Poem – Lady in the Crystal Tower


Lady in the Crystal Tower

Oh, lady in your crystal tower,

Bespeak the dreams you had to me

Of knights and flowers and gracious things

And one fond love to set you free.

Your daily vigil you did keep

So promises would come true.

But belief was built of faith alone,

And joyous hopes replaced by rue.

Your crystal tower is a fragile thing.

It’s an illusion of your mind.

But it gave you recluse from a world

Where the Ideal was hard to find.

Your Ideals are flowers of inner self,

A gentle heart that craved to give.

But flowers wither without the light,

That truth provides that one may live.

Your days are lonely in your tower

Gazing out your window to the sea.

Sunlight no longer shines upon your heart.

Truth no longer seems like liberty.

Vain patience brought you to your end.

Your quest in life did end in naught.

And grains of time did quickly fall

As rejection poured from those you sought.

Oh, lady in your crystal tower

Please don’t withdraw, please talk to me.

I want to care, I want to help

You, in your deep despondency.

5 Responses to “Poem – Lady in the Crystal Tower”

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  2. i like the message of the poem,who get you this kind of idea?

  3. Living in a Crystal Tower shields us from the light of the sun which we need. The sun is as a warmth reminder of God’s grace. Amen.

  4. Actually, I misunderstood this poem at first…if the tower is crystal then the light of the sun casts a prism of colors and as long as the person is in the tower they are dreaming of all possibilities-all the colors. but when they leave they are met with the horrible reality of life. Sorry, I misunderstood.

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