Preach the gospel to every “creature”?


OK. Wait a minute. Humans are fine. But preach to “creatures?”

Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he gave the Great Commission to his apostles:

Mar 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

The Greek word is κτσις  (ktisis) , I looked this up, thinking there was some error:

1) the act of founding, establishing, building etc

a) the act of creating, creation

b) creation i.e. thing created

1) of individual things, beings, a creature, a creation

a) anything created

b) after a rabbinical usage (by which a man converted from

idolatry to Judaism was called)

c) the sum or aggregate of things created

c) institution, ordinance

But why didn’t’ Jesus say preach the gospel to all people? Why did he say “creature?”

1. Most preachers preach the gospel to converted men, who sit in their churches. But what about the rest of creation?

I personally cannot imagine preaching to a dog or cat, which are creatures. They do not have spirits, as men do.

But who have spirits that are not saved, or converted?

2. I remember Jesus calling the gentiles dogs. He was referring to them as creatures, and not humans. They lacked the truth and presence of God.

It may be interpreted, possibly then, that anyone who does not have the spirit of god within them, needs to hear the gospel, even more than those who have already been saved.

3. Institutions, ordinances are to hear the gospel as well. We should not shy away from either private, or public, places. Ordinances are laws. We should be active in promoting godly laws in our lands.


4. There is an even lower “creature” to consider. These are also humans that have been possessed with demons, or seriously committed to serving them.

This is a human – demon hybrid.

Remember, Jesus casted out devils, from a demon possessed man.

From what I see in general, these creatures never get the gospel. People dismiss them as hopeless, or they are too scared to approach them.

But it seems that these are the ones in greatest need, who are doomed to hell and are already half way in.

Why don’t evangelists preach to demon possessed, or oppressed people?

Where is the evangelistic effort toward the occult, the Satanists, the pagans, the New Age, the majik practitioners?

Their souls are in the greatest danger of all unsaved groups.

Gospel efforts should not be confined to safe crowds, where donation from mostly Christian are guaranteed, and a few nice, but unsaved people are there.

We need to be ready to face people who hate us, or have demons, and love them back. They hate because they do not understand love. Many have never felt loved in their lives, or have been hurt by Christianity, instead of helped by it.

We need to seek them out. They may be just “creatures” to us, but they have souls that are in agony, and need deliverance.

But this venture is not for the weak Christian. It is for those who have the love and courage to reach out, for those who are fearless, confident and trained in the Word, and who are filled with, and protected by, the Holy Spirit.  They also need to exercise wisdom.

Are you at this level of maturity yet? If so, then go preach the gospel to every creature you meet. We are almost out of time.

Maybe there are delays in the coming of Jesus, because we have not done this. If so, we delay the coming of Jesus by our own disobedience.

Let us repent and do what Jesus said to do.

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  1. I think the one problem today is no one takes ‘the word’ of God as a living ‘word’.
    Now we find in the holy scriptures these;
    the gospel of the Kingdom,
    the gospel of Grace,
    the gospel of Christ,
    the gospel of God,
    the gospel of Peace,
    the gospel of Salvation,
    the gospel of His Son,
    the gospel of Glory
    and in the book of Rev. we find the everlasting gospel.

    Now man with out the living Spirit of God cannot make a distinction between these gospels.
    And neither can they make a distinction between creature and beast.
    To look at the world today clearly one can see ‘the blind leading the blind.’
    And we all know what happens to these.

    • Hi abigail

      those are good insights. We need wisdom to present the gospel in unique ways , as we evaluate the situation.

      • What nonsense is this….
        Mark 16 ends at verse no.8.
        From 9-20…it is all fabrication as confirmed by Christians scholars. Thats a fact. Why continueing teaching this knowing full well its a lie.

        Jesus came to preach only to the Jews.

        Only ignorant gullible Christians will swallow this false teaching, line hook and sinker.

        Jeremiah 5:21 Hear this, you foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear.

        Faith is a believe without any evidence to support it. Blind faith is a believe without evidence and deny the evidence presented contrary to it.

  2. I have been through tough time in my life since i was a child, and i’ve just known that God has a purpose for my life.
    And God’s words are really hard to do, because we are only human.
    I’m suffering…………..
    I hope Jesus help me as soon as possible, coz i’m tired.
    You’ve written is help me today, thanks Marrianne.
    God Bless 😀

    • Dear Esther,

      I understand. I am tired too. Do not give up. God knows about our suffering.

    • Google acts 2:38 and apply it to your life go do research on it.

    • You are not alone in your struggles. God is watching while our trials are ongoing and just as job suffered we we are assured of our rescue if we remain faithful. When I suffer I think on jesus and his suffering this is the ultimate reminder of my pitiful state. He loved me so much and therefore my suffering is my duty because my servitude for him is my strength and hope. I truly must suffer for him and then receive my reward. I ache in my joy.

  3. Very true Marianne,
    The way I look at it is this.
    In a Kingdom every thing is the King’s. The land, its’ beasts, its’ trees its’ rivers etc. belongs to the King, of course it’s people as well.
    ‘My’ dog is the beast of the King and belongs to Him.
    Have you heard children speaking to their pets or animals at the zoo for instance?
    What about when Jesus spoke to the winds? Jesus spoke to the tree. There are many references all through the bible about speaking to creation.
    Ezekiel spoke to the dry bones, etc.
    Maybe we should speak to Mount Redoubt and to the ring of fire. Maybe we should speak to the 40 to 50 earthquakes the occurred overnight in Alaska.
    What do you think? Should we preach to these things the Kingdom? I say YES!
    That is the authority given to the heirs of the Kingdom of God!

    • I agree!

    • Hi Abigail! I know you posted this last year, but I was having the same thoughts… regard to my horse and the horses at the barn with him (I know this sounds funny, bare with me), but I thought I would try it one day, having the same idea as you as written above….while at the barn one day I prayed in the spirit while grooming my horse to see his reaction…..he became very alert and CALM. When our Mare had her Foal about a week ago I did the same thing…and the momma and baby looked at me so intently and again, CALM. I wonder what the HS is telling them, but I figured if anyone could communicate with animals best it would be the HS! Neat huh?

  4. p.s. I had a very busy day, but I always feel this urgency in me to tell the people to WAKE Up!
    It is not time to sleep. Where are the people of God??
    Sorry for the spelling mistakes.

  5. Great topic Marianne. Hi all.

    My two cents. The disciples were sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, and were forbidden to go into the way of the Gentiles, or into any city of the Samaritans. If you will remember Jesus said:

    Mark 16:15 But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs.

    This word is Ktisis. It means individual things, beings, a creature, a creation.

    a) anything created

    Depending upon usage it means a particular kind of created things or beings.

    This woman knew he was comparing Jews and what they considered to be the lowest of the low, heathen dogs outside the covenant; the Samaritans. Jesus used the language every Jew would have used to describe the ones who didn’t come to Jerusalem but had their own place of worship as well as the heathen nations surrounding Israel. He first offered the gospel to the Jews; who rejected it and then all others. The disciples became authorized to go into all the world, into all parts of the world, and to preach the gospel of Christ to every creature (Jew and non-Jew) that is capable of receiving it.

  6. Patrick, you have confused two incidents. The woman where Jesus used the word dogs, was from Syrophenicia, the Samaritan woman was that one, Jesus spoke to at the well.

  7. Wow. I’ve been doing things like this alot lately. My wife told me I was stressed over a number one deaths and incidents involving family. And I’m beginning to believer her. Please pray for me everyone. Think I’ll sit out for awhile. Thanks.

    • HI rev. Williams

      Do not worry. I understand what you mean anyhow. 🙂

      May the Lord grant you peace, comfort, and serenity at this time, over your family’s grief.


  8. Mr. Williams,
    Don’t mean to sound callous but for some reason your post made me laugh. I do the same at times when I get puffed up with my own integrity. I too get corrected quickly.
    We are all human.
    My sincere sympathy.

  9. I have just received this E-mail and I thought it ‘good’ to share this with you.

    Good morning!,
    I received the ‘ask the geese’ Slideshow this morning in an email and am forwarding it on – despite my usual reluctance to forward email – as I believe that it is very timely for us. You may have seen the slide show in the attachment (it seems a bit familiar to me) but it is worthwhile seeing again – especially now as we will see and hear geese honking their way back into our lives. It also confirms something that I believed God showed me a few weeks back. I’ll try to describe what I saw.

    I was in a darker area but just ahead this darker area ended and turned into a place where light prevailed, a place where the sun shone, birds sang, flowers swayed in the breeze. It was like a beautiful meadow where people could run and dance with abandon. It was just ahead. It was a good place to go to.
    Then I was in the midst of people heading towards this bright place. Some were running strong, others were slower. Some were so purposeful and sure in getting to that meadow that it seemed as though they had unseen blinders on (like horses wear). There were those who stumbled and needed help to regain their balance. Some needed to be carried in arms or on backs. Those who were ahead called out to encourage those who were behind. The stronger were helping and encouraging the weaker. We were like a team who wanted to make sure everyone was able to get to that good place. No one was to be left behind. We became encouragers to one another. There also seemed to be people cheering from the sidelines.

    I hope this encourages you. If it doesn’t ‘speak’ to you, please delete.

  10. Abigail said, I too get corrected quickly

    A saint that can’t accept correction is not a saint. God bless you.

  11. Hi Marianne,

    I hate to change the subject but just to let you know that North Korea is getting ready to move its’ long range missile unto its’ launching pad. There is even talk of them launching this device on the Sabbath.
    I am alarm at this!

  12. Hi Marianne,

    I have been following this story closely. This long range missile is capable of reaching Alaska. It is said that it possibly could carry a nuclear warhead.
    The U.S. military is stationed in South Korea and have of late had nuclear drills.
    You know as well as I that we have to dig deep for our news, because of the delicate matter of which we are speaking of.
    But there are certainly a lot of rumors out there.
    The U.N. are not taking the matter lightly.

    • Abigail

      I think the government tends to play down threats to avoid panic….I think we should all prepare for something to happen. In a crisis, no one will run to our doors to help us. We will be on our own. So, like you, we all have to dig for info, to see what is going on.

  13. According to Reuters News the missile is already on its’ launching pad.
    Either way we are looking at war.
    Better be ready. Time is short.
    May the mercy of God be with you

  14. Abigail said:

    “Where are the people of God??”

    They are right here reading this blog.

    Does God use the Churches anymore?

    Empty pews and empty houses of worship
    in the NYC area?

    Not one clergy member from any congregation
    on hand to mark the 6th Anniversary of the
    Iraq War last Thursday.

    Not one clergy member to either honor the
    war dead or to protest the war.

    A war in Iraq based on the greatest mass murder
    of US Civilians by their own government.

    the September 11th attacks.

    If so called “conservatives” don’t protest the
    current economic, social and moral conditions
    in the STREET, they will soon lose the right
    for peaceful assembly.

    They will also lose their freedom to practice
    their religion.

    Do NOT wait for civil disobedience to appear.
    It may not. The stage is set for good people
    to walk willingly to a FEMA type slave labor
    death camp.

    When the gullotine cuts away their head they
    will not “wake up”.

    For those non-believers reading this, I invite
    you to watch the video of the latest “press
    conference” of the new Commander in Chief reading
    from a teleprompter.

    The subconscious mind is “willingly gullible”.
    The subconscious mind cannot differentiate
    between “fact” and “fantasy”.

    For those interested in this, I invite you
    to research


    Neuro Linguistic Programming.

    also known as Hypnosis.

    Upcoming CHOREOGRAPHED war with Russia:
    US Population Expendable.

    “Survive. Adapt. Evolve. Escape”

  15. Now the news is on yahoo.

    Here is the link to the story

    It took a while but I guess news of this magnitude cannot be hidden for too long.

  16. Hi Marianne,

    I wonder if you can help me interpreting I had early this morning.
    In my dream I saw the head of dark horse up close.
    So close that I could see his left eye and his eye was blue like the sky.
    Then again I saw this same head of this dark horse up close,
    but now his left eye was black.
    I think I know what it means but I would like a confirmation.
    Thank you

    • Hi Abigail

      I never asked, but are you married?

      This dream could go several ways.

      1. Since you are very preoccupied with prophecy right now, the dark horse might represent the one from revelation, which is famine. The blue eyes turning to dark, means peace to loss of peace.

      2. The horse can also represent personal relationships. In this, a dark horse represents delays in a relationship you expect or hope for. The blue eyes would represent friendship, and the dark eyes, a new love affair.

      This is all I can think of. You know your circumstances better than I do. So this is just food for thought.


  17. Marianne,

    I think your number one answer best confirms the interpretation I associated to my dream.
    Thank you for your response.
    As to your question, I understand that it must be hard for you to correspond with
    unknowns, I am a mother of one beautiful and kind daughter and a grandmother of two awesome teenage grandchildren.
    So for myself although I have a childlike faith, I am certainly not a child, other than in heart.
    But lately, I have been very concerned about the future of our generations.
    This earth has become a slaughter house and God knows how grieve I am. Even now my eyes are stinging with tears. Does that happen to you too, when tears are more like fire than water?
    Anyways thank you,
    And blessings too!

    • HI Abigail

      I agree. This world is no place for our children, or grandchildren. As hard as I tried to create a world that was godly, the world itself outdid me and ruined everything I tried. I share your grief.

  18. Evil grows when good people do nothing.

    “Russia plans to create Arctic military force”

    “London Protesters Threaten Bankers, Evoke Executions (Update2)”

    Upcoming CHOREOGRPAHED War with Russia: US Population Expendable.

    If you do not protest on the STREET, you will soon
    lose your right to protest FOREVER.

    If Christians do not protest on the STREET the current conditions, they will lose their right to freedom of religion FOEVER.

  19. I wish to correct a statement made in the above article.
    It stated that animals don’t have a soul.
    This is incorrect.
    They do have a soul, but do not have a spirit.
    The Hebrew word Nephesh indicates soul, and the Hebrew word Ruach, signifies spirit.
    Animals respond to love and hate as we do, and know how to give affection.The things that seperate us from the animal kingdom is our appearance and the fact we are triune in make-up.
    Physical,mental (soulish) and spiritual.
    When God made Adam, He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (spirit).There was no personal contact with any animal.

  20. I agree animals do have soul. And I am one who loves animals. This article here just breaks my heart.,1518,615962,00.html

    What man has done to the creatures of the King is so sad. But then maybe some of the atrocities such as this
    may be done by creatures that are not human. Yet I know as well that man is quite capable of much cruelty.

  21. Hi Marianne,

    The Holy Scriptures declares that since mans’ fall all of creation felt under a curse, yet the animals themselves never disobeyed God except the serpent.
    I wonder if this new mysterious disease of the calves is a precursor to some of the plagues coming upon mankind? What do you think?
    Seems odd that these would perspire blood to death.
    Jesus is said to have perspired blood in His Agony.
    The Scriptures say that an Angel appeared from Heaven to strengthened Him.
    Medically I know that Jesus would have died there in the garden unless Heaven strengthened Him.

    • HI Abigail,

      That is a good analogy, between the animals sweating blood and Christ in the garden. The Scriptures said that the earth would go through the birth pangs for its Messiah. That would include the natural creations as well. If only we were as sensitive as the animals, we would be more ready.

  22. Hi Marianne,

    Since ktisis is used interchangeably to mean either “creature” OR “creation,” english translators could have as likely translated this as “preach the gospel to the entire creation.”

    Yes, it still begs the question, why didn’t He say, “people”…

    Maybe I’m wrong but I think we’re splitting hairs. If apostles preach, the entire creation will hear it.

    God bless,

  23. Maybe creatures can get the good news of G-d through our actions. We show them love, and care for them. They have spirits, but no soul. The old Jewish writings say animals owned by man will give account of how they were treated.

    The animal spirits go back to G-d the Father when they die. Perhaps, G-d can see if we truly loved them, as he loved us.

    I am just putting this out there. I do not know if that is a correct way to understand Christ’s order.


    • “The old Jewish writings say animals owned by man will give account of how they were treated.”….I wonder what my “spoiled, bratty horse will say on my behalf…not enough treats maybe…LOL”

      On a serious note, amazingly, my golden retriever who has never been trained, naturally watches over, protects, walks alongside, etc…regarding my son who has Autism. On one occasion when I couldn’t find my son, he was about 7 yrs and had taken off in the woods…Our dog, “honey” had followed him and stayed by him until I was able to find him…in fact, I found Honey first then I saw my son nearby. Other times, I will ask Honey to go find him..and lo and behold, she goes after him and stands about 5 ft from where he is and will look at him then me as if to say “here he is”. Needless to say, God has indeed blessed us with such a loving, sweet and faithful “creature”.

  24. Oops, backwards, Leatherneck. Animals have a soul, but we have no evidence God ever breathed a spirit into them. A soul can’t be seen but we can figure out what it consists of. It has intellect, emotions, and a will. It was designed to operate in conjunction with our spirit. Our spirit can gain wisdom and cause our decisions to be made properly. But when man sinned, his spirit was quenched, and he has since made decisions by only his intellect, heavily influenced by his emotions. The will puts our decisions to work. Animals have all 3 of the above components, but no spirit. DavWms

    • God is the God of The Living, everything He creates Is Living…. All living beings Have A Soul, they are people also, just as we are human people, they too are people…. Why stereotype them? They came from the bosom of God is as we did, we are all family, brothers and sisters from the diving living essence of God himself…. If it’s living its got the soul God gave it….. Just because humans can’t seem to communicate with them doesn’t mean that they don’t communicate, believe me they do…0

  25. i am israel ogudugu,a missionary i will love to come over to help in mission field over there.
    anticipate your reply
    israel ogudugu

  26. Hi Marianne,

    All things and all creations are for The Glory of God.
    Preach to all creatures refers to the Glory of God.
    As it is written;
    Rev 5:13
    And every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, [be] unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.

  27. Since I’ve spoken of North Korea here before I thought of posting on this topic again.

    This is just in, but I don’t see it anywhere else in the news … so I’ll paste a section of it which I’ve copied.

    North Korea criticized the United States Monday for positioning missile defence systems around Hawaii, calling it a plot to attack the reclusive regime.

    “Through the U.S. forces’ clamorous movements, it has been brought to light that the U.S. attempt to launch a pre-emptive strike on our republic has become a brutal fact,” the North’s main Rodong Sinmun newspaper said in a commentary.

    U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates has said he ordered the ground-based, mobile missile intercept system and radar system to Hawaii over concerns the North would launch a long-range missile towards the state.

    Rodong Sinmun also accused the U.S. of deploying an aircraft carrier and two submarines armed with nuclear warheads to the waters near the Korean Peninsula.

    The deployment proves “the U.S. pre-emptive nuclear war” on the North is imminent and that Pyongyang will bolster its nuclear arsenal in response, said the report.

    U.S. officials would not confirm the ship’s location, but it is based in Yokosuka, Japan.

  28. Wars and rumors of wars. Everywhere! Birthpangs leading to the Tribulation period. The signs of the times are apparent. DavWms

  29. Well I guess …
    a b o m b the size of the one used at Hiroshima is nothing to worry about in the hands of a rogue state.
    Wonder what kind of fireworks to expect??

  30. How can you call this birthpangs David??

    Truly I don’t understand the relationship ???

  31. Abigail, read Matthew 24. Jesus is answering the disciples question of the signs of the close of the age. Read further to verse 8, where Jesus compares the signs to birth-pangs. The signs are of some coming claiming to be Christ, wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in divers places, and more. To compare those signs with birthpangs, indicates both increasing in quantity and intensity. Then we see in verse 15 what is next, the Tribulation. DavWms

    • David ,

      Matthew 24:8 reads…
      Mat 24:8 All these [are] the beginning of sorrows.

      The Word birth pangs does not occur in KJV.

      The Lord calls these ‘sorrows’.

  32. Yes, Abigail, my KJV also uses the word, sorrows. I was taking this from my RSV, which does use the word, birth-pangs. My Modern Language Bible says these days are like the early pains of childbirth. LOL, I’m not going to go thru my other versions. No single Bible version has made perfect translations in every case. Even the KJV has been revised time and again, as they strive to correct innaccuracies.

    In any case, these days are like no other time as we approach the end of this age. DavWms

    • David,
      ‘the end of this age’ is another phrase not found in KJV.
      Rather it says ‘the end of the world’.
      And that is fine with me since The Lord has promised us a new Heaven and a new Earth … for the first Heaven and the first Earth has passed away.
      And I must here add … it is The Lord Himself that will fold this all up.

      But yes I do agree with you that we are about to go through a time like no other since the beginning.
      No, nor shall ever be after.
      When these strong nations rises up against each other it will be a terrible time!!

      But have no fear … ‘The Lord God is with thee.’

    • What does LOL stand for??
      I see this all the time but I don’t know its’ meaning.

      • abigail

        LOL = Laugh out loud

        • thanks,

          Might have to go back to school to learn again …
          And here I thought it meant ‘lord of lords.’
          Now we may have a good laugh at my stupidity.
          No wonder it never made sense wherever i read it.

  33. I have a “Parallel Bible,” along with many other versions. Plus some commentaries and concordances. I find them all useful when I’m trying to understand the intent of God’s Word. But I feel most comfortable with the NSV. I loathe the NIV, compiled by atheist scholars.

    I don’t fear what is coming upon us. I take Paul’s advice seriously, to look up, for our redemption draweth nigh.

    Yes, LOL is computerese for Laughing Out Loud. And ROFL stands for, Rolling On Floor, Laughing. BTW is By The Way. IMO is, In My Opinion. Hard for this old feller to learn the new language. DavWms

    • Well for myself I’ll stay away from any translation that would call (example) the
      holocaust ‘birth pangs’
      I much prefer a translation that represents The Word of God properly.
      To see the results of war as anything else but sorrowful certainly leaves questions…

  34. What do you think of

  35. What do you personally think of

  36. The author wrote: “We need to be ready to face people who hate us, or have demons, and love them back. They hate because they do not understand love. Many have never felt loved in their lives, or have been hurt by Christianity, instead of helped by it.” In 1Jn., John writes to spiritual children, spiritual young men, and spiritual fathers. Many Christians, especially those who ‘make war in the heavenlies’ and have an inflated sense of self, believe they are ‘spiritual young men’ (and some even irreverently say they are ‘spiritual fathers’); but the fact (with Israel and David against Goliath and the Philistines being a great example) is that most Christians are ‘spiritual LITTLE children’. ‘Young men’ are the ones whose accomplishments in the Kingdom are apparent (eg. David vs. Goliath), and today, not many are ‘strong in the Word, indwelt by FAITH, and OVERCOMING the wicked one’. Taking the Good News to ‘the impossibles’ (eg. satanists, apostate Christian leaders, etc.) is something that only spiritual young men would dream about. Children only want to be protected, and that’s unfortunately where many are. Definitely, the prayer is for LABORERS (people who WORK and are not afraid to WORK), because ‘if we can’t keep up with human beings in a race, it’s presumptuous to think we can run with horses’. Ie. if we are still little children (finding it hard to run with humans), then taking the Good News to anyone who isn’t ‘safe’ (keeping up with horses) isn’t a reasonable notion. I do wait to see spiritual young men whose faith in God overthrows mountains (but more so, spiritual fathers who dwell in the God who is from the Beginning– men and women from whose presence and AUTHORITY evil FLEES).

  37. I read once in an ancient Jewish read, animals owned by man give account when they die. Thier spirits go back to the Creator. Perhaps, we are to show G-d’s love for us to animals.

    We feed birds, and spoil our dogs. Well, some of us do. If it is true, and my dogs in the past gave account of me, G-d would have that information of my love towards them.

    It might help.

    • That makes sense. They are here to receive our love and care. Maybe we will meet our pets in heaven some day. 🙂

      • Animals specifically have a spirit as Ecclesiastes 3:21 explains and uses specifically the wword for spirit “ruach.” all of the creation is waiting for the coming of the sons of God for their freedom therein as they were subjected to futility not willingly (Romans 8:20-21). The animals do not need salvation, so even if the Gospel is to be preached to all creation (and the word ktisis can be used of all creation as it is usually or of a specific institution which come from God (Romans 13:1) such as with (1 Peter 2:13), it would not be for the sake of their salvation.

  38. This website is awesome, but there are several naked pictures on it. Strange….

    • Hi Susan

      Thank you for the compliment about the website.

      The picture I put here was meant to portray a spiritual concept. I saw it in an artistic view, not a physical one. It represents those in bondage to Satan and his works.

  39. Grace Foundation

    23 A, Jeeva Street, Samayapuram Post, Manacnahanallur Taluk,

    Trichirapalli District, Tamil Nadu state, India 621112,


    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 13.01.2012

    Greetings to you in the sweet name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    The coming of the Lord is at HAND as per Revelation 10:6, but the gospel of Jesus Christ is not yet preached all the nook and corners of World. Especially in India because 86% of people are in Hindus. It is our bounden duty to preach the word of God to all of them and bring them to Christ. Our Grace Foundation is established for the purpose and aim to preach the word of God to the people of India especially to the tribal people in the mountains and hills. Many of the organizations and foundations are willing to work in urban and rural but they are not willing to go to the Hill areas due to the transportation, their health and for their children education.

    I want to share my personnel testimony. I was born to a Hindu father and Christian Mother. My father was passed away when I was 21/2 years old. My mother only was brought me up to this stage. When I was studying my pre university I attended a gospel meeting and know Christ and accepted Him as my Personal Saviour in the meeting and committed my life for His work. Before accept Him I lived a life of Sinful man and not useful to my family as well as to my friends. After I accept Jesus as my personal Saviour I am living a happy life. He is meeting all my needs. Last year I was in dead bed two times one at Car accident and another time as Heart attack due to Cholesterol, diabetes and High Blood Pressure. But God saved me from these two situations. I was under gone by-pass surgery.

    Our grace Foundation is planning to take as seed project of preaching the word of God in Tamil Nadu state in the country of India in our own tribal people in the following Hill areas of 1.Pachai Hills, 2.Kolli Hills, 3.Javad Hills, 4.Yelagiri Hills, 5.Kodaikanal Hill, 6.Kalvarayan Hills and 7.Ootacamund Hills.

    We need your financial assistance to pay the salary of Pastors and evangelists, Purchasing of audio and video equipments, Gospel tracts, Vehicle for transport from one place to other place like Motor cycle, Jeep to climb the Hill areas.

    Our Foundation is requesting your organization, foundation and churches to think and pray about this project. If Lord leads you. Kindly stretch your Helping Hands.

    Thanking You.

    May God bless you and all your efforts.

    Yours in the Service of the Lord,

    S.N.Joseph Selvaraj,

    General Secretary,

    Grace Foundation.

    Applying Organization:


    23, Jeeva Street,

    Samayapuram Post,

    Tiruchirapalli District,

    Tamil Nadu State,

    India 621112.

    E-Mail :

    Contact Phone Number 0091 431 2670076,

    Mobile: 0091 9788536847.

    Applying Person:

    Mr.S.N.Joseph Selvaraj
    General Secretary,

    Grace Foundation.

    Legal Status of the Organization:

    Registered as a Society Number 54 of 1996 and also registered in the Ministry of Home Affairs to the Government of India under Foreign Contribution Regulations Act. FCRA Number is 076040258

    Bank Details:

    Indian Overseas Bank (0252)

    Samayapuram Branch,

    Samayapuram Post,

    Tiruchirapalli District,

    Tamil Nadu State,

    India 621112.

    Account Number S.B. 10864,

    Name of the Account : GRACE FOUNDATION

    Swift Code : IOBANBBOO1

  40. I have read some interesting comments, but I went on this site to hear what Marianne thinks about Katie Souza. I came upon her site by Sid Roth and was very blessed by Katie’s Wound Healing Series. I have had healing already (felt a demon leave with a sigh) but I was looking for confirmation about animals and souls. I now believe they have souls and can also be wounded and filled by demons. I have a cat that we cannot get healed by normal (vets or medicine) and I have been wondering if her soul was wounded. I will be praying for myself for more healing and also for Spotty. Will report back – praise our Lord and Saviour – He came for the broken hearted, sick poor and lost……beware the preachers who preach about healing, but do not and cannot heal, who preach prosperity and want our money, but does not know that you prosper when your soul is healed! 1 John 2

    • dear saria

      the animals in our lives have been given to us as blessings and companions. they would have to have souls to respond to us and share our lives. I would agree that you should pray for your cat spotty. I think animals are more sensitive than humans to the spirit world, and would respond quicker to prayer than people. they do not have faith issues like their masters do, and are pure in their spirits.

  41. […] Preach the gospel to every “creature”? […]

  42. Churc of the beast bring your pets to church…. new pilgrim cruise ship church holy land experience.

  43. I also think that creatures mean animals all kinds: squirrels, birds, etc .We can sing to them, tell them they’re beautiful and made by God because we do talk to animals. It’s good to tell them that they were created to bring us a lot of joy through Jesus. I believe there’s some Psalms that talk to the animals to tell them to praise the Lord. I really liked how you made some points about how we are to go to people and God tells us to do that and we should be ready to do it in season and out of season; so in the church like Jesus went to the synagogue, but also as He walked by the way, as He sat in the house, whenever He rose up and whenever He laid down. He was ready and He spoke. That’s how He makes us to preach deliverance to the captives, the recovering of sight to them that are blind, the opening of the prison to them that are bound, to heal them that are bruised, bind up the brokenhearted. Thank you for all of your wonderful points about preaching to those who need it most. May God help us. God bless you

  44. I wish I would have found this when it was written long ago!! I have recently been delivered from New Age and occultism and wish to share the gospel with these people. I was a prostitute and went to Burning Man.

    CHRIST protects his children from the curses of magic. I am living proof of his grace after the demons almost made me go INSANE! But JESUS delivered me from this!!

    OUR GOD IS A MERCIFUL GOD and I wish to share it with the humanists and satanists and nearly reprobate. He changes any mind, he melts away any sin. They’re freedom is one decision away. They must see that God loves them!!!

    God Bless

  45. That verse used to get me confused also but when I had some chickens when I feed them as I was tossing the feed around for them I would always talk to them about Jesus and the cross. As weird as that may sound the chickens never ate until I was done talking to them about Jesus but if I talked to the chickens about other subjects they would start eating while I was still talking I still think it was strange but I grew closer to God. I think of the verse as I need to speak to creation about our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. That is my experience with this verse

  46. Dave please you

  47. Hello friend. You’re not getting it quite right. Read genesis 49 and acts 10 and 11 afterwards. You will get it…. if it helps draw the animals and natural symbols in genesis 49. Now after that here is what i want you to do, each nation has an animal or national symbol. America is an egle, russia is a bear, japan a sun…. etc name as mamy as you can… NOW DRAW IT. In the end you will see a garden full of animal. What you see will look like an animal kingdom, but it is really the kingdom of God.

    Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every CREATURE. See it makes.

  48. God meant every living creature dog cat Cow sheep you can show that to them through your loving us of mankind and creation itself I have feral cats and dogs that come up to my door and they eat that is preaching the gospel because I do not do it with any harm they are taken care of that’s what God meant to every living creature do the acts of your very character you do not destroy anything you preserve all life that has been created man and animal or beasts

    • That is incorrect. When he says every single creature he is referring to Genesis 49. Every tribe of israel is described with an animal. Every nation on earth is given an animal symbol or symbol in nature. this is clearly what he meant.

  49. ignorant of the Holy Spirit who teaches us even more than Jesus Christ and will explain what we have already heard. Read the Bible.

  50. I wonder if it refers to the Nephilim?

  51. The closer you get to churches, the farther you are from God. Self righteousness people killed Jesus and still do by attributing Holy Spirit Manifestations to Satan.
    In this Era, God is Sealing all those HE Calls; nationality, ethnicity, affiliation has nothing to do with Grace.
    Only those who are prepared with His Ears to hear will respond.

  52. All creatures were (are) declared by God to be “good”; and man was (is) created with God’s declaration of being “very good”. Mankind is under the Adamic curse. We all have potential immortal spirits (our “hearts”) that can be made new with the spiritual rebirth given by The Lord God’s Holy Spirit.
    Before this spiritual transformation, men walk around in their sin, physically alive, but dead in their relationship to God, not recognizing or rejecting the deity of The Lord Jesus, Who is the true Christ while the potential to be spiritually reborn is available through surrender of one’s will, and the human ability to return God’s Love, which mo animal can do, such unsaved men remain little better than an ape, in regard to their relation to God as more than their creator. Born again men and women are blesses to be adopted i to the family of God, and to address God Almighty as their Heavenly Father, thsnks to the sacrifice and victorious resurrection of Jesus The Christ!..
    We are all spiritual beings housed I’m this life in animal bodies, at least in thos physical realm. Those who reject the gift of continuing with our Hezvenly Father forever, will be judged and sent to perdition. These wretches will come before The Lord Jesus not for reward in heaven as “good and faithful servants” but to face their fate based on their unforgiven sin, without the honor of being a Christisn whocovercame this corrupted world.
    Please: fo not go to your judgement before The Son of God, His Saunts, andthe Angelic Heavenly Host in shame, without being ant more than one of God’s creatures.. Only our love fot God and for each other survives the grave. Do not let Satan and his fallen angels make a monkey out of you!!

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