Oh, Happy Dance!


There is something special about the number 7 million.

We must be getting close to something significant.

Between 4000-5000 people come per day now.

Bless and praise the Lord, and bless all those who come and share, or just stop by and read.

Top topics have been:

Jezebel spirit

Prayer against Witchcraft

Prayer for unsaved loved ones



Islam’s Mahdi


Being Hated

the Beast

Demon Possession

End Times


South Africa

Every country in the world has come, except for 2 countries in central Africa.

The Word of God is going to the ends of the earth!


The Lord is coming soon!

And the Bride is making herself ready!

Praise the Lord!

God bless everyone!

8 Responses to “Oh, Happy Dance!”

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  2. God Bless you, Marianne.
    Thank you for giving us this site (sight).

    St John, as reported in The Acts of John (different book to the gospel of John), tells us that Jesus said: “Before I am delivered to them, let us sing a hymn to the Father, and so go to meet what lies before us.” So he told us to form a circle, holding one another’s hands, and himself stood in the middle and said, “Answer Amen to me”, so Jesus began to sing the hymn and to say:
    Glory be to thee, Father. [And we circled round him and answered him,] Amen.
    Glory be to thee, Logos:
    Glory be to thee, Grace: Amen
    Glory be to thee, Spirit:
    Glory be to thee, Holy One:
    Glory be to thy Glory. Amen
    We praise thee, Father:
    We thank thee, Light:
    In whom darkness dwelleth not. Amen
    And why we give thanks, I tell you:
    I will be saved, and I will save. Amen
    I will be loosed, and I will loose. Amen
    I will be wounded, and I will wound. Amen
    I will be born, and I will bear. Amen
    I will eat, and I will be eaten. Amen
    I will hear, and I will be heard. Amen
    I will be thought, being wholly thought. Amen
    I will be washed, and I will wash. Amen
    [Grace dances.]
    I will pipe, dance, all of you. Amen
    I will mourn, beat you all your breasts. Amen
    The one *Ogdoad, sing praises with us. Amen
    The *twelfth number, dances on high. Amen
    To the Universe belongs the dancer. Amen
    He who does not dance does not know what happens. Amen
    I will flee and I will remain. Amen
    I will adorn, and I will be adorned. Amen
    I will be united, and I will unite. Amen
    I have no house, and I have houses. Amen
    I have no place, and I have places. Amen
    I have no temple, and I have temples. Amen
    I am a lamp to you who see me. Amen
    I am a mirror to you who know me. Amen
    I am a door to you who knock on me. Amen
    I am a way to you the traveller. Amen
    Now if you follow my dance, see yourself in me who am speaking,
    And when you have seen what I do,
    Keep silence about my mysteries.
    You who dance, consider what I do, for yours is
    This passion of Man which I am to suffer.
    For you could by no means have understood what you suffer
    Unless to you as Logos I had been sent by the Father.
    You who saw what I suffer saw me as suffering yourself,
    And seeing it you did not stay but were wholly moved.
    Being moved towards wisdom you have me as a support:
    Rest in me.
    Who I am, you shall know when I go forth.
    What I now am seen to be, that I am not;
    What I am you shall see when you come yourself.
    If you knew how to suffer you would not be able to suffer.
    Learn how to suffer and you shall not be able to suffer.
    What you do not know I myself will teach you.
    I am your God, not the God of the traitor.
    I will that there be prepared Holy souls for me.
    Understand the word of wisdom!
    As for me, if you would understand what I was:
    By the Word I mocked at all things and I was not mocked at all.
    I exulted: But do you understand the whole,
    And when you have understood it, say, Glory be to thee, Father.
    Say again with me,
    Glory be to thee, Father,
    Glory be to thee, Word,
    Glory be to thee, Holy Spirit. Amen
    *Ogdoad – probably the Heavenly spheres; Sun, Moon and Planets
    *Twelfth number – probably the Patriarchs

    [After the Lord had so danced with us, my beloved, he went out. And we were like men amazed or fast asleep, and we fled this way and that.] (Acts of John)

  4. Let’s have a look at what we’re dealing with…. let’s see, 2014 is a 7th year and a 7 year. 2+0+1+4 = 7

    Remember we count Biblical years when we count the time of Torah and we count secular years for things of the secular but, it just so happens that the two run congruently at this time! Anybody paying attention???
    Also, this the 49th year and 2015 is a year of Jubilee. This is the 49th year after Jerusalem was recaptured as foretold in the book of Daniel. So this also means that the timeline in the book of Daniel is now just about complete, literally with in months. Remember Yom Kippur 2015, and don’t dismiss all that I’m sharing. Be as ready as you can to accept 2014, know ing that there is nothing you can do to stop Satan because he has God’ permission to reign and rule and do his evil will. We can’t out fight him, but we can out create him by out thinking him.

    So many people confuse the year, 1948, in which Israel came back… what was that, 1948? Anyway they confuse that and count that factor in a time; but that’s because they think and see only in the flesh and of course they think they are being spiritual. Anyway the 49th year in the book of Daniel refers to the time in which Jerusalem is recaptured by the children of Yisrael. Jerusalem is the heart of Yisrael, and if you read the scripture and accept what it says, instead of trying to make something stupid, up just so you can justify the ridiculous idea of a pre-trib rapture, you’ll discover the word Jerusalem, not Israel, marks the time line of the 49th week, the last seven year period.

    Now lets’ look at this count 7+0+1+9+5+3+9 = 3 4 = 3+4 = 7

    Yep it’s a sign and wonder alright… Now, Next year at Yom Kippur is the most likely time that we should all expect to Yahshua send his angels to collect us. He is sending his angels, get that so that you get it right!

    There is a difference between God’s wrath and the “great tribulation” we are going through the tribulation, get that so you are prepared. Accept it! Embrace it! Love it! Hug it! Hold it ! Kiss it all over! ….so that when a rock from the sky falls on you, you have two things to comfort you 1. The Torah of Yahweh-God goes forth and does not return void! 2. You knew it would happen and you put your faith in him for eternal life with him, before it all happened! Just like Stephen, and all the others!

  5. Amen!!!!!:)

  6. Congratulations to your stats! I love the number “7”, I think it is divine and perfect. So happy to know that there are many visitors come each day, how they can come in to know about the truth that sets them free – which is the bible! Keep it up, Marianne 🙂

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