Preaching Head vs Heart


It is not what you might first think.

I will not put a lot of scriptures here.

One can look them up themselves.

Incidentally, there are 762 verses about the heart, while only 92 verses about the mind.


Those that preach from the mind may sound interesting, and will inform like an academic lecture at a university.

This also means the lecture / sermon will be very dry, and maybe boring, even if the content is correct.

The mind can be wrong and mislead, so we have to pray for discernment nd truth first.

Or, it could mean that the content is very informative and helpful, full of truth.

Truth will set you free!


The heart is passionate, yet can easily be fooled and mistaken, led by feelings and not fact.

It has to be well informed by the mind, or it will be in error.

If the heart is correct, it can inspire multitudes.



Both heart and head are needed to lead a good life, and bring others to salvation.


Many times, information or truth is not available to feed the mind.

This is seen in countries where the bible is banned, and truth is punished.

Or maybe in societies where people are uneducated.

In cases like this, one has to have the love of God in one’s heart, and trust the Holy Spirit who indwells in us for answers.

Even if we do not seem to receive an answer, or it seems like we are mistaken, if we follow our heart, we will still be on a better path than if we didn’t.

Yahweh God looks at the intentions of the heart, not our success rate, or knowledge of facts.

The Truth About Your Heart

Guard your heart.

Feed it with the truth of God’s Word as much as you can.

Then trust your heart, and go forward.

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