Pray for Others


Do you care?    Will you pray?     If you can do something, will you do it?

Isaiah 58:6

“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen:
to loose the chains of injustice
and untie the cords of the yoke,
to set the oppressed free
and break every yoke?

While Christians in America watch TV, enjoy their lives, and maybe go to church to pray once a week, believers are being killed in Syria and other countries, with no one to pray for their deliverance.

Someday, really soon, those that are comfortable and only concerned about their own lives will cry out for help, and not receive it.

Current news story:


The Christian minority in Syria (10 percent of the total population) support the regime of President Bashar al-Assad due to the current national constitution that guarantees Christian freedom of religion as well as the right to own and operate Christian schools.

Islamists within the Filthy Rebel Army have declared their support of a Shari’a law run Islamic state in the place of Assad, thusly guaranteeing Christians are counted among their enemies.

This evil is what the USA and the EU is supporting in Syria. Shame on the USA and the EU!!

God bless the President of Syria as he cleans HIS country of these radical satanic Islamist Muslim Brotherhood rebels.

If you are my friend you will share this with everyone you know.

End of story


Marianne’s note:

Stop what you are doing, and care about someone else who is suffering and facing persecution.

As you sow, you will reap.

Pray for the rescue of the persecuted, that they be brought to safety.

Open your eyes and see the evil.

Remember the Word

Matthew 24:12

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

If you do not care, someday, no one will care about you either.

You will be in trouble, and there will be no deliverance.

If you take time to care, and pray, deliverance will come to others, and finally to you.

15 Responses to “Pray for Others”

  1. Amen, praying here. I have been generalizing the persecuted church and nigeria, will be glad to pray more specific. Thanks for the info. you are still in my prayers also, hope all is well.

  2. I too will pray more specifically. I pray that those that are part of the evil will repent and seek the Lord. I know prayer can change things, but I also know time is very short. Soon, Americans that are left to endure the tribulation will be persecuted and like you said…no one but Jesus will save but by that time they will have to give their lives as our brothers and sisters in other countries have had to do for a long time now. It is time to pray without ceasing.

  3. Thank you for brining this out. Daily I pray for all persecuted Christians around the world. We have no idea what they are going through. One of my sons I have loved and adopted but not legally in Uganda, has a little church built with barely anything holding it up, as a few feet away this big and beautiful Mosque was built. My son and I have had the privilege to Skype maybe 3-4 times in 2 years. Each time he had to talk over the speakers put outside the Mosque because 4-5 times a day their praise goes thru the village and no one can hear anything but this loud broadcast coming out of the speakers. My son has to preach over it and you see the little children looking as why, with such confusion. We need to pray for each other and our world. God loves all the children of the world and the little orphans we need to cover. In India I watch the pastor digging a hole to have a place for people to go to the bathroom, as a chicken coop was donated to them and they are so blessed to have a place to worship. Thank you for bringing attention to prayer. I’m trusting God for a real change and commitment in people for people are hurting all over the world. God is so good and so worthy to be praised for the great works He is doing and its with people praying and interceding. Amen . God is blessing you. God is shining upon you.

  4. This is good…we pray for the persecuted church and for Israel and the Hebrew bretheren and we often get from a dozen different groups calls for prayer all around the world which is a good way of keeping up prayer for those we don’t know about in deep distress. Isaiah 58 is a wonderful scripture to remember.

  5. Friends,

    The Palestinian Authority, the same one supported by the recent United Nations vote, put out the following material on its official radio station channel praising suicide bombings. This is the nation in creation so beloved by the U.N.’s member states. What a sick joke.
    –Naomi Ragen

    PA radio song praises
    suicide bombings against Israelis:

    “We are bombs when the homeland calls…
    We strapped ourselves with explosives…
    and praised Him [Allah] for the Martyrdom”

    by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

    Voice of Palestine radio has broadcast a song glorifying suicide bombings targeting Israelis. The song on the official Palestinian Authority radio station was played two days after the PA was granted observer status at the UN, and included these words: “We are bombs… the enemies were beheaded… Grieve not, Mother, shed no tears over my torn flesh… heroic men who mock death… We praised the Lord, and set out for Martyrdom (Shahada). We strapped ourselves with explosives, and trusted in Allah… Onward men, on the roads to glory.”

    The song glorified Martyrdom (Shahada – death for Allah) praising Allah for
    the opportunity to die for Him:
    “We trusted in [Allah] the Merciful and praised Him for the Martyrdom

    The song presented suicide bombings that killed Israelis as worthy Islamic
    religious deeds. The song described leaving for the suicide bombing with the
    words: “We praised the Lord, and set out for Shahada.” According to Islamic
    belief, Shahada – Martyrdom death for Allah – is a lofty achievement. The
    Shahid – the Martyr – is rewarded by Allah with Paradise. Since suicide
    bombings are portrayed as a way to achieve Shahada, killing Israelis in
    suicide attacks is presented in the song as the fulfillment of Allah’s will.

    Palestinian Media Watch has documented the PA policy of promoting Martyrdom
    death for Allah.

    Another religious component in the song was the call to “sacrifice oneself,”
    which imitated the language of the Muslim call to prayer.

    Pray against this evil and pray for the Lords’ protection over Israel and the Jewish people subject daily to this violence which will only get worse now that the UN has legitimized these terrorists.

  6. I AM, and HAVE BEEN…”Praying” for everyone in this world that are being subjected to these horrendous injustices and murders and “enslavement!”

    Unfortunately, Jesus said all these things must come to pass before He returns and the Holy Scriptures go on to say that if the “…days were not shortened…” all of mankind would be lost (paraphrased).

    Those that are dying (and sleeping) now in the Name of Jesus shall be raised to Heaven before those of us who remain to “see” His return. Fortunately, we will have no “memory” of this life when finally we are risen to Heaven!

  7. The reason why Yahshua Yahweh is hated so much by the wicked ones of this earth is .. Full proof that HE is the one and only Creator and Supreme Being and King over all the heavens & earth. Blessed is He who comes in the name of YAHWEH !!!!!!!

    The greatest gift to anyone is lifting them up in prayer before the throne of YAHWEH, for prayers are like the sweet fragrance of incense pleasing to the Almighty Creator. Blessed be His Glorious Majesty forever and forever…. Amein!!!!!

  8. There is so much indifference to the suffering of Christians, especially the current situation in the Middle East. I find it very disheartening and bewildering…but it forced me to look at myself and ask if I am just as indifferent and I came to only one conclusion which was an astounding YES….I had to examine myself to see if I was in the faith as the Bible commands us to do and spent many hours, days repenting and asking the Lord to change my heart. Praise God, He did and I pray often and fervently for the horrible suffering going on…it overwhelms me but we have a Father who we can go to and stand in the gap for these people and He will hear us and answer our prayers if we do not give up.
    Americans are suffering from indifference but it does not have to be that way…God Help Us!

  9. “WE”…ALL of us…have to go through all the “tribulations” of this life — good & bad — in order to get to Heaven…period! AND THE ONLY WAY TO GET THERE…is “our” individual “faith” in & through…Jesus Christ!

    Check out Mark 8:35 “…Only those who throw away their lives for my sake and for the sake of the Good News will ever know what it means to really live…” (paraphrased)

    • Bobby,
      Good to hear from you again, this is “dru”. Just read a couple of your comments above, You are in my prayers. Psalm 139:23-24, was my prayer throughout the time of my testing, till I could finally pray psalm 143:9-10 and truly trust him.
      It is when we need to be carried along our path that we realize we serve a living God. Take heart, The wait is worth it, and you will bring a few “friends” along with you as a result of your testimony. I Lost two members of my family during my trials, but I can Joyously say that I gained a family in God’s kingdom. All of them!

      2 timothy 2:8-13 God bless

  10. we need to pray for all the people that lost there life’s the little children and the mother of the shooter and his brother that at first was taken into jail to talk to him thy had his face on the internet as the killer we need to pray for him were two or more are gathered I am in the mist I reading about the pastor of westboro baptist thy also need are prays thank you

  11. That is true, we do need to do more intercessory prayer for those who suffer around the world. The Islamist regimes persecute those who do not follow their doctrine and these people are tortured and die daily but we seldom hear about them in the news. Nor do we hear much about the persecuted ones in other countries like China. They all need our prayers.

  12. Read the following article. If our economy is so good, why do we have this, and why am I seeing more and more people standing on street corners holding signs made of cardboard. We are gradually entering the third world.


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