Prayer Against Witchcraft Control

Are you, or your loved ones, oppressed? This can be an effective prayer. Pray this daily or as frequently as you can. Have others pray with you, if possible. Print this out and keep it nearby, to use as a reference. Add to it, to make it fit your individual prayer needs.

In the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I bind all principalities, powers of the air, wickedness in high places, thrones, dominions, world rulers, and strong men exerting influence over_____________( for all persons prayed for, also workplace, finances, home, etc.), and I forbid them to operate against him/her/them or against the one praying this prayer.

In the name of Jesus, I bind and break witchcraft, witchcraft control, mind-binding spirits, spirits that block and/or bind the will, mind control, destruction, lust, fantasy lust, perversion, intimidation, rebellion, rejection, schizophrenia, paranoia, anger, hatred, wrath and rage, resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness, slander, unteachableness, deception, doubt, and unbelief, passivity, pride and false humility.

In the name of Jesus, I bind and break the spirits of Ahab and Jezebel, fear, hypnosis and hypnotic trance, rock music, greed, addiction, drugs, alcohol and compulsive behavior.

(Pause and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any other spirits which should be named.)

In the name of Jesus, I bind kings, princes, and world rulers for each spirit named. I strip each spirit, and his hierarchy, of power, armor and rank, and separate each from the other. I speak confusion to the ranks of the enemy, and declare their assignments against_________ are hereby rendered null and void.

In the name of Jesus, I bind and break all evil affecting the sense of sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing; all evil against the emotions; and all evil against the seven points of body used by witchcraft – the base of the spine, spleen, navel, heart, throat, between the eyes, and top of the head.

In the name of Jesus, I bind and break all evil on the systems of the body – reproductive, skeletal, muscular, digestive, excretory, endocrine, respiratory, circulatory, and nervous systems.

In the name of Jesus, I bind and break any and all evil powers giving aid or pulling these systems in our bodies toward evil, by means of energy drawn from the sun, moon, stars, planets, constellations, earth, air, wind, fire, water, light, darkness, matter, elements……or from lines, squares, circles, symbols, artifacts and/or potions against us.

In the name of Jesus, I bind and break any transference of spirits in family, friends, or associates of ___________( name the names of the people from whom you forbid transference of spirits – those that would curse you or others in this way). With the sword of the Holy Spirit, I sever all evil soul ties between these negative persons and _________ (those you wish to protect). I declare that the blood of Jesus covers ___________(victim’s) mind, emotions and will, preventing these soul ties from ever being re-established.

In the name of Jesus, every spirit in this prayer is bound off each person prayed for, as well as for the person uttering this prayer (Matthew 18:18). This prayer is also in effect for every person, with whom those praying and those prayed for have contact.

In the name of Jesus, spirits from the netherworld, spirits between, over and around those praying and those prayed for, and all familiar spirits are completely bound and forbidden to manifest – in the name of Jesus.

In the name of Jesus, I bind and break the power of all curses spoken, all rituals or sacrifices, all divination, spells, incantations, meditations, and all sorcery or magic.

I release and call upon the Spirit of the Lord…..the spirit of ……

wisdom….understanding….counsel…might…knowledge…and the fear of the Lord ( Isaiah 11:2) upon the persons praying this prayer, and the persons prayed for, along with spirits of mercy, grace and peace.

In the name of Jesus, I place shields of Faith over the minds of those persons to protect against infiltration from end-time mind control.

Thank you Father, that no weapon the enemy forms against us shall prosper, because we are covered by the blood of Jesus, and You have put all things under His Feet ( Isaiah 54:17, Ephesians 1:22). Because Christ dwells in us, we declare that greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. (1 John 4:4)

For those that feel afflicted, do not feel alone. Sometimes, up to 100 people come here on one day, because they are having trouble. You are not alone.

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    • praise the lord. what a very powerful prayer. please keep me and my husband lifted in prayer. because he is attacked with witchcraft over our marriage. just walked out with no communication since april..

      • hi akiliah

        I will put you on my prayer list. Thank God you have insight into what is wrong. Stay strong, and things will work out.

        • thanks so very much. what I need is at least 7 strong prayer warriors to help me prayer philip through this and remove this negative energy and remove the blockages. please if any is strong enough pls respond. god bless you

          • Hello Akilah, I will pray this prayer for you in Jesus Name!! I am in a similar situation. The power of Jesus Christ will cannot be denied and just remember the word doesn’t come back void. Keep your faith and stay strong and what you pray for will be manifested in Jesus Name. Amen.

            • thanks we must definitely need to pray for one another. for when we break and remove those evil spirits from simeone else situatuon god is moving rapidly on our situation. thanks again for the prayers. it is working. at least some if this evil and spell bow gone. now must prayer they repent and ask for forgiveness and deliverance. keep the faith for faith moves god constantly fast and pray. sincerely akiliah

            • I am bush man I have been attact by black magic ,voodoo,witchcraft,curses,for morthan 44 years I am still fighting the demons every dayin defrent form but God is great Iam still alive and fight I wan you fox to pray for me tobe freefrom the demons in my dayly life thank you Jesus is the lord of my souland mybody and mind thak you

              • dear Burning Bush man,

                I have put you on my prayer list.

                For yourself, examine your life, and see if there is any sin, people or curses that have opened the door to this problem…..get rid of all issues, so you can heal.

                • marianne pray for and i go back to school and i heal from syphillis glory be to God

                • Hi Marianne.
                  Thank you for this prayer. My family is under such witchcraft attacks, i almost lost my marriage, and my life as i was on the verge of suicide. I truly believed God had abandoned me, my life is such a mess, but through this site, ive come to know the truth.
                  I was ready to walk away from it all, i felt so alone, indeed the people perish for lack of knowledge. Witchcraft is a horrible thing that people don’t understand or know more about, my church could not help or understand.

                  Please pray for my family and extended family, i believe this is our biggest problem.

                  • paulina

                    you certainly have my prayers and support.

                    having one’s family attacked is , to me, the worst thing., especially when the family does not understand this, and go along with it… they think it is our fault instead

                    I am sending you the prayer against witchcraft, and others for blessing and strength…print them out or download to computer, and say them as needed.

                    I will agree with you in prayer.

                    • Hello Marianne,
                      I have to say I just reed Pauline’s words and I think there have to be the way to talk to people about witchcraft and all these horrible things happened with people because of that.
                      I also want to thank you for the prayers and support to people who are suffering and I know from personal experience and feeling of hopelessness.
                      You don’t have to read that,but it’s the only place I can write about it. In about half hour I have to go to work. Didn’t sleep much this night, I have demon in the house. I’ve been reading prays from 5 o’clock or so. I think the demon is send by male witch. Now I have to go to work quite far. That means witches will be attacking all the way to work in metro…I finish late, I hope the travel to work and back will go easy.
                      Last couple months I have big money problems: if I have enough work I don’t get my pay; some time sheets are getting lost. Then some weeks not much work and so on… I am working currently for the agency, I don’t want to take permanent job. Witches start to attack co-workers and they gonna hate me again. There are some other thing I need to talk, but later in the evening or tomorrow. I believe my attackers klibeg and others are waiting.
                      Please pray for me! Thank you! God bless! Ly

                    • I will pray for you.

                      god bless you

                    • please pray for me to recover from spinal cord injury so i can walkagain

                    • chichi

                      I am so sorry to hear of your serious injury You are in my prayers.

                      I am also sending you some prayers for healing that you can print out and say

                      may you recover quickly and soon

                • thank I need this prayer I ask you all to keep me in your prayers.

              • I will pray for you Bush Man, these people must be stopped. I have been through the same thing. About 5 years ago I went to see a voodoo priest and I still to this day cannot release his negative energy from my life because he still prays for my destruction from 11pm to 5am which is the time they work and burn their candles. I can relate to you and I will pray for you. Please pray for me too. Thanks Mary

                • Mary, why have you not said scriptures over this? Isaiah 54:17; 2 Timothy 1;7; Jeremiah 15:21; Isaiah 49:5 You can look up more. But you need to understand that “All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is ..piercing even to the dividing asunder (in two) or the soul and the spirit… ” So if scripture can do that, it can separate you from this demoniac.

              • Bush Man, don’t forget to pray and fast in tongues against witchcraft. There are 2 really good books to get on defeating witchcraft, “Detroying the Works of Witchcraft” by Ruth Brown and “Strongman’s HIs Name…Now What’s His Game” by Dr. Jerry and Carole Robeson. There is also one more really good book that will go into detail about the power of binding and loosing called, “Binding & Loosing” by K. Neill Foster. If you get these 3 books, I promise you demons will flee and the witchcraft will finally be broken. Another good book on fasting is by Derrick Prince called “Changing History through Prayer and Fasting”. God Bless You. Don’t forget pleading the blood of Jesus!!!

                • Thanks for your insight. I do believe in the power of praying in tounges! That is a necessary tool that the LORD enabled us to use in this spiritual battle.

              • I’m still fighting too! but I’m winning

              • I will continue to pray for U, Bushman. may God’s mercy rest upon ur soul..

              • Bush Man: Have you looked at defilement on land or time, rather than defilement you have caused? Curses can be upon land or time as well as on living persons. If that is the case and you dwell upon defiled land (by unholy sexual practices Leviticus 18, by iniquity, by unholy vows, by bodies being hung overnight on trees) it will affect your daily walk.

            • thanks for your word of encouragement.i am also praying for my friend jourdan who is under witchcraft bondage,which is put on him by his girlfriend.

              • Please fast and pray for me i have a very similar situation with this guy i was seeing was all nice and loving in the beginning then i found out his ex was putting witchcraft all on him and now he is very cold and distant for no apparent reason. I asked him and he does not answer. Please pray that me and this man be reunited together again!! happy and free from witchcraft in the name of JESUS!

                • dear crystal

                  If he has willingly come back to her, you need to be aware that this is where his heart is, deceived and bewitched or not.

                  You should not chase after him. He will continue to disappoint you, even if he came back for awhile.

                  There is a reason he is attracted to a witch.

                  Since you feel for him, I would first focus on praying for his deliverance and salvation, and not focus on romance.

                  leave romance for a later time, after his psychological problems are resolved.

                  say the prayer on this page each day, and I will agree with you.

                  • Hello, Marianne
                    I tried to reach Billy Bolitho. He gave me no answer. I just want to know about this 22 sound… to make easier to contact higher powers. I am sure I can be free from witchcraft. Today I talked to pastor,( his help is expensive,)he said that he will pray for me and ask in prayer is he the one who can to my deliverance…And help me in my situation.
                    I would Have A local pastor, but not everybody does deliverance
                    and baptising.
                    Thank you all who helped me with prayer or other way.
                    Because sometimes I really feel like somebody helps me. God bless you! I just fear that my stalker and witchcraft user klieberg and her helpers may hurt you. Please pray also for my Boss he really needs help and I know that he likes me and I like him. There’s Kelly with her witches and they are attacking me and Boss to make sure there can’t be anything between us.I really like him and I don’t know what to do! Anyway God bless the Boss and I hope that he will find his deliverance and salvation. I miss him!
                    O my God I need to find somebody to talk to, feeling so lonely!
                    Dear people please pray for me! Thank you and God bless!

            • Please pray for me and my family. Demonic spirits are inhabiting my children and spouse

              • T

                how old are your children?

                how do you think this happened – that demonic spirits are in your family?

                did the spouse start it, or were they all victims?

                I can agree with you in prayer but I need to know more.

            • Please help my friend John he need to be pray John Barnett

          • actually i am fasting right now at this very moment and you should too! i have excellent scripture! so please pray with me and read this as you go: by the way please pray for me too i have a guy friend who is under witch craft really bad. Here are the scripturs and my prayers for you: Father God you are holy and good and thank you for your mighty hand that saves us and rescues us. I pray and plead the blood of Jesus Christ over this sister and my self situations Your word states:
            Hebrews 2:14 “Since the children have flesh and blood, he too shared in their humanity so that by his death he might break the power of him who holds the power of death—that is, the devil — 15 and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death.”

            And in Ephesians 27 that states: and do not give the devil a foothold.

            Hebrews 4: 16Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and grace to help us in time of need

            and since your word is sharper than any two edged sword hebrews 4:20
            therefore your word cannot come back void Isaiah 55:11

            Father God please hear our prayers and bring forth your helping hand fast! I ask all these requests be made in the name of Jesus Christ our wonder ful lord and savior.

            I ask that you forgive us our hidden sins we have not yet confessed to you
            1 john 1:9 if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from ALL unrightiousness

            Therefore I ask that you rebuke the witchcraft going on in this sisters personal life with her friend and with my friend.

            Thank you father God for hearing these requests in Jesus Name!

            • Crystal, I am finding that his seems to be very common. I too am engaged to a man that has been plagued with witchcraft. He divorced her 4 yrs ago. She continues to use strong witchcraft to bind him, make him submissive to her and to fight others. Literally! Last week I saw the spirits and demons when I finally met her. When she left us, he and his family actually were fighting each other physically. I stood my ground and she fled. Every since, she has not been able to enter any place where I am. However, she still has a hold on him. He is very confused. She works on him at night. He has been in pain for 2 nights and finally he just broke and called her. He is aware that she is doing it but doesnt know how to break free. She has done some very wicked things to him. Not only does she use witchcraft but she also uses police. If he doesnt bend to her will, she will call the police on him and make up that he hit her. I have witnessed that several times and have had to act as witness to let them know that he has not bothered her. I keep praying but would really like someone that is more knowledgeable about this to help as a prayer partner.

              • dee

                you have to act on 2 levels

                1. confront the witch and put her on notice….tell her she is a witch, that you and your man are now under the blood of jesus, and she will be destroyed by God for her actions.

                get a restraining order against her, based on verbal threats and safety issues.

                2. get your man to wake up and be a man, and stop being her personal wimp….he needs to get in touch with his male hormones and tell her to get lost … there is nothing more pathetic than a passive male who submits to a witch…

                3 you and your man sound like you both need to accept jesus into your lives and get saved by the blood of jesus…until you do this, you will not have victory….because your door is open to the evil coming in

                4. get saved, I will send a prayer for salvation..print it out read it, and mean it when you say it.

                5. I will send a prayer against witchcraft. print it out and say it with your man each day for protection.

          • Hello all,
            My name, 12 years ago my mother in-law came to visit her three children who lived in London. She came from west Africa. I am married to his oldest son and she will take turns in staying with her kids. From the very first night she stayed in my house, things change for me for ever. We were born-again Christians and we were very prayerful as a family. We had two boys and a girl and the children were very young when she came. My husband who was a role model for other young men suddenly began to sleep around. It was so bad that he started drinking and out of frustration I joined in too. My husband will pray with me and then open a bottle of wine and make sure I drank enough to put me to sleep so he can spend the night in other woman’s bed, some times only few streets away. So much happened, I saw the face of the devil in this man. I returned to prayers and worship. One day his mom came over while I was watching GOD Chanel. 30 minutes into the programme a prayer was said for viewers. By the time I said amen my mother-in-law started confessing to witchcraft. She told me her father who had long passed away was a cripple to mortal eye but a king in the witchcraft Kingdom. She said that she is a princess in her father’s Kingdom. She described in detail how her and her dad operated and even said her dad had a cat which was used for all sort of things. When her dad needed to use the toilet, he passed it by witchcraft to the cat who then went for him. Some of the secret she revealed where so frightening. I should have left his son instantly because what 69 old will lie about something like that? but I had no money. Our business went under, we lost all our investments, both our cars broke down without explanation and could not be repaired but once we sold it for parts one buy went in the car and it just worked so he drove away. This is a car that was seen by three different mechanics. oh my God did my live go to hell!!!! The son promoted from sleeping out to bringing his lovers in my house. The things that have happened to me in the last five years were even worst. I can write a whole book or two!!! I started having horrible dreams, I began behaving erratically going on the internet to find help and buying books etc. In short I lost my home, my job and on 19th of March 2012 I found my 14 year old dead on the floor in his room. Since then I stop living. I look so old due to self neglect. If it was not for my other two who are both in university I will kill myself. The sadness in my heart is overwhelming. I can’t listen to music, praise and worship time in church is so painful. I cry to GOD every day. Why have God abandoned me like this. I pray but get no answer ! I pray for my children all the time yet God allow this much suffering for my live.
            If there is anyone out there who God listens to PLEASE HELP ME!
            God bless you all.

            • dear alice

              I wish you had come here sooner.

              I first want to express my deepest sympathy for the tragic loss of your 14 year old child. There are no words I can come up with in myself for that…….only that I wish you love and comfort…

              God has not abandoned you….you were just not informed as to what to do and it sounds like your church did not help, and still is not helping. you were helpless because you were not educated in spiritual battle. god gave you the tools, but you did not know about them.

              your mother in law influenced your husband to go astray….he is under demonic influence….you had the authority in christ at the time to stop this, but you did not know it….as scripture says, “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

              and then you allowed him to bring lovers into the house? by then, you must have been very defeated. was this after your child died and you were too depressed to stop it? Is this still going on? this has to stop….

              what has to change….both husband and mother in law have to leave you…..but it sounds like you are still together due to finances…

              it also sounds like the mother in law could repent after her confession, but has she done that? if so, she could influence her son to stop his behavior.

              you need to get this bad situation turned around, or you need to get the resources to leave it behind.

              please let me know if you still live with your husband, if the mother in law still comes around, and what is your church doing?

          • If you like this pray please sent it to someone that god put on your spirit to send to. Thank You For taking the time to read this pray, i will send your pray to 7. Strong pray. Person that are praying people. Pray this pray twice a day

          • Hello, my name is Teresa Wallace. I move in the prophetic & I also prophesy & pray for family & friends. I have great insight & wisdom through God’s Word & God has blessed me with much knowledge. I can see into the Spirit Realm through the power of the Holy Spirit. I would love to help u get past this. I am strong spiritually in what I do. Please email me at I have a network of friends who will pray as well. Blessings & I can’t wait to get started.

          • In the name of Jesus, may the will of God manifest. Strengthen this sister to persevere and that only if it is Your Will, the marriage lasts and endure making them both more mature as a result.
            In Jesus name Amen

        • Hi, I,m Regina I did not see your email address so I click on Reply. I am having a problem with witchcraft. The lady or son across the street is dressing by front and back door

          • hi regina,

            It sounds like you have different problems?

            Witchcraft is one, possibly.

            Someone dressing by the door is another problem. You should call the police and file a complaint of indecent exposure. There is some rule that they can enforce for that, so they have to keep the doors shut.

            If you do not know if it is a lady or a man, then you must not be able to see much. How can you see both the front door and the back door?

            Back to witchcraft. Exactly what is wrong, or what is happening to make you feel that this is a problem?

            • Hi Marianne,

              I did not find the link to write to you so I clicked on reply to get access to your email. I am convinced the last supervisor I worked with in 2008 is assaulting me with witchcraft. I did not wrong this woman in any way shape or form. Throughout the years I worked with her, I was good to her in accordance with the divine law that urges us to “love our neighbors as ourselves”. Considering the insensitive comments she always made about me I think she was jealous of my life and being consumed by jealousy and not able to contain it, she decided to hurt me. I saw all this coming because she is very flippant and her words always betrayed her inmost thoughts. I regret I did not take flight. Since 2008, my life is upside down. No work, sleepless nights, unexplained physical ailments for which medical doctors find no explanations, financial difficulties and the list goes on. Please pray to God that in the name of Jesus Christ, whosoever and whatever evil powers are operating against me be permanently and irreversibly rebuked bound and cast into hell so I resume my life and freedom free from all evil assaults.

              Do you help with delivrance? Do you know of any group of prayer warriors who are authentic children of God in helping with delivrance from withcraft and evil? At this point I really need the help of experts who communicate with God in this field.

              I have observed that each time I have been good to my other fellow humans, they always turn around and do me wrong for no reason and no cause. I don’t generally expect them to be grateful since it is not generally human nature. What is appalling is the idea that they will seek to destroy and tear me down whereas all I did is uplift them. Why do they react that way to goodness? Is it against some spiritual law to do good whereas our Lord Jesus urges us to be good to one another? I’ve pondered and I’m still pondering on this mystery. Do you have any clarification on this subject?

              Please help.

              • hi FLorence

                You are posting on site. To get my email, just hit the reply button when you get this message.

                I put you on my prayer list to agree to break all curses and bring blessings and favor instead.

                main point here: this is not your fault. The problem is them, not you.

                For the past 30-40 years, the dark spiritual levels have been much higher and believers run into one demon after another influencing the unsaved.

                This explains the dynamics.


                No longer will people treat you as you treat them. If they are demon influenced, they will attack, no matter how nice you are, how smart you are, how kind and forgiving you are. Actually forgiving them makes them madder.

                Start looking for cues and then take steps to back off from people who exhibit bad feelings. They will not change based on your treatment of them, but only by the intervention of God, when they are ready, if they ever get ready.

                So be more self protective.

                AS for your symptoms, start rebuking all curses ever day, and start blessing yourself to offset what is spoken against you to bring you down.

                Your sleeplessness is part of your innocent, logical nature trying to get peace and understand behavior that is irrational. You are trying in your mind to make sense of something that will never make sense, because it is just EVIL.

                SO take 5 mg melatonin and about 1000 mg valerian root an hour before bed, to help you sleep. take also Vit B12 – high dose – for all the stress you have been put under. The B12 is necessary for nerve maintenance, and your nerves are gone.

                I do not know any deliverance ministries near you. But you can search and find a good group that will pray with you, and agree with you and give you moral support.

                • Hi there to everyone !

                  I am a 45 year old man,who is calling upon someone out there to assist me in finding an everlasting solution to the problems that has constantly interupted my life ever since I was a teenager.

                  1. I was born out of wedlock,and was raised by a stepfather until I was 23yrs.
                  2. I never knew or met my biological father before until I was 28years
                  ii) My grandparents, could not allow my father to marry my mother because he was not of the same ethnic group as her, I was told.
                  3. I spent sometime with grandma,until I was 7. I our culture ‘m still called grandma ‘s child as my biological father never got married or paid lobola for my mom.
                  ii) When I was 12 yrs old, I was told I fell ill,with a strange sickness which made me act as if I was mentally disturbed. I would yell and call on people ‘s names whom i accused of bewitching me.I also had bizzare visions or dreams.

                  4. Grandma had always insisted that I was her ‘ child’, and would display this caring and motherly love whenever I visited her.
                  5. The bond between the two of us grew stronger with time and we became very close to one another. We talked and shared views on almost everything about life together.
                  6. My biological father, and his “family” gave me a warm welcome when I was introduced to them. I underwent family rituals which resulted in me being given a new name as part of my conversion and acceptance by my father ‘s ancestors and family.
                  7. My problems started with the first love of my life, my treatment of her was not good. I was very abusive both physically and emotionally,and i always blamed her for whatever had let us to quarrel. I wanted to stop this behaviour but was powerless and this went on and on until parents intervend and we split. My first wife was the same, the rage and anger towards her continued until we split. The second wife,third,fourth was just the same.I’m battling to get work because of previous history with employers. At work ,the pattern was the same. I would rebel againgst supervisors and that is why I lost my first,second,third,fourth, fifth jobs until I decided to stay at home and do something else.

                  7i. I also loose money in a manner I cant understand. I experience unusual car breakdowns. Every week the caris in in for repairs, with something new to be fixed.
                  8. I consulted diviners who told me that I had a calling to become a healer/sangoma and advised me to train as a Traditional healer in order to appease the ancestors who were tormenting me. I complied, I spent 12 months training as sangoma but things just got worse and worse afeter my graduation. I have accepted Jesus as my saviour last month. I fast and pray in the hope that God will hear my prayers. I have attempted suicide twice to no success. I read the bible to find the truth about my condition and what I need to do to change my life around. I don’t know whether I’m doing the right thing !

                  My grandma,My father had since passed on. My step father is separated from my mom.

                  I have suffered alot, and caused a lot of pain to a whole lot of people. Please include me in your prayers.

                  • hi Gabriel

                    I assume you mean you stayed with the grandmother (mother of the stepfather, not biological father). Is this correct?

                    It appears that to “protect you” from the biological mother’s spirit, the family you knew instilled an anger, hatred, and condemnation (which are spirits) against her in your spirit.

                    As a young child, this would have disagreed with you, which explains your protests against witchcraft at the age of 12. But with time, their influence overcame you, and the so the spirits of anger, hatred, and condemnation took over your life.

                    What the family you knew did was wrong. Their traditions and religion of ancestors are wrong, and should be completely discarded. It is all witchcraft. The ancestors are fallen angels who came to earth long ago to spiritually enslave people to them. The benefits of learning a few healing herbs is not worth the damage of association with them. Besides, there is better medicine than your culture has to provide.

                    I am relieved to hear you have accepted Jesus.

                    Your curses are associated with a spirit of a lack of forgiveness and all the spirits of anger and condemnation instilled in you.

                    What you need to do now is

                    (1.) forgive the mother they taught you to reject. Forgive the biological father.

                    this is the root of bitterness in you. The un-forgiveness may be conscious or unconscious because of early indoctrination, but nevertheless, you must do this to be free.

                    If possible, I would even try to make contact with her to let her know you do not reject her. She may have been an innocent young girl, who was hurt by family, and she is wounded by the rejection and cursed herself. Getting your forgiveness would heal both of you.

                    (2) repent of the sins ( spirits) of anger, hatred and condemnation. repent of any witchcraft done by yourself, and your family, because generational curses would be on you from family as well. Reject it all, and do not ever go back to it.

                    (3) As a believer in Jesus, you have the authority in you to overcome these spirits. Remember, jesus cast out devils all the time. When he left, he transferred this authority to us, so that we could continue the work.

                    Spirits have to obey and submit to the authority and name of Jesus.

                    Print out and pray this prayer every day. The prayer on this page. Modify it to your situation. If you want , say the prayer more than once a day.

                    In this prayer, you are using the authority Jesus has given you to remove the curses on you.

                    Spirits are stubborn,. know that they may not leave right away, because they consider you their “home.” But with patience, intensity and persistence, you can remove them from your life.

                    I will agree with you in prayer, that all the curses will be not only removed, but reversed, and changed into blessings.

                    Time will heal you. And Jesus will be there for your strength.

                    I understand a life long issue of failures. But you are still young, and you can have a future free of all this bad history. Learn from the history, and do not repeat the mistakes others have done with you.

                    (4) Do acts of love and blessing to cancel out the curses.

                    Do acts of patience to cancel out the anger.

                    Do the opposite of what you have been doing and feeling to get the opposite results.

                    God bless you from this point on. Go forward and serve Jesus. He is coming soon, and needs good warriors to prepare the way.

                    • Hi Marianne,

                      Thank you very much for your words of wisdom in Christ which will go a long way in re instilling the hope and faith I continue to struggle with. The grandmother in question is the biological mother ‘s mother. I am very close to my mom now,and do a lot of praying together.However, she belongs to an apostolic faith mission church where I was also baptized as a teenager.The church believes in healing through the use of holy water and prayers are made through the late prophet (founder of the church) to Jesus and ultimately God the almighty.
                      Should I continue attending this church even after accepting Christ as my saviour?

                    • Please pray with me .For the past 18 year I have
                      Fighting witchcraft especially from relative.They tried
                      To cause divorce but failed.Now for eighteen years
                      I have been paying maintanance for the Child I strongly
                      Believe is not mine,I won the appeal for re~test wich
                      I went to last month but now I can’t get result.My
                      Finances and Work are seriously attacked for last
                      18 years.I need agreement for a break~through.

                    • william

                      Pray the prayer on this page, and I will be in agreement with you. I hope the test results support your case.

                • Hey! I just wanna know that when we rebuke the evil magic spells in the name of jesus christ, will that effect the person who did it. I dnt wanna hurt her as she is a close relative. But god showed me that she is using some sort of magic spells against me. To be honest she used magic spells on my brother and they got married. My parents are strongly praying that she should accept Christ. I do not know what to do. Please guide me.

                  • hi sister

                    Rebuking the spirit will not hurt the person. You are rejecting the spirit. However, it would be best to bind the spirit, because she apparently still welcomes it, and until she wants deliverance, it will still be around.

                    What you need to do is pray to bind it and break its power, so it is powerless as long as she has it, and to pray the holy spirit moves on her to repent, and accept Jesus.

                    • i am very delighted by this page. i am personaly concerned as my wife cheated me with another man the very night of the weeding and continued with her adulterous behavior for almost 2 years. now that her boyfriend has left her, she is back crying for a reconcilliation. i really don’t know what to do. please pray for me for GOD’s guidance. the other thing is that my 24 years son from my previous marriage (my former wife died in 2003) confessed to me that he has a drinking and drugs problem. please pray for his deliverance and salvation. lastly my business is not doing well, i am in debt. please for my rain of blessings. thank you with

                • I AM touched by this page and I hope GOD’s will for my life will benefi

                  • Hi Marianne!! Will you pray for my business and my 20 years old daughter Paulette who is suffering from epilepsy, mental retardation,hemiplegia and difficult speech all caused by neonatal brain damage. Dr n mulumba Maun Botswana

                    Sent from my iPad

                    • jp

                      I am so sorry to hear of all this illness for your daughter. I am putting her on my prayer list for healing, and for you to have strength to help her.

                  • Dear

                    I have only read this prayer no and I have been inclined to leave a comment. I think I could be under spiritual attack following the kind of stagnation I have experienced over the years …15 years or so. I have a friend who inntroduced me to some place of worship which I continued and he stopped.He only mentioned to me that thet was not a godly place to go some three days ago and that I had to be delivered.
                    I want to take this opportunity to say Iam not bitter but I am just confused why he did not say it sooner as i feel he mislead me. i dont know if I could trust him that much now. he is advised me to discontinue and give my life to Christ which I am willing to. secondly , I am highly suspicious that my wife is also under demonic or satanic spell. For a long time now things have not been moving right with me especially my finances. I easily find opportunites but payment always is a problem. even now my payment has been prolonged for almost a month.
                    Please pray for me that I may attain wisdom in the issues of spiritual warfare.It appears, this is a part am meant to be aware of so that i can also help other people

              • my husband has an anointed deliveranc ministry, from withcraft, demons, demoness, invocations and other satanic strongholds. if you would like more information please let me know. May the Lord keep you and give you victory in Jesus’ Name.

                • hi jennifer,
                  i am interested and want more information about your husband’s deliverance ministry.

                • Please email me with more information .I have a church and people have come against me an my ministryan my family . I also know of other pastors and they need help to .

                • i would like to more about your husband anointed deliverance withcraf ministry.

                • I need serious prayers against witchcraft by my husband & his extended family & many girlfriends. My husband who is a Physician abandoned me & our two children 8 years ago. I have tried to file for divorce but he came to court with members of his extended family & female friends & mysteriously, my beloved pro bono attorneys appeared to sway to his side. Out of frustration, I dropped the petition in 2011. Since then, I have been unable to get a lawyer. I have a Masters degree from a very good university but cannot get a job. Everybody that sees me suspects that I am jinxed. He is from West Africa. He refused to pay court ordered child support with impunity & nothing is being done to him. Some women are searching for him for paternity & various child support issues. He wedded me both at the Justice of the Peace’s office & in church.
                  Pray that God should free me from this torment according to his will. I take both prescription & non prescription pills yet cannot sleep at night.
                  Please, pray & continue to pray for me. Amen

                  • barbara

                    If child support is already court ordered, then contact dept of human services, or social services, in your city, and the county lawyer will take him to court for violation of court order.

                    do not worry about the other women..just get financial help for your 2 children.

                    I can send you prayers against witchcraft, since he is a jezebel man, but you also need to act and not let him get away with it.

              • Hi Florence
                see a web sit called
                or google Elisha goodoman ministry, they have a prayer warrior minister , it will do if you follow their teaching on line.

          • Hi I did not see a email address so l just click on reply,
            Please pray for me there is this spirit that’s trying to surround me. I feel it on my bed a couple of times I was sleep and i felt a spirit trying to have sex with me,he was trying to enter me but i woke up and cross my legs and started to repeat the lord’s prayer until this black present release me. since then i sleep with my bible open to the 23 psalm, and i pray to god and my angels to protect me. I don’t know if someone has witch craft on me because for several years i cannot prosper in anything my finances,job or love life. Please pray for me

            • Hi, I to have experienced this horrible problem I was advised to wear red knickers and pray in Jesus name to protect you. Also pray against spiritual husband, marine husband and spiritual children destroy them with the blood of Jesus and the fire of God. Amen

              • queen

                you sound like a witch. We do not pray against our spiritual husbands, not do we have 2 husbands at the same time. And we do not pray to destroy our children. The blood of Jesus will not help you do this. You will only destroy yourself.

        • Dear Marianne, Perhaps this witchcraft will haunt the world till Jesus Christ comes. I was a very brilliant student through my secondary school. But what seemed like help may have affected my life. My uncle obviously now bent on destroying my father’s family, after killing their elder brother gave me an asthma herbal treatment about 30years ago. He used to also take me for treatment against asthma. It was after the death of the elder brother that we realised he has been the cause of most of my extended family problems.

          In the past ten years he has done all kinds of things, sometmes sayimg them openly. I am 47 years unmarried, but very talented in screenwriting, songwriting and singing. I’ve always had a bright future, until we have confirmed he is the cause of most set backs even fro my immediate junior sister, an unmarried evangelist at 44years.

          I returned to my home state about a month ago to be close to my parents in the village,and take care of them, but they warned me not to visit regularly, because our uncle is bent on on even killing my father. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME! I AM WORKING ON BIG PROJECTS. I DON’T WANT TO FAIL. HE IS BENT . BUT I KNOW THAT GOD WILL CONQUER HIM AMEN. BECAUSE THE BLOOD OF JESUS WAS SHED TO REDEEM US AMEN!

          • Efefiong

            What you tell me is terrible. I will agree with you in prayer, but please consider getting physical support from others to protect your family. Or maybe consider moving them to a different location to keep them safe.

            Your uncle is crazy. If there is any legal help, you might want to talk to them.


              PS. CAN YOU EMAIL THEM TO ME

              • dear STR.

                I added you to my prayer list. Just continue to trust Jesus for deliverance from your ex.

                Also faith is best combined with action.

                Tell him that you are covered by the blood of Jesus, and he can’t hurt you, and that you bind all his curses in Jesus name.

                Give yourself time to find the right person. And do not be discouraged about it.

                Continue your life, and be happy. The happiness will attract someone right for you.

                I do not know which books you are talking about. Check with a local Christian bookstore.

                • Hi marianne
                  Everything in my life seemed so perfect until last year my wife suddenly decide to leave the home without any explanations she tried to take away my kid from me without informing me but praisethe lord I did find him n he lives with me she then didn’tbother to contact us both n demanded for money n divorce I had no choice but to give in to pay n go in for the divorce cuz I want my child n familyto be safe I still can’t believe her behaving like a demon I strongly believe there has been sum blackmagicperformed on me n my wife from a close relative or friend as they felt i was prospering my healthwent down can u throw sum light on it? I hv been reading psalm91 n 23 regularly pls include me my son n my familyin ur prayers cuz I fear Sumone harming my child

                  they cud

                  • hi Sunny

                    If all was ok and then suddenly she changed, then it does sound like she is under a negative influence. Fast and pray for her. Have others join you in prayer, if you can. Pray blessings over yourself and your child, to cancel the curses put there. Also pray blessings over your wife, for the same reason.

                    Use the prayer on this page as well.

                  • my husband is an anointed deliverance minister and prophet and has a great deal of experience dealing with satanic powers. let me know if you would like more information and spiritural assistance and guidance through prayer and reading the word(particularly the Psalms) Be Blessed!

                    • Jennifer,
                      I need some spiritual guidance and assistance on the following issues which are still troubling me:

                      i) My wife is entranged from me ,has vowed not to divorce me but to kill me instead.There has been two attempts on my life in the past, and going to report this matter to police was of no help.She has me on under some form of spell bcos everytime I want to go file for divorce I feel scared and intimidated. She stays with someone and they have 2 children out of wedlock.

                      ii) When I get work, I just end resigning for no apparrent reason. I need assistance to stop this curse of been unemployed and been short tempered in any situation. I am praying the prayer given by Marianne, but would appreciate any other help to free myself from thi curses.



                    • I’m concerned about something. Husband a believer not spirit filled.
                      Doesn’t believe in witch craft. Iss ue was he goes through lockers and sales stuff. LIttle bag containing stuff in it gave to someone. Things happened someone said witch craft. HUsband and neighbor burned it. the ashes came up as a cross, which made husband believe more in satanic things. Concern my health issue since may.

                      They started with this business in may. I don’t know if connection.. Always going through other people’s belongings please pray and tell me what to do. Husband refuses to stop business in buying people’s lockers

              • str
                i thank God for your deliverance from the spirit of joblessness and i pray that the our Lord that started this in your life will grant you all your heart desires in Jesus name
                Please am interested in the prayer that your neighbour give you and the bathing in the seven day water please can you expansiate on this.
                cos my sister is suffering the same plight as you
                remain bless thank you

          • Please help me pray for marriage , we wife and I recently seperated for the past 4 months. I have been fasting and praying and I keep on seeing snakes that have either been beaten or captured , 3 of them. I know there is witchcraft involvement in our marriage . Help me pray that by April ending my wife and I would have reconciled . Amen

            • dear david

              I am so sorry to hear of this separation. I am putting you on my prayer list for restoration. Snakes also mean treachery…so look around and see where it is coming from….there is someone around that you trust, that you should not trust.

        • hi marianne, i tried this prayer, well it seems that GOD has better plans for me..i’m having so many symptoms, unexplainable symptoms that the doctors can’t find the cause..i even go to different faith healers and pastors but it seems everyday i still suffer to an unknown disease.. can you help me pray for what i’m experiencing or any advice?i’m getting frustrated but i know GOD is so kind.. maybe this his way for me to get closer to him

        • Hello,

          I am having some trouble and I am a bit confused about how to go about handling it spiritually. About 3 years ago, I was dating a guy who had told me that he had heard from God that I was his wife. Long story short, he ended up breaking the relationship off after almost a year. Througout the relationship, he was nice at first but he was also very immature. After we broke up, he came back into my life, but said that he had some things he was dealing with. He said that he still believed we were supposed to get married, but he needed some time to himself to deal with something that he couldn’t tell me about. During this time, I received counsel from a friend to wait for him to come back because if God promised him to me then we would be together. He became very distant and I found out he was seeing someone else. I ended the ties with him, but I still get tormented with thoughts of him. A few months ago, I had thoughts that I would never be happy with anyone else, and that I couldn’t move on with anyone because I was supposed to marry him. I also would feel like I was being disloyal to him by dating someone else. I have moved away from the state where he lives. However, if I see pics of him through mutual friends, it would make me have strong anxiety. I have tried just not thinking about him, but that makes the anxiety worse. God had begun to tell me to pray against witchcraft, adn a dear friend called me one day and told me that the Lord put it on her heart to tell me to pray against witchcraft. I am confused about if I am just not over him of if this is something spiritual attacking my emotions. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

          • hi Dfe

            He was using charismatic witchcraft on you….otherwise known as the power of suggestion. Just because someone says they have heard from God, does not make it true.

            he is a player, and he bamboozled you.. He is not for you. He is a cheater.

            For now, avoid any contact with him. But instead of suppressing your anxiety, face it head on.

            Take some pictures of him, and speak to the photos. Analyze the pictures. release your emotions in front of the pictures and pray against him.

            Use the prayers given on this website.

            Plead the blood of Jesus over you, and ask God to send you someone decent, and honest. You do not need anyone with a lot of emotional baggage, who cons women into thinking God has determined they have to marry him.

            • Okay, I will do that. I must also mention that during the times that we were apart, I began talking to a friend who was going through the same situation (as mentioned in my last post). She was also waiting for God to “restore” her relationship with a guy who had promised to marry her. Well, everytimg I tried to move on and told her that she should move on too, she would use a bunch of spiritual talk and suggest that she was going to wait for God and almost tried to convince me to do the same. She text messaged me about a month ago and randomly reminded me of the situation that I had gone through with the ex boyfriend. I told her that I am now trying to break free, and she responded that she didn’t mean any harm. I didn’t understand why she sent me that text. The last time I had talked to her in detail, she was still believing that God would restore her relationship with the guy, even though he is now married! Long story short, every time I fell into deception and thought my ex was coming back, I felt drawn to call her because I knew she was always in the same situation. When I would talk to her, I would feel guilty or out of God’s will for not believing that he was coming back. Do you have any insights on this? Thanks for your help.

              • hi Dfe

                First of all, people have to quit making God’s decisions for him.

                There is too much wishful thinking going on, where what we want becomes God’s will for us, even if the decision would be against the Word of God.

                Remember also, unless someone is the prophet Isaiah, they are not going to get direct Words from God about who to marry.

                God expects us to go to the bible and find out what is right and wrong, and then obey it. Then the right person will be someone who matches our personality, and has some morals, and does not act like these guys.

                We need to use common sense and have a basic sense of morality and the Word of God to understand what God’s will is. God would never want us to be fooling around with men who are married, or in a current relationship. That is called adultery.

                All the spiritual talk in the world is not going to justify bad decisions, made out of selfish desire. Forget the ex. He is gone because he wants to be gone.

                You need to get on with your life. You got stung, and you need to recover. Hoping to get him back will only make things worse.

                • That’s true! I have stopped talking to that friend completely, and I have been healing. It took alot of renewing my mind, but I got through it. I had to totally renew my mind about God and the way that He does things according to His Word. This prayer is very helpful as well.

                  • you are a nice girl. go find a nice guy. 🙂

                    • Marianne,

                      I have one more question. Even thought I do not want to be with my ex, I have this strange thing happening to me that I have battled for months now. Even though I have no feelings for him, I feel alot of anxiety when I think of living without him, almost like I need him. This is scary because I cannot analyze where it is coming from. When I think of my future without him, I am stricken with fear and anxiety. I am worn out from trying to figure out why. I have grieved over him, thinking that was the problem. I know he is gone and that he was horrible to me, yet I get afraid when I think of the future without him. It is nothing I have ever encountered before. If you recall, this was the relationship where the guy told me that God said I was his wife initially and would say that to keep me from leaving. I could care less about him, but have this strange pull towards him still, almost like my body reponds but my heart and mind don’t.

                • Hi Marianne,

                  When praying the prayers against witchcraft, is it necessary to specify the kind of witchcraft you may be dealing with (i.e., charismatic, etc.) or should I just pray against witchcraft in general?

                  • that might be helpful, to be specific…..

                    • Marianne,
                      I believe I am under some witchcraft from the friend that was telling me I should wait for the ex boyfriend to come back. When we would talk, she would incenuate that God “has His way of bringing us to where He wants us,” etc. when I would tell her that I was moving on. Everytime I told her I didn’t believe we should have to wait, she would combat what I said by mentioning God and how he makes us do what He plans for us to do. I spoke to someone last night who was in close relationship with her, and the person confirmed that she operates in th Spirit of Jezebel. After we got off the phone, the woman sent my friend a message. Also, I had alot of trouble sleeping last night and have felt weak and have not felt like eating today. I need some help with how to fight this.

          • Also, pray for Holy Spirit to cut the soul ties between you, as very close relationships knit you at a soul level — especially if there was any sexual involvement. God is NOT sending some dude to you without telling you first! Emotions are poor messengers; you need the Word of God to renew your mind. You need a plan, not a man. Get with God and ask for His plan for you, according to Jeremiah 29:11-13. It is NOT your place to unpack someone else’s baggage that they have been carrying around. This is not from God — its sex magic.

        • Can you please mail me your email adress

        • Please help me,i have been in a troubled relationship for so long,i am African my wife is African American,her mother right from the get go told her all i wanted is green card and to stay in the USA, we have a son and after so much presure from my mother in law,my wife starts misbehaving and twice she kicked me out caused i was the one that moved in with her,one time my mother in law even served me my wifes divorce paper but we never got divirced just seperated,i left her for the last time and started thinking may be she;s not right for me and had a few dates around but eventually came back to my senses. During this period i had to move from place to place and jobs to jobs,but now am more stable,and i have been begging my wife prayerfuly daily for the past 5months now but her mother has said she should never marry me and make things work with me, her mother is single, she dates around, she kicked her father out too,same thing with her aunt,they want to make her look like them,every time i talk to her ,shes loves me and tries to get back,but when she tells her mother she changes,now her mother moved in with her to stop us from getting back together,she wont cal me nor pick my calls no more or even let me talk or see my son and am paying money to take care of my son,please help me pray against the commanding witchcraft spirit and manipulating spirit of my mother in law on my wife and marriage,anybody can email me at,

          • hi T

            Where are you living now? You are dealing with a jezebel spirit.

            Are the bills in your name, or hers?

            You do not have a green card? Are you here legally? Have a visa of any kind?

            If you are here on visa, then she is obligated to keep you. If she fails, you can report her to immigration.

            tell me more about your status… the meantime, you will need other males to support you.

        • Hello can you please put me on your prayer list as the enemy has been coming seriously against my finances and hindering me from jobs and bringing confusion about going to church.My name is Pablo God bless you

          • hi Pablo

            I will agree with you to have victory in your job search, that finances will be provided for you, and that God gives you a clear decision on the church that you have a question about. May God bless you, keep you and let his light and wisdom shine down upon you, and give you favor before men.

            • Hello Marianne pecae and love with faith from God the father and Christ Jesus,thankyou so so very much for agreeing with me in prayer agreement,may God’s favour protection and blessings be upon you your house hold and your blood line in Jesus name.

        • Marianne,

          I aggree with the advice given to Crystal. If did not experience it I would have continued to belive that this kind of evil did not exist. I have come to accept it and have been praying for his release, not to me but from any evil forces that would have taken hold of him. Please pray for him and pray for me that I may continue to be strong in the Lord and that he continues to guide me and continue to listen. God bless and your website. I am not alone!

        • Please pray Sneha Sharma and Me (Avinash), We were supposed to get married on 25th August, However she turned 360 Degree and is confused and does not have peace about the marriage, Her parents are hindu and dont wont the marriage to happen. Her mother visit a Baba (Religious Cult leader) and told her that she will not get married to me. We had decided to enter the marriage after seeking the Lord and both of had complete peace and got a confirmation from God (Scriptural) and started making plans for the marriage. However from last week she says she does not feel peace and is confused whether we wants to get married. She has lot of unrest, she sleeps very less. I am sure it withcraft. Please keep in pray.

          • dear avinash

            It is very difficult in a family oriented culture to get the approval of family when your religious beliefs are different from theirs.

            I suggest you come bearing gifts, and a sweet manner, and try to win their favor. Do this a lot, and do not give up.

            Let them see that you accept them, and are trying not to oppose them, but to be harmonious with them. You love their daughter, and this is a good thing. show them how you can take care of her, and be good to them also.

            You and her talk to them, explain your views, tell them you want their blessing, and that you will pray that god blesses them also.

            I would delay the marriage until there is some peace, because if you don’t, and you do this against their feelings, then you will have to deal with curses and bad wishes for the rest of your lives together.

            Continue to pray together for the family’s salvation. when the time seems right, explain your faith to them, how god loves them and wants them to go to heaven, and how wonderful jesus is. and that this would only bring blessings on the entire family. let them know that you are praying for their blessings also…you want them happy too.

            I am sending you prayers against witchcraft but say them without their knowledge or they will be offended. print them out and say each day. combine prayers with love, to help family, not to oppose it. most of all, pray for the family salvation. I will be in agreement with you.

            • Hello Marianne,
              After reading your last e-mail, I have to say I think our experiences with witch craft is very different. I have real life stalker, who is after me every day and is using also hardest witch craft possible. Thanks God klieberg is not talented in witch craft! If there is something and monster klieberg can’t run after me, there is somebody else, I think from wiccan coven.
              What I’m trying to say: Thank you for answering me! You the only person with whom I can talk about situation and I don’t have to be afraid about you safety.
              I am praying a lot, practicaly all the time. I just think it’s not enough. And I’m asking you advice and trying to use your advice and look other ways too… I can’t say I found much…
              Couple nights ago I was attacked as usual, more than five attackers. And targeted was my head, face and ears. I saw in the dream. Then I woke up and started to pray…I had headache half day. And I think I have to thank other peoples help, which ever it was! I have inner feeling that, I’m getting help! Thank you good people! You and others! I want to be sure my helpers are safe!
              I don’t get any answers how to finish all this situation! My attacker is 40 years old woman, but she can change her looks in seconds, and look like a child in seconds.
              I have to go now ,long day tomorrow! But i will be back tomorrow.
              Thank you! God bless!

              • ly

                I wish I could be there and do more. keep praying! the prayers I send address targeting the head face etc. do you know why she picked you out?

        • thanks people for introducing Jesus Christ in my life, help me on how I can kill these demons because when they start attacking me I think too much and my head start paining for about three to four days nonstop,some times I feel high like a person who take drugs but I don’t play with drugs any more, when I work up I find tattoos on my back bone, my brother noticed but he can’t do anything because they attack him as well. am suspecting someone near my area but I don’t know what to do because am scared maybe she might kill me or stop supporting me .

          • marvin

            I am glad to hear you are saved.

            I am sending you the prayer on this page. download it or print it out, and say each day OUT LOUD, so the demons can hear you.

            I am also sending you some prayers for strength…

            I will be in agreement with you.

        • Hello, I’m Ly I’m coming here when I’m really low. In 6 hours I have to be at work again. I’m under constant witch attacks. Reason female jealousi. I have stalker of 10 years I call her klieberg. Story is long and complicated.
          This klieberg now found couple toys with one of them I think name is Kelly, and we have to work in same building in the morning. Long story short Kelly is hunting boss and the boss likes me, the point is not me, but the boss deserves better…And to get the boss Kelly hired witch this one is the third. Sense last November.
          Although hard to explain, but the puppet master is klieberg. She is moving Kelly and witches. And they don’t even know.
          Please dear Christian people you understand me or not… Please pray for me. And Marianne thank you for the website! Please pray for me, please God don’t here me! Help! Help!

          • Ly

            No i do not exactly understand the details, but you have a problem with witchcraft, and seem to want protection for you and your boss, and also to get rid of the witch’s influence.

            I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and other spirits.

            print out and say each day.

            I am also sending you prayers for strength.

            I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

            I would also say to try to get a different job, but most likely these witches are everywhere now.

            so the best thing to do is cover yourself with the blood of Jesus, and ask all prayers in Jesus name.

        • Hi, thank you Marianne for the website!
          I just reed your answer, I’m sending these messages on your website hoping that Christian people will read and pray for me and my family.
          My story is 32 years long, then it’s hard to explain everything. My last 10 year witch attacks are coming from female klieberg,( I can’t use capital letters), she is stalking me everywhere and I think she lives somewhere near my house. Or she is coming “to visit” people who live next to me. The attacks are mostly at night. then it’s hard to protect myself. I can’t keep job long time, I have often money troubles, I don’t even try to have new relationships… I can’t be responsible for somebody else: klieberg and witches ( from the coven, she is on), they are not just mean, they are killers. They attack me usually every week at least, sometimes more often than that. I am not afraid of klieberg: she is a piece of joke. But there are
          sometimes 2-3 or more of them.
          Couple nights ago I saw again attack in my dream, sense I have pain in my chest. I am not hiding, I’m working, it means they can attack me any time of day, one good place is metro. Witches can change their looks in seconds, no point to go to police and church is not much help. My stalker likes to look like young girl, but the truth is even her demons stink of pee, and last time I saw her real look she was unwashed, in dirty clothes…and stink, stink, stink…
          I’m praying a lot it the only thing I can do. I have to work and live. But klieberg thinks she owns me. She is abusing me 10 years now and she decided she will do it next 10years…She does everything to kill me,but I’m still alive.
          I’m not afraid to die,but I have children, they will die after me.
          Please if you have any good ideas… and I’m really hoping there are good people out there, who know how to get contact with God…Please ask God for my family! Please! LY

          • Ly

            I have sent you prayers against witchcraft. you have to say them.

            you have to fight back, or she will continue to bother you

            she is successful with you because you are a good victim, and do not fight.

            you must oppose her.

            if you see her in person, rebuke her in the name of jesus, and tell you are covering yourself with the blood of jesus, and she will hurt you no more. and tell her you are praying against her, and that all her evil will come back on her

            then PRAY against her….every day, or more than once a day

            get your children to pray with you, if they are old enough

            have husband pray , if you have one, and other family pray too

        • Hello, I’m Ly. It’s around 1 am. I have to be at work in 6 hours. But it’s not possible to sleep witches are attacking,,, somebody or something tries to enter into my body through my back. I don’t know how to explain it better. It was once before. I know it sounds crazy ,but it’s how it is.
          Thank you Marianne, for your response: I actually reed your prayer couple years ago…I reed it for months. No effect what so ever. Like today there is more than one attacker, I saw at least three, but could be more. I remember your advice to talk with my attacker. I didn’t do it jet,but I will and soon. Sorry to border you with my problems, but there nobody else.
          Then I’m coming back again to this website: to write down crap, that tries to make my life miserable.
          I’m asking around and asking on this website: because even prostitutes have places to go to talk to people. And I’m sending this messages and hoping there is at least one person, who knows how to contact God I know that it’s possible. I do pray a lot, but I don’ t know where to get answers. Please pray for me! And if you know good pastor who will pray for me and my family. That we can be free from witchcraft straight away! Thank you! God bless! Ly

        • Hi, Marianne
          I lost this e-mail about Billy Bolitho. And my stalker klieberg has new “friend” male witch, he is following me now everywhere and his attacks are really hard. I can’t promise that I’m not coming back. At the moment it’s the only place I can talk to. How much time I have left, I don’t know. Time to time I have big pain in my right thigh. And I got four attacks only this week.I do my best to talk to Billy Bolitho.
          Thank you for support! God bless!

        • Hi Marianne,
          Sorry I can’t understand why my e-mails are seen to everybody. Sometimes I send and I don’t see later, last two were seen to everybody.
          Then I have to ask again witches can’t hurt you, what you mean? The pastor I was looking help from didn’t call me back…I can’t find Mr. Bolitho. There is klieberg with her “friends” and bully Kelly with her witches. I saw yesterday the Boss, I’m really sorry for the man, but I don’t also understand the females, who getting their way like that…but they are not alone and living in lie…
          And I got nothing… I really don’t see any help…Police… no prove. I don’t see how talking to the witch can help…and witches are on different levels. Also just was in telly the program – witches are “innocent” I believe some of them are, but these I know never.
          I hope you see my e-mail.
          God bless!

          • ly

            I see your emails. if you write privately only I see it. if you post on the website, anyone can see it.

            I have responded several times to the question about witches.

            I fight back if witches attack, with the blood of jesus, so they cannot hurt me.

            You do not mention prayer. I gave you prayers, and you do not indicate that you even say them

            i will say again, the power to fight is in you, if you acknowledge it

            you actually do not need someone to pray and do all the work…if you expect that, it will not work anyhow.

            you have to mature beyond what you are now, and learn to stand up to witches….

            right now you are passive, and not a threat… expect someone else to do the work.

            the fight has to come from inside of you…or you will be afflicted forever.

        • Hello Marianne,
          I didn’t get any response from you!
          Witches are still after me and I want to thank you and all other good people who prayed for me and my loved ones! Please pray again! I didn’t do anything to be shamed of, and if I did I got my punishment long time ago. I was 17 when witches started to put curses on me and I lost my life for long ago for some married whore, who’s mother was a witch. How many curses and black magic was put on me sense I don’t know. I remember only poverty, lies, humiliation – I will get out of this all or die…I never bought man from witch or destroid somebodies life. I still think that it’s not normal to do that…
          klieberg is a monster. I just woke up on the dream that witches got the Boss and klieberg is around me, but I don’t know which one she is. Last months I lost many jobs and people are so mean to me time to time for no reason.
          What amazes me the most is that klieberg lies and attacks and there are witches that believe her…and attacking with her…I liked the Boss, what wrong with that and I’m sure he liked me…I never acted on it. why should I? I like to have good relationship with bosses!
          I know my life. I can’t be bully Kelly… like I said before klieberg is behind of all that.
          Anyway I have to go to work soon! My face is burning again! Please wish me a good day! And pray for me I don’t owe anybody anything! All right I owe to a friend,but he knows and if I have a life I will repay one day! I say bye now ,but I will be back…Because I don’t know how long I live or what happens next…I hope at least a little justice!
          God bless!

        • Dorsey. Pray this pray and share it

          Pray this pray and share it

          Thank God only he no what your needs are and he is doing a work in it you may not see it now but. Just wait and See it.

        • Hello Marianne,
          I reed your e-mail and hope that your loved ones are ok. Winter can be ruff, I spoke from personal experience. Country I’m coming have still -25-30 and a lot of snow. God bless you and send you and your family all the help you need.
          I read the prays everyday, but witch attacks are still going on…
          Thank you and please pray for us!
          All the best !

        • Hello Marianne,
          I am Ly writing from my daughter’s e-mail address. Main didn’t work anymore.
          I am in big trouble klieberg and her current “friends” are attacking very badly. I am afraid to go to sleep, shadows are in the house and yesterday at night I woke up to go to toilet. I walked to living room and I remember I went to sleep and closed the door,but door was open and lights were on, I switched lights off before going to sleep. Witches made me sleepwalk, I never did it before…Then I didn’t sleep much and all day they attacked my feet…Painful . Please pray for me…I have no idea what to do…I’m praying all day, but sleep is must. And they make me bleeding and then it’s very easy to attack. Any advice?Sorry the information is short as possible takes long time to explain all story!
          Thank you! God bless!

      • Please pray that the spirit of witchcraft, envy and pride be broken from me and my daughter and that we live in the abundance that God has provided.

        • Hi Florence

          I have put you on my prayer list for deliverance and provision. May healing come quickly to you.

          • Hi Marianne,

            My husband name is Bhaskaran we
            both got married on Nov 2007. with 3 months my mom in law came up
            with unwanted quarrel with me and My husband bet me and he left me in
            my parents home. After 2 days he started staying in my parents place
            itself. he stayed or 6 months here. during that time we never had any
            happiness. I often used to try suicide, so he left from my parents
            home. Only in that time i was more in prayers. Then we found out that
            Mother in laws has done witch craft and she started sending evil
            spirits. I used to fast for 24 hours twice a month and pray. God gave
            me joy. My husband started answering my call and we started searching
            for a home to live. He booked advance also and on the same day he
            again fought with me and filed for divorce in 15 days time. It almost
            6 months now……. i don’t like to go to court but i am compelled to
            go because i need to live with him only. Please prat for me. I also
            lost my job due to this tension i am not able to work propely. i am
            not able to think wisely also. I still fast and pray.Please pray for
            me. when i call him he is not answering my call. My in laws are
            talking in bad words to me. 2.5 years of marriage life Please pray I
            should live with my Husband Bhaskaran. Please Pray. please tell me how i should pray.

            • dear sahai

              I will pray for you and your husband, to be together, and for the mother in law NOT to interfere. Be patient for this. I pray the covering of Jesus over you.

      • Myhusband is a Prince Hall Mason and became a Shriner in July. I do not believe in Freemasonry. I find certain beliefs to be satanic. My husband left me in July without any communication. I did speak to him briefly in October. He has filed for a divorce. I asked him why does he want to divorce me and he told me that he wants peace. He doesn’t even sound like the same person. He is also baptized as a Christian but when he told me that he wanted to become a Shriner…I was a little disgusted. God tells us not to put any idols before him and I believe in my heart that’s the reason he left but I also feel that a woman may be involved and she’s an Eastern Star. I will pray that these demonic spirits be lifted from you and me as well.

        God Bless you in the name of Jesus. Remember it’s not over until God says so.

      • Hi, I am in the same situtation, I just got marries June 2009 and 4 months later my husband packed up and left. He tells me that he still loves me and he wants to come back but he is not ready. So I prayed to God when he first left me to show me the reason why he is not ready to come back home and God reveal to me last night around 3am 2 words (Witch Craft). Please pray for me and my husband.

      • My husband also left me as well. He’s under witchcraft as well but I know that the devil is a deceiver. I pray everyday for his salvation! Peace to you! He’s a Freemason and just became a Shriner last July. I know that the devil had a lot to do with this. God is in control..our ways are not his ways and our thoughts are not his thoughts! As always…just remember that God sees and knows all!

        • hi strongfaith

          It is a difficult time, when saints find their loved ones being deceived and removed from them.

          We have to remember the promises that our households will be saved, not just us.

          I also have lost loved ones, and it is a trial of patience for me. Take care. Things will work out.

      • My Partners ex wife has declared that she has been using witchcraft to destroy his life ands prevent him from falling in Love and ever marrying again, She has used witchcraft to prevent any type of positive move forward both spiritually, financially and education and career wise, and I need as many people as possible please please pray for my Partner and childs Father Mark Thomas that he will be delivered from this evil and curses and protect us from whatever she may be trying to send our way. I pray for him my partner to fingd God!!!! Please stand in the gap with me he is at a breaking point and I Love him.

        • hi michele

          tell this witch to back off.

          she has lost. no one wants her.

          her foolish witchcraft is no match for the power of God…you are praying the blood of Jesus over you and Mark.

          tell her she is going to hell for what she is doing, and all her curses will come back on her.

          be agressive with her…..and tell Mark to snap out of it and wake up.

        • You have to believe that she has no power over you,put her out of your mind,and pray for God to protect you.

      • DEAR SIR,


        • A metal kross against the breast.Not aginst the clothes mot it should be put against the skin. Evil spirits not like that. And if you are not protected against evil spirtis, they go into you through your mouth so close your mouth. If you are Catholic you can use hly water against them. The evil spirtis flees from that. I´m a priest and have experience regarding evil spirits. If it´s a big problem you have to draw crosses on every window in the house with oil. An evil spirit can not enter the house through the walls only through the windows.

      • Hi Akiliah,what was the outcome with your situation?

      • Me as welll just got married in oct 2015 and we now in nov 2015 my husband out of no where he wants to leave. He tells everyone but me he is miserable. I love my husband still. But if he want to leave and continue to cheat, lie on my good name than thats a fight for God to fix. Keep me and my whole family in prayer.

        • latress

          it is so sad now that people make commitments to marriage when they really do not intend to keep the commitments.

          the “for better or for worse, til death do you part” is not honored anymore. tragic…

          I am sending you prayers for strength…I will agree with you in prayer

      • Have u had your husband .. the same thing happen to you..

      • I am sorry to hear that, but same thing happen to me, but it is affecting my children and me a great deal.

      • i have been isolated from my family and friends. i live in long beach california and demons are everywhere! i have not met a person in 2 to 3 months tjat told me they are a believer . im 29 and i almost went crazy and wanted to die several times recently until i cried out to God and asked him if he is real please show me because i was so alone and scared. i was seeing people turning into serpents and thought i went insane. i had no bible because my mom who growing up was an active christian had hidden the bibles in our house exept one that had revelation ripped out. so i went on youtube and typed in prayers for protection and psalm 91 was the first video. i didnt know what it said but hoped that whate er it was would work. i was sitting at the beach on the sand and after the video was over i cried and cried because i felt so loved and protected. and the terror of all that was in my mind had seemed to have instantly vanished. it was uncondtional love and i had nothing else to trust and why not trust the bible the word isnt going to change like everyone in my life has. Now i am so happy everyday and without fear because i know when i call on him tomorrow he is there the same as he was ysterday his love for me i can rely on. then i started looking into spiritual warfare and ended up fimding out god has blessed me with the gift of discerning spirits. All this time i have been seeing and living amougngst demons and they knew i could see them before i did. now all i can do is think of The Lord and strengthening my faith so i can start casting the demons out of this world and helping as many as possible to have eternal life and peace

        • bradley

          california is a spiritual desert. you are there for a reason. god has called you and gifted you to do his work. I can tell you the greatest need now is the deliverance from evil spirits. you can discern them, so now learn how to pray for people and free them from this bondage. I can help you with prayer guides etc, but as long as you pray from the heart, any words you use will be helpful

    • I just wanted to say thank you. I stumbled over your website and downloaded ‘prayer against witchcraft control’. I can confirm my life has not been the same since I have been using the prayer points and everything you shared on your site. May the Lord continue to be with you.

      Many thanks.

      • Hi abbey

        It is a blessing for me to hear that the prayer helped you. May God bless you and keep you under his wing of protection.

    • me and my family have read your prayers and we are very excited that we have read them and we have been attacked by witchcraft for many years and have suffered from health, financial, job, money problems and we are trying to stop these problems and we need your prayers for our family.

      • Hi Everyone,

        I will be glad to pray for you. I just put you on my prayer list.

        when do you not know what to say…even the simple prayer…..

        “Help me Jesus, thank you Jesus” will work.

        Keep in touch. I guess you can see others have the same problem. So do not feel alone.

        • Hi Everyone,

          My name is Karen just saw this site and the powerful prayer. My husband walked out nine years ago because of witchcraft. The lady even tried against my life. I am seeing God working in him now. Can you please pray this prayer for me and my husband. His name is Mervyn B*.

          • HI Karen,

            I have put you on my prayer list.

            You have to fight back on 2 levels:
            1. spiritually through prayer, which is what you are doing
            2. physically, through actions taken .

            see this post


          • Karen,

            You can help him by doing the following:

            The enemy has his mind captive right now because of his involvement in the occult. He cannot think for himself and repent which will help set him free. So you can do it for him. Follow the following:

            1) Accept Jesus into your life if you have not already done so by going to get baptized in a Christian Church (Not catholic) by a pastor not a priest.

            2) Repent for 5-10 minutes for the rebellion in your life from all the previous sin. Do this for as many sins as you can remember. Later GOD will show you through dreams the other sins you need to get healing in.

            3) After each repentance, plead the blood of Jesus over the sin by saying. I plead the blood of Jesus over the sin of _______.

            4) Then ask GOD to shine the glory light of Jesus upon the soul wound created because of the sin. Say Shine the glory light of Jesus over the soul wound of __________ sin. Keep on saying this until you feel a release from GOD.

            5) Ask GOD to show you in dreams all the sins you must do this for until your soul is healed.

            When we get baptized of the holy spirit, we get a new spirit but not a new soul. The reason why people cannot more forward is because they need to get their soul healed by the above process. Once you are healed completely you can repent for your husbands rebellion and ask GOD to give him the gift of repentance so he can choose on his own.

            If you don’t have a Bible already, get one and read a part daily.

            1 Samuel 15:23 (King James Version)
            For rebellion [is as] the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness [is as] iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from [being] king.

            In the Bible it states that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. That means that when we rebel against GOD by our sin, it gives the demonic legal right to torment us with the spirit of witchcraft. The spirit of witchcraft controls the mind. It will make you believe things that are not true and take your mind captive. You can free him after you are healed yourself. Satan cannot be in many places at once so he assigns Kings or leaders to do his work for him throughout the world. Only GOD can be in many places at one time. There is a King over witchcraft and his name is King Balak and King Agag. Once you are healed you can command them off of you in the name of Jesus and then command them off of your husband.

            Let me know how this works for you, it has helped me greatly.

            GOD Bless


    • My Name is Angela,almost four months ago my husband Alvaro walked out without notice I was fired from my car broke,something came crashing in through my front kitchen window,my washing machine broke,I would find big big brown ugly looking dead birds on my lawn I went into stress,depressing about a month ago I found out my husband had moved in with this women name vicky.we been married for almost 6yrs this October,25 09,
      my husband meet her about a year ago so i found out through my sister-in law this women told me she would not have anything to do with my husband until he left me this women practices witchcraft.she told me i was not going to have my husband back because he belongs to her. last month my husband came on the 13th of august that was the first time i had seen him since the day he left me may 21,09.two days prior i smoked the home with sage my husband was stalling from coming in the home i took his hand brought him in the home my husband keeped asking me what that smell was i asked him what smell he said it was a smell he could not stand my husband looked confused he told me he needed help because he had these horrible headaches,diharia ,he wasent sleeping well he asked me if i knew someone he could go to get help he told me he didn’t like this women her lifestyle,my husband told me like he forgot the road to my home and he would not think of me and our,son he had no desire to be with me anymore,then he would hold me tell me he loved me calling me his wife then he would be a different man as if someone was controlling him he was going to stay night with me he laid on the couch looking up at the ceiling like he was in a tranced he left he told he would call me on monday.monday came around he didnt call about two days later i got a call from his family for me to leave him alone and for me to live my life and let him live his life I send my husband a text message he text me back to leave him alone the next day he changed his number his family has turned against me please pray for me i am so confused i didn’t believe in witchcraft until my pastor confirmed it.I am so confused this women really has a hold on my husband I pray your prayer aginst witchcraft daily I pray that you pray for my husband being attacked by witchcraft he looks so helpless he looks like a puppet she has turned my husband,his family against me and my son.I love my husband very much I pray in Jesus name this witchcraft be removed I am unable to get a job I don’t know if she did something to that affect my finances,job I feel so alone can someone please help me..thank you …Angela

      • hi angela

        I wrote back to you the first time you left a request. Did you get my reply?

      • My husband changed his cell phone number I don’t know his whereabouts.I don’t know where this women lives where she is from what town she lives in. so I think she has totaly come between us.I been praying my husband calls me so I can convince him to talk to my pastor my husband knows he is under some kind of curse or witchcraft when he came over he asked me for help he knows he is under some witchcraft.thats why i am desperate to try to find,locate him.I have filed for child support he wants nothing to do with my son.I don’t know where he is working i know nothing like if he’s dropped out of this earth..I read the link for the pages you sent me thank you..

        • angela

          How can you file for child support if you do not know his location? Actually, the police can look up his SSN and trace him through his earnings. Of if he has credit cards, you can find him through his transactions.

          • when i filed for child support i gave them his employer name and address where he worked and where he lived.he was living at the dairy in a home his employer provided for him.his coworkers don’t know where he moved to so when child support sent me a letter telling me his employer had sent back the employment verification letter back stating he was no longer employed u think she is or has done or put something between us so we wont communicate or see each other?

            • hi angela

              yes…she is a witch and a trouble maker. she does not want him to pay support, so she can have all the money he makes…she is most likely a lazy woman who wants to stay home, and do nothing, and make the man pay for her…..changing jobs would be part of the plan…so the new employer is not known, and cannot be contacted for salary information.

              do you have any credit cards that you used to use, that he has now? you can trace him…also…go to the last known address, and ask neighbors

              you will have to be aggressive in this….and fight for your rights.

              • well according to his coworkers he never has money he was always borrowing money from his coworkers because she takes it she stays at home she has two kids lives on welfare.last I heard he my husband was going to work with someone else social security far as credit cards we always paid with cash he has never had a bank account nor credit cards,etc in his name everything has been in my name.I have been to his last know address its like she has sealed the guys mouth because they are not talking.I even threatened them and told them if they didnt talk I was going to call the immigration they told me they didn’t do nothing wrong to me for me to treat them like that.I have even told them that my son was ill that i needed to know where his whereabouts but no one is saying anything..I pray and pray for this women to be separated from my husband.I have called the womens cell phone she wont answer me see how things are she made my husband change his number she keeped her number the same without changing it

      • I went throught the same thing and I can tell you right now, that the onlky thing that will break her spells. is if you become born again Christian. All of her work will break when you do this. It happened to me so I am talking from personal experience, I was with someone for 3 years and in September I got baptized not only of the water, but of the holy spirit. So he lives within me now, before he didn’t so when i would pray nothing worked. Ask the holy spirit to come into your life, go to church non-stop every Sunday get together with other Christians and pray day and night. I just prayed for you to get your husband back and I will include you in my prayers for the next week. It was the only way I was able to break the spells being cast on me and it really does work.

        This prayer works really well read it in the morning and at night before you go to bed. It is a miracle prayer I was being attacked one night and I said this prayer and a white light flashed before me and the attacks stopped. But you have to do them daily. Another thing I suggest is that the moment he comes back to you. Make him throw up somehow so that what she has given him to eat to control him is released from his body and then take him to get baptized too.Hopefully he will be willing and hopefully you will be willing too. May God Bless you and let me know the progress.



        Dear Heavenly Father, I pray this prayer in the power or the Holy Spirit.

        In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind, rebuke and bring to no effect, all division, discord, disunity, strife, anger, wrath, murder, criticism, condemnation, pride, envy, jealousy, gossip, slander, evil speaking, complaining, lying, false teaching, false gifts, false manifestations, lying signs and wonders, poverty, fear of lack, fear spirits, murmuring spirits, hindering spirits, retaliatory spirits, deceiving spirits, religious spirits, occult spirits, witchcraft spirits (including Jezebel, Delilah and
        Apollyon) and spirits of antichrist.

        I bind all curses that have been spoken against me. I bless those who curse me, and pray blessings on those who despiteful use me.

        I bind all spoken judgment made against me and judgments I have made against others. I bind the power of negative words from others, and I bind and render useless all prayers not inspired by the Holy Spirit; whether psychic, soul force, witchcraft or counterfeit tongues that have been prayed against me.

        I am God’s child. I resist the devil. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I put on the whole armor of God. I take authority over this day, in Jesus’ name. Let it be prosperous for me, let me walk in your love, Lord. The Holy Spirit leads and guides me today, I discern between the righteous and the wicked.

        I take authority over Satan and all his demons, and those people who are influenced by them. I declare Satan is under my feet and remain there all day. I am the righteous of God in Christ Jesus.

        I am God’s property. Satan you are bound from my family, my mind, my body, my home and my finances.

        I confess that I am healed and whole. I flourish, I am long lived, stable, durable, incorruptible, fruitful, virtuous, full of peace, patience and love. Whatsoever I set my hand to do shall prosper, for God supplies all my needs. I have all authority over Satan, all demons, and beasts of the field. God, I pray for the ministry that you have for me. Anoint me, God, for all you have called me to do for you.

        I call forth divine appointments, open doors of opportunity, God ordained encounters and ministry positions. I claim a hedge of protection around myself, spouse and children throughout this day and night.

        I ask you God, in the name of Jesus to dispatch angels to surround me, my spouse and my children today, and to put them throughout my house and around our cars, souls and bodies. I ask angels to protect my house from any intrusion and to protect me and my family from any harmful demonic or other physical or mental attacks. I ask this prayer in the name of Jesus AMEN.

      • You can help him and yourself by doing the following:

        The enemy has his mind captive right now because of his sin and your sin. He cannot think for himself and repent which will help set him free. So you can do it for him. Follow the following:

        1) Accept Jesus into your life if you have not already done so by going to get baptized in a Christian Church (Not catholic) by a pastor not a priest.

        2) Repent for 5-10 minutes for the rebellion in your life from all the previous sin. Do this for as many sins as you can remember. Later GOD will show you through dreams the other sins you need to get healing in.

        3) After each repentance, plead the blood of Jesus over the sin by saying. I plead the blood of Jesus over the sin of _______.

        4) Then ask GOD to shine the glory light of Jesus upon the soul wound created because of the sin. Say Shine the glory light of Jesus over the soul wound of __________ sin. Keep on saying this until you feel a release from GOD.

        5) Ask GOD to show you in dreams all the sins you must do this for until your soul is healed.

        When we get baptized of the holy spirit, we get a new spirit but not a new soul. The reason why people cannot more forward is because they need to get their soul healed by the above process. Once you are healed completely you can repent for your husbands rebellion and ask GOD to give him the gift of repentance so he can choose on his own.

        If you don’t have a Bible already, get one and read a part daily.

        1 Samuel 15:23 (King James Version)
        For rebellion [is as] the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness [is as] iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from [being] king.

        In the Bible it states that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. That means that when we rebel against GOD by our sin, it gives the demonic legal right to torment us with the spirit of witchcraft. The spirit of witchcraft controls the mind. It will make you believe things that are not true and take your mind captive. You can free him after you are healed yourself. Satan cannot be in many places at once so he assigns Kings or leaders to do his work for him throughout the world. Only GOD can be in many places at one time. There is a King over witchcraft and his name is King Balak and King Agag. Once you are healed you can command them off of you in the name of Jesus and then command them off of your husband.

        Let me know how this works for you, it has helped me greatly.

        GOD Bless



    • Hello, I have a concern…I was inform from spiritual guidance that a force may be upon me, I am requesting prayers from you’s, I was told a negative force doesn not want me to be happy with a husband or partner becuase “it” want me…. but through the Grace of God I beleive it will be broken with help from prayers of other….. please pray that this will lift, I can understand why other woman are in bondage…..Thank you very very much – God Bless You!

      • dear Ms. May

        I have put you on my prayer list. I agree with you in Jesus name that this will pass. I agree that we will reverse the curse in Jesus name, and that no harm will come to you.

      • You can help him by doing the following:

        The enemy has his mind captive right now because of his involvement in the occult. He cannot think for himself and repent which will help set him free. So you can do it for him. Follow the following:

        1) Accept Jesus into your life if you have not already done so by going to get baptized in a Christian Church (Not catholic) by a pastor not a priest.

        2) Repent for 5-10 minutes for the rebellion in your life from all the previous sin. Do this for as many sins as you can remember. Later GOD will show you through dreams the other sins you need to get healing in.

        3) After each repentance, plead the blood of Jesus over the sin by saying. I plead the blood of Jesus over the sin of _______.

        4) Then ask GOD to shine the glory light of Jesus upon the soul wound created because of the sin. Say Shine the glory light of Jesus over the soul wound of __________ sin. Keep on saying this until you feel a release from GOD.

        5) Ask GOD to show you in dreams all the sins you must do this for until your soul is healed.

        When we get baptized of the holy spirit, we get a new spirit but not a new soul. The reason why people cannot more forward is because they need to get their soul healed by the above process. Once you are healed completely you can repent for your husbands rebellion and ask GOD to give him the gift of repentance so he can choose on his own.

        If you don’t have a Bible already, get one and read a part daily.

        1 Samuel 15:23 (King James Version)
        For rebellion [is as] the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness [is as] iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from [being] king.

        In the Bible it states that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. That means that when we rebel against GOD by our sin, it gives the demonic legal right to torment us with the spirit of witchcraft. The spirit of witchcraft controls the mind. It will make you believe things that are not true and take your mind captive. You can free him after you are healed yourself. Satan cannot be in many places at once so he assigns Kings or leaders to do his work for him throughout the world. Only GOD can be in many places at one time. There is a King over witchcraft and his name is King Balak and King Agag. Once you are healed you can command them off of you in the name of Jesus and then command them off of your husband.

        Let me know how this works for you, it has helped me greatly.

        GOD Bless


        • Hi Maria,

          This is a well thought out plan! I love this! 🙂

          And I never knew that about king balak and king agag….are these the “strongman” referred to in the bible when it says “bind the strongman first”?

          • Yes these are just one of the strong men. King Balak is a re-enforcer over King Agag who is over witchcraft. They will kick up dust when they know you are trying to defeat them. So first do the soul wound healing first (this may take a while, sometimes months depending how many soul wounds you have) I had a lot so it has taken me longer but I am finally seeing the light. Continue with it daily. Then you can command them to come off. When I started doing this I would feel light headed and almost fainted from their attacks because I did not do the healing first. If you still have soul wounds they attach to them and can torment you even more. So be sure you are completely healed first. It really does work, over time. I am being freed from 7 years of voodoo control over my life and I am still not done yet.

    • hi, this is an awsome prayer, can i please ask for prayer for my wife and i as there was something sent to destroy our Marriage and its affecting my wife more then me, i need my wife back the way she was before this happened. the pastor who prayed over the phone said it was sent along time ago but because i change my religion (muslim) to being saved it looks like it is getting worst.. please pray for us (MR and MRS Rahim)

      • dear Naeem

        I have put you on my prayer list. I pray that all goes well for you, and that god protects you from any harm due to your conversion. I also pray that your wife supports you in your decision, and that you grow closer together.

        The devil always attacks those who accept Jesus, so be alert to problems, and realize that you can be victorious through these problems.

        You now have greater authority in the spirit world than the devil does, so now you need to learn to use this authority to overcome these temporary conflicts that you are having.

        The bible says first submit to God, and then resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

    • Hi, Sis. Marianne, I wish to email you directly. I am requesting prayer for me and my daughter regarding as we have been going thru much in the past and seeking God about situation in my church. Private-

      • Dear Mrs. J.

        Hit the reply button and you will get my private email. What you say then will not be posted.

      • dear Marianne, i thank GOD and the HOLY SPIRIT for bringing me to this site,
        am 39 year old male from Africa ,i have given my life to Jesus, as the first and only boy of parents.i love to serve GOD, but things are not happening the way it ought to for me, i pray and fast yet it seems a mirage, but i believe, at my age am not married,no job, i attempted school, i dropped out without my parents knowing this,even though, they thought i graduated because that was what i told them, i have confessed this to GOD .i left my home country hoping to make more money to make good living but its not working out, because the country i am in presently has no job and i have no opportunity to further my studies .How can you help me, because i need prayers, am hated my almost the people in my family because am not
        putting out my responsibility , i hate to do evil to make money because there is no blessing in it.
        please tell me the prayer i should pray, because i must go back to Africa this year to get married and carryout my responsibility towards my family members.
        God bless

        • dear Zaneme

          Do not feel discouraged.

          And do not feel like a failure in this world.

          You have not failed the world

          The world has failed you.

          In the past, it was easy to find a job, and become secure.

          The world is not a fair place to be now, and many are struggling with jobs and finances. The world system no longer has the money it used to have to pay people.

          And being single is more common now. My son is the same age as you are, and he is single also.

          Stop and think about what your talents are, and do not worry about the education, since you already quit.

          There are still positions which should match something you are able to do.

          This financial world will not last much longer, so do the best you can.

          Take any type of job you can find….it does not matter what it is.

          But more important is that you spend time with God, and seek his protection and provision for the darker days ahead.

          Remember that Elijah was fed by the birds when he had nothing, and so God can provide for you that way, when you and the rest of the world have nothing as well. Also, find other Christians and fellowship with them. Having contacts helps in this world, and spiritually as well.

          Go to the psalms, and find those prayers that fit what is in your heart. These will be your prayers.

    • I just came across this website and just read this powerful praye and I boldly anticipate a breakthrough in every area in my life. I am no stranger to what witchcraft can do and I am desperate to take back all that the enemy has stolen from me and my family. The last two years I have been hit hard by no doubt by witchcraft to the highest level I believe possible, I am exhausted and depressed at times but I keep trusting God to see me through this. Sometimes I feel alone that nobody understands, and then I come across this website and I see people talking about what I am going through also. I have helped people later on found out that they were doing wicked things to me, which is very hurtful. The enemy has come into my family and just caused division among us. My sister and I attend the same church and she has a group of friends that attend there also and in my spirit I feel that they are some of the division with us, but she won’t even listen to me, she tells them all her personal business and then when things go bad she calls me only when she needs prayer not them. I keep telling her that she has to humble herself to God, but she always gets angry sometimes I feel that she might be involved with mystical things out of the will of God to try to help herself because when she comes to my house it is like a storm in my home for a day or two. I don’t know if I should just stop praying with her or even dealing with her until she really surrenders her life to Christ and leave these friends alone. I don’t want to seem holier than thou, I just want to do what is right in God’s eye’s with no distractions. Please pray for me and any advice is truly appreciated. God Bless

      • hi Sandy

        I have put you on my prayer list. I will agree with you that your sister’s eyes be opened, and that any mind blinding spirit is removed, in Jesus name.

        Do your best, and then relax. Sometimes it is not our efforts that will work on someone. Sometimes, only God can reach someone. So just pray, and trust, and wait.

    • please pray for me I am being stalked and harassed by a woman who was a personnel director where I worked as a substitute teacher and she seems to have a murderous spirit in her but I am also upset because I never got a job here I was wrongfully accused here and it’s been very difficult for me to find a teaching job please pray for me I have to aupport myself
      thank you

      • hi Norma

        I have put you on my prayer list for a job and your personal safety. Can you report this woman to the police for stalking and harassment?

    • I am very concerned for the man that I love. I have seeked advice from others that have told me that he hasnt let go of the past, that a woman has done some evil things so that he will stay confused. Some of them wanted to do some candle burning and I am not into that. Quite frankly it kinda freaked me out. I begin praying immediately. I have put our names on many pray lists and then I found this prayer. I have seen changes in the last 2 weeks. There is a picture of a female in a collage in his apartment. Im not sure is that is the same one that I was warned about. I know that he loves me, but he does not want to be hurt like he was before. Please I need all the (positive)help I can get.

    • I came upon this website by accident because I was so desperate. I’ve been attacked by witchcraft for the past sixteen years and counting and didn’t know how to fight back where I can defeat all the forms of witchcraft sent to me. I have been defeated in almost all areas of myself – emotionally, financially, spiritually and especially socially.

      I am now on the verge of homelessness since I have been jobless since last October. Every interview that I’ve gone on in the last seven months have been met in failure. On top of that my mother and I have been separated due to finance. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s because of witchcraft. My circumstance is definitely not normal and I know my father’s associates and his first family (my step family) is a result. They have sent a curse upon not only me but my entire family including my mother to have us defeated in a areas of our lives. But I have hope. I’ve said this prayer everyday since I came upon it a week ago and I feel spiritually determined and stronger to break the cycle of unnatural poverty in my life. However I need help. I’m asking like minded individuals to please keep me in a word of prayer. I believe a difference will be made if there are prayer partners on my side.

      • hi Natalie

        I will agree with you in prayer against whatever is holding you back.

        I plead the blood of Jesus over you, and bind all spirits in his name. I pray blessings over you where there were curses before.

        May the presence, protection and provision of God go with you wherever you go, and give you favor in the eyes of others, to your welfare and benefit.

        god bless you! I wish you the best on your job search, and that the waiting you have gone through will pay off with the best job.

        • Thank you Mariane. I am deeply touched. You will not believe the tremendous sense of comfort you have just given me. I sent you an email.

    • Please pray for me. My boyfriend maxim and his family are atheist and deny god. He does not believe in marriage and god scares him. He comes closed to god and then falls away in fear resulting in destroying our relationship and his life with no direction. Please pray all the witchcraft and beliefs are rebuked to save him and our relationship. Thank you…Rhea

    • God is good, I have been married for 13 years to my high school sweetheart and I was prophetized to about witchcraft being over my marriage. I have broken out with a rare skin disorder, but since, I have been baptized and trying to pray off all spells and strong holds against my marriage..please pray for my family. Pray that my husband and I will be delivered from this unGodly act. God Bless.

      • dear Mrs Chenel

        DO you know who the witch is? It would help to confront her and tell her you will not tolerate her evil.

        If you don’t know who it is, I would suspect the one who prophesied over you. Avoid them.

        Plead the blood of Jesus over you and your husband , and rebuke and bind all spirits in Jesus name.

        Announce out loud ( so any spirits can hear you) that they must leave due to the authority of Jesus who lives within you, that you are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb of god, and you reject all curses in Jesus name.

        Pray the prayer on this page or modify it so it fits your situation. I will agree with you in prayer.

        • dear Mrs Chenel

          DO you know who the witch is? It would help to confront her and tell her you will not tolerate her evil.

          If you don’t know who it is, I would suspect the one who prophesied over you. Avoid them.

          Plead the blood of Jesus over you and your husband , and rebuke and bind all spirits in Jesus name.

          Announce out loud ( so any spirits can hear you) that they must leave due to the authority of Jesus who lives within you, that you are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb of god, and you reject all curses in Jesus name.

          Pray the prayer on this page or modify it so it fits your situation. I will agree with you in prayer.

          Something to think about also….if you have had a happy marriage, the curse did not work.

    • Awesome prayer!! Please keep my Sister and brother n law & children in your prayers as well as the church they pastor. The spirit of jezebel is prominent in the pastor my brother n law.
      My sister has had the ahab spirit in this. Their marriage is hanging in the balance as well their family and the church. It has been prophesied and confirmed that God will move through me to get rid of this thing and I am waiting for fellow warriors. Pray for me to be ready and not to move on it until the Lord says to. The one afflicted says he is ready for it to be gone but I heard the Lord say he is not ready. Right now things are all about him and he’s liking it….this thing. He doesn’t grasp anything beyond himself and uses what God is saying to his own advantage. Just because he says he is ready for the thing to be gone doesn’t make that so. It’s in God’s timing. This thing is still trying to control.

      • hi Cindy

        I will agree with you in prayer. I have put your request on my prayer list.

        They should not be pastors with this spirit. It destroys the church.

    • The spirit of God is on this site. I am a housekeeper for a very wealthy family and for years, I suspected that they were satanist. Two nights ago, i was just mediating and about 2 am I heard the mother or the toddler who is 4 years, calling my name. I remained silent, then in the spirit they started packing leaves around me. I cried out blood of Jesus and all this ceased. Pray that they will be saved and pray that God will place me in a different job.

      • hi Agnes

        This sounds like a bad place to work. Maybe you should consider a different employer. in the meantime, I have put you on my prayer list. I agree with you in prayer that all this stop and the family gets saved, in Jesus name.

    • Hi I need you to pray for me. I believe there is witch craft some where in my home on my children and myself also possibly on my exhusband. He was a big time cheater and always in other womens houses. One of those put somethng on him and he hated his children and me. He does not remember the things he does to them or me. All men seem too hate me, they are interested but before I can get to know them they are treating me cruel and I only date the best guys who have something and are descent and educated. I am scared for my boys and myself. Every opportunity we have gotten has failed my sons act if they are under curses. Also they have mental problems now. Please Please PLease Please help me release these all these spells. I can’t take it any more. I am a good person but everyone seems to hate being around me. I feel so much anger all the time. Every job I have gotten I loose basically for no reason. It lot more than this is happening.

    • Hi Marianne

      please would you add me to your prayer list. I have just prayed the above prayer for myself and family (children & grandchildren). I believe a Jehu is needed in my family. I believe abandonment issues play a big part along with my mother teaching my daughter that men are just for sex and should not be trusted. As I became a new Christian 9yrs ago, my eldest daughter rebelled & followed her brother who was also rebellious. I did my best as a lone mother, made mistakes and became a Christian. When my daughter rebelled, my mother stepped in although I was seeking other support. I didn’t want my daughter to be with my mother but I allowed her to go for a short break as we had been through a rough time. At the end of the break, my was daughter was even more diificult to handle.

      In the end, as I received no other support & against my wishes my daughter went to live with my mother at the age of 14. She will be 20 in November. Since living with my mother & returning near home, her hate for me is pure.
      I’ve tried for the past year that she’s been back to deal with this behaviour. The way she speaks to me is the same way my mother used to speak to me. I’ve tried to make ammends with my mother even after all the hurt she caused & she doesn’t want to know. The only time she wanted to know was when I was getting on with my daughter.

      I really believe this is a jezebel spirit, which in fact my daughter, before having her baby believed she had. She has even told her step sister, who is not my daugter that she has the jezebel spirit & attacks me whenever she can. She has turned muslim & attacked me as I said I wouldn’t be eating halal meat. She verbally attacked me with the knife in her hand, told me to get out of her house & called the police to get me out. I have gone through so much, yesterday the incident was witnessed, normally it is usually my youngest daughter witnessing this behaviour. All I’ve done till now is step back for a while & pray. As soon as we’re back in contact though it happens again. I did shout back, although I know that was probably not God’s way as I looked like I was then the problem. My prayer for myself is to be completely Christlike. That is the only way I will get through this & of course with God’s divine intervention. I asked my son who was there, why didn’t he say something & he said he’s not getting involved. He stood back some time ago whilst her boyfriend beat her up & I asked the question then, why didn’t you do something? My son however is not completely passive, he has a violent streak also. They have both had encounters with God but because of the cares of the world, they walked away. I believe God has them in the palm of His hand. Thank you for this site & for the prayer above. I pray God will send us all a Jehu.

      Thank you again Marianne.

      • hi angela

        This is a common problem with single moms. no father to take authority and discipline the children. Your mom is the source of the Jezebel spirit. Your son is passive aggressive and this is the result of feeling that domination. He resents it and hates it, but submits.

        at this point, your best option is to stand up aggressively (not negatively) to all jezebel manifestations from your mom and your daughter. Explain what is going on spiritually to your other daughter. Explain to her that this is sin, rebellion and witchcraft, and that you are praying to Jesus for assistance, but it might take awhile, because the jezebels do not want to repent.

        as for your son, be assertive with him as well. He is submitting to the most aggressive player in this scenario.

        Go to the search box at the top of this page, and type in jezebel…it will bring up other pages on jezebels….read and get informed….there is some practical advice as well, Read that so I don’t have to repeat it all here.

        expect a huge fight and resistance from jezebels. but do not relent against them. They are full of the devil and you need to tell them that.

        then tell them you are under the blood of jesus, they cannot hurt you, and they are going to hell… especially the brat that thinks she is a muslim now. Allah is not going to save her from hell, no matter what kind of meat she eats.

        then tell them all you are praying for them and will not give into them.

        i have put you on my prayer list, and I will agree with you in prayer.

        in the meantime, find a local male friend who is really a man, not a wimp, and get his support, if you can find one….try local social groups or churches…or neighbors…and where is your dad in all this?

        • Thanks Marianne, I have sent you a private email. I appreciate what you do here & thank you for adding me to your prayer list. Praise & glory to God for the wisdom He’s given to you.

    • I never took witchcraft seriously, I mean, I only half-way believed in it, never imagined it coul have had a grip over my life the way it has these last 6 or so years (I could write a book). I started receiving signs from the God/angels that there was a serious war waged against me and that I needed to wake up from my slumber. I was so terribly infested with all kinds of nasty sprits that they would even make me forget the warning and go back to “regular” life. When I did try to fight, I had absolutely no will to do anything spiritual that would help me. It was like pulling teeth to get me pray or meditate, etc. then my thoughts would get confused so I don’t know what to say.
      Hearning “have faith” is no consulation at the time because you do not always see the results of your effotrts so you are in a continual cycle of trying then frustration. If you are like me you are porbably weary of hearing people say that but you have to keep fighting. I/my circusmtances are much improved but I am still attacked from time to time. Thank God steadily with less frequency. This is not a simple battle, but you are guaranteed success if you don’t give in. (I feel this right now but believe me, I could go downhill and my mind turned from that by this afternoon) It’s ok though because I will keep getting back in the fight.

      I declare that everyone who vistits this page will be set free from witchraft and have everything that was stolen from then returned. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

    • I am so thankful for this prayer! I know that there is an evil spirit that has invaded my life and the lives of those I am close to. Just one example, I tried to print this prayer so that I could pray each and every day this prayer. After 4 times trying to print this , I was determined to pray this prayer and I did so as it appeared here online. After saying the prayer twice out loud , I tried to print it out again. It printed! Make no mistake, there are no printer issues. It’s like the negative energy, the devil or evil spirits did not want me to have this available, but GOD did!
      My life, my children and their lives, my mother and sisters have been plagued with negativity. From, financial destruction, addiction, medical issues and depression…we have all been “cursed” so to speak. I know that GOD will remove the negativity from our world. Honestly, I have never prayed for it like I have today! I know that HE hears my prayer and feels my pain! I surrender it all to GOD! Jesus take the wheel! Have a blessed day! Paula

      • hi Paula

        the devil is a liar. and he is obstructive too. I am glad to hear your overcame the printer issue. It is good to hear that the devil is THAT scared of you saying that prayer. So it must be effective.

        May God bring you to a quick reversal of circumstances. start praying blessings over you to cancel the curses.

    • I have been praying the prayer to break w/c.. my husband met a lady 3 years ago and she introduce him in to going to palm readers and w/c my husband has always been a man that believes in God.. This woman was trying 3years ago to make my husband believe I was the enemy so my husband came home one day and said he wants to take me some where and so I said ok we went to this house and we wad sitting down I had no idea where we were at this man comes out from the back room and he had all my info already so he started talking to me about my life and started telling my husband she doesn’t work any w/c that she has a gift from God and in order to develop it she needs to read and pray more get closer to God.. so now last year 2010 I got pregnant with our 4th child and my husband accused me of working w/c on him when he came to Florida to do a show and told me he wasn’t come back home so I came to Florida to see what he was talking about.. He became very upset I was here he was back talking and dealing with the lady so he takes me to this other house and this lady said he works w/c on me and I worked w/c on him when I have never worked nothing on no one I believe in Jesus Christ.. so he got upset and said the lady is lying.. but this lady came over to his mothers home trying to fight me and I’m 4months pregnant my husband mother told the police to make her leave her house and never come back. So we went home and he started telling me everything How she started him to smoking drugs and she sells drugs for a living and they had him bathing in honey and lighting candles we also have a daughter that has developmental delay he was taking she had him taking her to different people and praying over them to get money..So we moved back here to Florida in august me being 5months pregnant lord y did we do that my husband left me after having our baby threw c-section DNA testing the baby the baby being 3 days old and the test came back his baby.

    • Hello I’m Tolisha my family has been destroyed ny w/c my husband met a women who introduce him to palm readers and witch doctors.. This woman tried to make my husband believe that I was his enemy mind you me and my husband has been together for 10 years and my husband has always been a man of God who believes and trusts in God.. my husband is a money driven person who is in the entertainment business.. my husband comes home and said he wants to take me some where so we go to this house and a man comes from the back and sits down he has all my info and he starts telling me about my life and telling my husband that i don’t work w/c that I have a gift from God and that I need to start reading and praying more so it can be develop.he then said I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t sleeping with the enemy. So I got pregnant with our 4th child now and my husband DNA tested the baby and walks out and leaves me after having a c-section leaving me with the children to take care of the children and the newborn baby by my self saying I worked witch craft on him and I want him dead that I didn’t do it I had someone to do it.. so I’m here in Florida with no family and no help and he moves in with the lady who is selling drugs for a living and now has my husband smoking weed lighting candles bathing in honey and God nos what else.. my husbands mind seems to come and go in his mind he told me about the honey th candles and all one min he loves me and the next he hates me.. He slapped me in the face in April then He filed for divorce now with the courts. my baby is 9months old now I have been unable to find s job he want help me only buy things for the children.. the lady has been arrested 9times for drugs.. she is haitians and her father was this big w/c worker. I have been praying that God removes her from our life and help my husband.. my husband had never disrespected his mother in his life he just cursed his mother the other day for the first time ever..every time I try to keep this off my mine it keeps coming back and he keep coming in and out love me hate me I want allow our children to be around the girl so we are fighting now. His mother don’t want the girl around her house so he’s fighting his mother.. I just pray God steps in and destroy the witch craft.. I have desided not to talk to him at all no text or nothing I’m fasting now when he comes to get the children give them to him and go.. I have been homeless but God made away he always does.. He will come threw for me and my children.

      • hi tolisha

        I will put your husband on my prayer list, but until he gets straightened out, avoid him as much as possible. When you do see him, tell him he is under a witchcraft spell. He may not believe you, but you are telling him, and hopefully, someday soon he will believe it, and try to get away.

        Say the prayer on this page every day.

    • I feel my marriage is in trouble it. My husband is a hard working man with a good heart. He says he loves me, but he wants to be so controlling it’s driving me crazy. God connected me to a very powerful family of anoited sisters. We bonded and they really care for me but it seems that my husband has a problem with me being around them. My husbands family is very jealous of him and I feel they do things to hurt our marriage and our finances. I had beautiful hair and for whatever the reason I was prophiesied to that it was a work of witchcraft. I feel I will never have peace or happiness. Help me please I believe in the power of prayer.

      • hi candi

        You will have to stick up for yourself more. you need your friends and your space.

        Unless your husband’s family lives with you, I would tell them that your appreciate their desire to help, but it would be best if you and your husband worked things out by yourselves.

        I will put you on my prayer list for the strengthening of your marriage.

    • Please pray for my husband. His mother was involved in witchcraft and may still be. My husband is being strongly pulled and controlled by his mother. She lured him to leave our home 6 months ago. Everytime he comes close to coming home, he gets doubts and deceived and runs further from the Lord. When we were married he was saved, since then he was guilted by his mother that he was leaving his family behind. Soon he talked to her several times a day and he began confiding in her about any marriage issues we had. She was not going to come to our wedding and her spirit has never agreed with me. My husband seems to have fully back slidden and I am concerned for his soul, our marriage and our family if this generational/ soul ties are not broken from his life. I continue to intercede and am learning more each day about spiritual warfare. Please pray with me and any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

      • hi Michelle

        I will put your husband on my prayer list. He is manifesting an ahab spirit, which is a weak passive nature which encourages the jezebel spirit. His mom is the dominating type, and he submits to her. This takes honoring a parent to a pathological level, which is not normal.

        In this type of case, you need to be very assertive, and block contacts with the mother, until she can learn to respect you. The jezebel respects power and control, and the more aggressive you are, the more she will respect you. Also the ahab will go with whichever woman is the most aggressive.

        You need to get in your husbands face and tell him to rediscover his male hormones and snap out of his diaper phase with his mother. He is married to you now, and while he can show respect for his mother, his mother is over the line and you will not tolerate it. You are not going to get pushed around by a dominating mother. Tell him to grow up and be a man, not a mouse.

        You also need to confront the spirits head on. Tell your mother in law she is an interfering jezebel, and tell your husband he has a weak passive ahab spirit and he and his mother need deliverance. He needs to repent for the way he has treated you, and so does she. Since she is all in your business, get in hers, and let her experience what it feels like.

        You do not have to be sneaky or nasty like her, but you do have to stick up for yourself.

        • Thank you Marianne. I have said to him that he is allowing his mother to destroy our marriage and he needs to have healthy boundaries. However, thus far she has manipulated him by telling him he is right about everything I am wrong and he will flat out tell me that his mother gave birth to him and he will not choose me over his mother. He recently told me our marriage was over because of the issues between his family. He will go back and forth and say he told his mom he is his own man and loves his family but, then if any dissagreement in our marriage comes about he will go back to his mother and say it will not work to me. Do to the separation it makes it that much more difficult for him to be connected to me. He is working out of town with a construction company but, when he is off, lives with her. She is not married and thus basically seems to want him to be her husband. I believe she is still involved with witchcraft. I have not had any contact with her in probablly 8 months or more. Thank you for the information and prayers.

          • hi Michelle

            The issues he mentioned occurred because he allowed them to develop.

            He has to learn to love his mother but not let him control him with her manipulation and interference.

            Maybe you need to get someone else involved that he will listen to better.

    • Please pray for me

      I feel that some has put witch craft on me there is a evil spirit surrounding me that i cannot prosper with a job,money or love. the present is on my bed i cannot sleep,several times while i was sleep it try to have sex with me rubbing and trying to enter me i woke up and cross my legs and started saying the lord prayer it was a black haze it finally release me. I now sleep with my bible on my bed and pray to god and my angels to protect me .

      • hi Dilcie

        I am putting you on my prayer list. there is a reason why that spirit is there. either it is a curse imposed on you, or there is a sin you have not repented of.

        so first, repent, and stop any sins and turn your heart over to jesus.

        Then speak to the spirit, and cover yourself with the blood of jesus, and tell it to leave, that it has no authority over you, and has to leave.

        this may not be easy or quick.

        but you need to start now… patient……some spirits are stubborn and don’t want to leave.

    • I just want to say Thank You for posting this awesome prayer. I felt so lite with a fast heart beat. For as long as I can remember, I always felt afflicted by a curse. I was always told that a lite skinned woman put this on me. I have never fitted it with my immediate family members growing up, let alone having attention and I was a good kid who never caused trouble. As an adult, I feel as though all of this has been carried with me. My finances are never in order,and I’m a cautious spender. I have a lawsuit that was suppose to come in favor for me, it never did, I was a hard worker on a job and never received the next level. Others that slacked and talked back to mgr. did. On top off that, when the company transitioned, I lost my job! I have to laugh sometimes to keep from crying. Is there anything else that I can do. I love GOD and JESUS with all my heart and I fear them both. I just want to feel at ease. I’m a very good person, I just don’t understand the heartaches.

    • Please Please pray for me. I am an adult female and as long as as can remember, I’ve felt cursed. As a child I was rejected a lot from my family. I pray quite often and no changes. I am a good person. I don’t understand what’s wrong. I can pray for other people and good changes come to them. When I do it for myself, nothing. Will you help me ? Thank you for posted that awesome prayer.

      • dear scherry

        Your family does not sound too supportive, if they thought they knew what happened, and did not pray to have this removed. they were also rejecting. The best way for this to continue is to be passive about it. You are taking the right steps to stop all this negativity on your life.

        The spirit world is more “real” than the physical one. What we say or think , or what others say or think about us, has a greater impact than much of what we do. this is why we can do all the right things, and still nothing is a success.

        I have put you on my prayer list. Print out the prayer on this page and say it every day.

        Also…..important…..pray that blessings from God REPLACE the curses put upon you, in Jesus name.

        AND…..when you encounter people, view them as those who will bless and accept you…..this is to cancel out any negative spirit on you ……..

        also.. try to find some friends who will support you in prayer…you need positive people around you.


      • dear shay

        Talk to your classmate and tell him what you think. Ask him if he is doing any revenge, and if he is, to stop it. Tell him you are covering yourself with the blood of Jesus for his protection and blessings. He needs to accept your decision, and move on with his life.

    • dear scherry,
      I and my husband has been the victim of domonic forces for years i have also lost a child due to this now my life is in termoil im tierd and ready to give up i lost my job dont have any money and constaly being attack in my home by negative forces and energy please pray for me and my family i fear the worst

      • dear takia

        Are you and your husband saved? Do you know Jesus as your personal savior?

        If so, plead the blood of Jesus over you, and tell the ghosts to leave you in the name of Jesus.

        Keep doing this until they are gone. Be patient.

        Also, print out the prayer on this page, modify it to fit your situation and say it every day over you.

        I am putting you on my prayer list, and I will agree with you in prayer.

        If you are not saved, and do not know Jesus, this needs to happen first, so let me know.

    • Everyone please pray for me and for the witchcraft and evil spirits to be destroyed please! Thanx Sincerely Lawanda

    • Marianne, I wanted to share a very scary fact in my life. I was 2 years (now just on and off) with a married man, we fell deeply in love. His wife found out and realized that our love was not only physical, but our souls. She went to her church and spoke with a father who advised her to leave us be and move on. Lucia’s marriage to Demetrio was a sham, she married him for papers. They have two beautiful children that i love so much as he loved my two girls. He begged her to leave us alone that he loved me and that he could finaly be happy, i gave him strength to visit and form a relationship with his oldest daughter, whom Lucia would never accept! He finally returned to her and left me, he became another person! Durning the last month together we were blessed with a daughter. Our baby Sophie, who has only seen her dad 4 times, she is 10months. I found out that lucia payed a large sum to hex me and Demetrio and our Love child. Demetrio and i are soulmates, I know that God wants us to be together. Thankyou for your site!.. now i can pray him and our family. I pray that her evil spell be broken so that he can love again. Please pray for me, Demetrio, and our Sophie. Pleas help me pray.

    • This is what i needed, My marriage have been under attack, my husband walk away, from his family leaving his son who is 1yrs since 2010, met his son once, he never gave an explaination why he left, so thanks for this prayer and i am asking everyone to come in agreement with me to pray for marriages that are coming under attack and breaking families apart.

    • Thanks for posting up such a powerful prayers to help when you know there is something wrong but just don’t know exactly what you should pray..

    • i really need a prayer wherein my family will be protected against evil..please include me and family in your prayers

      • dear des

        I am adding you and your family to my prayer list for protection against evil.

        Say the prayer on this page, and I will agree with you in Jesus name.

    • Dear Marianne, It has only been now that I have been spiritually guided to discover your site because I was looking for “signs for the end times.” I discovered that all the torment and abuse I am experiencing now was because my husband has the Jezebel spirit in him. All the signs lead to his character and personality. Also, he is into mind control. I am physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually abused by my husband. To top it all, he has so much hate for my parents too. I am in layers of problems right now and I am down to zero. It seems luck has not been with me these past months. I am financially zero and everything is out of control. As if cursed. My only weapon is my faith and trust in the Good Lord that He is up for something big in my life that is why I have to go through all of this. I am begging for your prayers that the Light of the Lord shower upon me, my daughter and my parents and that protection and all curses inflicted on me and my daughter and parents be lifted in Jesus name. I am urgently begging for you help to pray for me. As in right now. In Jesus name. I pray for a miracle.

      • dear sweetmunyi

        I am asking the logical questions. Why don’t you leave him and go to your parents? Are they supportive of you? do you have any friends who will support you against your husband? Are there any christian churches around you that you can seek for help?

        there is strength in numbers. you need a support system, and someone to stand up for you, face to face, with your jezebel husband.

        I am putting you on my prayer list, but you have to seek safety if he is hurting you. You are not obligated to stay with him, and you can always pray for him at a distance, for safety reasons.

    • Thank you for all the privacy and discretion and protection of all…Thank you for this prayer ..Holy spirit help what to think what to say..what to read..what to write..our companion….I found this prayer…and I share with the priests..and pastors…and other people….here is some more…Here is a powerful blessing from Jesus: Blessing in the Divine Will. It may be applied to yourself, to someone near you…or by raising your hand in the direction of the faithful whom you wish to bless…begin:
      +In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen
      I want to bless you (namemy dear people my spouse my children you and you…and all my dear ones….suprises them lord you are the best daddy..please), with the same blessing Jesus Blessed His Mother Mary,( before He left to be taken at Gethsemane) (His Passion) Through the intercession of Blessed Mary, Mama, and Queen of the Divine Will, I bless you to imprint the triple seal of the Three Divine Persons.
      This blessing in the Name of the Father + communicates and imprints in your will, the seal of His Power, restoring Him as sovereign of all, in the name of the Son Jesus + communicates and imprints in your intelligence, the seal of His Wisdom, in the name of the Holy Spirit + the seal of His Love. Restoring the strength of your body and soul, may you be healed from all spiritual and corporal sickness, and may your soul be enriched and embellished with all goodness and virtue, to protect and defend you against the devil, the world and the flesh for and family all…… Together with Jesus, bless all things created by Him, so you can receive them blesses by Him.
      I bless the light, the air, the water, the fire, the food and all things so you can be covered with all blessings. Together with Jesus, I bless your heart +, your mind, your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mouth, your hands, your feet, your body, your organs, your breathing, your movement and your whole being.
      I bless you to help you. I bless you to defend you. I bless you to forgive you. I bless you to free you from all evil. I bless you to console you. I bless you to make you holy, and I bless you in the name of the Father + and of the Son+ and of the Holy Spirit +.

      Please purify me, Lord, mold me, fill me with yourself, use me.

      Banish all forces of evil from me, destroy them, vanquiah them, so that I can be healthy and do good deeds.

      Banish from me all spells, witchcraft, black magic, malefice, ties, maledictions, and the evil eye; diabolical infestations, oppressions, possessions; all that is evil and sinful, jealousy, perfidy, envy; physical, psychological, moral, spiritual, diabolical ailments.

      Burn all these evils in hell , that they may never again touch me or any other creature in the entire world.

      I command and bid all the powers who molest me – by the power of God all powerful, in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior, through the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary – to leave me forever, and to be consigned into the everlasting hell, where they will be bound by Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael, our guardian angels, and where they will be crushed under the heel of the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

      In Jesus’ name, Father, I ask to be redeemed and cleansed from all evil curses, incantations, dedications, spells, pacts, and familiar spirits passed on to me from my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, ancestors, relatives, or any other person.

      In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I rebuke all spells, hexes, curses, voodoo practices, witchcraft, satanic rituals, incantations and evil wishes that have been sent _______’s way, or have passed down the generational bloodline. I take authority over all of them and command that they go back where they came from and be replaced with a blessing.

      In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, , and powerful in the holy authority of His Precious and Wondrous Name, We ask, O Lord God, that you break and dissolve any and all curses, hexes, spells, seals, satanic vows and pacts, spiritual bondings and soul ties with satanic forces, evil wishes, evil desires, hereditary seals, snares, traps, lies, obstacles, deceptions, diversions, spiritual influences, and every dysfunction and disease from any source.


      In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I plead the precious uncorruptable blood of Jesus over myself and my family and everything that belongs to us. I ask for giant warrior Angels to be loosed from Heaven to surround and protect us. As your war club and weapons of war I break down, undamn, and blow up all walls of protection around all witches, warlocks, wizards, satanists, and the like, and I break the power of all curses, hexes, vexes, spells, charms, fetishes, physic prayers, physic thought, all witchcraft, sorcery, magic, voodoo, all mind control, jinxes, potions, bewitchments, death, destruction, sickness, pain, torment, physic power, physic warfare, prayer chains, and everything else being sent my way or my family members way, and I return it and the demons to the senders right now!, SEVENFOLD, and I BIND it to them by the blood of Jesus!

      Father, I pray that these lost souls will find the light of your son Jesus.. Their own snares and traps have been set against themselves.. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I now loose them from all mindcontrol of Satan!.. Father I also ask that you Bind the Holy Spirit to there hearts as a guide to your son Jesus.. So they may be set free from the bondages of Satan.

      In Jesus name I pray..


      Prayers Against Retaliation from The Power of Evil
      I cover myself with the Blood of Jesus Christ. I soak my family, my relations, my house, my office, my food, my money, my friends and well-wishers with the powerful Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

      I cover the whole air, the whole land and the whole sea with the Blood of Jesus Christ. Satan, it is written in Revelation 12 “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony”, I use the Blood of Jesus to cover me now.

      In Jesus Name, I break every power of darkness that has entangled me. I destroy all the web of Satan against me. I loose myself from all the powers of darkness against me.

      In Jesus name, I destroy and nullify all the curses, covenants and the initiation from Satan and his agents against me. I destroy any spell, incantations, curses, covenants, initiations and manipulation from any negative spirits.

      In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, Father, I come against all the demons that Satan has assigned to attack me spiritually or physically. It is written in the Book of Isaiah: “No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against me in judgment I shall condemn.”

      In the name of Jesus Christ, I come against all powers of darkness in the dream. I bind and cast out the demons that attack me through dreams.
      Signed, sealed and protected by God and hidden in Christ we know that nothing can separate us from God’s love, joy and peace.
      The Lord’s Prayer….

      † In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

      • protection for a family…from the visible and invislbes enemies of the family…for every husband to be the cover that god comand for his wife..the blood of Jesus cover him and his wife and children…Holy Trinity…do no let evil….steal energy from any members…stop every vampire….protect all family…please ….let not members belong to satan and servants no no…will you gave to us….le us no be a momi…mupet… never….plese protect every child…..send angels around them in home and school….protect the police,,,the goverment,,hospital…every….public and private intitution…..protect every motehr …every wife..every..son and daughter..every member…
        hipocrsy not…lies not….mind control no… jesus you pay for all freedom…in mind soul..spirit in will…is sad lord jesus to be a momi…or something like way…jesus help us to learn..growth…to have the normal prosperous..lie as you say that we propsper in all our soul prosper allelluya….all this i wish for mine and for all…letus worship you in spirit in true from teh heart….i beg you….let america to love you and to keep your laws…der jesus…please let this nation not love the…..pleae protect the babies..the unron…all….the earth and all…help us to say and stand firm you..say no to the devil and his s….

    • I have been looking for a site like this for a long time. I have been in contact with a witch. I didn’t know she was a witch and actually practiced voodoo until her family members told me and that all that was needed was just a little bit of hair or something personal. I never believed in this beforen until strange things started happening but by then it was too late. Since then I started hearing my name being called and insults hurled at me. I first thought this girl could see through my windows because she lived upstairs from me, then I thought she had cameras in my home. I have never found evidence of any of those things so I made arrangements to move. While waiting on a move out date I noticed every time I would leave my home I would come back and things would be changed around or missing. I would lay in bed and feel something like water being dripped on me, I would ignore it and start praying. I would then hear her say things and I would just pray harder and eventually drift off to sleep. I have since moved but even stranger things have happened. I have started going back to church and even talked with a few family members about this but no matter how many prayers I say it still goes on. I have already written down several prayers that I try to read out when I am going through including this one and I know that nothing is instant but I know many prayers are better than one. I know I am sinner and have repented and asked for forgiveness for my sins on a daily basis, I even pray for her . I would like to have someone else pray for me as well and ask that this voodoo,witchcraft, curse, hex, or whatever kind of spell that this girl has on me to stop.Truly humble

      • dear humble

        I will agree with you in prayer. Do not give up. this will eventually pass.

        also, be bold. Let the witch know you are covering yourself with the blood of Jesus and she is wasting her time.

        tell her also that you will continue to pray for her.

    • Marianne, Please lift up Euphrates my boyfriend of one year in your prayers for deliverance from the strongholds of witchcraft from a previous girlfriend, the holy spirit thru praying this prayer revealed serious witchcraft, manipulations, deception, incantations and spells placed on him during thier 5 years together.. we have since seperated out of the blue and were gonna be married. My heart just wants him delivered and set free. out of no where he isn’t himself.. I believe in the power of agreement, please blood bought believers agree with me for this man of God, His testimony and ministry will help deliver young men from crime, prison, hate, violence, fear, rage, abondament, drugs and loneliness. Powerful.
      Thank you fellow believers for agreeing with me..

      • dear truth

        I am adding him to my prayer list, but be sure he is willing to be free from witchcraft.

        I am sending you the prayer to print out and say each day.

    • Please pray along with me for Antoinette who is under the spell of witchcraft and that the curse be broken in her life.

    • Hi, I am grateful God led me here.
      Is there anyone from your ministry who would chat in private message with concerns I have of the Jezebel Spirit affecting my life through witchcraft from another? The person who I feel has the Jezebel spirit also professes to be a great believer of the bible-Seriously preaching the gospel. A lot of this persons character is totally what your ministry claims to look for.

    • I had an ex boyfriend who admits to being into witchcraft. I have reason to believe since we broke up he has been breaking up my relationships and recently put a curse on me, since I’ve been having biazare dreams about him. Also, someone put a curse on me years ago so nobody will love me. At least I have the Lord and he loves me!

    • I have just prayed this prayer n soo grateful to God to have found it, I really hope n pray this is the end of the loooooong struggle. Amen! Ive been out of work since 09 every single effort of mine has gone futile I also lost huge sums of money on the stock market during the recession, n those who owe me money show no signs of returning it. Both my parents are old dad 81 n mum 67 have no spiritual understanding at all though church going dad is verbally abusive n fights with people every where including pastors my mum is full of self pity and highly unteachable she thinks shez always right. My dads mother practiced witchcraft and ensure my mum is a slave to her n my dad regardless of how badly she is treated she doent open her mouth there is soo much of strife and unfaithfulness in their marriage even today. Oh therz soo much I can go on n on I need a job n healing. I really wish I had the pastor who wrote this prayer pray over me I want to be delivered from this torment today I want to be free. Amen

      • dear preeti

        You have had a very hard time. From your parents ages, I assume you are not living with them, and do not have to deal with this too close on a daily basis.

        I am sending you the prayer, and some others, that you can print out and say each day. I will pray in agreement with you.

        Let yourself heal, and put your parents in God’s hands. it is too much for you, so let him do it.

    • Please pray for my 20 year marriage brought to it’s knees by am affair. My husband was a pastor this woman was from our old church. I was warned against her years ago. My husband is far from God. He is the Ahab and she’s the jezebal. Please pray with me against these evil spirits, I want my husband back! They supposedly broke it off but she refuses to leave him alone in spite of her having a loving husband and 3 smalll kids. She continues to try and contact my husband. My husband was an amazing pastor! I miss that man. He now drinks nightly and does other things. Please pray.

      • kelly

        I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft and for strength…print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.


        combine faith with action…!

        Tell your husband what his problem is and to repent. he is supposed to be a pastor and should know about this evil….he needs to get his male hormones back and be a man, and be a husband and father again…and NOT be some jezebel’s castrated male.

        also….this woman ha a husband…contact him and tell him what is going on with his wife, and she need to STOP or you will take out a restraining order on her sorry self.

    • Hello. I am desperate. I need prayer for victory and to be able to live in self control against my carnal desires. I feel lately that I am losing my mind. My life has been consistently getting worse and worse, starting with the year 2007, to 2008 when I began to re-evaluate my belief in Jesus and prayed the third step prayer in AA in the name of Jesus. Since then it has been a back and forth struggle with my life and I feel like I hate who I am today. I am sensing that I am under some kind of intentional attack by a group of people who may hate Christians, or just have hatred to me personally. I need help!!! Please pray for me to be strong. I even experience physical sensations all of the time and it is SO confusing to me. When I get my hair cut my legs start to send out strange sparks and vibrations and I am losing my hair at the very crown of my head. I have been approached by various people who want to have threesomes with me, and married men who want to use me as a third wheel. I have been involved with a man who said he was a Christian and in fact he was a Muslim. There has been too much randomness going on and I have no peace at all. I am really scared. I have had bizarre and grotesque nightmares for about a year. There is a person in my life who is constantly messing with my head and he may be someone who is into threesomes too or just hates Christians who are not the same as he is and his group of colleagues. Please pray for me if you are indeed a true believer in Jesus…I am asking you this in His name through the power of the Holy Spirit.

      • christina

        a. get away from anyone you suspect is giving you a hard time.

        b. I am sending you the prayer against witchcraft…print it out and say it each day.

        c. plead the blood of jesus over you every day. and ask for God’s blessing to cancel out the curses.

        d. I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

        • Thank you. I may be fabricating all of this-actually I wish I was-, but something is very wrong with this, and I don’ t know how to stop being afraid all of the time and over-reacting in anger! Often when this is happening I react in fear, or in any other inappropriate reaction other than going to God for help. I am too trusting and it so often happens with the kind of people who just want to use me, or hurt me for fun…basically bullies! I keep finding myself surrounded by controlling and critical folks who love that I want so much approval. It feeds their loss of control and justifies their anger at God. They want to be around doormats like me and then resent me for having a voice. It’s like the good and evil push and pull…and the only One who knows my voice is Jesus. He knows everything I need. I am exhausted.

    • Thank you Lord for i believe in this prayer please keep me and my family safe from all evil from those who don’t want to see us happy. lord help us get past all these problems we are facing and learn to trust in you more my Lord Amen, Elizabeth

    • Thank the Lord for this prayer. I feel pulling and tugging at my body throughout the night and sometimes during the day. When I’m out at the supermarket or on the bus I feel it. This man was standing next to me once and I’m not sure if he was projecting into my body but when I felt the pulling and tugging and when I looked directly at him he walked away. Do you know what this is? I’ve asked the Lord but He has not replied.

      • lorna

        if you are feeling things like this, the other person responsible is doing it on purpose to control you.

        you have to fight back….if the person is there, tell them off, and rebuke them in the name of jesus….

        god did not create you to be someone’s slave…..tell them you are under the blood of jesus and they had better stop, or face the punishment of god….if they are a stranger, then who cares what they think!

        in the spirit, you also have to fight back…..pray….

        I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and for strength….

        print them out and say out loud each day, esp at bedtime….

        I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

    • Hi I was on this website couple years ago. I don’t know were to start I’m under curses and witch attacks for 30 years, last 10 years, one jealous { I can’t say woman or female }- unhuman monster named klieberg- is doing everything possible to destroy me and my loved ones. klieberg is also in wiccan coven then there’s more of them… I don’t have long term relationships and jobs- in next three days I have to give up one more job…I don’t look for friends I can’t take responsibility for them. They are destroying everything in my life… I tried churches, but I’m followed by these even there. Last year even in Christian conference in Leeds. Very hard to explain all this. Every morning somebody is walking to station before me or behind me. And they can change their looks in seconds. Now klieberg decide to join me in my body and head- I would have lost my mind long time ago,but years ago I read books about witchcraft and how horrible this can be…I tried to be as short as possible…
      All I know is pray and hope for God…I’m still alive…Please pray for me and my loved ones.LY

      • dear Ly

        you have my support and prayers

        you need to build yourself up spiritually, and stand on your authority as a believer against all these attacks.

        I am sending you the prayer against witchcraft and some for strength.

        print them out and say each day.

        I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

    • Hello Everyone,
      I recently came to know about this practice as there were problems between me and my husband. and my in laws inquired and got to know that someone from our own family loved ones wants me to fight get frustrated and suicide. during that short span i was like that and tried suicide several times. but every time there was some strong force stopping me. the fact remains that these ppl dont want me to be happy and are trying regularly which includes my dead aunt. i dont know wat to believe but wat i felt during that time was for real. i am a hindu married to hindu but i bilieve in jesus too. and if any of these prayers can save me and my family from such evil i will do it.
      there are several ppl in our family whom we suspect of practicing witchcraft for a few quite sure. for a few have killed our loved ones too. but we cant do anything abt it rather than saving us.
      If you can include me Rashmi in your prayers and i will pray may jesus christ and the holy lights save us all.

      • dear rashmi

        it sounds like they do not want you married to your husband.

        I hear many stories like this.

        I am sending you the prayer against witchcraft, and some for blessing and strength

        print out , and say each day….( or keep on your computer).

        I will agree with you in prayer.

    • If I could please ask that you say this prayer for me and keep my family in your thoughts! I was afflicted many years ago by an abusive boyfriend that cursed me when I finally left him. I fight this entity on a daily basis without being able to send it back or break ties with it. I am now married and have two children and I do not want them harmed by this thing. We are trying to move from the area and this thing is getting angry we are leaving. We are having much trouble being able to get our house we bought to close. Random delays appear, lots of sickness, feelings of panic out of nowhere, I’ve actually glimpsed the creature a few times, we are technically homeless as of next week because the apartment we live in will not let us stay due to new renters coming in and something keeps coming up to delay our new home! I just want away from this thing and to keep my family safe. Please pray for us that these ties can be cut and I can get my life back!

      • ashley

        first, are you saved?

        I am sending you a prayer against witchcraft and curses, and other spirits, but it works a lot better when you are saved, born again through the blood of jesus

        so I see you as either
        not saved,
        saved but do not understand spiritual warfare.

        I am sending a prayer for salvation, just in case. you can write me with questions.

        Also, I am concerned for your housing situation.

        you may need to put things in storage and rent a room while you wait, or stay with friends or family

        the prayers I am sending I recommend that both you and your husband pray them together, as scripture says that is more powerful when there is two or more gathered together in jesus name.

        I am also sending prayer for blessing.

        use the prayers as a template, and add and subtract thoughts to the prayers that fit your situation.

        print them out and say each day

        I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

        please stay in touch with me.

    • Hi Marianne, Pray for me, my marriage is in danger, there is witchcraft done on my husband and my family, my husband denies me in his life and he doesn’t believe in god, we have reached a stage where we no longer talk or even share a hello, he has hurt me miserably and has done bad things, i don’t know who really has done this to him. Please help me and help me save my marriage, I don’t want to loose him, we have a 2 year baby girl, she is the reason we are still hanging on with each other.

      • nishal

        this sounds like a very young marriage, and should not be having such problems so soon.

        I am sending you prayers against witchcraft, for strength, restoration of marriage.

        print out and say each day

        I will be in agreement with you in prayer

        tell him you are praying and I am praying for him, asking for god’s help

    • Thank you for this prayer. I have suffered for 18 years without knowing how to break this witchcraft. It has played havoc with my children’s lives, studies, relationships, marriage and work. A person who prays to Mary and sees into the future through mirror has done this. She has seen that I will replace her in her post and has done this. I hope God will avenge me for all the agony and vindicate me and release my family and restore many fold. Amen

    • we are not alone for i came here to say the same witchcraft is real all this fucking shit is real and we gotta deal with it or else it will wreck our lives keeping praying niggas lol

    • I BEG you…please pray for my husband Johnny. He and I believe someone has done witchcraft on him. He has been having an affair with a homeless woman and has been not only getting sex from her but drugs and alcohol and only God knows what else. I just found out about 3 weeks ago. I’m heartbroken! He’s a mess! I’ve believed greatly for my marriage. I need someone to please come in accord with me. I want to fight for my marriage. Please help me!

      • karina

        johnny needs to repent before he can receive deliverance. has he done this, or is he still involved with this strange woman? if she got him hooked on drugs, he will need medical help to get off.

        the homeless population covers a broad spectrum of people, from highly educated and successful who had a tragic period of misfortune, to total criminals and mentally disturbed.

        whatever this woman’s status is, she is immoral.

        your husband is either not saved or backslidden

        since there are details about this I am not sure about, since they were not given, I am sending a set of prayers for you to say each day.

        sort through them and pick out what applies to you. modify them if you need to , to make them fit your situation better. they are not written in stone, they are just guides

        I will agree with you in prayer.

        if you have a local church, ask them for prayer support….or if you do not have one, try to find one that is kind and good hearted, and get some local support for yourself.

  2. Amen
    After praying this prayer in a net cafe… just before a meeting with someone with whom i have experience a the challenge of emotional slavery and trying to steal my thought life… i FEEEl lighter physically… and have more faith to confront this person today in Jesus name having bound all the demonic spirits that may have been operating in and through him. And i believe for his deliverance as well.

  3. Dear Clinton,

    I am blessed that this has helped you. Continue on with the prayer daily. Jesus is always there for you. You are never alone with Him by your side.

    I am in agreement with you as well for all the protection you need.


    • HI marianne,
      i need some major spiritual help in my personal life as well as my family life.Now i am very helpless .My family has lost it charm and happiness that we once used to have.My brother has taken for alcohol and nothing seems free in home.All are mentally binded and no happiness seems to ovefflow.As well most important of all is my marraige. i am 34 and still unwed.My mom is getting ill thinking of me.a guy trusted and waitied for 7 years has completely changed now.i doubt if some is done withcraft on him and me,.before he was not liek this.he misunderstands and comes to dominate me even if he lies .i now can nolonger take it fromhim.But neithet i am able to decided to leave him.But i spent golden years of my life for him.Now i cannot bear to look back at my sacrifices.Please help me

      • Hi anu

        First of all, trust God in this. You are still young, and you have a future. I need to know if you are Christian or not. This will help me respond to you better.

        Write back to me through my email.

        • I am a believer in jesus.I am a hindu though.But none of the hindu practices i believed But ever since i was a child.I was damn happy that i got this guy since he is a christian.But this person is a non believer.he thinks he is a true person.I had taken him to few meetings but he never sits there even for ten minutes.
          I told him so many times that to be true and right in his ways but he never understands me.Now he is planning to leave me for no genuine reason.I only
          want him to only be the way jesus wants us to be .
          I am in confusion now as to stay with him or leave him.And if i marry a hindu i have to forget jesus.As i will be outcasted.So i am praying that this guy changes.And i believe some people are doing witchcraft against both of us so that we cannot marry and stay happily.
          I want a right decision to be taken this time.If he doesnt repent and change it will be really difficult for me to manage with this guy.

          I want jesus to change him else help me to forget him forever

          • Hi Anu,
            May the Peace of Jesus (His real name Yeshua) come upon you.
            First of all, I admire your courage to believe in Jesus. However, there are millions of Hindus who believe in Jesus but they do not follow in His ways. To follow in His ways is to not only read but study the Bible every day and do what He did which you will understand as you keep studying. At first the Bible may seem difficult to you – but not so, because the God of the Bible is a living God and when you call upon Him, He will help you. So the first thing to do is get yourself a good Bible. I can suggest one if you like “COMPLETE JEWISH BIBLE” By David H. Stern. This Bible is written in simple English that is easy to understand. Start reading from the Book of John and try to absorb the Words of Jesus and keep praying to Him alone to help you. Do not pray to Mary even though she is the mother of Jesus or any other gods including hindu gods, this is not allowed by the one and only true God.

            Re. Your boyfriend; if he was a true man of God, he would have had the decency and respect for you rather than be your friend for sometime and then walk out when he feels like. It also seems like he wanted you just for past time. If he wants to break off with you, do not despair for all bad things come with a blessing when you keep your faith strong in Jesus.

            According to what I read in your comment your boyfriend could be Catholic or Protestant or he could be neither. Catholics too call themselves Christians or perhaps he lied just to gain your friendship. I know this will be hard for you to understand coming from a Hindu background, don’t lose hope but keep praying to Jesus. However, if this man is not a believer in Jesus, he will never be right in his heart meaning he is a deceiver and if you marry such a man you will be opening the door for trouble.

            With the God of the Bible, there is no such thing as “confusion” because confusion is only of the devil. So trust in Jesus and don’t be confused. My sincere advice to you is, you have come out of Hinduism please do not go back to that religion but hang on to Jesus I’ll tell you why.

            The godhead of the the Hindu religion is Shiva, this god holds the title of “the god of destruction” we followers of Jesus know very well that this Shiva is Lucifer the devil. His wife is the blood-thirsty goddess kali. I won’t get into details but the difference between these gods and Jesus is that, JESUS is the SAVIOR for the world if people accept Him as their God they will be saved, guaranteed. Jesus does not drink blood like kali and does not destroy like shiva – but He gave His own life, and shed his own blood to save the people of this world from going to hell. Hell is a real place once you go there, you can never ever come back. This is real click here: – true facts found-screams of souls in hell. Here’s more:

            Anu, I can’t see any witchcraft in this relationship but what I see is a man with a deceptive character. I can see how much you love this guy and concerned for Him to be like Jesus, this is good thinking but sometimes things don’t always workout according to our plans, so you must leave this in the hands of Lord Jesus and let Him decide what is good for you. I will keep you in my prayers.

            In the meantime if you need further help/info you can email me on:
            May the Lord Jesus bless you and give you his Shalom (Peace).

  4. Hi,
    I found your website and would love to discuss a concern about harrassing spirits and curses. I have been tormented for many years with attacks at night that seem related to witchcraft. Can you help me or do you know someone I can discuss this with? Thx.

    • Hello,Im also in a situation that involves witchcraft,and I need God to destroy all ties,so if you would keep me up in prayer.

      • Hi Ashley,

        Yes, I will pray for you, and add you to my prayer list.

        Just remember, that if you are a believer in Jesus, and you have entered into his salvation and grace, that you have more authority than the devil does.

  5. Hi Penny,

    I will try to help you. I will contact you by email, and you can tell me more. Maybe I can find someone in your area that would be a support person for you.


  6. Is this wording correct? I loose?

    I loose the Spirit of the Lord…..the spirit of ……

    wisdom….understanding….counsel…might…knowledge…and the fear of the Lord ( Isaiah 11:2) upon the persons praying this prayer, and the persons prayed for, along with spirits of mercy, grace and peace.

  7. Cindy,

    That is the prayer I used and modified. If you are more comfortable with saying.

    I invite the Spirit of the Lord


    I ask the spriit of the Lord to come…..

    that is up to you……

    this is just a general guide…

    Best wishes


  8. i have a special friend that is living with this woman for the past 15 years she has him under the control of witchcraft and Jezebel control, we were going into a business venture but it ended because he is afraid of her, i have prayed and prayed but nothing is happening what can i do to help my friend

  9. i need help for my friend

  10. Hi Davika,

    First of all, your friend has to want to leave her. You can try to educate him on what she is about. Have him read the information of the different manifestations of jezebel spirits. Also have him read about “Ahab.” He might be one, and if he is, he will not leave her.

    Ahabs are passive men who let the jezebels have their way. If he puts up no resistance to her, and will not leave, he is most likely one, and needs help seeing this as a weakness that has to be corrected to improve his life. He needs to leave her. But will he?

    Here is a link to the jezebel series. See if you can educate him, and open his eyes some. It is still his decision. Also, until he is really free from her, do NOT get involved with him financially. She will destroy whatever you try to do. She will do it through manipulating him.

    God bless you

  11. All I can say is wow. This prayer was truly inspired by the holy spirit. I believe it was just what I needed and I will continue to pray this prayer for the rest of my life. It cover’s bases that are not taught in church. So thank you for your obedience in posting this prayer..

    I would like to discuss other issue’s with you when you have time via email. Such as me having insomnia and no matter what my doctor prescribes it doesnt help. I look forward to speaking with you at a later date. Thanks

  12. Hello,
    I found your website and would love to discuss a concern about harrassing spirits. I have been tormented with attacks at night that seem related to witchcraft. Can you help me.

  13. sherrie,

    I will email you separately.



    Mt 12:28-29:
    Or how can one enter a strong man’s [ischurou] house and plunder his goods [skeua] unless he first binds [dasa] the strong man? Then indeed he may plunder his house.

    Mt 16:19
    I will give you (s.) the keys [kleidas] of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you (s) bind [dasas] on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose [lusas] on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

    Mt 18:18:
    Truly I say to you (pl) whatever you bind [dasate] on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you (pl) loose [lusate] on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

    Mt 23:4
    Of the scribes and Pharisees:
    They bind [desmenousin] heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move [the burdens] with their finger.

    Cross-references: Mk 3:27, 5:3, 6:17; Lk 13:16; Ac 22:4

    SOME BIBLICAL TERMS from TDNT (Abridged):

    deo to bind, bind together, to chain, [to tie up] p 148

    luo to loose, “[it] is used for release from prison, opening of what is closed, destroying of foundations, and the putting off of fetters.” [also to untie]. p 543

    skeuos lit. vessel, container, and people as the tools of others. pp 1040-1044

    ischuros strong, powerful ; used of God, mighty angel, comfort of God exceeding human power & wisdom; here in Mt 12:29 of demons being stronger than their victims pp378-379

    kleis authority pp 439-441


    When we bind demonic spirits (the only things we may bind), we must be careful because they seem to be legalists. We bind a demon only in order to stop his activity (manifestations) in a victim or one sent against us.

    To carelessly bind a demon literally means to UNITE him (tie him- his activity/ attributes) to the person.

    We should NOT try to loose holy angels, the power of the Holy Spirit, etc. as this literally means to separate (untie) them from the person prayed for. We do LOOSE the demons (unclean spirits, evil spirits) from their victims.

    The context of Matthew chapter 12 supports the binding of the strong man [its demonic works] in conducting a deliverance. This is to simply stop the demons (unclean spirits/evil spirits) from manifesting themselves in any way. The spirit in this application is “tied up” and then cast out or driven out. Appropriate language for this might be “I bind the power you have over ______. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you (or name of the demonic activity) to come out of _____.
    The contexts of chapters 16 and 18 are not related to this.

    The context of Matthew 16 is that of declaring what is right and wrong in terms of moral theology and also to have access to the of the New [kind of] Covenant.

    The context of Matthew 18:15ff is that of seeking reconciliation between Christian brothers. Mostly issues of forgiveness and restoration and renewing trust. The same is true in 5:23-24; see John 20:21-23.

    One practice that is not biblically supportable is that of TRYING to force God’s hand by using Mt.18:18-19 mutual agreements to claim blessings or to work miracles. God does work miracles through people very often but see 1 Cor 12 for that, see also Mark 11:22-26 but be careful not to say that I can have what I have faith for or what I say: take into consideration John 8:31-32;15:7-8; 1 John 5:2-3, 14-15;

    John 7:16-18 RSV:
    So Jesus answered them, My teaching is not mine, but His who sent Me;
    if any man’s will is to do His will, he shall know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on My own authority.
    He who speaks on his own authority seeks his own glory; but he who seeks the glory of Him who sent him is true and in him there is no falsehood.

    Using principle from v 17:
    if any man’s will is to do His will, he shall know [if what he sees, hears, feels, experiences] is from God or not. cf. discernment of spirits 1 Cor 12:10

  15. Hi Tom,

    Thank you for the extra clarifications.


  16. How do I pray for my husband who is having an affair, and the sweetheart has him bind by witchcraft. The Lord has shown me that she has given him something to eat. How do I pray ?

  17. Dear Anointed one

    You can use this prayer as a format….but you can add your own words… have a Jezebel who is acting against you….your husband is affected by a mind blinding spirit. Bind, and declare destroyed, all spirits in Jesus name, and plead the blood of Jesus over your husband. Do this every day.

    You need also spiritual support. Get others to pray with you, and intercede for you. See if you can get some help from a pastor or another male to talk to your husband, and get him to realize that he is being affected by witchcraft. Ask them to pray with him, and you too.

    Tell me what happens next. I will put you on my prayer list, but you need someone there to help too.


  18. Thanks for your response, and prayers. My husband name is John.

  19. Hi Marianne. I still love your site.

  20. The prayer was timely. Thanks so much. I believe that evil spirits were assigned to my restaurant. I prayed and sales increased immediately Praise God. Please agree with me in prayer that we will meet our budget for this month so that we will not go out of business and will continue to be a blessing to others and promote the gospel.

  21. Hi Selena,

    Of course !!

    I will agree with you in prayer for your financial blessings. Put everything into His hands, and he will sustain you, and care for you and all your needs. You are now on my prayer list for financial security and blessings.


  22. My son’s father is under attack from the enemy. He has an anointing on his life. God has shown it to me and it has also been prophesied to me and his mother on two separate occasions. He is under a Jezebel spirit by his older children’s mother. Please pray for him that the spirit is broken so that God’s will shall be done in his life.

  23. Jae,

    Yes, I will add him to the prayer list. Satan attacks his enemies, and if your husband has a calling on his life from God, that sets him up for attack.

    First, I need to determine if he, himself, may be under the influence of the Ahab spirit, which allows the domination of the Jezebel.

    Can you describe his behavior around his ex-wife? Is there passivity or is their conflict with her?

    I need to determine if he is suffering from abuse, or allowing her (being too understanding or tolerant, being too nice to her) to create chaos.

    Once you get a system copy of this message, you can write directly back to me via email. You just hit the reply button, and I will answer you in an email. That way you can keep things private if you wish.


  24. Please pray for our son. He professes Christ. He is in love with a girl whose mother has Jezebel spirit. This has been “passed on” to her daughter. We have just learned of the existence of this spirit and are beginning to comprehend the enormity of this evil. We are new to this. We have a couple of people who understand, but not our church. We are certain about Jez. spirit. No repentance, reconciliation though we have tried hard for that. We said “no” to Jez.; that’s when the war started. Our son is so in love; he is blind. Please pray.

  25. Hi Christina

    I have just added him to my prayer list. I understand what you are going through. The word “no” is intolerable to Jezebel. You may need to seek a different church who is more in tune to this, so they can be of help. Some churches are very nice but traditional, and are not helpful in something like this.


  26. Thanks for the prayer Mrs Marianne, I have a very private question for you could you plase Email me..

  27. Hi Shica,

    Ok…sending private email.


  28. Hello all:

    I have spirits harrassing me at this time. They talk to me just as I am typing this email. When I pray the above prayer I can hear the war around me or in the spirit realm. I have had problems every since I was 4 years old but it has been elevated the last 4 years, I am currently 44 years old. The above prayer helped me right away. Please contact me via email I can use some help. Thanks

  29. Hi Anthony,

    You are getting a private email from this post. Just hit the reply button to communicate with me.


  30. Hi Marianne,

    I am 38 years old with a family of my own now but was leaving this post because of my parents who are divorced and have been since I was 5 years old. There are a couple of things that I would like to know what to do on? The first is about my father who is remarried to a lady who is into the occult who has had my father in bondage very well before I was born. She is the same lady who he was having an affair which caused the divorce. She has such a hold on him that it is almost as his other children meaning my brother and myself are irrelevant to him and has been said by other family memebers that she has put something on him; we have been prayed for and I have prayed as well as my family. It appears that she has done something to us as well so that we would not accomplish anything and to my knowledge she wanted us dead. They are from puerto rico and mix heavily into brujeria. Several things have happened to us that just do not happen on a normal basis. How can one family suffer so much. The least I want is to be able to live my life w/o interference on the spirtual realm. I can go on and on about this but just want to touch on the surface. It almost as who ever we have sought help from (religious leaders) no one is able to help us. Can you please guide me in the right direction.

    p.s. these problems have plagued us ever since the divorce
    please help as we are desperate. Why haven’t are prayers been heard after all these years.

    Sincerely Yours

  31. Hi Debra,

    Do not give up. The reason the oppression continues is because your father has allowed it to continue. He facilitates it with his permissiveness, and you have to fight against it. So it is going back and forth.

    I am putting your on my prayer list. Try to get others to agree with you. You are also an adult now. You can confront this witch and tell her you do not accept her occult practices. Tell her she is causing you trouble, and you will have to bind her in the spirit. You are pleading the blood of Jesus over you, and the occult will have no power then.

    You also need to confront your father and hold him responsible for his passive behavior. Tell him he needs to repent and be a decent father.

    This sounds so blunt, but when you are dealing with a jezebel type woman, and a passive man, things will go on forever, until you get tough yourself, and they start hearing “NO” from you.

    It is a divide and conquer situation.

    first, you have to separately disable the man and woman. confront each one separately.

    confront using witnesses and backup. there are safety in numbers. they respect power, and when you demonstrate it, they back off.

    You are welcome to continue to contact me. When my email response reaches you, all you have to do is hit the reply button, and you can write confidentially to me.

    Take care, and write more…..

  32. Hi Marianne,

    I have not recv’d your e-mail as of yet so I am not sure if you are just busy or I have not recv’d it. But just to touch on the above response that you wrote to me, I am not sure if I can do that. I just rekindled the relationship with my father and am worried that if I do she would have accomplished exactly what she wanted to do (seperation from us) He always sides with her; so I am not sure as what to do. Is there anyone that you would no that I can contact that would be able to break this evil force. As I write this response I am in a state where I am unable to move freely, my body goes through these phases where I can not walk, move or do much properly.

  33. Hi Debra,

    I have written to you twice. Maybe the email given on the website had a typo in it.

    Contact me at

    I can then use the reply button to get back to you.


  34. How does one pray against needles and pin pokes, I have a friend who is going through this and is experiencing stress for no reason?
    Some reason I sense that there is a witch next door, not all there.

  35. Dear Chrystal

    The type of affliction does not matter. Write me back when you get my email, and we can talk more.


  36. Marianne, until the Lord led me through a research study of the people of the Apostolic Prophetic Cult that spawned Lakeland, I, too, thought that we can “bind principalities” and the like. However, remember Jesus never went up on a cliff and “bound principalities” over an area. This is a charismatic mistake we make. Paul writes that “we pull down strongholds and every argument that resists the knowledge of God”. A stronghold is sort of like a box of thoughts that are opposed to the truth over someone’s mind. Lies like “God blesses others more than me” “God answers other people’s prayers but not mine” and “Because bad things have happened before, God won’t protect me in the future’ etc. Understanding God’s truth in love is the key to spiritual warfare, not binding demons. Understanding it and then, believing it. C Peter Wagner has deceived the charismatic church with his ideas of “Third wave spiritual warfare”. Research it. “Binding and loosing” has nothing to do with demons… in the context of Matthew 18 it is more analogous to the man in incest in Corinth… he was “loosed” to Satan and “bound” from the community of believers for his unrepentant sin. Context of Matthew 18. We “wrestle” against principalities because they embody the lies and deceptions of our culture. We wrestle within ourselves against their lies to cause us to sin … gay stuff, abortion, sleeping around. The Principalities are God’s business not ours. Notice Jesus rebuked Satan when He was talking to Peter when Peter didn’t want Him to go to the Cross. He told Peter “his thoughts were not God’s thoughts but man’s.” Notice Jesus rebuked Satan by CORRECTING PETER’S THINKING on the matter. And NOTICE that He did not leave Peter standing there and go back in the woods to bind demons off Peter or bind principalities.

    This is but one branch of the Apostate church that has arisen out of charismatia. The other branches are false teachings about modern prophecy (that it is always conditional, even if the conditions aren’t given at the time of the “word”) Bill Hamon — Joyner Jones Cain – dominionism that preaches that we can take up a literal sword against our enemies. (Yeah, they teach that.) Imprecatory prayer etc.

    go to

    Your eyes will be opened. Jezebel is the spirit of false prophesy, by the way. The above mentioned false teachers are all false prophets, too. Priming the pump for The False Prophet who will announce the antichrist.

    The great falling away has come. This is the “strong delusion” that God “promises He will send” on those who no longer love the truth.

    I am fully charismatic and I am only just coming out of this stuff. Binding demons is a funny problem. How long do they remain bound, anyway? It all has to do with our agreement with lies… THIS is how the demonic comes in. Agreement.

    P.S. This is why Jesus warns in Rev 2 20 that we are not to “tolerate” the Jezebel. To “tolerate” means to have passive agreement, which is still agreement!!!

  37. Hi ArisemyLove

    I have been to that website you mentioned. This prayer here is one someone gave me to share. Can you suggest a prayer of affirmation that I can use, that would be more in line with what you are discussing here?


  38. Hi
    I really need to discuss this with you. Can you email me?

  39. Hi kelli

    you will get an email from me…it will be this message……so just hit the reply button and write back….do not give up….


  40. hi there, my family has been attacked by the evil all i no through rituals,curses and witchcraf by the same relative. we got the priest to help us and said its not going to be easy on the level its on.prayers have helped that we are stil scared.she blocked our luck and things happen to people how want to help us. please i need your say dear friends any advise and prayers to unblock our luck to stop my family from the power of jesus`s blood, god bless you all

  41. Hi Dine,

    Your priest is useless. He does not know what to do, but if he is willing, tell him to come with you. You and your family , and priest, agree together to put a top to the effect of this witchcraft.

    All of you go together to the relative, rebuke and bind her (him) in Jesus name, and declare her activity destroyed by the power of God. Reject the curse in front of the witch, and reverse the curse onto to witch. Declare the blood of Jesus over you, that you are protected by God, and demand that the witch repent, or she will end up in hell for what she is doing.

    The witch needs to know that you reject the curses, in the name of Jesus. If she does not repent, then tell her together as a group that you are praying against her that all curses come on her, and that the power of Jesus blood will burn her- as in hell – until she finally quits. You have to be aggressive with witches. they also know the power of agreement is stronger than one person.

    Also, the witch needs the devil cast out of her. While you are there, bind, rebuke, and cast the devil out in Jesus name. This either works, if she is willing, or it will scare her enough to leave you alone.


    ps. Yes, I will put you on my prayer list.

  42. Hi Marianne
    I have been reading with interests all your articles. I have always prayed and I mean since as far as I remember from being a child up to now. I seem to have inherited all the bad luck that both my mum and my dad have experienced in their lives. My own life is a mirror of them. I am a hard worker I am always in financial distress like my dad or the money is being badly used. I have a fragile health like my mum. By now I should have been promoted at work but instead there is always turmoil and I have to keep moving from jobs to jobs with little salary. Recently, new issues have cropped up and it seems that the law in the country has changed regarding foreign workers and I am threatened of not having my work permit renewed as again I have changed job and it has been two months now, I am jobless. I am a faithful tither and give my offerings but even then the curse does not seem to be lifted up. At this point of time, while I am writing this e-mail, my mum is critically ill and I cannot go and see because if I leave the country I might not be given entry again. After all these years of sacrifices of studies and hard work, I am in this situation. What can you advise
    Thank you for your reply.

  43. Hello Marianne,
    I have been in a situation with woman who is using Voo-doo against me. Since 2003 she has interrupted and broke up every relationship I have been. I believe the spirit of The Lord began to show me this in 2006 and I have prayed and have been for ever watchful. My prayer is that you help me to identify the spirit that I a battling with and how to bring this torment to an end.
    Thanks and may God Bless

  44. Dear Pushpa,

    Your situation is so familiar to me. You are a good person, you work hard, you are faithful to god, yet everything seems wrong.

    Life is difficult for many people now, so do not feel alone. My sense is that people do not appreciate you for who you are, and do not acknowledge your efforts properly. This can affect your self confidence, and then this quiets you in front of others. In a work environment, they always notice and appreciate the more aggressive ones. You may need to learn to be more aggressive and self promoting in a positive way. Learn to share openly your accomplishments with confidence, and have people take notice of good things that you do. Do not be shy.

    You are not so much cursed, as you are missing blessings. SO, be good to yourself, and others will do so also.

    You have several issues.

    The most important is your mother. I am not an expert on immigration rules for each country. You would need both finances and permission to see her.

    First, see if there is either a way for you to see her, or to send someone on your behalf. Talk to your church for finances, and tell them about your mother. Ask for help. If they refuse, then you should not be paying tithes there. The main purpose of the tithe is to help the poor, and you are poor right now.

    2nd, see if you can get a temporary visitor pass to see your mom. Do NOT tell them you have no job, or they will not let you return.

    If neither works, find a way to call your mother by phone. Spend time with her that way. Also, consider if your “time is up” where you are at, and maybe a better job is waiting somewhere else, and you do need to leave. I am guessing here, because you have not told me much about work opportunities, etc.

    Each day, learn to bless yourself, and those around you. Ask God to bless you, prosper you, and help your mum. I will put you and your mum on my prayer list.

    This is a start. Let me know what you think, and then we can discuss it further. Once you get the email, you can just hit the reply button and write back to me.


  45. Dear Prophett

    I need to know how this voodoo woman knows you. Remember, that most people who do this behind your back do it because they are too cowardly to come against you in person. The best way to stop her, is to come with several people to support you, and confront her openly.

    You tell her you are binding the spirit of voodoo in Jesus name, that Jesus has more power than her devils, and that you are reversing the curse back on her, to destroy all curses against you. You are pleading the blood of Jesus over you, and she cannot hurt you. You are going to start praying against her, that all her curses come back on her, and that she gets delivered from the devils that she has. Tell her she needs to repent of this evil, and if she doesn’t, she is going to hell, where she will suffer forever for her sins. Tell her that the Jesus you have is stronger than she is, and the power of the Holy spirit will protect you. You have to be very aggressive with her.

    I will agree with you in prayer against her. Tell her also that you have other praying against her that she will get all the curses, not you. She needs to know that you are not alone, that you are strong and have support.

    She needs to know that she is in more trouble than you are. Offer to pray for her, and cast the devils out in Jesus name. This might scare her. She will want to stay away from you. Let me know more.


  46. Dear Marianne
    I have the some situations as anointed one, husband cheating the woman at work. The Lord showed me something was going on, He showed me this woman has done htis before and that she is married. He talked to her husband, but he doesnot do anything because he is under her control, have even talked to one of the other person she had cheated with before. God has instructed me to stand still. I am over the tears thanks be to our Father, I am not angry at him. I am upset with him because he can not see. And things he use to do he doesn’t. But he willnt leave. I have been married to him 21 years 22 in January. 3 sons 26, 11, 9. Last two by him. I hate that spirit. I hate it.This spirit runs in her family her mother are twins bother have all been unfaithfull. But she seems to enjoy what she is doing. I will use your pray guide line thank you

  47. DEar Kim

    What gave you the idea that God said to “stand still (meaning – do nothing)?”

    The Jezebel will get away with murder if you just passively stand by and do nothing. You really have to call her by what she is and fight. The only way you would stand still, would be to stand firm in your position, but fight at the same time.

    A passive response from you, just like with the men, will give her more power. You need to display some righteous anger, and tell your husband to behave himself. Tell your husband he is being an Ahab and a wimp, and to stand up and be a real man.

    You then need to tell this witch “hands off.”

    You also need to report this woman to her boss, and tell him that “work” is not what she is doing at work, but fooling around. If she is not going to respect the boss’s work time, then you are going to complain until she gets dismissed. You need to get tough.

    Prayer is ok, but sitting back and crying will not work. You need to be aggressive. When you confront her, do it with your friends, and back up present, and outnumber her. Call her out and correctly accuse her of being a trouble maker and a Jezebel.

    Expect a display of power back, a fight, a denial, or a bunch of lies. It is all fake, so just persist, and continue on with your position. Your husband is yours, NOT hers, and she needs to keep her trashy, nasty, Jezebel hands off him. She only will respect displays of power.

    get tough, and then get blessed 🙂

  48. Hi Marianne

    Thks for your reply. Yes, I have noticed that if I design something at work, then colleagues take the idea to the manager and this is it, even if I try to put myself forward it does not work. What do I need so that I do not miss blessings. As regards to the church they advised tithing even if you do not work. I did get through an interview and was offered a job, but as I have said to you my life is not as straight forward as every body else. I have to struggle to get things. So I am still waiting for the employer to give me a certificate to give to the immigration office. As for my mum, she is so weak that she cannot even talk now, so I speak to my sister. I am glad you answered me and thank you again.

  49. Hi Pushpa,

    I think your main problem is that you are too nice !!!

    I understand this. I have had the same problem. A hard lesson sometimes is that we cannot trust those who are NOT trustworthy.

    This includes people at work. Most unbelievers are dishonest and they will take credit for your work. You will have to communicate more about your daily accomplishments with your boss, and let him know that it is you, not the others, who is responsible for the good things that you do. Keep the boss up to date, find out how he wants his information first – verbally, in writing, email, etc. Let him know about the others taking credit, and say how loyal you are, and you just wish to get credit for your work. Discuss how you can work this out in the best way that the boss likes, so you can get credit for your work in the future.

    Your church is WRONG. You are not working. You should not be paying tithes at all. Most churches demand tithes even from the poor, when the bible says the tithe is FOR the poor. They should be giving you money right now, not the other way around.

    Tithes – the way they are demanded in modern times – for the most part are not biblical – that is an entirely different topic. The church operates like a business for profit now, instead of doing God’s work, which includes ministry to the poor.

    I would recommend a church that would help you right now, not one that wants money from you. I hope you get a chance to see your mum. Make sure your sister tells your mum that you are thinking of her and love her. This will help her, and in her condition, may equal a visit from you.


  50. Dear brethren,
    I’m having a problem with satanic powers after my life. It is a plan by members of my family to get me killed so that they make money out of me. Some sort of ritual. They have been trying this since 2002. Kindly pray for me for I know the Lord Jesus Christ never fails. I need to work comfortably and make a family.

  51. Hi Anthony,

    I have added you to my prayer list. I will pray a hedge of protection around you, covering you with the blood of Jesus, in Jesus name. I agree with you to rebuke all curses and threats and to reverse the evil back on those who wish to harm you. I pray that the Holy Spirit move in this family situation, to convict the hearts of the family members to repent, and stop trying to hurt you.

    I also pray for you to have the courage to stand up strong against them, and to let them know they are dealing with someone who has called upon the God of the Universe to crush their actions. I pray they learn the fear of God and humble themselves, and bother you no more. Stand up to them and be strong in Jesus name.


  52. Dear Marianne:
    Firstly, Felix McConville’s Grandmother, Grandfather and Aunt, were not there when he signed himself up to all the debt he refers to in his prayer. I believe that he should accept that fact and ask God to forgive him for pointing a finger at innocent people. Secondly, I believe that God specifically intended that the family read his prayer, so as to put right the wrong thoughts that he is intentionally sending up to heaven. And finally, I know for a fact that his Grandparents are God-loving and prayerful people. His Grandmother has been teaching for fifty years and was the headmistress of two schools. She taught thousands of children about God, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. She was and still is a rock for many. She has asked me to tell Felix to be responsible and accountable for his own actions and to stop trying to make excuses for his mistakes. She would dearly love an apology from Felix for saying that she prays to the devil.
    God bless

  53. Dear Felicity,

    I have removed all previous posts here on the site, and I hope that the family can work this out. I wish God’s blessings, healing and provision for the entire family.


  54. i cant believe that felix really did this. why does he say that the mcconville’s want him dead and want his money??

  55. Dear 2 cents

    Many Christian families are under much stress, now, as it is the end times. The enemy of all mankind wishes to tear families apart. Obviously, there is some unhappiness or stress that only this family needs to know about. They just need to communicate their feelings to each other, and work through them, to fix things. Once they rediscover the love that has always been there for each other, they will be fine. Just pray for the family.


  56. a witch ( male) is casting spells on me ,what do i do?? i am praying to christ.

  57. Hi Jeff,

    Just stay in faith.

    1. Rebuke all spells in Jesus name. Plead the blood of Jesus over you each day.

    2. Get prayer support from a church. Check for “Church of God” or “Assemblies of God” in your area. Talk to pastor or his staff. Stay close to them, and ask for frequent prayer support.

    3. make sure you are not doing anything sinful that would make you vulnerable to attacks….astrology, alcohol excess, lust, etc.

    4. do not give up. read your bible and pray in your own way to God, ask for help in Jesus name

    5. I will put you on my prayer list too.

    Let me know if you have or get church support


  58. Dear helper,
    I have a story to tell, but right now I need help. Am so tormented by witchcraft curses from an X who vowed that I will never be married to another man. Please contact me and I will give you details. I have written prayer requests to all the pastors that I know, but none seem to believe there is witchcraft.
    God bless you

  59. Hi Monica,

    You must be contacting the wrong churches. You need an Assemblies of God, or a Church of God. Hit the return button when you get this message, and you will get me.


  60. Dear Marianne,
    There is a jezebel that has been persecuting my catholic friend who sings in the choir for 2 – 3 years, trying to turn him against me, and trying to encourage him to be her lover even if she is married already. He is delicate and I’m afraid he might become mentally unstable due to her vicious attacks. Everybody is scared of her including her husband, and my friends other high profile friends, who she threatens politically. I felt God was saying despite this situation, keep interceding for the friend, and try to be patient because perhaps God feels these folks don’t know “their right hand from their left”. I really need strong prayer help from you, if you can fit us in, as someone said she is probably very high up in the occult hierarchy, she’s hardcore wiccan, and she posts images like men with bloody shirts when it looks like my friend wants to get away from her and side with me, very disturbing. please help!

  61. Hi Jean,

    I will put you on my prayer list. I agree with you, in Jesus name, for the protection of your friend. I plead the blood of Jesus over him, for both physical and spiritual protection.

    WHere she is in hierarchy does not matter. Jesus outranks her.

    You must confront your friend. You must also bring reinforcements – friends, family – as you talk to him. The group effort is important in persuading him. If he is the passive type, he is the perfect Ahab for this Jezebel. Jezebels look for passive men to validate them. If you run into her, she must also be confronted en masse, ie by you and your supporters. Do not try her alone, unless you are comfortable dealing with witches.


  62. Have any of you thought about using blessed herbs to ward off evil or to journey to the next level and discover the real source of your spiritual afflictions? May I recommend mandrake with belladonna and tobacco burned in large copper bowl for a sacred vapor?

  63. Hi Sabrina,

    You sound like a white witch. I had a friend a long time ago who was one. I appreciate your desire to share what you have, and be helpful.

    To answer your question, because of my faith in Jesus Christ, I do not use witchcraft. It is against the bible to use any form of witchcraft, even if it is meant for good. Instead of herbs, etc, Christians are to use the name of Jesus when praying for protection. 🙂 Then we trust in Him to take care of the problem for us. That is how we do it.

    I thank you for your recipe. I thought it was interesting. I had never heard of that combination before.


  64. I have a question, can witches put a curse on your body parts. If so please let me know because I need to know how to pray. Thank You

  65. Hi Farah,

    Yes. Voodoo does that. they stick pins in certain areas of the body to cause a pain or a curse there.

    So if you pray, just pray protection over that area, in Jesus name.


  66. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you once again. I’m a member of a Christian Church here in Ontario California. I’ve been a member since Oct 2003. I have serious issues with men however my Divine Holy Spirit is leading my steps towards healing. On the 14 of January 2009, I attended Bible Study where our Pastor was speaking on the topic of “Getting your heart right”. He stated that there were a lot of strife and unforgivness amongst the saints in the church and requested for all whom felt as though they fell in this category to come down for prayer. Soon after this took place; he close his eyes and waited for the Holy Spirit to revealed more unwanted spirits. True enough he stated “JEZBEL Spirit. We have a Jezbel Spirit in this church so please come down to get prayer”. No one moved. I became very uncomfortable and turned to the man that was sitting behind me and asked “does this include manipulation without having sex”? He stated yes!!! The Pastor was still requesting women to the altar come to the altar and then he stated” I bet no one comes forth”. By this time I proceeded to the front of the church and just stood there. The pastor then looked at me and then looked back at the congregation and said “every woman in this church come down to the altar. He bind the Jazel spirit in every last one of us and then we all proceeded back to are seats. I was so angry when I got home due to I felt as though I really didn’t have a Jezbel spirit. I immediately went to my computer and type in “meaning of Jezbel “. This is when I located your website. I studied and reviewed the information posted and came to grips that I do indeed have this ugly oppressed spirit dwelling within me. I have taught my daughter that you don’t need a man for nothing but three things which I know in my heart was wrong. However I never in a million years would have thought Jezbel. At the age of 40 years of age, I’m still getting healing from the lost of my parents. My father was very abusive since I was born and when I turned 17 years of age my dad shot my mother. Once in the back and twice in the chest. Then he shot himself leaving my brother and me. I do understand how this spirit could have enter, I just want rid of it NOW. Yes I have been praying the prayer that is posted in your website for healing and I thank God for locating you all. However do you suggest any other kind of assistance I should seek? I still have issues with men in relationship. Still healing from PAIN……

    Ontario Ca

  67. Hi Kim,

    The first thing I want you to do is forgive yourself….for blaming yourself.

    You were a victim….not the bad person…..

    What you are doing now is protecting yourself from further injury, because you do not trust men. This is understandable.

    But there are good people to trust.

    You need a mom and dad…….!

    Suggestion….find an older, honorable man, strong in Jesus, and sit with him AND his wife, and ask them to help you. Talk over all your feelings, and share your life. Also, discuss positive things you are doing now, and allow them to encourage you. He will be the main strength, as you develop new faith in a positive male image, but she will also be necessary to provide the mom you lost.

    So what you need to do is replace the bad memories with a set of “parents” who would think of you as their own child, and give you the love you missed. Include your daughter in this counseling.

    You will slowly come out of the manipulation behavior, as you find you can have the affection of others without the manipulation, which is just a protective behavior. You will have more confidence as you get the love you deserve.

    Have them pray for you too. See them or call them frequently, to stay encouraged.

    this is explained more in detail here:

    Stay away from the pastor. If he thinks every woman in the church is a Jezebel, then he is a jerk. Men can be Jezebels also.


  68. Dear Marianne,
    Could you remember me in prayer for protection against all kinds of charismatic witchcraft and mind-control. A quick background; I was separated from wife ZAS for 2.5 years and then was legally divorced last summer. The marriage was never God’s will to begin with. I was fairly naive as woman were concerned and was seduced into marrying her after only knowing her for 3 months. She did not want to tell anybody in the church because they might try to pray against it. I was equally guilty of being seduced because I wanted to get married and never sought God’s will as to whether I should marry her or not. The 5 years of marriage was unbearable for me, it was constant arguing, bickering, and not being able to get along. Arguments would end up in shouting matches, sometimes my wife would laugh when I would get angry which didn’t help. In the middle of an argument one time, she just said you spirt of anger die, die, die and kept saying that for 25 minutes. I could never reason with her. I had a back and foot problem which seemed to get worse from all the stress, “What kind of man are you, where your faith, there’s the door why don’t you pack your bags and go, I’m not stopping you.
    After a while I became frustrated, filled with despair and eventually turned away from God. Any time I thought of going back to church I became so turned off after seeing how my “spiritual wife” behaved. Things almost escalated to the point of being physical, we were arguing and she kept saying something over and over and I grabbed her wrist and said stop, She had a butcher knife in her hand and the motion she made and the look in her eyes told me it was time to leave forever.

    I have been trying to go on with my life and serve God, but my ex will not let my spirit go. She feels she can declare, decree, and command me and that I will not be able to resist her. “In my eyes you will always be my husband, and you mark my word as my middle name is Angela and as the angel smote Saul and his name changed to Paul, God has shown me I am going to know you now as Paul (my middle name). She does not know God’s voice and is not led by God’s spirit “Zorah rules, Jamaica rules, God showed her the Pope was going to be black, when the Pope wasn’t black she was not wrong because it was God’s will for the Pope to be black. There have been many other cases where the spirit has shown her things that ended up being false. She has some very strange teachings
    Jesus is black, time of the gentiles is at and end (white people), I am not speaking to you I am speaking to your spirit, frogs, cats, cows are demons etc.., she has the most controlling, possessive, commanding and dominating spirit of any person that I have ever met and she will never give in, give up or accept no for an answer. There is no reasoning with her. I forgive her and ask God to bless her etc, but I need to be free to go on with my life and serve God. It has reached the point where I had contemplated suicide by hanging, overdosing on Ephedrine tablets or cutting my throat with an exactor knife. It feels like she is sending and speaking and declaring all kinds of things over my life to control and manipulate me. I know all the argument against divorce, but it happened it reached the point where life was unbearable, and arguments almost reached the point where it became
    physical. In God’s eyes, we are no longer married “an example is when God divorced Israel and said, “You are no longer my wife and I am no longer your husband”. I just want to put the past mistakes under the blood and go on. We do not belong together, I would rather die than ever get back together with her and if faced with a choice, I would rather choose death. Please pray that my spirit and soul will be released from her control forever. I have tried praying, speaking the word etc… Nevertheless, it seems to be a battle that I can’t win on my own.

  69. Hi David,

    She is way past Jezebel. She sounds almost possessed. Get away from her, and forget her. She only has say over you if you let her. Forget hurting yourself…..and forget her. You need to close the door to any social contacts, phone contacts, and any other kind of contact with her. She has you upset, but you do not have to let her do that to you.

    Tell her the marriage is over….and so is she….she is to shut up, and not bother you anymore. You want nothing to do with her, and if she persists in harassing you, you will file a restraining order against her, and a gag order to stop her slander, verbal and mental abuse against you. She is a godless witch, and on the way to hell, and you reject her.

    If you are in the same church, LEAVE that church. You do not need to be around a crazy person. With her behavior, I am surprised the pastor did not kick her out.

    Reject all curses spoken in Jesus name. Plead the blood over you, and then feel safe in God’s hands. Remember, she is a nobody with a big mouth, and God is all powerful. I will agree with you in praying against her evil, insane behavior.

    Get a support system with some friends or family or both. Have them back you up if she tries anything. Get a new church, and ask the pastor and elders for prayer. She will leave you alone, if she thinks she is outnumbered.

    Get tough. You do not have to take her mess. Believe in yourself, and believe in the goodness of God.

    Ps. Edited out names for confidentiality.


    • Please pray for me and my daughter. David situation sounds a lot like mine. My husband is the most controlling person I have ever seen or heard about. He is the type of person that you cannot communicate or resolve an issue on any level. He is extremely stubborn, never gives up,and never gives in. I have been married to this individual for over 20 years. He is emotional, verbal, and sexual abusive to me. Receently my daughter tried like David to committ suicide by taking a bottle of pills. She revealed she thought that we would be happier if she would be dead. It is so sad because she got in bed and waited to die. She had planned out her funeral, what she would wear etc. This added more pressure to me because we don’t have health insurance and the hospital and doctor bill is high. My husband and her father left for 10 days but had called her unknowning to me to say that he thought that we would be happier. This was just a game because all he did was visit witch doctors and tell anyone that would listen about her suicie attempt. This upset her because she did not know that he was trying to move and leave us alone. This cause her a lot of pain the way he did it and she didn’t all me at church to tell me this but thank God call the Suicide Hotline for help.My husband and his entire family are heavy into witchcraft, infact some members of his family put spells and practice witchcraft on people for a living. I did not know this until recent years along with a lot of other devastating things. They are also the most violent group of people I have ever heard of. I am now to the point of being sicken by the appearance of this person. He will not lead, follow, or get out of the way. He is a very wise street person, cunning, and evil. After 20 years in marriage he has not ONCE ever given me a compliment but he is very complimentary to just about anybody else wife or woman he comes in contact with. When I met him i was a professional with a college degree and had a good job in a lucrative field. I was considerate attractive by most people, more than a decade younger than he. He is totally opposite of anyone I have ever dated in all of my life. I gave up all my friends because he made it seems like in all his other relationships (there have been many) his wife or significant other friends always wanted to have sex with him and if he didn’t they would tell lies on him. I say all of this to say
      I believe deep in my heart that he NEVER loved me and married me for money, to control me, and bring me down. He has always told me and others in my presence that this woman or that woaman wanted him. Please pray that he will go and get one of these women because I don’t want him or anything he has. I just want my daughter who has been suffering with mental illness for 5 years because of the relationship we have to be delivered and that I will be able to get a decent job that I can provide for myself and my daughter. Please pray that all his demonic, satanic activity be broken off my daughter and me.


      • dear Candice

        Is he out of the home now? or just gone for awhile and will be back?

        You have identified the problem. So, for now, focus on the emotional healing for you and your daughter.

        I also went through a divorce, and understand the traumatic impact on a young girl when her father leaves and shows no real interest.

        You need to emphasize good things, the love of God, the beauty of creation, the good in others that outweigh the bad, and the strong possibility of a very good future, even though the past was not good. You will learn from the bad, and use it to become stronger.

        As for him, if he comes around, tell him off. Get bold with him, and tell him unless he leaves his demons at the door, neither you nor your daughter are going to bother speaking to him.

        Tell him you are covered with the blood of Jesus and no curse from his mouth will hurt you.

        When he learns to behave himself and act like a decent human being, you will grant him more privileges.

        I put you on my prayer list.

  70. Dear Marianne,
    Thanks for this prayer. Could you please explain where the 7 points of the body used by witchcraft comes from or how this has been determined?

  71. Hi Betty,

    Occult religions use the 7 chakras to focus their energy on.
    Each one is associated with an endocrine gland. So if they want to curse you in a certain way, they can focus on one of these.

    You have energy fields around you. They should all be “rotating” in the same direction, example left to right. If one field is rotating the opposite direction, you have a problem. Take a string and hang a weight on it. Hang it near each part of the body. See which way the weight moves.

    You are still on my prayer list. How is your daughter doing? You can answer in private email, when you get this.


  72. I have been a wicked stepmother who have been disturbing me spiritually and disturbing my studies, it was later revealed that she is a big witch.I had been studying pharmacy at the university, where I was greatly hated by the staffs at the university. I took a gap year in 2003 from the university due to illness, where they said if I fail that year I would not be allowed to resit the failed modules, putting it in document for me to sign. I later discovered that a fellow white classmate who also took gap year was not informed to sign the document. At the university I was unfairly withdrawn from my pharmcacy course as I was failed by the tutors, who for no reason hated me. Now I have bad dreams and I am stuggling to take the matter to the court for breach of contract, due to unfair withdrawal and racial discrimination as I later found out that a white person was not informed to sign what I was forcely informed to sign.I pray that the curse that have been instilled in me by my stepmother that is preventing my success in my career to be cast away in Jesus name ao that I can be a pharmacist and marry and bear children, for I am 35 years old with no career and boyfriend, for marraige and no children. I pray that my road to success is opened

  73. Hello ebere

    I will pray for you. Pharmacy is a noble profession. It sounds like the school has an issue with your grades, which made their decision. The other student’s grades were probably better, so they approved the gap.

    What is a concern is that you think the stepmother is behind the illness, and poor grades, which led to the school’s hatred. The stepmother may have very well been behind the illness, bad dream, and poor grades, if you were unable to concentrate, because she upset you. Most schools will understand and forgive an occasional grade affected by illness, but not all of them. When you are ill, it is your responsibility to inform the school, and ask for time off, so you can recover. You are not supposed to fail all your classes, then ask for this. It is too late.

    I am not sure if what you perceive as hatred, or discrimination by the school, is actually coming from the stepmother, or from their intolerance of bad grades. They see you as a failing student, and so you are not qualified to return.

    I have been in graduate school. We used a letter system, A,B,C,D,F (fail). In undergraduate school, they tolerated all letter grades, and just made the student take over any class where they got an F. In graduate school, all we were allowed to earn was A or B. A “C” was considered an “F.” This is because the standards are higher in professional school.

    In court, they will bring the record of bad grades with them, to justify their decision. For comparison, they will also bring the good grades of the other student you felt got their favor. They have a right to dismiss you if you are failing, so they will win. If you had good grades, your case would have merit, but right now it doesn’t.

    For now, you need to focus on resolving this issue with the stepmother before you can proceed anywhere, since she affects you. How do you know she is a witch? You said it was revealed to you, so this means you did not know this before, or feel like you had problems with her. Does she say she hates you? Even witches can love their own family, so you first need to come to peace with her. Start with her, and ask her to pray for you. If she really is a witch, and likes you, then ask her to send “positive energy” to help you find a good school. At least that will keep her from sending a curse. If she is unwilling, and does hate you, then we will bind her hate in Jesus name, and reverse her curse back on her.

    The second thing you need to do is get academic counseling at the university, to reevaluate what your best course of study would be. I assume your grades in science were good, since the pharmacy school originally accepted you. The only exception would be if you came from a different country, where the standards were lower, and then when you got to the current university, the classes were too hard for you. I am not sure, since I do not know enough details. The people in the counseling office are not the same people as in the pharmacy school. I would ask them for advice. Tell them you need a fresh start. What would they recommend? You are young enough to start over and be successful.


  74. What if a witch thinks she is the victim and prays and hires someone to send evil prayers to the innocent person. I in fact live by a witch..I am spiritually and mentally harrasses. Not to mention verbally…I told the land lord she is using witchcraft. I guess the land lord told her, so now she has whote salt or something in the front of her door. I am experiencing pins and needles all the time and they hurt. I asked the church to pray over me. However, this stuff continues. Now my question is. Can she hire someone, to harrass me and my family. I know she has some of my hair. She digs in my garbage. I also want to know if she can get a church to rpay agianst me, she had roserys in her van and she one time said. It is Jesus they are after, then she said the heck with Jesus. I dreampt of snakes and so did my family and the old lady coming in to thier dreams and trying to have sex with my son and my family has nightmares. I have put olive oil on my doors. But somehow its coming in. We share the hallway and I am wondering if she is using witchcraft that it is coming in..somehow. She had given me gifts and she hattes us. She had aslo given me a doll..that I threw out. I am tormented with this witch and she probably gets on net and askes other witches to use witccraft on us. And pays them $..I am assuming. Cause one witch aint that strong over my prayers..they are more than one when I have dreams I see her and 4 others…so what can I do…? I am getting tired of praying agianst it cause it keeps coming back..I also put on gospel music. I have read practicall every prayer agianst witchcraft…

  75. Hi Brandy,

    She is mentally unbalanced, not just evil….

    1. Go to her door, with witnesses, and tell her you are not a threat to her in any way, and wish her well. But if she continues to harass you with witchcraft, you will have to file a complaint with the landlord and police, to action to remove her as a nuisance. You also consider her mentally ill, and in need of help.

    Let her know that your prayer group at church is praying against any witchcraft cruses to revert back onto her, to make her stop.

    This way, you have warned her, you let her know she is not just fighting you, and you will report her to protect yourself.

    Plead the blood of Jesus over her before you leave. She will not like this, but she will then know you are spiritually aware of how to handle her.

    Witnesses are VERY important, so she cannot accuse you falsely of anything. They will back you up. If she has people in her house supporting her, then make sure your witnesses outnumber anyone she has there with her.

    2. petition landlord (nicely) to remove her unless she stops, get cooperation and understanding, explaining everything you are going through.

    3. Police and social services – Contact the police and tell them there is a mentally ill woman near you who is becoming a threat to herself and others. She is starting with witchcraft (this is not enough to get them to come, because you have to prove this), but she is so unstable, no one knows what she will do next. Tell them she has made threats of personal harm to you, and she might get so bad she hurts herself.

    Tell them she is so unstable, that she needs a mental health evaluation, and possibly medical care. Tell them she is so delusional that she could hurt herself and others. Tell them the things she does. Then ask if there is a psychiatric counselor you can contact to investigate her, for her own protection. Have witnesses, to back you up, so you will sound more convincing. Asking the police to help a mentally ill woman will make you sound concerned, rather than revengeful, or negative, on your own part. You are trying to help her, and protect yourself at the same time.

    3. Social services – you might need to call them separately. The police may or may not make this contact for you. Tell them the same thing you did the police, and that the woman needs to be investigated for her own protection, and the protection of the neighbors.

    4. Continue to pray against her wiles. Plead the blood of Jesus over yourself and others she bothers, and “reverse the curse” in Jesus name.

    see if this helps..let me know


  76. Dear marianne,

    Thank you for your email, your response.

    In terms of my stepmother, I do see her numerous times in my dream which is extremely bad, where sometimes I do no breath, and like a rope is strandling my neck.

    In terms of the school grade it was later revealed that my exam paper had been seen by the teachers who marked my work, which is not suppose to be so as they were suppose to be blind marked, where the university had falsely informed me that my paper had been marked by an external examiner after the minutes were revealed. Since I had problems with the staffs my exam paper I was told was suppose to be marked independently and by an external examiner. I definitely passed my paper which I am very sure of that is why I am hoping for an independent examiner remarked my paper. And then further investigation revealed the university where not suppose to had withdrawn me from the course.

    Again I pray that God help me with my battle, for this is what a minority student sees and in terms with my stepmother’s disturbances which happens regularly especially in the night when I sleep.

    Thank you

    • Hi Ebere,

      I pray for the best with your situation. I would also hope that you would try to find a different school that is not so against you, and would be fair to you.


  77. pray for me i was suppose to go in new papua guinee with my husband the plane is over bec a passepoert proi have to go back in mty coutry for that please help me to accept the situatrion

  78. HI, I just found your website and have a question for you. I use to practice witchcraft and was into wicca. I have been a Christian for the past 2 years. I have had nothing but battle after battle after battle and they are no small battles!!! There is allot more to my past that I would be happy to share with you privately. I belong to a AOG church and just had a meeting with my pastors. He brought up my business out of the blue. I own a small day spa and rent out rooms. I only have one room rented to a massage therapist. She is a great worker and as normal as you and me, the difference is that she is a wiccan. My pastor told me that because I am aware of this, I am allowing myself to do business with a witch and witchcraft is a sin therefore I am allowing satan to be there. God can’t bless my business this way. He said that he is scared to death for my spiritual wellbeing; he had no idea that she is a wiccan. And believes that this is the open door to why I have so much heavy spiritual warfare. He believes that I have to let her go. This just came up 2 days ago. I am not sure how I feel about this. I have had others tell me that she is there for a reason and seed is being planted in her. I am not sure what to do. I see both sides to this. I know that I need to pray about it, but thought you might give me your view. Again if you need more info please email me. Thanks for your time, love your sight by the way!!


    • Hi Kare,

      First, let me apologize for the delay in response. I get many emails and this one got lost.

      I think your pastor may be overreacting. Or maybe not. It depends on the whole situation.

      IF you are really changed, and away from Wicca, she will not bother you, and you need the money.

      If she is practicing wicca during the massage treatment, like using crystals to “pull out” bad “spiritual material,” that could be an issue. She could be introducing spirits into your work area.

      IF she she just giving massages, then that is ok.

      Does she know you used to be Wiccan? That is another consideration.

      If the subject of Wicca comes up with her, since you used to be a part of it, it would be best to arrange a discussion with another believer present. This is more to cover you spiritually, so there is no transfer of spirit to you from her.

      I guess I need to know a little more before any definite conclusion can be made.

      write back to the email you get, if you want.


    • Hi my name is DaisyRuthPatrick I have a story for you ,how do you cast a head demon or akiller demon ,and how do you break curses that is to keep you from the man that you and that love you but cannot talk to you he tell people he is stuckhis x wife has 2 vodoo dolls back to back to keep us a part it going on 3 years and he has spoken aword to me we was getting married ,she came by to see his sick mother he went out one door and i went out the qther ,4 days later i was gone i.stoped by one day he lift up his foot and i pull a spirit off his foot .it got into me i had to through it up ,john tell all his friends i am the best one of all .Help .

      • daisy

        It sounds like he has as many demons on him as his ex wife.

        I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft.

        Print them out and say them each day…..include yourself, your bf, and the ex wife when you pray……..I will be in agreement with you.

  79. I came across this website because of curiousity.I know of someone who is affected by the ‘magickal arts’.Basically,it is a guy in a high profession I dealt with.The female friend of his is a practitioner of magickal art.I just found this info a few months ago on her myspace.Now everything made sense.I could never meet with him.She dislikes me because we care about one another. The only option is to pray.I see the darkness all around him on pictures the people he surrounds himself with ,drugs,sex, and just a destructive lifestyle.His parents are affected as well.Ever since she came into his life she has done things to keep others’ away and keep him binded.People she knows are against me I am her enemy because I am honest and not afraid to speak of God. I already know what I am up against I just wish this would end.I am tired.I think about him constantly and don’t want to.To all of those that suspect someone of this.Godly Prayer is powerful!

    • Hi ~T

      You are dealing with a Jezebel – Ahab combination. I am guessing he is quiet and laid back, and a little passive. I am guessing she is the controlling or more aggressive one.

      read over some of this and see if it helps you:

      It is really up to him to make the proper break. It does not look like it, but she is drawing her energy from him, so he has to block this by learning to say “no” to her. She is like an energy parasite, so he needs to cut her off.

      Also, I see you care about him, but is he willing to give up this magic? If not, you will always struggle, and never really have him to yourself. He needs to give this up, unless it is just entertainment (for show), and not true witchcraft.

      Will he give this up for you? Is he really interested in God? You do not need to unequally yoked to an unbeliever, or there will always be heartache.


  80. Marianne, please tell me how someone namely me, can be attacked at night in my sleep and get bruised, certain parts of my body are used like my navel or the hair on my head or my face hit across the bridge of nose leaving a sore or feeling like my legs have been gripped by strong hands etc.. I always feel angry and violated in the morning and sort of punished by God wondering what Ive done to deserve it Can you let me know what it is thats tormenting me and causing great greif and confusion and despair

  81. Marianne this is Karen the one that just typed the above message Will you email me back and let me know what I can do I contacted a paranormal group to check out my house. Other than pray my lame prayers
    what else can I do to help myself. This is the first time Ive ever contacted this site

    • Dear Karen,

      You are under demonic attack. Inviting someone who fools with demonic spirits will make it worse. Reply to the email you get.

  82. Hi my name is Joseph I’ve been going to pain for 6 years .Slander destroyed my name & confidence & many more horrible things.My name is destroyed so bad its like a household name it got more press then the bible. The other day my mother saw a 1000 black birds fly over the house. They all layed in the yard .She told me it was witchcraft.So much have been happening I’ve made more enemies then I have on my hair.I’ve gotten prohecy of great things but we live so much in a evil world u never know who knows who or connected to who .I try to speak about the wrong & say we shouldn’t wrong eachother for no reasons but things are getting bad worst.What I learned the evil hearts are working over time to destroy me.

    • Hi Joseph,

      I will put you on my prayer list, and agree with you in prayer about this. May you stay strong against these attacks, and may any curse be reversed back on the person doing this in Jesus name. I plead the blood of Jesus over you and ask for angels to surround you. May the strength of the Holy Spirit restore you, and empower you.

      If you need to communicate further, you can respond to the email.


  83. Hello,

    I recently bought a restaurant/bar that was going under. One of the partners resented having to sell and she has a great deal of resentment and jealousy against me and my boyfriend, who helps me run the bar. We’ve been having horrid nightmares, the next door bar business owners hate me for no reason and want me shut down, each month I am confronted with new financial complications, and both of us are experiencing sudden health issues, especially him. I was blessed to have recently crossed paths with someone who saw me in the street, approached me and confirmed all of this. She told me things about the bar and my past that not even my partner knows. She has been praying for me regularly and help me fight the bad spirits, but even since we all have been praying business keeps getting slower, with more parties cancelling. Now my boyfrends health is worsening to the point he is sick each morning, and he is supposedly perfectly healthy. Please pray for us. Thank you so much for this prayer. I feel the bar needs a cleansing, any tips on how I can do this SOON would be greatly appreciated.

    God Bless


    • Hi Clariza

      Yes, I will pray for you and agree with the other person in prayer on your behalf. But you will need to take some action as well. You have to find out if your impressions are true or not.

      You and your boyfriend should contact the former owner who was agreeable to selling the business. Tell him what is going on, and ask if his partner was against you taking over. Ask about her interests, and say you feel like something strange is going on. Describe the problems to him and ask for his advice. See if you can lead him into a possible discussion about his partner being into witchcraft, but do not push this.

      Maybe the agreeable partner can talk to the angry partner, and the business next door, and help you out. Maybe she just said a lot of bad things about you to customers and the neighboring business. His partner may be able to turn things around for you.

  84. Clariza, I guess the first question is, “Are you saved?” You know some about the evil spirits, but mentioned nothing in your post about God except perhaps in your asking for prayer. If you are saved, are you walking in God’s will? These are important things, for indeed, witchcraft is real. A saved person has a general hedge of protection, but that hedge can have holes in it for the enemy to pass thru, if you are out of God’s will. DavWms

  85. Very nice site!

  86. hi can you please contact me regarding a situation i have

  87. God bless this site and you.
    Thanks from all of us who desperatly need prayer.
    Please pray for my family and Gregg.

  88. Thankyou FATHER FOR LEADING ME TO THESE PLACES FOR PRAYERS TO BE SPOKEN ALOUD and for the person who is doing this work online. Bless them and their Psalm 103 for me continually and yeah, bless them and theirs with all manner of good, for i know that they too are being affliced sometimes just for obeying YOU here!! But! we have the VICTORY OF ALL THE POWER AUTHORITY OF THE EMENY AND NOTHING WILL BY ANY MEANS HARMS US!. HERE IS a community of believers who belive YOU. period.

    I stand in total agreement with all the prayers above and speak and spoke them too. for my son D. and for my other children and others as well. This is just very wonderful for me. Thankyou. When i ask for ‘somebody on this earth who believes as I do to stand in agreeing faith for my children with me’ i don’t despair because often times the set-apart are ALONE amongst people, so Please if you believe in the Name of Yahweh and Yahshua, please let me know and be my prayer partner?? im waiting. THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR THESE PRAYERS. 🙂

    • Hi Deborah.

      I will agree with you in prayer.

      • Sorry for replying to a irrelevant post to the question but it wouldn’t let me reply directly….

        What is wrong with rock music?

        Yes, I do understand that some rock bands do have occultist themes, lyrics and art in their music, as do many pop and hip hop artists, and over time since realising this, bands such as slipknot and tool which sing a lot about evil blasphemous or satanic things interest me less and more and more of there songs repulse me rather than offer me enjoyment as they used to – seems to be a process rather than an instant change, like a weening off through time…

        But some very heavy rock and metal bands like limp bizkit are very anti-satanic, maybe not specifically in their music but they would never dream of blaspheming or praising satan even through codes as reference to stars, suns moons, seeing the light or anything, they are very Godly people (I’ve even spoken to Fred durst- singer of limp bizkit about this, though he strongly denies knowledge of the illuminati he definitely loves God) and I even make some heavy music and only see it as music with faster drums and an effect on the guitar to make it heavy… Is there something I’m missing in regards to heavy rock/metal? I really like the style of it, I slowly move away from my old tastes in bands that say evil things but I feel no evil in a lot of it myself… Is it all evil?

  89. hi…can you please stand in prayer with me…my x husband is constantly taking me to court for custody..i recently saw him and he has this evil look and hes lieng anout me to the judge and his attoeny he wants to hurt me get revange its not even about the kids about that i finally decided to leave him and his controlling ways hes really out to destroy me because he knows the best way to hurt me is to take our kids away and me and our kids are lovers of Jesus the holy spirit God we love having commioun with our Father please stand with me inprayer hes real manipluateing and we are going to go back to court real soon please pray fro the lies to be exposed thank you

  90. Hi Marianne, I just came across this site and what interest me more was the mail by ebere bcos I suffered similar situation but was lucky I realised on time and started with prayer. I started studying in one of the best universities in the world for a one year masters course. But for no reasons, I was hated my the lectures and some of my white classmates who went behind me to make up stories to the lectures about my not partaking in grp works even though they deliberatly dont get me involved. Even when I greet my lecturers they wont respond. To make matters wost, I faild and had to resit 2 courses one of which was the easiest course that we had and I even taught some of my mates who were having difficulty and they passd while I faild. But some pple who faild the same number of courses as me were allowed to graduate on the ground that they showed better aptitude than myself during lectures so I had a final opportunity to resit the exams. To make matters worst, they faild me again for my thesis as well. What other pple did was same thing I did but they said mine was wrong. It appeard to be a racist thing apparently but then I wasnt the only black person. So I started going to a living church. I used to go to anglican church b4 now and was more of a norminal christian. So I now went for a deliverance service and one of the ministers whom I never discussed my problems with, revealed that I will not get my degree and it was demon and witches that was following me about. Thant God wanted to help me but that im too lazy to pray which I knew was true. so when I started praying and also requesting prayers from other pple, I retook the exam the next year and even had the best result in that course even though I never attended lectures nor revision. It now made the pple who were againts me started thinking there was something wrong that made me fail initially. Then after some troubles with them, I did another thesis and was eventually passed they even wrote off about $2k I owed the department. After I had passed, I started seeing the physical manifestation of this withcraft attack like some unexplained body marks and all that. I could not even find a job even though I got degree from one of the most sought after universities. Its always a near miss experience. Then the one im battling now is that I dont sleep every night.Once it is 11-12pm I start feeling there’s somepple somewhere invoking my spirit and this goes on till morning. Although im still battling with prayers and the blood of Jesus which is what has kept me alive till now. I do not know the exact source of this witchcraft but at the church they tell me it followed me from where I originally come from in africa. They hav a way of making pple hate u for no reason and if its pple of different race u will interprete it as being racism like that of ebere. So marianne still remember me in ur prayer and again I beleived what ebere is saying as it happnd to me but those whites that hate her is bcos of what they see which is not their fault but due to the influence of the witchcraft influence over her.

    • Hello Em,

      Witchcraft in universities itself is very real. It does not even have to come from your past or homeland. Satan is there waiting for Christians to attend school, so he can defeat them and make them feel like failures.

      When someone hates you as soon as they see you, it is because they themselves have demons, who recognize the holy spirit who covers you. Then the demons influence the person who has them, and you get a negative reaction. I understand what you are going through, because it has happened to me too.

      you are also located ( I think) close to a witchcraft area. See here:

      See if you can get away from this location in your job searches, where it is less intense.

      I will agree with you that you will find favor with people, and that God will bless you efforts. May he send angels to do battle for you, so that you can get some sleep, be refreshed, and achieve the success you deserve. Even if others do have demons, I pray a veil over you, so that the demons will be blind to you, and unable to discern your spirit, and attack you.

      I will add to you my prayer list. You are not alone. There are about 80 other people on my list with similar problems. So, just do your best, be positive, and when you go for an interview, just sit there like you are the most attractive person in the world, and like everyone loves you, and you love everyone else.

  91. […] Against Witchcraft Control Click here for […]


  93. hello my name is Yolanda, I feel that I am experiencing witchcraft forces in every area of my life, I am constantly being terminated from jobs, attack in body, confused, financially, lots of unnatural things happening to me and Its been going on for a few years in a cycle. I questioned what this is and spoke with a spiritual advisor and this is what was revealed to her that was going on with me. I need to know how to break these powers off of every area in my life. I mean every area of my life, things I touch and things I set out to do.

    • Hi Yolanda,

      I will put you on my prayer list. First, are you a believer in Jesus? Because if you aren’t it makes it harder to remove these curses.

      If you are a believer in Jesus, then you have the authority to attack back. We are in the last days, and these kinds of attacks are going on everywhere, so do not feel alone, or like there is something wrong with you. It is the world turning evil, and you are just experiencing this.

      First of all, repent of any sins that may have opened the door to this evil – mistakes or intentional. Get rid of that guilt quickly. Be sincere in your sorrow for sins.


      Pray, cover yourself with the blood of Jesus, and in his name, rebuke and reject the curses. I will be agreeing with you. Also, get friends to agree with you also.

      When you get this message, you can feel free to hit the reply button for further contacts with me.

  94. Dear Marianne,This is an update and also a reminder to all who need prayer too always pray for those on this site. I know you all helped lessen the negativity force that had been surrounding my home and loved ones.I did what you told me to do and prayed the prayer to bind and brake witchcraft .A very angry evil reluctant to leave has been weakened about 50%. Dealing with the mass I had here this percentage is nothing less than a miracle. In Jesus name I rebuke and rebuke and stand with satan beneath my feet .With the blood of Jesus I am fighting the devels influence upon Gods children. Thank you for refusing to allow the devel into all who live, with the gift God has given you to help His children. Your guidence has worked wonders .Prayer will not work unless you truly believe it will. Thanks again

  95. “I will destroy all of your witchcraft and you will no longer cast spells.” – Micah 5:12

  96. I need prayer against evil in-laws operating from Nigeria. God is my protector and I shall not be moved. It is written that a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave on to his wife and they shall become one flesh. No longer two but one flesh, so what God has joined together let no one put asunder. Let God arise and rain terrifying noises on the camp of the enemy and bind all their evil works, in Jesus’ mighty name (Amen).

  97. I would like agreement in prayer for my marriage, my husband has left his family and has decided to detach himself from us believing that he does not need us and can be a father without being here. He has a female taht his is involved with and I believe he is under a spell. He is not like himself and my kids also notice tbat he is not the daddy that we all know. I want the girl gone forever and his eyes opended to what he is trying to do an the contol that the girl has over him.

    • HI Sheri

      I am adding you to my prayer list. It sounds like you have a Jezebel that disrupted the family. You will have to be more aggressive, but in a positive way, with your husband about the woman and the children. Make rules, and have him comply. Also, make sure you get child support started, since this might take awhile. Right now, your children come first.

  98. Re written) can you delete the one above. Wrote it wrong..thank you..This is the right one..

    A child raised in these families of molesters. She too was from the B** family, she married out and no longer considers these people to be family.
    The B** family hates this child for leaving and turning to the lord. After all these years she still gets spiritually attacked cause they are witches.
    She has been in a battle for along time, and they wont stop.
    Last year 2007, she got a email, sent by Terry B** (ex-brother) that this woman 44 belongs in the grave cause she hides behind her bible.

    Lloyd S** b**, Sandy L** Saskatchewan. Molester, rapist, Christian, now medicine man and turned his ways away from the lord.
    got away with crime using witchcraft to deceive the prosecutor. Still using witchcraft, native American Bad medicine. On woman who
    charged him. Afflicting her, and he was the one who molested her. She has forgiven him, Lloyd use to molest her at age 4 to 12. She is now 44 and she
    is still being spiritually harassed by his work. Sending her oppression, death spirits, and revengeful spirits. TO harm her.

    Orville B**, Lives in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Molester, him too sending American Indian bad Medicine to a young girl he molested after she charged him of an sexual assault agianst her at age 5
    and he was 26. She is now 23 and he is in his 40’s. She charged him in 2003 and he got his Brother who is a witch to do harm to her. and her mother.
    They sent sickness and spirits to harm these two woman.

    Ronald B**( Uncle) , Molester and witch..he uses his witchcraft, bad medicine to win all these charges agianst him. Helping his little brother to win in courts.
    They still use this stuff to harm those who are telling the truth, they seem afraid that these people who have been victims of rape and supernatural attacks
    will prevent them from the law and the condemnation of God.

    Terry B** sending Death threats to these two woman for serving God. All these Birds are related including Lloyd S** b**.
    All live in Saskatchewan. And will not leave these two Christian women alone.

    I would like to send prayers for their own convictions. She needs protection and salvation agianst these people who harm her for telling the truth.
    And for sending her evil spirits.
    All first nations Cree….
    The names above Lloyd S** B**..Won in court using native witchcraft and he had followers, so more than one working
    agianst the truth of her words spoken agianst him as he denied all.
    And instead of repenting of his charge, he used revenge upon her to fall. And will not stop..after all these years. 2009…now and she still
    feels afflictions.

    But because there are more agianst these women..

    these are the other two..who work in darkness..
    Ronald B** who was a child molester, he can relate to the charges,spoken agianst his little brother.
    so he helped his Brother Orville B** to win a sexual Charge agianst him as well. the daughter of the same woman charging Lloyd S**b**.
    they are All related.
    Orville B** is hiring witches to hurt this young woman who had charged him to destroy her. This young woman is a Christian.
    And Terry can not stand the fact these women are reading the bible, so he is trying to harm them sending illnesses and supernatural afflictions. Causing aches and pains, and fear to these two woman.
    Pray that they will stop this. They wont stop.
    Also a old neighbor who cursed them and slandered them, her name is Irene C** who lived in Surrey. She hired people to hurt them and almost caused the daughter of this 44 year old woman to lose the new born baby…This young mother suffered a great deal of a spiritual battle that she had palsy directed at her and a break down.
    ..All this is connected. How? All these men used super natural powers to conflict with these woman using a neighbor.
    All connected…used black cats, crows to send witchcraft and pictures off face book. They searched till they found them on face book. These woman have since took them selves off face book. The christian woman and daughter had discerning spirits. so they did what they were told by God. Today the Christian woman has aching bones and
    headaches that doctors can not find cause of//but she knows its them. She has been praying and is getting drained. To many and her and daughter alone most of time.

    These two woman are in need of help they are Christians, and other Christians should be helping
    these two…that is what God says…help one another. These two woman who are afflicted live in BC and they need salvation and help,and the older 44 year old has other children and grand children who are also afflicted. It is mother and daughter who are afflicted, but mother has other children and grand children. Big time. agianst these people. A. By these men and this woman( neighbor) Pray that they will overcome these afflictions.
    Please and thank you..

    • Hi Shelly,

      I will put this family, and their victims, in my prayers. Print out the prayer and say it daily,…modify it to fit your situation. I will agree with you for victory for the victims, and salvation and deliverance for the witches.

  99. Hello Marianne,

    I just recently found your website and I read some amazing facts, especially the description of the Charismatic Jezebel spirit. I am in my mid-twenties and I was involved with a man for 7 years who I happened to end up marrying. My spouse fits that description to the “T”. When I read it, I had tears in my eyes. I was so decieved, but now I am set free. Him and I are currently going through a divorce which I filed. The process has been nasty. It took me a long time for me to see him for who he really was. I just want to say thank you for providing me and others with such valuable information. Thank you and God Bless.

  100. Thank you for posting this prayer. My son who is saved is engaged to a young woman who is religious but unsaved. They want to be married next year, and I have been praying fervently that it would come to naught. She has made it clear that she intends to ‘change’ our son once they are married and he is so smitten he has lost reason. She does not like our family. It is a sad situation and I desperately need God’s intervention.

    • Hi Diane,

      First you have my full sympathy. I am a parent too, and have had to deal with undesirable partners for my children.

      I will put you on my prayer list.

      I am hoping for now that your son still has some positive relationship with you. I would not push the issue too much for now, but focus on educating your son more about Jesus, faith, what true love is, how real love includes those that you love also, Do loving things for him, so that he sees this love coming from you.

      He needs to see the real love of his family as valuable to him. He needs to never want anything to happen to that bond with his family. If this desire can be nurtured in him, then he will not want to turn against you later, when she tries to control him further.

      What you have is a contest. You have to love him so much, and show it, that the real love you give him as a parent becomes more valuable to him than the selfish love she has to offer.

      This does not mean of course, that you would stand in the way,or compete with, a girl who would be saved, kind to all, and respect everyone, and be a perfect fit for him.

      You do not have to lose this battle. You can win it.

      I will agree with you in prayer.

  101. I mean I sleep alone and don’t want him to come in and do things in spite to hurt my spirit. He knows what bothers me the most and he plays this game and test’s God all the time. I meant to say I now sleep alone, and asked him not to bother me in anyway, I will find my own place and can’t wait. But in the mean time, I feel it is mind control and witchcraft he uses when he prays and smoke spot at the same time, but to which God I don’t ain’t to Jesus, cause he don’t like him. And this is starting to bother me. When he is angry with me, My ears hurt and i get pains on my body. He also makes me look bad in front of his friend just to mock my walk.. and say’s, see here is a christian and this what studying does to her.

    • Hi Brandy,

      He is a charismatic witch, unsaved, and you do not belong with him. You seem to be under the delusion that many women now have, that it is ok to live with, and have sex with, a man you are not married to. This is fornication in the eyes of God, and this sin opens the door for demonic oppression. This gives him the right to abuse you. You are wise to try to get away from him, and you should be unwilling to have sex until you are successful. I have questions for you to help me think:

      1. why cannot you afford to leave? Do you work? Can you get a job if you do not have one?

      2. Do you have relatives or friends you can stay with?

  102. Hello my name is Ms. C. My husband I believe is under the spell of witchcraft. He has turned to dislike me and doesn’t want me to touch him. He believes I am having an affair. His x-wife is a witch she blasphemes God and talks about budda. He has a letter in our home which she wrote in regardas to loving another man. My husband has a son from this woman who is now 23 years old. Every time he talks to this woman our home is in total chaos. He accuses me of being unfaithful and liar and he thanks she is ok. This woman is married as well. This woman has caused much chaos in our home. I have been praying morning and knight. I believe there is an Godly soultie. I have been experiecing a spirit of fear in my home as if I wanted to leave. My husband has been tormented day and night for almost a month.

    • I am Ms.C. again and I need to make a correction I intended to say my husband talks to his son and each time there has been chaos in our home. I belive he is communicating with the x-wife as well. I believe there is and ungodly soultie. Thanks and God bless.

  103. Hello this is Ms. C again please pray for me and my husband. Please add us to your prayer list. We are a couple who love the Lord and have much oppostion have experienced much oppostion for his family especially(sister) and co-wworkers. I don’t have any proof of an affair. The more I read the reply let me know my husband is dealing with a withcraft spirit. Thanks and God bless

    • Hi Mrs. C

      I bet the x wife has a strong personality. She is a Jezebel and she has a weakening effect on your husband, which then causes him to think like she does at times. he is under here spell. He is what I refer to as an Ahab personality, a passive man who concedes to an aggressive woman.

      You have to be positively aggressive when it comes to her. You also have to be positively aggressive with your husband, in order to balance out the influence she has on him. If you are more dominant, but in a positive way, than she is, he will follow your thoughts, not hers.

      Do not let her in your house. Do not allow her to phone there. If she calls, hang up and block her.

      Immediately oppose any comments by the woman’s son. Stand strong on who you are and that YOU are not the problem.

      Take charge in the house until your husband can get his manhood back. Pray for him. Become the leader until he can lead again.

      I will put you on my prayer list.

  104. Brandy here, update.
    I moved out and have no interest in this man Steve whats ever. I am temporarily living at my daughters place. I have my stuff in storage there at Steves (EX..)there are times where I miss him so much and I rebuke it. Next day i feel fine. He kicked me out and he told the day he kicked me out he was angry. I said why “you should be happy” He said he was angry because I didn’t beg to stay and suck up. I feel wide awake now and wondered why I was even with him in the first place..seems maybe it is mind control…and manipultion. I pray though that God will show Judgment on his heart and maybe he needs to repent and begin to forgive his past woman who hurt him. Cause I sure got the short end end of the stick..Almost as if I was there to pick up his ex’s left overs. He was so angry with her but found me to revenge that he will come to God is time before he hurts another woman…he needs to come clean.
    So Im free although i have no home. Its still worthed…home will come and all will fall into place..pray for me to find a nice appartment..ty God bless you seems there is allot of abuse in men and woman now days. Whats going on? Jezeble over powering them? I guess so.

    • Hey Brandy

      I appreciate the update. The guy is a bum. You are better off without him. You just felt you could not do it alone, but you can. people do it every day. This world is just getting rotten. jezebel and other nasty spirits around, trying to destroy the saints.

      God has provided you with a place to stay. Praise god.

  105. To akiliah gibson

    When I was going through the witchcraft stuff, I fasted all day once a week. For three weeks, I also lit a candle so that helped me light my way…Christ speaks about the candle and that no-one hides it under the table..I know he meant spirit. But a candle helps and fasting. ALso ask for God to forgive you in all areas in your life even if Han as in sin put on you.
    Plead the Blood of christ on the person who is bothering you. That is why he came to shed his blood..His blood in powerful. I found fasting works the best.

    • yeah during the process of the witchcraft thingy, God told me to sleep with a candle lit and truly I felt some witchcraft things that was sent to my body melted away and I literally felt it in my body.

  106. Con’t)
    \Like I said, someone put some on me, and I sufferred allot. I think many believers in Christ are being prosecuted. In the war of the spirit world. But remember what Christ said. ” And they over came them by the blood of the lamb..
    Amen..Blood is the key here…

  107. Maryanne, Hi this is Karen, Im still being plagued by various black incidents. last year in Aug my cat, Gracie a beloved pet died of a mystery ailment, it was a horrible experience for me ,I got another cat who looked alot like gracie shes sick now same symptoms, it feels sad and dark in my house more than usual, I needyou to agree with me in prayer for my adear suffering cat Oreo, who is a mother of five kittens who need her, I ve been staying in prayer but the blackness in my life wont go away, please put my cat on your prayer list to keep the spirit of death off of her and she’ll recover, God Bless and Thankyou so much, Karen

  108. Maryanne, please reply on my gmail, Thankyou Karen

    • Try changing Gracies’ diet.
      One never knows anymore what the companies put in pet foods.
      I suggest real tuna or sardines mix in with homemade veggies.

  109. Found this site while looking for prayers to dismantle withchcraft in my family. Been under attack for years in my marriage and family by witches from previous church and people married into the family. Well things have gotten extremely worst and has affected alot of people and great destruction. Can I private email you to go into further detail.


  110. Hi Maryanne I love ya cause you dont preach you just help and care and thats all a christian is supposed to be anyway, still struggling feeling so low, please help me keep the faith and if you would Keep praying for Oreo and my friend Ruth Anton whos in a coma Drs have given up but we dont Right? Thanks Friend, Karen

  111. Hi,
    My husband is under attack from a spirit of perversion. It has gotten so bad that he is currently seeking a divorce. I have been a good and faithful wife, staying at home to care for our children. He signed a lease yesterday knowing that I still have no job. He just came home from Iraq 3 months ago and this started while he was in Iraq.
    I am a wreck. I have no means to support myself and am struggling to trust God to save my marriage and family. The man that came home from Iraq is not my husband. When he was home on leave I had suppressed memories of my sexual abuse come out and it seemed to have a negative impact on him.
    We were both raised Christian and have wandered away but I found my way back and he is still out there. I know God has plans for us and everytime I pray I feel like God is telling me to keep standing for my marriage.
    He refuses to talk to me about anything substantial. He just does things like signing the lease and expects me to be ok with them. My husband that left was a good, kind, caring husband and father. The man that came back is mean, spiteful, and completely without compassion.
    I’m glad I found this prayer and I will be using it. Please pray for us.
    Just to add, I do have spiritual support, I found a wonderful church. I just long for my life to be more than craving it to be one of the days I can go to church.

  112. This is Melissa from just above. I just have to say, I prayed this today over my husband, my children, and myself. I went into my husband’s closet for his work stuff and I literally had arm and chest pain and difficulty speaking. I am young and in good health, I had no problems prior to doing this. I’m just wondering if there is something more I should do. It just really surprised me that this happened. I felt fine prior to walking in there, I was just walking thru the house praying. This was the only room it happened in.

    • Hi Melissa,

      Get in touch with the base chaplin and see if you can discuss this with him. He must be used to helping soldiers returning from Iraq, and different psychological problems from war. Your husband might have some form of post traumatic stress disorder. Mentioning any historical problems of your own may have just pushed him over the top. Also, he will respond to the chaplin, as he is military also.

      • Thank you, sadly (here) there is next to no support in these situations. My husband definately has PTSD. Several people have tried to talk to him but he says it is all me. I spoke to the chaplain and that only seemed to make things worse. He wanted to help but my husband won’t allow him to. He seems to truly believe that everyone around him is wrong.
        So, I’m trying my best to hold onto God and trust in Him. I’ve been looking for a job for 2 months now and no success. I’m trusting God has something in store for me and I just haven’t made it to the time/place to receive it.

        • hi Melissa

          I went through this many years ago when my boyfriend came back from Vietnam. I lost him because I did not handle it right.

          He is pushing you away, because he cannot handle your emotions….he cannot even handle his own right now.

          Facing a divorce is painful. In spite of his desire for one, just let him know you are behind him 100%, that you love him, and you will be there for him, when he is ready to talk.

          You know that he has been through something very terrible, and it will take time to heal. You will go along with what he wants and needs for you, as you understand the stress he has been under……

          We can just pray that he gets through this, and heals, and comes back to you. Maybe he will change….in most states, there is a one year waiting period before a divorce is final.

          BTW, his CO can order him to get counseling.

  113. Please pray for my husband. He is control by witchcraft. He was deployed 15 months ago to Kuwait. He came home for leave and I never saw him. He returned home this May and I have not seem him yet. I found the womens picture in the car with cards. He called me last friday from the womens house. I have not seen my husband in 16 months. He has changed the bank account and hate to hear my voice. This womens name is Joyce. He has also bought her a double wide trailer. Please, Please pray for me.

    • Adding to my post. Melissa on top of my husband being controlled by another women, he is asking for a divorce also. He is not the same man is was before he left. It is so sad. While he was in Kuwait and was calling me, his stress level was high and he constantly snapped on me. I did advised the the rear detachment command and instead of that helping him it sowed discord in our marriage, because they told him that I called and that pushed him further away from me.

      • Hi Janice

        I will pray for you.

        You are the second wife to have this problem in a very short time. I see you have read Melissa’s request.

        It sounds like either the support systems are failing over there, or there is some kind of negative influence going on, which causes the men to break down. It is the pit of satan over there, so I am guessing the second option. Melissa mentioned perversion.

        This is the area where the prophet Daniel had to wait 21 days for an answer to prayer because Michael the archangel had to battle the “Prince of Persia” to get to him. There is much wickedness over there.

        But at the same time, who is this other woman, Joyce? How did he meet her, if he was over there?

        This is a spiritual battle. Can you get any of your husband’s friends or family to talk to him? You need people on your side.

      • Janice,
        I’m sorry to hear what you are going thru. I am at Ft Hood and from what I’ve heard they have a history of deficiency in caring for families and the emotional well being of their soldiers. That is certainly what I have seen here.
        I went to the rear-d chaplain when my husband started behaving unusually. They sent a chaplain assistant and asked him why his wife went to rear-d…that was a very hard situation.
        I will pray for you…I actually have a growing list of marriages we (me and 2 of my good friends) are praying for that is mostly military marriages.
        I will pray for God to open your husband’s eyes and touch his heart, and for Joyce to find an available man…not one already in a covenant with his wife.
        My heart goes out to you. Since my first post, my husband has moved out and I still have no job. He took his kids from his first marriage and has been telling them not to talk to me…the oldest is 17 and will be 18 in 2 weeks. She has been texting me…this is so hard on them. But I understand how painful this is.
        I was a completely faithful wife and did all I could for him and our family. God will bring us both thru our situations. Either our marriages will be restored thru Him or He will bring us to something better than we could ever imagine.
        I do encourage you to give him some space tho. Don’t go to his chain again since they are not perceptive enough to see he needs help. Also be careful of who you enlist to help you. 16 months is a long time but most of that he’s been in a combat zone and has a lot of healing to do. Pray for him and just let him know you love him and are there for him. I have some sites that have been helpful for me in my stand for my marriage…I’m not sure how to get them to you, if here is ok…but do know, I will be praying for you.

  114. to Janice and Melissa.

    Do you want to exchange email addresses for further contact?

  115. To all who are going through trials and oppression. Fast and pray. Do not eat, drink anything for a day. Unless your diabetic. Have water and a cracker. Read bible if you have too, or go by a river and it is good to give a thank you offerring. Do not be limited in just praying to Christ alone. When we really need something we must be persistant. With fasting and prayer. That is what Christ did when he was in the desert. Believe me it works. Means your sincere. We can have many prayers for us. But it is the one who needs prayer that must suffer as an offerring of a sincere prayer. This is when were we experience faith is knowing through fasting we can trust in God and his son Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost will be with you. Do not just pray…it does no good when faith is not tested. These are stubborn spirits…(Mules) And you will get your answer..surrender to God and accept the Answer. God wants you to trust in him fully…and not man.
    Peace be upon you and may your prayers be answered through your time with God alone…do not be agitated, angry, revengul,sad. But pray and trust in God. Your marriages will work out, and most of all..even if it is not your fault..repent during fasting. Humbling thyself. And God will do the rest..TRUST FULLY AND BELIEVE> DONT PANICK IF YOUR PRAYER IS NOT ANSWERED IN AN HOUR> WHEN WE FAST IT IS AS FAST AS IT WILL COME> BE COURAGES AND WAIT. BE HONEST> AND RESPECT GOD> RESPECT CHRIST> AND HIS CREATION> RESECT THE ANGELS>SPIRITS>AND STOP FIGHTING> LEAVE IT TO GOD>AND REMEMBER. sometimes we take all these things for granted. And God shows us he is in control and not us. We Need the earth and everything in it. The Earth dont need us. We must resect…GOD and all these things will come your way that you ask for.

  116. Yes, Melissa and I can exchange email addresses.

  117. Hi, please pray for me & my husband. I have been in ministry for over 15 years. My husband “jumped” in about five years ago, for which I was grateful and have waited patiently for him to mature. But he keeps backsliding (drinking) and I’m not sure that the alcohol is the “root problem”. Not only this, but there seems to be a bitterness or jealously for the annointing that the Lord has put on me (not that I’m deserving) and my husband will constantly find something to say to embarrass me or put me down in front of others. like your paryer Triva

    • hi Triva,

      I will put you on my prayer list.

      He might be saved, but it does not sound like it. So it may be more than a maturity issue. Many people experience a false conversion and think they are saved, when they aren’t.

      He seems to care about you, and wants to join in, but he does not have the commitment or devotion that you do.

      It might be good to go back to square one with him, and help him understand the basics of salvation. He also needs bible study to understand the Word of God. If you can get the help of some good Christian men, have them talk with him, and see where he is at. He needs encouragement from other men, who treat him like he has value. If he is full of the Word of God, and feels accepted by others, this should help things.

      Maybe he is saved, but he feels “less” than you, which might hurt his male ego, and make him feel inferior to you. This would cause him to have verbal outbreaks, where he makes you “less” also, so you can be on the same level with him, or maybe beneath him, so he feels more secure.

      Maybe too, you can ask him to minister also, and help in ways that makes him more visible during a service. This will also make him feel “equal” to you, and less threatened.

      best wishes to both of you.

      • Hi, I’m reading time to time heaven awaits and the information is big help!
        I’m myself are in need of help – I’m with my loved ones are under constant attacks. Yesterday all time when I was in public transport and later at home. It’s not one witch I’m calling her klieberg, but also the most of the coven…with her…it’s now new attempt to take over my mind, body and spirit. once before after I left my message I got help… Please pray for me and specially for my son…God bless! thank you! Ly

  118. Good morning and praise God almighty,

    My name is Imma and i am suspecting i have some witchcraft influence affecting me. Since a time last year, i have never slept well at night as i am always tormented. my hair gets pulled, or some forces just pressure me i cant shout or get up, my ceiling gets hit every so often i cant tell and worse i feel like am sexually abused sometimes i cant tell by who and this leads me to a lot of depression. once or twice i have contemplated suicide I got out of my job at the beginning of this year due to frustrations and have never got another job, or got a coin ever since to support myself. i am always frustrated and depressed as every thing i try to do does not work out. every time i give my ideas to people, say about a project they all say its very brilliant but i never succeed with it. please i need alot of urgent emotional guidance and prayer support before it gets worse.

    i must mention that after a long night of torment i just went to browse on this condition and the first site i opened was yours. please help me…

    i am in kenya.

    • Hi Lynn

      I am glad you leave a message. I will put you on my prayer list. Do not give up, but rebuke those spirits in Jesus name. Bless your bedroom at night. Praise and thank God for all his benefits. Sing praises to God in your bedroom. Make it unbearable for the spirits to stay.

      May God bless you continually. You will be ok!

    • Hi Lynn, I just got through reading about your experience and it is eerily similar to my own. I had been dating my fiance who is Ghanaian for 4 years, and I am African-American. We have a love between us that has been given by God. His family feels threatened by this, because they want him to be with someone who is Ghanaian. We have struggled to remain strong, but he has been weakened by their request and started dating a Ghanaian girl whose father is into witchcraft. I have been told that I am very strong spiritually, and this makes me a target for the enemies attack. Two years ago, I planned a trip to visit him. A week before I left, I had a dream of entering a house and walking up stairs into an upper room. I could sense an evil force upon entering the room, it became so cold I could see my breath, and tall curtains were shut behind me. The force approached me and went through my body and I felt like it tried to take something from me. I fought it spiritually with the word, all in my sleep and ran out of the house. I told my fiance and when I described the house, he couldn’t speak. When I arrived, I realized I was in the place that was in my dream. Upon leaving to return home, I had this terrible pain in my arm. I returned home and became very ill with chest pains, weight loss, fatigue, nightmares, sweating, and I even stopped breathing at night. I went to the ER and several doctors and had a full panel of test, upon which they found nothing wrong. I told him that I felt there was an evil force attacking me and that I feared for his safety as well. I don’t think he understood at the time. One night, it was so bad that I fell to the floor on my belly in prayer and asked God to take away whatever force was attacking me. The next day, we broke up, and my symptoms got better. Our love is so strong, it continues to grow and flourish throughout all the trials. Recently, I was asleep in my room and I heard a wind enter and sweep past a Victoria Secret bag with tissue paper on my dresser. There wasn’t a fan or anything on. I lay there, half asleep and half awake, and when I opened my eyes I saw footprints coming towards me on my bed and I felt a force lay on me, like it was taking advantage of me sexually. I couldn’t move so I just prayed. The next day, I had a visible bite mark on my inner thigh. Lastly, two days ago I had a dream of being in a house, in which a spirit entered and pushed me down from the back onto a bed. I rebuked it in Jesus name profusely, and recited things I didn’t even know were in me!!! The spirit had no choice but to leave me. The power of God is too strong!!! Jesus gives us the ability to rebuke evil spirits in His name, but you have to be strong in faith in order to do this, or the spirits will not respect you and will continue to plague you. The devil knows his time here is brief, so he is roaming the planet creating chaos wherever he can. Just remember, he is the father of the lie and his exploits WILL NOT SUCCEED!!! Hold strong to your faith and resist him and he will flee, he doesn’t have a choice because God’s will ALWAYS prevails!!! Thanks Marianne for having this sight to let us share our views and to help us strengthen one another in Christ, have a blessed day. Q

      • hi Q

        You have had a terrible time. But I do not understand this love of your boyfriend. Why is he so far away, and why is he not with you? He seems to be part of the problem, if he is not part of the solution.

        If he loves you, he needs to leave where he is, and come to where you are at, and support you in prayer.

        I will put you on my prayer list. You need spiritual support.

        • Thanks Marianne, I appreciate your concern and prayers. Actually, he was here with me for 2 years and he left to support his family in Texas. Since then he’s left his job and school twice to come here to be with me. Everytime he comes, his family pressures him to come back. Culturally, the Ghanaians have a very strong family tie, and being that he’s the only son, he has a responsibility to them, while still trying to do what his heart is leading him to do. For instance, the last time he came, he drove 14 hours to get here and we were doing fine until his mother told him that his leaving was making her ill, and he was afraid she would die. It’s a very tricky situation and hard to understand, especially coming from an American culture where we have so much freedom of choice. However, I’ve put it in God’s hands, and His will shall be done regardless so all I can do is stand. I have been very blessed in my life and have overcome a lot. At 12 years old I was raped by my father and he would’ve tried to kill me if I hadn’t escaped. He got 65 years in prison. God has blessed me with the power of forgiveness and understanding of people, but I will not compromise my belief and faith. When I can’t do anything else, I just stand and wait on God. Thanks again, Q.

          • Hi Q

            I understand. One way or the other, you have to communicate a clear and strong message to him, that his family is causing you serious problems. He needs to act to correct these spiritual attacks. Apparently, his family considers you a threat to their hold on him, and they do not want to lose him to you. He has to face the fact that witchcraft is in his family, and he has to take a position against it.

  119. HI Lynn. Some things that may help you.

    I’m a native American Christian. I had that same problem, Lynn. I had someone do the same to me more than once. This time I fasted and prayed, It took me a few months. I used sage also. And spent time at the river. where I dunk myself to be cleansed many times from past relationships and past hurts from men and some family hurts that were in the roots planted. You need to pray and get prayers happening for you, do not be afraid, I am with you. i had a Catholic woman pray over me, she prays in her home, no need to pray in tongues just need someone who has faith in your weakness and is gentle to your situation.. Use every tool to get them demons out (Spirits who are earthbound). These are the stubborn ones. Earthbound spirits making a home in you. You need to command, shout. Cry out to the father and ask him to send you a healer, go to the cross and imagine Christ’s blood on your face/ We are an image away from him when we begin our headings. I know Christ is our healer, but if you don’t have enough faith at a point like this. You need someone who will work with you. Not just once but till it is completely gone. Some times once will do but when the house has been swept dry and clean, the spirit goes into the dessert seeking rest and findeth none and returns bringing more spirits.
    So we need someone to work with us at this point, who is giving, compassionate, and will spend time with you and a real Christ follower will take that time to do Gods will, that is for this purpose his son was on that Cross and rose so we can do greater works.
    Take time to find one there are many false healers who want money and claim to be the healer for themselves, so they do it for show. Find a private one.. Get away from these people who want money. Christs work is free.
    And understanding too and gentle towards you but firm to the spirits. Some people will deny what your going through stay away from these too, this will make you worse.
    But if you can find someone who knows what your going through. Open your heart to their healing s through Christ and where their are two more are gathered is where he will be and fasting as well. Suffer that spirit out they can not stand it when you fast, it is when you are with God in trust and in faith, cause this is when we are hungry and thirsty. In flesh but fed in spirit, the thirst and hunger Christ speaks of is when we fast.. If you can find a Christian, catholic, minister. God will use someone who has that faith in Christ. Think of Christ when you are in sorrow.
    When I am under pressured or begin to feel attacked , I rebuke and repeat…”They over came them by the blood of the lamb”. That blood is powerful and imagine it all over you and in you. Do this when you feel down.
    Play some Gospel music, such as..He could have called Ten thousand angels” Loretta Lynn, Just as I am, There’s only one..ect…uplifting and praise.. And I know this sounds weird, I know lots of people don’t trust Benny Hinn, but God says he will use them anyhow, its the word that matters not man or woman who preach. If they can shout it out use it.. and here is what I did one night. I went into you tube, remember try everything do not be limited in casting these spirits out. They are still scared of the word. I watched Benny Hinn talk about witchcraft and I watched this and I took those computer speakers and turned the volume right up and placed them beside my ears. And on my chest, stomach. Believe me, I felt fear at first but it was the spirits. I continued to do that. That helped allot.

    copy and paste these on top of your www. part of ur computer. watch these three videos, placed them on you them speakers. At this time of healing. You do not need to hear negative things. Focus of positive as much as people are negative. Focus on healing and believe. Do not think of Satan but think of God and his son who came to defeat Satan. Get him out of your mind. He is all areas. Believe…




    !) A healer must not claim his work to be him or her. A true healer will tell you that the healing is not of them but of God from the start. Be weary of those who claim to be healers. And when they pray..( BELIEVE) the spirits will tell you to run or it doesn’t work, this is the time to stay clam and also tell your self over and over again. Its a delusion, once they know your on to them they make you believe they are winning over your mind. Do not let them win over your mind. Do not be afraid of them. Do not show fear. Rebuke that sexual spirit over and over again, that spirit is tempting. But the more you give in the stronger it becomes. Blessed be the womb. Pray over your womb. These spirits are trying to come into this world and many come into our body’s. They cause palsy, twitching, and pains and delusions. Feeding on pleasure and pain and on fear.
    2) take some vitamin B 12. These spirits seem to come when Ill stressed or low in your life. B 12 will give you energy. I am serious. Drink water lots. Get your energy level up there. Vitamins. These spirits suck your energy. You want your energy up there.
    3) do not think man?woman will take it away. The word is the word. God uses the people who claim the word. Don’t matter where and when. I am not catholic, but they have the word also.
    Mary may only appear twice, but both scenes represent pivotal moments in Christ’s life: the very beginning of His public ministry at Cana and the climax of His mission as He is dying on the Cross.Significantly, Mary has an important role to play in each of these pivotal scenes. Instead of calling her “mother” or “Mary,” Jesus uses a title with which it would have been highly unusual for a Jewish son to address his mother. He calls her “woman.”When Jesus saw his mother, and the disciple whom he loved standing near, he said to his mother, “Woman, behold, your son!” Then he said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother!” And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home. (Jn. 19:25–27)Mary’s spiritual motherhood over all Christians, the passage does point us to this reality: Christ I think gave his mother authority to become the divine care for woman. Who are abused, sexually, mentally,physically,spiritually. We as woman need to take care of our wombs. Whether we can bare children or not. The biblical support for Mary’s spiritual motherhood over all Christians finds even deeper foundations when we consider how this passage presents Mary as the “New Eve,” who is associated with the royal son whom Genesis 3:15 foretold would defeat the serpent.In the Lord’s choice we can see His concern that this motherhood should not be interpreted in a vague way, but should point to Mary’s intense, personal relationship with individual Christians.Yet she does not keep any glory for herself. Luke 1:27:
    “Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with thee! Blessed art thou among women!”KJV:
    “…Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.”Luke 1:38:
    “And Mary said, ‘Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.’ And the angel departed from her.”Luke 2:19:
    “But Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart.”Luke 1:48:
    “…for he has regarded the low estate of his handmaiden. For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed.
    “John 19:25-27:
    Invite Mary into thy home and of your heart. We think of another Mary who was a prostitute. And how Christ Loved her so much. He forgave her and I want you to know, God is not just male he is also female in the spirit. He has forgiven you and all you have to do is feed that heart and take Christ heart and claim it. That is what he came to give. His heart and through his mother we are shown that her too was at that cross.
    ‘Woman, behold, your son!’ Then he said to the disciple, ‘Behold, your mother!’ And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home.” Mary became the mother of his brothers in his family of the father in heaven. Revelation 11:19-12:2:
    “Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and the ark of his covenant was seen within his temple; and there were flashes of lightning, voices, peals of thunder, an earthquake, and heavy hail. And a great portent appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars; she was with child and she cried out in her pangs of birth, in anguish for delivery.”

    We know that the woman is Mary because we can see who her son is.

    Revelation 12:5:
    “She brought forth a male child, one who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron, but her child was caught up to God and to his throne…”

    Then, we are told that the dragon wages war with HER and HER children, who are the true believers of God.

    Revelation 12:17:
    “Then the dragon was angry with the woman, and went off to make war on the rest of her offspring, on those who keep the commandments of God and bear testimony to Jesus.”
    Hail Mary,
    Full of Grace,
    The Lord is with thee.
    Blessed art thou among women,
    and blessed is the fruit
    of thy womb, Jesus.
    Holy Mary,
    Mother of God,
    pray for us sinners now,
    and at the hour of death.


    Our sexual being is so important that these spirits that wonder know our weaknesses. Even if we don’t have sex, they seem to attack the womb. The reason I post this is because we not need to be ignorant of healers. We need to know we as woman have authority to over come these attacks that have been passed down by abuse. So if you have been sexually abused in anyway, at one time. You need to cast that curse out from that moment it happened. It is planted in the womb. Hope this helps. Sorry I wrote so much, and remember a kingdom that is divided will not stand. we may have different beliefs and systems. But there is good and evil in all and how do we recolonize Good. Believe in the word and the positive and not the word of negative. Its there but look into Christs heart. There you will find positive in all things.
    May God bring you Victory in this battle. And remember I care when one of my sisters are hurt and sister,,you are not alone. Cause I understand your battle. Stay Strong. The battle is his. We are but his children and through his Son the battle has been won. We need to believe that..He knows that his children are being harmed. He will come and he will take it all me, He has for me. There is Victory. Trust me I was in that same battle..God means what he says’.. And Christ does what he means.
    And they over came them by the blood of the lamb.

  120. Oh and another thing, if your attached or have a friend.. Find out if anyone there is sexually active, or watches pornography. Sorry to be straight forward. But it brings in sexual spirits also. A man with a mind of woman, lust. This can jump into you and bother you. Find out if its any of your friends, kids, husband..ect…

  121. About 12 years ago, my aunt released some type of magic on me. It made my appearance change and my character. It makes me appear retarded and act retarded. It took a part of my thinking ability and other things im not even aware of. The curse came with demons and one alter as i know of. He calls himself Mike but im not sure is he a demon or an alter. He’s a 12 year old black boy that has a black midst over his face.( He has jewery on too.) In reality my looks transformed and it has made me to appear retarded.(And it stays that way until God’s heals me.) (God healded me many times in the past but I never got to the root!) I got prayer Sunday and demons came out of me. (But theres a healing taking place though/it wasen’t a miracle)( I only repeaded The Blood of Jesus Christ, and some came out.Therefor I didnt get any names. I dont know If theres any demons still there or alters. I kinda feel like the demons have some type of cain of command going on to keep the spell in place. I didnt pray for the alters though. I understand that alters can have things attached to them to keep them and the person ministered to in bondage. I want to be free from my alter and demons affiliated with witchcraft, just tell me what I gotta do. I need to destroy the thing or cast out the thing thats causing that black midst over that alters face. But I Have a problem though. Im not able to see and hear in the spirit realm clearly. therefor I need prophets to help me get free. I need one prophet asking questions and doing deliverance. Please help.

    • This is Kenneth again. I ment Chain of Command. 229-890-2130 call after 4:30 on weekdays, anytime on week end for anyone who can help me

      • hi Kenneth

        I will try to call you. It might be Thursday or Friday before I have time to call.

        Continue to work with the church you are with. They seem to be helping. I will put you on my prayer list. Are you black, so this is why this particular demon is assigned to you? I wonder if there is a generational curse on you.

        The root of your problem is not you but your aunt, and the witchcraft in your family. This has to be prayed against as well.

        • I can’t wait to hear from you.To get to the root of this you have to know how to see and hear well in the spirit realm to identify the demons and the alter personality. If your not fAMILIAR WITH ALTER PERSONALITY SESSIONS THEN YOUR IN FOR A SUPRISE. yOUR EVEN GOING TO SEE JESUS. aND YOU’LL ABLE TO SPEAK WITH HIM TOO. Thank You

  122. I Got some information: Kunzite: something witches use to heal arthritis,headaches,colitis,retardation,memory loss,schizophrenia and manic depression, self esteem. Maybe u can create a prayer against this. I think the potion my aunt had had something to do with this material.

  123. I think natural medicine’s is ok to use. Its when you start using these to control and cast spells on it becomes wiitchcraft. In all cultures, the origins of herbal medicine are lost in the mists of time. There is little doubt that humans used herbs for healing well before anything could be written about them. But it does exist in many forms. Most of the medicines used by doctors world wide are taken from nature. Remember God made all things to be used for healing and diet.The Bible actually refers to thirty-five different botanical plants by name. Some were used primarily for incense but many others were crudely distilled by several different methods and used for healing the body. They were rubbed or smeared on the body, poured on the body or may have been sprinkled on the body.

    The more popular oils that would have been commonly available at the time of Jesus include myrrh, frankincense, balsam, sandalwood (called aloes at that time-no relation to aloe vera), cypress, hyssop, spikenard, cinnamon, cassia, calamus among others. These would have constituted their “medicine cabinet” much like we might have aspirin and other remedies in our medicine chest.

    Since these oils were just as expensive in Biblical times as they are now, how do you suppose Jesus and his disciples were able to afford them? The early Christian writings give us some insight-“The women saw to the needs of the ministry.” You might interpret this as the women seeing to the disciple’s physical needs like cooking and providing a place for the disciples to stay. Or as this writer feels-they made sure all the disciples had these expensive anointing oils for the ministry. As a Jewish rabbi, Jesus would have known how rabbis used oils. Rabbinic sources from that period prescribe the use of oil in an everyday context for the treatment of sciatic pains, skin afflictions, headaches, and wounds. And there are several examples in Jewish literature that prescribed ritual anointing for exorcism of demons and as part of the process for the healing and release of the bewitched. Therefore, it is quite plausible that Jesus used oils in his everyday encounters with those who were sick. And we know that since he sent his disciples out with clear instructions on anointing, he must have taught them not only how to anoint but when to anoint and what part of the body to anoint.Jesus was anointed by a woman in all of the Gospel stories with a substance referred to as “Nard.” This is actually a blend of spikenard and myrrh and would have been blended as by the perfumer. Spikenard does not have a pleasant fragrance but rather smells more like ‘dirty socks’ being in the valerian family of plants. The myrrh would have tempered the fragrance making it a much more pleasing aroma. The story tells us that this oil was contained in an alabaster jar and worth a year’s wages.”Holistic Herbal” covers everything you need to know about growing, gathering, preparing, using and taking herbal medicines to improve and maintain health. The one reason why back this statement is that first of all, I am not a witch. I am someone who respects Gods creation here on earth. When We do not respect Gods creation we all suffer and how can we resepct God if we can not repsect what he has made for our use.
    Before the doctors came into existence there were midwives and they made natural medicines in which now are sold in the pharmacies for major dollars. Another is humans have healing powers. People can heal. The devil is the one who can not heal. No demon has healed but made them worse, its when the person begins to play God that makes the person worse and ill and more demons come. So make sure that God takes the credit when one heals… Demons and devils kill using things God has created and making use of that power to kill and destroy rather than heal someone in which they call upon the dark forces rather than christ. what i am getting at. The devil will make you believe he is healing but he makes you worse, how can you tell? He claims the healings, he will say I can do it, I have power, I can deliver, I can do this and that..He never claims God is the healer but claims for himself… .just as it is in Church as well..You can pray agianst this witchcraft and in hopes this person comes to repentance and rebuke them till they do come to thier knees. Thats the difference. Do not think everything is from the devil. That is giving him power. remember this is Gods creation and the devil tries to manipulate your mind that it is his creation. And therefor you give power to that. Ask God which medicines for you to use to help you. If we can not help ourselves how can God help us. We need to meet him halfways..when we take a tynol for a headache or get a flue shot we see the doctor. If we have enough faith you can also rebuke the cold and the headache. Your mind is in control..make your mind strong by eating right and eating vegeables..when we dont take care of ourselves we tend to weaken our minds and the imune system,the enemy gets in. Not everything of this world is Satans. Its what man has become. Ignorant and disobedance..we create in ourselves a way for the enemy to come in.. All these man made materials that take our mind away from Gods true creation. I know what your going through. Drink holistic medicines, eat healthy, pray and rebuke…people alter the spirit world to often and open doors to it and if you do not know what your doing this can turn agianst you. That is why one must meditate on God and become childlike. You must not worry about tomorrow and yesterday and live for today. And if the world ends tomorrow! know that today you have repented and have not judged. practice love instead in this pain, forgive the person and let go..and if hate comes in imagine light and love in the center of your core. that is the true medicine. And yet it is the hardest thing…God sees your heart…and if you meditate on love and compassion if they are in the wrong. You will begin to heal. So simple but yet it is the hardest thing to do. Tea, coffee, mint, all this stuff…can harm if not used properly. Do not fead on this fear of your aunt. You are giving her power…fight a good fight to the end. And like Christ said. Know that i am with you to the end of time” and they over came them by the blood of Christ..(lamb) but it is christ..
    The devil likes to copy Christ..remember that these herbs are used in a good way also..bitter herbs are them that use them for gain for power..and harm…but there is nothing wrong with using them for healing.

  124. Thank you for thre response. Ive been praying this prayer about 3 weeks now and I dont feel insects crawling in my cloths no more while at work. I always command the chanting my aunt does on me to be paralized and reversed 1000fold. I got word from Florida Friday that My aunt has lost her mind. I just want her to stop cursing folks and get saved. She reaped what she sown

    • hi Kenneth

      Good to hear about the improvement. Keep reversing the curse. She has to learn what suffering she has caused, to teach her compassion for others, and to have her repent. You are doing the right thing. Remember to bless yourself every day, in Jesus name.

  125. Wow you guys are wonderful and God bless you all for your encouragement, comfort and compassion in Christ Jesus. remember me and my brother Robert in prayers. We come from a family where our paternal grandmother, her daughters (aunts) hate us in a way they cast spells on our family. My brother has become a drug addict and my life is full of fear, uncertainty, hatred, anger, and lack of purpose in life. Am 35, went back to school and graduated with an engineering degree but cannot get the meaning of life. Our neighbors alerted us on the behaviors of granny and aunts and after doing the follow up, it was true. I am praying the above prayer daily now and the only thing I request YOU is to include me and my brother in your prayer and chase away the evil one for he is under our feet in Jesus name

    • Hi martin

      I will certainly add you and your brother, Robert, to my prayer list. Engineering is a good field to be in. You can find many places where people need your training.

      I would encourage you to stand up to the grandmother and daughters. Sometimes they continue because their victims do not fight back. Get prayer support from the neighbors, friends, other family, if you can, and stand united against this.

      Pray to “reverse the curse” back on them, until they quit. I am in your corner now. And Jesus lives in all of us, so do not give up. The Lord will find a way to reach your brother.

      as to your own life, engineering is a good degree to have. You might find your meaning as you satisfy your needs through good, honest work, and meeting friends at work. You are also young, and can help others through friendship. So you have many doors open to you. I think you will be ok. 🙂

      • Thank you so much Marianne for giving us a perfect prayer, for praying with us, and I cannot forget to thank the Almighty God for His wonderful work He is doing through Christ Jesus. Around mid July you said “The Lord will find a way to reach your brother” who has been indulging in alcohol and drugs.

        I am writing this comment to tell you that God has surely found a way. He has passed through a friend who has been staying with him for the past month. The best part is that he has vowed not to ever use any of the substance.

        According to this friend, my brother has not touched alcohol or used any drug for the last one and a half month or so. He is working on making it right with the authority by going to substance abuse classes.

        I passed this prayer to him today since he is sober.

        Once again thank you all who remembered us in your prayers and please don’t quit. The battle continues as the devour is on the clock but is under our feet.

    • hi martin

      Thank you so much for telling me this. It is such a joy to hear that he is doing better. God is faithful.

  126. Thanks for your quick response and your offer for assistance in prayer. God bless you a million times!!!!!

  127. I must truly say that this is truly God working for this hour. This prayer iscovering everything we have covered in church and also we are targeting the Spirit of perversion and rape molestation and other sexual attacks that have so many of us stuck in arrested development. I can constantly feel the enemy fighting harder to keep us bound. This prayer is wonderful. Thank the Lord,Hallelujah.

  128. Hi
    My name is anthony and i have been harrassed by demons for about 1.5 years and the pastors that i called in to help me with the problem all did not know what to do . I by accident got on to your site and just by reading your prayer i realise that i have been attact by witchcraft because of the things that you said (between the eyes ,the spine,top of my head,my heart ,mouth)They also have sex with my wife when she is sleeping, i have recored these actives at night just to let my wife know what is going on because she did not bleive me when i told her, the reason for this is that i could not under stand how this could happen to my wife because she is very much a anionted person.We live in South Africa (Cape Town)I would very much appreciate if you would keep us in prayer and if there is someone in SA that you know that can help us.There is so much that we as a famialy have been throw.
    Tony and Melody

    • Hi Anthony

      That is terrible. I will put you on my prayer list.

      Each evening before you go to sleep, read praises to God from the Psalms. Keep praise in your life, and openly bless yourselves.

      So, do not just focus on rebuking the demons.

      Make it miserable for them to be around you. They hate praise to god.

      I do not know any pastors in Africa. The people I know from there have similar complaints to yours, so do not feel alone. There is witchcraft there.

  129. Hi Anthony)))Well, I hear many speaking about these spirits or demons having sex with people. I was one of them. It began a year ago when an old lady moved in next door to me. She was an angry bitter woman who was mad at the world for her illness. She suffered great with allergies in this case were demons too. This old lady Irene complained about demons in her room. she brought them along when she moved in. Oh she was so angry at everything. And pretended to be nice. So i prayed for her in her home. When I prayed for her, i began to experience what she did. to make it story short. She was cursing me, I began to dream of snakes. Than sexual spirits. It was terrible. So yes, they are from witchcraft. What I did is kept praying, don’t stop. This woman Irene was hiring witches to do harm. Cause I was staying away from her. She harassed me. I think it was Satan not wanting me to go to Christ so he put a block that I had to defeat and overcome. God is real..don’t lose hope, I think we go through stages to get to Christ.
    1) I went to the river and made mends with all the wrongs I have done eg: if I fantasized about an image ( sexual fantasies) I said sorry if I may have opened doors to the spirit world somehow.
    2) the church and many others prayed that this woman Irene will come to her repentance.
    3) use sage and read the bible, you alone can select which verse to read, that will be your healing. If I told you what to read might not work. Go to a river Quiet setting as much as possible. pray together. Tell your wife to rebuke each time they tempt her. Use olive oil, holy water. This is the battle call upon Micheal the ark angel to help you. Plead the blood of Jesus on you.
    4) Tell your wife to go get prayed for find a woman who is catholic. They are more gentle but firm. They deal more on the spirits than you. Believe me. I had a protestant woman pray for me and made it worse. I am a christian but I was lead to a catholic woman.
    5) Believe in this healing. And also say sorry to the spirit world they are there. Say sorry to God and even if you haven’t hurt anyone. Say sorry anyways. And go into the river..these things will stop. I am proof. I had many tell me these sex spirits had sex wit them and they won’t stop for years and years.but in my case I was serious to cast them out and I took every-step to do it and they left. Take vitamin B-12 too. go to a shop where they have spices, herbs, oils. Anoint your selves, with sweat smelling oils. Not just olive…juniper or lavender the spirits hate these scents. Do not hold back on this healing. Do not be ignorant of God sending you certain things to heal you with. To doubt God is to Doubt ourselves and these things he puts in the path. And least…fast the both of you at least three times in a food, u can drink a bit of water..these are some healing I went through., they might work for you…I used to speak to the spirit in the name of Jesus, this womb does not belong to you.” you will not tempt me” This is my body, go now and walk to the light, GO to Jesus ye restless spirit and leave me be, “you are dead and you are restless” Go now and let Jesus deal with you” Over and over again..I am free…I am learning to be kinder and accept people of who they are and how they pray. Stop judging and work on that..even though you haven’t. At the river tell everything, the way you feel, anger, scared, frustrated, tempted, cursed, all that stuff. May the blood of Christ come upon you and know that you will overcome whatever the enemy puts on your path. It is for you to gain that faith and use it. God be with you and your family at this time of a battle. last..Do not be afraid for I am with you to the end. Christ say’s. And they over came them by the blood of the Lamb..Christ says/

  130. May I ask where you got this image and if it’s subject to copyright? I’d like to use it on a poster I’m making for a play.

    • Hi mimosa

      Since I am using it in a non-profit manner, I have not had to deal with that question. I found it, without any copyright commentary, or artist credit, on the internet. It has no unique characteristics that would seem to make it worthy of a copyright, but maybe if you did a simple search under google images, you could turn up more than I did. Key words like praying hands, prayer, etc.

  131. I just stubble by this and I know not by accident. My Marriage is under withcraft, I went Onto AOL Romance/Marriage and was taken in without knowlege

    • Hi Chantele,

      My heart goes out to you on your marriage. How can I help? You can email me, when you get this. It will have my contact email.

  132. I found this website in a search but I thought I would take a chance and ask for agreement in pray. I am told by people on my job and different people that they think someone is doing witchcraft on me and my family. I don’t know much about witchcraft. I do know I feel like I have been fighting an invisible enemy that is has try to attack my body and family.I feel drained and suffer from migraines.My family has lots of things happening to strange things. I don’t know why anyone would do that stuff, but am going to pray this pray and stand anyway.

    • hi jeanna

      I will agree with you in prayer that

      any curse on you be broken, in Jesus name.

      I also “reverse the curse” in Jesus name.

      Pray blessings over yourself and family each day in Jesus name.

      Bless your family, house, body, property, car, finances, friends, etc.

      Find a psalm of praise in the bible that you like, and pray it every day.

      let me know how things go. just email me.

  133. Hey. Just wonderig could u mail me the music cds u spoke with me about.

    • Hi Kenneth,

      I removed your contact info from public view. Write back to me and tell me which CDs you are talking about.

      • We spoke on the phone one Thursday aboyt this Jewish Music cd you love to listen too
        . you said i might not like it. remember. you didnt give me a title

  134. Marianne your advice on the Word and Power of God against witchcraft is mighty and helpful. A man has plagued my mother and our family for 15 years, and has slowly taken everything from us, our cars, our homes, and he is threatening my mum’s health.He ruined my mother and father’s marriage and will not give my mother peace to find another companion. All our prayer friends, and even those we do not know have told us that this man is evil and has bad intentions for us. Once he was boasting in a store that he had tied my mother in a corner so dark that only he could untie that. I BIND THAT IN JESUS NAME. God spoke to my mum to encourage her to confront this man, my brother, my uncle and I decided to go with her to bear witness and to show him that he has been exposed and he should repent because the blood of Jesus will wipe him clean. I ask for a prayer of support and a prayer of relief from all the evil this man has brought upon my family. We intend to confront him this evening, please pray in agreement with us that the power of the blood of Jesus Christ go forth to protect us. Pray with us that he is spiritually crippled that he does not strengthen his wicked forces and evils after the confrontation. We bind him in the name Jesus Christ. May the Holy Spirit remove his evil work.
    I thank you for your support and prayers. May God Bless you and fortify your mission.

    • Hi Nicole,

      Yes I will stand in agreement with you.

      ALso, have at least one person in charge of reading praises to god from the psalms.

      Open praise, thanksgiving, and adoration of God will protect you against curses as well. Since they are openly blessing God, they will also bring blessings upon you, and shield you against curses.

      Have your family also practice praising and blessing of god at home, while you confront him.

      A curse cannot stand in the realm of praise.

      So reject all curses, reverse all curses in Jesus name, and openly bless God in this man’s presence. Let him know you are to be blessed and not cursed, and curses will not work.

      Tell him to repent, and reject him. Bind him and his curses, and declare them ineffective.

      Make sure you outnumber him, and he has no witnesses of his own, to make charges against you legally for “harassment.”

  135. Marianne I thank you and Bless you through the Almighty name of God. The confrontation went well, he was outnumbered and I read Psalms all the way there. We went with Holy Water and remembered the Binding Power of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Blood of Jesus, Son of the Almighty Living God. First he said my mother was embarrassing herself by acusing him of sorcery and witchcraft, but the constant praying, sprinkling of Holy Water and everyone’s prayer of agreement broke him down, first he asked us to “Take Our Jesus Christ Away and Go” and we continued to pray and Bind him in Jesus Name, then by the mercy of the Gracious and the Almighty God, he said ” I release you, you’re free to go and do whatever” and my mum said she spiritually divorces herself from whatever ties he may have put her in. Our prayers were so forceful. When we were leaving he attempted to hand my mother a package saying they were her DVDs we denied collecting anything from him and that we only receive from God.

    I thank you for your prayer of agreement. We prayed as a family before leaving for the confrontation and prayed when we got back to thank the Almighty for all His Blessings and His Deliverance.

    I am so Grateful to the Almighty and pray that continued prayer will give us strength and protection while we continue to lead God fearing lives.

    God Bless You All 🙂

    • HI Nicole

      To God be all the glory! Thank you so much for sharing that.

      It shows the bible true:

      “Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.!”

      Stay prayed up. Enjoy the victory. Be wise, and be alert for a sneak counterattack. Then repeat the exercise.

  136. Hi, Marianne I am having a problem with withcraft. That is causing pain in my legs,shortness of breath, heart papitation;only when I go out my front or back door, or to the mailbox or to my car it like something is being put down at these place that I frequent, a lot. Can you help me or tell me what I should do? Living in Fear.

    • HI Regina,

      I think you should get checked by a doctor first. You may be having heart problems, and need medicine.

      This is terrible heat right now, and that might be affecting you also. I am concerned about the pain in your legs.

      Are they swollen?

  137. Marianne I have been checked by a doctor. They can’T find nothing wrong. Have you ever heard of foot posioning. Well I think that what is going on but I don’t know what to do about it. I talk to my church members but the subject of withcraft they do not like to talk about it. They feel like if you are a child of God the holy spirit will protect you. Well I am a child of God and do believe. When I said dressing my door that me they are putting something down to harm and hurt me. Its just I don’t know what to do but pray. That why I wrote to you.

    • hi regina

      Let us still divide the situation into 3 approaches.

      1. physical – what kind of tests did they do? EKG? heart X-ray? listen to lungs? how old are you? have they done any kidney tests or CT scans? What does your foot look like? Is it swollen, or discolored?

      2. spiritual – pray the psalms. Pick ones out expressing praise and thanksgiving. Let these positive prayers help lift your spirit. Curses cannot stay in the presence of praise. Plead the blood of Jesus over you each day.

      3. Do not look at their house. or their doors.

  138. I have a echo cardiogram schedule on the 4th of Sept. I recently had a kidney transplant May 5, 2009 in Orlando, Fl. So I have to go to Orlando quiet a bit to get blood work everything checks out. My feet have sharp pain in them only when I frequent areas that I have to go Like out my back door in the locked fence to feed my dog, to my mailbox and to my car. My feet are not swollen or discolored. I have three neighbor that don’t like me because of my husband he drink and get ugly when he drink. I talk to him about it but he doesnot change. He needs help also. He is in jail now for DUI. This one particular lady across I believe is trying to run me out of my home befor my husband gets out of jail that will be in September.

    • hi regina

      Do you think it would help if you did something friendly to the disturbed neighbor, like bring her a cake? Or just visit her, and apologize for your husband. Maybe, that way, you and she can be on good terms in spite of your husband.

      • When the lady told me what my husband did I apologized then and there. I told her if he do it again or get out of hand with her call the police. I was working a shift 3:00 to 11:00. I am sorry about what happen to her but trying to be friendly to her I don’t think so she has done this to me two times. This lady sit on the porch and watch my house as long as I am home. When I leave she goes in the house when I come back she is right back on the porch. I see no way she wants to be friend with me. She wants to hurt or kill me thru withcraft.

      • Ps marianne When i said 3:00 to 11:00 that is pm.

        • hi regina

          Then, she is just mean and unforgiving.

          1. You need to reverse the curse, in Jesus name

          2. bless yourself when you see her. praise God out loud, so she can hear you.

          this will show that what she is doing is useless, because you do not accept it.

  139. HI Regina, sounds like you stepped on a spirit of affliction. Someone must have threw something on the ground something that you stepped on. Well, pull it out by placing your hand on it as if you were pulling out a sliver. And toss it to God in the name of Jesus that it will leave your foot and let him do with it as it was done unto you, leave it to him as he casts it out to the pigs or the abyss. Find the target in your foot. Is it in the center of your feet and growing up towards your leg? or heel? than the root is on your feet. If I were you I would get Sage and smoke it out and plead the blood of Jesus on it and Cast it out. people can step on spirits too. And these things cling on to your feet. Mostly in public areas… it will feel better if you did the casting out yourself..this is where faith comes in…God be with you…and you will overcome it..

  140. Oh and Regina, Stay away from Coffee, it is the root of anxiety’s as well and it comes after your immune system and attacks nerves and the nervous system. Anything with caffeine, Sound’s like your sensitive to chemicals. There is a super natural thing going on and witchcraft is everywhere. People are not brave enough to come to your face and start a fight anymore, Instead they curse and cuss.Well, do not run to anyone. Open up your bible and sit in front of your place casting all demons out. Do not be afraid of them. Face all these fears and you will overcome. Bring a friend with you to help or do it on your own. Go to a catholic church and ask them for holy water and go around your house demanding all curses to destroy in hell, taking with them its masters least they repent. Use your mind and before you do this, imagine the light in you imagine Christ in you, and then go using all power of the word in ya. Use your own words as well..

    • brandy thank again for the advice. I know their are cowards in the world most of them are jelousy, envy, or they just don’t like you for no reason at all I never said anything to her or disrepected her. I don’t need this aggravation.

  141. And remember Satan attacks the mind. It is where it begins. Wash your head with holy water. Face the images in your mind and command them to leave as well…And let your mind comfort the rest of your body. Talk to the cells, and the spirit of your being. Go to a place of the desert and imagine Christ with you..Moses as upon their power to help you overcome this demonic attack.

  142. If you live in south Florida? is there any reservations there? Maybe buy some tobacco and offer it to the elders there. And ask them for some sage. The reason for this is that in the native tribes, we offer tobacco because it is out of respect to bring a gift. They should have some sage. In the mean time, go to a Catholic church and spray that holy water everywhere including your lawn. It is best to do this with sunrise. And pray hard. I guarantee that it will stop. And as soon as you feel pain now, rebuke it in the name of Jesus. It will go. Send it back…I would fast too to get rid of it. When I fast I pray and I find it works best. Just some advice…remember, do not feed on their attacks. You will overcome. Pray for guidance as well, for God to send you the healing. And drink many teas that calm you, cause these things can suck your immune system and take vitamins. And eat blue berries. And garlic for your immune system. Anoint your mail box, doors and driveways with oil. Any kind of oil. Get God on your side by telling him how you feel and what your feeling and explain your situation as if you are in court. Your lawyer is Christ in all matters. Metaphor.

  143. Hello, found this website this morning. Printed out the prayer. I ask for prayer agreement, as I have been in a horrendous battle for about the last two years. My wonderful Christian husband (of 20+ years) became involved with a woman that he worked with, and went back & forth between her & me several times. He has now been home for about 5 months, having broken off contact with her. She stalked for 2 months, but we believe she has been using witchcraft/spells to try to get him back.
    We did get proof that she uses incantations, and she has also used his clothes as a contact point before. The last time that he left he was very careful to leave no item of clothing behind.
    This last month I had two critical health issues where I could have died, and almost did on the first one. I had been healthy before. Also, there are periods of time (maybe 3-4 weeks) where I awaken @ 2:30 in the middle of the night. One night before I feel asleep, I heard a woman’s voice speaking something to my husband (sitting in bed next to me), calling him “my darling.” About a month ago, I had a rough night when I could not sleep; my husband told me the next day that he had thought that he saw the figure of a woman standing next to his side of his bed, whispering something, and seeing her hands move over him. He thought it strange, but wrongly assumed that it was me.
    Am I scared? NO. GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN ME! I am posting this for additional prayer support because I feel that she has not given up yet. I can detect minor things in my husband when this stuff comes against him. This weekend it was strong, although with his words he said that he felt nothing. I have been through this 4 times before and know where it has led. I am still recovering from my health emergencies and need prayer support!! Thank you!!

    • dear anonymous

      I have just put you on my prayer list.

      She is a Jezebel spirit, which is a form of witch. I am guessing that your husband is a nice, quiet, gentle guy. These are the types Jezebels go after.

      I have pages on the Jezebel spirit. Please read them, and have your husband read them. There are about 20 of them, on more than one page….

      He has to know that her main goal is to remove his male authority and control him. There is no love intended on her part.

      He has to dig deep in his male self, and pull up the strength God gave him as a man to stop her. He needs to use his male hormones and confront her.

      I would not suggest in person, since he has been with her before. A phone call to tell her to stop what she is doing, and that he rejects her attempts to get him back. He needs to declare himself covered by the blood of Jesus to her, and he needs to bind her attempts in Jesus name. She is a witch and is going to hell, unless she repents, and gets her life straight.

      Jezebels actually get their strength from the male spirit, so if he uses his authority and rejects her, it puts her out of business – at least with him.

      You can also use your authority and plead a hedge of protection around your family. Witches assume their victims are passive, and will do nothing about their negative activity.

      When you stand up to them, in the name of Jesus, especially as a united force (husband + wife), they will back down, and go elsewhere to find a more willing victim.

    • Marianne,
      So happy you put up this site. I believe there’s more of that witchcraft thing out there than people realize. You can remove my request now, all is well. It’s now 9 months, and there’s no going back for my husband.
      I’ve learned that to stand against witchcraft requires intense prayer, faith, and perseverance. BUT THERE IS VICTORY IN JESUS WHEN WE CONTINUE TO STAND AND USE OUR SPIRITUAL WEAPONS. The word of God is powerful when wielded in faith.
      Thank you for your prayers!

    • hi anonymous

      I think you mean he is still home and he is not going back to her. Thank you for letting me know.

      I was just thinking of you about 5 this morning (my time). I was up with the prayer requests. I hope your marriage can continue on, with all the more stronger and wiser.

      May God bless you and keep you. You have “endured to the end” and won.

  144. please pray I dont kill myself I CANT STAND THIS ANYMORE< Im constantly tormented every night with no relief and just called crazy, the things that occur arent explainable so I know its evil Im losing my will to live and have no strentth to fight, Marianne we talked before Im the one you emailed concerning my sick cat Oreo, She died , Im overwhelmed with something I need serious prayer help to defeat, Thankyou for your prayers Karen

  145. brandy How do you keep the sage burning i found some in a gift shop with all kind of different stuff in this shop floor wash, candles, and etc. It keep going out.

    • use matches, and keep lighting it. And pray hard. Seems it is a stuborn demon. Pray this for as long as it takes. SOmetimes you will see results
      the same night or a week. But be persistant. We are like daniel we go into a den full of Lions. But there is always angels and Christ looking after us. Let me know how it goes in a few days. Do not be affriad in anything even if you feel tired. It seems after a spiritual battle you will get tired. But get some rest and do it agian.

  146. My family and I are being harrased by witchcraft demons. We are having financial,relationship and illness problems in the family. My niece, Oretha has lupus/cancer of the liver and I have diabetes. I believe this is originating from the demon of witchcraft, Please agree with us that this spirit will be the
    destoyed. I had a position on my job that I loved and it was snatched from me for a person with less seniority. Please Pray

  147. Thank You.
    In your prayer time, please pray for the swelling around my neck/shoulder and back. I forgot to mention earlier.

  148. “bind and break the spirit of rock music” ?!!! hahahaha what a load of old garbage.

  149. Hello, my name is Jason T*. I flow very heavily very heavily in the prophetic, (seer) and have been afflicted wuth some form of mind binding / control spirit that is working in connection with a perverse spirit. I was taking some meds and stopped, and began to experience some very odd physical things. I was blessed by a brother, who I hardly knew, but was endued with a powerful apostolic / prophetic annointng and he soad he would pray for me. Hw said God showed him my face and that it was the product of a generational curse, but that God had chosen me to break it, that it had to end with me. I have fasted for up to 6 days after this and after about 4 hours of INTENSE warfare (positive statements, praying in the spirit, I finally felt something leave my groin / prostate area and rise up to my navel and begin to come “up”. At the same time I began to feel a gas like substance leave my ears…Yeah, I know, wierd…and when it had left, it was the real me, and VERY different. As the perverse spirit came up, the warfare was Horrendous, (extremely disgusing visuals etc.) and it eventually came up over the top of my head and down my back, but the warfare and sheer phsyical energy and discipline required were such that I was drained, and it came back. The friend that prayed for me said that it was a generational curse. Actually, about 3 years ago, I went through a deliverance session and something did leave, or was at least dislodged, but I fornicated, and opened the door for it to come back worse. I began taking meds shortly thereafter. I have a plethora of prophetic words over my life some having to do with using music to deliver people whose minds are wrapped up in such bondage that they are deemed hopeless, and that as I play the guitar, I will be unwrapping that thing, and they will have freedom, some even whon haven’t had freedom and clarity in their minds for years. Please pray, for me. Thanks.

    • dear Jason,

      How did you conclude that you are a seer and flow in the prophetic? The Holy spirit does not infill someone bound by the demonic. You are also on medications. I am asking because I am starting to see a lot of this, and the “anointing” is a cover for bondage, not ministry.

      There are many new age movements convincing people that they are prophets, when they aren’t.

      You cannot be a seer and have a bound mind.

      I suggest you ignore and avoid anyone who calls himself a prophet right now, and focus on your healing. Most modern prophetic movements are new age, and demonic, and they are trapping young people into them, and sending them into deep bondage.

      But yes, of course, I will pray for you. I have added you to my prayer list.

  150. hello. i live in Nigeria with my wife and 10 month old daughter. my family is being attacked by witchcraft where we are currently living. sometimes we wake up and see cuts on our skin, even on the baby’s body. these attacks make us get ill. at other times, during the day, a cut (line) just appears on our body. i wonder how these people are able to do this. are they able to make themselves invisible and attack us in broad daylight? terrible. please pray for us, and advise us on how to go about putting an end to these attacks. i also wish to leave this country behind. pls pray for me, that God will open a way for us to travel away from here.
    best regards, Nnadozie

    • hello Nnadozie,

      If you do not have one, make a cross and hang it around your necks.

      Pray the name of Jesus over you, and ask God to protect you in Jesus name. Then – out loud – reject all curses in Jesus name, and declare that you belong to him.

      If you are not christian, you need to first repent of your sins, and give your heart to Jesus, so he can protect you.

      Also, say the prayer on this page.

      I will pray for you and your family.

  151. Please pray for my marriage. Was told through a prophetic word recently that a woman was praying demonic prayers/witchcraft prayers against me. Then was rencently told that his relatives were sitting in darkness telling him the untruth about me and he has believed the lies. He has become very angry even before I speak. He thinks I am the enemy and acts as though he hates me. Doesn’t want to be bothered. I can’t say anything to him most of the time. Please pray for my marriage. Thanks

    • dear Ann,

      We both know who the woman is that is causing the problem. You are already on my prayer list. I know how hard it must be, but do not give up.

  152. As much as I hate admitting it – the Bible talks about evil spirits and demons roaming on this earth destroying lives. Well, my ex-husband left me and our 5 year old son 10 years ago in a most horrible way. We were in the process of selling our house and were building a new house. He went out all day and got drunk and an arguement occured over the phone between us because he was drunk and very verbally abusive towards me. I NEVER thought he would leave us especially because we were older parents and he loved our son so much. He didn’t come home that night and never came back. A month later he had an apartment, new furniture and he had filed for divorce. I’d been a stay at home mom and was devoted to my family. I’m an attractive woman – always been told that and that I look 10 years younger so he didn’t leave me because I was unattractive. On the contrary, he was the overweight one. Ever since he left us, my son and I have suffered so much emotionally, financially and in every way. TO this day, I have not been in a relationship because I don’t have time because I’ve worked so hard and have been raising our son who is now 16. He, on the other hand, has remarried, has lots of money, lives a very easy life. He’s verbally abusive towards my son – refuses to talk to me as a way to make me feel unimportant and is basically still controlling my life. He refuses to discusses any decisions about our son and he leaves all responsiblities to me. I have been depressed, physically sick and feel like I’ve hit rock bottom. I pray but nothing happens. I’m so depressed I can’t work – I want to stay in bed all day and never have any money. We are suffering and he seems to enjoy seeing it.
    Is it possible he has witchcraft on me? I do know he knew a woman that was a physic and he used to go to her. His mother also was into this but she has since passed away. I’ve lost all my friends – I have no family – I feel so alone and terrified about what is going to happen to us. No matter what I do to try to make money, it doesn’t work out. I’m on antidepressents and I’m sure it would be worse if I wasn’t. My life has been so miserable and my son is in the middle of the hurricane I’m experiencing. I do not feel like myself – I’ve never been w/o friends – first time in my life. He was always jealous because I always had so many friends. I honestly feel something is terribly wrong as much as I hate to admit it. Can you please reply? Thank you.

    • giving and helping others is another form of prayer. Helping others such as cleaning, giving, listening and prayer. Light a candle and pray for these spirits / come to the lord and submit and forgive so their spirits don’t cling on to yours. learn to forgive and let go. Give to the poor..if you have nothing to give then bake something for neighbor and share the joy. you will begin to heal. life is greater than death. Love is greater than both. God be with you…be good to your servants and be still in the lord. He will provide in all you ask for and know we all over come them who hurt us by the blood of the Lamb. My son was falsely accused of calling a woman a B*** and I always pray for him. He was hurt by this, but yet he was still. The One doing the accusing fell on the floor the next day and her son tried to hit my son but he too the next day fell 10 steps down. Two days later the ones doing the accusing made friends with my son and were extra nice to him. The Lord works in a mysterious way. Just leave it to God all of it…better to work together then against each other..even if its ex’s. We should not take anymore than we should when we divorce but work together…share the children and stop fighting over who can have more..this is just a revengeful war against each other..peace, love, and joy…

    • Hi Glo

      The same thing happened to me, except with 2 children. Is he giving you any child support?

      He should be. If not, that needs to be top priority.

      This is either witchcraft, or just someone under the influence of demons, whose mind has been twisted.

      Also, someone can be practicing witchcraft, and not even know it. It is all based on lies, attacks, false accusations, and control, through demeaning you.

      Why did you lose all your friends? Because you were busy, or they sided with him?

      You need to find your inner self, and connect with Jesus, and trust him.

      Get off the anti- depressants. They will do more harm than good. Slowly wean yourself off of them.

      Try to focus on your son, and enjoy life with him. At work, focus on making new friends there.

      There is only so much you can do. So stop hating yourself. If you continue in this way, you are going to wake up 20-30 years from now, and be an unemployed, old, fat, ugly woman, who stays in bed all day, who begs for her food.

      The devil wants you depressed. He comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Your husband cooperated, but it does not mean that you have to cooperate also, by allowing him to beat you down.

      You were attacked because of your goodness, not because of your lack of value. You have value, and the devil will take it away unless you snap out of it.

      Go make some new friends, or contact the old ones, and get back on your feet.

      Also, spend time reading the bible, in whatever part speaks to you, and trust God to be your provider.

      You can make it if you reject the depression, and accept Jesus as your new bridegroom.

      Jesus loves you more than your ex-husband did anyhow. So grab onto his love, and you will make it.

      ps. I will put you on my prayer list.


      I hope this Helps you, God Bless!!

  153. Marianne, Thank you for putting this prayer on here. I’m 32 years old and have two wonderful children and a great husband. I have a past w/ witchcraft and satanic junk, when I was 19 and messed up on drugs I was just a baby compared to the people I was hanging around. I remember taking in something from this witche’s eyes and it was the worse feeling ever, we had a spirirtual battle that lasted forever, I told her what she is doing is wrong and it comes from Satan, there were so many unexplainable things that happened during the spiritual battle, but I knew it was God helping me through it, even though I wasn’t a Christian at the time. This whole experience really messed w/ me for years, and I couldn’t go anywhere w/out running into a witch who made it a point to talk to me, it was like they could see right through me. I did find help spiritually, and have accepted Jesus and my savior since that all happened, but now I run into another problem, my sister-inlaw is into witchcraft and really has the whole family wrapped around her finger w/ manipulation. I can’t even be around her, it literally feels like a pull on my forhead. Anytime she comes around, I get sick or get some unexplainable chronic disease. She gave me some clothes that were her son’s for my son and what do you know, I get sick, migraines, anxiety attacks. My husband got rid of the clothes, but I just wonder if there is something lingering in this house from taking in the clothes. I don’t know how to handle her and I pray for her every night, but I try to keep the peace and not cause family issues, even though I feel really bad stuff off her and I think she is aware that I know what she is doing. Just asking for prayers to make her stop this and open her eyes spiritually to the evil she has invited into her spirit and soul. I need advice on how to deal w/ her, I know I’m not supposed to be afraid, but my experiences w/ all of this has really messed w/ my head, I can’t relax around her. I just want her to stop hurting us. Thank you.

    • Hi Dani

      We all have choices to make.

      Since it is not a secret that she is a witch, you will have to be up front with your decision.

      Tell her you wish her well, but you cannot have any contact with her, will not accept any clothing or items from her, as they are regarded as “cursed objects.”

      There will be no conversations. The kids will not play with each other. There will be no phone calls or visits.

      She has made her decision, and so this puts you in the position where you have to make one also.

      That is just the way it goes.

      You were experiencing spiritual transfer from the clothing, and the contacts that were made. If you have anything else from her, or that reminds you of her, burn it.

      This is unfortunate when it occurs within a family, but you have the right to live in peace and safety.

      You can pray for her, but keep your distance.

  154. Thank you for your response, knowing her, she will make me look like the crazy one and tell everyone else in our family all this, but I know that is just her was of controlling me and the family. I guess I need to get the strength to confront her and let her know. Could you please add me and my family to your prayer list. Thank you and God Bless you for all you do!

    • Hi Dani

      I added you to my prayer list, which, by the way is growing, and has mostly requests to help with witchcraft.

      Your family will just have to understand what I told you. She causes you a lack of peace, and so you have decided to keep your distance. She admits to witchcraft, and you do not approve.

      She has the right to live as she chooses, and so do you.

  155. please pray for my husband he is being controlled by husband left me almost four months ago that same month he left me I was fired from my job my finances went haywire.I found out about a month ago he lives with this women name vicky she practices witchcraft my husband met her about a year ago.this women told me i was not going to have my husband husband went from one day to telling me he loves me to the next day he is no longer in love with me.the women told me she put something on us to separate us.and that i will never have my husband back i have not had contact with my husband since last month on the 13th when he came over he told me if i could help him because he had frequent headaches,diarrhea,he couldn’t sleep at night and he had no desire to come and visit and that he didn’t think of me and my son and that he didn’t like this women or the way she lived ever since that day ties with my husband have been cut through him.i tried texting him he told me to leave him alone and for me to live my life his family has also been turned against me.I didn’t believe in the witchcraft my pastor told me it does exist.please pray for me

    • hi angela

      I put you on my prayer list.

      I have written alot about this. I want you to look over these pages….there are about 20 of them but each one is short, so it only takes a couple of minutes to read each one.

      you don’t have to read all of them…..some may not apply here

      where it says “previous entries” click on that, which will take you to more posts.

      your husband is an ahab personality. He is a weak passive male, or he would not be in this situation with a witch. Read about jezebels, the different types, and about Ahab.

      the way to deal with this is to confront it head on.

      text your husband and tell him he is under witchcraft, and to repent.

      confront the witch and tell her what she is, and you are binding her in Jesus name

      if you have children, sue for child support, and for supervised visitation for him, so that the children never go to her house.

      tell your pastor to talk to your husband.

      I would need to know more to say more, so read what I have written and get back to me.

  156. Please pray for me,my jezebel mother in law is around and has completely turned against me cos i refused to worship her, she is so into occult practices nad very demonic to the extent that the children are so not safe with her, but my biggest problem is my husband who is an AHAB spirit to the core, she is even trying to manipulate him to divorce me cos she knws am not blurred by her facade. i need ur prayers urgently at this period cos she has completely thrown confusion between us as my hubby does not talk to me in the house now. pls i seriously covet ur prayers and godly advice at this period. tanx.

    • Hi Sola,

      Do you live with your mother in law, in her house?

      Or, does she live with you in your house?

      or, do you live separately from your mother in law?

  157. marianne.
    we r africans resident in paris france so she is on a visit from africa but she came determined to get rid of me so she can have total control of her son as am not yieling to her.she pretends to be very religious but is just plain rotten evil to the core.i was very cold to her when she came and she has used that as an excuse to tell my hubby strong lies about me n my hubby no longer talks to me and nw its only i and God against them.pls i need ur advice on what my disposition shud be towards her.

  158. the SPIRIT fall over me when i start to pray with this powerfull weapon of the LORD!
    GODL bless you i realy i feel that i,m not alolne.
    i agree and pray for al saints!

  159. dear valelril,

    You are correct. You are not alone!

    Jesus is with you, and we are with you also, in spirit.

  160. please pray with me i am responsble for my step mother margerth B* * are a real witch doctor i buy her staf but i am born again and she hat me. i was in many accident’s lose my work are time and my bose jimmy k* put my in jail he use also witchcraft and i am out on bail but i dont have work. so please pray with me i need same one to say amen ,please

    • dear Josef

      i have put you on my prayer list. DO not feel alone. Many are having this problem. Stay away from your step mother, and do not buy anything from her. It is all cursed. I will pray that you find a job with a good boss.

  161. hi, may i ask you all the prayers for my auntie she’s in 3rd 2nd heart attack. and back and fort to the hospital because she’s deoxiginated. when the first attacked she told us that she’s under witchcraft. please once u read this message please pray for her. we owe u a prayer my auntie name is vivencia sumabis tan. she’s in the hospital right now.. please! thank you!

    • hi rowency

      Yes, I would be glad to pray for your auntie. May she heal quickly in Jesus name. I plead the blood of Jesus over her, and break any witchcraft in Jesus name as well. Let angels surround her, and protect her as she heals.

      Keep me informed how she is doing.

  162. Hello Mariannne

    How can I speak to you in private, I need help.

    Thanks Lisl

  163. Hello Marianne

    I need help & advice and prayer.
    Could you send me your email address, so that I could speak to you privately, Thank you Lisl

  164. Thank you Marianne, ill inform u whatever happens! please keep praying. best regards and God bless you!

  165. I know that control & witchcraft are closely connected. I have had a Christian friend for many years, although we haven’t been in contact with each other the whole time. There was a period of time when I broke off contact with her due to her speaking something negative into my life, which she would not stop.
    I made the mistake of reconnecting with her via phone, maybe a year or so ago. She lives in another state, so I do not see her in person or even talk to her often. Now the ugly situation is returning, and I brought this on myself by contact with her. She has been pressuring me to do something against my biblical convictions, and I let her know that I will not bend.
    She responded by saying she was going to “pray” for me; I told her, “thank you for NOT praying for me, as we are not in agreement.” BUT of course she said she would continue to pray, always having to have that last word.
    I know I brought this on myself by giving her another chance in my life; she had been hurt before when I cut her off. Should I not make this FINAL now, such as block emails, etc.? She is pressuring me and praying against the will of God in my life,which of course, is a form of witchcraft.

    • dear anonymous,

      “No” means “NO.” So she needs to learn that. If you are not interested in her, just say so, and break it off before it gets any worse.

      When you break it off, give specific reasons, and leave it up to her to understand you. Make it clear, so if she says she does not understand, it is not your fault. She can discuss her confusion with someone else.

      She also appears to have a religious spirit, which is “holier than you are.” It is a away to make her spiritually superior to you, so you will agree with her.

  166. Hey. My sister is a known whitch. My siter had gotten into some trouble and my mom ask me to help her. At this point I hadn’t saw my sister in a year. This was excellent.I am married. My sister doesn’t like my husband.
    My sister did’nt have anywhere to live. My husband was not in agreement with my sister comeing to stay with us because of her history of witchcraft. I let her come to stay because she swore to me that shehad stop working witchcraft. she gave her life to Jesus and she preached against it. Until she Started burning candles, incense, chanting,meditateing,buying witcraftbooks again, reading tarotcards, and talking to this little graven oval shaped statue that she call elaigah in the room that we allowed her to sleep in. She started back telling how much she hated my husband and wanted him and his family dead. My husbands mother,sister and brother was in the hospital within the last 2 mounths. I just fell on my face befor God for help. Our finances are at 00.00 Weve had jod oportunities hired and then called the day befor starting sorry weve found someone else. So my husband pretended to go to work each day. Which caused her to think that her spells didn’t work. She felt defeated and moved out. Thank God. We are slowly recovering from this.Oh our electric, plumbing, and gas leaks occured and are still occuring. Please keep us in your prayers.There is more but iv’e run out of space. Thanks Alesa and Keith

    • Dear Alesa,

      I am sorry to hear you have been through this. It sounds like you handled it, and now it is past, at least your sister is in the past. With winter coming, you need help. Check local social services, unemployment benefits, and crisis centers for some assistance. What does your husband do for a living? I will put you on my prayer list. I understand perfectly. Your sister left a path of destruction, and you are stuck dealing with it. I have been through the same thing, but it was not a family issue.

  167. marianne pls do get in touch with me.. i’m a bit scared.. i’ve been trying to fight and be brave but what i’m experiencing is unnusual..i don’t know if it is from witchcraft or a disease that can’t be’s unexplainable feeling everyday. i tried praying and go to faith healers they have different opinions, i dont know who i will believe in..but the important thing is they’re telling me to pray to our lord maybe because thay can’t cure. well jesus is the only one who has the capacity to heal any kind of disease.. anyway i just want your advise and pray for me to get over this and live healthy and normal life again. pls email me.thanks

  168. We need all to please pray for (name removed)*** . Pray for his body to be cleansed and hep-c free so he may fully continue his relentless mission on this earth to rid all evil. He knows that
    Satan fights him. He has an ability to plant a small seed of Gods word into the worst blackened soul to release them from the devils grip. He never will ask or take anything in return.He remains unknown and is not one to seek pity. I beg all who are reading this to save this man and put the d3evel beneath our feet.My will is Gods and my faith is strong. we have moved mountains with Mariannes prayer lets do this for Gods sake Amen.


    • hi Cathy

      I pray that someone comes in the path that can appeal to him. I will also pray to bind Vickey so that she cannot interfere.

      You will also need to be more aggressive in opposing Vickey and going after what you want. You need to put action with your prayers.


    • hi kim,

      I know this hurts. It happened to me once also, and it took me decades to recover. Do not let this happen to you.

      Whether it is witchcraft or not, he has made a decision to pick her. He has free will. He submitted to her, and is allowing her to make the choice for him. He is not opposing her.

      There is something inherently wrong within his spirit, and character, that this should even happen with him to begin with. Even if he returned to you, he could potentially do this again…and would most likely will.

      He has been unfaithful to you. To marry him now would be an act of adultery. You need to break it off with him. He is drawing energy from you, and leaving you drained.

      You DO have somewhere to turn. Jesus is always there for us as our divine bridegroom. Give him your heart, and lay all things at his feet, and he will help you heal.

      • May I ask u in this case why would it be an act of adultery for her to marry him? If he leaves her and divorces her then it would not be rite?

        • hi gina

          divorce and remarriage, except for the excuse of adultery, is also adultery.

          this is in the bible

          to go from one person to another, having sex with each one, is fornication.

          so any impure, unfaithful relationship sets the foundation for more unfaithfulness.

          that is why this behavior is forbidden.

  171. hello mariane,
    my fiancee recently told me he needs space. Things were just starting to get great! He has distanced himself from me alot. When we communicate he says things that may contradict what he just said in the previous sentence. i feel as if he is under witchcraft control. He is just not acting like himself at all.When I ask what’s wrong he says nothing or ” I dont’t know.”
    Please help me Thanks

    • Hi jae,

      Is this the same man as before. I thought he was your husband. if he is the same person, then doesn’t he have an ex who is a Jezebel, and dominates him?

      If so, that is your problem, and I do have you already on my prayer list. If he is an ahab, he will always stay like that and do whatever the woman says that is the most dominant.

      Otherwise, the unresponsiveness may indicate he is losing interest. As long as “she” is around, he will be like this….only when you become more aggressive, will he snap in your direction, instead of hers.

  172. hi thank u for this prayer, we need all the prayer warriors to pray for us my poor brotherinlaws wife is a witch she trys to atack us , he is like a zombie my husband tried to tell him his 16 year old son is drinking he thinks its a lie my husband got the boy to confese to it and to other bad things he is doing , he never even grounded him , his little 14 year old girl is dating a 21 year old man and he allows this , he is blind and his mind is shut off , please prayer warriers pray for us , we all live in 3 house in same naber hood my mother in law , brother in law , and us , last night we prayed all night for him and his children i have bin praying for this women allso that god will set her free

    • sarah

      Start covering yourself with the blood of Jesus.

      and tell this witch – to her face – that you belong to Jesus, that you reverse the curse back on her that she does, and you bind her power, in Jesus name. Also tell her she is going to hell, unless she repents.

      She will back down if you act more powerful than she is.

  173. my husband is still in his moms house and there is a lot of yelling he has bin there talking since 8 am its now 333 i have bin in prayer most of this time , his brother has the ahab thing going on its going to take a lot of prayers to help us , i stoped talking to his wife 2 years ago becouse i told her she was wrong and i would not be a part of her life if she did not repent , she even had a influince on me at the time , please forgive my spelling , i am praying that god removes the strong holds , the holly spirt is moving i feel his presence all around us i am now going to walk around the circle where are houses are pleading the blood of jesus , and i am going to pray in tongues , i am so glad your here i i found this web sight , all are storys sound alot alike i am going to pray every day for the people that come here , by the blood of jesus we are set free !

    • I agree with you in prayer, and that God reverses the curse, in Jesus name.

      • Hi Marianne,

        Please pray for me and my children. I am four months behind on my mortgage and the bank thus far has been unwilling to help me. I submitted paperwork for a modification which they turned down and I have resubmitted paperwork to HUD for them to help me. I have also submitted request for help from a charity for help with the mortgage. Please agree with me in prayer that the Lord will move on the hearts of those in positions of power and in decision making capacity to have mercy and show me favor. It seems like something is attempting to block every avenue I try, so I need to enlist the mighty prayer warriors to tear down these walls so that my breakthrough will come forth. Thank you for your prayers. Lia

        • hi Lia

          What happened? Did you lose your job? or is the payment just too high? Can you refinance to something lower?

          What about your (ex) husband? Is he paying you child support? If not, take legal action, showing he needs to pay, and show this to the bank that it is getting resolved.

          I have you in my prayers. So sorry you are still having problems. But hang in there.

  174. hi mariane husband just came back it seams we realy have a ahab to deal with he knows what his wife is doing and is fine with it the demonic opresion he is under is very strong my husband is so tired it went from 8am to 530 pm 3rd day of this , god will have his way the bibble dont lie we know we have tried and can stand before the lord with no shame or gilt i will keep you posted , keep us in prayer for we need it , thanks again with love your new friend in jesus

  175. Hi Everyone my name is Stephanie i just saw this site and the powerful prayer.My friend walked out of my life 5 years ago because of witchcraft. The lady even tried against my life.I am having finance problems, job problems . I am seeing God working in him . Can you please pray this prayer for me and him . His name is Wiile *** when we went our on way now he is back in my life ans she is still at it. Look like when i take 2 steps forward here comes something pulling me 4 step backward.I am praying against witchcraft . I pray that you will pray for him being attacked by witchcraft.

    • hi stephanie

      I put you on my prayer list. Remember, if you are a believer in Jesus, that the devil is under your feet. You need to come face to face with the witch, and tell her you are covered by the blood of Jesus, and she cannot hurt you. Also, that she is going to hell, if she does not repent.

  176. Hi to all, My husband of 13 years left last week and moved in with a woman that broke out his windows in his car, tried to run over him and the list goes on, he also left all his clothes and left with only the clothes on his back and told me that he didnt love this indiviual and that he loves me and his daughter very much. I think this prayer is awesome and I thank God for showing me what the issue is and i would just like to call on all prayer warriors to please pray for Jay.

    • HI Amanda

      My heart goes out to you. I will put him on my prayer list, and keep him in my prayers. Expect him back!

      Do not give up. If you have a chance to communicate with him, be truthful….tell him she is a witch, and he is in spiritual danger, and needs to come home. Tell him to trust Jesus to help him.

      If you speak to her any, tell her that your rebuke and bind everything she is doing, in Jesus name, and you are declaring the blood of Jesus over your husband. And that she will suffer until she gives him back. Tell her also that she is a witch, and needs to repent, or she is going to hell.

  177. hi marianne i just wanted to stop by and pray for anyone needing prayer, keep praying this prayer people keep binding with the blood of jesus call on the holy spirt , you will win this war , have no fear lay your tired hearts at the foot of the cross for jesus came and died for us and lives again greater is are creator than any creation , remember the cross , and fasting gets the job done you will see god move , if we fast are bodys are spirt crys out louder and are flesh is weeker , Micah 5:12 , keep loving keep praying be strong

  178. Hi Marianne & Sarah, thank you for the words of encouragement, it really keeps me strong so that I may fight this battle, and that no weapon formed against me and my family shall proper I’m declaring and decreeing in the name of Jesus daily that my husband will be home I understand why I’m going through this now, it’s to save Gods children and to uplift his kingdom, this battle is already won, because I have Authority over this situation. God has not given us the spirit of fear but of love power and of a sound mind. Satan knows my destiny and it is fast approaching and he doesn’t like it, but as of today I count it all joy! because in due season I will reap the harvest, because Bible says the enemy come to steal kill and to destroy but God! but God! says that I have come so that they may have life and have it more abundantly! Praise God! I’M CLAIMING VICTORY BECAUSE I AM VICTORIOUS! THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR WORD! I ask for continued pray for me and my husband Jay.

    In His Name,


  179. Hi I am a new comer rquesting prayer. I amd my gran-daughter live alone, and I am a Christian, but I have lived here in my home fr the past 38 years and soon to be 39 yars. I have a nextdoor neighbor that moved in almost three years ago that harrassese me, and destrying my house, my car, poisioned my puppy, he and his family. I have a feeling that they are using witchcraft because I have all types of water spots on my living room mirrow,bathroom mirrows, my kitchen windows, a lot of baby flies, and in my grand-daughter’s room, on the walls at the top of the walls are little holes, which look like a small drillbit holes, also just as you enter her bedroon is cuts in the ceiling.
    My puppy almost died from being poisioned, which cost me almost $700.00. The police has been called on many occassions, but nothing is done for all of the damages dne to my car and house while we are sleeping, the walking of my roof, when we are gone during the day he gets in my house, plenty of knife cuts on the inside of my glass screen door which has tent on it, also in my car also has tint on my windows and many of cuts on my tint in my car, my car has been put on flat with screws and the screws are left on the ground by my tire so that I may see them. I have had to spend a lot of money for repairs, my car also runs very bad. I am a retired individual for the past years, and all of this started a year ago when I retired from Civil Service with 27 years. I am a 64 year old female taking care of my 13 year old gran-daughter since 2000. My finance has been spent on a lot of repairs that the deamon has caused me to have to spend. I pray that God will step in the mist of all this wrong done by evil people next door. I am a true believer of doing that which is wright in the eyes of God. My roots have always been in Christ. I love the Lord even in my trials of hard times, and I know God will fix it all.

    • dear Geraldine

      They sound more like vandals and criminals than witches.

      I will put you on my prayer list.

      Get some help installing surveillance cameras in your house to record who is coming in. With evidence, you can get them arrested.

      Also, if you can, get others to stay with you on a frequent basis, to show people watching your house that there are witnesses to any crime. You can also put sensor lights outside, so that when someone approaches your house, the lights come on. This might be enough to scare them off.

      They are harassing you just to be mean. Get any kind of camera ready to take pictures. You finance also needs to make a show of strength to anyone who comes near you.

  180. Geraldine S*****
    i got u some help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Revelation 12:11

    And they overcame HIM by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB, and by the WORD of their testimony.

    When I found out what this means it CHANGED my life forever.

    This means that Jesus blood was shed so the enemy would be POWERLESS!

    When it mentions The WORD of their testimony they was talking bout the testimony of Jesus Christ. The bible has a WORD for every situation in life.

    Example. When I received my paycheck one Friday, it wasn’t what I needed. I needed more. Instead of complaining, I SAID “The Lord shall supply all of my needs. Every time I thought about lack, I spoke THAT word. When I got home I had a check in the mail adding up to the amount I needed. This is the word for LACK!

    The WORD for your enemies is

    “Fight against them that fight against me. (Psalms 35)

    Everytime you think about the problems that the enemy is causing, say that. Make sure you forgive your neighbors. we don’t fight against flesh and blood but principalities and powers

  181. Good afternoon Marianne! I would like to send a praise report to those who have yet receive your breakthrough, this prayer really works and if you fast and pray this prayer you will see results. My husband Jay is back home and the Jezebel female he left his family for is in Jail for stabbing him. God is so awesome and Thanks to all that prayed for me and my family. We serve an awesome GOD! I would also like to ask that we pray for her as well because the Bible says that we should forgive those for they know not what they say or do. In Jesus Name Amen!

    • hi Amanda

      What a relief!

      I am so glad to hear the good news.

      God bless you for your patience and faithfulness.

    • I just wanted to say thank you for sharing! I read this update right after asking for a sign of what to do. My husband has filed and is pushing our final hearing to be tomorrow. I was wanting to know if I should keep trying for my marriage or let it go. I guess I got my sign…

      • melissa

        I am not sure what sign you mean, (Amanda?), but I encourage you to always do what is right, and eventually things will work out.

        We never know what the future will hold until we get there.

        In the meantime, we try to be the best person we can. God will reward us, even if others don’t.

        You are in my prayers.

  182. I give God the GLORY!!!! Please pray this for me and my family as well.I would love some other intercessors join me.

  183. Thank you Marianne…what they are doing is mind controll…Their like reading my thoughts .We are being harrassed and stalked. I have never heard of this and they are speaking agaisnt the plan of God for my life,which I know can’t be stopped.Satan is already defeated and I will not stop praying. These spirits will be bound
    in Jesus name.

    • hi Michelle.

      They cannot actually read your thoughts, even though spirits can impose thoughts on you.

      When you pray, speak out loud positive words over yourself. let the spirits know they are defeated.

  184. There’s new trend of cyberstalking, and cell-phone stalking using the new software out there, and breaking into gmail, google, twitter, facebook, to try to silence victims. Apparently with some hi-tech help. So just fyi — even christian broadcasting had an article about “Respect”. Heavily based in New York City, group of about 700 wiccans roaming around — highly organized — and now trying to launder themselves through un-knowing church people at big churches. Please pray for wisdom.

  185. Thanks ever so much for this prayer outline, I needed it so much. A little about myself it you don’t mind – I first of all was aware that this guy out of the blue, a complete stranger started following me for no reason at all – doon’t know him or what he wants but made me very negative abt humanity and a bit parnoid. This has been happening since 2004. One thing I learnt is to lean heavily on the Lord Jesus for His protection. And I’ve praying been that if it is His will that me and my daughter would move out of this town. Thanks. P.S. I had a very hard time even to write this email! Please remember us in your prayers, it’s only the Lord knows what is going on.

  186. Hi Marianne,

    Peace and blessings to you through our Lord Jesus Christ! After hours of reading about The Jezebel/Ahab spiritual relationship and witchcraft/sorcerer, etc. I am now convinced that this and many other strongholds is what is going on in my life and is now affecting my daughter. For years now I was not able to put my finger on it until her father who abandoned us years ago, came back after 3 yrs of being MIA (no child support, no help, just complete disappearance) came back into our lives back in April of this year. When he came back he professed that he still loved me and wanted his family back, that he was truly sorry and repentant for all of the things he’s done to us, in not being good man or father and completely abandoning and neglecting his daughter. His mother who has been “praying” for him to return to the covering and protection of his family, is really a family-structured ruled by the women in his family. His grandmother, his mother and aunts. They have lied behind my back, to gain favor with me and to make arrangements for him to see my daughter behind my back. His mother, whom I have tried to have a good relationship with and open up to her as a sister in Christ, has turned out to be an emotionally manipulative, backstabbing, gossiping liar; who will never admit that she’s wrong, won’t take no for answer, and constantly makes you feel like you are wrong if you don’t do things or see things her way! I am convinced that she is a strong Jezebel spirit. I am also convinced after reading all of this information, that HE is a male romantic Jezebel spirit, but that he truly was to be reformed and is repentant, but is weak and can’t fight it. He is also a recovering addict, with several addiction layers (sex, porn, drugs) I also see the traits in my daughter rising up and I fear the more contact she has with her grandmother, the more this spirit will be fed and grow! What can I do? This IS her grandmother who says on the surface, in the natural, that she loves and adores her. But the whole thing is just so dysfunctional and warped, and she tries to somehow blame ME for her son’s manipulations and transgressions against us. I am also wondering if I am suffering from the Jezebel spirit because I have a tendency to be controlling and have problems with my temper. But I have been praying to the Lord on a daily basis to remove these flaws from my spirit and to give me new tools to deal with stress and anxiety more effectively. I am also convinced that my father who was extremely emotionally, verbally and physically abusive was the Warring Jezebel Spirit. Learning about these spirits and the fact that you can demand that they flee from you, is new to me and very educational. I could never put my finger on some of the things I have been living with all of these years. But now I realize this spiritual warfare and demons have been assigned to me at birth. I suffer from severe depression, fear, anxiety, fear of failure; I have been laid off 3 times in 2 years, I am unemployed and barely surviving. I feel like I’m swimming in mud everyday. Any wise Christian counsel from one sister in Christ to another would be greatly appreciated, especially if it means breaking of these strongholds and experiencing TRUE and permanent victory and freedom in Christ Jesus! I am ready to be FREE! Please help.

    • dear Josephine

      Your situation is complicated because both you and your husband grew up around Jezebels, and ended up with traits as well. The source of the problem is still there, trying to take out the younger generation.

      Does your husband understand the Jezebel spirit? Would he be willing to discuss it?

      I need to know this first before I can tell you more.

  187. Dear Marianne,

    I doubt it. It has never been discussed between us as such, and now I haven’t heard from him (again) since August 23, 2009. I understand from one of his aunts that he has been in contact with a couple of other aunts in his family via email. But won’t contact me or his mother directly. And even if he did contact her directly, she probably wouldn’t tell me. I don’t know where he is and I’m sure he doesn’t want me to know. This has been a pattern of reappearing/disappearing/abandonment for years. Just when I think he’s gone for good and I can get on with my life, he comes back and I have to deal with this mess all over again. And now my daughter, who is 5 is old enough to remember her father and feel his absence. When she asks questions about him, I answer them in an age-appropriate fashion and try to be as positive with her as possible. But it’s very hard. Her grandmother has asked (for example) if I would allow her and her husband to drive down and pick up my daughter and take her 665 miles away for thanksgiving to be with that side of the family under the guise of her great grandfather being sick with stage 4 cancer. He was in intensive care back in april and we went up to see him then and to attend his 90th birthday celebration; which is when we came back into contact with my her father. Meanwhile I haven’t seen my side of the family in 2 years. I tried to explain this to her, but she won’t take no for answer and won’t stop calling me about it and trying to guilt and manipulate me into it. I don’t pick up the phone when she calls me because just to see her number on the caller ID vexes my spirit. I will say this…once me and my ex came back in contact, we were hopeful that perhaps we could reconcile and were having pretty positive and constructive (albeit painful) dialogue towards this end) and when they came to visit us in May of this year for my daughter’s graduation, that woman was so nasty & disrespectful towards me, if was noticeable to him and her sister. When they left, everything changed between me and him. It was like she came down here and put something evil between us. It was subtle but pernicious. The only reason I connected her behavior to the Jezebel spirit, is because another sister in Christ mentioned it and identified her as such when I was confiding in her. This caused me to research it more. I’m really at a lose as to how to handle this.

    • hi Josephine

      Ok. Because if you were together, I would have to actually get on the phone with both of you and talk you through. But you do not have his presence or cooperation. I suspect he is with relatives, and they are keeping it secret.

      The strategy for the Jezebel family is to get the child and cut you off.

      The key to the situation is your daughter. Forget the phony feelings and guilt trip they are laying on you. If they could, they would pollute your daughter, turn her against you, and then brainwash her into reporting you as an abusive mom to social services. They would then apply for custody, and you would be possibly denied visitation. You will lose her if she goes to them for any reason. That way, they get the child, and you get nothing.

      Taking your daughter to their home is a trap. Do not fall for it. They are planning to take away your daughter.

      Continue to say no to them. Do not allow any visits. Do not respond to phone calls. You have to assume control of the situation.

      You might even flush out your husband, as he hears he cannot see his daughter, in a “child support free” manner.

      He pays no support, so he gets no contact with his daughter. Neither do they, since they are hiding him from you, and abusing you.

      I would issue a warrant for his arrest, and have the cops go to his mother’s house to serve the papers. You might even file a legal complaint against them, as accomplices in a child support case. You can also file a restraining order to keep them away, stating that they have threatened you, and abused you.

      This will also protect you legally, in case they pull any tricks. There will already be legal paperwork against them.

      Give your daughter increased contact with your own family. You need their support and nurturing.

  188. Hi Marianne, I want you to know that for the past 2 days I have been praying this prayer over myself and my daughter. Early this morning, I had a horrible nightmare that my ex (her father) was mentally homicidal and tried to kill me. I woke up paralyzed in fear. Can you respond to me offline please? Thanks.


    • dear yvose,

      I put your name and problem on my prayer list. Do not feel alone, and do not give up. He is bewitched. Say this prayer every day. I am agreeing with you that he comes back, and he forgets her.


    • hi Kate

      I put you and your husband on my prayer list. He has to leave his mother, to be free of her. Do not feel alone. I am seeing a lot of this: men being pulled away from their families by a witch/jezebel (controlling, agressive woman)

    • hi Kate

      I put you and your husband on my prayer list. He has to leave his mother, to be free of her. Do not feel alone. I am seeing a lot of this: men being pulled away from their families by a witch/jezebel (controlling, aggressive woman)

  191. Some evil wicket family has moved next to me and my grandaughter for thepast two years, and I am praying daily that God will save them or move them. My house, Car, and Ouooy us being destroyed. I retired from my job with 27 years in 24 May 2008, but this is not the reason I retired, I have exhausted a lot of money on repairs for my house and my car, also my puppy and he was poisioned, nd it cost me almost $700.00. i pray tht God would step in the mist and fix it all me me and my grand-daughter ASAP. I reall dont know if I can take anymore of this evilness from this neighbor and his family. I am asking for your prayers that this took will pass very soon, like today, now

  192. I need a lot of prayers, I and my grand-daughter

    • hi Geraldine,

      I have added you to my prayer list. Pray that all curses are reversed in Jesus name….and say the prayer above each day.

      Also consider setting up some surveillance cameras around your property…if you can catch them doing damage, you have evidence for the police. It is cheaper than all the expenses you have gone through.

  193. Pray for me please. I was seeing a guy who I did not know had not ended a sexual relationship with another woman. When I found out, I told him to leave me alone. A month later I saw her at a witchcraft place and realized that he was under her control. Also, her only child is to a married man. She loves to destroy relationships, and she needs to be stopped.There was also a point when I was depressed and nauseated and could not understand why. I had a dream where God revealed that she was going to attack me, and I think she tried but I rebuked the demons. He on the other hand is still under the spell. Please add me to your prayer list.

    • Hi R liz,

      I have put you on my prayer list.

      Stay away from both of them. You can do better than him.

      pray to “reverse the curse,” in Jesus name. I will agree with you.

      I deleted your address for privacy. I have it.

  194. I have feelings for him despite the fact that I had only been with him for a few months. He has been a friend for years and and now that I know the truth I feel it is not him, it is the curse controlling him. He is a neighbor and a co-worker. The woman also works with us. I feel that she has caused enough damage. She got his family to dislike me before they even met me, and she parades herself around my neighborhood. She refuses to let him go. He lives at home, and before I asked him to leave me alone he said that he asked her to stop coming around. His mother got angry at him and told him that it was her home and that the woman was her friend. She met her through him and wants her son to make her his girlfriend and eventually his wife. He is against this and told his mother he is moving out to get away from the woman. He wants to get away but he is tied up. And no matter how hard he tries to fight back, his efforts are futile. I want to intercede and stop this woman by the blood of Jesus. But, at the same time I can’t tell him she consorts with witches. He doesn’t believe in witchcraft and spells. He will definetly think I am making up things against her. I despise the thought that she could get away with doing this to him or anybody. It is unfair, she should not be able to write the begining and end of his or any ones life story. It is not up to her to decide over a person’s life. It is up to Jesus Christ. I would love to see this sad situation end triumphantly, I do not want her to have her way. After I saw her walk out of the witchcraft place, it is almost like a fire was stirred up inside me to help him. I want her to be unmasked. He needs to get away from her,but so does his family. Should I appease the yearning I have to help him or should I ignore it. Even if we never rekindled the romance and he finds his happiness elsewhere, I would love to see him free from this type of bondage. He deserves to have the freedom to choose who he wants to be with. I cannot stand to see her in my neighborhood or at work. I know that if I confront her she is going to call me a liar and say she has no spell on him. What should I do?

    • R.liz

      He has a mouth and can speak up for himself, but he is not doing it. Why is he living at home? How old is he? No matter the age, he seems to have an ahab personality – passive male – which means he lets the women control what happens. This also means he will go along with whatever is going on, which includes harming you.

      You cannot save him by your actions. Only Jesus can do that. Pray for him from a distance but do not get wrapped up in him, unless he shows some manhood, and speaks up for himself. He may be like this for a long time, and he will drag you down, as you try to fight his battles for him.

      For yourself, stick up for yourself, and if confronted by the witch, tell her off and call her a witch. It is best to be very aggressive (positively, not in a negative way) with any jezebel witch. They only respect power and authority, and so you have to assert yourself. If you come on strong, she will back off.

      • Hi, Marianne

        I wrote to u in 2009 and your advice was right on point. Ur accurate response has prompted me to write again, on a different issue. I have been battling with one ailment after another for about a year. Right now I feel a numbing sensation in my arms and legs, nausea too. I have never been the type to get sick for such a lengthy time,so this is very strange. I’m starting to wonder if I’m being attacked by a witch again. I don’t have proof that I am, but just in case I will be reading your prayer and staying in the word. Pray for me. In the mean time, I will stay positive and try not to loose sight of my faith for Jesus is with me always.

        • hi R liz

          I will do that. Keep praying.

          Also have a doctor check you.

          you could have some kind of nerve problem.

          also make sure you have not gotten bitten by an insect….tick etc.

  195. Marianne,

    If you are familiar with the topic or ask someone,
    in case of inflicting witchcraft, could a victim get “strage” or “symbolic” wound or a scar (of course, caused by physical circumstances) – like straighforward scar in the middle of the forehead?

  196. …”strange”

    • gavriel

      I have heard of wounds experienced during sleep, when the person is more vulnerable and is not on guard against such things.

      People have written in about bruises, tumors, sores, coughs, cancers, etc that appeared out of nowhere. But remember, the devil may attack our body, but he cannot touch our souls, unless we let him into our spirit, by turning away from Messiah.

      What you are describing is an extreme case, where the devil wants to scare someone into believing he has more power than he really does. This is meant to discourage the person from prayer, and fighting back.

      If this is happening to you, or someone you know, I would suggest taking something (before bed) and using it to draw the sign of the cross on the afflicted area. Rebuke the spot in the name of Yeshua, and plead the blood of Yeshua over you or the person afflicted.

      • well, I spoke of myself, that happened in small timeframe when I told you that I was inflicted with witchcraft and there are number of reasons why I think it is not a coincidence…I was in my house and suddenly I slep over on a floor and hit my head against bed (which had no sharp endings) – the hit was very light and it didn’t even hurt, but when I looked in the mirror there was a huge cut (now it is a huge scar), which looked like a mark and was very accurate – running from the center of my head way through my forehead. This was very unpleasent and it is unpleasent until now (2 years passed), it draws people’s attention. Soon after it happened I met a woman who then I was not sure if she had part in it, and she said to me “ha, I didn’t know that it would be that bad, sorry” – ironically implying that she had part in it.

        Thanks for your explanation, that is helpful, after passing through all these nightmares I sometimes think that I have no favour in God’s eyes anymore, but I know that it is not true…

        • gavriel

          Just because you have been attacked does not mean you are out of favor with God.

          We are all attacked, in different ways.

          The devil only attacks his enemies, not his friends.

          so the attack is a confirmation that you still belong to God, and you are a threat to the devil.

          anyhow that woman may have been taking credit for something she did not do, just to boost her own ego.

          Go to a doctor and get the scar fixed. In the daytime, put something on it to heal and cover it. Try vitamin E cream. If you can find a herbal store, ask them for options, and if they have rue, get some and make a paste of it, and put it on at night. You do not have to live with it.

  197. Please pray for all witchcraft to leave my son,Boris,my fiance’,Mickey,and myself,Sadie and all negative obstacles be removed in JESUS NAME!!!!

    • Hi Sadie

      Just to let you know that you are still on my prayer list…you have been there since Janurary, 2009. I will not take you off until you tell me everything is ok.. I have not forgotten you!….Pray to “reverse the curse in Jesus name.” I am agreeing with you. Do not give up. You are going to be ok.

  198. i have a brother’s sons are practicing witchcraft.they are aged 9 and 4years.their mother is telling us that she is the one using them.says she wants to stop practicing witchcraft but dont know how.please can you help in jesus name.

    • martha,

      The mother is not being honest with you or herself. She is making stupid excuses, and pretending she cannot stop on her own.

      All she needs to do is make a decision to quit what she is doing. She is in total control of her behavior.

      The children should be disciplined, and made to stop. A simple system of reward for good behavior, and punishment, like taking away privileges, for bad behavior (witchcraft) should be used for small children.

  199. Pray for me Please. My partner Lorri is under control of some kind of craft or spell. My 2 teenagers are practicing and influenced outside with witchcraft or something of the like. They are trying hard to get me under their spell too and God has opened my eyes to it. You could imaging the games being played now that they know I know. Contempt and malice is the only right word for what I see in their eyes. They keep blinders on Mom and stir up problems while I try as best I can to stop it and break it down. I have been able to clear all the negative spirits and demons from our home but they persist to conquer and destroy. Its a terrible situation and I just Stand Firm and wait on the Lord to stop all this nonsense and bring it all to light. Please pray for Me “James”, Lorri and kids “Hunter and Jordan” and my 2 little ones Tyler and Sarah who are under constant attack too. I know in my heart that Jesus will move in his perfect timing. God Bless you all

    • hi James,

      I put you on my prayer list.

      You have to do more than pray with teenagers. You have to take action.

      Assert your male authority and discipline the teenagers. Teach them the Word of God. Let them know that you are not to be controlled. You are in charge, not them.

      If Lorri will not back you, then get someone else. When dealing with kids practicing witchcraft, it helps to outnumber them, to overpower them

  200. I need some prayer. about 6 months ago, my girlfriend of 3 years became a victim of witchcraft. it was the most devastating thing to watch. my body crashed, along with our relationship. though at the beginning she told me she didn’t want this guy around her or to be with him, as she later told me in September. Please Pray for my ex-girlfriend and best friend. It was immediately alarming watching her transition from the sweetest girl to a girl who suddenly hated everything around her, including her own family. I don’t mind her leaving me, but i ask for prayer on her behalf to be rid of her ties to witchcraft, and this guy who got her into the craft. God Bless, In Jesus name I pray all who read this are blessed with the Infinite Love of the Father, The Son, And the Holy Spirit. Amen

  201. I need prayer, about 3 months ago my husband started acting different, I asked him if he was having an affair and he said no! Since that time he has leaving for work in the morning around 6AM and coming home at Midnight or later. He stopped all communication with me during the day, no phone calls or text messages. I have confronted him on several occasions concerning his whereabouts and his attitude is one that I have never seen before. He dosen’t care about anything, has turned into a compulsive liar and is settled into a state of depression. My family and his family cant understand what happened. I have been praying for him, anointing him and fasting for him but I don’t know what to do. It is effecting me so much as I love my husband very dearly. We were not having marital problems prior to this and he even said he dosen’t know why he does what he does. In my opionion I feel as if something is controlling him beyond what I can see. One morning after praying, I was lead to read the scripture that states we wrestle not against flesh and blood and I spoke with a leader at my church who is convinced that someone is working witchcraft against him. I don’t want to lose my husband to the handworks of the enemy. Please pray for us!

    • Hi Lucy

      I have put you on my prayer list. It would not hurt to find out where he is going all that time. Work? Bar? Someone’s house?

      I guess there is no other word for it except “spying,” but I would have someone follow him from a distance, to see what is going on. You cannot help him unless you know the whole story.

  202. Thanks, I have been thinking about doing that for a while and even priced a profesional, they can be costly but its a price I’m willing to pay!

  203. Lucy,
    You said something about “compulsive lying.” You can’t count on the truth being spoken by him, so his saying “no” to the affair question doesn’t mean a thing. Of course I can’t say for certain what is going on, but the signs would indicate that he is with another person.
    I understand that personality change thing, and you are indeed up against the powers of darkness, not your dear husband. Deception is a large part of the whole thing, and I know how ugly that is.
    Look for clues, you have a right to know. Most men leave some sort of trail if they are cheating. I know firsthand. BUT while you look for evidence, ask God to reveal things to you and show you the truth. He will. It is important not to act suspicious, because he might respond by trying to be more undercover. You need the truth, but be ready. I once asked my husband the question you asked yours; he denied it, but God gave me the proof I needed, through a set of circumstances where one piece of evidence came into my hands.
    Pray pray pray. Pray scriptures, and you are right not to hand him over to the enemy. I know lots of spouses would, but you love your husband, as does God.

    • Thank you all so much, I was tempted to throw up my hands and be done with the whole thing on Thursday, I gave him an ultimatum, come home on time or else I would take that to mean, you are finished with our relationship, well of course he chose to come home late which sent me into a frenzy. He said that if he came home it would only have been because I told him to…. I made arrangements and told him to go stay with his famiy for a while, until we can sort things out and he rejected that, saying that he loves me and wants to stay and can’t understand why he is the way he is. He went from crying to anger and then to a deep depressive state all within one hour. He won’t even talk to his family or those who care for him. It is as if he is rejecting anyone who tells him the truth! Continue to keep us in your prayers as I would like to keep my marriage together. The emotional strain that this has taken on me is overwhelming and I’m not sure how much more strength I have to endure.

  204. Iam Dr.Thomas Mathew from India requests your prayers for Jerry Thomas who is now in Chicago seeking for a job.His work permit validity is only upto 5th of January 2010
    Please pray for him

  205. Hi,
    I don’t know if anyone will read this but I don’t have anyone to talk to.
    I am sitting here so confused and broken in spirit because it has been confirmed by 2 different pastors that my father’s wife has tied the progess of me and my mother down with witchcraft.
    We can’t seem to make any progress in our lives. Every step we make something happens to make us take two step backwards. I just want my life back please pray for me. I am so lost.

    • hi anongirl

      Why aren’t these pastors doing something? !!

      You do not have to accept any witchcraft against your life.

      Plead the blood of Jesus over your life and your mothers life.

      Rebuke and reject all curses in Jesus name.

      Declare that the curse is reversed back to the witch, and she is cursed by her own words.

      If you are a child of God, then you are to have victory, not defeat. Satan is under your feet. So declare it so.

      Speak , and it will come to pass.!!

      I will put you on my prayer list, and agree with you on this.

    • Anon Girl. I found a prayer that I pray every day and it works really well. Pray this prayer every day both you and your mother to see if it helps you.It helps me daily.


      Dear Heavenly Father, I pray this prayer in the power or the Holy Spirit.

      In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind, rebuke and bring to no effect, all division, discord, disunity, strife, anger, wrath, murder, criticism, condemnation, pride, envy, jealousy, gossip, slander, evil speaking, complaining, lying, false teaching, false gifts, false manifestations, lying signs and wonders, poverty, fear of lack, fear spirits, murmuring spirits, hindering spirits, retaliatory spirits, deceiving spirits, religious spirits, occult spirits, witchcraft spirits (including Jezebel, Delilah and
      Apollyon) and spirits of antichrist.

      I bind all curses that have been spoken against me. I bless those who curse me, and pray blessings on those who despiteful use me.

      I bind all spoken judgment made against me and judgments I have made against others. I bind the power of negative words from others, and I bind and render useless all prayers not inspired by the Holy Spirit; whether psychic, soul force, witchcraft or counterfeit tongues that have been prayed against me.

      I am God’s child. I resist the devil. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I put on the whole armor of God. I take authority over this day, in Jesus’ name. Let it be prosperous for me, let me walk in your love, Lord. The Holy Spirit leads and guides me today, I discern between the righteous and the wicked.

      I take authority over Satan and all his demons, and those people who are influenced by them. I declare Satan is under my feet and remain there all day. I am the righteous of God in Christ Jesus.

      I am God’s property. Satan you are bound from my family, my mind, my body, my home and my finances.

      I confess that I am healed and whole. I flourish, I am long lived, stable, durable, incorruptible, fruitful, virtuous, full of peace, patience and love. Whatsoever I set my hand to do shall prosper, for God supplies all my needs. I have all authority over Satan, all demons, and beasts of the field. God, I pray for the ministry that you have for me. Anoint me, God, for all you have called me to do for you.

      I call forth divine appointments, open doors of opportunity, God ordained encounters and ministry positions. I claim a hedge of protection around myself, spouse and children throughout this day and night.

      I ask you God, in the name of Jesus to dispatch angels to surround me, my spouse and my children today, and to put them throughout my house and around our cars, souls and bodies. I ask angels to protect my house from any intrusion and to protect me and my family from any harmful demonic or other physical or mental attacks. I ask this prayer in the name of Jesus AMEN.

    • Also if you have not gotten baptized in a Christian NOT CATHOLIC.. Church I suggest you do so and that you accept Jesus as your saviour before you pray that prayer. Once you accept him, he will offer you the protection you need against witchcraft. I have also found that fasting and prayer while fasting works very well against this sort of thing. Believe me it is the only way to remove what they have done.

  206. Thank you all very much. I have to repent and come back to the lord. I have let the frustration put a wedge between my and the lord. I was baptized in the catholic church but I did not know that was bad. Although I do not attend catholic church but rather have been attending a non denominational church.

  207. Please add my husband to this list. Since he has returned from Kuwait in May of 2009 he has filed for a divorce. He has not been home and has shut down all communication. He went to see the other women in December and had to be hospitalize. I will be praying this prayer for others, please pray for my husband Charles. I believe and receive the promises of God and I command doubt and unbelief spirits to leave now In Jesus Name.

    • hi Jenice

      You are already on my prayer list. Do you still talk to Melissa?

      You need to get yourself a support group, that will back you up.

      This is a spirit, but it also requires action in the physical realm. You need to find a way to confront him, but only with your support group present.

      A group effort is usually needed to deal with a Jezebel..she needs to be told what she is, and confronted for the destruction she is doing.

  208. Please prayer for i married 29 years and since then i’m fighting for my marriage. my hushand Moos is having affairs one after another with more than one women and most of them use this witchcraft spirit. i come to the Lord a few years ago and are not so fimarliar with this strongsholds that withheld me of having a breakthrough. al the prayer groups i belong to are scare of this spirit because a lot of evil things happen to there family members so they stop. im desprit for revival in my life because i commit suicide many times dont know what happen to me. my husband had move out for one year and four months and are back more than a year know without and confession or a sorry for what he had done to us. he dont want divorce neither me but i believe that our God is able to help me wont give up hope still praying for a miracle. please help break this curse. the lady his with know is Nozibele Sicwebu is she use witchcraft to destroy our lives.

    • dear Silvia

      I have put you on my prayer list. But you also need to tell your husband, there will be no marriage with you until he stops.

      This means there will be no sex with you either until he stops. You do not cook for him or do anything else for him either.

      He cannot be evil and then come home to you and expect to have everything he wants. He does not deserve it.

      He needs to admit he is wrong, stop the evil behavior, and repent before God. He needs to reject the women and never see them again.

  209. I need prayers in my life, for I have fallen victim to witchcraft. I am un able to find the power to leave my boyfriend his mother practices witchcraft and I feel I am being contorlled to stay. I want this magic to wash away I pray everyday for those who fallen victim to witchcraft. its so bad that I am unable to contact my family which I haven’t seen in a month its really bad I love them and miss them but still feel I can’t leave. Help me!! Thank you

    • dear Keandy,

      What do you mean you are controlled to stay? You mean you live with him? Or you are just with him in a relationship?

      If you live with him, you need to walk to the front door, go out, and go to your family. Call them, if they are far. THey will come get you.

      Are you saved? I will pray, but you have to do something about this.

  210. hi marianne,
    i found this site also. guided by god. as a lot has happened to me too. witchcraft, spiritual warfare. i have met a lot of jezebel spirits.. i didnt realise anything until i was ill 6 yrs ago. i recovered and then i started to let god into my life. i feel im born again and i pray every day. i was lead here because i was starting to feel oppressed like i was being attacked constantly in my dreams and being rejected outside too. i dont work now. your site has opened my eyes to a lot of things that others are suffering too. god is protecting us and i feel blessed . thankyou so much for your wisdom, i know you are blessed by god and bring a lot of comfort to others. thankyou for your witchcraft binding prayers, i use them every day and they work. god bless you… lyn

  211. Dear Sister Marianne, I am asking for your help and prayer. Due to problems(pornography and arguing) in our marriage my wife committed adultery. I dont know how long she she has been committing adultery.The first time I found out was over five years ago. We separated last year(2009) due to a lot of arguing and her adultery. We have been married fifteen years and three daughters. She has already filed for divorce. I am not going to divorce in Jesus Name. I have was faithful to God and her during our fifteen years of marriage even up to now, even though we are separated.

    The wicked entity she committed adultery, is into witchcraft and all kinds of evil. The entity family practtices witchcraft. they are very wicked they are into prostitution and are drug dealers.
    The entity is a homosexual and very wicked. They did much evil to my wife, our daughters and me. It seems my wife might have started to prostitute herself and committed sexual acts with other homosexuals and lesbians. Two of my daughters are with her only because of court orders.They are seeing this on a daily basis. Our oldest daughter is with me.
    Tonight I will pray the prayer mentioned above. My wife and i are born again Christians. She backslid. I realize the wrongs I committed in our marriage. I have repented, and asked God and her for forgiveness. God , Jesus, and Holy Spirit and again are first in my life, again. I have read the Word, and prayed fervently.
    But I still need help. please for us. That God would intervene. Destroy witchcraft, all evil and works of the devil. And He reconcile our marriage our Today. Matthew 18:19 I still love my wife and so much desire to see her reconciled to God and to me. To see our family reconciled to each other. Isaiah 53 and 54.
    I know I have a calling on my life to preach. I desire to fullfil my High Calling In God, Christ Jesus. It has been prophesied over my life many times. I do not want to continue being disobedient to God. If there is a more specific way to pray for us in this situation please for us and let us know.
    Also if please you let me know as soon as possible of how to pray. You see this Saturday I have to go back to where my wife and daughters are.(We live four hours away). The problem is that my daughter comes back very confused. The reason my daughter is with me is because she kept trying to cut her veins. My wife was going to put her in a mental hospital. But my wife didnt want to deal with her so I she came to live with me. She is going through counseling for this matter. I wanted all of our girls but she used tactics to keep them from me. I love and miss my daughters very much. I pray and desire all this(mess) to be over.

    In Jesus Name. Thank you.Manuel Maria and our three girls.

    • Dear Manuel

      I have put your wife on my prayer list.

      Are you saying that her family is into witchcraft as well.?

      Pornography is a very strong spirit. I am also concerned because of your daughters attempt to hurt herself.

      Would you be willing to go on a 21 day fast for your family? Juice only, no food.

      Many times, fasting and prayer are needed in cases like this.

      You do not have to give details, unless they already know, but explain to your girls that their mother is spiritually sick, and she needs their prayers.

      Have a set time each day – 20 minutes – to get together with your girls, and pray for your wife to be delivered from these spirits, repent and come home.

      The fast would be 21 days, but you would continue the prayer until your wife is free.

  212. my family are witches and my moma taught my daughter how to use witchcraft toward me.the witches there are coming against my blood and how do i stop it from attacking me and stop my daughter from doing it period!!!!!!

    • tiana

      Tell your daughter to stop immediately or she will be punished.

      Tell your family you reject their witchcraft, that you are covered by the blood of Jesus, and you reverse all curses back on them, in Jesus name.

  213. Please put me on your pray list thank you