning between the Sun and Jupiter.
                  The true church is my Ortodox church and yours are apostate Church.
                  Their will not be any witnesses before Jesus return because everybody would expect Jesus return then. Luke says Jesus return will be a surprise.

                  • That same article claimed that Nibiru would eclipse the sun and flip the earth upside down last Thursday. He has already proven himself to be a liar. Yet you continue to put your faith in this person. Why?
                    Probably the same reason you continue to believe in a church that lies to its members. Your church is lying to you about Nibiru and Jesus in the Vatican along with many other false doctrines of devils. This will eventually become clear to you starting with Dec 21st a day on which nothing will happen.
                    Just wait and see.

  162. I just saw this video. I know the controversey concerning this and basically have no opinion on that, so don’t respond to me personally “James”. I am not saying it is real or not real. But I do find it interesting and just putting it out there.

  163. Forgot to put the link with the post:

  164. This is definitely NOT for Al, but here goes…
    First of all, the first thing you need here is verification. In other words, if the object is real, then every camera should have picked it up, especially scientific expeditions like the one who probably shot the original footage.
    Below is one of dozens of easily available videos of the eclipse and it does not show up on any other.
    So this video has been PhotoShopped.
    The main problem with this video is the incredible speed that the object is traveling at. I watched the transit of Venus last July and it moved at a snails pace. I watched for hours and it barely moved across the sun’s disk. This thing is moving at warp speed (for a planet).
    Now, if it was truly a planet, once it moved far enough from the sun it would appear as a crescent shape, as does Venus and Mercury, and would have to have been visible anywhere on earth where the sun can be seen. Nobody saw it. Hmm.
    Problem 2: If it is a rogue planet, it can never come between the earth and the sun. It would have to be in permanent orbit between us and the sun – there for all time for all to see. No such thing exists.
    Problem 3: While this “object” seems to apppear only at the time of totality, however from a different location the object would have been visible crossing the sun before it was covered by the moon, so it would have been clearly visible on other videos shot elsewhere. But it ain’t.
    Again, I find it highly suspicious that not a single astronomer in the world has ever seen Nibiru, yet some YouTube idiot can find it over and over again in the photos and videos taken by scientists and professionals who should have seen it in the first place, and yet, zip, zilch, Nada.
    Yes, this is a clever video and might easily fool the naive and uninformed (ignorant) observer.
    I hope no one here claims to among that group.
    Any takers?

    • this is not a comment on the video..but on something you said.

      “not a single astronomer in the world has ever seen Nibiru, ..”

      you cannot speak personally for every astronomer in the world as to what they have seen or not seen.

      Astronomers see a lot of things, but do not publish every observation.

      • That’s right, I know this because astronomers revel in every comet and asteroid they discover and name. If any one of them found something as big as Nibiru they would have spread the word throughout the scientific community.
        Not a single YouTube idiot I have seen is a real astronomer. I know this because they use pseudo-science and just plain make up crap on their sites.
        If Nibiru was real, believe me, it would be HUGE news and would be all over the media within hours.
        If you watched a YouTube video that “proved” that werewolves actually exist, would you think they were scientists or just plain liars?
        Get my point?

        • russian scientists have no problem talking about it.

          • Didn’t I just tell you not to believe in YouTube idiots? This is pure bull****. And it is already proved to be fake since about 4 mins into the video it claims by October/November 2012 Nibiru will appear as a second red sun, visible to everyone on earth.
            So where is it? It is supposed to wipe out all life on earth. So much for bible prophecy. We will all die in 4 weeks before any of the seals of Revelation are ever opened.
            Pick one please… God or a stupid Russian YouTube video.
            You are just making Christians look like some sort of silly cult.
            I’ll give you till Dec 21st, then just put all this nonsense behind you.

  165. You got the right word there – “appear.”
    I can put any dope in front of my video camera and give him him a script to read, than use iMovie to place an official looking banner at the bottom of the screen. A ten year old could do it. So appearances can be (and usually are) deceiving. If you really believe that everything you see on the internet is true then I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you cheap.
    Any takers?

  166. Hi Marianne! I didn’t know you covered this topic, but I recently released a book on Sumeria and discovered that Sitchin and his theory is a hoax. Taken from The Oracle of Enheduanna, we find:

    “Zecharia Sitchin published his interpretation of ancient Mesopotamian mythology during the 1970’s with the release of the book entitled, The 12th Planet, along with other writings to support his theories.

    Sitchin made the hypothesis that the gods of the Sumerian culture came from a planet that rotates around our solar system every 3,600 years. This planet, according to Sitchin, is named Nibiru. Although Sitchin’s theories have become very popular, his ideas were rejected by both scientists and academics alike, and rightfully so.

    Sitchin gained a degree in economics from the University of London and worked as an editor, journalist, and later as an executive at a shipping company. Sitchin was not educated by any academic institution that focused on the subject of ancient Mesopotamia. He taught himself Sumerian cuneiform. Sitchin visited several historical sites, and promoted himself as a Biblical scholar. Sitchin never took the time to understand how to normalize Akkadian sentence structure, which led to his misinterpretation of certain texts. Examples of this can be seen in the English language today. The English term “run,” for example, can have several different meanings. If someone, foreign to the English language was to give this term a basic definition of walking swiftly, or what have you, without considering the context that this term would appear in relation to other words in the sentence, meanings and ideas of the word “run” will be misinterpreted. The individual may define the phrase running water, as water walking swiftly by an object. While examples like these may be somewhat amusing, they illustrate the erroneous aspects of Sitchin’s work, and his fallacy of taking the meaning of certain Sumerian terms and using them in a different context.

    Sumerian spirituality was polytheistic to say the least, a technology that revealed a connection to the divine in all things. More importantly, the ancient Mesopotamians viewed life itself as an extension of the divine. For whatever reasons, Sitchin took the Sumerian legacy out of context and allowed his view of the world to cloud his understanding of ancient Mesopotamia. Unfortunately, he could not see the simple logic of all indigenous peoples and their spiritual paradigms, which dictates that the true rulers of humanity are the emotions emanating from stellar forces and the environment.”

    • So what is the Sumarian view on “nibiru?”

      • It is the ancient Akkadian name, not Sumerian, for the planet Jupiter. The Akkadians had glossaries. In these glossaries they noted the term Jupiter as Nibiru.

        All of this stuff started doomsday planet stuff was started by a guy who worked as a Warehouse manager and taught himself some terms in Sumerian and began trying to interpret some texts without the proper education for doing so.

        Some people are so miserable that they want the world to end and then promote any theory that helps them in their aim

      • Here is a link to a video that you will find helpful:

        • so is nibiru really Jupiter?

          • Yes. This idea of another planet may be possible, but the information and terms used by Sitchin is evidence that he was trying to fit his theory into Sumerian mythology, rather than letting it speak for itself

            • what about the ancient pictures of an extra planet around the sun?

              • Marianne,
                You say you are a scientist, right? Well, if you saw an ancient drawing of a man with two heads would you consider that to be conclusive proof that two-headed people once roamed the earth?
                And remember this, until Copernicus, everyone believed that the stars an planets revolved around the earth, not the sun. So any old drawing with a dot surrounded by concentric circles could not have represented the solar system as we know it today. Plus the ancients could never have seen Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, so if there was an ancient sighting of Nibiru, and they added it to the seven known planets, there should be eight rings, not ten.
                So to make your theory work, you would have to claim the ancients had powerful telescopes or that aliens gave them astronomical knowledge. That is quite a stretch, don’t you agree?

                • I dont see any skeleton remains of giants. If the Bible was true, there would be probably thousands of them. Many with two rows of teeth. Our scientists know more then any other people that ever walked on this planet. Look we walked on the moon. Even by the Bibles account, people back then were stupid! Look at Eve, listening to a talking snake. Isnt that silly? Snakes cant talk and we all know it. Science, and the Fortress god are our new gods now. We are very progressive.

                  • Jose
                    There may be several factors in play here, on finding certain remains. If the original population was small, the odds of finding something are small as well.
                    If the dead were cremated or not buried, there would be nothing left behind.
                    There are new species being discovered every day so the fact that nothing has been found yet does not prove they never existed.
                    And we don’t really know what the term “giant” referred to. Rockefeller was described as a “Giant of Industry” but he was only average size.
                    Much of the bible is not literal anyway, so I would give God the benefit of the doubt on this one. Someday soon we will all find out the true meaning of all things biblical, so just hang in there a while.

                  • Jose,

                    I would advise that you not put your trust in scientists, or any man. They are not gods, and much of their work is destructive. We will have World war 3 soon, with their technology.

                    the giants were killed in the flood, so I would guess their bones are well buried deep in the earth or the bottom of the sea.

                    some bones have been found.


                    • We can all put our faith in science. Science is based on the physical laws of God and the universe, so there is no conflict between science and the bible. To deny science is to deny God who created the universe.
                      So don’t sweat any apparent discrepancies. It will all become clear in time.
                      God’s time.

                • The ancients had alien contact, which transferred knowledge of the heavens to them. Aliens are a reality, fallen angels, and not science fiction anymore.

                  • There’s a difference between beings from other planets and angels from God. By your terminology God is an alien as well, which is fine, just a matter of definition. But I was referring strictly of the former type.
                    Do you believe that angels travel in UFO’s like the ones we see on YouTube all the time? Those kind of aliens?

                    • I never met an alien, so I cannot give a definite answer. I believe at least some of what are called aliens are fallen angels. Pure angels do not need UFOs to travel, but nephilim may.

              • that may have existed, but it wasn’t called Nibiru

                • if it wasn’t nibiru, then what was the extra planet called? the name is not as relevant the existence of an extra planet.

                  • Hey, you tell us what it was. Obviously there is nothing there today. So where did it go? Why did it go? You might as well make up any explanation you like, then put it on paper or chisel it on a local rock face and you will have proved your point.
                    How do you know the ancient carving wasn’t a bulls-eye target for rock darts? Maybe the artist was just trying to draw nice concentric circle (which the planets do not do by the way).
                    Maybe he made one ring for each of his fingers.
                    Why do you have to assume that four of the rings represent planets that were never visible to anyone on earth? That would infer some sort of supernatural knowledge which opens a whole nuther can of worms. And then you have to explain the disappearance. More worms.
                    You can’t believe everything you see in a cave painting. They were the internet YouTube of their day.
                    Ask a real scientist what they think. See what they have to say.
                    Stop jumping to illogical conclusions.
                    And forget about Nibiru.

                    • James
                      I had a dream that Nibiru will com in here later then we think.

                    • Dream on, Dude.

                    • I guess your dreams are more accurate than your holy scriptures. When people can overturn the word of God, the church has turned apostate. For yours this happened during the Roman empire, and still happens to this day.

                    • the bible predicts a pole shift.

                      it does not say how god will accomplish this.

                      so a dream cannot contradict something that is not mentioned.

                  • There is information that discounts Sitchin’s theory. Checkout the youtube video I sent. All I’m saying is look at both sides of the coin before coming to your opinion.

                    • some of the governments of the world seem to believe there is something extra out there that is a threat…I have heard it discussed on russian tv and I have heard a former US military intelligence officer talk about this, and that the problem is soon coming.

                      I do not think people get dates correct, but they have some reason to be spending billions of dollars in preparation. the US government is preparing for disaster and martial law, and building underground facilities.

                      so, no matter what it is called….is there something in space to be concerned about? if there is, there is nothing we can do about it anyhow.

                    • There has always been communication with life, not originating on this planet, and certain initiated people here on earth. The reason that the average man cannot see these things is due to his/her impurity. Alot of terms in the Bible actually come from Sumer. we talk about this all the time as workers of the old Chaldean rites today.

                      Personally, that stuff talking about aliens and what have you, is talking about demons in the true since of the word, or forces that shouldn’t be operation in the sphere visible to humans. I have been studying Sumeria for over 15 years. just google “warlock asylum sumeria.”

                      I always tell people that if you want to get to the root of something, look at the background of the authors. Abraham comes from Ur. Read about the Sumerian gods of Ur to see if they had any influence on what Abraham would later present to his descendants. its not being rebellious. it trying to get to the heart of the matter because you life is involved, and the creator will bless you. Often times, people won’t do this because they want to “be something” and that same desire is the greatest form of idolarty in the world. You read a story and right away you want to be assocaited with the good guys, without realizing this is a control tactic. In any form of entertainment, if you look at the story form the bad guys eyes, you can begin to see the issues of the author. stay blessed!

                    • go to new comment column below

          • Btw…I thought you might like this article. Fell free to repost it on you site:


  167. Thanks for some sanity on this topic W
    And to everyone that actually bought into this YouTube Nibiru nonsense…
    I told you so!!!

  168. for james….

    • Gee, I hope that aliens from other planets don’t try to interfere with bible prophecy – they could mess up the tribulation and prevent the millenial kingdom. They might have a death ray that could kill Jesus. Who knows how much havoc they could wreak?
      Throw away your bibles and start praying to the aliens for mercy when they attack!
      If you buy into this video that is…

      • They would be part of bible prophecy. Jesus said the end would be as the days of Noah, and if you check the days of Noah, nephilim (giant) roamed the earth, which were human -“alien” hybirds.

        These creatures are already here, and the US government is working with them to use alien technology for its own purposes.

        I purposely used videos that cited scientific sources.

  169. O.K. If you listened to the reports this is a larger than normal Kiuper belt object orbiting the sun at a distance of almost 100 astronomical units (10 billion miles) and less than 2000 miles in diameter. It will remain that far from the sun forever. It will not ever come near enough to the earth to even be seen by the naked eye, let alone cause pole reversals etc.
    It is not Nibiru, plain and simple. It does not fit the myth.
    And even if its orbit would take it close to the earth, it would take over 1000 years to reach the earth.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if someday we discover dozens of these bodies deep in the Kiuper belt, but no one on earth will ever see one in the night sky, so they will never qualify for a “sign in the heavens” for biblical purposes.
    You are just grasping at straws now. Let Nibiru go. It never existed and it never will.
    (Hear me Adam? Your time is fast running out!)

  170. James
    All I know is that Jesus is in the Vatican and he said that his time starts when another planet will be visible for people on earth. I don’t know the time but it is soon. According to Internet it will be visible 21 dec 2012. But only God knows times so I can’t tell you when it will show up. But it will show up. Otherwise my Ortodox and the Catholic Church is not true.
    And nibiru was here 3600 years ago and it came people from the planet to the earth and gave us knowledge about planets. So Annunakis gave my poeple good knowledge long time ago and my culture are expecting Nibiru here very soon.

  171. James
    Jesus who is in the Vatican now said he lives on the planet Nibiru when he is not on earth. Do you think he the whole Vatican is treating a person as a king that is not a king. They know more then people on this site will ever do.

    • Nobody could live on a planet that spends 90% of its orbit out beyond Jupiter. The surface temperature would near absolute zero and nothing could survive.
      The Catholic church is full of doctrines that are not true, so why not add Nibiru to the mix. I feel sorry for all those who are in apostate churches because they are in for a big shock at the Second Coming when their churches will be destroyed, replaced with the true church – most likely very similar to the church at Philadelphia as in rev3.
      I hope the fact that Nibiru will never arrive might lead you to the truth before it is too late, but I doubt you will listen. In fact the Catholic church is prophesied to collect most Christians on earth by the tribulation. So the “whole world (Christian world) will follow the beast (Vatican). “
      So you and your church will be looking good pretty soon with the next pope (False Prophet) performing miracles on behalf of the beast.
      But what are the odds that when you see this happening you will remember my words and “get out of her” as the Lord pleads.
      You have 3 weeks left. After that your prophesy is false. If you continue to believe it, then I’m afraid you are lost.

  172. Continued from above…
    Where does the bible foretell of a pole shift and exactly what do you mean by a pole shift?
    Describe what you think will happen and provide the verses to back it up.
    And do you still believe Nibiru is going to be here soon, and when? All the 2012 predictions have failed and the idiotic YouTube videos have been removed as hoaxes. You’ve been claiming for years it will “soon” be visible to all as a sign of the Second Coming, but if a couple of amateur astronomers can find a 2000 mile wide planet 10 billion miles away, why can’t they find a 30,000 mile diameter planet that is on a collision course with the earth?
    You seem to have lost your sense of logic, if you ever had one.
    It is one thing to consider a false prophecy, but to cling to it tenaciously when common sense tells you otherwise is just silly and will only make you look even more foolish in the end.
    And don’t say I never told you so! 🙂

    • Isaiah 24: 1 , 19-20, 23

      I never said something had to happen in 2012.

      logic does not = one’s own personal opinion, and illogical does not mean something in disagreement with it.

      I am not saying that it HAS to be nibiru that does this, but it is obvious SOMETHING causes these event in the physical realm.

      • Logic is a discipline, almost mathematical in nature. It must be taught, it does not come naturally to humans. Some of it involves types of “equations” such as, If X happens when Y is in a certain condition, then the outcome will be Z.
        We learn some of it from life experiences, such as, If the stove is ON (X) and I place my hand on it (Y), I will get burned (Z).
        But here is a whole other side to it which must be learned, almost like a language, and engineers and programmers like myself have to learn these languages in order to get computers etc, to do what you want them to do.
        There is also a social side of logic which is a bit fuzzier, like if you poke a bear with a stick it will get annoyed and attack you. While not always true, people who don’t learn this type of logic don’t last long in the world.
        In simpler terms, you might say it is thinking with your mind instead of your heart. Look for facts instead of guessing. Don’t take everything at face value, etc. Most people are guilty of all of these things. It is simply human nature and you have to train it out of you.
        This is the reason that most people consider me some kind of nut job. What is clearly apparent to them I often take issue with, and analyze it in a logical way.
        Being logical does not always mean being right though. Usually there are many factors that can affect an outcome. But using logic will almost always get you closer to the truth than just guessing.
        Does any of this sound logical?

  173. James
    Marianne refers to Isaiah 24:1 from the king james version. I looked at 10 different bibels and only king james version says God will turn the world upside down. Not the jewish ortodox, not the catholic bibel and not 8 other translations. we can forgett a pole shift, its only king james who are missleading us.

    • the hebrew words baqaq and balaq describe an action to empty and make void, as if turning a bottle upside down, and emptying all its contents., leaving nothing behind

      • In the new king james version it is changed that the earth will turn upside down from the king james version regarding Isaiah 24:1.

      • Well, I often lose something around my place and I often turn my apartment upside-down looking for it, but it doesn’t mean I turned the building on its head.
        The bible is full of metaphors – you can’t take everything literally.
        Actually flipping the planet upside down would do far more harm than good and there is no logical reason that God would want to do something like that. If he wanted to destroy the planet he could simply snap his fingers. Why play with it like a cat playing with a wounded mouse?
        I think you are reading way more into the scriptures than is necessary.

        • things will still be a mess….and there will be a tottering back and forth like a drunkard, like Isaiah says…..pole shifts are usually electromagnetic in nature

  174. ha ha . here we go again! news story

    • Marianne,
      This comet was discovered a while ago and has been on the NASA web site for some time. There are many comets rounding the sun almost every year. Remember earlier this year when everyone thought the comet Elenin
      was going to cause a pole shift? And what happened? Nothing! No one even saw it.
      In 1910 the earth passed right thru the tail of Halley’s comet with no I’ll effects other than a cool meteor shower. And many people claimed the earth would be destroyed then too. Of course they were wrong, but I’m sure some YouTube idiots will claim to have secret knowledge about this comet and will be happy to sell you all sorts of disaster supplies for the occasion. And many bible thumpers will use the event to proclaim the Second Coming is imminent. Please don’t be one of those idiots.
      This is a comet. Way to small to be Nibiru and without a molten iron core it won’t have a fierce magnetic field that could interact with the earth’s causing a magnetic pole shift or some other nonsense.
      I’m looking forward to this comet since Halley’s was such a disappointment in 1986.
      But I don’t expect Jesus to be on it.

      • I do not care if something is a planet , a dwarf star, a meteor, or a weather balloon. something will cause the 6th seal….I am just waiting to see what it is

        • So have you finally given up on Nibiru?

        • Hey, here’s a thought… maybe it will be an act of God. It sounds too complex to be the result of a single fault movement, plus there seems to be a meteor shower, unless you take the verses literally and actual stars are going to pummel the earth.
          It doesn’t mention a pole shift, magnetic or otherwise, and besides, any object coming close to the earth could never cause a pole shift anyway, despite what the YouTube idiots may claim. So don’t keep looking for an astronomical body to cause the 6th seal.
          And don’t forget the last verse of rev6:
          Rev 6:17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?
          This sure sounds like the entire 6th seal is due to the wrath of God.
          If it is a natural phenomenon, it would lose its purpose. Everyone would just think it was going to happen whether of not God actually exists. By this point I’m sure God will be making it very clear that He is in control and won’t leave anything in doubt.

          • no it does not use that word.

            things will be globally shaken.

            pole shifts happen naturally….

            seems like everything is highly disturbed, which would include the atmosphere, since the sky splits open.

            everything in creation is an act of God

            • Magnetic pole shifts do happen naturally, but not the planet turning 180 degrees on its axis – that has never happened and never will.
              A magnetic reversal takes hundreds of years to happen and would only affect compasses, not people, so as a sign, it has little purpose.
              The atmosphere can not be rolled up like a scroll. The lack of air would destroy all life on earth in minutes. So whatever John saw in his vision must actually be something else. Hopefully we will know it when we see it, but to be frank, it is not important that we know what it is years in advance. And we especially shouldn’t use pagan myths and bogus science to come up with a natural explanation for something that only God could do. Nibiru could not cause a pole reversal nor could it rip the atmosphere from around the earth, in fact nothing in nature possibly could. Take the scenario to any reputable scientist and ask him/her what he thinks could cause such an event and see what they have to say. Most likely, “Not possible!”
              But isn’t that the whole point of a sign from God? Only He can do the impossible, and His point is to prove that he is real.
              Did God use nature to part the Red Sea or to create the flood?
              So don’t look for Him to use it in the 6th seal.

              • ok maybe not 180 degrees, but swaying back and for like a drunkard indicates a pretty heavy tilt from one side the other…maybe 120-140 degrees…most of the time, the drunk falls down, so that is a large change in position

                the sky rolls up like a scroll…so what would cause that? a nuclear blast would, but that would be a local event, and this is global

                God has used nature in his miracles…..he opened the fountains of the deep to create the flood, …..and other times, he just spoke and something happened out of nothing.

                in everyday life, he uses the moon to create the tides…..he uses the air and water to create hurricanes….when Jesus healed a blind man, he used mud to anoint his eyes.

                • As I said, you can’t use nature to turn the earth on its axis.
                  If you are looking for possibilities, then consider this. The 9.0 quake in South America altered the earths axis by a few inches, so perhaps many earthquakes in divers places could create a sort of wobbling effect, but consider this. If they are in different places on the globe, and each place throws the tilt off slightly in a particular direction, chances are that the net effect would be that the perturbations would average out, canceling one another to some degree, and so the overall change might be near zero. But even if the effect was to add up to several feet, it would never be notice by anyone except geologists and astronomers.
                  So I will give you the wobbling effect, but the earth is not going to fall over drunk.

  175. Marianne,
    The earth is already wobbling like a top. It is called the precession of the equinoxes and it is the basis of the Mayan long count calendar. It takes about 26,000 years to wobble once.
    You must remember that a spinning top is acted upon by the force of gravity and friction on its contact point as well as imbalances in its construction, air friction and a few other factors, none of which apply to the earth in the frictionless vacuum of space.
    For what you are claiming, only an act of God will do it.
    Don’t you believe in acts of God?

    • yes i believe in acts of God…..and also that he invented the laws of physics…and he invented the universe with everything in it to use as he pleases

      • Oh good.
        Now all you have to do is learn the laws of physics and we’ll be on the same page.

        • that would include the laws of gravitational attraction between 2 objects…the bigger one would pull more on the smaller one and shake it up

          • Depends on what you mean by shaking it up. Shaking implies both attraction and repulsion. Gravity can only attract, never repel. And one object could not cause another to rotate or spin. All that would ever happen is that it could deflect the earth in its orbit, causing it to orbit closer or farther from the sun. And it would take a HUGE object to accomplish this because gravity is a very weak force. If what you think were to be true, then the moon would cause the earth to flip all over the place every month, but all I does is produce tides. That would be exactly the effect that a nearby planet would produce. No pole shifts, no stripping away of the atmosphere or anything else so drastic.
            These are the facts. You are going to have to live with them, no matter how creative you wish to be.

            • the moon is smaller than the earth, and the pull of the earth’s gravity hold the moon in orbit around the earth.

              in the same way, if a larger object was passing by somewhere close to earth, it could pull on the earth and “slow it down” until the object passes.

              just a theory

              • O.K., it slows down until the object passes. Then how does it speed up again and not continue to slow down, eventually spiraling into the sun? What force in nature would cause the earth to speed up? You must apply Newtons laws of motion, so a body in motion remains in motion unless acted upon by an external force. As I said, all an external gravitational for could do is to alter the earth’s orbit permanently, most likely with catastrophic results.
                In any case, it is far too late for any planet just now entering the solar system to reach earth within the next 100 years, so you can forget that as a possibility. All we’ve got at this point is the Apophis asteroid which will barely miss the earth in 2029. With a little heavenly nudge it could be coaxed to hit the earth and be the star that falls from the sky.
                But it is far too small to alter the tilt of the earth.
                Sorry, there is no way to make a pole shift happen. All the junk you’ve read on the subject is completely bogus. The YouTube idiots were simply making stuff up. Sorry you bought into it, but if I told you I could combine human and wolf DNA and create a werewolf, you would tell me that was junk science too, so believe it or not, it‘s up to you.
                But unless you want to look like a total floobnik I recommend reading a science book or asking a professional who you trust to set you straight.
                Otherwise you are just another false prophet leading sheep into darkness.
                Ooh, that sounds bad, doesn’t it? 🙂

                • why are you hung up on an incorrect definition of a pole shift.?

                  I said the earth would wobble back and forth. while it is doing that the north and south pole are not in the correct position until the wobbling stops.

        • did you notice that it is snowing on the website? 🙂

          nice touch, huh?

  176. james

    re toy earth

    not really…..the earth spins along in life supporting way, until it is time for god’s wrath…then it starts spinning slower in the gyroscope theory…..this disrupts everything and the earth wobbles to a great degree, like Isaiah said

    • Here is the problem with your logic.
      Life has developed on earth based on how the earth is right now and has been for millions of years.
      Now, God is going to screw everything up because He’s pissed at His own people, so all life must suffer. O.K.
      But I thought that when Jesus rules the millennium it will be like paradise – a perfect world. So why would he screw it up so terribly? Are we all to be punished throughout the millennium? Or will he fix it all right after He returns? Which begs the question, why mess with it at all?
      Again, you argument is illogical and makes God look kinda ditsy. What’s the point? Why bother? All of this just to make some sense of a few obscure bible verses.
      This all might be fitting for some comic book or video game, but the bible is not a video game. Leave the Sci-fi stuff out of it. Use logic and common sense. And research your theories so they have some basis in fact. Otherwise you just end up looking like an uneducated bible thumper predicting all sorts of nutty stuff which just throws a bad light on all Christians who are anxiously awaiting the Second Coming.

      • are seriously talking to me.?

        Yes, he is going to destroy this earth as we know it. It is called the wrath of God, and it is in the book of revelation. Read the descriptions in the bible.

        You talk like you never read Revelation, so go read it. Starting with rev 6 there is war, famine, deaths of massive populations, destruction of the sea and the life in it, fire from heaven, great flaming mountains crashing into the sea, 1/3 of the sun, moon, and stars are struck, the bottomless pit opens and demons come out ( that must be some huge hole), 1/4 and 1/3 of mankind killed at a single strike, fire and brimstone, rivers dry up, great hail coming down from heaven, 4 global earthquakes, and one big one in Jerusalem…..etc…….so you do not think the physical world will be in a mess?

        Yes, mankind will be punished for its wickedness, and this is nothing to joke about.

        these are not obscure bible verses….at least not to me…or anyone who is biblically literate.

        and NO, the wrath of god does not continue into the millenium, because the Lord returns.

        Yes jesus will “fix “things….we will have a new heaven and a new earth.

        you talk like you never read the last book of the bible.

        please go read it

        • Hey, I’ve got most of the Book of Revelation memorized. Its just that when I read it I get a completely different picture of what it is describing. Nowhere in the Book of Revelation does it say the earth will be tilted off its axis. You are cherry picking verses from elsewhere to try to make a point. I never do that because there are too many verses and too many ways to misinterpret them.
          More than half the seals are man-made disasters, the rest are acts of God. WW3, famines and disease will not tilt the earth off its axis. A rogue planet can’t do it either. It would defy the laws of physics and therefore have to be an act of God, and the planet would be superfluous.
          Yes, the earth will get quite messed up, between global thermonuclear destruction and God-induced disasters, but doing a pole reversal is not among them.
          But believe it if you must. Keep waiting for Nibiru till you’re blue in the face. The same goes for a One-World Government, an Antichrist dictator and a banking chip in every human on earth.
          You reject all the prophecy that has already been fulfilled and you will miss the rest as well while you wait for these false prophecies to go down.
          Eventually, one by one, these ideas will fall by the wayside, but for now, cling to them if you must. I just hope you won’t be disappointed when you are not killed by the sudden flipping of the earth upside down.
          Hey, one less disaster is a good thing. 🙂

          • I do not think you get what I am saying.

            if the earth is wobbling back and forth, it is not properly aligned on its axis while that is happening. it does not have to be a permanent change.

            • I already told you that the earth is already wobbling at a rate of once every 26,000 years. It is due to tidal force exerted by the moon over billions of years. Only an object that orbits the earth permanently can cause such a wobble. Nothing passing by ever could.
              Now tell me Nibiru will come to the earth and orbit it for a few million years to produce a bigger wobble.
              Because that is what your theory would require.
              Wishing it could happen won’t make it come true.
              Until you study celestial mechanics you will never know just how silly your idea sounds.
              Sorry, but you’ve simply watched way too many YouTube videos.

              • your argument is with Isaiah, not me.

                you do not understand the wobble he describes.

                it is not a permanent event, but a temporary one, during a time of judgment.

                what causes it is not described, but obviously something out of the ordinary occurs.

                • Well maybe he was referring how it is to walk during a major earthquake, which we know will happen. That is a more likely explanation than the entire earth wobbling on its axis.
                  As I’ve been saying for quite some time, your interpretations often lack logic and common sense. Of course you’re not alone on this. The entire “Left Behind” scenario lacks common sense which is why I dumped it as soon as I found a more logical alternative.
                  You have to remember that as far as Isaiah knew, the earth was flat and stationary so you have to take that into account when listening to his descriptions. You are trying to interpret ancient visions using your own modern perspective and that introduces all sorts of errors in the interpretation. The failure to consider all the variables tends to lead one astray, so you really need to be careful before you create a crazy explanation.
                  Of course maybe God is crazy, and anything could happen.
                  Yeah, that would explain it… 🙂

                  • I am quite logical, and I take what Isaiah said the way he meant it. He did not say we would wobble back and forth, but he earth would.

                    Isaiah did not think the earth was flat, in fact he made a point of saying it was round.

                    Is 40:21-22 describes the circle of the earth, and I am sure he was acquainted with Job, 26:10.who indicated the same thing.

                    so I am not crazy, and understand what the bible says

                    • To anyone who looks around them, the earth looks circular, but not spherical. You are giving people credit for knowledge they did not have. As if you are putting yourself in their places. This is natural to do but it is NOT logical. It may seem to be, but I assure you it is not.
                      The words wobble and shake are virtually the same, so the earth wobbling could easily mean and earthquake. At least that explanation is plausible. Yours is ridiculous. Ask any physicist.
                      I just don’t think God is going to pull a stunt like that. And it couldn’t be done without tearing the earth apart.
                      So I’m not buying it.

                    • go to bottom for comment

  177. James
    You say that you are “Italian”. If you are then maybe you have relatives in Rome? Ask a Italian that goes to Church in Rom and they will confess that Jesus will soon hold the doom from the Vatican.

    • My ancestors are from Sicily. My whole family is Italian Catholics and none of them know anything about Jesus in the Vatican. Maybe I’ll tell Fox news what you said so they can launch an investigation into it. It would surely be the biggest story in the history of news.
      Strange you seem to be the only person on earth who knows about it…
      Hey, are you one of those YouTube idiots?
      Jesus here… Nibiru coming in 3 weeks… yup. I think I’ve just found you out.
      So Ha Ha, you’ve had your big laugh. Too bad nobody here bought it, except maybe for the Nibiru crap. But that will be over pretty soon… So 2012 and all.
      So what’s next? Two headed zombies taking over the world. That would be cool. Oh well, I can’t wait to see what it will be.
      Surprise us!

  178. James
    So you come from a maffia family 🙂
    Jesus said his time starts when his father comes here with another planet. Youtube idots and mayan says it is in the end of the this year. But I know from the NT that it can´t be then it is later. Ask people from Rome who lives in Rome and goes to Church in Rome, they know.

  179. james

    you said

    To anyone who looks around them, the earth looks circular, but not spherical. You are giving people credit for knowledge they did not have. As if you are putting yourself in their places. This is natural to do but it is NOT logical.

    so what makes you an expert on what they were thinking? why don’t you jut believe what they said? or is it because the bible contradicts your comments earlier about the ancients believing the world was flat?


    Isa 24:19 The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly.

    Isa 24:20 The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.


    The floodgates of the heavens are opened,
    the foundations of the earth shake.
    19 The earth is broken up,
    the earth is split asunder,
    the earth is violently shaken.
    20 The earth reels like a drunkard,
    it sways like a hut in the wind;
    so heavy upon it is the guilt of its rebellion
    that it falls—never to rise again.

    This is more than a simple earthquake….although an earthquake would be a part of it.

    hebrew word:



    1) to quiver, totter, shake, reel, stagger, wander, move, sift, make move, wave, waver, tremble
    a) (Qal)
    1) to wave, quiver, vibrate, swing, stagger, tremble, be unstable
    2) to totter, go tottering
    a) vagabond (participle)
    b) (Niphal) to be tossed about or around
    c) (Hiphil)
    1) to toss about
    2) to shake, cause to totter
    3) to shake, disturb
    4) to cause to wander

    • All of these translations sound just like a great earthquake, several of which are mentioned (mirrored) in the Book of Revelation. I read half a dozen commentaries on these verses and none of them alluded to the wobbling of the earth on its axis. You seem to be completely alone on this theory.

  180. james
    It’s the holy spirit who speaks through Isaiah and the holy spirit knows that the earth is round when Isaiah lived. Jesus has already explained Isaiah 24 for me. It’s path. every path will not be fullfilled in the Bibel. this path is if Some one stops Jesus or if Jesus himself refuses to hold the doom then God will push the earth closer to the sun so almost everybody dies of the heat. then God pushes the earth back to it’s normal position and thoose who survives start from the new beginning again just like Noahs time.

    • Adam,
      I actually like your explanation better than Marianne’s. I don’t think for a second it will happen, but at least you are using a force (the will of God) that could produce the desired effects. A passing planet could not do it without the help of God, so then why have the planet at all?
      I’m just trying to explain how the laws of physics work here. I don’t deny that God will raise His mighty hand a and rain destruction upon the earth. My only disagreement is how He is going to do it.
      But don’t get me wrong Adam, I still think you’re crazy. 🙂

      • james
        I’m not crazy. I’m just insane in the middle brain 🙂
        I agree with you that Nibiru is not reason why the earth will have hard times soon. It’s Gods wrath that will punish us.

  181. warlock

    What do you think of this link that al provided”

    how does that fit into your studies?

    I think “aliens are demons also, unless it is another race of spirits that just do not belong here.

  182. Hi guys,
    I’ll respond to that YouTube idiot down here where it will be easier to read.
    First of all, I can tell he is not an astronomer by how he tries to manipulate the information to make it look like he has found something that even the actual astronomers who took and analyzed the original photos were too stupid to see.
    First of all, I is an intense source of infrared radiation. The fact that the guy was wondering what the chemical composition might consist of tell me he does not understand the electromagnetic spectrum and that there are no chemicals involved whatsoever.
    Then he suggested that there was a solar system around the object, which would mean there is a second solar system within our own, supposedly headed for earth. That is simply idiotic.
    Then he scans around the ecliptic so we can see the other planets and our sun, then when he gets back to the object he claims he has just proven that the object is close to the earth. This proves nothing. He could say and do the same thing with any object on the screen.
    He gave no coordinated, did no math, and didn’t use anything scientific in his presentation.
    And then look at who published it: “survivepoleshift” obviously some place that wants to sell you survival gear and they have just the disaster necessary for you to want to stock up on their stuff.
    They are preying on gullible individuals for profit. In other words, they are trolling for suckers. I HATE THESE GUYS!
    There you go, getting me all riled up again.
    But at least I’m still batting 1000. Still no planet Nibiru. Never was, never will be.
    So there…

  183. Oh Marianne, you’re knowledge of astronomy is so puny your response actually made me laugh.
    Here is the problem with your statement, “the red stuff is iron oxide.”
    First of all, FeO2 is a particle and as such it can only reflect light, not create it.
    If it was any sort of particle, especially a heavy one like iron, gravity would have drawn it into the planet billions of years ago. Just check to see what percentage of the earth’s atmosphere consists of iron in any form. Zero.
    Then there is the fact that even if it was iron, it would not reflect enough light to be seen, and it actually isn’t visible, according to the YouTube idiot. The image is in infrared wavelengths. In case you also don’t understand electromagnetism, it is similar to radio waves and what comes out of your TV remote control. These are not generated by rust particles.
    The object is most likely a red dwarf star and it is probably hundreds of light years form earth.
    A red dwarf is the remains of a massive star that has supernova‘d expelling most of its matter into space, then collapsed into a much smaller, cooler object. The supernova would have vaporized any planets around it, so the dots the YouTube idiot showed as planets were just background stars nowhere near the object.
    Everything he said about the object being Nibiru was made up.
    If you really, really believe this is a moving planet then it should be in a different location right now. If you are lucky enough to find it then maybe you can prove to the entire world it is Nibiru. Unfortunately his program only runs on Windows so you will have to do this for yourself. I have already proven to myself that this is bogus so I wouldn’t waste my time even if I could.
    Why don’t you send the info to a local science teacher and see what they say. See if it has any chance of being true. Just make sure he is not part of the world-wide conspiracy to keep Nibiru a secret.

    • james
      you will soon have your tail between your legs, when Nibiru shows up.

      • HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!
        You’ll be crying soon. 😦

    • science teachers only know what is in their high school textbooks.

      whatever it is, it is red……so what is red that is seen in infrared?

      if iron oxide can reflect light, then is reflecting light

      that is an old picture, the program is based on positions current to the development of the program.

      but whatever….it is “something” and YOU don’t know what it is.

  184. James,

    Would just like to make a short comment. No one out here is trying to undo your understanding and knowledge in the sciences. Everyone understands that the universe has functioned, since creation, on the laws of nature that Yah put in place, to order our lives by and for the setting of times and seasons. Even the least of us intellectually gets this. But that is not what is being said here. Just to say it, this is not about Nibiru or anything else in particular. I have no idea about any of that, though I find it interesting. What this does have to do with is the sovereignty of the Creator who set all of these things in the physical world in motion for His own purposes.

    Yah has over the millenniums suspended or reversed the laws of nature, at His will, multiple times in the past. The question I pose to you is how do you believe in the virgin birth of Messiah? How do you believe in any of the miracles He and his disciples performed? In the Tanakh, the sun standing still, the sun going back 10 steps, the fleece of Gideon, and so on? Fast forward to present days. Yah says this will be a time unlike any other in the history of the world. Has science and the laws of the natural order of things tied the hands of Yah because “knowledge has increased”? How do we live by faith in a world where “all” outcomes are based strictly on the physical sciences of cause and effect?

    It would seem you have woven a spiritual scenario based on your own personal physical understanding of all of creation. Upset that understanding and your spiritual scenario falls apart. Could that be the reason you seem so upset and irritated with just about everyone who doesn’t see things exactly as you do or at least relatively close?

    Love you as a brother, but expecting the unexpected in these days seems prudent given the warnings Yah has given us through His Word concerning the end of days! This doesn’t mean that you accept every little theory that comes down the pike, but be careful in dismissing everything that doesn’t necessarily fit perfectly into the natural order of things.

    Be Blessed James

    • thanks Al

      What we are waiting for has been predicted in the bible. Wormwood….

      how this comes about, and when, and what god does remains to be seen

      so we look around for clues

  185. Hey guys,
    This is a post about a planet that is supposed to approach and cause havoc on the earth. This is FALSE PROPHECY!
    All I’m saying that whatever wormwood is, it is NOT NIBIRU!
    Nibiru is a myth and it doesn’t exist. There so no valid evidence that any planet-sized object will ever reach earth within the next 100 years. A rogue asteroid, sure. Perhaps Apophis in 2019.
    I’ve been saying all along that God will perform miracles as part of prophecy. That is my point here. He doesn’t need to send a planet to do His handiwork and in fact a planet would not cause the type of effects that this blog claims Nibiru will do. That is a simple fact.
    As for the object in the video, I did some actual research and I now know what it is. Here is the description from Wikipedia:
    Barnard’s Star ( /ˈbɑrnərd/), also known occasionally as Barnard’s “Runaway” Star,[14] is a very low-mass red dwarf star about six light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Ophiuchus, the Snake-holder. Barnard’s Star is the fourth-closest known individual star to the Sun, after the three components of the Alpha Centauri system. Despite its proximity, Barnard’s Star, at a dim apparent magnitude of about nine, is not visible with the unaided eye; however, it is much brighter in the infrared than it is in visible light. The star is named for American astronomer E.E. Barnard. He was not the first to observe the star, but in 1916 he measured its proper motion as 10.3 arcseconds per year, which remains the largest-known proper motion of any star relative to the Sun.[15]
    So there you have it. A red dwarf – exactly as I predicted. 800 trillion miles away. NOT a planet. NOT Nibiru. NOT made of rust. NOT headed towards earth. End of story.

    Nibiru is FAKE!
    Get over it people!!

    • James,
      Just curious if you know what the anomoly they are talking about in this one? I am not a big nibiru person, but this one has got me curious.

  186. I’ve seen this video before and it is ridiculous.
    While the object may be a brown dwarf star is is certainly not in orbit around our sun and will ever come anywhere near our solar system.
    This video was posted over a year ago and if you return to the same coordinates, it is still exactly where it was back then. It is NOT MOVING.
    Any half-baked YouTube idiot can post an image from the web and claim it is Nibiru.
    Just look around at all the videos that claim they are Nibiru. There are tens of thousands of them all claiming different objects are Nibiru, including thousands of sightings next to the sun – all just camera lens flare.
    So how can all these thousands of “sightings” be the same object? And why hasn’t anyone who has taken and analyzed these photos ever figured out what they photographed? Why does it take YouTube idiots with no knowledge of celestial mechanics or astronomy to figure out what the scientists were too stupid to understand?
    Who would you rather believe, a scientist with a lifetime of knowledge or some teenager who knows how to make a YouTube video?
    Apparently, some people would prefer the teenager.
    In today’s world, I find that sad.

    • James,
      I agree, it is not a close object, But what is it, and why is it being blackened out on all three sites?

      • Since it is putting out electromagnetic radiation in the infrared band, it is most likely a red or brown dwarf star – the remnant or burnt out husk of a former star. The surface temp is between 1000 and 2000 degrees Kelvin, not visible to the human eye. Its just a hot object – like a lump of burning coal, only thermonuclear, at a low level.
        There are billions of these old stars out there – all part of the evolution of stars. Someday, our sun will die in such a state. It is not unusual at all.
        I’m not sure why there is a missing panel in the mosaic image. The sky map is made up of millions of individual photos, all carefully pieced together by college students. Apparently a few of these images are lost or corrupted and their section is left blank until a new photo can be taken or supplied to the map maker. It is not a “patch” covering an existing image, it is just a missing piece of the puzzle.
        It is not a conspiracy, for if it was the map conspirators could have easily PhotoShopped the entire area to look just like the rest of the universe. Do you really think they would place a patch over a “secret” object and leave half of it uncovered? You wouldn’t be that stupid, would you? Nor would I. Common sense tells us that it was not a lame attempt to hide something dangerous.
        The universe is filled with wondrous unexplained objects that are being intensely studied by today’s astronomers. Mysteries abound in our galaxy. There is no need to cover up any of them.
        It is all just a ploy to frighten the gullible and get them to buy survival gear. Or even worse, just an act of terrorism to scare anybody they can for no good reason.
        I’m here to make sure they don’t win,
        But I have to say, it‘s been an uphill battle.

        • maybe planet x is a dwarf star

          • So now you are claiming that a planet is actually a star. Maybe it is a nebula or a galaxy or a space ship.
            So far you have picked several dozen objects all over the cosmic map and claimed they are Nibiru. All predictions that it would arrive before the end of 2012 have failed and to date, no one has seen it with the naked eye. We can all go out on any clear night and see the planet Jupiter which is a billion miles away. Even tiny Mars is easy to see. So where is Nibiru?
            Forget the dwarf star idea. There are lots of them out there but they do not orbit much younger stars like the sun and they are way too far away to ever come anywhere near the earth.
            If you are expecting the Second Coming any time soon then any object that could possibly get here in time would have to be within the orbit of Neptune by now. If there were such an object, asteroid hunters would be tracking it by now.
            You’ve heard the truth – Nibiru was an ancient name for the planet Jupiter. Everything else is a myth.
            Same goes for the Mayan calendar stories. Even with thousands of YouTube videos backing up the Mayans, none of it is true, as the world will see in a couple of weeks.
            When the Mayan myth dies, so goes Nibiru.
            Let them die in peace.

            • there is something out there…..i do not care what name you give it.

              • No Virginia, there is no Santa Clause.
                Sure, there are lots of things out there, but nothing like what you expect.
                NOTHING will approach the earth and cause destruction, pole shifts, magnetic anomalies or anything else.
                A meteor may indeed hit the earth and you can call it wormwood if you like. But other than that, NO, there is nothing out there that is actually coming towards us. I could take a thousand NASA photos and claim every one of them are Nibiru and that they are barreling toward earth at this minute. I could throw in so many hi-tech astronomical terms I would seem like an expert on the subject. And many gullible suckers would believe me.
                But I recognize a con game when I see one, and I’m sure Satan is behind all of this. In the end time many will be deceived and you are one of them. Not unlike all of the false Christianity that now abounds, the Nibiru myth is spawned by the devil to deceive the sheep.
                You are waiting for an act of God yet you assume it will be an act of nature. At this point you are so deceived that even if you took a college course in astronomy you would claim that the professors and textbooks are all wrong and that they don’t really understand the laws of nature. Satan has you tightly in his grasp and you may never break free.
                You need to let go of your pride and admit that you were wrong all along about Nibiru. God’s physical laws are as permanent and binding as his religious laws. Unless you believe in witchcraft and magic too. Because that would be the only way to get Nibiru to show up.
                And that goes for you too Adam…

      • Dru
        It is blackened because yor government is behind this. they don’t want us to know that it is getting closer.

        • So Adam,
          Of all the Nibiru sightings on YouTube you are going with this one?
          Forget all the sightings right next to the sun. Forget it being below the south pole. THIS is the one, right?
          I just want to be able to hold it to you in case you decide to put up another video someday.
          Now all YOU have to do is somehow prove that this object is in fact moving toward the earth and that it is close enough to get here in two weeks.
          Or we could just wait…

  187. James
    2 weeks is from the mayans. I say less than 2 years.

    • So now you know more than the Mayans, eh?
      For years you believe in the Mayan date, but now that you realize it ain’t happening, you’re arbitrarily adding a couple more years to it.
      You and Jan ought to get together – She’s good at that. Over two years and counting with no end in sight.
      Same will be true for everyone on this site predicting a Second Coming in the next four years.
      Don’t base your faith on myths, numerology or assumed time frames. You will fail every time.
      Jesus is not in the Vatican and He won’t take His throne by the end of this year or next year or the year after that.
      Face it, your scriptures are fake. Your religion is fake. They have led you believe a lie. Now you continue to perpetuate this lie rather than running from it into the truth.
      If I were you I would pray for guidance. The knowledge you need is within your reach but you will not find it in the scriptures. The answers my friend are blowin‘ in the wind.
      The answers are blowin‘ in the wind.

      • James,
        If there is no Nibiru, then why are all the rich and well connected elites building bunkers to Live in around the country/world? Could Nibiru be a cover for the illuminati planned World War 3?

        You know, those pesky “wars and rumors of wars”…Oh no! another conspiracy theory!

        • First there was the cold war and we all built bunkers, even civilians and cities. Now there is the threat of nuclear terrorism so the world is still building bunkers. Why does that sound so unusual? If you ask the government why they are building nuclear protected sites, they are never going to tell you they are scared of an ancient myth or even bible prophecy.
          So now the YouTube idiots are turning around the obvious and saying that the government isn’t afraid of a nuclear war, but instead they are afraid of a mythical planet that no qualified person has ever seen. Do you think that all the world’s governments are spending trillions of dollars on the warnings of stupid YouTube videos?
          Believe the bible. Look for wars, earthquakes, famine, pestilences, a volcano falling into the sea and an asteroid falling to earth. Maybe even a supervolcano to darken the sun, moon and stars.
          Aren’t those enough disasters to look for? Why add a nonexistent planet to the mix? What’s next, invasion of the body snatchers?
          Well, if you really believe in ancient myths then you must believe the world will end in a couple of weeks. After all, that info has also been all over the internet for years, so it MUST be true, right?
          Think about it.

  188. hello all/david/dru
    It’s nice that you call me the elite and well connected. I like that.

    • Adam,
      what do I know, I am just a Finnish carpenter! You should know that us Finns do not like the those elite Swedes too much….unless they are really good hockey players that play on our favorite team! You a Hockey fan?

  189. Yes and my team took the title this year. We are waiting for NHL lockout to end so we can get rid of NHL players from our league.

  190. Nibiru and 21 Dec have nothing in common. The only thing that will happen on December 21 is that the Mayan calendar will be on 13.0.0 … as it was at the start. Nibiru will come later.

  191. Hey Adam/Istone
    Just let me remind you prophetic fulfilment everything you said over the summer:

    You could take pictures of Nibiru near the sun a time and a half time ago but now Nibiru is outside Antarctic so you can not take pictures of it from Us or Europe anymore.

    I´m not a fan Youtube and Internet. I use it very often but regarding Nibiru it´s part of my Ortodox faith and our little brother the Catholic Church they even have the faith that Nibiru is here. So i haven´t got my info from www but from my faith. And Jesus was sitting on his Fathers right side on the planet Nibiru until 1974.

    You only have the Bibel as a source because you are thieves. We have more sources because we are Christians. The protestant Church is an apostate church. In dec 22 you will have the tail between your legs and i will drink red wine.


    You only have the Bibel as a source because you are thieves. We have more sources because we are Christians. The protestant Church is an apostate church. In dec 22 you will have the tail between your legs and i will drink red wine.


    It´s so sad you understand so much about science but not anything about Nibiru. It´s the opposite here. I know a lot about Nibiru but not much about science. I don´t need a telescope to feel that Nibiru is here.

    Nibiru is here. I can feel it inside my whole Ortodox body. We don´t need teelscopes, we can feel it.

    It is Nibiru I feel.I can only feel me filled with power when Millwall beats West ham and when Nibiru is giving me power.

    can feel in my veins and in my blood that Nibiru is here. My whole body is filled with strength. Please if there is someone who has more picturesor info then please share it with me.

    my hair on my body has lifted up and are pointing to the south. So Nibiru is outside the south pole. When Nibiru is visible for everyone then you will have the tail between your legs and my Ortodox body will feel fine.

    Accoridng to my faith Nibiru will be visible for everyone when Jesus next mission starts. That is all in my faith about Nibiru. I don´t know anything about turning Earth upside down only maybe change angle a few degrees.
    If Nibiru will not be visible for people in future then my faith is not true. But I trust in my faith. But my faith doesn´t say when it will be visible. I understand that you don´t beleive in Nibiru because you are a protestant which means thief. To open an own church and read the Bible doesn´t make you a Christian. We have in our faith that when Jesus/Jacob starts his next mission WW3 will start.

    when Nibiru is visible at the end of dec you will have your tail between your legs.
    Istone said this on July 23, 2012 at 8:49 am | Reply

    O.K. Adam,
    Here it is, the end of the year and what happened to all the promises and predictions you gave us above?
    Now you try to pretend that you never said any of it? Sorry dude, but you’re on record and that ain’t gonna fly.
    No red wine for you, sorry.
    Your church doctrines are false. The faith you placed in them was for nothing. Come out of your apostate church now while you have time. You are only delaying the inevitable, face it there is no Nibiru.

    Anyway, just to save me the time to do it in a few days, here it is now:
    Liar, liar, pants on fire!
    And oh yeah,
    I told you so. 🙂

    • James

      You and Adam make a perfect match. 🙂

    • james
      I beleive in everything I said. the only thing is that I can’t say when nibiru cimes here. I was only refering to Mayans. Nibiru will come and when it is visible for us Jesus will start his next mission from the vatican.
      James and I match because we are from the same area = the mediterrenan sea

  192. Marianne
    I had a dream/Vision this night that Nibru will soon be here. I can´t tell you when but I had a feeling that is very soon. It was an Ortodox dream which means a true dream. I looked up in to the sky and saw 2 moons. 1 was the moon and one bigger was Nibiru.

    • unusual coincidence.

      I was looking up at the sky last night and noticed there was NO moon there. Then I realized that the new moon is tonight.

      So you were dreaming about 2 moons, when I saw no moon at all.

    • Adam,
      What you really had was just wishful thinking. Even if a planet showed up in someone‘s telescope today it would take 100 years to reach the earth.
      At this point the best thing you could do is pick one of those lens flare photos and say that was Nibiru and that it came and went without anyone else seeing it. You are pretending it is on its way, why not pretend it came and went? Sorry but that’s about the best you can do in this case.
      I don’t know what an Orthodox dream is but it will prove to be as false as the church. The time to get out of her is now. Or at least soon, very soon.

      • James
        You will soon understand that I saw a vision about future. Only people like I have this possibility. I´m Ortodox Christian with Hebrew blood. We are special.

        • adam

          I just love you…… 🙂

          and yes

          I love James too 🙂

        • Adam,
          You are special all right.
          They even have a “special“ Olympics for people like you. 🙂
          (And I love you too Adam!)

          • james
            ha ha ha 🙂 🙂 🙂 . My God can move a planet from the other side of the galax close to earth in one second. My God is almighty and his name is YHVH.

  193. space news. nasa hubble

  194. Hi Marianne…hope you are fine! Sorry I got your email while back but I usually don’t check the yahoo account as often as I do my gmail..But I agree that anything depicted as alien forces is mostly to deal with negative energies. I am sure this is a big generalization, but my observation. what about the life in the inner earth?

  195. James
    I can feel Nibiru is coming closer to us now. My hair on my body is lifting up against east this time.

    • As I recall this happened to you last month too.
      I think you just have weird hair.
      Maybe you just need a good conditioner.

      • hey james,

        i still see that big star in the middle of the night 🙂

        and it is NOT near the moon

        • Well, that doesn’t help me at all since the moon moves halfway around the sky every 2 weeks so it is never in the same location two nights in a row.
          If you knew what constellation the star was in I could tell you what it is, but it might be a planet such as Jupiter or Saturn. If you give me a compass direction and an exact time of it setting below the horizon I could probably figure it out as well.
          Other than that, you’re on your own.

          • jim

            that is the issue. it is not near the moon, and not in a constellation.

            its position changes from night to night.

            all I can say is when I see it out my living room window , which faces west to southwest.

            it is usually gone by 4-5 am

            • Looks like it may be Sirius, the dog star. It is in the constellation Canis Major.
              By the way, there is nowhere in the sky that is not in some constellation, just like every city in the US is in some state, even if it is in the boonies.
              Give me the constellations on either side of the object if you can’t pinpoint where it is.
              By the way, the moon will set in the SW around 4AM tonight, so whatever you are seeing will be near the moon at least for tonight.
              Clearly, if you can see it, then so can everyone else including thousands of astronomers worldwide, so if it was something unusual it would be all over the news and the web by now, so whatever it is, it is a common object and not a sign from God.
              Don’t give Adam any big ideas, He’s crazy enough already. 🙂

              • jim

                ok. at 6 pm just at dusk……

                the only thing in the sky was the moon in the north east….

                and one lone star, much higher up…..more to the east.

                maybe this is it , since it is the only star showing…..

                this is not where I am used to seeing it so i do not know….for sure.

                what is that one star that shows up when others dont’

                i am not sure if this is the same one since the position is different and it is higher up and i am used to seeing my star after 2 am

                • Yep, that’s Sirius. Today just to the right of the moon.
                  The reason the star seems to move is because the earth is going around the sun and so all the stars move all the way around the sky once per year. So every 2 weeks a given star will rise and set an hour earlier. But they are not moving… we are. In 6 months it won’t be visible at all and other stars will take its place. (The summer constellations).

  196. marianne
    install google sky map which is free on your cell phone or if you have a tablet pc and hold the phone against the star and you will find out the name of the star.

  197. Here we go again. I can feel that nibiru is closing in.


    • Well Adam, those videos were posted 5 months ago and 4 months ago.
      The first one was just more lens flare. And if it was a dwarf star, no one could live on it.
      But, since these objects are no longer visible, and nobody other than these YouTube idiots have ever seen them, they must be long gone by now.
      That means that Nibiru came and went and won’t be back for 3,600 years, so we can put the whole matter to rest now, can’t we?
      I guess Jesus wasn’t on YouTube so he missed his big chance to make his appearance.
      Oh well, maybe next time around.

      • james
        I had 2 houses, one boat, 2 cars, money on the bank and the best I had was I had a family. when I found out in my faith that Nibiru comes here soon. My family left me and I don’t have anything left more then my computer. Nibiru must come soon. Otherwise my faith is wrong. My faith says Jesus will hold the doom and Nibiru will be visible for all of us. If Nibiru doesn’t show up I must start all from the beginning again. That will not happen:-)

        • you will be ok adam.

          God knows you love him.

        • Yes Adam, you could use a new beginning.
          Soon all I have told you will begin to unfold, just as the Book of Revelation predicts. If you recognize it you will be able to change your faith and become part of the true church.
          But that will not be easy. I’ve been thru it already myself and it took many years. You may not have the luxury of time, however, so I would prepare yourself to make a change, just in case you are wrong and Nibiru never shows up, which it won’t., I guarantee it.
          I will be praying for you as I do for my large, all catholic family.
          I wish you only the best and may the Lord bless you with the wisdom to see the light.

          • James
            Nibiru will show up. And Jesus will hold the doom soon. I am sure about this as I am sure 9/11 was a insider jobb. Your own Government did it.

  199. Meteorite rain over Russia, USA, Sweden, Cuba in recent weeks may be that Nibiru is on its way here and push the stones in our atmosphere

    • Your knowledge and concepts of astronomy is downright silly.
      Planets can not push rocks in front of them. In fact, gravity would cause the rocks to be attracted to the planet, not pushed away from it.
      Plus asteroids are in a completely different orbital path than some planet with a 3,600 year revolution period.
      So wish on, Dude. Nibiru ain’t coming.

      • James
        I dont know so much about astonomy. When my friends read about planets and stuff I was out and fightet as a soccer huligan. so I admit that my knowledge is bad about this. But It is strange that meteorites hits the earth the latest weeks.

      • this video is for James 🙂

        • Marianne
          That explains why the moon will turn red in future. This is part of my faith and my faith says it will be here soon. Jesus told us that when the fig trees will bloom then it is close. They bloom in april. After april this year or next year.

  200. My dear Adam, the Holiness has stepped down. and soon you will have another. His name will be Peter. Tribulation will soon commence. Peter will care for the Roman church during this time until it is completely destroyed. Do not forget St. Malakey.

  201. Petrus Roamnus
    I have read about St. malachy and from my conclusions I can say that Petrus Romanus is a stand in and not the 112 Pope. Petrus Romanus didn´t get any number as a Pope. So maybe the Vatican will say that Petrus Romanus will be stand in as long as this Pope lives. I don´t want to say anything against the Holy spirit. I think it is the holy spirit who gave St. Malachy this prophecy. But I have the right to try to understand it and this is how I understand it. The dreadful Judge who will judge his people is Jesus and his time starts when Nibiru comes here. I thougt Nibiru would come here in the end of 2012 because all the info on internet. But it will come soon. And Jesus will never let Rome be destroyed so he will save Rome.
    He loves Rome and I do. So Jesus will change prophecy.

    • So Jesus is going to change His own prophecy? Oh wait, you believe that popes can change the scriptures, so I guess anything is possible.
      Well maybe Mohammed was correct when he said Jesus would return as a Muslim and hate the Christians and Jews. Anything is possible if we can’t believe the scriptures.
      As for the meteor strike, we get a big one like that every 100 years or so but they usually fall in the oceans or remote regions like the Tunguska fall in 1908, also in Russia. This was not the fulfillment of any prophecy and it was not related to Nibiru.
      Face facts, Nibiru is a myth.

  202. James
    Prophecy about destroying Rome is a warning to the Vatican that if they force Israel to a “peace” agreement in Jerusalem then they will destroy the city but the Vatican knows this so they have put the peace a. on ice so if you are waiting for Rome to be destroyed then you will wait and wait because it will not happen.

    • It’s not Rome the city that will be destroyed but the Roman Catholic Church. It is the “Mystery Babylon” of the Book of Revelation. But don’t feel too bad, most of the protestant daughter churches will go with it.
      Babylon is everywhere.

  203. Perhaps one of the most controversial figures in astronomy, offering evidence that a planet-sized body may come close to Earth as early as this May, James McCanney, M.S., a former theoretical physicist at Cornell University, spoke with The EDGE about his findings, which are detailed in his recently published book, Planet-X: Comets & Earth Changes. Subtitled “A Scientific Treatise on the Effects of a new large Planet or Comet arriving in our Solar System and Expect Earth Weather and Earth Changes,” this book has some people quite nervous and reportedly has high governmental officials planning ways to protect themselves in the case of cataclysmic disaster.


  205. Hi Marianne,
    Well the first thing I did n this link is to go to the Home Page and see what the site is all about.
    Here is a short list of topics on the site:
    The Galactic Superwave could end life on Earth as we know it. 
    “Geoengineering For The Coming Solar Transition”
    How To Enjoy The Shift
    Mini Solar System Entering Our’s, Says Astrophysicist
     Why Raising Your Energy Vibration Is So Important
    A Cup of Tea With God
    Why Prepare Now?
    Earthchange Maps:  What locations are safer than others?
    Why You Need To Be Away From Coastlines And Large Bodies Of Water:
    How To Quick-Start Your Food
    Storage Program
    Fasten Your Seatbelts, Planet Earth
    Planet X Is Now Located
    Earthbound Planet X Is Now Near Jupiter
    Earth Wobble In The News
    As you can see the whole site is about preparing for a whole host of upcoming destructive events ,and guess what? They have all sorts of stuff you can buy to survive the catastrophes.
    Whenever I see a site that predicts dozens of simultaneous unrelated events it immediately raises a number of red flags. And as it turns out all the events are totally bogus and have no sound basis in science.
    Just a lot of fancy words strung together to sound intelligent, but totally false.
    As for the idea that another solar system is now entering our own, that is totally preposterous. In order to be a “solar” system, you need a star orbited by a number of planets. The closest star is Alpha Centauri, over 7 light-years away. The idea that a star could have been sneaking up on us for thousands of years without anyone ever noticing it is just idiotic. Made up by YouTube idiots, naturally.
    Another red flag went up when the narrator told us that we should never expect to see this info appear in the mainstream media because the scientists all want to keep their discover a secret, so all we should do is prepare for disaster and they no doubt have lots of links to sites you can go to and buy supplies.
    It is nothing but a scam being perpetrated on unwitting fools.
    Check out this site for info on the author:
    If you do a little research you will find out he’s just another YouTube idiot out Fr. 15 minutes of fame.

    • James
      IF you haven´t noticed. The Vatican has a large telescope. They have it to look for Nibiru. It´s in our faith that Nibiru will come here and Jesus will hold the doom.

      • The Vatican’s telescope is apostate 🙂
        Please show us some article from the Vatican that mentions Nibiru. If they have a real astronomer he would tell you there is no Nibiru out there. If there was, the Vatican should have a series of photos of the object moving around in its orbit. A single picture is worthless. It tells nothing. A planet is moving so it will be in a different place for each photo. Otherwise it is just a background object.
        Show me the photos!
        Otherwise your faith is misplaced.

        • james

          instead of trying to make others do all the proving, why don’t you do some work for a change?

          I think if jesus showed you a photo, you STILL would not believe it.

      • Adam,
        Isn’t the vaticans telescope called “Lucifer” or something like that….here it is .

        • Looks like you’re talking about a scope next door to the Vatican scope. I didn’t think the Vatican would be that silly to name their instrument after Satan.

    • james

      WHO posts the video is different from WHO is being interviewed in the video.

      I post videos of other people also. That does not make them me, or me them.

      the one posting this video did not create the content. so what he believes is independent of the opinion of the scientist being interviewed.

      James McCanney, M.S., is a former theoretical physicist at Cornell University. He is not a youtube idiot.

      Your criticism of McCanney is NOT from a credible scientific source. it is from an internet idiot.

      • McCanney believes in everything on his site or he would not have posted them. I read the articles on his theories on the badastronomy site and they are all bogus. He has been proven wrong by all reputable scientists, including ones from Cornell.
        I am surprised that someone who calls themselves a scientist would rather believe a charlatan rather than a respected scientist. You have a clear choice between the two and yet rather than pick up a science book and check it out you simply pick the one who you wish was telling the truth. You want so much to believe in a myth that you are willing to reject true science to believe in a fairy tale. So far you have posted dozens and dozens of Nibiru sightings and articles and every one has been proven false. And while it should be obvious by now that Nibiru is a made-up fad, you continue to believe in lies and pseudoscience. And I would bet that if you went to a college and presented your case to every professor, they would all say the same thing, Nibiru is a hoax, and you would come away believing all of them were either stupid or lying and that the whole college is teaching nothing but lies.
        I don’t think, at this point, you will ever be convinced that Nibiru is fake. I don’t know what has to happen before you realize it will never actually come, or perhaps you will continue to believe it will still be coming even well into the millennium.
        Perhaps even after Jesus tells you it is fake.
        Now that is determination!
        May God bless your silliness. 🙂

        • prove your case with academic references, not internet idiots.

          all I know is what the bible says…..SOMETHING will cause the 6th seal events, and acc to Isaiah, turn the world upside down, which he described as a literal event, not figurative.

          so I am waiting to see what it is, and I consider logical possibilities….which you don’t

          • It took me many years and dozens of textbooks to learn what I know. If you want I can recommend a set of textbooks for you to study, But there would not be enough room on this entire blog to provide enough information for you to understand what I am saying. It’s not like pulling verses out of the bible you know. Plus anything I use as a reference you will simply claim is untrue, since you believe every science book ever published is wrong, and only YouTube videos are correct. Except the ones you don’t believe in.
            Go figure. If you want to learn science, buy a textbook. Don’t believe everything you read on the web. You wouldn’t recognize true science if it bit you, so there is no hope for you, and many others I’m afraid. I know this because I’ve been bombarding you with real science for years and you have understood none of it.
            If your science was true we would never have got to the moon. Or maybe like McCanney, you also believe the moon landing was faked.
            Well, you actually said something that is very telling: “all I know is what the bible says…..SOMETHING will cause the 6th seal events…”
            And indeed, that IS all you know. The rest is wishful thinking. What seems “logical” to you simply defies the laws of physics. If the world will actually be turned upside down, only God will be able to do it, not any nearby planet. Think of it in your own terms; if I said I had a way to make you pregnant by simply touching your forehead, you would say I’m crazy.
            The same idea applies to Nibiru. Some things are simply not possible, regardless of what the bible says.
            Not without a genuine miracle. So forget Nibiru and trust in God instead.

        • you should not read gossip sites. it warps your mind. 🙂

          • I was only reading the site you sent me to. So you think some of what McCanney’s theories are real and some are gossip? So you can determine which are scientific and which are not, all by intuition? My mom used to do that and she never took a single science class. If she believed it, then it was true. Simple as that.
            Pretty common actually. But it is just a coping mechanism of the mind. It makes you feel better to think that Nibiru exists, so you will deny any evidence to the contrary. I get it. I just hope others who read this will do the work and determine for themselves that validity of all these ridiculous claims and theories.
            You my dear, are a lost cause.

            • you are being obtuse.

              When I referred to gossip sites, I was referring to the internet sites you used to discredit McCanney.

              If you want to prove he is a bad scientist, then quote official academic sites where professionals with greater credentials have data to prove he is wrong.

              I did not think I had to draw a picture for you.

              but then, maybe you are not as professional and educated as you claim

              • Sorry, but you were being obtuse. I actually responded as if you meant the badastronomy site, then I erased it and assumed you thought that the moon landing being faked was gossip, which made more sense to me, but I guess you DO believe the space program is all fake maybe including the Mars rovers too. I guess maybe the Russians never put a man in orbit either. And maybe we never actually put any satellites into space either. It is all fake, because science as we know it is all false.
                Well, back to my original response;
                The badastronomy site is run by real scientists who have clearly proven that McCannas claims are all false. I don‘t suppose you actually read any of his rebuttals but they all match up perfectly with everything I learned in high school, college and later studies. What you call gossip is actually real science, but you don’t even realize it because you’ve never studied it.
                Believe me, if there were a solar system, including a central star at the center, as close to our sun as Jupiter, that star would light up the night sky almost as bright ad our sun. It would certainly be the brightest object in the night sky and it would be all over the news – bigger news than the meteor that hit Russia. So to believe it, we have to also believe there is a huge world-wide conspiracy of all nations and all scientists to cover it up. And add to that every journalist on the planet and everyone with a backyard telescope or even binoculars. To me, that is even more difficult to believe than the actual theory itself.
                But you will continue to believe what you want to believe, until you are eventually proven wrong. But I’m here to make sure other gullible people on this site don’t just assume you are correct.
                After all, if an Antichrist ever appears he will tell everyone he is God and most people will believe him, right? And if this ever happens you will try your best to tell people the truth, won’t you? Because you know the bible, right?
                So I’m doing the same thing now. Debunking false prophets, like the Mayans. And they are falling like dominoes. Just ask Jan. I’m doing what I know, and while there are some disbelievers, I am certain of my claims and my science knowledge and I merely have to wait for time to prove me right.

                • there is not a batch of “real scientists” who run the site

                  badastronomy is written by ONE man who admits he is an amateur. he is a young PhD who has worked not as a scientist so far, but as technical help.

                  I never made any comments about landing on the moon

                  • The scientists I referred to are the ones who he references from NASA and others who did the actual research which refutes McCanna’s theories. Now if you believe in what McCanna says, then you must also believe in his claim that the moon landing was staged. Was he lying about that or not? Are all of our astronauts just shills of the government, just propaganda spreaders?
                    Just curious if you care to take a stand here…

          • Yes… Marianne, if your science were true then “man” would never have landed on the moon. And just imagine how this great feat of human endeavour has advanced the knowledge and progress of mankind…Have you imagined?…O.k, what’s your conclusion?..I thought so…probably much the same as mine… Any point in stating the obvious and logical, suffice to say that your science no doubt accomodates a degree of spiritual insight and divine logic.

            Now the kind of science that advocates taking a man out of his natural habitat where life thrives, and placing him in a bubble in order to survive an environment that is death personified, on the pretext of furthering the progress and cause of mankind, is not bad science, but pure insanity; and worse, unashamed mockery of our Lord and creator! Keep up the good “science” Marianne!


            • the space program has made many achievements, but it appears there is disagreement within the program as to how and when the progress occurred.

              science also does need a harness. it wants to show there is no need for God or that he has the power he is ascribed. Science wants to be God.

              As an example, I was making DNA from “scratch” 20-30 years ago. Now they want to make new species by genetic engineering and “from scratch.” they just assemble the DNA to construct the “person” they want.
              this is playing God and creates entities with no souls.

  206. james

    I only addressed the nibiru / solar system issue. I had no intention of debating every issue out there.

    McCannah also stated he was not alone in the second solar system issue. I have heard that myself, from other reading.

    I have been in scientific research for over 40 years. I can tell you there are a lot of secrets. Not always out of dishonesty, but due to contracts and agreements. And I have heard astronauts also tell stories of aliens after being quiet for 40-50 years. And these were real interviews. Neil Armstrong was one of them.

    as far as walking on the moon, it appeared that armstrong did not want to swear that he did walk on the moon. so if he makes no commitment, then neither do I

    • Neil Armstrong – Apollo 11 – July, 1969
      Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin – Apollo 11 – July, 1969
      Charles “Pete” Conrad – Apollo 12 – November, 1969 (may have been scheduled to land again on Apollo 20, though unlikely as he had already walked on the Moon)
      Alan Bean – Apollo 12 – November, 1969
      Alan Shepard – Apollo 14 – February, 1971
      Edgar Mitchell – Apollo 14 – February, 1971
      David Scott – Apollo 15 – July, 1971
      James Irwin – Apollo 15 – July, 1971
      John Young – Apollo 16 – April, 1972 (also on Apollo 10, without landing)
      Charles Duke – Apollo 16 – April, 1972
      Eugene Cernan – Apollo 17 – December, 1972 (also on Apollo 10, without landing)
      Harrison Schmitt – Apollo 17 – December, 1972
      All just a bunch of actors and liars, eh? Also all the engineers, builders, reporters, and the entire US congress too? Probably 100,000 people all together. And where exactly did those rockets go that we sent up? And the people we saw go into them? Or maybe the launches never happened. Just clever animation, never actually see by anyone.
      Maybe the space shuttle program was faked too. That would be a piece of cake after faking 7 moon missions.
      McCanne is a quack, plain and simple.
      Anyone who makes such a claim doesn’t deserve a comment. I agree with Armstrong. Buzz Aldrin once decked a guy who said the landings were faked in his presence. These men are true American heros. Anyone who tries to deny that should be locked up a looney bin.
      As should anyone who still believes in Nibiru! 🙂
      (O.K., that part is just an opinion)

  207. since we are now talking about the moon landing….. it appears very credible scientists do not believe it either

  208. Sorry, these “scientists” are no more credible than McCanna.
    After 44 years not one person who worked on the moon project has ever come forward to claim it was all a hoax. All seven missions.
    My dad worked for Grumman Aviation and helped to build the Lunar Rover. He was not a government lackey and perpetrator of propaganda. You denigrate his memory and all those people that worked on the project.
    You have reduced yourself to the level of Ahmadinejad who firmly claims the holocaust never happened and was created by US journalists and Hollywood producers. And fake history writers. And all the same excuses they use to disprove the space program.
    Would you really stoop to his level and enter into a discussion about something that is so obvious only a maniac with an agenda would claim it never happened?
    He too does not deserve a response.
    And only God can make DNA. No human can create DNA, it is out of the realm of possibility. You are crazy to try it.

  209. I can see you don’t like being challenged on science you actually understand.
    Welcome to the club…

    • there is no challenge acknowledged.

      Like I said for the 4th or 5th time now, I have no opinion or comment on the moon landing.

      you brought that up, not me.

  210. Well I guess we will just have to add the moon missions to that list of things you don’t know.

    • for the 6th time now, I said I had no opinion or comment on the moon mission.

      I never said I was stupid and did not know anything about the moon mission.

      I am old enough to remember it. I watched it on tv


    • Interesting. But this site must be totally bogus and run by idiots.
      Just read this from the article:

      Why do scientists think something could be hidden beyond the edge of our solar system? Originally, Nemesis was suggested as a way to explain a cycle of mass extinctions on Earth.

      The paleontologists David Raup and Jack Sepkoski claim that, over the last 250 million years, life on Earth has faced extinction in a 26-million-year cycle. Astronomers proposed comet impacts as a possible cause for these catastrophes.

      Ha! Mass extinctions every 26 million years on a planet that is only 6,000 years old. Humbug! Pure fantasy. These people are simply stupid.
      Wouldn’t you agree, Marianne?

      • James,
        i pointed that out to you, cause your “scientist” friends agree with Marianne on the possibility of this one.

        Not that I agree with the “science”.

        Me personally, I am undecided on the whole Nibiru thing, Kind of like marianne on the moon landing.

      • there is no way to correctly date the earth using current methods.

        as I said before, there is no standard curve for the measurements.

        geological methods are awkward and inaccurate

        • Hey, you can just ask any Chinese historian – they have records going back over 6000 years – that would be 2000 years before the flood. Guess what? NO FLOOD! Not in their area. How do you explain that? Eyewitness proof. They now have DNA genome maps for Neanderthal Man going back even much farther. That is in your area of expertise, but I’ll bet you don’t trust your own colleagues.
          Also, if you can’t use any method to date the earth, then you can’t prove it is exactly 6000 years old either. You are going only by the Genesis story and nothing else. So then, you really don’t know how old the earth is, do you? Just like the moon landing, so we will stick it that box.
          And God is not stupid and He doesn’t want us to be either, that’s why he gave us intelligence to learn far more than our ancient ancestors. He is also not illogical and he wouldn’t bother to create a planet in such a way that it appears to be billions of years old, complete with fossil records etc, just to fool us. That would make Him a silly God, which He is not.
          Hey, answer me this, if God made Adam from dust, which is ground up minerals like quartz and feldspar etc, how come you don’t try using dust to recreate it in the lab? I have to assume we need to take the term “dust” literally, like everything else in the bible, so tell me hoe that little bit of chemistry would work?
          Just curious…

          • you think science has more answers and truth than God does.

            sorry to hear you are not a believer. that explains a lot.

            have you READ the chinese records? how do you know how old the records are? have you seen them.

            this is a blog devoted to spiritual development and exploring spiritual truths,

            if you want to remain in the realm of unbelief, then this is not the best spot for you. “God” should be more than a word used in conversation to you…

            this source says the chinese knew of a flood


            it gives historical references

            prove them wrong, in an academic way, without calling them idiots.

            • Of course I have no access to ancient Chinese libraries. But I assume the researchers on the History aren’t just making stuff up. Plus, look at what the article you linked to had to say:
              A Biblical interpretation of China’s village culture must necessarily cut 3,000 years off the current reconstruction of that nation’s Neolithic era.
              This means that according to all existing information, the Chinese culture can be traced back 3,000 years earlier than biblical accounts. Then they proceeded to examine various “myths and legends” that seem to jive with biblical flood accounts etc. And the site is clearly biased: what would you expect from a website called
              And there have been an increasing number of recent discoveries in the middle east of pre-sumerian civilizations going back 12,000 years.
              Of course you reject archeology and paleontology as sciences so nothing ever published could ever be correct. Only the bible, and all due to a few verses. Less than 100 words in the bible causes every science book ever written to become void. Everything mankind has discovered over the last 1000 years goes down the tubes.
              You even (without realizing it) are rejecting science that runs your computers and the internet. How hypocritical is that!
              Anyway, there are many valid arguments for a biblical interpretation of an old earth age and several denominations teach it. Even the Catholic church does not have an official teaching on the age of the earth, which puts creationists in the minority.
              Listen, we all believe in God as the creator. Our only difference is how we interpret the first few chapters of the bible. And we all know the word of God is filled with symbolism. Otherwise there would be no debates about prophecy. I say God created the universe in His own time frame with the big bang. Mere moments to Him, but incomprehensible to ancient man. The Old Testament was written in story form for ignorant people. People who believed the earth was flat and the sun and stars revolved around us.
              We have grown up since then. We know a lot more. Just as adults have to abandon children’s stories about dragons and unicorns, modern Christians need to understand who the ancient stories were written for. You can’t hold the bible responsible for every single word being absolutely literal. Otherwise you would be waiting for four real men riding real horses to open the seals of Revelation.
              But if you think it makes you better Christians to twist God’s natural laws to fit your biblical interpretations, that is fine with me.
              But don’t ever judge my belief in God or the wonders of His creation just because I understand them far better than you do or ever care to. I know what God has done because I have studied it in every detail. That is more than I can say for most people on this site.
              I guess what they say is true; Ignorance is bliss.

              • bottom line here is that you have no proof that the chinese do not have a creation account. you made that up. that is not very scientific of you, but again, you have never used the scientific method in any work.

                the link I gave also had given references and studies to back up its commentary.

                if you deny the flood of Noah, then you deny the bible.

                you do not seem to know when to take the bible literally and when it is symbolic.

                the earth may be older than 6000 years but the earth we see today seems to be about that age. between verse 1 in genesis and verse 2 is a gap. the earth apparently was destroyed to a great degree, due to chaos, and started over. this could have happened when satan and his angels “fell” to earth after being ousted from heaven. mankind was created on the 6th day and is not that old.

          • James
            “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1) When science can ceate something “ex nihilo”, let me know, because that violates ALL the laws of science. Our faith is based on this. (emphasis on the period) It is science that believes in “magic”, because it believes something came out of nothing….POOF!

            You have then in turn built a “theology” out of this “faith” in the “magic” of science. and this carries all the way into your end time interpretations. Is this not what Peter warns us about in his second epistle (Ch. 3)? Here, I will copy it for you so that you can read it.

            “This is now the second letter that I am writing to you, beloved. In both of them I am stirring up your sincere mind by way of reminder, 2 that you should remember the predictions of the holy prophets and the commandment of the Lord and Savior through your apostles, 3 knowing this first of all, that scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own sinful desires. 4 They will say, “Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things are continuing as they were from the beginning of creation.” 5 For they deliberately overlook this fact, that the heavens existed long ago, and the earth was formed out of water and through water by the word of God, 6 and that by means of these the world that then existed was deluged with water and perished. 7 But by the same word the heavens and earth that now exist are stored up for fire, being kept until the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly.”

            Sound familiar? You scoff those who believe in the promise of his coming. You say everything is the same (uniform) since creation. And you overlook the fact that the flood occurred to maintain your uniformitarianism. “But The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night…” to you. To those who are waiting and “Hastening” His coming, he will come in the clouds with great Glory.

            Regarding your question about the dust of the earth, All elements are made up of the same particles…Protons, neutons, and electrons. So yeah! we are made of the same stuff as the dust of the earth.

      • according to you, God is stupid.

        please try to contribute something constructive

        • I never said God was stupid. Only people. Especially people who refuse to learn, or are too lazy.

          • you are describing yourself. you make a lot of claims, and cannot back them. when others point out their sources, you reject them with sarcasm but no provable facts.

            geology has no legitimate standard curve for measuring time.

            • Sticks and stones…
              At least I went to school to learn what I have, and I have done lab work and much geology field work and I have samples of million year old petrified wood right in front of me. I have been studying astronomy for almost 60 years and yet you claim to know more about it than I do. Ironic on this blog where I declared early on that every Nibiru reference you posted above (and on your other Nibiru page) were all bogus, and now all of them have proven to be made up and most have been taken down in shame.
              So who is the stupid one, me or these YouTube idiots? You think you are smarter than every astronomer on earth just because you watched a bunch of YouTube videos. Well, knowledge doesn’t work that way. Reading the bible will not make you a scientist.
              Here is part of an article I pulled from the web – Wikipedia, an unbiased source:

              Main article: Chinese prehistory
              Archaeological evidence suggests that early hominids inhabited China between 250,000 and 2.24 million years ago.[42] A cave in Zhoukoudian (near present-day Beijing) exhibits fossils dated at between 300,000 and 780,000 BC.[43][44][45] The fossils are of Peking Man, an example of Homo erectus who used fire. There are also remains of Homo sapiens dating back to 18,000–11,000 BC found at the Peking Man site.[46]

              This same information is all over the web, from multiple sources. Of course there are no surviving copies of any ancient writings, including the Old Testament, so we must depend on researchers from many different disciplines. But if you continue to reject science then you will also reject every other scrap of information that doesn’t support your theories, which means you are ignoring 99.9% of evidence that mankind has ever gathered.
              You say that no scientist can believe in God – that they are out to replace Him with science, and yet you call yourself a scientist. You reject my scientific studies and defend your own when you find it challenged. That is the height of hypocrisy, to say the least, even if you are right.
              Fortunately, it won’t matter who is right, at least not to God. He has other problems on His hands. People who are ignorant of His laws and of the apostasy and paganism in their churches. We need to concentrate on that and stop waiting for an imaginary planet to show up.
              Jus sayin…

              • JAmes
                You say you have teached your knowledge from school. If you had stayed in the Catholic Church and studied deeper and became a bishop you could take part of the Nibiru info. Soon you will have your tail between your legs. And I read that you denied the flood under Noas time. And you are calling me crazy! You are the Crazy one.

                • So Adam, you never told us you were a bishop in the Catholic church. Is that where you got all your crazy ideas, and found out that Jesus is in the Vatican and no longer God, but just a human with a wife and kids etc.
                  Or did you just hear this through the grapevine, from a friend, or on YouTube? Oh wait, I forgot… you are just making this stuff up to pull our legs.
                  Good one! Very funny. Ha Ha.
                  Well, if you want to believe the photo below is Nibiru, then you should be very excited. That means it is less than 80 million miles from earth right now and should be here in a couple of weeks. Yaaaaay!
                  Wow, won’t I be surprised! My tail between my legs. (How did you know I have a tail?)

              • Wikipedia is written based on history books and the encyclopedia, not scientific proof.

                geologists have NOTHING accurate to measure time in millions of years.

                that kind of measurement is bogus.

                the paychecks of geologists and anthropologists are dependent upon believing in evolution , which defies the bible.

                the age of china has nothing to do with the worldwide nature of the flood, anyhow

  212. SOHO image 2013 / 2 / 20

    • That “bird” is Venus. I was just on my astronomy program looking at mercury and a comet which should soon become visible, and I noticed Venus right where this photo shows the bird.
      So while it is a planet, it is definitely not Nibiru, which even if it existed could never get between us and the sun. And certainly not completely undetected by thousands of astronomers who search the skies every night for new objects.
      Sorry, no cigar.

      • why should we believe you?

        You make up data as you go along.

        good example is noah’s flood being local, based on internet garbage, not science.

        and geology, which has no standard curve to measure time, and has godless people telling you garbage so you will not believe the bible.

        those same so called “scientists” who taught you make things up as they go along too.

        so, sorry, no cigar.

      • when did venus grow wings?

        there are a lot of things in any direction in space.

        • OK Marianne, you finally convinced me. That photo clearly shows a winged planet between the earth and the sun. So Nibiru is finally here! So, now all we need to do is find out exactly when it will reach the earth and cause that pole flipping thing. Also, if it is the 6th seal of Revelation as you claim, then the first five must all happen very soon, surely within a few months, so we need to prepare for WW3 and the death of over half of all peoples on earth by famine and pestilences.
          So do us all a big favor and get a hold of the YouTube scientist who posted the photo (because we all know NASA, who took the picture, are all too stupid to realize what it is, and if they did, they would keep it a secret anyway) and find out the orbit of the object so we will know when it will get here.
          Fortunately, NASA takes solar images on a regular basis, so with all the previous images a good astronomer should be able to calculate an accurate orbit very quickly.
          I guess we can now forget about that mini solar system that McCanne claimed was out near Jupiter, right? Lets go with this one because it perfectly fits the description at the top of this blog.
          So, please do the proper research and get this important info to us. Then we can spread the word to our friends and family and start moving inland as soon as possible.
          I’m serious, don’t leave us all hanging here, not knowing. It is time to put YOUR science to work.
          Don’t let us down.

          • NASA is not so stupid it does not know what is in the SOHO image. they just refuse to comment on it.

            calculations would never be accurate. the government had planned for a disaster by the end of 2012, but it did not happen.

            God is in control of the speed of anything in space, not NASA…

  213. My Grandfather and all those before us were born in a village at the base of Mount Ararat. He was born in 1900. Great Grandpas house was built of wood and the back of the house was on stilts over the river. I think the village was walled.

    Great Grandpa came here first and got a job at a Steel Mill in Philly. Then My Grandpa, His brother, and My Great Grandma walked across the continent to a Greek port in 1910 and came here too. They did that because of profesy that was given at a bible tent meeting about 1905. Six months later everyone who stayed was slaughtered

    Now lets jump forward to 1965. I was eight years old, and I popped the question to Grandpa. I said ” Grandpa, I read about Noahs Ark in the Bible, and I know You used to live right there. Is that real or is that just a story”.

    His jaw dropped.He was visibly shaken. He couldnt belive I said that. He said ” Do You know, that if you ever asked that question in our village, people would have thought You a Fool? People from our village have been on it before” .

    He went on to describe where it was located and that it was at a very high altitude and frozen in ice. It had become as stone. It was very large and they had to stack large rocks up . The father boosted his son up, and he investigated.

    40 years late I read a similar story on the internet, and I think that was us.
    Grandpa said He was told that the Ark was only exposed after at least 15 consecutive years of drought.

    My father is a genious scientist. He is a Chemist, Microbiologist, Medical background, and was Director Of Reaserch for a Fortune 500 company. He was called to the to meet with the Vice President to do business overseas for the US. He is a Christian.

    I asked him this. do You think Grandpa would lie to me about that? Dad said ” No. He would not lie to You.

  214. Ron Wyatt discovered Noah’s Ark south of Mt. Ararat in 1986. I read a 50 page scientific report and analysis of his findings years ago. Turkey has since built a paved road to the site and declared it to be the ark. Game over, it’s been found and science supports it.
    But according to Enoch, the waters were enclosed by a container, so the flood was not world-wide. A local flood makes a lot more sense. All of God’s people (only ten generations from Adam – maybe a few thousand people or clans) were located in a very small area. God did not need to flood the entire planet to accomplish His goal. He flooded HIS world – the “world” of His people. Otherwise there would be INDISPUTABLE evidence everywhere on the planet of a worldwide catastrophic event. I have been throughout the entire western US on college geology trips studying the rock layers going back hundreds of millions of years, and there is not a single scrap of evidence of a flood 5000 years ago. We found volcanos that were active at that time, but none that were under 7 miles of water.
    Believe me, if there were a class on the geology of the flood, I would have taken it.
    So yes, the flood was a miracle of God, but the miracle was not that he created trillions of gallons of extra water, then wished it all away. The miracle was in the container to hold the sea water (borrowed from the oceans). Those are your two choices, folks. Unless the whole thing was imaginary – in the mind of Noah and his family, while God vaporized the wicked. So you have three choices now.
    Take your pick. God won’t be offended if you get it wrong. He deals with misinterpretation all the time.

    • James,
      You did not answer my comment.
      You are living up to Peter’s prophecy in 2 Peter 3. Thus proving the Word of God correct again.

      I asked you if science has created something out of nothing? Yet that is ultimately what your faith is Based on. “Magic”. A deist believes that God created, and then left his creation alone….well if this is where you stand then you are limiting God.

      Why are you here, if either of these is the case? Why are you even bothering to “Hang out” with all us “Idiots” as you call us? What could possibly be your “Motive”? We have given you “Indisputable” evidence of a flood. But you are stuck in your scientific, God limiting interpretation based on uniformitarianism, which is a Myth. The Bible, on the other hand, Has proven itself to be a reliable eyewitness testimony of the events. In the court of Law, eyewitness testimony especially multiple eyewitnesses is enough to convict. In the Word of God, we have Hundreds of witnesses and they all agree over thousands of years of writings. Science on the other hand changes from decade to decade. Remember how they used to “believe” dinosaus became extinct? Well now they are saying that a cataclismic asteroid strike killed them off. HMM? I wonder if a flood could have done the same? Oh No, science would say, cause that comes from the bible. Grand canyon created by a flood? Oh no, That would be caused by a giant ice dam that gave way after a million year ice age. Who do you trust? science who was not there to witness the events, or the eyewitness accounts found in the Word of God, which have been proven accurate over and over again?

      Lets put it this way. Do you trust the eyewitnesses to the Krakotoa eruption, or would you trust some “idiot” who says that mountain just eroded over millions of years?

    • why are you using the book of enoch to support your case for a local flood.? I thought you needed science to prove anything.

      You never read the book of enoch.

      You are making things up again.

      There is no “bowl” or “basin” described. you got that from internet idiots.

      I have read the book of enoch, and it was written BEFORE the time of Noah’s flood, Noah had just been born, so the flood would not happen for another 600 years.

      the angels had been mating with the daughters of men, and the ENTIRE earth needed to be cleansed.

      10.7 And restore the Earth which the Angels have ruined. And announce the restoration of the Earth. For I shall restore the Earth so that not all the sons of men shall be destroyed because of the knowledge which the Watchers made known and taught to their sons.

      10.8 And the whole Earth has been ruined by the teaching of the works of Azazel; and against him write: ALL SIN.”

      10.20 And you cleanse the Earth from all wrong, and from all iniquity, and from all sin, and from all impiety, and from all the uncleanness which is brought about on the earth.

      10.22 And the Earth will be cleansed from all corruption, and from all sin, and from all wrath, and from all torment; and I will not again send a flood upon it, for all generations, forever.

  215. Here is the place where the Vatican is looking at Nibiru.

    • No mention of Nibiru on the site. And no mention of Jesus in the Vatican.
      Seems to me, if they actually discovered it, they would blast it all over the news to herald the coming of Jesus to take his throne in the Vatican. Can’t be that big of a secret if you’ve been blabbing it all over the web for over a year.
      Careful, the Vatican may put out a hit on you.

      • James
        The reason why the are not blast it all over the news is that Jesus day shall be a suprize. They don´t want to destroy any prophecy. When I tell you on this site that he is in the vatican. Then no one beleives what I say so nothing destroyed.

  216. God chose the “foolish” things of the world to shame the wise and intellectual….but when He does it with razor sharp incisiveness and humour, it is more than a joy to behold….to a child In the Lord that is!….

    Watch in it’s entirety, then praise the Lord for having been afforded the privilege!

    Blessings to all!

  217. About the local flood.
    You are correct that I made this one up in my head 20 years ago. It was the only solution to the problem of the lack of any evidence of a worldwide flood anywhere on earth. Even Bob Ballard (who discovered the Titanic) did a search for signs of the flood, and turned up nothing. By the way, I watched that video above on a bible channel several years ago and laughed my ass off at the stupid claims and outright lies the authors had to use to make their theory work. Just silly.
    Later I discovered there is a growing number of theologians that believe the same thing. Then I read the prophesy of Enoch and it confirmed my idea. Here is a link to the Book of Enoch:
    Here is the pertinent section of the flood prophecy:
    LXXXIX. 1-9. The Deluge and the Deliverance of Noah.
    1. And one of those four went to that white bull and instructed him in a secret, without his being terrified: he was born a bull and became a man, and built for himself a great vessel and dwelt thereon; and three bulls dwelt with him in that vessel and they were covered in. 2. And again I raised mine eyes towards heaven and saw a lofty roof, with seven water torrents thereon, and those torrents flowed with much water into an enclosure. 3. And I saw again, and behold fountains were opened on the surface of that great enclosure , and that water began to swell and rise upon the surface, and I saw that enclosure till all its surface was covered with water. 4. And the water, the darkness, and mist increased upon it; and as I looked at the height of that water, that water had risen above the height of that enclosure , and was streaming over that enclosure, and it stood upon the earth. 5. And all the cattle of that enclosure were gathered together until I saw how they sank and were swallowed up and perished in that water. 6. But that vessel floated on the water, while all the oxen and elephants and camels and asses sank to the bottom with all the animals, so that I could no longer see them, and they were not able to escape, (but) perished and sank into the depths. 7. And again I saw in the vision till those water torrents were removed from that high roof, and the chasms of the earth were levelled up and other abysses were opened. 8. Then the water began to run down into these, till the earth became visible; but that vessel settled on the earth, and the darkness retired and light appeared. 9. But that white bull which had become a man came out of that vessel, and the three bulls with him, and one of those three was white like that bull, and one of them was red as blood, and one black: and that white bull departed from them.
    I don’t suppose anyone wants to apologize to me about never having read the book of Enoch. No matter. All I need is to know that I’m right.
    Chew on this a while…

    • you are not right.

      well, you read one passage from enoch, but not the rest of the book.

      there is no description of a local flood here. the references I gave indicated a global flood. even in this one passage, it refers to the earth itself, not a local region. the only ones saved were those who were inside the vessel ( enclosure with a roof) as the fountains of the deep opened up.

      so there is no proof to back up your claim of a local flood from enoch you should have read the rest of the book.

      and you personally searched the whole earth for proof of a global flood and did not find it?

      I do not see any evidence from ballard disproving a globa flood either. he was only interested in the black sea area, and did not explore “all the earth.”

      • Really?
        The ark was the enclosure?
        Read: “and behold fountains were opened on the surface of that great enclosure”
        So the water came right up thru the roof of the ark. Got it.
        Read: “And all the cattle of that enclosure were gathered together until I saw how they sank and were swallowed up and perished in that water.“
        So the “cattle” (people) in the enclosure (ark) were swallowed up and perished in the water.
        Geez it sounds like the flood occurred inside the ark and killed the occupants.
        Go it.
        I get it now.
        You have no clue on how to interpret simple scriptures.
        And please show me definitive evidence of a 5000 year old global flood. I have studied geology in most of the US plus Japan and Iceland and nowhere is there such evidence. I can’t find any in my geology textbooks or anywhere on the web OTHER THAN bible web sites.
        You won’t find a single reputable geologist who will agree with you. If you can find one who does not believe in God, but only in evidence, then I will listen. And don’t tell me that every geologist is so anti-god that they will intentionally ignore or hide any evidence they recorded about such an event. After all, even if they found a 4,000 year old flood plain, they would simply chalk it up to natural events. And you all claim that the flood was natural. You are trying to use “science” to prove a global flood – that the aftermath all occurred through natural events. SO then, every study should come up with similar results, right? So why the difference?
        Well, bible sites have a definite agenda – to prove the bible is correct as taken literally. But science is after truth, regardless of God. That is why science can change its mind when better evidence is discovered. At least they are honest about it.
        The bible sites I have read not only twist the facts, they often just lie outright on some of their claims. They violate the laws of physics all the time and create scenarios that “sound” logical to the untrained person. And they know that so few people will ever check out their claims, they can simply lie with impunity and get away with it.
        I noticed on that flood video above that commenting was turned off. That is a huge tip-off that the YouTube idiot doesn’t want to be challenged with the truth because his theory would fall apart. Many Nibiru and Mayan prophecy sites are the same way. All run by liars and cowards. You can’t trust them.
        Well I can’t. Some people will believe anything.

        • re-reading it..ok ….the enclosure was not the vessel….although the ark was an enclosure with a roof…but aside from that.

          this is figurative language to some extent….it says that noah was born a bull and became a man….is this reincarnation being taught? no, i do not think so….

          the enclosure was the earth, and the roof was the sky above it. at that time, people thought that there was a canopy above the earth which enriched the atmosphere , and allowed plants and animals to grow richly, many to large sizes due to high oxygen content.

          “the chasms of the earth were levelled up and other abysses were opened. 8. Then the water began to run down into these, till the earth became visible”

          this still does not sound like a local flood…it was a vision with symbolic language…

          the other passages I gave earlier indicate a global flood, or at least as much of the earth that had human life on it, since satan was everywhere corrupting mankind.

          • Your passage actually helps prove my theory.
            If the flood were global, God would have to dispose of the excess water by sending out into space or something. There is no drain hole in the ocean where the water could be drained to the mantle or earth’s core. But in either case all that would happen at the surface is that the sea level would slowly lower. You wouldn’t have any flows on the surface because once the land was exposed, it was dry and only rain water could flow to the sea.
            In my scenario, to empty the container God would punch a few holes in the bottom which would cause a great gush of water back to the Mediterranean and possibly overflowing thru the Bosphorus filling the Black Sea, just as Ballard was searching for. Such a flow, over solid rock, would still not cut anything on the order of the Grand Canyon, for several reasons. First, rock is extremely hard compared to water and is not easily eroded. And you have to understand that the erosion only takes place when sand or minerals in the water come into direct contact with the rocks, so if you had a 200 foot deep stream of water rushing down a canyon, 99.999% of the water is simply flowing over the water below it, not affecting the surface at all. This is one fact that the bible geologists never tell you about.
            Whether or not any geologist has ever considered this possibility and attempted to study the formations around the Ararat area, I don’t know, but I would love to join that search if it ever materialized.
            So everything in the bible supports my idea. And if you are going to use the “symbolism” card then I’m allow to pull it out in the genesis story too.
            And as for your statement that astronomers could not use photographic data to predict and accurate orbit for Nibiru, that is totally wrong. How do you think we determined the orbits of everything in the solar systems? And so accurate we could send a rover to mars and get instruments to orbit Saturn and Jupiter. Sorry but astronomers were able to determine planetary orbits hundreds of years ago even without the big advantage of photographs. Maybe your YouTube astronomer doesn’t know how to do it, but those who do this for a living do it all the time.
            I’m afraid you are just copping out afraid to take a stand because in the back of your mind you know this is just another fake like all the rest. This way you can stretch this topic out forever.
            And that’s just how long its going to take.

            • the passages indicate a global flood, so that is what I have to go by. Of course, there could have been a local flood, but it would not have gotten rid of all the wickedness in the ENTIRE earth, making the flood fail its purpose.

              where did the water go? I assume God has a good answer, better than mine. the psalms mention making the valleys into mountains and the mountains into valleys. It is possible that what we see today does not represent AT ALL the earth in the time of noah.

              we see evidence of land masses that used to be one mass, if we piece them together like a jig saw puzzle. a violent force would have broken them and pushed them apart.

              I believe there is more water on the face of the earth than there was to begin with, and much less land, which has sunk and become valleys under water to accommodate the extra water. so we have the lost water in plain site.

              still , an interesting debate

  218. Ron Wyatt Youve got to be kidding! Are You being silly? Did you research that one? I put many many hours into looking at all Ron Wyatts work finding the Ark of the covenant , Noahs Ark and everything else/ Its far more foolish then the U tube videos you talk about. His own people from the SDA said he was a fake. a farce. a liar, and that they completely wasted their time following him. Ive seen the landscvape your referring to. That is a Hoax for fools. Id like to cut Ron Wyatt some slack. I believe he was simply mentally ill. If some of your scientist buddies say he is right, well, they are either stupid or more likely chronic bold face liars.

    I believe several governments know exactly where it is. They dont want You to know its there or that its real. Its bad for their agenda. Its more proof that we were created, and that all scripture is correct.They want you you believe evolution. With no God, you are just an animal. Animals dont have God given rights. Animals can be hunted, enslaved, tortured, killed, eaten. Enslaved by a new world order. Robbed. Cheated

    The Ark reportedly was still in one piece in 1910, complete with compartments. there are stories that people in the villages below it have items from it. Possibly tools etc. It is absolutely enormous.

    I dont know what that is that ron wyatt found, only what it isnt. I also dont buy him finding the 10 commandments and the Ark of the Covenant

    James why do you even believe in God? Sometimes it seems as if Youve never even met Him

    • O.K. Then I guess I no longer believe there ever was an ark.
      Nothing but a fanciful bible story for kids to read and be inspired.
      No parting of the Red Sea either.
      No Sodom and Gomorrah.
      Oh well, guess we will never have any proof of any of it.
      You are a bigger skeptic than I am.

      • he believes in the ark, not ROn’s story of finding it

        • I’ve read Ron’s technical data and it is valid. Well documented with photos. Validated by the government of Turkey.
          I know about the skeptics. They are led by a rival archaeologist who has been looking elsewhere for most of his career.
          Ron also was the first person to discover Egyptian chariot wheels in the Red Sea and the ashes of Sodom and Gomorrah with balls of pure sulfur embedded in them, and also the true Mount Sinai, later claimed to be discovered by ABC news, then finally given credit after an audit of his research.
          He had a lot of rivals who belittle his discoveries so i say let them, and believe whoever you want to believe.
          As long as you believe.

          • I have no problem with Ron, although I wished he had gotten a lab report on the blood. Even if the Israeli lab had denied him a written report, he should have taken his sample elsewhere where they would have given him a written report.

  219. James
    I know a little about Jesus first speech when he holds the doom in Rome.
    He will say first time with water second time with fire and brimstones.

    • Adam
      That is from 2 Peter 3, which I quoted above, that James has yet to respond to. Probably because he does not believe in the inerrancy of the Word of God. Yet he believes in Wyatt who is a conman, Darwin, whose theory has been proven wrong, Big bang theory, which supposes that something came from nothing, thereby violating all the Laws of science.

      18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. 19 For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. 20 For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world,[g] in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. 21 For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Claiming to be wise, they became fools, 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things. (Romans 1:18-22)

      • Dru,
        2Peter3 does not claim that the earth is 6000 years old. The only reference to time is verse 8:

        But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day [is] with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

        He is clearly saying that time for God is not like time for man. So a day in genesis could be a million years in our terms. (thousand was the largest number used in the Old Testament, and in this verse it is not supposed to be an exact number, it is just illustrating a point.
        A point that you obviously don’t get.

        And note verse 6:
        Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:
        Well back then, the “world” consisted of a very small chunk of the middle east. That was the known world at that time. It doesn’t say all of planet earth including uninhabited areas. To flood those places would just be a dumb waste of water. When God parted the Red Sea, He could have dried up the entire Red Sea, but instead He only created a narrow path just big enough to let His people thru.
        God is not so inefficient that He had to flood a million times more land than He had to. Come on, think about it. God acted with surgical precision to accomplish His goal. Why the overkill then? Who would ever know? And then to get rid of all that water and erase all obvious evidence of the flood so we couldn’t tell it ever happened? Not that He couldn‘t have done it, but it simply wasn’t necessary, so why bother.
        So I’m sticking with a local flood. It fits science and it fits scripture. But believe what you want.
        Whatever floats your boat. Literally!

        • The word used for “world” in verse three is “Kosmos” in the greek.
          defined as follows:
          1) an apt and harmonious arrangement or constitution, order, government

          2) ornament, decoration, adornment, i.e. the arrangement of the stars, ‘the heavenly hosts’, as the ornament of the heavens. 1 Pet. 3:3

          3) the world, the universe

          4) the circle of the earth, the earth

          5) the inhabitants of the earth, men, the human family

          6) the ungodly multitude; the whole mass of men alienated from God, and therefore hostile to the cause of Christ

          7) world affairs, the aggregate of things earthly

          a) the whole circle of earthly goods, endowments riches, advantages, pleasures, etc, which although hollow and frail and fleeting, stir desire, seduce from God and are obstacles to the cause of Christ

          8) any aggregate or general collection of particulars of any sort

          a) the Gentiles as contrasted to the Jews (Rom. 11:12 etc)

          Why is it that in this verse he used this word, but in verses 5,7,10,13 he used the “Ge” for earth?
          Why is it that 2 peter 2: 5 says that only eight survived this flood? Is the Holy Spirit who inspired Peter telling a lie here? He said he did not spare the ancient “world” (Kosmos). He says in verse 3:7 “the heavens and the earth that now exist are stored up for fire” Well, the kosmos is a whole lot more than a “regional flood”. This is your, and sciences story for us to prove otherwise, well to me the burden of proof is on you, as the video above mentioned, which you did not watch.

          You see, science creates fiction when the facts become overwhelming in support of the flood. For example, The Megalithic stone cities around the world which have been destroyed are now being explained away as the result of “alien invasions”….Is that science to you? Or the submerged cities which are found around the World being explained away by “climate change” and rising water levels??? This is all just “science fiction” that you are believing.

          OH wait a minute…Is that you that proposed to congress that they should build a “deathstar”, to battle these “alien invaders”? Hey why not? You drink the “Koolade” on the rest of their garbage.

          • I told you I watched the video years ago plus a few others similar to it and as I said, their use of science may sound correct but it is far from the truth. I could refute every point one by one using my geology textbooks, but what is the point since you deny that what I have learned is the true version of science. Satan has hardened your heads toward what is real and what is made up, so I would only be wasting my time and I’m too smart to do that.
            If you want, go to your home encyclopedia and look up the Grand Canyon and see what they say. Or go to the National Park web site and do some research. I studied geology for 20 years and astronomy for almost 60. So now it is your time to study. But you won’t, of course. While I have read and evaluated both arguments, you only know what the bible-thumpers say. The same is true for Nibiru. All you know is what you see on YouTube, and your are not smart enough to realize that with tens of thousands of Nibiru sightings on the web, all in different places in the sky at the same time, that they can’t ALL be right. And yet not one single YouTube idiot has taken their own photos and nobody who took any of them has ever claimed they discovered a new planet – an accolade that would bring any one of them great fame, prestige and educational grants.
            And none of this raises any red flags for you?
            Listen, go ahead and believe whatever you want, but don’t try to use bogus science to prove your ideas to real scientists. It only makes bible-thumping good Christians look like ignorant fanatics tho the rest of the world.

            • Once again James You use Mocking and your “supreme intellect” to divert and distract from the debate. It is you who have been brainwashed by your 20 years in the liberal education system.

              “For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Claiming to be wise, they became fools,”

              Your faith is in man, and his intellect, Not in God and his sovereignty.

              “Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5) That is what us “bible thumpers” do. For the beginning of all wisdom is the fear of God.

              As such, I do not trust the Authorities (powers) of this world, Nor do I put my faith in “this present darkness”. You on the otherhand use them in your “skepticism”.

              I am a servent of the Living God. Yehovah…The one who was and is and is to come. You are a servent to your own “Intellect”. You have put yourself on a pedestal. I have attacked your two towers (strongholds) science and religiousity….These are not God’s strongholds but rather the strongholds of the “prince of the air”. When Jesus comes again, he will destroy these strongholds, and expose the nakedness which lies beneath.

              “For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every LOFTY OPINION raised against the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD, and take every thought captive to obey Christ.” (2 Cor. 10:4,5)

              I have not once attacked you personally here, yet you continually are making “personal attacks”, now even accusing me of being “hardened by Satan”. I have Attacked your strongholds, as instructed by the Word of God. I Have Quoted scripture, not “Youtube idiots” as you suggest. You ignore the Word of God, and turn to insult and accusation in your reply. You are exposed for who you really are.

              “And what I do I will continue to do, in order to undermine the claim of those who would like to claim that in their boasted mission they work on the same terms as we do. For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.” (2 cor. 11:12-13)

              My heart cries out for you James. Because I know inside there is a man who has not experienced the power and Love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As Long as you are standing on those two towers though, You cannot repent. He is waiting at your door and knocking. But you explain away his knocks as acts of nature. You have filled your emptyness with religiousity, But deep down there is a void. He wants to fill that void in You.
              When I first came on this site, I discussed salvation with you…simplifying it down to 2 things, repentence and belief. Repentence is the first thing. It is not until we can see our inability to adhere to the Law, and see the sins of our heart, that we see how worthless we are (total depravity). So long as you are standing on your two towers, you will not see your own nakedness.

              In the realization of that total depravity, Jesus Blood can redeem you from it. By his righteousness, he can save. When God looks down and Judges us, he does not see our depravity, he sees Jesus. If there is that void in your heart, he is only going to see that. Will you acknowledge those knocks? or will you continue to ignore them?

              I pray you choose to let him in.

              “Not my will, but thine Lord be done”

    • I agree with everything You have said Dru. Furthermore, I sense the Holy Spirit within You. You are a Born again Christin. This I know with certainty.

  220. Thank You Moomjian.
    Psalm 143:10

  221. Here is another you tube video for all you, since I am continually accused of this, I might as well live up to the billing.

  222. This guy believes that the universe is nothing more that a hologram.
    O.K., that tears it. We are simply living inside the mind of God. None of truly exist, nothing is real.
    Well, that certainly is one valid explanation. Like I’ve been saying all along, if you wish to believe that everything on earth was hand placed there by the will of God, then that is your opinion. But don’t try to use science (the known laws of physics) to prove the Grand Canyon was carved by a flood.
    Ludicrous 12:15: And then God sendeth forth His angels with a multitude of shovels and much dynamite to a land to be called Arizona, and thus they did diggeth an immense canyon, a testimony to His power and His glory.
    There you go, mystery solved.

    • “that guy”, is Chuck Missler.

      Did you know that Most PHD’s in this country are foreign born people? Why is this? Because the Public school systems in this country ignore most of this science that he is talking about. Because they are stuck in promoting the “religion” of science, as opposed to technology based science. This “indoctrination” creates the opposite of creative thinkers…it creates subjects and followers of this doctrine. It makes science develop in “revolutions”. In other words, an established doctrine becomes a dogma in the “temples of science”, the universities. If someone comes in with an alternate theory, it is squelched by the powers (popes) of this temple. These scientists are then ostricised, belittled and “burned at the stake”, because they go against these religious dogmas of science. Is this not why it takes fifty to a hundred years for science to accept their theories? By that time there are technologies based on their science that cannot be refuted.

      This is no different than the popes of Old. Who thwared the progress of science. In a sense, you being once a catholic have left one form of bondage for another. This is nothing more than an example of Human pride, Original sin at work in the scientific community, which denies the existence of God and original sin.

      Using sociological terms, since that is what I am familiar with….the scientific community influences the individual scientist, which in turn influences and changes the scientific community…ad infinitim. The problem is that this ideal, as with any utopian ideal, does not take into account the existence of human sin. That is why All utopian societies eventually fall apart. Because Human pride creates stagnation in this dialectic relationship. Those who have power in the collective want to hold that power, thereby belittling that science which would dethrone their theories.They do this by putting a higher importance to their theories, thereby making these theories godlike. Entrenching them in strongholds. If one were to promote a theory that refutes the “old earth” dogma, then it is immediately crushed and burned at the stake because it dares to question the “popes” inerrant and godlike proclamations. This forces these scientists underground (You tube), or even worse to other countries who will promote their science, which they in turn will use against us. This is what is happening in the U.S. now. There is a steady stream of scientists leaving the U.S. now going to china, russia, and India, etc. They are taking their technology based science with them, and the U.S. school systems are unable to replace them, because they are in the business of indoctrination rather than creating creative thinkers. You are nothing more than an indoctrinated follower…a pawn promoting this system. Most fields of science have left darwinism behind as a faulty model…a story. Old earth is also being left behind in the dust. You are holding onto these antiquated beliefs.

      So, the very thing which you oppose, you have become. Think about that for a moment………..It is Only with God that we can discover Truth with a capital T. And the Truth is Man is incapable of saving themselves. What they see as freedom is only bondage. As Peter puts it: “They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption. For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved.” (2 Peter 2:19) You are nothing more than a slave to the world. But With Jesus we overcome the World. I suggest you try to be an overcomer and not a slave.

      Its a mystery to me why you want to be enslaved…ignorance is bliss I guess?

      • dru

        I did not listen to the video because it was too long, but I did skim it.
        He was not making much sense to me.

        I do not understand why a preacher thinks he knows enough about the scientific world to critique it.

        But going by what you say he implied, this does not happen in mainstream science. In fact the opposite occurs. Everything is scrutinized and evaluated, and usually what people present for peer review is good science.

        It is possible that “fringe science” may operate this way, where there is a false doctrine, and no one is allowed to go against. it. Maybe evolution science is like that, or a related field like archaeology, etc.

        In pure science, there is much data to back up any established view, so the average researcher understands that and would not refute the established data, but maybe add to it.

        It would be better to find a critique by a pure scientist against the fringe science, and listen to that kind of presentation.

        • Marianne,
          I Agree that there is legitimate science out there. When science operates the way it is supposed to it is a benefit for man, and society.
          Unfortunately large blocks of science have been undermined by those who have an anti God agenda. It is frowned upon to say that You believe in God in scientific circles. If a professor does this, they will likely be sent on sabbatical or fired by most of the universities out there.

          I Put that video there, because it is one of the few that adresses the speed of light constant, albeit briefly. I followed most of his presentation, and I thought he did a fair job. He is very accurately Portraying the fact that science does not accept these findings, until 40 to 50 years after they are proposed. Technology, and in particular the military does though.

          I hate to burst your bubble, but there is no such thing as Objective science. Especially science that Looks at the past. It is all speculation based on some evidence, and a whole bunch of assumptions on the part of the scientist. If You believe in a flood, you are going to see one thing, If you don’t believe in a flood, your going to explain it another way. The Only accurate measure is eyewitness testimony. I Gave james the example of Mount St Helens. Well if we didn’t have the witnesses to the events, then you could surmise that Half that mountain was eroded over millions of years. But because we have witnesses to the events, then we Know it happened in Minutes.

          The Word of God is a cohesive testimony of Witnesses (40 writers) spanning 4000 years all saying that God exists, and that he acts upon his creation. This is as close to irrefutable evidence that we are going to get for past events.

          Regarding Peer review, again, Most of these Journals will not even consider publishing articles by people who openly admit their assumption that God exists. And then there is the scandal of “climategate” where the peer review process was corrupted, and scientists who had done legitimate studies debunking global warming were not published at all. So I am sorry, I have little to no faith in the peer review process. It can and has been manipulated, corrupted, and controlled by those in charge of the journals by admission or rejection of the work of the scientists. It has basically become an intitution that has lost touch with its stated purpose. Where is the uproar by scientists over climategate? It Has single handedly done more to undermine “good science” than any other event over the past 20 years, Yet the scientific community is mum on the topic.

          If you want to talk about where the scientific process is working, all you have to do is look in the Military black ops. They pick the cream of the crop of thinkers, and put into practical application these scientific discoveries,. Years ahead of the mainstream scientific community. Unfortunately, it is used for primarily killing people. I am sure you are aware of bioweapons.

          Some of the Most cutting edge science is being done in the field of light wave manipulation. Invisibility cloaks, and the like. Much of this is based on the fact that the Speed of Light is not a constant. The military is already using this science in practical applications. In fact, I dare say that this whole institutionalized peer review scientific method is there to keep the government one step ahead of the masses. Thus enabling them to control us. It used to be that if you had an idea or invention you would patent it and make the product available to the masses. Now these product go through the hands of the military first, The biggest consumer of these products. Think of Night vision technology. Up until desert storm we were one of the few countries that posessed this technology. Now I can go to a Local walmart and buy a decent scope. Look at the current drone technology. Obama’s favorite toy. What happens when a tyrant turns these technologies on our own people?? In the Words of The Apostle John “who is like the beast, who can fight against it?”

          ” But the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every Lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ”. (2 Cor 10:4-5) Think about these Words Marianne. “destroy arguments”, “Lofty opinions” “take every thought captive”. This is a battle for souls here and now. You can be overwhelmed by the enemy who demands your worship, or you can have faith that the beast will be killed by Jesus with the breath of his mouth.

          Science and the signs and wonders it produces only gives credence to the Beast. Do not take this the wrong way here. I am not anti science. My fear of God is greater than my fear of science. I Just see through the smoke and mirrors, and aura of invincibility that science loves more than anything else. It has no victory over the Word of God.And Our faith in this fact can move mountains…Amen!

          Sorry for the Long comment, You Just got me rolling with yours. As I read it again, I could probably say it in four words…Science is not God.

          God bless.

          • thanks for your comment dru.

            Like I said, I did not have time to listen to it all.

            I was basically sticking up for those in science that actually do a good job.

            I am aware that not everyone in science, or any profession, lives up to the highest standards of accuracy and performance.

          • Dru,
            You make an interesting but incorrect point about Mt. St. Helens.
            20 years ago I took a 3-week geology field trip class; Geology of the Cascade volcanos. I had to make a presentation on Crater Lake, a place where as a photographer I had been several times before. We stopped at every Volcano from California to Canada including St. Helens.
            Crater lake is the remnant of an ancient volcano that erupted over 50,000 years ago. It literally blew its top off. There were no eyewitnesses, yet it is obvious to any geology student what happened. Maybe not to the general public, but we’re not talking about them here.
            I could repeat my 2-hour presentation, including hundreds of photos I took, but that would take a new web site. The point is that there was never any suggestion that the crater was caused by erosion. The same can be said of Mt. Lassen in California, which erupted in 1917, but is actually inside a caldera bigger than Crater Lake which also blew up around the time of Crater Lake.
            There are no flood deposits in these calderas and they were not cut by floodwaters which would have just washed them away.
            You should not try to transfer your ignorance onto those people who actually study these things. If you were to take such a class yourself, you would realize this and reject the ranting of those so-called scientists who are none other than preachers with a scientific agenda. This stuff is actually really easy to understand when you actually go out and look at it.
            But that is your choice. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.
            You can assume someone is right just because you want him to be or you can look for the truth yourself.
            That will be up to you, and everyone else here.

            • James,
              It is you that needs to wake up to your brainwashing. It is like I am dealing with a cult member who has been given orders to drink the Koolade. (Think Jim Jones here) I can point out till I am blue in the face all the errors in this belief system, Saying this JimJones is leading you astray, But you will not listen. Instead you keep trying to get us to join you in partaking in that drink.

              I have studied cults, I have studied world religions, and I have studied their tools of manipulation and deceit. Your “science” is nothing more than another false religion and cult. This gives any theologian the right to criticise it, and the underlying assumptions thereof. You do not stand on some “High and Lofty” pedestal which excludes your “science” from this scrutiny. This is the problem with Your “science”.

              I’d call your religion “scientology”, but that term is already taken, But instead i will call it for what it is, “Scientism”. If noone was there to witness the events at crater lake 50000 years ago, then you are relying on those very same flawed dating methods we have discussed already to prove your point. You are going to have to do better than that.

              My point is that you can’t defend yourself….Not against the Word of God. The testimony of hundreds of witnesses to the events therein. Did you know that according to this book, Adam lived to see Noah’s father born. The story of creation is not like some story passed down from multiple generations, each time getting more and more extravagent. No it is as close as two generations from the Eyewitness account of the very one created by God. Noah rescued these Books on the Ark. Noah lived 350 years after the flood, To the time of Abraham. Shem lived till the time of Jacob. Well if Isaac or Jacob had doubts about the flood, they could go an ask Shem about it. That is like todays generation referring to the eyewitnesses of Krakatoa…I am pretty surre this occurred, when they say it occurred, wouldn’t you agree?

              Scientisms main belief is that God does not exist, or if he does he is powerless to act on his creation supernaturally (deism). Its main doctrine is uniformitarianism…that everything is the same from when it was created or evolved. (2 Peter 3:4) Its covenent is that everything will continue to go on as stated, and that there is no eternal salvation or wrath. Just like the days of Noah…..Well James, some of us out here are building an ark…preparing our vessels for the Day of the Lord. Scientism will not save you from the wrath of God. Only the Blood of Jesus, and his imputed righteousness can.

              The same can be said of religiousity, your other stronghold. It denies the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. “For behold, the day is coming, burning like an oven, when all the arrogant and all evildoers will be stubble. The day that is coming shall set them ablaze, says the Lord of Hosts, so that it will leave them neither root nor branch. But for you who fear my name the Sun of Righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. You shall go out leaping like calves from the stall. and you shall tread down the wicked, for they shall be as ashes under the soles of your feet, ON THE DAY WHEN I ACT SAYS THE LORD OF HOSTS.” (Malachi 4:1-3)

              I do not wish this upon any man, thus I plead with you to repent. According to many who Call Jesus their Lord, this time is close At hand. For some it is closer than others. Will you be one of those in revelation who repent, or one of those who do not and shake their fist at God??.

              You make the call…I suggest you call out to Jesus.

            • I would assume a crater and a canyon are 2 different things. so the cause is different.

              I would not think a crater would be caused by a flood either, but i think it possible a canyon could be cause by a flood, if the force were great enough.


          • Dru,
            You are a throwback to the past. I’ll bet you would have been one of those church leaders who burned Giordano Bruno at the stake and sentenced Galileo to life in prison for claiming that the planets revolve around the sun instead of everything going around the earth.
            People at the time, the whole world in fact, believed what they could see – everything was going around the earth (which was flat by the way) and that was the end of the story. No science needed for tat one.
            But you know the story – an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence proved the church was wrong and the astronomers were right.
            Now you believe that the people who sent men to the moon and robots to mars and the outer planets are just part of a cult. Then Marianne must be in a similar cult.
            She claims she can create DNA and make life in a lab, just like God. If she was living in the time of Galileo she would be proclaimed by people like you as a heretic and burned at the stake.
            You have no idea how God’s natural laws work. You base everything you know on a few bible verses written in story form for ancient people with no inkling of science. And you are happy to remain as ignorant as those people all the while using the technology that these cult scientists have created, including your computer.
            I have been able to reconcile science with God and I see no conflict. Most modern scientists have done the same. They are not the Antichrist monsters that have only the purpose of removing God form the equation that you claim them to be.
            If I didn’t believe in God then I would be here trying to convince “true” Christians that we are still under the Ten Commandments, now would i? Judge not, lest ye be judged.
            And here is a little end-time verse from Isaiah I just ran across from the movie, “The Late Great Planet Earth“ by Hal Lindsey:
            Isa 24:5
            The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant.
            Look at that – he predicted man would change the law (Sunday worship sound familiar?) and broke an EVERLASTING covenant. Now I’m resurrection you can twist the meaning of everlasting” to suit your needs, just as you twist real science in an attempt to explain everything we see on the surface of the earth, and below. Unfortunately, you are only accomplishing this in your own mind. If you were right about science, you wouldn’t have a computer, or a car, or fossil fuels to put in it, which come from the Carboniferous Era, not the flood. Did you know if all the living matter on earth at the time of the flood were turned into oil, we would use it all up in a couple of weeks. Maybe less. So maybe you should boycott bad science by stop using your car, or any other vehicle, or electricity produced by fossil fuel power plants.
            Most of your life comes from this “bogus” science. Even the manufacture of Kool-Aid requires it.
            Imagine that. 🙂

            • this is a weak argument.

              when the bible says nothing , then science can possibly take front stage.

              the bible has actually stated scientific facts, which science only discovered later. the bible said the earth was round in Isaiah, it is just that no one in the catholic church reads the OT.

              in cases where the bible speaks, and science disagrees, then science is wrong.

              the “law” is the Torah, the first 5 books of the bible, not one single commandment.

              worshiping God on any day is not breaking an everlasting covenant.


              I did not create life. I synthesized DNA. if you put just DNA in a test tube, you will not have “life,” just a string of molecules.


              james, you need to stop your insults. this is harassment of others on the site, and I cannot allow that.

              sorry to sound so strict, but this debate method you have is not constructive, and you just need to stick to proven facts

  223. James,
    1. Regarding Giordano being burned at the stake. No i would not have been… I would have been one of those Anabaptist which were being burned at the stake myself…because I hate nicolaitanism in the churches…Now your scientism has replaced the Pope as the religion which no man dare stand against lest he be “burned” at the stake as you are doing NOW.

    2.You said:
    “Now you believe that the people who sent men to the moon and robots to mars and the outer planets are just part of a cult. Then Marianne must be in a similar cult.”
    I said in my response to marianne above:
    “I Agree that there is legitimate science out there. When science operates the way it is supposed to it is a benefit for man, and society.
    Unfortunately large blocks of science have been undermined by those who have an anti God agenda.”
    Here I made a distinction between “good science”, which I am behind 100% and the Charlatan “scientism” which you are a proponent of. You in your comment are merely trying to Pit Marianne against me….But I think she sees through your Modus operandi here, because she has a brain that can think for itself instead of one that repeats Dogma of a false religion.

    3. You then “threaten” Marianne to be burned at the stake if she dares to against you, by making the false claim that she created life. Sorry, not buying it. She is replicating Dna based on the fact that DNA is “Information”, thus pointing to a creator. It is no different than typing Keystrokes on a computer….Copying is way different than creating out of nothing (ex Nihilo).

    4. You said:
    “You have no idea how God’s natural laws work. You base everything you know on a few bible verses written in story form for ancient people with no inkling of science. And you are happy to remain as ignorant as those people all the while using the technology that these cult scientists have created, including your computer.”
    I am sorry you have such Low esteem for the Word of God. I both understand, and appreciate the Laws of nature as God created them. I also believe with faith that God can and does and will act contrary to these laws because HE IS GOD! This has been my point all along. This again is another one of your accusations to the extreme….that if I reject your scientism then I reject all science…This of course is no different than Adam saying if you are not a member of the catholic church you will meet your doom. In my book, this is nothing more than a manipulation tactic used by most modern day cults around the world…In order to maintain their power, via the inability to criticize them because their “knowledge” is exclusive.

    5. Then you proceed to bring your other stronghold into play…”How dare you attack my scientism…I am holier than thou!”
    My faith is in that which is unseen. God at work in his creation. You have no faith in this. You have made a god out of created things. I as a Christian am merely giving you that true peer review that you are supposed to get, not just from likeminded followers of your faith, but from all peers including theologians and philosophers. Remember your scientism has excluded these people from their peer review journals…..why? because they would prove your “science” to be nothing more than a fraud. It is you who are destroying “good science” with your dictatorial schemes. Computer, cars, and fossil fuels are products of Good science. They have nothing to with how old the earth is. Did you not read what I wrote above? Or are you just trying to push my thinking to the fringes? Can you reproduce an “Old earth” in the labratory? NO. Therefore this is not science….it is a story of the imagination which denies the existence of a sovereign God. It has become a religion and declared itself god because noone is allowed to criticize it. It is Part in Parcel to the one world religion of the beast as described in the book of revelation. Unfortanately many a church are swayed by its air of infallibility. These are the ones that have become apostate, they Just don’t even realize it yet, because it is intermingled with the other tower of religiousity as you have woven together. “And in days of those kings the God of heaven will set up his Kingdom that shall never be destroyed, nor shall the kingdom be left to another people. It shall break in pieces all these kingdoms and bring them to an end, and it shall stand forever.” (Daniel 2:44) The two legs of iron, scientism and religiousity, are your two strongholds now, soon they will be rubble.

  224. Marianne,
    You are right in assuming that a volcano is formed by different forces that a canyon.
    If you were to study the Cascade volcanos (including St. Helens) you would discover that they are formed when rock from the ocean floor is pushed underneath the lighter continental margin, then remelts at great depth and the lightened magma forces its way to the surface forming volcanos. This same thing is happening all around the Pacific Rim of Fire, as it is called.
    This process happens very slowly, as the pacific plate is only moving at a couple of inches per year. We know it was not a catastrophic one-time event because most of the Pacific volcanos are composite cones. These are formed by many successive eruptions by different types of lava (aa and pahoehoe). One is very runny and spreads out from the opening. (The Columbia Plateau) The other is hard and chunky and stays close to the hole, forming cinder cones such as Sunset Crater, Arizona).
    But if the flows alternate, you get beautiful composite mountains like St. Helens and Mount Fuji, and many others.
    Since volcanic eruptions have been observed over human history, we know how often they occur. We have also measured the rate of sea-floor spreading and it is less than 3 inches per year. It too is layered showing multiple events and by examining all the layers and recording their magnetic polarity we have discovered that the magnetic poles change polarity every once in a long, long while. Clearly this could not be the result of a single cataclysmic event.
    It is just one more proof that the earth is far older than 6000 years. In fact, proof is just about everywhere if you know what to look for.

    • it cannot be proven that current rates equal ancient rates.

      what you are describing is a set of sequential events, that add up to a final structure.

      but what you don’t know is the FREQUENCY of those events….

      .a slow frequency could take a long time to produce a final structure.

      a rapid frequency could take a short time.

      if the flood could be connected to the formation of volcanoes, then it would indicate weakening of the mantle to allow such a structure to form.

      Something long ago disrupted the earth and ocean floor because we have fault lines now.

      these are all weak areas.

      one explanation could be that the disruption of the fountains of the deep in the flood caused these weak areas, but since the bible does not explain where volancoes come from, there is nothing to go on.

      canyons are a different matter.

      I watched a video demonstration on a small scale of course, and it showed the erosive power of high pressure water on rock and soil. it carved out a canyon

      to reconcile the bible with science is not always possible, because there has to be a position stated by both to compare. there is not always date from both to do this.

      the bible states that all life was destroyed on earth by the flood

      so this either means

      1. a global flood, or it means that

      2. all human life was still confined to only one area of the globe, and that no life existed in areas not affected by the flood

    • this video is on a complete different topic but watch it for the first 2 minutes.

      it shows the rock that moses struck and how the water that gushed out carved a canyon in the stone beneath it.

      this is not the same video I was referring to, which was an actual experiment done on rock and soil under the influence of high pressure water.

      • I watched the whole video, and the last 10 minutes are the most revealing. Ron believed that the ark will not be revealed until the mark of the beast is implemented as testimony that God’s law is still in effect and that the mark will be to change that law, specifically the 4th commandment regarding the true Sabbath. He believes the next pope will be the Antichrist and he will be the abomination of desolation in the new temple, which is not a building but the church itself.
        I’m just glad to see I’m not alone in this idea.

  225. You can’t compare the biblical flood to a flash flood. The two are quite different.
    If the Grand Canyon was formed by sediment from the ocean floor, the it would have been cut AFTER the rain stopped. As the water evaporated or was sucked out into space by God. These sediments would have been laid down horizontally (and some layers in the middle of the canyon are actually tilted – so how did that happen?) and would be flat and level at the top, just as they are today. Therefore, just as one area of the deposit would have been revealed, all the rest of the sediments would also have been uncovered. Just try filling a hole in your back yard with water and see what happens when the water evaporates. When the Gulf of Mexico flooded New Orleans, there were no canyons cut when the sea retreated. The physics is just not there. The firehose theory just doesn’t hold water. 🙂
    And physics and chemistry do not support your “frequency” theory. We know how long eruptions take and how long it takes for rocks to cool and erosion to take place. You would have to claim that the laws of nature have changed in the last 5000 years in which case you are back to what I said earlier – just claim everything was done by God using non-natural forces and be done with it. Stop trying to squeeze science into little box the size of a bible.
    And as for DNA being information leading to a creator, so is the Big Bang. I believe God used the big bang to create our universe, and for him it was only six days ago. We know time is different for God than man (a day is like 1000 years) so we can’t always take bible time literally. Even Daniel used a day for a year so why think the creation story was any different?
    Well, someday soon, Jesus will get here and will rewrite all the textbooks. Then we will all know the truth. Until then I will put my faith in real geologists to find more oil to keep our civilization going for a little longer.
    Never send a priest to do a scientists’ job, I say. 🙂

    • you could also say that a scientist should not critique the bible, but is that correct?.

      • Critique is not the proper term.
        Interpret would more correct.
        As we all know, the vast majority of the bible, especially prophecy is all a matter of interpretation. Otherwise we wouldn’t be having this diecussion.

  226. I read about Ron Wyatt’s discovery on Mt. Sinai many years ago.
    I could tell by looking a the base of the rock that water had flowed out from the rock for at least a few years. And the rock was located where no source of water was anywhere nearby. The whole thing is very unnatural – an impossible juxtaposition.
    There is only one logical explanation for this, and that is a true miracle of God.
    The same is true for the nearby Red Sea crossing where ancient chariot wheels can be found (and Ron discovered them).
    So now we’re talking the same language. Here God only provided just enough water to do the job.
    He didn’t create a giant lake or install fountains for people to bathe in. He is a true minimalist.
    The same is true with the flood. Just big enough to wipe out the unrighteous. He is very sparing in His miracles. Very efficient.
    This, like the flood and parting of the Red Sea were true miracles, not acts of nature. If I were to deny these miracles, I would be denying the power of God. But almost everything else on earth can be explained very simply by processes that are happening today plus time. Lots of time.
    You don’t seem to get it, if every geological feature on earth were a miracle of God, then these true bible miracles would be puny in comparison. Almost routine in God’s play book. To know and truly understand science makes these true miracles even more special, and absolute proof that God is real. Knowing the difference between nature and the hand of God makes me appreciate the bible even more.
    And yet you accuse me of being a non-believer. Quite the oppoosite is true and my faith is even stronger because of my knowledge of science.
    But I guess you will never understand that.
    Well, that is your loss.

    • everything we see around us is a miracle of God.

      science is just the discovery of what god has done.

      I do not think i said you were a non believer, but there are things you do not believe


      • So then you agree that what we see and study is not from the bogus science invented by preachers, but by God, n in attempt to make the earth appear to be much older than it really is. As I said, it has to be one or the other. Denying the real science just doesn’t work. If it did, it would be taught in all colleges and universities today.
        Too bad they can no longer teach that only God can create life. Someday high school kids will be doing it. Funny how science changes our biblical perceptions. I’ll bet many ministers are still claiming only God can breath into the dust of the earth to create life, and would call biologists deluded liars and ungodly.

        Go figure. You can’t have it both ways.

        • Because of the sentence structure above, I am not sure what you are saying in parts.

          “by God, n in attempt to make the earth appear to be much older than it really is”

          God would not “attempt” to do this, so I assume you mean bogus science.

          What do you mean

          “Someday high school kids will be doing it.[creating life]”


          “I’ll bet many ministers are still claiming only God can breath into the dust of the earth to create life”

          If you are saying really that God is attempting to do anything, and has been discovered by science as having failed, you deny his power/

          also, if you are claiming that it is possible for science to teach high school kids to create life, and that they can breathe life into dust, like God the creator, then this is heresy.

          If you are trying to be sarcastic, it is adding confusion to the discussion, and making you look self contradictory.

        • next issue, is there really bogus science

          answer is yes.

          there is also science that intends well, but is lacking in the tools to make certain “interpretations” valid.

          so it interjects opinion, or personal observation.

          observation can be legitimate, if one observes EVERY data point, but if it only involves the data points from the here and now, and then adds data points that are NOT observed, then that is ERROR… cannot add the imagined data in with the observed data, and draw a valid conclusion.

          example still with the timing of events…..geology has no valid standard curve, so it can only accurately measure the here and now. the rest is guesswork.

          that is my view.

  227. James. There are two ways to Heaven. The Law and Yeshua (Jesus). I have sinned in my life and could not follow the Law. I had to to to the Son of the Living God, who also is God Himself, in order to receive forgivness.
    Because Jesus ( the Living God )did not break the law. He is the only one that can use the law. Not Me, You or anyone else. Dead issue

    Each one of us must have a personal relationship with the Living God, Through his Son. The Holy spirit abides within, and acts as umpire in our thoughts. Only Yeshua Jesus can forgive our sin . Only He can lift us up. No man can do that. No man can follow the law and gain access to the Father. There is one way to the Father, and that is through the Son.

  228. James,
    ALL scripture is God breathed, (2 timothy 3:16) and the “Lawless one” will be destroyed by the Lord Jesus with the “Breath of his mouth”. (2 thess. 2:8) You will think you are right, till he proves you wrong.

    All is all james, not some, or if it fits my scientism. You can’t pick and choose what does or does not fit. I believe the Law was fulfilled by Jesus. He is our resting place, as our discussions of Hebrews four suggest. You on the other hand are contradicting the Law of Liberty Thereby ignoring a large part of the writing of the new testament.

    Instead of awe and fear in God, you are worshipping the creation. This simply put is Idolotry. Stop worshipping the creation, and instead worship the creator God, Yehovah, the existant one.

    The Law is written on tablets of stone. Jesus was the Living Law. He has written it on our hearts. You have an ally in Ron Wyatt, because he looks as you do on what is seen and worships it over the living one who is unseen. Good luck with that when he says “I never knew you” because you never had a relationship with the living God. God is Love….Can you measure his love scientifically???

    • dru

      i understand your feelings here, but you are a bit over the edge.

      neither you, nor james, can predict that God will say “I never knew you” to anyone.

      • That would make Peter, paul, Jude, James, and I am sure all the other apostles wrong for pointing out false teachers, apostles and prophets, and confronting them…John even went so far as to call them “antichrist” (2 John 7)…. So sorry, I am Just doing what the aposles did before me.

        John said: “so if I come I will bring up what he is doing, talking wicked nonsense against us” (3 John 10)

        Jude said: “Although I was eager to write you about our common salvation, I found it necessary to write appealing to you to Contend for the faith….for certain people have crept in unnoticed…ungodly people who pervert the grace of our God into sensuality and deny our ONLY master and Lord, Jesus Christ.” (Jude 3,4)

        James exclaimed: “You adulterous people! Do you not know that friendship with the World is enmity with God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.” (James 4: 4) This came just after his discussion on taming the tongue.

        Paul said regarding false apostles: “And no wonder for even satan himself disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness.” (2 cor. 11:14-15)

        And Peter said: “and many will follow their sensuality, and because of them, the way of truth will be blasphemed.” (2 Peter 2:2)

        All these are cases of the apostles discerning who knew God, and who did not.

        Marianne, please take the time to read the story of Korah’s rebellion as found in Numbers 16.

        You should get the point then. This has nothing to do with “feelings”.


        • dru
          I don’t think James or any of us who calls us Christians denies that Jesus came in the flesh in human form.

        • dru

          I understand your general viewpoint, I am pointing out how you are coming to conclusions.

          first you have to clarify the other position before making such a strong statement.

          use this format….

          If he thinks or is saying this……A……..

          then this must be true……B……..

          Ask to clarify A before proceeding to B.

          If someone admits both A and B, then you have your point.

          If they say A is not what they meant, then B cannot be concluded.

          • You are right Marianne,
            I just assume sometimes that the reader is picking up on the clues given. I read into comments, sometimes incorrectly, at which time i will apologize. Thus far, I have seen no need to apologize because he has confirmed everything I have said. His Last comment to you above is outright mocking of God.

            “As I said, it has to be one or the other. Denying the real science just doesn’t work. If it did, it would be taught in all colleges and universities today.”

            In this comment he is saying that we (Christians) have to choose between science and God. This in effect is a violation of the first commandment… Thou shalt have no other gods before me. I am glad you picked up on this in your reply.

            We all do this reading between the lines though. It is a form of communication we all use. If we look only on the surface, we would not understand the intent of a comment. for example: someone comes up to you and compliments the way you look. In person, you would probably be able to tell if they are just innocently giving you a compliment, or if they are being sarcastic, or if they are saying it as a pick-up line. Tone of voice, body language etc help us read between the lines. On a site with comments, such as this, we do not have these clues. We have to look at what is not said to understand the intent sometimes.

            So for example Adam above says: “I don’t think James or any of us who calls us Christians denies that Jesus came in the flesh in human form.”

            In my head in reading this response is his typical “if you are not a member of the catholic church you are going to face the doom” stuff, which begs me to ask is he all of sudden more universal in his approach?
            Or is he responding to my comment that James is denying the ability of God to act on his creation?
            Or is he making a theological point that Jesus was fully Human?

            In my head I would probably choose the second one, and then comment on it accordingly, basing my decision on deduction, that Adam has not changed any of his beliefs, nor is he one to point out doctrine in his comments, and this being doctrinal would not fit in the comment at hand.

            We all do this all the time here, many are just unaware that they are doing this.

            In the comment by James to you above, he said “it has to be one or the other” I read into this you have to choose between the Word of God, or the Word of Scientists. This in effect is making us choose between God and science. Then he says ” denying the real science doesn’t work or else it would be taught in the colleges or universities” Here he is saying God’s word is not truth. I disagree vehemently with these comments, and one can be a Christian and do good science. This is a deliberate attempt in the world today to push Christianity to the fringes of society, thereby justifying the persecution of them. A form of mocking God. Putting him to the test. “(Let the reader understand)” (Matthew 24:15)

            • dru

              I do not think adam goes too deep. remember, he says jesus lives in the vatican, and his wives live in sweden.. 🙂

              I also think that science and the bible should agree, not disagree.

              so far, that is what I have found, except for the fields of archaeology, evolution science and geology. I do not agree with the methods of analysis and methods of measurement.

              in biochemisty, I would measure something with a standard curve….and get a highly accurate, reproducible answer …..this is the science that your life depends on in the hospital……if I make a bad measurement, someone would die….or be misdiagnosed and given the wrong treatment or medicine…..this is called malpractice or medical negligence on my part to give out bad information.

              but these 3 fields do not have that level of accuracy….in other words, if allowed to work in a hospital, they would kill all the patients. 😦

              and these 3 fields escape “malpractice” issues, so they take the liberty of being as inaccurate as they wish……

  229. Marianne,
    I find it strange that while you totally deny my fields of science, you tout your own as perfectly accurate. And this on a blog page that claimed two years ago the Nibiru would be here by last September and would turn the earth upside down. That science proved to be completely false and NASA was proven right.
    Yet you still cling to bad astronomy all because of some verses you read in the bible.
    And then you attack another science you know nothing about, simply because of a few more verses.
    Now, you tried to explain sea floor spreading by saying that 6000 years ago, everything happened at a much faster rate than it does now. This would either have to be because the laws of nature and physics somehow worked differently back then allowing for millions of years worth of activity in a year or less. Or maybe time worked differently back then. Time slowed down so a lot of stuff (like erosion and glaciers etc.) could be squeezed into a shorter time frame.
    Now, if you believe the laws of physics were different 5000 years ago, you may be alone on the planet. Even the bible-thumpers who came up with your crazy theories don’t buy that idea. They all try to prove it by the way nature works today.
    So if it was the time thing, then hundreds of millions of “current” years could be squeezed into a singe “God” day. If that is true, then the biblical account could be considered correct. Knowing what I know about the subject, I would have to go with that. A simple explanation – the definition of a genesis day.
    But trying to distort the laws of physics will never convince any educated scientist because there are millions of pieces of evidence all around the world (even in your back yard) that defy the catastrophe theory of the flood causing everything we see.
    As an interesting example, the pyramids were built in the time of Enoch, before the flood. So the Grand Canyon has a mile of sediment in it, in perfect and separate layers.
    Your theory claims that the layers can be simply explained by the fact that sediment will sort itself out by density of the materials. Well here is a short list of the oldest layers:
    Kaibab Limestone
    Toroweap Formation (Limestone)
    Coconino Sandstone,
    Hermit Shale
    Supai Formation (Shale & Limestione capped by Sandstone)
    Redwall Limestone
    Muav Limestone
    Bright Angel Shale
    Tapeats Sandstone
    As you can see, there is no smooth transition between rock densities. And this layer is tilted at a 30 degree angle. It has been eroded flat and two more sets of sediments (also in various order) that are separated by another erosional gap. Plus the fossils in these layers vary from one to the other. Some fresh water organisms and others lived in salt water only.
    Plus, all these sediments are now solid rock, even the upper layers. How does dirt turn to solid rock, all by itself?
    Also in the upper layers are lava flows which clearly weren’t deposited by a flood. None of this could happen in just 5000 years, unless time slowed down of the laws of nature worked faster back then.
    And as I was saying, the pyramids were far closer to the ark, and yet not one inch of sediment was ever deposited anywhere near it. Or anywhere else in the world for that matter. Nowhere on the planet is there any observable evidence of a global flood. However, there IS evidence worldwide of a meteor strike 65 million years ago. High iridium content (Prevalent in asteroids and meteorites) in a thin layer that stretches all the way around the earth, thickest in the Gulf of Mexico where the ancient crater was discovered. Explain that thru a flood. I have thousands of photos of geological formations, none of which were formed from a flood. I have seen stalactites that are still groming today, but they only grow a several millimeters per century and only in the right conditions. Too much water and they won’t even form. They only form when the water droplet with dissolved minerals drips so slowly that a tiny amount of dissolved limestone remains when the drop evaporates. This does not work underwater or in salt water.
    Go to Luray Caverns (in VA.) and ask them how all the formations might have been created in a flood. The docent could use a good laugh.
    That’s why I watch these silly videos from preachers. I always get a good laugh out of them. Like when kids try to explain stuff they know nothing about.
    It‘s just plain fun.

    • james

      I never predicted Nibiru would be here last september. That is just a personal view of a commentor on the blog. I just said “something” would cause the 6th seal, and if that came along, that would explain it. If nibiru is real, I do not know when it will show up. That is up to God. He can slow it down or speed it up to suit his will.

      I also did not discard the fields of science I mentioned. I just said their measurement of time is not accurate.

      you need to remember that the laws of physics are not god, but are subject to the will of God, who created them, and can modify them if he wills.

      a good example of changing physics and creations is when God had the sun stand still for 24 hours so that israel could fight their enemies and win. this was the time of joshua.

      another example of going against biology is the virgin birth. that defied logic completely.

      it seems like the flood itself was against the law of phsyics…. after all those years of creation, why did the earth just suddenly erupt and release water everywhere.?

      I never mentioned the caverns of luray….btw I visited them with my parents when I used to live in virginia…..

      all fields of science (except evolution) have value, including geology, and astronomy… is just some of the measurements I do not believe

      I do not see what the pyramids have to do with the grand canyon…..the greatest erosion would have occurred where the fountains burst forth, as opposed to other areas, that were at a distance from the fountains that broke open.

      and I did not say the canyon WAS caused by the flood, only that it could have.

      • Marianne,
        You keep claiming that geologists have no of measuring the age of rocks but apparently you know nothing of radioactive decay and half-lives of various elements. Here is a sample:
        An example is the natural decay chain of 238U, which is as follows:
        • decays, through alpha-emission, with a half-life of 4.5 billion years to thorium-234
        • which decays, through beta-emission, with a half-life of 24 days to protactinium-234
        • which decays, through beta-emission, with a half-life of 1.2 minutes to uranium-234
        • which decays, through alpha-emission, with a half-life of 240 thousand years to thorium-230
        • which decays, through alpha-emission, with a half-life of 77 thousand years to radium-226
        • which decays, through alpha-emission, with a half-life of 1.6 thousand years to radon-222
        • which decays, through alpha-emission, with a half-life of 3.8 days to polonium-218
        • which decays, through alpha-emission, with a half-life of 3.1 minutes to lead-214
        • which decays, through beta-emission, with a half-life of 27 minutes to bismuth-214
        • which decays, through beta-emission, with a half-life of 20 minutes to polonium-214
        • which decays, through alpha-emission, with a half-life of 160 microseconds to lead-210
        • which decays, through beta-emission, with a half-life of 22 years to bismuth-210
        • which decays, through beta-emission, with a half-life of 5 days to polonium-210
        • which decays, through alpha-emission, with a half-life of 140 days to lead-206, which is a stable nuclide.

        As you can see, we know the rate of decay of Uranium 238 to various other elements. Therefore if we find a rock layer where half the U238 has turned say to radium226, then we know the age to be 77,000 years. These decay rates have been measured by modern nuclear scientists so they are accurate. We do not have to wait 77,000 years to make these measurements, we can simply watch the decay in a lab and determine the speed. It is like measuring the speed of a train heading east from L.A. and then computing when it will arrive in New York.
        Now, are you going to deny that this decay even happens? Or that they can’t measure it? Or that we have to wait 77,000 years to be sure?
        I’m sure you will. I would love to see you debate this with a nuclear scientist. He would tear you to shreds and at some point you would simply have to fall back on a few bible verses as your “proof positive.”
        That would be a hoot!
        As for my reference to the pyramids, if they were there before the flood, why didn’t they get washed away in the flood, like the rocks in the Grand Canyon? Or what are there no flood deposits nearby? And no water stains on the rocks, and no indication of internal flooding. No signs of a flood whatsoever. In other words, the flood never reached Egypt. Logic dictates therefore that it must have been local. In a container. Exactly as Enoch described.
        Go figure.

        • The Pyramids were built after the flood….look it up.

          The Sphinx predates the flood, and has evidence of flood erosian…Look it up.

        • I understand radioactivity. I have used it in measurements……short ones.

          there is no way for anyone to establish such long half lives and use them in a standard curve.

          those half lives are arbitrarily assigned and even if barely accurate, they would have to use so much radioactive material to establish a standard curve, especially on the high end of the curve, that it would be too dangerous to carry out measurements

          most conclusions are based on extrapolating OFF the curve, rather than staying on it., making conclusions inconclusive

          • Well, there are a lot of nuclear physicists who would beg to differ with you,,and they make such measurements all the time. Its their job. Yet you can say for sure they don’t understand their own work. You make the work of thousands of dedicated people mean nothing,,. all because of a few words in the bible, and NOT because you have done similar research and come up with different results.
            Pure arrogance, in my opinion. But everyone has the God given right to be wrong.
            I’ll even bet it feels so right being wrong. 🙂

            • jim

              as I said, geology and astronomy have made many contributions.

              I do not throw out the baby with the bath water.

              I just do not agree with the conclusions as to dating and timing the age of structures like the grand canyon.

    • James,
      Question for you regarding stalactites. My chemistry is a bit rusty, so bear with me. Stalactites are formed due to carbonic acid acting with limestone…would it not occur much faster if you introduce a stronger acid, such as sulfuric acid which is formed during volcanic events?

      Being in construction, I have also seen one foot or longer stagtites form on concrete structures that are less than 50 years old. Assuming uniformitarianism, that would mean that you could have stalactites up to 100′ in size over 5000 years! Wow.

      So sorry, I am not buying your million year argument here, because of what I have witnessed firsthand.

      Isn’t it also funny, how you now are pointing to a catastrophe (asteroid strike) to explain what your uniformitarianism cannot. So are you a uniformitarian, or are you not?

      Its not the laws of physics we are trying to change here. We are merely saying that the environment has changed. This occurs all the time on the earth. When Mt st Helens blew its lid, the environment around the volcano changed. Things happened in seconds there which would take years to occur under “normal conditions”, Just like the rock that I carved with a pressure washer and sand. This is nothing more than common sense, which for some reason science does not like to deal with.?

      Is this not what practical science is, man changing the environment to manipulate the product. For example glass is just sand which is melted to create a liquid and then formed into bottles etc. Well this does occur in nature too during lightning strikes in miliseconds. So therefore God acting on his creation can be done by changing the environment, thereby having what would under “normal conditions” take millions of Years occur in seconds, or 40 days and 40 nights, or what have you.

      So” touche” on your point that a day is as a million years. Cause the verse also says that thousand years is as a day as well.

      • Dru,
        If your idea about sulfuric acid were correct, all stalactites would be made of sulphur, not limestone. The water seeping into caves is groundwater from above, and always limestone, not sulphur. Plus the surface would show signs of acid erosion which we don‘t see anywhere.
        As for the “soda straw” stalactites found in some subway tunnels, they are far less massive than what we see in caverns plus they form in a different manner and under different conditions than limestone caverns. For example, they are much warmer than deep caverns so there is greater evaporation. If you were correct, then we would see natural caves growing stalactites at incredible speeds today. As for changing environments, there are caves that are in my local desert that have been dry for millions of years, so the processes completely stopped long ago. This indicates ancient conditions that were vastly different than today, such as water tables and elevation. There are fault lines throughout the desert indicating upheaval, and areas that have been totally worn down by rainwater erosion. (Completely different from flood deposition) and since we know how long it takes to erode solid rock and transport the sediment hundreds of miles in an arid environment, we can roughly determine ages of desert formations such as peneplanes and monadnocks and the numbers are in the millions of years, not thousands.
        Once again, you try to say you aren’t changing the laws of nature, only the environments, and that is exactly what geologists and archaeologists study, so they actually know what ancient climates were like.
        For example the changing climate can be measured in the ice layers in glaciers, just like tree rings. These yearly layers can be traced back over 50,000 years in some areas. To make more layers, you need more years, or at least more seasons. So then the earth must have been revolving at a much faster rate, right?. But that would require a different orbit than we are in now – closer to the sun – which would make the earth hotter so that glaciers could not even form.
        You see, everything is interrelated and when you go pulling on any little thread the whole tapestry of natural history comes undone. You are better off simply saying that you don’t understand how geology works and you will simpy ignore any science that you don‘t agree with rather than lamely trying to explain it.

        • The ice layers are a product of snow fall and melt cycles. In some years hundreds of these layers occur. The ww2 planes which got buried in the ice were buried under more than five hundred of these layers. so they are not “yearly rings”. Try again. If I were to take a core sample of the snow piles in my driveway right now, I could find three of these layers right now. And I know that they were deposited with the past three storms that rolled through here, and the melting in between.
          So you admit that stalactites grow differently in different environments, Now show me through your science what the temperature and humidity was 4000 years ago….you can’t, you can only assume. At best, you are merely Guessing.

          Regarding “Soda straws” here is an artificial stalacmite which was created by pressurized water, which was made in a couple of decades. If it is a matter of individual drops drying then it must be really dry there in wyoming?

          So do not even tell me that conditions such as pressure, environment, temperature, are “uniform” throughout time. You cannot ignore the anomoly….in this case pressurized water with a calcium content, and the guy who had the brilliant idea to put a pipe in it to create a fountain.

          • There is a big difference between the forces of nature and the tools of modern man.
            If you think God used a giant high-pressure hose to carve the Grand Canyon, then fine, call it a miracle of God. But why then would He have to build a pressure washer to do His work?
            As for the age of the pyramids, I ma going by pyramidology and the biblical timeline built into the passageways. If you don’t believe the pyramid is the monument to God in the midst of Egypt and the border thereof mentioned by Isaiah, then go with the Egyptian archaeologists, who don’t agree anyway.
            Most age estimates for the Sphinx place it over 10,000 years old and the water erosion is by streams, not a huge flood.
            The ice layers in glaciers are different than snowfall events. They are seasonal, not storm events. You can’t just apply things in your daily life you are familiar with to everything else on earth. If that was the way science worked we would still think the sun revolves around the earth because isn’t it so obvious?
            Its a good thing you’re not really serious about refuting modern geology or you would need 1000 lifetimes to counter every bit of evidence yet unearthed. I’m not talking about a blanket statement to be applied to every geological process, but to produce real research, take photos, analyze samples and data etc, in other words apply the scientific method to the whole planet and come up with a completely different explanation than everyone before you.
            Who knows, maybe someone is on that right now and all the textbooks will soon be rewritten.
            Yeah, let‘s see if that will happen.

  230. Sodium Flouride is good for you Jim. Correct? LOL Do You know that Hitler actually loved the Jews? He gave them flouride in their water. Theres your science.

    I like the text book recital of carbon dating. PS its false. How dare I say that? My dad is a genious Scientist in his mid eighties, and he said so. He has many titles, very extensive training in many fields of science. including your beloved astronomy. I remember when Dad was summoned to the White house by the Vice President of the United States for a private meeting, with He and the secratary of Agriculture. They requested to send Him overseas on behalf of the US on business. Mom made Dad call the Vice president later and ask that they send Our whole family. The VP agreed, and we all went. Germany, Austria, Switzerland,france and england. He also spent extensive time throughout the holy land and the middle East.
    Jim, Dad is far more intelligent then you. I guarantee it. He recieved one of the five first PC chips produced and built a PC from scratch in the 70s. It made the front pace of the focus section of the Newspaper. The whole front page. That was donated to the college. He built a large telescope in the 60s by hand and took 6 months to hand polish the the large lens.
    He built a large Electrostatic machine for industrial use. We had it at the house for a few months, and that thing threw lightning bolts. nice ones. People were amazed in the 60s to see this stuff he did.
    And when the pastor was away, many times Dad took over and did the sermon in his Chemist/Microbiologist style.

    So what do you have over there? Your textbooks?

    Your textbooks are like a wonderful recipe for a cake. Everything going into it is top quality, and yummy. Real butter, real sugar, real Vanilla, fresh ingredients. Sounds good huh? One last ingredient to add. A microscopic particle of dog poop?

    See Jim, Thats where You lost me. Theres some poop in there and that is being taught as a religion. Why? To discredit God, fool the masses, and keep a lid on the truth. Your Darwin nonsence is a prime example. We are just animals right? If so, we have no rights from God, because there is no God. The Anti christ will be here soon. Im sure he will agree with you on many things, and You will go get a chip. It will be wise and scientificly proven to be the correct choice.

    • I’m not really sure what your point is here. I know carbon dating isn’t always accurate, but that is different from the other methods that geologists use.
      I have done much research, and with all the traveling you did I’ll bet you never once tried to figure out how the earth around you was formed, like the Alps. I didn’t just read geology textbooks, I spent months, actually years in the field verifying the information in them.
      By the way, I don’t believe in Darwinism since I have never seen any fossil evidence of it. Only God (and apparently Marianne) can make a new species.
      Or perhaps ancient aliens.
      And if you think I will be taking the chip of the Antichrist soon you are sadly mistaken, because there will be no Antichrist and no chips. That is a fabrication of SciFi writers. You have fallen under the influence of false prophets. And if you are on this page because you believe in Nibiru, you are doubly deceived.
      There is the real deception. Not science.

  231. I dont believe in Niburu.I was just researching earlier, as I did with Mr. Wyatt. With Wyatt, I found that people from his Seventh Day Adventist Church,that went with him, said he was a “fraud”. That is the word they used. Theres the poop. His story of the Ark also conflicts the witness account from my family that lived in the village on Ararat until 1910. More poop. His story about the Ark, and the angels giving him the 10 commandments to take, but he went back and put the tablets back on the wall shelf. Absolute nonsense. There is not one of us here that wouldnt grab the tablets, the ARK of the Covenant, and the Angels as well by the hand, and drag them out of there and take them home for everyone to see
    The chip is logical. Control and tax all transactions. Control all humans. The Scriptures are the inspired work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Lord. He is here now since Penecost ( Im not penecostal)and active on this planet ever since

    • O.K., I’ll bite.
      The Antichrist arrived last Pentecost? Was he just born, Old Testament did he rise to power at that time?
      If so, what power does he now have and who and where is he?
      Or is all this just a theory based on a predetermined timeline?
      Or are you backtracking from a presumed Second Coming date?
      Tell us what you’ve got, I’m all ears!
      As for the location of the ark of the covenant, it can only be in one place and that is directly below the crucifixion site. If the blood of Christ was not spilled on the mercy seat, then His sacrifice was insufficient. God is perfect, so He wouldn’t cut corners when it came to fulfilling the Passover.
      So find the crucifixion site and you know where the ark is.
      Ron found both. Other theories do not fit God’s plan, so I refuse to believe them for that reason.
      Plain and simple.

      • james

        Moomjian said the holy spirit has been here since pentecost.

        He never mentioned the antichrist.

        Apparently, you read misread comments like you misread the bible, making conclusions……

        I notice you do that with links as well.

        try to be more careful

  232. Hi James… Hope you are well,

    Your scientific and geological knowledge is truly astounding, and what you say does make a lot of sense from a scientific standpoint. It appears that the ongoing discussion here, centers around reconciling scientific and geological discovery and theory with the biblical account of creation, which as believers, we know is irrefutable.

    When God presented Moses with two stone tablets containing the Ten Commandments, how old do you think those tablets may have.been.? Do you think it likely that He prepared them millions of years in advance, or created them in an instant. This of course is assuming that the material in this case, was of the the same geological constitution as that which was already in existence.

    If He did not create the stones in an instant from His invisible creative essence (spirit:: a form of ruach/pneuma) but used what was already in existence, then please explain from a scientific standpoint, how you believe the stones were transported from one place to another. We know unbelieving scientists can’t explain this, but since you are are believer, do you consider the possibility that this act was executed in accordance with supernatural laws known only to Go d.

    Conversely, if you believe God created the stones in an instant, and were available today for scientific and geological scrutiny, what age do you think would be attributed to them using scientific dating methods; and how would you as a believer, set about explaining to unbelieving scientists, the young age of the stones and their symmetrical form. Thanks.


    • About this topic, I once listened to a bible lecture on the Ten Commandments and from what I heard, the first stones were blue, and came from the chariot of God Himself, already filled out. It apparently was not just like in the movie. Go figure. So they would be as old as the chariot itself, perhaps just a little younger than God. Of course we will never know. They were broken by Moses and don’t exist any longer and I don’t think we will be seeing God’s chariot again either.
      Perhaps the stones of new Jerusalem will be made from similar rocks, who knows?
      Will they e as old as God? Or as old as the universe? Or will they be newly created out of nothingness? We may find out in about 1000+ years.
      You act as if I have an opinion or some knowledge about this stuff, but I am a scientist, so I go by evidence, not speculation. Remember the early church worked on pure speculation, including that the earth was the center of the universe, and they were proven foolish in that regard.
      So you were foolish to ask me such a question because no one will have an answer until perhaps when Jesus returned. Then you’se guys can ax Him directly how old stuff is.
      I’m only saying how old stuff is based on the laws of nature that exist today, and existed in the past.
      God s is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, so I have to believe his natural laws are as well. Same goes for the Ten Commandments. Too bad so many people don’t even want to understand the former, and don’t wish to follow the latter.
      But God will set all that straight pretty soon.

      • I wonder what happened to the first set of commandments that were broken.

        • Just imagine the scenario, had God allowed the stone tablets to be discovered by geologists with their infallible dating methods.

          We’d have a language that is 4.5 billion years old; with murder and adultery being committed, and Sabbath keeping mandatory, long before man eventually emerged from the primeval slime!

          But I do not recall a commandment that condemns the leaving of banana skins lying around, so you have to assume that the commandments were intended much later for homosapiens and some lesser species like atheistic scientists, politicians and lawyers.

          But of course I could be wrong….the banana could be eons older!


          • The age of the rock is different from the date of the writing. Every archeologist realizes this or they would date cave paintings in millions of years.
            I’m surprised you didn’t realize that, but then you would make a terrible archaeologist anyway, so just as well. 🙂

            • Well James, You do surprise me by suggesting that God inscribed the Ten Commandments long after He made the tablets…but there again, you are a scientist……and yes, who’d be an archeologist if it should result in one getting one’s head stuck between a rock and a hard place as you have just done…..Hope you manged to fit in a first aid course along the way! 🙂

              • Richard,
                You still don’t seem to get my point.
                Look, if we found the tablets that Moses had to cut himself out of rocks from the base of Mount Sinai, the stone itself would date to the age of the rocks in the mountain which could be millions of years old. (Sorry I’ve never studied the geology of that area). Heck, I have petrified wood on my patio older than that. Now if I were to take a marker or a chisel to my petrified wood and hand them to a geologist for aging, he would say the wood/stone is say 40 million years old, but the magic marker is no older than a month. Two different ages. Get it?
                So if God used materiels in His chariot that he created 100 billion years ago, then carved them up 5000 years ago, how old would they be, in your opinion.
                I guess it is like a cake. You bake a cake from a mix that was made in a factory two years ago, so when it comes out of the oven, how old is the cake? 2 years? Or two minutes? It all depends on what you’re after.
                So, the new tablets were made 5000 years ago on stone that was formed maybe 20 million years ago. 2 different dates, 2 different methods to measure the dates.
                So what is the problem with that scenario?

                • James,

                  My point is to differentiate between natural laws and supernatural laws. Science, as you know does not acknowledge the latter, therefore science is attempting to quantify the results of God’s supernatural works, using methods based purely on phenomena that conforms to their idea of natural origin.

                  In the event of a supernatural act by God, such as the instantaneous creation of the first set of commandment tablets, for example, one has to acknowledge that God can create as he desires, so there are no grounds whatsoever to rule out the likely hood that God created earth as a mature entity in an instant, or within a very short time span, in the way he created Adam.

                  Science can observe the wonders and the workings of the human body , but can it explain how the human heart continues to beat, and how the human brain is enlivened, and what the substance of mind is? Of course not, because it does not acknowledge the supernatural origin of the human form, and the life force (“breath of life”) that empowers and sustains it. Therefore, it cannot define death, because it does not acknowledge the sustaining force, the “breath of life”, that returns to God at death.

                  So why give credence to men with partial knowledge, who will, by hook or by crook, (and with Satan’s oversight) formulate theories that have to comply with their chosen erroneous premise of natural origin?

                  I understand your contention to be that God created the earth and allowed it to evolve over a period of billions of years in accordance with natural laws He set in place; and you support the scientific geological explanation of this. Well, that’s fine on the face of it, but the One with perfect knowledge never declared this in His word, therefore, from a biblical perspective, this may be deemed as going beyond the written word.

                  So the crux of this is, whether or not to support ideas that have not originated with God and His Word, knowing that such ideas do not take into account the supernatural origin of all things.

                  I personally prefer not to go beyond scripture, however persuasive the science may be, purely on account of the unfathomable difference between finite physical laws, and the supernatural laws that even govern them.

                  Everything we need for survival comes from the ground, and I see no reason why God would not create the world instantly and providentially, knowing what our future requirements would be…oil, fossils, strata et al… However, James, I do respect the level of knowledge you possess, and your resolve to establish truth…You always provide for stimulating and interesting reading!

                  But my only concern is the science of salvation, because whatever scope there is in this life to acquire knowledge, the world exists only for the purpose of redemption and salvation, regardless of how the foundations were laid.

                  Correction. I have another concern. It appears that Adam has acquired my Gravatar; and I don’t want him to be incriminated by this; so Marianne, any chance of rectifying this bizarre anomaly, before I say something outrageous? Thanks 🙂


                  • James,

                    I forgot to state that I believe the sixth day to be of longer duration than 24 hrs on account of the work and assignments Adam was given by God after he was created at the end of this day,; including naming the animals, and the duration of time before Eve was created. Naturally, this could not have occurred within a few hours at the end of the day. Who knows, it could have been a thousand years or so., and likewise, the planet could have been created over the course of many thousands of years, with the creative days being of varying durations.

                    Since God does not say, I think it a giant leap to give credence to ideas that do not accommodate the supernatural aspect of creation, therefore I cannot accept the official scientific view on account of this……Billions of years?…No chance! 🙂


        • Good question. I’ve often wondered that myself. I don’t think even Ron Wyatt could have found them though!
          I doubt God wanted them to be found or picked up as souvenirs, so they are probably back in heaven from whence they came.
          But wow, what an artifact they would make! Maybe Jesus will bring a new set with Him to remind everyone that they are God’s eternal laws, something many Christians have forgotten. Remember, he returns with a two-edged sword in His mouth representing the eternal word of God, so maybe the sword is a metaphor for the Ten Commandments. Who knows,,but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. After all, they are the only words in the bible that He wrote himself.

  233. Yeah. Its too bad Mr. Wyatt put the ten commandments back on the shelf in the grotto under Golgotha. Had he brought them out, Scientists could have carbon dated it as a trillion years old, and that it was made with some tool by cavemen.

    On a good note: Just think what a mess it would have caused the Catholic church. They would probably grab a chisel and make a few corrections to it. That silly God made a few errors, but we forgive him. Ok sorry for the humor. At least we are having fun with this.

    • I think God has future plans for the Ten Commandments, in fact it WILL be to show the world that the apostate Catholic church has altered them and to show that Sunday worship is indeed the mark of the beast.
      According to Ron, the chamber is filled with debris and the opening he had to squeeze thru was far too small to brink the ark out thru, But his family has found the original tunnel to Jeremiah’s Grotto and they are digging their way towards the ark as we speak. I don’t think God wants the ark found until the mark of the beast is initiated so I think all the controversy and disbelief is His smokescreen to keep it out of mainstream knowledge until the time is right.
      As for the age of the tablets, we already know their age, and that is the same age as the rocks of Mt. Sinai from where Moses chiseled them (after the first ones were destroyed). As for the writing, that age would be determined by the amount of oxidation on the insides of the freshly chiseled areas. We use this in archeology all the time to date similar artifacts but perhaps due to the finger of God, His words will never degrade and it will appear that they were carved only minutes before the test. This would be a great test of the faithful since scoffers (like you) will say Ron placed them there when he first found the chamber, and science will back you up. Now there is a case where you can’t trust science – when miracles are involved. But plain old geology just isn’t one of those miracles.

  234. According to revelation 11:19, the ark is in heaven. I’ll leave it at that.

    • Hey wait a second. In Rev11:13 John sees:
      Rev 11:13
      And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.
      Rev 11:14
      The second woe is past; [and], behold, the third woe cometh quickly.
      So the ark doesn’t reach heaven until the great earthquake destroys a tenth of Jerusalem. So this vision is about events that haven’t happened yet, so the ark may still be on earth to serve some divine purpose during the tribulation. Of course once Christ has returned, there will no longer be a need for an ark for sacrifices, so it may be sent to heaven. The tablets of the Ten Commandments however may be posted outside the new temple just as we post them on many government buildings today, although that idea is currently under attack by atheists. They will soon be put in their places.
      So bottom line… the ark may very well be where it should have been at the time of Christ’s death – right below the cross.

      • I agree with james. I think the ark is still on earth. I have heard the jews in jerusalem say they know where it is as well.

        • James,
          Matthew 12
          38 Then some of the scribes and Pharisees answered him, saying, “Teacher, we wish to see a sign from you.” 39 But he answered them, “An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. 40 For just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. 41 The men of Nineveh will rise up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for they REPENTED at the preaching of Jonah, and behold, something greater than Jonah is here. 42 The queen of the South will rise up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon, and behold, something greater than Solomon is here.

          43 “When the unclean spirit has gone out of a person, it passes through waterless places seeking rest, but finds none. 44 Then it says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ And when it comes, it finds the house empty, swept, and put in order. 45 Then it goes and brings with it seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they enter and dwell there, and the last state of that person is worse than the first. So also will it be with this evil generation.”

          From Luke 18
          9 He also told this parable to some who trusted in themselves that they were righteous, and treated others with contempt: 10 “Two men went up into the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. 11 The Pharisee, standing by himself, prayed[a] thus: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other men, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even like this tax collector. 12 I fast twice a week; I give tithes of all that I get.’ 13 But the tax collector, standing far off, would not even lift up his eyes to heaven, but beat his breast, saying, ‘God, be merciful to me, a sinner!’ 14 I tell you, this man went down to his house justified, rather than the other. For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”

          from Luke 17
          20 Being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, he answered them, “The kingdom of God is not coming in ways that can be observed, 21 nor will they say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or ‘There!’ for behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you.”[h]

          22 And he said to the disciples, “The days are coming when you will desire to see one of the days of the Son of Man, and you will not see it. 23 And they will say to you, ‘Look, there!’ or ‘Look, here!’ Do not go out or follow them. 24 For as the lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man be in his day.[i]

          All this, is why I do not believe that the Ark will be used by the Lord, and is already in heaven. The seventh trumpet unveils this Ark in heaven, thereby making the World realize they have believed a lie.
          Note verse 19 states “Then God’s temple in heaven was opened…”

          Think about this everyone. Pray about it. But by all means repent, or Perish. (Luke 13:3)

          • Dru,
            You made an odd comment, considering your stance on the law.
            “Think about this everyone. Pray about it. But by all means repent, or Perish. (Luke 13:3)”
            If you believe in repentence, then you must believe in sin. Did not Jesus die for OUR sins? But what is sin? According to the word, sin is transgression of the law. Right?
            But according to you (and others) the Ten Commandments have been fulfilled by Jesus therefore are no longer in effect.
            So then, how is it even possible for us to sin? You see the problem? No law = no sin. No sin = no repentance needed.
            So all I need to do is believe that Jesus died for my sins and I’m good to go. But wait, if I can’t sin anyway, what have I done that Jesus needed to die for?
            You have created a conundrum here that is harder to figure out than how old the earth really is. Scripture appears to contradict itself. And if you consider the following from the last book of the bible, written long after the law was fulfilled by Jesus:
            Rev 12:16
            And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.
            Rev 12:17
            And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
            Rev 14:9
            And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive [his] mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
            Rev 14:10
            The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
            Rev 14:11
            And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.
            Rev 14:12
            Here is the patience of the saints: here [are] they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.
            It is clear to me that in Rev12 the true church, that Satan hates is the one that keeps the commandments, and the people who DON’T have the mark of the beast are the ones (in that true church) who DO keep the Ten Commandments.
            Sounds like we don’t need to repent over our interpretation of genesis, but for breaking God’s law. An even bigger sin might be to tell God that you don’t believe His laws are any good any more. Those two old tablets are relegated to the cosmic trash heap.
            Now that sounds like a sin (to me).

            • I never said I do not believe in sin….that is you reading incorrectly into my comments….I have said that the Law is being written on our hearts, by the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is that which fills the Room when Spirit led sanctification is at work in us.
              You see that comment from Matthew 12 above was directed towards the Pharisees, who were legalistically adhering to the Law, but lacked faith.
              I have always preached repentence. from day one that I commented with you. “repentence and belief” do you remember? This is the Gospel in a nutshell. It is the realization that I am a sinner, and that I cannot save myself, even when I was adhering to the letter of the law, that we come to him at the cross in genuine repentence. Because the Law alone CANNOT save us, but can condemn us. Only Jesus and his sacrifice has the Power to save us. To overcome Original sin of Adam in our lives. Because that is what Legalism ultimately is…Pride…exaltation of self.

              James said faith without works is dead…the opposite is also true. works without faith is dead. The works of a repentent and faithful heart are the fruit of the Spirit. 2 peter 1 speaks of these:

              5 For this very reason, make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue,[e] and virtue with knowledge, 6 and knowledge with self-control, and self-control with steadfastness, and steadfastness with godliness, 7 and godliness with brotherly affection, and brotherly affection with love. 8 For if these qualities[f] are yours and are increasing, they keep you from being ineffective or unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. 9 For whoever lacks these qualities is so nearsighted that he is blind, having forgotten that he was cleansed from his former sins. 10 Therefore, brothers,[g] be all the more diligent to confirm your calling and election, for if you practice these qualities you will never fall. 11 For in this way there will be richly provided for you an entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

              If you are looking for a sign, then you are likely lacking faith. “Fath is the assurance of things hoped for, and the evidence of thing not seen”

              Works without faith is legalism. Obedience alone will make you climb on a pedestal, and condemn others, not “Love one another as Christ loved us.” Note how the verses in revelation that you quote above never separate faith (holding to the testimony of Jesus) from works (obeying his commandments) They are intricately woven together in the Sanctification of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of the law IS the fruit of the Spirit mentioned above by Peter. In this process, we Move from virtue (obedience of will) to knowledge to self control to steadfastness to godliness (holiness, Love the Lord with all your heart) to brotherly affection (love your neighbor as yourself) to Godly Love (Love those who hate and persecute you, your enemy). This is when your righteousness will exceed that of the Pharisees.

              But to you this is probably gibberish, because you are so focused on the letter of the law, and saying “thank you God that I am not like other men”, whereas we should all be praying “have mercy on me Lord, a sinner”. The latter is a repentent heart, the former is a proud and legalistic heart incapable of Godly Love. The latter leads to sanctification, the former to legalism.

              You see, James, the Law alone is incapable of changing the heart.
              And faith is so much more than simple belief, but is acting on that belief. The action of faith is Love. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, Love your neighbor as yourself, and Love one another as Christ loved us. If your so worried about putting yourself on a podium and being “right” all the time, then you can accomplish none of these.

              This so much more than your silly logic of “No law, then no sin”, that is Just you putting words into our mouths, and putting yourself on a pedestal.

          • dru

            I do not see how the scriptures you gave support the ark being in heaven, but I acknowledge it is possible that the ark is in heaven now.

            anything is possible.. we need proof.

            • Marianne,
              A faithless generation needs proof of God’s existence to believe.

              The false prophet will give you that proof that people are looking for Only it is a lie.

              I think it is quite obvious from the luke 17 passage above that i quoted.

              • dru

                I am not faithless. get real. the scriptures do not relate to the ark.

                the jews say they know where it is, and they would not believe it is in heaven yet, since they plan to use it.

                Luke 17 does not mention the ark

                • Marianne,
                  I did not say YOU were faithless…i even tried to be careful to word it the way I did, so that you would not read that into it.

                  If you saw that something terrible was coming, would you not shout it from the mountaintops and warn people, Or would you Just sit back and say nothing?

                  My only, and main message here in the two plus years I have been here is to repent or perish. There have only been a handful of people that have shown this.

                  If You do not want me here to speak these things which he has given me, then so be it. I am Just saying that if there is no balance in this, then you will likely be leading people astray.

                  I have given you a prediction, which if it comes true, will prove the discussions that I have been having privately and here are true. If it is not true, then I will come and graciously admit my error. Till then I will be in prayer, and say nothing.

                  It has never been about me being right, it has always been about us getting it right. The right attitude is the one the tax collector showed in the luke 18 passage which i quoted above.

                  I wish he would have sent a better communicator to present this message, but he chose me? Sorry if i have failed. (Isaiah 6:8-13)

                  perhaps that what he planned though? read that passage carefully.

                  • well I said we would need proof of the ark being in heaven and you responded to me that a faithles generation seeks proof…since I was the only one who said that, it would be logical that you were referring to me.

                    but if you weren’t just forget it.

                    • Marianne,
                      I will respond to this briefly. Stop looking for proof and believe.

                      There is a gigantic flaw in the churches understanding of end time eschatology, on which highly recommend you write a post. It is the idea that Elijah comes as a prophet, and will work signs and wonders before Jesus second coming. From malachi, and Matthew, we find his work is two fold. “Turning the hearts”, and “restore all things”.

                      The false prophet on the other hand will need to perform these signs and wonders, and it is granted him the authority to do so, so as to lead those who are perishing to Judgement. It is from this understanding that I base my “proof” that the ark is in heaven Just as the Word of God says.

                      How many a church has been led astray by a false prophet claiming to be Elijah in these latter days? Why? because they are looking for proof. Faith is the opposite of this.

                      My faith is in Jesus, who was and is and is to come. And he will come like lightning.

                      God bless: Talk to you later in a couple of weeks or months.

                    • I do not see how false prophets profe the ark is in heaven

                      I think the ark appears in heaven after MUCH has happened here…but maybe you are right

                      neither of us has proof.

  235. No one but Jesus (Yeshua) has ever been able to keep the commandments. What was Jesus reply when he was questioned why the apostles were picking and eating grain in a field on the Sabbath? Did he say You are rght, now off to Hell with them? Of course not, and they certainly did not ask forgivness. Think about Gods words to the accusers right then and there.

    Jim, just how sure are you that you are really attending church on Saturday? Who told you that Saturday is really Saturday?

    Here is how it works Jim. You confess with your mouth that you are a sinner and fall short of the glory of God. You ask Jesus to come into your Heart and life, and to forgive ou for your sins. You acknowledge that he alone is the son of God, and also God Himself, the only one who can forgive sin. He will come into your life right then and there. as you daily repent your sins and draw close to Him, He will give You insight, about people around you and will open your eyes to scripture. As you kneel in prayer to the father through the Son, the Holy spirit (also God) will pray with you. When He does that the prayers will roll off your tongue with Humility and Love for those you are praying for. You will be under attack constantly from satanic beings when you draw close to the Lord. ”
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood……..”

    Marianne: My family has been watching for Nimrods body to be found in Giza. Possibly for cloning. If they were able to salvage good tissue ( Nimrod was the first person to be inbalmed, so Ive been told)and clone him, what spirit would be in that body? He is a giant Nephilim from my research.
    Today I realised something. They found the tomb of Gilgamesh in 2003. Gilgamesh is Nimrod. I hear he is also Osiris.
    The Germans started looking for Him in 1917. If they found him there ( They wont speak about a body) he is probably already cloned, born. and about 8-9 years old. He would be a perfect Antichrist, with the next Pope as the false prophet to back him up. All speculation on my part though. He would be a true giant, and have black, or very dark skin. His great grandfather was Noah and his Grandfather was Ham.

    Remember Jim, when it comes to the commandments, without Jesus, if youve broken one, your done.

    • Moonjam,
      So I confess my sins right?
      So what you are saying that if I break the commandments, I have sinned, so they must still be the law I must go by.
      No law, no sin. Simple as that. We are not condemned if we break the law because Jesus has redeemed us. But they must still be in effect in order for them to be broken. That is the only way it can work.
      As for knowing the day of the week, that is a no-brainer. The sequence of days has never been broken throughout history. Dates have been removed to fix the calendar, but the day of the week has never been messed with.
      But even if the calendar was messed up, it shouldn’t matter to God. As long as we keep the 7th day and understand that that is the day that God blessed as the day we should stop our work and commune with God, we are doing what God commanded. If on the other hand, you believe that Sunday is the new Saturday, you are dishonoring the true sabbath and that will be a problem in the tribulation. The same is true if you believe that every day is the same and God doesn’t really care what day you keep holy. That is a common misconception. God made it perfectly clear which day He blessed and He even told us to remember it. To say he doesn’t care about the Sabbath is to say He doesn’t care if we commit murder either.
      So there you go…

    • moomjian

      I am guessing they have had the opportunity to clone anyone they wanted for at least 50-60 years now. Was Gilgamesh black? I am aware of the story, but unaware of the details. I am guessing that genetic modification would also be in play, since creating a giant would make him stick out in a crowd. they would want to modify genes so that he is of normal height.

  236. Jesus is God Bro! God said nothing as his Disciples picked grain to eat on the Sabbath. In fact Lord Sabbath defended them hastily when questioned. I think they were probably Pharisies that were condeming God for allowing his Disciples to harvest on the Sabbath. I may be wrong. Ill have to go back and look at that story later.

    Those Pharisies were real stuck on the law. Not that they really kept it on their personal lives. They all went to Hell, except Paul, and any others that repented for their sins.

    For we are saved by faith, through the grace of God, and not by works, lest any man boast…………………..

  237. ” You may be right. Even God couldn’t possibly be that old.
    James Giordano said this on March 3, 2013 at 6:53 am”

    I don’t know how the eternal nature of God equates with the biblical account of creation, in terms of duration, so I’ll leave that for greater minds to ponder!……Take it away James! 🙂

    Be blessed.

  238. James
    I will let you explain this scientifically… parting shot.

    • Well, you are either claiming that ancient aliens visited earth 350 million years ago and dropped an aluminum part in a pile of organic matter before it was buried and turned to coal, or that this scenario happened in modern times (last 75 years) and oil was created almost instantly.
      If the aluminum was contemporary, then we should be able to make oil in a compost heap.
      Give that a try and you should get rich quick.
      Anyone who wants to believe in these preposterous flood created geological explanations are free to do so. I have studied these processes in person and there is only one logical way to explain them. The present IS the key to the past. Otherwise all bets are off since anyone can claim any scenario was possible, no matter how crazy the idea.
      So you can believe that Adam and Eve rode around on dinosaurs and ate pterodactyl soup and that the Egyptians built the pyramids with anti-gravity cranes and electric lighting for all I care. If it makes you feel better and oh so smart just by reading a bible web site then more power to you. l could write several geology books on this site trying to teach you what I (and the rest of the scientists) have learned, but you wouldn’t believe it anyway, so I’m done wasting my time on people who will never believe that trolls exist until one jumps up and eats you.
      So there.

  239. newspaper article from 1983

    • The fact that this article is 30 years old should tell you that if the object were in our solar system, it would have been tracked and its orbit determined with great accuracy within a few months or years at the latest. So if it were a planet, it would have been declared one by astronomers many years ago. The fact that it hasn’t been tells me that it probably is, as they suggested, a dark galaxy, well beyond our Milky Way galaxy.
      So we can eliminate this object from being any sort of planet.
      According to the links on this page (to where else but YouTube) Nibiru is now in such close proximity to the sun that it can’t be seen, and it is headed out of the solar system and won’t be seen again for 3,600 years. But they are now blaming, meteor falls, volcanos and earthquakes on it, and that the earth has begun a pole shift as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if they threw in plagues of locusts and serial killers on Nibiru.
      Of course, on YouTube there are thousands of other Nibiru sightings, nowhere near the sun but billions of miles away. So who is correct? 1000 sightings, 1000 different locations. Looks like we are going to experience a swarm of planets attacking us all at once.
      So, if you are a believer, prepare to kiss your ass goodbye!

      • well, that was the last time this “thing” was reported.

        planet, sun, star or whatever it is…

        nothing is reported now….

  240. Nibiru will soon be here. probably with in two years.

  241. Earth’s Magnetic Field Shifting? Geomagnetic Storm Or Something Else?

    • MA
      Awesome. I don´t think James is on this blog in June because of all he said about Nibiru. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  242. You can worry about the earths magnetic field all you want, but this article is bogus.
    Consider the source for a moment. Here are the top 3 sidebar articles on this site:

    America – On The Brink Of Civil War – Viral Video
    Obama And Shape Shifting Alien On High Def Camera At AIPAC Conference.
    UFO Levitates 18 Wheeler! Astounding German Vid

    So if we are truly on the brink of civil war and UFO’s are attacking 18 wheelers, do we really need to worry about fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field?
    I think not. Grab your guns and start shooting your neighbors! THIS IS WAR!!

  243. More “2 suns” nonsense. When is this crap going to end?
    I don’t believe anything I hear on “Coast to Coast” radio to begin with, but this is just asinine. First of all, it claims the object is below the earth’s ecliptic (the plane of its orbit) and that is why people in the northern hemisphere can’t see it, yet Costa Rica is in the northern hemisphere. Also, he claims it is right next to the sun. Just below it.
    Look outside tomorrow at noon and look at the sun. See how much distance there is between the sun and your horizon. Surely if the object were “near” the sun, it wouldn’t be so far away as to be below the horizon.
    Plus, depending on your latitude, you CAN see below the ecliptic. From my location I can see to below -35 degrees below the ecliptic.
    Think about it, the planets are all right close to the ecliptic, yet we can all see them throughout the year. They never drop below the horizon, ever. Not even close.
    NOW, if you didn’t understand what I just said, then you are definitely dumb enough to be fooled by this video, which proves why this kind of junk science is littering the internet right now.
    If so, then go into your closets and pull the blankets over your heads and make the scary monsters go away, because that will be the only way you will ever be able to feel safe.

    • James

      Scripture tells us that the moon will turn red. Nibiru is a red star with seven moons around it. As it stands between the sun and moon reflects the red light at the moon and the moon turns red. If you do not believe me, explain to me how the moon will turn red in the future? It’s just Nibiru that can make the moon red from what we know of out there.
      I’ll do a Janet here now.
      Jacob Israel has 12 sons i.e., 13 pieces in total. Jesus has 12 disciples, ie 13 in total. This year is the year 13 of this millennium. We have the 112th pope from ST Malachy prophecy and Jesus is the 113 th 13 is the magic number, and complete.

      • Dude,
        Check my avatar. It is a blood red moon taken during a total eclipse 40 years ago. The moon also turns red sometimes at sunset, just like the sun does.
        Your idea is whack. A red star with 7 moons? A red star between earth and the moon would vaporize them both. And stars don’t have moons, they have planets, which may have moons.
        Your whole concept of astronomy is imaginative and child-like, but it ain’t right. In fact, YOU ain’t right – in the head.
        If Jesus is in the Vatican right now, He’s only there to find the best locations to plant the explosives to blow it all to hell before He takes His throne – in Jerusalem, not Rome,
        Come out of the Great Whore NOW before it is too late!

        • the object coming – star, sun, planet, – has other objects around it….moons, planets…..

          the nomenclature is an issue….but astronomers are now saying it is coming.

          • NO! astronomers are saying no such thing.
            Only YouTube idiots.
            Don’t be another idiot, we have enough of them already.

  244. James
    Your gravatar moon is for a short while. I did not say between the earth and the moon. But if Nibiru stands a bit away from the moon and the earth is between the moon and sun but the suns light hits Nibiru then the red light can reflect the light against the moon and we will have a red moon that everybody can see without waiting for special eclipses.

    You say “come out of the great……”
    The Bible (Jeremia 51 and Rev 17) describes US and A. Not the Vatican my friend so if you have a brain. Sell everything you have and move back home to sicily. Instead of listening to the apostate philadelphia Church listen to an Ortodox Priest. The only good that came out of philadelphia is the icehockey team. The Original ph. Church in Turkey has become a mosque and the western ph. Church has become apostate so time to go back to your roots. Listen to Odysseys going back to my roots. It´s a song made for you my ex brother.
    Time is running out!
    Actually I don´t care about you since you crusified Jesus a second time when you left the true Church but I care about your familia. So tell them from to move out of her.US and A will soon burn and your own nuclear waepons will kill you.

  245. IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only.He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people.He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected; whereby the Legislative powers, incapable of Annihilation, have returned to the People at large for their exercise; the State remaining in the mean time exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and convulsions within.He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary powers.He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures.He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power.He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world:For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offencesFor abolishing the free System of English Laws in a neighbouring Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies:For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments:For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation.He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands.He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.Nor have We been wanting in attentions to our Brittish brethren. We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and settlement here. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which, would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.


    adam unchained

  247. its coming in

    • Looks like an airplane vapor trail to me. Certainly not a planet. Notice how it curved at the end. Too slow for a meteor, and they also don’t change direction.
      If it was Nibiru, looks likee it burned up and is now gone forever.
      Good riddance!

      • oh come on James….it is not an airplane……an airplane does not fall that slowly

        i don’t know what it is, but it can’t be an airplane

      • James
        Atlst you didn´t say a sun flare. Start to get nervous now??

        • Just make up anything you want about this one. If you want to believe it is Nibiru, fine, go ahead.

          Or go ahead and say its a UFO filled with Nephilium. But good luck trying to prove it to the rest of the world. You certainly can’t by this video.
          You will look like a fool if you try.
          But then what else is new?

  248. James
    You can see it yourself probably within two months.

    • This reminds me of Orson Welles’s “War of the Worlds” radio play from back in the 30’s. A bunch of dudes trying to scare the general public with a bunch of nonsense about space aliens and a mystery planet.
      I can tell you all the so-called science is totally bogus. A lot of science-speak and pretty words, but all of it is nonsense.
      For example, they claim that Nibiru is between the earth and sun and has been there for 8 years. But where did it come from and why is it still there? Plus any object orbiting the sun closer than earth would have a shorter year than us, so it would not stay directly between us but would orbit like Mercury and Venus and would exhibit phases just as they do. This is basic astrophysics.
      And they claim at some point Nibiru will decide to break out of its current orbit and come flying toward the earth, causing death and destruction. But they say they don’t know when this will happen. But it is impossible to predict and orbital trajectory without the “launch” time, as we all know from NASA space launches. The odds that it would pass by the earth are very slim compared to everywhere else it could go, yet these bozos are absolutely certain that whenever it breaks away, it will do so at precisely the right time to bring it right past the earth. Yeah, right.
      These guys are just a bunch of hucksters having a big joke at the expense of incredibly stupid and gullible people. Now that the Mayan prophecy has proved false, these idiots have grabbed onto another popular myth and they just keep fooling the same old dumbasses into fearing once again for their lives.
      Wait till June, wait till September, it won’t matter.
      It ain’t never gonna get here!

      • James
        The Vatican will reveal Jesus when Nibiru is here so many people who doesn´t know that Jesus has lived on earth with us will think that he came from the planet Nibiru. This will happen soon. And the Mayan was not false. when the 13 baktun ended the end times started.

      • james

        the orbit is 3600 years , it does not have the same elliptical pattern the other planets do. that is because it is a second sun, not a planet.

        • Marianne,
          You just don’t get it, do you?
          If Nibiru has been orbiting the sun for 8 years, it is no longer in a 3600 year orbit but one of less then 200 days. Now, the idiot on the radio said there was a dark star with a long orbit that has been around for billions of years, so he does not believe in the genesis story, and that should discredit him in your eyes right off the bat.
          But he claims Nibiru is a separate object which is hanging around the sun right now, not going anywhere… yet. He claims it is always visible next to the sun and all you have to do is take a picture of the sun (with a cheap-ass camera) and it will magically show up in the photo. (Where have we seen that before?)
          But he never says how a planet the size of Jupiter managed to come out of deep space, then put itself into a near-sun orbit without a singe person on earth ever noticing it.
          And he never says what force will cause it to break away at just the right time to intersect the earth’s orbit at the exact time the earth is in that section of its orbit, or how he knows all this will happen.
          He just says stuff like he really means it and figures morons will believe him. And the do!
          Unbelievable how little most people know about astronomy. I knew enough by age six to debunk this guy and yet millions of people are suckered in by his BS. And all it would take is a simple “Astronomy Made Simple” kids book and these people would all laughing at this boob rather than having him laugh at all of them.
          Oh well, people today are far to lazy to read a book, and who needs any more knowledge than they already have, right? Their brains are full of stuff and there is no room for any new knowledge, so why bother.
          It seems some people are willing to bend the laws of nature into pretzels in order to continue to believe in a myth. They make excuse after excuse to believe anyone with a YouTube video, no matter how silly their claims are. And in the end, they will be left looking silly and stupid. Or I should say ignorant, since they are not so stupid they couldn’t learn the truth if they wanted to.
          Unfortunately, they don’t want to. 😦

  249. Marianne,
    Well you are going to have to make up your mind now.
    According to the video (I watched every minute of it) Nibiru is always right between the earth and sun. It has been there for 8 years and the governments of the earth have been hiding the fact for years. And they say that all of the “2 suns” pictures people have been taking are the image of Nibiru and its tail.
    Now you show me an orbital map, showing that Nibiru never comes between the earth and sun except for a slight possibility and at that only for about 12-18 hours. And if this event DID happen, it would mean that Nibiru was coming from the opposite side of the sun, like Halley’s comet did in 1986, and would never get anywhere near the earth and thus pose no danger whatsoever. And assuming there would be no danger, why would all the world’s governments try to hide the fact? After all, the asteroid Apophis will almost hit the earth in 2029 and the government told us about it many years ago – as soon as it was discovered in fact.
    So if the video is true, then the orbit image is fake, or vice-versa. You can’t have it both ways. In fact, if you carefully examine any ten or more Nibiru sites you will find that they are all different. So they can’t all be right. Even if one WERE right, that would mean that 90 percent of the sites are fake. Those aren’t good odds if you’re looking for the truth. But then you’re not interested in the truth any more than the YouTube idiots who make this stuff up.
    You may as well claim there are living dinosaurs or unicorns or flying dragons. I’ll bet there are YouTube videos proving all of these things also, and since there is no way to disprove these types of claims, they are as valid as Nibiru.
    But then this is a religious web site where people believe in God, just based on faith in an old book. And so I guess its not surprising that some of these same people will put their faith in an ancient legend from a pagan religion simply because they think it may fit a prophecy from the bible. I don’t know why God would expect His people to study paganism for clues to His prophecies, but Satan probably has a hand in all that.
    But then what do I know about pagan myths, I’m just an astronomer.

    • james

      from what I understand, nibiru has been inside the known solar system for about 8 years…. it is still following its path toward earth, will rotate around at some point, and head back out.

      • So why did you post the dumbass video above that claims Nibiru is orbiting close to the sun for the last 8 years? Looks like you never really listened to it, you simply assumed they knew what they were talking about and that their assessment would match up with everybody else’s. But guess what… everybody is making up their own stories about Nibiru. I doesn’t exist, so people can make up whatever story they want about it, and they never bother to check with other YouTube idiots to get their stories to match. This is the simplest way to tell if something on YouTube is real or not, and in the case of Nibiru, nothing matches. Every time you paste a new Nibiru sighting you end up proving my point.
        If a new planet was really out there, the whole world would know about it, not just YouTube idiots.
        Do yourself a favor and wait for reliable reports.

        • if it is in our solar system, on its orbit, then it is orbiting the sun,,,,,it just has not finished its orbit.

          it is one long orbit….it is not a series of small orbits.

          • That is my point… every object has only one, unchanging orbit. These Bozos claim nibiru flew in and changed its orbit to stay between the earth and the sun, therefore creating the “second sun” scenario that we see in so many photos. That is total BS. These guys are liars.
            As far as nibiru being within our solar system, if it was, it would have been noticed even beyond the orbit of Pluto, assuming it is as large as people claim. But no observatory has seen anything out there, to the very limits of modern telescopes. If it were as close as saturn, it would be visible to the naked eye. But again, nobody has seen it.
            Also, consider this; you say it has an orbital period of 3,600 years. How do you know that? Even if it came near the earth 3,600 years ago, ancient observers had no way to calculate its orbit and determine its year. Now, if it came by 7,200 years ago, and knowledge of it were passed down over the years, then you might have something, but then you don’t believe Nibiru, or the earth for that matter even existed that long ago, so that idea is out. Plus it took thousands of years before Halley’s comet was recognized as being the same object, even though it returns every 76 years.
            So the idea of the long orbit is completely made up. Part of some myth, but not provable by any means.
            SO you believe people who never even looked thru a telescope, let alone own an observatory, who use bogus pseudo-science to explain their theories, with no scientific proof whatsoever, and with no independent confirmation, rather than the people who look for stuff like this for a living. You do astronomy a great disservice, which is why I am so adamant about this topic.
            In the end you will discover I am right and you were silly. 🙂

            • james
              anunakis was here 3600 years ago and said next time we will come back is about 3600 years from now.

              in the end you will discover I am right and you were silly

              • They had no idea that Nibiru would ever return. They knew nothing about things orbiting the sun. They believed that everything went around the earth. They were stupid.
                And besides, they actually just made up the myth. Maybe they saw a comet then made up a story about it. Who knows.
                But they had no way to calculate the orbit of anything in the sky.
                They were dumb and ignorant.
                Just like all the people who still believe in Nibiru.

                • James
                  I think you are mixing up anunakis and sumerians. Anunakis is people who came from the planet Nibiru to the sumerians and told them that they will return in about 3600 years from then and that was 3600 years ago. Anunakis gave info about planets and more to the sumerians.

                  • Nobody could live on a planet that spends almost all of its orbit so far from the sun that the temperature would remain near absolute zero during that time.
                    The Annunaki myth is no more than a Sumerian comic book story. People who believe those stories Aso believe the tat the Annunaki were alien “gods“ that altered human DNA to grate modern man. They claim that the bible is based on these beings and their interaction with man, and that the god of the bible is just a part of the Annunaki myths.
                    They claim that the Annunaki come from a ship-planet called Nibiru that has a 3600-year orbit and was supposed to return on Dec. 21, 2013, just as you previously stated.
                    It sounds like you buy into this crap and if you do then you don’t believe in the true God of the bible. Anyone who believes in the Nibiru myth automatically rejects Jesus as our savior and is a tool of Satan.
                    All that aside, you have a bigger problem. You claim Nibiru will arrive in June, therefore it would now have to be around the orbit of Mars, and so it should be brightly visible from earth. In fact it should have been visible many months ago. If you knew anything about astronomy, you would have known that. But now you are going to have to come up with another excuse as to why it isn’t here, and set yet another date.
                    So start thinking up new crap. You’ll be needing it soon.

                    • James 007

                      You say
                      “Nobody could live on a planet that spends almost all of its orbit so far from the sun that the temperature would remain near absolute zero during that time”
                      I say according to sumerians and people on Internet Nibiru is a giant star = sun. people are not living on Nibiru but on the moons that are souronding the planet. So they get their heat from the Star Nibiru so they don´t need the sun.
                      You say
                      “supposed to return on Dec. 21, 2013” I thought it would return dec 21 2012 and not 2013 according to the mayans. I don´t know where you get the info about 2013????

                      I claim that you can see Nibiru from US and A from June or Aug according to people on youtube and Internet.

                      Jesus says his return will be obviuos like the flash from west to east.
                      Only nibiru and God can do this but i think it is Nibiru he was speaking about.
                      Nibiru is part of my Ortodox faith. Ortodox means the truth.

                      You have so much knowledge about astronomy but don´t know nothing about Nibiru. I have no knowledge about astronomy but I know a lot about Nibiru. Funny!

                    • Your comments are very hateful towards those who state they believe in Christ.

                      The annunaki maybe the fallen Angels, and nibiru is where they stated they were from. The Aztecs said their gods would return Dec.21, 2012

  250. Adam,
    You are right about one thing, I don’t know that much about Nibiru. But then I also don’t know much about Atlantis, unicorns or vampires. Except that none of them exist.
    Do you believe in the bible, or myths of ancient religions? These stories are not the word of God, so why do you put so much faith in them? Especially since they can be verified by science.
    For example, you claim that Nibiru is a dwarf star and that the Annunaki live on moons. But stars don’t have moons, only planets. The idea of moons was made up by YouTube idiots who took pictures of a star with other nearby stars that they claimed to be moons. But that is impossible for a bunch of technical reasons.
    First of all, a dwarf star is the ice cold remnant of a large star that has gone supernova, destroying any planets in its system. This would have happened billions of years ago. And if our sun did have a twin (double-star system) the two stars would be of similar size and ages and their orbits would be much closer together since they would actually be orbiting one another around a common axis. This is all determined by the relative masses of the two stars. For an object to be in the type of orbit attributed to Nibiru, it would have to be very small in size – like a comet. Nothing about Nibiru fits into a scientific model. So all the YouTube videos are bogus. Sorry.
    As for the 2013 reference, it was a typo. We all know the Mayan prophecy was for last year. Get over it, it was bogus too.
    And my comments on Jesus were sarcastic. You need to get over that too.

    • James 007
      my faith is in the Bible and in old cultures. sumerians was from turkey,syria,irak etc. I am born in this area so it is part of my culture and even extra material to our Bible.

      • And years from now people like you will believe in Spider Man and The Incredible Hulk.
        The story is not from the bible and the YouTube reports are unscientific and false.
        Go ahead and believe in pagan religions. You will be part of Babylon that will have the mark of the beast and will be destroyed before Christ returns.
        Kind of a high price to pay for believing in a made-up planet, but to each his own.

  251. James
    You say: you will be part of babylon
    I say: you live in Babylon.
    Bible says: Go away from her

  252. Vatican is looking on Nibiru

    • it looks like science and the bible are coming together to say the same thing.

      here comes the false prophet and the beast……

      and people will be deceived.

    • So Adam, June is almost halfway through and still no signs of Nibiru. You promised it would be here by now, yet no one has seen anything yet. Looks like you are wrong once again. Of course you are always making up crazy stories, like the one above. Emperor NERO reincarnated as Berlusconi, really? You must be Hindu if you believe in reincarnation. Who will reincarnate him, Satan? He doesn’t have the power. Your idea is completely un-biblical, but the most of your ideas are un-biblical, so what’s new.
      Anyway, don’t expect Nibiru to show up any time soon (or ever). Just make up a new story and tell us you are certain it will be here at some new date, and we will continue to believe you.

    • There is no mention of Nibiru in this video.

  253. Marianne
    The false prophet is a muslim and the beast is Silvio Berlusconi/Nero, they have nothing in common with Nibiru. People who doesn´t think clear will be deceived.

  254. Marianne

    As I said earlier, Jesus lives on Earth, and he has told me that Nero is the Antichrist,
    and that he was born again, and this time his name is Silvio B. Year 90 when John saw Jesus
    dreams so we found out that he was but is not and comes back. Nero lived until about
    year 68. Nero fits with 666 in Aramaic and 616 in Latin. Jesus did not say
    that he is the beast, but I draw the conclusions that it is the same person. We could
    not ask Jesus when satan follows him around the clock and kill everyone who reminds him
    of who he is. He came up recently that he is Jesus we have tried to tell him, but then,
    those who talked about it for him died. Satan had killed them. Jesus said that we should
    not follow the book of Revelation as it is his dreams that John saw, but there are truths
    in it when our father told Jesus what will happen in the future and some of the dreams is
    info from our father. He has told me that Silvio would bring peace to Jerusalem with the
    help of many nations, mostly from Europe and then the two witnesses would destroy Rome in
    an earthquake. But that’s changed now so Jesus is the judgment instead of the two witnesses.
    His father said that he can choose a city that he wanted to save and he chose
    Rome as Rome will not be destroyed, but he will save Rome. When these two witnesses would
    plague the world with plagues as it is according to Revelation 11, so would the economy of
    the world crach and silvio would introduce a new currency in the form of a chip with the
    United States when you have chipping system is ready. The witnesses would say that you have
    to live without money when money is satans gimmick and may not receive this chip. But as I
    said a portion of the Book of Revelation will be fulfilled. Jesus says that it is a reference
    book. He consorts with Syrians then they do not have the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Mr B
    would do this when he was the leader of the EU, but he does not sit on power anymore so we
    understand that it is as Jesus says this is changed.

    I don´t like to write long letters so if you have questions ask me!

  255. So Adam, June is almost halfway through and still no signs of Nibiru. You promised it would be here by now, yet no one has seen anything yet. Looks like you are wrong once again. Of course you are always making up crazy stories, like the one above. Emperor NERO reincarnated as Berlusconi, really? You must be Hindu if you believe in reincarnation. Who will reincarnate him, Satan? He doesn’t have the power. Your idea is completely un-biblical, but the most of your ideas are un-biblical, so what’s new.
    Anyway, don’t expect Nibiru to show up any time soon (or ever). Just make up a new story and tell us you are certain it will be here at some new date, and we will continue to believe you.

    • 007
      Nibiru is here soon. I can´t say when.
      you say it is un-biblical what I say. The Bible says he was, is not, and will come back from the bottomless pit. If you don´t belive in reincarnation. Den you don´t believe in these verses. It is with Gods power. God doesn´t want to send people to hell so God is letting someone from hell doing things that will lead to hell again.
      I have a strong belief in my faith and my faith says Nibiru will be soon here. You tube people said it will be seen on the northern hemisphere from june. So they was wrong but it will show up soon.

  256. 007
    I want to add something. Nero/Silvio should establish peace in Jerusalem this time and the city would have been lost to the mulsims. This would lead him to hell and thats why he comes backs so God takes a person from hell so more people doesn´t need to burn in hell.

    You don´t believe in Reincarnation
    I can say that
    Isak and Rebecca
    Jacob/Jesus and his 4 wifes Lea, Rakel, Bilha and Silpa
    His sons Ruben and Shimon and his daugter Dinah
    Muhammed false prophet
    Nero = AC
    Maria Magdalena
    the sisters Ohola and oholiba in Ezekiel 23 one of them is Maria M

    All this persons is living on earth today and are reincarnated.

  257. The beast that was, is not and will come again is a kingdom, not a person. Beasts in prophecy represent kingdoms, not people. In this case it refers to the Vatican / Holy Roman Empire which was dealt a deadly wound by Napoleon in 1798. The Vatican was restored by Mussolini in 1929 and the Holy Roman Empire will soon be restored and will be the 8th “king“ (kingdom) of Revelation.
    Nibiru is not in the bible. It is un-biblical. It is not real. You are reading stories outside the bible and taking them for truth.
    Nobody comes back from hell. Hell is not in the bible. It was made up by the Catholic church to scare people into coming to church. Jesus states that the dead know nothing, they sleep a dreamless sleep awaiting the resurrection at His return. There will be a reaping of those alive when He returns and the wicked will be killed. But they will be resurrected at the end of the millennium and face the Great White Throne Judgement along with all the unrighteous people who ever lived.
    But who knows, maybe we will all end up in the Land of Oz and that will be the millennial kingdom. Its not biblical, but that never bothered you before.

    • James
      This is written year 80-90. Something didn’t exist year 80-90 but existed before and will come back. Roman empire existed this years so it is not the roman empire. Vatican didn’t exist this years and not Before either. If it is a country as you say. Then it must have existed before year 80-90 but was not a country at that time. Follow the Bible yourself. The beast that was but its not will come up from the bottomless pit which is hell. Jesus spoke about gehanna many times which is hell. Even Jesus has burned in hell after he died as king salomo.
      If you say Roman empire didn’t exist year 80-90 then you have lack of history knowledge. If you say the vatican was before year 80-90 then you have lack of knowledge. Stop talking against the bible. If you say it is the city Rome then you have lack of knowledge too . Rome existed year 80-90. Nero existed before year 80 and will come back. Now his name is silvio b and he has a money account around 225 milliards and soon money will not be worth so much. Rev says one days work for a kilo wheat.

      • James read Rev. 17:11. The beast is a HE. Not a city, a man.
        ROman empire can not be a he
        The vatican can not be a he
        But Nero is a he.
        🙂 🙂

      • Many people misunderstand the time frame of this bit of prophecy.
        You see, John was taken in a vision to the future to see what was to come, and he was in the middle of describing the beasts (kingdoms) and judgements etc that were to happen in the future, not the past. So the beast that was is not and will be again isn’t a past person, but a future kingdom, one of the kingdoms (beasts) that John was seeing in the vision.
        Think about it, why would John be describing future events, then in the middle of the story, jump back to the past and talk in his present tense? He said these are things that are soon to come, not things that had already happened.
        The NERO=antichrist idea is just old Vatican propaganda used to counter the claims of the reformers like Luther that claimed (correctly mind you) that the Catholic church was the beast of Revelation.
        Plus, if Berlusconi really is Nero reincarnated, he should look exactly like him, and he doesn’t. Berlusconi is a completely different person from NERO, there is no similarities. If what you claim is true then I can say that Obama is Hitler reincarnated, just in disguise. There is no way to prove such a claim, and no one would ever believe it anyway, so the whole idea is just stupid.

        • James
          You have lack of Holy spirit since you left the true Church.

          Regarding Nero. He doesn´t have to look the same again. He is not from holy spirit.God puts his soul in his mothers pregnant body. Maria Magdalena had dark hair 2000 years ago but now she is blond. Only Jesus looks like he always have done because he is conceived by the holy spirit.

          Luther was controlled by satan.satan wants to accuse Jesus Church.

          If you put the name nero in old aramaic you get 666. If you put nero in latin you get 616. You have a topic here on this site that says 616 not 666. It is because this scripture is from latin. Only Nero fits in 616 in lation and 666 in old aramin. google nero 666 and you will see more of this.

          John saw Jesus dreams and God told Jesus what will happen in future. John says clearly that nero will come back and he calls him the beast.

          • James
            I must take this again since you are so stubborn. A HE can not be a nation or kingdom or an airplane or an army etc. A HE can only be a person or a people of someone important. It is so simple to understand. Why don´t you understand this. OH i forgot. You don´t have access to holy spirit according to Romans 8:9 since you left it when you left the true Church.

  258. Adam,
    Since John knew NERO by name, he could have described him much better than a beast with ten heads, or used his real name. Berlusconi is not NERO. He will never claim to be Nero. If NERO himself does not appear AS HIMSELF, then you can’t claim Nero is the antichrist.
    But no matter because I don’t believe there will even be an antichrist, only a beast kingdom and its leader the False Prophet. All of the beasts in Daniel and Revelation are kingdoms, not people. The “he” refers to the leader, or image of the kingdom. The beast is the Vatican and its leader, the False Prophet, is the current pope. The Catholic church is Babylon and it will be destroyed before Christ returns.
    Sorry but God just isn’t happy with all the pagan rituals that have snuck into the Catholic church over the last 2000 years. It all has to go. Swept away. Cleaned out. The true church is the one Jesus left with the apostles. Your church has virtually nothing in common with that church. But then most protestant churches are not much better and they will be destroyed as well, so at least you’ll have company.
    But good luck with that Nero thing. Maybe NERO is on Nibiru and will return soon…
    Yeah, go with that why don’t you?

  259. You say” he will never claim to be Nero” I say you are right. Jesus will tell people that he is Nero.
    To be a false prophet you have to say that something will happen in future ant it doesn´t happen. No Pope tells us about future. So the Pope is not thee false prophet. Muhammed is the false prophet. He said Mecca and Medina will be protected and Jesus will return from heaven to damscus. Soon Jesus will destroy this 3 cities.
    You say Catholic Church is babylon I say USA is babylon. And USA will be destroyed when Jesus is here not before.
    You say the true Church is the Churc that Jesus left with the Apostles. That is the Ortodox Church and I am baptized in the Ortodox Church so I am part of the real Church. And my faith says the doom starts ehen Nibiru is here and Nero will not come from Nibiru but John the Baptist.

  260. Point your infrared telescopes toward 3-to-7-degrees Sagittarius to find Nibiru now. WISE should do a survey there (as if they’ll ever release what they find or see–I’m sure NASA knows exactly where it is). It’s just before the ‘slit’ of the Galactic Center. EARLY Sagittarius, not even into the bulk of it yet. And you already know it’s south of Earth. Just follow our Magnetic South Pole off into space.

    • Forget everything I said before. I have only said it for joking. Now I’m serious. My faith says that Jesus will come to Rome from Nibiru and John the Baptist will come to Israel from Nibiru soon. So James tune in your telescope and see if you can find the planet where Jesus father lives.

    • Just more recycled YouTube BS. You know how I can tell they don’t know what they’re talking about? From the directions they gave.
      First they say it is in Sagittarius,which is on the celestial equator (which has a declination (latitude) of zero degrees. They say to look between 3 and 7 degrees (North? South? They don’t even know to say which).
      Then they say that it is south of the earth directly above the south magnetic pole. In one breath they say it will be overhead if you are on the equator, and in the next they say you have to be at the south pole to see it directly overhead. It is obvious to me that whoever wrote the article understood nothing about celestial navigation and coordinates, and they assume they can claim anything they want and the general public will be stupid enough to believe them.
      And even though I have clearly caught them in a blatant lie, there will be people out there (you know who you are) who will not question the YouTube idiot and simply believe that two lies make a truth. So be it.
      Once an idiot always an idiot.

  261. More about nibiru

    • Adam,
      I knew you were joking about Nibiru before. And I also know you are still joking about it now and you will always be joking about it because your story is so crazy it can only be a joke.
      As for the video, it only shows meteor falls, not planets. No planet is bright enough to be seen in the daytime, almost as bright as the sun in fact.
      Plus these were shot in Texas not Antarctica, so they contradict the story above, which is also bogus. On this site so far people have shown 100 videos proving where Nibiru is located but they have been all in different locations, even at the same time. And in all this time, not one person, astronomer or otherwise, (except for YouTube idiots) has ever seen it. Surely newspaper and TV journalists look at YouTube videos. Whay hasn’t a single one broken the “Story of the century” just to become famous if for no other reason? I’ll tell you why. They are smart enough to research their stories before putting them in print. They look for credible sources, then always back them up with another.
      YouTube idiots are not real journalists. They are mostly kids and hackers out to have a good time at others expense. They figure if they can’t mess up your computer with a virus they will mess up your mind and get you to think you are going to die soon when some disaster befalls the earth.
      And you are fueling them with more idiocy. Passing on their lies to more unsuspecting fools.
      Looks like I’m the only one here trying to keep insanity in check but hopefully I’m doing some good. I think at some point, most people will simply have to realize that this is all just a bunch of nonsense, just like the Mayan prophecy and Y2K.
      Even you, Adam! 🙂

      • James
        You say you can´t see a planet in daytime.
        I say you can if it is Close enough. If it is not Close enough we can only see it when it is dark.
        Tune in your telescope now!

      • james

        do not depend on the press to tell you anything. they are all “liberal idiots” who report what the government allows them to report.

        If you want american news, go to the european press, they know more about what is happening here than americans do.

        for example,, ali baba up there in washington has been bringing in russian troops for martial law…….and just asked russia for 15,000 more troops for FEMA region 3. Did you hear THAT on american TV? no! because you are not supposed to know about it.

        europeans are very amazed at how stupid the government wants the american people. they are informed about things we are not. our government wants to deceive and blind us so they can control us.

        “real journalists” in america are whores for the government.

  262. wow, real jouranlists talking about this in europe.

    Nibiru Weather Wobble Hits Mexico, 7 ft Hail, Whirlwind, Landslides in 1 Day

  263. This is all just more YouTube BS.
    I could claim the Arizona wildfire was started by Nibiru, or any number of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and every single natural disaster to come for the next 100 years on Nibiru, but until the damn thing actually shows up where everyone can see it, it is all just hearsay.
    As for the press in the US, in most cases it is the press that keeps the government in line, not the other way around. Just look at all the White House scandals going on right now. The press is responsible for the downfall of many politicians, including presidents.
    But you are talking about a world-wide cover-up here. All the press, all the scientists, all the governments. Everyone. All but a few YouTube idiots and their dumass followers.
    Remember, YouTube idiots have proof that zombies are real. Are going to believe theses guys too? You only believe in Nibiru because you want it to be real. You think it constitutes some kind of proof that the bible is true, even though there is no mention of it anywhere in the bible. You are hoping it is a sign in the heavens that Jesus is returning so you want to believe it is real. But it is all just wishful thinking.
    But the good news is that God will not penalize you for being gullible.
    At least I think so.

  264. James
    You are mocking my Ortodox faith that says Nibiru will soon be here.

    • I am not mocking it, I am denying it. It is false. Everything you have predicted was false. Everything you will predict in the future will be false.
      There is no Nibiru. It never existed and it never will. Many YouTube idiots are saying it is already here but it is being kept a secret. So nobody will ever see it, but you will know it is here, but you just can’t prove it.
      So there you go. That is what faith is all about. Believing in something that’s not really there. So just go on with your silly belief and pretend Nibiru is here, and Jesus is in the Vatican and John the Baptist has arrived and is walking the back roads of Sweden or whatever you want to believe. Just stop telling everyone that Nibiru will soon be visible to them because it clearly will never be. One way you look silly. The other you look like a liar.
      Your choice, dude.

  265. James
    I have not predicted anything. My faith says Nibiru will soon be here. I took some info from people from Youtube about when it will be here. I should not do that. We know from NT that only the father knows times. When Nibiru comes here Jesus will come to the Vatican and hold the doom and John the B will come to Israel and help them. I can´t tell you when but soon it will be here.

    • You are predicting that Nibiru will soon be here, based on your faith and whatever crazy bible you’ve been reading. You say Jesus will come to the Vatican and John the Baptist will come to Israel, but my bible says none of that. My bible says Jesus will destroy the Catholic church and return to Jerusalem. That is what I am predicting, based on MY faith. Which one of us is right remains to be seen. But of one thing I am certain, Nibiru is NOWHERE to be seen. It is NOT anywhere near the earth. You are being deluded into believing it is by a bunch of YouTube idiots who know they are deceiving people and are having big laughs at your expense.
      But then maybe you are just kidding here, and are having big laughs at our expense. So I’m probably just wasting my breath trying to educate you on the facts of Nibiru. Well, that’s true regardless, but anyway, maybe you will let us all know when your big joke is over.
      But I have a feeling that you and Marianne are just never going to give up.
      So then, neither will I.

  266. 007
    We have something in common and that is that Jesus will destroy Churches when he comes back. My faith says he will destroy the protestant and free Churches. So time will tell Whos right or not. But my faith is the original one and I will continue with Nibiru until it comes here.

  267. 3 Days of darkness

  268. Wow! Finally you have absolute scientific irrefutable proof that Nibiru is real! Congratulations, and keep looking up, your destiny draws near.
    By the way, that destiny is to look even dumber than the YouTube idiots who made this video.
    Way to go dude!

    • 007
      In the end you will be the one that will be called idiot since my faith is based on the true Church.

  269. 007
    The bible speaks about 3 Days in darkness. Something has to come between the Earth and the Sun for 3 days. my faith says Nibiru will soon be here. What a coincidence. Or?

  270. First of all, a 3-day eclipse is simply not possible. Planets move far too fast for this to happen. Any planet would have to be extremely close to the earth and extremely large to cast such an enormous shadow, but the close two objects are, the faster they pass by each other, so 3 days is out of the question.
    But it appears you just don’t understand God’s miracles. If Nibiru is real and it does come between the earth and the sun, then the event is no act of God, just a fact of nature, like solar and lunar eclipses, comets and meteor showers. These events do not prove the existence of God and would have little significance on the events of mankind.
    But if all light was removed from the face of the earth, with no scientific or logical explanation, that would put the fear of God into every living person on earth. Now THAT’S a miracle! And that is what I am expecting in the tribulation, not just a bunch of natural disasters just like all those that have come before.
    I get so tired of people who try to claim that the Arab spring or hurricane Sandy were acts of God. Or that a puff of smoke on a video was the second horse of the Apocalypse. And all sorts of other nonsense, just in a pathetic attempt to show that biblical events are now taking place.
    Be patient my friends. It will all happen, in God’s time, not according to our hopes and wishes. Just sit back and wait for the real events to occur.
    Wishful thinking won’t get you any closer to God word. Plus you are going to look foolishin the end.

    • 007
      you say
      First of all, a 3-day eclipse is simply not possible. Planets move far too fast for this to happen. Any planet would have to be extremely close to the earth and extremely large to cast such an enormous shadow,
      I say Niburu is 4 times bigger then the Earth and if it will come between the Sun and Earth it can make it dark for us for 3 Days.

      You say
      then the event is no act of God
      I say God created the Earth and Nibiru so it is Gods work.

      You say
      These events do not prove the existence of God
      I say it will fall fire and brimstones from heaven when Nibiru is here and the Bible tells us that if someone say something will happen and it happens then it comes from the father.

      You say
      I get so tired of people who try to claim that the Arab spring ……
      I say I agree

      I say you are the one that are going to look foolishin the end

  271. Sorry Adam, but do the math:
    If Nibiru is 4 times the diameter of the earth, then it must be 16 times the size of the moon. The longest solar eclipse is less than ten minutes, so even if Nibiru passed as close to the earth as the moon is, the longest an eclipse would last would be 160 minutes which is less than 3 hours. Even if Nibiru grazed the surface of the earth, the eclipse would not last even one day, let alone three.
    So science won’t let it happen, only an act of God. Why do you insist on limiting God’s miracles to what would happen even if God didn’t exist?
    So maybe the flood of Noah was just a bad rainstorm?
    And Sodom and Gomorrah was just a volcanic eruption?
    Nibiru is not in the bible. It is a myth. Your whole belief system is based on myths and misconceptions and lies. God will straighten it all out in the end. Don’t you worry.
    Oh wait, maybe you SHOULD worry.

    • 007
      Lets listen to marianne and dop it when we don’t agree. God is powerful. He can stop nibiru when he wants. Period

  272. James, lens flare????? He shoots from US, midwest, not far from Chicago

    • This is just more lens flare, as usual. This guy is both an idiot and a liar. He knows it is lens flare, any good photographer can recognize it, so this guy is making this up. He has no concept of astronomy. He talks about a possible “corkscrew orbit” which is not only impossible, but just plain silly.
      He uses a bunch of cool photographic terms in order to convince non-photographers that he knows what he’s talking about, but it is all nothing but B.S.
      Anything that appears in a photo should be visible with the naked eye, but he claims it is invisible to the human observer. Also, the “object” is see-thru, nebulous, not solid. Also, it is between the earth and the sun, therefore we should be looking at the back side (the dark side) of the planet, and it should be black, not glowing as in the photos.
      Also, look at the size. It is huge. Way way to big to be a planet, even a big one. It would eitherhave to be half the size of the sun, or it would have to be nearly as close to the earth as the moon in order for it to appear that large. In that case every person on earth should be able to look up and see it, you it only appears in YouTube videos, never the news or newspapers. A discovery that big would make headlines all around the planet, but guess what? It only show up on YouTube. Gee I wonder why?
      And if this is a planet, it must be orbiting the sun, so why is it always in the exact same location since April? No planet could stay right between us and the sun for more than a few hours. That is an astronomical fact, so this can not be a planet.
      Also, you will notice that when the sun is in the center of the photo (out of frame) the object (flare) is straight down, and when the sun is to the top right, the flare is to the bottom left and when the sun is in the upper left, the flare is to the bottom right, just as any good photographer would expect from an optical point of view.
      He didn’t show you, but if he had taken a picture with the sun out of frame to the bottom, the object would have appeared above the sun rather than below.
      Hey, we have orbital telescopes pointed at the sun. Something this big would have showed up the first day the telescopes were put into use. Unless there is a huge NASA conspiracy. But the only conspiracy is between YouTube idiots who want to get their 15 minutes of fame and to get their kicks by getting ignorant and gullible people to believe them.
      And you, Adam, are the most gullible person I know.
      The more you believe, the bigger the hole you are digging for yourself. Already the hole is too big to get out of so keep digging and I’ll see you in China when you come out the other side.

      • James
        It is good to talk too people who are totaly against that a planet is coming closer to us. Every voice is good to hear but I know that Nibiru will soon be here and then I will call you the sun flare.:-)

  273. James
    If you Close the video I can tell you were you should shoot or tune in your telescope. 7-7,30 CET just belove the sun from Chicago with high F and low ISO.

  274. Nasa confirms Nibiru but the hot chick lies