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  1. Hello !!!

  2. people just hates me even if they dont know me for some reason and find it very hard to make friends because of this i keep thinking i was cursed but i am not sure please pray for me.

    God bless

    • dear Jena

      You sound very sweet. Jesus once said, if the world hated him, it would hate us. Just know that those that belong to Jesus do not hate you. They love you. You are blessed and highly favored. Look for others who believe in Jesus around you, and associate with them. Do not worry about the others, who are hateful. They will be like this until they receive Jesus into their lives. So just believe in yourself, and love yourself, as we and Jesus love you too.

    • It took me 62 years, and I hope, hear me , I hope it won’t take you that long, to realize that Satan knows His children and he does not work alone. He has a lot of humans helping him. Jesus was persecuted even before he was born. Every good person (by good I mean a person with compassion , Jesus said “I want mercy not sacrifice”) will be persecuted because the world will recognize that that person is not its own. That person doesn’t join the group in their company do plot to take an innocent blood, that person defends the truth and pry on the weakness of others. The world most surely recognizes that s/he is not his own. Go to the narrow road because large is the road to perdition and if you wonder why we don’t have enough good people to go around helping with a word of encouragement, a smile, a peace of bread , a spare food for a homeless animal, worry no more, just remember Jesus’s word, the lost is like a multitude of sand, you’re going, for that reason alone, to have more people to attack you than to love you, that’s the nature of this fallen planet, but remember that yYour father in Heavens sees everything and cry when you cry and suffers when each one of us, the least of us suffers. Didn’t he say I was naked and you clothed me, I was hungry and you fee me. Every time I alleviate suffering (from a person, plant or animal) I take some burden off God’s shoulder, and what a privilege that is. Continue doing good knowing that Your Father loves and cares for you and be worried, very worried if all of a sudden you become popular among other humans…. that tells you that you may be “missing the mark” somewhere along the line, instead bless the Lord and thank Him for giving you strength when the persecution arrives. Jena, I’ll send a prayer on your behalf.

      • Wow..how blessed I feel to have found this site and receive the confirmations I have gotten over the years.
        I am a older, single gal with over 33 years of experience walking with the Lord. I was delivered and redeemed from horrible abuse in and out of the church so finding out Jesus was truly the savior was hard for me to accept.
        After being in the church most of my life and suffering for it in many ways, I am convinced that there is alot of witchcraft there and often in the pulpit. Because of being raised by christian a Jezebel & Ahab who were in leadership position, the Holy Spirit shows me those to be aware of for both personal protection & prayer.
        And I have suffered persecution and rejection in both the world and the church. Satan truly does know who is his and their mission in the church he sends them to. But by God, we stand even if we are driven out and accused wrongly…one day we will be justified before the Holy God Himself and avenged of all!
        I live in Southwest Florida and would love to connect with others in my area but also all areas…

        • hi cosmic

          Having to suffer with a jezebel or ahab is destructive and the destruction can last a lifetime.

          the Lord is a healing lord, and will find ways for you to minister to others out of your experience.

    • Hi, seek God concerning this hatred, it could be a spirit of hatred that Satan is using to manipulate you. Pray that God send fire into your foundation life and destroy every evil foundation everyday for 15 minutes after praising and worshiping God, confession and repentance. Trust God for a breakthrough do it aggressively at midnight with prayer and a fast.

  3. i love this and i need more of this to straight me part

  4. I think everyone hates me too. Not alone there. Email me if you’d like. jmbwe123@aol.com

    • Hi Dianne

      How can I help you? I think we all feel hated now because the world hates what is good, and loves evil.

      For zooming, I guess control – would make the font smaller. On my task bar at the top of the page , there is a – button and a + button. This is for zooming. Try it and see what happens, if you have this.

  5. I hit CTRL and + to make font bigger, but how do I bring it back down now lol…even my facebook got bigger lol.

  6. I jus learnt about your site…and it find it so interesting. continue the good work for the cross.

  7. Dianne jus hit CTLR – and the font size will decrease

  8. Marianne
    Is there a way to change the background color on the comments section?
    The black and white contrast strains the eyes if you know what I mean.

    • NO, not really. The black background is part of the overall “theme” chosen for this sight. Try highlighting the page before reading. It will look blue, not black. Maybe that will help.

  9. I need prayers 2 break all spells on me and my ex-husband and family.Thanks.

  10. Vicky, if you would quit being superstitious you wouldn’t need to be worried about your ex husband and family..

    Deepen your faith in GOD and Christ, that is all the protection you will ever need.


  11. Sarah, In regard to Vickey’s concern (on 8/20) and your reply (on 8/23), Scripture teaches us that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers and rulers of darkness”. We are told to “put on the whole armor of God” for a reason, and it’s not superstitious to believe in curses. The book of Deuteronomy specifically outlines various curses that come upon us. When Jesus was in the desert, He was tempted by satan, and He spoke the Scriptures as his weapon against the attack. We are to do the same, to speak the Scriptures, as God says “My word shall not return unto me void”, but it will accomplish its mission, as it is “sharper than any two-edged sword, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.” Vickey is right to be wondering about curses in her life. That fact that she is thinking along this line may very well be an enlightenment from the Holy Spirit, who leads us and guides us into all truth. Rather than telling Vickey she is superstitious, it would be more effective to quote the Word to her, and teach her how to stand against the evil one.

  12. Which makes my advice to her even stronger…. When one deepens their faith in GOD and Christ, they do not fear because they know they will be protected.

    Christ teaches that if we had faith a little as a mustard seed, we could move mountains, therefore if her faith was as strong as a mustard seed, she would be able to not fear her husband. Faith as strong as a little mustard seed, “IS THE FULL ARMOR OF GOD”

    Have you ever tasted a mustard seed and found out how spicy and hot they are? Faith in GOD and Christ must be passionate.

    The curses you speak of in Deuteronomy, are all because of “disobedience” nothing else,

    She should deepen her faith in GOD and Christ and her fears will not hinder her in her life..

  13. What you say deepens the truth of my posting.

    Vicky should be looking up Scriptures on her own since she is in this predicament.

    Christ teaches that we should have faith as strong as a mustard seed and we could move mountains.

    What you don’t understand is that the principalities of the air spoken in Ephesians 2:1-2 is the fight of the flesh.

    Vickie needs and should be deepening her faith in GOD and Christ, as this is the only protection she has. So how does one do this, by reading the word. IF Vickie goes to church she should be speaking to her pastor, priest, or rabbi to receive counseling and it’s here that she would be able to get all the teachings to strengthen her during her time of living in superstitious belief.

    There is no room for superstitious belief, in faith of GOD and Christ.

    Take care and GOD Bless…..

  14. My niece, Abbey, was born at 5 months. Her mother, Maribell, bled out during the birth (they couldn’t find the bleeder) and was later pronounced brain dead. The baby is one pound, one ounce and is struggling to breathe. The father is struggling with the death of his beloved wife and the knowledge that he will be raising his daughter alone.
    Please pray that Abbey will grow strong and healthy and that her father, David, will keep his faith in God despite the loss of his beloved and will raise my niece to be a strong believer in God and Jesus.

    • dear Emily

      That precious family……..I have put your baby Abbey and her father on my prayer list. May the entire family be comforted at this time, and may the baby grow to be strong and healthy.

  15. Request prayer for daughter alienated by mother in witchcraft. They living in same city and I sufferfrom back lumbar probs for last 3 years, surgery etc. wanted to know about 7 points on body spells occultic attack and how to deal with in prayer. Examples of successful encounters. Thx

  16. Dear Marianne,
    Thanks for praying for me and allowing me to your prayers. I am grateful to you as my most of the sickness went off immediately after praying. I had told you about my friend she keeps on pressuring me to comeback to India with my family. Which I think I will be doing wrong but as I don’t have job even after trying so hard I am praying to the lord to give me a secured job as a pastry person. I know and I have faith for everything there is apromised time.
    Thank you sister
    Lavina Dsouza

  17. Hi,
    By the dates on the comments before the one that I’m posting , I realize that my reply, posted today…. November 5, 2013 , is a good ways off from when you posted ” note: to increase font size” .But all I wanted to add to your solution is for those that use a mouse like myself, rolling the wheel on top of the mouse while holding down Ctrl also works. Humbly, David.

  18. You’re welcome sister.

  19. I think that some of it is sad Because of the picture of jeues.

  20. Hi. I Just discovered your site. It looks very interesting.

    My comment is that you are using too many light colours in some of the text that you write.
    These are hard to see/read eg yellow, pink, light orange etc.

    I am reading these on a mobile device, perhaps it’s easier to read on PC screen?

    Anyhow light coloured text is not reader friendly especially for those with impaired vision or the elderly.



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