Prayer for unsaved loved ones


Offered here as a courtesy, since I see people looking for this. Use as a guide, but really God knows what is in your heart. I have taken some prayers of others and added a little to it. He will hear you even if your words are not great. Trust Him, and just say what is in your heart.




Why are so many people still unsaved? Second Corinthians 4:4 tells us it is because “the god of this world [the devil] hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”

Once you realize it’s the devil (not your loved one) who’s the real problem, your first prayer step becomes clear. You must get the devil out of your loved one’s way. As Jesus said, “How can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man?” (Matthew 12:29). You can’t! So bind him.

Now, you may not be able to cast that devil entirely out of the situation, because your loved one may invite him back in faster than you can cast him out. But you can bind that spirit and keep it bound. It may keep you busy for a while, but you can do it.

Verbal (say out loud) Confession of Faith in God’s help to save loved one:

  • God is not willing that this person (name the person) perish, but that he or she comes to repentance – 2 Peter 3:9.
  • It is God’s will that he or she (name the person) be saved and comes to a knowledge of truth – 1 Timothy 2:4.
  • This is the confidence that I have in Him, that if I ask anything according to His will, He hears me. And I know that if He hears me, whatever I ask, I know that I have the petitions that I have asked of Him. I ask for him or her (name the person) to be saved, to come to repentance, and to come to a knowledge of the truth that can set him or her free – 1 John 5:14,15.
  • If it is a relative: I believe that I and all of my household will be saved – Acts 16:31.
  • I realize that I am not in a battle with flesh and blood, but I am contending against demonic powers, wicked spirits in the heavenly sphere, who are trying to influence and control the person I am praying for – Ephesians 6:12. Jesus said in Luke 10:19, “I give you authority and power over all the power of the enemy” and so nothing shall in any way harm me.

  • Whatever I bind on earth is bound in the heavenly realm, and whatever I loose on earth is loosed in the heavenly realm – Matthew 18:18.

Binding prayer (2 Corinthians 4:3,4):

Say, “Right now I bind the god of this world (Satan) who has blinded their eyes to the truth of the gospel, and I loose the light of the gospel to shine on them and open their eyes. You spirit operating in the life of my loved one, blinding __(name)___ to the gospel to keep __(name)____ out of the kingdom of God, I bind you now. I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. I carry His authority and righteousness and in His Name, I command you to desist in your maneuvers. I spoil your house according to the Word of God and I enter into it to deliver my loved one from your hands.”

  • I pray that the eyes of their understanding would be opened to know the hope of their calling – Ephesians 1:18.
  • Lord, open their eyes to know You; open their understanding that they can understand the scriptures – Luke 24:31,45.
  • I pray for laborers to be sent into their path from the Lord of the harvest – Matthew 9:37,38.
  • I believe that I receive the answers to these scriptural prayers – Mark 11:24.
  • Lord, You watch over Your Word to perform it – Jeremiah 1:12.
  • Thank You that Your Word does not return to You void, but it accomplishes what You intend for it to do – Isaiah 55:11.

I ask all this, Father God, in the holy name of Jesus. And I cover myself, my household, all my family, extended family, and all loved ones with the blood of Jesus, asking you to bless and strengthen us with your wisdom, Holy Spirit, salvation, and deliverance. Amen.


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  1. praise God almighty and

  2. i thank him for sending Jesus

  3. God bless you Daniel.

  4. This prayer and everything that goes with it are an amazing blessing. Sometimes it is difficult to find the words to pray, but this guideline is an immense help. Thank you more than you can know!

  5. Hi Charity,

    I am so glad it helped you. We all need a little structure sometimes, especially when we are tired, and do not know what to say anymore.


    • What if it Doesnt work
      Will it work guarenteed if i do this every day trusting Him?
      My husband left us and is chasing other women
      We are devistated.. He Doesnt even believe in God anymore 😢

      • maria

        doubt is not faith…and you have doubt…

        god only responds to faith

        pray as you need to, and live your life…..

        be patient, sometimes it takes YEARS….because the will of the other person is involved.

        leave your husband in God’s hands.

        • Amen to that, you should not ever pray in doubt. Never question God, and try and focus on listening more, thinking clearer and seeing that He surrounds you. Pray for your husband, pray that the Lord delivers him from unclean spirits, and then teach your children that God is the almighty, creator of ALL, that He gave His son to give you authority in His name to heal, pray, cast out Legions of demons, make your family strong and faithful in the Father God and His Son before all.


        • God can use doubt…just look at Thomas! God can use anything to draw us and shape us…just bc you have doubt does not mean God has forsaken you…it only means he is shaping you…I love the story of Thomas…and I love how Jesus said, those who have not seen and believed are blessed !

        • I prayed like this in 1994 for 1 of my 4 siblings and all four of them were saved! Yes, pray with all you feel and know that God can and will do!

      • Hi Maria, i don’t have a power words to change the trails that you have. I have also a sister having a situation the same as you. But as long as i will not denounce my FAITH to the ONE who is the CREATOR of ALL, our LORD JESUS CHRIST, he will not leave you comfortless. I will come to you ( John 14;18 ). I want to do my ways but the LORD said, My thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways My ways, said the LORD. I’m also longing to have a child on my own flesh w/ my wife. For a short story its only by GOD who can answer our request to have a child. But until now, no development of this request & petations of our prayers. I don’t know why? if he is a GOD of compassion why I’m still childless? many time I’m asking & praying to GOD to bless us but until now there is no answer. Its hard really when you have trails specially we as a believer in Christ Jesus. But the bible said in Isaiah 40:31 KJV ” but they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; the shall run & not be weary; they shall walk & not faint “. Strengthen yourself in the LORD like David in 1 Samuel 30:6. Amen…

      • I’m sorry I pray faith in this matter for you & strength I almost lost my hub but I got up & ask Jesus to strengthen me & put his faith in me & believe God for my hub to not chase after other person or women he came home to me & went to go to church to hear missionaries pray for him & our marriage he’s doing better now he too almost backslid on God & it is devastating to go thru that hugs for you just know Jesus loves you rebuke & command all deceitful seducing spirits of the women off from him in Jesus name & he as well to love & bind spirit of lust ect off bind up their soulties too & hope he return back to Jesus & hope his true love come back to. Wife & family too.

  6. Wow I feel the Holy Spirit while praying thank u sooo much xxxx praise b 2 God xxx

    • HI Tina,

      I am glad it blessed you. I hope all your prayers are answered with a big YES!

      • I just read Tina’s words, and was moved because I to am praying the same exact thing in my life right now. My young son’s father whom I care deeply, is battling the same demons and strongholds in his life; I just wanted to know how its going, it meant so much to me to know there is a sister out there who knows what Im goimg through!

  7. Hi Marianne I have just prayed the prayer again for my loved one Mark the dad of my young son please can you pray for all his sinful strongholds and ungodly soul ties of fornicating, drugs, drinking to be broken by the power and authority of precious Jesus’ name please Amen

    • Hi Tina,

      I am adding your request to my prayer list. I really pray that your heart’s desire for Mark will be met soon

    • Please pray with me for Andy – he has the hardest of hearts and I have been such a bad witness to him. I am no longer in contact. Please pray that God would redeem my mistakes and bring him to salvation.

    • I am praying the same thinfg for my high school sweetheart. Jesus I believe.

  8. Thank you JESUS….. Glory!!! Glory!!!!…. i feel the Holy Spirit moving!!!! Great prayer…. i have been looking for scripture to pray for my son who is not saved. Glory to God i will pray this prayer….. thank you Jesus!!! Please keep my son in your prayers…. his name is Hurley. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Barbara

      Print this prayer out and modify it to suit your needs. I will pray for your son, Hurley. God bless him.

      Do not worry mom…. your son is in good hands….his name is Jesus. 🙂

  9. This prayer is exactly what I need to pray for my family members that are not saved.
    Yesterday when me and my wife prayed God showed me that we need to do spiritual warfare, so we prayed that he will give us the right word to pray and fight.
    I really liked that there is also scripture connected to each section.

  10. Thank you for this. I was browsing to look for a prayer declaration for my family members. Im not a very mature Christian and I wanted a guide esp. from the Word of God to declare over my family. Thanks a lot!!! God is faithful and I wait to see my family as a whole serve the Lord!!

  11. Thank you Marianne and everyone else who is praying for my son Hurley! Thanks in advance and i will keep you all in my prayers.

    Peace and much love- Barbara~

  12. Hiya… I would like to ask for a prayer .. something simple and helpful for 3 children ? That they can practice on daily ? They are 14, 12 and 10. I am in much struggle with them because they are very strong headed and strong willed children… I kept on talking to them about Jesus and God.. and their laws.. and try to help them… but to be honest… sometimes… I feel like so alone because they are at their age most kids have no common sense or mind development enough to make decisions for themselves. you know how kids think in their own world. lol… But for two months they have been with their father for summer.. Eh… It kinda hurt me a lot when I put so much efforts and every best possible for them.. that they would call every women as their mother rather than their own real mother. * sigh * I have offered them to live with their father and adopt his girlfriend as their mother.. but again of course.. they refused.. and they wanted home. Boy.. I had to set my foot down with them.. and began to question myself couple of times if I am good enough mother or… they just do things to hurt me for no reasons. Mind you, I am a bit different on raising kids.. I gave them every truth possible on life, and everything..
    I have hurt my mother in past when I was in high school.. I remember so well.. that is part of reason why I understood and knows what to expect if my kids does the same. Eh.. Just will you please pray for them ? They are my flesh children.. but actually, I gave them to God long ago… and believes they belongs to him.. spite of their ” imagniary world ” and attuides.
    I taught my children never to share anything from inside the family to outside people because people would use them against me. Believe it or not.. Many people wanted my deaf children because they are rather unusual and intelligent. So, I had to protect at all costs. :/ I do not know what to do.. I feel very alone.. and eh… I also begin to forget who and what I am.. It changed for over two years.. I noticed myself that is no longer chatter to anyone. But mostly kept to myself.. and stay watchful and silent.

    Keep the children in prayers… and any prayer for them will be great to learn. 🙂 Thank you.

    • Hi Tamera

      I will put you all on my prayer list. With children that age, you are now officially in the parental war zone that will last the next 10 years, will give you gray hair, stress you out, and make you 30 years older by the time it is finished.

      God bless your heart. He knows what kids are like now. Just leave them in His hands.

    Dear Servant of God ,
    Be blessed so much for your devoted heart to serve God through prayers.I request for your prayers and affiliation.Iam Rev Evans Nyamongo From kisii kenya I love the Lord Jesus as my saviour and Lord.

    • Hi Brother, just came across this post. How are you all doing now? Is there anything I can help you with?

  14. Dear Rev Nyamongo,

    I wish you blessings and success in your efforts to help the needy and suffering in Kenya. Were you asking me to come and speak, or were you asking if I could suggest ministries to come and speak to your area? I am putting your requests on my prayer list, and I pray for a quick response from God for all your needs.

  15. May I borrow this picture, please?

  16. This is such a blessing!
    # GOD IS NOT WILLING that this person (name the person) perish, but that he or she comes to repentance – 2 Peter 3:9.
    # IT IS GODS WILL that he or she (name the person) be saved and comes to a knowledge of truth – 1 Timothy 2:4.
    # This is the confidence that I have in Him, that IF I ASK ANYTHING ACCORDING TO HIS WILL, HE H E A R S ME!!!. And I know that if He hears me, whatever I ask, I know that I have the petitions that I have asked of Him. I ask for him or her (name the person) to be saved, to come to repentance, and to come to a knowledge of the truth that can set him or her free – 1 John 5:14,15.

  17. This is such a blessing. My stepmom and I were trying to come up with a decree and with bible scriptures and this was such a big help. Thanks for putting your time and effort into this. May God richly reward you!

  18. I Just stumbled on this site and i love the prayer the word is sharper than a two edged sword so im awaiting God’s wonderful response and results to my prayer of faith. I too have been a bad witness to a loved one, and he too has (had now by faith) the hardest of hearts and horrible attitude, i know my battle wasnt with flesh and blood, but sometimes we seem to forget that and react in flesh and blood also…as a result i was bound by hatred and unforgiveness…but Glory to God in the name of Jesus that im free and i can prayer for my loved one in confidence.

    Thanks again

  19. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You


  20. I just read Tina’s words, and was moved because I to am praying the same exact thing in my life right now. My young son’s father whom I care deeply, is battling the same demons and strongholds in his life; I just wanted to know how its going, it meant so much to me to know there is a sister out there who knows what Im goimg through!

    JD said this on May 5, 2010 at 7:57 pm | Reply

    • dear JD

      I have to leave it to people to post an update on the site, if they want others to be informed about them. I have heard from her privately, but cannot say, since she did not post it here.

      Just know that things like this can take a long time.

      Broken relationships due to sin are very painful. There is a moment when you just have to put it in God’s hands, and rest in Him.

  21. there is someone in my life who is going down the path of drug addiction his name is Dustin M. , right now getting high is all his future revolves around I know that at this point he is so proud and blinded that he doesn’t even see the problem. He has never known Christ personally but he has heard of him and knows enough information but he feels no need or desire to seek him out. I want nothing more for him to have a personal encounter with the holy spirit and for god to reach out to him, I am not in a place to try and reach out to him or really even talk to him. So I ask that you all pray for him, for god to miraculously intervene in his life. before he repeats the path of his father who was absent his hole life because of prison for drug dealing and using. his path is clear and only a miracle can save him. he is only in highschool and is about to graduate in a month or two, and can’t not be high for more then a couple days, and he is starting to go from marijuana to stronger harder drugs. please pray with all you have in you because thats what he needs a miracle. I am petitioning with god and the more voices the more powerful.

    • I have prayed ardently for Dustin and will continue to thank God for saving him and adding another soul in God’s Kingdom. Dustin will graduate in flying colors and he will be a mighty tool in the hands of God. Amen. Dorothy

      • thank you dorothy, for your prayer for others. It helps a lot when others join and and pray. there are so many needs on this website, it is barely possible to keep up with all of them, so the more help, the better.

  22. dear anonymous

    I put Dustin on my prayer list. I stand in agreement with you for his deliverance and salvation. I also pray that a real father figure will come into his life and make a difference for him. May God bless you and him, and protect you both.

  23. Hi, This has been on my mind for sometime and I have been praying and consulting with godly friends, but your prayer ties everything together so nicely, and puts in all into focus. Please join me in praying for a special friend who I know the devil has bound. I sense that he is searching, but pride, fear, past mistakes and the devil are in the way. I too have not been the best witness, but with God’s help I am trying to be from now on. He also has a nine year-old daughter who I pray for as she needs to have that foundation to face life. His name is Dave S. Please pray that the strongholds are loosed and that he really allows God into his heart, and in turn leads his daughter the way he should. He is a single dad. Thanks, and I will also pray for you all.


  25. Hello Marianne
    I thank you for your words on your site and for the enlightenment.Please can you join with me in prayer so that I would receive the gift of a tongue to help me in prayer and also other gifts of the spirit to help me to grow spiritually and to be able to help others.Can you also join with me in prayer for the deliverance and salvation of my family members who are bound by demonic spirits and false religion.My father is bound to alcoholism and depression and my mother is a hindu and my sister a muslim.There is much demonic influence in the family.Please pray that God will transform me and make me a prayer warrior and use me for his glory.

    • hi Shivana

      I have put your family on my prayer list. Salvation may take awhile, but in the end, trust that it will happen.

    • Hi Shivana

      I’m in exactly the same boat! Tough being the only one saved in my family and and seeing them suffer. Its been a while since you posted, pls reply and let me know how things have worked out.

  26. Thanks for this.

  27. my boyfriend doesent believe in god i pray that he finds the lord cause i want to marry him

    • dear demetria

      I am in agreement with you for your boyfriend’s salvation. He really needs to give his heart to God, before you marry him, so that the marriage will be successful.

    • I feel for you. I feel the same way about my ex and did while we were dating. He is 28 years old and completely lost without God or a reason to live a holy life. Besides this, he IS my dream guy 😦 I do not consider myself a super religious person but I know this is the main issue in his life and it breaks my heart. He wants to be friends and maybe work us out but it pains me to know how he lives.

  28. I am a single mom that is battling cancer and muscular dystrophy, and I’m in a power wheelchair. My kids have inherited my terminal genetic disease, so they are in wheelchairs, too, and my youngest daughter died in my arms from it. My oldest daughter also has cancer, her firstborn twins died in 2002 and her baby Ryan died in 2006. My little sister was murdered by her abusive exhusband on the 4th of July in 2004, and my stepdaddy had a massive heart attack and they had to load him into an ambulance during my sister’s funeral at her graveside, and daddy died, too. My only granddaughter was murdered at four months old on Valentine’s Day of 2007, and her murderer has not been charged, and my grandson, her brother, is suffering severe child abuse (third degree burns that needed surgical repair on both hands from being held under scalding hot water, thrown out a third story window 35 feet to the concrete parking lot that put him in the Children’s Hospital with a torn liver, and these are only two of the things that my grandson suffers at the hands of his abuser) but the CPS refuses to protect him. Now, the only family member that I have left, my brother, is dying of cancer, his doctors said he has three months to nine months at the most. I don’t know why God thinks that I can handle all of this, because I can’t. My faith is too new and I am not strong enough. My murdered little sister and I had became Christians just before she was murdered, we were raised in a cult, and we were best friends and roommates, and we found God together, then she was taken from me by murder. I feel so lost.

    • dear Rebecca

      Your note so shocked me. I have never heard of so many serious problems in one family. You have my love and prayers. How can I help you?

    • From your pathetic testimony it is apparent that there is a generational curse in the family which need to be rooted out. As a child of God you have that authority. Luke 10:16 says that God has given us not only the power but also the authority over the power of the enemy and nothing shall in any way harm us. Take this scripture and command the demons that are trying to steal and destroy your family. Stand up against them. Cover your family , your home and all your relations with the blood of Jesus . Seek forgiveness from God for all generation sins. Go through the site for self deliverance and deliverance from generational curses and may God help you and your family. Will keep you in prayer.

  29. Love it. I will be printing it out (when I remember to change my ink) and praying it for all the people I can think of to be saved. I know it’s not up to me who is saved or not, but I will try my darndest to help the friends and family I love and care about.
    Thank you so much for all the hard work you do with this site. It’s amazing. I’m addicted. lol
    God Bless.

  30. Hi Marianne & Cindy. Its me again 🙂 i’m also addicted to this website. I need some help with confession and repentance. Now i have discovered there is a curse of ahab in my bloodline. My dad is clearly one and my brothers as well. I think my curse is due to theft. I remember stealing as a young child, this habit progressed into my mid teens. I started to steal money so buy porn, i had an uncontrollable lust. Now the money was from my aunt. The wrong person got blamed, another aunt of mine, now i realise my sin and deeply sorry about it. To break the curse i need to confess and repent. But do i confess the theft to her and tell her it was me and not the other? But if i do i will lose her, cos she is the only support i have now, she has only been a mother figure. How can i break this curse without hurting the family? But i believe this is the reason for all my turmoil. Very delicate situation.

    • Dear Sumil

      This happened when you were a teen?

      I would first tell your aunt (who is like a mother) how much you love her, and appreciate all she has done for you.

      You will always need her support and love and acceptance. You would be lost without the relationship you have with her.

      Then tell her you have a heavy burden on your heart, and you need to share it with her, and need her wisdom and advice, and forgiveness.

      then tell her what happened, and be sincere in your sorrow for what happened.

      You are ashamed of what happened.

      ask her to forgive you.

      Tell her you want to make everything right again, and remove any curses on your life coming from your guilt over this.

      Tell her you love the one who got blamed, and you want to see her forgiven as well, since she was wrongly blamed, which was your fault.

      tell her you love your family, and want the family to be happy again.

    • Ask God to give you the boldness to confess to your aunt. Also pray that God will make your Aunt’s heart to relent and forgive you. Tell God that you are sorry and to help you get rid of this habit. Bind the spirit of theft and lust in your life. They are evil spirits and according to Luke 10:16 you have the power and authority as a child of God to bind the spirits that are tormenting you. Command them to leave you and never to return. Cover yourself always with the blood of Jesus. God is with you. He will never leave nor forsake you. In times such as these, he carries you. God Bless. Dorothy

    • Read II Samuel 20:21-
      Rizpahs story.
      Her children suffered for what Saul did to the gibeonites years before.
      We have to confess and make reparation.
      If you stole for porn, the sin is witchcraft. God says all rebellionis as witchcraft pornography is very much witchcraft and is used in the practice of it.
      Confess witchcraft, lust and whatever else God lays on your heart. Ask him to make your heart pure. The heart
      Is deceitful above all other things and will allow us to lie to ourselves.
      He requires truth in the inward parts jesus is the way the truth and the light. Satan hates darkness, as for your Aunt? When you are clean before God he will compel you to do what is right.

    • Generational curses are broken at Calvary once you get saved the hold things pass away and you are no longer under that generational curse. Once you’re family becomes saved they are set free from that as well.

  31. Thanks Marianne. Yes it happen in my teens. I’m 31 now, i believe God has brought me here to confess to them. I had a great life, wife with kids etc until the wrath of God, now i know its all my fault, i have surrendered but i think the holy spirit is convicting me. Thanks 🙂

    • Sunil

      If she loves you, she will forgive you. My own son confessed to something that happened when he was a child also. Of course, I understood. I saw the grief on his face, and how mentally distressed he has been all those years, keeping a secret. He has been healing ever since. Just trust God on this one.

  32. Thanks for all the help. 🙂

  33. Pray for my 8 children–angie-justin-sarah-joshua-erin-arny-micah-jesse that God will reach them and give a a miracle in our lives. We all need restoriatin and healing of damage. We need a place of refuge and fr God to help us in this battle of enemies who try to shipwreck us and destroy us. It is time for healing and help.

    • dear Peggy

      I put you and your children on my prayer list. I pray that healing and restoration comes quickly to you. Know that God will be with you in the days ahead.

  34. prayer for my partner.

  35. thank you for the guide on how to prayer for salvation. My partner wanted to become a christian.I accompanied him to church were my sister used to go. The pastor said that a small part of india are christian and the rest are demon worshipper. Now he does not want to hear or send me to church.This happen a year ago.Thank you again for prayer for him.

  36. Thank you so much for above scripture and guidelines, if I could please ask for prayer for Louis my boyfriend (we both want to marry each other but is so difficult; christian & atheist, he grew up being christian) who is being blinded by the world god and thus bedazzled by worldly things and evolution please pray so that his eyes are opened and he can SEE and experience God’s love for himself!!

    • Dear Lize

      I put Louis on my prayer list for salvation. God bless you both.

    • Pray the salvation prayer that is on this website and believe that what you pray God hears and since it is scriptural God will bring it to pass. Read 1 Corinthian 7:14 and pray that God will deliver him from the god of this age who has blinded his eyes and open up his spiritual eyes that he may know the truth that will set him free. God bless.

      • Hello Dorothy, I’ve just again come across your comment to me that you posted to me so very long ago and just wanted to say thank you so much for your care and encouragement also your faith is inspirational. I am still praying for Louis as we are still a couple and will appreciate it so very much if you can please keep him and myself in your prayers. I also pray that you are blessed and happy!

  37. […] He will hear you […]

  38. Dear Marianne,

    I’m so glad I’ve chanced upon your blog. I’m even planning to put up one myself.

    I’m currently involved in a sort-of relationship with a very troubled guy. He was raised alone by his mom and she is always busy with her career nowadays. His current stepfather is a really evil guy who is charged for attempted rape, and he doesn’t make life easier for the both of them.

    This guy considered me his best friend earlier in high school because I was very open to him, despite everyone telling me he was a problem. He said that he loved me a few months after we became best friends.

    My parents didn’t like him, also because I was raised in a Christian family, so I know they didn’t want me to have anything to do with him. Despite this, I began to love the guy and accept him for who he was. I began to feel pained everytime his problems haunted him. I decided that I would be his comfort and guide in his moments of darkness.

    When accepted Jesus as my Lord, I realized only God could do miracles in his life, if only he would believe.

    My friend says he believes in God, but I know there is a strong foothold on him. He is improving, but sometimes he goes back to his old ugly attitudes. Because of my newfound faith, I learned that I need to pray for him without ceasing.

    If anyone reads this comment, please pray for the lost and lonely soul of “Rjohn.” The Lord knows who you are talking about. I love him and I know the Lord loves him. May he be a true testimony of Christ through his completely changed character and so that his story may be another means to glorify God.

    God bless!
    Trishia from the Philippines

    • hi Trishia

      I put him on my prayer list. Your family does have a legitimate concern about him, so do not go forward with this relationship, until there is a good breakthrough with him.

  39. pl pray for my fiancee salvation he is non christian let pray for him that he will open his heart to gospel and accept jesus as saviour

    • dear Vennela

      I put your fiancee on my prayer list for salvation. Many blessings to you for showing such love and kindness to him for his salvation.

  40. I feel sorry for your “unsaved” loved ones, not because they are in any perceived danger but because they are subject to you and your fanatical delusions. The “lost” people are not them—it’s YOU. What you believe is fraud—and you wallow in the pus bucket of bronze age ignorance. The atheists are correct and you fundie Christians are insane—truly whacked out of your skulls.
    Pray all you want–there is no one to answer them, your imaginary friend doesn’t exist, nor do devils and demons or any other absurdities you credulously cling to.

    • dear Joe

      I am curious. If you are an atheist, why are you on a prayer page? What brings you here?

      • Well–the topic rings close to home as I grew up in a Christian community and family and as youth was forced to live under the yoke of strict Christian parochial doctrine. Make no mistake—I have no problem with YOU having your beliefs. I have a problem with you and people like you not being content to let the rest of us have ours. From personal experience I’ve been subject to badgering assertions that I’m lost, wretched, a fool, damned to hell. immoral. etc. etc.

        I’m so bloody tired of the arrogance, the condescension and the smug, sanctimonious attitudes of Christians who believe they reside on the moral high ground and I somehow need to be enlightened. You really are oblivious to how you piss off those of us who don’t belong your club by your incessant preaching threats. Just keep your delusions to yourself and leave the rest of us alone–that’s all we ask.

        • I am sorry you lived under legalism. There is a sense of liberty with Christ but unfortunately what some don’t understand when a person puts their faith in what Christ did on the Cross they can be set free from sin. People try to say work harder to free from sin but why did Christ die anyway if we can ourself free from sin. There are two extremes sometimes legalism and the other side Christians think they can do whatever they want. Nicky Cruz was witnessed to in a simple way Jesus loves you. Please go to youtube to listen to his testimony and realize God does set people from from bondages and loves us. You might think we are delusional but what if one day you stand in from of God and realize we weren’t delusional. Would you risk it now. This is what I suggest just go somewhere quiet and ask God if he is real and if the Bible is real and be open. Forgive your family they tried and met well. Someday I believe God will reach you and you will know we are not delusional. It may not be today and you can be angry but don’t believe it is for ever. So here is a testimony from Nicky Cruz. No matter what people say about God not being real I believe the testimonies of many freed from bondages can never be taken away. Those testimonies are real even if people deny them.

  41. Please keep Louis in your prayers! There seriously is a battle going on for Louis soul I sincerely believe that, to please pray that Louis eyes, mind and heart be opened to the existance of God and that he be filled with the Holy Spirit that God will intervene in his life. Nothing is too big for God! Amen! I thank you so much for this blog! THANK YOU! God Bless!

  42. Praise God for your life and coming up with this! For the past five years God has taught me about personal intercession, from experience of travailing to Scripture-praying…
    It started 5 years ago when i came across a very lost guy (even though his mother was a missionary and Bible woman). He is Yohan Jung. We never met in person but I assumed my part in his life as intercessor. every year he keeps contact because he doesn’t have anyone to pray for him and his addictions. I assumed he was living a double life. He confessed everything to me since his mother thinks he is fit to follow her into the mission field. i think she doesn’t have any idea that his son is messing up. connection with that man and hearing about his lostness (and sometimes he just exasperates me for being so perverted) brought burden and emotional strain (since he was a guy), but also a deeper understanding of the amazing grace of God and His great love through Jesus.

    at the latest, he has gone back to his country to finish his theology.

    Looking back, I thought of myself as a good person… but the truth was i was becoming prideful of being a Christian… i was becoming self-righteous. I was judgmental… or condemning. in God’s mercy, He opened my eyes to this sin by bringing me into a deep understanding of grace through lives like that of Yohan.

    To all, in this journey of praying for dear souls, I thank God because through our desire for their salvation, He replaces our hard hearts with a compassionate one… just as what He continues to do in my life~

  43. Brian needs to be delivered from alcohol and prescription drugs and needs salvation. He is sick in his body from the drinking and I believe there is a fierce battle going on for his soul.

  44. I have an incredible friend who is unsaved and struggling with commitment issues…he doesn’t believe he can promise the person he loves that he won’t cheat on them because he knows he’s weak in that area. He seems to believe there will be times when he absolutely will be powerless to resist temptation. It is threatening his relationship and threatening to destroy the lives of two people very much in love. Please pray for him, that God will work in his heart and open his eyes to the truth, and that he will come to salvation, only then will he realize true commitment is possible.
    His name is Clint.

    • hi BHA

      We will agree with you in Jesus name for Clint, that he overcome this problem.

      He needs to examine his past and see why he is so scared of being faithful to a loved one. Maybe someone betrayed him as a child.

  45. Please everyone pray for myron fallen and nancy adams. They are my parents and I pray for unhardening of the hearts and salvation. In yeshua’s name. God bless Israel!

  46. Marianne,

    hello, was looking for prayers for unsaved loved ones and love the one you posted. I am ramping up my prayer life for these lately as I’m tired of seeing little to no progress. I don’t spend a lot of time on the internet since we have become grandparents raising a grandchild (she’s 4 yrs old), but I love looking for tools to help me hone my spiritual weapons. Was looking over a few other things you’ve written – and your comments to those who oppose what you write. You’re allowing freedom of expression – not found on the sites of many who don’t – and patiently handling those comments from the highly religious (“chapter! verse!”) who have not encountered the amazing and powerful PRESENCE of Jesus who softens that edge and brings true revelation.

    Persecution has always come from the most political and the most religious – it is no different today and will be no different in the future. Sad to say, just as the Pharisees thought they belonged to God because they led and taught in the church of Christ’s time on earth (and indeed, they held the Seat of Moses but abused the honor!), so there are many Christians now who also think they hold the keys to truth but do not understand the Scriptures or their power. Kudos to you for standing in love and answering those in love who are in error. I wish I had more time to engage in dialogue but I don’t, so I just wanted to commend you in Christ and say that, from your armchair, I know God uses your words to assist those who are leaning into the Holy Spirit, and those who think they are, but are not yet.

    And thank you for the prayer for the unsaved…it’s concise, affirming and gave me another kickstart.

    Nola from Wa

    • dear foundbyhim

      thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I feel time is short, and the only thing that matters now is knowing Jesus. I have nothing to sell, as that would hinder what I am doing. the Love of God is free, and so is his truth. May all who come here be saved, and to God be the glory!

  47. Pray for a girl I know of named Sandy, shes hurt inside(alot by other people, if I understood what she told me correctly) and wont trust anyone except her close friends. She needs to find salvation and the LORD who can comfort her and restore her to her former glory. I love her very much and don’t want her to go to hell. So far i’m the only one praying that I know of, which means if I give up, its over for her. Please pray for her too anyone.

    • dear Mr Z

      I put Sandy on my prayer list. I have a loved one who is like her. If I did not pray for her, then she would have no one also.

      I pray she gets the peace, healing, and assurance she needs, and she is is saved, so that hell cannot have her.

      when 2 or more agree on something, then Jesus is in the midst of that prayer, and it will be done. the timing is up to god, so be patient.

  48. dear Marianne, thank you for offering your prayers to people you don’t know. Having someone praying alongside you when you’ve no one else to turn to, it means a lot to them, i’m sure.

    i had been dating a guy for 3 years now but we recently had to end the relationship because of him not wanting to stay committed anymore. He said doesn’t want to wait around for me to figure out what i want to do and how he is tired from everything. this was such a heartbreaking episode for me because i hear from God that he is the one and how God is using this season to prepare the both of us for marriage.

    please pray that he truly develops a relationship with God and no longer needs to rely on his own strength. also pray that God will give him a dream once again and bring him back to me.

    his name is Cris.

    • hi joy

      From what you say, it sounds like he thinks it is you that does not want to commit when he is ready, since he thinks you do not know what you want yet. Maybe he was ready and you weren’t.

      I would first decided why you want to wait, when he is ready, and stay in touch with him, and let him know that your long term goal is a permanent relationship with him.

      I will put you on my prayer list for a resolution to your relationship issue.

      May God bless you both.

  49. Hi Marianne, I ask if you can please pray for my ex boyfriend Keith, the father of my children who wants nothing with God or our family. Ive asked God’s forgiveness for living with Keith without being married. I pray that God reunites our family, His way. I claim the tearing down of all the works of Satan, such as unbelief, satanic worshipping and hatred, which the Enemy has built up in Keith’s thinking. I also pray that Keith’s conscience be convicted, that You Lord bring Keith to the point of complete repentance. I pray that God will send Godly people to surround Keith & communicate effectively with him. I pray that God will restore our relationship & bless us with marriage. I pray that Keith becomes a man of God, who will help raise our children in the way of the Lord. Father, I pray that Your will and purposes may be accomplished in and through Keith in Jesus name. Amen.

    • hi “Luke1827”

      It is a wonderful thing that you want prayer and salvation for Keith. I agree with you in Jesus name for this healing and sanctification of the relationship. I am putting this on my prayer list. I also have unsaved loved ones, and understand the burden.

      • Marianne, Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to pray for my loved one-Keith. You don’t know how much it means to have someone join me in prayer,especially someone who doesn’t even know me & still cares enough about other people to do this. I thank you Marianne. May God continue to Bless you!

  50. Thank you so much for this website, and thank God for leading me to it. Please help me pray for my unsaved son Brian. He is my only child and please pray. He is an adult now, but nevertheless my only child. He lives with a woman and she has a young son. So please pray for them also. Thank you so much. I know god is listening and His will be done.

    • hi Becky

      I put Brian on my prayer list for salvation. I understand. I have loved ones who are not saved. Sometimes, I think that is the greatest anguish a parent can have. But know that God has heard your prayers, and it is in His hands now. Only He can save, and he is faithful to his promises. I think God allows this heartache so we can feel what he feels for the unsaved world.

      Say the prayer on this page each day.

  51. Hi Marianne,

    I have a girlfriend named Sandya. She is a non-believer. We have been in love for 4 years. We told at Home about Our relationship. But at her Home they are looking for another guy from their own religion (Hindu). I have taken her to my Pastor to pray. He preached the Gospel to her. She believes that Jesus is God but not the only God. She believes that All Gods are one and all religion ultimately worship the same God. I even shared my testimony and what God has done for My family, how he saved my dad from Ulcer, My mom from Cancer and other miraculous things that Our God did in our lives. She gives ears to all that I say but still has not given her to Jesus. Please pray for her deliverance from the bondage of Satan. I know that it’s God’s Will to save her and now I am claiming that Salvation in Jesus Name. These days we are not even in contact as she wants please her parents by moving away from Me. I just cant accept the loss of her in my life. I need His Divine intervention in this. Please please pray for her Salvation and that She will come back to Me with Jesus as her personal Saviour. To Jesus Name be All Glory !!

    • hello Stephen

      it is a great burden when our loved ones are not saved. I am putting sandya on my prayer list for salvation. I will agree with you in prayer. be patient, she has a spirit of unbelief upon her. Try to stay in contact with her, and let her know you still care for her and are praying for her.

      • Thanks a lot, Marianne.. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.. Thanks again for being a blessing in many lives..

  52. Hello Marianne,
    I had a boyfriend for 3 months. He is not saved. When we first started dating I told him I felt guilty about dating an unsaved person and I broke the relationship off, not expecting to hear from him again. He called me back the next day and promised he’d go to church with me every week and try his best to get into it, and also make our relationship work. Well, things were fine up until a couple of weeks ago when he said he wasn’t into church, didn’t think he was going to change his beliefs despite his earlier enthusiasm, and that he felt that he had made his promise for the wrong reasons. Once again I told him how I didn’t think I could be with an unsaved person and broke up with him again. It was sad but I think he understood. We’re in the awkward casual friends after dating stage now and I have been praying day and night for his salvation. I know he has to come to Christ on his own, and whether him and I ever date again is totally irrelevant. I just want him to finally accept Christ. He is very scientifically minded and believes in evolution. He is a very nice guy and more moral than a lot of Christians that I know, and I guess he thinks that is enough. I wasn’t in love with him or anything, but I still very much care for him, and I feel such a burden to pray for his salvation; moreso than any other person I have ever met. I get discouraged and guilty from time to time, but I still believe God isn’t done with him. Please consider my ex in your prayers:)

  53. Please pray for my 23 yr old son Richie to come to repentence and to accept Jesus in his heart. He is a diabetic and he does not beleive that God is real even though i raised him in church. He is my only child. I just hope that someone reading this will agree with me in prayer for my son. If you just took a few seconds to pray for us even though we are strangers, I just know that God will bless you greatly.

    Thank you.
    The love of a mother will never die.

    • hi Roxanna

      You and Richie have my prayers. I have added you to my prayer list, and will agree with you in prayer. We all have unsaved loved ones, and having a child is especially painful, so we understand.

      Know that God will work out a plan just for him, so that he will respond. I see times of trouble ahead of us in this country, when many will have to turn to God for comfort and help, as he will be the only help available.

      I pray that our unsaved loved ones will be touched at that time, giving us the assurance we need of their salvation.

  54. Please pray for my husband Darrell to humbley come to Christ and serve God in action and not just in part time words. Our marriage and our family depend upon it. We need him to lead our home.

    A wife that does not want to loose her marriage or family.
    – Florida

  55. I tried to click on the links per directions and it comes up 404 Not found. Can you please check and see what is going on with them. I would like a few of them. Thank you.

  56. Please pray for my boyfriend Mike to be saved and for my 2 sons Ryan and Garion…my daughter prayed for me for 15 years before I was saved so I know that God does not want us to give up and perish but persistently seek his favour. Bless you all.

    • deborah

      I am adding mike, ryan and garion to my prayer list. May they all find God’s mercy and presence very soon.

      Say the prayer on this page each day, and I will agree with you, in Jesus name.

  57. Thank you.

  58. Please pray for my sister Toyada, Brian and Toyada friend Jackie that they will recieve God as their savior

    • dear Lisa

      I am putting Toyada, Brian and Jackie on my prayer list for salvation. Pray this prayer on this page each day , and I will agree with you.

  59. please pray for my daughter stiffany, my husband ,and the rest of my family to accept jesus christ as their saviour, have faith in him alone. I want them to get saved .

  60. thank you so much for these prayers it is a really blessing please pray for brother Patrick who is yet to be saved and still in alcoholism

    • hi zena

      I am adding Patrick to my prayer list for salvation. Say the prayer on this page each day, and I will agree with you in Jesus name. God bless you for caring about him.

  61. Thank you so much for these prayers I have been scouring all week, for prayers like these to say each day.
    Please pray for my Husband Chris, My Sons Ross & Alistair and for my Daughter who is a Christian and after been in two difficult relationships has now decided to have a serious relationship with a girl, and is rejecting her faith altogether. Please also pray for Hamish who is a Christian to walk daily with the Lord and develop a deeper love and relationship for the Lord. For myself to be diligent in holding my precious loved ones up to the Lord, so that His name will be glorified.

  62. I would like pray for my ex husband I am save but he is not we had problem in our marriage and he divoce me in march but i am beleiving God to save him and restore my marriage he is dating other people he said he do not want to be marriage he want to date other people. But i know that is a lye from the enemy and I beleive God would restore my dead marriage

  63. My son and his wife are atheists and are raising our 3 grandkids to be also. They are very vocal about how ignorant they think believers are. Almost everyone else in our family are Christians.

  64. may jesus bless you

  65. I want to say thank you thank to Ancient Dr. Ozizapowerfultemple for everything so far. To everyone who doesn’t believe in spell, I was one of those ones at first. I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to do this since I’ve tried others so-called spells casters and they did not work and was a waste of my time and money. However, when I read through the testimonies of other people at this website and after I talked Oziza who answered all my questions and was very nice about everything, I decided to give it a try. I figured it would be my last try to get my guy back. So my story is that I was at my office when the guy I am in love with told me that he wasn’t in love with me and never will be and that he didn’t want to speak or see me again, especially since he was talking to this other girl. When I talked to Dr. Oziza, he let me know and understand which spells would be most appropriate for me and I chose the ones that was to get him back to me and stay with me and want to marry me. As soon as he started on the spells, my guy came back into my life! It was a miracle to me and I’m so thankful for that. Things have been going well, and pretty much according to what Dr. Oziza said would happen. He’s always there when you need him and that’s also after the spell is done. I’m still waiting for the spells to completely manifest, but with all that has happened so far I’m very happy because given only four months ago in July, if you asked me or my friends if I would have anticipated how things were right now…no one would believe it! Lara. contact is email address

  66. My life is filled with pain, still I have faith and trust in God, that no matter what happens to me, HE will always be with me for HE has been merciful and shown me miracles in answers to my prayers when I did not deserve HIS mercies, so, though it is hard to wait I will follow his word and I will wait, and be still, til HE once again answers my prayers. I am thankful that I have found this site, it is uplifting in these times, blessed be the owner of this site.

    • dear Cheri

      Do not give up. The Lord will do a quick work for many when it seems like time has run out. He hears your prayers, and He will answer them.

  67. Thank you for your encouraging words Mariane and yes, I do believe the Lord will not leave me…and I believe HE will answer my prayers, as undeserving a child as I am …blessings to you.


  68. Thank you so much! My friend and i were praying the prayer and it was so powerful. My friend really desires for her family to be saved and this hit the spot 🙂

  69. Thank you for those amazing Scriptures. My ex is going through this. He has got rid of all his family. Including me and thekids like he’s under somebody spell.he willnot listen to nothing but I keep. Praying everyday.if you have any idea’s what I can do to help me I will truly. Appreciate it.

    • dear chappell

      so sorry to hear of your family problems, keep praying. maybe try to get someone to talk to him, someone he would respect. pray blessings and restoration over you each day. it is very hard to wait, but there is no other choice unless you give up. hang in there.

  70. please please pray for my family all the SHAPIROS will be saved no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU GOD BLESS

    • dear tami

      I am putting the family on my prayer list for salvation. May the holy spirit move on them soon, open their eyes, and bring them to the Lord.

  71. Praise God
    Thanks for the prayer structure its all what i needed. Please pray for my two sons who are in prision they need to be set free in order to be devoted to Jesus. I want tem to experience the miracle of salvation. So when they come out of prison will serve God and never to go back to jail again in Jesus name. Please agree with me in this prayer i am a woman of God i am a minister of the Gospel so its a big challeng to

  72. This is a great prayer structure! Thank You for having a heart to pray for others and their loved ones who need the Lord. May God Truly Bless you! I have a man who has come back into my life after 12+ years. I have had a heart for him since I was a child. He does not know the Lord and I have prayed fervently that he receive Jesus and become the man that I know the Lord can change him to be. I sincerely ask that you would also lift Anthony in your prayers. I know only the Lord can change him and soften his heart and convict him of the sin in his life, and make him a God fearing man. I also know that only through God would it be possible for us to ever be together and I pray that I would be a good witness without fear but with strength, courage, and wisdom. I pray that God would also provide other servants to lead him to Jesus. Thank You! In Jesus name

  73. Hi thank u for this prayer, and would really ask u to continue to pray for my partner Casey who’s not a Christian we really love each other but he really needs the lord he has a lot of struggles n has led a very ungodly life style b4 we got together n at times he’s a very difficult person to deal with n lots of different issues.. I really want this to work but the enemy has constantly tried to seperate us…
    Plz pray for restoration n unity n love of our relationship n his salvation thank u

    • dear Prina

      Print out the prayer on this page, and say it every day, and I will be in agreement with you.

      I will also pray for restoration, but with the love of Jesus involved in the relationship.

  74. Please pray for my 16 year old grandson son Russ. His heart has harden, he doesn’t believe, he doesn’t care about anything. He has broken my heart and I need prayers from everyone. Please, please pray for him.

    • dear kathy

      I am putting Russ on my prayer list for salvation and a new, tender heart for the Lord. I understand the heart ache over unsaved loved ones. Just hold onto your faith. God is able… do all things.

  75. Hello everyone, I humbly ask you for a prayer for me and my boyfriend who I love very very much. He is not saved, he was raised as a Jehovahs Witness and I was raised baptist. He has the most beautiful and amazing soul that I have ever met. I cannot imagine him going to hell. Please pray for us. I have been praying. It has not really been working. Please send some prayers our way if you have the time, thank you all. God Bless.

    • hi christan

      I am putting him on my prayer list for salvation. In the meantime, just witness the love of Jesus to him. God knows his soul also.

  76. hi, i hv been praying this prayer for d pass 2 weeks now for my brother Jonathan. i believe that he will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. can u also put him in ur prayers. God Bless

    • hi helena

      I will add him to my prayer list. I know what you are going through. I have unsaved loved ones too. be patient…sometimes it takes years or a lifetime..but when the right time comes, God moves.

  77. Thanx Marianne, am vy encouraged with your words.. will continue to pray for his salvation.(will never give up) I also hv many friends who r not christians..can i also pray this prayer for them coz I find it vy deficult to approach them…each time when i am with this people.. am vy burdened…somethin in me tellin me to say about Jesus. how do i start?

    • helena

      tell him you love him,…..

      tell him Jesus loves him……

      when he does something good, tell him that he is displaying the love of Jesus in his life.

      tell him heaven is a wonderful place

      tell him you are praying for him, that God bless him, and help him each day.



  78. thanx …. God bless abundently..

  79. I would like for everyone to pray for a special individual in my life. He is currently using drugs, deals with past pain, and out in the streets. I would like to ask God for healing, dilverance, understanding, will power, to restore and renew him. help him love again not only so he can treat others better. so that he can learn how to love himself better and God. Also, I pray that God restore our friendship, love, strength and trust, so we can be more kind to one another. Thanks God in advance! and thanks for your prayer…

  80. Please will people pray for my fiancée Christopher. We have been engaged for a year and share a loving home together. However, whilst making plans to marry later this year, I realised that although we had already joined in mind and body, we were both lost souls. I made a commitment to God this week and now I long for Christopher to come through for Him too. We have both been going to Church for a while, and Christopher has agreed to join a cell group with me tonight, and to begin the Alpha course next week. I am so encouraged that he is open to exploring, and am praying so fervently that we can walk God’s path together. I am also so conscious not to ambush him, or force this on him – I have met with a Church elder and sought counsel from mature Christians who are all supporting us and praying for the situation. So far the resounding advice has been for me not to damage Christopher by destroying our home and leaving, but for me to be patient, hand it over to God, and see how He works within both of us during the next couple of months. Christopher starts a new job soon and will have to live in another city for 3 months whilst he is training which will mean a natural period of separation – everything I have read, and all the advice I have been given points to using this time together first to explore God, and for me to show Christopher my changed heart through loving him far more wholly. I pray that by the time we have to part whilst he trains, that we are on the same path and can look to finally marry soon after so we are living as man and wife, not just commonlaw man and wife. Your prayers would be so greatly valued. Thank you. X

    • dear sus

      Your note touches me, but at the same time creates a big concern. I hope your relationship is strengthened, and Christopher is saved.

      Up until now, your lifestyle has been according to worldly values, not God’s values. So the mistakes you have made are understandable, since you made them not knowing God or what he requires.

      One concern that I have is that the church who counsels you has not even taught you what sin is, and that you are living in sin. If you are really saved, then your desire will be to obey God’s commandments, and not try to custom fit them to your current life.

      you were told this

      So far the resounding advice has been for me not to damage Christopher by destroying our home and leaving, but for me to be patient, hand it over to God, and see how He works within both of us during the next couple of months.

      this is not godly advice.

      If you continue to live in sin with Christopher, your marriage will never be blessed by God, no matter what ceremony the church does.

      If you want to explore God, explore what he requires of two people who want to please him and get married. Explore the 10 commandments. Explore his holiness. Live separately until marriage, and stay pure.

      You will have to explain to Christopher that this is what the Lord requires, but you do still love him. You just want your relationship with him to be holy and blessed by God, and you look forward to the day when the marriage is celebrated.

  81. I agree in the mighty name of Jesus. My unsaved loved ones will be saved by the blood of the lamb! My relationship will be restored and bring God glory. In Jesus name Amen

  82. this prayer may help grand fathers son name jyoti kumar shaw

  83. I am praying non-stop for my ex boyfriend. We broke up last September. I love him dearly and wish he would come to know God and that Satan would leave his life. Thinking of him and the life he lives brings me pain but I am trying to be strong and hopeful. He is a beautiful person who would be so much more if he just knew God. I still want to be with him again someday (we broke up for strange reasons). However, I can not be with him as he leads a life sin without knowing that God loves him and has bigger plans for him. I pray that my prayers will help. I see so much potential in this man who lives as a confused boy. Thank you all for listening, posting and sharing.

    • alexandra

      It is a wonderful thing that you are praying for him. if you wish, say the prayer on this page each day. I wish you the best, and hope your prayers are answered soon.

      • thank you Marianne. Yes, I am going to repeat these prayers throughout the day, even at work. If I know I am at least trying to help him then maybe I will feel slightly better. He is extremely stubborn but I hope God can find a way in…

  84. Dear Lord Praise and glory to you. I am so thankful that you have guided me in the right direction to find scripture to pray for my unsaved son. I have put my son,Jeffrey who I cared deeply in your loving hand. He is battling with same demon that makes him irritable , angry and don’t show love and respect with his siblings even though they show kindness and respect for him. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

  85. please help to lift up my dad and my friend. Just came back from visited them. And the island that they are living is so far from God. The majority of people are jus going to church because it is what they have always done. It is a poor island so you can imagine money take first place. I just got very dishearthed just need a few people to lift me and them up

  86. Thank you so much and God Bless you, this is exactly what I was looking for.

  87. Please pray for my daughter Julie’s salvation she is seeking something she says something is missing in her . She was an atheist but now says she may think there may be a god or power . Pray that she may know the real God that gave us his son Jesus so we may have eternal life and truly know him in Jesus name

    • dear Sher

      I also have unsaved loved ones. I understand completely.

      Those who seek, will find, and your daughter is seeking.

      Print out the prayer on this page and say it each day. I will be in agreement with you.


  89. Plz pray for my family there are many but there are 3 that I worry about they are Serrana(20), Serrantino(17),and Yan(20). They living the fast life alcohol, drugs, immoral music etc.. I pray every day for their salvation, safety n the spirit of self destruction through reckless behaviour and depression.

    • dear sunflower

      I am putting Serrana, Serrantino, and Yan on my prayer list for salvation and deliverance. Thank you for being concerned enough about them to ask for prayer.

  90. Thank you for blessing me with this prayer. Now I know how to pray for my self and my unsaved love ones. God has the authority over my life and my love one’s life and I rebuke the devil iin the name of Jesus to flee from us.

  91. Hi, Thank you for your information above regarding which scripture I might use to help me to pray for my whole family.
    I know that God will save my mom, dad, younger sister, and younger brother as His Word say so. However, as someone who has just been baptized, and believe in Lord Jesus recently ( last yr, 2012 ), doubt often come to slip into my mind, and my heart be trouble. Well, I know that I should not be trouble, and just believe as Father also love my family. However, it seems there come time when I just don’t really understand/ forget / doubt the scripture.

    Anyway, could you help me to pray so that:
    1. I will stay strongly believe in Lord Jesus,
    2. not afraid of being the only one in my family who is saved, and
    3. just have faith that my mom (Ita), dad (Suhendra), younger sis (Anin),and younger bro (Angga) will soon / one day believe in Lord Jesus, too
    4. pray so that I will not have naughty idea about doing something to help my family believe that only through Lord Jesus, we all can be saved, and just surrender to GOD
    5. to be a good witness for my parent, and siblings ( behave, thinking, speaking like how God children supposed to)
    6. Lastly, so that my family will be saved.

    Thank you for reading this, and if you help me in praying. May you always be blessed.

  92. iv been praying for my mom and shes not saved her name is erica. iv tryed spreading the message of salvation to her but she simply just denies it and wants nothing to do with it pray that she come to know the lord and not be blinded by satan anymore

    • Ty

      I will put your mom on my prayer list. Unsaved loved ones is high on my list anyhow. I understand since I have some unsaved loved ones of my own.

      Keep praying and pray that God open her eyes. I will be in agreement with you.

  93. pls pray for my boyfriend jeorge fernandes it has been 10 yrs for our relatonship and not taking the decision to get married. pls pray for our marriage and for his salvation too

    • dear connie

      I will pray that your relationship becomes more defined for you . If he does not want to get married after knowing you for 10 years, then I do not think he is interested, and you need to realize that.

  94. god, plz muje hema se mila de use ur mere pyar ko kisi ki nazar lag gai hai…., plz uske dile mai mere liya phle jesi jaghe bana de, god i love har very much, uske ravan se chuda kar muje se mila de. i promiss i love har for ever, mai use kabhi dokha nai dunga, plz……………………….

  95. Thank you god for blessing me…
    Praise the lord..

  96. I have several family members that are not saved. Can I put all their names together in this prayer? Or do I only focus one one at a time?

  97. I am so glad that I’ve been saved, my family, and friends because I want us all go to Heaven I don’t wanna see neither one of them burn in everlasting chains.I KNEW I COULD TRUST JESUS, I JUST KNEW IT!!!!!!!

  98. Dear Marianne, it was just by the amazing grace of God that I came across this post and I really thank God for that. I have been praying to the Lord for my boyfriend’s salvation( His name is Gerard) – already the Lord revealed to me that he has a calling in his life and we both will be married for the Glory of his name. I have been praying ever since and the Holy Spirit has been leading me to pray for his deliverance from the captivity, and this post is exactly what I needed to put in my everyday pray and to claim the Word of God against the forces in the heavenly realm. Kindly place is this person in your prayer list of unsaved ones and help me in this battle. Thanking you for your help and pray and may the Lord cover you as you take the stand for Him.

    • Pratima

      I am happy to hear of your blessed relationship. Print out the prayer and say it each day for your boyfriend. I will be in agreement with you.. Keep him covered in the blood of Jesus, which breaks all bondage. If your boyfriend is willing, have him pray with you..

  99. Marianne,
    Thank you for this amazing prayer. I am saying it every day for my ex wife Tina whom I still love. We were both on our second marriage. Her young son is gay and never accepted me. She still loves me but won’t see me or communicate with me because she feels she can’t be a good mom and be with me. Our romance was epic and our connection deep but the stress of the children broke us and I failed to bring the power of God in because I was in rebellion. She is tormented by several demons and has a circle of female friends who are also heavily influenced. She shuns the few Spirit filled people we knew. Tina also has trouble with Jesus and the Church because she thinks He and it hate her son. I want her to be saved but I also want our relationship to be restored and I’m not sure which one is more impossible. I know to God, all things are possible but I cant sort out praying for her and praying for us. It’s confusing i know. Please pray for us. She is such an amazing woman and i think we could have a powerful ministry together. I have faith but I struggle with hoplessness.

    • mark

      if you want her back, you will need to pray for the salvation of her gay son. once his bondage is broken, there will be no barrier like there is now.

      there are always hopeless feelings when dealing with others. they do not see what you do and don’t want to change. you have to keep trying. pay against the spirit of blindness that keeps them from the truth of god.

  100. M- Thank you for your quick and wise response. I will pray for his salvation as well. Do you ever get feed back on success stories involving the prayer? It would be great to see some victory.
    On a related note, do I bind or am I casting out? Does distance have any impact… or, do I have to be in close proximity of my prayer object? How often should I pray prayers of this kind for a person? How do I know if fasting is needed? Also, what do people mean by praying a “hedge” around someone? -M

    • mark

      yes, sometimes people write back. most i keep praying for, and have no clue how things are going. I will keep someone on my prayer list until they say everything is ok. currently there are about 750 people on it….a lot to keep up with.

      use imagery and you will understand.

      if you bind something, you tie it up so it cannot move.

      when you cast it out, you throw out the object away from you, and you discard it, to remove it. think of throwing something out the door, then shutting the door on it so it cannot come back in.

      distance may have an impact, but in general, you are asking god to do this, and distance is not a problem with him. you are using the same authority jesus used. he could heal a sick person from a distance, without ever seeing him…example, centurions servant.

      the holy spirit and angels are around you and will carry the proclamation to the correct destination.

      it is optimal for you to do it for where you are at, because then the demons can from hear you…..directly

      best if everyday prayer…but as often as you have time.

      a hedge of protection is a circle of angels around you.

      fasting is needed the more severe the situation is… god on this..and do as you are led…the reason I say this is most people cannot go without food for long, so it would take the help of the holy spirit to carry you through an extended fast.

  101. To all the people here, I would like to ask you to help me pray for my friend who doesn’t believe in God, he forgotten God for a long time. However he is a very nice person. He is very depress and he is looking for real happiness. And also pray for me to keep my faith and be strong to our God Jesus Christ. Thank you very much. Amen

    • Ronel

      I will agree with you in prayer. that your friend find God in his life, and will find happiness in Jesus. You will also need strong faith in the days ahead because war is coming.

  102. Thank you Marianne. I also need a strong prayer and guidance, because I have a feeling that I am walking and heading to a dark place, and I want to turn around and get back to see the light, the light where Our Lord Jesus Christ is waiting for everyone and with a smile on his face. All I want is to be with him, to live with him after life on earth. Please pray for me too.

    • Ronel

      The whole world is going dark. and it is worse on the north american continent. We are being silently invaded, with the permission of government.

      Spend time in the Word, make it your main activity, turn off he TV.

      be prepared to see bad economic times, power failures, food and money shortages…..god will provide if you ask for help..but do what you can also….

  103. I need ur help n pray for me n my bf for our relationship can stronger n working out.i want successfull relationship not like going or five years bf n me can make family n successfull married life.that is why I want u to help me that God gave u powerfull prayer for evry one who needs n God used u to help people who have a different problm n needs.please I trust God I belived God I want my future dreams can cums true by the name of Jesus Christ.

  104. I pray with all my heart this prayer my boyfriend and I are currently apart I am Christian he’s not he has anger and other issues that I pray he will fall on his knees and find God for salvation because somewhere in there is a beautiful person waiting to be fully revealed! save him Lord!

  105. My best friend who is my big brother does not know God. I love him so much but I cannot be with him because he works so often. I pray this prayer in Jesus’s untarnished and holy name. I pray for each one of these people because I feel the pain of knowing that someone you love does not know Jesus Christ. I’m going to pray for them as soon as I finish typing and I ask the whoever and whenever this is read that you join me. Pray for my brother Chance, pray for your lost loved ones, and pray for the planet. I love you all and so does God!
    God bless.

  106. thank you so much marianne . i have a boy friend who is not saved. many people have said i should leave him becoz he is not saved . but i have been praying hoping that Our Lord Jesus will set him free. please count him in your prayers.

  107. he is called ezo please pray for him

  108. My absolute quest and mission is to pray for my husband, Michael Jude. His heart is so beautiful and his longing for Christ Jesus to truly be his Savior is real. But somewhere in his life he found himself battling demons that delight in isolating my husband until he found not only the Word but the goodness of the Christ. Recently his demons have returned and have caused him to very possibly tear this family apart.
    I have every confidence in the power of prayer and I will be as diligent in my desire to help free my husband of those dark chains that bind him and walk with him to everything that is good and Truth in Jesus.
    Please offer prayer for my husband as I recite the prayers provided in an effort to have my family whole again.
    I sincerely thank you.

  109. The father of my son left me to another lady and since then life has been hail to me,because I can stop loving him…he has been taking good care of our son but have no time for us. I gone so many churches for prayer and all what they pastors has been telling me that Nuhu his under love spell by that lady mariam…please help me bring the father of my child back to us. because my son always fall sick because he want to see his father.

    • dear patience

      we cannot go against anyone’s free will, but we can pray for him, that God’s will be done, and may he be free of any spells or curses.

      I am sending you some prayers to print out and say each day. I will be in agreement with you for deliverance, salvation, and restoration.

  110. Please everyone join me and pray for Bobby’s salvation. He is my prodigal. I love him very much and he says he loves me and our son. However, he has been as cruel and abusive as much as hes been a wonderful generous caring boyfriend and father. We were never married, but I desire that very much and I have been standing for 8 years now. I pray that God reveal himself and he has at one point he did not believe in God and now I atleast know he prays daily. He was loving with a woman during our separation and I prayed to God that he reveal to him she was just using him and he did. God brought us back together but after him cheating and all the arguing he states he is who he is and he will not change. He loves to be alone and single and says he’s a womanizer. He says he’s a very sick man (sexual addiction) and that he is a miserable, angry and full of hatred man. He says he has to live for himself not for me and not for our son. When he kicked me out of our home I ask for child support and he throws that in my face all the time. He says no one pays his bills and he pays his child support he wants to be left alone. He says he’s tired and he doesn’t want to live anymore but that our son keeps him living. He keeps pulling further and further away and even wants to move far away. I believe even though I’ve been standing for so long and his salvation has not come to pass YET and even though we are not married YET. God has placed this in my heart and I must keep standing. I’ve had my doubts over the years and even pulled away from God out of disappointment, but I believe God is faithful and will save him and restore our family through Christ and the Holy Spirit!! In Jesus name. AMEN!!

    • I wanted to add that I believe part of what he’s going through is the struggle that God is trying to show him he can’t continue to live like this. I believe it’s his resistance and his ways that have him so absolutely tired. I know we are closer than ever and I know he will be on his knees and praying to God and praising him. I BELIEVE BOBBY WILL BE DELIVERED FROM HIS ADDICTION AND SELFISH WAYS. It’s very sad to see such a wonderful man that me and my son have been so happy with and my son desires his family and his fathers salvation with all his heart as well, but he’s trapped behind the lies of the devil and this addiction. I want us to be together not just here on earth but in heaven and that’s why I stand I refuse to give up. And hopefully the holy spirit can touch and soften his heart and will help us rekindle our love instead of him not wanting anything to do with me!

    • lau

      this will sound a little hard, but I have to say it, since I do care about your situation.

      Before you can pray for his salvation, you will have to repent and pray for your own. You have been living in sin with Bobby, who is a sex addict, and by allowing him to have sex with you outside of marriage, you have fed his lust appetite. this will also spiritually impact your son.

      whoever let you think you are saved is not doing you a favor….you express the desire to be close to God, but you have not turned away from sin yet.

      From your description of his behavior toward you, he does not love you, and does not want to be with you, but does have affection for his son. you will first have to see your own contribution to this unsaved situation with Bobby before any progress can be made.

      the best order in which to proceed:
      1. you get saved first…repent of the 8 years of fornication (sex outside of marriage)
      2. accept that you should not be living together unless you are properly married first.
      3. accept also that he may not want to be your husband.
      4. keep the lines of love and communication open between him and your son.
      5. THEN pray for bobby’s salvation….AND the boy’s
      6. once bobby is saved, THEN pray to see if God allows him to be a husband to you

      I will agree with you in prayer for everyone’s salvation.

      • We have not lived together for the past 8 years we lived together until my son was 3 months old. I recently fell into fornication with him again in May, but did not live with him and I stopped and repented 2 months ago. Our son is saved and has begun an appetite for preaching the gospel at seven and in the past 8 years I have made several attempts to just pray for his salvation and forget my own feelings and somehow I feel like God always brings me back through signs, messages and other people that I should believe. TRUST ME I’ve believed a lot stronger when I’ve that he doesn’t love either of us. Thank you for your response and your prayers.

        • Lau

          Then you are closer to seeing a final answer than I thought. Sorry if I misunderstood. I pray that things really work out as you wish, and it is also in God’s will that your relationship is restored.

          • Thank you Marianne! God Willing he will heal us both. First of all my prayers are for his salvation because I know that it’s only through Christ that we could ever be a Godly and loving family. Thank you for standing and believing with me.

  111. Dear Lord,

    I need you please forgive for all my sins and do not abandoned me. Please cure my depression and take away these suicidial thoughts I fight with everyday. Please show me your face your glory. My husband left and he is in drugs and hanging with bad people. I haven’t heard from him in a long time. Please send angels to him and talk to him let him see the love he has for me and the kids and the love we have for him. Wash him with the blood of Christ and get all the evil people out of his life and help him see he needs help from his drug addiction. Whatever you have to do to put the fear in him to see he needs help he needs you Lord. Bring him to his knees. Only u have the power in you anything is possible. I know you love your children and you will bless us and see us through. I believe and I have faith that u will not let us go another day in this pain and agony. Do whatever you have to do to make my husband see the truth the light and the way to his salvation and the way back to his home to his family. In Jesus name I pray amen.

  112. Praise God
    (25 yrs)
    I am a 6 months born again baby . I was in a relationship with this boy who doesn’t know Jesus it was a 1yr n 2 months relation . he is a nice person doesnt drink nor smoke he has a stammering problem.. since I came to kno jesus I had to put down the relation since I want a relation built on jesus.. I told him that I don’t want to see him again … I love him alot … but at the same time I cant fellowship with darkness ..inspite of telling him I don’t wanna c him again he still comes to my place with gifts …..or he comes to see if m ok … can u please help me …

    • jenna

      You care about him, so pray for him, tell him you are praying for him, and be a good witness for Christ to him. In the meantime, if you feel like dating someone else, go ahead….. but I think this boy is an assignment for you. if you completely reject him, it will cause his stammering – sign of insecurity – to get worse.

      • Thank you so much marianne..
        But i dont feel like dating anyone… i strongly believe in marriage and that Jesus be the centre and as for me and my household we shall serve the lord Jesus..
        I so want him to know wha Jesus did for him on that cross…….Please help me … pls guide me ,,,,

        • jenna

          I can send you a list of sins, for examination of conscience, and to teach what is and is not sin, and a lit of 10 commandments, as an aid.

          I can also send a prayer for unsaved loved ones you can print out and say each day.

          If he i open, go over these thing with him.

          but first, go over the book of john with him, to show him that jesus is the word of god, and was sent by the father in heaven out of love, and share the gospel with him.

          then let him know all he has to do is accept forgiveness for his sins, which we all have to do, and not just him, and he will be clean inside and out, and be ready to stop doing anything that displeases god. and then he will be saved.

          Finally, when he is ready, have him say the prayer of salvation. attached also.

  113. GOD BLESS You Marianne…

    Can u pls send me the list…..i wud also like to let you know that i tried to tell him bout Jesus he just doesnt get it… he says that all his life his been good and never had relations before me n that he knows the bible… n the only thing that troubles him is my past just the opposite of his … ( i am his 1st gf….) But i have asked God to forgive me n God he remembers my past no more..N now that i wanna live a life pleasing to Jesus i want him also to know Jesus toooo …His had this stammer from childhood i even told him that when u start to read the bible n continue to do so tht his stammering wud leave but he just doesnt get it……….

  114. hey Marianne i got the list …thanx sooooo much

  115. the only sin that can lead us to hell is by not accepting Jesus Christ

  116. I prayed that my baby daddy comes back to us and see things differently, that his bitterness calms and sees that I am the good woman he met 3 years ago and have an amazing son of 8 months together.

  117. I thank God for bringing me to this website. I have been searching for one that will help me with prayers for my relationship. It was hard for me to see my fiance turn from God as he lost his faith which sometimes is so hard to get back my prayer is for us both to get back to Christ and to give God all the glory!

  118. […] Prayer for unsaved loved ones – Heaven Awaits – […]

  119. Hello, God bless you, I am requesting prayer for my unsaved husband, and my two daughter’s that God would save them and fill them with the Holy Ghost, also that God would heal my body.

  120. Amen in Jesus Name

  121. I am praying for my loved one who is a non believer. He is not a religious person…I really want him to be saved. I want him to find the true peace, love and joy that I have found in my Savior Jesus Christ. I have prayed this prayer. Thank you very much and I will continue till my faith becomes sight! Do pray for me and my loved one and his salvation, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ! Amen! Thank you.

  122. I am praying for my unsaved husband. He has placed the “D word” into the atmosphere. The enemy came to him and brought aughts against me and our marriage. My husband who I know to be a family man is hanging out with single, unsaved women. He has befriended a young woman telling her everything about our relationship. I am floored by his decision however I am declaring our victory. I am redeeming our love again. I am claiming the victory.

    • darcey

      you may have an (weak) ahab / jezebel situation. the young woman is after your husband but he cannot resist. but you only know his behavior , not hers

      I am sending you information on jezebels,

      and prayers for deliverance and salvation.print out the prayers, and say each day, and I will be in agreement with you..

      • Thank you for standing with me. I’ll be adding the prayers you sent me during my early morning prayer time. The environment my husband works can be compared to Sodom and Gomorrah literally. He became a follower instead of a leader at his job. The people he works with have been giving him ungodly counsel to live his life, go to bars/parties, to be free and move on without his wife and family. He has befriended flamboyant gay individuals and hanging out with them. I’ve been praying for the Lord to confuse and confound the enemies, divide their clique, severe soul ties (ungodly relationships), scatter them and separate my husband from them (however God desires to do this).

        My husband’s character seemed to have changed. He is normally known as a man of character, integrity and all about family. I now see a man caught up in lust and perversion, pride and arrogance, jealousy and gossiping and non communicating and a follower. I’ve been praying against those things also. I’ve been praying against generational curses, strongholds, etc.

        Since his reveal, I have been confessing. God revealed to me that I’ve made my husband an idol in my life. This trial has caused me to turn my heart to God and to trust him. I’ve asked God to become my desire and show me how to be a wife to my husband with balance. I love my husband and despite how the enemy has attempted to confuse him, I know he loves me. I married late in (37) and I declared in my life that divorce was never an option after watching my parents and 4 siblings divorce (I’m the youngest of 5 kids).

        • darcey

          have you considered suggesting to your husband to find a better place to work?

          with all that is going on there, it cannot be that great a place.

  123. Hi brothers ans sisters in Christ!

    Do pray for me and my loved one.
    He doesn’t listen to me when I talk about Christ or rather he remains silent.
    Please pray. His parents want him to marry someone who is a non-christian. His parents are against him marrying a Christian.

    Please pray for him to accept Jesus Christ in his life with his whole heart.
    He loves me, but he keeps quiet and is unable to make a decision.

    He needs to take a decision soon as his parents are continually asking him to get married.

    Only God can do a miracle in our life.

  124. Dear Lord I’m praying for my fiance to get a job not in what he want to do but what you want him to do so all the glory and honor goes to you! Lord sometimes its just so wrong of me to always throw it in his face knowing and seeing that he is trying very hard! I also know Lord that you have a plan for his life and that you only preparing him for a great job! Lord give us strength and patience to wait on you and also to be in aware that you got this. Father I pray for us to feel that ever lasting love only you can share with us! I pray that both of us live for you Lord,live to please you and that you use us for your glory…its not easy Lord but I know its all worth it Lord we want to first seek your kingdom and knowing all things shall follow. Lord please help us repent together and start living for your purpose and that our relationship and marriage will be pleasing to you. Amen

  125. Hi I am a Christian teenager with a very loving, brilliant, intelligent dad who means the world to me. He is indifferent about God. He is not against Christianity and doesn’t degrade it, just doesn’t have the time or care. He finds the bible hard to believe. He has been given many opportunities to learn and seek jesus, but just ignores them and is indifferent. He believes that a man called jesus once walked the earth, but nothing about God existing, he doesn’t even own a bible. I pray that god will soften his heart, open his eyes and that he will see that there truly is a loving god. I am worried that he will go to hell after death, and the thought of him in eternal suffering is unbearable. Amen

    • eve

      May god bless you for such loving concern about your dad… The problem with most intelligent educated people is that relgions bores them, as it tends to target the uneducated in its presentation. also, sermons can be lacking in revelation and churches can be social clubs, rather than assemblies of power, and wonder in the presence of god.

      he needs something of substance to grab hold of. that is, he needs to find it intellectually appealing.

      so you need to appeal to him on 2 levels

      the heart will be the easiest since he loves you as his daughter…..just give him the simple message that jesus is real, and he loves him, and there really is a heaven and a god. I will agree with you in prayer that god opens his eyes.

      the mind – go to a bookstore, and find some interesting books on faith and jesus…..let him read as he has time, which may be not much if he is busy…but be patient.

      I am sending a prayer for the salvation of loved ones…print it out and say it each day…I will be in agreement with you.

      • THANKyou so much for your reply, it has really encouraged me and means a lot. I have given my dad two books to read, both on which he has. I think he read them though, out of love for me and because I asked him too, not to find out about God. I have prayed to The Lord for my dad each and every day. I know Gods timing is perfect, but I am having a hard time believing that my Dad will ever be saved. I have thought about just saying upfront that I am worried for his salvation and his eternal life, but I can never quite come to saying it.
        I know only christians enter heaven, but my dad is a good honest man who everyone enjoys being around. He comes to church occasionally. You can’t get into heaven on being a good person, can you?
        Thank you for your prayers

        • eve

          just by example, and word, you are planting seeds of truth in him.

          god will pick the proper time to “water the seeds” and allow them to grow.

          some are here to plant seeds, others gather the harvest…both are important

          do not think that what you do is not enough or not important…it is important.

          for many people, there will be a crisis that will force them to think about their relationship with god….and this many be soon…it will be then that the seeds start to grow.

          as long as life is fine and good, most put off thinking about god, but in emergencies, they are more receptive.

          we have economic collapse, bad weather, earthquakes, floods, and disease looming over all of us.

          god will act when it is the right time….just keep praying.

          cast all your cares upon the lord, and he will lift you up in the right season…and your family also.

  126. Please pray for me I think I’m about to lose it! I’m born again well I think I was well I am and my believe in God is awesome!! I’ve lost my time with my daddy(God) and I don’t know how to get it back! Its so hard!!! I’m being mean with so many people lately I’m loosing my temper.. One moment I’m happy and the next I’m hating on the whole world once I done something wrong I only realize what I’ve done nd pray to ask God to forgive me… I’m tired of me!!! I’m engage and well I still feel a void and its not my fiance fault but I blame him,I hurt him in so many ways it hurts me!!! I’m pushing him so far away and finding it hard to trust him his even lying now because he doesn’t want me to go off on him again… I pray to God sometimes that my fiance can get reborn again since he left church etc but how can he if I’m showing him the oposit of our God I’m rather making him scared!!! How can I tell people about my awesome father when I’m still messed up… Its my fault and I don’t know how to get back. I’m scared of life,I’m hurting everyone especially the one close to me because what if they hurt me? Not like my fiance did but I’m pushing him to it and I’m scared!!! Please pray for me! Lord please help me from me! I’m scared of getting hurt!!! I want to be even with everyone which Is wrong! I want to be delivered… I tried to do it my own but God keeps on reminding me that only he can… I’m saying sorry to people 5times or less a day because I say things I don’t mean or do things I don’t mean…. Scary?!

    • steph

      I think you are too focused on your fiance’s issue, and not enough about finding out why you are in such a panic.

      If there are issues that make you “act mean” stop and think about them and try to get those problems fixed.

      Go inside yourself, and find out what is wrong..and fix it….if you need to, get input from others who care about you…

      also, see a doctor, it sounds like you are having mood swings, and may have a chemical imbalance that needs medication.

      your fiance will be fine…let god take care of getting him back…just calm down, and get some help for yourself first.

  127. Thank you Marianne for having this beautiful prayer. My younger sister and her boyfriend are not saved and this prayer is perfect. My sister used to be a Christian and lost her faith when she was 18 she is now 28 as she was badly hurt by people in the church we were in at the time. She still knows God is there. We have been praying for her. She has now got a Christian friend who comes to see her. But her boyfriend walks out every time she comes. We know something happened to him to react that way, especially if he reacts like that , but we don’t know the story. Can you pray for them.

    Also just want to say I enjoy reading the articles on your website, some have helped me . May God bless you in everyway for the ministry you are bringing to everyone

    God Bless

    • hi michelle

      I am glad you can find the prayer helpful. I agree with you in prayer for the boyfriend. he is in God’s hands now.

      • Hello

        I’ve been praying for my hindu (they. Don’t perform any rituals etc but have not accepted Crist)family for 12 yrs. My brothers lost and depressed and mum suffers from chronic pain n ailments doctors are unable to help with. My fiancee is hindu and never practiced till I fervently started praying for his salvation. We have been dating for 11yrs (non sexual relationship as he understands we can’t. Till marriage) he and his family are amazingly kind and beautiful people. They are very prosperous, and can’t understand where my faith comes from as my family and I have seen ongoing hurts and disappointments. He has searched for Jesus out of curiosity and even prayed to Jesus on behalf of me as he loves me so much and wants me to have my prayers answered. Only the HS can open his eyes. He treats me as tho I am gold and so does his family. I long for a family and kids but cannot marry till he is saved but somethings got to happen, I need a miracle. I love him and his family so much! Ivve known them all my life and my fiancee is like a son to my mum. I love God more. I’ve prayed for God to remove him from my life somehow cos I can’t walk away. He used to accompany me to church and read the bible to me as I had an eye problem. It breaks my heart as he would do anything for me. He’s cried out to Jesus to reveal Himself but all my fiancee sees is my families pain. With all this its made him appreciate hinduism more as him and his family are flourishing. Oh if God only reveals Himself to these beautiful people. They will be mighty warriors for God cos of their love for people and animals. I have no one to agree with me, Gods kept me strong all these years and I refuse to be discouraged. I cry out to God day and night for some relief for myself and my family. I just want breakthrough, a little in just one area at least will make my heart leap with joy. I love God and people, please pray my life will be an awesome testimony I can share with others. I cling to this hope. My God won’t fail me. Please let me know if I can pray for anyone. I just want to see God gloried in lives

        • I am tormented with thoughts such as “give up, if God was going to save them He wouldve by now” but your prayer Marianne has strengthened me. But I don’t want to miss Gods will, if I’m not to marry my lifelong friend, pray God remove him somehow.

        • dear tanya

          You have been on a very hard lonely path. I appreciate your faithfulness and I can understand your pain. I also have unsaved loved ones who just cannot see any good in my faith because of the bad things that have happened to me.

          What we have to show is our strength during trials, and have them think about how much strength they might or might not have if they went through the same thing.

          the kingdom of god is inner peace, not outward prosperity.

          but still we can be blessed in this life…when you pray, ask God to bless you and your family, as a testimony to your faithfulness to him….do ot be discouraged….God has provided for you during hard times…..he has not left you or forsaken you…and the riches of heaven are waiting for you…and these are riches that last forever, and do not pass away like earthly riches.

          continue to pray for your loved ones. healing for your family and salvation for your fiancee.

          You will be ok…and your family will be ok………

  128. Thank you for the guidelines…God bless u more n more!!!

  129. Please put my son Kenneth on your prayer list. He is 22 years old and has dropped out of college and battling drugs and alcohol. He has been in trouble with the law and was involved in a car accident in January where he hit a woman head on and both had to be taken to the hospital. He was drunk when the accident happened. He is now facing a felony. Something I did not want for my son!! He has to appear in court on March 27th and also he was on probation both with the county and state and now with the accident he has violated both probations. He is my only child. I am praying to God to deliver my son from this addiction. Lord, I did not want my son to have a felony at such a young age! Before all this happened, he was in church, paying his tithes faithfully and ministering. But when he got with the wrong crowd, he spiraled downhill. He is the only one of all his friends that has been in trouble with the law and now facing a felony. None of his buddy’s that he was drinking and doing drugs with are in any trouble. Why is the devil after my son so hard?

    I do know that my son has a calling on his life and he is going to be a great man of God. I do see that in him.

    • dear rose

      you just answered your own question.

      your son has a calling on his life, so the devil attacked him.

      the problem was, he was not prepared for the attack.

      for a first offense, he may get some leniency, and we can thank God that the woman was not killed.

      get a good lawyer, and have have friends and family join you in prayer.

      I will add kenneth to my prayer list.

  130. […] Prayer for unsaved loved ones – Heaven Awaits – […]

  131. Thank you so much for giving this guideline. It is great help for the tired minds and hearts who know but really can’t. It’s so handy. I praise God for you and God bless you reward you and answer all your prayers.
    Pl pray for my son Ebenezer, 15 yrs old and needs salvation, victory over his slavery to youthful lust and sins. I am very blessed to read many comments above. No one told me about this site I believe the Lord brought me here. Trust God will answer my prayer for my son.
    THanky you so much.

    • dear sushma

      I will put Ebenezer on my prayer list for salvation and deliverance. 15 years old is a very difficult age, more for the parents than for the child. Just rely on God’s promises, and salvation will come in God’s timing.

      • Dear Marianne
        Thank you so much. What a comfort it is to my heart to hear this from you. May the Lord bless you abundantly and use you mightily. I started the prayer from today.
        Thanks once again. A big God bless.

  132. All honour, power,glory belongs to Abba Father

  133. Hello In Need Of A Prayer For My Brother. INLAW Got shot 7 Times in a coma in icu Need Help Makeing Him Strong In spirt to pull out of this with his flesh for he has a baby on the way and the baby needs him i have strong faith that god has himcoverd its just that devil tryna winn his son but god forgives long as yu repent

  134. […] Prayer for unsaved loved ones – Heaven Awaits – […]

  135. Awesome prayers. Keep um coming. These are the kind of radical prayers that are powerful and uplifting especially when you start to see changes in your loved ones that you’ve been praying for. I have proven time and time again that nothing is impossible for our God to do, praise His Holy Name!

    May god continue to bless and guide you in Jesus Name.


  136. GOD BLESS PRAY 4 me to be serious in salvation

    • nelson

      I pray that you not only be serious about your salvation but that you also rejoice in it.

      once you have felt the joy of salvation, you will not want to turn away from it….

      especially when you can see how dark and cruel life is without it.

      may god bless and protect your heart from all evil.

  137. I feel alone and desperate when I see my son drinking and getting lost he has a family that need him to be healthy I try to make it better for them but I feel tired and sick my joy for life is gone !

    • dear nellie

      You are having a really hard time. It is very stressful when we see our kids not where they should be in life. we feel they are failing and somehow we have failed also, in some way.

      I am sending you some prayers to use as a guide for your son’s healing and salvation ( i am assuming he is not saved, but I may be wrong.) and other prayers for your family.

      print them out and use them or change them to fit your situation….say them each day, and I will be in agreement with you.

      do not give up….he is a victim of a bad habit….keep trusting in god and put this in his hands…

  138. Dear Brother , Please pray for me. Its urgent.I though being in Lord, I did Virtual cyber dating with a non believer girl and It was sexual in nature. I know its sin and is fornication. Though Afterwards I told that Girl about Christ and prayed for her. She too is now becoming keen in Lord Jesus Christ. Brother please pray all the sinful activity we did should be forgiven and Lord should completely bring that girl into his Kingdom.

    • dear Sho

      If you are truly sorry, you will be forgiven. God can turn our mistakes into blessings.

      I am very glad to hear you had this change of heart, and realized what you were doing was wrong.

      Relationships based on sex never last, but based on love and respect, you have a good chance for a lasting relationship.

      I pray that BOTH of you continue in a positive holy direction, and that both of you are blessed by the changes you have made.

      attached is the prayer on this page. print it out and say each day. I will be in agreement with you.

  139. Nellie,

    I empathize with what you shared in your post and have been thinking, praying for you.

    Please read or listen to the Psalms 88.

    I think you will see that someone else also felt very sad and alone.

    O Lord, God of my salvation,
    I have cried out day and night before You.
    Let my prayer come before You;
    Incline Your ear to my cry.
    For my soul is full of troubles,
    And my life draws near to the grave.

    I am counted with those who go down to the pit;
    I am like a man who has no strength,
    Adrift among the dead,
    Like the slain who lie in the grave,
    Whom You remember no more,
    And who are cut off from Your hand.

    You have laid me in the lowest pit,
    In darkness, in the depths.
    Your wrath lies heavy upon me,
    And You have afflicted me with all Your waves. Selah

    You have put away my acquaintances far from me;
    You have made me an abomination to them;
    I am shut up, and I cannot get out;
    My eye wastes away because of affliction.

    Lord, I have called daily upon You;
    I have stretched out my hands to You.
    Will You work wonders for the dead?
    Shall the dead arise and praise You? Selah

    Shall Your lovingkindness be declared in the grave?
    Or Your faithfulness in the place of destruction?
    Shall Your wonders be known in the dark?
    And Your righteousness in the land of forgetfulness?

    But to You I have cried out, O Lord,
    And in the morning my prayer comes before You.
    Lord, why do You cast off my soul?
    Why do You hide Your face from me?

    I have been afflicted and ready to die from my youth;
    I suffer Your terrors;
    I am distraught.
    Your fierce wrath has gone over me;
    Your terrors have cut me off.

    They came around me all day long like water;
    They engulfed me altogether.

    Loved one and friend You have put far from me,
    And my acquaintances into darkness” (NKJV).

    But keep reading…

    A Prayer of David.

    Incline your ear, O Lord, and answer me,
    for I am poor and needy.
    Preserve my life, for I am godly;
    save your servant, who trusts in you—you are my God.
    Be gracious to me, O Lord,
    for to you do I cry all the day.

    Gladden the soul of your servant,
    for to you, O Lord, do I lift up my soul.
    For you, O Lord, are good and forgiving,
    abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you.
    Give ear, O Lord, to my prayer;
    listen to my plea for grace.
    In the day of my trouble I call upon you,
    for you answer me.

    There is none like you among the gods, O Lord,
    nor are there any works like yours.
    All the nations you have made shall come
    and worship before you, O Lord,
    and shall glorify your name.
    For you are great and do wondrous things;
    you alone are God.

    Teach me your way, O Lord,
    that I may walk in your truth;
    unite my heart to fear your name.
    I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart,
    and I will glorify your name forever.
    For great is your steadfast love toward me;
    you have delivered my soul from the depths of Sheol.

    O God, insolent men have risen up against me;
    a band of ruthless men seeks my life,
    and they do not set you before them.
    But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious,
    slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.

    Turn to me and be gracious to me;
    give your strength to your servant,
    and save the son of your maidservant.
    Show me a sign of your favor,
    that those who hate me may see and be put to shame
    because you, Lord, have helped me and comforted me” (ESV).

    There are many more Psalms written as prayers – that you can apply today, this evening and in the morning.

    Psalm 77

  140. I am desperate! my kids know about God. They were brought up in the church. Son and daughter. 23 and 21 year old. I need all the prayer I can get. Its seems my Son fights the most. It is like he is some other person. I have had several dreams about him that woke me up in middle on night. I know when God gives me dreams. I could tell and see the strong hold that the enemy had one him. I just keep praying. Several months ago my husband also had a dream (my husband never dreams) This disturbed me more even more. I keep on praying. I just keep praying but I am tired! I am wore down. I feel I cant even take the next step. My son has been prayed over by many different people who says he has the Anointing of God on him. Guess that is why the fight is so hard. I try to hold on the word of Hebrews 11;1
    Please pray for my family. I really need to know that someone else is praying and believing with me.
    God Bless

    • dear Kathy

      You are having a very common struggle. The enemy seeks to wear out the saints in the end times, and he does it by attacking our children.

      I will send you some prayers to use as guidelines that you can modify to your situation.

      Know that you are not alone. I, myself, also struggle the same way.

      You have my prayers. You are being put on my prayer list.

      Put it all in God’s hands. Pray blessings over your children each day, to cancel the curses of the enemy. You have to keep the positive coming, to push out what is negative.

      to every negative remark you sons makes, tell him you love him and you are praying for him, and you will not give up on him.

      hang in there. it is awful, but we cannot give up on our own kids.

      you will overcome in the end….I just know that…god hears your prayers.

    • I’m praying for you, my son and Grandson are the same so it’s not had for me to remember you. Sometimes I give up for a day or two because I am worn out too. Jesus always calls me back. You and I probably are the only ones praying for our kids so wr can’t fail. satan is always after me, I ask that we all are cleansed of evil and covered with the Blood of the Lamb.

      Kathleen Kendall, New Braunfels Texas

  141. Thank you so much .I will keep you informed of some good news. 🙂

  142. Thanks for the guidance in showing me how to pray for my husband n son for their salvation.

  143. I pray that the good lord will save Nuhu the father of my child and save him free from the darkness and from evil power and let him return back to us .Amen

    • dear patience

      i am sending you a prayer for the salvation of loved ones. print it out and say it each day . I will be in agreement with you.

  144. My son was a believer but has turned against Jesus. He writes agsinst God in his paper and mocks God by saying Gods instead of God when he refers to God. He says he is an atheist and has brought my 12 year old Grandson up to think God is a fairy tale. I fear terribly for their salvation. My son has been taken over by satan and has turned on me saying awful things against me. I can feel satan in every word he speaks. My son and now my Grandson are troubled souls. I am praying to get satan out of them, I can’t bear to think my only son and Grandson will end up in hell. satan leave my seeds Michael and Jack, Jesus, please cover them with your blood and send warring angels from Heaven to keep satan from returning to them or to come to me because I am the only believer in this family. I am being attacked by satan and I pray I will be cleansed of all evil and protected by the blood so I can keep on praying. I have been banned from seeing my Grandson for 5 years. This is the work of satan. satan has tried to talk my son into killing himself and me. The lies my son spoke about me are believed so I ask to have the hidden revealed, for lying tounges and decietful lips to be shown and false memories taken away and replaced with true good memories. satan is a defeated foe, I ask Jesus to cast out all this families deamons and return us to being a loving caring family. To bring Michael and Jack here again and for us to live in peace.

  145. Found your web page today after searching on GOOGLE for help in praying for the salvation of loved ones. To be reminded that our battle is not with our loved ones, but with Satan and wickedness in high places was helpful. I will use your prayers and scriptures daily to pray for the salvation of my children.

    • dear clark

      I wish you much victory in your battle to save your children. I agree with you in prayer for them. I also have children to be saved, and I deeply understand the anguish of a parent. Satan want to destroy the saints by taking their children. we must fight back with all we have, with the help of the Lord.

  146. Thank you for this pray for unsaved.

  147. PLEASE pray for a dear friend of mine that is Muslim and is bound by Satan. I want god to show him the righteous path and to break the power and influence of devil in his life.

    • rose

      I will add this request to my prayer list.

      Also I am sending this prayer to you to print out and say each day. I will be in agreement with you.

  148. Please pray with me for my husband Jackson. We have had many problems in our relationship. We recently separated shortly after our son was born 1 month ago. I want our marriage to work out more than anything, but I know that nothing is going to work out unless he allows God to change him into the man he wants him to be.

    • dear erika

      I agree with you in prayer for jackson. I am sending you some prayers I want you to print out and say each day…..and I will be praying in agreement with you… not give up and leave it in God’s hands.

      • I sure will. I have wanted to ask people to pray for him with me, but my family and friends don’t like him because of the things he has done to me and that’s understandable. It’s not easy to bring his name up in any conversation with anyone I talk to. Everyone says he will never change and I want so bad for him to prove everyone wrong. I know God’s got this! Thank you so much!

  149. Thank you for this.Please pray for my unsaved loved ones to be saved.NAMES:HOLLY,WILLIAM,JASMINE,JIBRIL,MASON,ISRAEL,JOSHUA,DONNIE,BRITTANY,HOLLY,WILLIAM,JERIQUA,UNBORN,CAROL,DONALD.Thanks so much.

    • dear h masih

      I am putting your all loved one’s names on my prayer list for salvation. they are really blessed to have someone like you praying for them. I am also sending you the prayer for you to print out and say each day. I will be in agreement with you.

  150. Dearest Erica, I feel your pain as I too have experienced a similar situation years ago. I have prayed for you and your husband Jackson and will continue to pray for you and your family. Continue to pray and trust God even in the difficult times. It is not easy but I know it is possible because I did it. Not by my strength, only by the help and strength of God. Praise His Holy Name. My husband was unfaithful and was physically abusive to me. I had four kids to feed, I was unemployed at the time and had all of the other expenses as well, including utilities, school lunches, gasoline etc., etc., but thank God although my husband was MIA from our home and a thousand miles away, God wasn’t. Thank God! Me and my children never went to bed hungry and God sent people along to bless us. The bills were paid. Sometimes it was total strangers that knew nothing about what I was going through. I pray and believe that God will sustain you and your baby and may you feel the Holy Spirit ever so close that you are never alone. As you pray, also listen closely to hear what God is saying to you. Just listen. I have seen God do the impossible many times and I have seen God humble my husband. Last year on 14 July he walked to the alter and gave his heart to God. He is not perfect but I keep praying for him and I do not drop my standards in any way. Just keep praying and thanking God in advance for what He’s doing in your marriage and in your husband’s life. Be strong in The Lord and lead by example that your husband will see Christ in you and will be ashamed of his wicked sinful ways and he will turn to Jesus for guidance and for forgiveness. I pray that God will speak to your husband in dreams and in visions and may He place people of God in his path that will witness to him daily. May he miss you and your son so much that he will have to call you and genuinely say “I’m sorry for all the hurt I’ve caused you and I’m coming home to be the man that God would have me be to my family”.

    God bless you.

    Your sister in Christ, Yasmane

    • Thank you so much! And thank you for telling me your story, hearing about others similar experiences gives me hope! I am praying every day and I know that God will take care of us.

    • As I got back on here, reading my post and the comments on it, I noticed that you said “may he place people of God in his path that will witness to him daily.” I talked to my husband face to face a few days ago, for the first time in over a month. The last time I talked to him, on August 20th, he told me he finally had a new job and was working at a place where his aunt works. At the time, I didn’t think much about it, but his Aunt recently got saved and she is very involved in church. We are friends on Facebook and she posts a Godly status almost every day. Tuesday night when I talked to Jackson again, I remember him saying “My Aunt tells me every day that I need to get my family back, but that God has to be first in our lives.” I wanted to share this with you because I am so excited. God is already answering our prayers and working on him. He answered the prayer of placing someone of God in his path that will witness to him daily. That’s exactly what you asked for. Thank you so much & let’s keep praying!

  151. myself alisa I am from Pakistan. I am in very diificult situation i love bilal and and he is muslim. i want to marry him if he accept Jesus his saviour. I told him by quoting verses that Jesus Christ is the savior Son of God believe him but he always became angry sometimes he listen to me but then at the same time our discussion converts into angerness because we both cannot tolerate anything wrong on our religion. i am very upset sometimes i feel that may be bilal is not in Gods will… today i am so much upset thinking how i can convince him i saw your website and i read that It is God’s will that he or she (name the person) be saved and comes to a knowledge of truth – 1 Timothy 2:4.
    i want to save bilal please will you pray for us that he will be saved accept Jesus Christ as Son of God.

    • dear alisa

      Since you are in Pakistan, it would be too dangerous for him to openly accept Jesus as savior. He would be killed as an apostate.

      I know you know this…..and you are in danger also.

      We can pray for his salvation, but understand he may have to keep it a secret unless he can find a way out of the country.

      I do want him saved, like you do.

      But we have to use wisdom….

      I have a friend from Pakistan. He converted but came to america on a family visa, so he could get away after he converted. he is safe now.

      I do not know if Bilal has this option.

      I will send you a prayer for unsaved loved ones. print it out and say it each day. I will be in agreement with you. If he gets saved, do not advertise it. Let him and God manage this. I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

      also here is a google search for how to witness to him about jesus…maybe this will help your discussions. pray that god opens his eyes.

      the approach should be that jesus is the son of god…not god the father….who is the god of jesus….

  152. hi Marianne,
    pray for me i am very upset there is a lot of pressure from my family to marry someone else. i do not want to leave bilal please pray for us specially for bilal’s salvation and also pray for me.

    • alisaasif123

      I understand both views.

      your family does not want you to marry an unbeliever…which is based on the bible…..which says not to be unequally yoked to unbelievers….because his family will want you to convert to Islam, and they may force or hurt you in this way. It is dangerous for a christian woman to marry a muslim man.

      you want him to convert because you love him

      but he may not want to convert, so maybe your only choice now is to pray for him, but not go any further…..ask your family for more time in regards to marriage.

  153. Please say a prayer for my family. We are believers in Christ and are really good people however, there is so much going on right now. I lost my daughter inch 98 and miscarried another baby. I understand that my babies are ok but there are so many things I don’t understand ! Many people say that they are my angels watching over me. I do believe inch God but Im confused about a lot of things. I pray God doesn’t mistake my confusion with not having faith. Please pray for me/my loved ones !! Thank you

    • shameka

      Losing a child is very hard, there is no real way to get over it. I pray that the holy spirit comfort you, and heal the pain I know you must have. I know you are confused, so I hope God opens a way for you and makes all things clear.

  154. Thank you and may God Bless !!!

  155. Lord Jesus Christ is our hope so put your all worries and tensions and confusion on Him, He will give you strength.

  156. Praise God, I have witnessed his miracles first hand. God has always been good to me and my family. My children are now grown, and they do not believe in jesus and I am heart broken. Where did I go wrong? I feel that I have failed. I have not always been a christian, but I am more commited the Lord jesus than I’ve ever been. Please pray for me and my family, that the right words will exit my mouth. I have prayed the words to save my family. My youngest son tries to fight me with science proof, but I love my lord jesus and that will never change. Please, all the prayer warriors out there, pray for us. I know in God’s time this will change and they will be true believers just as I am. Thank you for your prayers and support. If you k ow of anymore that I can do, I so will. God is alive and I can’t do this alone. Praise God, he is my rock!!!

    • dear pamela

      My heart is with you. I have the same problem with my children, who are “in the world.”

      I also understand the science argument, I am a biochemist, and I can tell you that it is bogus.

      Tell me what your son says…and I will help you with a reply.

      I had an experience years ago that gives me hope, and I will share it with you.

      Remember you have a covenant with God, and he will honor it.

      I think the time is coming very soon, where our children’s world will be destroyed, and no argument will work anymore.

      Then God will take this and minister to them, and they will listen.

      Keep praying for your children, and let them know you are praying, and that God loves them.

      I agree with you in prayer for the salvation of your children.

      I am also sending you a prayer for unsaved loved a guide, in case you find it helpful.

  157. Marianne, thank you so much for your story. Two years ago my dad passed away. We were taken away when I was 4 years old because he was physically and sexually abusing me and my siblings. Two years before that I felt I needed to face him and forgive him, which I did. I knew that I had to forgive in order to be forgiven. I developed a father/daughter relationship with him before he passed. I’m thankful for him turning to the Lord in his last years. While he was on his death bed, he said whenever I saw a rainbow that it was him with me. If I saw two rainbows that it was my grandmother(his mother) and him looking down on me. I was so happy to read your witnessing the acknowledgment from God. During the last two years I have witnessed many double rainbows. I know that Jesus is with me always. His strength has always carried me, I’m so proud to call myself a child of Jesus Christ. I feel the Lord speaking to me when I witness the rainbows. Thank you so much for your support and prayers. I will continue to pray for my children. Thank you!

  158. Dear Marianne, I came across your page while looking for Bible verses pertaining to prayers for unsaved loved ones. I know that we are not called to go about binding spirits and breaking down strongholds as some churches teach, we are not called to do that, we are called to preach the Gospel, but the prayer which you have up here for unsaved ones, seems to be in total agreement with the Word of God. I’m going to use it as I have several people that I’ve been praying for, for years now, my heart is yearning and burning for them to be saved. Thank you for putting this up, and for mentioning the Scripture verses which go with each statement, it is so very helpful. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you.

    • alet

      I do not see why you would say

      “we are not called to go about binding spirits and breaking down strongholds as some churches teach, we are not called to do that,”

      Do you recall that Jesus said we would tread on snakes and scorpions (demons)?

      Do you recall the apostles cast out devils in the name of Jesus?

      I wish you the best in praying for your loved ones.

      Many who are not saved are bound by mind binding spirits, or spirits that keep them attached to the world instead of God, it is a spiritual battle for us to intercede for them

  159. Praise The Lord!

    Keep praying fervently. There is mighty work underway.

  160. Praise God!! Thank You Jesus!! God is in control Erica and He knows just what to do, how to do it and when to do it. All we have to do is have faith and trust in Him and thank Him in advance for what He is doing. God said in His Word “And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear” Isaiah 65:24. I rejoice with you. Hallelujah! I pray that Jackson will now start to attend church and may he find an alter of prayer, whether it is at church or at his bedside. May he sincerely repent of every wrong path he has chosen in the past and may God restore you and your family according to His will for your lives in Jesus Name. May your marriage be blessed and happy as both of you completely surrender to Christ. Thank god for even the small changes that you will now see in Jackson. His voice will be more humble and soft and his words will be passinate and loving to you in Jesus Name. May his aunt also encourage him daily as God has a divine purpose for positioning her at the same company with him.

    Continuing to pray for you and your family.

    Waiting in anticipation and much faith at what God is going to do next. The work has already begun and remember God can do anything but fail. He is an awesome and on-time miracle moving God and He’s heard our cries and know our heart’s desires and victory is on the way in Jesus Name. Amen

    Warm regards and wishing you God’s richest blessings,

  161. I am an Hindu but then to i belivee in Jesus. I am divorce with two kids but then to i hv faith on my christ.i love a guy who is muslim nd he loves me also.i want to get married to him .I belive my prayers wil b answerd.i want u to pray fr my kids nd my boyfrd as he is facing problems with police nd finance. I would request u to bles nd pray for us .i was nd i am broken because my x husband passed away he commited suscide .he nevr care for me nd my kids we wer seprated sinc 4years but then to i hv no regret for him
    But i am sad that y he did like this he was only 37years …i have two responsibilyy i realy need financial blesing plzzz help nd pray fr me nd my two kids…pray for me that i get married with the guy i love plzzzz.bec he is the last hope in my life…….. as his parents wont grant him permision but i want jesus to give me guts mary me nd i know it wil hapn…..thxn for the prayers

    • Give him guts nd strength to mary me

    • sonia

      If you believe in Jesus as your savior, this marriage will be bad for you, because his family will force you to quit, and accept Islam, which does not have the correct view of Jesus. You will have to give up your faith….

      If you are still HIndu by faith, and just believe Jesus existed and was a nice person, you are not christian, but will still be required to be a muslim to marry your boyfriend.

      as a muslim wife, you will not be free to believe the way you want, and your husband has the right to beat you, and other things. you will be killed if you have a christian view of Jesus.

      I will pray that God gives you the RIGHT man for you….It does not sound like this marriage to this muslim will be good for you. I think you are just desperate, so you think he is your only choice.

      muslims are crazy. they kill people.

      I will also pray that God provides for you, so that you do not have to marry a muslim to THINK you will be OK.

      Jesus is the only hope in your life, not a man, especially a muslim man, who can have up to 4 wives, and beat all of them.

      But also I can pray that your muslim man accepts and believes in Jesus also, so that you match better. But then this will mean that his family will try to kill him for converting.

      I will pray he gets saved by Jesus, and for his safety.

      I am sending you the prayer for unsaved loved ones. print it out and say it each day. I will agree with you in prayer.

  162. What an amazing prayer! I have saved this prayer and have been saying it for some months! This is a good one!
    Would you please help me praying for a loved one?
    His name is Harry, and he has been getting to know our God and reading the Bible too, and I have been praying so much for him! And I know God has been hearing my prayers…! Thank God!
    Now, please, help me to pray for him… Pray that he repents and has abhorrence of his sins, that our Lord may keep guiding him in the Light and in the Truth that will set him free from sin, please. Pray for God to touch Harry`s heart so powerfully, that he will feel the hands of our Lord God and His protection in his life! Pray also that God lead him not into temptation, but deliver him from the evil one, and that God strengthens him and gives him wisdom to resist everything that is not from God! I also pray that God may put trust and patience in Harry`s heart so that he will not rush into relationships, but wait on our Lord!
    I pray that the eyes of his understanding would be opened to see the Light he has been seeking, and to know the hope of his calling!
    Thank you so much!!

    • daisy

      harry is so blessed to have you praying for him.

      I am agreeing with you in prayer.

      do not give up…he is on the right path

      • Thank you so much Marianne, I ask God to do not stop working on me as I pray for Harry. I have such a burning desire for him to be saved…!!! Do you have any guide that could possibly help me praying more for him?

  163. Long story short, my husband is back!!!!! After a few changes and moving around, our little family is all living under the same roof again.. God is SO good!! Now we are just waiting on him to turn his life around and live for the Lord, which he says he wants to do. I am so happy and blessed!!! Thank you all so much for all the prayers you have prayed and are going to pray and I am praying for each and every one of you as well!!!

  164. Dear Erika, I am ecstatic for you and rejoice with you! PRAISE GOD!!! I have been and will continue to pray for you and your familiy. We praise God and give Him ALL the praise, Honor and glory for what He has done, what He is doing and what He is going to do for you and your family in Jesus Name. I have been right where you are and know the pain and hurt you have been experiencing and is still feeling. There are unaswered questions and you’re trying to fit the puzzle together. Take my advice – let go and let God. Just continue to pray for, with and over your husband, even as he is asleep. Continue to pray and claim Jackson to turn his life over to God, plead The Blood of Jesus over you and your husband and baby and ask God to bind you and your family together with The Blood of Jesus that you will all be in love and unity with each other. Do not dwell on past hurts and unforgiveness. To move forward you must forgive. THAT IS HARD!!! I know. But with God’s help you can do it! It will take some time for the trust to be rebuilt, however, allow him to romance you again and date each other again. Get to know each other again. I pray that God will re-ignite the love and passion you both once shared when you first met and may your relationship be blessed by God as He breathe a fresh on everything concerning you and your familiy. I also pray that everything the enemy used for evil, God will turn it around and use it for good in Jesus Name. Read and declare Isaiah 54:17 everyday (memorize it) over you and your familiy “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.”.

    I pray for God’s help and strength for you as you now continue to witness to your husband about God through loving words, actions and much love as you embrace him. May you be the warmth out of the cold and may he soon accept our Saviour as his Lord and Saviour as well real soon in Jesus Name.

    Continue to go to church and he will go with you. Jackson, like each of us, are a work in progress but the difference is that we have turned our lives over to God already, and so will he. So just know that God haven’t brought you this far to leave you now. Perhaps this experience had to happen for Jackson to realise several things in life, one being how important his familiy is to him and just how wonderful God is for allowing the opportunity for him to come back home to his familiy.

    Much love of prayers for you and you dear familiy.

    • I’m so glad to have people that are so positive and encouraging!! I am beyond excited about what God is doing in our lives!! Thank you so much Yasmane!!

  165. I am so glad to have found this have help in praying for my children.

  166. Hello Dear Marianne,
    Thank you for this prayers. I have a daughter which is out of home..she has problems with eating. She is tiny.. Gods want her to be free. Please pray that she realise this and become a christian. Thanx..

    • elizabeth

      I am sending you some healing prayers to say. print them out and say them each day. also a prayer for unsaved loved ones. I will be in agreement with you.

      she needs to get to the reason for her eating problem. if she cannot discuss it with you, then she needs to choose a christian, NOT a secular, counselor. I pray she gets better soon, and is healed in body and soul.

  167. Please pray for mei need my love partner back with me.i love him too much. God please answer my prayer. Bring him back to me. Forgive me if i have done anything wrong to anyone.

    • hrisra

      I am sending you prayers for a broken relationship / marriage. also a prayer for salvation if he is not saved by the blood of jesus.

      print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

      • Dear marianna.

        Have received a tell me at what time to read doing also will i get my love many days has passed i m really missing him a lot.
        Please pray for me..

      • Dear marianna,

        i m really too upset. have started doing prayer which you have given and i just want marianna some miracle to happen and jesus listen to me and bring my love back to me as soon as possible. i m really missing him in my life a lot.

        please help me marianna

  168. Hi i am Darren and i was hoping may you please help pray for me and my family. I know that their souls are lost and are being corrupted by a false god. I just want them to be taken into God’s hands, and be embraced in his love. Thank you so much.

  169. Thank you so much for your prayer for the unsaved ones. My dad, who is such a wonderful dad and man has not, as of yet, given his life to Jesus. He had a heart attack on Saturday night and the in hospital yesterday everyone thought he was going to die but he suddenly fell in a deep sleep and stabilized. Could you please pray with me for his salvation and his healing. Thank you so much.

  170. I forgot to say that he is still in a critical condition with water in his lungs and sugar in his blood. With a heart by pass surgery they can fix his heart. However he only has one working lung which is working to only 80% and in the case of the operation there is, in the natural, 50-60% chance the that kidney will become non functional and he would have to go on dialysis. My dad has up to now decided not to have the surgery due to the risks but if he survives the next few days, I believe they want him to have it, otherwise it does not look good.My dad, Bo, is 80 years old, eats only healthy food and has done a lot of exercise, just to stay alive. He is not ready to go yet. I have spoken to him about Jesus and to call upon His name. I am not sure what he has done. I did as he now was in hospital.
    Many thanks for taking time to read all this.

    • elizabeth

      I will agree with you in prayer for your father’s healing and salvation. I am also sending you the prayer on this page so you can print it out and say it daily for him. I also have some healing prayers I will send you. this is all in God’s hands, and he knows your father’s heart.

  171. Dear Elizabeth,
    My heart aches for you as I read your requests. I am standing with you in faith for complete healing for your Dad and most importantly for Him to invite Jesus into his heart and accept Him as his personal Saviour. God knows your heart and he knows your Dad’s heart too and I believe He will honor your requests according to His will for your Dad’s life. Continue to witness to your Dad and you can also lead him into a prayer of forgiveness. Just continue to pray and trust God and thank Him in advance as if He has already answered your prayers. Praise God! Thank God! Trust God!
    Let us pray: Father in Jesus Name I pray that You would stretch forth Your Healing Hands and touch Elizabeth’s Dad and speak healing into his body, mind and soul. May the water in his lungs disapate and may both lungs funtion normally. May You strengthen his heart and continue to breathe the breath of life into his body. Let not his soul nor his life be snatched away by the enemy but instead, we pray for victory to come forth in Jesus Name and for this family to witness miracles in this time of sickness and trials. Father we thank You for Your love, mercy and grace and we place all these things in Your most capable Hands and we give You all the praise, honor and glory for what You have done, what You are doing and for what You are going to do for Elizabeth’s Dad and his family in Jesus Name. We praise Your Name Lord and we know that nothing is impossible with You. Amen and Amen.

    Love and prayers, Yasmane (Cayman Islands)

  172. I am overwhelmed with you prayer and sincerity in heart. God is a true manifestation of your heart. My dad, whom I wrote about yesterday has improved. He is stable now but still in a serious condition. They are now going to do a heart bypass operation on him and there is a chance that the healthy kidney will stop working due to the operation and that he will have to go into hospital twice a week for dialysis after the surgery, for the rest of his life,which my dad is fine with. So my continue prayer is for a good operation with no complication and that the kidney that is working will remain healthy. I know God is faithful and thank you so much for your prayer above. I am using it for salvation for my dad but also the healing prayer that you have. I have also committed myself to God for one year of prayer of daily prayer for the salvation of my, my husbands and extended family’s salvation. ( I now already now that God will extend that group of people) But not only for their salvation but also for their health,work, family life. I will pray for them to be saved, healed and made whole (nothing missing, nothing broken). I have full faith in God that I will see mighty manifestation of His faithfulness. All to glorify His name. Satan thought he could win but this whole deal has burst something in me that has laid dormant for a long time; the fervent prayer of faith in different areas. To: not be afraid, but only believe and she shall be made well, according to Luke 8:50.
    I truly thank God for you all working in such a sincerity, purity and holiness on this webpage. I pray that God will bless you mightily and that all will accomplish those dreams and visions you have in your heart. In Jesus name.

    In God’s Mighty Name

  173. I just prayed this over my love… I even had to pray the doubt I felt off of me. He sees so much how the world is now and I just can imagine if He just gave himself over to God how wonderfully would he be used. It was actually prophesied over me that I would be used by God to change hearts and change minds. Pray for me as well.

    • kay

      I am sending you the prayer on this page that you can print out and say each day…..for your BF….I will be in agreement with you.

      also some prayers for blessing and strength

      you have my support.

    • Kay,

      Don’t give up. Fervent prayers are required (James 5:16-18).


      1. Having or showing great emotion or zeal; ardent (see below).
      2. Extremely hot; glowing.


      1. Having expressive of, or characterized by intense feeling; passionate; fervent: an ardent vow; ardent love.
      2. Intensely devoted, eager, or enthusiastic; zealous:
      3. Vehement; fierce.
      4. Burning, fiery, or hot.

      Meditate upon the Word and then return to prayer. Renew your strength in Him:

      “Blessed be the Lord!
      For He has heard the voice of my pleas for mercy.
      The Lord is my strength and my shield;
      in Him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults,
      and with my song I give thanks to Him.
      The Lord is the strength of His people;
      He is the saving refuge of His anointed” (Psalm 28:6-8).

      Please read this linked page and consider the prayer within as an example.

      You’ll know how to apply the spiritual concept into your own prayer, speaking your own words fervently with ardent love.

      You may want to write out a prayer, finding Scriptures to add ardent fire.

      Psalm 29:11

      • Thank you so much!! I just recently checked my email and had to download the prayers onto my tablet. Its not only him, I’m praying for but mostly for clarity about myself.

        • Kay,

          I have a few items for you to consider and apply any that meet your need.

          As I wrote above – Please think about writing out your prayers. This makes them very, very thoughtful. You actually strive to create the right message, meditating on words, phrases you find in Scriptures to make a meaningful prayer.

          Guess what? The Spirit helps you find those passages and write your prayer. The writing is the best part.

          Here is Paul’s prayer in Colossians that can be your prayer. It’s mine too.

          This prayer will rise up to Almighty God vary rapidly.


          Because the passage in Colossians is inspired by the Holy Spirit onto Paul’s parchment.

          “Father God, in the name of Jesus, I ask that I may be filled with the knowledge of Your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.

          I ask that I may walk worthy of my Lord and Savior, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge Father God.

          Father, strengthened me with all might, according to His glorious power, for all patience and longsuffering with joy.

          I give thanks to You, Father God, because You qualified me to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light.

          Jesus, you have delivered me from the power of darkness and given unto me the kingdom of Your love. In You Jesus, I have redemption through Your blood, the forgiveness of all my sins.

          Father God, thank you for hearing and answering this prayer that comes from Your Word, inspired by the Spirit and written by Paul.

          In Jesus name I pray, Amen” (Colossians 1:9-14, NKJV).

          Here is a prayer I wrote based on Ephesians 3:16-21 – “Strengthen My Soul.”

          Any time – before falling asleep is really good – play this audio link.

          When listening to this link – it brings peace. BTW – Some of God’s best work in us is when our mind is quiet as we sleep. So, fall asleep listening to Psalms.


          Quiet Walk is a good daily review of passages, giving you some good suggestions on passages to include in your own prayer writing preparation.

          Quiet Walk is a free.

          Each day you’ll receive an email so you can begin your day in God’s Word. All you need to do is subscribe. It is very good, helping me get started with all I shared with you today!

          God Bless you
          Psalm 20

          • Oh my gosh! Thank you so much. I just checked this out of curiosity to see if anyone else responded to me . I have been reading my bible and devotion every day. It started as just reading the devotion and that one verse that was provided, but I felt God leading me to read 1 all the way down to the verse that was used as a prompt. But now I feel God has been leading me to read that and research whatever topics that pertains to my growth in Him and deepen my relationship with Him and to also give Him more time than I give. I just now read the prayer of the unsaved love ones again and I need to make it part of my time with God. I was just sitting here shedding tears wonderingif anyone who I knew was going to even eventually give themselves to God and was it really true God was gonna use me. I am also wondering how to have that quiet spirit as of now and how to literally love the hell out of my boyfriend in particular because during our friendship he constantly asked me why I didn’t want to be with him and he was very persistent especially after this ex girlfriend who used to treat him so badly left him. I know I’m probably rambling but at one point of our relationship my dad cut off my phone and didn’t allow me on Facebook because of my family who made up liesnabout him cheating on me. My boyfriend never left my side and we stayed in touch through email until I finally got my phone back. We have been together for almost two years. I often ask God if He wants to use me to introduce himself to Michael but I know I’m kind of mean to him whenever he pushes my buttons or if he starts a conversation about God and why things happen the way they happen I usually want to avoid because I don’t wanna get mad and say something mean. As of lately, I feel like God has been leading me to spend more time with Him and I do wanna be Michaels wife someday. I get literally sick to my stomach even picturing him with another woman and I would be having all of those memories and gifts. We have been there for each other in our hard times. But I will be using the resources you gave me and I will have to buy a journal to write in. Thank you so much 🙂

  174. My boyfriend recently lost faith in God due to a multitude of things that has happened in his life. He no longer believes that God exists; he was a Christian when we first started dating. Please stand with me in prayer that he will turn back to God and recieve his salvation. Also, please pray for the salvation of my teenage son (he believes in God’s existence, but has yet to accept Christ into his life), my brother, and my sister-in-law.

    • jennifer

      we all have had bad experiences…including multitudes…we must not give up… tell him not to be so discouraged….that God will prove himself to him in the end…and he will believe again….he just need some reassurance….

      I am sending you the prayer on this page that you can print out and say each day…..for your family and BF….I will be in agreement with you.

  175. Please pray for Justin to recieve salvation and turn his life and heart to the Lord. He believes in God/Jesus, but doesn’t follow the bible. We used to be together but I know it won’t work unless he changes his lifestyle and heart to God. He called me crying the other night, saying he still loves me and wants to be with me, I told him to establish a relationship with Jesus and he said he will…but I know him too well and he still wants to party with his friends. I know he’s not happy, but only God can change him. I still love him, and have a hard time just giving him to God, but I know i need to, to save him. Please help me pray for his Salvation ♡

    • dear zena

      I am sending you the prayer on this page that you can print out and say each day for Justin….I will be in agreement with you.

  176. Please pray for my son James to be saved and released from the demon of alcohol..and for my daughter Keisha to know the love of the Lord as well and to become a mother she wants to have children so bad and so far has not been able to..pray for their health and well being as well..God Bless You and asking prayers for my husband and myself for stronger faith and health..Tammy

    • Also please remember a very dear friend Judy who is in severe health to be healed and for her husband Jerry to believe as well and for strength to endure all these hardships..drs say she can’t go thru surgery for aortic anurism but God Can Heal Her…..Amen

    • tammy

      I am sending you some prayers for healing, deliverance, blessing and for salvation of unsaved loved ones.. print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

  177. […] Prayer for unsaved loved ones. […]

  178. Please pray for my sister Diane …
    Alcohol is destroying her and I’m afraid for her. I’m asking the Almighty GOD and Saviour to reach her heart and turn from her ways. That she would be delivered and set free! I bind the enemy to let her go in the precious name of Jesus!

    • dear monica

      I am sending you the prayer for salvation of unsaved loved ones.

      print it out or download it to computer and say each day for diane

      I will be in agreement with you.

      may her deliverance from alcohol come quickly.

  179. Please pray for my ex Nick. He believes in God but does not have a relationship with the Lord. He is living his life the way he wants to and I beleive Satan has hardened his heart and is having his way with him. I pray God pursues him and softens heart. That he would be surrounded by strong Christian men that could minister to him and show him Gods way. It is my prayer that one day we could reunite as a Godly couple who honors and lives for the Lord.

    • G,

      I’ve prayed and fasted for my x wife. Reconciliation takes two. But, that does not stop me from praying for her. So, I can relate to your heart felt prayerful petition.

      So many souls are in bondage to “the god of this world” – demonic oppressions of the mind. Many are “foolish virgins” as we read in Matthew 25:1-10. These virgins are “Christians” in name only – it’s a religion to them.

      Many people cannot hear the truth (Matthew 13:9, Rev. 3:6) and come to a personal relationship with Him.

      Through prayer, asking for this Light of Heaven, I’ve seen a change in a person’s countenance and behaviors, and a positive spiritual change within a group of people in the workplace and within a church congregation. With such an appreciation of the power of the Word, I’ve experienced conversations opening up on topics of salvation and deliverance (2nd Corinthians 4:1-6) as a result of applying the Light of Heaven to brake an oppressive darkness upon the mind and soul. Thank you Lord.

      “Almighty God, I give You all the glory and praise for Your loving-kindness. You are so gracious and full of mercy to me. You sent Your Son so that He would be my righteousness for my righteousness is but filthy rages (Isaiah 64:6).

      Thank you Lord, for I am now clothed in a robe of righteousness (Isaiah 61:10).

      Thank you Lord for being my Deliverer (Psalm 140).

      Father God, with confidence I draw near to the throne of grace so that I may receive mercy and find grace, helping me in this hour need (Hebrews 4:14-16).

      I put on the Armor of Light with gratitude because I’m a child of the light” (1st Thessalonians 5:5). Thank you Father God.

      Father, the Word tells me, “the Gospel is veiled to those who are perishing” because “the god of this world has blinded their minds, keeping them from seeing the light of the gospel of the Glory of Christ, who is the image of God” (2nd Corinthians 4:1-6).

      Father God I earnestly pray that the Light of eternal Glory, the Light that overcomes darkness shine down upon Nick, dispelling the oppressive god of this world, keeping him from hearing the Gospel. I say this believing that the spiritual Light of Heaven will shine 24/7 upon Nick, driving the demonic oppression away, allowing his heart to soften and his ears to open to the message of the Gospel.

      In the might name of Jesus, I rebuke the workers of darkness, advancing of the Kingdom of Righteousness.

      I pray the heavenly Light of glory shine down, filling Nick’s home and office so that he may experience peace of mind and soul, opening his mind to the work of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:17).

      The Word says, “but if anyone who follows the true way comes to the light. Then the light will show that whatever they have done was done through God” (John 3:16-21). Therefore, I pray that the light of heaven shine upon Nick so that he comes to know You as the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6).

      Please, lead Nick into reading the Word and into conversations with Devine appointments, seeing to come into a personal relationship with You.

      Thank You for sending the Spirit, my helper and counsel (John 15:26, 16:13 & 1st Corinthians 12:11)

      In Jesus name, Amen.”

      • Thank You DJ for that powerful prayer. I have been praying for Nick for almost a year now. I have fasted and that has been some of the most trying and difficult days. I agree it takes two for reconciliation and full restoration. We weren’t in communication for about four months. We started working on our relationship again about a month ago and he said during our time apart he had felt one night oppressed by the devil and that he rebuked it. However this past week he’s fallen back to his old ways that all you need to do is be “a good person,” and has changed his mind about working on us. He stated that I’m looking for someone perfect by wanting a Godly man. We are back to no communication and I am still praying daily for his salvation and full restoration of our relationship. Thank you for your prayers and kind words. I pray God will also bless you and reconcile you with your loved one!

        • G,

          I do understand and empathize with your situation.

          You don’t need to answer this – but were you two in a committed relationship or married?

          You comments read like “committed relationship.”

          Either way – always good to pray for Nick.

          But, please be open to His will be done in regards to your life and walking on paths of righteousness for His name sake (Psalm 23:1-3).

          I was married twice before I came to know and have a relationship with Him. So, please don’t read this as “judgement.” My relationship with Him is more important now and I pray it becomes so for my second X-wife.

          BTW – Do you know what the paths of righteousness are?

          I found this out a few months ago – very exciting.

          Psalm 25:10 tells us, “All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth, to such as keep His covenant and His testimonies” (NKJV). Check our Psalm 25.



          The foolish virgins are about to be awakened.

          I think and believe your heart received an early wake up call and you’ve got a burden to pray for Nick’s foolish virgin soul (Matthew 25:1-10).

          My second X is very happy to be 60 single, living a Scottsdale wealthy grandmother life style 1,200 miles away from me. Her return to the Lord is coming. Maybe my prayer/fasting back in 2010 was for the process she is going/living through until He remembers her (Ezekiel 16:59-63).

          I’ll be praying for Nick over the next couple of days.

          Blessings to you!
          Psalm 25

  180. I prayed this prayer for my two brothers, Grant on drugs and Bradley who drinks very much (alcohol)

  181. Thank you so much for this! I just began a path of reconciliation with Jesus and I ask for all of your prayers for my heart to heal and for God to fulfill his purpose for my life. I also ask that you pray for someone incredibly close to my heart, Amir Karam Issa. I allowed a relationship that caused me to stray from God for 2 yrs and 5months. We made a mutual decision to separate in order to seek God out and if it is his will to bring us back together. In his blindness he thinks I will convert to his religion (Islam) but I have known the Holy Spirit and know nothing can ever make me stop believing in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. However, I do believe that there is nothing impossible for our God. I know that he has love for this man and that only Jesus Christ can change him and bring him Salvation. Please pray for his salvation. It is a very difficult situation for us both and he is a good man who honestly thinks he knows God. The strongholds that hold him down to Islam are very strong. Please pray for the both of us, we truly love each other but want to do things right. We want to please God and be blessed under him but he cannot see the truth in the gospel yet. Many times we spoke about wanting to do missionary work together, but he dreamed of both of us being muslim and of course i dreamed of both of us being Christian and spreading the gospel. Please pray very much for us, I know that there is a great purpose for his life, that he could reach many people because he is a person of leadership and has many many followers. Thank you for your support in prayers, both of our hearts are such need of it.

    • stephanie

      it was a wise decision, and I see a difficult one, for you to separate from amir..

      I am sending you the prayer for unsaved loved ones, print it out and say each day

      and I will agree with you in prayer

  182. I have been praying for my son Kendall. He was raised in church and knows what sin is and how he is supposed to live. When he turned 18 and graduated, he became disrespectful and rebellious. He is so hateful. He’s not the same he is cussing, smoking and I heard drinking some. I have talked to him but he just acts like what I have to say is stupid. The more I pray the worse he gets. Please help me pray for his salvation. I pray for him and have shed more tears because I am scare for him. I don’t want him to go to hell. Thanks Vickie

    • vickie

      this is really the most requested prayer that people write in for…so do not feel alone.

      I also have unsaved loved ones, and the time is about up to save them

      but do not give up.

      you may be the only one to pray for Kendall

      I am sending you a prayer for unsaved loved ones.

      print it out and say each day.

      I will be in agreement with you.

  183. My friends mother is dying of Alzheimer’s disease. She is very tortured by the thought of her mother going to hell because she was never a Christian. My heart breaks for her and I wanted to know if there is something we could do to help her mother. See she is not in her right mind and I wanted to know what we can do to help her be able to go to heaven. I would be grateful for any information that could help us. Thank you so much!!

    • sharon

      Thank you for asking that question. It made me search and think.

      First of all, nothing is impossible with God.

      Jesus saved and healed people while he was here, including some people that were “out of their minds.”

      salvation is spiritual, not mental, although mental helps, as it helps others determine the answer to their question better about the patient.

      I am sending you some links here, which I think are helpful.

      i suggest that your friend pray for both healing and salvation over her mother.

      let her lay hands on her mom, and speak into her spirit.

      let her create and atmosphere of praise and worship around her, playing beautiful music.

      let her leave the rest up to God, and not give up.

      let your friend then walk by faith, not sight.

      she may not “see” anything in her mom, but she must have faith that God will answer her prayers. if we are in God’s will, and we ask ANYTHING in the name of Jesus, Jesus said it would be done.

      I am going to send you some prayers for salvation of unsaved loved ones, and some prayers for healing. also some faith building words. print them out and give them to your friend, or email her and let her do it, or download to computer if there is no printer,

      let her speak these prayers out loud each day. the “out loud” part will also help strengthen your friend in her labor of love.

      and you and I will be in agreement with her for her mom.

  184. I am praying for Monir, my bf who is a Muslim. I know its only God who can change him. he sometimes go to church. please help me in raising a prayer for him. God bless you.

  185. I recently met a women who I really care about a lot ! I told her about Jesus and as soon as I met with her we became very close and she wanted to know more about the Bible but in my own ways I strayed from telling her more about JESUS . Then one day she said she trusted me enough to tell that she believes in Witch Craft and that she practices White Magic and in God Eyes it is all the same . I told her I could not see her anymore and I felt like i destroyed my witness with her and i broke her heart and my heart is broken also because I truly care for this women.. If you please pray for her Salvation not because I love but because JESUS does . I began praying for her two days ago with a couple people for God bind these demons that control her and to release these strong holds in her life …Her name is Sara
    I tried to tell her that what she is doing is demonic but she does not want to hear it she does not understand why I had to leave her and I told that Witchcraft is an abomination to God and that has turned her farther away from the truth….If you can please pray for her Salvation In JESUS mighty name

    • Michael,

      Here is my prayer for Sara and you can apply this too.

      “Almighty God, I give You all the glory and praise for Your loving-kindness. You are so gracious and full of mercy to me. You sent Your Son so that He would be my righteousness for my righteousness is but filthy rages (Isaiah 64:6). Thank you Lord, for I am now clothed in a robe of righteousness (Isaiah 61:10). Thank you Lord because You are my deliverer (Psalm 140).

      Father God, with confidence I draw near to the throne of grace so that I may receive mercy and find grace, helping me in this hour need (Hebrews 4:14-16).

      “You are my lamp, O Lord” (2nd Samuel 22:29). Send out Your light and Your truth! Your word is Truth. Let them lead me, bringing me to Your holy hill and to Your tabernacle (Psalm 43:3, NKJV).

      I put on the Armor of Light with gratitude because I’m a child of the light” (1st Thessalonians 5:5). Thank you Father God.

      Father, the Word tells me, “the Gospel is veiled to those who are perishing” because “the god of this world has blinded their minds, keeping them from seeing the light of the gospel of the Glory of Christ, who is the image of God” (2nd Corinthians 4:1-6).

      Father God I earnestly pray that the Light of eternal Glory, the Light that overcomes darkness shine down upon Sara, dispelling the oppressive god of this world, keeping her from hearing the gospel. I say this believing that the spiritual Light of Heaven will shine 24/7 upon Sara, driving the demonic oppression away, allowing her ears to be open to the message of the Gospel.

      In the might name of Jesus, I rebuke the workers of darkness, advancing of the Kingdom and the Gospel.

      I pray the heavenly Light of glory shine down, filling Sara’s home so that she may experience peace of mind and soul, opening that specific place to the work of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:17).

      The Word says, “but if anyone who follows the true way comes to the light. Then the light will show that whatever they have done was done through God” (John 3:16-21). Therefore, I pray that Sara follow the way and come into the Light.

      Please, give me the words to speak to them when the Spirit opens a conversation at His appointed time. Lord, thank You for sending the Spirit, my helper and counsel (John 15:26, 16:13 & 1st Corinthians 12:11).

      In Jesus name, Amen.”

    • michael

      I am sending you the prayers for deliverance from witchcraft and for salvation of unsaved loved ones so you can have tools for prayer.

      print out and say them for her.

      I will agree with you in prayer.

      • Thank You so much Marianne for caring it also makes feel better

        • Hey Marianne I never knew about the releasing of the strong men in your life and now I know and I began releasing these strongholds in my own life and praying for others to be released as well and I asked God to show me my own soul pains so I can forgive ! I am now a much stronger believer because I really never knew about these spiritual battles that were taking place in our lives

        • michael

          you are growing spiritually.

          keep it up!

          • Hey Marianne ever since I have been praying for deliverance over that woman she has been really sick namely the throat area which I know that comes from the spirit of witchcraft they attack certain areas of the body she told me she is trying to quit being a witch but her cult sisters told her that would not be a good idea so she said she could never quit …But Let me tell you the prayers are working because the blood of JESUS has opened her eyes and she is scared to leave …Jesus is hearing our prayers so I ask that you guys keep praying for her soul to understand the truth …These prayers you have provided are masterful in releasing darkness into the true light …I will never give up . What people do not understand is there is fight for our souls going on we must understand this battle we are in because it is only getting worse and we must deliver these strong men out of our lives and we need to understand how to battle satan in these times

            • dear michael

              thank you for that feedback.

              tell her not to worry about those in the world. if she accepts jesus into her heart, their witchcraft cannot hurt her.

              let us pray she gets saved, by the blood of jesus!

  186. Hello everybody! I’m Daisy and I am not new here, I have left some prayers on this website already. Marianne this prayer is simply amazing, I have prayed this so many times over my loved one, Harry.
    But now I would like to ask you all who see this comment to please join me in prayer for Harry. This website is full of people in need for prayers, and may our God help us in this hour need!

    Harry is an amazing and caring young man, whom I have been praying for for over 2 years now, and our Lord has started working on him! He has touched Harry’s heart and lead him to read the scriptures and many other things :).
    And now I pray that the Lord will rescue Harry from wicked and evil people
    (2 Thessalonians 3:2) and from their evil plans; to help Harry to not be conformed to this world anymore, but to be transformed by the renewing of his mind, that he may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect Will of God, abhorring what is evil and clinging to what is good (Romans 12:2-9). I pray that Jesus choses Harry out of the world so that he will not be of this world anymore, for His Kingdom is not of this world, to awaken Harry to righteousness and to not sin. I pray that the Lord gives Harry His wisdom, so that if sinners entice him, he will not consent! Help Harry to not enter the path of the wicked and to not walk in the way of the evil; may Harry avoid it, not travel on it, turn away from it and pass on (Proverbs 4:14). Lord help and strenghten Harry to keep his way pure by guarding it according to Your word and flee youthful passions, and pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart (2Tim 2:22). Lord God, call Harry to give You his heart and let his eyes observe Your ways (Proverbs 23:26) and teach Harry to not make any cuts on his body for the dead or tattoo himself, for You are the Lord (Leviticus 19:28). Create in Harry a new heart, Lord, and renew a right spirit within him, and write Your Word upon his heart and upon his mind so thaat he will not sin against You from this day on, for all scripture in breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction and for training in righteousness (2Tim 3:16).

    Please brothers and sisters in the Lord, join and agree with me in prayer for Harry, that the Lord may sanctify him, rescue him from evil people, evil plans and evil ways, and that the Lord calls Harry to repentance and abhorrence of his sins, and open his eyes, mind and heart to our God and His Light. I pray this in Jesus’ name, and may our God also attend to your callings!!!

    Our Lord God has given up His Son for us, and His Son has shed His blood for us!! WE WIN IN THE LORD!
    Let’s keep praying for us and for the ones we care about! Let us see the Salvation of the Lord!
    In Jesus name I pray, and Lord keep watching over Your word to perfom it please. Amen ❤

    • daisy

      that is a wonderful prayer!

      maybe you should have a site of your own, and help others with prayer!

      I agree with you , in Jesus name!

      • Thank you so much Marianne 🙂
        Yes that’d be a good idea! I think I still have to grow a little bit more as a Christian as I am only 18 and learn more with our Lord! But thank you very much for the advice 🙂

        All the love, and keep with the Lord! ❤

    • Hey Daisy I pray that JESUS shines HIS LIGHT on Harry ! We know that the Blood of JESUS covers all sin and we must leave it to the Father to do HIS good work in us and we must all understand that JESUS does not want us to be lost but HE wants us to come into accord with HIS love ..So Daisy I will pray for Harry everyday ..If you believe we shall receive remember that. What we bind on earth is bound in Heaven …Do you receive it

      • Dear brother Michael, thank you so so so much! This means SO much for me, thank youu!!! ❤
        Our Lord will HEAR YOU brother! And He will hear me too!
        Yes, if we believe we shall receive "If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you" (John 15:7)!

        Let us praise the Lord!!! Amen amen and hallelujah!
        Many blessings to you brother, keep always with the Lord and remember that He loves and cares for you 🙂

    • Dear Daisy, I read your post here this evening, and I had a post here also, and isn’t it wonderful to know that we can reach out to a loving, hearing, God who knows the concerns of our heart and the hurts that this world inflict on us.
      Be assured that I will pray for Harry tonight and he is on my prayer list as I go to God everynight and pray for others. What a wonderful blessing!
      I pray that Harry will have his heart and mind opened to the greatness of Jesus and will follow the path that He has set for him.
      The battle is the Lord’s and He knows Harry’s heart and mind and the Spirit of God is already at work in Harry, even if he doesn’t know it right now. We pray with great faith that the Lord is concerned for Harry and the life he leads can be broken and healed!
      Thanks for your wonderful testimony and request for prayer. We are standing with you!!
      God bless and KEEP PRAYING!
      i would ask for your prayers also as I have left the gay lifestyle behind and I’m letting the Lord set me back on the path of righteousness and please pray for my ex, Tanner that he will also see the seed of my witness to him and that the Holy Spirit will work in his mind and heart and will also be broken from the gay lifestyle. It is NOT God’s design, purpose, or will that we would live in that lifestyle, so we all join in prayer for the Spirit to lead is His time and His way.
      Praise God for His goodness and care for us and for the loved ones we hold up in prayer and concern.
      Be strong in the Lord!

      • Hi Tom! I am so sorry for the late reply, but I hadn’t noticed you had replied to my comment! And btw thank you SO SO SO much!! Your support is incredible and your testimony is just WOW!! I am glad our Lord Jesus has saved you from the old lifestyle, remember to keep going in the right way and keep walking with Jesus ❤
        I pray the Lord will also rescue Tanner and leave him in the hands of Jesus.
        Keep praying Tom and remember to NOT LOSE HEART!

        Praise to the Lord ❤

        • Hi Daisy!
          I sat in church the other night (late night and just talking to Jesus…literally talking and just have a conversation with Him) and at end of my prayers and talk….i just say…”anyone else for me to pray for”? and I remembered Harry and your request. Prayers went up!! Thanks again for your reply and God bless you!!! Jesus is always present and when we lift our requests to God, and it is a request that would please God’s heart, we KNOW with assurance that He will answer our prayer! He does not disappoint and sends us assurance to our hearts and minds! God bless! Tom

          • Oh Lord! Thank you so much Tom! You have no idea how happy I am right now and the massive smile your comment put on my face!! 🙂
            Yes you are so right, even tho it is a tough battle sometimes, we cannot lose heart ever! Tom I truly wish you keep your walk with our Lord, He has rescued you and He LOVES YOU SO MUCH!
            All the love to you Tom 🙂 xx

            • Hi Daisy! I stopped back on this website just to see what was going on and wanted to let you know I will include you and Harry in my prayers tonight. We must not give up! The Lord knows His perfect timing and how He will answer our prayers. Do not give up.
              I had a chance to have a final talk with Tanner, and get some closure in our relationship, as I continue my walk with the Lord. Tanner told me that he sees nothing wrong with his living the gay lifestyle, so that of course hurts…you dont want to see anyone blinded by Satan and the world, but I continue to pray for him….that his eyes might be opened to the truth of the Word. But we must wait patiently, right? It isn’t easy….we want instant results, but our loving God knows better. He has a plan for all of us, including me, you, Harry and Tanner. We just wait and keep praying! Take care, Daisy, and I am gonna close now and send my prayers up to God! Love in Christ!

              • tom

                Good to hear you are remaining steadfast in your salvation. I really pray that Tanner finds the Lord. god bless you

              • Hii Tom!
                You and your comments give me so much joy, Tom you’ve no idea! I’m happy that you are remaining on the right path to your salvation, I’m happy you will not give up on Tanner, I’m happy you remember me and Harry in your prayers…I’m so happy!
                And Tom, I’ve got to let you know that Tanner is not forgotten, I have even prayed for him yesterday 🙂
                Dear Tom, we CANNOT GIVE UP! The Lord is MIGHTY TO SAVE! Perhaps you never thought you could find Jesus?! That you could be rescued?! Well, this is such a great testimony! YOU HAVE BEEN RESCUED, TOM!

                And this is for everyone, no one is a lost case! Our Lord loves us so MUCH and He wants everyone to be saved and to come unto the knowledge of the Truth!

                Let’s keep praying, Tom, let’s fix our eyes on Jesus and His Word and His Promises, for He is faithful that promised! We have the power to overcome this world, satan, strongholds and sin! We can call upon the Lord to save our loved ones and ourselves!

                Tom, I truly truly hope that you continue on the right path and that you keep your strong faith and fix your eyes on the Lord! He IS GREAT, isn’t He? And please Tom, keep this verse in your heart and on your mind ” (…) greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” 1 john 4:4.

                All the love for you Tom 🙂 ❤

                • a sweet reply…

                  which is why we love you here 🙂

                  • Aw thank you dear Marianne 🙂
                    And I love you all here equally, you’ve helped me SO much! ALL of you! Your prayers, your comments, your love…!
                    And thank you Marianne for this website, I’m certain you’ve helped many people here, like me 🙂

                    I’d like to ask you to not forget my dear Harry in your prayers, please? ❤

                    All the love to all of you ❤

  187. Amen. Thank you Lord.

  188. Thank You Jesus I know it in my heart a lot of good is coming out of this.

  189. Please pray for me and my ex, Tanner. I struggled with homosexuality in the light of the Bible, and I praise God that he has delivered me and I truly have given my life over to Jesus to direct me in the way he wants me to go. I ask for prayer for me to remain strong and rely on Jesus and His guiding me everyday! I am not strong enough to do this on my own, so I would ask you to pray for strength against temptation in my mind and heart.
    PLEASE also pray for Tanner. Both of us were brought up in Christian homes, and I know that inside my heart, I knew what I was doing was wrong and against God’s plan for me. But I dont know what direction Tanner will now take (we broke up about a month ago) So please pray that in God’s timing and plan, the Holy Spirit will open his eyes and heart and show that God has a better plan for his life and that he can be assured of a life in heaven starting right now on this earth…even though the world and Satan will try their best to plant doubt in his mind.

    • dear tom

      I am so happy to hear you have broken away from this bondage. it takes a lot of courage to make such a decision…..

      I was watching a video yesterday where interviewed gays admitted it was not a “genetic” reason for their choice, but they were just exposed to the lust through a sexual encounter or exposure, they enjoyed it, like any other sexual heterosexual contact, and so they continued.

      I pray you get the emotional healing to complete your deliverance process, and that Tanner eventually finds the same freedom you now have.’

      there was a ministry called exodus, but now they have shut down…either apparently their methods were not in line with the holy spirit, or they bent to political pressure.

      but god has an ongoing ministry that succeeds when man’s methods fail.

      you and tanner have my prayers for a complete recovery.

      • Dear Marianne, Thank you so much for the encouraging reply to my prayer request! For another person to be praying for me and Tanner means so much to me!! It is indeed a hard road to walk, but I know that I am on the narrow path that Christ wants us to walk. This world will do their best to tear us down and Satan knows just how to throw our weaknesses in our face! I know I must remain strong in the Word and do not try to stand on my own. I can’t do that…I need to stay close to Christ.
        My heart aches so much for Tanner, but I know that I cannot change his view on his life…..I have just planted the seed of my witness in his heart and mind and I must wait PATIENTLY for the Holy Spirit to work in Tanner’s life. That is a hard thing to do…I want so badly for him to call me and tell me that he has truly let Christ lead his life, but that could take time. In the meantime, I pray and have so many other great Christian friends praying for him and myself.
        Thanks again! Your reply strengthened me tonight! I greatly appreciate that!
        I praise God to be able to reach out to fellow Christians for support and unconditional love.
        Have a great night!

    • Praise the LORD Tom !!! Welcome back my brother and what a testimony you have my AMEN AMEN !!! You have a mission by brother to be the light to other people that are in the same bondage I am going to pray That the BLOOD OF JESUS keeps you revived and that your friend submits to GODS light also . I know it is difficult but remember you are not alone JESUS is there to be that light in your heart that feels empty , JESUS always welcomes his children back with open arms Isn’t that great thing to know and trust me he knows our struggles and he offers us clear slate slate every time If ask him to forgive us with a pure heart…There is no condemnation in those who know JESUS CHRIST !!! Tom I will be praying for you and Tanner i know JESUS will use you powerfully TRUST ME

      • Hello Michael!!
        I responded to Marianne’s reply also I want to echo my thanks and praise to you, that I can reach out to others to pray and support me in my decision to follow Christ and let HIM lead my life!
        I KNOW that God’s Word does not return to Him without bearing fruit in others lives so I will always continue to pray for myself and for Tanner to come home and open the door of his heart for a new direction.
        Thanks so much again, for your timely reply! It helped my heart and spirit tonight to know that others are lifting both of us up in prayer!
        Thanks again, and may God bless you also with his many gifts!

        • Tom I to have a heavy burden on my heart for someone I truly care about and it is difficult but we made the right choice but we are also human and our emotions often leave are hearts void and that is when we need JESUS the most to fill our emptiness!! He will never leave us nor forsake us period we must give it to HIM and let HIM do HIS work and if we believe we shall always receive His grace that is overflowing with the goodness of our LORD and Savoir …Right now satan is also trying you trust me be patient and read this verse to strengthen your self in battle YOU MUST WEAR JESUS AS YOUR ARMOUR

          10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

          11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

          12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

          13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

          14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

          15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

          16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

          17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

          I am praying for you TOM and I am praying for the Salvation of Tanner also . LET THE BLOOD OF JESUS RAIN DOWN TO THE UNBELIEVERS AND TOM DONT EVER GIVE UP….. JESUS HEARS THE PRAYERS OF A RIGHTEOUS MAN

          • Thank you so much, Michael!! Tonight was a spiritual struggle for my walk with Christ. I appreciate your prayers and reaching out to me! It strengthens me and my witness to others and I thank you again! Giving up is never an option….I may hurt, and question, and have a hard, lonely day, but I need to rely on the power of Christ in my life! Thanks again! Tom

            • JESUS is there TOM everyday is a struggle but remember GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN YOU!! THEN HE THAT IS OF THIS WORLD ..Tom there is a spiritual battle going on for our souls and if we go back to the dogs vomit those spirits are 7 times worse ..I want you to go to youtube and check out the true man of God Derek Prince he is teachings will help you very much brother

              • Thanks for the reply, Michael!! Great message!! I have taken a great spiritual revival in my life. Last night, I felt the peace of God that I knew was there, but I finally actually felt His peace and presence in my life! But I always must remember that it is Christ living in me…not my power…I am weak and must rely on Christ DAILY! He wants me to rely on Him! Thanks again, my friend!

                • Tom the more we give to Christ the more peace he gives to us ! Sometimes it is difficult when we think about those loved ones ! but as the days go by I am feeling the presence of JESUS working more and more and I know that Praise GOD ….Lets Keep JESUS AS OUR FORE FRONT and let HIM WORK IT OUT AMEN

  190. Thank You so much for this sight I needed to bond together with other Christians to help me understand the best way to pray for my dear friends salvation. I am so pleased to have found your post. This person is very kind and, I have been so heart broken regarding her searching for all the wrong anwsers. God Bless you for all of the scriptures listed,

  191. Honors belong to GOD alone. Frankly telling the truth its hard for me to pray when actually doing. Like when joining with international believer. Because I’m not english born speaker.

    Thanks for this ” heaven awaits ” its a big good staff on how to speak words in praying. Thank you & the LORD bless you.

  192. I love this prayer layout. The links to the other prayers don’t work on my phone however.

  193. hi everyone. not sure how this works but….
    i lost my brother recently. i didnt know him all too well if im being honest, but i think he was an atheist once and he sinned(well just like all of us) my sister prayed for him, had been doing so for very long, and a few months before he died, he started to change in ways that surprised us. one thing i loved about him was how friendly he was, he had more friends than we were even aware of!!! now im left wondering, was that intention to change, those first steps forward, and his love of people, was that enough to grant him salvation? i want to believe it is so. maybe the devil is trying to make me doubt it, but my other brother, who also suddenly this year became saved told me he asked God the same questions and God spoke to him and said “Your brother is with me now.” or sth along those lines. Guys, i really need to know what you think of this, please reply!

    • Hi Inajla I am so sorry to hear that you lost your brother !!! My heart goes out to you . If the Lord spoke to your brother and told him this , I would hold on to that in your heart that he is heaven, I know it can be difficult to really know but If you confess with your mouth and know in your heart that the LORD is your saviour and you ask him to forgive you of your sins then you shall be saved . Inajla I ask you today are you going to spend eternity in heaven !!! Do believe in JESUS as your saviour …If not I would love to lead you in the sinners pray so when that day comes to see your brother in heaven you will be there in open arms ….JESUS IS THE TRUTH..

      • Hello and thank you for replying. What my other brother said does give me some peace, i suppose its all i can hold onto for now. I am a believer, well maybe not as fervent as i’d like to be but my biggest problem i think is being misled and feeling unworthy of God’s love. I have made many mistakes and I repent but still feel unclean sometimes.

        • Let me ask you how you are being misled ? How can I help you get on the right track with Jesus Christ . Trust me none of us are worthy to be in the presence of Jesus , but Jesus was sent to the cross for us so we can have that relationship with him . Dont let satan lead you into believing we are not worthy to be in HIS presence because it is a bold face lie ! Jesus says draw close to me ! And I will draw close to you , If you are sinning and knowing you are sinning please repent and turn to Jesus HE able and just to forgive you of your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness ….Start drawing close to HIM by praying and talking with him daily and start reading the bible …I love you in the name of JESUS

    • Inajla

      I am sorry to hear you lost your brother. The change you described in him is a hopeful sign. and what your other brother told you may be very true. So let us hope for the best. Your brother is in God’ hands now, and god is wise and fair.

  194. Hi Im Alistair Marak from India and I was in a relationship with a German lady for almost 4 years now. She is a divorce and had a daughter but since 2011 we met on fb and we fell in love and was together..She has come to visit me here in India in october 2013 and stayed with me for a month..but since then we haven’t meet again expect we use to do skype..But we are having problem now we have been fighting for almost a month now and in a verge of breaking up…I was planning to go to Germany this Novermber but its been quite a hard time for me as I don’t know wether she will come back to me or not..I love her so much and wanna be with her for the rest of my life….Im broken hearted now and i need a prayer..Please guide me wht to do 😦

    • alistar

      this is a difficult situation…since i do not know either of you, and cannot predict what could be the underlying situation now

      if you have been arguing, then whatever that issue is, it has to be settled first….

      traveling to germany would be a big waste of time unless that is the only way to settle the argument

      ask her what she wants to do about the argument, and how can you fix whatever her complaint is.

      you did not tell me her complaint, so I cannot say much more here..

      pray that god will help you come to an agreement, and put it all behind you, so you can have a new start.

      I will agree with you in prayer that this situation is healed.

  195. Hi, thanks for the reply the argument was because I feel she is cheating on me and even her ex husband send me a message on fb that she is cheating on me and even me also feels cause i saw her with other guy which was posted in her timeline with a same person where i saw her pics with him few times..and since feb I feel she was cheating on me and since that time she also changed a lot…so now even me i also feels that..I dont know what to do.

    • Alistair

      if she is guilty of cheating, then your relationship is over.

      but right now, you have only an impression and gossip, no proof.

      did she admit or deny it?

  196. I have no proof either but she told she is just a friend and she denied and for time being she told me she needs time and space

  197. oh ty very much and I need a prayer , myself I keep praying because God always answer my prayer ,I have prayed my entire life and Lord never says no to me because I have faith in Jesus Christ Lord our savior.Amen

    • I will send a prayer for restoration of marriage… you are not married, but you do have a relationship….just change it so it fits your situation ..

      i will agree with you in prayer

  198. Thank you for blessing me with this.

  199. Thank you so much for this website!
    I was always looking for words to say when I’m praying for my list of unsaved love ones.
    Please teach me and pray for me that I have the courage to share the gospel with everyone around me. I often feel scared that people will go to hell and I get very anxious about it. But at times I just want to go to heaven. I’m currently 16. None of my family members are Christian. Please help me.

    • dear cat

      god bless you for your desire to help others find god in their lives.

      at 16, this is very unusual to find such spiritual maturity

      I pray you stay on the path you are on.

      I am sending you the prayer for unsaved loved ones..

      you can print it out, or download to your computer.

      say it every day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

      • Thank you very much! I’m now saying that prayer everyday. But I have doubt in my heart. Please pray for (or teach) me to trust and have confidence in the Lord. God bless you!

        • cat

          pray that god help you not stagger in faith…..that he help increase your faith… time you will feel a difference..

          I had a friend recommend carrying a gun while I walked my dogs at night…I did this for awhile and felt stressed….but then i started thanking god for his protection, and how my guardian angel was assigned to me, and now I walk my dogs without being armed with a weapon…..

          we do not depend on ourselves to be strong….we depend on the Father, his son Jesus and the holy spirit.

          so any time you feel doubtful, just tell god to give you an extra measure of faith, and tell him you put yourself in his hands….and you know he will take care of you.

  200. Hello brothers and sisters in the Lord!
    I would kindly ask you to pray for my loved one, Harry. Please pray that the Lord will touch Harry’s heart more than ever, that He will change his heart and give him a new one! Pray that the Lord will save Harry out of this world, that the Lord will rescue him from weird and wicked people, and that He will change Harry’s way of thinking, abhorring what is evil and clinging to what is good! And to let Harry not be conformed to this world anymore. And also, Lord free Harry from sin, evil ways and every stronghold, please! SAVE HIM LORD please in Jesus’ name I pray. And HELP me Lord, for I need Your help!! Amen

    • hi daisy

      yes harry is still in my prayers…i pray for unsaved loved ones every night…good to see you are so concerned about him…..

      • Thankyou Marianne ❤ I have been through some tough times lately, and my faith has been a bit shaken up. But I pray the Lord will strengthen me and give me His peace, comfort and joy. In Jesus' name, amen.

  201. wow! Can really feel the holy spirit when praying. Thank you for these prayers!

  202. Thanks so much for these prayers. I worry so much about my Father. I have been praying for his salvation. These words will help me articulate my prayers even better. Although he is coming to the end of his life, I know God is using me to help him find his way. I believe in my heart that it will happen. My faith is stronger than ever.

  203. […] Pray for the unsaved souls […]

  204. Thank You Very Much!

  205. Please pray with me for the salvation of

    Alec, Patrick, Sunder, Graham

    Bless you

    • dainezim

      Yes, I will join with you in prayer for Alec, Patrick, Sunder, and Graham

      I am sending you the prayer for unsaved loved ones as well, that you can use as a daily guide.

      may god bless you as well

  206. that was very powerfull it has taught me how to pray for others and hoe to pray thro scriptures

  207. very helpful

  208. Am praying this with a prayer partner. Thank you for compiling this. I didn’t know how to pray for my loved one to be saved and to have it confirmed by scripture that it IS God’s will is an enormous boost to my faith. I ask for as many of you to agree with me for him as he is deeply involved in pornography, alcoholism, and wicca. God WILL bring it to pass.

  209. This prayer is just awesome! Everything it is says its just unexplainable . Thank you 🙂 God bless

  210. Hi…I have a prayer request few months was regarding my relationship, been quite a while tho whether you rember or not..thank you for your prayers…I totally gave up in my relationship with my gf after 4years of being together.. But I never gave up on God…the more I forget about this world and drew closer to God things are better and even my relationship with my gf is ok now…i was broken and scared until Almighty God steps in and guide me…like i said Jesus never fails..AmnAmen

  211. Hi…I have a prayer request few months was regarding my relationship, been quite a while tho whether you rember or not..thank you for your prayers…I totally gave up in my relationship with my gf after 4years of being together.. But I never gave up on God…the more I forget about this world and drew closer to God things are better and even my relationship with my gf is ok now…i was broken and scared until Almighty God steps in and guide me…like i said Jesus never fails..Amen

  212. Thank you for this prayer. I am praying for my son Christopher has strayed away from God. I know the Lord can save him.


  213. Thank u so much ..:'( my lover is changed christian castte bt nw his cheated for his family in this month im so feeling drowsy .his afraid of his leader sister and his mom so his im strongly in my love so pls pry for me plz .he tooks baptize also .his family pure hindu so please pry for my lover .i belived my reall god jesus .my family also not feeling wel plz pry for all i want my lover.not lover .hes husband to me .yes:'( becz made mistakes understand my feeling .pry:'(

  214. I am so greatful that I stumbled upon this site. This is exactly what I needed. God bless you .

  215. My heart is heavy as my eldest daughter, son in law and young adult granddaughters are not saved. I hand wrote all the above prayers/scriptures and prayed all outloud over and over inserting each of their names. I will remain diligent because I am approaching this as a battle against Satan not my loved one. My question is are there any other scriptures I should reference in my battle? Thank so much!aztoonnout@ya

  216. ithank you for the word of encouragement,I have been praying for my boyfriend who we had planned to get married bt allover a sudden devil changed his mind he ran away and all he can do is to exchange girls everyday in his house,he is nt saved bt iam a servant of God,and moment the spirit tells me he will be my husband….ibleave iwill get him back and he will confess that jesus is lord…

  217. This prayer is the only peace I have felt since all these end time prophecies are happening so fast. I’m praying for friends, family and my husband and I’m loosing sleep because I’m praying for their souls, thank you for this. Please help me pray, my husband and family always feel the need to think through everything before they commit, I pray the commit to Jesus even tonight Amen!

  218. Thk

  219. These prayers have given me the help I needed to bind and loosen Satan stronghold has had on my wife Mirtha ( married 20yrs with 3 children Julia 17 Cesar 15 Jasmine 11 ) these strongholds have taking over my family but Jesus’s is stronger I haven’t seen any evidence of for ii has only been and hour . I have been saved for 5yrs now and my hope is in Jesus that he would save my wife and children too ! Would appreciate any other beleivers that would pray with me . God bless you all

  220. Praise God and I give him the glory. God called me to be a Prayer Warrior and your website has been a blessing to me. It keep me focused on the Word of God in my prayers, particular prayer request, and the world situations. Thank you for sharing God’s Word in prayer. Bless you.

  221. This is so so helpful.

  222. I ran into your post, wondering the same thing if believers can actually pray for deliverance on unsaved family. I am wondering if this prayer would be sufficient as I had a dream of an unsaved family member that had passed away, knowing their not saved this dream had me worried.
    Question is, what one do from here onwards? This family member is not receptive to the gospel so I know there is a lot binding this person. Will praying for their deliverance and healing be enough? Still learning how to intercede esp after receiving such a dream.
    Thanks for posting, GBU

    • curious

      yes you can pray for a family member. until they are receptive that is about all you can do.

      but go ahead and pray and let the holy spirit work on them. he may do this slowly or quickly and dramatically. it is up to the wisdom of god.

      I am sending you this prayer so you can print it out and say it each day , or as often as you can.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

      • Thank you will do, can I ask, is there any difference in praying deliverance for someone in private, Vs casting out demons? In my hunger to search for answers I came across a website where they don’t agree with Deliverance of an unsaved person as it can be dangerous, I think I’m struggling what they mean by that, is there 2 way of going about deliverance? I’m a tad confussed :-/
        Thank you for your reply I’m very grateful.
        I also wanted to ask should I be worried with such a dream? or does God usually nudge us to step up our prayer life for unsaved loved ones? Thank you and God bless you always

        • curious

          in private, pray for the salvation and deliverance for the person from a distance.

          this is for the holy spirit to work on them

          this could take 2 days or 20 years….

          it is useless to try to deliver a person from demons, when they still want the demons.. so this is why salvation should come first

          once saved, they can be delivered, if they show willingness and they are ready.

          • Thank you very much 🙂 I’m still learning much about the spiritual warfare, Glad you clarified further what the differences are. I will pray daily and thank you for also being in agreement 🙂

  223. Praying for Gregory’s salvation. I’m praying that now from this day forward that Gregory will hate his all his sins. He will hate all the wrong he does. Prayer that GOD will soften and change his heart, open his blinded eyes, and deliver him. I’m JESUS name.

  224. I need prayer for to older children that need Jesus .one has talk to me in 3 years my daughter. I miss my grand children and my son is lost in a mental hospital for taken drugs they both don’t belevie in god.then they were young they did.I want my family back in christ

  225. What I just read is very inspiring, also I feel better, and now I know that I can still pray to GOD for one of my brothers who died on Tuesday, November 17, 2015@ 3:00am.I LOVE him very much, and while he lived I tried so hard to lead him to the LORD, I prayed for him too. He had gotten to where he would post messages on FACEBOOK about GOD. I just continue to pray and to believe that he will go to HEAVEN, and be with his family members who’ve gone on to be with the LORD, where we can rejoice with GOD for all eternity! HALLELUJAH. GOD’S LOVE IS PURE, AGAPE LOVE. Please pray for my brother’s soul to be in Heaven when I arrive, IN THE NAME OF JESUS. Thankfully, Shirley F. Cates.

    • shirley

      you have my condolences for your brother.

      my own brother also died this week.

      I also prayed for my brother’s salvation. although I am not sure of his salvation, I hear he brought his boys to church, so I am hoping for the best.
      I had been praying for him for 20 years

      so your brother is in god’s hands now. and I share your hope for him, as I do my own brother.

  226. Thank u lord my spiritual eyes are open

  227. Theses Holy scriptures are a Blessing to me and i enter in warfare against the enimy for the salvation of love ones also there deliverence, Bless you in Jesus name

  228. Amen….pray for my Don salvation Leo salcido

  229. Hey there. When I first looked at this page I found that there were white dots falling all around the page, but I’m looking it over again and no dots falling this time. This might sound strange and off topic, but I do have a reasons for the question. I’m not the only one who saw them am I? Has the page been changed?

  230. Thank you Jesus!

  231. Thank you! This is very helpful.
    God bless.

  232. Amen

  233. Beautiful prayer. I will be using it to pray. Thank you.

  234. I am over-joyed to find this post, it is so good to search the internet for testimonies or guidance on this and hear of hope instead of hearing people tell me I’m wrong all the time.

    My ex-boyfriend Ronnie (recent) was not a believer, we were together for a year and a half and I love him so fiercely, I wanted and still do want to marry this man. The relationship became broken, his addictions lead me to distrust and we fell apart but were clinging on to each other with the hope of our future. God ended the relationship through him, as I prayed that if it be his will for us to finish that God take it from my hands as I didn’t have the strength. I believe that God has spoken to me and told me he is working on things though.

    I’m praying for a miracle, please join me, I failed as a witness and I’m praying for God to intervene and save this man along with his family, it seems like the impossible but I know there is nothing God cannot do and that his will is for none to perish. So glad I found this post, so thankful. Praying for conviction, rejection of sins and a walk of darkness into the light of Gods truth.

    • zahava

      it may not be that you failed as a witness. you planted a seed in him, even if he rejected what you offered. the bible says that one plants a seed, and another takes up the harvest, but they both rejoice when the harvest comes.

      it appears he was not ready…and I did read your post, so you realize that he was not ready for you either….this is always painful…..I remember when i was young, I had a boyfriend who could not return what I offered. I held on long after it was over, hoping he would come back. he never did….it is now 45 years later… not let this happen to you

      I wish I could explain failure, defeat, and pain in life….somehow, it pulls us toward compassion and understanding…and gives us a small understanding of what we all had done to jesus on the cross….we need to grow, and accept our own cross, and endure to the end.

      we have to look forward, and let god dry our tears, and help us keep going until we reach the end….we should also stay open to others like us, because god is providing us with helpers along the way, and who knows, one may be a new love….

      in the meantime, pray for his salvation and deliverance from whatever is bothering him…this may mean a long time commitment.. I prayed for a family member for 20 years, with no evidence that he improved. On the day he was buried, god gave me a confirmation….he brought to me a beautiful breeze of lavender and spices, that no one else detected….and it was repeated later that day….finally, before he died, he was finally saved. I finally felt the comfort and assurance of god.

      so do not be discouraged….it may take a short time, or a lifetime…but your prayers and tears for him are never wasted…tears are precious….it means you care….god collects them in a lovely vase in heaven, and they pour out a beautiful fragrance to him ….. this is your alabaster box ….god will hear your prayers, and do the right thing….just trust him

  235. Good evening to all,

    I would like to kindly ask you all who see this comment to join me and agree with me in this prayer for my neighbour. I do strongly believe he is a wonderful and sweet young man, but sadly blinded by the enemy. My neighbour is so much into sin and into evil people, oh Lord I ask You STRONGLY to please RESCUE & DELIVER my neighbour from these evil and sinful people he’s surrounded by and to please SAVE him from all the sin he does. Lord I believe if You rescue him he will turn out to be one of the greatest men…Just please help me to find the right words & faith to pray for him every day and to not give up until you start working on him. And I pray that all the communication between my neighbour and these evil people will be bound in Jesus’ name and will never reconnect again! I pray that he will give up on sin and on these evil people that surround him, and I pray these sinful people will leave him and his path oh Lord in Jesus’ name I pray very very much.

    I also pray Lord that You cleanse my heart, that You give me a peaceful life that lately has been so problematic, that You lead me in Your way (and do so to my neighbour too please) and that You call us to You. And of course I cannot forget all Your blessings even in the midst of trouble, oh Lord. I put myself, Harry, my family & my neighbour into Your hands oh Lord and please take care of us, save us from the world and the enemy and help us always please Lord. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

    • daisy

      It is sweet that you are so concerned for this person.

      I am sending you prayers for the unsaved, as well as prayers for blessing for yourself and him

      I will agree with you in prayer.

  236. Hi Marianne,
    I’m using this prayer outline for a young lady in my life. I love her so much, but she pushed me away. Ive had to walk away, and give it to GOD. I know she isn’t saved, and I hear the Lord telling me to wait, and pray. He has a plan.
    Thank you, and GOD Bless you.

  237. I have and will continue to pray for my wife that she will accept the LORD as her personal savior. My heart is so burden for my wife that she will receive JESUS love and salvation. Her name is Kathy and my name is Johnnie.I receive the LORD in my heart November 16, 2014.Our marriage needs to be strengthen by GOD love. In JESUS precious and lovely name amen.

    • johnnie

      welcome to God’s family. 🙂

      I am sending you the prayer for unsaved loved ones, so you can have a guide in praying for kathy

      print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

  238. I recently got saved at a youth camp a and my dad is not a religious person and he has an internall disease, and I am hoping to have him realize he needs to accept Jesus before Jesus he passes

    • chloe

      I am sending you the prayer for unsaved loved ones, for your father

      best to print it out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer.

  239. Hello Marianne, Thank you for this Post.i am struggling so much with my faith.I pray sometimes with so much faith and believe with all my heart and get so happy in Christ and then two days later i feel like God does not listen to my prayers and he wants to punish me .I do not understand. I so badly want to be saved. I believe in Jesus Christ ,my savior who died for me on that cross even before me or my great great grandparents were even conceived. I feel so relaxed sometimes and feel peace knowing that.But sometimes i feel like i Jesus wants to make me suffer,he is letting Satan take over.And i just give up praying and reading the scriptures because i feel so dejected. I want a very very close relationship with Christ.I want to be happy and peaceful. Im always so stressed and anxious. I just want God to bless me with Wisdom and Love and Kindness And patience.I want a new heart.I want faith and Hope. Im so tired of crying and being depressed and Sad.I believe Jesus is my only hope now.BUt i feel like he doesn’t want to bless me,because ive been asking for so long to help me turn away from my sinful life but i try and just cannot. I want to give up On living a sinful life.I just want to please Jesus for the rest of my life and i want the hand of Jesus always protecting my Faith and My Soul.Guide me please.I dont have Christian friends,i would really like to communicate with you in this regards.May be you can guide me too?
    please pray for me.

    • dear rynelle

      first take a deep breath.

      jesus loves you and does not want you cursed or harmed by satan.

      he actually suffered so you would not have to.

      he gave us the authority to overcome evil , snakes, demons etc in this world, but most people have not been taught this. so they are ignorant and are victimized by the enemy

      you ARE saved. but you are just NOT EMPOWERED with the knowledge that you already have what it takes to win in this life.

      we all sin. but if we are sorry, we are forgiven

      our souls are saved but our bodies of flesh are not

      even Paul the apostle complained that his members ( all parts of his body) gave him trouble.

      this is why when jesus died for our sins, he died for our past sins, our current sins, and our future sins…..we just have to embrace the forgiveness, repent, try to do better, and ask for god’s grace to get us through each day….when our souls are released from our bodies will will finally be totally free

      spend time in worship each day.

      find beautiful worship music and let it heal your soul

      for example, while I am writing this i am listening to this video

      also, spend time reading the new testament and learn what power you do have, and the blessings too.

      since you mentioned satan bothering you, I am sending some prayers against curses and spirits, t teach you how to pray against the enemy

      also prayers for blessings, and strength, since you feel weak.

      best to print out and say each day.

      I will agree with you in prayer

      • Thank you Dear for your reply. i Am glad about what you said.I am gonna spend time everyday to worship.I will also r the new testament to know what powers i have in christ ourSaviour! I believe very strogly that God said “Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven.” So as i pray Thank you for being in agreement. Please do pray for my well being,That i may be completely free forever from any evil Spirit that has control over me .I believe That The power and authority the evil one has is nothing compared to what Jesus has and i know in my heart that Jesus will reside in my heart and my actions and life will hsow it. Please pray with authority in jesus’ name for me. Thank you for the prayers. I will Pray everyone of them everyday.

        Thank you My Sister in Christ,i needed this so much.
        I am so glad i stumbled upon this site.
        Everything that happened yesterday to me lead me here. I know Jesus is Working his ways in my Life. I am Waiting on the day i have FAith more than just the mustard seed ANd i Love like Jesus Loved and i Can guide people I love with The authority CHrist gives me to help them feel the peace and Glory of Our Lord.

        Thankk you Marianne.

  240. Pray for the salvation of my children father. We have two beautiful children. He walked away from us for a life of sin with another woman. He is on a road of destruction with drugs and alcohol! Lord I was left to be mother and father and take on all financial responsibilities. Lord I pray that if it is your will that Scott will come back to me and our children as a changed man of God. I pray he will be delivered from sin, drug, alcohol, love affairs. Lord I bind the devil to release his strong hold over Scott. Restore my family in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen

    • michelle

      I am so sorry this happened.

      as a single mother myself, I know what you are going through.

      I am sending you the prayer for unsaved loved ones for Scott

      best to print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

      I will pray for complete restoration.

  241. Amen. Please God allow kate britton brielle jeff mom brother loved ones and thank you for doing so to be saved and to remove satans tools out of their lives. In christ name we pray. Amen

  242. Pray for my daughter Esther who joined a false religious cult where they don’t have to repent

    • ruth

      we will pray that her blind eyes are open, so she can see the truth

      I am sending you prayer for unsaved loved ones

      I will agree with you in prayer.

  243. Amen, its good to meet a fellow prayer warrior on here! I have a lost loved one! I love her so much and I pray daily for her. Prayer works and is mighty!

  244. I have a son on drugs very bad.I have done everything possible to help him rehab he just walk out the program. I have gave him a house to live in but he want clean it up and want keep his body clean. I really need so help someone to pray for him in so stress out with him please help his name is Patrick Wayne Acres. Jr.

    • tara

      sorry I missed your comment earlier. I should get an email notice for each comment, but this time I didn’t.

      I will agree with you in prayer for Patrick for his salvation, and deliverance from drugs, and for him to take care of himself better.

      I know this is hard for you. I just want you to know you are not alone in this, and I, and the Lord, will keep him lifted up for something better in his life.

  245. my son A.J was saved in the state jail he wants to minister to the lost when he gets released in April. I pray for him daily..would you please pray for him also. if you would like to write a letter of spiritual encouragement please do if you feel lead to.
    Albert Guajardo # 02061795
    Lychner State Jail
    2350 Atascocita rd
    Humble Texas 77396

  246. I came across this today at school and it took everything in me not to scream “Hallelujah, “Thank you Lord”, or “Bless your name Jesus”!! I’m in the Library at school and I wasn’t even saying the prayers out loud, just reading the content of the page and the power I felt!! Godo is so good and His Word is undeniably, with EVERY surety true!!! I thank God that He showed me this page. I’m praying for the salvation of an unsaved loved one and I’m believing God to do just that!! Thank you Marianne. Thank you for hearing and obeying God and publishing this page!! God bless you. It has indeed blessed me in this library and I know it will continue to. I made a vow this morning to bombard Heaven every day for the rest of this year for this loved one, and if salvation comes before then, I’m still going to pay that they be KEPT in the Mighty name of Jesus. Thank you God!! Be blessed everyone who may read this, today and Always. Amen

  247. Thank you for this. This prayer is very powerful and I am believing it for my friends and family members who are not saved. I have faith that they will come to Christ. We live in the last days and we have to keep praying and petitioning God to rescue out loved ones from the gods of this world. It’s a very painful thing and it brings me to tears, but I know that it also pains God deeply to see so many people walk away from him, but because of our faith we will continue to pray and even celebrate because God will bring them back. I cannot wait to celebrate for my friends and family members. For now I will keep praying this prayer.

  248. Hi My Name is Amber Nicole Ellis I Need Prayer Become I Am Sick And I Don’t Like Be Sick All day alone I Need feel Better become my family Maybe Need My Help But I Can’t Help My Famiy If I Am Sick All Day Alone So I Need a Miracle Prayer And So Pease Keep Me In Your Prayer MayBe Your Prayer Help Me

  249. Th links to the printable versions do not work. I would like to print the prayer for children and family members, frame it and put it up alongside their pictures.

  250. I came upon this website this morning as I pray for loved one…others, friends and associates that are unsaved …praise God…God Bless…Thank you….Just what I needed.

  251. We pray for guy robert torres jr who took his own life because i will not judge our brother but know that he is in heaven with our lord and savior jesus christ and anything on earth that was bound is now lose of him and he is free indeed to our heavinly father in heaven thank you jesus christ

  252. oh god touch the heart of my lady for her to come back to her senses for her to know that i really love her.

    father build a solid foundation that can never be broken by any power or temptation.

    oh God of heaven bless us abundantly beyond our understanding.

    bless us oh lord our God with the gift of children.

    father in heaven let your rain of financial break through fall down on us as i pray amen.

  253. I need you to do massive prayers for my son Joseph Charles and Alex George and for my mom and dad and me Gianna, I have been walking and blinded by Satan himself”jack” Bud” Waggener in red bluff ca96080please pray for us

    • gianna

      each day is a new day, repent of any thing wrong, kick the dust off your feet and do NOT look back

      I am sending you some prayers for daily strength

      say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

  254. I once stood in front of a group of christians at bible study and acclaimed that God was beyond reason and therefore faith is beyond reason. I was shaking because as a baby christian myself I didn’t know if what I was saying was right. I always want things to go the right way, and for a long time was sure that if you did everything right they would. I had no idea of God or the Holy Spirit and the will of God in my life for many years, and I fell. I fell into pain, insecurities and being confused with what the world is. And till this day I sometimes confused with what the world is or more, what God wants me to do in the world. Just as I turned to Christ 4 years ago, my brother begun a descent in what I can only qualify as hell. After a visit back home in our family in Zambia, someone had cursed our family my mother and my brother, a pool of blood was found in the house, and we doubt it was human blood. My brother was very distant and insecure about life, he had no goals, and had no vision of his future. He was looking for meaning in relationships with women, and looking to his relationships with women to complete him, or make him feel more accomplished, I’m not too sure. He smoked a lot of marijuana and drank a lot of alcohol. After a big break-up with his girlfriend he suffered a psychotic seizure, and lost his psychic capabilities. He couldn’t talk and wasn’t always aware of where he was, walked around without clothes even in front of my mother, and had trouble following a conversation. Things had gotten so bad, my parents had him interned in a psychiatric hospital. At the same time my mother, suffered great physical pain and disease, and we found out that she had a terrible virus in her body. When all of this happened I was away at Uni and my parents chose not to share too much with me. I come home to discover what happened to my brother and my mother, only to feel overwhelmed by the situation. We thought that the smoking caused the seizure, my brother would smoke a lot, and the effects of the smoking did a number on his brain. But it wasn’t smoking alone. Our family has been battling on many fronts for the past few years. And it seems that for every victory we had there was another battle on the corner. Certain things I have seen in dreams. I can only say God shows me because they are dreams that I’ve had of something that was coming. They are not exact visions, but themes that come up. I was proud when one of these was the birth of my nephew and my niece. These two children have been more joy than anything, a gift from God. The other theme came about shook me at the very core. That my own brother would begin getting attracted to men. As I am writing this I know that same-sex attraction is a hot topic amongst christians, and some of you may not agree with what I’m about to say. And I don’t know why I’m sharing all of this here, I just felt like I needed to share what was on my heart. I will pray and God listens I know. It had been coming on so gradually that for a long time I was still in denial, because if you had met my brother before the psychic seizure (psychosis) and now, he is no longer the same. I had come to accept that the disease was not of this world and that something else was messing with his mind. Sometimes when speaking to him, my mother and I noticed that we didn’t always know who we were speaking to. Many prayers were said about the smoking and the illness, and after many challenges. But this new battle, although I had sensed it coming, shook everything I knew and understood of what was going on. My eldest brother can see what happens in the spirit realm at times. And I mean like straight up see demons and demonic forces. Immediately as this new battle came along, God gave him a dream one night where he saw the demonic force linked to my brothers same-sex attraction. In the dream he saw it in my brother room. God had also shown him how, people whom do not have the holy spirit in them or are abandoned to a life of sin, are an empty vessel for spirits to take over. And so along with that demon, came drinking, and smoking and just a life lost into this world. But God has finished with us yet, as a family and as individuals. Many prayers had been said for the illness, and for my brothers life, for him to get back on the right track, and this last december he graduated, and was eager to start a job, and had silenced the demons influencing his life. Then again as soon as news came that he would not receive his diploma due to some technical issue at the school, immediately he went back to his old habits, and this time completely abandoned the fight. He has now completely convinced himself that this is his destiny, that this is who he is. When I look into his eyes, I only see remnants of who he was. Beyond the attraction, his personnality has completely altered, this is someone who used to be kind, who was not a rebel and did not punish his parents. Now he has become selfish, even when his family members are in hospital he wouldn’t visit. He is not interested how others are, he has become like a conceited and arrogant person. I believe he blames my parents for having him interned in the psychic hospital, and saw that as being abandoned. I’m sure he blames us for not supporting his drinking, partying or attraction. I believe he blames society for not giving him the job that he needs to raise money for his habits. I’m sure he blames God for what he is going through. We have never spoken but I can see it in his eyes and when he ever steps a foot in church. He wonders why God has sent him a miracle and completely released him from what he is going through. I would like to say from not being able to walk, eat, talk and cloth himself he was able in a few years to move on. I have never dared pray to God, that complaining prayer we all do when things get tough, and say why me, why us, why aren’t you bringing us a miracle and have it done with already. I remember that I stopped going to church with my mother at the age of 12 and got saved at the age of 19 and baptised at 23. When my brother was sick and recovering I was reassured and had obvious hope, because I could see him get better. It took him vacuuming his room for me to claim victory. But here we do not fight against flesh and blood. And our enemy is not always one we can see and point. It is easier to fight what you can see than what you cannot see. I believe also that sometimes our victories and our support isn’t always where we can see, but it will always be easier to see the victories we can see. Now it is time for me to be accountable for the words I’ve been saying. When I believe and sing that My God is an awesome God, that God can move every mountain, that He has the whole world in his hands, that God is the creator of the heavens and the earth, that Jesus Christ came to save all his people and that by his blood all sins are washed away. I even sing and say God is enough for me. This may take time and times may be hard but God will deliver us. Faith is beyond reason or logic. Please keep me and my brother and our whole family in prayer. I don’t know why I wrote this here, but what I do know is that it’s hard to talk about any of this subjects in church, or with other christians. If this testimony helps you, I am glad, if it makes you angry I am sorry but it is the truth. I pray God keeps watching over all of us. And I especially thank each and every person who took the time to read this all the way till the end, no matter how you feel about what it says I pray that God blesses you and your loved ones.

    • kawa

      thank you for sharing your story. you and your family have been through much hardship.

      you have overcome, and you have victory

      I will agree with you in prayer that your family , especially your brother, gets the deliverance and the help and health it needs to be free as well.

  255. Please pray for my loved one Makenna Macleod 22, for the enemy to leave her life and that she come to knowledge of the truth.

    • calvin

      I will agree in prayer for makenna, and for her salvation and deliverance

      I am also attaching a copy of the prayer on this page

  256. Thank you I’m praying for my girlfriend Karina Gandolfo 52 and her daughter Sophia Thompson 16 please pray I’m a believer and a former site pastor I have two daughters from my first and inly marriage Karina and I have been close two and almost half years. I be taken to church in Milwaukee I live in Toronto I’ve been many times she has many men interested in her and now has decided to take time from our relationship she is against evangelism but when she went to Mercy Hill Church in Wisconsin she was at peace ! Please I beg you stand in prayer for me and her her salvation protection of our relationship and the removal of satan from her life he has crushed her so many ways pleas for her and me I want To marry her and join our daughters as a blended family we had a plan for Florida together within two years I’m so broken we have been so close ! She professed such a strong love for me I was her best friend soul mate future husband satan is trying to destroy her I feel powerless on Jesus can make a break throughnim in the Word and Praying I even did fasting and prayer! Pleas pray for her her daughter and salvation that love Wouk be for The Lord and me that she would have no peace satan grip is released bind the strong man also hedge around her no other man would be involved she had a long history of this ! Please pray for us I am just dust sinner saved by grace!
    In Christ love ❤️
    Paul Mathew Thomas
    I will pray this until April 16 2017 then I’m walking away from this situation !

    • paul

      I will agree with you in prayer for Karina’s and her daughter’s salvation, and deliverance from all hindrances to your relationship.

      I suggest you fast and pray

      I am sending you the prayer for unsaved loved ones to say daily, if you choose to do so

      what is special about april 16th, to make it a cut off date?

  257. Praying for you, brother. Just be cautious not to put time limits on God. He does not work by our time, but His. God bless you. Jeremiah 29:11

  258. Hallelujah, Done in Jesus mighty name👐☝👐👐☝👐☝💗💗

  259. What a wonderful and awesome prayer!! I started praying this prayer for my ex-wife!! I still love her and May God bless her soul in Jesus name! She started putting material worth in front of God… And barely acknowledges him any more, and from that point on our marriage began to crumble. I won’t the entire weight on her but she turned her back on God and won’t even pray with our daughter when she’s with her or even encourage her to pray nightly as I have asked her to.

  260. Thank you I’m praying this more than 1 month for recently ex girlfriend/ fiancé and her daughter thank Marianne for your prayers please keep praying for her salvation and our relationship all in God ‘s will and timing I’m still reeling from the break up but God is so good and loving ! I fell in love with My girlfriend’s Karina’s soul we are all sinners saved by grace were justice was served and mercy won because of the kindness of Jesus Big Daddy Weave Song This is my Story!
    Thank you
    Paul Mathew Thomas

  261. Please would you pray for my ex boyfriend to be saved and for God to cast out the spirit of lust, selfishness and fear of commitment. He has been married twice and has had many failed relationships in his life He is 64 and I am 51. We got on so well together apart from his womanising. Please pray that God would open his eyes to the truth about God and about himself and about marriage. Thank you so much for your help in this prayer.

    • Gill

      I will agree in prayer for your ex’s salvation, and also pray he is delivered from those demons, and also pray he is delivered from those demons

  262. Thank you for your godly efforts.

  263. Lord God, I am asking you to put your arms around Nicholas Catoire and bring him sleep and Peace. Keep him from hurting himself mentally and physically. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen

  264. Please pray for my unsaved family may lord ttheir heart to accept lord as their saviour and pray for my health my for my Husband job for outbreaks spiritual growth and For my my daughter

    • komal

      I am sending you the prayer for unsaved loved ones, so you can say it daily, or as much as you wish.

      I will agree with you in prayer.

      I will also agree with you about your health and husband’s job.

  265. Jesus heal and restore our marriage bring us together again into wholeness with your spirit guide and lead us. heal our marriage Lord.

  266. I have a son, daughter in law and grandson, also 4 step grandsons. My son went to church with me as a child. But when he grew up he went his own way. Now my grandson went to church with me since he came home from from the hospital, until he turned 13 . He now chooses not to come over because he doesn’t want to go to church. He was so active in church, he had fun and was happy. Influence has over come him now and I feel helpless. I feel like where did I go wrong. I have prayed over and over and over. I feel as I’m not praying right. I know satan has blinded them. My heart is broken. There is an inconvenient on thier part as to spend time with me. Can you help me????

    • Sanora

      you did nothing wrong

      unfortunately, his parents have more influence over him, as they are setting an example, and sharing their views.

      there is a scripture that says, train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it proverbs 22:6

      you need to hold onto that promise, and pray for everyone’s salvation

      and pray against mind blinding spirits that block the truth from them

      I am sending you a copy of the prayer on this page

      do not give up. it may take a long time so be aware of that

      I will agree with you in prayer

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