Poem – For The Atheists And Skeptics


A poem by a very smart 19 year old friend, named Jessica.  Smile


You have faith in watching news believing it is real,
You have faith in hearing your friends of what they say,
You have faith in reading momentary reports of magazines,
And, yet you have no faith in God as though He is faraway.

Before you conclude the lack of a supreme existence,
Have you ever seriously seek for an encounter with Him?
And, done a thorough research of scripture evidence?
Such undeniable truth has been proven time and time again.

Gravity itself is an invisible force and it exists though,Just as God cannot be seen does not mean He is not there,
An ancient manuscript of the scripture that was done long ago,
The absence of the writer does not mean it never occurred.

Your theory of big bang and natural evolution,
That out of nothing created all the species of everything,
Which they are progressively diversified from one to another,
Ever considered human complexity that’s far from perceiving?

There are around three billion rungs on the human DNA ladder,
What if you just randomly type out an understandable sentence?
It would take an astronomically improbable amount of times!
An ordered DNA structure is impossible by chance without the designer’s presence.

The footprints of the creator of the universe is everywhere,
His name “Yahweh” in number adds up to a divine seventy,
There are seven continents, seven seas, and seven colors,
Seven days a week and seven items’ average human memory.

Know you not that the four blood moons all lie on biblical dates?
Have you not seen the hand of God illuminated in space?
The red represents His blood and the ring is the crown of thorns,
The hole depicts His pierced hand–Christ who died in your place.

He who knew no sin has died for the forgiveness of your sins,
For the wages of sin is death and would lead to hell fire,
None is righteous but through the salvation from Christ we put on His righteousness,
Back home to heaven; united once again is what He desires.

You say you have good deeds and no need of faith,
But our own righteousness are filthy rags,
We are saved by faith alone and not by works,
Yet faith without works is always dead.

It is about being saved or being lost,
Not the category of evil and good to earn a way to heaven,
Whoever do the will of God will be saved,
Through faith of salvation in Christ who was risen.

You say if God exists then why evil happens,
He gave us freedom to choose to serve Him or Satan,
For He is a loving gentleman who won’t force us,
When sins come, evilness in the world appears in fullness.

The bible is historically, scientifically and prophetically proven,
Noah’s ark has been discovered even chariot wheels in the red sea,
The devils’ prints are all over the media; their so called “illuminati”,
Even the mark of the beast is here–what more can you not see?

The sign of Jonah has displayed in the constellations,
The ten Exodus plagues are mirroring in this generation,
Choose life; choose Jesus Christ before it is too late,
He is willing to rescue you as He is standing await.


Marianne’s note:

Having worked around unbelievers for 40 years, I have heard all the biased logic, and ignorant misquotes from the bible to justify contempt.

This world is run by unbelievers, and it is ruined. We have mass corruption, crime, perversion, war, famine, pollution, droughts and hate.

In a world where God is uplifted, there is peace, decency, love, beauty, and provision.

The concept that one can be good without God is a deception.

Examples given are billionaires who give to “charity.”

But what is not pointed out is the funding, or actions, that goes to harming people, or discrimination against certain people groups, or creating chaos and unrest in society.

In an atheistic society, there is oppression and cruelty, as evidenced by the countries that have been dominated by Socialism, Nazism, and Communism. Right now South Africa is communistic, and blacks routinely slaughter whites, and think that is fine.

They love themselves, but hate Christians and work to see them destroyed and eliminated.

It is a hypocrisy.

No one is good but God.

All else is self deception.

Goodness according to man’s standards is not real goodness, because it is very limited, biased, and makes selections and deletions, based on that bias.

They send money to Africa, but support abortions, and want to deny the rights of veterans and the homeless:  those, they want sent off to FEMA camps.

We either choose between the opinions of man and the Satan he serves, or we choose the standards of a holy and merciful God.

With God, there is no respecter of persons. All are judged fairly in His sight, for either reward or punishment.

If man makes himself god, then society has no hope of justice, as the rules will change with each man, and nothing will be fair.

When man is fair, he is actually obeying the laws of YHVH God.


12 Responses to “Poem – For The Atheists And Skeptics”

  1. Well said. 😊

  2. The fallible king of the Vatican is now “trying” to marry the two.

    Appearing as a humble messenger;

    he states, ” it’s possible to believe in evolution & creation.”
    ( So says Satan!)

    How blatantly deceptive can evil get?


  3. Exactly where is the ark?

  4. Excellent book and very good presentation.

    Psalm 25

    • thanks for video!

      • The video=great speaker, excellent content. Will twitter the pope this, maybe he will become a believer.

    • i know the professor the speaker is talking about…..he is an *ssh*le, and I have had disagreement with him my self……

      i was at UNC-CH…..the religion department is full of atheists…and they work to discredit the bible.

  5. A very talented young lady….thanks for sharing her peom with us…😊

  6. Re: Marianne comment; Yes their is injustice coming from athiest and in the name christianinty ailke..but your comment “blacks routinely slaughter whites in South Africa.. beware the negative influence of such a bias comment..it is an injustice to ethnic groups to make that comment without saying that it has gone both ways “whites also oppress and have slaughtered blacks in South African. “the land of aparthied”… i dont justify pagan or biased behavior from any groups of humans..

  7. .

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