Prayer for Help – and Repentance Anticipating Disaster



Prophet Efrain Rodriguez

In the Name of The Father, of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, we pray.

Blessed be our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank you for Your Kindness, for Your immense Love, for Your Infinite Grace, for Your blessings, for Your Blood, for Your Sacrifice.

Thank you, Lord Jehovah, for loving us so much and having sent Your Son to provide the Only Way to Salvation.

Thank you for the Holy Spirit, our Guide, our Comforter, our Protector, our Light, our Beacon to all Truth.

Glory to You always, the Eternal, the All, the GREAT I AM.

We, your imperfect sheep, sometimes rebellious and disobedient, humble ourselves before You, recognizing that without You, we are nothing, we have nothing, we deserve nothing. We are just dust.
It is Your Spirit Who gives us life and Who gives us value.

WITHOUT you, we are like children lost in the night, in a dark forest, with ferocious beasts lurking at us.

WITHOUT you, we are clumsy, blind, helpless, scared, foolish, empty and useless.

WITHOUT you, there is no hope, there is no protection, there is no provision, there is no Salvation.

Yet, You turn Your Ear of Mercy towards us, who do not deserve You. You shed Your Blood for us, even while we spit at You, torture You and mock You. What immense Love, what Endless Grace!

We come before You because we recognize that only You have the Power, only You can listen, only You can intervene, only You can intercede, only You can provide, only You can Save, and ONLY YOU ARE GOD, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We come to You tired, broken, wounded, and sometimes fearful, and doubtful. We come to You because You are the Source of all Truth, and all Breath of Hope. Grant us double, triple portion of Your Spirit to cope with everything, to show Your fruits, to radiate and practice the Faith that pleases You and that You expect from Your Flock.

Give us the strength of Your Spirit to be courageous, bold, tenacious and for persevering in Your Will. Help us to point the world to Your Son, to save souls for Your Kingdom. Help us so that our actions and words are testimony of Your Immense Love, Mercy and Forgiveness.

Heal our hearts, our souls, our spirit, our bodies, at all times. We need to be healthy, inside and out, to be effective instruments for Your Glory.

Help us battle as brave and bold Warriors of Your Kingdom; but also to pray, talk and wait on You with a child’s heart, with the simplicity and ingenuity of a lamb which depends on, and relies completely on its Shepherd.

Help us to always return to You, to trust You and understand that You are always waiting for us with open Arms, no matter what we have done or how many times we have failed you. Just like the father of the prodigal son, You are seeking always to cover us with Your kisses, with Your Embrace, with Your serenity, with Your Forgiveness, with Your Peace, with Your Salvation; not with Your condemnation.


Protect us along the road. Raise a Hedge of Divine Protection with Your Precious Blood, around and above us, our loved ones, our relatives, neighbors, friends and acquaintances, so that one day, they may be Your instruments, Lord. Protect our homes.

Keep and answer all requests for Salvation and Protection from the brothers and sisters in these pages, and keep also the ones of those who pray to You with humble, sincere heart outside of them.

We come to You, not to anything or anyone else.

Open the hearts of so many who do not want to listen, because they rely more on their own understanding than on the Voice of Your Holy Spirit. Touch them, talk to them, whether with The
Terrible Thunder or with the gentle whisper, and save them. Help us to be instruments in that task. Bless the tools we use to do it and protect them.

Forgive us, Lord, for our rebellions, doubts, fears, backsliding, setbacks, for everything that offends You, be it revealed or hidden from our conscience.

Forgive us for not praying, fasting, thinking and acting like You deserve and ask. Forgive us for not giving You the time and dedication You deserve.

Always provide us with the opportunity to repent and return to You, no matter how many times we fail You, because we are hard headed, proud, but we love You and we do not want to die in our sin.

Do not allow our hearts to harden or grow cold, no matter what happens. Keep them burning with Your Spirit, not with our own strength, Lord. Do not allow, under any circumstances or at any time, that we die without You, Lord. Our desire is to live eternally in Your Presence.

Make us worthy, Lord, make us worthy to escape the terrible things that will come on this earth and may we stand in front of You. If you have to send brokenness and chastisement to achieve this, we accept it and we thank you for Your Mercy, because, as Your servant David said: it is better to fall into the judgment and discipline of the Lord, that into the judgment of man; because You, Lord, unlike man, show Mercy.

Our lives and belongings are Yours and You, as Absolute Owner, have power and dominion over them. We rely totally on Your Mercy.

And finally, give us discernment.

May our ears, physical and spiritual, be sensitive and attentive to Your Voice, at all times. May we know how to distinguish and abide by Your instructions for what is coming. May we understand and know that You will always have the Last Word, and may we heed, understand and accept It.

May we know how to distinguish Your Voice from the voice of the ravenous wolves, and from the lying spirits coming from the Enemy to confuse us. Shine Your Light on any mistake or lie in our lives, in our hearts, and in our understanding. Dissipate any doubt, fear, strife and murmuring through Your Spirit.

We live and act out of love for You, the Lord of Hosts. Examine our hearts so that you see and judge if we act and work out of love for You, or not.

And if You find that we work for selfish reasons, correct us, forgive us, and mold us into a servant who pleases You. We ask all this only of You, our God and our Lord: Jehovah, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.



a copy of this prayer can be emailed upon request

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  2. Amen.

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  4. Amen.

  5. Please email me a copy of this prayer. I don’t have any printer ink. Thank you.

  6. Amen

  7. Thanks be to GOD amen .Please send me a copy by e-mail.

  8. Amen

  9. Now read this (if you haven’t already) and get blown apart 😉

  10. Thanks Crisscross, the post is overflowing with profound, scientific Bible facts. 😉

  11. Great prayer worthy of all acceptation by all in the Kingdom( Kings domain)

  12. A prayer all of us are in need. I do share it with everyone. Amen

  13. Amen… Thank you for the wonderful prayer..😊

  14. a lot of people think that False prophet (end time) is pope , what do you guys think ?

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