Object near Sun


Does anyone really know what this is?

There are reports that a giant ball of energy or plasma which is currently near the sun is approaching earth.




Video for images:


I personally do not know what this could be, but if it is really approaching, then we should prepare for the worst, as the object is reportedly very large.

This post is meant to be short.

This is just meant to inform, so that people can do their own research, and find out what they can, to help themselves, or to understand it enough to find out it is not a threat.

One non-Christian site (Andromeda) says:

a.)  it is a sphere of higher dimensional energy   

b.)  this sphere is a being… a sentient, intelligent life force 

c.) this life form comes from Menkent in the Centaurus constellation – in the southern hemisphere [you can research this location using "Stellarium" star chart software] 

d.) it is a truly magnificent being whose life force is from ‘beyond’ the 13th dimension of life  

e.) the specific purpose for this being to come here is to assist our solar system, including planet Earth, with the dimensional upward shift & transformation of this world… into that of the next faster/higher frequency/dimension of life.


This is all.

We will find out someday soon if this is good , bad or nothing to worry about.

If it is bad, pray!

21 Responses to “Object near Sun”

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  2. All I know is I fear God and Await Jesus

  3. It’s probably just a CME or Coronal Mass Ejection. The Sun spews them out on a regular basis, and most are pointed away from the Earth, although some also head straight for the Earth and collide with our Magnetic Field!
    I believe that one day in the very near future, God will use one of these to shut down all of Earth’s Satellites, Communications and power supply!
    I’m still waiting for “The Big One!”

  4. It’s a giant avocado.

    The only mystery is who sliced it so neatly in half?

  5. Marianne – I believe this is the after shock still from the giant meteor that hit the sun last year that everybody was talking about. I just happen to see a science show on this a couple months ago. And they said it could take 6 months for the energy of that giant meteor’s force of it hitting the sun to get to the earth’s atmosphere. It hit on the back side of the sun where they could not see it. They said it could knock out a lot of things on earth the best I remember – and maybe do some havoc on the planet ? Hope that helps someone who may have seen the show and get a better understanding of it than me.


  6. Marianne there is no way a meteor, be it small or super large to cause this event!..There is no mystery to this, so please lets not make it into anything of catastrophic or the like!

  7. From Spaceweather.com –

    “Near Earth Asteroids / Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs) are space rocks larger than approximately 100m that can come closer to Earth than 0.05 AU. None of the known PHAs is on a collision course with our planet, although astronomers are finding new ones all the time.

    On January 20, 2014 there were 1451 potentially hazardous asteroids.

    Recent & Upcoming Earth-asteroid encounters:
    Asteroid Date(UT) Miss Distance Size
    2014 AE51 Jan 14 6.1 LD 34.0 m
    2007 SJ Jan 21 18.9 LD 1.9 km
    2012 BX34 Jan 28 9.6 LD 13.0 m
    2006 DP14 Feb 10 6.2 LD 730.0 m
    2000 EM26 Feb 18 8.8 LD 195.0 m
    2000 EE14 Mar 6 64.6 LD 1.8 km
    2003 QQ47 Mar 26 49.9 LD 1.4 km
    1995 SA Apr 2 73.1 LD 1.4 km
    2000 HD24 Apr 4 42.2 LD 1.3 km

    Notes: LD means “Lunar Distance.” 1 LD = 384,401 km, the distance between Earth and the Moon. 1 LD also equals 0.00256 AU. MAG is the visual magnitude of the asteroid on the date of closest approach.”

    May have nothing to do with what others are seeing, but there are some that come less than 2 lunar distances from earth and a couple fairly large ones.

    Also, I read an article (spaceweather.com) about moon halos seen over Finland. The photo looks to be in black and white but it was oval shaped, just like the photo you have posted here. Just like it, but without the coloring. (Moon halos are normally not oval but mostly round shaped around the moon.)

  8. Just an FYI: Listen to the latest 3 part interview done by Bpearthwatch on Youtube and that might give you an answer. The guy (a supposed insider) he interviewed (his name was Michael on the show) said it was some kind of massive energy ball, nasa is very concerned about it, there’s nothing they can do about it, and it can’t be tracked because it’s like, invisible. And there is supposedly more than one of them. IMO, it’s satanic in origin.

    Maybe it’s the “dark star” aka, wormwood, nibiru, planet x or whatever. I don’t think it’s gonna affect us until about 2016 tho- my opinion. The Antichrist hasn’t been revealed yet, and I’m thinkin it corresponds/connects with him.

  9. oh yeah, and they also said on the show that ISON is not over with yet….(I think) they said because of the magnetic interplay between all the planets, that ISON, or the debris of Ison ie: meteors, asteroids and such, could reverse itself and come back into earth’s magnetosphere causing havoc here on earth but who really knows?

  10. Also: “Giant sunspot AR1944 erupted on Jan 7th at approximately 1832 UT, producing a powerful X1-class solar flare. First-look coronagraph images from the STEREO-Ahead spacecraft appear to show a coronal mass ejection (CME) emerging from the blast site. If so, the CME is almost certainly heading for Earth.” http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/01/07/x-class-solar-flare-ejection-may-hit-earth-with-solar-storm/

    Even though eruptions can take days to reach earth as they can travel at different speeds, the AR1944 X1 eruption was almost 2 weeks ago.

  11. Oh sorry, didn’t know one of your links was to Bpearthwatch….my bad..

    Still think it’s linked to the appearing of the Antichrist tho. And I don’t think that’s gonna happen til around 2016.

  12. Have a look at the videos on http://checkoutthelatest.com/BPEarthWatch&watch=d0f0Nn4gPUI

    I have found him to be very knowlegeable on things going on in space.

  13. Today 21st of Jan I for the first time this year felt warmth of sun on my skin. It usually happens first week of Feb. So it seems that the Earth is getting close enough to sun to receive some warmth too not only light. It happens every year about the same time. Last week of Jan or First week of Feb.

  14. Hope it’s Christ 😉

  15. There is a relation of the heavens to the earth that has been forgotten by men. Each sector of the heavens correspond to an area on earth. Well, the constellation Centaurus corresponds to the region of Eastern Africa, and from within it is the Crux constellation which is the designated mark of the location of the biblical garden of Eden.

    Therefore, any objects originating from the south of the heavens from Centaur or Crux are the sign to be watched for from the heavens, possibly the sign of the son of Man.

    However, whereas the societies of men have forgotten knowledge and embraced ignorance, we are the more gullible to the forces of darkness. As much as we cannot independently authenticate this said phenomenon, as was with the much acclaimed ISON 2012, caution when handling such claims is greatly admonished. For until we are able to witness the sign of the son of man in the heavens by ourselves, and not be relying on others to narrate the same to us, we are none the wiser whether or not its the forces of darkness playing games with us, to ferret us out and investigate our spiritual awareness.

    For there are secrets many and manifold that are meant for the elect, and not for the swine, dogs and enemies of the gospel of Christ Jesus. Before more can be authenticated of this phenomenon, it is only wise to remain vigilant as always, and to seek understanding of the Alpha Rogito, the earth’s relation to the heavens. All other signs in the heavens notwithstanding, the sign of the son of man shall originate from the bounds of the constellation Centaurus, and indeed from the flaming sword that turns in all directions and that keeps the way of the garden of Eden, the constellation we know as Southern Cross.

    Abomination has been perpetrated on earth and spreads as bush fire. The evil is raised once more among the societies of men. The anathema has been dispatched from the soul point of the earth (Eden) and corrupts from hence the entire planet. But what the sorcerers of Babylon, and their evil masters seek for the earth is not in accord with the plan the heavens desire for the earth. In contrast, the earth sorcerers have raised up the last and most portent name of the demon hierarchies, Marduk, and they ascribe to the demon from north to south, east to west. It is my guess that they must be troubled in the spiritual hierarchies to find that their sorcery is a deception and counterproductive to their plans. Such summations however must await authentic confirmation of this said phenomenon, but either way, whether they are just feinting moves to seek us out, or it is true, it is of non consequence for He that is with us is the Lord God of Hosts, and the will of heaven, that which is done in heaven ultimately shall be also fulfilled for the earth.

    Blessings to all, and keep up the good work. You Marianne indeed are sure a vigilant watchman. how you mange to ferret out such reclusive items of erstwhile news is sure God-sent.

  16. The main creations of evil entities is delusions and lies, and what they can create they also can destroy. If the said phenomenon is one of their creations, in time they will destroy it, after they have had their intended effect against the souls of men. Its a battle of wits firsts before the latter conflagrations. The hype they has ascribed to ISON 2012 for instance, and then they latter destroyed it, literally, how many of us can truly affirm to the existence of the said phenomena. Their intent would be the effect of the boy who cried fox, for indeed the fox eventually shall materialize, or even already has. Against us, its to be ever vigilant and not to tire, no matter how many times the false alarm is raised. The frequency of the false alarms has been pretty high of late, and that may be the cue that the real sign is about. Be ever vigilant.

  17. em, yes i know what it is, i actually wrote a poem about it in my native tongue, where my current body was born. it is a renewal – it’s like a disinfection energy liquid being poured around earth before Eloah’s entrance, to cleanse the whole planet. it has to do with the coming of His New Jerusalem, it’s like preparing the way beforehand. i wasn’t aware that someone else got the same, so i’ll just share the poem here and translate it for you:


    Son van Jaspis
    Vlugtige skaduwees van Jaspis en Antrasiet
    Die kern van menswees op sterre wat verskiet
    Ver oor die horison van kalk, stof en water
    Diep binne die aardse kors ‘n ronde albaster
    Daar galop die ruwe gloed soos druppende as
    Vir ‘n vernuwing in liggaam en gees in ‘n bas
    Met besondere weergawes om van te baat
    Om weer ‘n skoon straal oor die planeet te laat


    Sun of Jasper
    Fleeting shadows of Jasper and Anthracite
    The essence of being human that fades into stars
    Far across the horizon of lime, dust and water
    Deep inside the earth’s crust a round marble
    There gallops the raw glow like dripping ash
    For a renewal of body and mind in a trunk
    With exceptional versions to take advantage of
    To once again release a clean beam on the planet

  18. This is an extended version of the one above – a little more than an hour, it repeats the beginning of the one posted above, but continues on with a narration by “David Vose” – I have no idea who he is or his validity:

    But I do find what he has to say about this object, quite interesting, thought I do not know where he gets his “facts”.
    There is nothing noted on spaceweather.com

    Is there a timeline anywhere that anyone has seen? When this “ball of energy is supposed to “hit” the earth or “pass” by us? (I might have missed it on this video.)

    I know . . . . . some people just stay scared and try to make others scared, and others use “stuff” to distract us from what is at hand.

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