Noahide Hoax


The latest anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

The most recent rumor on the internet is that Noahide laws are being agreed upon between evil Jews and governments, so that the Jews can use them to behead Christians.

Mostly foolish, uneducated Christians are spreading this rumor.

You see GARBAGE like this:






Noahide laws ARE biblical, and from YHVH God.

They are NOT evil conceptions of Jews to behead Christians.



Judaism has never used beheading as a punishment for any sin.

Old Testament capital punishment is by stoning, not beheading.

Capital punishment is a legal penalty in Israel.

Capital punishment has only been imposed twice in the history of the state and is only to be handed out for crimes committed during war time, such as genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, crimes against the Jewish people, treason, and certain crimes under military law..

Although a legal option under law, Israel does not use the death penalty. The last execution was carried out in 1962, when Holocaust architect Adolf Eichmann was hanged for genocide and crimes against humanity.

The last death sentence in Israel was handed down in 1988, when John Demjanjuk was sentenced to death for war crimes and crimes against humanity; his sentence (and conviction) was subsequently overturned. No death sentences have been sought by Israeli prosecutors since the 1990s.

NEVER in over 4000 years has these laws ever been abused to harm innocent people who want to live in peace with YHVH God or Israel.

Noahide laws are consistent with the 10 commandments.

While not provided as a list in the Old Testament, various commandments by YHVH God are given in various scriptures which mention one Noahide law or another.

For example, there are many scriptures dealing with idolatry, adultery, murder, improper sexual relations, stealing, killing of animals, etc.

(Genesis 9:1); “You must not eat meat that has its lifeblood still in it” (verse 4); and “Whoever sheds human blood, / by humans shall their blood be shed; / for in the image of God / has God made mankind” (verse 6).

The APOSTLES reinforced these Noahide laws in Acts 15:19-21, 29

They met to address the issue of the Gentiles’ place in the early church.

Note that they mention this was the teaching of Moses as well.

19 Therefore I judge that we should not trouble those from among the Gentiles who are turning to God,

20 but that we write to them to abstain from things polluted by idols, from [f]sexual immorality, from things strangled, and from blood.

21 For Moses has had throughout many generations those who preach him in every city, being read in the synagogues every Sabbath.”

29 that you abstain from things offered to idols, from blood, from things strangled, and from sexual[j] immorality. If you keep yourselves from these, you will do well.

SO, to oppose these laws is to oppose scripture.


Beheading in Islam

Quran 8:12 says,

“When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.”

Quran 9:5

Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.

Quran 22:19

Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water, melt their skin and bellies.

Quran 47:4

Do not hander for peace with the infidels: behead them when you catch them.

Considering Islam a threat is more realistic than trying to misinterpret and misapply Noachide laws to explain beheading of Christians.

Muslims have been beheading unbelievers for over 1500 years.

Jews do not behead people.

Sharia law is a danger already in many areas outside of Islamic countries.

In many western countries, Muslims have been incorporated into the governments, and they promote their religion, even in children’s schools and maintain their high intolerance for others.

Wake up!

**acknowledgement to those Muslims do who do practice this beheading.

41 Responses to “Noahide Hoax”

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  2. Satan uses anyone or anything to hide the truth about God and Christianity for his own gain. Jews do not behead people because they are Christians that is a lie. Evil people do anything to cause trouble with the Jews and Christians.

    • christians spreading this “fear”

      messed up link.

      go to mike 444 on youtube

    • The Jews and the Christians are evil. They twisted the scriptures. Neither one keep the commandments that the father said is forever. They are lawless. Christians say jesus got rid of the law, so he is the lawless one. Roman’s 8:7, if you don’t keep the law you have a carnal mind. When this was written they went just keeping the 10 commandments .

  3. Who CARES!! We all already know what’s going to happen to true believers in Jesus-persecution-oh boy what a surprise.

  4. please delete my comment above , do you agree with 7 nohide laws ?
    i do not agree with 7 noahide laws.

  5. steve and jana is not gentile, they are Jews.


  6. The Christian cult, refuses to keep the fathers commandments. He said his Torah is forever. Yet the christian says forever ended at the cross=”lie”,they say when you die you go to heaven =lie, not one scripture says that. There refute is jesus told the thief on the cross beside him ” today you will be with me in paradise ” well 3 days later he told Mary not to touch him because he had not ascended to the father yet, so where was that thief for 3 days,,not in paradise .Next they will say the rich man was in hell and Lazarus was in abrahams bosom and they talked back and forth so Christians think talking to the dead is acceptable. =lie, Next they believe when times are rough jesus will rapture them=lie , mt13:30, at the return the evil ones are burned up, Isaiah, 66 any one who eats pork is going to be consumed also. Imagine all these christian churches think they are a remnant, as only a remnant will make it, unbelievable, how can 2 billion be a remnant. Oh but apostle Paul has it all figured out, who will you believe, a man or what the father said ,no wonder the Jews wanted to beat him to death. Follow what the Torah says not false good Keep the true sabbath not catholic doctrine

  7. Hi,

    these 2 persons in the video, they are Jews. if you could take a look.

    after that please delete this post.


    God Bless

    • too long. give summary

    • yes, it is long, i do not have summary,

      but they are Jews, they live in Israel,

      why isrrael government will promote or enforce this noahide laws.

      why people do not use 10 commandment , but they will use 7 noahide laws.

      why pope promote this noahide laws ?

      all these question, we must find out , whenever pope promote, do not agree. he is false prophet.

      please go to this couple website.

      • they said noahide law and shariah law are same function !!!!! in their website

        • qt

          noahide laws do not address abortion

          what halachic interpretations state are mute on this, so they do not either condemn or condone abortion. talmud is an ancient text, and there were no abortions back then.

          since talmud does not address abortion, the liberals over there do what they want

          • Marianne,

            actually, i do not know much, very little knowledge.

            those 3 questions i found from the yourbue and other’ comments which i post previously ,

            i do not agree noahide laws.

            especially, pope promote this . i do not agree with pope .

            i do not agree talmud .

            God Bless

            • q

              like I pointed out in the posts, the noahide laws are followed by the apostles. they are very simple. please re-read the post. all this other stuff is fiction. the real threat is islam

    • please consider what these 2 persons said in the 2 videos, God Bless ,


      3.1-3.5 3.1 – The Noahide Laws: The Imposter —

    • i listen to these 2 Jewish people talk about the noahide law in the long videos.

      that is why i do not agree with noahide law. they are Jews..

      God bless.

      • Hi, My name online is The Mad Jewess.

        There is nothing wrong with Noahide laws. Theyre are the 10 Commandments.
        The basic foundation of American law is Noahide.
        Marianne linked it in this post in the picture meme.

        The 2 ppl in this video may be Jewish by birth but they are not religioys Jews.
        The Noahide laws came from God and are also in the New Testament. Marianne linked that also.

        The 2 people in this video are very uneducated in Judaism as they also talk about Talmud and they ‘rebuke’ the Talmud. But the Talmud they are rebuking is not written by Jewish people.

        If people want to know about the Jewish faith, they should help themselves to Orthodox Jewish websites and not people who never studied Talmud OR Noahide in their life.

        God bless.

    • very long videos . . listen to these 2 Jewish people talk about the noahide law in the long videos.

      that is why i do not agree with noahide law. they are Jews..

      God bless.

  8. I agree there there is NO history of Jews beheading people, that is what Muslims have an extensive history of doing, not the Jews. All these people fear mongering about Jews doing that are either lying or showing their latent anti Semitic. These people also tend to proclaim the “state of Israel is false and evil filled with false Jews”. They wind up vilifying Jews one way or another. Sure, Jews and Israel are not perfect but then who is?

    Having stated this I will point out that Yeshua’s disciples followed all of Torah, including the nazirite vow that we see Rabbi Shaul (“Paul”) observing in Acts 21. The disciples of Yeshua were like Him as they followed Yeshua’s steps in Torah observance. They never formed a new church or religion, that came later after the destruction of the Temple and Rome’s attack of Jews, regardless if they believed or not Yeshua to be the promised Moshiach. The crestianus or followers of Serapis Crestus did not represent a menace to the Empire as these were as pagan as the rest of them. It was the Jews who would not bow down to Cesar crestus and insisted on only ONE Elohim that posed a problem to Rome.

    In Acts 15:20-21 we see them agreeing that once Gentiles wishing to be grafted to Israel set aside their pagan practices (the 4 steps of v 20) then they could join them with the rest of the Jews at synagogue every Shabbat to learn Torah. The object was for them to learn Torah precept by precept, not just some measly 7 laws picked out by men much much later in history.

    Noah and at least his son Shem were Torah observant Gentiles. We can see Noah knew the difference between clean and unclean animals in Gen 7:2 and he did clean animals sacrifices Gen 8:20. According to the Book of Jasher, both him and Shem taught Torah to Abraham as a child and it is written in Gen 26:5 that Abraham, who wasn’t Jewish either knew Torah.

    When Yeshua handed Moshe the TEN as ketubah or wedding contract for Israel as a PEOPLE or assembly it was agreed upon by both Israel and the Gentiles that were with Israel. All the feasts or moedim of Yah were given to both at that time, Lev 23. As we read in Deuteronomy this was later ratified in the land of Moab to all Israel but from the start we see the inclusion of Gentiles. Numbers 15 does not say “hey the Gentiles only observe 7, and they don’t even have to observe Yahveh’s eternal Shabbat”. That is tantamount to a father saying his natural born children are expected to observe all his house rules but the adopted ones only need to observe a handful… as the saying goes what is good for the goose is good for the gander…

    • “:The object was for them to learn Torah precept by precept, not just some measly 7 laws picked out by men much much later in history” :

      The Ten Commandments of Marriage – NOT 7 laws

      “When Yeshua handed Moshe the TEN as ketubah or wedding contract for Israel as a PEOPLE or assembly it was agreed upon by both Israel and the Gentiles that were with Israel.”

      “Numbers 15 does not say “hey the Gentiles only observe 7, and they don’t even have to observe Yahveh’s eternal Shabbat””


    • I agree


    Where did President Bush actualy signed for on March 20, 2019..?!

    Christian newsletter, “Don Bell Reports”, December 27, 1991, reported that, on March 20, 1991 President Bush signed into law a Congressional Joint Resolution entitled, “A Joint Resolution To Designate March 26, 1991, As Education Day, USA”. This joint resolution became Public Law 102-14.

    The title seems so innocuous that no one would think twice about it if they happened to just see it; however, this law is very sinister in its implications. It is typical of the New World Order Planners to devise innocent sounding words, phrases, and titles to mask their true deadly intentions.

  10. The Noahide Laws were the laws that the stranger or non Jewish person followed if they lived in Israel. Theyre basically the 10 Commandments.
    I see it everywhere now…’The Noahide laws are evil’
    The laws in USA are basically Noahide.

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