Occult sacrifice calendar


The calendar indicates when sacrifices, and occult attacks may / do occur.

I read a lot about the Illuminati, and Satanists, and how they are planning negative events in America and the world.

If we know which days are important to them, we might be able to anticipate, prepare, and then overcome these situations.

From their stated practice, it is obvious that someone, somewhere, is in danger.

It may evolve that, over time, more and more people are in danger, in groups, rather than just individuals.



1. Winter Solstice – 13 weeks – Minor Sabbath

a. December 21 – Yule
b. December 21-22 – Winter Solstice/Yule. One of the Illuminati’s Human Sacrifice Nights
c. February 1 and 2 – Candlemas and Imbolg, a.k.a. Groundhog’s Day. One of the Illuminati’s Human Sacrifice Nights
d. February 14 – Valentine’s Day

2. Spring Equinox – 13 weeks – Minor sabbath but does require human sacrifice

a. March 21-22 – Goddess Ostara – Note: Easter is the first Sunday after the first new moon after Ostara. March 21 is one of the Illuminati’s Human Sacrifice Nights
b. April 1 – All Fool’s Day, precisely 13 weeks since New Year’s Day!
c. April 19 – May 1 – Blood Sacrifice To The Beast. Fire sacrifice is required on April 19.
d. April 30 – May 1Beltaine Festival, also called Walpurgis Night. This is the highest day on the Druidic Witch’s Calendar. May 1 is the Illuminati’s second most sacred holiday. Human sacrifice is required

3. Summer Solstice – 13 weeks – When the sun reaches its northernmost point in its journey across the sky

a. June 21 – 22 – Summer Solstice
b. June 21 – Litha is one of the Illuminati’s Human Sacrifice Nights
c. July 4, America’s Independence Day, is 13 days after Day of Litha and 66 days from April 30
d. July 19 – 13 days before Lughnasa
e. July 31 – August 1 – Lughnasa, Great Sabbat Festival. August – One of the Illuminati’s Human Sacrifice Nights

4. Autumnal Equinox – 13 weeks – Minor Sabbath but does require human sacrifice

a. September 21 – Mabon – one of the Illuminati’s Human Sacrifice Nights
b. September 21 -22 – Autumnal Equinox
c. October 31 – Samhain, also known as Halloween, or All Hallows Eve. This date is the Illuminati’s highest day of human sacrifice

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  1. My birthday is June 21st, oh yeah…. This year my transmission went out… At least we are all alive and well and I will know to keep these dates covered ahead of time. My husbands truck got destroyed today by a freak storm. A friend said vehicles stand for ministry. dont know….. very enlightening……….

  2. Very interesting, thanks! What stood out for me right away was the number 13..Winter Solstice – 13wks, Spring Equinox -13 wks. Simmer Solstice-13wks, July 19, is 13dys before Lughnasa Festival, Illuminati sacrifice night, Autumn Equinox-13wks..
    What does the bible say?
    It occurs first in Genesis 14:4, where we read:
    “Twelve years they served Chedorlaomer, and the THIRTEENTH year they REBELLED.”

    Hence every occurrence of the number thirteen, and likewise of every multiple of it, stamps that with which it stands in connection with rebellion, apostasy, defection, corruption, disintegration, revolution, or some kindred idea.

    The second mention of thirteen is in connection with Ishmael, Genesis 17:25. He was thirteen years old when Abraham circumcised him and admitted him into the covenant to which he was a stranger in heart, and which ended in his rebellion and rejection….
    There is more but I think it is clearly not a coincidence that 13 has a biblical resonance & significant meaning of satanic behavior….God is in control, He wrote the story!! He gets the victory! He just wants us to call out to Him with trust & faith….and peace…shalom

    • I agree with what you say about the number thirteen. It also seems coincidental that teen years begin at the age thirteen. I grew up in a very strict family, and my Sibs and I weren’t allowed to go to the fridge without asking our parents first. When my older brother turned thirteen (the very day), he began going to the fridge on his own without asking. Though this shouldn’t be considered rebellion, it’s another seeming confirmation of the connection to the number thirteen and rebellion or apostasy. Thirteen happens to be the number of witchcraft also and is a highly revered number in America’s occult, masonic history: e.g. thirteen colonies, and on the back of the $1 bill on the right side thirteen stars, thirteen olives, thirteen leaves, thirteen stripes, thirteen arrows, etc.

  3. In warfare, it is known that knowing the plan of the enemy is of great essence. For that purpose, it is great to seek out the enemies plans and dates such as the above. However, beware lest it be the Trojan horse that is being prepared against us. For when we should suppose the enemy will not attack, and then they catch us unawares, when our armour is down, that would be a sad day. Therefore keep in shape and in the full Armour of God and thereafter stand the Lord’s ground. For we need not fear the enemy when we have the Great Almighty God on our side. Indeed, fear not little children, for its our Dad’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom. And he plans to give it to us alive and well.

  4. I agree with Elle regarding the number 13. Instead of getting deep into it, I will say that I am a survivor of what is called satanic ritual abuse (or ritual abuse, sadistic ritual abuse, occult ritual abuse, etc.). This practice is rampant mostly in European or civilized nations (hard as it may be to believe). In the U.S. alone, there are hundreds of thousands of survivors of ritual abuse. Ritual abuse is conducted for many reasons; one of them is to create ‘living sacrifices’. Where most people know that satanists sacrifice/kill people, most don’t know about the living sacrifice. In short, a victim is taken (as a baby or small child in the beginning) and is basically invested with many demons and curses. Because God inhabits praise (or where righteousness is practiced or carried out), satan, then, inhabits evil and wickedness (therefore, places of human suffering such as prisons, mental institutions, and homeless shelters are teeming with evil spirits on the ground and in the air). Where evil congregates, satan has greater authority (right to act and rule over a place or person or people, etc.); where the righteous congregate, God has more authority and power to act (which is why satan hates and divides the Body of Christ). Survivors of ritual abuse are made ‘living sacrifices’; i.e. they are in constant pain of some kind because of all the abuse and opened doors and demonism. Their pain gives satan (or evil spirits) rights to act and influence others and situations through them. The more ‘living sacrifices’ these occultists (secret societies, multi-generational satanist families, illuminists, etc.) create, the greater demonism is legally brought into our earth atmosphere, the survivors being ‘carriers’ of them. This is one of the main reasons (if not the main one) for the immense explosion of the occult, hyper-sexuality, and violence today, especially as promoted by these occultists in the media especially.

    Here is a better calendar of the satanic dates: http://survivorship.org/2013-dates/. It is a website for survivors of ritual abuse that has a lot more inside info. on how these cults function. This calendar shows that almost every day is a special ritual date. Aside from that, there are many other special dates such as the birthdays of cult leaders and members and survivors, weekends, full moons, Friday the 13ths, the 13 and 31 (which is 13 backwards) of every month, etc. Ritual abuse is a very heavily-guarded secret and involves people from all walks of life including pastors. The longest-running criminal trial in U.S. history is a ritual abuse case (which was dismissed, of course, when people began to disappear and evidence was covered up… in spite of the fact that there were only several perpetrators who were fingered and hundreds of witnesses who fingered them). Because I found out about the ritual abuse in my own family, I was excommunicated and have been wandering under a curse of isolation for the past ten years, often seeking help from Christians who have no idea the power the enemy is able to obtain when human beings are working in sync with him (“If two of you agree ON EARTH as touching anything” also applies to the evil side of things, something the Bible doesn’t explain as most things)—Christians who are comfortable and only like convenience and therefore leave people like myself in the cold to ‘have faith’ and ‘be strong in the Lord’ on our own. My dad, who is the main occultist in the family, has tried to kill me over and over (and tried to have my younger brother kill me, but he warned me secretly to leave before he had to as did my sister); he is still trying, and the demonic certainly hasn’t given up at all. So, these people are doing anything but playing. Here is a good site that covers ritual abuse and what it is in depth: http://www.endritual abuse.org. And here is the book and testimony of a woman (pseudonym Svali) who escaped one of the top tiers of this occult and Illuminati business when she was born again (and is still on the run): http://www.wanttoknow.info/secret_societies/svali_book_svali_speaks. The insights in Svali’s book are fantastic, but they make sense of all the missing pieces in the affairs of the world today and answer the unanswered ‘whys’. It has been my sad experience that while the people on satan’s side are playing for keeps and are a very well-oiled machine, Christians are so far behind as to be prehistoric spiritually speaking. As of now, I am still seeking a spiritual family that is wise (apostolic) to the Lord’s ways and the schemes of satan and which walks according to the Word and Spirit and not the flesh where I will find the Lord and healing.

    • Arendale, Jesus has conquered the enemy at the cross…. Have you asked Jesus, pledge His blood on the curse of isolation? This may require fasting and taking it back to Jesus several times but “resist the devil and he will flee from you”. God intended for us to live in community and fellowship and “sets the lonely in families”. He has provided a Way, his name is Jesus. Praying you find redemption and release and that God restores those years to you.

      • Cropchick, if things were that simple, up to millions of people just inside America would be doing much better. I’m not the only person who wishes things were as simple as they sometimes seem. I’ve fasted and prayed and done much more than the average Christian. I’m still homeless and enduring voodoo and witchcraft attacks from my dad and occult family on a DAILY basis. There are at least hundreds of thousands of Americans in my same type of situation (not exactly the same but having suffered ritual abuse and seeking healing), desperate people who would do almost anything to find relief. It rarely comes by prayer and fasting and all other things that we presently know to do. There are new dimensions in the spirit that most Christians don’t know about because we are too comfortable. Many regions, especially regarding the occult and spiritual bondage, will not and cannot be reached with ‘the weapons of warfare’ we are currently using. These areas will regard ‘new strategies’ of battle if there will be any victory. Because of the shortage of holiness, faith, and Love (those three primarily) in today’s Christianity, administering the work of the Cross and the Resurrection is often flat impossible when dealing with bondages (and illnesses) of various degrees. For some writing on some ‘new strategies’ in ministering deliverance to captives, here’s a book part of which you can read at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Regions-Captivity-Ana-Mendez-Ferrell/dp/1933163224/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1396150597&sr=8-1&keywords=regions+of+captivity. Outside of ‘new strategies’, there will be little to no effect. I’ve tried many deliverance ministries, and they don’t understand this nor do they wish to. If the weapons of our warfare are mighty through God for destroying all works of the devil but the weapons we currently use aren’t working, it’s either the Bible lied or we are not using our weapons correctly or we are not using the right weapons (it’s the second two).

        • arendale

          Christianity fails to stop this because Christians, not Christ, has failed.

          modern christians are too busy trying to make a social experience out of “church” they are thereto listent to nice music and hop around and get hugs from their friends. the devils are not afraid of them.

          if they, instead, banded together as a group of holy ghost power filled, Jesus loving, but on the attack against the works of satan group of people, you would see a lot of deliverance.

          we don’t need soft Christians….we need more like Paul the apostle, and the other early Christians who boldly went out and healed the sick and cast out devils. these people the devils are afraid of, and obey

          • I’m well aware that Christians have failed and not God. However, it can get hard for anyone to make a distinction when it seems that all Christians have failed. This is mostly to people who come into churches seeking help for some thing and are driven out in one way or another by false religion. Not having known God at any time before then, they can’t see that “God is not a Christian, and Christians aren’t God”. These people know only that Christians are supposed to be Christ-like; all other facts are often null to them.

            • arendale

              what you say is true, and sad at the same time.

              faith now can be a very solitary experience…..not supported by others.

              people will have to do directly to God to find him, and not depend on others to see him in them.

    • Prophet T. B. Joshua, http://www.emanuel.tv, is a man of God who has 6 wise men on his team and you should just watch his videos and keep watching them and you will be entirely impressed. I wish to go there. If you go, I want to go with you. Love you. God bless!

      • Detourstodestiny, sorry but I’m not impressed by T.B. Joshua. I’m also a Nigerian, and Nigeria is the ‘witchcraft capital of Africa’. Gaining supernatural power from the devil and then posing as a Christian is very old news in Nigeria. I personally don’t trust Joshua at all. I believe that when ministers truly minister, they live their lives before God and not before others: i.e. most of their miracles take place in daily life, not inside a church building with cameras so the world can see them. There’s nothing real (true, honest, godly, unpretentious) about ‘performing’ before cameras and within the four walls of buildings rather than in ‘the marketplace’ of everyday life if any minister ‘follows Jesus’ who is the exemplary minister. Micah told us that what God requires of us is to firstly do what is right before God, then do what is good by others, and in all our doing, to do it quietly or in humility, not where everyone can see as the pharisees did (Micah 6:8, paraphrase). I can’t honestly say that Joshua is practicing any one of those three.

        • Arendale, how are you doing today? I was shocked to see the post I submitted to you above. I do not remember posting it, but for some reason I was led back here today. I am sad for you to judge the only men of God who are working so hard to help others be delivered. I am an evangelist who has been rejected by everyone I encounter pretty much. My heart for God is true. I want the Almighty Sovereign God of the Holy Bible. Pain, excrutiating pain, trouble on all sides, and so much witchcraft all around me daily, my whole life has been with the church. God opened my eyes to the difference in church, the building vs true church, the Ecclesia. The Ecclesia is what we can do. Righteous people full of the Holy Spirit of God, sincere in word, heart and motive SEEKING Him daily. I stopped asking all the ministries for prayer. I’ve been a member at The Potter’s House of Dallas and at that time, God did great things. He used me to write and publish. I left. It changed and I changed. I have been seeking a better solution of which my dad, pastor and man of God said is a mystery. The SCOAN ministries are the best I’ve found in searching for over 30 years and isn’t it something that I am too far away to really receive. You gave up before trying because you do not know how fortunate you are and it’s a big trick of the enemy. You are being influenced by lucifer. If only God would give me your opportunity. Many skeptics have said harsher things than you about this man, then they themselves are delivered thru his gift. As you said, sometimes it takes certain people with certain gifts, yet you are blinded. So what you are basically saying is that all the wise men are fakes as well as Prophet TB Joshua, although they are tearing down evil right before our eyes which is a blessing for me to see even if I can’t be there. I have not seen Christ Jesus, Peter, Paul or Moses perform a miracle but television, film, pictures would be an added blessing. If you really wanted deliverance, you would not JUDGE. Matthew 7:1 Satan is the accuser. You said yourself that you need help. Evil is keeping you from deliverance. Maybe you don’t want God, just want the pain to go away. It is so silly what you are saying and pretty evil actually. They called Jesus, Beelzebub, and he told said, How can satan destroy satan? How can a kingdom destroy his own kingdom? He, like TB Joshua and the Wise Men are destroying evil and people like you and the Pharisees/Saducees are calling them evil. Apparently, some people might miss a message from Jesus Christ, because today with television, all eyes can behold Him and some will fall for the lies of holograms in the skies. I hope you the best. I wanted only to help you because I suffer for some reason which caused me to find a ministry I can’t attend. There is a block, probably the United States, which cause a barrier for me, but you could be blessed. But please just go ahead as you are. May God have mercy on us all. PEACE!sHALoM.

        • Praise God. I am in total agreement with doing things quietly and with humility. When miracles signs and wonders are exploited it is often not of God. God does not get the glory because all people see and hear are the ones performing the miracle. God is a God of the living and not of the dead. The occult is a death sentence. There are Godly men and women whom God has called and chosen to defeat the works of darkness. Deep calls unto deep and iron sharpens iron. God is not found in many churches because He does not dwell there. God dwells in our inner most being. We carry Him in us.
          I pray God puts people in your path who have the fire and anointing to destroy the works of darkness over your region. Deliverance comes when we surrender all control and forgive others that have wronged us.
          It takes the Holy Spirit to fight demonic spirits.
          In my spirit I see you walking down a long dusty road. You keep looking to the right and left as if you expect an attack at any moment. You look off into the distance as if there is no end in sight. God is about to change your outcome. You are to be looking straight ahead and putting your trust in Him and studying His Word. I see you bending down picking up dirt from the ground and rubbing it between your fingers. God said this represents the soil of your heart which has been dry for so long. God is going to bring rain to replenish the soil around you and in you. For you are to walk by faith and not by sight.
          God said you were correct in that His people perish for lack of knowledge. Many seek knowledge and wisdom from the wrong source and this becomes their downfall.
          I believe God shall deliver you and restore order in your life as I hear your life has been a continuous battle of chaos. I see you raising your hands toward heaven and singing and dancing in joy and worship for what God is going to do for you.
          You shall have a joy like you have never known. Now as you walk this path I see you picking fruit and putting it in the folds of your apron. Ripe fruit that is not rotten from the inside out. God said you would know what this meant.
          The darkness shall no longer overtake you. You shall be an over comer. God shall give you peace.
          May the wonderful glorious Heavenly Father continue to walk beside you as you walk out the journey set before you.
          Loving you in Christ Jesus.

    • I am going through a spiritual battle also and I sympathize with you. I will pray for you. Please pray for me also. I would give you my email so we could pray for each other but others might see it and they might not have good intent. Don’t give up hope that is what satan and his advocates want you to do,

      • People can contact each other through me, if they both agree.


      • Marianne can give you my email and vice versa. I don’t pray much today; our part-time ministers have sucked the hope of authentic Christianity from me. But I don’t think prayers with good intention can actually hurt anything.

    • I pray for you to find Biblical fellowship and PEACE in Christ Jesus… I am so sad for what you must have gone through.

  5. I have been learning about the schemes of the enemy for the past year or so. My husband and I have noticed that Satan doesn’t try to discourage or distract me. He wants me dead. Do not know why……..
    I aprecciate the links you posted. The info will prove helpful for sure in being wise to the schemes…..

    • I am becoming a part of community but have learned (and am learning) many things in the times I was outside of community. One thing I have learned is that community is not an option. It takes two to agree (two parties or community), and without community or agreement, there are many prayers that cannot be answered and issues that cannot be resolved.

      I’m glad that God has protected you from satan’s schemes. Maybe He will reveal to you and your husband why satan wants you dead. Before I was born, while in the womb, I was nearly aborted (here, though, by Jezebel and its unholy trinity). Sometimes, the enemy will especially oppose people who have particular callings; but sometimes the opposition is because the person’s background is occult (they may not know), and when they become Christians or/and attempt to move forward with God, then the enemy tries to ‘reclaim them’ and uses the occult rights from their past to attack them; sometimes it’s both of the above or something else. It is my finding and perception that there are many warriors asleep in the Body of Christ. Christ is in us, making us dangerous to the enemy; but most people don’t even know their spiritual gifts not to speak of their purpose! Before many find their purpose, the enemy may especially mount an attack against those whose purpose is more targeted against the kingdom of darkness. If you haven’t done so yet, ask God to give you revelation or/and bring someone into your life through whom He will reveal to you your purpose and why the enemy has wanted you dead. Often, God will use different people for different things, therefore different gifts. When Saul was blinded on the road, God specifically used Ananias to go and lay hands on him so he could see. Sometimes it takes particular people, and so you may want to pray specifically for someone or someones whom God has given revelation gifts or whatever you need to shine light on your circumstances.

    • he wants all humans dead, especially if they have a special gift or calling; he wants noone to reach their divine destiny; satan wants everyone to fear and not have faith and go to a diabolical destiny following him; he is a deceiver, liar, snake,…dark energy. Study the holy words and hide in it. Fast and pray. Pray in the Spirit. Make sure You seek God. Seek the infilling of His Holy Spirit. Ask. Seek. Knock. Think for yourself and don’t let satan think for you.

  6. I’ll take your prayers, Crop. Thanks.

  7. Dear Marianne

    couldn’t we better be drawn nearer to the Lord and focus on His Feastday’s -see Leviticus 23

    and prepare for His calendar’s next event- the coming of the King ?

    When we get involved with the satanic, a line is transgressed, an opening for influence is given and we are more and more drawn into it.
    And we don’t even be aware of it.

    hasatan has ‘rolled us in’ and is the victor,
    because we spend all this time on his account and are busy with his affairs-
    and that’s precisely what he wants: our time and attention.

    When we are in the presence of the Lord
    he can not touch us…..

    ‘7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

    8 Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you’

    James 4

    • truus

      I did not post this to get involved with the satanic, but to keep up with what they are doing. this is for safety reasons.

      There may be certain times of the year that are more dangerous than others, and we should be aware of them, and pray against them.

      so, of course, our focus is on the presence of the Lord, but we are still alert to the plans of the enemy.

  8. Truus, I perhaps understand your concern, but the Bible tells us over and over to be aware of the enemy’s schemes. When you drive down the road, you are aware that there are other vehicles, people, and things around so that you don’t collide with them. But you are not focused on those things but on where you are going; but you are aware of them. In the very same way, we are to be aware of the enemy’s plans as surely as we drive safely, but we are to focus on the Lord as surely as we focus on where we are going. Everyone does this in the natural. It isn’t too much to ask that we do it in the spiritual.

    • I especially feel your pain. People are so quick to offer simple solutions to complex issues. Most of us have a confounded understanding of spirituality and the spiritual realm. I pray for your deliverance.

  9. During the 1990s (a long period of being backslidden) I learned more than I wish I knew of how the enemy operates. I discovered occultic groups are rampant in the public schools. People who operate in these groups (including those with CIA and Illuminati ties) don’t go around advertising their true selves (with obvious New Age or witchcraft garb). At my current school I have seen the ‘el diablo’ hand gesture used to communicate with others in the enemy’s camp. Often the enemy uses artwork (for permanent display), school spirit tee shirts and other seeming innocent vehicles to draw more power to occultic agendas.

    People of the occult are able to split off (via astral travel means) and spy on people. They are able to attack a person and often like to do it from the back via their eyes (in person or by astral travel). They often will try to curse or control a person by giving a person a gift that has been tampered with via a spell.

    One interesting thing I have discovered is that certain printed material (pictures, calendars, CD covers) will be extremely difficult to burn with a lighter. Recently upon discovering a Native American dream catcher design in a calendar (one in which one of my student’s artwork was chosen)… I decided to burn that picture. It took over 10 minutes of persistent burning to do the job. I decided to burn another portion of the calendar … and that picture burned normal. SO THE REASON FOR THE NATIVE AMERICAN PICTURE OF A DREAM CATCHER BEING SO HARD TO BURN HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PRINTING INK USED!!! I do know (as a veteran art teacher) is that some artwork submitted for contests have spells put on them for being chosen… just like some products have ‘buy me’ spells put on them. As an interesting note is that the above calendar is displayed all over my school district. Whether connected or not… our district had a crucial override denied in a recent election… despite the district’s best efforts at using marketing strategies.

    Some Christians would say that a Christian cannot be cursed by such occultic devices. I am not sure about that viewpoint. I don’t think God’s purposes ultimately can be thwarted but do believe ‘misery’ can be imparted in the life of an unsuspecting ‘child of God.’

    • very true

      you just have to keep fighting back, in the name of jesus and cover what you do with the blood of jesus

    • The area of the occult is hidden (which is what ‘occult’ means: ‘hidden’); but God is bringing it more and more to light today. Jesus said that the Church is built (i.e. established as unshakable) on revelation and that the gates of Hell cannot prevail against (i.e. cannot resist the attacks of) this variety of Church. Before Jesus came to earth, demons were well-hidden (hidden, occult); but His presence often forced them to manifest (to be uncovered). His ministry was that of light or revelation. He was so full of light that He often didn’t have to discern evil spirits; rather, they manifested, knowing He was looking right at them, and tried to either make a final show (e.g. thrashing their victim or exposing Jesus as the Son of God) before they had to leave or begged Him not to torment them before the appointed time (because they know they will be tormented forever). We need the Church, or bodies of believers, to be established on revelation. satan hates light as does everyone who prefers wrong or sin to living right, therefore, he especially hates ministries that bring revelation, namely the genuine apostolic and prophetic ministries. Jesus built and builds the Church on apostles and prophets because they are the ministries of revelation; and the Church that Hell cannot defeat or resist (cannot prevent this Church from taking from Hell its captives) is the Church built on revelation… i.e. on the genuine apostolic and prophetic ministries… i.e. on Jesus Christ who is the Revelation of God to us. We are all awaiting these ministries to be more manifest in their different forms. These ministries will then unlock and release the other ministries (mainly ministries in the common layperson) in average members of the Body, calling forth hidden or dormant ministries that will sometimes be amazing. We see some of this when the apostles in the Bible decided to turn over the ministry of hospitality to other leaders while they focused on prayer and ministering the Word. They told the others to choose seven men who were godly and laid their hands on them. These men, supposedly ‘average members of the Body’ and only deacons who were in hospitality ministry suddenly were doing signs and wonders and healings of all kinds. One of them, Philip, went to Samaria and started a revival in the entire city (that’s saying a lot for that time when media and networking and connection was not nearly what it is now) to the extent that a major sorcerer was saved (Philip then was led to bring salvation to the nobility of Ethiopia from then, and afterward, in the only recorded instance after the Gospels of such a miracle, the Holy Spirit ‘caught him away’ or ‘teleported’ him from one place to another); and because of the mighty miracles done by another common deacon, Stephen, the religious leaders were in an uproar and killed him… from there, the Church was scattered… and Paul, apostle to the Gentiles, began to be saved.

      Christians can indeed be affected by and come under curses from the occult. To understand how all these hidden (not fully revealed) things and principles and aspects work, we need to go beyond just seeking answers from here and there; we need to pray and keep praying for God to send ministries of revelation (primarily the genuine apostolic and prophetic ministries), because not only do they expose and deal with hidden issues, but they also found the Church on revelation against which satan has real problems as he did with Jesus Christ…and we are His Body here on earth. If you can imagine a large house that has bright lights shining from all parts of it 24/7 in all directions so that day or night, enemies cannot advance on the house without being seen in advance, then you are seeing a good picture of the Church that Jesus said that the enemy cannot prevail against (surprise, deceive, etc.).

  10. These are also Wiccan holidays. NOT TO BE confused with satanic worship. Satan is a Christian creation, and we have nothing to do with “him.”

    • how do you see yourselves different? just curious

      your calendar has human sacrifice on it

    • I thought Satan was the serpent in the Garden of Eden and the accuser in Job. Lucifer the Arch-Angel that stated G-d’s laws are not just. That they keep him from ascending to be a higher creation. Old Knob, the Dragon, the Jolly Roger are all names for the creature that caused Eve to sin and took the deed of this world from Adam. That which tempted Christ in the wilderness.

      How is this Arch-Angel a Christian creation?

      What god do Wiccan’s worship? The earth? Large trees? Do you really run around naked during get together’s? I’m just asking.

    • I had a friend who used to be a Wiccan. He thought he was just doing Wiccan stuff and that there was nothing to it until he had an experience one night. During a ritual, he was having sex with his girlfriend on an altar out in the woods, and his coven was gathered in a circle around them holding hands and chanting. My friend suddenly left his body (kind of like astral travel, but he was still connected to his body) and looked down at himself and his girlfriend. He then looked around into the woods, and in a circle around the circle of his coven members were demons or ‘dark creatures’ for as far as he could see. These creatures were watching what was going on with glee, laughing and enjoying themselves.

      When my friend saw this, he was suddenly back inside his body. Terrified, he hopped off his girlfriend and the altar, ran and got in his car, and drove off in a hurry. He was in such a hurry that he mistakenly drove his car into a nearby lake. From that day, he quit the coven and Wicca; but from that out of body experience, he acquired an ability to see dark creatures around people and places. I also met some Christians in Arkansas on my college campus who were Wiccans. After meeting them, I began to have experiences with these dark creatures. It seems to me that in Wicca, things in actuality aren’t what they appear to be on the surface.

  11. My birthdate is on November 18 yeah don’t see that date up there

  12. My birthdate is November don’t see it their yeah….

  13. I want to do some of that

  14. hello arendale,

    i also have some bad spirit trying to snatch me,
    i try expressing the pains in poetry, but its just helpless….
    Im ashamed to say that i find myself searching who am i… Its like im not connected to any spiritual, even the bible…. Except the satanic spirits doing their best to snatch me, i need help and someone to make me see that God is there for me all i need to do is believe, i try my best to believe but at times i even feel like a bible is a lie…. Please i need help, im afraid to even attend churches coz some churches out there are satanic, they act holy but deep down they are not…. Help me understand


    • dear honeymellybee

      you need two things:

      1. good friends

      2. prayer

      I am far from you but I, and others here, can be your friend.

      Look around where you live, there has to be good people somewhere around you.

      the love of God is real and so is his bible take time to read the bible, especially the new testament, and allow the holy spirit to teach and inspire you.

      since you are having problems with spirits bothering you, I am sending you prayers for deliverance fro witchcraft and spirits. I am also sending yo prayers for strength and to encourage you.

      print them out and say them each day.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

    • What country are you in?

    • Dear heavenly Father, please help honeymellybee find your Holy Spirit and believe in the word made flesh.

      In Christ name I pray. Amen


  15. Amen. Psalm 18, 23 and 27.

  16. Why illuminati dont celebrate christmas, their only rejoicing for halloween

  17. […] Source: Occult sacrifice calendar […]

  18. […] Occult sacrifice calendar […]

  19. The only human sacrifice that has ever counted is that of JESUS CHRIST he IS God

  20. GOD HELP US.

  21. A Nazi kkk druid Norse pagan group targeted me June 17, 2012, Sept 5, 2012, February 14, 2012, .March 22, 2012,

    And then March 22, 2013, April 12, 2013, June 28, 2012, July 6, 7 2013.

    And finally March 23, 2014.

  22. anyone think the Skipton death of jodie willsher was a planned human sacrifice 21st december?coincedently engagement photos of harry and ms megan markle released same day and similar looks to the victim and husband…and get this they had a child named megan.Seems a very odd a man called neville hord who supposedly went out with the victims mother should do this..a picture of him online dressed in a blood splattered clown like garment on halloween..surreal or what?

  23. Spritually speaking Christians are behind the end times,they are trying to understand what is going on but their souls are missing the way of the truth..They fear poverty & thats why they prefer the gospel of Prosperity..I agree with you that if we can manage to keep & remember those dates ofcourse we can avoid those rituals by fasting & praying before they happen..

  24. […] sacrifice? Im leaving the links and if you can make sense of it hit me up rjcjr10@yahoo.com RFB https://heavenawaits.wordpress.com/occult-sacrifice-calendar/ http://www.globaltruth.net/list-of-satanic-sacrificial-dayswhich-is-accurate/ […]

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