Poem – The Winter of my Soul


Poem – The Winter of My Soul

The Winter of my soul is here.

My heart is frosted o’er with fear

Of regrets regarding yesteryear.

If the pains were only less.

I close my eyes to wish away

Some thoughts that scream to stay and stay

And possess my life, and confuse my days.

If only there was gentleness.

Pain jumps up to lunge at me.

An ignorant fool too blind to see

Some passions bound will others free

My spirit in its wilderness.

Hope obscured and betrayed by grief

Once was trust, gave no relief.

My ship at sea has rammed the reef

Of despair in all its singleness.

The lights turn dark and reason lies

As ideals fail and slowly die.

Tears rise up and I cry out why.

The lonely injured weep alone.

22 Responses to “Poem – The Winter of my Soul”

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  2. wow did you wrote this yourself, that’s a good poem.

  3. i also wrote a poem similar to this one, here it is for you and your readers.
    Winter is on the Inside

    Thick is the wall of ice
    that grows around her heart.
    Thicker and thicker it becomes,
    Harder to break apart.

    She is not loved;
    Not loved by anyone.
    She is sad, alone.
    She has been outcast by those she
    once loved.

    Warm are but the tears
    that flow from her eyes,
    gently washing down her face.
    They fall in her heart.

    As they meet unhappiness,
    they too are frozen.
    And thicker grows the solitude.

    The tears, they fall,
    Fall for someone;
    Someone who melted the ice
    and built it up again.

    She cannot love.
    There is no one
    Who wants to share it;
    Yet there is plenty to give.

    The bandages cover the wounds
    But they are deep.
    They will not heal
    But they will scar.

    On the outside there is a warmth
    Of a gentle glow, the mask
    Of a smile, which hides
    A pain, so deep
    A hurt that would tear apart
    The soul.

    The grief she has is infinite.
    No one understands.
    For her, there is only one
    Who can melt that heart
    So cold.

    by julie mills god bless and keep up the good work!

  4. Wow. What an awesome poem!!

  5. A lovely poem about winter angst, thanks for sharing. Please find time to read one of my poems on winter on my blog Rain-Chimes, http://drsmitasriwas280.wordpress.com/2013/12/19/winter-is-an-unraveled-secret-poetry/

  6. Beautiful words.

  7. Beautiful and so painful. I know my own winter of my soul right now.

  8. That is beautiful

  9. Perfect, and exactly what I feel.

  10. I looked up the phrase “The Winter of My Soul” and found your poem. How funny that you wrote it 30 years ago, about the same time that my “Winter” had begun. I had hidden it these many years under lights and words and smiles, but the season has come to let it’s chill winds find my farthest edges.

    • wittie

      let this season cleanse you of your sorrows….and let yourself heal….it is time to finalize all issues, and let your soul be free….there is a place called heaven, and you will find springtime there.

      without the injury you would be a less sensitive person….but now your tender heart has God’s attention. serve others with your compassion, and your reward will be waiting for you in heaven

  11. Putting my sorrow into verse helps me. Here is a poem I wrote after my dear bed-ridden hubby went to sleep (Parkinson’s Disease). Possibly, because of the ravages of COVID-19, these words may also bring comfort to a reader here. This is my prayerful hope.


    DEATH, decades we robbed you of your prey.
    But, you are “The Master Thief!”
    Early on a Sabbath morn
    You stole his breath away.
    Left me weeping ponds of grief.

    Silent, you were near all that time.
    As only stealth killers can be.
    Gone his walk, his eyes, his mind
    Oh DEATH! You were not kind.
    Taking him blindsiding me!

    LIFE, most profound letters of four.
    It is what most fight to keep.
    His pain grew worse and health poor.
    LIFE? He still wanted MORE!
    But DEATH came and gave him sleep.

    ~~~Words written after husband’s death on Sabbath during
    Succoth, The Feast of Tabernacles October 27, 2018. He awaits
    resurrection and restoration when Yahshua the Messiah returns.
    HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”


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