Poem – Heart Broken


Poem – Heart Broken

Life again has brought me to the door

That opens to the fear I’ve felt before

The pain that stays so deep inside

No longer has a place to hide.

It haunts my every breath and thought

My heart is broken, and feeling wrought

Over recurring memories of cruelty past

And guilt of weakness that seems to last.

The days that come by me one by one

Are like footsteps that have no place to run

To turn my back on a shattered heart

To feign the courage for a brand new start.

To begin anew, as if nothing occurred

Is to tie the tongue, and withhold the word.

Of what is felt so deep inside

Is to stop the moon and hold back the tide.

The flood of hurt that wells up in me

Is so hard to show for others to see

That I play hide and seek over here and there

Hoping that someone I trust will care.

To lift me up, and heal, what they find

Left of an aching soul, and a crying mind.

25 Responses to “Poem – Heart Broken”

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  3. this poem is beautiful,it has put all of my feelings toger for me at this difficult time
    thank you

  4. hi again thank you,where can i find more poems by you

  5. It’s beautiful.

  6. Awww. That’s wonderful.

  7. its simply awesome

  8. This is exactly how I feel since the death of my daughter. If I only had the talent to write something this beautiful, it would help me alot.

  9. I related with your poem completely–of course from my own experiences, though. It is awesomely beautiful, like I’m sure, you no doubt are. My heartfelt, deep compassion with you, for I, too, have endured much abuse, torment, heartache, confusion, fear, and pain.♥

  10. thats good 🙂 i like making poems i would like to post one here how do i do it ?

  11. hello angel

    You can send me your poem and I will look at it, to see if it fits in with the website.

  12. =)

  13. Beautiful poem, but someone else is trying to take credit for something you wrote… It’s a shame…

  14. Dear Marianne, Your poem sums up everything I’m feeling right now. Betrayal, slander, gossip and harsh words said against me. My spirit is truly broken as all this has been done to me by spirit filled christians. Christians who say that God speaks to them daily.

    We can forgive an unbeliever because we have the excuse that he or she does not know jesus but what about our fellow brethren?

    I’m very far from God now.

    • dear wounded

      forgiveness is not dependent on who we forgive. this was also an issue with me.

      I see in scripture where repentance is required first before forgiveness.

      So I asked the Lord how to forgive someone who is not sorry.

      the only impression I got back was that we forgive as an “investment in time,” and pray that the holy spirit moves them to repentance.

      If the person has not repented yet, then the forgiveness in the present seems useless.

      But what we do is extend the forgiveness, in obedience to God, and then wait for the repentance later, as we pray that the holy spirit moves on that person.

      It is like making a deposit in a bank for someone. they cannot have the money until a certain date, but the money will be there later, when they are ready.

      that way, we have done our part, and we trust God to move them to do their part later.

      we can do this in the spiritual, but not really in the physical.

      If we were to go up to someone and tell them we forgive them when they do not think they have done anything wrong, we would be wasting our time. They also might get angry or fight back, and make things worse.

      So this “effort to forgive” is really between you and God.

      The act of forgiveness does not end our suffering. this is also between God, who loves us, and does not want us to suffer, and us.

      God offers us his healing and comfort, and we also have to be able and ready to receive it, and be able to absorb it into our spirits.

      we can either take it all at one time, and heal quickly, or bit by bit, and heal slowly.

      what might happen is that it takes 5 years for the sinner to repent, and 5 years for the injured to heal.

      or…..it takes 5- 10 years for the injured to heal enough to forgive, and another 10 years for the sinner to repent.

      for now, offer your best to God, and let him start the process.

  15. That poem is me and especially my asperger autistic son. I have forgiven, it is very difficult for my son. Please prayer for him.
    God Bless you and all here. 🙂

  16. Thank you, love you too sister. You are in my prayers as well. Be blessed mightily by Yeshua 🙂

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