Poem – Silver Sails


Silver Sails

Silver Sails against the clouds

Caressed by the breeze so gentl – y,

Shining silhouettes floating in my mind

Sparkling, twinkling, so happil-y.

Silver sails come dock, to rest

From life’s journey, noble and true.

Peaceful, stately, and proud they seem

To speak of dreams kept fresh and new.

A sudden breeze rises from the west

A gentle gale swells up and grows.

The mast swings from side to side.

The waves rock the hull to, then fro.

Violent winds then rip my sails,

And smash the bow against the shore.

The ship is hurled to depths below.

My silver ship will sail no more.

Horizons against an empty sky

No longer shine so beautifully.

Waters without my silver sails

Bring sad regrets of what used to be.

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